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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 2, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hope to see you right here next week. >> hello everyone we begin with family and friends saying their final goodbyes to senator john mccain. as a former navy pilot is honored with fighter jets flying overhead in missing information. hello everyone welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news headquarters". i am arthel neville in los angeles. mike: i am mike emanuel. senator mccain laid to rest a. marking the five days of remembrances and tributes in phoenix and in the nations
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capital. two of his colleagues lindsey graham and joe lieberman speaking today about their good friend. colleagues john loved the senate. he was a man of the senate. he loved the institution. when you write in history about it he will be in the first chapter. >> this was a treasure. to have the friendship of john mccain and lindsey graham as i've blessed to have had, and continue, it is just, i said goodbye, my heart will be heavy. arthel: lucas tomlinson is outside of the naval academy. set the scene for us out there. reporter: just a few minutes ago, a flight of four f-18 super hornets flew the missing man formation over the cemetery were senator john mccain is being laid to rest. the ceremony dates back to the 30s to honor fallen aviators. and what a better tribute to
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honor this former aviator and former u.s. senator from arizona? it is notable that senator mccain his father and grandfather both four-star admirals and graduates of naval academy are buried at arlington national cemetery, not here. just another way that the senator doing things his own way. mccain instructed his family to bury him next to chuck larson. details of the service remain unclear because it was private. no public access was allowed. we do know that mark salter spoke, lindsey graham, general petraeus, and senator mccain his oldest son, doug. they talked about him finishing fifth in the bottom of the class of 900 shipment but keep in mind, 25 percent of his class was washed out. and his rebellious streak and fierce loyalty to the military code of conduct, to get him
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through five and half years of torture in north vietnam. james mattis was a pallbearer in a statement he said quote - senator john mccain, a man whose name alone provides a better description of a patriot then all of the words in the dictionary definition. everything i love about america is in this man. another one, commander everett alvarez the first u.s. pilot shot down over north vietnam in 1964. the longest prisoner of war in the hanoi hilton suffering over eight years of torture and captivity along senator john mccain. arthel: real, real american heroes. lucas, i know that you are a naval academy graduate, class of 2001 i believe.what does it mean to midshipmen and the naval academy family for senator mccain to be buried there today? >> senator mccain could have been buried anywhere.
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as i mentioned earlier, his father and grandfather both four-star admirals are buried at arlington. mccain could have been buried in arlington or in his home state of arizona, pretty much everywhere. the fact that he chose to be buried at his alma mater i am proud to say my alma mater as well. it is a powerful thing. i spoke to shipman and different alumni earlier today about what it means for them to be buried here. they reminded me of eric christiansen a navy officer killed in afghanistan in 2005. making a daring rescue to rescue fallen teammates immortalized in the movie, lone survivor. people look at him and people look at senator mccain. they look at a man like steve, the father of bill belichick. he was here assistant coach for years. the 21 gun salute is going on behind me. it will conclude the end of the ceremony on the other side of the academy. from where we're standing now. of course 21 gun salute is the highest honor anyone can give but for senator mccain to be buried here, he was a rock star here at the naval academy.
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every midshipmen wanted to be him. they wanted to live this daring life and also by his intense focus on honor and on code of conduct which tells every midshipmen to not accept another special favor from the enemy, you are prepared to give your life for its defense. these are powerful words and not to be confused with the conduct infraction. it is one thing to jump the wall and go out on the town but it is another thing to not violate one's honor. and that's what midshipmen past and present so love about senator mccain. he spoke here often. he believed in this place. he told the midshipmen, do not be afraid. you have to go out it's not a time for mercy it is time for justice. that all rings a bell. there is over hundred 22 naval academy graduates killed in vietnam. many were here today to honor
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the late senator. arthel: there was something extra special about harry not 21 gun salute in your background, lucas. something very special today. thank you. then there is this. fallout continues after the attorney for president trump former lawyer, michael cohen, admitted he was the source for a bombshell story of the 2016 trump tower meeting. this is after denying he was. now he is admitting on "mediabuzz" that he made a mistake when he told cnn reporters that cohen would enforce prosecutors how the president may have known in advance of the meeting between his campaign and the russians. president trump denies such claims. here is david earlier today. >> so, i can understand that they interpreted what i said as a confirmation. and have not blamed cnn. i blame myself for not being more clear. in my mind, i did not know the details about the meeting. and i should not have encouraged a reporter.
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arthel: molly has more now from washington. reporter: hi arthel. it is labor day weekend. there is speculation this would be the end of the beginning of the end. a special counsel robert mueller 's investigation. there been reports for months that the team hopes to wrap up by the end of summer. certainly president trump 's personal attorney rudy giuliani has called for some and to the investigation in view of the midterm elections coming up. so far, no final report. once a republican says quote - hopefully sooner rather than later we will know what robert mueller finds. >> robert muriel will be allowed to do his job. i'm on the judiciary committee i'm not even chairman next year. -- i might be chairman next year. how the department of justice and the fbi really were out to get donald trump early on. reporter: robert mueller himself is not said when a
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final report will be out. he's been looking into whether members of the presidents campaign illegally colluded with russian officials during the 2016 election. senate democrats say they want to know how the president supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh will have confirmation hearings on tuesday views the special counsel work. >> there is a serious question as to whether this president given the opportunity, will end the robert mueller investigation. something most republicans would say a serious mistake. we ask of course, judge kavanaugh what do you think? he says it is hands-off when it comes to the president during his term in office. i think that's a mistake and one of the major reasons people have misgivings about his nomination. >> president trump is called this investigation a quote - rigged russia witchhunt. arthel? arthel: molly, thank you so much.
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mike? mike: senate confirmation hearings set to begin tuesday for the president supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. democrats are fuming at friday's announcement that the white house will not release more than 100,000 pages of documents from his years working in the president george w. bush white house. whether that helps their expected efforts to try and block the nomination, remains to be seen. garrett tenney in washington with more.reporter: this is confirmation hearings will likely be the last chance to block judge kavanaugh from the supreme court. they likely not to hold back. they have enough to confirm judge kavanaugh so the goal for democrats and hearings is to force the 53-year-old judge to make a mistake or commit some sort of answer that they can drop off support. lindsey graham says he's confident that won't happen. but democrats are eyeing potential runs. >> the only drama is those running for president, how will they handle this hearing on the
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democratic side? you know, we will get this confirmed. reporter: judge kavanaugh has spent the past few days with hundreds of the tough questions he's expected to face. the mock hearings are so intense that they are known as murder boards. they say democrats will focus a lot of the questions on his views on presidential power which senator dick durbin discussed on "fox news sunday". >> is a serious question whether this president will end the mueller investigation. and of course we asked judge kavanaugh what do you think? he says, it is hands-off when it comes to a president during his term in office. i think that is a mistake and one of the major reasons people have misgivings about his nomination. reporter: based on the mock hearings in the last few days of ministration officials said they are confident judge brett kavanaugh will shine at his confirmation hearing and be confirmed by october 1.
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mike: thank you. for more on this a spring in roman martinez, former clerk for judge kavanaugh and chief justice john roberts as well. it is great to have you today. >> great to be here. mike: what are your expectations going in? >> i am excited. i've known the judge for 15 years i've served for him 10 years ago. i think what the american people will be able to see this week is the judge that i came to know. through working with him. the judge who believes that the role of the judicial branch is not to make the law but to interpret the law and it is fair and impartial in every case. i think it's a great opportunity for him to be able to talk about it the judicial follow sophia and the people to talk about what they're going to get. mike: what are potential landmines? abortion, -- lindsey graham talked about this this morning. >> i think you'll find someone
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with 308 decisions you have a pretty idea of what he thinks based on the court of appeals. bottom line here is that most people are unsure whether or not the president can be indicted. a sitting president. impeachment is a process to remove a president. the criminal liability aspects are very much in debate. i think he's going to be mainstream in his thinking. he's going to look at both sides of the issue and decide appropriately. mike: are those the hot button issues? >> i think you've covered a lot of them. i think if you look at judge kavanaugh 's writing is clear no man is above the law. i think you will enforce the law and he was appointed by president bush. he had the chance to rule a number of cases involving the bush administration and he didn't have any issues. i think you'll be similarly impartial with respect to laws
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or policies that are endorsed by republicans.just like you will be impartial with respect to laws and policies endorsed by democrats. senate democrat dick durbin of illinois was highly critical of judge kavanaugh today. i want to play the sound and get you to react. >> he was most unpopular supreme court nominee in the last 40 years. how did he reach that point so quickly? i think there were a number of reasons. you look first and foremost the fact the president said i'm not going to put a man on the supreme court less is going to overturn roe versus wade. and the affordable care act. the president is never at a loss for words. he was very explicit. in terms of what he wants in the supreme court nominee. those positions may be popular with his republican base but not with the american people. >> republican sound confident. is that your sense? no damage done so far? >> the facts speak for themselves.
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i think with the american people look in the senate looks at judge kavanaugh is record, he's been on the circuit, he has been fair and impartial. he has been endorsed or spoken kindly of by a lot of people across the political spectrum. including people like the president obama is chief lawyer in the supreme court. a lot of people out there when they look at his record i think what they will realize is that he is fair and impartial. he will make a great justice. mike: you know, judge kavanaugh, which people expect if things get feisty in there? will he remain cool? >> i think you absolutely remain cool. he is a great judicial temperament. he loved to hear cases but he appreciates the oral argument in the case when he gets to engage with the parties and go back and forth. one of the things always striking to me when i was a law clerk to him was regardless of how he felt about the case, he always asked probing questions of both sides. he always gave each side a chance with a fair shot to make their arguments. he was always open to their arguments. i think you'll see that
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balance, judicious temperament. this coming week. mike: roman martinez, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. mike: stay with the fox news channel as we have confirmation hearings, special coverage starting tuesday. arthel: a major controversy for the catholic church with pope francis accused of covering up sexual misconduct allegations against accardo. the former archbishop of washington d.c.. at one time vatican ambassador to the u.s. says he published his declaration out of love for the catholic church and not out of anger. he has also called for the holy father to resign. john me now we have bryan llenas. reporter: it is big! the same former archbishop calling for pope francis to resign is now calling the pope a liar. a letter that was published friday. the letter written by the former vatican ambassador to
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the united states, accuses pope francis of lying about a meeting he had with kim davis. davis is the kentucky clerk jailed for five days for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. conservatives in the catholic church hale davis a hero with courage to stand by her religious beliefs. according to a new york times article, during his visits to the u.s. in 2015, pope francis did not know who davis was and was surprised when she was in a private meeting with the pope. in fact, the pope was so angry he fired carlo maria vigano for pulling the stent which threatened to derail his u.s. visit on a message of inclusivity. carlo maria vigano says is just not true. writing quote - what is certain is that the pope knew very well who davis was. and he and his close collaborators had approved the private audience. it is clear that pope francis wanted to conceal the private audience. this comes days after carlo
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maria vigano sent 11 page letter accusing pope francis of not only turning a blind eye to sexual abuse allegations against the ex-cardinal but also rehabilitating him from sanctions that pope benedict had imposed for the pope said he would not confirm or deny the accusations. a response that some believe is lackluster. >> i think the pope made a mistake. i think he was correct in telling the reporters, look at the document, analyze it. try to fact check it. because frankie, if the document had been written by journalists and given to the editor, it never would have been published. because it was full of allegations without evidence and proof. reporter: bottom line, this is seen as pope francis 's toughest test to peer sexual abuse scandals around the world and now a very public church
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insight. mike: bryan llenas, thank you. mike? mike: the search is on for two missing arizona boys after the mother and another person were found dead. police now issuing an amber alert for them. details ahead. president trump has choice words for candidate as the neighbor to the north is set to return to the nafta negotiating table.this week. is mealtime a struggle? introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to.
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weekend tweeting about canada and nafta talks warning canada could be left out of any deal with mexico if it will not meet his terms. mr. trump also saying the u.s. should not have to buy our friends with bad trade deals and free military protection. telling congress to stay out of the nafta talks that are expected to resume wednesday. from alaska to the white house and we bring in ellison barber. reporter: hi mike. before the presidents weekend tweets, canadian trade representative said she felt the u.s. counterpart and the team were negotiating in good faith and she said that before president trump made comments it reported led to a confrontation for canadian and u.s. officials. they say now is the nafta agreement does not need to include canada. it is not a political necessity
1:23 pm
says they're still heading in the right direction. >> remember, nafta went into force in the mid-1990s. but the nexus of nafta was the canadian u.s. free trade agreement in 1998. it is agreement that brought mexico to the table because they thought they were losing out on agreement that benefited canada and was instituted more trade with the north. they say it's now be using in a diverse way putting canada back to the table after the president -- reporter: the u.s. reached a agreement with mexico and congress said if it's a deal that they can join if they want to pay the president of the nations largest federation of union says the deal needs to include canada and he does not believe negotiations are done with canada or mexico. >> there is still a lot of work to be done especially even on
1:24 pm
the mexico deal because we have not seen whole chapters. we are anxious to move forward with this and anxious to have all three involved. we've been told for over 25 years, trust us. the agreement would be good. what we need is an agreement that we can enforce no matter who is in the white house. reporter: negotiates between canadian and u.s. trade representatives are set to start back this the building just across the street from here as for president trump he says he spent most of the day at his golf club in virginia. he arrives back at the white house about 10 minutes ago. mike: ellison barber, live on the north lawn, thank you. arthel? arthel: for more on talks between the united states and canada spring and shannon, reporter for axios. does the president of the better hand with canada?if so, what does president trump, what will he win and what will the prime minister concede and also how does it impact businesses and consumers on
1:25 pm
either side of the border? >> right now president trump is an outline here with mexico moving forward. but the problem is, when donald trump notified congress he was interested in renegotiating nafta, what that means is he was renegotiating a trilateral agreement. a lot of questions are circling over whether u.s. trade representatives have the authority to negotiate a deal with just mexico. because he's notified congress since it will be a trilateral deal with canada and mexico. in terms of whether canada is ready to hop on board is really remains to be seen. last week they were pretty mom on the issue repeating claims that they want the deal to be what's best for canadians and their values. we really have to watch that. arthel: i saw that. but of course congress essay mr. president, you have to come to us to get this sorted out. meanwhile, how goes trade talks with canada how goes trade talks with china or is beijing playing the better hand than
1:26 pm
ottawa? reporter: specifically when it comes to china we have to rope in the fact that there are also some transatlantic trade tensions with the eu at this point. we are saying that president trump kind of backtrack on what he sees the wto playing a role in this entire scheme here. we know that there were eu officials in the u.s. in the last week or so trying to discuss whether there could be a joint complaint fired with wto over china and we also see the president coming out and saying he is not totally approving of wto and it could totally derail the process. in terms of whether this is hardball or whether it is the president derailing some of the international global order on trade, it is definitely something to watch for when it comes to the eu, china as well. arthel: we will see how it plays out. all the president is running multiple trade gains at once.
1:27 pm
is there on the one hand you have got a particular hand or a play that china might be watching closely in an area where beijing might have its own trump card. reporter: it is very possible that this china/us trade in particular extends beyond this year. at this point we know them as soon as next week if possible, the u.s. rolls out even more tariffs on china, up to 200 billion. then we know china is ready to play tit-for-tat again. it looks like it will be this question of how much one can president and his economic -- get away from the pressure political pressure domestically that this will put on farmers, retailers, and on the other side, how much can beijing and xi jinping avoid economic pressures at home to look like he is not losing out on the deal? there's got to be something that will give in the next year or so. but again, it looks like tit-for-tat moving forward. arthel: that is exactly what is talking about. the president is juggling a
1:28 pm
bunch of balls at one time. china is like okay, which one will he drop? the president says i am the president of the united states, i am not dropping any of them. but we we'll see how it plays out. >> thank you very much. mike: still ahead, michael collins attorney admitted he misled reports about donald trump jr. 's meeting with russians. our legal panel is here to see what this may mean for the russia probe. oms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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yeah. so they're making it affordable. thank you. you're welcome. that's a prop apple. now, you might not believe any of this since this is a television commercial, but that's why they're being so transparent. anyways. this is the end of the commercial where i walk off into a very dramatic sunset to reveal the new esurance tagline so that you'll remember it. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. next i took this responsibility because i was unsure about the issue of the trump tower meeting. and i thought that there were other people that could have been in the room. and that it was up to journalists to go look at that. >> a stop right there. did you ever confirm to cnn reporters this allegation about the trump tower meeting on the record? >> of never shorten my confirmation. i was uncertain. in fact, expressed my
1:33 pm
uncertainty but not clear enough. >> lanny davis, attorney for president trump 's and former lawyer admitting he miscommunicated. when talking with cnn reporters about whether the then candidate donald trump know in advance of his son donald juniors trump tower meeting with the russians. he says he mistakenly gave cnn the impression he was confirming the allegation when he said they should check it out. we welcome our panel. great to have you both. >> thank you for having us. >> cnn hit the story hard. lanny davis backed off a bit. where did this investigation go from here? >> first of all, he should know better, his lawyer and lawyers don't lie, right? just joking. no, seriously, i think it distresses credibility. he said he miscommunicated or misrepresented the facts but it is a blatant statement to make and then to retract. it is not believable in my
1:34 pm
opinion. mike: david, what about that? where is a probe heading at this point? >> probably nowhere from this perspective but it does impact the credibility of cnn as well as lanny davis. do not forget, they said that he, they reach out to them for comment and he denied or rejected giving a comment. now we learn that he is actually a source to it. so you cannot have it both ways. then on the lanny davis but he also said anderson cooper not long ago that he was not the anonymous source and he backtracked off of that.the credibility for cnm and lanny davis, i think it's an important role for a michael cohen attorney paid what we believe from the mouth of lanny davis? >> later this month will be exactly too much from midterm elections. do you have a sense that robert mueller is feeling a pressure to wrap up his probe anytime soon? >> i believe he is. antibiotics is been going on for a while. we have a lot of indictments and plea deals so i think that we will be hearing or having the report pretty soon.
1:35 pm
mike: david want to play soundview from a congressman and get your reaction. >> between now and november, if there's any dead ends, that he is aware of, where there is a cloud over a person or a party or a company, he can come out with the information anytime between now and november because the american public needs to have as much information as possible as to what they have decided was not done. if there was not wrongdoing. but if there's anything damaging that he has that he will come out between now and november they really should come out now. does robert mueller his team need to come out with a statement saying where they are? and if this is going to go on beyond the midterm elections? >> very unlikely. i do not believe that special counsel is going to want to influence this upcoming election. it is a huge one. so important for the house and the senate. i think they will take a step
1:36 pm
back. although was interesting is we did just see a plea on friday. as an individual that was acting as a shell for russian oligarchs that donate $50,000 to the inauguration. we would believe that he would not want to interfere. friday's plea does commit a little bit of a surprise. in that story. >> if you like from a prosecutorial standpoint the longer you prolong these types of investigations, the more it is watered down.i think it benefits the prosecutor to wrap this up or give some indication as to where the investigation is heading because the american people deserve to know and it is helping to keep the case from becoming stale or watered-down peer. >> and it's interesting to see what people speculate robert mueller has or doesn't have. he doesn't spoken yet so we really don't know. >> right and i don't think it's fair. i understand he was to assure
1:37 pm
the investigation is thorough and not just making assumptions or anything but i feel that people want to know. and it helps or hurts the president for people in this country to know what's going on and where they stand. >> it doesn't take place with political backing, right? >> sure. let's not forget the ig report and actions of the fbi director. there was a statement that she didn't commit a crime that weeks before the auction again, the announcement about the computer. so i do not think this is going to happen again. let's let the voters vote. let's let them make their decisions without any additional information from this investigation. mike: the question on the impact with voters does it animate democrats to impeach president trump?is a fire republicans to try and hold off this impeachment possible effort? and so, we will which is the impact peer. >> whatever is said, half of the country will agree and half
1:38 pm
will not. it is best to step back and let the vote take place. mike: okay.thank you so much. great to have you. arthel: thank you. the search is on for two young boys. police say the man who took them is now wanted for murder. the latest on that coming up. plus, tensions ramping up in the middle east as es makes controversial moves. that is next. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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1:43 pm
groups inside its border. this coming ahead of a visit from top u.s. officials. one regional expert says the timing is interesting. >> the timing is quite striking because secretary of state, mike pompeo, will be in islamabad in a few days. to meet with top leaders. i think maybe the us government wanted to send a strong message that it expects to have some very good discussions about the issue of terrorism with pompeo is there and this week. >> training we have nile gardiner director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. you support -- why is this important? >> it is very significant move. a demonstration i think with far more muscular approach taken by the trumpet
1:44 pm
ministration towards pakistan as opposed to the very weak approach taken by the obama administration. pakistan of course has played an important ally for the united states for many decades but elements of the pakistani government particular, the security intelligence services for example, double game for many years. whereby they are not fully cooperating with the united states. in some cases supporting the taliban and other islamist terrorist organizations.and the united states sending a very clear message that if pakistan is to receive further military assistance, we need to see an end to the support for terrorist organizations by some element of the pakistani administration. i think this is the right message to send to islamabad at this time especially ahead of mike pompeo is visit to the capital later this week. arthel: china has money. what stops china from filling that money whole? >> the russians, the chinese
1:45 pm
seek to exert further influence in afghanistan, pakistan in that order and that region. so you might say it remains undisputed the world leading superpower. it is important i think from pakistan's point of view to cooperate fully with the united states. the u.s. pakistani relationship is far more significant to pakistan then the relationship with china or with russia. and it is in pakistan's interest i believe, to have a fruitful productive relationship with the united states. that means a complete and to pakistani support for islamist terrorist movements. arthel: what would you say is the current state of the islamic state? >> islamic state remains a real threat. and it remains a threat in afghanistan where it is very active. also isis is extremely active. al qaeda is very active in
1:46 pm
afghanistan as well. we face a threat from a whole host of islamic terrorist organizations and by no means, isis being eradicated. it is been significantly weakened in its base of syria and lost about 98 percent of us territory in syria and iraq. but the reality is that isis continues to spread its tentacles across many parts of the world. especially north of east africa for example, inside afghanistan, some middle east. it also continues to pose a major threat to europe as well where isis operates a large number of cells across many european, stretching from great britain to germany, france, belgium, holland for example. and so isis remains a very deadly threat and afghanistan is important battlefield whereby, the united states taking on isis, the taliban and al qaeda as well, it is other islamic terrorist organizations. it is a commitment to winning
1:47 pm
that war in afghanistan is vitally important. arthel: i have two of the questions i like to get to with quick answers. palestinian president, he is criticized the funding stop and called the move disappointing and dangerous. adding is always at the return of millions of palestinian refugees will destroy israel. he does not want to destroy israel but live side-by-side with it. reaction to that? >> first i think the decision by the united states to withhold funding is the right decision to take and send the right message of un relief. it's been far too long a mismanaged has employed the individuals officiated with hamas, for example.united states should not be sending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to this organization. and i do believe the trumpet
1:48 pm
ministration has acted appropriately here. sending the right message that u.s. taxpayers money should only go to those organizations that really support u.s. strategic interests. in this case organization does not. arthel: meanwhile, the president's advisors discussing the formation of a palestinian jordan confederacy. is this a good time or a good idea at this day and time and how would palestinians and jordanians feel about this? and what does israel have to say? >> it is unclear, really how jordan will react to this alleged proposal. but it has to be said that if we are to see a long-term solution, to the middle east situation, we need to see the palestinians rejecting the use of terrorism, rejecting violence. at the moment the palestinians are not doing so.
1:49 pm
and the israelis have every right to defend themselves. it is no real prospect i think of israeli palestinian peaceful solution until the palestinians reject the use of violence. we are not seen that. and also, an array of iranian backed terrorist movements in hamas hezbollah. also causing a great deal of disruption and so i think this is very much on the palestinians to reject terrorism and embrace peace. arthel: we have to leave it there. thank you so much for helping us break that down. thank you. >> the desperate search for two was in the father missing after the mother was found fatally shot. an amber alert has been issued. we have the latest, next. >> anything is possible at this point. i know we actively follow up on leaders here locally but not ruling anything out right now.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
disorders offered to young arizona boys and the father. police issuing a lambert alert this weekend after the boys mother and another victim were found shot and killed inside the family home. jeff paulus following the story from los angeles.
1:54 pm
reporter: police say the two boys, eight-year-old victor nunes coronado and his five-year-old brother, jonathan, are in danger. authorities are worried their father might have them and right now there possibly heading to the us/mexico border.he suspected in a triple murder and a person of interest. the disappearance of his sons. investigators found his white pickup truck but there's no sign of his children. early saturday morning found the pregnant mother and her roommate shot inside the home. they both died from wounds. family members told investigators at they had been married for nine years but had recently become estranged. >> anything is possible at this point. i know we actively following up on leads locally. but we are not ruling anything out. there has been documented reports of domestic issues. between the couple at this location in the past. reporter: this is a description of the vehicle police are searching four, a green pickup
1:55 pm
truck. police tell us that coronado is a mexican national but his immigration status is unknown. mike: jeff paul, live in los angeles, thank you. arthel: thank you. coming up more and michael collins attorney, lanny davis and the embarrassing media situation. keep it right here on fox news channel. your mornings were made for better things,
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issuing disaster declarations into counties after severe storms triggered a flash flood prompting multiple evacuations and water rescue. some parts of the state saw 5 to 10 inches of rain. flood enclosed roads and bridges and stranded drivers for hours on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. no injuries reported. homes and structures damaged. arthel: the roof of a historic church in rome comes crumbling down. take a look now. drum video shows a gaping hole in the roof of a 16th-century church of saint joseph the carpenter. the building was close to the public after wooden beams
2:00 pm
supporting the roof collapsed and left the gaping hole. the church was built over a former roman prison said to have held st. peter before the crucifixion. wow! amazing. that will do it for this hour. i am arthel neville. in los angeles. mike: safe travels, arthel! greg gutfeld is next. after it. >> in other words, let's get after it. >> it's time to go deep, let's get after it. i will be good without the girly christ, crying is not girly and it's a show of sensitivity. get emotional intelligence going. is this the real truth or poppycock? poppycock. poppycock. greg: this is a family program. watch it, buddy. [cheering and applause] this week i saw my faith in my


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