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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 19, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it has gone viral. their mother laura has been cancer free for 15 years. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. shannon: it is wednesday, september 19th. heather: this is "fox and friends first". breaking overnight, north korea and south korea coming together on a groundbreaking agreement. what could happen next? donald trump just waiting. confirmation in chaos. brett kavanaugh's accuser refusing to take the stand and demanding an fbi investigation. when will the gop say enough is enough? live in washington. >> what i'm worried about is authoritarian tendencies could very well result in the erosion of our institutions.
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heather: two years after her historic election laws how hillary clinton has rejoined the fight just in time for the midterms. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: good morning, a little earth, wind and fire to get your grooveing this morning. you are watching "fox and friends first," a new show on the fox news channel of the day. let's get to the fox news alert,
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fake news when you were sleeping, donald trump raising north korea for the rogue nation recommitting to denuclearization. the president tweeting kim jong un allows nuclear inspection subject to final negotiations to permanently dismantle a test site and launchpad in the presence of international experts. there will be no rocker nuclear testing. in the meantime there will be no rockets or nuclear testing. he remains to continue being -- the 2032 olympics, very exciting. all of the agreed to overnight during day 2, following these meetings between kim and south korean president moon and much more on this coming up. a massive manhunt underway for an illegal immigrants accused of killing a mother of 5. police finding martha's body near a road in dallas, texas. investigators believe albert's boyfriend, an illegal immigrant, ernesto hernandez, killed her
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and escaped to mexico. her daughter left to care for her four younger siblings. >> i never expected this. i never pictured myself organizing my own mom's funeral. this is very tough. heather: there is a $5000 reward for additional information. the woman who kidnapped elizabeth smart 16 years ago will be released from prison today, walking free five years early after her sentence was miscalculated. smart thinks she should be kept behind bars calling her a danger to the public and detailing the horrors of her 9-month long abduction. >> encouraged him to rape me, she would sit next to me, the side of her body would be touching me, there were no secrets, she knew what was going on, she was just evil into twisted.
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heather: smart was 14 years old when brian mitchell kidnapped her in utah, he is serving a life sentence. it was a dramatic twist in the brett cavanagh confirmation process after the 11th our refusal to testify, her lawyers demanding an fbi investigation first. another big thing that happens overnight, garrett tenney live in washington. >> attorneys for christine ford said she could testify over claims that she was sexually assaulted 35 years ago but yesterday they changed the position and said she won't testify until the fbi investigations. >> to treat this seriously, they will have an investigation. >> not prepared to talk at a hearing on monday.
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there shouldn't be a rush to a hearing. >> federal law enforcement official tells fox news it is totally inappropriate for someone to demand a federal investigation into 35-year-old allegation, won't go under oath, and key details like where where the alleged assault occurred but democrats are backing the demand for a full investigation. >> republicans control, this is all up to the republican side. this is a woman who has been profoundly impacted by this. i can't say everything is truthful. i don't know. >> reporter: chuck grassley fired back at the demand for an investigation saying in a statement, this would reflect, to her memory of events, nothing any investigators is would have any bearing on what doctor ford tells the committee. there is no reason for further delay.
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if ford refuses to testify monday republicans plan to move ahead with the confirmation vote. >> feinstein's confidence getting a lot of play after that. the timeline in play for confirmation vote on brett kavanaugh flux, democrats scramble to obstruct molly hemingway, senior editor at the federalist, warned not to recognize the me too movement. >> democrats wanted an open hearing, they got an open hearing and claim they want something that would take interminable amount of time because it is impossible to determine the truth or falsity of this allegation. it is impossible for senators to do it in a hearing and impossible for anyone to do it after the fact. it is not just republicans have to worry about it given the sensitivity but everyone needs to worry about weapon icing me
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too and politicizing it. it is important that women not be victims of sexual assault and we honor due process and use appropriate means to litigate allegations of assault. heather: the earliest the confirmation could happen would be mid to late next week. all of that happening while this is going on. donald trump heads to the carolinas to survey the catastrophic damage left by hurricane florence, this as floodwaters continue to threaten entire towns completely cut off, griff jenkins live in pollo pollocksville, they are pleading for help. >> reporter: they sure are. 20 miles east of here the president will land at cherry point and take a look at this. the president will look down,
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this is drone footage from the sheriff's office and it shows how devastated this area is. you have 16 rivers statewide at flood stage, 3 more expected to crest. the problem has not gone away, 37 dead, 2000 have been rescued, 10,000 in shelters, this is a problem. we went to the neighboring town, trenton with the assistant fire chief and he showed me how bad things still are. >> we are driving on highway 41 right now. the fire department right appear, the fire district, we will see how deep it is. you can see the water is still down. yesterday you would not be able to see that sign. >> reporter: the guy driving that boat, another volunteer
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firefighter, paid out of his own pocket to buy that boat and that motor. this is story of true grit and resources, the mayor of pollocksville, j bender, told us what he hopes donald trump understands about this. >> i love to hear his voice and hear him in town and let him see a situation like this, what it can do to small-town usa. >> reporter: when the president lands he may get a tour. if he moves farther in land towards fayetteville in lumberton, the cape fear river cresting at record levels, expected to be 60 feet or more as well as the lumber river. this problem is very real and we have the president seeing what we have seen for the past week. heather: he is supposed to head that way and we will follow that. did you say 10,000 in shelters? >> reporter: that is right. the governor told us yesterday at a briefing more than 10,000
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in shelters, 2200 have been rescued, 578 pets have been rescued. this is a story, a dark point in the history of north carolina people won't sooner forget. heather: you have been working a lot of hours, we appreciate it. the united states and canada coming back to the nafta negotiating table, two sides will start toxin washington waiting to get candidates in on the updated deal, donald trump announced a new agreement with mexico last month and is prepared to move on without our northern neighbors if necessary. the senate approved a huge $854 billion spending bill as lawmakers scramble to avoid another government shutdown. the 93-7 vote provides funding for the affirmative defense, health and human services and labor and education. the measure does not include money for homeland security or the border wall.
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the bill provides a stopgap for all other areas of the government. only until december 7th lose the house will consider the bill next week. the final words of our friend charles krauthammer will hit shelves by the end of the or come his final book the deck of it all was finished by his son daniel, collection of works by the long time fox news contributor and pulitzer prize winner. he wanted to finish the book to ensure his dad's work lives on and it will be released in december. i will be in line to get that. i'm sure it will be a number one bestseller. the time is 11 after the top of the hour. the high-stakes blame game with international implications. russia accusing israel after one of their emissary planes was shot down by syria. what does this mean for the united states? colonel david hunt joins us to explain why the air force is paying attention. number 2 of the fbi, how andrew
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that's the number on your screen now. heather: major step toward denuclearization of the north korean peninsula, kim jong un agreeing to destroy key nuclear facilities. joining the is fox news military contributor and author of without fear, colonel david hunt. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. you heard this, do you think he will follow through? do you think this is legit or just propaganda? >> i think it is a big deal they had a meeting in singapore. that was historic. any time you get north and south talking and agreeing to anything it is important.
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the problem is there is so much to dismantle and it has to be verified. it is a two year, 3 year minimum process to get that done. this is a 137 mile demilitarized zone, 30 miles from a very populated city called soul. they are topping the olympics in 32. the amount of denuclearization, chemical stuff, artillery along demilitarized zone is significant and will taken off a lot of work. heather: how do you move that when you move beyond this step? do you run into the issues we run into with iran when we send investigators to determine if these facilities are free of nuclear capabilities? do we give north korea a warning ahead of time like we did iran
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so they can prepare? >> it is similar to what is happening in iran. this is a sovereign nation, north korea. they have a military. the issue is that is part of the deal. they have to agree to allow us in. a lot of countries won't allow inspections. the next step is to agree to let inspectors see what you are blowing up and destroying. and independent inspectors, that is the crux of any deal like this as it was with russia and iran and north korea. it is a big deal, we talked to singapore and they talk about olympics. these are important steps to world peace. we should be encouraging. heather: olympics would be amazing to see north and south korea do this. i know president moon in south
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korea always said even before that he was brought in to lead south korea, he believes in the sunshine policy which is very different than the us thinks. >> the big deal was the winter olympics, the south actually paid for the north korean team to come and they had kim jong un's sister sitting behind the vice president, there were north korean teams. that was a major move. i think the us, we are there to ensure if there is another war we will be involved as a deterrent. the united states i don't think is in any position or never wanted to continue. the talks they are making now and the progress by the president are important steps but the next ones are the biggest. heather: you mentioned russia and this did not get the coverage it did deserve, russia
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pointing the finger at israel after a military plane was shot down by syrian forces. what will be the fallout on that? how does it impact the us? what happens next in the situation? >> reporter: unbelievable statement by russia, the russians have been manning the syrians for 30 years, training and supplying missiles, the missile that shot down the russian intelligence plane was a russian missile. it was not israeli. the implications, it was a tough war, turkey, russia, terrorists, the us had 2000 people there, aircraft all over the place, very dangerous, this heightened that danger. anytime you lose 11 people in the sky. heather: then we have all this happening, the president meets with the leader of poland, talking about putting a military base in poland and russia doesn't want that.
1:20 am
all these things happening that are not getting the coverage they deserve. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. the time is 19 after the top of the hour and the new yorker taking aim focusing on sarah sanders's faith in a new article, social media not happy about that. carly shimkus joins us with reaction flooding in.
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>> pool over! role on your stomach now! heather: you better listen. that heroic canine taking down
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an attempted kidnapper just outside tampa, florida. that is tampa the canine running on the suspect after telling a mother she would never see her daughter again. kevin wilson climbed into a second floor window and tried to get away with the 6-month-old. he let the baby go eventually after a good guy with the gun chased him away. the child suffered minor scratches. some terrifying moments in the sky when two training air force pilots eject moments before their plane crashes, this unfolding 30 miles from joint base san antonio randolph. the two men suffered minor injuries. the air force is investigating what went wrong. a stir online, for making faith the focus of a new profile on sarah sanders. carly shimkus with fox news
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headlines serious xm 115 with reaction to the article that has even her critics coming to her defense. >> the new yorker published an article on sarah sanders and promoted that article by tweeting quote, sarah huckabee sanders attends a dc church that is an affiliate of hills long, the global mega-church that teaches creationism and intelligent design. sanders asked if she shared these views, said i believe in the bible. some on social media slamming the article for focusing on her faith. james says whatever you think of her, where she worships is her business. duane on facebook says that is what the new yorker things, disgusting. ricardo rights i don't hold the same beliefs but this is hardly news. a deep dive into her life before she became press secretary.
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it heather: we talked about the emmys, not really a hit, amiss. >> the emmys slipped down 11% to about 10.2 million viewers. some folks taking aim at comments like this one. >> my mother is not watching. she said she doesn't like watching white award shows because you guys don't think jesus enough. >> that's true. the only white people that think jesus are republicans -- >> deal the man says the emmys were on last night? guess i must be part of the 10%. paula says more important things are going on in this world. another twitter user says folks want entertainment, not politics. a lot of people saying we didn't even know it was on. >> normally i watch the red carpet arrivals on e but there
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was so much going on in the news world. >> if your favorite show is on, sorry. thank you so much, have a good day. the time is 26 after the top of the hour, donald trump says exposing corrupt fbi probe to be a crowning achievement of his presidency. will americans finally get the answers they need when he document are released? when will they be released? a former fbi special agent joins us with what we can expect. [chanting] heather: liberal politics on this way, the latest conservative forced to leave a restaurant through the back door. mums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. conservative forced to leave a restaurant through the back door.
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heather: mollie tibbetts executes killer is due in court today, christian rivera will be arraigned in the college student's tough, rivera led police to mollie tibbetts's body which was discovered a cornfield a month after she went missing in brooklyn, iowa. the mexican man was in the country illegally for four years. meantime new numbers show the alarming number of illegal immigrant families who never show up to court. ice officials a 28% of families in detention programs skipped hearings in the first ten months of fiscal year 2018. hearings from migrants currently have a backlog of 700,000 cases. donald trump headed to the carolinas to survey damage from hurricane florence.
1:32 am
the president is expected to touch down at marine corps air station in sherry point, north carolina before making a stop in myrtle beach, south carolina. 37 people are dead in the wake of florence, rescue crews nationwide continue to save people from flood ravaged towns, towns completely cut off. disgraced former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe taking aim at donald trump in a new book saying, quote, the president's attacks symbolizes destructive effect on the country as a whole, he is undermining american safety and security and eroding public confidence in its institutions. it is due out in december. mccabe was fired for lying to investigators about leaking to the media. any day we expect key documents and text messages for 0 reductions from the doj in relation, some from mccabe. donald trump saying, quote, i hope to put this up as one of my
1:33 am
crowning achievements as i was able to expose something that is truly a cancer in our country. will this finally give americans what they need to know. fbi special agent chad jenkins, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. i will ask you this question, when do you expect this to happen and will this have a significant impact as we move forward? >> when will it be released? we don't know. doj has lowballed on that. we look at declassification rules and as early as next week, i would imagine. what is going to be in it? we have 21 pages of the fisa renewal ordered by donald trump to be released. that renewal appears to be the
1:34 am
last fisa renewal to the fisa court. and that will basically be all the intelligence gleaned from the previous fisa duration, 45 to 90 days of coverage of carter page, the subject of that fisa. i don't think there will be a lot of derogatory information on page in that. you have to remember this was the last renewal. after this the government, doj, fbi, felt they did not have enough intelligence from that application to continue another renewal. where we will see the fireworks are in the text messages of the fbi executive. todd: 1 more question about the fisa document, this will be a threat to national security. do you believe that? >> i don't. it will be rejected where sources and methods can be redacted. that won't be exposed.
1:35 am
that is political fodder from democrats, republicans, they continuously do this in every single thing they do in washington. however, where the transparency to the american people is a smokescreen, we are looking at 21 pages released, 421 pages of the rob: 17 -- fisa application. we are saying this is truly transparency for the american people, the viewers at home for you and i, those who swore to protect the constitution of the united states, that is misleading and i can't say this is full transparency by any means. of the 2021 out of 421 pages. you mentioned the text messages. that was unexpected. bruce ohr, peter stzrok, lisa page, james comey, andrew mccabe who is publishing a book. what do you expect to happen
1:36 am
with the text messages? >> that is where there will be damning information on leadership of the fbi. we have seen it with page and stzrok. the fbi academy, every communication you do in the bureau whether it is email, text message or any type of thing, you write that and draft that like it is printed in the new york times the next morning. we will see if they did that are not. it will be interesting to see. heather: i'm interested in the text messages the bruce ohr specifically, after he was fired, the connection with bruce ohr, his wife nelly ohr with fusion gps, it will be very interesting, appreciate it. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. facebook is under fire but this
1:37 am
time even liberals are hitting the unfriend button. they are accused of hiding this time. >> the actions that we have seen from the white house, we have to defend the fundamental values and ideals of the american democracy. heather: two years after historic election laws hillary clinton rejoins the fight in time for the midterms. jackie ibanez with how people are clapping back and we want you to as well. [ loesch ] this is superbeets and i swear by it.
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1:41 am
before the flames exploded through homes. columbia gas was negligent and demand compensation for forcing victims to evacuate. one person was killed. taking care of our heroes. five poor performing va hospital's are no longer considered high risk facilities, hospitals in dublin, georgia, oregon, nashville and denver all taken off the list while tween 9 others remain. this after a staff crackdown resulting in 26 managers losing their jobs. failed presidential nominee hillary clinton bashing donald trump's so-called authoritarian agenda. she is calling on democrats to vote this november morning our democracy is in crisis. jackie ibanez is live with her stunning interview. >> reporter: speaking with rachel maddow the former secretary of state warned if the trump administration is left
1:42 am
unchecked the country will suffer greatly. >> these authoritarian tendencies we have seen at work in this administration with this president, left unchecked, could very well result in the erosion of our institutions to an extent that we never imagined possible. >> reporter: are attacks didn't stop there. clinton claiming the key to stopping the president's agenda is democrats winning back either the house or the senate. >> if we ignore the importance of this midterm election and there's no check and balance, we don't take back one or both houses of congress, then i think you will see even more of the dismantling of our institutions with very dire effects. >> reporter: the former first lady protecting the president is going to, quote, wholesale fire people after november's elections.
1:43 am
>> he will be even more uncontrollable and unaccountable. he will fire people in the white house, he will fire people in his administration who he thinks are crossing him, questioning him, undermining him. >> reporter: clinton using the appearance to promote her book what happened, which came out more than a year ago but has a new epilogue. heather: a lot of people have a lot to say about this. it is remarkable that we are still talking about the election. >> reporter: the story has people firing up on social media, how about she check her rigging elections and deleting email tendencies, locker up. hillary, i am not worried, i'm glad donald trump is authoritarian, we need him for the country and the world. can tweeting this, if the house majority goes to the dems trump's agenda is over. he has trouble passing legislation now when the gop is in power and there will be more
1:44 am
investigations and committees will be led by dems, make america great again is over. >> don't know if fear tactics will work. and on something. time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. they pay the highest taxes in the country, california kids are more behind in school than any other state and they never catch up. a new shocking report has many calling out the liberal state's failing policies. extra butter please, no evidence high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease. should you throw away those drugs? doctor jennifer says not so fast. there she is. to break down facts from the fiction. important stuff. ♪ [ upbeat music ]
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heather: facebook under fire for discriminating against women. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness is here to explain. >> reporter: according to a complaint filed with the equal employment opportunity commission, facebook is being accused of bias, letting companies target men and exclude women. the complaint against facebook and tween 9 employers was filed by three women who say they were kept from seeing job postings in male-dominated fields like construction, trucking and software. here is what facebook had to say, they have not reviewed this complaint but they said, quote, there is no place for discrimination on facebook, if triply prohibited in our policy,
1:49 am
we look forward to defending our policies, facebook is being heavily scrutinized not just by users but lawmakers and regulators. >> a lot of people connect, families on facebook, they will be paying a little more. >> that could be the case, hurricane florence could affect your thanksgiving dinner, putting the thanks giving staples in jeopardy including turkey. north carolina is the number one state, they raised indoor environment, high winds, heavy flooding we have seen would put in jeopardy these facilities. another thing, sweet potatoes, the nation's top grower. it could mean they are not harvestable so those are two things that could be in jeopardy this coming thanksgiving.
1:50 am
heather: thank you very much. a decades old theory on high cholesterol its impact, is being challenged. a new study saying there is no evidence bad cholesterol causes heart disease. here to weigh in is doctor jennifer cargill, always love having you here. let's look at what the study found. high levels of bad cholesterol, statins offer no protection to patients with high cholesterol, doctors should abandon them altogether, it was based on 1.3 million patients, the opposite of what we heard previously. why the discrepancy? >> first thing i want to say is not so fast. those listening at home, let's
1:51 am
back up. this is a number of researchers that looked at a lot of studies and a lot of data and these are the conclusions they came to. let me address the elephant in the room. stands and cholesterol, a lot of headlines we see have to do with what data is being looked at, how good the data is and how we interpret it and where studies are coming from. i want to be clear this was one perspective based on things researchers look at and how they interpret data. that said, i have to be honest with you it is not that simple, cholesterol is not -- it depends on who you are. and with the effect of cholesterol that has to do with
1:52 am
that. heather: what exactly is a statin and what is cholesterol for people? >> statin, many of us heard the word statin. it lowers cholesterol and works in a specific way through the liver but it is a well studied and -- we have some good data. we know that statins in people who are high risk with diabetes and other risk factors like cardiovascular disease, statins make a difference. heather: 39 million individuals use statins so do we all need statins? >> we probably all don't need stands. i'm not saying 39 million don't need statins but everybody needs a statin? know. the question is what are our individual risk factors that determine we may need them versus someone else. everyone is not the same. it is benefits versus risks.
1:53 am
heather: the you should see a family physician. one size does not fit all. >> your statin based on this headline, talk to your doctor, understand why you are on it and what your cholesterol goals are. heather: thank you for joining us. important stuff for your health. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the over. governor rick scott the latest victim of liberal rage. [chanting] julie: confrontation that forced him to leave a restaurant through the back door. forget mama bear. it was all about papa bear. the dramatically the father came face-to-face with a massive animal trapped in his van. ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime ♪
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♪ heather: always an inspiring shot in washington dc with the flag flying high. let's go to a part of the united
1:58 am
states in florida. rick scott forced to leave the restaurant after protesters harass him, watch. [chanting] heather: protesters blocking the entrance of a cuban restaurant, upset about the red tide algae crisis. the republican forced to leave through a back door. .is the latest republican taunted at a restaurant. homeland security secretary kirsten newsom, mitch mcconnell and press secretary sarah sanders all similarly harassed this year. california education system is failing students. a new study that reveals the state's children are falling behind their peers in other states before they enter kindergarten. some apparently never catch up at all. this is due to a lack of care and funding despite the nation's
1:59 am
highest taxes, preschool and early childhood education programs saw the most issues. the good, the bad and the ugly, we start with the good. two wounded warriors and best friends reunited. army specialist alec and canine alex back together in texas after they were seriously injured in a suicide bombing in afghanistan, each awarded purple heart and will be together for good once they finish rehab together. a good thing for sure. now the bad. a man barely escapes after his wife accidentally locks a giant bear in their minivan. the bear smashing through the glass and climbing out of the car in north carolina. the father of two got away safely after unlocking the door
2:00 am
after the bear broke the automatic door. how did she accidentally locker bear in the car? that is what i want to know. the ugly. this car ends up in a swimming pool. rescue crews that man and woman in her 50s or 60s were in the car, not clear who was driving, no one was injured. that wraps up this our of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: wednesday, september 19th, kim jong un stunning the world saying he is ready for a nuclear free north korea. jillian: history is not made yet. what he says the united states needs to do first. >> the most predictable playbook for the democrats, democrats from day one said they would not support brett cavanagh. jillian: judge brett kavanaugh at the center of the confirmation circus. jillian: what comes next after his accuser's 11th our refusal


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