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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 18, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i'm going to call my mother. >> reporter: you should call your mother. heather: call your mother. the same crew during an interview later that night got robbed. the ugly, a grown man caught inside an arcade game, helping him steal prizes. police in new hampshire said another young child standing with him the entire time. that wraps of this hour of "fox and friends first," it continues right now, goodbye. it is tuesday, september 18th. brett kavanaugh will make his case in a public hearing with him and his accuser. >> our accusations enough to keep him off the supreme court bench? we are live in washington. >> a terrifying -- if god moves mountains -- i left.
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rob: rising represent a tornado outbreak reminding florence survivors they are not in the clear yet. jillian: rescues are still happening around the clock. >> you guys don't think jesus enough. the only white people who think jesus are republicans and ex-crackheads. jillian: not even god is off-limits. rob: the backlash is building to biblical proportions. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: not one of my better
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performances when the music comes on. jillian: you knew this song was coming on. rob: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. rob: supreme court nominee and the woman accusing him of sexual assault now set to testify on capitol hill. doug lose 8 or has reaction from all sides. >> reporter: brett kavanaugh is in a perilous spot. he denied these allegations that is being asked to prove his innocence. this will be an explosive hearing coming up monday. unless new evidence surfaces this really is a he said she said with a woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her when the two were in high school. the white house is standing behind brett cavanagh. >> i think he is on track.
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i was the democrats could have done this a lot sooner. they shouldn't have waited until the last days. they should have done it a lot sooner. >> reporter: democrats are looking for significant delay hoping to push it beyond the midterm elections if not the real the nomination entirely. >> i believe her. many americans believe her. >> reporter: number of democrats and they made up their minds on this that the woman is telling the truth but they are seeking this fbi investigation. one of the real issues is what impact this will have on moderate republicans. brett kavanaugh needs their support. >> i don't know enough about her allegations yet to reach that judgment. obviously if brett kavanaugh has lied about what happened, that
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would be it. >> reporter: will there be any evidence either one is lying? as far as an fbi investigation is concerned, the fbi doesn't have much to go on, there is no evidence of a federal crime. jillian: so long ago, curious to see how this plays out. rob: the white house expressing unwavering support for the president's supreme court nominee. jillian: the director of strategic and indications says the upcoming hearing the chance for brett kavanaugh to clear his name. >> brett kavanaugh has made it clear he believes this is a completely false allegation, something we stand with brett kavanaugh, the president mentions. we want to make sure everything is right when it comes to what the senate judiciary committee
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has agreed upon. with that being said, brett kavanaugh is someone with impeccable credentials, someone who i know personally and spent many hours in an office working through, important judicial nominees back in the day in the bush administration and someone i respect greatly, someone we know has a strong character and should be able to defend his integrity during this process. rob: brett kavanaugh received support from 65 women, many of them willing to publicly defend the judge. a fox news alert, a shootout with a suspect. officers responding to a call at an auto shop near sacramento, california, no idea the suspect was armed. the 27-year-old deputy died. the suspect is hospitalized after being shot. a deputy and bystander will be okay. a 4 year veteran of the force, he leaves behind a wife, the
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37th officer killed in the line of duty so far this year. police identify a suspect accused of murdering a deputy, robert greeson, a convicted drug dealer shot and killed robert to the as the deputy tried to -- also died. >> russian spy plane may have been accidentally shot down by the syrian government. russia's blizzard claims the plane disappeared from radar with 14 people on board as it was returning from their base near the syrian city of what hochol latakia a. north and south korea having a summit overnight. south korean president moon hugging kim jong un as he arrived in pyongyang. the meeting and to end the nuclear deadlock between the north and the us. earlier, asia analyst gordon
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chang explained south korea may derail the us efforts. >> you have two korean leaders on the same page. they want unification of the korean nation and the south korean president moon wants to shovel money to kim jong un. that undercuts our efforts to dismantle north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> this as the us accuses russia of skirting sanctions placed on the rogue regime. us ambassador to the un nikki haley calling out the security council. rob: fears of the trade war looming as donald trump turns up the heat on china slapping tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of chinese products, 10% next monday rising to 25% come january affecting things like handbags, baseball gloves and chandeliers. i don't know many people in the market for chandeliers and baseball gloves. beijing friend to retaliate, donald trump is preparing to impose tariffs on an additional
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$257 billion in chinese goods. jillian: hair clippers. 32 people killed in the wake of hurricane florence as rescuers race to save survivors from their flooded homes. entire communities are cut off by this historic flooding. rob: one of those places is politics bill, north carolina where we find griff jenkins as the water continues to rise. any sense that is the case? >> reporter: these rivers because of prolonged storm surge and epic rainfall, taking these communities, cutting them off. polluxville is south of newburgh, underwater, totally cut off, it is the lumber river in lumberton and the trent river the crested beyond record that was hit during hurricane floyd in 1999. when we came up here, 150 to 200
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rescues, we went and talked to the county manager, as blackhawk helicopters were delivering supplies. here's what he had to say. >> we have resources coming in to help, delivering bottled water, folks haven't had water for several days. no one has seen anything like this. we experience flooding back in floyd, we exceeded all those records now. it is pretty devastating. >> reporter: we know now that today, maybe tomorrow will be the day so many of these rivers will crest. in new bern, the news river is causing those evacuations. pushing up there later today, down in jacksonville where i was yesterday, we went on some of them and here is what one of the volunteers had to say along with people he rescued. >> i was acquitted when fran and bertha had, they were bad but
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nothing like this but i couldn't imagine if it came in at four five. i want the water to go down so we can clean up and get straight back to work. >> lost all three of my vehicle, they are all flooded out. i don't know what we are going to do at this point but we will get through it. >> reporter: the president intends to come down at some point but he doesn't want to when it is going to impede rescue and recovery operations. jillian: so much work to be done. rob: any sense when you are coming home? >> reporter: i will come home when the story is done, it is far from over. jillian: it is really crazy, thank you, good work down there keeping everyone informed and as safe as possible. monday night football kicks off with two seattle seahawks dishing the national anthem, quinton jefferson and lineman duane brown stayed off the field but on the field chicago's
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defense was too much for seattle. >> 30-17. he is unbelievable! jillian: 24-17. rob: they stole him from the raiders, what an acquisition. the emmys living up to the hype wasting no time getting political. >> my mother is not watching. she says she doesn't like watching white awards shows because you don't thank jesus enough. that is true. the only white people who thank jesus are republicans and ex-crackheads. >> the first emmys were held in 1949. things were very different back then. we all agreed that nazis were bad. rob: they were pulling out punches opening the award show. later on an actor could be seen in the crowd wearing white face.
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people on social media percolating that was actor donald glover disguised as a character from his show atlanta. game of thrones called best drama series and amazon's marvel list mrs. madeow out with 5 total wins. jillian: secret document set to be declassified. donald trump ordering text messages about the russia probe to be released. devon nunez push toward from the get-go, is praising this move. >> the mainstream media is buying the kool-aid that this will endanger national security. it is laughable. this is full transparency for the american people. rob: fox news contributor jason chaffetz is here live with why the deep state is involved. ♪ ♪ time i went and said good night well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie.
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>> donald trump forcing transparency in the russia probe the classifying key fisa documents. jillian: they shocked national security, is a good idea? rob: joining us is the author of the newly released book the deep state, jason. pages of the june fisa application, all fbi reports with interviews with bruce ohr, all fbi reports about the fisa applications, all text messaging related to the russia investigation. you see him on the screen, jason chaffetz. what do you hope to learn from this? >> the truth. we are different as a nation, open and transparent. the only way to get to the truth is to see the documents.
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and ironic democrats say we will not see the truth. >> that is what i mean. these are documents members of congress included in the past. and for every time to go through this is a closed case. and a buresh along, 400 page from the inspector general. and the fbi is in chaos, and to fix that problem. to see what he is doing. >> this will endanger national security, with regard to carter page, the guy who has russia contacts at this table right here.
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>> the threat to national security is a weapon i asked fbi using their own political agenda for personal political gain out there. and the inspector general's report, and imperative to go through, root this out and fix it. that is why these documents come out of your. i don't know why democrats are claiming this will hurt national security. the process of opening and transparent way. >> a process to write this book the deep state out today. >> i spent 8 years in congress, 8 months writing this book. a very -- if you don't know what the deep state is that heard about it, it is my own personal story and what i went through and everything from the irs to
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fast and furious to the state department to benghazi, these are things i went through. rob: what was the most surprising thing that came out of your research? >> when i started in congress i did not know who the deep state was in the game to know it is very real. most of the federal government do a good job, they are patriotic but there's an element that works to subvert this president, they don't want a transformative president like donald trump. they did everything they could to protect barack obama along the way. it was illuminating. it is real, these are real stories. jillian: how can people get it? >> barnes & noble, online, lots of ways to get it. jillian: big day, 19 after the hour. sacrifice of accomplishment, the new ad featuring an nfl star, nike and colin kaepernick could learn a lesson from. rob: smoking weed but what about drinking it? the new idea one company is brewing.
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>> the holidays will be here before we know it. retailers are gearing up for the busy shopping season already. rob: my calendar it is still summer. here is more on the hiring push. >> reporter: retailers are scrambling to find workers for this holiday season. they started hiring earlier this year and have some incentives to try to get people to work for them. they are raising pay, offering perks like profit-sharing and even paid time off for part-time associates.
2:24 am
cold and jcpenney starting their hiring in june. if you can imagine that jcpenney will be holding a national hiring fair on october 16th to try to add more people to its list of employees. they are also offering part-time hourly workers will get one week of paid time off to try to get people to work for them. they are trying to get creative this year as they are trying to fill these open spots. rob: when i was a young one coca-cola added sherry. now something different. >> reporter: coca-cola considering getting into the growing market for cannabis infused drinks. this is something coca-cola said in a statement, quote, they are closely watching the growth of cbd, the chemical in marijuana that is believed to relieve pain and anxiety.
2:25 am
the company said, quote, the space is evolving quickly, notices have been made at this time but this is from a report from bloomberg which says they were in talks with aurora cannabis, canadian cannabis company about possibly coming up with some sort of drink. neither would comment on this but we will be watching to see if this is the next wave of the future in beverages. rob: rolling along on the pot block, to me american teens use e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana, when in 11 high school students according to a new youth tobacco survey. they have 60 days to come up with ways to stop underage people from using their product. jillian: the want to get rid of kidney stones? you may follow doctor con's lead. [screaming]
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jillian: medical research shows riding a roller coaster can help flush kidney stones. they were awarded a prize for their experiment proving the theory conducting a test at disney world after a patient came back from spring break claiming a coaster dislodge their stones. rob: do i have time? here is the reason. i lost my voice the first take we did on that so i had to do something different. i decided to go oh! from the stomach. i felt the vibration of the roller coaster. jillian: it is 26 after the hour. a new low for democrats taking shots at law enforcement and bashing america. >> criminal justice in this country where anglo-americans in the united states and new reform for african-americans. rob: cowboy comedian has a lot to say about this next.
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rob: dangerous tornadoes cut a path of destruction in the wake of hurricane florence. jillian: powerful winds ripping the roof off of the business in richmond, virginia. one person was killed and another twister in the state. jana steen live with what to expect, the weather has been so severe. >> thankfully it is on it's last legs but with these tropical systems you get tornadoes. several of them in and around the virginia area and north carolina. we have close to a dozen tornado reports yesterday from what was tropical storm florence commonality pression. i have been having problems,
2:31 am
come on, there we go. here is our rainfall total, incredible amounts of rain. florence was the wettest tropical system not only for north carolina but south carolina. going down the history books, over 35 inches, the forecast models were absolutely right. this was all about the water, the storm surge and the incredible rainfall totals. the river flood gauges were not out of the woods, even though the rain has lifted we are looking at the potential for more moderate to major flooding not only from north carolina but virginia and south carolina. the rain is moving, we will experience what was tropical storm florence in the northeast in the new york area but the rivers continue to rise and are cresting. jillian: you said more would be left over, the legacy was going to be the water. >> historic. jillian: shocking the body can
2:32 am
video shows the moment a suspect pulled a gun on police before they shoot back. the shooting happening south of denver. the man was not cooperating after a traffic stop before he pulled the gun. he was wanted on a burglary warrant, was shot and killed, no deputies were hurt. rob: women coming out in brett kavanaugh's defense stunned by social misconduct allegations against him. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. just so poor opposite of the brett kavanaugh i have known for 35 years. he was a responsible guy, someone who did have a beer but was never out of control. >> the vote to confirm the supreme court nominee d laid. he will testify at a public
2:33 am
hearing on monday. jillian: ted cruz back in the blue after his democratic senate challenger bashes the justice system. >> two sets of criminal justice. one for anglo-americans in the united states and another for african-americans in the united states. >> i wish beto aurora and democrats were not always so quick to blame the police officer. >> reporter: joining us is cowboy comedian, o'rourke trying to get his point across. what is your response to his comments and ted cruz's response? >> it is a tragic situation they are referring to. hundreds of thousands of people, i encourage mister o'rourke and senator cruise to come on the show and talk about these things but there are not two systems of justice.
2:34 am
it is a way to pander to a certain demographic of voters. i understand police officers have to be held to a higher standard and accountability but that does not mean they are excluded from the criminal justice system and not excluded from the idea you are innocent until proven guilty. i would encourage mister o'rourke to bring that rhetoric down because it is insulting to our folks in uniform. jillian: i don't know if i have ever seen you in a suit, you are looking sharp. number 2, it is back to the wrong cops, tough time to be a police officer. how do we move past that? >> it is hard. i live in the dallas-fort worth area. i know a lot of police officers. i don't know any police officers who have ever gone into the streets to go to work every day with the intention of bringing harm to the average citizen. doesn't matter the color of your
2:35 am
skin or your socioeconomic status or what demographic you come from. these are good men and women doing a hard job, not getting the appreciation they should be getting and that has got to change. coming from canada and politicians that has got to stop. rob: bernie sanders is starting a war on his own body attacking the senate saying we just start little children, we go bomb houses. take a listen. >> we just start little children, we go bomb the houses of children, give tax breaks to billionaires but don't do the dirty work. rob: he said it better than i did. what do you think? >> let me tell you about bombs. bombs were first used in the china days. i remember like yesterday, the jin dynasty, i was 12 years old.
2:36 am
bernie says, i never do that impression never again. bernie, who says we bomb little children, buses full of children, bernie is an avowed socialist and he wants to talk about how we can't use curse words in the senate, this stuff coming out of bernie's mouth, don't have to tell you where i'm going with this, is poop. got to stop with this kind of stuff. you are either believing in the causes -- it is just a crazy world we are living in where you take everything that happens done by america is being criticized. it is a shame we live in this world today. >> let's talk about the emmys last night. the award shows we have seen this season, you have one of the
2:37 am
hosts say the only white people who thank jesus at award shows our republicans and ex-crackheads. that is the quote. listen to it yourself. >> my mother is not watching. she says she doesn't like watching white award shows because you don't think jesus enough. that is true. the only white people that thank jesus our republicans and ex-crackheads. jillian: your thoughts? take it away. >> i had to be sure where they were going with that joke. i spent quite a bit of time in hollywood. if i ask you guys what you most readily find in hollywood, republicans, jesus or crack you would probably find the third. tell me the last time a republican thanks jesus even won and award in hollywood. i could be wrong on that. these are folks who live a very
2:38 am
blessed life. i think of all people who need to be thanking jesus it should be them. not a matter of skin color. rob: larry david has no concern with regard to his impression of bernie sanders. >> come on. jillian: thank you. 38 minutes after the hour. and alert for parents, gaming apps that captivate our kids collecting their personal information and that is not all. kurt the cyber guy says they are tracking your child's every move. he is here with a tip on how to stop the invasion of privacy straight ahead. rob: in crisis according to hillary clinton, a blistering attack against donald trump, a step further in a scathing op-ed. ♪ i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. i take tresiba® once a day.
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our democracy is in crisis. hillary clinton taking fresh digs at donald from nearly two years after she lost the 2016 election. in her latest op-ed she called the president monstrous and despicable. earlier olympic media managing editor katie friesen slammed the peace. >> for her to have the audacity to put all of this on the president when she gives 0 responsibility to president obama's divisiveness is unbelievable. it just goes to show that she has done 0 reflection on why she lost the election in the first place. heather: clinton's op-ed lists the main examples of assault on our democracy saying trump undermines the national unity that makes democracy possible. rob: thousands of balloons after the first touchdown scored in nebraska but now peter to end
2:43 am
the 50 year tradition. the lesion advocacy group starting an online tradition to ban the balloons claiming they are environmental hazards that cause animal deaths. nebraska has resisted prior calls to lose the balloons. this is not starting out well. jillian: a beautiful image. the gaming apps your kids are playing could be collecting their personal information. rob: where do we draw the line is what can you do to protect your kids privacy? joining us is kurt the cyber guy. >> reporter: happy birthday to you. imagine as a birthday gift, you were 5 years old and your mom decided to give you a downloaded game like fun kid racing. many parents downloaded that with 40 other games with tiny lab and turns out if you went to the google play store they are not alone.
2:44 am
a lot of these apps online are very attractive for kids but at the same time they are not following according to new mexico attorney general, privacy laws to protect children. many of these apps are being accused and lawsuit being filed against them including google and twitter that propagates these same apps meant for kids. they are apparently revealing tracking information to your kids, even exactly where they are located when playing these games. jillian: a lot of grown-ups are disturbed to hear that. first thing you say is get educated in the fine print in those apps. >> this is another lesson where no one is watching out for us, we have to watch out for ourselves and download those apps for your kids. i know it is tedious but it is worth it and you will see in
2:45 am
that fine print whether it is tracking you or not and you do not want your kids contract. one way you can assure they are not tracked is avoid the free ones. free apps are free for a reason. they tend to come with problems because free is free. they have to make their money somewhere so they are a party advertiser and make sure if you can, if you have the budget and want to spend the money on apps that are good for kids and read the fine print and no tracking inside them maybe they are worth a dollar or $2. that is where you find the quality game apps are the ones that have a small price, you are not paying the price for your child's privacy. jillian: a lot of parents thinking this is a small price to pay, a couple dollars for that apps. rob: we reached out for comment, google and twitter, we will let you know once we find out.
2:46 am
jillian: can you see feedback right now? what year is this photo from? >> i'm not sure. the hair was something. i remember that jacket. jillian: before we -- rob: what was the name of the boy band? >> the p roe party animals. jillian: thanks for that report. let's check in with brian kill meet --kilmeade what was your boy band? brian back i played the clarinet which kept my friends away. let me tell you what is coming up for the next 3 hours, talking about brett kavanaugh who was in the white house for four hours. he does not remember this party and the accuser, many details,
2:47 am
what happened yesterday, what is happening a week from yesterday, we will be hearing from the accuser and brett kavanaugh, coming up talking about that. judge andrew napolitano will be joining us and something else that is important, declassification of all those text messages between ohr, stzrok, page, mccabe and james comey. what are the ramifications of this? why is the president described as furious, ranting, raving? turns out everyone describing him this way is someone candace owens knows. she will be joining us, she is a commentator and we celebrate the 71st year of the airport. there band is playing throughout the entire morning. we need you standing over there shortly if that is okay. jillian: see you in 15 minutes, coming right back. r, order pizz. -of course, daniel.
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>> ctr. we will hear from brett kavanaugh and his accuser next week. elizabeth warren sent a fundraising email highlighting abuse allegations. according to the washington times christine ford did a great thing coming forward, she deserves to be heard and treated with respect. now it is the senate's job to make sure that happens.
2:52 am
some folks call this an inappropriate for him to fund raise. one twitter user says that is low but not surprising. of course she fundraisers off of the allegations, what opportunist wouldn't. and one says a perfect example of exploitation. donald trump standing by his supreme court nominee. rob: the exploitation of victims like this. a new and inspiring add. >> on the heels of colin kaepernick's controversial nike ad. another commercial is highlighting the sacrifices nfl players have to make, this one striking a different tone, less political, less controversial. gillette's commercial features an amputee who made it all the way to the nfl with just one arm. watch.
2:53 am
>> stay focused. >> nobody can beat you. >> 141st pick. >> what a great commercial. thomas said should have been the face of nike. tom on facebook says the guy is an example, no excuse, just hard work. everybody can enjoy. amazing stuff. rob: 53 after the hour. a news crew gets what they wish for when they bait a robber. >> you have got my speaker right there. you broke into our car. you have it on camera. you have got to see what happens next, stay right there. ♪ take the money and run ♪ come on
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todd: time now for the good, the pad and the ugly. first the good. a dog tied to the back of a semi-truck rescued in the nick of time. a volunteer cop turning on lights and sirens to get the truck driver to pull over in arizona. officers say the driver got distracted and forgot to untie his dog before driving away. thank goodness -- jillian: it's not good. the dog wasn't hurt but oh, my josh, next the bad. news crew filming a piece of crime gets robbed. >> there he goes he broke in firsts grabbed the purse and tosses it to female
2:58 am
accomplice. he is not done yet. he reaches in and struggles to pull out big speaker. >> i can't believe this is happening right now. >> g.p.s. shows they hopped on this local bus. we finally catch up to them at this subway entrance. >> i'm lisa from inside edition. you got my speaker you just broke into my car. >> what? >> we have got it on camera. you will want to give it back. >> refuses to give it back. >> i'm just going to call my mother. >> you should call your mother. >> now we need to know what the mother says. a purse was found in nearby trash can. the same crew was robbed again during an interview later that night. crazy. >> this one hits a little bit too close to home for the two of us. it's the ugly. you are not imagining things. your commute is getting longer. ♪ home again ♪ to find. >> whoever found that
2:59 am
seinfeld video commuters spent another two and a half hours in transit. average daily commute increasing by 18 seconds per trip. rising costs are forcing men'forceforcing people to. $18 >> happy birthday >> oh my gosh. that's so sweet. >> you didn't want to come to work. >> you are right. i didn't. todd: why do you think i have been ignoring you all morning long. my back to her. jillian: so sweet to me. thank you so much. todd: to be clear, yesterday was jillian's birthday. jillian: thank you, guys. >> what did you do for your birthday 21. >> 36. big 3-6. i'm one of those who doesn't care about sharing age. whatever. it's fine. you get the pink one. todd: what did you do. >> packed and repacked.
3:00 am
todd: what a party. when you get older than 21. the birthdays become packing and repacking. >> we love you jillian. >> have a good day. todd: for your present we will give you "fox & friends" that begins right now. >> explosive news from the white house the president has ordered the doj to immediately declassify all russia related texts. >> this is full transparency for the american people. >> we now know there will be a public hearing. judge kavanaugh and his accuser christine ford. >> all the years i have known him, 35 years, he has been nothing but honest and trustworthy. >> at least 32 people killed in the wake of hurricane florence as rescuers race to save survivors from their flooded homes. >> i was a kid when fran and burt that hit they were bad but nothing like this. >> president trump has just slapped tariffs on another $200 billion of chinese exports to the united states. >> the


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