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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it triggers the nostalgia department in the brain. >> tucker: i know all five of you and you are a lot healthier than most people. so obviously this works. it's a great book and i recommend it strongly. great to see you. we will be back tomorrow to defeat lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. >> hannity: welcome to hannity. the sources are telling us that the fbi supplemental report on judge kavanaugh is complete and my sources say the senate is now in possession of copies. they will be looking at it tomorrow. my sources are also telling me tonight no new bombshell information in this report. it just reiterates what we already know. from the senate judiciary committee investigation, and what they have already found. now it's time for senators to step up and do their job and vote. enough with the delay tactics, the smears and the slander. we have a much more on this and just a moment. tonight also the senate judiciary committee committee n
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chuck grassley has been stonewalled by professor ford's partisan legal team. they are denying all access to a very extremely important pieces of evidence and this comes as new questions are being raised about professor ford's testimony by a long time ex-boyfriend. we will bring you that report. also tonight, now that the smears and the fbi investigation are not working, don't be surprised because the democrats, they want to see if the topic. now, they want the vote to be about temperament. and any republican that allows the slander to become the new standard in this country is a disgrace. it will never end and you would be encouraging this behavior. they will continue to stop all over. simple, basic, american human rights. decency, due process, and what
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we are watching is a thirst for power that knows no bounds. lying, smearing, besmirching and bludgeoning. and the best friends in the democrats are cheering all of this on, moving from story to story, raising the bar day after day, all to align the president and anybody and everybody around him. stay tuned for tonight's jam-packed washington, d.c., swamp breaking news opening monologue. ♪ so, as we just reported moments ago, sources are telling me tonight the fbi has in fact completed their background check on judge kavanaugh. all 100 senators and nine staff members will have access to that report, which will be kept in a safe in the senate judiciary committee.
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chuck grassley is sounding the alarm about obstruction coming from professor ford's extremely bitterly partisan legal team. this week, we told you about this, the judiciary committee requested access to material evidence of professor ford's sexual misconduct claim including those from her therapy sessions that she had already handed over to "the washington post." any reporting's of her polygraph test and professor ford's attorney are flatly denying the senate judiciary request. so much for a real investigation. tonight in a letter, grassley fired back. he wrote "the constitution tasked the senate, not the media or the fbi with providing advice and consent for supreme court nominees. it is beyond disappointing that dr. ford's attorneys were willing to share evidence with "the washington post" many weeks ago, but this day they refused to share the same evidence that dr. ford relied on in her
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testimony with the u.s. senate. it's important to remember that ford's attorney deborah katz lacey on the screen, she is a far left huge democratic donor. she was the one that was recommended by dianne feinstein who wouldn't tell the republicans about the whole issue for weeks and weeks, and once vowed to show you the tape on abc. and according to professor ford's sworn testimony, her attorneys never even released numerous and persistent attempts from senator grassley and republicans to arrange an interview with senate judiciary investigators. deborah katz is not to be trusted. motivations again recommended by dianne feinstein have long been political, including multiple instances where she defended bill clinton and creepy al franken from their misconduct allegations. she made light twice of paula
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jones accusations against clinton saying, joan suffered no repercussions in the workplace because the incident only lasted 10-12 minutes. he exposed himself in front of paula jones an end wanted a fruit favor. it appears that's only true for democratic women. meanwhile, professor ford is facing allegations of her own. her boyfriend between 1992 and 98 is raising serious issues about her testimony tonight. ford claimed to have issues with confined spaces, writing in airplanes and homes with only one door because of ptsd symptoms surrounding her alleged sexual assault. according to her former boyfriend whose name has been redacted, ford never expressed
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these issues with small spaces. she frequently flew in airplanes to and from hawaii and lived in a small 500 square-foot apartment with one door and never mentioned anything about assaulted. he also claimed that ford once counseled a friend on how to pass a polygraph test. prior to a job interview with the fbi. that's a claim that friend is denying. now remember during ford's testimony, she emphasized her total in extremes with polygraphs. naturally abc and cbs, they totally ignore the story. that is called by a civil omission, shouldn't shock us. meanwhile in a case of claimed bias, "the daily caller" is reporting that three different nbc news stories on judge kavanaugh, three of them, face huge accuracy issues. by the way, , and elect, tom brokaw, are you proud of your network? the brand you spent a lifetime building? are you happy now to be an arm of the democratic party? and as you can see the left does not care about evidence, due
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process, presumption of innocence, the constitution, none of it. they don't even care with this impending fbi report will uncover were not uncovered. dianne feinstein doesn't even want to show it to you. almost all democrats have been against brett kavanaugh or whoever the president would have chosen from day one. you are only now pretending to care about allegations against cavanaugh because they want to still stall the confirmation vote. to them, sadly, this is about power and political gamesmanship. whether or not kavanaugh is guilty, it makes no difference. the democrats are in pursuit of power. even spartacus himself, something cory booker admitted to during recent interview. >> judge kavanaugh: my hope is that beyond the vicious partisan rancor that's going on, beyond the accusations, we don't lose sight of what this moral moment is about in this country and ultimately ask ourselves the
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question, is this the right person to sit on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment? ultimately, not whether he's innocent or guilty, this is not a trial, but ultimately have enough questions be raised that we should not move on to another candidate? >> hannity: if enough questions are raised, you can't fit on the court? is that now the new modern democratic party? guilty, as long as there is enough accusations. guilty of all charges regardless of what the evidence shows. and if what cory booker said is the new standard, then guess what spartacus, that should be based on your own standards. and even after she said no and
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push you away, bye-bye, spartacus. it's time for you to leave the u.s. senate and shame. that's why we call them the party of smears and i keep bringing up the idea of slander and lies and character assassination and family bludgeoning, all for political power over and sacrificing the rule of law. and justice. things we should all hold deepl deeply. as we speak, they are doing anything and everything to stall and scare senator jeff snowflake and others into voting kavanaugh's nomination. maybe it's about temperament, not about what the fbi says. now as we predicted, their new talking point is, the new current fbi inquiry is being rushed. no request from the fbi, more time is needed -- let more time is needed at all. it's all about delay, then it's about temperament, and then we
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will exactly how much he drank. even though he drinks beer and sometimes still drinks beer and sometimes drink too much beer. listen to this. >> i trust the fbi, i hope they have the latitude and time to get the job done right. >> the republicans held up a seat when justice antonin scalia passed away for nearly a year so there's no reason to ram this through. there should be a full investigation of all of the allegations that have been raised, and whatever other witnesses follow on as a result of the discussion or the interviews of those witnesses. >> the senate should allow the fbi to pursue all of the evidence and not to cap where they may go or put a leash on the investigation. >> the fbi is very close to wrapping its investigation. they could wrap as early as today. does that strike you as sufficient time or does not feel rushed? >> that would concern me. >> hannity: we want more time. let's change the topic, let's
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investigate this or that. last-minute investigations. so yet in another last ditch effort to smear judge kavanaugh and destroy his family, senate democrats are demanding the senate judiciary committee retract the following tweet "nowhere in any of the six fbi reports which the committee has reviewed on a bipartisan basis was there ever a whiff of any issue at all related in any way to inappropriate behavior or alcohol abuse. senate democrats revealed zero evidence over why that tweet should be redacted. in the senate judiciary committee fired back "nothing in the tweet is inaccurate or misleading. the committee stands bite statement which is completely truthful." more baseless innuendo and more false smears from senate democrats. as you can see, the democratic party is the smear machine, now in full gear and full panic. they don't want this vote. it's really despicable to watch. think about what this means for your kids and your grandkids and the future of this country.
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guilt by accusation. enough accusations, you are done. that's why they are flailing. let's talk about his temperament. how is someone accused? think about this. you are accused of systematically regularly drugging young teenage girls being involved frequent gang rape of teenage girls, what is the proper reaction? what should that temperament be of somebody if you are falsely accused? what would you expect them to say, very quietly, i'm innocent? or do you think they would have such righteous inked indignation, anger and outrage that they wanted to make it as clear as possible that they are innocent? i think the letter is how most people would act and the far
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left mob is in overdrive. maxine waters, get in their faces. well guess what, it's happening. breaking tonight, congressional in intern for sheila jackson lee has been arrested after he publicly posted sensitive information of pro cavanaugh a republican senator is online. this is extraordinarily dangerous. over the weekend, we saw senator mitch mcconnell accosted in an airport after ted cruz, after pam bondi, after secretary nielsen after sarah sanders. yesterday at republican congressman was assaulted in his capitol hill office by an angry group of protesters who pushed in his door. in texas, another angry mob confronting a group of pro cavanaugh students at ut austin. take a look at this.
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[people shouting] [chanting:we believe survivors! >> hannity: you want this kind of behavior rewarded? what do you think the outcome is? it will be more and more radicalism, more and more allegations, and, these three republicans, we have of course susan collins, lisa murkowski, jeff snowflake. you are the ones that are going to decide because if you go along with this after you get what you wanted, this is what your future and our future as a
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country will be. republicans won an election, we had a president that actually gave the names of the people and he won. people want originalist, constitutionalist, confirmed for the supreme court. that's what they confirmed for. look at this fox news poll that just came out, the answer is yes. the republicans are making gains in the top senate races all across the country and republican enthusiasm has now increased significantly. these are the people who will decide the fate of judge kavanaugh, the future of the country. you want to call these people? feel free to do so. call the hotline, call the main line, i urge you to be polite. i think that's respectful of the office. 34 days from tonight, we will know the results of the midterm and those five senators choose to go along and move the bar and stop cavanaugh because of uncorroborated allegations in every case, no evidence in every
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case. you know what will happen? they vote against kavanaugh and guess what, they are up for reelection vote and you can build amount. this is about whether or not we want to live in a country in the united states of america where smears are rewarded, and where we accept character assassination on a regular basis. we have no problem destroying political lives with no cooperation and it could happen to you. and america where we throw a ball due process out the window, we are willing to reward this behavior. if they try to make this about anything other, they asked for a limited fbi report that is now complete, i will say they have zero character or honor themselves. they will be responsible as this happens again and again and again because the democrats
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don't have a plan. they don't listen to any of them. all you get from the democrats is, we know they want to impeach 45. they want impeachment. they want endless investigations or to and even cavanaugh kavany want to teach him. they want their crimes back, they want open borders, they want obamacare. i was that working out for you? that's their agenda in 34 nights. you had to the polls, you get to vote. see if that's your district because of it is, it matters. and ask yourself one question, is america better off than we were two years ago? when you vote one of those senate races that you see on your screen, take note from the economy to security, and national security and trade deals and eliminating burdensome regulation, the biggest tax cut in history. all of these things -- my dog
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going to come to a halt of republicans lose in november. you will get the government you deserve and it is lawmakers given to these tactics, it will happen again and again and again. you will be rewarded reckless, irresponsible, absolutely outrageous behaviors and character assassination. he want to be part of that, you choose in 24 days. joining us now, the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro. fox news contributor tammy bruc tammy bruce. we will start with you tonight. the three republicans are now trying to move and maybe the temperament isn't right because he got angry because he was
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accused of being a serial drug or of teenage girls and a gang. and he got an a. >> i've got a column out today on "the washington times" that to that. and they try to politically assassinate himself and his family, if he did not react in the way that he reacted, that would be the strange dynamic. he responded in a way that any normal, reasonable person would respond in facing those kinds of horrific allegations that were false. the american people saw that for themselves. what we do know, and i think those three republicans in the democrats could be concerned about that. tonight from npr showing that democratic enthusiasm gap that existed, they used the word evaporated. it has evaporated since mid-september to this point. in other words, because of the kavanaugh hearings.
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and i trust the american people for exactly this reason. they care about the constitution and so does brett kavanaugh. what they saw are a bunch of senator's end of the politicians not. they like the rule of law. we care about fairness. we don't want to be told that we are now guilty until proven innocent. this has been rejected but they are now seeing that in the polls. and i've been saying this now, really, from the beginning, democrats will regret what they have done. >> sean: i cannot confidently, judge pirro, until our audience tonight that in 34 days the house will not be in the hands of nancy pelosi. i cannot confidently say that somebody like maxine waters with her reckless rhetoric, and they
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won't be cheering committees. midterms are very tricky. >> with respect to the house in this particular year, given that this is the president's first term. what i have to tell you, you are absolutely right because this is what it comes down to her. he comes down to the november 18 midterms. we are experiencing a paradigm shift in this nation unlike anything i have ever seen or read about. and that is the upending of the criminal justice system and the constitution. you talk about it all the time but it's been my life for 30 years. every judge has a book called jury instructions. it talked about the perception of innocence, it talks about the burden of proof on the accuser. all of that is being thrown away not subtly but openly by people like cory booker. this is not a low said she said,
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it's he said as she said they said. and everyone she used as an alibi. dr. ford is someone who has contradicted her. >> sean: well there's no allegations or oil, it's enough to end this right here. where is this late term going in 34 days? 20 seconds each. >> i think we will be fine. i think the american people, this is a wake-up call. it is though about getting out. there can be no room for anybody who cares about president trump's agenda no matter what your party. we know he has support of independents and even some democrats. if you want the future to be one that you trust for your sons and your daughters, you got to vote and you have to vote on people who support the president. >> okay but here's what my concern is. whether you think it's a victim or accuser, that's not it. it's about the system and the
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constitution. my concern is, get out the vote and new people who have been registered to vote, we have to make sure they get out they will register and vote. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, breaking news on the supreme court. that's coming straight ahead. -it's a computer. -we compare rates to help you get the price and coverage that's right for you. -that's amazing! the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here. what?! an unexpected ending! so
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maybe he responded the right way before he went before the senate and showed righteous anger and indignation after being accused of being a gang. before i would be surprised if susan collins did that. i think she is a serious person and really set a standard and said, let's get an investigatio investigation. apparently the fbi came back and said, there is nothing there. >> sean: but they reiterated the senate judiciary investigation. >> newt: yes. so my guess is you have senator collins and senator murkowski which are solid people that have talk this through, and i think they will talk this through for the judge. i don't know what flake will do although he indicated pretty clearly if the fbi comes up with nothing, he will vote yes. i think the odds are pretty high that joe manchin, the senator
6:29 pm
from west virginia is going to vote yes. you will be in a state where trump got 46% margin, it's a certain level of, if you are up for reelection, presumption. so tonight maybe things will change but my senses tonight that you are going to have either saturday or monday, a "yes" vote, and he will be confirmed. the one i hope you are right. 34 days from now. i knew you back in '94. i knew you the day of the election and the day before. that's a night you became speaker of the house. renewing civilization, culminating a contract with america and culminating the republicans coming to power for the first time in 40 years. confident, we are going to win. that's a pretty bold prediction considering republicans hadn't won in 40 years, but were right. you have a degree of optimism about the election in 34 days
6:30 pm
may be because i'm irish, or maybe because i've always expected the worst the next second of any day but i don't have the confidence you do. >> i think i'm a lot like reagan in that i really believe in the american people. i believe the average american saw all of this character assassination, smearing, dishonesty and manipulation. i think they look at a republican team led by trump that is a really delivering and getting things done, and so then, they look over here at the is democrats who have really been trying to block everything, and they have it results over here, real results. jobs, breakthroughs on trade, things that are happening that are tremendous. you look over here at these people who seem to fight everything. i said, this is what happened to me in 2016, because i remember doing a show with megyn kelly
6:31 pm
two weeks out. and i finally said, -- and it's in the tape. i don't think american people are going to like somebody as corrupt as hillary clinton. i just didn't believe it about the american people. i do not believe tonight that the american people are going to reward left-wing socialists, people who want to obstruct everything, by giving them power. so i am moderately optimistic. i wouldn't bet the family farm but i would bet a horse or two. >> sean: i didn't even know you had horses but, glad to hear it. it comes down to individual districts. and there are a lot of new people, lots of retirements this year. that raises an unknown question. i do think joe manchin is in trouble, i think nelson is in trouble, donnelly is in trouble, hester and montana -- some of
6:32 pm
these races are very close but -- >> newt: i think the senate, we are very -- and by the way in minnesota, you have a very real possibility of an upset because i think the republican nominee is a very attractive woman and the other nominee has to carry the soul wrath of keith ellison. how does she campaign a ticket when two different women say that he had to use them? >> sean: why didn't they ask for an fbi investigation into him? or if we are going back to kavanaugh's teenage sheet years then we could at least go back to the time where bill clinton was the arkansas attorney general, wasn't he? >> i just think the president will be in minnesota tomorrow and he will have a chance to -- >> these are states that you wouldn't think, where the houses and play.
6:33 pm
>> and a number of these places he will be able to go in and campaign for the house number and you can see the sweet building. be one where the historian, it's only happened three times in 100 years. the party wins the white house and doesn't lose seats in the first midterm. >> i don't want to sound silly about this but, all i can tell you is, you are in a different world right now. you got somebody who is a great natural campaigner and draws huge crowds. >> sean: all these supporters understand that what they voted for in 2016 that they have tried to tear down almost from day one, and destroy him, do you think that they know that that is all in jeopardy? >> newt: i think the liberals assault on kavanaugh has aroused conservatives and moderates,
6:34 pm
decent people, people who believe in the rule of law and people who believe in fairness. i was in phoenix yesterday with about 850 people at a radio station. the one that's not quite the size of a trump rally. i'm just teasing. >> newt: and neither he nor i get 6 million people in the evening. we don't quite get a hannity broadcast but the point is, the people i saw were on fire. and they want to make sure that -- >> sean: she's a great candidate. sally, heller, those are all races and it's close. every vote is going to matter. >> newt: i'm going to be an optimist that says if we get out to vote and tell our story and don't give up, we'll be fine. >> sean: congratulations. when we come back, pam bondi, no
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>> sean: with more reaction to tonight's big breaking news, florida attorney general pam bondi, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. diligent about, attorney for sara carter and full disclosure, joe has done some work for me in the past. let's start with, first of all, this suspect found late last night in the congressional office. also affiliated with feinstein? >> he basically broke into the office and stole files, and he is apparently very familiar with computer technology. that's what he did. sending out information, so he
6:40 pm
basically stole information, senators addresses and telephone numbers, sent it out over the internet. of course he was discovered, he was an intern for sheila jackson lee. he is in huge trouble. he is facing criminal felony and prison time for this. i know joe and i were talking about it, and we are showing how far it has gone. we don't know what dangerous people are out there. i think the american people are starting to see right now, this is the basis of fundamental constitution. >> what about the bar moving? we got the fbi report in tonight, maybe we need to focus on that temperament. after he is accused of being a serial drug or of teenage girls
6:41 pm
and serial gang? >> there's no doubt the democrats from the very beginning wanted to delay the proceedings passed in the november election. it's been a despicable tactic, and if they were just going to throw grease into the wheels, that's one thing. but they decided to get their delay by trying to destroy a man, destroy his wife and destroy his family. >> sean: how does he get his good name back now? >> what they have done now is drag the senate into one of the most despicable moments of the mccarthy area come and get every one of those ten democrats on the committee doesn't care. the american people have to understand, and this is a new democratic party. this is not your mother's democratic party, and this is a party of anarchists and communists. this has become the party of the far left.
6:42 pm
you can imagine what they would think -- >> john f. kennedy would not represent this party. so let me ask you this. we have three senate republicans that are watching closely. there were signs that they might be moving the bar on the temperament. well, he didn't tell us exactly how much beer he drank. he threw ice in an incident at a bar when he was at yale. i used to be a bartender and that is probably the least significant thing that i saw when i was 17, 18, 19 and 20 tending bar. >> every single one of the senators on the judiciary committee need to read their job description.
6:43 pm
they are turning the constitution on its head. senator murkowski better be taking notes because she is an attorney. and she should understand that brett kavanaugh walked in there guilty and she should understand that the court of public opinion could destroy anyone sometimes more than a criminal conviction can. we are watching this play out in real time about a man coming out here to prove his innocence. >> sean: do any of the senators have families and worried that one day, as cory booker says, that's enough accusations. >> it doesn't end here. if we don't fight for this, if our senate judiciary committee does not do the right thing -- >> sean: now the senate.
6:44 pm
>> yes, the senate has to do the right thing here. and the fbi report will be in, we know based on your sources and my sources, they did not find anything. the most sacred principle in the united states constitution, and our basic fundamental law is that you are innocent until proven guilty. they have tried to destroy this man's life, destroy his family, destroy his children, and now, i think the american people are not buying this. they are going to go to the voting polls. >> sean: not one, in the case of all these three major allegations, no corroboration. shifting stories and narratives. >> i don't think there's any doubt from my perspective, and i know that you don't share this and a lot of people at fox don't but i actually believe that dr. ford fabricated her testimony. i think she's delusional. >> sean: i don't think that's even significant to the issue.
6:45 pm
>> but here's the point. what we got through here with somebody, there could be no corroboration because nothing ever happened. since there has been no corroboration, my first phone call to lisa murkowski would be, and this is the old days, okay. i've been here 51 days. >> sean: all all right joe, ea. >> lisette, can you spell and more? in the oil drilling in anna mark? she owes the president a lot more than this vote and if she votes against this candidate, he should pull the plug on and more drilling. by the way, you get money from the government for raw materials. we have to give the last word to pam. >> while the senators need to do the right thing.
6:46 pm
this is about our constitution. being in the courtroom my entire career watching this unfold. >> sean: do you know murkowski? >> i don't. i hope they do the right thing, joe manchin has a lot to lose because he will be in a lot of trouble with patrick morrissey as the next u.s. senator from west virginia if he doesn't vote yes for this. and patrick probably still will beat him. the senators need to take notice and they need to those to do tt thing. >> sean: predictions? >> he will be confirmed. >> he will be confirmed. >> sean: hopefully optimistic. i'm irish, don't worry, it's normal. when we come back, we will have more on the reaction. what will these three republicans do and how it will impact america's future, straight ahead. ♪ -computer, order pizza.
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>> sean: andrew mccarthy has a new column out today and it's titled "democrats, complaints about the fbi investigation or absurd." he joins us now, fox news legal analyst at gregg jarrett, chief counsel for the judicial crisis network. carrie severino. to me, andy, from the beginning it was, okay. these are the allegations. now you ask the people and they said in every case that there were people that could corroborate this. unless people change their mind, remember under penalty of a felony, they are going to admit they committed a felony and change their story. i don't think so. >> this has always been about delay from the very beginning,
6:52 pm
that's all it's been about. it's not surprising that they were not able to corroborate those allegations. i think those allegations in a normal process, he would have never heard of them, because of the way the senate has to bet those kinds of claims where people say they want to remain confidential and if they can go into the sort of thing. that's not what this was ever about. they were raising claims at the last minute in order to force delay. and every day the fbi investigation goes on they raise new questions about the depth of it. and the whole point transparently has been to push this beyond them and turns in the hope that they were in the senate and can beat them on. >> sean: as we speak, breaking here on fox, is on the senate floor. if he files coat closure that will tee up a four-day process to have confirmation vote on
6:53 pm
saturday. that's if he files cloture. why would mitch mcconnell at 9:52 p.m. eastern time be on the senate floor? >> we got the fbi report which is what everyone was waiting fo for -- saturday would be the earliest, lots of opportunities for the senators themselves to look at this report. >> sean: do you know anyone that's talked to murkowski or collins? >> i know mcconnell is talking to them, and they had said just along the lines that senator mcconnell and said, give us a week. i think that will make them more comfortable, great. but we didn't get anything new out of it. >> sean: what about the repercussions, greg?
6:54 pm
it's a due process. >> it's sad but there is no due process, there is no fundamental fairness, no presumption of innocence among the media and democrats. i find it amazing now that the very individual dianne feinstein who can feel the information initially now is attempting to conceal the fbi report that she demanded. this has been careening wildly out of control, and the only way to slam the brakes on this imminent train wreck is to be open and honest and transparent and yet, that's not what dianne feinstein wants. why? maybe because she wants to misrepresent the contents of that report and apparently offer no cooperation and only reputation of the accusations that have been left. >> sean: andy, does kavanaugh get confirmed or do the smears work?
6:55 pm
>> i think he gets confirmed. i saw you speak to newt gingrich tonight and i think he has it right, you will get confirmed. >> i agree. especially people like joe manchin and heitkamp, there's a three-point difference in those states. >> sean: he won't do it unless republicans have the vote. last production, gregg jarrett? >> i think he gets confirmed that he may actually get a couple democrats on board once they read the contents of his fbi report that apparently, those of us who suffered through the spectacle, don't get to see. >> sean: by the way, this just breaking. mcconnell just filed cloture, as i thought he might. when we come back, ted koppel calls out this place isn't for me.
6:56 pm
that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
since you're heading off to dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously?
6:59 pm
but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> sean: breaking news. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell voted for culture at the end debate on the kavanaugh nomination. the friday procedural vote, some
7:00 pm
of the confirmation vote saturday. we'll have more tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. laura ingraham is standing by with this cochair motion filed by mcconnell. >> laura: exciting end of the week into the weekend with how these votes are going to go down. things are looking up for brett kavanaugh and will be looking forward to covering every aspect of this. it's been fun to have you in washington. >> sean: it's all yours. the swamp, the whole bit. i can't take it anymore. i'm out of here. >> laura: hannity, you go back to real america in long island. the oceanfront swamp. [laughs] >> sean: you are a way overpaid say that! >> laura: i think the gender pay disparity