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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 7, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you $120,000 a year to go on vacation, looking for social media savvy person to spend a year in their resort for free and you can apply on their website. the bad, broadway actor refusing to apologize after ripping approach trump sign from an audience member. the ugly. a woman falling through the ceiling of a california restaurant, she had to go to the bathroom, got through the ceiling and she fell through. we think she is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great weekend. jillian: it is friday, september 7th. taking on the resistance. op-ed outrage growing as donald trump calls on the name of the anonymous author to be released. >> crowd roaring rally as the presidential game had the new york times. jillian: democrats grilling brett kavanaugh for 13 hours on everything from the russia probe
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to roe versus wade. rob: what has to happen for them to be confirmed. jillian: the search for person who torched the republican office. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ made in america ♪ made in america ♪ jillian: it is friday. never doubt me when i tell you it is friday. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first". >> donald trump firing up the crowd at a make america great again rally in montana drumming
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up support for mark rosendale while slamming the resistance from democrats. >> he is somebody who is going to be a phenomenal united states senator, matt rosendale, come on up. the so-called resistance is angry because their horrible ideas have been rejected by the american people and it is driving them crazy. look at all the fake news back there. >> todd pyro joins us with highlights including the president taking aim at the new york times. >> reporter: donald trump roaring up the crowd in montana before addressing several hot button issues that recently hit his administration. >> we are standing up for your values, standing up from montana, standing up for our
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national anthem and our flag. >> the president slamming the anonymous new york times op-ed written by a senior official within his administration. >> anonymous, gutless coward. no one news who he is but for the sake of our national security the new york times should publish his name. i think their reporters should investigate who it is. that would be a good thing. rob: history to montana a day after scathing claims calling them adversarial, petty and ineffective. milania trump backing of her husband's demand saying, quote, if a person is old enough to accuse people of negative action they have a response ability to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to be able to defend themselves. to the writer of the op-ed you are not protecting the country,
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you are sabotaging it with your cowardly action. the list of top white house officials denying they are the authors of the op-ed growing fast. 30 officials including vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo, secretary of defense james mattis and gina has full have denied being the op-ed writer. 30 miles are being printed out and headed directly to donald trump as they come in and their denials are voluntary meaning there was never a formal request. we live in strange times. jillian: it will be interesting to see. todd: he asked what they are. everyone is dying to know who this person is. >> reporter: the deep throat of our times. todd: the same rally donald trump slamming democrats trying to shut down his supreme court nomination.
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>> when i see the anger in their eyes, to an intellect far greater, not even a contest. rob: the confirmation hearing could wrap up without the judge presence. griff jenkins live with more on how some 2020 presidential hopefuls are using the hearing to promote themselves. >> reporter: happy friday. a marathon day, lots of drama. cory booker began with a self-described spartacus moment attending an act of civil disobedience by releasing confidential documents at the risk of being ousted from the senate with john cornyn cautioning him. it turns out senator booker did not break any rules because the documents were released. the representative saying in a statement we were surprised to learn about his histrionics because we told him he could use
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the documents publicly. i confronted booker in the hallway afterwards. here's what he had to say. >> this process is a sham. the american people regardless of political perspectives should be outraged, keeping critical documents hidden from the rest of the american public. >> reporter: senator cornyn had this reaction. >> senator booker doesn't fix the rules. the irony is after senator booker -- to release them anyway. >> reporter: booker seems to have succeeded in breaking the rules to release more documents over twitter last night and committee staff tells us some of these are still confidential so this is far from over. another 20/20 hopeful took her turn in the spotlight, kamala harris asked brett kavanaugh if he would recuse himself from cases involving donald trump. >> i received reliable information you had a
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conversation about the special counsel and his investigation with the law firm that represented donald trump, yes or no? have you ever been part of a conversation with lawyers at the firm of casper, benson, torres about special counsel robert mueller or his investigation? >> the answer is no. >> reporter: they are back at 9:30 this morning. we will hear from two witnesses pro and con and they hope to vote on it next week. the confirmation is still on track. >> the cory booker thing is fantastic, that made my day. we will have more. jillian: cory booker is stealing the spotlight. rob: trey gowdy calling out the senator saying it was all about 2020. >> i have known corey since i got to washington. that is not the cory booker that i know, that i watched on television. the shame of it to me is that is
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what ambition and presidential politics can do to otherwise reasonable people. someone trying to position himself as the front-runner to take on donald trump. >> a wonderful opportunity, the senate did, to have a robust, interesting hearing about judicial philosophy, whether you are a strict constructionist or minimalist, these are legitimate questions reasonable minds can differ. what i watched for the past few days was a bunch of people who want to be the nominee in 2020 and it is sad. jillian: booker is one of several names that hinted towards a potential run for the white house in 2020. day tuned for that. rob: an illegal immigrant wanted for murder in mexico was found hiding in the united states, us marshals find antonio at an apartment complex in south carolina. they use the license plate reader despite his car.
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he tried to escape but was quickly apprehended. he is in ice custody and faces deportation. the trump administration trying to keep families together, taking steps to detain migrant families longer. dhs announced he will end and agreement requiring the government to release immigrant kids after 20 days in detention. the government wants to detain families until immigration cases are decided. the trump administration says this will speed up the handling of asylum requests and deter people from crossing into the country. jillian: nikki haley issuing a stern warning to syria, russia, and iran. >> we have a message for the bashar al-assad regime and anyone contemplating using chemical weapons in syria. we want to remind bashar al-assad and his russian and iranian partners you don't want to bet against the united states responding again. >> this is the un security council planes to meet to
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discuss the current plans of a potential bloodbath in syria's northwest province, the us and its allies have responded twice for its use of chemical weapons since last year. >> the democratic establishment preventing far left progressives from scoring another big primary victory. delaware's return senator tom carver did beat out carrie evelyn harris, 65% of the vote, harris getting 35%. the 70 when you make democrat favored to win a fourth term against republican. >> donald trump going to the dakotas for a fundraiser in sioux falls rallying support for gubernatorial candidate kristi know them taking on billy sykes, the president returning to fargo, north dakota for congressman kevin kramer. republican challenging heidi heitkamp for her senate seat.
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hollywood is mourning the death of legendary actor burt reynolds. >> place to place, do what i do best. >> what is that? >> show up. >> this was a real shame. the charismatic actor died at florida hospital of cardiac arrest. in 2015 he was on "fox and friends" sharing what he wanted readers to take away from a book he had written. >> i worked hard, i wanted very much to do good work. i hope that gets home. jillian: burt reynolds was 82 years old. rob: a fun guy who lived an awesome life. 11 minutes after the hour. for the sake of our national security donald trump demanding
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the new york times release the names of their anonymous op-ed author. does that article heard the president? our political panel talked about this. jillian: build that wall. armed immigrants sneaking across the southern border. the rancher who made the case for donald trump. stay right there. ♪ yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places. that work together ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. olay regenerist wipes out the competition; hydrating better than $100, $200 even $400 creams. with our b3 complex, beautiful skin doesn't have to cost a fortune.
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socratic strategists rochelle ritchie and republican strategist kimberly, i of the mindset i don't like anonymous sources unless you have ten let alone an anonymous op-ed. i feel it is a danger zone. >> this op-ed seems like a poor attempt by the writer to basically expose the things that are happening in the white house but these are things we already heard and already know. it is not really journalism. and op-ed is not journalism but obviously the decision to publish this op-ed is a journalistic decision and as a former reporter i wouldn't have done it. this is an anonymous source, a person trying to play hero to the american people. our democracy is not a comic book. they need to come from behind the case of the new york times and tell the american people the dangers we face with this man in
2:17 am
office. jillian: a lot of people agree with that. unless you come for it, if you hide behind the curtain is it really an effective peace when you are in hiding? >> it is not. i agree wholeheartedly, taking it one step further to what this person did, the president is right about the whole deep state situation, clearly people working in the white house to undermine our democracy on a daily basis. to me, correct me if i'm wrong this person is saying they are trying to protect the american people and trying to help the president, he is so unfit, so unstable but at the same time give him all this tremendous credit because they are doing such a great job. it doesn't make sense. tell us something we don't know. jillian: something we can all agree on. talk about this quote from the op-ed. the bigger concern is not what mister trump has done to the presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us.
2:18 am
we have some glow with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility. in fairness the country knew who they were electing. this was not your standard politician. >> i didn't vote for donald trump and you are right, the country knew exactly who they were voting for and this seems like this person is trying to prepare themselves for when the walls come coming down around the white house so they can say i wrote the op-ed. i a hero in all this so don't have any back lash towards me. i don't -- i respect the new york times but i do not understand why they published this. jillian: i want to start with you before we get opinions on this, let's listen to a clip from donald trump at the rally last night. >> this election is a choice between democrats who want to
2:19 am
abolish ice and republicans who want to abolish ms 13. very simple. >> what is your take on that? >> it is so silly. we have to understand why ice was established. they are a response to the attack on 9/11. if this country is made of individuals longing for progress i doubt they want to rollback our national security. the model for ms 13 is kill, rape and control so this isn't a thing where almost 8000 members of ms 13 in the united states, to me this tells us they are not for the american people. jillian: i wouldn't personally group every democrat with money to abolish ice. some of them do want to but i don't think the party does. >> this idea to abolish ice is ridiculous. you have 25% of democrats who think this is a good idea even though 54% view it negatively but i want to be clear democrats
2:20 am
said we need to reevaluate and examine ice. this idea seems like a narrative being pushed by republicans even though it is not. jillian: far leaning socialists have said we need to abolish it. we will see what happens in the next few months. i appreciate you both being here. rob: where is the money? the home of the couple who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for homeless veteran has been ransacked. how go fund me is trying to make this right. no college degree necessary. $75,000 salary plus benefits and pension. why can't employers fill their openings? ♪ take the money and run ♪ . ooo! i could put that on an airplane banner. our $19.99 oil change also includes a tire rotation.
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>> democratic congressional candidate flip-flopping on abolishing ice. a few weeks ago she said this. >> just to clarify you do support abolishing ice? >> i do, i would. rob: that is no longer the case in the new political ad. >> i don't support abolishing ice. i support bipartisan immigration reform. with strong borders and a pathway to citizenship especially for those -- rob: whatever it takes to get elected. she will face david yoder. jillian: illegal immigrants caught on camera, 25 minute surveillance camera obtained by the daily caller shows alleged armed drug cartel illegals and human smugglers crossing
2:25 am
illegally into an arizona rancher's 50,000 acre property. the rancher who is supportive donald trump called for border wall. the video showed how a barbed wire fence along the borders does not prevent illegals from crossing. rob: employees dealing with a skilled worker shortage and not because of the pay. jillian: tracy carrasco with more on how they are trying to fill the void. >> reporter: employers having a difficult time finding skilled labor with an influx of construction jobs. not because -- starting pay is $75,000 a year, also pension as well. the bureau of labor estimated 243,000 open construction jobs nationwide. the shortage of skilled workers, people leaving the industry, leaving that area of florida
2:26 am
after the great recession. they are trying to fill those divisions and have not seen the numbers of people getting to construction, choosing different career have or being pushed into going to college. a lot of these jobs are available. according to the miami herald they are saying 6300 construction jobs have been added in that area. they are continuing to grow. rob: the economy is incredible versus a couple years ago. jillian: walgreens trying to tackle the epipen shortage. >> reporter: kids going back to school, parents want to make sure they have this medication. not a good time for this epipen shortage. walgreens keeping up with the drugmakers who offer an epipen alternative. walgreens will have an alternative to the epipen, first time it will be available in retail pharmacies. you can only get it through the mail so this will help parents scrambling to find their kids medication as they head back to school.
2:27 am
jillian: 26 after the hour. invoking the 25th amendment. >> if senior administration official think the president of the united states is not able to do his job they should invoke the 25th amendment. jillian: how elizabeth warren thinks the op-ed is grounds for impeachment. rob: a new ad campaign featuring colin kaepernick, was this a bad business decision? a branding expert to weigh in next. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean!
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rob: florence downgraded to a tropical storm overnight. jillian: we are not out of the woods yet. janice dean with what we can expect as the storm heads east. >> if because of the downgraded, we had a category for just 36 hours ago and the water is warm ahead so we are anticipating
2:31 am
another jump to a hurricane in the next few hours but i want to show how busy it is, not only in the atlantic, couple invests that will probably become hurricanes but in the pacific, olivia could impact the why. is florence, tropical storm but we do expect it to be a major hurricane again. southwest of the muted and potentially affecting the east coast in the next 7 to 10 days. here's your tropical storm model, pretty good agreement for the next 2 or 3 days and then we don't quite know what happens. bottom line is if you live across the east coast, pay close attention and get your hurricane plan in gear. this is the euro model showing impact next thursday to the southeast but still not sure yet but be prepared. here's the eastern pacific, we have norman moving northward and olivia could impact hawaii, very
2:32 am
busy. here's your forecast across the us, potential for showers and thunderstorms over the central us, ohio valley and a cooldown in the northeast which is what we like to see the potential for heavy rain especially across tennessee and ohio river valley. this is part of the other tropical system, gordon, watching potential for flash flooding in those areas. jillian: we will keep you up-to-date on all the tropical activity. no rest for meteorologists right now. >> no rest for the wicked. jillian: american fighter jets intercepting two russian bombers, two f-22 jets monitoring nuclear capable jets until they left the area according to washington free beacon. russian bombers never entered us airspace though it is unclear
2:33 am
how close they got to alaska. our country is at risk, those words from elizabeth warren who says the new york times op-ed directed at the president is enough to remove him from office. >> if senior administration officials claim the president of the united states is not able to do his job they should invoke the 25th amendment. jillian: legal reporter alex lawyer told us earlier it won't be easy. >> it would be hard to remove the president under the 25th amendment. some people say more likelihood of impeachment rather than using the 25th amendment because of the votes needed. jillian: that section of the constitution requiring officials to remove the president if he's not fit for office. this story is becoming bizarre, police rating new jersey home after money they raised for homeless veteran disappears.
2:34 am
a judge ordering katie mcclure to testify about what happened to the $400,000 they raised on go fund me. we told you about this, reporting the good samaritan after he gave his last $20 when her car ran out of gas, authorities towing the black bmw taking several bags, they deny misusing the fund. go fund me says it will make sure bob it receives all the money. the nfl season opener kicks off without protests during the national anthem. philadelphia eagles michael bennett sat down before the and some wrapped up, no kneeling, no protesting. they are hanging the new banner before kicking off against the atlanta falcons, won 18-12. rob: congratulations. speaking of the nfl nike sparking a firestorm after colin kaepernick was taken on as the new face of their ad campaign.
2:35 am
was this a bad business decision? joining me is chris rudy, thanks for coming on this morning. a lot of speculation, some say they will make more money doing this and some say less. >> a bad business decision. i don't think they will make more money. it was shortsighted. in this political environment you have all these brands with strong political stance and typically that is not something that has happened before. this is something that for clients, shy away from getting involved in controversial political topics. now it is a new world. rob: if i were running a huge company and i saw a country divided politically i think it would be smarter to stay above the fray, we are not going to talk about this, selling shoes, that is it.
2:36 am
they start kneeling during the and some it becomes a sports story. would that change it? >> it is problematic. sports is the one area they did not want politics so now nike put itself front and center in the middle of all this. people are unhappy with this. rob: nike is exposed to a lot of anger from half the country. a lot of people looking for reasons to hate nike for this. i see a lot of contempt for nike for 20 or 30 years regarding stories about the wages they pay workers throughout east asia to child labor in the 90s and big problems with child labor almost enslaving kids because there wasn't any regulation on that. and vietnam they make shoes and shirts they are burning on screen. the idea this company is so
2:37 am
broken now, so conscious of any injustice, you see the hypocrisy. >> hypocrisy at its finest. rob: paying millions of dollars to a millionaire when people overseas don't make a living wage. >> the tagline doesn't make sense they are using. i still unclear. believe in something. what is that something he believes in? the other half of it, what is the everything? what has he done? rob: he says, his quote is even if it means sacrificing everything but a lot of people point out he was riding the bench when he started kneeling and he just needed some attention, kind of bitter, wasn't starting. he had been a great quarterback for a couple years and then riding the bench. >> unit who sacrifices everything, members of the military, people who believe in this country. why didn't nike shoes someone in
2:38 am
the air force was actually fighting for our rights to do something like this campaign. rob: why do you think they did it? >> they chose who their target audience is and are okay with going for millennial liberals and not conservatives. rob: it sells more shoes. >> they care about their bottom line and profits. rob: thank you, good perspective this morning, 38 minutes after the hour. thousands of licenses handed out to did people. how is this happening? just stand was a veteran owned clothing company firing back at nike and colin kaepernick, a group proving patriotism can sell. ♪
2:39 am
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2:41 am
rob: just stand. army veteran calling out nike
2:42 am
for sacrificing colin kaepernick ad featuring true heroes on the front lines showing heroes on the front lines. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the company proving patriotism cells. >> reporter: veteran owned and operated company using nike at the tagline to promote a message of patriotism. tween 9 line apparel releasing just stand t-shirts, the company posted this photo on facebook to promote them with the message we are featuring another american hero who is entirely more respectable to use in place of colin kaepernick, a survivor -- a true hero. that post racking up 14,000
2:43 am
likes, calling it a strong move. pamela says that is a hero right there. jill saying thank you, nylon apparels for supporting what is right. i will be ordering some shirts and more. it is a relatively new company but they raised $1.5 million for wounded veterans. jillian: twitter permanently bands alex jones. >> they announced the move in a statement say we have proven -- suspended alex jones and info wars from twitter and periscope based on reports of tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy in addition to account past violation. he was banned after he insulted a cnn reporter at the social media hearing and recorded the exchange to periscope. a lot of people waiting in on social media. one person called it free-speech abuse. chris says what he said about shadow banning and censorship was true?
2:44 am
those people are saying good riddance including kenneth who said about time. he has been asking for it for a very long time. facebook banned him in some capacity as well. rob: tough to get attention without those three. what is wrong with me today. it is already saturday and my head. one more thing. the story of the day and i almost forgot. the cory booker story, the best thing ever. >> i love how into this you were yesterday. a lot of folks took note to say the least. cory booker stole the spotlight making a major speech before releasing what he called classified documents by brett kavanaugh. take a listen. >> appreciate the comments of my colleagues, the closest i will have in my life to and i am spartacus moment.
2:45 am
>> we know now those emails were already declassified before he made that speech. a lot of conservative lawmakers mocking him on social media. or and hatch posted this picture saying i use spartacus and the gop account with this video. >> i'm spartacus! >> i'm spartacus! >> i'm spartacus >> i'm spartacus! jillian: a lot of people are going to be watching that movie this weekend. rob: so embarrassing, a great story. i will have jillian kick me in the side of my head. >> good to see you show a little but of human every now and then. rob: i tried to avoid that whenever possible. jillian: coming right back.
2:46 am
before we do that, let's go to pete exists. >> reporter: don't leave me. we are in billings, montana. i knew you would. over my shoulder donald trump spoke to 10,000 in montana, matt rosen dale wants to replace john tester. before he spoke to the crowd, the opportunity to talk inside the arena. the eagles beat the falcons. the first night of the nfl. we asked about the nfl and nike and this is what the president had to say. >> who will win the showdown? >> we are. a new thing where they don't have to do that, don't have to neil, you can go back to the locker room, that is worse than kneeling. that shows you have no respect for the and them or the flag. i don't like what nike did, i
2:47 am
don't think it is appropriate. are honor the flag. i honor our national anthem. >> reporter: a pretty unique for him. the crowd was involved in the interview as well. we spoke to the president live on "fox and friends". other things to say before he stepped up to the podium. we will bring it to you on "fox and friends". be right back, thank you. e waffs at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say badda book, badda boom. book now at or just say badda book, badda boom. take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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jillian: welcome back. local wyoming gop office is set on fire two days after opening and police believe it was intentional.
2:51 am
campaign materials and furniture destroyed. a make america great again sign reportedly hanging in the shattered window. the damage was minor, no injuries. rob: bombshell report raising more questions whether tech companies are biased. according to a new study, 90% of political donations by off of that employees went to the democratic party. the parent company of google giving $15 million since 2014, only giving the republican party $2 million. google repeatedly denied they favor a particular party. >> pass it now, funded later, cynthia nixon revealing her plan to bring universal healthcare. rob: is that a strict from the nancy pelosi and obamacare playbook? >> pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy.
2:52 am
rob: a classic quote. fox news contributor lose peak. everybody -- >> find out what is in it. unintended consequences, costs no one thought to mention ahead of time. the single-payer health care juggernaut is underway with all the democrat socialists in the country and there are quite a few running for office advocating the government takeover of healthcare. the problem is the cost. there was a study of what bernie sanders's medicare for all program would cost, $1 trillion over ten years. federal budget about $4 trillion a year and almost doubling from the federal budget and even with those giant numbers and the prospect of taxes doubling which is what new york city and new york state would cost, people are underestimating the cost of
2:53 am
this program because it would take off any restraints on how often people go to the doctor or how much medicine they would take etc.. some of those decisions now are governed by the expense. of the government is going to pay for everything why not have physical therapy every day for a neither doesn't feel quite right? these are pie-in-the-sky ideas and pretty reckless legislator or candidate advocates doubling your taxes which is what we are talking about for a program where she has no idea how it will impact the government. jillian: what do you make of the fact we heard messaging, we saw that soundbite. >> it is irresponsible. passing obamacare when we didn't know what was in it, the legislators didn't get the package of information and
2:54 am
documents about obamacare in time to read it. what legislator does that? votes -- she wasn't making up. they didn't really know what was in it. think about the omnibus bills, spending bills put before congress with little time, hopefully your staff has done the work and you know what is in it. rob: there are some people who argue if you take the entire amount we spend on healthcare and put it against what we would pay into will pay her some people say that number goes down after 10 or 15 years but another big argument is what happens to the quality of care when you go to a school payer? >> the reason it goes down is doctors don't receive as much in payment. if we go to the doctor we pay a certain amount. of america patient goes they pay much less. many studies say fewer people
2:55 am
will go to medicine because the prospect of earning back those costs of medical school climate. rob: which is why a lot of people get into medicine, to make money. >> we should send our legislators on a field trip to europe and they should look at the wonders of the uk healthcare system where there is rationing. you have to wait months to get a mammogram, to get surgery. it is a little bit crazy. rob: thank you for your time. jillian: coming right back. an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it helps block six key inflammatory substances. most pills block one. . . why hand-tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class, standard?
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jillian: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. if you are going to take a knee this season please have a ring in your hand. the jewelry store poking fun. massachusetts business owner says they have received death threats over the sign they say it's staying put. >> ridiculous. next the bad, dead people getting driver's license in massachusetts. audits conducted between july 2014 and july 2016 the rnv licensed after date of death 97% of which were active as of january of this year. jillian: finally the ugly, went to the er over pizza related injury last year. >> the u.s. product safety commission say most involve
3:00 am
cutting the pies or getting burned. people have gone to the hospital after falling out of bed to grab a slice. americans eat 3 billion pizzas a year and i am part of that number because i have pizza on friday usually. not a whole pizza. a little bit. rob: yeah. we will see you later. [cheers] >> folks may have seen an anonymous column written in the "new york times." >> it's very unfair to our country and to the millions of people that voted really for us. they voted for us. [cheers] >> liberal senator elizabeth warren went on the attack. >> if the president of the united states is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th amendment. >> day three of the brett kavanaugh hearings. >> violate this rule. this is probably as close to any moment in my life i am spartan can you say moment. >> spartan can you say didn't want to be identified as spartan can you say because then they would kill


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