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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time,. [cheers and applause] >> studio audience, i love you, america. >> breaking tonight president trump stands strong amid the kavanaugh controversy with a srousing rally in west virgini, hello and welcome to justice i'm jeanine piro, thanks for being with us tonight and thanks for all of you for once again making justice number one last weekend and liers, leakers and liberals is still on the new york times best sellers list and we are will hear from the president on a wide range of topics campaign-style rally in west virginia that only just finished up plus my take on the brett kavanaugh situation in tonight's opening statement is just moments away and then i'll be joined live here in new york at a justice exclusive by
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republican deafen nunes as well as conservative commentator mitchell balkin and john bongion but first the president with packed crowd in another rauk uis rally taking on his opponents and touting a long list of accomplishments, here are some of the highlights. >> a vote for judge kavanaugh is also a vote to reject the ruthless tactics of the democratic party, mean obstructionists, for the. last 8 months they spent to overturn the result it was last election, we had one to have great -- we had one -- every day it's like a job, it's like part of your job description, getik up and fight them. honestly, the democrats are a disgrace, they are, they are a
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disgrace. [cheers and applause] >> the number one enabler is the fake news media right back there. when i say and come out with very strong statements about media, i'm talking about the fake news media, they are truly an enemy of the people, the fake news enemy of the people. they really are. they are so bad. [cheers and applause] >> you don't even get it, you think like low taxes and strong military, no crime, strong borders, they don't, they don't. this november 6th, you have a chance to reject these disgraceful political hacks but you can only do it, you have to vote republican, i mean, we have good people. [cheers and applause] >> they have been taking so far left where pocahontas is now
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considered a conservative in the conservative in democrat party, pocahontas considered conservative person. these people have gone crazy, they've gone loco, how about cory booker, did you watch performance? he ran newark new jersey into the ground and now he wants to be president, right? what was the moment he said he had? i don't think so. i think we take kirk douglas. >> more from the president's rally throughout the hour but first my open. ♪ >> is it just a he said-she said, is it really that simple? and why is this now in the hands of the fbi?
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why? because the establishment republicans have buckled, caved and vowed to the democrats or should i say demon rats, that's what i said demon rats, the speccali saw this week was one to have most pathetic, disheartening saddest displays for which the nation has stood witness. it was all for intents and purposes a cruxifiction of a man, i've been prosecutor and then the da, sex crimes and crimes against women and children were my crusade, i assess whether cases should go forward, whether the accused should be charged, convicted and if so as a judge what the sentence should be, no one sympathizes more than i when it comes to women who are the silent victims of crime. i created the first domestic
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violence unit in the nation which was a department of justice pilot program. christine blasey ford is a lovely lady who is credible and i believe something happened to her but she's in over her head and she is being used. no matter how many brain comparisons she made, she couldn't remember the fundamentals, who's house it was, where it was, when the party was, how she got to the house or how she got home, she waits 36 years not telling her mother, a friend, high school counselor or anyone before now. por ford said no one was there that it was just she and kavanaugh or it was just he and she alone in a parking lot then it's the true he said-she said but once she chose to say that
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there are four people there it's a they said. yet all four of they said nothing happened. they weren't there. they don't know what she's talking about. now what does that tell you about ford's memory? if they weren't there, is it possible kavanaugh wasn't there either? now, ford's therapy in 2012, for the first time in three decades she says she mentioned kavanaugh's name, if true why was the name kavanaugh not in the therapist notes and why would ford's lawyers withhold thoseld therapists notes, at let the part that referred to this alleged event. why was ford so evasive when questioned by the prosecutor on this issue, why did her attorneys interfere with her
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answering and her testimony on this point? were methods used to help her recall whatever traumatic event occurred, if a rape victim undergoes hipnosis sometimes prior before testimony, the court and jury is entitled to knoww. because of the risk of recent events like television, newspapers that impact one's memory, it is not a reliable means of refreshing ones recollection, ford's attorney said she was afraid to fly and had to drive across the country, yet we now know she was never told the committee was willing to come to her, we find out she's notli afraid to fly, the woman has flown all over the country and the world, the south pacific and hawaii. but move all of that out of thee
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way, what we are really dealing with here is hypocrisy not who is right and wrong, who is guilty or who is innocent, this is about people desperate to win at all costs, take a man and his afamily down, no problem, it's the battle of the hypocrites, now,po jeff flake is the perfect example. he says after the hearing he's going to vote for kavanaugh but the man buckles after two women scream at him while preventing his elevator door from closing. >> look at me when i'm talking to you, you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter, that what happened to me doesn't matter. >> what happened to me doesn't matter?'t of course it matters, but what does your abuse have to do with brett kavanaugh? hundreds of thousands of women have been abused in this country, pace your anger out on the person who abused you go, to court, convict them, send them
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to jail, spit on them, i don't care but don't you dare blame brett kavanaugh for your victimization only when jeff flake is dumb enough, weak enough to not even get it and cory booker, the wanna-be sspartacus has the gull to criticize a man who is literally an altar boy of sexual assault, the ultimate hypocrite booker admits groping another young woman when he was 125, why aren't we going after him? and that genius senator maze horoni allegedly graduated high skipped innocence class but throwing for political gain, your hypocrisy knows no bound, when you the nerve to say the republicans, the republicans
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have tossed out the rules you're the one that declared kavanaugh guilty before hearing any testimony simply because it was a woman who was the accuser and all you men shut up and you're willing to m open i will say conservatives are simply not entitled to the presumption of innocence, who are you? but my favorite, dianne feinstein, madame, you don't deserve to be in the united states senate and no one can believe anything you have to say. >> each of these allegations should be investigated by the fbi. >> two days ago you calledd for an fbi investigation. who a shock, why didn't you ask for it in july when you got the ford letter, you didn't ask for it because you're a hypocrite, no, like a cat you sat on it to inflict the most damage at the most damaging time possible,
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ford, christine blasey ford didn't want to be exposed but, no, you had other plans, your plan was to leak it, you actually gave ford the name of a democratic and democrat attorney, poor dr. ford, this woman doesn't know she was nothing more than a puppet on the string of democratic politics. dianne where is your integrity, the fbi should have been involved before, that's how it's done, no one has any respect for you. but in then end, lindsey graham said it best. >> there is no way to investigate something that happened 35 years ago when you can't tell the month, the location, so this is not about getting to the truth. >> and that's the openingng statement. if you like my opening statements you love my new book,
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new york times best seller liars, leakers and liberals which i shamelessly try to advance on the show. i'm looking at congressman devin nunes joining me now in justice exclusive to discuss the open as well as the president's rally, kavanaugh nomination and so much more, we have a lot to get to as california congressman house intel committee chairman devin nunes, good evening, congressman, mr. chairman, pleasure. thank you so much. i want to go right to what the president was saying, he had a about the letter that was leaked on dr. ford, the one othat feinstein had, let's taka look at this sound for a second. >> remember dianne feinstein, did you leak? remember her answer, did you leak the document, what?
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no, no, i didn't leak -- well, wait one minute. did we leak? no, no, we didn't leak them. [cheers and applause] >> your take on that? >> what you're seeing is the thcollapse of institutions in ts country, it's really concerning, when you take a supreme court justice and you have senators talking about high school year books, you're watching the collapse of the senate, the collapse of the republic, it's really, really dangerous. >> what about feinstein and hers role, you and i both know, when i don't have time to go through with all the viewers, all of the stuff was supposed to be handled. she questioned him, the senate knew everything, had the opportunity, why? >> first she had a a responsibility to share with the republicans and second make sure that the fbi was doing additional backgroundd check. >> is there a kickback for her,
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political kickback before she releases it to chairman grassley, senate judiciary, she gets a lawyer for the woman? >> well, judge kavanaugh, he said it best, every american should go back and look at the testimony, probably skip the questions that the senators were asking but the testimony was amazing, every american should watch it because he talked about the scheme that they all had working together. was clear that you had outside groups funding attack on him and a they knew, i guaranty you many outside groups knew they were going to drop the bomb because it was their last-second chance to stop kavanaugh from becoming supreme court justice and then, of course, that happens and then you've got all kinds oft accusations and god only knows what's going to come out in the next week. >> the whole idea of insistence now that the fbi investigate, i mean, if the first six fbi investigations didn't indicate anything, how was this one going
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to be a better one? >> well, i don't even know where the fbi would start, right, she gave her testimony so i doubt there's anymore than that, all the other people have sworn which would be a crime. >> if they go back on what they said. >> you no witnesses, you don't know theno location, how do you start to investigatew this? >> you know, she hasn't asked the maryland police for which they apparently there is no statute of limitations to investigate it, what do you think of that? >> well, because there's -- how will the police investigate it, no one can investigate it. >> she doesn't want it investigate it. >> supposedly she didn't want her name out in the public. but there's a whole group of people that are coordinating this effort, both inside in the senate with the democrats and on the outside with all the left-wing groups, with the media tailing right behind. >> what about flake, what's going to happen with, you know,
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heidi heitkam, murkowski, colins, what are they going to mudo? >> i believe that the senators that are in the red states, i think if they don't vote to confirm kavanaugh i think they are going to be in big trouble in this election because one thing that's happened, you know, republicans are happy with the economy -- every american should be happy with the economy, right? >> yes. >> but what you're seeing republicans are waking up thatfi this resistance movement, everybody thought this was a joke like a term off of star wars, they are starting to see now because of the a situation that judge kavanaugh is in, what many of us have been dealing for the last 2 years. >> okay. all right. and congressman nunes, you are going to stay right here, more to get to, i want to know where we are in the fisa warrant investigation, when are we going to see accountability from people in law enforcement and deep state and we will get house intel in a moment, more on the kavanaugh controversy, dan bongino watched the hearings just like the rest of us they
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>> the entire nation has witnessed the shameless conduct of the democrat party.
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they're willing to throw away every standard of decency, justice, fairness and due process to get their way. they don't care how they get it. you see it happening before your eyes. i think it's actually an incredible thing that's happening and i hope you don't sit home because bad things will happen if yous sit home. jeanine: president trump doubles down on the democrats in tonight's rally in west virginia and one of those republicans running is house intel chairman devin nunes who is live with me in exclusive, chairman nunes, you really were the topic of a lot of headlines, a lot of discussions on television as it related to the memo related to the investigation of the fisa warrant. the president last week or the week before said he wasof goingo declassify the information relating to that and i must tell
8:22 pm
you personally everyone i talked to across the country wants this declassified. he was with it, declassify it no a sudden heit, declassify it no said i'm going to give it to the inspector general, what happened? >> i'm guessing that many people that don't want this out went to the white house and had a meeting and told the president a bunch of things that weren't ttrue like things about scaryig our allies don't want this out which is a ridiculous statement, i mean, how would the allies even know what's in a fisa warrant. i think the president got a little spooked on this and t tus it over so he would have ig look at it but, look, we are really -- we worked so hard to get this information out to the american people, we went full transparency here on all the matters. so there's 20 pages of the rest of the fisa that we want out and why this is so important is because this gets to the insurance policy that strzok and page were talking about, we believe this was the insurance
8:23 pm
policy, okay, the content that's left. you also have people who are saying, the really bad stuff, it really wasn't the dossier that was used, the christopher steele dossier, it wasn't fake news, it's all the stuff behind redactions, okay, it's not true, what's behind the redactions the american people do need to know about. jeanine: all right, let's say that if they are word about sources and methods and national security, that stuff can come out. that's simple to do. i wonder is this connected to rod rosenstein, he's fired, he's not fired, there's a meeting, meeting, is thiss a meeting, about rosenstein applying leverage of some sort, it seems to me he's the one who is going to fall when this is exposed. >> he signed the last renewal of the fisa. i don't know why he would be involved in the process. he shouldn't be advising the president on this. everybody in congress, the speaker, the leader, the whip, the whole intelligence
8:24 pm
committee, nearly every republican has called for these documents to be declassified. jeanine: and the president changed his mind. mind.nged his so if rosenstein was involved in that process, i mean, that should be an immediate, immediate dismissal of whatever happened in that meeting because remember every time we moved to get things declassified, what do they say? they say that we are going to ruin national security and what fihappens every time the information comes out and it makes the department of justice, fbi and all the clinton campaign people and fusion gps, they all look bad. jeanine: you found massive abuse, now that's it's been forwarded to attorney general, he saw investigation, there's nothing that comes of this, all right, i could have impaneled a grand jury to indict mccabe without the inspector general, give me a 500-page report, all right, so what is the ig doing?
8:25 pm
>> the ig is fine, it's great. jeanine: who cares? >> we are a separate branch of government, we created the department of justice. we had every right to see the information. we have decided that the american people need to see this information. the president wants the american people to see the information so how is it possible that this can be held up? and i think all they are trying to do is stall till after the midterms, i've always believed this. but we are right at tend, we've got 20 pages of the content which is the insurance policy, we have the bruce ohr 302, the reports, bruce's wife was working for the clinton campaign, why w would we still e here nearly a month away from the elections and we still can't get transparency out to the american people, so the president has to do something.
8:26 pm
jeanine: well, you know, i heard he watches the show so we will see. >> i have seen him live on the show or calling in. jeanine: congressman, thank you so much for being here, it's an honor to have you in our studio, law enforcement experts still on deck with the closer look of brett kavanaugh's accuser and next we all watched the same hearing this week but you can bet chris and dan bongino take with very takes, the panel in just a moment, don't even think about missing these two or three.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, securities and exchange commission settling with elon musk after regulators sued musk claiming tweet about going private misled investors, under the settlement elon musk agree today step down and unable to be reelected for 3 years and tesla must appoint new directors to the board, musk and tesla must also pay $20 million each, musk will stay on as ceo of the company. and after shocks continue to rock the indonesian island day after major earthquake and tsunami killed 384 people and
8:31 pm
injured estimated 500 others. some to be trapped in collapsed building that was hard hit, now back to justice -- >> the democrat party, so when you see democratic party, it's wrong, there's no name, democratic party, that's a great name. they should probably change the name if you think about it. the democrat party is radical socialism, venezuela and open borders. it's now called to me you've never heard this before, the party of crime, it's the party of crime. that's what it is. jeanine: president trump taking shots at the left at a rally in west virginia tonight. joining me tonight my favorite political panel dan bongino and
8:32 pm
chris, radio talk show host, thanks for being here. so the party of crime. now, dan bongino why would the president call the democrats the party of crime? >> well, because they are. in the last few years what have we witnessed from the democrat party up on the hill? we have witnessed the spying -- you had congressman nunes on, a spying scandal with the weaponization of the intelligence community to take down political opponents. you've seen democrats openly advocating for open borders and uncontrolled immigration despite any crime consequences and now we've seen it become the party of crime, judge, but the party ofar character assassination as they try to take down brett kavanaugh, i'm disgusted for them. jeanine: a lot of us are, go ahead, chris. >> you call whatever you want in january you'll be calling them the majority party and they'll
8:33 pm
be calling paul manafort, michael cohen, gates, flynn and we will see who the party of crime is because it seems to me that there's been a lot of crime going on and now they've got a justice that doesn't have the temperament, lies about little things that he could -- jeanine: what does he lie about? >> let's just start with the renada -- jeanine: are we going to use a high school yearbook to trash a guy? chris, i want to see your yearbook? >> hold on, i'm not going to use his yearbook, i'm using testimony from thursday where he lied about what meanings were in yearbook. jeanine: do you know about the meanings in the yearbook than he does? >> i do, renada does, the other mentioned t in the yearbook alln "the new york times" story, it's a reference to a movie, to animal house and it's time that he -- jeanine: what are you
8:34 pm
talking about, chris, say it fast? reference to animal house, he admitted they were animal house fans. >> right, used in the movie. go ahead. >> chris, listen, man, generally you're pretty good guy but you're being dead assess -- serious disgusting. don't laugh, this isn't funny. no, be quiet, i let you talk. now let me you're impuiding the character ofug a good man. >> he lied. >> on national cable television show you are impugning the character of a a good man just like -- >> his own character. >> pipe down, i let you talk and say ridiculous absurd -- >> hey, hey. >> obligate today let me respond, okay. >> please. >> throwing yourself in -- >> no. >> his gusting episode this week, this is a father, this is a dedicated public servant, this
8:35 pm
is a basketball coach and this is someone's son you have absolutely zero evidence what you're saying right now is true. wait, other than the fact that you watched animal house 20 years ago. you should apologize right now. >> why lie. about ralph club biggest contributor and say it was his stomach, nobody would write on a yearbook, come on, dan, you know better than that. >> how do you know that? >> he lied about little things. he lied about little things, his character is not good for the court. don't youe' worry. don't worry. >> i can't believe this is happening right now. >> other conservatives you can put on the bench and you'll get your pick but not this guy. jeanine: you know what, hang on, your party, like cats sitting on all of this information saying that if we can't stop them now we will bring in three women, you want to trash him, i believe
8:36 pm
something happened to her and she's being used by you demon rats, all all of you are using her, you sound like a fool. >> well, look, he did lie. jeanine: he lied about what? >> he lied about ralph club, he lied -- jeanine: what is ralph club, what is it dan? what is it? >> judge, listen -- >> tell her what ralph club, dan, please tell her, i want you to explain. jeanine: wait a minute. both of you stop. what is it, chris, you tell me, what is it? >> a club of people -- it's a club of people throwing up for overdrinking. jeanine: big deal. they a talked about throwing up, were you always an adult before you a allegedly got to be an adult? >> judge -- jeanine: hit it.
8:37 pm
>> here is the difference between me and you -- >> just admit you have absolutely no idea what judge kavanaugh meant when he wrote ralph club in his book. you can't, julie you've just lyg because you want to take an innocent man right now because your party right now is evil. they don't have bad ideas they are bad people. you're on the wrong side of moral arc of history, you should be embarrassed and tweet an apology to everybody watching show tonight for disgraceful appearance. jeanine: do you think dianne feinstein was right in leaking this thing out and lying and then saying you know what, i don't know my staff didn't leak it, you didn't ask anyone, did you leak it, no, we didn't leak it, i mean, come on, how naive are you? >> no, look, i think that she should have given the information the minute to the president and maybe not nominated this guy, this guy is going to be a problem but if he
8:38 pm
gets on the problem he's still a problem. jeanine: the american people will answer you in the november election. >> yeah they will. jeanine: chris, dan bongino thank you, outrageous, i have to tell you, i don't know if you were in tears but a lot of people includeop megawere in tes more on brett kavanaugh and accuser, michelle joins me live in a moment, don't miss it. cancer ... it's very personal. each of us is different.
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to generate extreme blowing force. turbine 600 is up to twice as fast as leading brand gas blowers and is half the price. it's worx season. jeanine: it was the testimony that ripped president trump's nominee to the highest court of the land and the woman accusing him of decade old sexual assault. let's talk more with michelle, all right, michelle, understand you were listening to the interview with bongino and hawn, what's your take on that. >> a lot of talk about ralph clubs and the attack on judge
8:43 pm
kavanaugh and his character, not only by mr. hawn but the entire resistance movement in the beltway swamp and hollywood and academia, makes me want to ralph, okay, and i'm -- i'm especially ashamed, judge, of so many women who should know better. women who know men who have been falsely accused of exactly the crimes -- of crimes that judge kavanaugh have been accused of and it's know what it's like to five, 5, 10, 20 years to clear innocent men's name, the thing is you're a veteran to have criminal justice system and you have seen so many times, judge, people lie, people are capable of lying about all sorts of things and so this idea that the accuser christine blasey ford seems sincere, of course, to anyone who is a veteran of the justice system know you can
8:44 pm
sincerely seem that you are telling the truth when you are lying through your teeth. that's something that nobody wants to talk about these days. jeanine: i have to tell you, michelle, i believe something happened to her, i really do, i think her h memory is repressed and i want toem know why all ofa sudden now, i said that in my open. this was worst than bork, this was worst than clarence thomas, why is it that republicans are always at the end of the most vicious brutal attacks and now people like flake are buckling to let's do an fbi investigation, they will become geniuses and come something more? >> it's a disgrace and i wish that last week would have ended on the high noteou of lindsey graham finally saying what needed to befi said. i wish the words had penetrated the clouded mind of jeff flake which rimes with snake, it is no surprise that we had him act the way that he has acted
8:45 pm
essentially, he has become the enabler of the resistance movement. look the left is acting the way they telegraphed, it was the job of the senate republicans to tsupport the president and this nominee because what is at stake in the supreme court are literally life and death matters and here we have jeff flake folding like a stack of cards. it's a disgrace, judge. jeanine: well, you know, i have to tell you, additional delay and delay and michelle, i haven't spent a lot of time talking about tonight because the show is so packed, i felt terrible for kavanaugh, his wife and his mother, you are not a serial predator for one year and then for the next 35 years you don'tia touch a woman. i mean, and no one is genius enough to find all three women who have repressed memory who won't say a word for 35 years, they are saying this predator picked 3 women who shut up for 3
8:46 pm
years, are you kidding? >> i think much more needs to be investigated about how each and every one of the accusers suddenly appeared and what the -- the plot and conspiracy, yes, i will call that was between senate -- senator feinstein's office, the judiciary committee staffers, the new yorker and prosecutors like the one here in colorado. i mean, that deborah ramírez case raises a lot of eyebrows about the -- jeanine: i'm out of time, thank you for that. law enforcement expert joins me live next for a closer look at the testimony and what can we expect on the investigation next. more from the president tonight in west virginia. >> we have built a lot of wall already and fixed a lot of wall and we are getting it, it's not the easiest thing because the democrats know it's the thing we really want, it's very much of a
8:47 pm
signature, it's a big part of what we talk about, they get in the way. i know for a fact. they said we can't, we will get things that are actually military, 700 billion and 716 billion, we get that, a wall is a tinny thing by comparison but they want to fight that wall for political purposes, but we aree building it and i love the signs finish it, we will get it finished. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ hi there. this is a commercial about insurance. now i know you're thinking, "i don't want to hear about insurance." cause let's be honest, nobody likes dealing with insurance, right? which is why esurance hired me, dennis quaid, as their spokesperson because apparently, i'm highly likable.
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jeanine: over the past week or two you may have found yourself asking questions about someone can make an accusation about another personn over an incident honearly 40 years ago without ay anevidence or corroboration? i brought in an expert to talk about the kavanaugh case and i'm joined by skype by new york district attorney, former president of the national da's association and deer friend of mine from many years and we were da's together. all right, billy, would i be correct and we don't have a lot of time in assuming that you and your office has interviewed and prosecuted tens of thousands if not more sex crime victims? >> fair to say, i've been prosecutor for years, very fair to say.
8:52 pm
jeanine: you watched the testimony of christine blasey ford, would you have filed charges on her behalf? >> no. no ethical prosecutor could possibly bring a case because of the lack of specificity as to the time, date and location and the defendant is entitled to know all of those things by constitution law. jeanine: that is who, when what and how, that's a prohibitor, all right, so now we -- we hear this prosecutor come in, now you and i have tried many cases, you certainly more than i at this point, i didn't like her, i didn't like her approach, i didn't like her behavior, i didn't like -- what do you think? >> well, i happen to be fond of rachel, i'm very close friends with her boss but with that said what i would have focused on would be the visit to the therapist in 2012 by dr. ford. people are struggling with this conundrum, judge, how can two
8:53 pm
people be so credible when one of them has to be lying and the answer may very well that neither one of them are lying, that what happened in that therapist office is that a memory was recovered by some means, possibly hypnosis as you suggested and that makes inadmissible both in the state of new york and state of maryland and frankly most states in thete union. the reason being that hypnosis can cause creation of false memory that the victim firmly believes is true, you and i both agree something happened to dr. ford. we can't say when it happened but i was very, very troubled by not pin-pointing how is it that she is able to identify brett kavanaugh as her attacker. jeanine: and now that she's h de
8:54 pm
it and the resistance on the part of the attorneys to allow ttus -- allow the senate to look at the notes with the therapist, lie detector test before teverything was revealed gives e the sense that there was a whole plan here. i don't have you onto discuss that, but more the reality that there are people out there who are honest in their claims but just can't be specific enough. >> yeah, i prosecuted the lead case in new york 35 years ago, a woman was brutally raped and for months and months we were so frustrated, she couldn't identify her assailant and we finally went to hypnosis and she was able to identify assailant and he was convicted. the court of appeals said, look, it's just not reliable, you can't cross examine someone effectively who absolutely believes they are telling the truth and only as a result of a false memory that was created by
8:55 pm
hypnosis and you think that's good probability here? >> i think i would be suspicious or favorable to that possibility if the lawyers for dr. ford do not agreeos to release those therapist notes. jeanine: all right. >> at the least should be given to third party to neutrally examine. jeanine: bill, da, thanks so much. >> thank you, judge.
8:56 pm
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weekend. next week i'll show you great video from there. i'm jeanine pirro. get gutfeld is coming up. see you next saturday. >> there's a lot to digest and we're chewing on all of it for you. let's get after it. noel francisco, great name. however no early christmas present for noel. should i stay or should i go? the clash between rosenstein and trump is in full effect. >> that noel joke was the worst thing ever written, but don't ever bring the clash into your sick ugly game, you freak. so pretty slow news we


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