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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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attorneys in this country. i know a little bit about that. i have the highest rating you can possibly have, both here in utah and back in pennsylvania. these are important things to me. when i practiced law in utah, i was told one of my fellow judges, judge ritter, was a -- he was biased. this is an important position. this man is qualified. they put him through this type of mess just because they are unhappy that donald trump had the right to appoint him. it's just plain wrong.
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i got to say that i'm proud of my colleagues for standing up on this issue. we ought to all be standing up on these issues. we want competent federal judges that are not biassed, who basically will abide by the laws themselves. this man is one of those people. >> hold up. last question. >> the democrats say one thing after this report. you all say another. will the public ever get my sort of a view or summary of what this report says? >> well -- it was very clear to us in the memorandum of 2009 between obama and chairman leahy that there's one document, no copies made. and not released to the public. so we can't do that. now there's some suggestion the white house can do it. but you're going to have to white house to get that answer
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to your question. >> shepard: top republicans giving just brett kavanaugh their full confidence and in a sometimes fiery news conference on capitol hill. i'm shepard smith. the big news this afternoon is this. two key republican senators have signals they are satisfied with the fbi report on the sexual assault allegations against judge kavanaugh. and if each of those two ends up voting for the president's supreme court nominee, kavanaugh confirmation assured, victory for the white house and game over for the democrats. senator jeff flake of arizona says after reviewing the report on the investigation, he does not see any additional evidence to back up dr. christine blasey ford's claims and senator susan collins of maine says the report seems to her very thorough. but the two did not say specifically how they plan to vote. the third gop critical player is the senator from alaska, lisa
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murkows murkowski. she says she's not made a decision and did not comment. democrats are crying foul saying their fears have been realized. the investigation not comprehensive. not enough people interviewed. the process limited and incomple incomplete. keep this in mind the way this works is true to form and by the book. the white house ordered the investigation. the white house set the boundaries and the parameters and the fbi set it out as ordered. that's how all background investigations of this kind work in america. the senate judiciary committee dianne feinstein said what is most notable is what is not in it. >> it now appears they blocked the fbi from doing their job. democrats agreed that the investigation scope should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's
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hands. >> shepard: the white house pushing back against those claims. >> the white house accommodated the senate's request. anybody that pushes back on the fact that dr. ford wasn't given ample opportunity to make her case and state her case has opinion living in a cave. >> shepard: sarah sanders this afternoon. the feds were looking to dr. ford's claims that kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, covered her mouth and tried to take off her clothes at a high school party in 1982. ford is one of three women accusing judge kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. kavanaugh denies it all. it's all about the math now. republicans hold a razor thin majority, 51-49. they can lose one vote if every democrat votes no. the senate minority leader -- the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, schedule add preliminary vote for tomorrow, which means lawmakers could make a final decision by saturday. the sexual misconduct accusation
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against judge brett kavanaugh have polarized our nation weeks before the mid-term elections which will decide who controls the congress. we have team fox coverage of breaking news this afternoon. the chief white house correspondent, john roberts is live on the north lawn. first to mike emanuel live on capitol hill. mike? >> shep, good afternoon. a democrat up for re-election in a conservative state, heidi heitkamp of north dakota came out and said she is a no saying "in addition to the concerns about his past conduct last thursday's hearing called into question judge kavanaugh's temperament and impartiality. these are critical traits for anybody to serve on the highest court in our country. and then the three key undecided republicans, murkowski, collins and flake. collins and flake said they're pleased with the product they're reviewing.
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the senate chairman urged his colleagues to confirm kavanaugh. >> this person is well-qualified. a person that believes in the principles of due process, the presumption of innocence and readiness to serve or recognize. so judge kavanaugh should be confirmed on saturday. >> you can probably hear it in his voice. things are tense here on capitol hill ahead of critical votes. >> shepard: what more are republicans and democrats saying about the particulars of the report, mike? >> very different views based on your political perspective. a key republican is saying the fbi did a good job. >> they interviewed ten witnesses. they followed leads from interviews that made sense to me. it's a complete report. background checks. i'm confident the fbi did a good job. they were not hindered in any way. the focus of the background
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check was on credible allegations before the committee. >> the ten democrats on the judiciary committee issuing a statement saying "the documents delivered by the fbi suggest its investigation was controlled and directed by the white house. one of those lawmakers on the judiciary committee giving the fbi an incomplete." >> whether dr. ford's or mrs. ramirez's. and people are specifically named in the room when it happened. and you don't interview those people? that to me is outrageous. that the fbi would not interview those people. >> this hour senators continue reviewing that fbi report and soon will be asked to draw their own conclusions. >> shepard: mike emanuel with a view from the hill. let's get one from the white house. john roberts is live on the north lawn. john? >> haven't heard anything from the president except on twitter. we might hear something on this
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tonight when he has a political rally at 6:30 local time in rochester, minnesota. the white house not even trying to convince or change the minds of the 46 now 47 with senator heitkamp who said they will vote no on kavanaugh. the president tweeting out earlier today, this is the seventh time the fbi has investigated judge kavanaugh. if we made it 100, wouldn't be good enough for the obstructionist democrats. the white house is mustering its efforts to republican flake, collins and murkowski to vote. they're also working manchin and donnelly. heitkamp is in there but shouldn't be now that she's just said she's a no. donnelly is also a no. the white house believes there might be some room for him to move there. the white house defending the fbi investigation saying it went further than what the senate had asked it to do. a total of ten people were contacted.
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we don't know everybody the fbi talked to but we know mark judge, brett kavanaugh's friend in highs, leland kaiser, p.j.smyth, and tim gaudette. despite requests from her attorneys and democrats, the senate judiciary found no need to interview christine blasey ford. sarah huckabee sanders explained why. listen here. >> they had ample opportunity to ask any questions they wanted of dr. ford. if they didn't get enough, that was their own fault because they accident step up to the plate and ask the questions they needed answers to. the idea that the fbi needs to interview her again is ludicrous. they had an opportunitydidn't, n
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mistake. >> the white house is confident that judge kavanaugh will be confirmed but it will be a squeaker. >> shepard: the polls seem to be indicates that for the white house and for the republicans, this issue has been big. >> a big factor in every election, particularly in the mid-terms when fewer people turn out to vote is voter enthusiasm. and it appears this really has energized the republican base. the republican taking note of it in a tweet today. the harsh and unfair treatment of judge brett kavanaugh is having an incredible impact on voters. the people get it far more than the politicians, this man's life can't be ruined by the democrats and incorroborated allegations. sarah sanders said there was no political calculation in the president went off dr. christine ford the other way in your
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favorite state of mississippi. some people would disagree that he whipped up the crowd with the way he described that. the republicans seem to be getting a bump in enthusiasm from all of this. if the kavanaugh vote were to federal saturday, lindsey graham suggested the president renominate him and run on that in the mid-terms. we'll see. >> shepard: i guess we will. john roberts on the north lawn. we're just getting started on fox's top story. we're waiting for three crucial republican senators to say d definitively if they will vote nor judge kavanaugh. there's word that chinese hackers infiltrated major american tech companies with just a tiny microchip. company execs are pushing back. that and all the day's news coming up from the fox news deck on this thursday afternoon. countries that we traveled-
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indicating that he will look at brett kavanaugh's adult life and career and his outstanding reputation instead of his adolescence when weighing this. i think he is likely a yes vote and i think senator collins murkowski are 3 for 3 or 2 for 3. we'll see a justice kavanaugh saturday. >> shepard: there's a complaint about process from democrats now, which is a bit rich. background investigations of this kind, which come from the white house, have always been conducted in this way. the white house sets up what you're supposed to do, sets up the rules of the game and the fbi -- it's as if -- its like you're at home and you're hiring a contractor. you tell the contractor what to do. that's this relationship. client and those that get it done. it was done by the book from everything we can see. >> right. the democrats were always going to say that this is not a search for the truth. it was an effort to rush it
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through before real allegations could be investigated and that the fbi probe didn't go far enough and republicans will always say this is just an effort by democrats to delay all along both before dr. ford's name surfaced and after and it was also not a search for the truth. so it's almost amazing. partisan characterizations of the other side are like a mirror of each other. we know that the senators that tried to push for this, senator flake with senator coons, the democrats backing. so in an effort to bring integrity to the process. in the end, the republicans that vote that were on the fence to support judge kavanaugh will likely do so because of senator flake's request, which made it -- provided some due diligence and made it a more fair process that they could defend in the end. >> shepard: there's many players
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involved here. there's the college roommate from judge kavanaugh from yale days that points out -- his point last night on ac 360 on cnn and this morning, it's not about what happened but about, as he put it, that judge kavanaugh lied about it. listen to what he said. >> the thing that bothered me about it, obviously it's not that he was drinking or talking i'm politely about women. they're rude and they don't disqualify you. what is shocking to me is getting up under oath with a straight face saying these things were true when he knew and when a lot of people knew that that was not the case and it was suggestion that if i just say this nobody will challenge me, that nobody will stand up and take the risk of saying what we all knew to be true. >> neil: a.b., thoughts on that? >> yeah, this is very difficult.
12:18 pm
a lot of people believe that your actions when you're an inebriated 17-year-old don't disqualify you from the supreme court when you're 53. but his conduct before the committee last week both in bringing up partisan characterizations for the smear campaign that these allegations are a result of avenging the clintons and frustration with president trump's election victory. that was not the kind of impartial posture that someone who is ascending from judge to justice should be taking, that you don't ever hear that kind of partisan rhetoric out of those candidates for that office. also, this kind of characterization by close friends that perhaps he was not telling the truth and he knew it when he was under oath and that also could disqualify him for the court. those are the things that will follow him to the court and be a stain on his reputation for the rest of his time there. >> shepard: and within the realm
12:19 pm
of possibility that if democrats take over congress that they could re-visit that issue. you've listened. >> i think that would be a grave mistake for democrats to try to impeach president trump without a mueller report that finds something that requires bipartisan support for impeachment. republicans still concerned with the findings of the mueller report, that they would be on board with impeachment, some criminal activity and the idea of revoking this confirmation to the supreme court would be a really huge divisive mistake on the part of the democrats. >> shepard: a.b., great to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: other big news today, including this. fighting hack attacks from two fronts. first in russia and new warnings of moscow's reckless cyber assault. and also from china where there's word hackers went off of our nation's biggest companies. the effect and the enormous ramifications. that's next. expedia introduces add on advantage,
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>> shepard: there's word today that chinese spies hacked american businesses using tiny micro chips that they planted inside the computers. that's according to bloomberg business week. it's reporting now the hack effected 30 companies including amazon and apple. both companies deny the details of the report. we'll give you the responses in just a minute. bloomberg calls this the most significant none comply chain attack ever against u.s. companies. think of that. though it reports hackers disnot steel any user's information. susan lee is here. explain more how they did this and what happened. >> it's very complex, very sophisticated.
12:24 pm
one hacking expert said it's like watching a unicorn jump over a rainbow. here's how it works. this involves servers. they were made by a company call elemental. the servers use the mother boards that were made by super micro. microboards are like traffic cops. they direct data in the right direction. so basically what authorities found according to bloomberg business week are these tiny micro chips that were inserted on to super micro mother boards. what these extra chips did, they provided an access point for hackers to get into the system. elemental servers are used by war ships and cia drones. the mother boards were used by apple. in the end, bloomberg business week said 36 companies were affected. >> shepard: and apple responded.
12:25 pm
>> and they're refuting the report, this is a three-year investigation. we're going to start with apple. apple session that they never found malicious chips and hardware manipulations or vulnerabilities purposely planted on any servers. let's go to amazon. amazon, their cloud computing arm bought elemental and selling it off. amazon said it's untrue that aws knew about a supply chain compromise, an issue with malicious chips or hardware modifications when acquiring elemental. about what about super micro? the company at the heart of it. they say we remain unaware of any investigation. delisted from the nasdaq earlier this year. >> shepard: the vice president talking about the chinese and interference in the election. >> underscoring a again what president trump told us. they're meddling in the
12:26 pm
mid-terms. talking about spying, tariffs, propaganda campaigns and warning against one tech giant that might be working with giant. >> google should end development immediately of the dragonfly app that will compromise the privacy of chinese customers. >> so the dragonfly app is what google might be building, a search engine for china. google issuing a statement after the vice president's statement. google says our work on search has been exploratory and we're not close to launching a search product in china yet, i think. >> shepard: a lot of words there. >> yes. >> shepard: thanks. new accusations against moscow on hacking charges. the united states and some of our allies accusing moscow's military spy agency of hacking plane crash investigations and
12:27 pm
olympic drugging. this came off dutch and british officials made their own accusations against the kremlin. russia denies the charges. rich edson live with more. rich? >> the united states is now responding to this. the defense secretary james mattis says he's not surprised that the kremlin would be behind such attacks and he says the united states is ready to stand behind whatever response our european allies have. >> they have to pay the piper. they have to be held to account. how we respond to something like this is political decision by the nation's involved. we will be standing by them. >> the british government claims the kremlin is behind cyber attacks that helped disrupt service on odessa airport and the russian central bank and a couple russian media agencies. the british foreign secretary says of the gru, the russian
12:28 pm
military intelligence out first "gru's actions are discriminate and they try to undermine elections in other countries, this pattern demonstrates their desire to operate without regard to international law." the russian response, they say the west is simply coordinating a propaganda campaign against the kremlin, shep. >> shepard: and the russians got caught doping in the olympics. the feds say the russians tried to discredit the doping agencies. >> that's right. russian athletes were banned from 2016 and 2018 games. these anti-doping games that uncovered this sponsored program for russian athletes were the target of the russian government. that's according to the department of justice. they said the russian government entered into this massive disinformation campaign to try to discredit those agencies and they managed to steal information, medical information, private information for 250 athletes from nearly 30 different countries and released it to the public. >> shepard: rich edson live. thanks a lot.
12:29 pm
breaking news. air force one has touched down now in minneapolis. the local newspaper there, the star tribune reports the crowds have already gathered, supporters and protesters alike ahead of another make america great valley tonight at the mayo civic center there. the president has touched down. you figure in the middle of this win, what appears to be a pending win for the white house, rallying the troops tonight the president should be in minneapolis. a big rally that is scheduled for there. we're expecting protesters as we've seen in washington today. it seems at least, unless something unforeseen happens that this vote is complete. two of the three swing votes have said we have indicated at least that they think the investigation was thorough, the investigation was fair. seems as if their questions are
12:30 pm
answered. they haven't given up what their vote will be, if you're a betting person, i'd bet with the white house on this one. the news continues from fox news channel after this. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-429-4863. >> shepard: a continuing coverage as the president has arrived in minneapolis. these air force one. the door is open. the jet way is there and ready for him to de-plane. the events for the president are as followed. there's a roundtable in minneapolis. and then a maga rally at 7:30 eastern time, 6:30 locally in rochester, minnesota. there's the president now giving a wave. the star tribune says huge crowds have gathered outside the civic center, this is a different location where they're waiting to greet the president. the local paper reports that a guy named randall thom from
12:35 pm
lakeville, minnesota has the first spot in the line to get in the rally. he arrived at 5:00 a.m. yesterday and camped out overnight. he's a 58-year-old according to the star tribune. this is his 41st trump rally, that he started a group of diehard fans that call themselves front row joes. he was wearing a cowboy hat with an american design and trump would lead the republicans up and down the ballot to victories in november. her's a quote. he said "we're going to have a red tsunami" continue to randall thom. there's local protesters. police have said there's a crowd of about 500, i think chanting white, black or brown, we're all welcome in our town. rochester police estimating 500 people involved in a march there this afternoon.
12:36 pm
wait till we take you to the civic center. we're what? 3 1/2 hours away from the rally. wait till you see the inside of the place. we'll show you in just a minute. first, attorneys for judge kavanaugh's accuser sending a letter to the fbi director. they're calling the investigation a quote stain on the process, on the fbi and on our american ideal of justice. they included a list of witnesses that they say the fbi should interview. it's looking as if the president may make his way toward the microphones. i'm going to get to that subject matter in just a minute. kristin fisher is live on capitol hill to give us a report on that particular matter from blasey ford's attorney. when the president comes to the microphone and works the rope line, let's listen.
12:37 pm
you can't hear now. but at the beginning, my producers said what do you think of kavanaugh? or how is kavanaugh doing? then you heard the president's answer. he said i think he's doing very well. listen here. somebody just handed him a dollar bill to sign. sign it he did. i guess if you're president you can do that. so think of it this way. this fight has been absolutely brutal. doesn't matter your position on the set of affairs. just doesn't matter. it's been brutal all the way
12:38 pm
around. the end is clearly near. there's a vote coming. the final vote as early as saturday. john roberts says it could be sunday. looks like it's a weekend event under all circumstances. every indication is that judge kavanaugh is going to be confirmed and that the white house is going to win this battle. the attorney for christine blasey ford is saying, look, this is not how this was supposed to have worked. our kristin fisher has a report from the hill. hi, kristin. >> hi, shep. dr. ford's legal team is, let's just say, they're very unhappy about several things. they're upset the fbi did not interview their client. they're upset the fbi did not interview judge kavanaugh and they're upset that the fbi didn't interview several other people. several other witnesses. people like dr. ford's husband, her polygraph examiner and several of her friends. in a letter today to the director of the fbi, dr. ford's legal team writes that "none of those people were contacted, nor
12:39 pm
to our knowledge more than a dozen other names that we provided to the fbi whose interviews would have challenged the credibility of the judge's testimony before the senate committee on the judiciary." the judiciary chairman, senator chuck grassley just held a press conference along with mitch mcconnell. at that press conference, i asked chairman grassley what he thought of dr. ford's legal team, what he thought of their characterization that this investigation was "a stain on the process, on the fbi and on our american ideal of justice." here's what he had to say. >> let the fbi do what the fbi is hired to do and keep political interference out of it. my making a call to the fbi that you ought to do something is split call interference? i made no call to the fbi since this whole process started a week ago. i'm not going to. i never had any conversation with anybody in the white house because i got confidence in the
12:40 pm
fbi. >> chairman grassley refuting the characterization by dr. ford and her legal team. as for judge kavanaugh, everybody has been waiting to see if he might put out a response today. some sort of reaction or somebody from his legal team. so far, shep, nothing. >> shepard: kristin fisher, thanks. an update for you. we've been waiting for new information on how senators will vote. we go a no from heidi heitkamp. she's a red state democrat who says she's a no on judge kavanaugh. another big democrat who we're waiting to hear from is joe manchin of a bright red west virginia. he has just in the last minute or so entered the skiff, as they call it. the secure room where senators have been going to view the documents from the fbi. he's just entered. we haven't heard from senator joe manchin of west virginia. you know there's a lot of pressure in that state for him to be a yes or judge kavanaugh. we'll know when we know. should he come out and make a
12:41 pm
statement, we'll let you know. i mentioned this big rally in rochester, minnesota and one person arrived yesterday at 5:00 a.m. the crowds have been huge all around and they're already filling up the arena. alicia acuna is inside. you can see folks are there a good three hours early, huh? >> oh, very early. far earlier than what you were talking. it was amazing. i watched the morning show, the local reporter -- it was chilly outside. people are here now to get in. we're in rochester, minnesota like you mentioned. this is congressional district 1. it's one of four swing districts in the state of minnesota. so you're talking about half of the voters in the state of minnesota, which is part of the reason why president trump is here. he's giving a boost to republican jim hagerdorn who will be here with the president. he's running in cd 1 here in minnesota. hillary clinton won the state of minnesota in the presidential race in 2016 by 1.5 points.
12:42 pm
in this district, president trump won by a landslide. so he's here with a friendly crowd. so it shouldn't be much surprise to anyone if he continues on his defense of his judicial nominee, judge brett kavanaugh. he has been defending his supreme court nominee, calling it at a rally earlier this week in mississippi saying this is a process of being guilty until proven innocent with regard to the allegations against kavanaugh, saying it's very dangerous for this country. also noting that he had not met judge kavanaugh until recently. therefore he's not attempting to protect his friend but the country. that's where the president was widely criticized to mock the testimony of dr. ford before the senate judiciary committee, cooling out her lack of detail on time and location of the assault that she says all happened so many years ago. so shep, things are getting set
12:43 pm
under way here at 7:30 eastern time. >> shepard: thanks. i'll talk with our senior capitol hill producer about what is going on behind the scenes there as senators weigh judge kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation. i told you joe manchin is in there presumably reading the information. will a democrat be a yes vote? and if so, might that democrat be joe manchin of west virginia? we don't yet know. waiting for updates. we'll go for that. the president's motorcade is making its way, a big day on schedule. a roundtable this afternoon, the maga rally tonight, 6:30 local time in rochester and a fun raiser in minneapolis for a president who is seeing a win across the finish line dead ahead. and i'll... so she's telling romeo to ditch his parents and then she'll be his boo forever. oh. there are multiples on the table:
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12:47 pm
listen. arrests are being made. this is the heart senate office building in d.c. philip a. hart senate building and located at second street northeast between constitution avenue and c street. a lot of protesters have been out there. they made their way into the building. the police just a short time ago as we were watching while you were in commercial ordering everybody to cease and desist, i suppose. then be again making arrests. they're making numerous arrests as the news is breaking. that's a look up to the center of the building. there's a place where you can congregate and here that area is. listen to what sounds like a bit of chaos in there.
12:48 pm
[chanting and shouting]. there's been protests, of course, as expected and organized from minute when it was clear that this vote would go this way. the protesters are out and about all over the district this afternoon, i'm told. the senate could make a final decision as we've been reporting here by saturday, maybe sunday if this preliminary vote gets underway as scheduled. the preliminary vote -- let's get to chad pergram who is live on capitol hill what are we thinking here? >> i've been told in the past ten minutes, they would expect this procedural vote to come sometime in the late morning tomorrow but before lunch. when happens when you vote to cut off a filibuster in debate? it takes 51 votes. it initiates a 30-hour clock. so let's say they vote at 11:00
12:49 pm
a.m. it takes 30 minutes to have that roll call vote. they close it at 11:30 and count 30 hours passed that. that would get to 5:00, 6:00 saturday night if the democrats burn all 30 hours. you can make the sunrise in the west if you got unanimous concert. they can move it up or back if all 100 senators agree. what is unknown if the democrats will use their time once it's put in motion sometime tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: these demonstrations not unexpected i guess. >> right, this is a big nomination, tensions are high here. a lot of protesters in the building. i was outside the capitol. they put up a barricade around the capitol that only people with hard passes can get in or out. they're escorting senators to and from votes. i followed lisa murkowski from alaska. she left the skiff where they were briefing senators on the
12:50 pm
fbi report. i took this pass through the basement of the capitol, through the visitors center and came out on the house side. that's where i talked to her about 1 1/2 hours ago. she says that she has not yet made a decision. she does say that it is decision time. what we think the math is right now, at a minimum, mitch mcconnell will get 50 votes in this nomination. if he gets collins, jeff flake, maybe lisa murkowski. if he's 50/50, the president have break a tie. never has a vice president broken the tie. is that your not talking about joe manchin. >> he's not going to be the 51st vote. he signalled yesterday that he might be leaning in that direction, but we're not sure, shep. >> shepard: if it's a done deal, it's a possibility again. he's in the skiff still looking at this. chad, stay with us, if you could. we're going to follow the demonstrations. the arrests appear to be
12:51 pm
happening in somewhat orderly fashion. you may have seen amy schumer in there, the first cousin of chuck schumer. a big crowd out and about continuing coverage after this.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> shepard: still watching the demonstrations in washington on the indication at least that judge kavanaugh will become confirmed for the supreme court. this is the hart senate office building. the pictures have been coming in the last 30 minutes or so. chad pergram is our main guy on capitol hill producer. i'm wondering, is this kind of demonstration -- is this happening in multiple places in washington or are we seeing a one off? >> we've seen protests at the supreme court and on capitol hill all day. people coming in.
12:55 pm
a group came in to talk to joe manchin in his office, wanted to talk about sexual assault, sexual harassment. there was a group of 20 or so. i've been talking to capitol security officials. even dating back before brett kavanaugh, the level of protests and the level of demonstrations that they were having here at the capitol reaching the levels that they have not seen since the 60s. anti-vietnam era type of things, anti-nixon and watergate types of protest. this is intense. why? the vote here is dancing on the tip of a pin. it could toggle one way or the other depending on one or two votes. it's a swing vote on the supreme court. that's why this is critical. what that has done, it's intensified people on both sides of the aisle, especially on the left, shep. >> shepard: chad pergram, i know you have to get ready for the next program. thanks so much. this sort of thing, the organizers of this, began organizing the demonstrations
12:56 pm
monday. they were saying the reasons weren't as large is because of that. but here's what is happening. that's the scene on capitol hill. we're waiting for joe manchin to come out of the skiff, the democrat from west virginia. as chad said earlier, he's not the one to push this over, but if the republicans have the votes, is there a possibility that red state joe manchin might vote yes? heidi heitkamp says no. it's been a crazy ride on wall street today. you know the dow was off more than 350 points at one point in the session. we're well off the lows now. the big part of this is a two-day unloading of u.s. treasury bonds. it's pushed the yield to highs we haven't seen in multiple years. the economic data is so good, the federal reserve talking concerns about inflation and markets have been sinking
12:57 pm
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go to, or call 1-877-423-5739. >> the fbi report did not corroborate any of the allegations against judge kavanaugh. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation. >> they didn't interview all the corroborating witnesses. i'm shocked. >> i wish the report could be made public. we would give you a better perspective about some of the things that have been going on around here. >> kavanaugh is disqualified. >> now is the time to quit all of these antics, these hijinx,