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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 14, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: hope the bar reopens soon. i'm sure you'll have a lot of neighbors welcoming that moment. thank you very much. we'll be continuing to monitor this on fox tomorrow with special live coverage with "cavuto live" tomorrow. >> it is a hurricane no more. what's left of hurricane florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm. the nonstop rain is hammering that state, leaving the hundreds of water less rescues. let's go live to the deputy director and rep and rappaport. >> this is the 5:00 p.m. eastern update on florence. downgraded to a tropical storm, but the hazards have not been downgraded. strong winds, storms surge, and
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linda to the west of wilmington, north carolina, moving very slowly off towards west the general direction. going to continue now for the next couple of days and here's our forecast with the center at the x located midland. 24, 36, 48, that's where the center is forecast to be. very slow motion the next few days. that's what we've been saying for several days. because of that, we have a very serious rainfall threat and linda. we can take a look at what we've seen so far. this is a map to date from florence. we can see that there are a couple of pockets already down near wilmington and up near newberry, morehead city, up near 20 inches of rain. eastern carolina 5-10 inches, the rain is going to be spreading to the west,
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2-3 inches as far as the west of lumberton north carolina. some of the rain is spreading into south carolina right now. the pattern will grow to the west the next couple of days. by the time that's all through, we are still looking at totals that can be -- we are already seeing as high as 20 but as high as 40 inches over the southeastern part of north carolina and a large area 6-10 inches covering the northern part of south carolina and almost all of north carolin north carolina. again, we have several threats still in play, although the winds have increased a bit. we have rain in the inland areas floating down toward the coast, and we still have storm surge ripped along the coast though the wins have come down typically up the rivers still threat of storm surge as ted 8-12 feet, higher values north and south. risk for rainfall in in land areas. at the national hurricane
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center, i'm ed rappaport. >> live look, new bern, north carolina. one thing we've noticed the last 24 hours or so, the worst of the storm has seemed to come in the inland areas where a river was connected to the atlantic ocean. that's the case here in new bern. new bern is a town that's just inland by 8-10 miles. right on the river, it flooded. there were hundreds of high water rescues overnight into the early morning and early afternoon hours. everyone was trapped is now safe, but these are boats along the river that, welcome the beaten up, as so many of the residence there. spoke to one man earlier who said, i made a mistake by staying behind, a mistake i will not make again. officials in north carolina blaming florence for at least four deaths. among them, a mother and infant child who died when a tree fell on their home in wilmington. let's get a check on conditions
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on the north carolina coast. steve harrigan live. steve? >> [windswept] coming back today and tied down. i can't say that yet. no blasting of the strength of the winds coming off the ocean. after 20 inches of rain, that's been causing the flooding here. lock down caroline's not down power lines you see the weather there. things like that. parts you see -- paints the picture of this. there is really no way to drive
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around here. the water, the debris, the downed power lines, no way to gain in or out. we have done remarkably well. they got a fair warning, got out early. really, i've never seen better preparation. seems we have to go back for a very tough cleanup ever. >> a lot of damage assessment yet to be done. steve harrigan, that entire area of the coastline has been battered for the past ten hours. let's go down the coast south of there into south carolina. jonathan hunt is in north myrtle beach. jonathan? >> shep, far better situation here in south carolina than it
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is for steve harrigan and the rest of the residents of north carolina. southern carolina may indeed have dodged a bullet. the storm surge that had been talked about doesn't look now as though it will happen. the reason for that, shep, we ended up at the bottom end of the hurricane storm as you look at it on a map. that meant the wins for the time they are coming through here at their height were pushing off shore, in other words going from land onto the ocean and literally pushing the ocean back. so that prevents a storm surge. we did get minor damage from the wind gusts that we had here. we've seen a bunch of trees down in the area, caught a little bit of damage on a couple of homes that you see along the beachfront here, but no major damage whatsoever. coastal south carolina is one thing. inland south carolina could yet be another. this rain that we see coming down still very hard here is predicted to last for at least
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another 24, perhaps 36, even 48 hours, shep. as you go inland, that's where the storm is moving across inland south carolina. remember, all of those rivers that have seen these well in north carolina, many of those drained out through south carolina. so officials are saying all we got to the worst of it in terms of a wind event, this is still very much a dangerous water event for inland, south carolina. everybody needs to remain very cautious and be very careful over the next 48 hours at least, shep. >> thanks very much. teams have made hundreds of water rescues and lots of them in inland cities where the waters have been rising. picking up stranded people and some pets. this rescue was live in the last hour. equal time now for the cats. they found these two cats wandering around on the boat in
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this neighborhood in jacksonville, north carolina. another one of those cities inland on the river. flooding extreme there in jacksonville, many cases up to your waist, inside your homes. making it so the cats can get back safely back to land. people and pets returning to normal. the north carolina governor roy moore right now giving a live update on the storm. let's listen. >> other first responders have rescued hundreds of people in new bern. teams from local areas, other states, and the coast guard are responding to calls for help and they are conducting searches of the flooded areas. even as the storm still rages, if people need help, these rescuers are going out there and doing their best to get to them. more flooding will occur in eastern north carolina as well as areas from fayetteville
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through the sandhills all the way to charlotte. some of these areas have not flooded before. if you live in any of these areas, pay close attention to the flood warnings and be prepared to evacuate quickly. rains will be starting this weekend in western north carolina as well where they can lead to landslides. and right now we have about 650,000 north carolinians without power statewide. the utility companies tell us that this number will keep rising. they think could be anywhere from a million to 2.5 million people that could eventually lose power. >> a lot of days ahead for the good people of north carolina, south carolina, and eventually up into virginia. that was the north carolina governor roy cooper. 5:00 carolina time, storm has
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been downgraded to a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at 70 miles an hour. it's traveling due west creeping along at just 3 miles an hour. and that the range and continue in the carolinas into monday. "the five" is next on fox news channel.
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>> fox news alert, i'm dana perino and this is "the five." florence turns deadly knocking out power and driving residents in flooded areas. rick reichmuth tracking the massive storm. what's the update as of now? >> winds down to 5 miles an hour so it's technically a tropical storm. still technically a rain event. want to show you this, something very interesting also. still looks really remarkably well organized after having spent ten hours over land. you'll also notice offshore winds down near myrtle beach, so no storm surge. water being pushed off the coast. speaking being pushed on the coast anywhere toward the north there around wilmington. there is the center of the storm. came on shore this morning about
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ten hours ago. the storm has moved 36 miles, not far at all because of that. we've seen heavy rainfall fall in the same spots for so long in the flooding is really piling up. also watching the onshore flow which means a strong surge that came on shore. can't really back out. that's why it'll go through various high tide cycles without water really, really high. want to point this out, this band of storms, really similar to what happened with harvey in houston. houston was nowhere near the center of the storm but it had the steady rain bands that were dumping may be 3-5 inches of rain in our across the same spo spot, new bern, where we've seen so much damage and flooding down towards morehead city, under those wind of storms for the last but are part of-18 hours now. it looks like you are not going to get out anytime soon. have used here across southern parts of north carolina heading into south carolina as well.
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sunday, the moisture moves in under parts of the mountainous regions. that's where things are going to be very scary for you. not only is that ground saturated but it has to pull back out to sea. let me show you how this all plays out. here's a moisture, here is what we have in the rain right now. once it gets here on the higher elevation, all of the water is going to go down and across these rivers and these tributaries. the folks that do the hydrology forecast, that's the river forecast, here's the river where we are right now. here's what we expect this to be by the time we get towards monday and tuesday. we are going to be well below the record levels we've ever seen that that gauge, at that station, along little river. i want to show you some of these rivers, the same story. if you are down here right now and you go, we get a lot of flooding going on right now, get ready, all these rivers are going to rise next couple of days. by the time you get towards sunday/monday, we will see some of these rivers go up a high amount and well above the
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stage -- looks like we'll stay at the record stage for a number of days. a long duration events. the rain is here. we've got a lot of rain to go to the weekend. then those rivers as it all funnels into the river, we are going to watch a major river flooding disaster across the carolinas. >> rick, can i ask you a quick question? did people living across those areas, did they evacuate? >> hopefully people evacuated. if you live in the floodplain, you might think, i don't flood. probably talking about a 1,000 year flood coming here, so you might think you are normally okay. a lot of people did evacuate. i think people certainly had enough time to heed the warnings with others. certainly they there will be some people who haven't and they will be hurting. >> for the latest on the federal government planned to help those hit by florence, let's bring into thank you so much for being here. what do you have as a report
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today as far as federal government efforts? >> thank you, dana. good to see you as well. right now we are focused on the response of this disaster. we've been prepared for a week and we are ready to go. preposition assets all of the east coast. talking georgia to maryland. that includes personnel equipment, commodities, especially the swift water rescue teams. we have those all over the nation that have descended on the area. they are ready to go if needed but we have to be ready for the tropical force winds to subside before we get into those areas with a high water trucks that we got from the national guard and department of defense over all as well as our state and local partners. they are the ones on the front lines. they are the ones we are supporting throughout this disaster. >> we have a few questions for you. we are going to go to giraldo next. >> what do you think about the inland flooding? we are used to the flooding and the tides and the storm surge. it seems to me is what you are looking at right now, the fabled
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rivers of north carolina becoming a wicked enemy of the people? >> sorry, i lost the audio. what was the question? >> geraldo, that was a great question. >> i've got you now. >> what about the river flooding? it seems you have less experience with that to get the word out. our folks lethargic about it. they are inland, "it can possibly affect me in that profound way." we are used to the ocean and use it to the shots of the surf blowing and reporters holding up the poles and so forth. seems to me what you are facing is a big water event. did people get that, the fact that they could have a yard of water, 3 feet of water in their yard, their basement and the first floor? >> that's right. i'm glad you repeated the question because it's a great one. we are very concerned right now still with the storm surge. the storm surges the water we saw coming across the coast. that kills. it's so dangerous. the most deadliest part of this
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hurricane is the storm surge. as it moves inland, what happens? and a lot of rain. a lot of rain over an extended period. it's not measured in inches, it's measured in feet. people don't understand rain kills. if it comes up, as he said, multiple feet, if you're in ina low-lying area, it can be very, very deadly. inland flooding will be a top concern now and several days into the future. >> one last question from katie pavlich. >> thank you for taking the time. people are interested in the logistical aspects of how fema works with local volunteers and supply chain manager of all the supply chains you have ready to go. can you talk about the partnership between fema and local officials, local volunteers, to get people the relief they need? >> good to see you as well, katie. on the ground, it's our state and local officials, so that's the state and local emergency managers. also as he mentioned, the nongovernmental organizations. none of us could do that without
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the ngos. they are embedded in the field to help sheltering operations, feeding operations, to help people recover from this disaster. >> thank you, daniel. we appreciate your time. we'll have more on the storm ahead, but "the new york times" issuing a major correction over a story about nikki haley. that's next. ♪ pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you.
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take us downtown, waze. waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside... with the world outside... making life a little... easier. introducing the well-connected lincoln mkc. >> "the new york times" forced to make a major correction after publishing a story implying you an investor nikki haley dropped over 52 grand on curtains. here's the original headline. nikki haley's view of new york is priceless. her curtains? $52,701. turns out the nikki haley had nothing to do with it.
2:26 pm
the curtains were bought by the obama administration. unbelievable smear and mischaracterization, dana. and they corrected it, to be fair. >> they corrected it within the same day, so they didn't even wait until tomorrow, although i hope it will be in the papers tomorrow. >> they got hammered all day for this and when they do the correction in the paper it'll be really small right down in the corner. >> thankfully for social media it made it around and it got its own segment on "the five" in the middle of hurricane coverage. i don't like to complain about media bias all the time i think it's a weak thing, but conservatives can make arguments that win on the merits, but the media will often do subtle digs and constant digs with headlines, photographs, and captions. especially you will see pictures, for example, president obama has never taken a bad picture. you've never seen a bad picture of president obama. you can find many bad pictures
2:27 pm
of republicans. >> i think obama's picture with the halo on the background is very majestic. but president trump has -- he can't take a bad picture? >> absolutely not. >> if he did, it can't be in "the new york times." greg, the apartment is $52,000 a month, the same as your apartment. it's pretty nice. >> no way. 52,000 a month? >> majestic views of the city. the thrust of the article was, before they got caught, nikki living large off the taxpayer. the state department is slashing the budget and slide down the cutting down programs. but they got cut. >> i'd like to say it's curtains for "the new york times." this is worse than a mistake or a lie because it's intentionally misleading. in the story six paragraphs down -- >> i don't know if that's fair. >> let me finish. it was in the article.
2:28 pm
it was in the article that obama had ordered the curtains, so the story was framed in a certain way that was misleading as if it was nikki haley's choice. somebody had read the story and still put that headline. it's pretty scummy what they did. they knew what they were doing was wrong and the only reason why the change that is because there are people who scream "media bias." media bias may come off as weak as times, but someone has to say it because nobody will get caught at it. >> i think there is some obvious stuff like this. there are times where conservatives don't try to make great arguments that they could make and hide behind media bias. >> katie, not only did the obama administration pay for these curtains, "the new york times" -- >> i was going to say! >> they said in the audio, i can't believe the trump state department -- because it's quoted on the record planning the trump administrations cutting the
2:29 pm
budget at the state department and going how could you pay for a $50,000 customized curtain for the u.n. you guys paid for it! this was under john kerry. the times did issue a correctio correction. however i do not think it's a completely fair correction. i think that the entire story should have been retracted because without nikki haley in the story, it wasn't a story and if you look at the language they use in the correction that they have, as you said that will be on the bottom of the page, they say that they created an unfair impression but really it was a completely false allegation. and as greg said, they admit in the story multiple times that this happened in 2016 and was already paid for. this idea that they use her photo saying they shouldn't have used her photo, they are sorry for that, the entire story wouldn't have existed if nikki haley wasn't the center of the story. they should retract the entire thing and rewrite it. >> the most revealing thing about the article and about the
2:30 pm
allocation and about the smear is where i grew up, i grew up in the city, you grow up thinking that "the new york times" was like the bible. it was god's word. >> eh... >> i did in my house. my house, we did. in hurricane katrina, there was a story written that said that i pushed a rescue worker out-of-the-way so i could be filmed saving a nun in a flooded building. i said that's a lie. it didn't ever happen. we showed them all the video, the outtakes, everything else. "the new york times" ultimately reluctantly, even after the editorial refused to correct it, the public editor wrote a story. the revelation that they were just as political as "the new york post" or any of the tabloids was coming to me, was a real -- >> while geraldo story is most important is that you only know about media bias until a story
2:31 pm
is written about you. people do not understand what it is until you are either interviewed or you are the subject of a story and you go, this is not how it happened. i swear this is not how it happened! there should be a bulk of those stories of people that -- >> not just a book, it could be a set. >> i was interviewed by "the new york times." this is what it was, this is how it happened. >> don't get me started on puerto rico and all these people that died in the storm that i covered for over two weeks that -- property owner in puerto rico, my father 1 of 17 children, they say all these people died in the storm, 70% of power out before the storm. when did people start dying? when was it on hurricane barrier that the people started -- was it when the power went out? i was there one time, a transformer fire and the power went out. did they start dying then? at what point do you recognize
2:32 pm
that what they are doing is a political agenda couched in the nice language of journalists? >> i like it when he said, don't get me started. [laughter] >> i have a short fuse. >> president trump deals with the storm, barack obama is back on the campaign trail taking cheap shots. up next. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> former president obama hitting the campaign trail last night. here's some of what the great person said. >> when there is a vacuum in our democracy, when we don't vote, when we take our basic rights for granted, other voices filled the void. and demagogues get out there and they promised simple fixes to complicated problems.
2:37 pm
this is not normal what we are seeing. it is radical. >> hmm. also went on to say people are stressed because of the anger they see on tv which allows "opportunist to try to exploit america's history of racial, ethnic, and religious divisions." geraldo, that's a mean thing to say about msnbc. >> [laughs] i was thinking, he was daydreaming -- >> obviously talking about trump. >> dana wilsey, and peter will see how it is in my family. and how one half of my family thinks one way and the other things the other way. what president obama is doing demonizing, as he condemns the demonization, of american politics. >> [laughs] >> the language he uses and the kinds of nation that he wields, he's doing the same thing that the people who opposed him and
2:38 pm
the whole -- it's the same thing, only more elegantly wrapped. >> his people have been saying that donald trump is the one tearing down institutions and traditions and decorum. yet barack obama has gone out and as a president, a post-president, destroyed that legacy and tradition of presidents not speaking out after the other guy -- at least 2-3, four years. he was asked this question as he was leaving office and he was asked, how are you going to handle your post-presidency? he said, "i want to be respectful of the office and give the president-elect trump an opportunity to put forward his platform and arguments without someone popping off." now he's popping off right here. these are not statement like speeches. these are not -- you know, you get paid half a million dollars to speak in china or something like that to a corporate group. these are red meat rallies in swing districts. >> in ohio. >> in ohio!
2:39 pm
>> how dare he. >> it's unseemly. the media is not treating them the way they would treat a republican president. can you imagine trump after eight years and the next midterm trump is going around? >> you know he would! [laughter] >> those are the new rules, right? he's broken the seal. >> he definitely broke the seal here. >> the presidential seal. >> is that the language? >> breaking the seal. >> let's get back to some language here permit obama using words like "opportunist." none of this is normal. demagogues. promising simple fixes to difficult problems. he did all of that, saying this president is threatening democratic institutions. okay, fine, but make a better argument about exactly why. i'm pretty sure it was barack obama who used the justin to go after gun owners, sell things, that thanks to pressure them, the rs, epa, going after
2:40 pm
small farmers. if you want to talk about norms and have a real argument. obama does not have a strong footing to stand on and pave the way for plenty of things not normal during the presidency. >> dana, does this motivate people or do you motivate people? depends. it'll be very useful for giving michelle obama the chance to say to the democratic party, barack obama is not coming to save you. he's now a post president. you have to raise the money on your own. you've got to find your next leader because he's going to be a post president. >> you are wishing she said that. >> i think it would be better for democrats in the long run because if he's going to be out on the campaign trail between now and november, do you know what happens on november 10th, which is a day after the 11th seven? on the road to 2020. if he is getting the attention, working the new democratic leadership try to emerge? taking up all the time. >> i cry when he was elected. the fulfillment of my
2:41 pm
adolescent dreams to see a black man become president of the united states. i was so overwhelmed. i cried like oprah. it doesn't seem to me that he had much traction in terms of the hillary clinton campaign. >> when he's not at the top of the ticket, doesn't do well for them. that isn't my point. it's not necessarily going to work, also having to diminish his post-presidency by doing this for something that may not work. >> he completely damage to the party. >> michelle obama could have said, you aren't doing this and i'm going to tell them you are doing this. >> do you know what makes me mad? every time obama talks, the obedient media describes him as fiery. a fiery speech. if he ordered kale salad, the media would go, obama fiercely orders kale salad, a fiery rebuke to trump! >> a bold order! [laughter] >> they say president trump is
2:42 pm
angry. that's what i talk about before, the subtle little things. >> so insightful. >> there is a theory going around and i'm going to regurgitate it like my own, the reason he's so desperate to campaign for the democrats in the midterms is because when the democrats take the house, if they do, they are going to shut down all of the oversight and surveillance of all of the fisa abuses in the administration. >> that's crazy! >> it's a genius theory! >> you had such great points going and you have a conspiracy theory. >> i will give you some credit there. i'll give you some credit on that. >> "info watters" ." >> we have a new segment. >> when he ran in 2008, it's all about hope, change, a positive message. now he's just lecturing.
2:43 pm
the issue for democrats now is regaining the democrats who voted for trump. for obama to go out on the trail and accuse him of bigotry, fearmongering, being an opportunist, those are the people who actually voted for you the first time. you accuse them and lecturing about them is not going to get them to the democrats. >> he's the one who lost the white working-class moderate democrats that have now left to go to trump. >> he lost it -- >> he does not control the democratic's anymore. >> we've got to go. over half a million people without power as florence pat is the east coast. the latest next. ♪motorcycle revving
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>> this is a fox news alert. tropical storm florence as predicted stalling over north carolina, gradually prodding its way inland as it dumbs and lace rivers of water on the south of cape have a wreck. four at least confirmed and including a mom and a child hit by a falling tree. hundreds and thousands of lost power, billions of dollars in property damage already inflicted by the slow-moving storm. let's go to rick leventhal, my body, and wrightsville beach, north carolina. what's going on, brother, what's
2:48 pm
going on down there? >> it's dark and deserted here, geraldo, in wrightsville beach. more than 700,000 across estate without power including everyone in this coastal community. no one here is use using the be everyone is out of here. we saw transformers below around 11:00. if you know wrightsville beach, this is a main drag. the power line dangling in the streets. completely underwater earlier today. they set a storm surge record. almost 5 feet above high tide. we actually try to make our way from low ground to high ground. we wound up with water midway up the side of our doors before we were able to get out of it. it was dangerous and it's a good thing there aren't any people here. the police encourage everyone to get out of town and it looked like people listen to. there have been fatalities reported in connection to the
2:49 pm
storm, at least four dead including a mother and infant child in wilmington, which is just over the bridge and the father of that family was injured and had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. a lot of stuff is happening. trees falling on homes, power lines falling down. the physical damage hasn't been as bad here in wrightsville beach because the winds weren't as bad as they once feared. the rain is coming down in some spots 3 inches an hour and they fully expect catastrophic flooding not just on the coast but throughout england. the ground to the west of a saturated, record-breaking rainfall. the rain is nowhere to go but up. >> i used to keep my sailboat in north carolina, actually lived there for a little while. let me ask you this. you are so experience, rick. you've covered so many storms. give me the scary factor. at the peak of it, compared to
2:50 pm
other storms you've covered, was it something that you felt ominous about, threatened about? >> well, one of the things that struck me is that unlike most of the storms i covered in this storm, people he did the mandatory evacuation order. it was eerie because no one was here. there the other thing was quite often when you chase hurricanes, you wind up nowhere near it because it takes to learn at the last minute. this one came ashore as the home we were in was being pushed by the wind. the bed was literally shaking. the whole house was shaking, even though it was only a cat one at that point, we were really feeling it. had been what they fully expected it to be a few days ago, we could have been in a much more dire straits. >> rick leventhal, dire straits.
2:51 pm
thank you very much. so, you know, are you scornful of hurricane wall-to-wall coverage? you seem gloomy. >> no. my issue is always repetitive. i don't know how many times one needs to be told the same thing again and again. other than that, it's very important. >> clearly is very important. it's also always worse than you see it. as bad as you think it is or, you know, reporters holding onto polls and sort, there is always more dead people you find. always more damage. "i forgot to declare my favorite rug or my children's closet is destroyed. and all these businesses. hurricanes are bad, bad news. our reporters like it because it's like war but you are not getting shot at. >> it's interesting to see the
2:52 pm
new coverage, you have social media to add to the coverage as well. >> one more thing next. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
2:53 pm
this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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"have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> it's time now for one more thing. we are going to start with jesse. >> with a cajun navy. do not know if you heard about them. they began after
2:56 pm
hurricane katrina. private boat owners who go into the hurricane zones they rescue pets. they rescue people. they rescue property. they already do a great job in florence alone they rescued 150 people. if you want to do anything and help them out, you can go to they will bring you food, they'll bring your water. everything like that. doing great work. saturday night, at a clock, "watters' world" will be live. in the path of the storm, they will be reporting to me what's going on in the world of diamond and silk as florence hits along with some other things too. >> glad you were able to keep it all relevant. i have a small, lady, -- maggie is trying to face the storm had on. this is how strong it is.
2:57 pm
check this out. we have this here. she's a trooper sitting there, catching the breeze. it's like being in a car going 100 miles per hour. it really clears out the sinuses, doesn't it, maggie? greg, your turn. >> tomorrow night, we are doing a lot of hurricane coverage. on my show, -- >> the salvation army? >> it's going to be meaningless things. but a lot of fun, meaningless things. catch me on saturday. you've got rob o'neill. you know him. chris freed. captive and high-risk we are going to talk about we should have boring or exciting, volatile politicians. robot bartender! >> is there really a robot tender bartender? do you have to tip the robot?
2:58 pm
>> really creepy. maybe they can see you. all right, geraldo? >> i'm jones and not being out there, very guilty about it. one memorable -- you are out there, things are happening to you and how you respond to the emergencies, really people brand how they feel about you. in 2008, hurricane ike, covering it in galveston, texas, . wait until you see what happens. got as close to the sea as i could. it was all snarly. do you have the tape? and you roll the tape? >> woah! >> got me a good >> are you okay >> i was on the air with your caboodle at the time. >> amazing. katie? >> we don't like politicians.
2:59 pm
this politician we can get on board with. a california town has elected a golden retriever as their mayor. maximus "mighty dog" mueller two, known as mad max, is the elected mayor of idlewild california. his mayor duties include driving a personalized truck and eating treats, of course, and he has to go deputy dogs named deputy mayor mikey, debbie mayor mitzie, they are all from a common ancestor. chief of staff and responsibility to make the world a better place by doing as many good deeds for others as possible. >> california is very progressive. things are improving in california. >> did you have something to promote about this weekend? >> i will be hosting "fox & friends" weekend! >> do you have something to promote? >> a nice tie. >> jesse has been wearing navy
3:00 pm
with black. very fashion forward. >> i wasn't implying you didn't care about people. >> all right. we are going to close that out on this set. catch fox news for all the latest on florence. "special report" is up next. >> >> bret: this is a -- a significant storm surge to north carolina right now. the storm made landfall about 11 hours ago as a category one hurricane. since then, it has pounded that area, parking there for slow time as our shots goes down for a bit. a slow track south and west where this storm taken, killing at least four people so far, destroying buildings, causing major flooding, prompting hundreds of rescues and cutting power to hundreds and thousands of homes and businesses. fox team coverage tonight, wilmington


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