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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 4, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a mom baby high speed in texas. >> still high rate coming up to the creek. >> oh dear, oh dear, 1050. >> look at mugshot it looks like you would imagine. anyway, she is in jail. have a good day. rob: we'll see you later. ♪ >> i think you're hearing from a lot of people that can't find anything wrong with the qualifications of kavanaugh. >> democrats are certainly trying to delay these hearings. chuck schumer blasting the administration for releasing 42,000 pages of kavanaugh documents last night. >> president trump publicly reasoned that the weight of court cases involving republicans could be a drag on the g.o.p.'s midterm candidate and pointing a finger at his attorney general jeff sessions. >> not only am i burning my favorite pair of nikes you are burning your sales. >> angry customers protest this brand new ad campaign featuring collin kaepernick. >> this disingenuous idea
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this is just trying to make a statement. bologna. he knows how disrespectful it is. and nike is empowering it. >> do you know how many other sneaker there's are to buy, to choose infantry? ♪ steve: welt, it's september the 4th. it is a tuesday that feels like a monday. and it is -- yesterday, yesterday was the official kind of end of summer. today is kind of the official back-to-school day for "fox & friends." ainsley: that's exactly right. a lot of kids are back in school now. summer is officially over they say right, after labor day. you are not supposed to wear white anymore. brian: i did wear white pants for the first time and last time over the weekend just out of peer pressure from the world. i won't blame anyone individually. i havlabor day should go back to the school next day.
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give you a day after the labor day assuming the kids are hungover to go back on thursday. steve: for "fox & friends" it's kind of back to school. we have been apart. ainsley: how was your vacation? steve: very nice. thank you very much. in south florida big wind storm blew through and it was time to go. brian: we will cover that and how severe this whole hurricane will be. steve: it is a hurricane. brian: a lot of turbulence and bluster on capitol hill this week as judge brett kavanaugh is in the hot seat starting today starting the senate judiciary committee. ainsley: democrats are determined to delay the confirmation. steve: it's all going to take place inside the hart senate building and that is where somehow it looks as if griff has gotten from the janitor the key to the room and is he actually reporting from the room right now. >> we are, guys. we are here right now. this is where judge kavanaugh is going to sit and face a lot of tough questioning.
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you see my still photographers getting ready and set up for the excitement. even before the fireworks start, it has gotten hot. senator schumer is slamming the administration for releasing 42,000 pages of documents last night. saying senators won't have enough time to read that before the hearings start. schumer tweeting know this has been the least transparent process in history and hearings should be delayed until we can fully review the records. administration pushing back. doj spokesman saying in a statement that quote production of judge kavanaugh's production for previous nominees. and chuck grassley the chairman of this judiciary committee was asked about documents being withheld. this is what he had to say. >> i told every member of the committee that if they have some documents that under the presidential records act cannot be made public for personal reasons or for presidential reasons, that all they have to do is
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ask us. >> when fireworks started hot button issue on abortion, gun rights and executive power. democrats charge that kavanaugh will try to protect president trump from the russia probe. we will be watching some senators and two republicans sue collins and lisa murkowski. five democrats in red states voted for trump. senator donley, doug jones of alabama and manchin and doug jones senator heitkamp. this will be something to watch. labor day is over, guys. steve: it is. griff jenkins, thank you very much. we heard democrats say we can't start this hearing because we don't have all the documents. in fact this administration has said they're going to withhold over 100,000 documents claiming executive
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privilege. however, they are making them available to senators to view up on capitol hill in a secure room. because the democrats have said we have got to look at all that stuff. as of yesterday, according to the "wall street journal," not a single democrat had showed up to actually look at the documents. so how serious are they really about seeing that stuff or do they want to see the paper or is it all about politics? ainsley: i think they are looking for some reason not to confirm him. chuck grassley said he was perhaps the most qualified personal ever nominated to the supreme court. look at his brilliant. went to yale law school. has 12 years of experience on the u.s. court of appeals. democrats are trying to highlight some of his arguments and opinions talking points any reason to find to delay it. brian: over 300 opinions there is a lot there. he also played a role in the independent counsel investigation with ken starr. that will come up quite often. what he did in terms of george w. bush, archives say hey, you know what?
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that's got to be secret. george w. bush's attorney played a role what documents he got released. you know how inflammatory it's going to get when corey booker is on the record saying a vote for brett kavanaugh is a vote for evil. okay, thanks, that's a guy open to honest and fair debate. ainsley: could be time 51 republicans and 49 democrats after the passing of john mccain. any word on when that are l. happen? will that happen before the kavanaugh confirmation? steve: according to sources in arizona it will happen before the final vote. as you mentioned, john mccain, during his ceremonies over the last week or so, we have heard so much about bipartisan in washington, d.c., don't expect any of it today on capitol hill regarding mr. kavanaugh. brian: experts say expect him on the bench in october. kind of surprised not by the topic because the nfl football season about to start and the player's union and nfl has not gotten
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together for standing on the anthem policy i was surprised when it came clear that not only was nike standing behind they are building around him. the back jump quarterback for the san francisco 49ers, not starting and playing he wasn't going to be the starting quarterback the last time he was in the nfl. halls not played well in two complete seasons. that has not stopped nike from building an ad campaign behind him. ainsley: new campaign. nike says one of the inspirational athletes moving the world forward. steve: he is one of the faces of it also included serene into williams, o'del beckham. rookie linebacker for seattle. we showed you the picture it says down in the picture believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything, #just do it. i was looking online. so many people are shocked that nike has decided to become political like this.
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because, you know, everybody in america, it seems e has an opinion about whether the taking of a knee and the anthem protest are something appropriate for a football game. so that's that means everyone is going to say whether or not nike is going to be something they buy going forward or is this something they are going to -- suddenly we have all these pictures of people lighting their nikeys on fire across the country. john rich who brian interviewed last week. he put out a tweet where his sound man had cut the swoosh off socks and rich warned nike, get ready, suggesting millions of others would follow suit. ainsley: that guy was a former marine. threw can see a fair of nikeys up in smoke. ainsley: first video you saw of the nikeys being burned first the nfl chooses me to choose between favorite sport and country. then nike chooses me to choose that between favorite
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shoes and country. since when did the become offensive? brian: race relations could get better and equity worked on the question is do you do it during the national anthem. that's where the people say i can't hear your message over the national anthem. johnny joey jones already spoken to players about this in the nfl locker rooms who lost both his legs in battle trying to diffuse a bomb says no sweat at nike i got you. jason whitlock, very good columnist commentator you recall fox sports this has always been about the money. all of it. revolutionaries aren't sponsored by major corporations. it's been a hustle from the giddy up. ainsley: usually run from the controversy. times are changing. they believe in collin collin c. kaepernick. lebron james ander is
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reasonable that williams have already backed mr. kaepernick going forward. the nfl backs nike because they are the official producer of the uniforms. brian: back to thursday night football where we kick to have in a couple days and everyone is going to be talking about this again. among the things caught me by surprise john brennan weighed in on kaepernick's side. racial injustifiable in america he did so not to disrespect our flag but to give meaning to the words to the preelmable of our constitution in order to form a more perfect union well done, collin, well done. amazing when he was in offers cia director not a word. halls to do whatever donald trump wants to take the stand on, i will take the opposite. ainsley: what surprised me even more than brennan mahmoud. once again collin is not on nfl roster even though he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. collin kaepernick, #nfl.
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>> just like that i will never wear anything nike again, i will respect and appreciate collin kaepernick's freedom of speech. i would die protecting that right but damn, i love my flag and i hate any nation that finances and supports terrorists #iran #nike. >> you got to figure at nike headquarters they were say bfing we did this, can we withstand the criticism from consumers? ainsley: is it worth it? steve: can we withstand the criticism from the president who i have a feeling is going to tweet about this in 3, 2 -- brian: mahmoud ahmadinejad also said 1956, they blame america for overflowing leadership in 1956 and putting the shaw in place during the eisenhower administration. ahmadinejad i find it hard to believe he has watched one down of football. he wears only -- jackets.
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takes a shower every two weeks. all the sudden he weighs in on football and he says he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. he wasn't even the best quarterback on the 49ers when he was done who were one of the first teams in the league. steve: enough about him. are you going to continue to support nike? a bold political move, a savvy business move or is it just not your cup of tea? email us at you can tweet us and also look us up on facebook. brian: the league cannot be happy that in two days this is once again front and center. and this time you could say it's nike's decision. meanwhile 12 minutes after the hour by the power invested in me i would like to go to jillian. jillian: let's start with a fox news alert. serious news to get. to say and the founder of the h hahaqqani. died after died after some
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type of i will anywise. the group has close ties to the taliban and al qaeda and been behind many coordinated attacks on afghan and nato forces. responsible for a truck bombing in kabul that killed 150 people last year. haqqani's son has been running the group since 2001. tropical storm gordon quickly moving towards the gulf coast overnight it could strengthen into a hurricane after drenching parts of south florida. the storm whipping winds up to 60 miles per hour bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. louisiana and mississippi both under hurricane warnings. janice dean will have a live update on the storm in a few minutes. make sure you stay tuned for that got to get prepared. brian: moving quick. all right, jillian, thanks. 13 after the hour. the head of the afl-cio have said workers have been nothing but hurt. this lifelong democrat turned trump voter couldn't disagree more. he was told he could be
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and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at ♪ steve: that guy right there, judge brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearings are set to begin in just a couple hours on capitol hill. right now democrats are expected to come out swinging. but our next guest says that judge kavanaugh may be the
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most qualified nominee this country has ever seen, so why all the obstruction? it's going to happen today. and going forward. here to weigh, in former deputy director of public afarsz at the department of justice, ian prior. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> the democrats are going to make the case that we have not seen enough documents. we but we have already seen something like half a million documents and they want more. and as i reported a moment ago, apparently they put 100,000 in a secret room up on capitol hill and not one democrat showed up to look at them as of yesterday. >> well, this is all a political stunt. look, democrats private live will agree that brett kavanaugh may be one of the most qualified individuals to be no nominated for the supreme court. they hit a home run though. they're not going to be able to attack his qualifications make up foe controversies and engage in political stunts really for the sole purposes of rallying their
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base before the election. steve: you say the best way to judge a judge is look how they have judged in the past. >> absolutely. he has been on the appellate court for 12 years. he has written over 300 opinions. that's 10,000 pages worth of opinions. have democrats read those 10,000 pages? i sincerely doubt it. so here we are complaining become b. some documents that haven't been produced according to executive privilege. but they have received over 450,000 documents. that's more than the last five nominees combined. steve: times have changed. and they are worried that the ideological tilt of the court will be permanently or at least substantially changed for a generation or more. but, you know, it seems like having watched so many of these confirmation hearings, what they're going to do, senators, from both sides, are going to ask the justice, the future justifiable, the judge, a million different ways to answer the same thing. how would you do in this case or that case? and is he going to take the
3:20 am
ginsburg approach which is, you know, i can't even give you a hint. >> exactly, exactly. that is what is he going to do. that's what all nominees have done. if they want to hint on how he would rule. they would look at 300 judicial opinions. they will look at the fact that 13 out of 14 times that the supreme court has reviewed his decisions. they have adopted his position. steve: all right. well, the fireworks are going to start on capitol hill this morning. you have an estimation of the final vote tally. don't you? >> yeah. i'm going to go 54-46 confirmation. steve: 54-46. all right ian prior. we will find out in a week or two if you are right. >> thanks so much. steve: afghan stabs two american tourists -- you know what? they decided to change the teleprompter i have no idea where that story was going. but, now this story about a lifelong democrat turned trump voter he was told he was losing his job.
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now he is driving and he credits the president. is he going to join us live coming up next. this wi-fi is fast.
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i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week.
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like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. ainsley: primary day in massachusetts, voters will decide between the incumbent governor baker and scott lively in the gubernatorial primary. the trio of republican also compete for a chance to unseat liberal senator elizabeth warren in november. democrats are hoping some voters can be swayed with therapy dogs. liberal group next gen america is launching a 30-million-dollar campaign to get young people out to vote. one of their strategies is bringing dogs on college campuses to attract the students. steve: the labor statistics
3:25 am
and polling numbers proof it president trump's economy is improving and blue collar workers, many thrilled. brian: that didn't stop union boss richard trumka from bashing the president over the weekend. >> unfortunately, to date, the things that he has done to hurt workers outpace what he has done to help workers. brian: is that really the point of view that everyone agrees with? next guest begs to different. spoke at donald trump's rallierally rallies. ainsley: he joins us. you were on stage with president trump at that rally last year you said lifelong democrat never voted republican until now. do you agree with the union boss. >> no. you know what? that is ridiculous, our city city machine technologies in youngstown we would hire 10 more people now the labor boss, if his goal is to get people working and have work, president trump has done more to have people
3:26 am
have work than any president has done in the last 15 years. at least. steve: geno, you know what the labor boss is more interested in. if not getting more labor union members jobs, is he trying to get more democrats elected. >> absolutely. because i would challenge him to come to steel valley, youngstown, ohio. i can take him to four different union halls and see if he can find five electricians that aren't working. see if he can five iron workers that aren't working and see if he can find five brick layers that aren't working. everybody is, wog. this is trump's economy. this is what he does. it's amazing. brian brian is it possible that he cares more about union workers than he does workers? >> no. i don't think it's that i think he cares more about the democratic party. i really do. you know, his mind set is the same mind set they were talking about judge kavanaugh earlier. those people have four sets of signs to see if ho they were going to protest. is he not fighting for
3:27 am
workers. is he fighting for the democratic party. you know, come on, guys, let's all get together and raise everybody's vote. he is not doing that. ainsley: geno, what is it that the president did that is allowing companies to hire more electricians and brick layers? is it the tax reform. >> it's the tax reform my own situation the company where i work they have added two extra paid hoorlds. he has bought new equipment for the shop. the business is good. you know, and the president through the tax cuts and the regulation cutting and what he is doing with nafta. we have got a place in warren ohio a little bit north of us, they had packer electric in the 194500 people worked there. they passed nafta went down to 500. we have a senator sherrod brown who talks nice and congressman tim ryan been on your air talking about attacking nafta getting rid of nafta. president trump has done it they should be his biggest
3:28 am
supporter but you hear crickets. steve: do you hear crickets during the last election cycle what you heard a lot of was that your jobs were going away and never coming back. now fast forward to today, you got more jobs than people. >> absolutely. you know, we have heard that for 40 years you are thought going to have the manufacturing jobs anymore. we will retrain you. be some kind of service job can you do. president trump said you know what? i'm going to level the playing field. weave have the best workers in the world right here. we could do this. and in 18 months, with all the forces against them and all the side shows and everything else that they throw in front of them, the road blocks and he is still producing like he has, that's what they are afraid of. they are aphrase of losing their power forever. this guy is amazing. brian brian they will begin to try to get this done by the end of the week that would round this thing off. without canada there might be some issues. >> they will come along. president trump is a great
3:29 am
negotiator. i mean, he will bring them along. they will either negotiate or he will make the deal without him. but they will be along, believe me. they need us. steve: geno difabio lifelong democrat who voted for trump. >> if i may it's my wife's birthday today. happy birthday, honey. steve: you just saved money for a card. >> absolutely. make america great again. ainsley: two extra vacation days and a wife. >> absolutely. i love her. steve: still ahead on this tuesday, remember when a california democrat wanted to boycott in-n-out burger because the fast food chain donated to republicans. this morning, a change of heart. ainsley: plus are police really villains in uniform. new man trying to combat. man behind it is kevin jackson. he joins us live.
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brian: here we go with a fox news alert i wish did i not have to read a police officer is fighting for his life at this hour after he was shot in the head. covington police officer matt cooper responding to a call because he was stealing 99-cent bandannas happened at walmart near atlanta. weighs shot chasing the suspect across the street. the shooter killed himself. >> very heavy on all of our hearts. we are praying just like we are going to ask everyone out viewing this please pray for our officer. please pray for his health and can he pull through okay. brian: the community gathering overnight to pray for officer cooper the 60's year vernal of the force serious condition. cooper is army veteran, husband, and father of two.
3:34 am
kevin jackson is with us right now. fox news contributor and producer of a brand new film that you have got to see called on law enforcement called bleeding blue. kevin, this is part of reason did you this movie. >> exact lit. we have had two reports today just of officers being shot and it's going to continue and the problem is that, you know, when you analyze, this it's been happening for a long time but really got exacerbated over the past decade. do something to highlighted what these officers go through and this film is absolutely riveting. first of all, there is revelation about ferguson that people are going to find out from this film that will be shocking. that's number one. secondly there is cop cam footage where police -- people are running from the fight and police are running to it that i promise you can't watch it without just understanding what these people go through on a day-to-day basis. brian: in fact, you brought a couple clips. here is one. just a little of the trailer what you will see if you go to the theater. >> why does the media push
3:35 am
these few incidents to make it look like it's happening all the time? >> they have created a narrative that is very destructive. >> doesn't only show up as inflamement and lynching. >> work i wonder why is everybody angry? i'm here to help. >> what changed? >> there was the muscle memo rift 1960's that demonized police and they were doing this at the behest of government. government was in charge of telling police what to do. so you understanding the narrative. buff what happened and we talk about this gates gate the bin going the catalyst for it and suddenly. brian: what do you mean by gates gate. you feign former commissioner of lapd. >> commissioner gates when the obama said the cops acted stupidly. that lit the fuse. then we got the ferguson effect. parallel story his name is clifford, we highlight him in the film. this story sets up a lot like michael brown.
3:36 am
and people will understand it but there is a reason why you don't know his name. that's sort of the arc of the film. if i were a michael moore i would be getting award for this film right now. brian: it's about to roll out. kevin, real quick. one of the big criticisms of officers is when one does go over the line they still stand behind him or her. is that -- do you agree with that premise and did you approach that with these coming? >> we absolutely did. we have a mafia cop who admits he was a bad cop. we profiled police officers who were bad. so very fair and balanced in that respect. i hope people go to bleeding blue and i want them to buy a cop a ticket. we call it give a cop a ticket. we want to make sure that police officers, law enforcement officers get to see this film all over the country. opening in six locations. all of this is on the site. bleeding blue brian: one of the reasons kaepernick says he took a knee or seat now he takes a knee because of the unequal
3:37 am
enforcement of the law on minority communities, specifically black community. this really addresses your situation is he helped or hurt. >> is he hurt. police officers have will to go in black communities in disproportionate numbers. as i say in the film it isn't d.n.a. of blacks that make us bad. it's circumstances that make us bad. you know, do bad things in our communities. it isn't something that we have a propensity to do. and so, yes, the unfortunate thing is the police have to deal with these incidents. but for kaepernick to say there is a police problem in america for blacks is just disingenuous lie. why deal with that honestly not through the narrative that the media tries to set up. we deal with it honestly. brian: with nike getting behind him what do you think this does for the mission or racial equality. >> i think it's bad. here's what i will say. the left at least do support their causes. as bad as it is for nike to do this, at least they
3:38 am
support him. we have had a lot of difficulty getting supporters, believe it or not, to want to protect law enforcement and i find this incredible, that, you know, there aren't companies willing to step up and say yeah, we would love to sponsor this companies like we talked to sixth hour owho said as much as we love selling our weapons to police, we're not going to stand up for them. i think that's pretty cowardly. here is nike standing up for quite frankly something that's wrong. we had people calling me a radical for wanting to it do this film to bridge the gap between police and black community. that's unbelievable. i hope america supports the project. >> the film opens up september 7th limited release. what happened with police in ferguson and where we're at today. where do we find out more? >> bleeding blue go there everything is on there. trailer, lots of other information. give a cop a ticket. brian: you got it very cool.
3:39 am
look forward to seeing it. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. go to jillian who we have met before. give a cop a ticket but cops don't give mia ticket. brian: you don't drive much. jillian: yes, i have gotten a number of those. jillian: teenager accused of stabbing two american tourists in amsterdam thinks islam is insulted in the netherlands. 19-year-old afghan asylum seeker had a terrorist motive to carry out the attack friday. they say he even traveled to the netherlands specifically to hurt others. he was shot after the stabbing and is recovering. those american victims who have not been named are expected to survive. monica lewenski ditch as live interview when she is asked about her scandal with former president bill clinton. >> former president clinton was rather irate if he ever asked if he apologized to you personally and he said i apologized publicly. do you still accept that polling? was it a personal apology? >> i'm so sorry i'm not
3:40 am
going to be able to do this. >> the former white house intern made headlines after her affair with clinton in the '90s. she said questions on that topic were supposed to be off limit. i left because it is more important than ever for women to stand up for themselves and not to allow others to control their narrative. a california democrat walking back his call for a boycott of in and out. last week eric baughman tweeted the #in and out. donel nate 2-d $5,000 to the g.o.p. he now tells the fresno b there is no. his late night tweet helped rake in donations. williams is invited in and out to his state. speak to him live in the next hour. time to check in with janice dean there is extreme weather. janice: we have a tropical storm to talk to you about. you want to talk meteorology. >> yes. janice: what school do did
3:41 am
you go to? >> newburgh. janice: do you want to be in front of the camera or behind. >> behind. janice: thanks for shadowing me today. this is gordon. we are expecting gordon to become a hurricane as it makes laferl tonight as it goes across mississippi and alabama. there is the forecast landfall. we think the potential for a landfall is going to be after the dinner time hour before midnight tonight. we have hurricane warnings in effect again for parts of mississippi and alabama. we have watches for louisiana. going to drop a lot of heavy rain. something we will watch. also have a couple of other features out in the atlantic. hurricane seasonal is getting busy, my friend. all right. thanks for hanging out. do you want to say hi to anybody at home? >> no. janice: how about steve, ainsley and brian. >> hi steve. >> ainsley. janice: there is brian. >> hi, brian. janice: he is one of the most popular hosts.
3:42 am
brian: i would just like to say on behalf of that young man's family. hi. meanwhile, straight ahead. president trump blasting jeff sessions. he says the criminal charges against g.o.p. are jeopardizing the mid terms. is he right? judge napolitano finally off the vacation is here to adjourn a meeting. please walk around i hope he is here. i read the schedule right ♪ how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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steve: president trump. [reading at the same time] ainsley: now brian you read. >> president trump accusing attorney general jeff sessions. two long running obama era investigations of two very popular republican congressman were brought to a well publicized charge just ahead of the mid terms by the jeff sessions justice department. two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. good job, jeff. ainsley: the president referring to investigations into the g.o.p. congressman duncan hunter and chris collins both indicted last month. steve: here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, what was the president trying to say with those tweets? because it sounds like one thing. i just want to know if you think the same thing i do? >> well, there two sides to this. one is that the president is the chief law enforcement officer of the land and should have some control over the justice department and this president feels that he has no control over the justice department
3:47 am
because of the total breakdown in communications between the president and the attorney general. the other side is these are evidence -- this is evidence of serious crime here and there can't be two standards. one for members of congress. republican members of congress and one for others. it is the duty of the justice department to prosecute crimes when they find them and to bring inindictments when a grand jury has decided there is enough evidence there. in the case of congressman collins from new york, there is an actual tape of him on the -- his cell phone at the white house during a party hosted by president and mrs. trump telling his son sell the stock, you know, because there was bad news coming in shares of stock that they owned. any father would do that for any son but it's still a crime and the justice department was right to indict. ainsley: was that a government phone? judge: i don't know the answer to that that it was a government phone. he wasn't charged with using government property. in the case of hurengts this
3:48 am
is sad story of degeneration of of a america of congress. his father held the congressional seat for many years. this was the use of campaign funds for personal, bloat radar screen reasons it did start in the obama administration that is the acts that the government alleges occurred while barack obama was president. and continued into the presidency of donald trump. the justice department would have been most unwise had it waited until after the midterm elections to pop these dimes indictments. brian: judge, here is the thing did they have these conclusions in june or may? do we know that? >> we don't know the answer to that. brian: that's what the president is saying. >> when the president says these things, he basically i want to you use justice department to help the republican party? that is fodder for the cannon of bob mueller and never trumpers and all those who wish the president ill. using own words out of his
3:49 am
own mouth to-to-put in box. steve: if republicans lose the house then is he blaming jeff sessions. >> exactly. where this goes i don't know. off to the kavanaugh hearings. steve: good job judge. >> when you say good job judge, do you mean it the way that the president says good job jeff? brian: tweet us and tell us what i really mean. steve: ainsley, i owe you one. ainsley: turns out vice president joe biden is running. look, is he running. we will explain that. steve: yep, is he running. followed it closely. mother rallying against outdated healthcare restrictions to get a lung transplant for her dying daughter. she credits fox news with saving her daughter's life. that mother and daughter join us live next. ♪ ♪ take you there.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: five years ago sarah was dying of cystic fibrosis while her mother janet was fighting outdated healthcare rules keeping sarah from a lung transplant that she so desperately needed for her life. fast forward to today, sarah is thriving as a happy and healthy teenager after winning her battle for that transplant. she and her mom are praising fox news for raising awareness and they are detailing their inspiring story in this brand new book it is called saving sarah. joininjoining me now with more lung transplant recipient sarah murnaghan and janet murnaghan. >> thank you for joining us. ainsley: whether a a wonderful ending to this story. this is just great. how are you feeling now, honey? >> i'm feeling great. ainsley: good.
3:54 am
started in ninth grade? >> yes. ainsley: how do you know as a mother knowing that because things could have gone a different path. >> we couldn't have envisioned such a wonderful future back then. things looked so bleak. we really, we are indebted to you all and how much you really helped us. and i just feel unbelievably blessed. ainsley: i'm so glad. take us back for the viewers that aren't familiar with your story. take us back in house fox news helped and what your story. >> she was really very sick. probably weeks from dying. we learned that she didn't have access to organs to anybody over 12. that may not seem like. ainsley: the courts wouldn't allow it? >> the government regulations. and so, you know it, may not seem like enormous thing not to have access to that it was the difference to having access to a dozen lungs versus thousands. it was making it so she wasn't going to survive. ainsley: she was 10 years old. >> yeah. she was 10 years old. really we reached out to all
3:55 am
and just helped us galvanize political support and public support it was through that and that campaign that we really were able to raise awareness about it and ultimately win in court. ainsley: sarah, have you such a bright future ahead because your mom fought hard for you. i watched that video of you holding her up on the treadmill and knowing within weeks she might not be here. how do you feel knowing that your mom fought for you and what's your message for america? >> i feel good knowing that mom did what she did. and she helped not just me but other kids able to have access to organs that could save their life. so i'm very proud of what she did. ainsley: what do you want to do after school? what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be a writer. i like writing a lot. ainsley: you helped your mom write this book saving
3:56 am
sarah. >> she did. ainsley: after you went to court the law us changed and you have helped other children. how many have you helped? >> we know 24 children have listed the details have been able to do a list and been on the under 12 and be on the 12 and over. ainsley: have you talked to their parents. >> i have not talked to the parents. people reach out to us all the time when they're waiting for a lung transplant. i have not spoken to anyone specificcably it. ainsley: she was 10 years old and the law says you don't have access until you are 12 years old to an adult lung. >> she technically would have access after all the adults ahead of her in lirch would turn them down. by that time wait for 300 people to turn down it's not viable. in essence she didn't have access. it didn't allow her to get preference or children to get preference. it allowed for children to have equal access to be eevaluated how sick they are. treat the sickest person first. like the er you don't put
3:57 am
you a sprained ankle in front of a head injury. ainsley: support their family. god bless you. i'm so excited. >> we're so appreciative. ainsley: more "fox & friends" after the break. the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not share needles or pens. don't reuse needles. do not take ozempic® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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brian: judge brett kavanaugh is in the hot seat starting today facing the senate judiciary committee. ainsley: but democrats are determined to delay the confirmation. >> i think you're hearing from a lot of people that can't find anything wrong with the qualifications of kavanaugh. >> california democrat does about face after calling for boycott of the very popular burger chain in and out. >> not only am i burning my favorite pair of nikeys you are burning your sales. >> not only was nike standing behind collin kaepernick they were -- >> this disingenuous idea this is just contrar trying to make a statement, bologna. he knows how disrespectful it is. and nike is empowering it. >> do you know how many
4:01 am
other sneakers there are to buy to choose from? >> there is a tiger lookalike right there. >> that's the cuddly tiger. ♪ getting warmed up ♪ just getting started ♪ already fired up ♪ party ♪ ain't nothing like it around here. brian: jason aldean who has his own bar in broadway on nashville. steve: you still talk a lot about nashville bars. brian: i can't believe it every country music star says i will buy a bar and everyone goes and drinks there as a tribute. ainsley: if you have never been to nashville, you have to go. it's such a fun place. really is like three live bands in every bar. steve: it's a great place. brian: crazy thing is if you go there sunday morning at 10:00 it's pretty much empty but all these musicians are playing sunday morning and listen and go this sounds great but the people aren't there yet. but just to get a spot in nashville if you are an artist it doesn't matter who is there you want to play.
4:02 am
ainsley: that's for the 8:00 church goers go right to the bar afterwards. brian: or who went saturday night. ainsley: true. steve: thank you for joining us not on saturday night but on a tuesday that feels like a monday after a big labor day weekend. hope you had a nice one. we are getting down to business in washington. brian: judge brett kavanaugh in the hot seat facing the senate judiciary committee democrats and republicans. steve: democrats are apparently determined to delay or de rail his confirmation. ainsley: griff jenkins is live inside the heart senate building where the confirmation hearing is a couple hours away. >> that's right. history will be made when you look right now judge kavanaugh will sit in this black chair, you see the press gathering. they are getting ready red busy getting ready for it even before the fireworks start. this has turned into a hot situation. senator schumer, the minority leader in the senate slamming the administration tweeting this. the senate was just given an additional 42,000 pages of kavanaugh documents.
4:03 am
the night before his confirmation hearing. this underscores just how absurd the process is. not a single senator will be able to review these records before tomorrow. the doj issuing a statement pushing back on that. saying that the number of documents produced far surpasses that. and senator grassley, chuck grassley, the chairman of this judiciary committee was asked about withheld documents. here's what he had to say. >> i've told every member of the committee that if they have some documents that under the presidential records act cannot be made public for personal reasons or for presidential reasons, that all they have to do is ask us. >> once the fireworks start senators will grill kavanaugh on issues like abortion, gun rights, and executive power. we will be watching some key senators, two republicans senator lisa murkowski and soviet union collins where
4:04 am
the candidate nominee stands on abortion rights. of course, there are democrats as well. we will be watching, because they are in red states that voted for trump. that is senators donnelly of indiana. heitkamp of north dakota. manchin of west virginia and doug jones of alabama and what will be interesting to watch is once they come in this room, or even get to the questions or will we see the minority really making a big stink. it's going to be one to watch as soon as this gets started here at 9:30. steve: we will take it live as well. all right. griff. thank you very much. of course, the democrats want to dash issue in judge kavanaugh even if they can't de rail him they want to turn into campaign issue to motivate their base and get people to vote in november. ultimately it is all political. ainsley: that's right. they have got to find something against him because everyone has said is he so smart. is he so well-suited for this position. he does lean right, so the democrats are trying to find something against him and they are saying they don't have enough information about -- not enough was
4:05 am
released. brian: here is some of the topics expect to be examined and people tearing up about. he worked for independent counsel ken starr. he affected on behalf of president bush when he was in the florida for the recount. he protestor minnesotaed judicial nominees bush associates so he has been out there. helped shape president bush's judicial policies. he this bring all of that up as well as the 100,000 plus documents that have not been released. not going to focus on the nearly 500,000 that have been released. steve: ultimately, the democrats are going to try to get him to weigh in on different issues and ultimately what he dual is he will take the ginsburg stance, ruth bader ginsburg who said you know what? , i can't answer your question, i can't even hint about it since she had her confirmation hearing, every single person who is up for confirmation has used that defense. i would look for chuck grassley, the senator from the great safety iowa, he is the chairman, he is going to be presiding over things.
4:06 am
he will explain that us in depth in about 10 minutes. ainsley: republicans have a narrow majority 50 to 49. senators to look for joe donnelly, heidi heitkamp and joe manchin. they have all meth with kavanaugh. they are all keeping very tight-lipped whether or not they will vote yes or no. steve: they are going to vote yes. brian: could be. senator doug jones who took jeff sessions' seat might be somebody susceptible. also took into account what amy klobuchar said, senator klobuchar said over the weekend. we made a pad move when when we blew up the filibuster under harry reid. steve: democrats. brian: i say even when we get the vort in the senate down the line we still go back to getting that rule where you need 60 votes to get a judge passed. but if we do that in today's climate, i don't see anybody on any side ever getting 60 votes. steve: that's going to be the president's argument why
4:07 am
he needs more republicans in the senate. ultimately it was the democrats who did it. the republicans said don't do it, you are going to roux the day, well, they are rouxing the day. ainsley: outrage is growing among veterans as nike has selected collin kaepernick to be the new face of nike for the year. the just do it campaign. steve: there can you see right there. the caption is believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. you know, usually companies and brands avoid taking strong public positions that could alienate their buyers. ainsley: times have changed though, right? steve: take a look at our friend country musician john rich. he tweeted this out yesterday our sound man just cut the nike swoocial off his socks former marine. get ready, nike. multiply that by millions. you know what? after that take a look at thee images. people across the country, don't know how many. setting their nikeys on fire. they are upset that nike
4:08 am
would align themselves with the nfl's one of the nfl's most polarizing figures. brian: keep in mind, too. there are people who feel differently. for example, those who o. attended the u.s. open over the weekend. collin kaepernick pointed out in the stands he got a standing ovation seen with eric reid who is also not in the league even though he is in his prime. is he suing the nfl because he said collusion is keeping him out of the nfl where john elway came out and said you were offered a job. you didn't take it see where this goes. kaepernick tweeted out. nikey's statement said this we believe collin's most inspirational athletes of generation leveled the sport to move the world forward. ainsley: joey jones posted a picture of a funeral. steve: a military funeral. ainsley: he wrote no sweat, nike, i got you.
4:09 am
steve: as you can see above that is the caption believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. brian, serena williams said yesterday, she was special proud to be part of the nike family today. there are a lot of people who are supporting him. kevin jackson, who was on this program talking to brian about 45 minutes ago is not one of them. >> for kaepernick to say there is a police problem in america for blacks is just disingenuous lie. the left at least do support their causes. as bad as it is for nike to do, this at least they support him. we have had a lot of difficulty getting supporters believe it or not to want to protect law enforcement and i find this incredible that there aren't companies willing to step up and say yeah, we would love to sponsor. this i think that's pretty cowardly. here is nike standing up for quite frankly something that's wrong. so, and we had people call me a radical for wanting to do this film to bridge the gap between police and the
4:10 am
blank communities. i find that unbelievable. brian: fox sports has jason whitlock. told you all from day one this has been about the money, all of it revolutionaries aren't sponsored by major corporations. it's been a hustle from the giddy up. so the question is. no one is saying that race relations couldn't improve. but people just look at the timing of the national anthem as being the spot, special when you are going over and doing it in wimbley stadium showing the rest of the world. get absoluted by mahmoud ahmadinejad a vile leader of a horrible regime in iran, you know there might be an issue at nike. steve: big question is it going to impact their business? ultimately we saw people lighting their shoes on fire. are people going to buy legislation nikeys and buy more adidas or reeboks? online there is a loft outrage. ainsley: collin kaepernick's jersey is the -- i have a
4:11 am
feeling they won't buy nike anymore. steve: we will see. brian: see what the stock does it is publicly traded. we will know right away. steve: jillian has headlines. jillian: we're following a number of stories. a police officer fighting for his life after he is shot in the head. matt cooper responding to a call of men stealing 99-cent babandannas at walmart near atlanta. shot chasing the suspect across the street. the shooter killed himself. >> we are praying just like we are going to ask everyone out viewing this please pray for our officer, please pray for his health and he can pull through okay. jillian: the community gathering overnight to pray for officer cooper. the six year veteran of the force is in serious condition. cooper is army veteran, husband, and father of two. president trump warning attacks on syrian rebels. the president tweeting quote
4:12 am
president al ashare of syria must not recklessly attack. would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. don't let that happen. about 30,000 firefighters live in idlib. met russia's vladimir putin will meet with rouhani next week. tropical storm gordon quickly moving towards the gulf coast overnight. it could strengthen into a hurricane after drenching parts of south florida. look at the video. the storm whipping winds up to 60 miles per hour. bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. louisiana and mississippi both under hurricane warnings. janice dean is tracking the storm right now. she will have a live update in just a few minutes. and how about this? former vice president joe biden is running, literally. the potential 2020 presidential candidate taking part in a labor day
4:13 am
parade in pittsburgh to support democrats. >> every year is a political year this year is probably one the most important year to win back the house for democrats. >> former vp jogging to catch up to the rest of the grown. he hasn't ruled out presidential run but admits is he focused on the mid terms right now. he is not wearing the appropriate. brian: is he not running. he ran like 50 feet. ainsley: whethe video fuzz yssments running gear. then you see joe biden trailing behind him. is he wearing a belt. steve: he was running though and that's why we ran it. brian: is he in very good shape. steve: he is. ainsley: john kerry giving a hint at a possible run in 2020. steve: he is running, too? >> are you going to run in 2020. >> i'm not thinking about it right now. never retreated or retired. ainsley: now it has president trump's attention. his reaction ahead. brian: overturning snuf
4:14 am
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steve: in just hours from now the confirmation hearings of president trump's second supreme court nominee, judge brett kavanaugh will get underway. democrats already slamming these hearings before they start. senator chuck schumer quote republicans know this has been the least transparent scotus process in history. the hearings should be delayed until we can fully review judge kavanaugh's records. the chairman will be presiding over things chuck grassley joins us from the room. good morning to you. >> i'm glad to be with you, steve. steve: you know, democrats are pretty much throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this guy. >> they're doing it all from a process standpoint. you probably know that there has been very little criticism of the qualifications of judge kavanaugh. his 12 years on the d.c. circuit 307 opinions he has written and those opinions, according to schumer himself voiced it earlier this year
4:19 am
and leahy back when sotomayor was up in 2009 or 10 said that the best way to tell whether you ought to be on the supreme court is to look at the record you have as a district or circuit judge. and so with 307 opinions, if it's good enough for sotomayor, it ought to be pretty good for kavanaugh. so democrats have the best record that even their own leaders say that they need to have. so, complaining about certain amount of documents not being available when this kavanaugh record is all the papers we have on him is five times -- no, i shouldn't say five times. it's equal to or more than all five supreme court nominees prior to him. so, we have got more documents on this person than anybody else in the history of the supreme court
4:20 am
nominee he is. steve: sure, but senator you know there is an election a couple of months from right now. the democrats would like to take control of the house. they would love to take control of the senate as well. so they are going to use this guy to try to ginn up the base. we can't have this guy tilting the supreme court to the right for a generation. how many democrats ultimate live do you think are going to vote for him? >> if we keep 50 republicans together, so that they know that he is going to be approved, then i think we will get four or five democrats. but i don't think schumer will let any democrat make the 50th vote. steve: right. >> in other words, they have a free ride in a sense. steve: all right. well it's going to all kick off about two hours from right now in the room where chuck grassley is sitting. senator, thank you very much. good luck to you today. >> glad to be with you. steve: all right. 7:20 now here in new york
4:21 am
city. remember when a california democrat wanted to boycott in-n-out burger because the fast food chain donated to california republicans? our next guest is now offering the restaurant a new home, an alabama state senator here to make his pitch coming up next f ♪ with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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4:24 am
steve: time now for news by the numbers on this tuesday morning. first, 16, that's how old you may soon have to be to vote in colorado. only 16. in november the city of golden colorado will vote on whether to lower the minimum voting age from 18. if passed, the teenagers could vote or local candidates and issues. next, 20%. that's the reported drop in immigrants opting out of welfare programs in 18 u.s. states. according to politico they
4:25 am
fear receiving federal aid could put them at risk of getting deported even though there is no such policy on the books. and finally, 15, that's how many major companies are no longer requiring applicants to hold a college degree. according to job search site glass door, businesses like apple, ibm and google don't necessarily require a four year higher education. that is some of the news, brian. but not all. brian: california hamburger chain home in alabama amid calls from boycott from california democrats over donations made to the state's republican party. ainsley: our next guest guest tweeting hey in-n-out burger come to alabama we love burgers and republicans. phil williams joins us now with more. good morning to you, thanks for joining us. why did you decide to tweet that out? what is watt reaction? >> yeah, good morning. thanks for having me on. i will be honest with you, noble is more surprised than me that this thing has
4:26 am
gotten the notoriety that it has. the reality is the back story on that tweet is the real story on it is that truthfully i think it resonated and struck a nerve. with me it certainly did. the very idea that democrats would believe that if you not share their opinion that you have to be vilified. attacked or in this case even boycotted. so, yeah. serious invitation to alabama. at the same time, poking back at what we're seeing national trend of demagoguery. brian: here is the thing. in and out burger given equally to both sides being vilified for giving to republicans. personal who did it is walking it back. california democratic party chairman eric bowman reverses the call because it you booned business there is no boycott i put one tweet out 10:30 oat night. we raise sod much money in small donations as a result thereafter one tweet and some people have engaged with that tweet, almost 1 million people. it's amazing thousand became a big boycott. by the way, you know, there
4:27 am
is no doubt about it. it bammer ranged and is he trying to do some damage control. >> that's a great spin. i will be honest with you it did bikini become a big thing not the way is he trying to. he didn't say no boycott because he didn't really mean no boycott. what happened was he recognized that nationwide there is a spontaneous combustion here when it comes to responding his original tweet against in-n-out burger. but, i'm serious when i say alabama is sitting right now poised as one of the best business climates. we are sitting at record low unemployment 3.7% earlier this year. one the greatest nations to move. to say i'm serious when i say hey in-n-out burger we would love to are you? alabama. ainsley: roll tide. we have a statement from the executive vice president in 2018 in-n-out burger has equal contributions to democratic and political action committees in the state of california. we believe bipartisan support is a fair approach that best serve the interest
4:28 am
of all company and all of our customers. here in new york everyone wanted chick-fil-a to move here it finally did. business is booming at chick-fil-a in new york. have you heard from in-n-out burger and will you also ask them to send one here to new york, too? steve: yes! ainsley: steve says yes. >> if you look at my twitter feed every state in the nation responded said no, no. send it to my state first. we are a great business climate here. we would love to have them. truthfully we do love burgers and we are a deeply red state. it's the policies we put in place as republicans the last 8 years that have made it that we are excited about it and i think they ought to come on. brian: you are represented by democratic senator doug jones so i don't know how red you are. >> we are and that was what we call a fluke. we will see that change in 2020 i believe. ainsley: send the red meat to the red state of alabama. thank you, senator for being with us. >> good enough. thanks, guys. ainsley: brand new details
4:29 am
about that possible extremist compound in new mexico. feds say a teenager was telling them he was being trained to commit jihad. michelle mall country is here coming up live. brian: one of these is an imposture. can you spot him ♪ poker face ♪ have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur.
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the more you know ththe commute is worth it., you and that john deere tractor, you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive, but just like a john deere, it's worth it. ♪ tzipiy do day ♪ tzipiy day ♪ plenty of sunshine coming my way ainsley: he is out of the swamp. brian: shot of the morning. former house speaker john boehner is loving life after politics. steve: you know, he has been
4:33 am
keeping a low profile since he left washington in 2014. he posted this photo singing tzipiy do day and driving rv like our own todd piro. ainsley: had a great summer, hope you did, too. ainsley: that's awesome. enjoying retirement. steve: driving rv across the country no. better way to see america. brian: michelle malkin moves across the country to get away from us let's be honest. host of michelle malkin investigates on crtv. michelle, welcome. >> i have done road transcription, too. somehow i can't imagine john boehner doing the hookups on the rv that would be viral video. brian: that's true. a lot to discuss with you. are you surprised nike as a business decided to get behind collin kaepernick and make him the new face of the just do it campaign? >> i am no longer astonished by the tone deafness of so much of corporate america. it looks like nike want to follow in the nfl's
4:34 am
footsteps. and alienate half of its consumer base special on a day like today where "fox & friends," you've been reporting on these most recent shootings involving law enforcement. and there are some people across this country, guys, who feel very deeply that we should stand for the flag and kneel for our god and the fallen. i would like to see an athletic branding company put that on a t-shirt and sell it. steve: ultimately, you know, we have been featuring some of the images, michelle, of people lighting their nikeys on fire. but, at the same time, serene into williams yesterdayer isserene into willio part of this campaign was special proud to be part of the nike family today. one of those things where america has already decided. they have decided the pledge kneeling thing i guess they know exactly where they stand regarding nike ys now, too right? >> yeah, i suppose i do not
4:35 am
doubt the sincerity of collin kaepernick and those who support him. when he says believe in something, and to sacrifice everything, i question what the something is. i question the sacrifice and i question the everything. what has he sacrificed? apparently he has been now on the payroll of nike long before this announcement was made over the weekend. for what? you know, nike used to be a company that celebrated athletic excellence and now they have become a social justice corporation apparently. and when we talk about what exactly it is that he is leading and he believes in, they are trying to fashion him some sort of civil rights leader on the order of martin luther king or even malcolm x or gandhi? what does he believe in? this is a man who put depictions of police officers as pigs on his socks. that's what nike wants to
4:36 am
associate itself with? good luck with that. brian: michelle, keep in mind the contrast of kevin plank being asked to serve on the president's business council. the founder of underarmor and they said listen we want you a part of this consulting group so as we pass policies we want to know what the ramifications are in the business world, and all these people started getting upset at him and a lot of major steph curry included said maybe i will drop underarmor as my sponsor. >> yeah. right. look, tricky business for these corporations to get involved and in these radical social justice politics. used to be something that they slidthey shied away from. people who consume sports are trying to get away from all of that and to judge people on their merit and not mix their politics and their sports. i think they are learning the wrong lesson. ainsley: people thought it was bad for business it could definitely alien half
4:37 am
your crowd. >> yep. ainsley: have you been talking about that muslim extremist compound out in new mexico. give us the latest. a lot of people haven't turned in to the news. tuned into the news over the labor day. i know there is 13-year-old boy talking to the fbi. what's the latest on those suspects? >> so, on friday, the five suspects were rearrested. remember, that there was this apparent bureaucratic snafu on the part of the prosecutors who forgot to file a motion for an evidentiary hearing within a 10-day limit. that is a statutory requirement in new mexico. on top of that, of course, we now have an affidavit in support of the fbi's criminal complaint that details the 13-year-old's testimony about what it was they were indoctrinated in. apparently they were trained in hand-to-hand combat. all sorts of weapons training. and the phrase that stuck out to me, guys, is that he said that his father, and this is a teenage son of
4:38 am
januaryy level, the illegal alien from haiti detained because of immigration violations. he said that the father is a rawj jr. had been wanting to, goat, get an army together. the reason that struck out at me his father, the teenager's grandfather has been proselytizing radical jihad for years now and used the same phrase about 12 years ago getting an army together. this is an extremist who was unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 world trade center bombing plot and also, a character witness for the late blind sheikh the master mind of the '93 plot. steve: they have been arrested again. maybe now we will get to the bottom of it. brian: the feds came in and brought instant justification for now. steve: michelle, thank you for joining us live from colorado. have a great week. >> you too. have a great week. ainsley: you were going to do a funny awkward toss,
4:39 am
right? whatever i was. steve: we can hardly wait. ainsley: go. brian: here is jillian. jillian: it's not funny when you have to pause and explain. ainsley: i ruined his joke. jillian: there will be more to come. we continue to follow violence in chicago. at least six people are dead and more than two dozen hurt over labor day weekend in that city. more than 1,000 people have been shot since memorial day. one dozen people under arrest for protesting the violence in the city. the group attempting to shut down a major expressway. >> turn around and walk back. >> ♪ ain't nobody going to turn us around. >> some of the protesters are calling for democratic mayor rahm emanuel to resign. president trump weighing in after former secretary of state john kerry gave this hint about a possible 2020 run. >> are you going to run in 2020?
4:40 am
>> i'm not thinking about it right now. i have never retreated or retired. jillian: the president responding, quote: i see john kerry, the father of the now terminated iran deal is thinking of running for president. i should only be so lucky. although that field that is currently assembling looks really good it for me. kerry lost to george w. bush in 2004 presidential race. this story is incredible. two heroic siblings lift overturned suv to save a couple an newborn baby. allen and his sister lisa watched the car crash and roll over in a ditch in florida. >> i immediately thought about my daughter and, you know, 50's in that situation. jillian: amazingly and thankfully everyone will be okay. jillian: will the real tiger woods please stand up. this man throwing fans for a loop as the del technologies championship in massachusetts.
4:41 am
>> there is a tiger lookalike right there. wow. how about that? >> that fooled me there. >> that's the cuddly tiger. >> the lookalike seen taking photos with fans of the real tiger woods. but i mean, that's pretty good. that's pretty close. steve: the red shirt. ainsley: does he tell them i'm not really tiger woods. >> it's just funny. he was almost identical to him. sun glass, hat. steve: cuddly tiger the announcer said. ainsley: that's incredible. they do lookalike. steve: janice dean, the weather machine is outside. janice, i see you have a crowd of people there want to hear the very latest on what is hurricane gordon. janice: tropical storm gordon we think it's going to become a hurricane yes my friends back here thank you for the support. here is tropical storm goshted. we do think it's going to become a hurricane as it approaches the mississippi, alabama coast line later on today, tonight and then it will drop heavy rain over portions of the central u.s.
4:42 am
so, it's a quick move. that's the good news. we will still seat effects of a possible hurricane within the next 12 to 24 hours. can you see already rainfall. this is the euro model as we go further out in time. we are thinking landfall anywhere between 7 and 9:00 p.m. across the mississippi alabama coast line. again, the good part of this is going to be a quick move. we will see the potential for sturgeon 6 t storm surge. advisory where we could see 3 to 6 feet as the storm makes landfall again. you know what? we have been fairly quiet in the atlantic. but it is peak season right now. atlantic with florence and off the african coast line. wave, everybody, my friends have come to see me right after labor day. back inside steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: tell them all we said hello. brian: individually. democrats have a new tool in resistance fight. therapy pup for voters.
4:43 am
steve: we have been talking about nike feeling the heat from new ad campaign featuring collin kaepernick. what does that mean for nike's business? charles payne come on out. he is the host of making money. is he here to weigh in on nike coming up. ♪ working for a living ♪ i'm taking what they're giving ♪ because i'm working for a living ♪ ♪ what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough
4:44 am
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well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. ♪ steve: this tuesday morning nike feeling the heat as outraged customers protest their choice to front collin kip as the new face of their 30th annual just do it campaign. brian: here with more on the possible fallout and host of making money on the fox
4:47 am
business network charles payne. charles, does this surprise you number one, and number two, is this going to be a plus or minus for the stock? >> the stock has come on recently in part because it had been so depressed and the reason it was depressed main rival adidas has come on like gang businessers in the last three years. this is in part an attempt by nike to regain street cred. core brand is jordan brand and that has been losing a lot of market share. we can't evaluate it in one day. i'm not sure how this will work. i do know what they're trying to attempt right here. i think it's unfortunate that they're using the politics of it that they are overlooking now divisive this could actually be and ultimately i don't think it moves a needle on sales enough. ainsley: really? >> listen, again, i think it might provide street cred but what's been happening in the whole sneaker business is celebrities kanye west and rihanna they have moved more sneakers than athletes have. steve: companies usually try to avoid strong positions on
4:48 am
public and political things is he without a doubt one of the most polarizing figures right now in the nfl. >> if you look at polls, for instance,for instance, on how people feel about nfl. millennials feel stronger. they think players have a right to kneel and should be kneeling. steve: they buy a lot of shoes. >> older americans offended by it people who lived through the vietnam war and people who remember their parents coming back from world war ii. you have a serious age divide there nike is going for younger demographic in this particular part because they see the kneeling as more noble gesture. it's not that people who are against kneeling are against the kneeling or the notion that black lives matter or don't matter, it's just that when you do it, a lot of people don't think you should do it during the national anthem. ainsley: studiestudies have pron 2 to 54. the older generation are already upset with their
4:49 am
brands. they're not going to change their brands. 25-year-old are the ones buying the shoes and they are the ones probably support the kneeling. >> no doubt. if you go to the hip stores like soho it's always going to be the young people willing to buy sneakers that cost 2, 3, 4, $500. nike though wants to go down this path, i would like to also say something about the 1,000 almost black -- almost 1,000 black people shot in chicago since memorial day to labor day including the six killed over the weekend, i would like to see them go full force. because if you believe black lives matter, they have to matter every time they are shot no matter who is shooting then. that's what i would love to see nike do. go down this path. make a noble gesture in your mind be noble. if you want to be part of the solution, be part of the solution. if you go halfway you are probably part of the problem. brian: did i not know rihanna wore anything but high heels. i got a lot from this
4:50 am
segment. steve: charles is filling in for stuart over on fox business network 9 to noon. >> thank you. brian: senator mike lee will be in the room for judge brett kavanaugh's nomination hearing this morning. he will be giving us a preview live next hour. >> we are showcasing small businesses out on fox square. we have the top innovative product make your life easier. you will see them coming up next. that's a pizza oven. ♪ taking carol of business ♪ every way ♪bo i've been taking care of business ♪ lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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4:54 am
steve: ready for a grilling up on capitol hill as you can see right there. festivities and the proceedings take place just about 90 minutes from right now. and you will see them all live right here on the fox news channel. ainsley: the confirmation hearings beginning this week. we are expecting 17 hours or more of grilling on capitol hill. steve: the judge is leaving from suburban, maryland, which is just to the north of washington, d.c., heading down in a little caravan and see it live this morning here on fox. meanwhile, switching gears, ace hardware making the move businesses teaming up with grommet. what production can you nowwhatd at stores across the country. brian: here to show us ace hardware retailer matt and key account manager for the grommet grace wilson. >> hi, great to see you. steve: matt, start with you, tell us about ace. >> the grommet. the grommet is a company
4:55 am
that spends thousands of hours finding the newest and most innovative products on the market and market with small business owners and entrepreneurs and they teamed up with ace to bring those to market since assist a big fan of supporting small businesses. steve: great. you are able to get all these things at ace hardware. >> correct. all these products at ace or the brian: let's see innovation. >> first portable wood fired pizza oven in 60 seconds. ainsley: can you use this inside in your kitchen. >> no. this is for outside. it heats up to over 900 degrees in less than 10 minutes using wooden pellets can you find at local ace. it's great for family fall pizza nights or sunday football games. ainsley: 300 bucks at ace. >> yes, $300. steve: bear paw are a be could you. >> made in the u.s. products
4:56 am
great for pulled pork or shredded chicken, use it to toss a salad or lift a turkey on to thanksgiving table. ainsley: over halloween costume if you want to be a wolverine. steve: my wife bought one of these easy way to take the shell off a hard boiled egg. >> here you need to add a little bit of cold water. this was created by a grandmother in connect cut who wanted to create deviled eggs faster. add coldwater, shake it up and the shell easily pulls off like butter. steve: other great products here. find grommet products at ace hardware stores online all part of the innovative next generation. ainsley: egg pealer 117.95. the bendy lock. this is a first rechargeable fingerprint padlock. steve: that's cool. >> a bit of hybrid technology. use your finger print on
4:57 am
here or a key. see a little demo here. brian: thanks, appreciate it live in washington where the confirmation hearings will start with brett kavanaugh. today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. ..
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>> judge brett kavanaugh in the hot seat facing the senate judiciary committee. >> democrats are determined to delay the confirmation. >> there has been little criticism of the publication of brett kavanaugh. they are doing it from a process standpoint. >> burning my favorite paraffin likees, you are burning your sales. >> nikki standing by colin kaepernick. >> the new face of nike's just do it campaign. >> you know how many sneakers there are to choose from?
5:01 am
colin kaepernick for colin kaepernick to say there's a police problem is a disingenuous lie. >> a boycott of the popular burger chain in and out. >> nationwide there is spontaneous combustion. we would love to have you in alabama. >> there is a tiger look-alike right there. ♪ i on top of the world ♪ i am on top of the world ♪ >> if we had to audition. i just saying they would have to know how to play this song. >> we are not on top of the world, we are at street level. >> brian has to comment on how many members of the band. last week it was 10. brian: no one got paid.
5:02 am
what did i call them? ainsley:we had brett kavanaugh in the hot seat facing the senate judiciary committee. brian: moments ago the judge leaving his home on his way to capitol hill going down the steps. good thing he packed his bags. griff jenkins live in the room where the hearing is prepared to start at 9:30 eastern. >> reporter: that is right. two hours, he left his house, come to this house in the judiciary committee room where they hope a smooth confirmation process before supreme court starts in early october but democrats don't went to make it easy, chuck schumer furious 42,000 pages of documents were
5:03 am
released last night without time to read this. tweeting republicans know this has been the least transparent scotus process in history and the hearings should be delayed until we can review brett kavanaugh's record, the chairman of this committee in the last hour, here is what he had to say. >> complaining about a certain amount of documents, 45 supreme court nominees prior to him. than anybody else in the supreme court nominees history. >> reporter: so far, 445,000 document have been produced. when the question starks, it will be a hot button issue like abortion, gun rights and executive privilege. we expect to hear about democrats trying to build and we
5:04 am
will watch the senate vote, a couple senators collins and murkowski, moderate republicans who care about abortion rights, watching four democrats in red states where trump won. that is in north dakota as well as doug jones in alabama and west virginia. we have excerpts released from judge cavanagh. we expect them to say he will be like an umpire, neutral, and he is committed to the constitution and the law. we also believe he will say kind things about merit good -- america garland, that will raise eyebrows because of his past history when mitch mcconnell would not bring him to the clerk.
5:05 am
>> griff jenkins live inside the room. sound like the trump administration will withhold 100,000 documents because of executive privilege. senator from minnesota said that is not normal but that is what during the obama years they did when it came to alana kagan. they once were documents, apparently there are 150,000 they made available to the senators on capitol hill in a secret room. but not a single democrat had gone up as of yesterday to read them. they want to read everything but having taken time to read those. ainsley: they have to come up with a reason to say we don't want to confirm this guy but everyone who knows him says he is a constitutionalist, translates the law, is a smart guy, went to yale law school, 12 years experience on the
5:06 am
appellate court. brian: you could say that or what cory booker says. if you vote for brett kavanaugh you have voted for evil. he will also say how come you flipped your positions when trying to investigate along with kenneth starr when it comes to criminal charges on a sitting president as opposed to what you call later on, really detrimental to a president to be under this type of committal investigation. they will use every opportunity to talk about donald trump and the alleged corruption. what are you going to do? recuse yourself if anything comes up with the mueller investigation? if it gets to your desk? that is what it will be about, more about trump than brett cavanagh. >> you think of a release the documents it will make a difference? >> they will find something else and it will be cataclysmic. if something happens where colin kaepernick is sitting on the bench in october. ainsley: republicans have the
5:07 am
majority by one. you have democrats in red states that will probably vote for him because they are up for reelection. >> chuck schumer will give them the nod. let's talk about, everyone is talking about nike. we just had charles payne 15 minutes ago. he said nike was losing market share but everybody is talking about nike today because colin kaepernick, one of the most polarizing figures in the nfl was named to the just do it campaign. even something, believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. that is what it says. ainsley: a lot of people upset about it, they think everyone needs to be standing for the national anthem, they are sitting likees on fire, cutting
5:08 am
off nike from their socks, john rich, the soundman of big and rich, posted a picture of it. brian: this has always in about the money. revolutionaries are not sponsored by major corporations. it is a hustle. james woods, the great actor who is retired says nike committed brand suicide. meanwhile there are surprising people who are backing colin kaepernick. for instance a former guy who used to run the cia, john brennan. ainsley: colin kaepernick through our collective attention to the problem of continued racial injustice in america, not to disrespect the flag but to give meaning to the words of the preamble of the constitution coming in order to form a more perfect union. season will
5:09 am
start this week, colin kaepernick -- is this for real? he is not on the nfl roster even though he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. one of the things he said his 1956 because he believes in 1956 -- is this real? how does he know the nfl season is about football? he was a backup quarterback when he got cut. 's arch nemesis, donald trump, says it is bad for america. what would you expect the guy who hates him to say but the polar opposite? tim kennedy who has been on this program, i will never wear anything nike again. i expect and appreciate his
5:10 am
right to freedom of speech. i love my flag and hate any nation that finances and supports terror. iran nike. nike hopes this will not cause backlash to impact their sales. there will probably be a comment from the president of the united states because this is one of the issues he made front and center. maybe he will stop tweeting. ainsley: charles payne said this. >> if nike wants to go down this path i would like to say something about the 1000 black people shot in chicago since memorial day including the six killed over the weekend. if you believe black lives matter they have to matter every time they get shot no matter who is shooting and we need to work towards solutions.
5:11 am
that is what i would like to see nike do. go all the way down and understand you want to make a noble gesture be noble. >> he will not be in the league this year. a defensive back took a knee with the 49ers to the day colin kaepernick did, he does not have a job. he was at the u.s. open when colin kaepernick over the weekends got a standing ovation when his name was announced. new york, they believe. >> this will energize some people to buy nike products who might not in the past but at the same time we might see other people burning their nikes. >> the nfl cannot be happy. wanting to turn the page and come up with a compromise, could be like cbs and not as the national anthem and maybe i'm not sure what fox is doing. ainsley: jillian has more headlines.
5:12 am
>> reporter: fox news alert, tropical storm gordon moving towards the gulf coast, it could strengthen into a hurricane after drenching parts of south florida. the storm whipping winds up to 60 mph bringing heavy rain and flash flooding, louisiana and mississippi under hurricane warnings. janice dean is tracking the storm, she will have an update on the storm in a few minutes. also breaking right now the police officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head. matt cooper responding to someone stealing $.99 bandannas. he was shot chasing the suspect across the street. the shooter killed himself. >> heavy on all our hearts. we are praying likely ask everyone else doing this, please pray for our officer and his health that he pulls through okay. >> the community gathering overnight to pray for officer cooper. he is in serious condition. cooper is an army veteran,
5:13 am
husband and father of two. the founder of the haqqani terror network is dead. he died after several years of suffering from an illness. the group has close ties with the taliban and al qaeda and has been under many coordinated attacks on afghan and nato forces and responsible for truck bombing in kabul that killed 150 people last year. haqqani's son has been running the group since 2001. i will send it back to you. brian: monica lewinsky dishes a live interview, the question that made her storm out of bed. before democrats have a new tool insight. ♪
5:14 am
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5:18 am
what can we expect? we ask senate judiciary committee member mike lee who is interviewed for this position. do you believe from what you heard about how brett kavanaugh has done with these sessions where they ask the toughest questions, how has he done? >> he performed phenomenally well as he has throughout the week. someone born from this position, he is going to be confirmed, not without opposition from democrats in the senate, and -- >> some problems, where is the paperwork. they don't have all of it. why don't they have all of it? >> far more paperwork than has ever been produced in connection with any supreme court nominee in history. when they say all of it, anywhere from one, to 10 million
5:19 am
pages of material that would have been processed from the office of the white house secretary when brett kavanaugh was hearing that position. he served in that position prior to his earlier confirmation for the court of appeals of the dc circuit, they didn't need it or demand it then, no reason they need it now. for the same reason it withheld documents that went through the solicitor general's office when alana kagan was nominated to this position, it is privileged and not relevant. >> they are talking about the president, looking past him. can you prosecutor sitting president and talk about special counsel and where he stood, and on special counsel. where do you think he should stand. >> i won't speak to any
5:20 am
particular issue. the questions before him in the supreme court's of the united states, to decline to answer those questions as well he should but that is not the purpose of the nominee, should come before a body like this and speculate how he or she might rule on a future case. >> democrats are desperate for a delay. what is your reaction? >> they want a delay. and to wrest control of the senate in the november election. and to pump this until they control it. it is simply a delay tactic, nothing more.
5:21 am
brian: freedom of speech under attack on college campuses, this unfolds across the country, the target of an ever campus protest. and the culture of silencing conservative voices is next. tucker carlson used to be on "fox and friends" weekend but now stuck in prime time. at bayer, our roots run deep. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard. on the shelf... or even... out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side.
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and! ♪ we'll make heaven a place on earth ♪ yeah! oh, my angels! ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ [ sobs quietly ] ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
5:24 am
brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. brian: time for some tuesday morning headlines. polls are open for primary day in massachusetts. voters will decide between charlie baker and attorney scott wylie in the republican gubernatorial primary. jake gonzalez and bob massey are battling for the democrat nomination. a trio of republicans will compete for a chance to unseat liberal senator elizabeth warren come november.
5:25 am
they hope voters can be swayed with therapy dogs. it is launching a $30 million campaign to get young people to vote. one of their strategies is bringing dogs on college campuses to attract students. will it work? stay tuned. ainsley: freedom of speech under attack on college campuses across the country specifically the silencing of conservative voices. our next guest is familiar with this movement. in 2017 students at claremont tried to shut down heather mcdonald's be and she is out with a new book calling out the culture on college campuses. here is manhattan institute fellow and other of this new book the diversity delusion, how race and gender pandering corrupt the university and undermine our culture. thanks for being with us. why did you write this book?
5:26 am
>> i wrote it out of sorrow and rage, sorrow at the destruction of our culture, our civilization and rage of the know nothing that has taken over college campuses. ainsley: use a colleges are hatred machines. >> from the moment a student steps on campus a vast diversity bureaucracy tries to indoctrinate him with the idea that to read shakespeare or plato is to be the victim of life-threatening racism. to hate the monuments of western civilization and their alleged oppressors, talk to see sexism where none exists. as a female you are taught to feel your the victim of rape culture. as a minority were taught to feel your the victim of systemic racism, none of this is true but it is carrying into the world at large. if a politician is announced as a white supremacist for saying we can't monkey around with our economic success, that is viewed as a legitimate accusation, when
5:27 am
people are fired for challenging the feminist ideology that happens at google the identity politics poisoning campus is spreading quickly to the world at large. >> what is the danger, you have some examples about shakespeare and how students think this is ruining their lives if they have to read shakespeare. >> students at yale decimated one of the primary components of the english major's great english poets which i had the fortune to read. we read chaucer, spencer, nelson, wordsworth, no one thought to complain that these were all white males, simply the greatest poets around. instead recently the yale students claimed as students of color this puts us at risk of our lives, same happened at columbia, a facebook thread exploded in rage against having to read what they saw as white patriarchal racist text.
5:28 am
the foundations of our civilization, harvard created a course for marginalized voices on the idea that that is a legitimate reason. if somebody is not in the canon because he is overlooked, fine, but race and gender are not relevant criteria. i can learn about the female experience by reading shakespeare. you don't have to read on a color code basis but students are being taught that if an author doesn't meet his particular gonads he is a literal threat to his lives. ainsley: plenty disagree with you but plenty do. what is your advice to those who agree with you as parents? what do you do? >> read your child, expose them to the children's classic, wind in the willows, winnie the pooh, develop an appreciation for great language. continue to monitor what they read when they go to school, steer them towards traditional
5:29 am
history courses if any remain because most history now is taught from the perspective of victim allergy, the american founding was just one exercise of hatred, steer them away from gender studies and teach them to love the past. education is the process of transmission of inheritance and should be done with joy and gratitude. ainsley: the diversity delusion, thank you. coming up next, tucker carlson is back from "fox and friends" and turns out joe biden is running literally, seriously, look at that. we will explain. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ brian: we went you to think about this shot, double vision, will the real tiger woods please stand up. ainsley: throwing people for a loop in massachusetts. >> there is a tiger look-alike right there. how about that? fooled me there. primerica look-alike scene with taking photos with fans of the real tiger woods. brian: will the real tucker carlson stand up? the host of tucker carlson used to be in dc, congratulations, we
5:34 am
went to ask you first off. >> good morning. ainsley: the nike or deal with colin kaepernick making him the face of nike, the just do it campaign. >> it is pretty decadent. it is actually ludicrous. you can't give up everything and maintain a nike contract but the decadent part isn't about colin kaepernick. he is an athlete and a young guy. i would give him a pass on a lot of this. the executives profiting from him and his attacks on the united states while denying they are attacks on the united states. they are saying he raised the issue of racial discrimination that has never been raised before. the historical problems with that are obvious to every single american. this is an attack on the country. it would be different if he were saying i'm protesting this politician or this policy or this specific person for doing this specific thing but sitting
5:35 am
during the national anthem is a way of making a broad-based generalized and impossible to rebut attack against the country that made him and nike rich. there is something decadent about that when the most successful people in your society hate this society you have a real problem. a metaphor for our entire ruling class many of whom feel that way, they hate and resent the very systems that made their prosperity, their success possible, a huge problem for all of us. primerica everybody knows what colin kaepernick stands for is what he has been up to but what do you make of the fact that nike made a business decision, they had a lot of meetings before they did this. are we ready for the blowback? some people might say yes, we are going to buy your shoes but others are setting them on fire. >> that makes this appalling,
5:36 am
too much focus on colin kaepernick the guy. it is not even that interesting. a boardroom of corporate executives deciding to profit from attacks on the country that made their company possible. that is an ominous thing we should be worried about when the best educated smartest, richest people decide, the goal to get rich, to their point that this is a protest against racial discrimination, tell me specifically what you are protesting because maybe you can specific fix that's. it like a marital spat in the argument is i don't like the way you are. you just don't like me? if you disagree with something specific, improve it. >> there is more to the issue. during the national anthem the
5:37 am
time to do it? and how it happened, he skidded into this. one reporter said why were you sitting? you have been benched and you are disappointed, they thought they were going through that story line. he did it again and next thing, mohammed ali saying i'm not going to vietnam is a lot different. this is a hapless kid. >> we shouldn't take colin kaepernick as seriously as people around him. profiting from attacking the country, if the ruling class decides to attack the system that made this possible. we should be worried about this, bigger than one football player. >> what is on your show tonight?
5:38 am
>> in bc is in the news, there are reports that ronan ferro who won the pulitzer prize for the expose on harvey weinstein, this will explain how nbc news quilt his story. nbc made a very unwise decision to come out and contradict what he was saying. the problem that we are reporting on tonight's show is there is evidence that nbc news new that ronan ferro had an on the record account. that is the threshold they said they needed. why would nbc news killed this
5:39 am
story? bottom line i would not want to be in nbc shareholder because the network is in for a rough week not just because of our report but another report from a news organization that is going to lay bare, extremely ugly. brian mack he got 7 people on the record, this story was not ready for air. you are not buying. >> he had at least one and it is provable which is why denials make no sense, that he had at least one person on the record. we all at time use many television reports based on the on the record account of someone. on camera is irrelevant. someone says i personally was abused by harvey weinstein and they killed the story and are lying about it.
5:40 am
it is a problem for the news division. >> what happens next? >> i don't know. they picked the wrong person to fight. he has more credibility than they do. he can prove it and the other shoe about to drop, i don't know the full scope of it but i heard some of it and it will be a very hard time. brian mack you used to work full-time on the weekends and do eight hours straight of television, what do you miss most about those eight hours as opposed to the one hour you do at night? >> what do i miss? "fox and friends" is the most difficult show to do. requires the most from an anchor. physically, mentally, not an easy job. brian mack you don't talk to anybody on your show because it is all about you. you never have to move, just sit in your chair.
5:41 am
we are downstairs, outside. >> i'm protected by a desk. psychologically there's something comforting about having this. >> you talk to sean and it is like you were supposed to talk to me 15 seconds ago and you are late on the talk. >> we have a tally in the studio, the stage manager keeps 23 seconds behind for the year, 23 seconds and because we never say anything about it but that is the fact. ainsley: 23 seconds matters. brian mack you don't get to talk to anybody. i want you to toss to janice dean like old times. here is tucker with the toss. >> ladies and gentlemen, my favorite person in television, janice dean. >> thank using go i still need a
5:42 am
tucker mug. brian: and eric. >> love you, my friend. thank you. a tropical system will be a hurricane that will make landfall later on this evening, hurricane warnings in effect for southeastern louisiana, mississippi, alabama and tropical storm warnings on either side. 9:00, in between and we think this will be a category one, minimal hurricane, the heaviest rainfall will come as it makes landfall and moves northward, storm surge 3 to 6 feet, potential for severe weather. we will be watching that system in the next 12 to 24 hours. steve, over to you. >> iran using the civilian airline to smuggle arms for the
5:43 am
terror group hezbollah. the stunning revelation next. >> we are fit on the fox square, a navy seal created a suspension trainer straight ahead. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how.
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ >> former vice president joe biden is running, literally. the potential candidate taking part in a parade to support democrats, jogging. to catch up with the group. he hasn't ruled out any president to run but focuses on
5:47 am
the midterms right now and there he is. if he were to run, pants, belt. we saw the video earlier. brian: stunning revelations about what iran is up to. the regime exclusively using a civilian airline to smuggle arms to the terror group hezbollah. ainsley: we are following the story live in jerusalem. >> reporter: we are learning exclusively on fox news that a civilian company used two civilian aircraft, with western intelligence sources to be iranian weapons components, taking pl. july 9th in tehran in damascus, syria come up before landing at beirut international
5:48 am
airport, the second flight departed in beirut two hours later. regional intelligence sources telling fox news the iranian's come up with new ways to smuggle weapons to allies in the middle east, defining the west's ability to track him down. and lebanon is considered a primary 30 part of the united states. since 2006 they provided lebanon with $1.7 billion in security assistance. this is to combat and counter hezbollah influence, raising questions about what the government in beirut knew about this smuggling route. and the board is currently made up of three members of the islamic revolutionary guard being sanctioned by the trump administration. >> thank you for the live report. prime act bad behavior of iran overall. ainsley: after all the food we
5:49 am
ate and drank over the weekend we decided we need to get fit, start over. the navy seal who created the suspension trainer giving us a lesson. brian: bill hammer gives us a lesson on what is news today. >> need those guys outside off of the holiday weekend. we are going into the hearing of the year. brett kavanaugh center stage, 30 minutes from now. what do you listen for? the republicans have votes here? senator john cornyn and juan williams set the table and it is topping a big and important day in america, see you then. let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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beyond low-res surveillance video. to images so sharp, they can help protect your business. ♪ ♪ comcast business. the company that delivers unrelenting speed in more places. is also the company that's redefining what a provider provides. comcast business. beyond fast. >> we are on the fox square,
5:53 am
fastest growing business product on the market. brian mack randy hat trick, former special ops commander. >> for the morning. brian: randy was here a dozen years ago and the trainer up to the light pole over there, no one has seen it before. this is something you put together with stuff in the garage. >> i created this at one of our first breakouts with "fox and friends" on the light post a decade ago. >> what were you trying to do? less impact on the joints? >> i was in the field of trying to train the climbing muscles and all we had was bodyweight so you can do push-ups and that kind of stuff but i created this old jujitsu belt and parachute wedding from a harness creating a bodyweight harness that someone dressed in street
5:54 am
clothes could do. >> you are a navy seal bringing that to all of us. >> it started as an invention of necessity but turned out -- >> can we show exercises? >> there are literally hundreds of exercises. >> going to take over? >> good job, janice. >> the perfect workout year. there you go. >> as hard as you want. >> we have a pro with us, leading into a stress press, press your body weight that, if you want to make it harder step back a little bit, that increases the force, if it is easier he steps forward. and air push-up using bodyweight. and flip around, turn your palms
5:55 am
up and get a little bicep curl. julian has been working hard. a bicep, palms up and curl like a pair of dominoes in your hand. he is working on the gun show. the door is difficult. as you look around you see different stuff going on here showing up push-up, suzanne may be moving around for lunch. >> i need lunch. >> the fact you don't need this device, put this over a doorframe at your house. >> we have this set up to have all of you on it. go right over the top of the door at home, or if you prefer it -- right here we are doing a step back lunch. she is working on the quads, the
5:56 am
hamstrings and the boots. everybody wants nice, hard, tights, boots. this is the exercise for that. >> what is your story? in the back of your trunk or backpack, you were selling these in the field? >> initially i was going around the gym selling them to trainers and trainers introduced them to members. >> congratulations. anybody would like this, >> thank you for serving our country. brian: back in a moment. it's time for the 'biggest sale of the year'
5:57 am
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days where all beds are on sale. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is now only $899. ends sunday. >> andy, thank you for being with us. for more information go to trx >> are you guys doing this on the "after the show show"?
6:00 am
>> oh, more? >> yes. you don't have to be in work-out gear. >> we'll have coverage all morning and afternoon long right here today on the kavanaugh hearings. >> thank you, guys, fox news alert on the hearing of the year after the meetings and the mudslinging we're 30 minutes away from the start of judge brett kavanaugh's high stakes confirmation hearing for the u.s. supreme court. good morning, everybody. a good day to come back to. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." >> you were missed. welcome back. i'm sandra smith. the opening statements are set to get underway in the senate judiciary committee. it is expected to be a bitter partisan battle. republicans are blasting democrats for trying to delay the hearings for months. >> judge kavanaugh will tell the committee he will be a team player on the court.


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