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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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gus was in my pants. i've stuffed something in my pants and you are allowed to feel around the outside of the pants. you have ten seconds to then guess what is in my pants. are you ready? such... go. >> laura: at least we know it jimmy's favorite line is. do you get the joke? [laughs] that is all the time we have left. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team takes it from here. >> shannon: thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert. friday, that is on the senate judiciary committee said it is time for a vote for the supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. one day after his accuser are set to testify in front of the senate and the world. we have all angles covered tonight. white house spokesperson is here, so is erica second from planned parenthood. plus "the federalist" society cofounder david mcintosh and mollie hemingway weigh in. the u.n. blasted president trump in a speech where he it rejects their ideology of globalism.
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so was the international reaction a badge of honor for our president? and tonight, bill cosby is behind bars, now a key lingering question: why did it take so long to put him there for a sexual assault committed more than a decade ago? hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream tonight in new york. after democrats insisted dr. chrisitine blasey ford be permitted to tell her story and following days of around-the-clock negotiations with her legal team, democrats are calling for yet another delay to thursday's planned hearing and say they are not even sure she will show up. also tonight, news that an arizona county sex crimes prosecutor reportedly emerges as a top g.o.p. choice to question kavanaugh's accuser and kavanaugh himself. chief national correspondent ed henry is following at all for us. good evening. >> breaking tonight, democrat dianne feinstein says she cannot guarantee that dr. ford will show up on thursday if outside counsel is going to be asking the questions. plus an attorney for the second accuser against judge kavanaugh, deborah ramirez, just revealed a short time ago, she will not
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testify at all. as republicans pushed back on feinstein's demand that the hearing be delayed. republican chuck grassley saying that the hearing is on for thursday and they may vote in committee and the nomination as soon as friday. ford's legal team is rejecting to republicans hiring the special lawyer, writing this is inconsistent with "dr. blasey ford's request through counsel that senators conduct the questioning. this is not a criminal trial for what the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate." we just confirmed moments ago that a lawyer that will be named as arizona prosecutor rachel mitchell. the republicans will have her after question thursday. she runs the sex crimes bureau in phoenix, and that area. important to note, she is known as a victims advocate way that enables republicans to say they are showing sensitivity to dr. ford since mitchell is a woman, helps that he g.o.p. del with they believe that democrats have been wanting to exploit the appearance of 11 republican men on that committee peppering
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dr. ford with questions and potentially look like they are pulling hard for charlie before the midterms, as president trump stood behind kavanaugh and lash out against democrats. because they are really con artists. they are trying to convince -- you know, they don't really believe this themselves. they know he is a high-quality person. they don't believe it. it is just resist and obstruct. >> "the new yorker" reported the charge for the second accuser, deborah ramirez, that kavanaugh exposed himself to her at yale. "the new york times" and so they could not corroborate it after interviewing several dozen people. her lawyer since she would rebel cooperate with the fbi instead of the senate committee. attorney michael off 90 promised on cnn and msnbc last night he had a third accuser. watch. >> i do not traffic in rumor and nonsense. i stayed fax and i have evidence to back it up. i'm representing one client to i can describe as a witness and victim, as well as additional
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corroborating witnesses to what she is going to a large publicly within the next 48 hours. >> 24 hours later, avenatti says it may be another 36 hours or so, after a report that he had been scammed or approved by the online forum 4 jan, he took us very public twitter account private, though he insists that it's because of threats from trump supporters. he says it's false that he was duped. "let me be clear, we will disclose the client's names and accusations only when she's ready, and we've security measures in place. it is her choice as to when the services. it is her life. we expected within 36 hours." this would run near the hearing. they help to get an up-and-down vote on kavanaugh's nomination next tuesday, shannon plates we want tomorrow night will be pretty interesting, add. i a feeling. right on the heels of criticism
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of the g.o.p. is getting run over in the confirmation process, senate judiciary chair chuck grassley has drawn a line in the sand, hearing thursday and of the committees are to come a vote on friday, putting a floor vote on kavanaugh on track for next week. let's bring in the white house spokesperson. great to have you back with us. >> thanks for having me on me on. >> shannon: i want to play something of the president had to say about the second accuser who came forward to talk about judge kavanaugh. here's what he said and we'll talk about reactions. >> it may not be him, there were gaps, she said she was totally inebriated, and she was all messed up, and she doesn't know it was him but that might have been him. oh, gee, let's not make it may supreme court judge. >> shannon: a couple of women's groups, planned parenthood and naral, they say "statements like this when the president of the united states are dangerous and irresponsible. naral sank donald trump's attacks on ms. ramirez are disgusting and cowardly. he's been very disciplined on
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talking about these accusers. today it seems like he was a little bit more forceful in what he had to say. what you make of the reactions? >> i'm a little confused because those statements are from ms. ramirez herself. she herself said that she was so inebriated that she was lying on the floor in a fog, slurring her words, it took her six days working with attorneys to even remember this alleged incident. she admits there were significant gaps in the story. "the new york times" reported that ms. ramirez was calling her yale classmates to see if they remember the incident. "the new york times" refused to run the story because they "called dozens" of people to attempt to corroborate the story, unlike the new yorker, and they weren't able to do it by "the new york times" would enthrone the story. president trump was just repeating what ms. ramirez said about herself. >> shannon: what about continued calls for the white house to authorize or ask raspy fbi to go ahead and do an
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additional investigation into these things? people are pointing back to the bush white house during the anita hill, clarence thomas hearings, saying they asked for a hearing and to that point, "the washington post" had a piece out, "as for kavanaugh, he might actually benefit from an fbi investigation. without one, he will always have a cloud over his head." they went out to talk about the fact that he could benefit and clear his own name if they had an independent body like the fbi look into this. while the white house change position on that? >> i would like to quote joe biden on this one. let's go back to 1991 where he very forcefully told clarence thomas, who is in a supreme court nominee, that fbi clearance and background checks -- that is what we are talking about -- they are not conclusive. they present what he said, what she said, and that is at. that is what the fbi has done here. in fact they have conducted six investigations, six clearances, six background checks on judge kavanaugh since 1993. that covered his time at yale, this allegation ever emerged.
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the senate judiciary committee is doing their job. they are holding this hearing. they want to get to the bottom of this. the american people want to get to the bottom of this. judge kavanaugh, as he has repeatedly stated, is anxious to clear his name, which is why he even conducted an interview just today with the senate judiciary committee under penalty -- under oath -- which is a subject or criminal penalties if he was lying. he emphatically told them that he did not do what ms. ramirez is alleging that he did. >> shannon: of course he did a public interview with martha maccallum, played a lot of that lesson intellectual. the ap reaction says after the interview aired, the sense of the west wing was relieved that kavanaugh was able to present an image to counter the allegation allegations. yet they were concerns among aides and trump about how kavanaugh would hold up facing fiercer questioning from democrats. we imagine it will get feisty. any advice or take it was her last night as he preps for thursday? >> i think you should take
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comfort in the many, many people from across this country who have come out it on his behalf. there was a press conference in washington, d.c., a few days ago where close to 100 women who personally know judge kavanaugh spoke to his incredible treatment of women. this included past high school girlfriends, this included former staff, former colleagues, there are so many letters submitted to the senate judiciary committee on his behalf from these women and so many others. this is a man who was well -- loved by so many. he has impeccable credentials, he is an incredible reputation, and i can't think of a more qualified human being to be our next supreme court supreme court justice. >> shannon: the public will get a look at both he and dr. dr. ford on thursday if she indeed shows. the democrats expressing concerns you may not operate in the meantime, kerri, thank you very much. figure thank you. >> shannon: were republicans facing pressure from the g.o.p. base to refuse any more delays. republicans and democrats are facing pressure to block the
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nominee. let's find out where the keyboard to stand for it here senior capitol hill producer chad pergram and has by the numbers report. >> shannon, the math is the math is the math. the senate is 51-49. every vote counts. republicans can only lose one vote and still expect a win. the start of the democrats. look at moderates from battleground states who are up this fall and competitive races. the accusations against kavanaugh make this cover for these democrats. joe manchin of west virginia is a good one to examine. he was 1 of 3 democrats who voted to confirm neil gorsuch last year. he reminds everyone that these are allegations against kavanaugh. he's looking for clarity from both sides. there are six unpledged republicans right now, but there are spring senators, we'll call the fantastic four. lucy murkowski of alaska says it's not about whether or not kavanaugh is qualified. instead it's about whether or not a woman who's been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.
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then there's susan collins of maine. she's kept close counsel to past couple of days. that's not forget about jeff flake, their public and from arizona. he's a member of the judiciary committee. then there is bob corker, republican of tennessee. corker says he goes "into the hearings with very positive feelings about him and i hope thursday goes well." corker is unpredictable his votes. he had reservations about the tax reform bill last year because of deficits. he then flipped to aye but in march he voted against a spending bill because of deficits. here is the timing. it takes about five days to move the nomination to a final vote by the committee is now scheduled to vote at 9:30 on friday. then a senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, would use to begin to tee up a procedural vote to hold a filibuster on the nomination. if mcconnell starts the process saturday, senate rules trigger a monday vote to end debate. if senators vote to break the filibuster, opponents of the nomination have 30 hours to make a final stand against brett kavanaugh. it culminates in a confirmation vote tuesday night or maybe even
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wednesday. shannon? >> shannon: i feel like there will be twists and turns. chad pergram, thank you very much. christine blasey ford's lawyer objecting to republicans hiring a female sex crimes prosecutor to question her client this thursday. former white house press secretary ari fleischer tweeting his reaction. "the reason professor ford's lawyers don't want an outside lawyer to ask questions is because they don't want a woman to be the questioner. they prefer the optics of all-male questioners. it shows how politically calculating her lawyers are." let's bring the fox news contributor mollie hemingway, the director of political communications are planned parenthood, erica second, and the and david secono talk about the political side of this. welcome to all of you. and a lot of her attorney, she said "there is no president for this attorney to bring in outside counsel for the sole purpose of shielding members of the committee from to
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questioning. are they farming us out? >> is an interesting thing to raise because we were told at first that it would be very troubling for their witness to testify in front of a group of men. when they make arrangements to have someone else who is well-versed in how to handle this, then we are told is also unacceptable. i think you just have to take a step back and look at how much this committee has bent over backwards, to get their stories, to be able to be told, and we have seen nothing but delay and delay. at some point, i think you just have to ask whether this is all being done in good faith. >> shannon: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says there will be a floor vote. what he has now laid out as a democrats three-point strategy. first, get wind of a potential allegation, second, keep the information from the g.o.p., third, we get to the press at the very last minute. erica, is that a fair characterization? >> absolutely not. remember, shannon, we are talking about brett kavanaugh's job interview for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.
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he'll decide your rights, my rights for generations. i absolutely don't think there's any reason to rush this. it's not you must much to ask that we make absolutely sure that we are not appointing someone to the supreme court who is committed sexually sexual assault. rushing it looks like there's something to hide. >> shannon: what you think about the fact that dianne feinstein, the ranking member, had the letter for weeks? people point back to that and you and i have discussed that as well. does this do a disservice to dr. ford, the fact that you held it for weeks and our people say, there is a rush, but there wouldn't have been had this beee questioning? >> as we know, it's incredibly difficult for a survivor to come forward. you can see why based on the dismissal and the death threats that she's reported. at the end of the day, we are talking about a lifetime appointment and there really isn't a reason to rush and take this process seriously. i would say means giving it a full investigation by the fbi, hearing from multiple witnesses, not just one, and of course, not scheduling a vote until after they've actually had a hearing.
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>> shannon: i want to play something that senator lindsey graham, a republican on the committee, had to say tonight about dr. ford and her role in this. >> dr. ford is being abused as much as anybody else. she said she didn't want to come forward. somebody on the other side week her name. not us. she's been a victim of this as much as kavanaugh has. >> shannon: david, what you make of that assessment? >> i think senator graham is right on that point. what we saw today in "the new york times" was the real democrat strategy. it was revealed by a clinton political operative. first, do anything you can to delay and stop the kavanaugh nomination. that means dragging his name through the mud. i've been in this town a long time, as a congressman, lawyer, working another confirmations. this is the worst character assassination i have ever seen. then the step two is to then win the senate back and stop any trump nominee because for them, this is all about the supreme court, this is about the
8:16 pm
issue of gun control, about the issue of women's rights, it's about the issue for them of taking over more control of the environment and the economy. this is all politics. it has to stop. we have to get back to the question that the senate needs to address. does brett kavanaugh have a character and the ability to be a supreme court nominee? and it's very clear he does. it's very clear every one of the senators on the republican side believes he didn't do this. it's also clear many of the democrats don't but they are going along with the politics of character assassination. >> shannon: mollie, we hear from senator feinstein today that she admits that she's not sure that dr. ford is going to show up. the g.o.p. is in a tough spot. they have a gender gap when it comes to the midterm elections and how they are polling with a man and suburban women. they need to win. what do you think they do, what would be your advice and dr. ford doesn't show up? >> there something so much more important than gender gaps or political issues, which is how we are is a question, whether we
8:17 pm
think that allegations are sufficient to destroy a man's life. this is not just a job interview. we have been told based on allegations that have not been supported by evidence, not even by testimony under oath, that this person is not just not appropriate for the supreme court, but that he's a roving monster. the idea that you wouldn't actually come and show up and testify that after this committee has made it so that we could hear this testimony, that we can hear it -- is there anything more to this, sort of recovered memories, where there is a lot of holes, we don't know if someone says that something happened but she doesn't know when or where or how, or have any witnesses to back up her claim. the idea that we would destroy a man's life, that cannot be the standard that we use in this country. it needs -- we all need to care about that, whether we are left or right, we believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, and the idea that you wouldn't even have to prove guilt to destroy a man's life is something that is very dangerous. >> shannon: erica, what about that? it doesn't stand against 200 years of american jurisprudence that someone who is in my
8:18 pm
defense would have to disprove the allegations against them. >> i think they absolutely should. again, this is not a criminal proceeding. remember, no one is entitled to seat all make a seat on the supreme court. they have to earn that way the way that we are rushing through this process makes it clear we are not interested in getting to the truth, we are interested in rushing him through, because either they are ready something else is going to come about or they know that his nomination is already in trouble. let's take this process seriously, lutz investigated with the fbi the way we did for clarence thomas, let's hear from the other witnesses that we know could absolutely come forward, and let's not schedule both until after we've had a hearing it's simple. >> all those are part of the democratic plan to stall and delay and try to defeat his nomination. i talked to a good friend of mine, she's a feminist. we don't agree on a lot of issues. but she told me, she is outraged at the way dianne feinstein is using dr. ford. if she really cared about her, she would have sent this to the
8:19 pm
committee and the fbi six months ago. this is just a political play. the republicans on the cenotaph to say enough is enough. we are going to have a vote and make a decision. >> shannon: i think we are all very interested to hear from both sides. on thursday, i'll see you right there as we cover it. thank you, all of you, very much tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: what about abuse allegations against the top democrat? brand-new details are meant to the investigation into domestic abuse allegations against the deputy chairman of the democratic party. local media pressing the courts to unseal congressman keith ellison's divorce records. what is at about? what about the kavanaugh effect on on the midterms? what does chris stirewalt say command as he gripped the president on this one? >> its resist and obstruct. they are playing a con game. they played very well. they played much better than the republicans. ♪
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. >> shannon: new developments tonight and the abuse allegations against rising democratic star congressman kiki above send by his ex-girlfriend. karen monahan says the matter is not going away anytime soon. correspondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight.
8:24 pm
>> congressman ellison, who is running for minnesota attorney general, is accused of violently dragging his ex-girlfriend, karen monahan, off of the bed in 2016 while screaming obscenities. this week, monahan tweeted to ellison, "this is not going away and/or making it worse for you, your family, and destroyed by lying, smearing, getting others to do your dirty work. victory them shaving, et cetera." monahan claims she has video of the violent incident but won't reveal it. though she has provided medical records showing in 2017 and she doctor about her abusive relationship with youth know my keith ellison. the congressman denies the current allegations and during a debate last week says he's confident there will be no new allegations. watch. >> i don't know what somebody might cook up but i can tell you that there is absolutely nobody that i'm aware of who has any sort of -- who's threatening or suggesting or has ever made a prior accusation. >> but now the minnesota "star tribune," the most widely read newspaper in the state, has
8:25 pm
joined the conservative publication alpha news in a fight to unseal the 2012 divorce records of ellison and his ex-wife, kim ellison. the couple once the file to stay close, saying, "our divorce simply is not the public's business, and therefore, when we separated, we jointly ask the court to seal the file. now one month before a closely contested election for minnesota attorney general, a conservative group wants to probe our divorce file in search of something to use against keith in this race." kim allison goes on to say her ex-husband never abused her. the state democratic party is investigating karen monahan's allegations but ellison's g.o.p. challenger for attorney general calls it an inside job. watch. >> nothing is being done about it. the national democrats, state democrats, they say they are doing some kind of investigation but it stress investigation by friends. >> and fairness to doug wardlow, this did get passed along from the national democratic party to the state party and still, no
8:26 pm
results. the state party says it's being handled by an outside firm. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. as we marched closer to the midterms, the kavanaugh effect looms large. tonight the confirmation battle came up in the first debate in the tennessee senate race. >> what is going on now with this kavanaugh nomination and washington, on the part of both parties, just disgusts me. it's a circus. >> if i were in the senate, i would vote yes to move judge kavanaugh forward. and do senate vote to the floor. i would vote to confirm him. >> shannon: fox news politics editor, editor of the halftime report from a chris stirewalt is here. good to see you tonight, sir. >> and you, madam. >> shannon: tennessee is getting in on this. it's interesting that you have a democratic candidate tracking to the middle. is that working tennessee? will it happen in other states? speak of this post-red state democrats in a difficult
8:27 pm
position because guys like phil bredesen, whom you heard from first, popular former governor and tennessee, is in the same category as joe manchin and some others, who saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate their bipartisan bona fides. they were going to say, hey, look, look at me, i'm supportin supporting -- in joe manchin's case, i'm voting for, and phil bredesen's case, i'm supporting this conservative judicial nominee. i think the president not to have his back. this makes it more complicated. it's not clear when the boat will take place, and it's not clear what kind of latitude they will have. it makes it harder for them and what was going to be a freebie to demonstrate some bipartisan credibility. >> shannon: i don't know about you in the twitter verse, hearing from people on the right side who say they are sick of the g.o.p. dragging their heels on this, and that they will not vote for them if they don't get kavanaugh confirmed. here is what rush limbaugh said today. >> if the republicans do not get this vote taken and kavanaugh
8:28 pm
confirmed, you can kiss the midterms goodbye. you can kiss goodbye holding the house, and you can kiss goodbye holding the senate. >> shannon: what you think, chris? >> i think after losing elections, people tend to blame whatever serves their larger interests and worldview. there are a lot of reasons that the republicans right now are more likely than not to lose the house. i don't think the senate is -- i think it's more likely than not that republicans will retain the senate. it's hard for me to understand people who would vote for a democrat or not vote with the knowledge that a democrat would win in order to punish republicans who, if the kavanaugh nomination were to go down, it would be over two boats basically. you would want republicans to have fewer votes to punish them. i don't understand that kind of thinking doesn't make sense to me. maybe it is part of what is going on out there. >> shannon: i think there are a lot of folks who say, if they've supported the president,
8:29 pm
why didn't they get on the wall, kavanaugh, the other stuff they want. in the meantime, good news in the new gallup poll. highest numbers in seven years for republicans, favorability at 45%, democrats are 44%. to what do you attribute that, chris? >> when times are stuck people stick together, or if you will survive, you stick together. this is a very tough moment for the republican party. very hard times they are facing. in the realm of possibility for republicans in november are historic size losses. they've got a president to his under attack constantly, and administration that is deeply embattled, and they have now a judicial nominee who is may be in big trouble. this is i think what you are seeing here a rally around the flag effect, as republicans come together, in the face of all of these threats that they are facing. >> shannon: a couple of the key races they have to hold onto, the republicans, if they
8:30 pm
have to hold the senate or increase their margin at all, arizona and florida, not grade polling numbers for the republicans and the trustees prayed very close. >> they are closed but we've seen a big change in the last two or three weeks. especially in florida, a lot of it has to do with a red tide going on, a lot of blame for rick scott. >> shannon: literal red tide. >> the red tide helps the blue wave in florida. this race has snapped. there is a poll from nbc news that is out, both of them have shown movement against republicans in this race. overall, probably most surprising, and florida, andrew gillum, he's ahead, too. >> shannon: we'll watch the senate race in arizona where it's very tight. the democrats, kyrsten sinema, has a lead. chris, we'll watch it all. 40 some days to go. >> come back soon. >> shannon: thank you, i will. he's entertained millions for decades on tv, movies, concerts. now bill cosby has a new reality and nobody is laughing.
8:31 pm
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>> shannon: a man known for making millions laugh is the focus of a very serious story tonight. comedy icon bill cosby has been sentenced between three and ten years in prison for sexual assault. rick leventhal joins us from pennsylvania with details. hello, rick. >> shannon, we saw images today that most of us never imagined. a remarkable fall from the spotlight for a man who entertained on the stage on tv screens for more than 50 years. comedian bill cosby, who starred in sitcoms and stand-up specials, led from the courtroom in handcuffs. later escorted out the back door at the montgomery courthouse into awaiting unmarked police vehicle and driven off for processing into the state prison
8:36 pm
system after judge stephen o'neill sentenced the 81-year-old comedian to 3-10 years behind bars for his conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, for drugging and molesting andrea can't stand in his philadelphia home back in 2004. earlier, the judge ruled that he is a sexually violent predator and could still be a threat, and the d.a. says the sentence is just. >> we take very seriously that the taking of somebody's liberty. but i will not apologize for our job. and our job is to separate the predators from the good people in our community, and that happened today. >> andrea constand was in the courtroom for the sentencing and shared hugs with supporters. in her victim impact statement, she wrote, "we may never know the full extent of cosby's double life as a predator but is decades-long reign of terror as a serial rapist is over."
8:37 pm
we hear from other women who say that because we drug and assaulted them, too. >> i more emotional than i thought i was going to be. this will help change the statute of limitations. we will get it abolished. >> cosby's first night behind bars will be spent in a new state prison in suburban philadelphia. the d.a. says he could eventually be moved to another facility for lower risk inmates outside of pittsburgh. meanwhile his defense says they will appeal. shannon? >> shannon: rick, thank you very much. according to an internal investigation, few my brock long, president trump's top government official, because the government $150,000 and misuse of vehicles and on authorized travel. the report says that he used government vehicles and strap staff or travel to his home in north carolina as well as grabbed his family around hawaii that included a vacation as well as official functions.
8:38 pm
kirstjen nielsen also says he has been ordered to repay the government as appropriate. long says he accepts full responsibility for any mistakes he made. president trump tells the world that america is his number one priority and they laugh at a speech for the united nations. it is it a badge of honor and how do americans feel about his choice of words today? >> that is why america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control and domination. ll? flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes ll? and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. flonase.
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>> shannon: in a speech ridiculed attempt by his listeners and dismissed by much of the media, president trump today unapologetically declared america's rejection of what he calls the ideology of globalism. corresponding kristin fisher picks of the story from there. good evening. >> good evening. president trump took his america first doctrine to the u.n. and he took told every other natiot
8:43 pm
they should adopt a similar approach for their own country. it's nationalism before internationalism, the exact opposite of the those espoused by the very organization he was addressing today. >> will never surrender america's sovereignty to an unelected, , unaccountable, glol bureaucracy. >> president trump as he two lines like they're getting lots of applause at his rallies but today they received a very different perception of the u.n. general assembly. that world leaders in attendance laughed at him as he listed his administration's greatest accomplishments. >> in less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in history of our country. >> [laughter] >> didn't expect that reaction but that's okay. speak of a second u.n. speech had almost as much virus the first. it was aimed at a different target. last year's little rocket man is now a point of praise for president trump. >> i would like to thank
8:44 pm
chairman kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken. though march work remains to be done. >> this year he named all of his eye you're at iran. >> we cannot allow the world's leading sponsor of terrorism to possess the planets most dangerous frustum, corbin. >> the iranian president likened president trump or a modern-day hitler. >> translator: we are witnessing rulers in the world fomenting of extremist, nationalism, and racism, and through xenophobic tendencies, resembling a nazi. >> president trump also went after opec, accusing member nations of ripping off the rest of the world. >> we defend many of these nations for nothing and they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices. not good. >> he also attacked china for unfair trade practices and venezuela for its descent into a socialistic dictatorship. >> everywhere socialism or
8:45 pm
communism has been tried, it has produced suffering, corruption, and decay. speak about one country president trump did not attack or even mention today was russia. shannon? >> shannon: interesting. thank you very much. the president emphasizing american sovereignty and the importance of reciprocity and appomattox relationships so what is a wrong without? let's bring whispering in tonight's panel. fox news contributor richard fowler and president of the america rising pak alexandra wilkes. welcome to you both. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: you follow the sound bite that has been playing all day where he says, things are going so great for the country, we've accomplished more than any other administration in the country, and they laughed, and he said i didn't expect that. he left along with it. richard, he rolled with it, if nothing else. >> [laughs] i give him that. he rolled with the punches, shannon. i think what was hurtful for me
8:46 pm
was to watch the global world, the developed world, laugh of the united states. this comes as a result of the fact that we have a president whose sticky twitter fingers get him in a lot of trouble. i think with the u.n. is about is about how we can come together and maintain world peace. what we saw from him today was his idea of, we are separate and alone and that is not the american ideology and that is not who we are as americans. >> shannon: alexandra, a lot of people like that. this president puts america first, he's all about our sovereignty and he said to these countries, you should be into your sovereignty, too. you shouldn't want other people telling you what to do. he skeptical of the united nations. is it a badge of honor, those folks laughing at him? >> i think of the president handled it in a good-natured way. at the same time, this place to the president's strengths and especially with the people who elected him in 2016. people came out because they
8:47 pm
felt like the obama administration had dropped the ball. honestly, not on the world stage but domestically. back home as well. i think that if you look at this image and to give americans the choice between the president of the united states and elite diplomats sneering at him, americans will tell those diplomats were to shove it. >> shannon: it may prove his point and play to his base. about the issue of iran, we played what hassan rouhani had to play. essentially, rulers of the world thinks that they can do this better. the president tweets was, "despite the request, i have no plans to meet hassan rouhani." it cracked me up, the choice of words. those two are not on the same page. >> they are not on the same page but this goes to the problem, the fact that he uses this to due to pharmacy to get things done, and that is not how diplomacy works. let me make this point very clear.
8:48 pm
no matter what you think about this president, here is the truth, the truth is that around the world, our role has diminished. the president has chosen to do america first and america only and as a result we have a pending trade war with china, we have issues with our northern ally, our northern border partner, canada. we have issues with mexico. the list goes on and on and on. with the president was supposed to do was bring the world together and show strength. i think what we saw today and what we have seen for the past two years his weakness. >> shannon: alexandra, you know his supporters will say, listen, he got north korea to the table, he may meet with them again, kim jong un, before the end of the air. he has worked out a trade deal with mexico, they are working with canada. they've worked out radios with south korea and others. there are many who disagree with richard's characterization of where we are in a second year of the presidency. >> let's think about the things that the president dared to do, whether it was using the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, as opposed
8:49 pm
to tel aviv, or backing out of the iran deal, which was a terrible deal negotiated by the obama administration. you could look at the president stepped up response to syrian gas attacks on their own people, sanctions against venezuela, i think that the gallup poll mikes show that americans under this administration feel safer from outside threats than they did previously. i think that that is for a reason. certainly, the president presents a strong image of nationalism on the world stage. that is in contrast to globalis globalism. even within the republican party, there are debates about how we get that done. where is the right balance. but at the same time, i think it would be unwise to overlook what he has been able to accomplish in his first two years. >> shannon: we are out of time. i will say, some folks
8:50 pm
internationally like what he is doing and others say, it's a little ham-fisted. >> i think a trade war with china is a little bit -- >> shannon: we'll leave it there. richard and alexander, thank you. the texas democrat giving senator ted cruz a run for his money, beto o'rourke, being called out by leading washington fact-checker. that more and tonight's "real news roundup." xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests.
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♪ >> shannon: we've got eyes and ears everywhere. that is what a protest group that chased g.o.p. senator ted cruz and his wife is staying tonight. the fallout from tonight's demonstration leads tonight "real news roundup." the spokesperson for the group smash racism that they received a heads up hours in advance. senator orrin hatch heading back at the group, "chasing a cuban-american senator you disagree with while chanting "fascia is not welcome" under
8:55 pm
the banner smash race and might have just taken us over our irony quota for 2018." in a recent debate, democrat beto o'rourke denied leaving as a neighbor drunk driving accident. today, "the washington post" gave him four pinocchios reported that he was highly intoxicated and try to leave. uc berkeley unveiling a gender universal locker room. officials say the $2.7 million student from the locker room is designed to make everyone feel comfortable. >> prior to this locker room there were students he didn't feel that way. so i'm just really proud to be a part of this. >> shannon: new analysis finds millennials may be responsible for an 18% drop in the nation's divorce rate from 2008 to 2015. the study finds generation x is to care about who they marry and often stay together longer. that is great news. you often we give millennials a hard time on this show and others but they deserve credit. a lot of hardworking very good millennials on our staff and
8:56 pm
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and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. tucker carlson is coming up next with his show, straight ahead ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's been more than a week since a california psychology professor named christine ford accused judge brett kavanaugh of committing some form of sexual assault against her back in 1982. they were both high school students at the time. her claim has stopped kavanaugh supreme court nomination in place. washington has been consumed by the debate ever since. a number of senate republicans are said to be undecided on the question of kavanaugh's guilt or innocence where they say would like to hear more from christinc ford on thursday when she is scheduled to testify. strikingly, though, not a single democrat remains undecided. everyone of them


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