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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 16, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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now i have less diabetic nerve pain. if you're eligible, you could pay as little as $25 a month. visit mike: torrential rains batter the carolinas causing flooding and damage. leland vittert is in the middle of it. reporter: the roads are washed out, making us valuable commodity in this state right now gas. as much of north carolina's cut off periods before we take a closer look at the russian investigation after former trump campaign manager 's decision to cooperate with special counsel. mike: 50 days of the midterms. how republicans and democrats are doing with less than two months to go.
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mike: welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington i am mike emanuel. molly: i am molly line. mike: we begin this hour with the latest on tropical depression florence. at least 14 people have died in incidents since this storm made landfall a few days ago. more than 700,000 carolinians lost power with mike of the outages in north carolina. molly: there currently mandatory evacuation orders in effect for nine north carolina coastal communities. flooding is a major issue with the storm. nearly 31 inches of rain on parts of the north carolina coast. and it is still running across parts of north and south carolina. eight counties in north carolina have issued disaster declarations. president trump is speaking out about the fema response, just
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moments ago tweeting fema first responders and law enforcement are working really hard on hurricane florence. as the storm begins to finally receive, they will kick into even higher gear very professional. mike: when will the region from the get relief from the torrential rain and flooding? meteorologist adam klotz is tracking it all from our weather center. adam: hey, there, mike! it has been such a slow moving system. it continues to be so unfortunate to the center of circulation is in inland south carolina but as you notice, all the rest of stretching back across the portions of north carolina that have in some cases already seen as much is 30 inches of rain. this is the center of circulation but all the activity off to the east, the tornado watch, conditions are
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there concluding with the absolute downpours that continue to fall on some of the locations. the estimated rainfall here, so far we've seen spots getting into the white colors. it's getting anywhere for up to 30 inches of rain. there is more rain throughout the day and actually record-breaking. this is the highest preliminary number. 30 and a half inches in one location right along coastal communities. just because rounds of showers, when are we going to finally see this move a little bit? it will be clearing out later today been to monday. the problem is as we move forward even though this begins to move out all of the standing water on the ground right now has to begin to run into the rivers. these are projected forecast river levels getting up to major, each one ended cater major flooding this will be monday, tuesday and wednesday. even the rain stops the water continues to arrive in the
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rivers. eric: stunning! thank you so much. molly: commanders are feeling the impact of heavy rain in the carolinas. leland vittert joins us to live on the ground from jacksonville, north carolina. reporter: the rain continues to the west and that is why we cannot go there. so many of the roads now are washed out in every direction. much of north carolina is cut off. take a look at this gas station behind me. you can see even the fire crews are lining up gas and this is the gas station, that does not have gas. they are waiting and hoping that they will get power so pumps can come back on. that's how desperate the situation is. the few stations that have gas, you are talking about lines at least a mile long. it is not an exaggeration. a mile long line of cars, people around trying to scour, if you will food or anything else that they can. this has been very different than any other hurricane.
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this is a married person has been through a lot. he was a marine and now a resident, how is this different? >> i've been here since 76 and we've been through a lot of hurricanes. however, this is the worst. just so much rain. the wind wasn't that bad because it kept degrading at the end but the rain and the rain and the rain. we been without power now since thursday night. currently, out of all gas from a generator. we're just trying to keep the refrigerator and freezer going so we do not ruin all of our food. scoured the town this morning and we found a gas station open, we waited in line for an hour and still did not turn on the pumps are there. a couple of lines in town an hour at least a mile long. >> how desperate is the situation? how long can people go here before things go from bad, what they are and pretty awful? days?
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>> days, during hurricane bertha we went a week without power. we lost everything there so it is, there's a lot of restaurants open right now but there is only drive-through that are open. the waiting lines are extremely long. >> it is a search out there. >> it is but we will all make it. we will make it. >> thank you very much. the problem here also is information for lack of a better term. that communications have gotten cut off cellular, townsend got cut off it's difficult to figure how to get to one place to another. difficult for power crews to get in and all of the resources that are typically pre-staged for hurricane. they're trying to make their way in on the same roads we are trying to make our way out on. all of them are flooded and cut off.doesn't matter how much materials and gas have been stationed outside north carolina ready to come in, roads are blocked will be an
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awfully long time for folks like those behind us, they have gas or basic necessities. molly: makes it far more challenging. thank you, love information we appreciate it. mike: now let's bring in north carolina congressman, richard hudson. parts of his congressional district under evacuation orders.he joins us now on the phone. as alleged in terms of what you are seeing on the ground in your community? >> thank you for having me on. we are concerned about flooding. even parts of the state are, the skies are clearing but still worried about flooding and flash flooding. they are saying it could be thousand year flood levels in some cases. the message to folks is to pay attention if your community calls for an evacuation, you need to follow the directions. mike: do a lot of your constituents heed the orders to
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get out? >> well, my district, the east in north carolina and works west. so our folks were not in the original evacuation orders but there has been a mandatory evacuation now. we will have that more than two years ago with hurricane matthew. >> our colleague was reporting about roads being washed out. is that what you're hearing? >> actually. interstate 95 is closed down. i am here i have a meeting with the governor and fema folks. i'm actually trying to find a route to get from raleigh to go down because some heroes are closed, so it is a real concern. folks if your home, do not venture out, because certainly if you're out driving even if you inches could wash out a
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vehicle. it is still very dangerous situation in north carolina. mike: how has the coronation been from the local government and state and local authorities? >> it's been outstanding for this the time we put parties aside. when a democrat governor, roy cooper who in my pain is providing great leadership. and i think he's doing all the right things. to prepare us and working closely with president trump who really has been extraordinary, provided record levels of federal assistance with thousands on the ground with federal agencies, helicopters, water, in my opinion the federal state local coordination has been really good. mike: congressman, richard hudson, our best to you and your constituents. we wish the community a speedy
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recovery. >> i appreciate it. thank you. molly: the south carolina governor henry mcmaster has lifted evacuation orders in all of coastal counties but warns that severe flooding may very well be possible especially as florence moves inland peerless bring in ellison barber. live on the ground in south carolina. reporter: hi, molly. we're in a medium tactical vehicle. this is a vehicle being used in south carolina to go to nearby flooded neighborhoods. the national guard is taken us out a couple of different times this morning. trying to check on people in the area to see if they are safe in their homes or if they need help. where we are right now is at dylan middle school, a shelter. they're essentially taking this out, picking up people that they need to be picked up and ringing them here. the shelter according to red cross volunteers has a little over 200 people in it right now. we asked one woman how she was doing and she said just want to go home. that's what most people are hoping but the rain keeps coming on and off. for some people it means they may be okay yesterday but are
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in the situation with her flooding. we have a lot of different areas where it is sporadic. floods, it is dry and then there are areas where there is heavy flooding. this truck is probably a lifesaver for people who were not expecting help and then it turns out they need help. overall the conditions in south carolina are starting to improve. at the height of official said 70,000 people were without power. it dropped to under 70,000 people we are hoping it will improve. but here there is still concern over potential flash flooding and we will head out with these guys soon to see if other people need any help and get a better look at the ground, the pockets that continue to pop up as this moves inland. molly: thank you for your report and thank you, try your
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best to stay safe. the fact that these vehicles being used and potential rescues are still government underway says it all about the situation that continues to unfold there. thank you, ellison barber. stick around. right after our show for fox news at 2 pm eastern, chris wallace speaks with a fema administrator about tropical depression florence. mike: at least 64 people had been killed by the massive typhoon as it moves through southeast asia. national police say at least 45 people are missing and dozens had been injured after ripped through the region pure china state media said 2 and a half million people had been relocated to the southern part of the country as the typhoon struck there today. molly: coming up, other news including the paul manafort plea deal. what is he prepared to share with the russian meddling investigation? plus, the latest updates
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plaguing airports due to florence. and flood zones in north carolina, residents in the hardest hit areas. we get a very clear warning. >> if you are refusing to leave during this mandatory evacuation, you need to do things like notify your legal next of kin. because the loss of life is very, very possible. ways to lose stubborn belly fat. the roasted core wrap. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting?
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now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. mike: president trump not
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scaling down his harsh rhetoric on special counsel robert mueller. after the former campaign manager paul manafort struck a deal where he agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. gillian turner has the latest. reporter: good afternoon, mike pure the president's former campaign managers plea deal and capitol hill all fired up this week and for democrats hoping at the beginning of the end for the trump administration. >> the message to anyone in the crosshairs of bob mueller enough you better get to special counsel and make your deal now. because anyone who gets indicted by bob mueller goes down. the longer you wait to come clean, worse deal you will get. reporter: republicans are touring life at the present. and it aligns closely to his witchhunt theory. >> all of this is just
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speculation. i can speculate as well as anybody else but -- >> we have found a collision between the trump campaign and the russians. reporter: the terms of the deal could require his corporation in the mueller probe and essentially a government witness. now the million dollar question washington is will he share new information with robert mueller? or just share information that he believes he already had? meanwhile, special investigators for former president bill clinton is weighing-in. he believes the plea deal is a seminole event in the russia probe. >> i think that the trump white house and lawyers are taking a page from the clinton playbook. attack the prosecutor. this is more delicate because now you have someone very close to the president. at least for a while. the campaign manager. you have to be careful. reporter: is has all the plea deal is a good thing for the
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nation because as he says it brings the american people closer to the truth, is not so great for the president. he says flipping manafort gives the upper hand to the team moving forward. mike: gillian turner, thank you. molly: let's bring in former doj prosecutor for more, james, thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. molly: i know you been watching this unfold. and the president has previously called the entire investigation a witchhunt. then he tweets it is illegal, not allowed under the law. pretty strong response from the president. the white house also responding saying essentially that the plea deal with paul manafort had absolutely nothing to do with the president. your thoughts? >> i don't know if you can use the word illegal accurately with the situation. it is a lawful probe it doesn't mean there's not a ton of legitimate questions about how the group was formed and how form that have kept within the scope of their mandate. i think it shows frustration and maybe a little fear on behalf of the president but
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they got into somewhat of a inner-circle and have someone who is choosing not to take a bullet for him again. molly: is it a sign that paul manafort may have information or evidence that could hurt someone up the chain closer to the president? >> you would think so. bottom line is, he is late in the game to plead guilty and corporate but it is not unheard of. he made the decision only after sitting down with the government. it looks like they had a face-to-face about a week ago. they had a chance to assess what he has and figure out if it adds up to something they can use. i don't think they will be focusing on historic old information that got him in harm's way in the first place. i think it's probably more recent and it does not necessarily mean it is the president. but probably something they felt was helpful to either a final report or an indictment or moving the investigation forward. molly: it's interesting you say
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that because i was wondering if it potentially has to do with older crimes. it's on this been in touch with shady folks in russia and ukraine for many years. could there be something involved with not just necessarily those in the past but other individuals and people that know this? >> is reporting out there that talks about bipartisan trump that there may be others that have cooperated with russian forces or pro-russian forces in ukraine. i think the reason they took the case was not to necessarily avenge the wrongdoing from years ago but to pressure him into cooperating with the probe. it's possible it is old information. i think more likely if it has value now, it is more likely it is something more recent like from 2016. molly: when you say something more recently 2016, the mean frankly that it could do something potentially to do with the campaign? i mean that is the timeframe you're talking about.
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>> the probe is supposed to be focus on noncollusion and what was going on with the campaign. there are some real issues about whether it is from that. but it is more likely a person is obstructed justice and has gone to trial would have more value to them than something less historical and a little bit more centered on the investigation. molly: do think it might be something more? >> more than the old ukraine stuff at least. molly: will he cooperate because he ultimately wants the pardons on the road? where does that leave us now? >> it is guesswork to everyone of these folks has to go through. whether or not they will get a pardon at the end of the day. i think it is safe to say annual cooperating will not get a pardon. it just doesn't seem the way the president will operate. i think he may have made the assessment that it will not happen.he has got some way to try and control the damage to himself by entering into the plea and giving up the ghost. that's where we are. molly: thank you so much, james trusty. we appreciate it.
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>> my pleasure. mike: still ahead, democrats promising a blue wave ahead of midterms. how voters are responding to the message. heavy rain pelting the carolinas and some of the worst flooding may be yet to come. we have chris standing by in jacksonville, north carolina. reporter: there is a break in the rain jacksonville but damage is far from along the new river which is almost flooding. at epic levels. we will bring it to you, stay tuned. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. yeah! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. 14 people are confirmed dead as tropical depression lawrence sends more rain to the carolinas. emergency officials say as the rivers swell the worst is yet to come. we have been covering this from the very beginning. and now we are in jacksonville. >> that's right. the worst may be up to come but because the rain fortunately it
10:28 am
stopped the moment we had a glimmer of the sun some relief for people here but they know more rain, 80 percent in the forecast the next few hours. white to look here. this is the new river in jacksonville. we are about 30 minutes from the coast. this is a problem the flood stage is 14 feet this at 23.77 right now. the record, highest it's ever been is 25.1. it is a problem. the current rescues are going on. recovery effort here just like in so many other areas having trouble getting started with power. we want to come with the captain the owner of the marina cafi. it is underwater. outback, the dock is under 15 feet of water. captain, what you make of this? >> it is not good. not good at all. reporter: have you seen anything like this? >> i've been here over 20 years, no. it got to the bottom of the deck but nevertheless hi. reporter: what has been your reaction? the river is nearly cresting at historic levels. how concerned are you about
10:29 am
this? what will it mean for you? >> it will be a long recovery. i think a month or two, maybe more. to reopen. we will see. really don't know we've never been through this. reporter: anyway that's ever been to jacksonville knows that it's a landmark. give a famous parrot, have you heard from the community and how they are doing? >> a lot of responsible folks. facebook has been good with medication and cellular has been a little sketchy. everyone seems to be faring fairly well. there still a lot of emergencies some people trapped from hi floodwaters, it seems like there's a lot of boats in the river. taking care of business. reporter: thank you. there have been rescues going on. we been talking to county officials. they said they will keep going as long as i can. molly? molly: thank you that is a
10:30 am
great interview with captain bob beck. reminds us that there were so many business owners i have a lot to do as well. the high wind and massive amounts of rainfall also causing major travel delays in the sky on the road, 11 airports have closed during the storm. forcing more than 3300 flight cancellations throughout this tuesday.heavy rain also forced officials to shut down interstate 95 in north and south carolina. and portions of interstate 40 in north carolina. the north carolina department of transportation is urging drivers to stay off of the roads and affected areas. >> with 51 days to go till midterm elections, democrats say they are prepared to take seats back from the gop particularly in the house. a new poll shows 52 percent of voters would vote democrat if the house midterms were today. as opposed to 38 percent republican. at the same time president trump is putting his weight behind gop candidates to drum
10:31 am
up support. here to weigh in with california congress met, john garamendi. good to have you. >> thank you.predicting a blue wave? >> we will see maybe five or six seats in california that are open that we could win. across the nation, we will see what happens over the next 50 days. they will be events that will be some heavy campaigning by the president. and certainly, by democratic candidates. but all elections are local so how they stack up against each other? we are quite pleased with candidates that we have and issues that we want to put forward. mike: what about the argument, sir, that the economy strong and whatever happened to people voting based on their pocketbooks or their wallets? >> they will. they will in fact vote based upon their pocketbooks. their pocketbooks have not improved over the last 40 years. basically, the middle class have been stalled out for the
10:32 am
last 40 years. in particular, the last 67 years. inflation is taken away whatever wage gains or have been by the middle-class working families. that is one of the issues that we definitely want to get to, better wages, better jobs, all of that coming through basic strong infrastructure plan, all parts of that. and of course healthcare costs keep eating into everybody's paycheck. >> something i'm intrigued about is after the election, leadership elections and whether nancy pelosi will be potentially the next speaker if democrats take back the house or whether some of the newer members of the house, some campaigning saying they will not support a whether this may turn into a battle royale. >> they were certainly be a big question, nancy pelosi has been the leader for some decade and longer now. she is being challenged it's
10:33 am
hard to say what will come of that. she certainly has support and has not had much support among many of the new candidates. we will see what happens a lot depend upon the success of the new candidates coming in that have pledged to vote for somebody else. we will see. in any case it is an important process but much more important is the upcoming elections and how we deal with their raise serious concerns of the middle class of america. >> what about another german from california, kevin mccarthy. obviously he has aspirations of being the next speaker of the house. would you anticipate on the republican side of the aisle? >> i suspect he will probably be the leader. could be the speaker. we hope not. we would hope we have a democratic speaker. nonetheless, his position is very important to california. and we will see what happens. i suspect he will take it. and it is good for california. i think probably the republicans would see that advantageously also. mike: i like to put a pull back
10:34 am
up on the screen that we had in the intro they are talking about democrats, 52 percent basically saying people would support democrats if the elections were held today. 30 percent republican. nine percent don't know. if you are on the other side, republican, how alarmed would you be by the numbers? >> i would be very concerned. the generic polling in a midterm tends to show what is likely to occur.but once again, it is about the fundamental issues out there. we are strongly campaigning on reducing healthcare costs, prescription drugs for example. as well as preventative checkups to drive down the cost of healthcare. and we want to make sure that there are good jobs, good paying jobs at the actual take-home pay of american families increases. we understand the economy is going very well but for whom? certainly for major corporations that have had record profits.certainly for the top folks have been able to invest in the stock market. but working men and women and
10:35 am
families across the nation are not seeing the benefits of this economy. it is going to basically, the top 10 or 15 percent. mike: i spent much of 2015 traveling with the woman that the polls said was going to be the next president of the united states. it did not pan out we will see what the voters decide. congressman, thank you for your time.>> thank you, mike. molly: still ahead, take a look at -- while the democrats are hoping for their own big win. a radio panel will weigh in. and reptilian refugee in one neighborhood after the storm hit the carolina speed where neighbors spotted this unwanted guest. >> okay so hurricane update. we have an alligator -- run
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the midterms many for the gemma p say they are confident americans will vote with president trump's strong economy. in november. but the presidents job approval numbers don't pay quite such a clear picture. the average since june it shows an incremental increase in how many voters disapprove of the presidents current job. here to weigh in our top radio panel, brian in west palm beach and jimmy in houston. gentlemen, thank you for joining me today. >> always a pleasure. chris good to be here. molly: the manafort plea deal is making big news. in washington everyone on capitol hill is abuzz. theories on what he may have the interest the probe in general. in wider america we get to talk
10:41 am
to americans going to the midterms. the mueller probe, the manafort deal, does it play any role as we get closer to election day? >> not generally from what i'm hearing on the ground. a lot of issues we tend to talk about nationally are not necessarily the issues that are the biggest at the ground level. we tend to be incredibly cyclical with these elections. 92 percent of the time the party out of power will win pick up seats in midterm election cycles. so the democrats do have a favorable landscape right now. for that reason, i think that some of the cyclical factors trumps some of the issues that are in the news whether it is paul manafort, where the mueller probe what have you. i think it would be more of a historical trendline that we become accustomed to in the country. molly: you bring up that historical aspect. the president has been weighing in on the mueller probe in general. he calls it illegal now. he preaches he talked about saying is unfair for the
10:42 am
midterms. your thoughts? >> well, here's what i'm thinking. i think that you have a republican base that may be more motivated than they ever have been. to get out and vote. it's very easy to ignore midterm elections unless you feel that your candidate is under attack. and some of the reports, some of the things are going on with the supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, that he will marry dianne feinstein. i think people are watching this and more motivated and even to a certain extent on the right side of center. the shop and vote like they have not before. molly: the president obviously not on the ticket himself and certainly out there on the trail. he's been crisscrossing and packing airport hangers with 10,000 supporters, thousands of supporters from overflow capacity. he still drunk big crowds and putting effort into this.
10:43 am
and on the road at least 40 days between the end of august and election day. and he seems to be doing a pretty strong job making rounds. do you think that the amount of investment the president is putting into these races, will help to turn up the republican base? >> i think it probably will. and i think the fact that the president turning out for these, the candidates wanting the president to turn out says a lot. about the real popularity continues to have with the base. i agree that i don't think that anybody is paying that much attention to what's going on right now with the mueller investigation for the sum that keeps going on and on. even in texas, the president will be out there for ted cruz. we know that they didn't see eye to eye in the presidential campaign. but i think it shows it the senator recognizes in a state like texas he's very popular. molly: and i want to bring you in, brian. many have stood with the
10:44 am
candidates and it's worked out in a winning way for a lot of these republican candidates. dating back from the beginning of the year until now. there was the case in southwest pennsylvania where a democrat beat out the republican but he was the one who supported the tariffs at the time. so in a sense, do you think it is part of the strategy here? and the actual winning strategy for candidates across the country? >> i think it definitely had a huge impact in the primary cycle. and i think the impact with a lot of the primary candidates, that they will have a lot of what happens in the midterm elections, there is no doubt that some of the states and districts where the president not only won in terms of the state and the district in the presidential election but has high approval rating that can move the needle. but something i think worth mentioning and this is something jimmy picked up on. imagine that 92 percent of the time the party out of power picks up seats in the elections. the three times it hasn't happened, 1934 when fdr was
10:45 am
with the great depression, 1998 when republicans overplayed their hand with impeachment of bill clinton and 2002 after 9/11. the cycle, if you see republicans fare better, it actually is most comparable to the 98 cycle and you could have a presumption by many republican voters that this is the democrats overplaying their hand and different version of a similar to republicans back in 98. >> brian mudd, jimmy barrett, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure. molly: to the head, rick leventhal with rescue efforts across the carolinas. toujeo not only provides stable blood sugar control around the clock, the max solostar holds 900 units of insulin in one pen. this could mean fewer refills of toujeo. all that and a $0 copay! that's something to groove about. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life from the makers of lantus®, toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity ♪ baby slice it right.
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♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ to experience toujeo, ask your doctor. mike: now the latest update on
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the federal response and recovery efforts to the deadly storm that continues to batter the carolinas. molly: john is now a fema associate administrator, jeff buyer. thank you for joining us. we want to get to this of course appeared where is the greatest concern as far as human life is concerned? the storm has already proven to be very deadly. >> right, thank you for having us today. the greatest concern from our standpoint is north and south carolina. the concern will grow as the storm moves up the east coast. we want our citizens to take heed of the local warning and
10:50 am
state warning. the greatest concern is if you're in an area flooding or predicted to flood, we urge you not to take action. the safety measures we've all been saying, don't drive, turn around. make sure you have what you need to protect yourself and your family. our concern continues to be on lifesaving. and getting the safety message out peter want to think the media, i want to thank your show and others for helping us to amplify the message. i think it shows true teamwork when it comes to lifesaving. i appreciate that. we want our residents and citizens to heed state and local warnings. currently, we will continue to get rainfall from the storm as it makes its way up the coast. mike: how complicated has been coordinating? your multiple states, lots of communities in between. talk about how massive florence was and basically coordinating this kind of response. >> right. it's a very good question.
10:51 am
anything you know our business deals with people, policy and politics, all of the difficult things.that it takes to coordinate an effort, emergency management is -- what you see behind me as the hub, the national level.there are multiple emergency operations centers at the county level and state level to help us do that. and the administrators state over and over, it's a four-legged stool, takes government, private sector and citizens and it takes our nongovernmental partners such as the red cross and others. when see all of that come together and use to the coordinated fashion that the system works, locally executed and federal supported. one of the advantages is that we start early. when it comes to pertaining to florence. hopefully we will see that payoff. we are not by any means out of the threat of the weather. we are anticipating a lengthy recovery from the storm.
10:52 am
molly: we had a chance, some reporters in the last hour have we been talking of the challenge for gas and ellison barber talking about heavy equipment peer showing rescues are still ongoing. is it challenging to move assets from place to place to get the heavy equipment where you need them? course the challenge is making sure that we have infrastructure as far as the road network to do that. it is difficult in certain areas to do the resupply and moving of that. by helicopter and airplane because it is not safe. what we are doing behind this what you see behind us is multiple contingency plans being discussed and coordinated. so as soon as conditions are safe we are able to move resources and quickly and to meet the needs. the good thing as far as florence, structure, emergency management directors north and south carolina have great capabilities.they are doing a tremendous job for the state
10:53 am
management and they are doing a great job locally executed and we are in a great position. molly: jeff byard, thank you very much. we wish that you and your team stay safe as this continues. >> thank you so much. molly: as florence moves inland, the carolina communities are still struggling with more than 30 inches of rain dumped by the storm. many areas are at risk for flooding and areas that have been damaged by high water in the past are particularly weak. rick leventhal joins us with the latest. reporter: we are hearing that this could be the most destructive flooding in the history of north carolina as we get socked with another heavy rain band.i want to she was happening. in this location your police officers here who traveled in from winston-salem, north carolina to help out. looked on the block right there, the road is completely underwater. they pulled some people out of a trailer at the other end. and some other homes and done this way you see the
10:54 am
intersection, that is i 140 and i 17 intersection. at least five feet of water there. you might be able to see this. on top of a car, the roof of a car that tried to drive to the intersection and could not make it out. they pulled out dozens of residents from two subdivisions whose homes were swamped. i spoke with some residents. some of them had five feet of water in their homes and some homes are being encroached on the second level. look at this right now. this is a high water vehicle they been using to rescue folks. you can see some of the people that were pulled out taking refuge under the overhang at the gas station. a short time ago we saw a man in a wheelchair being helped out of one of these vehicles. taken to a shelter. this is where these folks will have to go until this threat lessons. just up the road, they did get power back on and had a couple of gas stations open a food store open. we saw very long lines earlier today. 100 cars or more lined up for the gas station. people just trying to get
10:55 am
whatever they could for their vehicles but also feeling cans so they can go home and put in the generators and get power until the rest of this comes back on. it is a bad situation here in southeastern north carolina. the rest of the state is bracing itself for devastating flood in the days ahead. molly: rick leventhal, thank you so much. thank you so much for the report, that is rick leventhal talk about huge gas lines, challenge just getting what you need to get from place to place and keep electricity on at home. mike: a fox news alert, the california professor that wrote a confidential letter accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in high school is speaking out according to the "washington post". in a report by the post, she described how she was allegedly groped by kavanaugh in high school in maryland. according to the report she says she's not spoken to him since the incident and did not
10:56 am
speak to anyone about what happened at the time fearing that she would get in trouble with her parents. judge kavanaugh has denied allegations. molly: a big developing story in washington. mike: something to watch. that's all for us in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. i am a mike emanuel. molly: i am molly line. the key for watching. mike: enjoy your sunday. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. that skills like teamwork,
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chris: i'm chris wallace. florence turns deadly as its devastating floods move inland from the carolina coast. ♪ ♪ >> i do want to emphasize that this is only the beginning. florence is a very slow mover. >> it's an uninvited brute who doesn't want to leave. chris: we'll have live reports from the ground and get an update on the federal response from fema administrator brock long. and we'll learn about the impact on people in the storm's path an allegation of sexual misconduct over 30 years ago. will it affect the confirmation of judge brett


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