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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 15, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we talk about patriotic in bookstores. >> bill: breaking news fra the white house. president trump and the first lady about to leave the white house to assess the catastrophic damage in florida and georgia. all this as a diplomatic matter intensifies between the u.s., saudi arabia and turkey over the missing columnist. hope you had a great weekend. we're back in the saddle in new york. i'm bill hemmer, sandra has the day off. how are you doing, heather? >> great to be here with you. the president and his wife will be taking off for florida and georgia any moment now. as president trump reveals he has just spoken with king salman of saudi arabia and he
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says that he is immediately sending secretary of state mike pompeo to meet with him. >> bill: the president and lawmakers say they want answers and are ready to take action once they get those answers. >> president trump: as of this moment nobody knows what happened as of this moment. we're looking into it very seriously. turkey is looking into it at a very high level. at the highest level. and so is saudi arabia. >> i think the president wants a very prompt resolution of what exactly happened and we'll see what actions are necessary should we find some results coming this week. >> i don't think we should continue with business as usual until we know exactly what's happened here. what we do know is this. he walked into the consulate and never came out. >> severe action needs to be taken. i think congress will take it upon themselves to take that action if it turns out as the press reporting seems to indicate that saudi arabia was involved. >> bill: let's start a new week
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with kevin corke live from the north lawn. what is the president saying about this matter so far today? >> there are a number of people wondering whether or not the president would reach out to king salman on this very topic given the king ordered the internal investigation into khashoggi's disappearance. on twitter the president is talking about that this morning. let me take you there and share what he had to say. just spoke to the king of saudi arabia who denies any knowledge of whatever may have happened to our saudi arabiaian citizen. he says they're working closely with turkey to find answers. i'm sending our secretary of state to meet with the king. interesting development indeed. that investigation that i told you about into the disappearance is being led by the kingdom's cop prosecutor as a result of the not so subtle message from washington that the saudis needed to do something. when he was asked last night if he thought the saudis were
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behind the journalists disappearance the president on 60 minutes said this. >> president trump: nobody knows yet. we'll probably be able to find out. it is being investigated and looked at very, very strongly. we would be very upset and angry if that were the case. there is a lot at stake. maybe especially so because this man was a reporter. we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment. >> severe punishment as in possible sanctions. i think it is also important, bill, to let the folks at home know the saudis aren't going to take sanctions likely saying they would hit us with oil prices that would top $200 a barrel if they're hit with sanctions. a back and forth from washington and riyadh already. >> bill: now the other big story is what was left unsaid i think you could argue from the 60 minutes interview last night. the fate of james mattis. is he staying or on his way out someday soon? >> oh, if i knew i would make
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some money on it. i spoke with a senior white house official an hour ago and she said everybody leaves at some point, everybody. even me at some point i'll be out of here. now that is not to say, bill, the president's comments on mattis were meant to tell grafsh his departure or -- the way the president described the general sent the speculation engine into overdrive. >> president trump: it could be that he is. i think he is sort of a democrat if you want to know the truth but general mattis is a good guy. we get along very well. he may leave. at some point everybody leaves. everybody. people leave. that's washington >> what are you going to do? people leave. the president is about to leave the white house en route to the storm ravaged southeast. back to you, bill. >> bill: we'll see if he takes questions on the way out.
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>> turkish officials say they'll investigate the saudi consulate later today. that was the place jamal khashoggi was last seen before he disappeared two weeks ago. what's the latest from turkey and what are you hearing on the ground? >> as you said we're right outside the consulate. this has become the epicenter of a geopolitical storm. he went into the consulate 13 days ago and not seen since. all fingers pointing at saudi arabia. now saudi arabia and turkey have agreed to set up a joint investigation unit led by saudi arabia's key prosecutor scheduled to finally search the consulate together this afternoon after repeated requests from turkey. saudi arabia has been pushing back against threats of sanctions saying any actions taken against them for this disappearance would be met with
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harsher actions. media has been suggesting a significant jump in oil prielss from $100, to $200. saudi arabia also tweeting out of d.c. saying they're grateful for the trump administration for not jumping to conclusions tempering their words trying to bring down a real crisis. >> has any other evidence emerged about his disappearance? >> no, that's one of the things that saudi arabia is saying. they completely deny it. there is no tangible evidence yet that jamal khashoggi is dead. cctv footage from the turks that show the hit squad coming in but no one produced the infamous audio tapes that prove khashoggi's death. yesterday saudi's king salman spoke to president erdogan and both signs reiterated their commitment to keeping relations the same. they wanted to improve relations. strange words between rivals who are at the moment at a very
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fractured time. there is a sense from turkish media maybe down playing the incident. they hope for more saudi investment. this is moving fast. the investigation at the consulate behind me will shed new light and maybe people can move on. >> a lot of changes happening in the last couple minutes. thank you so much. >> bill: as that case continues the missing columnist increases sention with saudi arabia turkey takes a long-awaited step of freeing andrew brunson. something this administration has been pushing for nearly two years. president trump welcomed him and had a prayer in the oval office on saturday. >> president trump: this is a tremendous step toward having the kind of relationship with turkey which can be a great relationship that i know we are going to have. so thank you very much. >> we especially want to thank the administration. you really fought for us, unusually so from the time you took office.
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i know you have been engaged and secretary of state pompeo was very engaged and fought for us and vice president pence. we're very grateful. >> bill: quite a moment. tony perkins is with the international commission of religious freedom. he was at the trial and flew back with pastor brunson. back to the 60 minutes interview from last night another headline. president trump was asked about his first 20 months in office and his answer came like this. >> president trump: i'm not saying i trust everybody in the white house. i'm not a baby. it's a tough business. this is a vicious place. washington, d.c. is a vicious, vicious place. the attacks, the badmouthing, the speaking behind your back. my way i feel very comfortable here. >> bill: byron york watched the interview last night. good morning to you.
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i thought the last line was the most telling of both segments last night on 60 minutes. you know in my way i feel very comfortable here. that was preceded with washington is a vicious place, the attacks and the badmouthing, the speaking behind your back. in my way i feel very comfortable here. i think that is rich, byron. what did you make of it? >> the president has always said he dealt with a lot of sharks in the manhattan real estate business. now he is saying it's even worse in washington he really has quite a lot of reason not to trust people in the white house. do you remember the michael wolf book that was just earlier this year, steve bannon dumped on the president quite a bit and others dished on the president in that book. and then omarosa left the white house, wrote a book of her own and recorded some people inside the white house. then recently we've seen the bob woodward book. everybody in the administration
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seems to have talked to him. and that's not even mentioning the anonymous author of the op-ed in the "new york times" who wrote that there are people in the administration, trump appointees actively trying to undermine his policies. so there have been a whole lot of examples. the last one being the deputy attorney general who discussed wearing a wire to record the president in the white house. so it's not a surprise that the president says he doesn't trust everyone in the white house. it would be a surprise if he said he did trust everybody in the white house. >> bill: in my way i feel very comfortable here. if you're going to be vicious i'll have to rise to your level. now, mid-terms are three weeks from tomorrow. what is this president's plan? >> well, he seems to have focused in recent days on some winnable senate races. got an announcement yesterday the president later this week is going to go to montana and arizona and then nevada.
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and in montana, montana may be the best republican chance for a pickup that has been below the radar. matt rosendale, to democratic senator john tester. may be benefiting from a kavanaugh bounce if there is one. in arizona that's an open seat. martha mcsally seems to be doing better now against kristin sinema after we've seen a lot of videos released of kristin sinema trashing arizona. the meth lab of democracy. and in nevada dean heller has been pretty embattled there but he is showing some signs of life against the democratic challenger jackie rosin. >> bill: a lot of that is kavanaugh you're saying? >> could be kavanaugh. these things always take longer to show up in public opinion
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than we think at the time and, for example, there is not a whole lot of polling being done in montana. there will be one done this week that republicans are hopeful about and think it will show a kavanaugh bounce for them. and the same thing with these other two states. >> bill: three weeks is a long time. >> it is. >> bill: not dog years but in 2018 years. enjoy birmingham, alabama. >> president trump covering a lot of ground in his sunday interview including his relationship with kim jong-un. >> president trump: i get along with him. let it be whatever it s. i get along with him really well. >> so much to take out of that. will that translate into results in the push to denuclearize the north. >> we're awaiting the departure
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of president trump and the first lady to tour areas in florida and georgia. just ravaged by hurricane michael as survivors start to pick up the pieces. >> it's tough but the emotional toll of a hurricane, the aftermath, it is what gets you. because you have to survive the rest of this.
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>> president trump: he doesn't want to go to war and we don't want to go to war. he understands denuclearization and he agreed to it. >> do you trust him? >> president trump: i trust him. that doesn't mean i could be proven wrong. wouldn't it be foolish to tell you here on 60 minutes on this show. >> remember what reagan said, trust by verify. >> that's true. >> president trump: i do trust him. we'll see what happens. >> bill: president trump talking about president kim during the interview on 60
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minutes. daniel hoffman, how are you doing today? good morning, what did you hear from that message about what's going on with north korea today, daniel? >> i think the president's words reflect exactly what ambassador john bolton has said. the president is holding the door open. he can't force kim jong-un to walk through the door towards denuclearization but the president is offering north korea every opportunity. it is challenging. today we're seeing the north korea and south korea holding high level consultations following the third summit between moon and kim. they're talking about a joint railroad service which could provide economic benefit to both countries certainly north korea and more confidence building measures in the denuclearized zone. china, south korea and japan haven't gotten to be a unified
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front. >> bill: more on the sanctions. >> one of the things that kim has asked for is for you to ease the sanctions. >> president trump: we haven't done that. >> ry prepared to do that? >> president trump: i'm not doing that. i haven't eased the sanctions or done anything. >> bill: this isn't the obama administration. >> it was a great answer. north korea has done some things overtly. they have repatriated the remains of some of our fallen heroes. have not conducted icbm and nuclear tests. they conducted explosions at a site before the singapore summit but what they haven't done is provide an inventory of their nuclear weapons nor have they provided a timetable for their destruction. really, kim jong-un at this point we have to conclude he is trying to drive maximum economic gain from these
6:19 am
discussions while minimizing the amount of any sort of movement he would make on denuclearization and reducing the nuclear and icbm stockpile on the security his regime relies. >> bill: this thing in saudi arabia. go back to 60 minutes last night. the answer on the saudi columnist and i'll ask you a question about that. >> president trump: it is being investigated and looked at very, very strongly and we would be very upset and angry if that were the case. as of this moment they deny it and deny it vehemently. could it be them, yes? >> bill: we get the word that mike pompeo is heading to saudi arabia and that the president talked to salman today. >> the two diplomatic steps.
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i think king salman hasn't collected all the facts what transpired in istanbul and right for the president to dispatch secretary of state pompeo directly to the kingdom of saudi arabia to engage with our allies there. what we know is khashoggi entered the consulate october 2 and hasn't emerged. as far as exactly what happened there, there is a lot of speculation. but we would do well not to speculate on policy measures we might take when we don't have all the facts. we risk causing collateral damage to our national security as a result. >> bill: daniel hoffman, thank you. we'll see you in person real soon. 20 past the hour. here is more. >> heather: president trump and first lady melania trump getting ready to take off for florida and georgia and assess the devastation from hurricane michael. many residents are still considered missing at this hour as rescue and recovery crews continue to enter some of the
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>> heather: fox news alert. president trump and the first lady melania trump getting ready to take off for florida and georgia right now. the president is talking with reporters on his way out. we're hearing he is talking about pastor andrew brunson released in turkey as well as the developing diplomatic situation going on with saudi arabia. as soon as we get that we will bring it to you right here so stay tuned for anything he did have to say. but first, the president and the first lady as we've said will be touring the destruction left by that deadly hurricane, hurricane michael, once they get on the ground. phil keating is live for us from panama city, florida, one of the hardest-hit areas.
6:25 am
phil, you and i spoke this morning around 4:00 a.m. so much work has been done in the past four days but so much more remains. what can you tell us? >> absolutely that is the understatement of the entire region. there is so much damage to buildings, houses, and infrastructure of the city. it is truly a mess. basically runs the length of panama city. this is a habitat for humanity store. completely destroyed. the brick wall tumbled to the ground, roof totally ripped open to the sky. the cops tell us it has been looted three times. when the president and first lady arrive in florida, we expect they'll hop in a helicopter down the coast to see the absolute destruction. a category 5 hurricane delivers. mexico beach is -- he is likely
6:26 am
to see tyndall air force base. billions of dollars in damage there as the base commander describes it, too, as a catastrophe. military drones were damaged and destroyed after the hanger they sat in ripped apart in the 155 mile-per-hour winds and f-22 fighter jets that weren't flyable and did not relocate like most of the fleet total perhaps losses there. day five post hurricane. a lot of people have no power. 180,000 people at this point. the good news is the number is going down daily. however, there are still places like franklin county to the south that could probably expect to still be in the dark several days from now. >> heather: and the large number of people still considered missing. you mentioned mexico beach. the director of fema put his boots on the ground with the governor yesterday. >> yeah, they were both amazed. they chop pered in as well.
6:27 am
they couldn't fathom. they understood it but nearly unbelievable just the impact of the 10 to 15 foot storm surge and the destruction it does. just outside the town this house is a total loss. that will be up to the adjuster. it is wrecked, depressingly wrecked for him and his wife. they could barely believe what they returned to. >> there used to be a dupe electrics there. a single family house there and now they're rammed into my house. >> take a look at this aerial photo. a woman was checking on her grandparents' property and noticed something above the red car. help spelled out on the lawn. she called the sheriff. deputies went by. her grandparents who rode the storm out were still there. no injuries, and also fortunately finally at least one happy ending in all of this.
6:28 am
>> heather: whatever means necessary to get the word out and get help if needed. thank you so much. >> bill: 28 past. american-born pastor back home freed from detention. our next guest says he pleaded this case for years and sat in on his trial. tony perkins is back in the u.s. and we'll talk to him live coming up. >> heather: senator elizabeth warren taking a dna test to put to rest all those years of questions over her claims of native american heritage. our a-team will take that on. >> bill: this could be a mid-term issue, immigration. hundreds of would be immigrants in a caravan heading for our southern border. that was addressed as well. >> are you willing to reinstitute that policy you said we're looking at everything? >> president trump: i will -- you can't say yes or no. what i can say is this. there are consequences for coming into a country, namely our country, illegally. tries to get in my way? watch me.
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>> bill: 9:31. the president and first lady are en route down to florida and georgia to assess the devastation from that category 4 hurricane michael last week. what they're about to see could be absolutely stunning. >> heather: we've seen the drone footage, horrifying. >> bill: it blows you away how a storm like that can create itself out of virtually nothing. >> heather: so quickly. >> bill: some days prior. they're going down there. before they go, there was some question and answer session on the south lawn and so many of the topics were rather predictable saudi arabia, the president talked with the king of saudi arabia about an hour ago. mike pompeo has been ordered to go to saudi arabia. and perhaps after turkey following that. we'll see. apparently the king gave the president a firm denial about any saudi connection. the phone call was 20 minutes. with regard to the markets. we're looking at the dow right now opening up for another week after such a wild ride from
6:33 am
last week and we're treading water right now. that may be okay based on what we saw a week ago. but breaking overnight a significant news development in the business world. sears says it will file for bankruptcy. you think about the american business history that sears has. >> heather: it is a change in shopping habits. >> president trump: number one, as you know, with pastor brunson, some of you were there and he had a fantastic weekend. he is back home. we love the fact he is back home. he is with his family and he is a very happy man. he left turkey, he is extremely thrilled, and as i said, yesterday more than ever we want to thank turkey and thank president erdogan. i just spoke with the king of saudi arabia, who denies any
6:34 am
knowledge of what took place with regard to, as he said, his saudi arabia citizen. i've -- he firmly denied that. i've asked secretary of state mike pompeo to immediately get on a plane, go to saudi arabia, go to other places if necessary, which he probably will, but with regard to this, go to turkey if necessary. the king told me that turkey and saudi arabia are working hand in hand very closely on getting to the bottom of what happened. so we'll see what happens. but mike pompeo -- excuse me -- mike pompeo is leaving literally within an hour or so heading to saudi arabia. we are going to leave nothing uncovered. with that being said, the king firmly denied any knowledge of
6:35 am
it. he didn't really know -- maybe -- i don't want to get into his mind but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers, who knows? we'll try getting to the bottom of it very soon. his was a flat denial. [inaudible question] >> president trump: all i can do is report what he told me. he told me in a very firm way that they had no knowledge of it. he said it very strongly. [inaudible question] >> president trump: well, that was not part of the deal. we had no deal with turkey. we don't make deals. any deals for hostages or prisoners. but i will tell you that i feel much differently about turkey today than i felt about them two days ago. i have a very good feeling toward turkey. two days ago i did not. so that helps. [inaudible question]
6:36 am
>> president trump: i don't know. we'll try getting to the bottom of it. i can only tell you his denial to me was just one very relatively fast phone call probably lasted 20 minutes. his denial to me could not have been stronger, that he had no knowledge. it sounded like he and also the crown prince had no knowledge. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we didn't talk about that. we didn't talk about that. i did say this is very important. the world is watching. the world is talking. and this is very important to get to the bottom of it. i think he understands that very well. he did say very strongly that he is dealing with turkey, that they have come to an agreement, that they're investigating it together, and i think that's a good thing. [inaudible question] >> president trump: who cares?
6:37 am
you better read it again. [inaudible question] >> president trump: sorry, i have a helicopter roaring in the background. go ahead. the denial was very strong. it wasn't like there was a question in his mind. the denial was very, very strong. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i hope she is running for president. i think she would be very easy. i hope that she is running. i do not think she would be difficult at all. she will destroy the country. she will make our country into venezuela. with that being said i don't want to say bad things about her because i hope she would be one of the people that would get through the process. going to be a long process for the democrats. [inaudible question] >> president trump: it's a
6:38 am
shame. sears was a big deal when i grew up. it is very sad what happened. if you look at the filing they did last night, to me it's very sad. somebody that is of my generation, sears was a big deal. i will say, with that being said, i would imagine some of those -- it will be put to good use. sears has been dying for many years. it's been obviously improperly run for many years. it is a shame. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we're going to try to find out. no, no, look. i'm just explaining very easily, i think, what was told to me a half hour ago. and the denial was not only a
6:39 am
denial, it was a very firm denial. so we will check it all out and get to the bottom of it, okay? [inaudible question] >> president trump: north korea is coming along very well. relationships are very good. i think a lot of good things will happen. it is complicated. we have done things in three or four months that nobody has done in 70 years. i think north korea is coming along very well. thank you. i'll see you in florida. thank you. >> bill: quite a few things right there with regard to saudi arabia the president spoke to the king and he gave a firm denial. mike pompeo will head to saudi arabia in about an hour's time, the president said. suggested the first lady joins him. they are off to georgia and florida for a day trip. hang with us one second. >> president trump: she did a great job on television the other night.
6:40 am
i didn't do so bad, either. she did a great job on television. thank you, everybody. >> bill: she in reference to abc from friday night. back to saudi arabia. mike pompeo goes there and perhaps he goes to turkey after that. he left open the possibility that could or would be the case. who knows? rogue killers, a flat denial from the king. the president said the world is watching in order to figure this out. with regard to sears, what a shame, he said, it's very sad with the filing of bankruptcy last night. the changing economy continues. >> heather: we'll talk more about that coming up. in the meantime as bill was talking about, you heard the president there discussing pastor andrew brunson, the north carolina pastor. the man who accompanied pastor brunson on his journey home tony perkins for international religious freedom. thank you for joining us. it was quite a scene in the
6:41 am
oval office where pastor brunson took a knee and prayed for the president. what were your thoughts on that, having been with him when he was freed and when he traveled back here to the u.s. >> well, thankful that our prayers and the prayers of millions were answered. thankful for the resolve of this administration to bring him home. that prayer we actually discussed that on our way back. andrew wanted to pray for the president expressing his appreciation. also letting the president know he prays for him daily and prayed for him while he was in jail. so he said would it be appropriate to pray for him? absolutely. this president wants people to pray for him and i think it would be appropriate for you to pray for him and andrew and his wife are just wonderful people. it is great -- we're just grateful he is back home. i think actually, heather, this is what a foreign policy reset looks like. we're seeing an administration putting america first, no
6:42 am
longer sacrificing religious freedom on the altar of globalism. it's a good thing and americans should be happy. >> heather: the president just said he feels differently about turkey than he did two days ago. there has been some question as to timing if there was any type of connection to this columnist from the "washington post" who is presumed to be dead. we have all of that breaking and developing. he said, you know, the president distancing himself saying that had nothing to do with this and the release of pastor brunson. what are your thoughts on that? was that discussed at all with pastor brunson? >> not really. i don't think they're connected. i think -- well, i know this has been an ongoing initiative by the administration, private, quiet negotiations, public negotiations. obviously the sanctions and tariffs to try to get pastor brunson home. at the end of the day erdogan
6:43 am
realized he couldn't stand against the pressure of the united states government. i think the strength that was shown by this administration in putting america first in our foreign policy is what brought pastor brunson home. what's amazing pastor brunson mentioned it yesterday, he loves the american people -- the turkish people, wants to -- wants them to do well. >> heather: he has been there for 25 years. >> and serving them. >> heather: i have to wrap you up because of breaking news. thank you for your thoughts. we appreciate it. >> bill: hope you come back soon. in a moment hear what the president said about the mueller matter. that's next. >> do you believe the russians interfered in the 2016 campaign election? >> president trump: well, they meddled but i think china meddled, too. >> you're diverting the whole russian thing. >> i'm also saying china.
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>> will you pledge, pledge, that you will not shut down the mueller investigation? >> president trump: i don't pledge anything but i will tell you i have no intention of doing that. i think it's a very unfair investigation because there was no collusion of any kind. >> but you won't pledge? >> president trump: why should i pledge to you? i don't have to pledge to you. i have no intention of doing that. >> bill: another notable moment from last night in the interview with president trump. those remarks coming as his legal team and bob mueller's office continue negotiations of what could be a possible interview. the judge is here. andrew napolitano live in studio. what did you make about the comments from last night? he is not going to end the mueller matter, he said >> i think he knows if he on his own fired rod rosenstein or ordering rod rosenstein to fire bob mueller there would be an eruption in congress no matter what the outcome of the
6:48 am
mid-terms is. he must be getting guidance from rudy giuliani, now is not the time to be making noises about mueller. when we're negotiating with mueller the best thing you can do most respectfully is not talk about this in public. that's how i read last night. doesn't mean he is never going to shut it down, he won't do it now. >> bill: this is the headline from the jonathan turley wrote a piece for the hill. three reasons mueller may not charge trump with obstruction. the whole premise of that piece the questions that he has knowledge about do not suggest obstruction. >> the other premise of that piece is if there was obstruction, meaning if jim comey were fired for some personal venal purpose on the part of the president. to keep him from getting too close to the president. that's what obstruction here means. one of the witnesses would be
6:49 am
rod rosenstein and rod rosenstein is in charge of the investigation. from which professor turley is concluding if rosenstein were going to be a witness he would have taken himself out of the investigation. the people around rosenstein have said he didn't expect the memo he gave to the president to be used as the reason for firing jim comey and he was embarrassed when that memo was released. when he walked into the oval office that day to talk to the president he had no idea the president would say give me some reason to fire comey. >> bill: you don't entirely disagree with turley but you aren't buying his premise. >> correct. >> bill: jeff sessions, i don't know what his fate is. the reference was let's get past the mid-terms. >> i was disappointed he recused himself. i was very disappointed.
6:50 am
why should he have recused himself? i was very disappointed. we'll see what happens. >> can i assume he is gone? >> no, you can't assume that. >> i'm smiling. >> bill: personnel changes happen all the time. what would be your expectations. >> last week "the new york times" who doesn't like the president printed the names of five people he has supposedly interviewed. every one of them a prominent lawyer in his or her own right including a retired federal judge. to potentially replace jeff session. and the rumor -- a replacement will occur between election day and christmas. >> bill: thank you, buddy, nice to see you. what's cooking over there? >> heather: we'll talk about hillary clinton strongly defending her husband's decision to stay in office after his affair with an intern. >> in retrospect, do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal?
6:51 am
>> absolutely not. >> it wasn't an abuse of power? >> no. >> heather: our a-team will have a lot of things to say about that coming up in the next hour. vapocool. the vaporizing, nightime coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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6:54 am
>> heather: welcome back. hundreds of hondurans are making their way to the u.s. in a caravan hoping to seek asylum. meanwhile, president trump discussed his current immigration laws on 60 minutes saying he is not happy and wants to make some changes. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on that. hi, william. >> as you know, thousands of central americans leave their country every day. here they're doing it as a group. typically migrant pay a smuggler half the money up front and work off or wire the money. not everybody has 8,000. it began as a group of 150 but
6:55 am
now over 1500 moving through honduras, guatemala and mexico. some will stay with the caravan or some break off forced to leave by poverty and violence at home. >> there are no jobs, there is nothing here. our kids even the little ones are scared there are gang members and sometimes they come and destroy everything and they see it all. >> mexico warned saturday that everyone needs a visa to enter. this group wants asylum in the u.s. many in mexico think the united states need to help them. the administration is considering a policy change to give families a choice, stay with your children but in detention together. >> president trump: when you allow the parents to stay together, okay, when you allow that, what happens people will pour into our country.
6:56 am
there have to be consequences for coming into our country illegally. >> the problem is now there are no consequences. the border patrol apprehended 200,000 hondurans the last three years. one in three are families. enormous pressure on mexico to turn this group away. >> heather: we'll see how it impacts the mid-terms. >> bill: a lot more to get to now. the president and first lady en route to see survivors after hurricane michael. we'll be there when they arrive live. plus the president now sending his secretary of state to saudi arabia to pursue the king for more answers about a missing columnist. we'll get a live report on that coming up, too. it is already a busy monday. come on back at the top of the hour right here.
6:57 am
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introducing vicks vapocool drops, to vaporize your sore throat. breathe freely fast with vicks sinex. sniff my congestion's gone. i can breathe again. i can breathe again. sniff. ohh. vicks sinex, breathe on. >> bill: it is 10:00 a.m. in new york city. breaking news from the white house, president trump heading to florida and georgia assessing the extraordinary damage from hurricane michael. also he is pushing the saudi king for answers on the disappearance of this columnist. good morning. it's monday. brand-new hour. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> heather: good to be in for sandra smith. i'm heather childress. the president and first lady are traveling to the florida panhandle and georgia. search and rescue teams are combing the worst-hit areas with many still missing this hour as recovery efforts kick into high gear. >> bill: the president has ordered secretary of state mike pompeo in the last two hours to
7:01 am
immediately travel to saudi arabia in search for answers there. >> president trump: i just spoke with the king of saudi arabia who denies any knowledge of what took place with regard to, as he said, his saudi arabia citizen. he firmly denied that. i've asked secretary of state mike pompeo to immediately get on a plane, go to saudi arabia. >> bill: team fox coverage leads this hour. rich edson at the state department on stand by but let's start live ray is in panama city, florida, as the president comes your way. what will he find out when he arrives? >> bill and heather, good morning. the president and first lady are set to land in about 90 minutes near destin, florida. they'll also tour the damage in georgia.
7:02 am
the president tweeted this morning in part everyone is working very hard. worst hit in 50 years. we don't know where exactly the president will go after landing in florida. this is the scene in destin close to where he will land. waterfront properties were damaged and fish have been washed ashore across town. if he heads to some of the hardest-hit areas it may include mexico beach. 170,000 customers in florida are still without power. that could remain that way in the dark until next wednesday, bill and heather. >> bill: what's happening where you are? how are conditions? what are you seeing in panama city? >> well, you can see behind me this is a pet store. it is totaled. many of the buildings in this area have been totaled. if you look behind it, you can see a hotel where they still have customers. but there are people staying inside. we took some video before inside this pet store. the front of the pet store has been blown out.
7:03 am
inside there are still rows of products sitting on shelves. we also found fish still in their tanks. a former employee told us there may be other animals inside. she also said a current employee told her the store was scheduled to be open the day of the storm. now -- right now the roads are very busy. you can see and heard all the sirens overnight, however, the roads were cleared except for a very strong law enforcement presence. bill and heather, law enforcement here have a very visible and audible presence. they are working very hard to keep this town secure. >> bill: thank you, ray. he is in panama city. more to come from there. >> heather: meanwhile, with secretary of state mike pompeo heading to saudi arabia, turkey and saudi arabia are set to conduct a joint inspection of the saudi consulate in istanbul where jamal khashoggi was seen
7:04 am
more than two weeks ago. >> the president asked secretary pompeo to travel to saudi arabia. he is leaving today as the administration is calling for an open and prompt investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. president trump also says he spoke about the saudi king for about 20 minutes today. >> president trump: we are going to leave nothing uncovered. with that being said, the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know. i don't want to get into his mind, but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers. who knows? >> the president also says that secretary pompeo may travel to other countries, turkey if necessary. there is growing pressure in the u.s. government to respond to the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. larry kudlow is warning of stern action if an investigation proves saudi arabia is responsible for
7:05 am
khashoggi's disappearance. unclear how specifically the trump administration would respond. the president has dismissed calls to cancel billions in arms sale to saudi arabia. saudi officials suggested they would retaliate as the world's top oil exporter. democrats and republicans in congress are calling to cancel arms sales for anyone found responsible. treasury secretary steve mnuchin is planning on attending an economic conference. the saudi government says king salman spoke with president erdogan this morning and they're moving forward with the investigation the try to figure out what happened. >> heather: thank you very much. >> president trump: i don't trust everybody in the white house, i'll be honest with you. i'm usually guarded. i think i'm guarded anyway. but i'm not saying i trust everybody in the white house. i'm not a baby. it's a tough business.
7:06 am
this is a vicious place. washington, d.c. is a vicious, vicious place, the attacks, the badmouthing, the speaking behind your back, you know, in my way i feel very comfortable here. >> bill: a lot of reaction today based on the 60 minutes. bare knuckle politics in that time. time for america's a-team. mary anne marsh, david avella and tom bevan. what's going on you three? i thought it was the most telling line of the entire interview. in my own way i'm feeling comfortable here preceded by it's a vicious town. >> it's good to remember harry truman's words, the white house is the greatest prison in the world. sometimes you do feel insulated in that building. hence why all the rallies the
7:07 am
president does is so important. he is out talking to americans. his trip today going down to florida to interact with those who had to deal with the devastation last week. getting out of the white house is so important. to hear other voices. compliments to him. >> bill: what did you think of last night? >> a stunning interview. his description of washington was self-analysis more than anything. if he doesn't trust people, why not replace them? >> he said he doesn't trust everybody. >> he should put people in. >> bill: you think he should trust these folks? >> do they trust him? you don't need a wire. there is an iphone that has been using for two years to record everything. it was revealing. >> bill: that's as good as we'll get from you. >> what's funny about trump. he plays fast and loose with the truth sometimes he is sometimes the most honest, most blunt person and acknowledging
7:08 am
he shouldn't trust everybody in the white house. it is obvious he shouldn't trust everyone in that building. other presidents shouldn't have trusted folks, too. he is stating the obvious where no other president would say that. >> different than any president as well. byron york, we talked to him. the wolf book that came out. the omerosa recording using her phone. so -- >> bill: everybody is making money. >> it is the big industry in the united states, go work in the white house and then write a tell-all book. it is not new. it has been happening for administrations. >> bill: speaking of trust, hillary clinton on cbs said this. >> in retrospect do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal? >> absolutely not. >> it wasn't an abuse of power? >> no. >> there are people who look at
7:09 am
the incidents of the 90s and say a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern. the power imbalance is too great. >> she was an adult. >> bill: what are we to take from her reaction? what did you think, mary anne? >> i've never defended bill clinton's conduct. he was impeached for lying. if that's the standard, there are a whole lot of people who are in a whole lot of trouble. the other thing i have trouble with here is women in general and wives in particular are always held accountable for their husband's behavior. you don't see male politicians and men in power being questioned or asked to be held -- hold their wife or partner accountable for their behavior. that's the double standard here. >> heather: they were holding her accountable for her reaction to the women making allegations against her husband. >> i understand that. no one is going to defend bill clinton's behavior. the double standard of holding
7:10 am
women accountable for other people's -- >> bill: i understand the point you're making. it's a different case. hillary clinton was very much a partner in this relationship and who cast aspersions on the right wing conspiracy. >> absolutely -- every utterance hillary clinton was made since her white house runs confirms why she wasn't going to be elected president of the united states. they think they run by different set of laws by everybody else. americans said we won't elect hillary clinton to the white house and now you have democrats that say hillary clinton just go away. we've had enough. >> democrats have publicly and privately tried to have an intervention and remove the clintons off the stage. in addition to the sort of poor sportsmanship over the last election now bill clinton with the #metoo era is asking about
7:11 am
those things. they will go on tour. the democrats cannot get rid of them and they very much want to move on and turn the page and look forward. >> one last point he should be asked about these thing. let's not do revisionist history here. hillary clinton found out about bill clinton and monica lewinsky and the truth the time everybody else did. >> heather: more of a balance of power issue. >> i agree with the questioner from cbs. there is an imbalance of power. >> bill: elizabeth warren has taken a dna test and how seriously she is considering running for president. we agree on that. and while it's unclear whether the tests will convince tumble and supporters, warren will be able to point it out with other more own minded voters. you think she is running, right? >> no doubt. >> bill: here is the spot. roll this.
7:12 am
>> some people questioned my heritage and family history. maybe they do it to insult me or to distract from the kinds of changes i'm fighting for and the kind of change i'm trying to bring. >> bill: how will she do as a candidate? have we stopped to examine that yet? >> heather: polls show she is not doing very well. >> i think she is running. we'll have to see how she matches up. so early. the polls are meaningless looking ahead to 2020. this is all about one thing. setting up a run and being able to say when -- if she wins the nomination and runs against donald trump throwing up the heat shield and saying he is a racist. he is slurring me. i took a test, that's the past. stop slurring me and throwing out racial -- >> no one has done more to prepare to run for president as elizabeth warren. don't underestimate her. she has staff everywhere she
7:13 am
needs. every democratic state committee money and doing it today. she raised more money for more candidates and campaigned for more of them than anyone else thinking about it. when you look at this, she did this brilliantly. first she said proved she never benefited professionally from native american ancestry and you want me to take a dna test? i took one. >> her ancestry is not what prevents her from getting to the white house. she wants a single payer healthcare system and every american profit made given to the government. her ideas will keep her out of the white house not whether she gamed the system to claim ancestry to be able to get into harvard and take advantage at a college. >> bill: it will be a great debate on the issues. hang on, stand by. we aren't done yet. >> heather: another big story today. we've been talking about pastor andrew brunson grateful to the president for his release from
7:14 am
turkish custody. >> we especially want to thank for the administration. you fought for us unusually so from the time you took office, i know you have been engaged. >> heather: last hour the president thanking turkish president erdogan for his working in releasing the pastor as another diplomatic situation continues in saudi arabia. >> bill: close to crunch time. 22 days mid-terms coming up quickly. who is gaining ground in which states? president trump is targeting all week. that's coming up straight ahead. a homecoming football game, so let's promote our fall travel deal on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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7:18 am
>> president trump: to continue the greatest movement nft history of our country and maybe of any country, you need to vote republican. [cheering] for years you watched as your leaders apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. [cheering and applause] we are standing up for your values. >> heather: with the mid-terms now just three weeks away president trump hitting as many states as he can to rally
7:19 am
support including montana, arizona, nevada this week. what impact will he have on voters? former new hampshire governor and former white house chief of staff john sununu and his son chris sununu, thank you very much for joining us. out there on the campaign trail. >> bill: we don't see you in person? >> i know, the remote works well. >> bill: father/son duo today. welcome to the studio. >> heather: we ran through the list some of the stops the president is making on the way the lead up to the mid-terms. what will be the impact? >> i think it will be rather significant. this is a turnout election. turn-outs make a big deal. i think the president is rallying republicans and i think there could be a very big surprise in the republican favor on election night particularly in the house. >> bill: you've been saving that for some time -- saying that for some time.
7:20 am
why are you the one? >> i really think the republicans will hold the house by five, six, seven seats, i think i told you that just because i think this myth of democratic energy is confusing the noise of the mob with energy of the democratic voters across the board. >> bill: interesting. it's not always we can go from governor to governor. >> heather: speaking of the mob, we have sound from alec bald win in new hampshire raising money for the democratic party there. listen to what he had to say and get your response. >> we need to overthrow the government of the united states under donald trump. not in violent or unlawful way but overthrown nonetheless. let's make america great again by making donald trump a casino operator again. >> heather: what about that? how will it play in new hampshire?
7:21 am
>> you have someone like alec baldwin highlighting a dinner for the democrat party in new hampshire i find it disgraceful. whether new hampshire or nationally mainstream democrats have to decide, will they be represented by hollywood liberal fringe elitists or do they want to come to work with folks to try to get things done and move the ball forward in a constructive way? that plays nicely for headlines to get the fringe element excited but as the old man was saying, i don't think it really plays with -- new hampshire is a purple state. >> bill: how do you compete with your opponent molly kelly? >> the contrast is night and day. i don't worry about competing. look at our results. we've gotten tremendous results in terms of our economy, mental health, opioid crisis, a model for the rest of the country. i do the job and let the results speak for themselves. good luck trying to promote her
7:22 am
record. >> bill: what does the old man say? i would never say that without a preface from your son sitting next to you in the same room. >> look, he has done a great job. he has cut business taxes. he has brought jobs back. we have unemployment rate around 2%. the biggest problem the state has right now is finding enough workers for all the jobs that are there. he has taken the opioid crisis head on and really after almost 20 years of democrats sitting in the corner office in new hampshire he brought it back to what new hampshire used to be. >> bill: a tweet from the president talking about the rallies. i'll make a point after that. he said the crowds at my rallies are bigger than they've ever been before including the 2016 election. never an empty seat in large venues. many thousands of people watching screens outside. enthusiasm and spirit is through the roof. something big is happening,
7:23 am
watch. come back to your point of republicans holding the house by five seats. we all missed it in 2016. we are watching the rallies. the night before the primary in new hampshire it was 20 degrees below zero and he packed a hockey arena in downtown manchester. the question then becomes this. are we missing it again? or for those who show up at his rally is that the core base he has always appealed to? >> i think what is happening is that he is taking full advantage of what happened with kavanaugh and keeping that message alive for the next three weeks. and that to me is the key. there is a difference in the anger between republicans and the democrats. the democrats are angry to scream. republicans are angry to go and vote. that will be the difference. >> heather: i wanted to ask about that in terms of
7:24 am
kavanaugh. do you think the bulk that has come in terms of republicans being rallied to go vote in the mid-terms? how do you make it last? >> everyone talks about the energy in the democratic side and not realize there is energy on the republican side as well. you can't let the negativity, the dysfunction of washington, d.c. define the results we get in our state. a lot of the governors across the country have that same message. governors work with people and manage at a very retail level. that's what really resonates with folks. look someone in the eye and solve a problem. at the end of the day washington is a circus. there is energy on both sides and again i agree i think there will be a lot of congressional seats especially in new hampshire, great candidates, great service that will surprise a lot of folks not just in new hampshire but across the country. >> what is your sense fw the governor's races when you think about determining the future? >> the republicans have a little problem.
7:25 am
they're defending so many governors. i think there are 31. >> 33 governors and 26 defending. >> whenever you defend a lot, you have a problem of losing one or two or three or four. >> bill: house is the same story. >> the difference i think is governors can stand on their own record in their own state and create their own energy and enthusiasm. i have not followed the governors races across the country as closely as i have the congressional and senate races. right now of the 10 most popular governors in the country are all republicans. >> heather: in terms of a mistake that could be made moving towards mid-terms, what's the biggest mistake that democrats could make and republicans could make? >> i think the democrats have made their mistake. they are leading with anger. republicans lead with getting things done. look at the record of success we've had in our states or all the way down the ballot.
7:26 am
senate house and senate races. those matter. those are the folks connecting with people. the one thing that republicans could make is just lose their focus, try to get pulled -- if the media were to pull them off their message. stay on message and the record of success. >> heather: jobs, not mobs. >> bill: 22 days to go. great to see you guys in person. what are you doing here? >> enjoying new york. >> coming to the show. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks very much. >> bill: in a moment hamas says it's preparing for war in the middle east. another weekend of deadly protests in gaza. a top israeli official says they've reached a point of no return. >> heather: both the white house and congress pushing for answers on a missing saudi columnist. >> the only two things what happened he is a live and still in there or he is dead and the
7:27 am
saudis did it. >> we can't have an ally who murders in cold blood in their own consulate a critic. >> heather: secretary of state mike pompeo will be heading to saudi arabia immediately. we'll dig into what's at stake in this developing diplomatic situation. of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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7:31 am
>> president trump: the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know, maybe -- i don't want to get into his mind. but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers, who knows? >> bill: new developments now. that from last hour the president leaving the white house on this missing saudi columnist. mike pompeo leaves for saudi arabia any moment. this is the investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. president trump said he spoke with the saudi king earlier today with 20 minutes and flatly denies about any
7:32 am
knowledge what happened to the columnist. foreign affairs analyst walid phares with thoughts now. let's start with what we know. keep it within bounds right now. the comment about rogue killers, put it all together walid where you think our focus should be. >> first of all we need absolutely to distinguish between the legal case, the investigation which appears to be very complicated. you have two versions, saudi version and the turkish version and the president uttered very important words possibility of rogue killers. on the other hand the political warfare which is between saudi and its allies and we have to be very clear it's a chapter that existed the political warfare for three years and that specific incident has to be treated in a very professional way, not political way. that's the big picture. >> heather: can i ask you about the timing of all this when you
7:33 am
also consider the release of the north carolina pastor andrew brunson at the same time that all of this was going on, what just a little over two weeks ago we have the missing journalist in saudi arabia. what do you think of the timing? >> we don't have specific information but the pastor was there for years and the turkish position, erdogan's position was very firm, no to release him. suddenly as the khashoggi was opening there was a release and they said the court system made the decision. we don't have the big picture. we release the pastor, what do we get in return is the big question. >> bill: what was khashoggi's political affiliation? how was he seen within the kingdom and then outside the kingdom? >> probably this will be the question of the day. i'm surprised very few people
7:34 am
have been asking it before. i have looked at his twitter account last week already. a whole year of statements. definitely he has political positions. he is opposing the current regime specifically salman. he criticized them. but he has been in full political warfare against iran and assad and hezbollah. when we investigate or when the parties investigate every scenario should be taken into consideration. just by reading twitter it is open for the public, 1.2 million followers. >> heather: so what happens in terms of our response? what should our response be in terms of sanctions, what should we do if it turns out this is true and it involves saudi arabia? >> have been arguing in the arab media the talks about sanctions, about taking action basically has oh political impact. we have three or four projects in the region, one of which is the arab alliance. if saudi arabia is under sanctions we can't have an arab
7:35 am
alliance. our sanctions against iran if we engage in that situation without the investigation being clarified it would weaken the sanctions. the arab/israeli conflict. one of the solutions the u.s. is pursuing is to have an arab coalition to help us. we have to not go to chapter two talking about the sanctions before finishinging chapter one, the investigations. >> bill: this administration embraced the saudis like no other administration did. here is what marco rubio said. >> i can tell you in congress right now there is no pro saudi element that will stick with our relationship with saudi arabia as it's currently structured if they lured this man into the consulate, killed him. we should never accept that from anyone in the world. it undermines our credibility and moral authority around the planet to go after regimes like putin or venezuela or others. >> bill: let's see where this
7:36 am
goes. as long as we're in the context of trying to guess what happened to this man, what would be the incentive for the saudi government to take him out if that ends up being the case? >> look, this is almost -- if i was the saudi government or anybody who has some experience with intelligence and counter intelligence would i do an extraction from a country i have problems with? that would be the last thing i would do. but who knows? some people the president mentioned rogue, could be rogue, infiltrated by a third party. it is very difficult to project if you don't have the data. but obviously saudi is responsible for getting us the information because that incident took place inside the consulate. turkey should give us the rest of the information. that is their responsibility. >> bill: thank you walid phares in washington, d.c. thank you very much. >> heather: waiting on all that to come out.
7:37 am
another big story today hamas and israel preparing for possible war following a violent and deadly weekend in gaza. israel's defense minister says it's time to deliver the hardest blow on hamas. we are joined from gaza with the latest. trey. >> the conflict has turned into a larger conflict on the ground. we're here on the gaza strip. behind me you see fires burning. there are a number of smrins here in gaza who have lit tires on fire in protests that have been going on for 30 weeks. the end of march, they started from the embassy being moved to jerusalem. they've continued as a result of frustrations that many of gaza's residents have regarding the israeli blockade. it has led the delegation in
7:38 am
jerusalem headed by netanyahu to use strong words against hamas. the israeli prime minister saying just yesterday that there would be strong blows and pain for hamas to pay as a result of these protests that have turned violent as the weeks have gone on. today fox news had an exclusive interview with a senior hamas official who said these protests are being used as a means to a political end when it comes to the blockade in gaza and asked hamas official whether or not these protests would stop if the blockade did not end. he said look, we're getting closer to a larger escalation in the region. back in 2014 during operation protective edge we saw a full-fledged war between hamas and the israelis. what we're seeing today certainly of concern not only to hamas leadership ut also israeli leadership when it comes to conflict on the ground. we've already seen a number of people shot here today with
7:39 am
live ammunition. we get a lot of tear gas at our position as the israeli troops are looking to push back the protestors. as the protests have erupted and escalated in the weeks through the summer, we've actually seen many of the protestors here in gaza using explosive devices and hand grenades. something i did push the hamas official on trying to get answers why they would call the people protests if explosives are being used. he said look, there will be escalations in violence if we do not see a better conditions for people living here on the gaza strip. again if you look behind me here today live ammunition, tear gas, tires on fire and even israeli snipers firing at boats in the water. an escalation earlier in the summer. we covered the protests on the border on the other side of the gaza trip. another explosion, i'll toss it back to you.
7:40 am
we're getting a lot of tear gas at this position. >> heather: our shot going in and out. >> bill: tense moments. what did you think of the president's interview last night? he covered a lot of territory. we'll put that question to brit hume coming up next hour here. plus there is this. >> the economy is in terrific shape. we're in an economic boom. people thought it would be impossible. the reality is we're cooking on all cylinders. >> heather: well, we will check on one cylinder, can the markets rebound as we enter earnings season? charles payne will have an answer on that and joins us next. i'd like to take a moment
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361. ♪ >> bill: it's charles payne and here he comes. brand-new show today at 2:00. big debut. >> we move the show. >> bill: analyze the markets.
7:45 am
analyze this. down 15, coming off last week, what do you think? >> last week was a rollercoaster ride, massive triple digits move, up 400, down 300. this is tame. a lot of selling in the big tech names. investors rotating to blue chip names. a little anxiety here. >> bill: larry kudlow was talking with chris wallace on sunday. >> these kinds of corrections are absolutely normal. this one so far actually is rather moderate. i think it's about 5% or so, 6%. we're still ahead in the major indexes by 4% or 5%. we're cooking on all cylinders, americans, entrepreneurs, workers are crushing it. profits are rising. confidence is up. blue collars are up, wages are up. >> he is right across the board. if i was to quibble with things beneath the surface it has been
7:46 am
a hit or miss market all year long. the s&p 500 names, over 200 are down for the year. in fact, 20% are down more than 20%. if you're in the wrong stock or stocks it hasn't necessarily been a good year. the fundamentals are phenomenal. >> bill: are you buying in this market? >> i'm looking to buy. i'm not the guy that goes on every day to tell people to buy. it's unrealistic. the normal person should be licking their chops now. in the next week or so that's when -- the coiled spring is when you want to strike. >> heather: you want to watch the fed interest rates. >> that's what created the turmoil. that's the one wild card. once we get that settled in our minds we're okay. >> heather: the other factor trade, specifically the trade war of president trump on the 60 minutes interview. he called it a skirmish. here is what the chinese
7:47 am
ambassador had to say? >> we don't want to have a trade war with any other country including the united states. but the fact is through the balance of trade between china and the united states you know how much benefit american consumers have got over the years and how much money american companies have made from the operation in china. you have to look at the whole picture. >> a key component. the american worker. he talked about the consumer and corporate america. corporate america loves cheap labor and love a supply chain. corporate america digs that. fatter bottom line. consumers like cheap plastic stuff. i get that. he didn't mention the absent american workers the millions that lost their jobs. he left out a key component. >> bill: saudi arabia thing is getting a lot of attention.
7:48 am
we woke up to headlines this morning that significant ceos in americans will not attend an economic conference in saudi arabia. how significant? >> somewhat. saudi arabia took in some foreign investments. the lowest amount in 14 years. they need foreign money to bolster it coming into the country. one thing for a ceo dealing with a media public opinion. another thing for the president of the united states and steven mnuchin let's not have a knee jerk reaction with a critical ally in the middle east. the white house is on the right path. i think corporate america is on the right path. >> bill: congratulations on the new show. >> you'll have to watch. >> bill: you'll be in the middle of it. >> i'll be crunching numbers during the show. >> bill: thank you. >> heather: top house republican congressman jim jordan says a subpoena could be headed for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's desk. we'll tell you why up next.
7:49 am
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>> heather: welcome back. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein facing growing pressure to testify about his role in the f.b.i.'s russia investigation. congressman jim jordan discussing those plans for a
7:53 am
subpoena if rosenstein refuses to appear before the house judiciary committee. >> when you are the guy who is running the justice department and the chairman of the committee that has jurisdiction over your agency asks you to come, you are obligated to come and you are obligated to come and testify under oath. he didn't do that. so if it takes a subpoena that's exactly what should happen. >> heather: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington with more on this. so the thing is, will it happen? >> that's right, hets. good morning. the committee and justice department failed to agree on terms for the deputy attorney general's testimony on capitol hill last week with some house republicans insisting on a transcribed interview under oath. on fox this weekend chairman goodlatte is considering the step of compelling rosenstein's testimony. >> it is essential that we talk to him. he knows that. he has not agreed to come for a transcribed interview on the
7:54 am
record. he needs to agree to do that. if he does not agree to do that very soon, i will issue a subpoena for him to appear. >> traveling with the president on air force one columbus day those close to the president said rosenstein insisted to his boss his comments about recording the president and invokeing the 25th amendment to remove him from office were sarcastic, not serious. he did not come up to the hill to clear up any conclusion. the president told fox he was surprised by his deputy attorney general's decision as aolt witness gave testimony at odds with rosenstein's version of events. >> heather: we learned more about the surveillance record the president said he will release. what's going on with that w that? >> the president tweeted he would immediately declassify the surveillance records from the 2016 election and backed off. on sunday morning congressman john ratcliffe said the records contain exculpatory evidence that undercuts the pretext for
7:55 am
opening the russia probe based on george papadopoulos and alleged efforts to attain hillary clinton's hacked emails. ratcliffe says there is evidence that conflicts with the claims and knows the evidence firsthand. >> i have seen them and tell you that the former federal prosecutor my opinion is that declassifying them would not expose any national security information. would not expose any sources and methods. it would expose certain folks at the obama justice department and f.b.i. and their actions and their actions taken to conceal material facts from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. >> founder of fusion gps glenn simpson is under subpoena to appear on capitol hill tomorrow. he plans to take the fifth. a fox news review of congressional testimony british court records, emails and other documents indicate that at least five separate sources worked through other government
7:56 am
agencies or fed the dossier directly to the f.b.i. before and after the 2016 election. critics call it the dossier echo chamber effect. every additional source lending credibility to it. >> heather: a lot developing. >> bill: thank you. we're waiting the arrival in florida of the president and first lady. they should be touching down any moment now. the area hit by michael last week. we'll follow the movements of the first couple there. also in a moment politics in the west wing. how the president handles the issues of trust inside his own white house. karl rove addresses it coming up shortly.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> bill: fox news alert. moments away from the president and first lady landing in florida as the full picture emerges on the scope of the massive hurricane. i'm bill hemmer, third hour begins on monday. hope you had a fabulous weekend. we're back in action. heather, thank you for coming in today. >> heather: i'm in for sandra smith. nice to be with everything. the head of fema calls the damage in several panhandle towns some of the worst he's ever seen. hundreds of people are missing at this hour in mexico beach, one of the hardest-hit areas. the president and first lady set to get a firsthand look at the devastation there and in georgia. >> bill: it appears to be endless from the images.
8:01 am
mike tobin is live in mexico beach, florida, where they need just about everything. >> the scope of the devastation out here really is staggering. search and rescue, search and recovery is job one here. the preliminary search of all structures was completed. a secondary search was completed where they look for void spaces inside the debris when they brought out the dogs. i hear from scott dean the leader of the search and recovery out here they'll do another search from a different angle. they went north to south. now they put agents on the beach and walk them from south to north hoping the change in perspective will yield more void spaces where people may be trapped. the number they're now working with is 178 people who elected to overnight here in mexico beach. that's down from the mayor's estimate of 280. of that 178, 139 people have been located safe and alive.
8:02 am
leaving 39 people unaccounted for. i'm told that number will be dynamic because you have a number of different agencies that are out on the job trying to not only search through the debris out here but track people down by phone. just establish communication and check them off the list. these multiple agencies haven't sat down yet today and checked off their numbers and consolidated that number. we're operating with 39 people unaccounted for, that number could change. that goes to the issue of communications. bay county officials with the president coming here are complaining. they want the president to put pressure on the communication companies specifically they named verizon. but they are complaining people cannot communicate. they can't get the message out to people about where to get aid. loved ones can't contact each other. that causes loved ones to get in the car and head for these troubled areas adding to the congestion which is something you've heard officials say over and over again if you've evacuated, don't come back. they don't want people to add
8:03 am
to the congestion. they need to get the clutter out of the way and get power lines up and start the reconstruction. >> bill: a lot to do. wow. mike tobin, thank you live in florida. we'll be back with you shortly. heather. >> heather: as the president travels to florida he is also keeping an eye on the developing situation we've been following for you with saudi arabia over the missing columnist. the president sending his secretary of state to the country to hopefully get some answers. john roberts is live on the north lawn with more on this developing story. good morning, john. >> good morning. just before the president took off for florida this morning, going down to andrews air force base aboard marine one he had a phone call with the king of saudi arabia, king salman. the president said he was immediately going to dispatch mike pompeo the secretary of state to both saudi arabia and potentially turkey as well to look into this more. here is what the president said about that phone call just as
8:04 am
he was leaving. >> president trump: he denies any knowledge of what took place with regard to, as he said, his saudi arabia citizen. i've asked -- he firmly denied that. we are going to leave nothing uncovered. i don't want to get into his mind, but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers, who knows. >> could have been rogue killers, who knows. on 60 minutes last night an interview that was taped on thursday the president said that if saudi arabia was involved in the disappearance of jamal khashoggi, that there would be consequences. listen to what the president said. >> president trump: if something really terrible and disgusting about that, if that were the case. we'll have to see. we are going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment. >> immediately responded suggesting if the u.s. were to level sanctions against it the
8:05 am
price of oil might suddenly skyrocket to-200 a barrel. they are prepared to use that. >> heather: something else that is being discussed on our end calls in congress to sanction arms sales against the saudis. >> one of the people leading that charge is jeff flake. listen to what he said. >> severe action needs to be taken and i think the congress will take it upon themselves to take that action if it turns out as the press reporting seems to indicate that saudi arabia was involved. >> back in may of 2017 you remember when the president made his first trip overseas it was to saudi arabia. there is the crown prince accused of being behind the khashoggi disappearance. the president and other companies signing $110 billion worth of arms sales. the president saying last week he doesn't think we should risk those arms sales by sanctioning them. something else might be done. the president hasn't suggested
8:06 am
what. i think what he wants to get first of all is proof that saudi arabia was behind this. again, he raised the idea there might be rogue killers who went into the saudi consulate in istanbul and did something with khashoggi. >> heather: he mentioned the crown prince. he said the king advised him the crown prince wasn't aware of that happened, either. >> bill: we want to bring in brit hume to talk about a lot of this. how are you doing on a monday? >> i'm well, thank you. >> bill: in conclusions on the saudi story. it appears to be gaining a certain velocity unto itself. >> it does. it's a big deal, bill, because saudi arabia is an absolute pillar of the trump administration's middle east policy because it is regarded as an ally and bull work against iran and has real
8:07 am
leverage in the petrolum market. the outrage in this country about this is real and it appears this hideous atrocity was committed and it can't go unrecognized and unacted upon. so this is a test for mr. trump and his administration if the facts do, in fact, establish the saudi government was responsible for this. >> bill: i want to get to the 60 minutes interview in a second. play the marco rubio sound bite over the weekend. listen and i'll get your reaction. >> our moral credibility to call putin a murderer and assad a murderer and could confront other human rights atrocities, all of that is undermined and compromised if we somehow decide an ally who is important did that we aren't going to call it out. i'll just say this to you with full confidence. if this is proven to be true, there is going to be a response from congress. >> bill: at the risk of getting
8:08 am
ahead of the story, he clarifies the moral issue here, brit. >> he states in in very strong language. it is simply not the case, however, if you look back through time that we have not been more -- looked with more favor upon the misbehavior of allies than enemies. the middle east is about as bad a neighborhood as you can get in. the whole episode wreaks of something like a mafia hit and establishing the facts when you can't really quite believe the turks just because they say so and you are distrustful of saudi arabia is a tricky business. and marco rubio can make these great moral pronouncements and who would differ with him in the broadly speaking, but it is much more complicated than he makes it sound. >> bill: 60 minutes last night. two different segments in prime time. you are sitting at home, i assume and watching it and what is your reaction?
8:09 am
>> well, bill, i had a chance last night to have my hand slammed in car door and watch 60 minutes. my hand is bandaged up this morning. just kidding. i saw a lot of it replayed. you know, the thing that i notice most about it 60 minutes was about seventh in line to get this interview because he has been doing interviews right and left. he was on with shannon bream the other night for i don't know how long on the phone. so there wasn't a lot of news there that i heard. >> bill: a lot of back and forth. i think the first segment was a lot of interruptions. the second segment seemed to have a different flow to it. but i think this is the line that i keep coming back to. my ears perked up when i heard this talking about how vicious washington, d.c. is, people stab you in the back and speak behind your back. you know, in my way i feel very comfortable here. i thought that was rich and deep and what ultimately does
8:10 am
that mean? in my way i feel very comfortable with what i've come to understand as a place that's a lot more vicious from where i came in new york city. >> well, what i think is that he has decided -- what he is telling us is this is the snake pit here but he is surviving and i think he feels at this moment when you look at the accomplishments that have piled up for him in the last week or two weeks that he is not only surviving by thriving in this atmosphere. and i think he feels like because he is a street fighter he knows how to deal with it. which is not to say i think he has his white house and administration under control, which seems to this day to be a pretty leaky places. >> bill: i don't trust everybody in the white house. he didn't say anybody he said everybody. the comment from last night, roll it. >> president trump: now i very much feel like potus. i feel like the president. for a little while it's like
8:11 am
mr. president, sir. and even my friends they call me -- they don't call me donald. they call me mr. president. i said would you loosen up? i have learned on the job, i have. i feel very comfortable. >> bill: before that, too. you are 22 days away from the mid-term. sununu said last hour the republicans control the house by five seats. that's his sense. that's what his gut tells him. where do you think we are? >> i keep coming back to this, bill. first -- a president's first mid-term is bad for his party in congress. it's just always been that way. the map in the senate means that it will be less so for the republicans in the senate and that they have a really good chance of holding the senate. the house is a different matter. all the democrats need is the average number of pickups the out party gets in the president's first mid-term and they take control of the
8:12 am
chamber. the odds favor the democrats holding onto the house. but the kavanaugh nomination was kind of -- all that went with it was an earthquake. its repercussions are being felt in senate houses and some house races. how much of a motivator by election day is an unknown. it when probably help the republicans. holding the house with a five-seat majority seems highly optimistic at this point. not saying it's wrong but highly optimistic. >> heather: my favorite line in the meantime i'm president and you're not. there was that. a lot of takeaways from the president's first interview with 60 minutes including his thoughts on north korean leader kim jong-un. how he feels about the young dictator's promise to dismantle his nuclear weapons program. >> bill: the president touching on his own west wing staffers and cabinet. he doesn't trust everyone but
8:13 am
feels comfortable as president. karl rove is live on that coming up shortly. >> the first lady, melania, she said that there are still people in the white house that she doesn't trust and that you shouldn't trust. >> president trump: i feel the same way. i don't trust everybody in the white house, i'll be honest with you. and the car has become an accessory to the smartphone. ride hailing, car sharing carpooling... mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in.
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8:16 am
>> president trump: we were going to war with north korea. now you don't hear that. you don't hear any talk of it.
8:17 am
and he doesn't want to go to war and we don't want to go to war. and he understands denuclearization and agreed to it. you see that. i trust him. that doesn't mean i can't be proven wrong. >> heather: president trump talking about north korean leader kim jong-un in an interview with 60 minutes and he added he is not easing sanctions on the regime as the timeline for north korea's full and final denuclearization we could say it remains a work in process. let's joined retired four star general jack keane fox news senior strategic analyst and from the study of war. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> good to be here. >> heather: i want your response to that, what the president just said. i trust him but i could be proven wrong. >> well, i think the public diplomacy that the president enters into with other heads of state, he bases a lot on what that relationship is like. and he believes he has a very
8:18 am
good relationship with kim jong-un. i don't dispute that for a fact. he is the one that has the relationship and he is the only one that knows what the character of that relationship is. if he says i trust him, i'll take him at face value. if he did not trust kim jong-un, he wouldn't tell us that because it would harm the relationship. but here is what we do know. positive things have happened, heather. i think that's what makes the president feel good. missiles are not flying over japan. nuclear tests are not taking place. there is a return of remains. there is a return of hostages. there is reconnection of families separated by the korean war and it is a reconnection, a plan for railroads to be reconnected. here is what has not happened. this is very serious. they have never given us the identification and location of all the nuclear sites and all of the ballistic missile sites. nor have they given us a
8:19 am
timetable and a program to disarm and dismantle them. we have asked that from the very first meeting. and we still want that. i don't think we'll make progress until we get it. >> heather: in terms of the whole process with inspectors going into the country. we don't want it to be like what happened with iran. they were given significant warning we're headed there so you can have time to put things away. i want to ask you about some other pushback that lesley stahl gave him not only trust, she said, you know, you've said you love kim jong-un and she talked about all the other bad things that are still going on in north korea. slave labor, assassinating his half brother, listen to this exchange. >> you love him just like an embrace. it's like an embrace. >> president trump: let it be whatever it to get the job done. i have a good energy and
8:20 am
chemistry with him. look at the horrible threats that were made. no more threats. no more threats. >> heather: that is true. no more threats at this point plus he hasn't lifted sanctions. he said another part of that -- this is not the obama administration, they may want sanctions lifted. we're not going to do it. >> yeah. look, the president uses terms that most previous presidents don't use. obviously saying that he feels love for a thug, a killer, and a dictator that kim jong-un, he has hundreds of thousands of people in his prisons for political reasons only. and he kills people -- members of his own family as we're very much aware of. the president puts that aside and focuses on the relationship because he believes in his mind -- believing me, he is a very tranceational -- as a basis of that relationship good things can come from it.
8:21 am
i can't argue about that. he is different how he approaches a leader and we need to give him the lee way to do that. what progress are we really making in the denuclearization progress? are they gaming us? is china telling them to slow down the process as much as you possibly can until the end of the trump's first administration? is that actually happening? it's possible certainly. we don't know if they're gaming us or not, heather. >> heather: we do know the president seems to always be negotiating. gauge that when you hear what he says about different world leaders. thank you so much for jointion. >> good talking to you. >> bill: 21 past the hour. florida expecting the president and first lady to land any moment. they'll visit parts of florida and georgia hit so hard by hurricane michael. we'll bring the comments to you when they become available. another migrant caravan. despite warnings from the
8:22 am
administration, what will happen then when they arrive? >> president trump: if they feel there will be separation they don't come. we have bad people coming in and using children. they're not their children. they haven't known the children for 20 minutes and they grab children and they use them to come into our country. while i was in the navy,
8:23 am
8:24 am
i decided that i wanted to go
8:25 am
for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. >> heather: 25 minutes past the top of the hour. fox news alert. live to the air force base in florida where president trump and first lady are expected to land any moment now. the pair set to survey all that damage from the near category 5 storm hurricane michael that tore through last week. as soon as they arrive we'll bring it for you live. >> bill: another alert. 25 past the hour. to the southwest border we go. another caravan is heading that
8:26 am
way. we're told about 1,000 hondurans are heading toward the u.s. border. news of the caravan comes as the president may be considering a controversial deterrent. william la jeunesse live in l.a. picks up the story from there. what's happening, william? >> we're looking at another potential confrontation at the border like earlier this year. immigration and border security, the debate front and center as voters consider which party controls congress. thousands of central americans enter the u.s. illegally any day without media attention. this is different. the caravan of over 1,000 honduran families moving to the guatemala border where it plans to cross into mexico before likely heading to texas or arizona to claim asylum from violence and poverty at home. >> there are no jobs, there is nothing here. our kids even the little ones are scared. there are gang members. sometimes they come and destroy everything.
8:27 am
>> one in three today are families, vast majority are never deported. >> bill: what street the administration doing was it? >> they've tried prosecution, separation, warnings, wall, nothing worked. either the courts or public opinion have forced the president to back down. mexico said saturday everyone needs a visa suggesting they will be turned back. they'll break up, cross illegally and reconstitute. nobody goes back voluntarily. president trump is considering a policy change giving families a choice, lose your child or stay together in detention indefinitely until your case is heard. >> president trump: when you allow the parents to stay together, okay, when you allow that, then what happens is people will pour into our country. there have to be consequences for coming into our country illegally. >> immigration is the top issue in many congressional races as
8:28 am
you know. this caravan could put the spotlight back on that issue as voters consider this exodus in central america, which party can handle it better. >> bill: william la jeunesse in l.a. >> heather: president trump making a stunning admission about his white house staff. that he doesn't trust everyone there. is that stunning? i don't know. what his candid comments mean. karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff will be here live to weigh in. >> president trump: washington, d.c. is a vicious vicious place, the badmouthing, speaking behind your back. in my way i feel very comfortable here.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> heather: a fox news alert for you. you can see right there happening right now air force one has landed at eglin air force base in florida carrying both president trump and the first lady to survey the
8:32 am
hurricane damage left behind from michael. recovery efforts not only in florida but also georgia. he plans to tour there as well. we saw some of the people stationed there to greet him. governor mike huckabee, congressman matt gaetz. >> you go to a meeting do you have to wonder is he wearing a wire? >> president trump: not so much a wire. i'm usually guarded. i think i'm guarded anyway. i'm not saying i trust everybody in the white house. i'm not a baby. it's a tough business. >> bill: some revealing moments from the president 22 days from the mid-terms. karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, fox news contributor. we might get interrupted. let's squeeze inasmuch as we can. what did you make of last night?
8:33 am
what was your take? >> the first one a little contentious back and forth. a lot of intersuptions. i thought the president was very forthcoming. tough questions, maybe a few unfair was but very forthcoming and in a way a little disturbing the admission he doesn't trust everybody in the west wing. i can understand why he would feel that way after steve bannon and after omarosa and god knows who else inside the west wing leaking on him. but you always like to have the chief executive. a president is better when he has confidence in his staff and feels supported and feels that there is a sense of team in the west wing and within the white house more broadly. clearly he doesn't and he spoke his mind about it. >> bill: i thought also if you listen carefully, post mid-terms there will be some changes on his staff. and perhaps at very high levels. did you take that away, too? >> well, i know we're -- it might happen within the white house. he said people leave, people
8:34 am
come and go. that's the way it goes. there was a lot of focus in the conversation about general mattis. he was asked about it but lesley stahl. my sense is that that would be very problematic for the president. he would have -- that's a tough job to fill and a tough confirmation fight. the president is already going to have some of those because of the natural attrition. you never want to have more than you need to have because they do take away time, energy and effort of the president. i'm not going to read it as a definitive the president wants to move him out. there is clearly tension between the two of them on nato. the president said i like general mattis. i think i know more about nato than he does and more about it from the standpoint of fairness, which suggests to me they had an issue over nato. but the president is getting his way. nato allies are popping up more money and meeting their commitments. it works to the advantage of the u.s. department of defense and works to the advantage of the united states and it works
8:35 am
to the advantage of nato. the president is getting what he wants. there may have been a disagreement about how to go about doing it but the work is getting done. >> bill: you mentioned mattis. here is how he answered it as to whether or not mattis was going to stay much longer or not. >> president trump: it could be that he is. i think he is sort of a democrat if you want to know the truth. but general mattis is a good guy. we get along very well. he may leave. at some point everybody leaves. everybody. people leave. that's washington >> bill: you stayed in that white house for six years and probably took 60 years off your life. >> 6 1/2 not that anybody is counting. frankly, the president is rebuilding to military, the guy who helped him get it started is mattis. i think the president would be well served if mattis remains. but he is right. everybody eventually leaves except the president.
8:36 am
he has a four-year term and he has to stay. everybody else gets a chance to make their own decision. i hope he stays. >> bill: let's see what happens with mattis. you think he stays. as we watch air force one here three weeks from tomorrow, karl, it's a big day. you've been traveling the country and crushing numbers. i don't know what polls you think are legit right now and which ones are not. but what is your sense of the balance of power 22 days from now? >> my sense is in the senate the republicans will have -- one out of every five times in a mid-term election the party of power holds its owns or gains seats. i think it will be one of those one out of five times. i think the republicans hold their own and gain some seats. the house a much tougher deal for the republicans. they're 31 seats up in the air. two of them open democratic seats 29 of them republican seats. control will be settled by that.
8:37 am
by how those races fall out. i think whoever controls the house is going to control it narrowly. if the democrats do take control nancy pelosi will have difficulty getting elected speaker without breaking the arms of democrats in red districts who said they wouldn't support her and she will have difficulty holding the caucus together if she has a majority. i think senate will hold but they aren't out of the game yet. >> bill: it's why you play the game. take it a step further at the risk of getting ahead of this story. let's say republicans do a 52, 53 from the senate and lose the majority in the house. how does president trump then operate with democratic leadership in the house? what would happen? >> that's a very interesting question and it will be interesting if things fall that way to see how it plays out. the president would have three choices. try to become a deal maker and find areas of agreement with
8:38 am
the house. try to become a deal maker and find agreement with the house but also like bill clinton did in 1995 and 1996 put an emphasis on identifying when the democrats obstruct or simply do what barack obama did after losing control of the house and rely on the pen and the phone to basically try to get things done without going to congress. also be interesting to see how the democrats would react. is nancy pelosi going to give in to the resistance or try to find ways to find common ground on issues and move things forward? i think the fact the democrats have been so devoid of any agenda and as a result looked like they're dominated by the forces of rage and resistance and anger and impeachment and investigations has retarded their upward movement in the house races. a lot of people are sick of that and they want washington to try to find a way to work together. if the democrats had a more unifying message i think they would be doing better. >> bill: thank you, karl.
8:39 am
we got it all in. nice to see you. thanks. >> heather: we continue to look at the live pictures eglin air force base. the president and first lady on board air force one taxiing in. they will survey the damage in florida and georgia. it is expansive as we've discussed. not only were they still cleaning up from hurricane florence, then they had hurricane michael roll through. it really has left deaths, injuries, devastation in the path. >> bill: 19 people reported dead so far. mike tobin was reporting two hours ago that in one time 35 people are missing. we're watching the trip. want to get a quick commercial trip. we won't miss any of this but let's squeeze it in. back to florida on the other side.
8:40 am
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>> bill: 18 minutes before the hour. eglin air force base. panhandle of the state of florida. this is a little west of where
8:43 am
the worst of the damage occurred in mexico beach, florida, where the president and first lady will see significant scenes today about how ferocious mother nature can be. in a way that you seldom see. heather, some of the aerials and drone images we've seen. >> heather: people still missing. 100 people are still missing in mexico beach. >> bill: when a storm like this creates itself so quickly and with such ferocity and travels and hits land with the force it had with warm waters in the gulf and all the search from the ocean that is bringing with it, barely anything can stand up to that. you take a category 4 storm at a category 3 in the georgia/florida line. all the pine trees and phone
8:44 am
lines and how widespread the devastation has been. >> heather: power outages. albany, georgia, speaking of moving further inland, half the city at one report still without power so you have to deal with that across three states -- four, you also include north carolina and south carolina, power crews traveled to those states as well to help restore power. marc thiessen is a columnist for the "washington post" and fox news contributor joining us now to talk a little bit more. bill was just saying the president doing what presidents do, there to survey the damage and wanting to respond correctly, quickly, and efficiently. >> this is a moment when people look to their president regardless of party. he is the consoler in chief. he is also the chief executive in terms of disaster management. he has to come in and there give them comfort not only that the country is behind them and that we recognize the devastation of what has
8:45 am
happened but also that he is marshalling the resources of the federal government to help. this is sort of one of these moments when the country should be rallying around the president and the president should be rallying around the country. >> heather: he received some pushback because he has held a political rally when the hurricane was actually hitting. >> >> bill: on the cable side we'll pause for a second and allow other stations to join our coverage as the president and first lady make their way down do the steps at eglin air force base. mike tobin was talking about what he had seen. let's pause and bring in the other folks across the country has our coverage continues. this is fox news coverage of the president's trip to hurricane-ravaged florida. i'm bill hemmer on monday. the president and first lady
8:46 am
arriving a moment ago. they're about to see scenes of devastation that few of us see in our lifetimes. 19 people reported dead, at least one town suggests 35 others missing. the death toll could go higher before it's all done. michael, category 4 hurricane, 155 mile-an-hour winds. the destructive storm surge ripped homes from their foundation and the extent of damage runs for miles inland. along with heather childress in new york. we've seen the president visit two spots in the american southeast hit by mother nature that changed a lot of lives for a long time. >> heather: coming on the heels of hurricane florence. governor rick scott there and congressman matt gaetz. as we were just discussing he becomes the consoler in chief in moments like this. >> bill: in the case of rick scott, the governor, he has been on the scene for all of
8:47 am
these events. now he is running for senate. what he said over the weekend about indescribable damage. rescue personnel have checked out 25,000 homes and so much more to do. this is where the tour begins for the first couple. >> heather: we were showing the drone footage across the area. it being so expansive. it is amazing the technology we have today that we did not have in previous storms years ago where we can see exactly what has happened to people. then we also had a report earlier where one family actually used noaa satellite systems where they saw their grandparents in a home within the expanse of the damage and they put out help in their yard. turned out they were okay so it was a happy ending. >> bill: so much of this is a repeated story in that you lose the power, the evacuees leave and then they come back. this is taken to a much greater
8:48 am
degree so far here in florida. not only dealing without power and the foundations of homes that have vanished, but there is no cell service. as much as we've come to rely on technology and the internet, there is none of that right now. it is word of mouth for the people trying to figure out what's next for this stage of their lives. if we could get a moment for the president to answer questions and make a comment. we'll hang on the image until we get further confirmation of that. >> heather: that's why there are still so many people missing or unaccounted for. as you mentioned, communications are down. power is out. the president tweeting out earlier that he would be making this trip today and specifically thanking all the first responders. >> president trump: i just want to mention while we're here we will be doing a pretty big tour and going to georgia. rick scott, your governor, has done an incredible job. all of you people are working with fema and first responders,
8:49 am
law enforcement. the job they've done in florida has been incredible and likewise i'm hearing in georgia very good things, rick. i want to thank you. you are a great governor. he steps up in the biggest emergencies, the biggest problems and he gets it done. rick scott, thank you. >> we talked almost every day. brock long is here with fema. i've gotten everything i've asked for from fema, they've done. we have food and water out. we had search and rescue teams the night of the hurricane go into communities to save lives. they saved a lot of people's lives. everybody has worked together, national guard, highway safety. i want to thank everybody. all the coordination statewide.
8:50 am
i want to thank the president again. every time i called he comes through and does what he says he is going to do. >> president trump: one of the most incredible things. we have thousands and thousands of electricians at the top level. the electric company have followed as the hurricane left they followed behind it and put on hundreds of thousands of homes that are already back. one problem is some homes don't exist anymore. they are wiped out. they have electric going to every site but the electric companies have been really incredible in response. we want to thank them, too. thank you to everyone. we want to make sure they're safe and fed. many people have no homes. some of them have no trace of a home. it is blown off the footings. so our big thing is feeding, water and safety. and again, rick scott has done
8:51 am
an incredible job, really, i want to thank him. thank you, everybody. >> bill: it is a governor's first responsibility especially when it comes to the state of florida. you think about how much governor scott has been exposed to this. the initial remarks are quite clear that he respects the job of fema, the federal government and the president have done so far with their requests to get more help. >> heather: the president thanking fema, first spopders and law enforcement feeding, water, power, those are the priorities right now. >> bill: matt gaetz represents congressional district one in the panhandle. this is what they're dealing with in mexico beach. another body was found on saturday in the rubble. there is a lot of rubble remaining behind. sunday you had 200,000 customers in florida still in the dark in 11 counties. such a wide area. that's just in florida and not counting georgia to the north. 4,000 members of the florida national guard called up. 500 added saturday.
8:52 am
2,000 law enforcement officials sent into the panhandle. looting is always an issue. for the folks who they obeyed the evacuation order and leave their home behind and that they can come back and it is still respected and their property is respected as well. >> heather: i've been to this specific area, these beautiful white sand beaches. it is just heart wrenching to take a look at this devastation right here. that will impact them years and years and years to come economically. tourism. that's a huge -- that's what they count on. >> bill: marc thiessen is with us. you think about the first job of a governor is to take care of his people. rick scott is in the middle of a campaign as well and the president seeing this. your point is well taken. you have to be a consoler is chief not just commander-in-chief. >> he has to be both. you're right.
8:53 am
consoler in chief. go to the devastated families and meeting with people in shelters today and talking to them and comforting them. and these are moments when we -- it's very hard. there is really a consequential election weeks away. we have to put aside politics and come together as a country. that's what donald trump's job is to do today, let the people know the country stands behind you. we're 100% with you doing everything we can to get you the resources you need to rebuild your lives. he has to be the consoler in chief but also the commander-in-chief who is marshalling the national guard and all the other assets we have to deliver real assistance to these people who are so devastated. this is a chance for him to really be the president of all americans as he promised he would be. >> bill: thank you. stand by. marc thiessen watching it. this has been coverage on the fox news channel, this fox station of the aftermath of hurricane michael. the president and first lady
8:54 am
arriving in florida. they will tour throughout the next several hours. later they will end up in the state of georgia as well. stay tuned to this channel and the fox news channel for continuing coverage on this story. until then i'm bill hemmer from new york on this monday late morning. now our coverage continues on cable. >> heather: marc, you're still with us? you are talking about bringing the country together. is it possible for that to happen? will outside forces allow the president to do that even when you have situations like this going on where people have lost their home, lost everything? >> how pathetic would it be if we couldn't. this is a national tragedy. fellow americans struggling as the president said their homes don't exist anymore. the foundation has been ripped from the ground in some cases. you have entire towns that have been destroyed. if we can't come together as a
8:55 am
country and put aside politics to support these people what have we come to as a country? >> heather: but at the same time the president already getting pushback. i was going to mention this to you earlier attending a political rally when the hurricane was moving in. >> yeah, you know, there are lots of people campaigning when that was happening. he has got responsibilities as the head of the republican party and responsibilities as commander-in-chief. i don't think attending a political rally was distracting him from his responsibilities to manage the hurricane. what is really irresponsible and all these people running around attacking him about his global warming policies answer if global warming was responsible for this and politicizing the tragedy, the reality is he has a job to do, which he is doing. to manage the federal bureaucracies, to deliver aid to these people and respond to this crisis, deal with the mead needs and he is doing it.
8:56 am
let's rally around the president for a day and rally not just around him but rally around these people who need us to put aside politics for a few hours and talk about them. >> bill: like to know people are giving the attention on the outside and sometimes you can forget about that. thank you for your commentary. let's get a quick break as the coverage continues. marine one making its way down eglin. back in a moment after this.
8:57 am
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with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. >> back to florida in a moment here, and we will follow the trails of the president and first lady as they see something that no one really wants to look at, because it is brutal. after north carolina, and now this, two very different storms, and you don't know what they will do. and then 60 miles in men with the flooding, then we saw that play out in another way with a level of velocity that you
9:00 am
rarely see in mexico. >> and it built quickly. >> that's right. and that storm just slammed a right uppercut to the gut of that part of the state. we are watching all that. good to be with you today. >> good to be with you and welcome back. >> good to be back. we are getting ready for what will be a three week run here towards midterms. gotta run, bye-bye. >> harris: let's begin with breaking news on the president and first lady on the ground. this is going to airbase in florida and we understand now that the president is already on marine one, where he will just be taking a tour for the first time now and getting to see some of what we probably have not seen. he's on his way to tour the damage and recovery efforts after hurricane michael. something like this that you only see once in a lifetime because while we have had a horrendous storms, sure, a category four in the panhandle of florida in recent history has never happ


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