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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 9, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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auctioneer seven times. be sure to follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice, live tonight from los angeles. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and thanks to all of you for making "justice" number one last weekend. what a show tonight here in l.a. i'll be talking with conservative firecracker michelle malkin, hogan gidley and representative darrell issa and turning point it's charlesly charles -- charlie kirk. all of you have a decision to make.
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it never happened in the history of this country, a former president trashing the commander in cheech, his party and all the americans who put them in office. this on the heels of an anonymous op-ed piece written allegedly by a gutless senior administration official or not. and published in collusion with the "new york times." there is so much hatred and resentment over the success of this president that they simply cannot handle it. i have got news for you. it's not going to stop. the haters aren't going anywhere. but if you are a pa patriot andu like the course america is on. just ignore them. get behind this president and vote. yesterday with a full throttle savage attack on the president, barack's message, obstruct and resist.
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he pontificates about the reality of racial discrimination, slavery and the quote darker aspects of america's story, accusing the * as follows. -- accusing president trump as follows. >> he's capitalizing on fears politicians have been fanning for years. a fear and anger flood our past. judge jeanine: are you kidding? if anyone has stoked racial hatred and divisiveness, it's you and yourself-proclaimed wing man, attorney general eric holder running off to ferguson, attacking all law enforcement. whenever there is a death, even before there is any investigation. in case you don't remember, barack, no cops were found to have committed wrongdoing in michael brown and freddie gray's
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killing. you even stoke religious division. are you serious? you are the one who shows up at a national prayer breakfast in 2015 after a beheading of americans which isis having the gall to tell christians to get off their high horse over atrocities committed the name of islam. aren't you the same guy who in 2008 and 2015 criticized christians and working class voters in old industrial towns decimated by job losses saying we christians cling to guns and religion? you call republicans elitists? you are the he leastist looking down on hard- -- you are the elitist look down on hard-working americans. >> over the past few decades the politics of division and paranoia has unfortunately found
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a home in the republican party. judge jeanine: the politics of division has found a home in the republican party? that's as ridiculous as saying this administration is cozying up to russia. you want to talk about cozying? >> after my election i will have more flexibility. >> i will transmit to vladimir. judge jeanine: what were you talking about? barack, you never answered that question. what would you have more flexibility on after the election? was it the seaflt our uranium. was it the money you were going to send to iran? was it meddling in our election? was it money to the clinton foundation? how about your foundation? your narrative of republicans as
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nazi sympathizers is a dog whistle to your base. there is no truth to it, but you insist on repeating it to soak up the hatred by your base. >> how hard can that be, saying nazis are bad? judge jeanine: maybe you ought to say that to the antifa who claim to be anti-fascist. but they are fascists from your party and they are the ones who want to suppress free speech and would rather burn down a building man hear what the right has to say. that's farthat's fascism. you have the gall to say you returned the economy to growth and job creation? you don't mention numbers here because there is nowhere to go but up from the bottom. you say we took out bin laden
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and took out combat roles in iraq and afghanistan. who do you think you are, douglas macarthur? you couldn't make a military decision for your life. you couldn't decide what to do with that jv team isis. and you got iran to halt its nuclear program? really? how would you know? you didn't know about krawrn when they were secretly spinning centrifuges and lying to you and your gullible team. you didn't even require that we be able to monitor their nuclear development. you let out the worst of the terrorists from gitmo for a deserter our stand bay liar susan rice, called bowe bergdahl
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a hero. you can't stand it that every metric under the trump administration is better off than when you were in office. and donald trump is one of the biggest threats to our democracy? how dare you? this man is the president of the united states. someone that we put in office, and he is to be respected. your attack on him as a racist and fascist is not about making things better for us. it's about you, your ego and corrupt deep state power structure. you desperately tried to defeat trump and it didn't work. and you remain in washington top support the resistance and the destruction of the mayor candle president. your version of america is not the america we want. to us social justice is about justice for american citizens
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and not illegal criminals. to us social justice is about taking care of veterans who come back to our shores with fewer limbs than when they left. to us, social justice is not about burning our flag, it's about raising it and lifting it. i am sorry to say this, but there is one thing you will have to live with, the only reason that we have an outsider businessman president is because of you, your lies, your policies, and your divisiveness. you, barack, you elected donald trump. and there is nothing you can do about the fact that he's sitting in the oval office now. so i guess i should say, thank you, barack. that's my open.
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remember if you are a fan of my opens you will be a huge fan of my latest book, the "new york times" number one best seller, liars, leaks and liberals, the anti-trump conspiracy. you can get your copy tonight while you are watching me. joining me in lax to talk about my opening. conservative commentator, michelle malkin. good to have you on set. so what did you think about barack obama coming back to the scene and trashing the president? >> he's much like the worst of the worst of the radical left. he can't help himself. the complainer-in-chief is back. the pace of bitterness and birks le is an open -- bitterness and bile is an opening glance at
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what we'll see from the mid terms. he's not fighting for a prosper to us economy or stronger and safer america. he's fighting to protect his failure after legacy. you nailed it when you talked about the identity politics, the racial grievance mongering, and two the fact that this man deeply resents the economic success that has been uered into this country that's lifting all boats. judge jeanine: we have the lowest unemployment for african-americans and higgs -- d hispanics in american history and he's taking credit for it. when he was in the oval office. who were the people who benefited the most of? >> it was boomtown washington, d.c. i think it's deeply significant
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that he gave this opening salvo in chicago. what's happening in chicago? who is responsible for that? not president trump and the people he demonized. the democrats where he grew up, that's his swamp. he brought chicago to the potomac. the actual people who live there, particularly the african-american community did not benefit from president obama's policy. judge jeanine: the african-american's numbers are going through the roof under president trump. they are concerned about putting food on their table and having a job and reach the american dream. yet he continues to stoke this hatred. do you think it will work in 2018? >> it's barack obama and his politics of' division.
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and if they keep going this way we'll see a red wave during the mid-term. judge jeanine: rahm emanuel said he's not going to run for mayor again in chicago. the number of people who get shot in chicago is 50-60 a weekend. it's out of control. yet these are the cities run by democrats. if you are african-american, it doesn't matter if you are killed. you don't see any clearances of these cases where the solving of a homicide or prosecutions in these cases are rare. >> this is what the democrats and obama fear most of. president trump's successes and the prosperity he's bringing to the hell holes. they are they were finally realizing they haven't done anything for me. >> any heal malkin, thanks for
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making the trip. and huge economic news, another bogus book and a spineless no-name editorial in the "new york times." it's been a crazy week for the president and his press team. hogan gidley is joining me from washington. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks so much for your time, judge. judge jeanine: you have got barack obama claiming that life is terrible right now when every metric is improved under president trump. but how does barack obama get away from the fact that he was there for 8 years. he had a'. manufacturing was waving, and he has the unmitigated gal to stand up in front of the country
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because he hates donald trump so much and lie. >> the reason he is able to get away with it, because you have seen he had a complicit media. they never challenged him on difficult issues or tough questions. you see 93% negative coverage against donald trump and all of it was positive about barack obama. when he came out of the shadows to give that speech which was absolutely ridiculous. democrats have been saying since donald trump got elected, the economy is bad. it's so bad barack obama comes out and says i want to take credit for how good it is. donald trump comes into office and changes the policies. we are open for business. almost 4 million jobs created in this short period of time. we have seen wage increases. 30 years of stagnant wages. up 3%, that's the largest
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increase for a year in 10 years. that has nothing to do with barack obama. judge jeanine: it's about consumer confidence and the gdp. all the metrics are in a better position than they were under him. i don't know where these people get off and actually say what they say. and make like they believe him. let's talk about something i think is important. i have been going around the country, that's one of the reasons i'm in l.a. now, talking on my book tour. everybody wants to know, why doesn't the president declassify the fisa documents so we can get to the bottom of the deep state and what they did and continue to do? >> he talked about this. he said i didn't want to get involved. i want handoff. the media attacks from every day, they won't give him a pass. if they were to declassify these
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things they would go after him even more than they already are. but what he wants is transparency. he wants people to understand the level of the deep state in this country. and we saw that with this anonymous letter coming out in the "new york times," some gutless coward as the president put it who came out and said he's against everything this president is for. but he'll show up at work every day and be deceitful and dishonest. judge jeanine: i get what you are saying. he wants it to play out. in truth, i have got to tell you, it's time for us to understand what happened. i want to know who the fisa judge is. i want to know why they are not hitting the ceiling over the fact they were lied to. are they too stupid to admit they didn't know what was in the warrant? are they part of the corrupt deep state? >> the president understands
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that. he's getting increasingly angry at the bias out there at the highest levels of the fbi, not the rank and file, but those biased against this president and for hillary clinton. he wants more of these documents to come out. he feels congress is doing the right thing by pushing for them to be out in the open and he's looking to potentially declassifying those documents. judge jeanine: here is the bottom line. congress ain't getting the stuff. tom fitton is getting the stuff because he goes to a judge to get it. we don't want to criticize congress or the fbi. but it's time. this president is coming out doing what has never been done in the history of this country. trashing a subsequent president, taking credit for what he did and blaming the guy before him for everything that was wrong. hogan gidley, thank you so much for being with us tonight.
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charlie kirk from turning point u.s.a. is still on deck. and the honorable darrell issa joins me in a moment. don't go away. president trump: they write more books now. the stack is this high. ones that are really good are number one, two and three on the best sellers list. the good ones by justice, i call her justice, but she is judge. she is justice to me. jeanine, we love her. judge jeanine. this isn't just any moving day.
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and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. judge jeanine: president trump calling for an investigation into who was the anonymous op-ed in the "new york times." this letter makes me crazy. i was going to do an open on it until barack showed up yesterday. so i had to do my open on obama. let's talk first of all, do you
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believe it's a real person? >> i have my doubts. but you can see with each of the cabinet members making it very clear it wasn't them. we have a long way to go to make it clear it wasn't anyone at a high level, but it could be a person in what we could say the "new york times" has made the deep state. judge jeanine: you know what? this is what occurs to me. in the letter itself it says we are not the so-called deep state, we are the steady state. you know what this tells me, they don't believe there is a deep state, so they are steady, they are the status quo. barack obama got rid of loads of people when he got there from the bush administration. this president, there are too
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many obama holdovers. what i would do is have them all take a lie detector. is that wrong or ridiculous? >> as you know, obama did exactly that. i think there is a better way to do it, and i think it's as simple as each and every person who had the kind of information that this guy says he has should simply publicly sign a letter say together "new york times," go ahead and release any information you have from me. hard in, freedom from the anonymity this individual claims. i can guarantee you every member of the president's cabinet, these people who worked so hard to change america into the right direction after obama, they would sign on to that and say release any covert statement i ever made. very quickly what you find is there would be few people who wouldn't do it, and they should be gone.
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it's not about a lie detector. it's about the "new york times" claiming this is a highly placed individual where high-level people in the white house agree with with the president is doing. if they disagree, they do it in the a patriotic way. judge jeanine: there is always going to be back and forth. that's the way you run anything. but the significant part of it to me is there is all this fawning over john mccain. wonderful war hero. why is that so part a part of this? what does it tell you? but let's keep going. i want to talk about fisa. you were the head of government oversight. do you think the government should declassify now that what wrack is out? >> the president should continue to order his people, the attorney general and others to
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do their job and do it as transparently as possible. it's important and you said so earlier, that he not personally do it, that usurping a system. but he can and should demand they use the maximum openness and the professionals make as much available as possible. for to go long president trump had the opposite. he and eric holder and lynch, they were have much in the favor of giving us nothing, even when we were entitled to it. even when obama appointed judges, they still held back. the difference in leadership is what the president is asking for. judge jeanine: darrell issa, thanks so much for being with us tonight. is president trump fulfilling the populist agenda? steve hilton joins me next.
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dan bongino and chris hahn trade punches next as they take on a busy week in washington politics. what a week i had. you will see some of the highlights of my speeches in california, including a stop at the reagan library and the nixon library. >> i didn't realize there were this many people in california that i had anything in common
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the apple watch and the mac mini. i'm robert gray. now back to "justice." judge jeanine: what are you taking a knee for? who are you? you are taking a knee knee for social justice? tell me the last time you fought for social justice. tell meet last time you called your congressman or voted or sat on a jury or wrote a letter to the school board. you tell me.
12:33 am
he can't. because he didn't. judge jeanine: that's how i addressed the nfl anthem controversy to a big crowd at the reagan library. tomorrow is the first football sunday of the year. joining me is chris hahn and dan bongino. tomorrow is the first sunday -- football sunday. chris, you expect that they will be taking a knee. but you think that's the american thing to do? >> i think look, i always stand for the anthem. but i thank god i live in a country where you don't have to. if people think they can address some issue by taking a knee, god bless them. i will be watching the clients win. something that used to bring us
12:34 am
together before this president decided he wanted to use it as a wedge to divide us. judge jeanine: dan bongino can we enjoy football if they are taking a knee? >> i didn't know chris was venturing into comedy. the president is using this issue? are you being serious? colin kaepernick celebrates fidel astro. he donated $25,000 to a charity named after a woman who was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper. was convicted of this. colin kaepernick donated money to that charity. he wore socks depicting cops as pigs. donald trump didn't start this. he put his finger on the pulse
12:35 am
of america. don't pretend that he started it. >> this whole thing would have blown over but for donald trump being involved in this. judge jeanine: chris, you are wrong. the reason it's not blowing over is because they are taking a knee every chance they get. now they are taking a knee in protest of the president of the united states. >> you know what? i'm going to start taking the voting record of those guys. >> you, i and president trump agree,er should vote. judge, chris is is going to paye
12:36 am
price. let's talk about the disruption, something you have never seen before at the congressional -- at the senate hearing on kavanaugh. cory booker, his spartacus moment says he's going to release confidential documents and he'll suffer the consequences. is he stupid? chris? >> i don't think he's stupid. i think it was a good moment. i also think when somebody dumps 42,000 documents on you the night before a hearing. i know when you were a judge, you would have aloud them to review the documents. read it 2008 twice. judge jeanine: you know what, i'm going to go to the obamacare
12:37 am
bill. >> chris is trying to defend a completely indefensible judge. cory booker's office was notified that the document he made a big stink about was being classified. cory booker can't even break the rules the right way. his office was notified the classified document was not classified anymore. one other thing. what's hysterical about this, he wants to explores this classified document about racial profiling. it shows kavanaugh supported race neutral policies. berke should be embarrassed. >> you can't win if you don't fight. and i think the senate democrats are putting up a good fight. and they are placing doubts in the mind of people who may be concerned about his -- kamala
12:38 am
harris has become a star. judge jeanine: how dummies she to interrupt these hearings. she looked like an obstructionist fool. they know the rules, but they are willing to to obstruct just to make everybody, the republicans look bad. >> i thought kamala harris had a great hearing. particularly when she asked him, name me a law that prohibits men from doing something with their body. i thought kavanaugh was foolish. i think it placed doubts in the mind of a couple of senators who may wish to vote against him. >> i don't know where you got that? kamala harris had a great hearing for the 10% of americans
12:39 am
who identify as radical leftist? this is the silver medal of humiliation. she challenges him on contacted with a law firm. chris, do me a favor. let's do it, buddy. >> you know what he was asking, dan. thanks, good-bye. bill maher does it again. next we'll tell you what honorable profession in washington he says is worse than being in iraq. the week's most of outare you just statements are next. ahh... summer is coming.
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judge jeanine: a special thank you tonight to hbo's resident liberal loud mouth bill maher for doing a live show friday nights that always provide me with a wealth of outrageous comments to use on saturday night. here is my favorite this week. comparing working in the white house to being in iraq as well as expressing his love for the anonymous coward wimp. >> i would like to say to him, thank you for your service. what comes next if these people preventing him from doing really crazy things go? i think general kelly would love to leave. this has got to be worse than iraq. judge jeanine: worse than iraq? whoa, bill. joining us, "turning point usa,"
12:45 am
charlie kirk. >> the one thing that needs to be mentioned about this op-ed. it's a new strategy by the far left. if you right, they admit he was doing a good job. the results are undeniable and they are making america better for all people. they are trying a new narrative that it's not him, it's the deep state under him making this country better by keeping him from his instincts. for bill maher to say working in the white house would be comparable to being in a war. i think it's interesting the left is using this line of attack against the president. judge jeanine: it's an insult to the blood and treasure we left over there.
12:46 am
jimmy kimmel thursday said this. take a listen. >> first off, can you imagine having donald trump as a father-in-law, look at you across the table with that orange puss on all the time. resenting you for all the disgusting things he knows you are doing to his shiny and beautiful daughter. every day you come to work your boss has his wife sitting in his lap. it's a lot to swallow. judge jeanine: i try to look at things that are funny. that's not funny at all to me. what do you think? >> the left has killed comedy in america. but way find is interesting, now they are going after jared. jared is one of the most of loyal, hard work under appreciated people in the white house that is championing prison reform.
12:47 am
he helped at the world cup and olympics which got zero media coverage. obama tried to get it and failed miserably. to go after jared is morally reprehensible. the gloves are off. they are not playing nice. they hijacked comedy, they high jacked our schools, and now the media is going after people in every day suching a ivanka and jared. we are in a fight for the soul of this country. judge jeanine: the here. more and more people
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judge jeanine: president trump, conservatives love him and liberals not so much. but what about america's populace. joining me now, author of the new book, "positive populism, revolutionary ideas to rebuild economic security, family and community in america," steve hilton. steve: i want to say how sad i am that i'm not there with you i wish i was there. judge jeanine: but i am twhrietd to be twhrietd -- i'm delighted to be here. steve: my book picks up on the things you were talking about in your open. you talked about the elitism, and the corrupt deep 8 power structure. that's such an important term.
12:53 am
and with michelle how the elites in washington, d.c., how they have done well the last few years. what my book is about is setting out a set of ideas to keep the populist revolution coming. to keep it on so we help working people. but more important we take apart that deep state power structure. the bureaucrats. the permanent bureaucracy. not everyone will agree with everything in there. on the deep state, there is a specific idea in there, if you want to do something about it. it's not just the leaker and anonymous op-ed writer. it's hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats. who are they? what do they do? ways their agenda. we should decide whether we need them or not.
12:54 am
judge jeanine: you are going to publish their names and job description. but can we fire them? are the civil service laws so tight that the president can't fire them? steve: you are right. that's the real point. but you have got to know what you are dealing with. i tried this in the british government back in the day when i was there. we didn't even know who they were. you have got to change the rules. cutting the bureaucracy down, firing them. not just a few here and there. my proposal was to reduce the whole thing by 90%. so it's not just a small cut it's radically trimming it and sending the power back to the states and local government and getting rid of this concentration of power that's been such a disaster. judge jeanine: when you talk about anonymous, the alleged letter, or the letter that was
12:55 am
allegedly written by someone in the administration, we should be able to know who in the administration has an agenda that's different than the president's. obama did the lie detectors down to level 15 in the federal government. they shouldn't have to deal with these holdovers. >> exactly. what really has been going on in america, it doesn't matter who has wouldn't election. the same people have been in charge. and that's what president trump is up against. to help him advance his populist revolution, we need ideas. judge jeanine: good luck to you, steve hilton. "positive populism" is out in the stores right now. "the next revolution" tomorrow night at 9:00. with my bladder l, the products i've tried just didn't fit right.
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judge jeanine: if you haven't bought my book yet, i'm mad at you. you heard him tonight, even president trump said it, "liars, leaks, and liberals," it's the "new york times" number one best seller and it's available on
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barnes & noble. keep up with us on facebook and instagram to see how to score yourself a signed copy if you can't watch justice, dvr us. >> the time is now friend. let's get after it. this is a travesty of a democracy. it is a tra virks sh domocary. greg: he's an idiot. all right. wed date "new york times" ran an anonymous op-ed by a white house official


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