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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 1, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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p-a-s-s-, pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. >> thank you very much. >> pre-order steve's book. it's out tomorrow. >> bill: breaking news on a big trump promise said to be delivered in a matter of hours awaiting remarks from the president at the white house to replace a nafta deal. canada agreeing to join the u.s. and mexico hours before the midnight deadline. the newly titled united states/mexico/canada agreement. the white house defending the f.b.i. investigation of brett kavanaugh, number 7. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." nice to see us, smitty. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. the president offering nothing but high praise and slamming democrats of the supreme court
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nominee before reminding supporters how much is on the line come mid-term elections. >> it's also a vote to reject the ruthless and outrageous tactics of the democrat party. i will tell you, he has suffered. the meanness and anger. you see this horrible, horrible, radical group of democrats. you see it happening right now. they are determined to take back power by using any means necessary. we aren't going to give it to them. we'll keep it running the way it's been running. >> bill: that from saturday night. this morning kaley mcenany reacting at peter doocy and garrett teny, we start with you. how confident is the white house that it will wrap up by the end of this week? >> to remind folks it was the president that signed off on the background investigation but he said all along he
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believes democrats are doing everything they can to delay judge kavanaugh's confirmation and he expects to see that continue. the concern is that with this week for the f.b.i. to complete this background investigation it gives a lot more time for additional allegations to come out and calls for further investigation and delays. white house officials are convinced the f.b.i.'s background investigation will not turn into a fishing expedition. no matter the outcome the president is predicting democrats won't be satisfied. on sunday he tweeted wow, starting to hear the democrats only thinking of obstruct and delay are starting to put out the word that the time and scope of the f.b.i. looking into kavanaugh and witnesses isn't enough. hello? for them it will never be enough. stay tuned and watch. on 60 minutes chris coon said he believes the investigation will make a difference. >> i think we'll be in a different place because lots of survivors around the country
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will feel that dr. ford's story was heard and respected and further investigated. we may well be in a different place a week from now because judge kavanaugh and his family may well have had exculpatory evidence brought forward. >> the f.b.i. is expected the complete its investigation by the end of this week. >> bill: democrats are raising concerns about the investigation. what are they saying today? >> democrats are concerned that given the limited time that the f.b.i. has to work with is that acts won't be able to complete the kind of comprehensive background invest democrats would like to see. they've done investigations like this in much smaller time frames. what f.b.i. officials are telling us. several democratic senators are concerned the white house is limiting the scope of the investigation to not look into other allegations or incidents agents may come across. sarah sanders pushed back on that suggestion on "fox news sunday". >> white house counsel has
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allowed the senate to dictate what the terms look like and what the scope of the investigation is. again, the white house isn't intervening. we aren't micromanaging this process. this is something -- it's a senate process and has been from the beginning and we're letting the senate continue to dictate what the terms look like. >> the supreme court begins its new term today without judge brett kavanaugh seated but the white house believes he will be joining them soon enough. >> sandra: president trump hoping to generate a red wave digging in on key mid-term races. he will head to tennessee today in an effort to give marsha blackburn a burst following the rally in west virginia saturday night and he took aim at joe manchin, a possible crucial swing vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and stumbled for republican senate candidate patrick morrissey. >> president trump: to continue
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our momentum and protect your borders, constitution and country, you need to get your friends, get your family, get your co-workers, and get out and vote for patrick morrissey. get out and vote republican. >> sandra: peter doocy live from west virginia. peter, how big a part of the manchin reelection campaign is the kavanaugh fight? >> sandra, manchin right now is trying to shift attention to other issues that only affect voters here in west virginia. like his republican challenger's record as the state's attorney general. >> president trump's coattails can't hide patrick morrissey's attack on our educators and public employees with a lawsuit and can't hide patrick morrissey's record taking away 800,000 west virginiaance melt care.
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i spoke to senator manchin recently. he was the only democrat on capitol hill big on kavanaugh having a chance to defend himself and kavanaugh's right to defend himself and framing it like that at a public hearing with his accuser, however, manchin still hasn't made up his mind. >> sandra: how is patrick morrissey trying to take advantage of that? >> he is trying to convince voters here in west virginia that manchin is not the moderate that he claims to be. >> remember, those radicals in washington, schumer, pelosi, maxine waters -- and joe manchin who -- yes, they don't want to see our president succeed. they want to obstruct just like they did this week against judge kavanaugh. we must confirm judge kavanaugh. >> supreme court picks are a new addition to the effort to
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flip west virginia's senate seat. back in the primary campaign when morrissey was battling other republicans. the top issue according to a fox news poll was the opioid crisis and economy. until manchin makes up his mind how he will vote on brett kavanaugh it seems like morrissey will really hammer him over the choice. that's something that we plan to ask morrissey about in a few minutes. >> sandra: from west virginia, thank you. >> bill: kayleigh mcenany. welcome back here. >> i'm doing well. >> bill: specific question about west virginia, the state won by 42 points. why is that much of a toss-up now and why is it that close? >> we need our closer to come in, president trump. we make no amends at the rnc this is a hard year for us, history suggests that. only two times going back to the civil war has the party
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holding the white house increased their majority. i think in the senate we'll make gains. this kavanaugh nomination process could turn the tide of this race. we had a poll come out from public opinion strategies last week showed that post hearing after viewers watched kavanaugh by 58 to 28% voters in west virginia want kavanaugh confirmed. that includes 59% of independents. 52% of women. manchin is on the wrong side of voters here. >> bill: one thing, you think you will gain seats in the senate. based whaon and where? >> i think north dakota is looking good for us. kramer is ahead of heitkamp. braun is ahead in indiana, a big deal. two seats vulnerable red state democrats notably not announcing their support for kavanaugh just yet and it could hurt their chances. we see in poll after poll if you don't support kavanaugh in a red state president trump won it could be damaging for you going into the mid-terms.
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>> bill: are you predicting 53? >> i'm predicting we pick up two to three seats. republican voters need to turn out. >> five weeks from tomorrow. here is klobuchar from cbs over the weekend, the democrat senator from minnesota said this. >> yes, they can order a background check when they put a nomination in place but they cannot say oh, hey, only interview the people in their neighborhood on one side of the street or only interview people from a certain period of their life. you let the men and women of the f.b.i., the profession always, do their jobs. >> we don't know whether or not it wraps up by the end of the week. that's what she said last week. we'll see if the schedule sticks. do you think republicans in the senate have the votes without flake getting the one-week extension. >> it appears we needed to do the extension. flake was iffy as was collins and murcowski. they wanted this investigation and asked for it and allowed it to move forward. it was a deceptive sound bite
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there. she said it is not for the senate to dictate the terms of an f.b.i. investigation. there have been six already conducted of judge cavanaugh. i've been part of an f.b.i. investigation before. they ask all sorts of questions. what their demeanor was like in college and go back to all parts of someone's life. he passed six and he will soon become justice kavanaugh. >> bill: thank you for coming in today. >> sandra: two republican candidates hoping to win on president trump's support. patrick morrissey is on deck later this hour and tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn will join us next hour. and this will be very telling as we get ever so closer to mid-term elections. >> bill: five weeks from tomorrow. are you ready for this? >> sandra: it's coming. >> bill: it's almost time to break out the board. you can feel it. they are cheering for it, actually. >> sandra: bring it on.
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>> bill: back to another top story this morning. we're waiting remarks from the president delivering on a big campaign promise. canada joining the u.s. and mexico in a new trade agreement. details about that. >> sandra: u.s. navy sailors hailed as heroes after rescuing passengers from a sinking plane. more on this dramatic rescue. >> bill: also months of pressure and demand. house republicans will get their day with the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. the judge will tell us what's on tap on that coming up. stand by. >> you need an online subscription to the "new york times" to read mccabe's memos despite congress is asking for it for months. i need to see the memos and ask rod what he said and get to what he meant. those may or may not be the same thing. rucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy.
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doctors and hospitals. so call or go online today. find out if your doctor is part of the humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one medicare advantage plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. >> sandra: first lady melania trump heads to africa for her first big solo international
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trip. she goes to ghana, egypt and kenya to discuss the be best campaign and child welfare. according to her office she will visit hospitals focusing on mothers and newborn care and learn more about the u.s. agency for international development. >> rod deserves to be heard out. i appreciate the president talking to him this week and we're going to talk to him. i want to know what he said and what he meant. i want to know whether anyone else was present for these meetings. but if your case hinges on the credibility of andy mccabe, good luck. >> bill: trey gowdy over the weekend demanding answers about rod rosenstein talking about secretly recording president trump memos written by andrew mccabe. they could offer insight, context important. fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. the president will not meet with rosenstein this week the meeting has been postponed
6:16 am
pending the kavanaugh matter. >> i don't expect much on the hill. these are behind closed doors meetings. deputy attorney general rosenstein principal accuser is fired f.b.i. assistant director andy mccabe fired for lying to other f.b.i. agents and under investigation for perjury by the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. not the type -- this is the type of accuser you want because few people believe him. three people in the room said the comment about wearing a wire was either sarcastic or intended to put mccabe down. mccabe and rosenstein were going at it. it was not taken or intended seriously. >> bill: i mentioned context. with the kavanaugh matter really occupying all the oxygen in the room we got this memo from rachel mitchell. she led the questioning on behalf of republicans. part of what she included is
6:17 am
this. a he said/she said case is very difficult to prove. this case is weaker than that. dr. ford identified other witnesses to the event and the witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. legally how do you interpret her conclusion. >> i think her conclusion is sound under the law. prosecutors don't like to take and they shouldn't take cases that they don't believe they can win. and this is not a winnable case if it were to be prosecuted as a criminal case. but what we witnessed the other day was not a legal proceeding, it was a political proceeding. and in the minds of the public who was more credible? in the minds of the public if you liked him he was more credible. if you don't like him or the president she was more credible. she was very credible and he was credible and why we're having this further f.b.i. investigation, which is a perilous time and place for judge kavanaugh. >> bill: 36 years on difficult to figure out.
6:18 am
james comey writes this. it is idiotic to put a shot clock on the f.b.i. but it's better to get professionals seven days to find facts than have no professional investigation at all. >> fully agreed with what he said as do most law enforcement personnel. but remember this, bill, and i think our viewers understand this, the f.b.i. has legal and ethical obligations that transcend the game clock and transcend any instructions given to them by the president. if they find evidence of criminal behavior, misleading congress is a a crime, lying to congress is a crime. lying to the f.b.i. is a crime. submitting an affidavit to congress that is not true is a crime. if they find evidence of this, they have to keep digging. they can't stop because the clock is up and they know that and you can be expected to see that. >> bill: do you think dr. ford submits to the f.b.i. interview or will her lawyers make demands as they did with chuck
6:19 am
grassley and that committee? >> no negotiating with the f.b.i. they ask to speak with you. if they say no they'll report the witness failed to speak to us. why did the witness fail to speak? i would be quite surprised if dr. ford, who begged for an f.b.i. interrogation at one point, including under oath on thursday, refuses to speak to them. >> bill: come back to the previous answer. if the f.b.i. comes back and we asked so and so this question and not able to draw a conclusion based on the answer from said witness and come back to the senate and what do they do with that information? does it go past friday and mitch mcconnell say you agreed to seven days. >> it will go past friday if mitch mcconnell doesn't have 51 votes. it will be determined by the four who insisted on this f.b.i. investigation senator flake, senator murcowski,
6:20 am
senator collins and i think senator manchin, or if judge kavanaugh begins to lose other support. it's perilous for him. he has locked in his version of events. it is not a crime to be drunk when you are a kid. not a crime to pass out when you're a kid. but it is highly perilous for a federal judge to state that under oath when there is evidence to contradict it, if there is evidence to contradict it. >> bill: kayleigh mcenany said he was -- >> this f.b.i. investigation could give manchin and heitkamp cover to vote yes that will help in their political races and insure the confirmation of judge kavanaugh. >> bill: another week we don't know what happens. >> sandra: it has been exactly one year since the most deadly
6:21 am
mass shooting in u.s. history. >> get down, get down, everybody down. >> sandra: today the vegas strip will go dark in memory of those 58 victims. are we any closer to knowing why the gunman fired? >> the sound kept going, the pop, pop, pop of the shooting. so we were at that moment i'm trying to figure out where it's coming from. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us
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>> bill: some dramatic video now. the u.s. navy rescue after a plane crashes in micronesia. on friday u.s. navy sailors working to evacuate passengers of a sinking plane that undershot the runway and landed in the water.
6:25 am
sailors wading through waste deep water inside the plane helping passengers onto the boats and dingese. 47 passengers and crew made it out. the airline can't account for one passenger. crews are searching for him. that's something you don't always see. >> sandra: we just got word an hour from now president trump is expected to speak on the new trade deal between the u.s., mexico and canada. earlier he tweeted this late last night. our deadline we reached a wonderful new trade deal with canada to be added into the deal already reached with mexico. the new name will be the united states, mexico, canada agreement. it is a great deal for all three countries, solved the many deficiencies and mistakes in nafta. greatly opens markets to farmers and manufacturers. reduces trade barriers to the u.s. and will bring all three great nations closer together in competition with the rest of the world. the u.s. mca is an historic
6:26 am
transaction. >> 11:00 later this morning we'll hear from president trump here at the white house in the rose garden. the president has said for years if the united states, mexico, canada couldn't negotiate a better trade deal he would scrap nafta. his administration has done that and gotten a better deal in the form of this u.s., mexico, canada agreement or usmca senior administration officials are making the argument saying it's better for workers because there are protections to intellectual property. auto workers will be paid more. more parts of vehicles are going to be made within the region as well and they also say that this is a win especially for farmers as it relates to dairy. dairy was one of the major sticking points here for the u.s. and administration officials are telling us there will be greater market access
6:27 am
for u.s. dairy farmers. all sides, though, here all three countries are making the case this morning that this is a win all around. >> a great date for canada and north america. the deal will turn this hemisphere back into a manufacturing powerhouse. >> early critics are saying the usmca is essentially a fine-tuning of nafta that there really isn't much different when you look at the whole piece. congress will have its say on this one, though, probably in 2019 as congress will eventually have to give it the thumbs-up for this to go into place. as you look ahead it is crazy to think about looking ahead to 2019 but this will be one of the big issues in 2019 especially with democrats and potentially whether or not they'll the give the president a major trade victory. the steel and aluminum tariffs
6:28 am
against canada and mexico still in place. the trump administration is saying this is a totally separate issue. they say that's in the hands of the commerce department. >> sandra: they're calling it a news conference from the rose garden at the white house. the president could answer questions, of course. >> we await. we've seen the president take these victory lapse. you remember after tax reform they did it on the south lawn, the president made a statement, didn't take any questions. 4% gdp same thing. didn't take any questions. rose garden, though, normally a format or place where he does take questions. we would love to ask. i'll raise my hand. lots of questions. >> bill: blake berman at the white house. i hope he takes questions. the white house defending its supreme court nominee as democrats continue to ask questions. >> it can't become a fishing expedition. from that first moment before any of these allegations had even been brought up democrats said they were not going to
6:29 am
support him. they weren't going to vote for him and they were going to do everything within their power to fight him. >> bill: first democrats in kavanaugh's accusers said they wanted an f.b.i. investigation and now they get it. now they are saying the investigation is not good enough or long enough. we'll dig into that part of the equation today. >> sandra: and kanye sparking outrage online after defending the president on "saturday night live". -computer, order pizza.
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6:33 am
trading. >> bill: 26,6,000 was all-time high. last week when the president had the press conference, help me, where was that? that was in new york, right, on thursday. and one of the reporters said did you cancel your meeting with justin trudeau from canada. he said yes, i did. doesn't seem like he wants to get a deal done and three days later you push up against the deadline and get a deal. >> sandra: heart of the deal. >> bill: could be something to that, right? >> sandra: the supreme court back in session without a ninth justice today as the battle over brett kavanaugh's confirmation races on. senate judiciary committee members are weighing in on kavanaugh's emotional testimony from last week. >> he had exchanges with senator feinstein, with senator klobuchar and others that i thought went over the line. he was belligerent, aggressive, angry. >> made you wonder about his
6:34 am
suitability. >> senator flake, i identified and understood. >> the part he mentioned the clintons and what not i didn't like, either. it seemed partisan but boy, i have to put myself in that spot. i think you give a little lee way there. >> sandra: let's bring in john sununu. thank you for coming on this morning. the moment everything changed. jeff flake said i knew we couldn't move forward without hitting the pause button and here we are. how did we get here today? >> well, it's just a continuation of the democrats using and abusing dr. ford. they did it when they leaked her letter. and after she had asked for confidentiality they did it when they moved her to adopt -- accept a lawyer that frankly in my opinion is working more for the democrats than dr. ford. we saw at the testimony that
6:35 am
dr. ford hadn't been told or did not know that the committee was willing to come to her. they made a big deal out of fear of flying that didn't exist. all of this came through her lawyer so she has been used and abused. and this f.b.i. investigation is a continuation of the democrats using and abusing her. >> sandra: you also heard 60 minutes saying kavanaugh's exchanges with some of the senators were over the line angry at times. governor. >> yeah, that's self-righteousness and pompous misrepresenting the reality of someone who knows they are innocent trying to defend themselves. senator kaouns manipulated flake into doing this foolish thing and that 60 minute presentation by both of them was a joke. >> sandra: when we look at those sitting senators, flake and kuhns coming together with
6:36 am
a compromise how address it? >> it's not a compromise. what did the democrats give? compromise, both sides give. flake gave the democrats what they wanted and got zero in return. that's not a compromise. >> sandra: republicans continue to use the words of joe biden from nearly 30 years ago, governor. watch. >> f.b.i. explicitly does not in this or any other case reach a conclusion, period. when people wave and f.b.i. report before you, understand they do not -- they do not -- they do not reach conclusions. >> sandra: that was during the supreme court hearings for clarence thomas. what did you make of his interpretation then and what we're hearing now from democrats? >> well, i think it's valid but the democrats are going to ignore it. it will be interesting to see if the f.b.i. investigates
6:37 am
everybody that was investigated by is senate committee investigators including the gentleman that told the investigators as reported by the investigators that he thinks he might be the one that caused the problem. i think he ought to be examined by the f.b.i. as well. >> sandra: you get the sense democrats are not done fighting here. the investigation -- they're not done fighting. where ultimately do you see this going, governor? >> i see a beginning of a strong backlash against the democrats. i think people are understanding they are manipulating the process. i think even some of the swing vote women are beginning to recognize that there is a tinge of unfairness in the process. it will continue. it won't fade away. and the question is whether the republicans will be smart enough after kavanaugh is confirmed to rub the democrats nose in it in the 2018 election.
6:38 am
>> sandra: how does president trump's handling of all this play out. you saw him strongly at the rally saturday defending his nominee and going on the attack against democrats. >> look, if and when kavanaugh is confirmed, i see the president ramping that up even more than he did the other day. and he has the capacity to get the visibility of how the democrats manipulated this process and really in my opinion destroyed any confidence might have in their integrity as a party. >> sandra: how would you like to see this investigation play out? >> quickly and completely and take it to the chairman and ranking member feinstein and let them have the report as soon as possible and move to a vote. >> sandra: you think that's possible? >> yes. it's not only possible it's probable. >> sandra: the moving quickly part i guess i should be clear on that. >> well, i think the f.b.i. can finish -- look, they have about
6:39 am
20 people to maybe 30 people to interview. you have about 20 or 30 agents you can deploy out there. they're doing those interviews over the weekend and now they'll finish those in a few hours. then they'll put the report together and submit it to the president. >> sandra: we'll see. it's really something to see all this play out and to watch all of this. governor sununu, great to get your perspective on the program this morning. >> bill: 21 minutes before the hour. we'll always have paris or not. the americans took a beating in france despite riding high off his recent pga tour victory tiger woods turned up 0 for 4. there he is. get it, get it. okay, right on. that was not enough to help his rider teammates. in fact, he went 0 for 4 as i mentioned and failed to score a single point for the americans. the europeans were great. i mean, they crushed us. it wasn't even a match.
6:40 am
they got one after another. we went down, down, down. >> sandra: expectations were so high with tiger off his win, for the americans. >> bill: some expensive champagne they're popping in france, you know that. here is my thing. we're big golfers you and i. here is what we're thinking. this course is contrived where the big bombers can't hit the big drives. you have to go to an iron and maybe that's the way you get the game of golf back -- change the course and routing. bring in the fairways. it was a perfect course for the europeans. 20 years ago it was built. a great course for the europeans. it played to their strength but not to the americans. i watched a lot. i was waving my usa flag. come on. >> sandra: we did more than that, didn't we. >> bill: fox news alert. iran firing missiles into syria a week after a military parade was attacked inside iran. more on this coming up. >> sandra: plus west virginia
6:41 am
senate candidate patrick morrissey is on deck after president trump stumbled for him in his state over the weekend. he will join us next. >> president trump: this is one of the big, big -- in other words, that's true. i'm not running but i'm really running. that's why i'm all over the place fighting for great candidates. i'm fighting for great candidates. honorably.ur country one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call 1-877-423-5732. if you're a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family, call newday usa to use your valuable va home loan benefit.
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>> president trump: it's up to each of you, with your precious vote. remember this, a vote for patrick morrissey is a vote to stand up for west virginia values. a vote for morrissey is a vote for me and for our agenda to make america great again. >> bill: a big rally saturday night wheeling, west virginia. president trump brought in the big guns throwing his support
6:45 am
behind senate candidate patrick morrissey. there you see him. made a big speech himself and challenging a popular democratic incumbent joe manchin. he is facing a tough reelection battle in the state president trump won by 40 points. patrick morrissey is with me now. what do you think saturday night did to your chances? it looks like you're trailing a bit underwater. >> i tell you, president trump really gave me another big boost. we saw it when he came into charleston. we got a spike in the polls. we've been climbing all the way back to dead even. in the polls it's been terrific. i think president trump knows there is a key difference between the candidates in this race. i'm the conservative fighter who advanced the trump jobs agenda and joe manchin is just another dishonest washington liberal part of the obstruction caucus that we saw in the senate last week. >> bill: i know joe manchin was
6:46 am
popular when he was governor and he is up nine points leading you. and in a state that the president won two years ago, why would that be the case right now, sir? what do you think the drag is on you trying to get that seat? >> well, actually i think what is that reflecting is month's old polls after joe manchin and all the radical coastal elites and spent a lot of money in the primary. we've just gone up on television. people are focusing on the message. they know i have a conservative record of accomplishment and joe manchin, his first vote is to empower chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. people are seeing the differences now that we were owe on tv. the other night at the rally president trump made a plea and we you a our online donations spike 45,000 went to our website patrick i think it's because people
6:47 am
know it's a referendum on the trump agenda, my record and joe manchin who sides with the liberals and radicals that are tearing us apart in washington >> bill: you think of the tax vote and the kavanaugh matter right now. how do you factor that into an election five weeks from tomorrow? >> two things. first, on the tax cut vote, that is very important because very positive for west virginia. we're seeing an economic lift. more jobs because of the lowering of the rates, the doubling of the standard deduction. these opportunities, there is so much going on positive in the state of west virginia. now, on the kavanaugh vote, this is joe manchin at his absolute worst. i think he has shown he has been gutless here. what he has done is delayed and delayed and delayed, even though the democrats knew about this letter months and months ago, they just wanted to not
6:48 am
vote on a trump pick before the mid-terms. and i think joe manchin is in power with chuck schumer. he hasn't led. this is consistent with a guy who voted for 95% of barack obama's appointments. so i think that's what we see. >> bill: could you see senator manchin voting to approve kavanaugh to the supreme court and if so, does it neutralize part of your argument? >> i think he will vote for kavanaugh. at the end of the day people will know that joe manchin would only do that because it's an election year. his history shows he is more liberal than people give him credit for. 95% of the obama's nominees to the judiciary is a big thing. we're optimistic. people don't want someone who will vote for someone after the vote is decided. that's what manchin will do. once the republicans lock down the vote then and only then will joe manchin make his decision and west virginiaians
6:49 am
want a conservative fighter to get engaged in the fight and lead. >> bill: a final question. kayleigh mcenany predicts republicans will gain two to three seats from 51 to 52, 53, 54. there are not a lot of people who are making that sort of prediction. are you one of them? >> well, i certainly think we'll pick up in west virginia and the road to the senate majority runs through west virginia. we have to hold this seat. and i have to win in order to advance trump's jobs agenda. otherwise the obstructionists are in power. i feel good. we're rising in the polls and a strong position five weeks out. >> bill: patrick morrissey. thank you for coming on today. >> sandra: we're counting down to key senate races from west virginia to tennessee. president trump hopes to give marsha blackburn a boost in her
6:50 am
senate fight in tennessee. she joins us with that and more.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: it's been one year since the las vegas massacre that killed 58 in las vegas. the tragedy is still haunting the nation. we still don't know what led stephen paddock to stock his hotel room and open indiscriminate firing. jonathan hunt is live from las vegas this morning. jonathan, how are the survivors coping one year later? >> it's been a very difficult year for everybody here in vegas. no one more so than those who experienced the horrors of that night, sandra. we're right now at a sunrise
6:54 am
remembrance ceremony for the 58 victims, speaking now is the clark county commission chairman, he will be followed by the sister of one of the 58 people who died during this. we also spoke earlier to natalie, a woman shot in the face on october 1st last year. she has had a long road to recovery and we talked to her about what this day will mean to her. listen here. >> i think some people will be mourning that day and grieving for those 58 people that were killed and i think that there is an aspect of celebrating survival that day for people that survived that night. it is a hardball answer because you have to remember the people that died and at the same time you have to celebrate life. >> one of the most difficult thinks for everybody who
6:55 am
remembers that night is the lack of answers. a months' long investigation took place but at the end the sheriff was not able to give us any motive for why stephen paddock opened fire from his 32nd floor suite at the mandalay bay. we remember today, of course, all 58 victims of that terrible night. but there are stories of optimism and hope and moving forward as well. sandra, i spoke last night to the family of sophia and matthew. they were an engaged couple who attended the concert last october 1st. sophia was shot four times, her family did not know if she would survive. he is a member of the u.s. air force, she is a nurse practitioner. it is my pleasure to report, sandra, that yesterday sophia and matthew got married. this morning they are waking up
6:56 am
in spain beginning their honeymoon and the first day of the rest of their lives. one story of hope from what was such a terrible day here in las vegas. sandra. >> sandra: welcome news, jonathan, as we remember the victims of that one year later. hard to believe. jonathan hunt in las vegas. thank you. >> bill: two big stories breaking this hour. president trump strongly defending his supreme court nominee as democrats continue to threaten more action against him as the president checks another campaign promise off the list with a new trade deal on canada and mexico. we'll see that next hour and newt gingrich is our headliner and we'll get his take on this and a lot more. great hour just ahead right here. l. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good you post a picture on social media.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: president trump announcing a new trade deal between the u.s., mexico and canada. the president will be making remarks in the rose garden one hour from now. the agreement coming together last night just before the midnight deadline. it replaces the north american free trade agreement, nafta, which trumped called a job killing disaster. we'll have the news conference live at 11:00 a.m. eastern. the supreme court confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh comes to a halt as the f.b.i. begins its seventh investigation into the nominee. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: feeling good? it's october. you started on this program one year ago today. >> sandra: yes. isn't that hard to believe? did that go by fast for you?
7:01 am
>> i thought it was march. >> sandra: it has been a wonderful year. >> bill: congratulations. good morning. president trump ordering the f.b.i. to look into investigations brought against kavanaugh. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the f.b.i. do an investigation, limited in time and scope. >> republican senator jeff flake with his stunning demand friday forcing president trump to reopen brett kavanaugh's background check. >> though would rest in the hands of a few fence sitting republican senators but it is clearly in those of the f.b.i. >> the f.b.i. begins looking into accusations of sexual assault against the judge. >> the scope of the f.b.i. investigation had been in question. saturday nbc accused the white house of limiting the probe. something the president quickly denied tweeting actually i want them to interview whoever they
7:02 am
deem appropriate at their discretion. >> white house fires back at reports the president is trying to limit the scope of the new f.b.i. investigation. >> democrats said they were not going to support him, they weren't going to vote for him and do everything within their power to fight him. they've been absolutely disgraceful in the way that they've handled this process. >> democrats will not be pleased regardless of outcome of the f.b.i. report unless, of course, it makes it impossible to move forward with a vote. >> president trump: they're determined to take back power by using any means necessary. they don't care who they hurt, who they have to run over in order to get power. >> this was about delaying the hearing, keeping the seat open past the mid-terms so it could be filled in 2020. >> the investigation is expected to wrap up by the end of this week. >> bill: former house speaker newt gingrich is on deck and our headliner in a moment. first live to mike emanuel for news of the morning.
7:03 am
what are you hearing from senators regarding the female prosecutor who led the questioning for republicans last thursday? what is she saying? >> good morning. they sent a letter to republican senators obtained by fox where she writes a he said/she said case is incredibly difficult to prove but this case is even weaker than that. dr. ford identified other witnesses to the event and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. i do not think a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the committee. but south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says the rules have changed with the judge kavanaugh nomination. >> the politics of voting for supreme court nominees are now about you, it's not about the nominee or the law, it's about how does it affect you? you can't blame the democratic party for that. both of us got here and i don't know if we'll ever get out. i don't want to go where we're
7:04 am
headed. >> he says he wants to investigate who leaked professor ford's confidential allegation to the media. >> what are committee members saying? >> judge kavanaugh was fighting for his name and reputation. kavanaugh came out swinging in that hearing trying to defend his integrity much more feisty we've seen him. reaction seems to be based whether you're a republican or democrat. then there is a question whether anything will be different after a one-week f.b.i. probe. >> i think we'll be in a different place because lots of survivors around the country will feel that dr. ford's story was heard and respected and further investigated. we may well be in a different place a week from now because judge kavanaugh and his family may well have had exculpatory evidence brought forward. >> republicans want the probe
7:05 am
wrapped by friday. some democrats are saying that isn't enough. >> bill: more the come from the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in our headliner newt gingrich. former speaker of the house author of the new book "trump's america" and fox news contributor. mr. speaker, thank you for being here this morning and you're helping us kick off the week. it will be all about kavanaugh and the f.b.i. investigation. where do you see it going? >> well, first of all congratulations on your first year. it has been very, very successful and i always enjoy being with you and bill. >> sandra: thank you. >> look, i think it's pretty clear if people are honest and they look at folks like senator booker saying you are complicit with evil if you're for kavanaugh. they look at senator saying men should shut up and you see waters saying drive them off the street.
7:06 am
you have two different patterns here. the real question in the 2018 election will be what kind of america do we want to become? the left -- i don't care what the f.b.i. comes up with, if the f.b.i. comes out and says there is zero evidence that judge kavanaugh did anything wrong the democrats will promptly say and shifting to what about drinking? what about this? what about that? i think you have to recognize they are engaged in a search and destroy mission as lindsey graham said the other day that's deliberate, not an accident or game. they want power, as president lincoln warned in his cooper union address, they want rule or ruin. and if they have to ruin the entire system they're prepared to ruin it. you are living through it. i think republicans have got to get awake and understand this is not some game and it is not because senator schumer is confused. it is a deliberate, vicious, willful character assassination. >> bill: two things i just want
7:07 am
to share with our viewers here. i think technically the clock is running on the one mark, mcconnell came to the floor friday afternoon and said 51 republicans have voted yes to advance the motion. which would mean if it started on friday afternoon this coming friday that's when we start to go into the senate procedures which would take us probably through the weekend i'm guessing which would set us up for the following monday or tuesday based on the calendar. i don't know if you agree or not. orrin hatch sent out a tweet quite fascinating the see the sudden interest from senate democrats after they prevented the f.b.i. from investigating for six weeks. bill cassidy characterized it a different way. bear in mind what the country has been going through for the past two years and the #metoo movement. he said this, mr. speaker. >> democrats have weaponized the #metoo movement which is awful. it's so important to stop the sort of behavior we've seen like harvey weinstein and bill
7:08 am
cosby. now it's weaponized. one person making a claim which something happened to dr. ford, she strongly believes that. no one else corroborates. >> bill: there is a lot in here and take it in a moment. given the way the lawyers for dr. ford really negotiated with chuck grassley to get her before that committee, do we think that dr. ford's attorneys will allow this f.b.i. interview to happen? or will they set conditions up for that interview? which in all likelihood if that happens this blows past this coming friday. >> i think they have a different problem. they are faced with the very real possibility -- first of all, any two republicans can stop procedure on friday. mcconnell may have scheduled it but if for one reason or another. another elevator incident. incident at a restaurant.
7:09 am
who republicans go i'm not sure, then friday disappears, too. second, remember, this whole thing is very weird. she was apparently hiding at her parents' beach house in delaware, which democratic staffers knew that. the whole thing has been a manipulated, deliberate process designed, frankly, to drive it past the mid-term elections and to keep kavanaugh off of the current court which starts today. so i'm very doubtful that we're seeing anything like fair play or that anybody should relax and believe that anything has been agreed to at the present time. i don't know if they'll let her talk or not because the f.b.i. -- if you look at the report by the woman prosecutor from phoenix who came and interviewed her, she is pretty devastating in saying you know, she couldn't corroborate this, this or this. i just tweeted out the entire letter she sent the republicans
7:10 am
and you look at that. the fact is dr. ford probably had something happen to her. the question is, is her memory 36 years later accurate and she has zero corroboration and a whole lot of holes in her story. you aren't supposed to say that because you aren't supposed to take on the person in a direct way because it doesn't fit the current appropriate behavior, but at what point do you allow this guy, this father, this husband, this son to be destroyed on the unsupported allegation of a single person about a high school incident 36 years ago for which she has been able to deliver zero corroboration? and i think it will be interesting to watch. if the f.b.i. comes back and says there is nothing wrong, the democrats by friday will have five new charges. >> sandra: mr. speaker, you started out by saying republicans need to wake up. what did you mean by that? what do you want to see
7:11 am
republicans do here? now we're weeks away from mid-term elections. what should be the strategy? >> i think other he very straightforward. the 2018 election is about which america do we want to become. do we want to be an america where people rush into your restaurant and invade your personal space. an america where people can be smeared and destroyed on totally unsubstantiated behavior? do we want to be an america where the government is used as a weapon to make you change your life? that's where the left is. you have a choice. you see this this morning, by the way, in the great news about the deal with mexico and canada. you have a results-oriented team led by trump and a resistance-oriented team led by pelosi and schumer. republicans ought to say we're trying to protect our children from fentanyl and opioid deaths. the democrats don't care. they are willing to have a
7:12 am
totally open border even if it means more fentanyl and opioid deaths. we need to be as blunt, emotional and direct as our democratic opponents or they'll run over us. >> bill: you wrote a piece about the blue waves in georgia. i want to share a clip from the "washington post" article, number 6. the questions facing democrats and some republicans as the campaign begins in earnest, should they attack trump or craft a more uplifting message of their own, end quote? this has been debated now. it is crunch time to make a decision. what do they do? >> well, if the democrats can't get away from being the resistance party it is what they spent the last two years on, it started election night. and my prediction, i did this -- i wrote a small paper that's on amazon on the 2018 election
7:13 am
and i started by linking to an interview i did with megyn kelly two weeks before at the election last time when everybody knew trump was going to lose. people tend to forget this. everybody knew trump was going to lose. i think the odds are even money, election night 2018 will be an even worse shock for the left than 2016 was. i don't think people want open borders. i don't think people want tolerance for fentanyl on opioid deaths. i don't think people want giant tax increases. i don't think people want to see mobs running around intimidating and people and i think the democrats are weak going into the last five weeks. >> sandra: you're talking about a different blue wave. the blue wave of liberal funding. >> that's right. you have billionaires out here writing $100 million checks
7:14 am
which is an effort. i'm an optimist about the american people and we saw it happen in south texas is a stunning victory in a district we have not had in the state senate in 139 years. we won in a district 63% hispanic. we won a victory on big issues because we had a great candidate who fit the district, campaigned on big issues. he said i want to control the border to protect our children. i want to make sure -- he said i oppose the democrat efforts to tax-paid abortion. i want lower taxes, more take home pay, more jobs. he likes the idea that we have the best economic growth in a half century and the democrat had not much to balance that off with. if you run as the party of tax paid abortion, the party of an open board. look at gavin newsom running
7:15 am
for governor in california. he wants to get free healthcare to any immigrant. that's a magnet for every sick person on the planet to go to california so california taxpayers can pay for them and it will destroy the california health system. this is the mindless stuff you get from the left. >> bill: thank you for your time and we hope you come back soon. five weeks from tomorrow. in a moment the u.s. and canada reach a new trade deal. did you hear about this? >> president donald trump has been able to make a deal where everybody is better off in this. mexico, canada and the u.s. takes vision and courage to do this. it's a promise made, promise kept. >> bill: 45 minutes from now we'll see the president top of the 11 hour as he touts one of his bigger campaign promises. we'll hear from him live. >> sandra: the president hitting the campaign trail weeks before the mid-term elections. tonight he headlines a rally in
7:16 am
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7:19 am
>> sandra: shake it if you've got it, right? all right, here he comes,
7:20 am
charles payne. after the u.s. and canada trade deal to replace nafta, right now we're waiting on president trump's remarks on that from the white house 30 minutes from now. earlier today the president tweeted this. late last night our deadline. we reached a wonderful new trade deal with canada to be added into the deal already reached with mexico. the new name will be the united states, mexico, canada agreement or usmca. the markets love it. >> absolutely. it was a cloud. it wasn't a cloud for the markets per se, we had our best quarter in the market in the last five years but it was the anxiety, right? not only that it's a good deal. it is a win, win, win. opens up the canadian dairy market and remember nafta was 1994. think of all the technology inventions that have happened. nafta didn't cover any of that. we got a lot of i.p. stuff.
7:21 am
digital commerce, financial services. it opens up markets. have more jobs created in north america. higher pay for workers. hard to see everyone got a problem. everyone got a piece of what they wanted. >> sandra: if that market can continue to be higher if the president keeps up the optimism and making deals like this. the market is now hitting highs. >> bill: look at there. >> i love it. >> sandra: what concerns you? it can't all be good. what are you concerned about? >> not to get wonky, the federal reserve concerns me more than anything else. any entity that create 4 1/2 trillion out of thin air and then decide to pull it there. when they have that kind of power they can derail the economy. i don't think they will. i am starting to admire the people who run the fed. they understand wall street and
7:22 am
main street. >> bill: peter navarro said this on "fox & friends." watch. >> it will turn this hemisphere back into a manufacturing powerhouse. we'll be able to reclaim our supply chain particularly in the auto industry. if you're an auto worker you'll have a better prospect for jobs. >> bill: fao he is right that's ohio, michigan, indiana, wisconsin. >> look at some of the auto stocks. they're up 7, 8%. all the auto parts stocks are doing well. >> bill: kanye west thing on "saturday night live" is getting a lot of attention. if african-american unemployment is at the lowest number in history, median income the highest and you add the other things i've done, how do democrats who have done nothing for african-americans win the black vote? it will only get better.
7:23 am
your witness, sir. >> i've scratched my head. i'm a registered independent and always have been since 18. i've scratched my head how anybody can always give away their vote. i don't think black people we as black people hold democrats accountable enough. new york city is a prime example. things that progressives say they care about. the income for black women against white men declined, has been declining in new york city, has been crashing. you had a housing project controversy where hundreds of thousands of black people, people's grandparents living on the 20th floor and they have to walk up 20 flights of steps. today in new jersey the gas tax is going up tremendously. that hurts all working americans who aren't wealthy. the same people okay, they still vote for deblasio and vote for these things. by the same token republicans don't do anything to wooh black people.
7:24 am
they don't go and say listen, i want to do it for you and explain how to connect the dots. president trump is doing it more than republicans in general but it takes a lot more tweets. i met with the koch brothers two or three years ago. there are ways to go into communities. don't run a bunch of ads. it has never worked. >> bill: noted. >> sandra: charles payne is fired up this morning. >> this is a great country. when it's great for everybody it's great. right now it's getting better for everyone. >> sandra: hear your passion. we'll hear from president trump on this new agreement reached with canada and mexico on trade. the president set to make remarks at the top of the hour. we'll bring it to you as soon as it begins. keep it right here on "america's newsroom." >> bill: iran launching a new threat as the revolutionary guard fires missiles into syria. what does this mean and what is at stake overseas in that conflict yet again? >> sandra: we're digging into the impact of the kavanaugh confirmation battle on the
7:25 am
november mid-term elections. our a-team is rearing to go. they're on deck and ready to react. >> president trump: a vote for judge kavanaugh is also a vote to reject the ruthless and outrageous tactics of the democrat party. (woman) we'd been counting down to his retirement. it was our tresiba® reason. he needs insulin to control his high blood sugar and, at his age, he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night lilike the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber.
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7:29 am
>> bill: white house now pushing back against democrats. democrats who claim the white house wants to limit the f.b.i. as it launches its seventh investigation into bret kavanaugh's life. >> the white house is not getting involved in the f.b.i. investigation in that way. the president respects the independence of the f.b.i. >> what we're hearing are reports they're somehow trying to limit this to a few witnesses or tell them what they should do and while the white house decides who to nominate and then that person is submitted to a background check i've never heard the white house either under this president or other presidents is saying well, you can't interview this person, you can't look at this time period. >> bill: it's the talk of the
7:30 am
country. america's a-team is here, mary anne marsh, tom bevin, wow, wow, wow. i don't know if this will be decided within a week. i think it is 50/50. alan dershowitz earlier today what's on the line for kavanaugh as a person and professionally. go ahead. this is it. some will argue that the issue of judge kavanaugh's ideological and professional qualifications should be merged with the sexual allegations and the doubts should be resolved against a lifetime appointment. in some cases it would be a plausible argument but too late for that approach now. these accusations have received worldwide attention. judge kavanaugh is on trial for his life. morgan, what happens? >> it will be a messy week. i think what the f.b.i. will do and they're used to doing this and are professionals. they'll interview everyone. what happens notice interviews
7:31 am
if there is new evidence or if they interview you about me and if you say well, i know x, y, z person or heard allegation, the f.b.i. can come back to the senate and say we unearthed all this new evidence. in order to follow these leads we need more time or the f.b.i. may come back at the end of the week and say we've interviewed everyone and similar to what the prosecutor released to the senate last night there is no way a reasonable prosecutor would bring this and we have no further evidence. the onus is on the f.b.i. if they find more evidence and say we need to chase down the leads they'll let us know. >> i think this whole debate is about the truth. about kavanaugh. it is kavanaugh's ability to tell us, the f.b.i.'s ability to find it and senate's ability to recognize it. every one of those people and institutions have taken an oath to tell the truth. an obligation to the constitution, to the rule of law. not to donald trump. so to morgan's point yes the f.b.i.'s job is to find the
7:32 am
facts, follow them and go wherever they lead. and then report back to the american people and the senate what they found. and based on that, that will determine whether or not brett kavanaugh goes to the supreme court. >> i think we'll end up right where we started. the f.b.i. has done six background checks of this guy and i think we'll end up with he said/she said. you still have, even after the testimony, dr. ford's allegations are not corroborated. and if she had just one person who was there who could say i was there and i remember this happening, it would be a different conversation. conversely if you had even one incident in judge kavanaugh's background we'd be having a different conversation. absent those two things. any corroborating witnesses and any hint -- no hint of scandal in 36 years at the highest level of government including six other background checks i think we'll end up in the same place. and there will be a vote. >> according to the prosecutor it is not a case of he said/she
7:33 am
said. a professional prosecutor is saying it doesn't meet that standard. there are too many inconsistencies. you are shaking your head but she has been a lifetime as a career prosecutor working on this. can we doubt any one's professional recommendations if they work for republicans. >> hello mark judd who is central to this and said he would cooperate. speaking to any f.b.i. agent and not telling the truth is a felony. it is disappointing that the republicans on the senate judiciary committee didn't pick an independent prosecutor. republican hired by the republicans for republicans and the memo went to the republicans. there is no reason to -- >> bill: no hint of politics. on the request run, mary anne. where does it stop? >> first of all the republican senator should have done their job instead of outsourcing it. the memo we read. >> bill: no, no, no, then you
7:34 am
would have sat here and said a bunch of old white guys up there aren't qualified to ask this woman questions about what happened >> do they job. had they done it well i would have acknowledged that. just ask questions and do it in a responsible way. >> sandra: sarah sander made a good point on "fox news sunday" and what it can't be. watch. >> this can't become a fishing expedition like the democrats would like to see it. from that very first moment before any of these allegations had even been brought up democrats said they were not going to support him. they weren't going to vote for him and do everything within their power to fight him. we've seen that play out over the last couple months. they've been disgraceful in the way they've handled this process. in the way they've exploited both brett kavanaugh and dr. ford. >> sandra: fair woint? >> i agree with mary anne that senators should do their jobs. if senate democrats had done their jobs we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today. to sarah's point i trust the f.b.i. agent. i've worked closely with many
7:35 am
of them for my career. they're the utmost professionals and we'll see where it goes. i have full faith and confidence the agents will come back to us and they say we have a ton of evidence from mark judge that needs to be looked at fine, i trust them. i don't think that will happen based whaon the prosecutor outlined in the memo last night. let's wait on the f.b.i. >> bill: joe manchin, you think about the rally on saturday night in west virginia and thinking about the vote and thinking about a reelection five weeks from tomorrow. how does that weigh on him? the president comes and we did a poll among west virginiaians and 58% of you. >> joe manchin is up double dijts. who botched it is joe donnelly in indiana. he said he would vote no even before the compromise was reached and then he subsequently back tracked and
7:36 am
said maybe i'll vote yes. he is trying to have it both ways and angered people on both sides. he is up less than a single point. >> bill: jeff flake put out a statement on friday at 9:25 in the morning and by 9:28 he went from yes to maybe. let's give it a week. >> he said if the f.b.i. finds out that kavanaugh didn't tell the truth then it is game over for him and he will vote against him. to your point about manchin, his whole double digit lead is from women. women overwhelmingly don't want kavanaugh. >> sandra: i think we should see what lindsey graham has to say about this. talking about the leaking of the letter, though, and the importance of getting to the bottom of that. listen. >> i'm going to try to find out who betrayed dr. ford's trust to remain anonymous. there are three groups that had the letter. a democratic congresswoman and her staff, feinstein and her
7:37 am
staff and i don't believe feinstein did this. and dr. ford's lawyers. no friend sent this out to the press. no friend would do this to her. the person who sent this anonymous -- destroyed her trust, betrayed her request to be anonymous had a political agenda. i'll get to the bottom of it. >> bill: i don't know what comes of that. what do we think as a group? a week from today is he confirmed or not? >> i think so. based on what the prosecutor said i'm open to whatever the f.b.i. has to say but based on what the prosecutor has outlined. >> bill: a vote by next monday? do you believe that? >> barring a bombshell from the f.b.i. yes. >> i think we won't be done this time next week. >> bill: i'll see you next tuesday. >> sandra: you say that because of whom? >> f.b.i. i think they'll find some things that raise other questions and issues and people will want them to finish the process. >> one thing i will say in all of this. what we saw last week the senate is broken. the judiciary is broken.
7:38 am
i think the senate needs to look at a new process no matter who is in power. >> bill: good luck with that. >> the system is broken. >> bill: nice to see you. thank you. >> sandra: iran launching missiles in syria showing they have the ability to hit u.s. installations there. >> the revolutionary guard launching a series of missiles into eastern syria? n response to a parade attack that left 24 people dead in southern iran. many militants were wounded and killed in the one of the syrian towns. one of the last places being held by isis fighter and there was a missile that said death to america and israel. despite that isis took -- the ayatollah was quick to blame
7:39 am
the united states, israel and monday's response included missile and drone strikes that targeted militant fighters in syria. the official website of iran saying we'll keep our iron fist in response to evil acts by the enemies. iranian leadership saying the united states and israel are enemies of iran. the regime continues to threaten the united states president trump indicated he would be willing to meet with rohany with no pre-conditions. >> bill: later today president trump goes to tennessee mid-terms coming on soon. the president will stump for senate candidate marsha blackburn in a dead heat now. it could be critical to holding the majority with republicans.
7:40 am
congresswoman blackburn is our guest live coming up next.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> bill: clock is ticking now. mid-terms five weeks from tomorrow. check this out. in tennessee real clear politics average showing [burn and bredesen neck and neck. too close to call. marsha blackburn is with us now. thank you for your time. i don't know what's going on in tennessee. a big decision to make and you're about to get on air force one and head back to your home state. what does this vote hinge on for those in the middle in tennessee now? >> this vote hinges on the differences between phil bredesen and me. people in tennessee want someone to support constitutional supreme court judges, tax cuts, make certain that they are going to build the wall, standing with president trump. and i'm going to the senate to
7:45 am
make certain that the senate begins to act like the majority that it is. it is dysfunctional and it is time for them to get busy, get the president's agenda done and get it to his desk. >> sandra: what's the biggest focus for you? >> the biggest focus for me is every single day i'm out there working getting votes. asking people for their vote. and pointing out the differences, the contrast, between my opponent and me. >> sandra: which is what? >> as i said, he has called the tax cuts crumbs. i know tennesseans love the tax cuts they're getting. he has said that building the wall is political theater. i'll be there to make certain we build the wall. and that we end sanctuary cities. when he was governor he gave illegal aliens 51,000 of people driving certificates, legal state-issued, taxpayer funded
7:46 am
documents. so tennesseans are not for that and we want to get the affordable care act off the books and make certain that we get the cost of health insurance down so that it is more affordable. and when it comes to the issue of judges, and federal -- people on the federal bench, i would support brett kavanaugh in his confirmation and my opponent has yet to say where he is on this issue. >> bill: seems like bredesen is running a good campaign. how does the kavanaugh matter play into tennessee? the president made a big deal out of it in west virginia. what's happening in the volunteer state? >> what we're hearing here is people feel like any woman who feels she has been discriminated against or harassed, her story needs to be heard. and yes indeed, the hearing was held. tennesseans look at this as an issue of fairness. they feel like what they have seen is a p.r. stunt that they
7:47 am
have used dr. ford in this. feinstein's staff leaking that memo and then trying to help find her an attorney, people look at this and they look at what has transpired with judge kavanaugh and they say this is character assassination. this is not fair. and they want to see a fair process. and again, as i said, they feel dianne feinstein's staff has done a disservice to dr. ford. she wanted to remain anonymous to tell her story. >> sandra: phil bredesen has an ad against you. your picture is all out of it. 16 years in the swamp shows it is time for fresh air up in washington how do you respond to him? >> i came here to fight against waste, fraud and abuse and to make certain that we were going
7:48 am
to be turning this back to a government of, by and for the people. that's what i've done. sandra, you know very well you can come to d.c. and be part of the click or you can come to d.c. and be an outsider and get some things done. quite frankly i'm pleased we have a president now who has his focus as draining the swamp and turning this back to the people. he is the swamp drainer in chief. and you see how the city is reacting to that. because people want to get government off their back, out of their pocketbook. they want to return to those freedoms for our children and grandchildren. >> bill: i can't figure out why this race is so close? why is it after the trump victory two years ago? >> i'm running against someone who has run statewide four times and ran and served two terms as governor and that is the reason that it's close. we are doing great.
7:49 am
a lot of momentum on the ground. it is a good multi-generational campaign. you have individuals and their kids and grandkids that are out knocking on doors and making phone calls. a lot of engagement. we'll win this race. >> bill: we'll follow the rally tonight. marsha blackburn, thanks. >> sandra: the president campaigning hard for republicans ahead of the november mid-terms. will the president be the decisive factor in several key toss-up races? karl rove has thoughts on that and will join us next hour. kanye west supporting president trump and to a "saturday night live" audience and why he was defiant for the backlash he received. i'd like to take a moment
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> sandra: kanye west was the musical guest on "saturday night live" and after the show he went on a pro trump rant. now the rap star facing big blowback. carley shimkus, what's the latest? >> he is creating headlines for two reasons. first his "saturday night live" comments and his tweets about the 13th amendment. first "saturday night live". he is a pro-trump guy. he says he likes the president for multiple reasons. one being the economy, job growth. he said welfare is a democratic
7:54 am
plan and it cripples the african-american community but most importantly he likes the president because he rejects the idea that all black people need to be democrats. he constantly talks about freedom of thought, which is something that you don't see in certain liberal communities. so that's why he likes the president. and then he goes on twitter and he mentions abolishing the 13th amendment which is the amendment that abolished slavery. he then went on to save the 13th amendment is flavoring disguise and said never mind, let's just amend it not abolish it. so i don't know. if he runs for president he will clear that one up. >> bill: snl he made an address that didn't air. chris rock who was filming him in the audience? so chris rock sent out all these videos. here is one of them we didn't see on tv but saw online, watch. >> how do you like trump?
7:55 am
>> bill: that's just one of many. >> you know, it takes somebody like kanye west to stand up for this sort of thing. he is clearly a very confident guy and you have to be that confident to say something as controversial and unpopular among his circle of peers. stick with it and wear the hat. >> sandra: kim kardashian was successful in getting alice jones out of prison and so it is strange in this day and age that kim kardashian and kanye west have become potentially conservatives in a very liberal california society. >> sandra: fascinating stuff. >> i'm wondering if it's a
7:56 am
publicity stunt. >> bill: isn't everything? i think it's a stroke of genius. they knew they would get something out of this and they're talking about it. >> he fills in last minute. probably snl is saying thank god. this is a big headline. >> sandra: we're awaiting president. nice to see you. >> bill: president will talk about the new deal with mexico and canada. what a gorgeous day we have today in washington, d.c. >> sandra: a little chilly, maybe need a sweater. >> bill: live remarks are forthcoming. don't move. we'll have that for you when we continue.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. we're moments away from president trump making his first public remarks on that new trade deal with canada and mexico. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. we're going over the acronyms. it's no longer nafta. >> sandra: usmca. >> bill: we may get a buyer on that. i'm bill hemmer. good monday morning. hope you had an awesome weekend. the ongoing battle over brett kavanaugh. no word whether the president will address that. he talked about it saturday night in wheeling, west virginia. a bit earlier larry kudlow addressing the new trade deal with canada. check it out. >> it could. a lot of provisions in there. i've been in meetings with democratic -- i'll say union
8:01 am
leaders. i don't want to say democratic. they were quite favorable. i wouldn't give up hope. let's wait and see. >> bill: the latest now. brit hume is standing by. first kevin corke from the white house. good day to you. beautiful setup you have there. what can you tell us about the trade deal? good morning. >> listen. there will be some people who will ask the question did canada blink? i think the honest answer is you could make that argument especially when you think about the renewed access for american dairy farmers into their marketplace but fair to say the canadians did not budge on everything and so to that degree the official word here will be there is a win for everyone in this particular circumstance. very interesting day indeed. keep this in mind as well. the president campaigned heavily on this idea of either reworking dramatically or blowing up nafta all together. so you should expect the promises made, promises kept aspect of today's remarks to sort of be trotted out there
8:02 am
repeatedly. certainly the president has made moves it is hard to argue that this should aid american manufacturing and american farmers. >> it is really an extraordinary deal. it is a case where this president, president donald trump, has been able to make a deal where everybody is better off in this, mexico, canada and the u.s. >> the real question is now what else will he have to say about this new deal no longer nafta? usmca. i have to figure that one out. >> bill: we'll get used to it in time. on the kavanaugh matter. what does the white house say about the controversy that will continue at least one could argue for another week? >> yeah, listen. i think you should expect the white house to have a couple of takes on this. they will say nothing but positive things about judge kavanaugh, all week long. they will say nothing but positive things about the f.b.i. and needing to let them do their work but you should also expect the president will
8:03 am
being very forceful in suggesting that the democrats, regardless of what comes out in the report will not be satisfied. let's share a bit of what he said yesterday. this is instructive and we've shown it a couple of times but it merits repeating. he said wow, just starting to hear the democrats are only thinking obstruct and delay are starting to put out the word that the time and scope of the f.b.i. looking into judge kavanaugh and witnesses is not enough. hello, for them it will never be enough. stay tuned and watch. now the real issue, bill, for kavanaugh is what will the f.b.i. find in the latest round of interviews? the process could be wrapped up as quickly as tuesday as some suggested. others could say it could stretch to the end of the week and farther depending on discovery. on capitol hill lawmakers are not convinced we won't be in this very same position this time next week. >> there is a chance and we knew that and some of our colleagues said that. we'll be back here one week from now and it will be worse. there will be other outrageous
8:04 am
allegations that come forward, the f.b.i. will talk to people that won't want to talk anymore. we won't be any better off. >> i think we'll be in a different place because lots of survivors around the country will feel that dr. ford's story was heard and respected and further investigated. >> i don't think there is any question the president, if he does take questions, bill, will be asked about judge kavanaugh. we'll see what happens. back to you for now. >> bill: stand by. >> sandra: for more on all this let's bring in brit hume senior political analyst for fox. we're awaiting the president in the rose garden outside the white house. we'll go to him when he begins live. the f.b.i. investigation will surely be a determining factor on where this goes. what are your expectations? >> well, based on what we know, they are talking to the same people who have already been heard and in most cases they've been heard under penalty of
8:05 am
felony for perjury. hard to suddenly tell the f.b.i. a different story than they've already told. that being the case when this is wrapped up barring some unexpected development, we'll be basically where we've been, but the question then arises does this effort to extend the investigation a bit longer prove to be enough to satisfy senators such as collins and murcowski that they can now safely vote to confirm this nominee having -- and be able to say to their constituents look, we gave her a fair hearing, her allegations were uncorroborated as were the others and it's not fair to withhold this confirmation from this nominee based on uncorroborated allegations, which that's a reasonable position that they might feel they can more easily take, the f.b.i. having done its part. >> sandra: meanwhile the attacks on the part of democrats continue. newt gingrich had harsh words on what they are doing to judge
8:06 am
kavanaugh's character. watch. >> president lincoln warned in his cooper union address they want rule or ruin and if they have to ruin the entire system, they are prepared to ruin it. you are living through it. i think republicans have got to get awake and understand this is not some game and it is not because senator schumer is confused. it is a deliberate, vicious, willful character assassination. >> sandra: that was last hour with newt gingrich. >> i would say this. we look at three members of the judiciary committee on the democratic side who have all said when this accusation surfaced against judge kavanaugh it was the burden of proof on him to disprove the allegations. that is to say the prove a negative. senator schumer said there is no presumption of innocence. that is a place i don't think america may want to go where that is how it works, if that
8:07 am
were true, sandra, that anybody could come up with some sort of superficially credible allegation against anybody at any time in a situation like this and it would be automatically believed. the burden of proof would be on the accused to disprove it. i can't imagine that's where the country will want to go. but that is where i think it is fair to say some democrats on the committee, leading democrats, want to take it. >> sandra: i want to bring everyone's attention to the screen as we watch the live picture in the rose garden and ask about the trade deal. that is what the president is about to step out and speak on. we don't know if he will take questions or not but surely it is a news conference so he could. markets are applauding this deal. the dow right now is up 272 points on day one of the fourth quarter. seems to be going over pretty good with market watchers. how big of a deal is this, brit?
8:08 am
>> it's a very important for two reasons. one the substance of the deal itself will help some american business sectors. help the agriculture sector particularly. the livestock and it will also avert a trade war involving the u.s. and canada. very big trading partners, the united states and canada. markets hate trade wars. so on -- for what it does, it's a positive and for what it avoids it's positive. of course, it's also this in political terms if you don't mind my adding this. this is something the president promised he would do and insisted he would be able to do and there were countless doubters who said it's too risky, trade wars are dangerous, as they are. looks like this time his pressure and sense of american leverage has worked. >> sandra: there were doubts even when he brought mexico to the table and mexico got the deal done there. whether or not canada would come into the picture and it
8:09 am
has. as you stated politically this was long promised by the president, brit. >> that's right. the other thing is the fact there has been a lot of misgivings on capitol hill whether a pure deal or a straight deal with mexico could be approved. everybody seemed to be complaining about it was worried canada was excluded and it was a bad thing. canada is now not excluded. the outcome of this greatly enhances the chances this will pass muster on capitol hill. >> sandra: we know this didn't go without arguments. justin trudeau, the canadian prime minister argued with in the leading up to this. it was a public spat he was having with the president. the president tweeted out this morning our deadline, we reached a wonderful new trade deal with canada to be added into the deal already reached with mexico. how big of a deal is the timing of this, brit, now just weeks away from the mid-term elections? >> it doesn't hurt to have something that boosts the markets and boosts sectors of
8:10 am
the economy and avoids a trade war on the eve of an election. i might add this, sandra, in terms of the timing. just the other day the president i may have been in the news conference he had, took the position well, we're going the move on if we don't get canada in it, so be it. there is some brinksmanship there. it doesn't always work but it appears it had an effect in this case. canada has been nearly impossible to deal with. i'm sure they would argue in canada otherwise but it appears that canada in the end relented and was prepared to make this deal. >> sandra: quite something to see the dow up more than a full% gain to kick off the week up 270 points. that being said, this will play a part in the mid-term elections, kavanaugh confirmation process will certainly play a big part as well, britt. can you just sort of let us know where we are a few weeks out now from those mid-term
8:11 am
elections, how things are shaping up for republicans and democrats? >> well, i've said this over and over again but i still think the most simple way to look at the election in terms of the house of representatives very much in play this time. all the democrats need is the average number of seats that the out party gets in a president's first mid-term. average number. with all of the motivation that we know that the trump election and trump presidency has provided to the democrats in this campaign it is a little hard to imagine they wouldn't get the average. now, i say that with a note of caution because the donald trump election proved that sometimes unexpected things happen and that our old ways of looking at things may not work. and that voters turn out you didn't expect. so if kavanaugh, the trade deal and the president's ardent campaigning motivates his base that would they the republicans. it's not a done deal.
8:12 am
>> sandra: you covered a lot for us and we got a warning he is a few minutes away from walking out. we'll take a quick break. brit hume, thank you. >> bill: as we wait on that 12 minutes past house democrats planning for victory in november firing off a warning over kavanaugh's confirmation. could it hurt them in the long run? how does it play. we'll talk to andy biggs is member of the house judiciary committee. >> sandra: rod rosenstein facing questions on capitol hill over allegations of secretly recording the president. what they hope to get from him. >> bill: the president has a five-state campaign swing heading to tennessee later today. karl rove next to gauge what's at stake come november. >> president trump: they're determined to take back power by using any means necessary. you see the meanness, the nastiness. they don't care who they hurt.
8:13 am
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for an affordable, and sometimes, no monthly plan premium. do you have any more information? sure. i'll get a decision guide in the mail to you today. they're free. finally. someone who understands the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> bill: 11:16. we're within the two-minute warning from the white house. in a matter of moments we'll see the president to make a big announcement on one of his campaign promises to redo nafta and get a better trade deal. afterwards we've been led to believe he will take questions. this could go for a while so as we set the table on that, pause for a moment to let the fox stations join us. this is fox news, i'm bill hemmer in new york along with my colleague, sandra smith, as we get ready for president trump to make the announcement
8:17 am
of nafta, the agreement raoefmd at the 11th hour with canada coming on board. justin trudeau saying it's a good day for canada, for the u.s., our farmers will get greater access to the dairy market in canada that was a big deal. the auto parts suppliers will get a better deal, too. we wait for the president to make the official announcement. >> sandra: the dow surging nearly 300 points. president trump has long proimsed the revamping of nafta called usmca. mexico, u.s. and canada aagreement. he called nafta a job-killing disaster. the u.s. trade represent and canada foreign affairs minister said it will strengthen the middle class and create well paying jobs and new opportunities for the people who call north america home. >> bill: canada was threatened
8:18 am
to be left out of a deal. the president, they asked him whether or not he canceled a meeting last week with justin trudeau because he didn't feel he was ready to make a deal. whether or not that put pressure on justin trudeau. canada is the number two trading partner with the united states. one cannot live without the other you think in a business sense, sandra, in this case. >> sandra: the president has been tweeting this morning calling it a great deal and solves the deficiencies and mistakes in nafta. it is expected the canadian prime minister will hold a news conference of his own today but we await the president to find further details as to how they came to compromise for the deal. >> bill: the other thing in the background of everybody's minds is brett kavanaugh. whether the president addresses that state of the investigation
8:19 am
we'll see. he addressed it saturday night in west virginia. big announcement on usmca from the white house. beautiful day in washington, d.c. here we go. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much. please sit down. it's really great to see everybody on this beautiful, beautiful day in washington, d.c. some people say the swamp but i will not say that today. i refuse. this is too important what we're doing. one of the most important deals and the most important trade deal. i want to thank senator joni ernst from iowa for being there. we'll be doing something important in iowa. this is maybe important than everything put together. joni, i want to thank you for being here.
8:20 am
congressman holding, congressman roe, congressman new house and congressman meadows, thank you for being here. you have been very instrumental. thank you. i'm thrilled to speak to the american people to share truly historic news for our nation and indeed for the world. i want to thank vice president pence for joining us this morning. it's my great honor to announce we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand-new deal to terminate and replace nafta and the nafta trade agreements with an incredible new u.s., mexico, canada agreement called usmca. mca. it just works. usmca. [applause] that will be the name, i guess, that 99% of the time we'll be
8:21 am
hearing, usmca. has a good ring to it. i have long contended that nafta was perhaps the worst trade deal ever made. since nafta's adoption the united states racked up trade deficits totaling more than $2 trillion and it's a much higher number than that with canada and mexico. it lost vast amounts of money and lost 4.1 million manufacturing jobs and one in four auto jobs. lost about 25% of our auto jobs, even more than that. throughout the campaign, i promised to renegotiate nafta and today we have kept that promise. but for 25 years as a civilian, as a businessman i used to say how could anybody have signed a deal like nafta? and i watched new england and so many other places where i was just -- the factories and jobs were leaving. people were being fired and we can't have that.
8:22 am
so we have negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity. to me it's the most important word in trade because we've been treated so unfairly by so many nations all over the world. we're changing that. we just signed a much better deal with south korea. we had a horrible deal and we just signed it at the united nations and that has worked out well and they're happy and we're happy. good for jobs and good for a lot of things. when that deal was signed they said 250,000 jobs will be given by signing this transaction and they were right. i've said it before, they were right, 250,000 jobs to south korea, not the united states. so that's changed and very much for the better and this one is a brand-new deal. the agreement will govern nearly 1.2 trillion in trade which makes it the biggest trade deal in the united states history.
8:23 am
i want to congratulate u.s. trade representative bob light highser who has worked -- nobody understands how hard he has worked. [applause] no matter when you called him he was in the office or he was in somebody else's office doing the same thing. he is great. i've heard it for years. i said if i ever do this i want to get him to represent us because he felt the way i did. and the entire team at the ustr standing behind me. i want to thank you all. fantastic job. thank you all. [applause] fantastic group of people. they love our country. i also want to thank secretary mnuchin and secretary ross and
8:24 am
neilsen and purdue, jarod kushner and -- and the ambassador to canada, kelly craft. thank you. i also want to thank president pena of mexico. we had a few disagreements but i really like him a lot. i think he may like me, i'm not sure. i think he is a terrific person and he will be leaving soon but he has really done a good job and wonderful, wonderful person. and the mexican president elect lopez who has given his support to this agreement and we're developing a really good relationship, which i think is very important for our country, frankly and for mexico. and so they worked together on this. this was done by both. i said look, i don't want to sign an agreement and then a new president comes in and they don't like it and we have difficulty. they worked very much together on it. and i appreciate it from both.
8:25 am
i have to certainly give my highest regards to the prime minister of canada justin trudeau. a lot of stories came out about justin and i having difficulty together. we did over the trade deal but i tell you it turned out to be a very, very good deal for both and a very, very good deal for all three. it puts us in a position we've never been in before. it is very good when you look at the world and what the world is doing and when you look at the unfair trade practices that countries are using against the united states. this is a terrific deal for all of us. once approved by congress this new deal will be the most modern, up to date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country. with the most advanced protections for workers ever developed. if you look at the reviews, people that would normally not
8:26 am
under any circumstances say good things because automatically they have to say bad, even some democrats say that's amazing. we had -- they haven't been given the sound bites yet, mike, but you had some democrats say this is really amazing if he really got all of that. but by tomorrow i would suspect they will change their tune. but that's okay because people know how good it is. it's an amazing deal for a lot of people. likewise it will be the most advanced trade deal in the world with ambitious provisions on the digital economy, patents, very important, financial services and other areas where the united states has a strong, competitive advantage. mexico and canada have agreed to strong new labor protections, environmental protections and new protections for intellectual property. so important. this new deal is an especially great victory for our farmers.
8:27 am
our farmers have gone through a lot over the last 15 years. they've been taken advantage of by everybody, prices have gone way down, and we're working on some other deals that will make them very happy also but this is a very, very big deal for our farmers. mexico and canada will be opened up a lot more than they are now. and i think there will be a better spirit between the three countries, which is important for our farmers. the agreement will give our farmers and ranchers far greater access to sell american-grown produce in mexico and in canada. the deal includes a substantial increase in our farmers' opportunities to export american wheat, poultry, eggs and dairy including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream to name a few. i want to be very specific. i want to be very specific. right? [applause]
8:28 am
and many other products but those products were not really being treated fairly as far as those that work so hard to produce them and now they will be treated fairly. these measures will support many hundreds of thousands of american jobs. this is also a historic win for american manufacturers and american auto workers who have been treated so badly. we've lost so many jobs over the years under nafta. under the current new deal, and if you look at the current nafta deal, the new deal is taking care of all these problems because nafta, foreign companies have been allowed to manufacture many of their parts overseas, ship them to mexico and canada for assembly and send their foreign-made cars into the united states with no tax. so we let all our people go, we fire everybody, they make cars,
8:29 am
they make products. they make everything in another country, they send them into the united states, no tax. and the cost is very little difference. sometimes it's more for those people that like to talk about cost. with this agreement we are closing all of these terrible loopholes. they are closed. they're gone. they were a disaster. for example, we require a large portion of every car to be made by high wage workers which will greatly reduce foreign outsourcing which was tremendous problem. more automobiles and parts will be manufactured inside the united states. we will be manufacturing many more cars and our companies won't be leaving the united states, firing their workers, and building their cars elsewhere. there is no longer that incentive. under the nafta deal they had the incentive. they have the opposite incentive now. we won't lose our companies. that was the most important thing. i don't want to see our
8:30 am
companies leave and fire our workers and our workers never get jobs to replace those jobs. those days are over. this deal will also impose new standards requiring at least 75% of every automobile to be made in north america in order to qualify for the privilege of free access to our markets. and that's what it is. it's a privilege. we don't take it as a privilege. we don't take it as a privilege. it is a privilege for them to do business with us and i'm not talking about mexico -- i'm talking about everybody. everybody. it's a privilege for china to do business with us. it is a privilege for the european union who has treated us very badly, but that's coming along, to do business with us. japan, every country. it's a privilege for them to come in and attack the piggy bank. in this we will have a result
8:31 am
of much more happening right here in the united states. it means more than anything else far more american jobs and these are high-quality jobs. there are also strong provisions to enforce what is called the rules of origin requirements. this will incentivize purchases of u.s. made automobiles. they voted for us in large numbers, even though their leadership always goes democrat. a couple of them said to me i don't know how i can do it again. many of them, the leaders would back democrats and would tell me you will get most of the votes from union workers and we got most of the votes from workers period. but the american auto worker was very much behind what we
8:32 am
were doing as one primary aspect. it will transform north america back into a manufacturing powerhouse. if you remember the previous administration said we won't have manufacturing jobs anymore essentially. we're not going to make things anymore? no, just the opposite. it will be a manufacturing powerhouse and allow us to reclaim a supply chain that has been off shored to the world because of unfair trade issues. we also provide brand-new intellectual property protections for biologic drugs which will make north america a haven for medical innovation and development. we want our drugs to be made here. when you talk prescription drugs, we don't like getting them from foreign countries. we don't know what's happening with those drugs and how they're being made. too important. this landmark agreement will send cash and jobs pouring into the united states and into
8:33 am
north america, good for canada, good for mexico. instead of jobs leaving for overseas. they will be returning back home and we've already had. we've had many, many car companies. i was with prime minister abe of japan. he said we have sent many car companies to the united states over the last year and a half. it's true and big expansions. and very importantly he said many more are coming. because they have an incentive now to be here. people want to be back in the united states again. as i say, the united states is respected again but it is also respected as to trade and industry. this is a truly extraordinary agreement for the united states, canada and mexico. president from mexico, it's so important that the president and i have developed this sort of a bond, a bond on trade.
8:34 am
a man that has done a very good job for mexico in terms of trade and prime minister trudeau who i just spoke to, just spoke to both of them a little while ago, they love their countries and want to do right for their countries and that's what they've done. if you look at this agreement we formed a great partnership with mexico and with canada. and i plan to sign the agreement by the end of november. i then will submit it for approval to congress where in theory there should be no trouble. anything you submit to congress is trouble no matter what. it's the single greatest agreement ever signed they'll say well, you know, trump likes it, therefore we won't approve it. that would be good for the republicans so therefore we can't approve it. but it will be sent to congress pursuant to the trade promotion authority act. this agreement follows on the heels of our successful completion of a new and
8:35 am
balanced trade deal with south korea. tremendous difference in that deal from what it was. it was a disaster, as i said, to improve the old deal that had killed so many jobs, it also follows on our announcement of a new trade negotiation with japan. japan would never negotiate with the united states. they said we wouldn't negotiate. they told the previous administration we aren't going to negotiate. i said you don't have to negotiate but we'll put a very, very substantial tax on your cars if you don't. without tariffs we wouldn't be talking about a deal. just for those babies out there that keep talking about tariffs. that includes congress, oh, please, don't charge tariffs. without tariffs you wouldn't be -- we wouldn't be standing here. i can tell you bob and all these folks would not be standing here right now and we're totally prepared to do that if they don't negotiate. but japan is wanting to negotiate. actually they called about
8:36 am
three weeks ago and he is a terrific man, just had a tremendous victory, and they said we would like to start negotiations immediately. india, which is the tariff king, they called us and they say we want to start negotiations immediately. when bob said what happened? he would never do this, they said no, we want to keep your president happy. isn't that nice? isn't that nice? it's true. they have to keep us happy because they understand that we're wise to what's been happening. india charges tariffs of 100%. and if we want to put a tariff of 25% on people will call from congress that's not free trade. i look back and say where do these people come from? so because of the power of tariffs and the power that we have with tariffs, we in many cases won't even have to use them. that's how powerful they are
8:37 am
and how good they are. but in many cases we aren't going to have to use them and in many cases countries that are charging massive tariffs are eliminating those tariffs. as you know, we have 250 billion at 25% interest with china right now and we can go $267 billion more than and china wants to talk very badly. i said frankly it's too early to talk. can't talk now because they aren't ready. they've been ripping us for so many years it doesn't happen that quickly. and if politically people force it too quickly, you're not going the make the right deal for our workers and for our country. but china wants to talk and we want to talk to them and we want them to continue to help us with north korea. that's very important. the european union, it's been very tough on the united states. last year and for many years
8:38 am
they've lost in the vicinity of $150 billion a year they have massive trade barriers. and they didn't want to come. they didn't want to talk. jean claude, the head of the european union, my friend, i say jean claude, we want to make a deal. he goes no, no, no, we are very happy. i said you may be happy, i'm not happy. we have one of the worst deals of any group. we have one of the worst deals with the european union. and they just didn't want to come because they were happy with the deal. i said we're not happy with the deal and finally after going through a whole process, i said look, we're going to put a tax of 20% of all of the millions of mercedes and bmws, millionss of cars they sell here they won't take over there. farm product that they won't take over there because they have barriers. you aren't allowed to sell. our farmers aren't allowed to sell many of their projects.
8:39 am
most of their products. and so i announced we'll put a 20% tariff, could be 25 on their cars coming in. and they immediately called and said we would like to start negotiations and we're having a successful negotiation. we'll see what happens. who knows? i always say who knows? i have a feeling we'll be successful. a pillar of national security is economic security and trade. national security is not what we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year. over the last five years we've averaged $800 billion a year loss on trade. how dumb is that? $800 billion? this group doesn't know about those numbers. i don't want them to hear those numbers. but the united states in its trade deals has lost on average almost $800 billion a year. that's dealing with china, dealing with european union,
8:40 am
with everybody, japan, mexico, canada, everybody. and we're not going to allow that to happen. but we have to have a strong manufacturing base and manufacturing sector. we need a thriving economy. those are all really essential ingredients to national security. we can't allow what has been happening over the last 25 years to happen. we're building our military like never before. it will be the strongest it ever was. all the jets and rockets and missiles and ships are all being made in the united states. jobs. our economy is booming like never before. jobless claims are at a 50-year low. the stock market is at an all-time high. think of that. over 50% since my election.
8:41 am
50%. people, the 401ks and were dying with them for year. now they're so happy. i was telling the story i often tell of a policeman in new york came up. his wife was always very upset with him as an investor because he wasn't doing well with the 401ks. now she thinks he is a genius because the numbers are so crazy. we're up over 50% since the election. and you've heard me say this many times. african-american unemployment, asian unemployment, hispanic unemployment is at record lows in history. not for the last two years, the history of our country, african-american, asian, hispanic, young people without high school diplomas. all at historic -- that's a very important sector. all at historic lows.
8:42 am
the lowest in history. it is really something that's great. this is helping so much with people to get out of prison. we have a tremendous problem. people come out of prison and can't get a job. employers don't want to hire them. the economy is so good they're hiring them and turning out to be incredible workers. they are given a second and third chance in some cases. but i've had numerous employers come up and say i tell you what i've taken people that were in prison and we've hired them. he wouldn't have done this in a normal economy or bad economy. only this kind of economy. now he is the biggest fan. one man in particular has taken numerous people. he said most of them have been unbelievable. you can ask most. most of them have been unbelievable. that's a great thing. a really great thing. it gives them a chance. so before we take questions i want to extend our warmest
8:43 am
condolences to the country of indonesia. a friend of mine. we'll be calling up the leader who is a great leader indeed. but they got hit by a giant tsunami like people have not seen in this part of the world hasn't seen it so much fortunately. they say that's the worst of all. you look at the tornadoes, hurricanes, natural disaster. a friend of mine who studies national disasters. i don't know why he does that but he does. he says that tsunami is the worst of all and they got hit very hard. probably thousands of people killed. we have already sent a lot of first responders and military and others to help, but it is a really bad, bad situation. and finally before closing i want to send our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the
8:44 am
las vegas shooting. that was a horrible, horrible time in the life of our country. took place exactly one year ago today. all of america is grieving for the lives lost and for the families they left behind. so to all of those families, and to the people of las vegas, we love you, we are with you, we are working with you very hard. it was a terrible, terrible event. so thank you very much for that. i want to ask bob lightheiser to say a word about the new agreement, the usmca and if you have any questions we'll take questions after that. please, bob. [applause]
8:45 am
>> thank you, mr. president and before i start i would just like to give a vignette. i think it says something about working for the president. august 16th of last year we started this process. and i'm at a hotel in washington and there is like, you know, hundreds of people waiting to have the introduction of myself and two counterparts, one from canada and one from the united states. we're lined up and i get a call saying the president wants to talk to you. i go into a little ante room. the president starts talking. everybody is waiting and going through what he wants to get done in nafta and his problems all of which he is quite familiar with and says to things. one, he said bob, i back you up like no other u.s. has been backed up in history. he did that by the way. the second thing he said was he said now go out there and have fun. i thought well, it's probably not going to be as much fun
8:46 am
from my side as your side but i'm proud to be on your team and i am proud to follow you through this and the other trade changes. as you have said, mr. president, this agreement is historic in many ways. the usmca will cover 1.2 trillion dollars easily making it the biggest agreement in history. we have done this in 14 months and believe me, in trade negotiating terms that's like warp speed. when we began these negotiations last year the president's instructions were precise and straight forward. protect american workers, fight for our farmers and ranchers, preserve america's competitive innovation edge. secure greater access for our businesses and above all, bring back jobs to america. i think we have succeeded with this agreement. the usmca will accelerate the
8:47 am
manufacturing renaissance our country has enjoyed under president trump. it will bring our trading relationship with mexico and canada into the 21st century and it will protect america's competitive age in digital and innovation across the economy. the new agreement will also serve as a template for our trade agreements under the trump administration in the future. this paradigm shifting model rests on three pillars, the first pillar is fairness. we have negotiated stronger rules of origin for automobiles, which will bring billions of dollars of manufacturing back to america. we have secured greater market access for our farmers and ranchers. we've agreed to unprecedented labor standards that will help level the playing field for our workers. we've also agreed to a first of
8:48 am
its kind review and termination provision, which will insure that the usmca, unlike nafta, will not become unbalanced and out of date. the second pillar will consist of a host of ambitious provisions on digital trade, intellectual property, services including financial services designed to protect our competitive edge. the third pillar consists of new provisions designed to eliminate unfair trade practices including strong new disciplines on state-owned enterprises, currency manipulations, relations with non-market economies and much, much more. we wouldn't be here today if it were not for several people who contributed so much to this endeavor. first, the president's key advisor and my good friend jared kushner was my partner in leading the u.s. negotiating team. i've said before and i'll say again, this agreement would not
8:49 am
have happened if it wasn't for jared. so thank you very much. [applause] i would like to thank my counterparts, secretary and other mexican and canadian government officials, secretaries and ambassadors and others from ka*ntd and so many more. i would also like to thank the wonderful staff as ustr. i like to think of us a little bit like we were the marine corp and i like the name of this agreement. ustr is 250 people and all devoted and exceptional and work around the clock. many of the people you are looking at spent more than one night in the office over the course of the last few weeks. and they have enormous ability and this president has unleashed them. finally i would like to thank president trump.
8:50 am
your leadership, vision and grit made this agreement possible. no other person could have done it. millions of americans will benefit for years to come because of this vision and probably even more important this grit. thank you, sir. >> president trump: thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much, bob. some questions? >> thank you, sir. you've had tensions with prime minister trudeau. how do that affect your ability to get this deal done? >> i don't think it did. he is a professional, i'm a professional. it was an unfair deal whether it was mexico or canada. now it is a fair deal for everybody. a much different deal. a brand-new deal. it's not nafta redone, it is a
8:51 am
brand-new deal. i just spoke with him. we have a great relationship and we'll work as a partner. don't forget the rest of the world is looking to take advantage of us and as a region, you might say. we'll work closely together with canada and mexico because we'll be able to compete with anybody. we have things that nobody else has. we have energy that nobody else has. we have timber that nobody else has. we have things that no other part of the world has to the extent that we have. so we'll do very well together. i think we have -- this was a lot of tension, i will say, between he and i. i think more specifically. and it's all worked out. it ended about 12:00 last night. but he is a good man and done a good job and he loves the people of canada. >> you mentioned the $267 billion and possible more tariffs on china. what does china need to do to avoid that? >> we'll see what happens with
8:52 am
china. we have lost $375 billion in trade deficits. they have a surplus of $375 billion, with a b. with the united states and it has been that way for years and years and years. i always say we rebuilt chain ya. they took that money and they built fighter jets and they built bridges and they built more bridges than we built in the last 100 years. big ones like the george washington bridge. big bridges. and i'm not going to take, you know -- i don't blame china, i blame our leadership. i told that to president xi. i was making a speech in china and hitting china hard. i'm in china. i looked at him and i said i don't really blame you. i blame our leadership for allowing this to happen. he knew exactly what i meant. we had no deal with china. i asked one of the top people
8:53 am
in china. a representative at the highest level how did this happen? he is a pro-. he said nobody ever did anything from the united states. when we put on a 25% tariff on every car that comes from the united states into china, we thought we would be rebuked. we thought it would be terrible. nobody ever called. nobody did anything. that was years ago. and we charge them nothing, 2 1/2 but we don't collect it. we do now, by the way. but we don't collect the 2 1/2. so they charge 25, we charge essentially nothing. i said how did it happen? he said nobody ever called. we don't have a deal with china. there is no deal. they do whatever they want. so we have a tremendous problem with theft of intellectual property with china. we have a lot of other problems
8:54 am
with china. we have primarily trade problems. and as you know, they're having a much more difficult time now. i don't want them to have a difficult time and we're doing better than we've ever done. everybody talked about the tariffs, tariffs, tariffs. tariffs ended in 1913 and they then went to a different system in 1918 totally unrelated. and then in the 1928 you had the great depression. for a lot of different reasons, not necessarily our country's fault but a little bit our country's fault and then in the 1930s they said we better start charging some tariffs. we need money to come into our country again. okay. so i'm not advocating tariffs. i will tell you this our steel industry is stronger than it's been in 25 years. it has taken six months because i charge for the dumpers. they were dumping steel and aluminum into our country. i charge 25%.
8:55 am
that's a lot. could be more. but that's a lot. and if you look at u.s. steel and new corp. announced a brand-new plant. they're expanding plants, u.s. steel. i don't think there is any industry like what's happened to steel in the last nine months, 10 months, since i really started doing what i'm doing. it's been really pretty amazing. aluminum also. we need steel. we need steel for defense. what are we going to do say we'll get our steel from another country? can't do that. we can't do that. so we need steel and we need it badly for defense. i'm very proud of what has happened with the steel industry. question, yeah, go ahead. sure. she is shocked i picked her. she is in a state of shock.
8:56 am
>> go ahead. in a tweet this weekend mr. president you said it's incorrect to say you are limiting the scope of the f.b.i. investigation. >> what does that have to do with trade? i don't mind answering the question but i would like to do the trade. >> the other headline in the news. >> president trump: how about talking about trade and we'll do that later. does anybody have a trade deal >> do you think your trade deal will pass through congress? >> i think so. we have other alternatives. if they're fair, which is a big question. if it's fair on both sides. the republicans love it. industry loves it. our country loves it. if it's fair, it will pass. i think it will pass easily. really easily because it's a great deal. nafta passed, one of the worst deals i've ever seen. any other questions of trade. i'll get back to the on the other questions. let's do that later. i'll call you a second time. go ahead, please. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president.
8:57 am
you have described india, can you explain it a bit? >> india charges us tremendous tariffs. when we send harley davidson motorcycles and other things to india they've charged high tariffs. i have spoken to the prime minister and he will reduce them. nobody ever spoke to these people. he said nobody ever spoke to me. we've had leaders here. i'm not trying to be overly dramatic. we've had presidents of the united states and trade representatives, they never spoke to india, brazil is another one. that's a beauty. they charge us whatever they want. if you ask some of the companies they say brazil is among the toughest in the world, maybe the toughest in the world. we don't call them and say you're treating our companies unfairly, you are treating our country unfairly. so india is a very, very high -- they really charge tremendously high tariffs.
8:58 am
on motorcycles it was 100%. you send a motorcycle to india, there is a 100% tariff. that's so high that it's like a barrier. who is going to buy it? cost you so much. now they've already reduced it substantially but it is still too high. my relationship with india is great, with prime minister modi is great and they've called us to make a deal. we didn't call them, they called us to make a deal. which is shocking to people. yes, sir, go ahead. >> i do have a second question on the kavanaugh thing when you get back to it if you would take that. you'll take that now? >> president trump: no. >> the question i have on trade. does it mean to the end of tariffs if you could spell that out for canada? do you think it will pass? >> steel is staying where it is and aluminum. but it means we probably for
8:59 am
the most part won't be having to use tariffs unless we're unable to make a deal with a country. if we can't make a deal with the european union we'll respectfully put tariffs on the cars. the united states will take in billions and billions of dollars into its coffers, isn't that nice? you don't hear that. but it will take in billions and billions of dollars but really what will happen is they'll make the cars in the united states. this way they don't have to pay the 25 or 20% tax. i don't think you'll have to use the tariffs too often. there will be cases where you have countries that are just absolutely not willing to do what's fair and reciprocal and in that case they'll pay tariffs. you know what? the united states will do very well. either way we do very well. >> do you think it will pass in canada and mexico and united states? >> i don't know. we made a deal. the highly respected presidents and in the case of canada the
9:00 am
prime minister are satisfied with the deal. it is good for canada, mexico and all three. this is good for all all three. just that fact makes it good for us. this is good for all three. this is a much different deal than the aft, and this is much more of a reciprocal deal for the united states, which is really good. go ahead, peter. >> reporter: can you talk about kavanaugh briefly? >> president trump: we will do their questions pretty talk about being treated harshly, we will do that in a couple. let's finish up trade, because if a lot of people who want to run over to "the wall street journal" and start writing. go ahead, please. i can't hear you. a mexican journalist customer go ahead, sure. >> reporter: you're going to keep the tariffs from steel and other in mexico and canada? >> president trump: until such time as we can do something that would be different, like quotas,


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