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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 24, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i hope they will listen. quick programming note, starting tomorrow, we'll be live from washington, d.c., for all of this news. that's tomorrow night and o'clock easter let not your heart be troubled. we are always fair and balanced. laura, big news night, no temperature chats. >> laura: great to see you, sean. see you in washington tomorrow. good evening, i am laura ingraham, this is the "the ingraham angle" live from new york city. with the president just across the street from us, to require major political battles. the 11th hour smears of brett kavanaugh brett kavanaugh continue unabated is another uncorroborated message lobbed his way. my message to the g.o.p. in moments along with the reaction from dan bongino, wendy long, and many more. will he stay or will he go? rod rosenstein's fate in limbo tonight after conflicting reports swirling around the resignation or straight up removal. congressman mark meadows has some choice words.
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he'll be with us exclusively tonight. but first, democratic emotional extortion and the lessons to be learned. that's the focus of tonight's "angle" ." we saw this coming about two weeks ago when supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh -- remember when he first appeared before the senate judiciary committee? rather than mount any serious argument, democrats and their activist allies resorted to theatrics and paid, preplanned protests. >> i welcome everyone to t i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing of brett kavanaugh. >> we cannot possibly movema forward. >> you are out of order. >> mr. chairman, i move to adjourn. >> barnum & bailey would have been unable to stop kavanaugh,
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democrats resorted to this late in the game smear job that they tried with my old boss, clarence thomas 17 years ago.7 you know by now that dianne feinstein sat on dr. christineev ford's allegation for six weeks. never bringing it to the committee until it was leaked. it has not been confirmed by any of the four other people that she claimed were at the party in question. she was 15 and kavanaugh was 17. and then yesterday, a week after the ford allegation came to light, another decades old claim surfaced, this time in the new yorker. college classmate of kavanaugh claims that while a freshman at yale he exposed himself to her even though she was drinking herself, so much so she was slurring her words and foggy,
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ramirez says she saw kavanaugh pulling upe his pants after someone exposed himself to her. must have been he. jane mayer couch the allegation this way in the title saying senate democrats investigate new allegation of sexual misconduct from brett kavanaugh's college years. whatever the democrats are investigating, it lacks a witness. the new yorker admits that no one witnessed this alleged incident. in fact, ms. remarries' room made knew nothing of it. >> the corroborating witness which has all the details, where
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did that witness come from and where did that witness get the information about this from if that person doesn't know ramirez? >> he remembers it from -- he was in the same dorm, same little building on yale's old campus. he remembers it clearly. i asked him -- no, as i heard, he heard it from someone who was there. >> he heard it from someone from someone. great reporting. enter the old gray lady. the new york times reports they spent a " week trying to verify the ramirez story interviewing several dozen people, but, drum roll, please, could find no one with firsthand knowledge. ms. ramirez herself contacted former yale classmates and she asked if they recalled if the incident ever happened and told some of them that she herself
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could not be certain that mr. kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself. but within the span of six days and after consulting with classmates and democrats, ramirez recovered her hidden memories. >> why did she come forward? >> she came forward because senate democrats began looking at this claim. >> now we know why feinstein and the whole crew were wanting to put off the hearing which republicans had originally scheduled for today. they needed their pals in the media to have additional time to jump on what they were investigating and find someone,, anyone, who knew kavanaugh and could level a charge against him. who is debra ramirez, who works
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on social justice and social change, close quote. right on cue, feinstein is demanding that thursday's hearing be postponed to theto third week of never. kavanaugh is himself defiant, standing his ground as he told martha tonight. >> the truth is, i have never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or otherwise. i'm not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps dr. ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in some place. what i know is i have never sexually assaulted anyone. i want a fair process where i can defend my integrity. i know i'm telling the truth, i know my life long record. and i'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. i have faith in god and i have
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faith in the fairness of the american people. >> the american people may be fair, but the democratic jackels on the committee are circling. >> doesn't kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in america? >> i put his denial in the context of everything i know about how he approaches his cases. hisy credibility is questionable in my mind and in the mind of my fellow judiciary committee members. >> it's not about whether these women have been wronged, many probably have. it's not about respecting the presumption of innocence either. this is about denying donald trump a fifth vote on the supreme court. but the democrats, i'm telling you, they should take a breath and they should recognize the new standard they are setting here for all nominees going forward. are we really suggesting that
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all aspects of future democratic nominees, their high school and college behavior should be subjected to scrutiny and investigation? that should be loads of fun. the republicans should have held the vote last week as planned. ken starr said that a week ago on this program. they should have not indulged this circus. judge kavanaugh would be settling into his new chambers. a warning, if he's not confirmed, republican voters may turn on their party. joining me is richard and with me in studio, wendy long, former law clerk to justice clarence thomas. wendy, it's been so much time,
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17 years about our former boss, confirmation was 17 years ago. >> it's been 31 since the democrats started this whole circus. they play dirty and they play to win and they lie and they go trolling for these witnesses and thrust them into the spotlight when they haven't asked to be put in the spotlight, inviting them to purger themselves and this train wreck is happening again. i was h excited to see the president strongly defending brett kavanaugh and to see mr. kavanaugh speaking for himself with his wife. the american people can see what this iss about. the reason they elected donald trump is he was going to appoint strong constitutionalistha justices to the supreme court. this game of playing dirty is
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going to go o we can't cave into it. what's amazing is that people on the republican side say, oh, she deserves to be heard. i don't think she deserves to be heard. what we deserve is any allegation to be investigated, but investigated by the fbi in private in time. senator feinstein shouldn't be sitting on this this long. >> richard, i want to play another clip from the kavanaugh interview from tonight. >> one said he could see this kind of thing happening, you drank a lot in high school, drank a lot in college, although he hadn't seen or heard the incident himself, that it addedi up to him, that it made sense that you treated women that way. >> i have always treated women with dignity and respect.
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>> he was your roommate. >> i do. >>at why do you think he would y that? >> i'm not going to speculate about motives. >>bo richard. >> i have a lot of friends like everybody on your panel tonight, laura, who are friend of brett kavanaugh, worked with him, who swear by him, he is the salt of the earth. and bill cosby had people saying the same thing. so did charlie rose and les moonves. look, for whatever reason, democrats are believing her, i'm talking now about christine blasey ford, i would put ramirez aside. and republicans are believing brett kavanaugh. there's a way to resolve this. get the fbi, i agree with wendy. should the public and brett kavanaugh's reputation for decades be besmirched because this came out later rather than
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sooner. what is the rush. is it because of the midterms and the fear that -- i think senator mcconnell could get this through. he could get somebody else lake duck.the >> i want to understand this new standard. because going forward, this is to be wild. we were all in college, we were all in high school, we were much cooler than i was. but this stupid stuff. i don't know what happened. i didn't know kavanaugh, this isn't the brett i know and it's a long time ago, 30 plus years ago. is this where we are going? how many times you get drunk on a party, how many girls are there, what did you do. at what point do those allegations uncorroborated byte any co con temp rainous witness. promoting women, advancing the
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cause of women, when does this stop? i find this to be madness, utter madness, as a standard. for get who brett is or trump. we should go back to fourth grade? >> i agree, this is outrageous. as wendy pointed out, the democrats have been doing this for over three decades. teddy kennedy is standing up there and judging people about their behavior and standards. just like with harry reid and getting rid of the 60 vote standard, they are going to come to regret this. the standard is going to be applied to them. it's an impossible standard. to richard's point about the fbi investigating. it's not how it works. memories fade. eyewitness memory is the most unreliable, particularly when you involve chol and the passage
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of time. is nothing that the fbi is going to be able to do to find out the truth. >> it's a he said, she said. i want to restate what the new york times said in the 16th paragraph of their piece today. that the accuser in this most recent case, herself was calling around to her friends. after six days she was able to remember this.hi she's being prodded clearly by the democrats and activists. 16 paragraphs in we learn that she called people, couldn't get anyone to corroborate her. and then one of them at least said she couldn't even be sureve if it was brett. the new york times didn't go with this is because it was a ridiculous story. and rona won a pugh let'ser. a
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i wanlet's watch. >> there is a burden on the part ofon the white house to do the vehicles. what are they hiding? >> it is judge kavanaugh seeking a lifetime appointment. >> you can't prove a negative. >> do you think they care about what happened: to this women? >> ofhe course not. this is about them, it's about their political races, it's about keeping the supreme court in the t hand of activists and t letting president trump havepr this great nominee. it's not about the women. and he's a bush nominee. he was put on the court of appeals. we have to get exclusive reaction from the white house. r the director of communications, mercedes, thanks for being here
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tonight. how is the white house feeling after that interview with martha mccallum and the protesters dissenting. be a hero outside of susan collins' office. how does the white house feel tonight? >> look, we are so proud of brett kavanaugh and ashley. they went out tonight, they spoke from the heart. and they sent a powerful message. brett said he's going to fight, he's going to stand strong and he's not going to be intimidated by those democrats placing false claims on him. he is strong in defending his character and his integrity. that was such an important message for the american people to hear to. the pain they are going through, the threats on their family and the mere fact that the democrats are playing politics with this family, with this man's life, someone who has dedicated hisd life to public service, laura.
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i have to tell you, when you listen to these democrats and when they say the verdict is in, brett kavanaugh is guilty, theyo believe her, then why the heck are we having a hearing if they are believing her and not even giving brett kavanaugh the fair process he deserves especially after six weeks that they had these lengthy hearings, that they have asked him over a thousand questions and yet the democrats continue to try to destroy brett kavanaugh. >> mercedes, what's the message to jeff flake tonight? by all my sources, it's not soes much susan collins who's waivering here.e. i think she's been solidified in her view given the activists, and what happened, clearly delaying this. what's the message for him tonight given what we have seen? >> well, i think the message for all the republican senators is
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that judge kavanaugh stand ready to testify. he's ready to clear his name. he was ready to do that. >>t mercedes, with all due respect, i have so much respect for you, i don't think it's possible for brett kavanaugh to go up there in this atmosphere and be expected -- we know he says he denies this. he hasll said this in letters ad statements tonight. i think it's a mistake to keep giving into these tactics. the tac tactics of the left, its like emotional blackmail and extortion. but this is hideous what they have done. you need a little more righteous indignation, not coming out of you, but some of the other senators on capitol hill. this is beyond the pale. >> you saw mitch mcconnell
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coming out talking about the smear campaign. and there will be a vote. we are going to move in that direction. it's time for a vote. this is all the democrats are trying to do to buy time. they want to figure out what other story they can try to fabricate. >> they will come up with something else. >> exactly. enough is enough. >> i wouldgh hold the vote tomorrow. >> laura, this thing about holding hearings, the senators don't even want to ask questions. >>n and speaking of what the pundits are saying, she was on cnn today about what majority leader said about the smears. >> the senate majority leader calling this a smear campaign is a small dog whistle, suggesting he doesn't believe these women. >> it's just another dog whistle. now if you say something is a smear, i don't know a what thats about, but that's where the
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pundit class is going.nd final thoughts. >> right. no, there is no question. i think what judge kavanaugh is asking for is a fair process. he has spent time talking to these senators, making his case. he deserves his time. he deserves that vote. >> he already had his time. i think they should never -- it's too late now, but the process was fair. and they he reopened the process. ken starr said they never should have done that. i'm going to keep citing ken starr. he said this a week ago. grassley and flake, jeff flake, you now see what's going on here. jeff flake has to do the right thing. we appreciate all of our panelists' time. thank you so much. of course, the clown show that has arisen in the wake of the
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kavanaugh action sayings needs a court gesture. we debate this next.
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>> laura: as if the circus surrounding the kavanaugh confirmation fight could not get any uglier, or more absurd stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti, is now injecting himself into the situation. shocker. lurid allegations against kavanaugh and for more, we are joined by fox news national chief correspondent, ed henry with more. >> laura, great to see you. republican mitch mcconnell called all of these allegations a shameful smear campaign and charged chuck schumer and senate democrats are throwing all this mud he could manufacture, even democrats drawing the line atin not being seen as taking dirt for michael avenatti.
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the attorney for stormy daniels is now claiming in the next 48 hours, he would be unveiling at new accuser or accusers with even more salacious allegations to level against judge brett kavanaugh. yet "politico" is reportinge income of the series of top democrats are steering clear of avenatti. o senator brian schatz saying, "i have no comment about michael avenatti." elizabeth warren cautioned until they get more information "there's not much they can do with these charges from avenatti." the first accuser dr. chrisitine blasey ford wrote an emotional letter where she told republican chairman charles grassley, said she felt -- three witnesses as they have no recollection of the alleged incident in high school. the county where that happened said they respected victims ofnt sexual assault do not always want to initiate a criminal probe but added that montgomery county police department has not received a request by any alleged victim or
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victim's attorney to initiate a police report or criminal investigation regarding supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. "the new yorker" has published a new allegation by deborah ramirez, claiming kavanaugh exposed to her, even though "the new york times" revealed that they interviewed several dozen people in the past week alone and could not corroborate the story. avenatti said he will have these new allegations and he's coming after kavanaugh. watch. >> under no circumstances should brett kavanaugh be confirmed with a lifetime appointment to the u.s. supreme court before mark judge testifies under oath and before my client, dr. ford and any other accuser, has her day before that committee under oath at an absolute minimum. >> some are lapping up the chance to get avenatti into the story. at one point, and the 9:00 p.m. eastern hour, both msnbc and cnn were running interviews with avenatti about kavanaugh at the
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exact same moment. one was live and one was on tape. >> laura: the man is everywhere. thank you so much. with reaction, dan bongino, nra tv host, and chris hahn, radio s host, former aide to senator chuck schumer. i want to go first to chris. chris, when avenatti comes on the scene, to me, it's a huge negative for the democrats.s it becomes just another iteration of the trump resistance, it's all about him he talked about running for president in 2020. the clown show continues. your reaction tonight? >> i don't take these accusations seriously until i actually see somebody stand up and say that this actually happened. now i will say this about avenatti. he was correct that the president was aware of the payouts to stormy daniels and the other model whose name i'm forgetting.r that was proven right. he said that weeks before it was proven. but i don't just want to take accusations out of nowhere and
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say, let's stop the presses. he's right, i think mark judge must testify before this committee, he's a witness everyone -- >> laura: he's already signed a statement by the penalty of perjury that he has no a recollection of these events happening. no one who she claims was in a house party that judge kavanaugh said he was not out has any corroborating information about that party. so he has to testify. no, he doesn't. he could have been brought before the committee during the three and a half days that judge kavanaugh was out there by the democrats, like avenatti, are playing a big timing game here. dan bongino, -- hold on, i willn get to dan and i come back to you. i promise. dan, 48 hours, he promises the big bombshell, and he said if his client, "warning, my client has previously done work with the state department, the u.s. mint, doj.k had multiple security clearances
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in the past. g.o.p. and others should be very careful in trying to suggest she is not credible."fu the big drama building. dan? >> avenatti is a carnival barker. he's a clown. we don't know what he's talking about. it's convenient that he's waiting until wednesday night the night before the hearing that are supposed to take place on thursday where dr. ford is supposed to show up, which i don't think she will, by there way, and give her side of the story in front of the senate committee. laura, if you are serious unlike avenatti, who is a clown he's an embarrassment to clowns. clowns don't want to be associated with avenatti. he was serious with getting to the bottom of the charges, he would put the information out there now, so credible people could do a credible investigation like senator grassley was trying toin do with dr. ford before her team put together all these obstacles to getting dr. ford to show up.. are they serious about this? chris suggesting that judge
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should show off as a witness --s what is he a witness to? you just said he testified under penalty of perjury. he has no idea what dr. ford ist talking about. >> laura: all the others did too. chris, i cut you off before. go ahead. >> it is one thing to testify on a piece of paper, it is another thing to be cross-examined by people who want to be to make ie to the truth. maybe he is telling the truth. it will be great if he came inyb and said it. look, here's the thing. s the reason why there hasn't been a vote yet and why there wont' be a vote this week, the republicans themselves do not have the votes to confirm brett kavanaugh right now and they won't have it on thursday and they probably won't have it ever. i do believe he is going to be withdrawn at some point. collins said today she wants to see ramirez testify before thets committee before she votes. i believe there are other republicans who are similarly this is a very tough time. >> laura: i think it's because collins knows it's not true. collins knows that when someone says, she said she was slurring
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her words, she said she was drinking, she tried to getg others to corroborate, they wouldn't. one guy in a dorm said he heard something. chris, i really respect you as a person and a thinker. i can't imagine that you would want someone you care about or love -- put politics aside -- to be treated this way in a "new yorker" article with zero corroboration but a hell of a lot of politics. that is not the way we can do business in the united states. it's not right. it's not just rates to go there needs to be journalistic integrity. i think with "the new york times" did was correct. but i do think that there are -- there is time here and there ise no rush. i think we should get to the bottom of this. for him as well, frankly because i think judge kavanaugh if any of this is not true, i think they're -- >> laura: okay. do you think this should be the new standard? what you did in high school and
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what you did in college, no charges filed, someone at the 11th hour can come forward with an accusation and that should be at for a promotion, a big job supreme court -- any big job. by just the court? high school and college now rules the day. that is what america has to focus on right now. dan, real quick. >> laura -- >> chris, this is a husband this guy is entitled to defend himself. what's happening right now, to quote clarence thomas, is a national disgrace. it's an embarrassment. this man deserves better. i can't believe what's's happening. have a heart. the supreme court -- >> laura: why didn't "the new york times" go with the story? >> if it's truly attempted rape -- and not as horrible -- >> laura: we are out of time. fantastic panel as always. both of you are explosive.
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>> laura: the other big story sharing the headlines with kavanaugh dissipative deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. earlier today, depending onay where you get your news, he was going to be fired or he had already verbally resigned. fox news was able to confirm late this afternoon that rosenstein had fully expected to be fired when he went to the e white house today. though, that does not seem to be the case as of now. here's the president's reaction. >> we'll be meeting at the white house and we'll be determining what is going on. we want to have transparency, we want to have openness. i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. >> laura: wherever it is, my next guest says the department>> of justice under jeff sessions and rosenstein has had just as
11:37 pm
much of a transparency problem as it did even under eric holder and loretta lynch and that is saying something. here to explain what all of that means, is congressman mark meadows, chair of the house freedom caucus, here exclusively with us tonight. h congressman, i have been dyingly to talk to you. this was a wild day. i thought it was a little overhyped. they had the camera on the car. i was like, is he crawling tohe the white house? it is only six blocks. it took an hour for him to get over there. it become a big drama. ended up nothing. where do you think this ends upe on thursday? where should it end up? is it a trap to fire rosenstein now or where is your head at here? >> laura, i don't know that it's a trap. really, what it comes down to is that rod needs to be transparent with the american people. there was no plan to fire him this morning. i know there was all kinds of different scenarios that were out there but quite frankly, it was more a resignation question then a firing question today.
11:38 pm
yet obviously, all of thatue changed. here is what didn't change. we continue to have different narratives come out of the doj. if indeed rod rosenstein said these things, which many believe that he did, many believe that he said it in a nonjoking manner, then he needs to explain that, not only to the president of the united states but the american people. we are pushing very hard to make sure that he comes in under oath to congress and let the american people judge for themselves. i can't tell you that if he does not, there are a number of us that are standing by really with impeachment documents, that said, we cannot have this kind of activity continue at doj. >> laura: i don't get thein joke. saying it jokingly? i think someone who has that level of poor judgment, to joke about the 25th amendment or wearing a wire on the president number one, it's not funny, two not something you talk about. either he has a really bizarre sense of humor or he said it was
11:39 pm
serious. i don't buy that it was a hugee set up for trump. total nightmare for deputy attorney general. he melted and wet his pants uput the first second the senate asked him to answer some questions about the russia investigation. the whole thing was -- i'm sorry. i think is one of the worst appointments ever. jay sekulow, i want to get your response on the other side. this is what he said. >> if, in fact, rod rosenstein does end up resigning, i think it's really important that there would be a step back taken here. a review. i think it's a review that has to be thorough and complete, and a review that has to include an investigation of what has transpired with all of these statements and all of these allegations, going back to the peter strzok and lisa page and bruce ohr and basically a timeout on this inquiry. >> laura: what about that? a timeout on the mueller probe? is that realistic? >> i don't know that it's realistic but i do believe that there should be a timeout and
11:40 pm
accountability. let me give you one prime example, laura. we've got a double standard. you got a couple of people that work in the trump campaign that are really being prosecuted fore lying to the fbi. and yet we know that false testimony was given to bruce ohr by either fusion gps or christopher steele. we know that indeed they mentioned a person by the name of cleta mitchell and this whole narrative, the nra, actually being involved in a russia collusion, they actually shared that with a doj official, and yet there is no prosecution that's being done there. it was false testimony, given to a doj person. we've got to make sure there is one standard for everybody, and i can tell you that rod rosenstein is not implementing that, and it's time that we hold him accountable. >> laura: congressman, real quick, why is it that the president decided to go back on his decision to declassify those documents and kick it over to the ig? i still don't understand that.
11:41 pm
i understand rosenstein was ther one who brought the message to him. the president acceded to his wishes. why? >> i think the president is trying to be cautious to make sure that sources and methods are not out i can tell you, i talked to the ig today, the bruce ohr 302s there is no reason -- >> laura: those have to be released. >> two people that were there they don't have security clearances, bruce ohr wasn't officially on the russia investigation, so why notnc declassify them? >> laura: but the sunshine and prayed congressman, thank you sb much. here with reaction, senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor david hanson. your reaction to what we just heard from congressman meadows rosenstein here for the moment some conservatives, even my colleague sean hannity, said firing him would be a pretty big mistake on the part of the president. but we have a dysfunctional justice department, with all due respect to attorney general sessions. it's dysfunctional at the highest level.
11:42 pm
>> there's a political and legal problem. politically, you don't want to distract from the democrats on national tv, trying to destroy two centuries of american jurisprudence with kavanaugh. that would be a distraction right now. it's booming -- there is a boomerang on them right now. legally, rod rosenstein was at the center of firing james comey with the letter, and mueller is investigating the firing of comey, indirectly investigating himself. he signed a fisa warrant, that will come up under somebody'she investigation. he was the adjudicator ofwi information that was released by the doj to the house intelligence committee and other committees. he was involved in uranium onene and he saw no collusion, yet he's basically entrusting mueller to look for collusion where it wasn't. he was in the hillary email scandal and yet he said that there was no violation of confidentiality or classified information, yet he helped get
11:43 pm
an indictment against general carter for leaking. he's got a lot of the conflict of interest and i think the donald trump should just say you are doing a great job there's thousands of things you can do at the justice department but you are not going to get yourself into a situation where you have these conflict of interests, so you won't be on the mueller, you won't be doing anything with the fisa courts you won't be transmitting documents or adjudicating what is redacted or not, and we are not going to have you looking at anything to do with uranium oned or email, and if you want to resign and go write a book michael wolff and omarosa left go ahead, but we like you, just do something else but you won't be involved here that would be a lot brighter than firing him. >> laura: do we have an ambassadorship to albania open? i think there are a few positions still open in the administration. thank you so much. what does ann coulter think of the kavanaugh battle and rosenstein? the outspoken commentators here in new york.
11:44 pm
she will be here to tell us all about it. stay here.po
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>> nothing ever physical, you never met her, never kissed her never touched her, nothing thatr you remember? >> correct. i never had any sexual or physical activity with dr. ford. i never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise. i am not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps dr. ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in someplace.d but what i know is i have never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or at any time. >> laura: as we told you thursday is shaping up to be a very important in washington, as the fate of rod rosenstein and brett kavanaugh could both hangs in the balance. but are there stories connected? seriously.or "vanity fair" suggested today that trump is using one
11:48 pm
controversy to bury the other. writing, "the strategy was to try and do something really big trump wanted to nuke rosensteind to save kavanaugh's bacon." the article goes on to reporte that trump's allies are urging him to cut ties with kavanaughre ahead of the midterms. was that really fair ball with his base? joining us now, conservative columnist and author of "resistance is futile," ann coulter. it's great to see you. i mean -- >> i have an idea for how you can distract from what's happening with kavanaugh. start building the wall! >> laura: [laughs] gofundme campaign. brick by brick. brick by brick. this is -- brett, i know you know him, i've known him for so long. the democrats play for keeps.wn republicans try to play this genteel game of, oh, we respect everybody has her right to be heard.
11:49 pm
oh, really? it took a while for keith ellison's accuser to be heard. juanita broaddrick has never been heard. they don't care about that. >> that brings up two things. one is, i don't think ?- democrats, you're going to have to live under those, too. oh, no, they won't.on the duke lacrosse players accused or a frat fraternity house at uva or bill clinton oh, sorry, that is when you blame the women. women just lie all the time.en but also, the evidence, they keep saying it is promotion. feminists want to label men rapists based on nothing that has to do with logic. they did this with the violence against women act.
11:50 pm
they label you a rapist. >> laura: we know this is political. republicans -- >> what i am saying is, to throw out the rules of evidence just because you are saying this is a promotion, is a nonsense argument. you are labeling this man a rapist. this isn't going to stop. they will keep coming up with charges. they should have voted today. >> laura: they should never have moved the hearing. they should have voted last thursday, should not have entertained any of this, it was obviously orchestrated. we learned tonight, just tonight come a few moments ago -- we'll get it on the other side collins, lisa murkowski, others may be john thune -- >> the other women, jeff flake ben sasse. >> laura: they will wait until thursday to make their decision. collins wants ramirez to be heard. we will hold you over.
11:51 pm
more on this, more with ann coulter, including michelle obama's new get out the vote drive. don't go away.
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>> laura: back with me now ann coulter. ann, if kavanaugh goes down what happens to the republicans in the u.s. senate? >> it's a huge blue wave, there is no wall. >> laura: the democrats win. they take the senate, take the house. >> huge blue wave. why fight for them if they want to fight for us? i say to collins, lisa murkowski, and flake and ben sasse, pretend this is a jeb bush nominee. a lot of this has to do with them hating donald trump. >> laura: he is a george w. bush guy. >> i know. it is their hatred of trump. >> laura: george w. bush should give a speech as should
11:55 pm
anthony kennedy and frankly the chief justice. i think john roberts should come out and say this is an attack on the judiciary. no one is going to be want to be nominated to a federal court in the future. who would? who wants to be nominated? >> who wants to run as a republican? this is why you and i voted for mccain, this is why liberals never trumpers, voted for trump for the judicial nominees, the republicans can hold this off. >> laura: reaction to democrats pulling up all the stops to boost their turn out how to midterms. michelle obama happy to step into the void. >> i'm sick of all the chaos anl the nastiness of the politics. it's exhausting and frankly it's depressing. so i understand wanting to shut it all out. and just go on and just try to live your life.
11:56 pm
>> i think the screaming protesters and the lying slanderous charges against kavanaugh really is michelle obama, they go low will we go high -- >> laura: they attacked ted cruz at a restaurant. they drove him out of a restaurant. that just broke. raymond mentioned it to me on twitter. >> democrats drive them away but then republicans bring them back to the democrats. [laughter] >> laura: michelle obama said it's the republicans who are nasty. okay. they actually spy on americans but we stand up for our principles. ann coulter, thank you so much for staying with us.s. we'll be right back.
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11:59 pm
>> laura: by the way, good news, g.o.p. favorability, the highest in seven years. >> gop favorability at the highest and we 7 years 45-44, that is good news. this thing can turn around on the democrats had bite them in the posterior if they are not
12:00 am
careful, driving people out of restaurants, seizing people in the senate offices, and corroborated allegations the republican party, you're better than this, i hope you prove the critics wrong on thursday. shannon bream and the fox news at 19, huge news, she is all over the supreme court hearing thursday and all the new development. shannon: how is it this monday? buckle up. we begin with a fox news alert. from the white house down republicans going on offense to support brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination, donald trump standing by his neck, top republican accusing democrats of the smear campaign and brett kavanaugh declares i'm not going anywhere. we have the exclusive interview and analysis with voices on the left and the right and we begin is reports of a seismic shakeup at the doj in our cliffhanger, donald trump declining


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