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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 13, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we think them for their coverage. please be sure to keep it to adhere to fox news channel for the latest updates and information all throughout the night. right starts with shannon bream on the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. we have extended coverage. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news weather alert. ♪ the threat has become a reality. the monster category to transform hurricane florence is battering the carolina coast right now. you are looking at images from north carolina, and twins shredding an american flag on. that is an old coast guard station 34 miles off the coast, bending trees, turning seawater, sloshing promotions onto the streets. and wind speeds of more than 10. hurricane is leading to potential chaotic drama catastrophic torrential rainfall. we are tracking an incredible
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chain of events north of boston, series of explosions wreaking havoc. more to come on what is going on there. later, the confirmation process for supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh descends into chaos over a mysterious, cryptic accusation from a democratic senator. we want to get to that much deeper. stay tuned. we have team coverage on hurricane florence. reporters on my car to mike brown, steve harrigan and rick leventhal. first, let's go to leland vittert and morehead city, north carolina. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. we are now about eight hours to hurricane-like conditions here and on atlantic beach. we are getting winds into the 70s, 80s, 90 miles per hour. you can see also, it is high tide rolling in along with the storm surge. this dock, it should be a good four or 5 feet down rate only has about another fraud or two s before this, about seven or eight other of these dogs break away and become a sort moving
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barges of destruction throughout the city, and this is just the beginning. what makes florence so dangerous is not necessarily its intensity. at strong but not overwhelming. but it's how long is going to last. we could have these conditions for another 12 hours. it's really exponential in terms of the level of destruction, not only because of the storm surge and the tide cycles it will go through, but also because of the wind damage and to the amount of rain we are going to get here. the police chief, i was talking to an atlantic beach says he is never seen anything like it. it is a once-in-a-lifetime storm, shannon. as we are out here now, we are understanding why police issued to such dire warnings, the fire department, as well, saying that those who stated did not evacuate where essentially on their own, simply too dangerous for police and fire to head out in these conditions. no matter how badly people needed help. that, as we saw commander portrait of the last couple of
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days, almost everybody has left here, and with good reason, too. the conditions are about as bad as promised. power outages started about seven or eight hours ago. right now a couple hundred thousand without power and that number could easily rise to a couple of million as the flood waters rise and it could be weeks until that is restored, shannon. >> shannon: leland, if you can hear me, what do the scenes look like? we heard reports earlier today of waves up to 80 feet high. i know that is a big part of the storm, not yet fully rolled in. what is the water like they are where you are? >> it is difficult to tell because it is so dark. typically you would have lights or he would have lights out on the pier and lights out on these docks, that you could see how high the seas are. you just don't have that rate on generator power, our lights are powerful enough to point out there. earlier we were out on the beach next to one of the large peers that goes way, way out, a fishing pier you can picnic on, and better days, perhaps have a beer and enjoy the sunrise and
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sunset. the waves were crashing there over the pier. interestingly enough, that is without the wind driving the waves. the wind is actually sort of coming around, almost parallel to the shore, and as these barrier islands normally would act as a buffer for this hurricane and protect inland north carolina, these barrier islands are sort of becoming a final now and bringing all of this storm surge here down and . back there, the river, it will head up into these communities that want to normally experience hurricane-like conditions, and that is why these evacuation orders extended so far back into north carolina. they want to get people out of the way of flooding, and clearly, once the storm hit as it has now, there is no way people can evacuate. they've got to hunker down and wait for help. hopefully before it is too late. the conditions come up with the fire department will tell you, they hope the conditions improved enough that if there is a need for rescues, they can
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make them before the flood waters rise. a tight window for sure. >> shannon: leland, please do what you can to stay safe. we will check back in with you. you are a trooper, my friend. we will take you now -- >> we will going out to north topsail beach in north carolina. steve harrigan is there. good evening, steve. >> shannon, hats off to this team here for keeping this shot up as we've seen conditions get worse and worse. we lost the satellite feed first then electric power and now cell phone service but the shots are still going outcome i believe. the wind has come in steadily, throwing the rain sideways right now. it's been strong enough now, certainly tropical force winds, knocking out bits of the buildings, snapping small branches. no major distraction yet. that could come in the hours ahead. we are likely to see in the wee
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hours of the morning, hurricane force winds, sustained 100 miles per hour. we have seen the beach gradually disappear as the water comes up and up. if we do get that 11-foot storm surge, that water will come over this dune and probably cover the first floor of most of these houses. all along the islands, pitch black, more than 100,000 people are without power along the coast of north carolina. that number could raise to one to 3 million. the houses are pretty much boarded up. it is a ghost town. the upshot on the bridge. you can no longer go from the island here to the mainland. the wind simply too strong. we see the police out earlier in the evening, they were checking on some break-ins, real heavy police presence to make sure there is not looting. a lot of these people are watching the properties on remote cameras probably from a safe place. it's remarkable how well people here have heeded the warnings of state and local officials because they really have packed up, boarded up, and gotten out
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of town for the most part. this is just now or wait for the real heavy wind to come in the next couple of hours. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: steve harrigan, let's check and wrightsville beach to see if it is assumed there. now with senior correspondent rick leventhal. getty think i'm a wreck. what do you sing on the ground where you are? >> we had a really cool shot until about 2 minutes ago. we had a couple of major transformers below. we saw big flashes of light, and then the street lights went out. we could see the rain and the wind and the trees blowing and the lights, and all the lights are gone. wrightsville beach has the on until roughly 2 minutes ago. they had done pretty well, but things took a turn for the south this evening. we are feeling and out. the winds are resting, the rain is coming down and sheets, and we are told to expect about three days of rain, at least 48 hours worth. the town itself was evacuated, and it seemed as if the vast
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majority of the residents and visitors who were here up until yesterday did in fact heed the warnings and get out because there was no one here. the police told me just a handful of residents stayed behind, and all we saw on the streets today and tonight were police officers and beach patrol and fire officials doing their rounds to make sure that everything was safe and everything was and everything looked good. we were are treated from the beach location because of the concerns about the storm surge and we are on higher ground now and we are confident that we are we are at will be fine. but there are many structures here on wrightsville beach that are at sea level and they are talking about a 7-11-foot storm surge, as you know, shannon. a lot of structures here, of course, up and down the carolina coast could in fact be in danger. they are talking about passive, catastrophic flooding because of all the rain that is coming in, and also because of the ground has been saturated here. we are told that wilmington is at a record this summer for rainfall.
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all they didn't need was more of this and they will get a lot of mud over the next couple of days. >> shannon: we've heard that from folks on the ground in the carolinas, saying there is such a saturation, they have no idea where the water goes next. you talk about the storm surge we because it is not just the coast. this going to push inland into the rivers, canals, all the riverway is running to the carolinas. it sounds like folks got out where you are and wrightsville. how far do we think they might have gone? it sound like much of the state, as you said, three days of this, it will just affect the coastline. >> they are talking about mudslides in the mountains, and western north carolina. this will affect the entire state. because the ground is oversaturated, they fully expect a lot of trees to come down. in fact, we had reports earlier today of trees coming down and that means power lines coming down, too. when that happens, your power outages. we were told duke energy, the biggest power provider in north carolina, expecting as many 75% of its customers to lose power and north and south carolina.
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that could be 3,000 customers -- i'm sorry, 3 million customers, who could be in the dark. they are saying it could be notches two days, but weeks for a lot of these folks. they do have an army of utility workers on standby, we are told 40,000 utility workers have been staged with heavy equipment but they can't obviously respond to the outage here or anywhere else until the worst of the storm moves through. it's going to be a while before they can get into start making the repairs and those repairs could take quite some time. >> shannon: as a brick just reported, a couple minutes before that, a couple of major transformers blowing behind that location where he is. that is going to be the full effect. rick, we'll check back in with you. thank you very much. brand-new official update on the latest florence track where the spring and the deputy director of the national hurricane center, ed rappaport. good evening. >> good evening. >> shannon: what can you tell us now about coming out that she is inching closer, we have been
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watching for days, now the bands are arriving, what happens next? >> that's right. the center of the storm is located about 50 miles offshore but all the heavy bands that you just mentioned are coming ashore, and they've got a very strong winds associated with them. we've had three different reports of winds over 100 miles per hour. there was are flowing this way,d that is bringing the water to the shoreline and across the shore of creator that is a storm surge we have been worried about for several days now. here's a tide gauge that shows how the water level has risen over the past 12 to 24 hours. this particular gauge, it is now about six and a half feet above normal. in a major flood zone, and this isn't even the deepest that we've seen. we have one or part of a foot storm surge at the neuse river, just to the west of pamlico sound. >> shannon: there's been a lot of speculation about exactly where this will head for the
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fact that it is pretty wide, encompassing a lot of coastal areas, the fact that it hasn't slowed down and was able to gather steam, and is now going to sit there and it is the rain that will be the problem. what more do we know about that and what levels to expect? >> that's right, the it in this case is not just a simple point. yes, there is a the middle of a eye. huge system. here again force winds extend close to 80 myers of the tropical form source wins, 200 miles from the center, we have strong winds of the coast with a with a life-threatening storm surge we just talked abou. because it has slowed down it may slow even further, we have a risk of catastrophic flooding over north carolina and south carolina and inland areas from rain. these are the dash this was the fourth forecast of the rain totals, six to 10 inches over much of the carolinas, local arf 15-20 inches, maybe even
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isolated spots as much as 35 or 40 inches of rain. >> shannon: ed rappaport, thank you very much for the details. we'll check back. florence was still far out to sea with the media and democrats began questioning the trump administration's preparedness. now the fema administrators under fire for allegedly misusing government vehicles, allegations brock long denies. nevertheless, president trump said fema is applied and ready. let's talk about it with senior fema regional administrator. welcome to "fox news @ night." i can imagine you're working around-the-clock. what's the latest? >> in the room behind me, the national response ordination center, we have about 175 people from every federal agency across the government, as well as our private sector partners, and nongovernmental organizations, and we are working around the clock to ensure that these people behind me are supporting state and local needs. we also have hundreds of people, fema employees, that are
8:14 pm
deployed, embedded within the emergency operations centers at the state and some local level agencies to ensure that they have everything that they need. disaster response and recovery starts and ends of the local level but the state is there to assist, and other states have come in for mutual aid and we had fema and the whole federal government stand at the ready to provide any continued support they need to. >> shannon: as the storm is rolling in, the cautions that we keep getting are about flooding, the rain, the ponding, this is where the nature conservancy says about that. >> >> shannon:they say the rise than it has ever been previously predicted to be. what do you do that? we've talked to folks in the carolinas to say the grounds are saturated, before florence ever came along, and they have real worries about where the water will go on what you can even do to help. speak up when we look at a hurricane right now, we are looking at hurricane force windm
8:15 pm
surges of between 9-12 feet, and those are things that people need in the days leading up to tonight, being prepared for, having to have evacuated the coastal areas but obviously, well inland. we will see and not several inches of rain, we'll be seeing feet of rain in parts of the area. there will be widespread flooding. it is going to be overwhelming, especially at the rate at which jet can fall. some areas can see several inches of rain per hour. that is blinding rain. very difficult to drive or navigate through. so there will be widespread flooding, which is why we are asking every individual in the community, in the impacted area, if they haven't gotten out already, it is probably too late. night has fallen, winds are picking up, and the rain is picking up, and they have no choice but to shelter in place and we are hopeful that they have the supplies they need, such as food, water, emergency medication for themselves and their pets. >> shannon: we know people will turn to you through the storm and after as they begin to
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rebuild these communities and try to recover. we know it will be a long process for many of them. james joseph, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a secret letter, a vague statement, a referral to subtle investigators. it is all just a ploy to stop the supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh before the senate's vote? we'll dig into the claims. plus, it's primary day in new york. results are pouring in. how did governor cuomo do against the far left actress cynthia nixon? stay with us. ♪ what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill
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♪ >> shannon: mrs. fox news alert. the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee says she has given the fbi information regarding allegations against supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. but there is plenty of information we don't have at this point. correspondent kristin fisher is looking into it for us. good evening. >> republicans say this is nothing more than an 11th hour character assassination. but democrats, they are not sure what they have. but they've referred attenuated federal investigators. all we know for sure about these claims is that senator dianne feinstein says she received information from someone who "strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and i have honored that decision. i have however referred the
8:21 pm
matter to federal investigative authorities." the issue is so secret that even other democrats on the judiciary committee don't know what it is. >> all i know is what i have read, two or three sentences that was in some report that came out overnight. i wouldn't make any judgment of it until i had more information. >> really, the only clue comes from "the new york times." so far fox cannot confirm it but "the "the times" is reporting that the matters relating to possible sexual misconduct involving kavanaugh and a woman years ago, back when they were in high school. john cornyn puts it like this. "let me get this straight. this is a statement about a secret letter regarding a secret matter and an unidentified person. right." the white house is defending kavanaugh by calling the elitist controversies and 11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation. a source says feinstein has been aware of these allegations since july but waited until now to come forward. the fbi says it received the information from feinstein last night.
8:22 pm
they confirmed it happen. but that it has no plans to open an investigation. the plan now is for the senate judiciary committee to vote one week from today and enabled by the full senate sometime during the final week of september. senator burr applicants say they are still confident that they'll be able to hit their goal of getting kavanaugh confirmed by the end of the month. >> shannon: every vote counts. kristin fisher, thank you very much. while this development delay or derail kavanaugh senate vote and have to put it past the midterms even? the political -- the director of political communications for planned parenthood, john mike joins us in "the washington times" legal affairs reported. welcome to you both. erica, i want to start with you. you heard that the letter was apparently around since july, we know that senator feinstein has had private conversations with the nominee, some public questioning, went again behind closed doors for questioning. why are we just hearing about it now? >> that's a great question and the one thing i can say is that
8:23 pm
senator feinstein takes her role as a ranking member very seriously and if she believes that this is something that should be referred to the fbi, i do trust her judgment. but again, this underscores what we have been seeing where we don't know a lot about kavanaugh's record. women across the country are indeed concerned about what his nomination will mean and there certainly is a topping. >> shannon: you know that this committee says they turned over the committees, more than the five previous nominees combined beforehand. he answered other -- more than a thousand questions that were posed after the hearing. when something services like this at the last minute, what you make of it? >> i was told this didn't even come up in the private questioning. behind closed doors. so it's interesting that this is something that she has had for more than a month but we are just hearing about it. i do think it is an effort to push the confirmation back after the midterms. i think that's what democrats are hoping for. if you look at the for numbers
8:24 pm
right now, it doesn't look like that would actually end up in their favor necessarily. it could be an effort to try to fill senator susan collins off from supporting brett kavanaugh. they are hoping they will vote against them to keep them from getting confirmed. >> shannon: >> shannon: white he spokesperson -- a lengthy statement that -- "not until the eve of his confirmation has senator feinstein or anyone raised the specter of new information about him. there are 25 years of public service, the federal bureau of investigation as thoroughly and repeatedly vetted judges kavanaugh dating back to 1993 for some of the most highly sensitive roles." erica, do you think they could have possibly missed it? >> it seems like they did. as somebody who was watching the hearing, for me coming out of it, it just really seems like there were more questions about kavanaugh nonanswers.
8:25 pm
we already see him dock joe mike dubke and dodge do and do somersaults -- >> shannon: as previous nominees have. >> my favorite justice ginsburg -- >> shannon: people will cite her often and say that she set the standard of not answering questions of how to do something that could come before the court. but she was very open about her feelings and abortion. >> when we are talking about somebody who is being nominated to the highest court of the land, it makes sense that we want to answer every question we have about him and know what he will mean for our future, for future generations, and for the future of their country. it's because a little differenth justice ginsburg for example, representing clients, some of her views she could be vocal about. with brett kavanaugh, we have 12 years of his judicial opinions were he served as a federal appeals quote george. we know that that is her mobile's are saying, are looking at what kind of justice he couls personal beliefs. >> shannon: another top democrat, dick durbin, he's
8:26 pm
calling for delay, saying the judiciary panel should not vote on him until "all the information is before the committee. there is no idea what they will find. the fbi is the appropriate agency and that is where it was referred." they say they're not opening a criminal investigation but they are making part of the file that the white house will consider. should there be a delay? >> it is my understanding that then goes to senator grassley and it will be up to him what happens next. i think that background file can be viewed by all lawmakers. i believe all cemeteries, is what buzzfeed is reporting. when they all returned to washington on monday, if it hasn't leaked out before them, and she will find out more. >> shannon: i'm thinking the same. any chance we don't get to know the details? while the judge himself step up and address it? >> i hope to him address it. watching these, we've been waiting for him to be forthcoming about what this would mean for women's and women's health in this country. he ducked and dodged questions of the hearing but from his record, as you said, we do know
8:27 pm
that he's ruled against access to abortion, he's ruled to limit access to birth control, and even the limit for people with pre-existing conditions. >> shannon: what he said in those cases that he is following president. sometimes that will make his supporters happy and his detractors unhappy and vice versa. if he's confirmed, you will see people on both sides who are at times happy and unhappy about what he does. we'll see if he gets there and whether this vote happens next week. thank you both. breaking tonight, abc is reporting former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has tentatively reached a plea deal with special counsel robert mueller. it's unclear if manafort has agreed to cooperate or if you will simply plead guilty head of a second trial, which was scheduled to start later this month in washington. tonight, the bitterly fought new york democrat primary staggering to the finish line. we have a winner in the race between governor andrew cuomo and actress cynthia nixon. governor cuomo prevailing tonight. it was a no-show at his election night party.
8:28 pm
instead, celebrating his win at the governor's mansion. 65-34. explosions and chaos, 75 euros a day and dozens of homes and paralyzing communities, trace gallagher is next to talk about what is going on. plus, the extreme weather center for a florence updates, where she is headed, the latest threats. plus, a storm of her president trump suites today. that story and more when we return. ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk
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>> shannon: much of the country is focused on her again florence as she moves in with high winds and pounding rains. but for the north, there is a stunning disaster unfolding in massachusetts. trace gallagher joins us now with the latest on literally dozens of fires north of boston. what is going on? >> as one fire chief said, this has got to be what armageddon looks like. this was a series of rapid-fire gas explosions affecting three communities north of boston. we are talking about lawrence, and over, and north andover.
8:33 pm
there is still no breakdown of exactly how many homes exploded or burned. but the number is certainly in the dozens. one official estimated 20 homes lost in lawrence, 20 in andover, and 20 in north andover. so many fires burning at once that some are left unattended because there just weren't enough firefighters to go aroun around. we've also confirmed that one person was killed in lawrence winter break to from an explosion collapsed on the car he was in. the victim was just 18. there is also several injuries. all of the destroyed and damaged trump's are customers of columbia gas. the cause is thought to have something to do with the gas pressure issue but the investigation is clearly in the early stages. the massachusetts state fire marshal's office has set an investigation team to the scene and the fbi is also monitoring all three communities. in those communities affected, there are 51,000 customers and
8:34 pm
all of them of columbia gas have been told to get out. here's the andover town manager. watch. >> we are asking our residents with gas service to remain evacuated from their homes. we are going through a process with the utility come which areas of town that is most impacted, in order to provide an accurate timeline of when people may be able to return to their homes. >> the timeline is very unclear. he could take weeks to get answers and get people back int. columbia gas is a a statement saying their first responsibility is to ensure the safety of their customers. they were reminding people in or near the affected areas not to like matches, candles, or use anything that might cause a spa. adjust the past few years, they have been deadly gas explosions in maryland, new york , pennsylvania, and in california. tonight all of the fires in massachusetts have been
8:35 pm
extinguished. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. ♪ a fox news weather alert. we are tracking the path of the monster storm, category category 2 hurricane florence braden meteorologist adam klotz is live in the fox news weather center. hi, adam. >> and look at the big storm, at this point it looks like you were sitting on top of the coast, has made landfall yet, windsor 94 miles per hour, category 1. the circulations, the outer bands hammering parts of the curse but you see the center of circulation, 80 miles off the coast. the band, though, bringing the heaviest rain, strong winds, a lot of storm surge now running from portions of central carolina, stretching to the outer banks. that will be continuing as we see this turn and head off towards wilmington overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the winds already beginning to arrive in these communities. currently getting winds up into the middle 50s, 55 miles an hour. you see out in the buoys, wind
8:36 pm
hosts gusts as high as 81 miles per hour. this will move this direction, and we will see those stronger bins work their way on drawer over the course of the overnight hours enter early tomorrow morning. here's the motion with the storm. what you need to pay attention to, what we have been talking about, a major slow down. for where it sits, by tomorrow, very little movement by the slower this moves, that just means all of those wins we are talking about, all of the brain has more time to pileup. the storm surge has more time to pileup and that will be more time for these brain numbers to really climb. look at this. numbers getting up into the 20 to 30-inch range. widespread spots getting up to 12 to 15 15, in some cases 2 f. a lot of rain on top of the storm surges mean flooding will be an issue for large portions of both north carolina and south carolina. the storm surge continues to be on the front right quadrant of those. any spot you were seeing these pink or white, that is where the
8:37 pm
storm surge could be highest. we've seen reports as high as 1. those numbers could continue to climb as we continue through the evening hours. it is a big one. the other concern is any time you start to see one of these systems move on drawer, shannon, everything in the red, that is . the ingredients are complaints with hurricanes for tornadoes. a handful of issues will be watching for at the overnight hours. >> shannon: will check back with you as you continue to work around the clock. thank you very much. another storm brewing, this meant political will over the president's tweets. the federal government's response to hurricane maria and puerto rico last year. correspondent gillian turner see with the latest. good evening. >> hi, good evening, shannon. in a doubleheader tweet today, president trump continued what has been an ongoing feud since tuesday with puerto rico. writing, "3,000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit puerto rico. when i left the island, after the storm i said, they had
8:38 pm
anywhere from six to 18 deaths. this was done by the democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible." george washington university study released several weeks ago found the total of 2,975 people perished within a period of six months due to hurricane-related causes. the white house argues, the methodology used to track the puerto rico death tolls skus that number. nevertheless, condemnation of the president's tweets in washington has been swift and bipartisan. >> this claim is beyond ridiculous. it is an insult to the brave men and women who every day provide medical care and other first responder aid to people in distress a situation. >> casualties don't make a person look bad. i have no reason to dispute these numbers. i was in puerto rico after the hurricane. it was devastating. >> i don't think those of the
8:39 pm
right words when you talk about loss of life. >> a few hours later, the white house qualifying the president's tweets in a statement. "president trump was responding to the liberal media and the san juan mayor who sadly has tried to exploit the devastation by pushing out a constant stream of misinformation and false accusations." in the midst of this, they dhs inspector general launched an investigation into the head of fema, brock long. his use of fema vehicles for personal travel. according to sources, mainly for a six hour long trip between d.c. and his home in north carolina. >> doing something on that is not part of the dna and are part of my track record. >> sources confirmed to fox news of the previous administrations also used official fema vehicles for travel to their homes and insist it's unclear whether there is a guidance that prohibits that practice. as of this evening, fox news had told the secretary of homeland security is taking it seriously but has so far not
8:40 pm
raised the prospect of seeking long's resignation. shannon? >> shannon: gillian turner, thank you very much. jason hurricane florence, and extreme meteorologist who is running into the storm. a north carolina resident has had florence will be a multimillion dollar disaster for the country but he is not leavi. they are both live later. stick around. ♪ n's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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8:45 pm
that then to chase it. the videos and pictures don't do it justice. reporting and change dangerous conditions help the public see what it's like, would you see that crazy hurricane video, you will think twice when you need to evacuate. it is not just public service. we do enjoy it. i like getting out there. there is definitely a good side to getting that video out and showing people what it's like. >> shannon: jay, you've written historically about florida and the carolinas with a number of fake hurricanes, people refer to hazel from 1954. i want to read something from a bloomberg article, saying, unlike hurricane hazel which made landfall near the north carolina and south carolina border in 1954 and moved through the region, florence is coming straight on and will stick around for days. they say the potential costs are $30 billion. jay, what does a storm like this due to communities, industries manage rules roles and? speak of what we see with the storm surge potential, rainfall
8:46 pm
potential, those two particularly will be the story for hurricanes lawrence. it will be a lingering storm that will exacerbate both of those. the storm surge will go through two high tide cycles, that is not good news for those beaches along the coast there. we have seen it happen before with many other storms, sometimes -- a storm like hazel, you mention, racing and went back in '54. very different from florence's slow path. >> shannon: what does it take to rebuild? we have a few days of this rain and flooding we expect all through both the states, further inland and just its impact on the coast. what does it take? what kind of timeline and how do people put things back together? >> unfortunately in north carolina, we have been busy with hurricanes the last couple of decades. we've had hurricanes ran in '96, floyd in '99, isabel, and a lot of similarities with the storms that are much stronger at sea and as they approached the
8:47 pm
north carolina coast, the weekend but still packed a punch. just two years ago, hurricane matthew struck the same part of north carolina and south carolina, and we are still picking up the pieces. more than 4 billion damages. i'm telling you they are people who are watching florence who have not for their lives back together from hurricane matthew. >> shannon: mike, you've chaser number of these storms and i know this one is early on, not officially landfall yet wit. how does this a storm compared to others that you have been in? >> what you said, it's a different monster, moving a weird direction, a high-pressure wind blocking into going anywhere. luckily, it has weakened significantly. we are getting 80 plus plus-mile-per-hour winds in one of these rain bends that we are income i think the main story, it will be the storm surge and the heavy fell inland. as it comes in. it is moving slow and it has weekend and that is good news
8:48 pm
but it will still have devastating impact on north carolina and south carolina. >> shannon: mike kickham of the charleston referring to hazel, the conventions that fueled hazel in 1954 at the same for florence to take him a warm ocean water and not enough wind pressure to blow apart florence massive swirl. other smaller hurricanes that approach the east coast are steered out to sea by jet streams. why did that happen this time? that primarily because of the size of the storm? >> educated gigantic wind field, usually they will swing north but the evolution of thisr the last two days has been pretty interesting. it got a little bit of wind shear from the south and as the wind year toward the southern half of the storm apart. that is why we went from a category 4 to a weak category to train at this point. it will still have devastating impact with the inner structure of the hurricane is quite weak. with such a large wind field, still storm surge, still have
8:49 pm
the devastating flooding from the 20 plus inches of rain, may be up to 30 inches as it comes a lunch for >> shannon: jay, having written about this and having an historical context for these kinds of storms, a north carolinian yourself, what message do you have for the people of the carolinas as they try to survive this and start over? >> you are hearing it consistently from the reports tonight, just because the storm has dropped in intensity on the simpson scale, we can't ignore the fact that this was a monster dressed a couple of days ago. it still is in scale, and those reading impacts are what i think it's going to be the lasting legacy of the storm. 20-30 inches of rain, it's almost twice as much as what we experienced with a storm like matthew. we know that we are going to have a lot of problems in the inland counties, a lot of the river systems across the eastern part of our state. very vulnerable to these types of floods. >> shannon: jay barnes and
8:50 pm
mike scantlin. thank you very much. i would live coverage continues right after the break. ♪ making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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♪ >> shannon: we are continuing to track hurricane florence as she moves and now, taking her time going into the coastline. along the carolinas. a category one trend moving slowly, that is part of the problem because the longer she sits there, the more the rain will turn out and force that storm surge into the inland area, the coastal areas, it talking about dozens of inches of rain potentially, the storms eye is about 50 miles off of mod city, north carolina. the core is about 60 miles east southeast of wilmington, north carolina. water pushing over coastal roads, the coastline areas, and
8:55 pm
intense storm surges and inland flooding are expected. that is the primary concern that they have at this point. yes, they are talking about wind, yes, talking about other issues but it is going to be that water and where it all goes. flooding into the in land. 88,000 people right now without power. we do of course expect that number to grow. utility crews from as far as california and canada, they have been brought to north carolina, or at least closer, because they will be responding to what could be millions of power outages. they are getting ready. they are staging in areas that will put them in place that when the storm is finally through and they can safely get in, they will then begin to respond to the efforts. 10 million people right now are in this potential disaster zone. it will play out over the next two or three days. hurricanes and sheer size means it could better the east coast with hurricane-force mines for nearly a full day. according to weather forecaster forecasters. despite its unpredictable path, it was forecasted to make landfall near cape fear north carolina, midday on
8:56 pm
friday. we've seen a lot of stall and a little bit of a jig to the south. emergency declarations have been enforced in georgia, south carolina, north carolina, virginia, maryland, and the district of columbia. we are continuing extended coverage. we'll be right back after this break with another hour. put you. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington with your special extended coverage of hurricane florence. right now and all through the night, you are looking at live images from the carolina coast, hurricane florence smite on full display. power outages increasing all across north carolina. florence is slowly crawling ever closer to the coast but the actual landfall when the center of the eye reaches land as i was away. right now, the effects are still potentially life threatening. torrential rain, monster waves, and punishing winds. officials are warning of catastrophic flash flooding proportions for portions of carolina and it's not going away. team coverage fro


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