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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 4, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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cnn much to the media reporter's surprise. >> the ratings are up, you can't do without donald trump. he would be lost without donald trump. cnn's ratings would be in the toilet without donald trump. >> who invited him on this panel. i will leave it there. shannon bream and the fox news at night fantastic team are here to take away all the new developments on capitol hill and beyond. shannon: there are some new ones, thank you very much. of fox news alert, the countdown is on and the confirmation vote is set to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court, still awaiting the release of the be i report but the senate majority leader is a short time ago the senate will receive it tonight. welcome to fox news at night.
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brett kavanaugh's fate hangs in the balance tonight. we will talk to senator lindsey graham, does the gop have the votes to get into the supreme court and sean hannity here, the fbi reported is done. republicans are trending up in pivotal senate races, new fox polls to show you tonight, fox team coverage as the brett kavanaugh nomination is nearing a vote. chad program from capitol hill where the action is tonight. majority leader mitch mcconnell took the first step, he went to the floor to move forward the confirmation vote. what could the timeline look like? >> mitch mcconnell initiated a 4-day process, he repeatedly said he wants to have a confirmation vote this week so he had to initiate this process tonight before midnight and what he did is filing cloture, and effort to limit the date, so he filed that tonight. the senate rule that means is a
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to layover so tomorrow it lays dormant and then ripens like a fruit on friday. meaning it is available for a vote. that is the procedural vote to cut off debate. it needs 51 yeahs, last year, 2017 when they were dealing with neil gorsuch, mitch mcconnell lowered the bar eagle filibusters. it used to be 60, now it is down to 51 so if you have invoked cloture on day 3 to cut off debate than a 30 hour clock begins to run. that is all the time opponents of the nomination can consume until it culminates in a confirmation vote on saturday or 30 hours thereafter. the senate rule says you vote on cloture one hour after you come in so it is possible they could come in friday morning at 12:01 and have the procedural vote. >> you and i may be here doing this if that happens overnight but what do we know about where
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they stand with vote on either side. >> it is about the math, the math, the mass. look at the trio, mitch mcconnell needs to keep the trio, jeff flake, lisa murkowski, susan collins. if he keeps them together he gets the 51. if he loses one of those 3 he is at 50 at mike pence would break the tie. what about democrats? it is generally not thought that any democrat would vote to confirm brett kavanaugh unless republicans can deliver the goods. i talked earlier with joe manchin from west virginia. he is in play. listen to what he had to say. >> 31 years of professional service. i'm looking much farther than the community. i'm looking to put the human side to it. >> i would look at heidi heitkamp, democrat in north dakota. those are the two main operatives of the democrats who might vote for brett kavanaugh.
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>> how tense are things on capitol hill. we heard what you are experiencing in the members as well. >> it has been supercharged, protesters in the hallway. a lot more protesters tomorrow, us capitol police escorting senators to and from the capital when they had to vote. we had a story break tonight where an unpaid democratic intern for sheila jackson lee has been arrested by us capitol police for -- capitol hill office last night at the home of us capitol police, mitch mcconnell saying there were not going to be intimidated by protesters arresting republican senators in the hall and chuck schumer, the minority leader going right up to the age where he almost calls mitch mcconnell a liar, he's using falsehoods. you don't hear that sort of language on capitol hill between the 2 leaders very often.
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the reason this nomination is dancing on the tip of a pin, it could go either we 20 oh 49, 50 votes, that is why. >> we understand, thank you very much. pendulous in for friday night, saturday morning, see how this goes, democrats say the fbi has not done a thorough vetting in its investigation to brett cavanagh's background. we are checking those claims as we wait for official word about where the supporters. >> nobody has seen it so people who are criticizing a don't know what is in it. at 8:00 tomorrow morning starting with the chairman and ranking member and limited group of aides will start to see this report from the fbi which the senate majority leader just previewed on the floor. >> the seventh time the fbi looked into brett cavanagh's background and this information comes on top of what has already been one of the most thorough and exhausting senate reviews of any supreme court nominee in the
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history of our country. >> as for what could be in that report and could not be we know the fbi has talked to leland kaiser, christine "cavuto"'s friend who was allegedly at the party. they sent a letter late last week saying in part the simple truth is that she, meaning kaiser, is unable to corroborate the story from doctor ford because she has no recollection. they also talked to mark judge, his high school friend identified by ford as being present during the alleged a sort, the judge publicly denied this. debra ramirez also spoke with the fbi. as far as we know, neither doctor ford or judge cavanagh had sat down for fbi interviews although their stories are well
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known publicly, senate judiciary committee hearings, democratic senators crying foul over that. >> the fact they were limited on who they could talk to and don't have the authority to go back to brett kavanaugh if they have further questions in light of additional interviews, the fact they can't go back to doctor ford if they want to. >> republicans are pushing for a way to have some of it come out publicly. >> i will ask about it again today. it would help the american people to know there was a background check that took place and one came up. >> tonight we wait by custom background reports that are supposed to be kept confidential by senators and staff. immigrant political climate one wonders what people are hearing. >> confirmation weeks. thank you very much. and agreement, 1-week delay and a new fbi investigation.
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authorities being questioned by top ranking democrats as republicans remain focused on getting brett kavanaugh's nomination to a vote and doing it soon. republican senator from south carolina lindsay graham joins us to weigh in. you are busy. >> good to help a nice man like brett kavanaugh get on the supreme court. >> democrats don't think he is so nice. this started on twitter is so many fights in washington do. from the senate judiciary committee yesterday, nowhere in any of these reports referring to the previous background checks the committee has reviewed on a bipartisan basis was there ever a with of any issue at all related in any way to inappropriate sexual behavior or alcohol abuse but dick durbin's is this is not accurate, he sent a letter, the democrats on the committee
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didn't sign it. the senate judiciary committee tweets back nothing is inaccurate or misleading, the committee standbys statement which is truthful. more baseless innuendo. what are they referring to? >> no idea what durbin is referring to but i can tell you the facts. brett cavanagh was nominated in 2006, has been on the court for 12 years. there have been 6 background checks because he works for president bush as his secretary, not doing dictation but managing the oval office. everything around the president. he had a background check to get that job. let's see how well we would do. durbin is wrong. another story that is not true. there is nothing in his background check that would suggest anything consistent with the allegations against him. if there had been they would have said something about it. democrats are despicable how they treated him.
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there is nothing there. >> doctor ford's legal team, because senator grassley has asked for recordings of the polygraph, communications with the media regarding allegations and therapist notes. he said you gave some of them to the washington post, doctor ford is now prepared to provide those documents to the fbi. we have not yet heard from the fbi about scheduling an interview with her. we will give it to the fbi. >> they keep playing a game at doctor ford's expense. the bottom line is doctor ford has been used by the democratic party. the person who betrayed her trust and leaked her name to the media had a political agenda and was not a friend and the political activist lawyers given to her by democratic senator
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staff members i think have a lot to account for. brett kavanaugh is the man. i've known him for 20 years, everything that happened to him during this confirmation process is despicable and has all fallen apart and always another reason. if you don't believe he is a gang rapist or sexual predator, if you don't believe he is a drunk, he just doesn't have the temperament to be a justice. how would you react if somebody destroyed your life and you found yourself in front of the entire nation being humiliated what would you do? >> senator dianne feinstein said this about him not being interviewed by the fbi. when he wasn't yelling and demeaning senators he was making misleading statements that cast doubt on his trustworthiness. i don't think that would happen with fbi agents seated across the table. >> i like dianne feinstein. i don't think she leaked doctor
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ford's name but somebody around her might have. if you saw this man is yelling i saw a man who defended his good name, took it to the people trying to destroy his family. what would you do in that situation? this idea that somehow his temperament is in question you are rewarding the worst behavior i have seen in 20 years if you buy that garbage. to any republican his temperament before this hearing was a plus plus do not let these people do what they have done to brett kavanaugh and reward them by saying he is no longer fit because he is in the world's worst position of defending himself against a bunch of garbage from people who don't care about fairness. this is never been about the truth. it is about delaying the hearing to get past the midterms. if you don't believe me listen to senator hirono? >> do they have the votes?
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>> i have been told, summary of the summary, the fbi background check will hold up and reinforce everything, we will get briefed about it tomorrow. if that is the case, if they validate what the committee found, we will get this good man on the court. never felt better about it. joe manchin, listen to the people of west virginia. joe manchin is a friend, brett kavanaugh -- i'm telling you what they have done to this guy is a bunch of garbage and we should be offended and it will destroy the judiciary, don't be part of this crowd. >> he said he will be fair-minded. we will see. >> until proven otherwise. >> thanks for coming in, good to see you. and agreement, 1-week delay and
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the fbi investigation but it appears there is very little bipartisanship as we inch closer to a vote on the president's second supreme court nominee. the power panel, leslie marshall, former doj council and senior columnist, welcome to all of you. we know this fbi report, mitch mcconnell said it is coming to the senate tonight. we know there are some top senate leaders are supposed to be here at 8 am eastern but just a reminder there's still a lot of back and forth going on between senator grassley, the chair of the committee and ford's legal team, just to remind begun once therapist notes because somewhere shared with the washington post, polygraph recordings of doctor ford taking the test. this is what her attorneys say, doctor ford is providing those documents to the fbi when she interviews which we've not yet heard about scheduling an interview with her. >> the senate is doing its investigation.
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democrats call the investigation, not sure why doctor ford's attorneys won't give the senators job is to do the investigation with the records they are asking for. >> this is what grassley says in response. the constitution past the senate, not the media, providing advice and consent for supreme court nominees, disappointing the doctor ford's attorneys were willing to share evidence with washington post any weeks ago but refused to share the same evidence doctor ford relied on in her testimony with the senate. that help or hurt her case that she won't share this evidence? >> her attorney has reasons and i think they want it out there that the fbi has not talked to them or to brett kavanaugh and that is problematic to me because i wanted to be a thorough investigation. a week is enough time but you have to interview all the parties. it bothers me it was leaked to the washington post.
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i agree with you they could easily give this to the senators and the fbi but it is a statement saying we will be glad to provide this but we want to give it to the fbi in this investigation. by the way they haven't called us, we haven't spoken to them and they want to put that out there and she's doing it in the best interest of her clients. >> we haven't seen the report and never see it. even those criticizing him haven't seen it yet but the main objection is the fact that doctor ford, brett cavanagh, neither of them apparently as far as we know interviewed by the fbi but they both have given hours of testimony. what would be fbi benefit in talking to those two. do you think it makes it illegitimate? >> this is just another delay tactic. democrats want to do everything they can to keep this vote from coming to the floor and any
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excuse, any ridiculous rationale for delaying is something we will see thrown up there and this is what is happening. he doesn't need to be interviewed again. she's been how many hours being interviewed in front of the entire committee on national tv. we have all seen what she has to say, we have all seen what brett kavanaugh has to say. let's see if the fbi came up with anything new and let's vote and confirm this guy. >> they are moving that way. mcconnell talking about possible vote saturday or sunday. >> he fired cloture meaning the senators to limit debate shortly. when they vote to invoke cloture which they will be able to do because the filibuster is gone postmeal courses vote which democrats are regretting. that is 30 hours of debate and the senate goes to a vote and that is a, up or down. whatever happens is happening. >> if the report comes in tonight or tomorrow and senators have time to review it it covers the same ground, would you be okay with the vote moving forward or what would your objection be? this is the deal they made a week ago.
12:18 am
>> first of all it's going to delay the midterms are in november so that is ridiculous to say my party wants to just delay delay delay. they want all the information. secondly the fbi will ask different questions so both should be questioned by the fbi and lastly what bothers me is what i am hearing is there's going to be one reported this report will go back and forth between republicans and democrats, senator to senator and i'm concerned that in 3 hours not all of them can view it and i want all of them to see it before they make their vote. my bed is one or 2 republicans will say no and wanted to democrats but say yes. >> final word to you. >> we don't need to get to the bottom of the ice throwing allegations. it is all done. it is over. we know what we need to vote on this guy. senators, go do your job, confirm this man. >> what is the name of your new
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book? >> militant normals available on amazon, go out and get it. a lot of fun. >> you tell us about your book when you heaven too, thanks for coming in tonight. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell setting the process in motion to confirm brett kavanaugh, and the report there, sean hannity with what he knows and the numbers are in. new fox news poll in battleground senate races next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. shannon: this is a fox news alert. as the cavanagh the bagels on the effect on the midterm election seems to be showing up in a brand-new fox news poll and could spell trouble for democrats in key battleground states when it comes to the senate. trace gallagher is looking at the numbers. >> reporter: let's start with the big picture. there's a common denominator in the five battleground states for the senate which is an increase in gop interest. in early september the number of republicans feeling extremely interested in the upcoming midterms is the two points in arizona, tween 9 in indiana, eight in missouri and north dakota and 11 in tennessee.
12:24 am
expert say it is driven by the battle over brett kavanaugh's confirmation and voting against this nomination hurts more than it helps. last month in the missouri senate race democratic incumbent senator claire mccaskill was leading by 3 points against her gop rival josh holly, now the race is tied and even before brett kavanaugh and doctor ford testified mccaskill had already said she would vote against brett kavanaugh and among the 28% of voters who say they could still switch candidates almost twice as many say voting against brett cavanagh would make them less likely to support mccaskill. and north dakota democratic senator heidi heitkamp is still undecided but she is quickly losing support of women and is running 12 points behind a republican challenger kevin kramer and if heitkamp vote against brett cavanagh twice as many say they would be less likely to vote for her.
12:25 am
and tennessee were gop senator bob corker is retiring republican marsha blackburn has a 5 point leader with democrat and former tennessee governor phil brett is in, blackburn's leaders within the margin of error but is up from last month but we should note brett a synapse voters are but more loyal, 92% of democrats back him versus 82% of republicans backing blackburn. it will be fascinating to see where the chips fall once the vote is complete. >> we will come back to you in a little bit. let's begin digging deeper for analysis and bring in bipartisan pollsters to weigh in. chris anderson and the ceo of wpa intelligence, welcome to you both. i will give you first and last, let's start with north dakota. heidi heitkamp in the race trace
12:26 am
was talking about. a tighter race earlier and now 12 points in favor of republicans, what do you make of it? >> this is a very red state the trump won overwhelmingly and what seems to be happening in north dakota and the other four states is republicans are coming home. they were less enthusiastic a month ago. what happens seem to have energized them some and they are coming home to their natural base which is voting for the republican. north dakota does appear that out of these 5 races to be the ones that might be getting out of reach for the democrats at this point. >> let's talk about a couple of his. in tennessee, that race has been pretty consistently tightly matched, 5 points behind marsha blackburn, she has long been a presidential supporter, made no hesitation about that. he has been well respected and loved, moderate democrat in tennessee. how do you see this race shaping
12:27 am
up. >> he may be a moderate but he's attached to a party which is anything but moderate. he can try as hard as he wants to run away from chuck schumer but chuck schumer is getting the press and the democrats on the judiciary committee, and phil brett is and is a recipient of voter animosity among swing voters and independents and republicans are more energized in tennessee but it is interesting, i heitkamp, claire mccaskill at 42%, joe donnelly at 43% and one thing we look for is where is an incumbent on the 50% threshold, the chances of them being able to regain those 7 points and get reelected are pretty far-fetched, not likely they will be able to return to washington no matter how they vote on this. >> i want to have you touch on
12:28 am
the indiana race because joe donnelly, the incumbent came out as a no on friday, then they worked out a deal to have a 1-week delay for the fbi investigation and he seemed to say i will wait for the fbi and see what happens, not exactly retracting his know. is that at this point? >> indiana is moving toward the democrats number. it is still very close, it does not hurt him according to the polling. the other states we saw movement towards republicans, indiana came towards the democrat. >> i want to ask about the house because that is a totally different story than we are seeing for the republicans, good news for them in the senate, bad news in the house, why is that? >> democrats are having to buy republican turf. and north dakota state republicans won what donald trump won overwhelmingly, he won montana, you go through
12:29 am
state-by-state where republicans are fighting for senate seats and those republican states, conversely where you have two different types of house seats that are up, the math doesn't work out, those races have been turning democrat for a while bunch, an ex-urban type house seats, those are ones that are starting to gain ground. it is too close to say whether republicans are picking things up but it is an uphill map. >> chris anderson and chris wilson, thank you very much. the president and his legal team fighting back after the new york times suggesting he and his father committed tax fraud. i power of attorney has taken on journalists is warning the gray lady so is the white house. >> trying to goad the president into suing them so they can get a tax return. haven't they learned donald trump always gets the last laugh
12:30 am
and upper hand in all this. >> donald diplomacy, two different approaches against two adversaries so which one will pay off?
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>> shannon: "the n shannon: new york times alleginw tax fraud by the president and his family decades ago. the president's legal team is fighting back tonight. trace gallagher is back with us and he is on tape. >> the new york times story decide include the president's personal tax return, it relies on tax returns from corporate partnerships and trusts the detailing, the donald trump received from various family enterprises. the times is alleging these confidential tax records show donald trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s including instances of outright fraud that increase the fortune he received from his parents. a lawyer for donald trump calls the allegations false, defamatory and based on inaccurate claims.
12:35 am
in a statement to the times harder says all estate matters were handled by licensed attorneys, cpas and real estate appraisers who followed all laws and rules strictly. on matters were filed with the irs and new york taxing authorities, the returns that the times no attacks were examined in real-time by relevant taxing authorities. he goes on to say donald trump had no involvement in matters in the trump family members who did handle the affairs were not experts so they relied on licensed professionals to ensure full compliance with the law. charles harder has proven effective at taking on the media and that includes fighting for the first family. last year he defended milania trump and her lawsuit against the daily mail when the paper claimed the modeling agency she worked for in the 90s was an escort service, the publication settled the suit for
12:36 am
$2.9 million. harder represented hulk hogan in his invasion of privacy lawsuit against a doctor. hogan was awarded $140 million, that verdict led to the doctor's bankruptcy. >> thank you for double duty, thank you. the trump administration apply maximum pressure to iran while taking a different approach to north korea. jillian turner is here with that story, maybe two different approaches. >> widely divergent, donald trump's maximum pressure campaign against two us adversaries, iran, north korea, national security team upping the ante in its battle with tehran but remaining optimistic. fresh on the heels of announcing us withdrawal from a decades-old attack with iran, the trump administration taking on iran with no holds barred.
12:37 am
>> iran is a rogue regime. it has been a threat throughout the middle east, it is hostile and aggressive, a breach of international peace and security. i don't take what they say seriously at all. >> earlier in the day the center of states that the us should have full decades ago and blame the regime for recent attacks against american compounds and iraqi. >> we can see the hand of the ayatollah and his henchmen supporting these attacks on the united states. >> he said last week in order to speak to donald trump the us would have to rejoin the nuclear deal but when it comes to confronting julie: despite follow-up from pyongyang after the summit the future looks promising. >> it has been outstanding for decades, we made more progress than we have in a long time and
12:38 am
importantly we have done so in a position which continues to give us the opportunity to achieve the final goal. >> the white house is preparing for mike pompeo's restricted north korea, slated to meet face-to-face with kim on sunday. mike pompeo is keeping his eye firmly on the prize, denuclearization. experts say heather: is eager for another summit with donald trump which may account for the administration's more positive tone. iran is avoiding communication with the trump team as a believes doing so would kill what remains of the nuclear deal with europe. in the absence of diplomatic communication the trump team is continuing to ratchet up the economic pressure. >> it is having an effect in iran. thank you. fox news alert, we had a new statement from the legal team for brett kavanaugh accuser professor "cavuto" responding to mitch mcconnell setting a friday vote preparing to move ahead with the nomination before the
12:39 am
judiciary committee has looked through the new fbi report, there getting up first thing in the morning. ford's team says and fbi supplement the background investigation that did not include an interview with doctor ford or the witnesses who corroborated her testimony cannot be called an investigation. we are profoundly disappointed after the tremendous sacrifice she made in coming forward those directing the fbi investigation were not interested in seeking the truth. we will bring that to you, what is happening. police announcing the arrest of a man accused of public and private information of a gop senator. this democratic lawmaker. sean hannity makes his fox news at night debut weighing in on reaction to the president's comments about christine blasey-ford. this builder in a hardhat...
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>> sha shannon: tense moment on the university of texas that started when students gathered in support of brett kavanaugh. no other students opposing brett kavanaugh surrounded them, took the signs, ripped them up and reportedly stashed a make america great again hat off a student's head, capital police arrested a man who worked for several democrats on capitol hill, accused of posting personal information from 3 republican senators including home addresses and telephone numbers.
12:44 am
the stanford dropping documents. capital police arresting jackson costco who recently worked as a staffer for sheila jackson lee. he allegedly targeted three gop members of the senate judiciary committee during or after the hearings with brett kavanaugh and accuser doctor blasey-ford. is this going to a new political low? on the other side of the aisle gop senators say the president's remarks last night were appalling and an acceptable and plain wrong. the administration fighting back. as soon as the fbi reports, the white house does get the first look, the president stand by his nominee. sean hannity with his fox news at night debut. >> congrats on the show. i haven't been on the show. you have done amazing work over the years and you know this issue very well.
12:45 am
the sad part to me, is when politicians are saying get in their face and following sarah sanders's family out of the restaurant, pam bondi or secretary neilsen, ted cruz, mitch mcconnell and the example you brought up, they get hurt here. we are at a tipping point, the big challenge now is this whether america is going to remain the country that believes in due process, presumption of innocence, the constitution, the rule of law, or whether guilt by accusation the day. we will find out by friday or saturday at the latest whether or not republicans will stand up against allegations with no corroboration, inconsistencies, it is a crucial moment for the country in my view. shannon: a number of republicans are on the fence, flake,
12:46 am
collins, murkowski, they may have reaction, here is what lindsey graham, big supporter of the president, said about those comments. >> donald trump went through a rendition i didn't like and i would tell him not to do that, you are not helping. it can be worse. you can kill somebody's cat or puncture their tires to get them to shut up. >> the second part back to the hillary clinton years. >> keith ellison more recently, in the case of the woman accusing him i have not heard any members of the senate judiciary committee or democrats call for an fbi investigation into keith ellison and the woman making the allegations, text messages, tape recordings, doctors reports and they say nothing or in the case of bill clinton. if you want to go back to people earlier in their lives, go back
12:47 am
to when bill clinton was the attorney general, the rape accusation of juanita broaddrick. you mentioned three republicans, they asked for the fbi report. my sources tell me it reiterates what the senate judiciary committee, their conclusions. the fbi will not reach conclusions or make recommendations. if that is the case how do these three republicans justify moving the bar? maybe he doesn't have the proper temperament. >> they are worried about the fact the judge and the professor, appears to have not been interviewed by the fbi, it is not complete. they have given hours of sworn testimony. >> unless they have something new to offer we know where they stand, we know what their stories are. in the case of professor ford she said there was an eyewitness to the alleged assault. the eyewitness has gone on
12:48 am
record saying it never happened. her best friend since she has never election of being at any party where something like this happened or ever met or new brett cavanagh. if you break it down with each case, this is pivotal. we are not a country -- we have gotten things wrong in the media. a lot of our colleagues. i was right about a localhost in atlanta who thanked me for not rushing to judgment with duke lacrosse, ferguson missouri, cambridge police, baltimore, maryland, trevor martin. everybody russians to judgment and think they know how these things are going to work out. there have been 7 investigations into brett kavanaugh. he has made a passionate defense of his position and without any corroboration this man belongs
12:49 am
on the court and the risk is if these republicans now move the bar, change what the standard is, it becomes about temperament, not the fbi reports, what they have done is open the door that every single person ever brought into any important office is going to be subject to the same lies, smears, peace measurements, character assassination and bludgeoning of their family. >> that will happen on both sides of the aisle. as a woman and an attorney i think it is important that people come forward with these accusations but that we have due process. >> i have 3 sisters, let me tell you something. i was glad the republicans took this seriously. they did the right thing but the evidence didn't corroborate it. at that point we are a country that believes in due process and presumption of innocence and if it doesn't end up that way we will have gone backwards in ways that i think will be unpredictable.
12:50 am
shannon: good to see you, thanks. senator mitch mcconnell is the story tonight, kristin fisher looks at the pivotal moment in history, next. so, how's it going?
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yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. >> the emotion of the nomination
12:54 am
of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court reaching a fever pitch today but as kristin fisher reports, one powerful senator has remained determined through it all. >> mitch mcconnell is the master of getting conservative judges confirmed. he has a perfect record, 26 for 26 in confirming donald trump's federal appeals court nominees. last year he easily got judge neil gorsuch to a seat on the supreme court and the year before he kept a more liberal judge off of it. >> the american people may elect a president who decides to nominate merrick garland for senate consideration. the president may nominate somebody very different. either way our view is this. give the people a voice in selling this vacancy. >> the people spoke by putting donald trump in the white house. mitch mcconnell is the one accusing democrats of delays. >> accusing democrats of
12:55 am
needlessly delaying a supreme court nomination is hypocritical coming from a leader who delayed the nomination of a supreme court justice for over 300 days. he is the master of delay. >> mitch mcconnell firing back by accusing democrats of unleashing a feeding frenzy on brett cavanagh and his family. >> a literal mudslide of wild, uncorroborated accusations that literally poured out, each more outlandish than the last. >> also taking aim at protesters across capitol hill. >> arresting them at airports, going to their homes, we are not intimidated by these people. >> is deadline to get brett cavanagh confirmed, mcconnell on the cusp of what could be his greatest victory in 33 years in the senate. >> i think mitch is doing a good job, senator grassley has done a good job. they found the best they can under difficult circumstances.
12:56 am
>> it is about to get more circus like on capitol hill. mcconnell has just filed cloture which sets up a confirmation vote as early as saturday. >> most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. applebee's new 3-course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad.
12:57 am
this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that.
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>> it is thursday, october 4th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now 4:00 am a fox news alert, breaking overnight the fbi report into brett kavanaugh is out. what the white house just found that could pave the way for his confirmation, live in washington with new developments. >> every human being who knows the lord jesus christ to pray for these officers. >> killed in the line of duty. one police officer shot dead in south carolina, 6 more wounded.


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