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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. hello and welcome to a live edition of "fox news @ night." i met henry in for shannon bream. astern warning to syria as they ready for what could be a maze or assault against a province in syria that is the last rebel stronghold in his war-torn nation. we are live and we're going to get the latest from a top official within the israeli government. also today, the president lashing out at attorney jeff jef sessions again. this time he says the department is jeopardizing what could be easy republican wins next month during the midterms. politics or an abuse of power? finally, the nfl is back this week and so is quarterback colin kaepernick, who will not stand for the national anthem.
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can you believe he's just been revealed of a new phase of a nike ad campaign for its 30th anniversary. social media blowing up about this but you will never guess who just rushed to his defense. john brennan. yes, that john brennan. a pat on the back from the former cia director is coming up. we begin tonight with the fallout from the president's labor day tweets taking aim at syria as well as his own attorney general. good evening. >> this is a big tweet and it's going to be getting a lot of attention because what president trump was essentially suggesting was that the nation's top law enforcement officer should have waited until after the midterms to prosecute two republican congressman up for reelection. >> president trump is again taking his attorney general to task on twitter by saying "two long-running obama era investigations of two very popular republican congressman were brought to a well-publicized charge just ahead of the mid-midterms but to
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easy wins now in doubt because there's not enough time. good job, jeff. the two congressmen he's referring to are chris collins from new york and duncan hunter from california. the two were indicted within two weeks of each other last month on unrelated charges. collins was charged with 13 counts of security fraud, wire fraud and lying to the fbi while hunter is accused of misusing campaign funds and falsifying campaign records. both lawmakers have pleaded not guilty. collins has suspended his campaign but hunter presses on. in 2016 that they were then-candidate trumps first congressional supporters. now president trump is savaging his first supporter in the senate amid bipartisan outreach. republican senator ben sasse says the united states is not some banana republic with a two-tiered justice system. if former deputy attorney general sally yates accuses him of shamelessly complaining that the department of justice should protect his political allies to maintain his majority in the midterms is
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nothing short of an all-out assault on the rule of law. sessions has said that while i am attorney general the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. president trump threatened to intervene just four days ago. >> at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job. i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. >> president trump said last week that sessions will stay at least until the midterms, but after that all bets are off. >> a frequent target of the president is also bruce ohr. still with the justice department despite all these questions rolling around him and "the new york times" had kind of a blockbuster saying that ohr was trying to flip a russian oligarch against the president. >> it's a pretty wild story and what "the new york times" is exactly reporting is that bruce ohr, still at the justice department and christopher steele, the author of that infamous trump dossier, "the new york times" is reporting that they were in on an effort to try to turn a
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russian oligarch with close ties to the kremlin into an informant for the united states. the investigation involving the oligarch started in 2014 before mr. trump ever announced he was running, but a year later "the new york times" reports that the fbi pressed him to give them information about the trump campaign's alleged ties to the agreement. he reportedly told them that he disagreed with their theories. this will only help fuel the president's campaign to try to discredit the special counsel's investigation. >> ed: thanks for covering a lot of ground for us tonight. let's dive deeper now and what's happening at the justice department. fox news political analyst caldwell. democratic strategist dave brown and also the new book, militant normals. how regular americans are rebelling against the elite to reclaim our democracy, good to see you all. >> thanks for having us. >> ed: let's start with you on the latest on bruce ohr and "the new york times." it seems to be pretty fascinating that even "the new york times," not a fan of this president, has all of
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these new details suggesting bruce ohr at the justice department way back in 2014 was working on trying to flip this russian oligarch and then in 2016 in the heat of the campaign was trying to get him to give up dirt on donald trump and the oligarch said i don't have anything. >> there isn't anything! we've been doing this for two, three years and nothing has leaked out about it! if there was anything, if there was a scintilla of evidence that donald trump did any colluding with anybody over in russia we would have heard about it. it's nonsense! and i'm getting bored. >> ed: dave brown, are you bored? you are the democrat here on the panel. >> i'm a little outgunned here. i'm not bored yet. maybe it's the lawyer in me but i've always thought that we should wait until mueller concludes its investigation before we draw any conclusions, including whether or not there's a scintilla of evidence that includes collusion. this is an interesting story and i guess i'm a little confused
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why we are cherry picking facts on this because bottom line, this guy was a target and of interest to the u.s. government. we wanted to flip them long before donald trump ever said he was running for president because without he had connections to russian organized crime. i'm a little surprised that the president of the united states is taking issue with law enforcement doing their job and part of that job trying to flip -- >> why are you saying that we are cherry picking facts? bruce ohr had the justice department allegedly working on narcotic issues in 2016 he suddenly trying to dig up dirt on donald trump while his wife is over -- >> hang on. i understand where she works. your use of the word suddenly. if we don't know why their attention shifted. we do know, for example that carter page was long a and suspect. before the election. it's disrespectful. >> ed: is it disrespectful or is it just some facts that democrats don't want to talk about?
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>> it simply a fact and i've got to be honest, i get president trump's tweet, i get an alert on my phone and some of these tweets you can imagine and most people say are seemingly outrageous but was really outrageous is the fact that seemingly when we see these things he becomes more and more correct because this does look like it was a targeting of the trump campaign. this was an individual who the investigators went after with no definitive evidence or proof whatever which would connect them to the campaign in and of itself. so it does appear that it is a witch hunt every time we get more and more information out of the fbi. it seems as though there is something there. if you want i want to give dave another crack at it. this is all wrapped up in the midterms, politics. the president as you say calls it a witch hunts. the democrats say they are trying to get to the truth. meanwhile you've got 2020 just on the way and i was struck this weekend to find out that john kerry, it was 2004 he was the nominee, kind of a rough time running against george w. bush. he's leaving the door open to running in 2020. >> i hope he does, that would be
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great! i can't wait until that windsurfing elitist -- i can't even say it. we are fcc-compliant here. it's just so ridiculous. it's so ridiculous that they are exhuming these guys who failed and failed and failed. i'm hoping to see john kerry fight it out with hillary clinton for the 2020 nomination. that's my dream, come on! you can do it! >> i can tell he's on the west coast, he's got more energy than me. >> waked wake up! >> 36% favorability. the latest poll that came up for the president. so if i were donald trump i would be fixated on every single democrat who may or may not be throwing his or her name into the ring because i'm going to have the political fight of my life no matter who the democratic nominee is. keep in mind this is a guy who couldn't even win the popular vote against one of the most unpopular candidates.
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>> carrie didn't win the popular vote in 2004. >> old buddy of mine told me many of years ago, holes don't bow, people do. what was on the 2016 election is a lot of people come out and vote for donald trump and gave him the presidency. what we see with the democratic party right now is they are going to hollywood and they are testing because they don't have one and they currently don't have a candidate from what i can see and from what many other people can see on the left that can actually beat this president this time. if i were them i would focus on the message that is going to unite the people, the american people for them. >> ed: we will bring you back later this hour. a whole bunch of other topics, colin kaepernick and the new nike ad. kurt brought his a-game, dave, you said you were still waking up. >> i will bring it next time. >> ed: come on back in a few minutes. meanwhile we have a fox news alert just coming in from our newsroom. a new statement from the justice department right now about the request for documents related to cases presided over judge brett
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kavanaugh, who has his confirmation hearing for the supreme court tomorrow. the doj just telling fox "the volume, depth and breath of the production of judge kavanaugh's documents far surpasses the much smaller and narrower productions for previous nominees." if the president's pick to fill the vacancy on the supreme court will get his day in court, if you will and at least in terms of public opinion before the senate judiciary committee with opening statements set to kick off in those confirmation for my camera. shannon is back to take a look at what will be some of the big issues tomorrow morning. >> a judge must be independent, must keep an open mind in every case. >> it is a promise every nominee to the supreme court makes. an ideal that inevitably runs into partisan pushback. >> we have a lot of issues about presidential power. because he has weighed in on these issues, has the profound burden to show that he will serve as a fair and independent check on the president. >> trump introduced cavanaugh,
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progressive groups rallied at the supreme court and sounded the alarm. >> will undermine marriage equality, rights. >> beyond that the supreme court in coming months may -- a 40-foot latin cross honoring world war i veterans violates the prohibition of government endorsement of religion. whether bands from a plastic gun made from a 3d printer violate the second amendment. state regulations on presidency and a medicaid fund used for abortion. and the limit of executive powe power, ongoing challenges to president trump's immigration, environmental and regulatory policies. >> the supreme court in the last few years has really become the decision-maker of last resort on so many issues that has polarized our society. >> judge kavanaugh a decade ago suggested providing sitting presidents with a temporary deferral of civil and criminal prosecutions. >> it really makes sense to make
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sure is a country that we give our president is much room as possible to operate free from the usual burdens of the citizenry. >> that has many democrats worried cavanaugh would protect the man who nominated him from any mueller probe subpoena. >> his judicial philosophy incorporates an almost monarchical view of executive power and account ability. animated by a belief that our chief executive gets to play by a different set of rules. >> while working for independent counsel kenneth starr cavanaugh advocated an aggressive approach to get president clinton under oath. the man who recruited cavanaugh now admits the judge's views may have evolved on how far the current special counsel regulations can be applied. >> what he's suggesting is congress take a look at this and consider whether to essentially have a postponement or a timeout. it's a perfectly reasonable position but he speaking as a
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thoughtful observer and not as a judge. >> republicans say that the judge's views are being distorted and that his record is earned bipartisan praise. if supporters know cavanaugh hasn't voted in any election since becoming a judge to take himself, at least in his own mind, away from the political process and just be a neutral, nonpartisan judge. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> ed: she will be that bright and early tomorrow to lead our coverage. you are not going to want to miss it right here on fox news channel. tonight we are getting a look at the witness list from democrats and its ways and questions about whether they are more interested in rallying the left out of the midterms and the 2020 campaign then finding out any new information about judge kavanaugh. the witnesses named by dianne feinstein, the ranking member of the judiciary committee includes, yes, john dean. president nixon's white house counsel who will speak, we are told, about the abuse of executive power. there will also be a witness was a survivor of the parkland, florida, mass shooting. let's talk about all this with a republican strategist will help
8:14 pm
prep the justice neil gorsuch before he was a justice for his confirmation battle and a former clerk for judge kavanaugh. thank you for coming in. justin, i want to start with you because when i would look at this witness list the republicans will get to bring in their witnesses who will support judge kavanaugh and the democrats are entitled to have witnesses that they think will either oppose or raise questions about judge kavanaugh. but why in the world is john dean figure of watergate, what does he have to do with judge kavanaugh? >> i love that john dean is one of the opposition witnesses because he's perfect. he's the anti-cavanaugh. john dean is a disgrace lawyer. this is a man, after all who has said he would betray his country and then betray his friends. he's not fit to koch judge kavanaugh she was even if he sits on the highest mountain top in the world and the contrast between john dean and the thoughtful decent fair-minded judge brett kavanaugh is going to be exactly the kind of contrast that's going to reflect well on judge kavanaugh and by
8:15 pm
the way, judge kavanaugh's witnesses are going to reflect well on him. we will hear from lisa blatt, self-proclaimed liberal feminist lawyer who says democrats should support brett kavanaugh because he has fair-minded and mainstream and a great jurist. >> ed: it seems simple that the president is likely to have the votes to confirm future potential justice cavanaugh, currently judge kavanaugh and so with the democrats are doing is throwing up these witnesses, we mentioned, but also claiming there some kind of cover not and he's not turning over enough documents. this tweet from chuck schumer on friday saying "we are witnessing a friday night document massacre. of president trump's decision to step in at the last moment and hide 100,000 pages of judge kavanaugh's records from the american public is not only unprecedented in the history of supreme court nominations, it has all the makings of a cover-up." when we actually look at the numbers and he would set record when you were leading the neil gorsuch fight. he turned over 182,000
8:16 pm
documents. nobody had ever done that in cavanaugh, by our count has now released over 440,000 documents. so what are the democrats talking about? >> what they're doing is they are trying to use this to delay the hearings, which aren't going to be delayed. we are having them tomorrow, but it's really a hail mary pass. it's likely that cavanaugh is going to be confirmed and that's because he has been rated well-qualified by the american bar association. he has served on the bench of the d.c. circuit court for 12 years. he has 13 opinions that have been upheld at the supreme court. he is a brilliant legal mind. in the most and senators -- most republican senators are going to vote for them if not all of them and several democrat likely are going to jump in. the key here is that he needs to knock it out of the park. >> ed: let me give you 30 seconds and what you've got to know as a clerk for him, what you want the people to know about him? >> i've never met a better lawyer. i've never had the opportunity to work for a better man.
8:17 pm
he really is, as president barack obama solicitor general said, brilliant jurist and his approach to the law is very much in the mainstream and i would just encourage the american people not to believe the chuck schumers and chicken little's, the sky is falling and peddlers of panic out there. if the more learn about judge kavanaugh and his great mainstream record the more they are going to really like him. >> ed: 30 seconds for you. you helped then judge gore stretch go through the so-called murder boards with a practiced what hearings going to be like. but before you get before those hot lights and all the coverage, it's got to be very difficult for the nominee, even when it looks like they will have the votes. take us inside the room. what is the practice session? >> what he has been doing right now it is going through hundreds of hours of practice sessions over the old consecutive execue building where they set up a fake hearing room and they have white house counsel, they have former clerks, former senators
8:18 pm
and current senators that come in and ask him the hardest questions to get him ready for those hearings because it is arduous to sit there all day and be pounded with questions. and you want to make sure that he's just ready and battle-tested because he's going to do a great job but we don't want to get caught in those moments. >> ed: thanks for taking us behind the curtain tonight. the battle begins tomorrow. when we return nike has a new lead spokesman for its 30th anniversary ad campaign. so many amazing athletes to choose from. lebron, michael jordan. no! it's colin kaepernick. yes, that colin kaepernick. now the company seems to be backpedaling. then they realize they are alienating the country or is it just about speaker sales?ti of that next yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation.
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applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. ♪ >> ed: nbc german hitting back at #metoo allegations. unfounded intimations and accusations, but nbc losing his harvey weinstein's group about of sexual misconduct. black says nbc might've blocked the story by refusing to let him go. he goes on to explain that if he stayed at nbc women he interviewed for the new yorker
8:23 pm
piece might not have agreed to sit before tv cameras and accuse weinstein like they did for him off-camera. black says "at no point did nbc obstruct his reporting or kill an interview with a weinstein accuser." several jewish and civil rights groups are taking bill clinton to task for sharing the stage with controversial minister louis farrakhan. much of the mainstream media coverage appeared to and out of images that included clinton. michael cohen attorney lanny davis says he himself is to blame for some outlets running a story about cohen knowing president trump had advance knowledge of the trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer who was offering dirt on hillary clinton. he tells fox news that it was just a mistake on his part. cnn, meanwhile, is standing behind the story. >> i blame myself for not being more clear thought in my mind i did not know the details about
8:24 pm
that meeting and i should not have encouraged any reporter. >> ed: meanwhile, nike announcing that colin kaepernick will be one of the faces of its 30th just do it campaign. a lot of social media is coming down kind of like a ton of bricks on monet key for this move. there are others who are defending him. former iranian leader who he just waited he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. yes, the nfl is back, officially kicking off this thursday at a time when the revenues are still humming along just fine but league officials and owners are nervous about declining tv ratings amid all of the controversy over anthem protests. so what did nike just to? them in for the little gasoline in the by naming colin kaepernick as one of their new spokespeople. tonight's panel is back. caldwell, dave brown and kirk. kirk, what you think about all this? >> in 27 years in the army i wore the american flag on my shoulder. over two deployments, i was
8:25 pm
there when the flag covered the coffins of men we were burying. this disingenuous idea that this is just -- colin kaepernick is just trying to make a statement, baloney. he is targeting us. he knows what this means to us. he knows how insulting it is. he knows how disrespectful it is and nike is empowering it. i don't buy it. this is scummy, this is lousy. this is rotten and i'm never buying another nike product again and i think millions of americans are going to agree. >> ed: on the other and i was at the new york open tennis in new york and colin kaepernick happen to be there in a crowd. he was announced to the crowd and he got a standing ovation. i saw it happen. he does have fans out there, dave. >> thanks for your service, my brother deployed later this month and my dad served 21 years. i'm a proud military brat. i take a different view on this, respectfully. i get this is a tough issue but for me the flag is a symbol and the flag is something that is
8:26 pm
imbued with the values and ideas that formed this country. it's one of the reasons why i went to law school in terms of defending the first amendment and every other amendment and the rights that come with that and i think what colin is trying to do is illustrate in a very vivid and powerful way that for some americans they feel left out of due process and equal protection under the law and he's doing it by choosing to kneel rather than stand during the national anthem. >> ed: where you come down on this? right before winter air, john brennan the former say a director, he stood up for colin kaepernick. he's beasley beasley a fierce critic of president trump and he was saying he shows what's in the preamble to the constitution. he stood strong. this is america, here it is. colin kaepernick through our collective attention to the problem of continued racial injustice in america. he did so not to disrespect our flag, brennan says, but to give meaning to the words of the preamble in order to form a more perfect union. well done, collin, well done. what say you? because i say racial injustice
8:27 pm
absolutely exists in this country, institutional racism exists and it impacts african-americans and has a history of doing that. i respect his ability to protest, i just have a problem with doing it when it comes to our flag. this is something that we absolutely should respect at every turn and if he is really, really serious about it, and i've said this about other nfl players as well, take it beyond a protest. go meet with members on capitol hill. these are very rich and influential people who can actually make a change in this country and bring about some real reforms. so i find it very difficult when it comes to this issue to see what they are really looking to do beyond protest because you are not taking a real action outside of what i feel to be a dividing of the country by disrespecting the flag. >> ed: let's do a lightning round on lanny davis and cnn. why hasn't cnn either clarified or correct of the story? >> because it cnn. if a democrat transcription service. it wants it to be true! and things like facts and
8:28 pm
evidence, they just get in the way of the narrative. cnn will never apologize because cnn doesn't care about it. >> ed: i think dave has brought his a-game. go for it. >> cnn is the democratic grand scription service, what is box? cheap shot. here's a thing. i saw cnn statement saying they had multiple sources for the story so i have to infer from that they are not retracting a story because they stand by the other sources. >> ed: be on the cheap shot, i will let that go for a second. we have limited time, but when you have lanny davis saying that he was one of the sources for the story that allegedly president trump knew about the trump tower meeting in advance and now he says actually i didn't know that, i made a mistake. it seems like there's a problem with the story. >> it seemed like to me he was the main source and i find it problematic that any news organization when at least not say that they're going to look into it a bit more when you have your main source saying that it isn't factual. i think it gives merit to president trump's fake news
8:29 pm
narrative. that's something that no one should want to actually make factual, fake news. >> ed: we appreciate you coming in. when we return an update on a very serious story, tropical storm gordon expected to make landfall as a hurricane tomorrow. we will give you the latest. plus and ms-13 gang member from el salvador living in new york charged with raping an 11-year-old goal after breaking into her bedroom. he's now in police custody. gang members after the president called them am an animals and made his bow. >> does he not believe in the dignity and worth of every person? >> nancy pelosi got very angry when i called them animals. i called them animals. ♪ matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪
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8:34 pm
rain. tonight the gulf coast of alabama, mississippi, louisiana are all bracing for possible hurricane impact as gordon gathers strength in the gulf of mexico. kristin fisher back now with us with the latest wearing her weatherhead this time instead of -- good evening again. >> this could be our first hurricane of the year. right now gordon is a tropical storm but it's expected to be a cat one hurricane by the time it makes landfall tomorrow night somewhere very close to the border between louisiana and mississippi. the storm has already dumped up to 10 inches of rain in parts of south florida today and there were several beaches, including those in miami-dade county closed on labor day due to dangerous rip currents and rough surf. now gordon is over the gulf of mexico and gaining strength. a hurricane watch is in effect across mississippi all the way to the border. tonight the governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency announcing that 200 national guard troops were being deployed to help.
8:35 pm
>> nobody should panic, but everybody should take this seriously. that means you should get a game plan. you should be watching the news and taking directives from your local officials. >> new orleans is just outside of the hurricane warning area but authorities there have already issued a voluntary evacuation orders for all of the areas just outside the city's levee system. >> ed: i suspect we will be on top of the story all week. thanks for bringing it to us tonight. meanwhile, s expected ms-13 gang member, 18-year-old julio charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl in new york city. police say he was carrying a forged green card and a forged social security card at the time of his arrest. on the other side of the country, dozens of ms-13 gang members and affiliates have been hit with charges after a murder and drug trafficking probe in california. according to official data gang had been reportedly terrorizing the small town by taking
8:36 pm
advantage of an understaffed police force. the world town was the base but the crimes committed reportedly extended all the way to los angeles. >> the investigation uncovered a wide range of criminal activity including murder, violent assaults and drug trafficking by an ms-13 cell operating in and around mendota and los angeles. the investigation found a well-worn path between the small town in fresno county and los angeles. >> ed: police say over the past two years there have been more than a dozen murders with connections to the ms-13 gang and just that small town of mendota. meanwhile, a chicago activist and 11 other protesters were arrested today as they try to shut down part of an expressway near o'hare international airport. reverend gregory livingston said the march was aimed at drawing attention to protesters demands which include more investment in neighborhoods where the bulk of chicago's shootings occurred.
8:37 pm
he also wants chicago mayor rahm emanuel to resign after another violent weekend that left at least six dead, chicago had a grim milestone, more than 1,000 people shot just since memorial day. at that according to the "chicago tribune." when we return we will shift to an international focus. the president may be playing to unveil a mideast peace plan some point after the midterms. but with the president taking aim at syria and iran in a new series of tweets and israel warning iran as well in the u.s. defunding some money to the palestinians, is peace really a pipedream? with a mideast, even more dangerous in the days ahead? former israeli ambassador to the u.s., current deputy to the prime minister. he joins us and asked for an inside look. i never knew there was a different solution
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8:42 pm
syria to meet with the dictator while the allies prepare for an assault on the opposition. president trump says not so fast. weighing in on twitter the president warned it would be a great humanitarian mistake to attack and potentially could kill hundreds and maybe even thousands of people. also today, the israeli defense minister signaled israel attack assets in iraq just as they have done in war-torn syria. let's break it all down with dr. michael oren. deputy to israeli prime minister. it joins us tonight exclusively. we appreciate you coming in. let's start with this tweet from the president. he's morning syria not to go after this rebel stronghold. one of the provinces in war-torn syria. as you know better than anyone, previous times that the president has more in syria, for example after chemical weapons attack he has followed it up with military action. >> we certainly appreciate the president's robust position on
8:43 pm
syria, always. it's been israel's position since the outbreak of the syrian civil war back in 2011. syria is a hostile country. it has tried to destroy us in three wars of national construction. we bear nor no animosity. we do not want to see them suffer more. over half a million people massacred their end anything the united states can do to limit that suffering would be welcomed by the people of israel. for our part we have offered medical assistance to many thousands of syrian refugees irrespective of what groups they belong to. some of them may be even from jihadist groups and israel will defend itself. it will defend its borders to any attempt to bring that syrian civil war into israel. >> ed: do you think the president's tweet was signaling that the u.s. is prepared for military action if assad moves forward with going after this rebel stronghold? >> i can interpret the president's actions and what he means by his tweets but we certainly again appreciate a robust american position.
8:44 pm
israel has always in favored increased american leverage over the situation in syria. >> ed: something else that caught our attention is mike pompeo, the secretary of state saying over the weekend he is "deeply concerned about reports of iran transferring ballistic missiles into iraq. if true, this would be a gross violation of iraqi sovereignty and of u.n. scr 20 to 31. obviously talking about the u.n. baghdad should determine what happens in iraq, not tehran. i'm sure that israel agrees and your defense minister, we have this animation of these planes from iran that were bringing these missiles across, the first flight was on july 9th going through lebanon. there was a second flight as well. and it was so deeply disturbing to defense minister lieberman that the defense minister said "it doesn't matter from where it comes. israel's freedom is total. we retain this freedom of
8:45 pm
action. how concerned are you tonight about what iran is doing in iraq? >> where always concerned about what iran is doing throughout the middle east. iran has tried to establish itself militarily in syria. in lebanon it is given as many as 150,000 rockets to terrorists. all of these rockets, whether they are in lebanon, syria or potentially in iraq, are aimed at us, they are aimed at israel. israel of course as a sovereign country will take every measure necessary to defend itself irrespective of where these missiles are. if they are aimed at us we will destroy them. >> ed: every measure necessary you say, obviously believing israeli military action very much on the table. >> there have been reports. israel does not take credit, but we have repeatedly demonstrated her determination to prevent iran from establishing itself militarily in syria providing precision guided missiles to hezbollah and should they try to put missiles aimed at jerusalem
8:46 pm
and tel aviv in iraq we will take all measures necessary to defend ourselves. >> ed: last question, as we talk about war, we talk about tensions in the mideast. as you know better than anyone jared kushner and others inside the white house have been crafting a mideast peace plan from president trump that we've heard a lot about but hasn't been unveiled. do you expect we will see that in 2019? and what you believe are the prospects for that plan to actually be enacted? >> i'm not a prophet, no crystal ball, but the answer for my perspective would be yes. i think the president is very serious about his attempt to achieve what he calls the deal of the century. he has appointed several high level very effective envoys to achieve this. israel's position is strong militarily, economically, our relationship with the arab world is better than ever and our relationship with this administration is closer than any time in 70 years, not just with the president but with the secretary of state, the national security advisor, the ambassador to the u.n. this would be an ideal time to move on a peace program that can
8:47 pm
move the ball forward and bring israel, the palestinians, and the middle east to a better place. >> ed: i said last question but one last tiny question. aid to the palestinians. some believe that makes it harder to forge peace. >> i believe it's just the opposite. in contrast to the last 30 years, every time the palestinians left the table they were given a prize. by every previous administration. under this administration, the president, someone leaves the negotiating table, they are penalized. the palestinians have left the negotiating table time and time again. maybe now they will internalize that if they come back to the table they will be rewarded. >> ed: we will see. right after the midterms as we get closer to this peace plan being unveiled we want to have a back and flush out the details. appreciate you coming in today. when we return we may finally have the answer to why u.s. diplomats may have come up with mystery ailments in cuba. if the answer is going to shock you. plus, when is it too early to
8:48 pm
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>> ed: scientists are pointing their finger at cold war era microwave weapons for the illnesses of more than three dozen american diplomats and family members in cuba and china. at the baffling symptoms first reported as possible sonic attacks began in late 2016. we want to play you a bit of a sample of what they heard. listen. fox's medical correspondent mr. to tell us more. that sounds like a small thing but this is being done over time and it had an impact on folks. >> more than three dozen diplomats were involved in both cuba and china since 2016.
8:53 pm
president trump had to pull them out of there. first it was thought to be sonic weapons. that would affect the inner ear. a part of the inner ear near the brain and would cause a sudden onset of symptoms. that's the key here. that's how we know it's not a virus, it's not a poisoning. it's just a sudden onset of symptoms and it would cause a problem with balance, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, which is what happened and then later on there could be some brain damage as well as loss of hearing. that's what we thought. now scientist doug smith from the university of pennsylvania is coming out and saying maybe it's microwaves and microwaves are very interesting because dr. frei has studied that for many years and the russians know about that and putin knows about this. and what happens is microwaves damage the temporal lobe of the brain and it influences not only hearing, not only balance, but also behavior and brain damage. it's very serious. either way -- it could be either with his point but definitely something like either sound waves or radio waves. >> ed: let's go to another topic. a bill in california to start
8:54 pm
the school day a little bit later. i know with my own kids they got to get up at 6:00 a.m. sometimes. it's a tough world. you've got to learn how to get up and go at it, but sometimes it seems like it's a bit early and they are trying to push the school day back. parents are divided about this. what do we know medically about kids and their brains at that age? >> i'm not a big fan of government overreach but i've got to tell you the american academy of pediatrics is saying that kids should have eight to ten hours of sleep in high school and even more in junior high school and middle school and they are not getting it. 70% of children studied are getting less than seven hours of sleep a night and you know what happens? your debility, behavior problems. they gain weight. higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and they're also much more likely to engage in risky behavior. drive when they shouldn't be driving. so i think they may be right. what about the commute? if you add in the commute, maybe california is right in this case. let's not start school until 8:30 in the morning. >> ed: good advice, i appreciate you coming in.
8:55 pm
>> thanks, thanks for having me. >> ed: first baseman for the red sox and indians among others but was honored sunday by the chicago white sox in a pregame ceremony. after 34 years is the voice of the white sox and five enemies he is retiring. then during the game a foul ball headed right at the head of the hock. maybe even the nose. under the broadcaster reached out and made a nifty grab saving my friend's noggin. you can check out his new book hawk. i did it my way available now everywhere. tomorrow is his 77th birthday. let me salute him with his signature home on call. stretch! you can put it on the board, yes! mercy! hawk, we love you, buddy. good luck with the book. happy birthday and have a wonderful retirement. if you are finally going to get a lot of time to spend with your family and work on the golf game too. most-watched, most trusted and
8:56 pm
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september 3rd. we will see you back here tomorrow for the confirmation hearings of brett kava ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special and we think pretty fun addition of t "tucker carlson tonight." we will feature some of our favorite debates from the past year. we don't know if democrats will take congress in the fall or who the democratic nominee is going to be in 2020, but we do have some idea of what they are planning to run on. impeaching, throwing open the gates to the prison, those are two obvious ones. many democrats are also proposing to eliminate ice, the government agency tasked withnec enforcing our immigration laws. we spoke to several people the summer who support that plan. here's part of the conversation. >> people are calling for eliminating the agency. so let's say that happensrs tomorrow.e the democratic left, you, get


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