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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 along the carolina coast. i'm shepard smith in new york. this is fox news channel's continuing coverage of hurricane florence. florence is a category one storm with maximum sustained winds at 75 miles an hour. its moving inland due west according to the national hurricane center at 6 miles an hour. expected to live along the southeastern coast or border, i should say, of north carolina and then slide over into south carolina in the hours ahead. i want to go to the big wall now and show you what the current situation is with the storm. you can see at a category one, it's expected to trek inland
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just a little bit. that is 8:00 tomorrow morning on saturday. should be right along that line. still with maximum sustained winds at 65 miles an hour. then by sunday morning much further inland as a low pressure center winds of about 30 miles an hour. but still dropping a lot of rain. let's take a look at the radar map now. that was a satellite image. here's the radar for perspective. this is charleston, south carolina here, which really never got much rain out of this system. it was always inching up on it. at the top, you can see elizabeth city, cape hatteras and the rest with wilmington here in the center. wilmington still getting a lot of rain. last report was, a woman and her infant child have died in the storm. the husband has ben taken to a nearby hospital. those are two of three confirmed deaths so far in this storm. this is expected to continue to move inland and wrap its way
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back around. charlotte will be getting rain before the day's end. there was a significant storm at new bern and a number of other towns along rivers along the coast. severally the rainfall has been the story of this. these are numbers, official numbers from the u.s. geological survey for rainfall totals. they are provisional numbers from the united states geological survey. moorehead city, north carolina, i can only show you what i'm seeing. 45 inches of rain. grand isle, north carolina, 33 inches of rain. surfside beach, 17 inches. along -- just on the coast there off wilmington, 19.6 inches. wilmington itself 17.0 inches. these numbers seem extraordinarily high. we'll wait for the u.s.
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geological survey to check on it. if so, talk about something for the history bucks. we can only record to you what they reported to us. they've got ten a lot of rain. bill hemmer has been in wilmington throughout the duration of this. close to 20 inches of rain, quite a thing there, bill. we just lost his satellite hookup as does happen so often in these storms. let's go to steve harrigan who we have been watching along topsail beach where they're still getting blown around. steve? >> there's no let up in the wind the past several hours. i'll give you a visual. you can't fall backwards into this wind. the destruction that is taking place is pretty clear all along the main street here. covered with sand now. you can see bits and pieces of people's houses. that's the stairway there, doors, windows. when you look down the road,
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it's covered and sand and debris. the overall structures are still standing. parts of the roof, parts of the porches and doors. they're all here in the middle of the road where it's still gusting and the rain 20 inches is still coming in pretty much sideways. it's clear there's no in or out of the island because of the debris and the water that is covering the debris. and also because of downed power lines. there's no electricity here. there's no electricity for 600,000 people in north carolina. the cleanup here is going to be huge. but too early to talk about cleanup now. this is still very much a wind event on this part of the carolina coast, shepard. >> shepard: you still feel like you're getting hurricane force winds there, steve? >> yes, i do. the rain hurts and you can't fall backwards. i'm not seeing trees snap. i'm seeing branches snap. so yes, this feels like a
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hurricane. >> shepard: steve harrigan who is live along the coast now. that is north of the storm. so they still have the winds coming off the ocean. this is south of the storm in myrtle beach. so because of those counterclockwise winds, in this case, the winds are pushing the water away from the beach. look how the winds are blowing. you can see winds going out to the ocean. people along out there now because the ocean is receded a lot. you can see the winds pushing the sand out towards the beach that is all because of this counterclockwise flow. up in wilmington, north carolina, they're still getting the winds and the rain off the sea. not as bad as it was. there's bill hemmer that appears to be high and dry. hi, bill. >> hi, shepard. change of clothes here and we're back at it. you mentioned the fatalities. tough news for the city of wilmington. the police department putting out a statement about a woman and an infant killed when a tree
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fell on the home. the father of a household is being treated at a local hospital. a press conference is being set up here. we expect to get more information on that when it happened. that was the warning that went out and we hope for, you know, no further news along this line. that's really tough to take. a parking lot behind us, shepard. we've been out here 6:00 a.m. so many trees in our line of sight that are downed just in this area here. you extrapolate that down across a town of 105,000 people, you can imagine how many people have been affected. two hours ago, i told you the wind and raise lessened. that was true then. look at the futurecast. the conditions right now, i don't know how long they last. but if you look at the futurecast, we're looking at six hours plus of conditions like
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this with the bands that continue to whip around in wilmington. the rain comes with it. it lessens a little bit but picks back up like it is now. we're in for it long haul. she's big and she's slow unfortunately. she's florence, shepard. >> shepard: thanks, bill. back to steve harrigan in north topsail. your whole section, steve, from surfside beach -- no. along topsail beach, north of wrightsville beach, up to sneeds ferry and camp lejeune still getting battered. >> yeah, we've had 24 hours of nonstop rain. this wind is the strongest that we've seen. i'm watching bits and pieces of this roof come off the house here and in to the grass here. there was a 60-yard beautiful beach there. that beach is gone. it's come over the sand dunes
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now and over the road. it looks like just complete kage down the street. you can see some from the interior of houses, furniture. the houses are torn apart by the wind, shepard. >> shepard: anybody that says it's a category one storm, it can't do that much doing, it certainly can if it beats on you and beats on you for 24 hours. that's what's been happening, steve. >> yeah, there's no way in or out when you're on an island here. the police closed down the island at 8:00. no cars in or out. the danger from the wind crossing the bridge. there were police checking on breaking and entering. there were a few incidents. a lot of people choosing to monitor their houses remotely. they can see initially some
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looting, but then after that, some destruction. so those cameras are probably capturing rooftops of the houses beginning to get torn off but not the structures themselves, shepard. >> shepard: yeah, i've been zooming in on a map of that whole area of north topsail. from satellite, you can see house after house, side by side along that beach. i don't know if you have any idea what the homes will look like when this finally clears. >> yeah, if you had a balcony or if you had a porch or wooden steps, that's the first casualty, the balconies and the wooden steps. there's an entire street lined with any wooden attachment structure. those are gone. the buildings themselves get lost in a cat four or five are still standing. anything attached to that building is gone. >> shepard: have they given you -- steve, it's our understanding by the time night
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fall comes, your conditions won't have improved much. do you have a plan? >> yeah, we have -- fortunately we have a fox engineer that has a condo here on the beach. that's really been lucky to give us our access. we're tracking sand in his condo
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and have a nice comfortable spot when we're not out in this, shepard. his building is holed up well. we don't have power. but these guys prepare so well. people that have been through hurricanes. everything is waterproofed and we're on the fourth backup to get the shot up. so they seem to be plugging along. we're on generator power. the island is pitch black once the sun goes down. >> shepard: man, you've been in a lot of hurricanes. is there one you'd compare this to or is this one in itself? >> this one just doesn't go away. i was thinking this morning, the storm came in. the storm was gone. let's get in the car and try to go to new bern where there was some flooding. but this storm hasn't gone away. it's like the guest that comes over and talks your ear oh. dow
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surfside, gray street, house after house, you have to wonder what that looks like after the storm clears and we can get out and get a better look at that whole area of the coast. you can see what we're talking act. this particular area makes a cup here. the area where the storm came ashore is right here in wilmington. this is the area that we're talking about, this entire section that has been inundated by wind and waves for hours and hours and hours on end. so what has this done to the power for that region? the head of duke energy joins us live next.
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where? myrtle beach, south carolina. myrtle beach, of course, will be spared the worst of it. the new information at the bottom of the screen is chilling. actually, jeff flock on carolina beach now still getting battered down there, jeff. >> this is an amazing storm. it stretches so far. you know, it's the kind of storm, as you know, shepard, if this was a cat four storm, we wouldn't be standing in it. category one conditions, you can report from the beach but the fact is, these conditions have stretched so far, to me that is extraordinary that we have those kind of conditions that have stretched to moorhead city, new bern has been getting pounded the last 48 hours. now we are and perhaps we will for quite a bit of time, too. so you know, when you have wind
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on structures as long as this is, whether it's a berm or a structure, the damage multiplies. you know, this story has not been finally written yet. >> shepard: any reports on damage up and down that coast there? >> we talked to local authorities here. police say they haven't had any rescues, even though there's flooding. there's, you know, damage -- wall came down, a roof or two came off. no catastrophic damage whatsoever. category one storm. wind is not the issue as much as the wind right now is an issue. that's not the issue. it's the water. that is still coming. >> shepard: jeff flock live on the beach. thanks very much. you saw at the bottom of the screen, 645,000 people now -- 643,000 without power across the state of north carolina. let's bring in david fountain from duke energy. he's the state president for
12:18 pm
north carolina. overall, the numbers are lower than you projected might happen. >> well, shepard, hurricane florence just came ashore eight hours ago. duke energy, we've had about 400,000 customers lose power across north and south carolina. that's about 10% of the total customers that we serve. this is going to be a long, slow-moving storm and it's one that we project continued widespread power outages as it moves across the central part of north carolina, along the south carolina border and up into the mountains later in the weekend. >> shepard: we've gotten reports, david, of some people whose power went out and come back on. your people must be out and working hard already. >> yeah, shepard. as i mentioned to you earlier this week when we spoke, we amassed a restoration army.
12:19 pm
we're initiating efforts where it's safe to do so. we'll get out in the field as soon as the hurricane strength winds recede and come down below tropical storm force winds. the real challenge in this storm though, shepard, is the flooding. this is going to be even more severe flooding than we had in hurricane matthew two years ago. that's going to impede the pace of our ability to get out and do our damage assessment. i know our customers are counting on us. we'll be there as soon as we can. we're focused on the safety of our customers and crews in the field and in particular emergency personnel and rescue teams who are doing heroic work today. >> shepard: david fountain, all the best to the thousands throughout there working hard for their fellow citizens. appreciate it very much. >> shepard: thanks, shepard. we're a tough and resilient bunch in north carolina. we'll get through this together.
12:20 pm
duke energy, we're not going to rest until we get the last outage restored. >> shepard: all the best. i appreciate it. coming up in just a minute, there's other big news in america today. we realized that paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, would end up pleading guilty to more counts and be sentenced to more years in prison. the question was would he turn states evidence. would he flip and cooperate were the government in the special counsel robert mueller investigation. now we know. the details are next. why bother mastering something?
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12:24 pm
mueller. paul manafort pleaded guilty in his second criminal case. there will be no trial. last month a jury in virginia convicted him of bank fraud and tax fraud. catherine herridge is with the news outside of d.c. or now with the bureau. >> i'm back. the magic of t.v. i was in the courthouse earlier today and in the courtroom when paul manafort pled guilty to two felonies, two conspiracy counts. he entered the courtroom with a red tie and navy suit. he flashed a smile at his wife and team. the two conspiracy counts have to do, first with financial dealings prior to his time as campaign chairman and the second has to do with tampering with witnesses. that was in the spring of this year. the big headline here though is that there is a cooperation agreement in place with the
12:25 pm
special counsel. here's kevin downing. >> hi, everybody. tough day for mr. manafort. his accepted his responsibility and he wanted to make sure that his family was able to remain safe and live a good life. he's accepted responsibility and this is for conduct that dates back many years. everybody should remember that. so thank you, everyone. >> it's worth noting that he's looking at significant jail time with the guilty plea and the conviction that you mentioned in august on eight counts that relate to financial crimes. he gave up five properties today in the new york city area, multimillion dollars in real estate as well as three bank accounts. so the question is why did he make the deal? based on what we learned today, he made the deal to help his wife and daughter stay in their homes in florida and virginia
12:26 pm
and continue to have some access to the money that is left, shep. >> shepard: catherine, what do we know about the specifics of the plea deal? >> we heard about it in court. i would emphasize that based on what we heard in court and the paperwork, there's no restrictions and there's no boundaries on this issue of cooperation. mr. manafort was asked a number of questions by the judge and he said very clearly that he would in the cooperation agreement act truthfully and cooperate fully. what those close to the president and his legal team have said is that manafort has nothing to offer on russia collusion and the president and the trump tower meeting. i would emphasize, we got to go with what we heard in court which is that there are no restrictions on this agreement and there's an expectation that he fully cooperates, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. to the white house now. john roberts is live on the north lawn with reaction from there. hi, john. >> shep, good afternoon to you.
12:27 pm
certainly in a lot of circles this is being portrayed as a big blow to the president. but you heard kevin downing say some specific words there. he said this goes back to things that happened many years ago. people that are supporters of the president have read through what is called the superseding information that was a document under which he contracted the plea deal. they say there's nothing in there about russia or collusion. sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary said this afternoon that this had absolutely nothing to do with the president or his victorious 2016 presidential campaign. like-wise, the president's outside counsel saying what? me worry? rudy guliani said an investigation has concluded with a plea having nothing to do with the trump campaign because the president did nothing wrong. the president had a lot of pace for paul manafort after the verdict came down and comparing
12:28 pm
that to the plea deal that michael cohen had copped. the president tweeting -- >> unlike michael cohen, he refused to break to make a deal. such respect for a brave man. well, we don't know what stories paul manafort might have to tell. some people have suggested he might be able to add a greater layer of detail to that meeting in trump tower in june of 2016 because he was there along with jared kushner and donald trump jr. people point out that jared kushner has done an interview with the special counsel's office and jared kushner and donald trump jr. testified before the house and senate intelligence committees and the office of special counsel has all of those documents. so it's not clear at this point, shep, what manafort might have to add on that particular issue or other issues.
12:29 pm
certainly paul manafort is going to milk them for all he's worth. >> shepard: thanks, john. straight back to hurricane coverage. jonathan hunt will be leave in myrtle beach, south carolina as the hurricane coverage rolls on and we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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12:34 pm
conditions have deteriorated to some degree as the winds have pushed the sea outward. jonathan hunt is live in north myrtle beach. hey, jonathan. >> shep, this is likely to be a tale in two parts for south carolina the next couple days. first, the good -- we hope the good part. that is the coastal south carolina, including north myrtle beach where we are right now, may have dodged a bull let. we're being told by rick reichmuth, our chief meteorologist, that we're let's likely now than we were before to see a storm surge from the ocean. that is very good news indeed. it was predicted at one point to be anywhere from 2 to 9 feet. but rick is telling us now that that is unlikely to happen. now, that's because we're -- if you look at the map of the hurricane, we're at the bottom of it. think of those anti-clock-wise winds. when they get down here, they're blowing offshore. they're coming from land out to
12:35 pm
the ocean. you can look at the palm trees. they're bending out towards the ocean as the winds gust. the winds have not been bad here, not nothing like what steve harrigan is experiencing in topsail beach in north carolina. they've done a little damage to a couple homes that you can see along the beach front here, ripping off some of the roofing on a couple of those. but no major damages. the other part of the story i was talking about is inland. that's inland, south carolina. that is because this intense rain that we've been getting for several hours now and predicted to go on for something like another 24 hours. you think of all the rain coming down in north carolina, too, shep. the governor of south carolina, henry mcmaster was just pointing out, a lot of the rivers in north carolina that will be swelling by so many feet drain out through south carolina. so inland, south carolina, along all of those rivers, it's still
12:36 pm
a potentially very dangerous situation. that is going to play out as this rain keeps coming down over the next 24 to 48 hours, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live for us. thanks very much. we've been reporting the storm at last check from the national hurricane center was down at a minimal hurricane at 75 miles an hour. 74 would be a tropical storm. it was due west at six miles an hour. there is the latest satellite loop of it. let's get an update. ken graham is the director of the national hurricane center. ken, we figured as it moved inland it would get strength. has it? >> yes, it has, shep. losing strength and still seeing the rainfall. so as we move -- continue to move inland, we'll see the winds come down. these are the areas that i'm still so concerned about. the center of it and the rain bands. if you notice with time, these rain bands continue to bring a lot of rain over the same area.
12:37 pm
so as we move northward, we'll see this transition from a storm surge and a growing fresh threat from the rainfall. >> shepard: when does this turn to the north? >> the turn to the north doesn't come. we finally have a system out of the great lakes that will turn it to the north. this is -- we're looking at right now this right here is 8:00 p.m. saturday. this is 8:00 a.m. sunday. moving a cross south carolina, throughout the weekend slow. finally turning north by the time we get to monday and tuesday. meantime, the slow move is just going to compound the issues with the rainfall. >> shepard: what is your thinking about when topsail beach and the rest of coastal carolina might get a break? >> it's going to be awhile. the storm surge has peaked in some areas. you'll still have the tide cycle. the other thing is you'll have the on shore flow. the real take away, the water comes in. with the rainfall trying to
12:38 pm
drain out and so much water funneled in, it's going to take awhile for the water to drain. >> ken graham from the national hurricane center. thank you as always. to tom balance now, he lives in new bern where they had to have rescue workers save people from their homes by the hundreds. his wife went to atlanta. he stayed behind with a cat and three dogs, it's my understanding. how did that work out? >> well, it was pretty dumb. we should have gone to atlanta. >> shepard: we talked just yesterday. i wondered how you were feeling about it. tell me what the night was like. >> oh, my gosh. i think the last time i was up that long is when my child was born. keep going to check the breeze. i checked out the wind because it was so dark. my house faces the river. i'm about 250 feet from it. it's on an incline. we've always been good. since 2003, nothing like this.
12:39 pm
i kept watching it. it kept coming up. when i say coming up, it was like the ocean breaking on top of the yard. so i got worried. i called my friend at the weather channel. he said go to the second floor. anyway, it's very scary. you know, it's -- it was one of the stupidest things i've done. i did a lot of stupid thing when i was young. but since i got older, i never put myself in harm's way like this. i'll never do it again. >> shepard: when there a time that you thought, tom, this could be it? yeah, be truthful, if my wife was here, she would be angry. i told her i wasn't worried. there was a time i thought if it comes to the second floor, where do you go? the windows are too small for me to get out of. in the second floor there, they're smaller. i would have been in trouble. it's like being in an attic with no exit. >> shepard: that would have been trouble.
12:40 pm
>> it did cross my mind. >> shepard: you're breaking up a little bit. i know being in there with a bunch of puts and chaos outside, it had to have been -- i don't know -- nerves had to have been high. >> it's still that way. it's not stopped. the walk has packed off system. as far as rain goes, i was listening to rick talk about the rainfall. i have this little rain gauge out there. it must be wrong. it says 58 inches in the last 36 hours. so i must be doing something wrong. >> shepard: it's interesting you say that, we have some rain gauges that are from the u.s. geological society survey where they're saying over 40 inches. we just can't believe it. but to say you've gotten copius amounts of rain would be an understatement. do you have any neighbors? >> yeah, the neighbor next door
12:41 pm
to me, we talked on the phone. of course, we haven't had power in like 36 hours. i think everybody is okay. the worst part was down up to new bern. hearing that stuff. i couldn't believe it. one of my real good friends, his house burned up because of his generator. >> shepard: i heard you had a fire there. >> yeah, a good friend of mine. his house burned to the ground, darn it. >> shepard: for viewers that have never lived through one of these things and sort of understand, you know a man's home is his castle and you make your decision. you're like i'm going to ride it out. for those that have never been through such an experience, is there a way to describe it to someone who has never been in it? >> i guess it would be like getting into a barrel going over
12:42 pm
niagara falls thinking you're going to love. it's like what stupid thing have i done to put myself in jeopardy when my wife told me to come with them. i was standing there thinking how stupid it was for nothing. that's my take-away on it that upset me. i was that stupid. i'm 70. you'd think i had gotten better. i still have relapses. that won't happen again though. >> shepard: i said that once myself. i don't know how that happened but it won't happen again. tom balance, man, glad you made it through it. great to talk to you. glad the cat and the dogs are doing well. hopefully your wife is not too mad at you. they can't be too mad when you love through it to tell the story. tom balance in new bern where the picture is clear today. that is dumb. i didn't say it. he said it. he did say it. and i do believe him. the storm is still battling the coast. it's hard to believe.
12:43 pm
hours an hours. i mean, i can tell you how bad it is sitting in a studio talking about this stuff for hours on end. i cannot -- i can barely remember what it's like to be out in there. it's nice to have that as a memory. our coverage continues in a moment. in 18 minutes, neil cavuto is coming up. one bit of good news, there's no rain in oxford. therefore, the battle against bama will happen tomorrow. another weather report, 87 degrees with a feels-like of 94. feels-like an upset. 22-point underdogs. we'll take it. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise.
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>> shepard: a live look at topsail beach in north carolina where the storm is still battling coastal carolina. look at the bottom of the screen. above the words there and below that little -- i don't know -- that little island. you can see the winds blowing
12:47 pm
toward the camera and off the beach. flooding has intensified. the on-shore flow continues. they're still getting inland flooding all up and down the coast. it was this morning that the storm finally came ashore in wrightsville beach, north carolina, which is just off of wilmington. beach community there where, man, they've just gotten a lot of wind and rain. rick reichmuth is live. hi, rick. >> i'm rick leventhal. rick reichmuth is your chief meteorologist. >> shepard: very similar. >> true. the governor called this a 1,000 year storm around it's true. the wind has picked up. the hurricane hit us overnight, shepard. it came ashore at 7:00 a.m. the house was rocking that we rented a few doors from the
12:48 pm
beach. it was rocking all night. so we could feel it being pushed by the wind. far less wind than they originally expected. it was blowing at 140 at one point and then down to -- i don't know -- 90, 100 last night. this is the main drag here in wrightsville beach. i know you're familiar with. north lumina afternoon and south lumina avenue. the water has receded. they set a record in wrightsville beach with almost five feet above the high tide level. that was a record by more than a foot. so nearly five feet of water above high tide. it was covering south lumina and north lumina avenue. it was in a lot of neighborhoods and side streets. there will be homes when the homers get back, they'll find flood damage in a lot of home here. but the water has receded for now. we don't know if it will come back as the rain continues.
12:49 pm
>> shepard: rick leventhal, thanks, this is a live look at jacksonville, north carolina. they're taking one of those boats out to do rescuing. look at that. got a furry friend on board there today. when you leave -- you don't want to leave your dog behind. if i left mine behind, she would eat everything. piles of fluff would be everywhere from the pillows. but that's what we'd get. nobody left this guy behind. temperatures are still up around 80 degrees. it is hot and humid. when the sun comes out, it will be -- that's better. two dogs is better than one dog. can i get an amen? thank you. they're still alive in here. they're working. so fido and fidette there and rescue workers. listen in there.
12:50 pm
track it. wipe the camera off. it's a doggie rescue. a good man right there. you know what happened there? now i know. they wandered around in a boat and trying to look for people to rescue. instead, they see the two trapped doggies. the doggies got nowhere to go. the water has come up what do they do? put the doggies on the boat. rescue the two dogs, carried by hand over to the side. i like it. it's everybody chipping in. the dogs can't do it on their own. they didn't move in the house. we moved them there. if you leave them behind, they
12:51 pm
get a rescue. they get that. associated press television news with those pictures for us. we're going to cape fear in just a moment. because we just set a brand new first time in history record there. we'll go next. but he has plans today. so he took aleve this morning. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain, for up to 12 hours of pain relief with just one pill. why test a hybrid engine for over six million miles? why hand-tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class, standard? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery,
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> more sad news to report. a fourth death has been confirmed as a result of this hurricane florence. the first happened when a person had a heart attack and really couldn't be reached by rescue authorities until it was too late. the second and third were a mother and an infant child in wilmington were trapped and authorities couldn't save them. the husband and father in this case taken to a nearby hospital. we just confirmed out of lenoir county, north carolina,
12:55 pm
officials say a person died while trying to plug in a generator. electrocuted there in lenoir county. the governor, roy cooper's office has confirmed the death. issued a statement. our hearts go out to those whose died in the storm. hurricane florence will continue their violent grind across our state for days. be careful and stay alert. in addition to that, we've gotten word of the highest river in history. the cape fear river in wilmington has reached an all-time high. the number is not something that we can relate, 8.27. but it's gotten higher than i'd did it in hurricane matthew and higher than it did in hurricane hazel. the highest the cape fear river has been in reported history. let's get to griff jenkins live there. griff? >> shep, hurricane florence is
12:56 pm
not done battering. moorehead city. this is more than 14 hours that its unleashed all sorts of water fury. that will create problems as you saw in katrina as we saw last year in harvey with structures. so many roofs ripped off. so much damage to the structures and the homes here. people will be wanting to get in, trying to bring the drywall down. they won't get to because this is continuing here, shep. >> shepard: thanks very much. griff jenkins. one last look at the big wall where we can see the track of the storm, this is a satellite loop. it shows the hurricane is down to a category one. i believe that it's most likely down to a tropical storm because the last report was 75 miles an hour. 74 is the lowest -- highest number of a hurricane or the lowest numbers that makes it a hurricane. so we believe it's probably a tropical storm now headed due west at 6 miles an hour.
12:57 pm
the rain from the radar loop shows it's still pounding all along the north carolina coast and they expect it to continue throughout the night. "your world" with neil cavuto is next on fox news channel. tch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
>> we can give you a shot of the pier. the pier is gone. gone. street signs flying like a weapon. that's the street we're on right now. you can see the wind pushing those waves back. knocking them down keeping the surge at bay. >> the situation in myrtle beach, roughly 5,000 people are without power. >> little by little, we're watching the destruction. we heard about the water and the surge. >> neil: well, we knew it was mean.


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