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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 15, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> i have never seen this. >> i have never seen this. i come down here every week and ride my bike and i have seen other hurricanes and never seen this. >> wind, water and were, florence continues a relentless assault on the east coast with deadly force. in a big storm backing powerful winds, record rainfall and triggering massive floods. connell: florence once a category 5 soon-to-be a tropical
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depression but the danger and the destruction are far from the carolinas, bringing about a over, slowly trickling across the carolinas, bringing about a torrential downpour will will likely linger for days and days. looking at these numbers and the images that are devastating. four people are confirmed dead, 700,000 without power, hundreds of rescue operations, dozens remain trapped at this hour and residents are told to expect a year's worth of rain before it is over. >> our team will show you havoc from within the storm is on. from within the storm is on. how long will it last? only one thing certain, it will take months if not years to recover from this catastrophe. >> we are liable to have flooding everywhere because this is something we have not seen before, a hurricane staying on top of us this long.
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>> florence is moving at a crawl, life-threatening storm surge and strong winds expected to continue overnight and heavy rain. griff jenkins joins us from morehead city where the rain has stopped, i was with you yesterday morning and it is a different story now. >> reporter: it sure is. the rain after 30 hours, the firehose was unleashed, finally stopped, people very cautious, nice to stand on a dock. the storm surge in morehead city receded with the tide a little bit, we are along the coast. behind me atlantic beach, only one apartment building has emergency lights but this entire area, the scene as we walked around continuing to pound us,
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trees ripped out of the ground, roots ripped from the tops and gas station collapsed, power lines down over in atlantic beach, the wind damage worse, that are we recovering ripped off and gone to see. the rescues were happening, where this flooding is a problem. because that water cannot go back. the national weather service for this area has given us some photos of the bridge between here and newburn, it is impassable. getting around as first responders are trying to get in. a big problem with flooded roads. in newburn where officials tell me they are trying to carry out more than 100 rescues, they have rescued 375, they say the rec
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center, all vacancies basketball goals protruding from the rain flooded water and the noose river is down to four to six feet storm surge so they are cautiously optimistic that rain is in the forecasted this will continue. one of the major problems is where to put these people they are rescuing, rescued evacuees. they opened up their doors, they are housing them but again just as we are cut off on that bridge, to the north they are cut off from the city of greenville. the major city of resources for them. that is causing a major problem at this area. i spoke with state officials, they don't have any power. one guy was walking down here on at this area. i spoke with state officials, they don't have any power. one guy was walking down here on the docks half an hour ago. he works in construction, says he's glad the rain stopped, not looking forward to anymore rain even though he knows it is in the forecast. is a construction worker and he will not be working for the next
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week or so. when the rain stops a nose he will be very busy. jillian: the flooding that is going to continue, power outages, there's a lot to come in this area. thank you for your reporting. connell: for days they have been warning us about the power of the storm and how long we would likely hang around. what many communities are facing of the wrath of florence, an update, that beach, 20 hours ago where the storm came on sure where you are and conditions look pretty rough early this morning. how are things? >> reporter: it was amazing yesterday, we went through the eye wall and experienced huge wind and heavy rain and then it
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was called as the eye passed over us and then we got hit by wind in the opposite direction. a day later we wake up and find rain and wind, look at the radar, just amazed how slowly the storm system is moving. yesterday the issue was wind, today it is heavy rain and that is preventing people from getting back to these islands communities and surveying the damage. a lot of residents are eager to check on their homes and businesses and authorities say it is not safe yet. from the small portion of the island we have been able to observe we are mostly seeing superficial damage, roofing, insulation blowing around, some siding, some shingles, tree branches on the ground but not major damage in coastal areas. the main concern is going to be all of this heavy rain moving across the carolinas in coming days.
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besides moving inland, communities not used to handling so much rain in the short time and there is the potential of flash flooding far inland. there are four storm related fatalities over the bridge in wilmington, mother and her infant died during the storm when a tree fell on their home but a little bit inland in north carolina two men in their late 70s died in separate incident. one was electrocuted when talking to plug-in extension cords in the driving rain. another died after heavy wind knocked him over when he went outside to check on his dog's. treacherous conditions yesterday during the brunt of the storm but even today with these rains, debris of the roads and potential for flash flooding, we are not in the clear just yet.
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>> speaking of treacherous conditions i was looking at the video we were showing on screen, don't know that was your crew that shot at or rick leventhal and his team. moved into wilmington which is so close. if you wanted to move now would you be able to? >> if we wanted to move we would be able to move off the island to the mainland. we are not allowed to move within the island, police are strictly enforcing a curfew and continue to enforce the evacuation order so we are not at liberty to travel within the island, they would have no qualms about us leaving the island and going to the mainland but getting around might have to be creative. even in the island where we were staying yesterday there was a half foot of water on the road,
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we saw several official vehicles decide not to risk it and turn around. connell: sunrise a few hours away, the challenge for the rescue workers, stay safe, thanks very much. jillian: tropical storm florence packing was wind than feared but heavy rains could continue for days to come. in the fox extreme weather center you and i were talking about this earlier. part of the problem is it hasn't traveled far, so slow moving. >> it is crawled for the last 20 hours from wrightsville beach to myrtle beach in south carolina. that has taken 20 hours. that is a long time to travel such a short distance. there is your center of speculation just outside the myrtle beach area to the west as it worked its way down the coast, no more than 90 miles and
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it took 20 hours to get there. most have the rain falls on the eastern side of this. that has slowly moved, the rain has continued to pile up across the north carolina coast and a couple areas where those lines are rounding moisture off the ocean and dropping it over and over again in the same location. we have spots getting up to 20 inches to 24 inches, this is estimated rainfall and i heard reports higher than these numbers and the 2 foot range, and the rain hasn't stopped yet and is not going to because the system continues to move 3 miles an hour. additional rain likely on the way. this is not including what we have seen so far. this is added to the rain i have shown you, spotted 20 inches and forecast models projecting another 15 to 20 inches in some locations stretching across south carolina and back into north carolina, spots that have already seen the worst potential flooding so far.
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the winds that were up to 100 miles an hour of don because this is a weakening system but still looking at wind gusts close to 50 miles an hour and they have been like this for the last 40 hours, in some cases 60 hours. the ground saturated, trees will come down and 50 mile an hour winds when you talk about the ground being as wet as it is. forecast model, it stays moving slow tonight and overnight, likely 3 miles an hour, so tomorrow and by sunday it takes off. moving out of the way so you do dry off by sunday but when we talk about drying off sunday or monday all that water has to go somewhere so i see the rivers rising monday, tuesday and wednesday so flooding is an issue until the middle of the upcoming week. jillian: a lot of people see that period that things are calm her and think we are out of the woods but flash flooding will be a significant issue for a lot of people in upcoming hours and days.
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>> absolutely. even though it has moved out of the way, the sun will come out but there's so much standing water it is to go somewhere. it will feed into these rivers and rivers are projected to be at moderate to major flooding. >> we have to cover this monday, tuesday, the middle of next week. the most tragic toll of any disaster begins to emerge. jillian: florence strikes the deadly blow. among her victims, a mother and her child. but what i do count on is boost®. delicious boost® high protein nuritional drink now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals boost® high protein. be up for life.
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jillian: welcome back. tropical storm florence claiming four lives in north carolina. the first happened friday when a tree fell on a house in wilmington tragically killing a mother and her infant. her husband was injured and taken to a local hospital. a neighbor reacting to the tragedy. >> nobody wants to see this happen to their neighbors. they were stocking up, i was stocking up. routine hurricane experience but nobody can prepare for that.
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they had some old trees behind the house. it was only a matter of time but you can't predict. connell: for the hundreds of thousands left without power and the update we just received from north carolina emergency management agency, more than 770,000 people as of 3:00 in the morning, 17 minutes ago, were without power. many times they rely on their radios, portable radios as a source of information. a correspondent with fox news joins us from wilmington, you are in the business of painting that word picture. it is the middle of the night, but from what you saw and what you did have what have you been seeing? >> reporter: we have been seeing a city rocked by horrible
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catastrophe. when we drive around the city you see nothing but down trees, power lines that are down. you could pool into any neighborhood and find a roadway blocked by a tree and find at least 3 or 4 instances where trees fell on properties coming close to a house. i drove past one house where the tree had fallen and missed the house by a foot or two. very scary conditions and what happened this morning or yesterday morning with this young family and this mother and her infant is almost miraculous that it hasn't been repeated and it goes to show how dangerous and horrible catastrophe is, you say it is a miracle it wasn't worse, that is the case here.
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you just have to remember as much preparation you can do for a storm, these things can move quickly if the situation happens to be so. the trees fell the wrong way and there's not much you can say about it, the power is out so you drive around, everything is dark, everything is shut down and everyone knows, you tell by the looks on people's faces that everyone knows it will be a few days before the lights come back in before the a conditioning comes back and it is hot here. connell: that is part of it at the next few days will -- not very far from where you are at the beach, he was saying and others down the beach saying it is a ghost town down there. everybody got out, they closed
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the bridge, many who came into wilmington, one even further inland but wilmington itself the more people stay, people stay in their own homes. >> reporter: a lot of people did because it made no sense to evacuate. folks at the beach are only three or four feet above sea level, the storm surge that we were warning people about was 10 to 12 feet of storm surge. that is much higher than the level the beach towns are built on. where i am a few miles inland we are 30 feet above sea level so there is no real risk of the storm surge. at that point your concern is the wind and the rain. the storm edit speak was 500 miles in diameter. how far to get away from the wind and the rain? it made more sense to board up the house. connell: they have gotten so much rain in that area already.
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so saturated. >> standing rainwater is never a good thing. it is dangerous, a health risk and you have to wait for it to dry or even apparatus or dry out, the rivers and creeks, it creates further flooding downstream, it piles on. connell: likely to have more downed trees. they got a lot of rain with the storm but the rain before that saturated the ground further. wilmington, north carolina, throughout the day today, thanks. jillian: residents facing a life-threatening storm and first responders bracing to rescue
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those trapped by rising floodwaters. connell: we will talk about the threat for those in the path of the storm's special coverage continues of tropical storm florence, we will be right back. that's why capital one is building something completely different. capital one cafés. welcoming places with people here to help you, not sell you. with savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. that are easy to open from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. no smoke. no mirrors. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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>> it was rough, high wind, it was rough. jillian: powerful, slow and relentless and turned deadly as the monster storm slammed the carolinas with record rainfall and flooding. the pictures are grim and the numbers are staggering. connell: no doubt florence is living up to her predicted theory, four confirmed dead, 700,000 in the state of north
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carolina are without power. an update at the top of the last hour. you would think the number goes up and maybe goes up dramatically, duke energy which controls power in the area, they said anywhere from 1 to 3 million people could end up without power, the number fluctuating throughout the night. jillian: how long will they be without power? connell: the numbers could start to fluctuate and you could be without power for weeks, definitely days, going into weeks. many victims watch these images, they have to be wondering what type of home they have to return to. jillian: one of a highly focused areas in new bern, they have roughly 100 left to go and we are hearing 375 rescues so we
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will keep you updated on all these numbers but tragically four people have died as a result of tropical storm florence, dozens more have been rescued so far, many others may be stranded. a testament to how dangerous these weather events can be. let's bring in meteorologist, thank you for joining us this morning. at this point what is the biggest threat? >> it will continue to be the flooding, the storm is dumping inches and inches of rainfall, some locations, one to two feet occurring so areas farther inland will see the kind of flooding we are seeing from jacksonville to wilmington. the
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rises and because the ground is so saturated is 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts, and more power outages. jillian: what about people who can't get out? >> a tough situation. if you continue to see the waters rise we had some folks going into the attic. if that is your last resort because you are surrounded by water taken ask to the addict, that will allow you to chop a hole through the roof, that is the only way once you're in the attic to get out. hopefully we won't see more of that. we had days of warning the storm was going to be a major catastrophic flood maker and it is living up to that. hopefully anybody living in low-lying areas is already evacuated or making plans to do
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so. jillian: i don't even own and ask. >> a crowbar, anything to punch a hole through the roof. jillian: when people see floodwaters they wade through them and wants to get outside their house. what is the danger? downed power lines, you don't know if they are still active, debris could be in the water. what is the danger in floodwaters? >> the number one danger is the flow, it will take that flow to sweep you off your feet, the water is toxic. it has been flowing through areas that had gas stations, propane tanks, the water is very toxic, poisonous. you want to make sure you find high ground but most people underestimate the power of water.
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half the flash flood deaths as people drive through the water they put themselves in those situations by driving into water and you don't want to do that. jillian: looking at fema safety tips, go to the highest. if you haven't asked to take with you take that, do not climb into a closed addict, you could get trapped. get on the roof if necessary. >> we had several rooftop evacuations and rescues yesterday. is this system continues its slow-moving and we will see more areas affected by flooding and more power outages, trees and root structure cannot stand up on the saturated grounds. jillian: what is devastating is how slow-moving it is. 24 hours ago when it made landfall at 7:15 eastern time it only traveled 90 miles. >> it will continue that slow
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movement for the next 48 hours. after that we will see the steering current speed it up a little bit but the weekend is going to be devastating for the carolinas, north and south carolina both. jillian: thank you for joining us. connell: daybreak just a couple hours away. for many people across north and south carolina the new day will bring no respite from the havoc of tropical storm florence. let's talk to jonathan siri in north carolina. you do wonder, sunrise in wrightsville beach sometime before 7:00, you wonder what is in store. >> reporter: during the of the
12:33 am
storm, surveying a little bit of the damage, looking at superficial things like roofing, insulation, blowing off of buildings, metal siding, a few downed tree branches. nothing major in terms of structural damage. more things i refer to as a headache for people who own or live at particular buildings. it will be a while, several days before residents and business owners return to the island. local officials wants to make sure power crews have removed any downed power lines to illuminate any threat to people on the island. no reports of any injuries during the storm. most people heated the mandatory evacuations and got off the island and officials would like to keep the no injury report
12:34 am
that way so they will wait until power crews secure the island and determine there are no down power lines before assessing the damage. as far as preliminary assessments of the damage, between what little we have seen in this portion of the island and what city officials are looking at, we are not seeing a lot of structural damage but more inconvenient repairs homeowners and businesses have to make. jillian: between last time we spoke and this time, just across the bridge in wilmington, an interesting point. from the human standpoint, what you are talking about is like a ghost town, everybody got out, they are above it and people felt no point in leaving, let me
12:35 am
stay and you get the tragedies that happen like the horrible situation where the tree fell on the home and more people there, more human issues as opposed to where you are. >> you have higher concentrations of people, very small minority of residents who decided to stay, one of the main concerns, you evacuated and have to wait days before you can get back on the island, worry about your property so those few hardy souls decided to stay on the island did so because they didn't want to deal with finding out whether their home was standing. or require repairs. connell: they are stuck and waiting.
12:36 am
will talk to you again soon. >> people say you can replace things, can't replace your life, i know you are waiting on the 5:00 am update. you think it will be downgraded? >> it continues to weaken. you are not seeing a defined eye wall, you are seeing circulation, it does seem the storm continues to weaken but it is a slow mover. wrightsville beach yesterday morning at 7:15, a little ways from myrtle beach, south carolina, this is only 100 miles in 20 hours. you could leisurely walk that distance. that how slow the storm is moving and dropping rain, bringing the wind with it. places seeing the rain and wind for a long time, still getting wind and rain where it is
12:37 am
already saturated and the wind we have with us is enough to keep taking down more trees. this is radar estimated totals of 20 inches in several locations in north carolina. that is what we have already seen. the rain has not stopped yet and it will fall through the rest of the early morning hours. we are seeing flash flood warnings across a plethora of counties. is picking up moisture and driving onshore as it continues to move. all the rain will be dragged with that and we will get rounds of showers. so far we have seen river levels rising but in the coming days it might take a couple days, monday, tuesday, wednesday, these river levels continue to rise. everything you are seeing in the red, moderate flood levels, everything you are seeing in the purple, major flood levels, you
12:38 am
are seeing all across north carolina, south carolina, this might not happen until monday or tuesday or wednesday, that water has to go somewhere. will run into the rivers and this will be climbing. the other thing to pay attention to our the winds, 50 mile an hour gusts along the coast. but 50 mile an hour gusts happening for 60 hours now begins to wear things down and we could see more downed power lines >> you walk fast. >> challenge you to do that. connell: we have other stories we are following, the deadly gas explosion that killed one person
12:39 am
and injured dozens more in communities north of boston, 40 homes destroyed, several evacuated and elizabeth warren and ed markey are calling for hearings was tovernor declared a state of emergency. >> florence -- must be sure their homes are safe to return to. local officials will make clear when it is safe to return home. jillian: paul manafort cooperating with robert mueller as part of a plea agreement, pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy against the united states and one of witness tampering and several properties and money held in multiple bank accounts. manafort is the fifth to plead guilty in connection with mueller's probe. >> tough day for mister manafort.
12:40 am
he has accepted responsibility and wanted to make sure his family is able to remain safe. this goes back many years. everybody should remember that. jillian: the deal allows him to avoid a second trial in washington dc and a virginia jury convicted him of eight counts of bank and tax fraud, donald trump denying wrongdoing in a telephone interview with the wall street journal saying the manafort case has nothing to do with him. avenatti connell: john kerry actively undermining us policy on iran by advising officials in europe and iran on the 2015 nuclear deal which the trump administration withdrew from earlier this year. richardson has more from the state department. >> reporter: unprecedented and
12:41 am
inappropriate. secretary of state mike pompeo's assessment of the man who occupied his office two years ago. the secretary claims john kerry and other obama administration officials are advising european and iranian diplomats to wait out the trump administration to salvage the iran nuclear deal. >> i'm confident they met with their troika counterparts. i wasn't in the meeting but i'm reasonably confident he was not there in support of us policy with respect to the islamic republic of iran. >> reporter: whether pompeo believes other officials are doing the same? >> i won't say today only to the extent that they are, the definitions i suggested for john kerry would apply to them as well. >> reporter: former secretary john kerry admits to meet with iran's foreign minister after leaving office though in an interview with hugh hewitt he denied coaching the iranian government. he negotiated the iran nuclear deal and opposes the trump administration's decision to withdraw from it.
12:42 am
>> i think he lost leverage, put us in an isolated position, farmed out american foreign-policy to other countries that have a greater impact on what happens in the middle east than we do. >> reporter: last night donald trump tweeted john kerry had legal meetings with the hostile iranian regime which served to undercut our great work to the detriment of the american people. he told them to wait out the trump administration. was he registered under the foreign agents registration act? bad. when asked if he thought the meetings were legal mike pompeo said he would leave that determination to others. a spokesman for john kerry responded calling his meetings perfectly legal and not remotely secret. john kerry responded to the president, the president should be more worried about paul manafort meeting with robert mueller than me meeting with iran's foreign minister. the president wants to learn more about the iran nuclear deal
12:43 am
and world peace, he should buy his new book. at the state department, richardson, fox news. jillian: florence moving at a glacial pace but packing quite a bunch. how much damage caused in north carolina so far and where it is headed next. >> the red cross handling the influx of evacuees as the storm continues to drench the carolinas. coverage continues in a moment. so a tree falls on your brand new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright
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♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. jillian: welcome back. two feet of rain falling in morehead city in the last two days leading to severe flooding. i know you have been all over the place. what is it looking like? >> reporter: let me give you a quick look at the wind damage, people saw it got downgraded from a 4 to a two, this gas station absolutely destroyed,
12:48 am
devastated. we got the dirty side. this is a gas station in morehead at the base of the bridge to atlantic beach which is hammered, we are on the main highway. the national weather service putting out these pictures. this is highway 70 n. of here headed to new bern, the bridge cut off. even if fuel trucks wanted to get in they would not be up to bring is anything. the news out of new bern this morning they are making 100 more rescues this hour, they rescued 375, they say the recreational center, basketball goals, retreating from floodwaters, they are cut off from the major source of resources for the folks there. they are working around the clock trying to get things done. here in morehead it is absolutely dark. the side streets are flooded.
12:49 am
some of the storm surge has gone back out but it is a situation, the energy trucks and first responders saying we are ready, just need mother nature to cooperate. our first break in 30 hours but we have rain in the forecast. jillian: you have been working around-the-clock to let everyone know what it looks like, appreciate it. connell: those are some pictures, that gas station. everyone is talking about it across the carolinas, destroying gas stations, flattening trees and roads and taking down power lines. jillian: 1 million homes and businesses in both states in the dark and that number is expected to climb. more wins, lots of rain to come, stay with us.
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jillian: hundreds of thousands of residents forced out of their homes to escape the wrath of florence, seeking safety at shelters in several inland counties. allison barber has more on how the red cross is helping
12:54 am
evacuees. >> reporter: officials in south carolina say there are 61 shelters open across the state in florence county. a lot of people in places along the coast like myrtle beach coming in land to this area to evacuate and wait out the storm. the red cross says they are running 15 shelters in the last 24 hours. they say the capacity, the numbers of people seeking safe shelters is increased. we visited one of those shelters earlier this morning. they say in response to more people coming and expectation of more in the next couple hours as the storm moves more in this direction, they say they are getting a few more heated meals so people can eat and stay safe even if the power goes. >> we take this, put this in
12:55 am
there and there is a heater pack in here. then we have them turned the corner off of that and they will pour the water in and close it up and the whole thing will get bigger and bigger and if steam comes out of it, very hot, that is the meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> reporter: two of the biggest concerns are power outages and flooding. officials are worried about river basin shared with north carolina and south carolina. rivers in south carolina flow into that and the rain from north carolina will come into that basin as well. the area that to be impacted by flooding, that is one of the many places that have been evacuated. in florence people are hunkering down preparing for rain
12:56 am
officials say is on the way. jillian: a lot of people evacuated. 700,000 without power. hundreds of rescue operations. connell: a terrible story with that tree coming down and we hope for the best for the next few days. jillian: we have you covered, tropical storm florence creeping slowly inland, the downpours expected to continue for days to come. connell: much of the region under flash flood warnings, rescue workers preparing for potentially catastrophic floods. special team coverage continues at the top of the hour. do you need the most trusted battery in your wireless mouse? maybe not. maybe you can trust that during your fantasy draft, the computer won't autodraft a kicker in the 7th round. or... you could just trust duracell. who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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jillian: the theory of florence, epic and deadly storm triggering massive floods. connell: we continue with team coverage of florence, tropical storm now, wents barely exceeding 70 miles an hour but the winds don't matter anymore as forecasters warn the threat is far from over. such a slow-moving storm as


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