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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> martha: the president and his poll numbers have been rising as he goes all and to save this majority in the house. good evening, i am martha and the "the story" tonight. can he pull it off? 13 days to go. the president has laser focus on him that he believed ken win. one of them is clearly the migrants heading to the border. >> the military. that is what i'm thinking about. we can't have people coming into our country illegally. it is not fair for a lot of
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reasons. the people that have worked so hard to become a citizen of this country. >> martha: mr. trump vowing to send as many u.s. troops as necessary to prevent them from crossing into the united states. tonight, we will speak with lara trump on the president's own emerging 2020 campaign. also, chairman of the homeland security on this plan to send troops to the border. he is very strong feelings about this caravan, critics accuse the president of waging a campaign of fear ahead of the midterms. but first, william who is live and southern mexico with members of this caravan. >> more if i come i can tell you that this is where the caravan a camp about 7,000. last night they are saying again tonight, their feet were chewed
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up, they were exhausted. yesterday was very hot. they made it about 25 miles. yesterday mike tomorrow there leaving at 5:00 a.m. but his lot with the woman and children. basically the tarps are here because the sun was so intense. it is raining season. they are worried about that tonight in fact we are expecting showers shortly. all i can tell you is what i have seen and heard. when it comes to middle easterners, maybe it is possible but nothing is obvious unless possibly they are trying to fit in. as for the gangs and the so-called bad guys, there are likely here but that is also through with much of the large groups that the border patrol is apprehending from california to the rio grande valley. as to what i am seeing, generally the composition committee demographics of who these people are, no different than anything you would see in any detention facility. people looking for a better life. you see the women, the children,
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the single adults. the guys open to it a job. what is remarkable is out of the dozen women i've talked to is how few are informed about where they are going or precisely what her will happen when they get there. these women are naive. and yet somehow come optimistic. when you get to the border, what you say? >> have no idea. i'm going there because i'm going to work to get ahead. >> do you ask for asylum or do you just ask for sympathy? what you say? >> i think most mothers ask for help because they really need it. we come from a country where there is a lot of violence and not a safe place for our children. >> so basically timing.
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where will they go? we are led to believe they will go to tijuana but here's the dilemma. there is a cargo train that goes very fast, people go and get entered and they are criminals there. they don't want to go on the buses because that is where mexico has a lot of immigration agents and they are afraid if they go there they will be deported. as a consequence they say they are going to walk. that could be three or four months. i'm not sure have these people could make it. that is the plan. back to you. >> martha: incredible. mike mccall of texas, chairman of the house, good to have you with us. what is your reaction when you listen to his report? you listen to those women. we'll goes through your mind? >> for my home state of texas we are very concerned about the 7,000 people crossing the legally enter the united states. i think most of them are women and children. over the last several years we have seen 450 terrorists from
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getting into this country that is through isis. my view is that we try to fix this. we had a bill that would have closed the legal loopholes. i had the border wall funding and my bill. we'd a doc. every democrat voted against that bill. that is the sad situation. this bill would've stopped this from happening can provide a deterrent and yet every democrat voted against it. i would like to go back home and the political landscape, this is part of the national debate going into the midterms. >> martha: it absolutely is. you heard the president, we will not let them in. we're going to stop the map the border. it will bring reserves down there, and the national guard, will bring the military and basically line them up. here's what chris cuomo said on cnn. watch this. >> if you put military down there, we know what the
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god forbid is in the situation. how does it play? how is that good for anybody. you are not going to turn away thousands of people, even if people start getting shot. >> martha: are people going to get shot? >> i don't think that as a result that we want to see. however, we need to stop this caravan from entering the united states. because our law treats them differently than those coming from mexico, they are given political asylum. we need to close the legal loopholes. they president is very frustrated that congress has failed to act on this party wants to do so meant to stop my recommendation was to prevent the military united states from acting under authorities. so basically, my advice would be a effort between the mexican government and the united states government.
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to stop this caravan by any means necessary from setting foot in the united states. >> martha: know the we know thd the secretary and mike pompeo, the asylum-seekers to register in mexico first. they are making the case that this will help weed out perhaps anyone who is dangerous in this pack. so for what we have seen as mexican authorities saying, there's not much we can do. they are feeding them and helping them get on their way. >> we haven't seen a lot of cooperation from the mexican government. that is unfortunate. i think secretary mike pompeo can put pressure at the added states can put pressure on the mexican government because once they step foot in the united states, they are given all of this protection. >> martha: that is what they want, obviously. you could understand why that is what they want but it is completely out of control. there is no way to process it.
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as you point out, legislatively, it is a mess. >> after we get back from the midterm elections, this'll be the highest priority in the congress. certainly in the house to provide the funding for the border wall. close these legal loopholes, provided deterrence that have come up again. they are going to keep coming as long as they can stay in the united states. again, once they touch foot here, they will be able to stay. i think we have to get creative with the mexican government. working with homeland security and our department of defense to stop them from ever coming into united states. >> martha: thank you. geraldo rivera, there are thousands of people who are heading towards the border. we hear them. as i say, you could understand why they want to come here. there is literally no process. the plan is to try to rush it
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between the border agents and hope that you cut through them. >> it is true. if i may martha just comment on something that he and his otherwise excellent appearance said that was deeply distressing to me. he said that they are going to stop this caravan by any means necessary. he put the president, he invokes the military. we can't so editorially and constitutionally, you cannot use the united states military. you can use the army to enforce immigration law. maybe they can carry water bottles or something like that, this whole sector of the military facing this ominous title wave of poor brown people coming from honduras is deeply distressing. i love the president but i think by stressing this middle eastern connection, i have covered that
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bordering more than anybody working. >> martha: we all know how the president speaks about these things sometimes. the bigger message is out there could be people who are dangerous and were getting through because they are joining this caravan. do you see that point? people can slip and who are dangerous and that is why they want them to go through the asylum process. this is a mess. you can't allow 7,000 people to cross the border. you can't do it. >> he saw and his report who these people are. you know how this whole thing started? on the 12th of october, an ex-honduran law man took out a facebook posting and he said he is going to have, a come on and join me. one of the most dangerous cities in honduras. he said come on folks, join me, the thousands of them in their desperation gathered and started
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walking. >> martha: i hear you. vice president pence and that he spoke to the president of honduras and said that it has been organized by leftist organizations and financed by venezuela. don't you think there's something cruel about that? you to hear what william said. you might get assaulted on the bus if you were in certain groups or certain places. this is an extremely dangerous position and to put your family end. to try to go through this process. >> if i were the president i would contemplate whatever legal means necessary. use the law to go after this ma man. to put him on an embargo list. to tow the conspirators who encourage the civilians to start walking 1700 miles, 2,000 miles. they will never make it to tijuana. they can't walk in those flip-flops. they make 20 miles night if they
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are lucky. they are exhausted. they were so heat stricken today they missed the march. here's the problem, we are the world's richest country. we exist shoulder to shoulder with some of the world's poorest people. those poor people want what we have. >> martha: because we have conditioned them to believe that if you can get across the border we will take care of everything. why wouldn't they try to do that? the problem is that the president said it isn't fair to the rest of the world. it is not fair to people want to come in from eastern europe, were going to the process. we are waiting their turn. were having their visas. how is it fair to those people who wait for years and years if you can come across the southern border and just tap your foot on the ground and your family will be taken care of? >> if the congress of united states would get off their respective and work to
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have immigration reform. alter some of these statues. the asylum law is the law. if they come and they touch the united states than they get a hearing by a judge. one of the things we can do in the president has asked this, let's have a lot more immigration judges. rather than a six month or eight month wait for the hearing, during which they are caught and released, let's have a thousand judges inside of a hundred. why not? that is one way to fix the problem. the other way is to do this compromise where you fund the wall and you cut a slack to the dreamers who been here for many years. >> martha: the president brought that up and it got shot down. what about this idea that fear is being pushed as part of an electoral plan? i'll play a little bit of sound for you. watch this. >> president trump is waging a fact free campaign of fear head of the midterm elections are now
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two weeks from today. >> i believe that people get that this is fearmongering at its best. they are determined to turn out and say no. >> martha: look at what is happening. there is a huge problem with this. this system is broken. >> of the system is completely broken and it doesn't work. that analysis you just played, those clips are very simplistic. i've been here for almost 18 years. there is no issue that i have ever talked about with which i was less in tune with the fox news you worth then i am on this one. we mentioned illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants, there is a visceral response that is so impassioned, it is so angry, so frustrated, it is very difficult to get your arms around why it generates such an
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intense response. the president as a politician is absolutely right. this is the way to kill the blue wave. this is how you motivate the base. whether it furthers -- brings a solution to the problem is problematic! i don't think that the harsh language does. if the democrats -- at the republicans can hold until the democrats, listen, how much longer do you want this crisis to continue? how many more migrant caravans do want launched against texas or new mexico? let's get together otherwise it is you chuck schumer who is a responsible. it does you to you the commentators at the liberal network. let's fix this problem! let's work together. these people though, the 7,000, you saw them just now and william's peace. the vast majority of them are not i says, they're not al qaeda. i've never seen any mid eastern
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or try to penetrate illegally from the southern border. what they are is desperately poor people with no hope for trying to go to the beacon of hope. i understand that. >> martha: their countries have let them down enormously. >> yes. they are dysfunctional. >> martha: i will say it again, that is on his head that there are people who try to get through in these groups. those things can absolutely be true. there is a new caravan that has forming in el salvador. the idea that there could be a string that continues and continues. 57 million people who would like to come to the edited states but unfortunately there has to be some kind of process. it can't be that simple. unfortunately. >> i agree. >> martha: thursday on the story i will be live on the arizona border with the department of homeland security, we will talk about this issue as
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is caravan moves closer to her border on the president talks about assembling military along the border. we will be there and get a firsthand look at exactly what is going on. we look forward to our discussion with her. 2020, it will start coming into focus. certain democrats like camilla harris already receiving a warm welcome and iowa. >> she has a rock star reception. they were just like moving towards her in a human crutch. a lot of love for her here in iowa. >> a lot of love in iowa but president trump is pushing his own campaign forward. his advisor lara trump joins me next. ♪ wells fargo let customers withdraw based on their word. we had your back then... ...and we've got your back today. now customers with direct deposit
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♪ >> nobody ever had the condition of having produced the greatest economy in the history of our country. [applause] >> martha: president trump, confident in the booming economy that it will help convince voters to vote republican in 2018 and perhaps in 2020 as well. had perez assessor obama was quick to jump back this week and say, not so fast.
4:22 pm
>> when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. remember who started it. remember who started it. >> martha: here now, lara trump, campaign advisor to president trump and also his daughter. you been campaigning hard in michigan. president obama, very much back on the scene. he is trying to convince everybody that this economy is in him that he. >> must be pretty hard to be president obama, to been there for 18 years. he had an opportunity to do so much i did tell the people of this country that the best they can expect is 2% growth. that was the new normal. and then to see donald trump come in and less than two years in a 4% growth. to see the way that the stock market has hit record highs, unemployment is at record lows. that must be a lot to swallow for him. it is pretty funny to see him try to take credit.
4:23 pm
democrats always try to space themselves away from republicans. >> martha: i know you've been out to a lot of campaigning. i know from 2016 that you always felt that you would a feel for what was going on out there. when you look at the midterm numbers, the latest sort of feel for it is that democrats have it. president obama did not have a big crowd. and the rally last evening. it was pointed out in several places on the internet this morning that there were some empty seats there. i know president trump doesn't like to brag about the crowd. we will mention it. [laughter] what you see out there? what is your field for this midterm race? do you think and it is does the president think that republicans can actually hold the house >> you are exactly right. i had a feel for the country and 2016. it was very different by the way
4:24 pm
than what all of the mainstream media was reporting. all the people who gave the president at 1% chance of winning the election. i knew there was something happening in this country. everybody during the campaign who was out in the country talking to people understood that. it is the same thing now martha. you are right. we do hundred thousand people rsvp for the president's rally last in houston. that is unprecedented. we've been doing these rallies for almost three years now and he has not seen that many people ever rsvp for a rally. it is really incredible. if the people of this country very motivated. and of the democrats what about the media, the reality is that people understand that if they don't get out and vote for republicans in this midterm election, all the progress that we have seen under president trump. if they democrats take control will try to impeach this president. i think people are taking it very seriously. everywhere i have gone people are really excited to boats.
4:25 pm
they're excited to vote republican. people are out there knocking doors and making phone calls. >> martha: we will see, some of the early voting numbers show some momentum. one of the people that president trump may end up running against, there are quite a few of them who are possibly in that group of 20. camilla harris is in iowa right now. she is getting a lot of positive response. she was meeting with some voters. let's show the video of her talking to voters on the sidewalk for a moment. >> it is never too early. [laughs] >> martha: the campaigner with the baby video. here's a reporter who was covering it for cnn. watch this. >> she has gotten a rock star reception. last night and tomorrow and you could feel that electricity among about 500 people who
4:26 pm
showed up to see her at the end of that event, they were just like moving towards her in a human crutch. a lot of love for here in iowa. >> martha: what he think about that? >> it is cnn, what else are they going to say? of course they will think she is the most wonderful thing to ever happen. what we have martha as a result. this is a president who is delivering for the people of this country. i think even people who did not vote for president donald trump in 2016 are going to vote for him in 2020 because their labs are changing for the better. they have more money in their pockets. their 401(k) is going up. they could finally send their kids to college produce me better for their family. take a family vacation for the first time in years. this is what people in this country want to feel. they want to know that this country is safer. under trump, all of that is tru true. i would love to know who is going to run on the democratic and in 2020, but i think it is
4:27 pm
going to be incredibly hard to defeat president donald trump. >> martha: your campaign has brought in $100 billion at this point. there is a lot of enthusiasm. it'll be fascinating to watch. laura, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: we've heard a lot of talk about this blue wave as we are just discussing. according to the numbers come with the political ip shifting a little bit. here to examine them because we all know that nobody knows what is going to happen on november 6. we'll take a look at some of these brand-new numbers when we come back. ♪ this is an insurance commercial.
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♪ >> martha: turn on the tv, reading newspaper, chances are you have been antedated with talk of a big blue wave. it is believed to be coming. if you look closely at some of the latest polling, some of that is tightening up at some of that is shifting. here now, mark from american enterprise, adrienne elrod from hillary clinton's campaign in 2016. i think 2016 taught us a lot about looking at these polls, about anticipating. as much as i heard about the big blue wave, i'm hearing that it is shifting.
4:32 pm
when i look at some of the cold hard numbers from the political report, they rank 72 g.o.p. seats and only five are democrats. you have a lot of numbers that look like democrats will pretty handily take over the house. what is your assessment? >> like you and everyone else i have a lot of humility after 2016. i'm not in the prediction business. at this point, the talk of the blue wave has receded shall we say. we're talking more. the predictions are saying that the democrats will probably take back the house by the average production is 25 seats. they need 23. if one or two of those races go against the democrats, it could keep the house in republican hands. what is happening is, in those tight races where they have a structural advantage. the races are tightening
4:33 pm
significantly. a perfect example of that is the third congressional district in new jersey, where tom macarthur is facing a tough challenge from andy kim. this is a district that republican plus two, the one for obama twice. they switched to trump. this is a district that democrats really need to win if they are going to take back the house. they were up by ten points before the brett kavanaugh hearings, right now the latest poll has mccarthy up by two. a dozen is many republicans have pulled away, it is a tough race. it has tight did tightened a l. >> martha: adrian, you may be heard i was interviewing lara trump a little while ago. she is campaigning for republicans around the country. she was working on the 2020 trump campaign as well. she feels something out there that is not being reflected in these polls. look at brett kavanaugh, the caravan, the president likes to
4:34 pm
put those things together. they believe in bigger numbers. is that concern you? >> no it doesn't concern me at all. here's why. first of all, health care and the economy of the two issues that are driving this election. we are saying it and some of the polling leading up to the midterm election. americans are concerned, a lot of these people are trump supporters. they are concerned that a republican majority is going to take weather health care. they are concerned that obamacare is going to be repealed. it was not overwhelmingly popular when it was passed but now it is. they take a look at the polls during the special elections and they're taking this concern to the polls in the midterms. as for the caravan, this is something that donald trump and a lot of republicans do. they tried to deploy scare tactics. to make people nervous. the swasey donald trump going on the campaign trail, delivering red meat. trying to get them excited
4:35 pm
to a certain extent it might work. ultimately when people go to the polls and we are seeing this from independence or moderate republicans were leaning towards democrats and the cycle. they will vote on kitchen table issues that matter most to families that is health care in the economy. >> martha: we will watch. thank you. good to see you both tonight. the trump administration appears to be helping its fans. the death of jamal khashoggi. >> are making it very clear that the united states does not support this ruthless action, to silence mr. ten, a journalist through violence. >> martha: is a big developments from mike pompeo on what is going to be done and retaliation. what is the administration, what is their play? how will it work? here to walk us through what happens next. ♪ helped put a roof over the heads
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the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier. introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. >> the cover-up was horrible.
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the execution was horrible. they shouldn't of never been there. it should never happens. we are waiting for tomorrow afternoon. everyone will have a lot of information. we have gained a lot of information. we will know what he much everything there is to know i believe. >> martha: that is president trump moments ago. criticism of saudi arabia after brand-new reports have emerged suggested that body parts up khashoggi may have been located in a backyard garden near the saudi consulate general's home. that is also all still to be confirmed. mike pompeo offered a very strong message of what comes next. >> we are taking appropriate actions which include revoking visas, other measures. we are also working with his treasury department to review the applicability of a sanction through those individuals. >> martha: here now, strategic
4:41 pm
analyst and chairman for the institute of the study of work. good to have you here. what did you take away from what mike pompeo said there? >> first of all, everybody that participated in this is accountable to a certain point. the administration policy makers, they frustrated here. they are mindful of the importance of this relationship with saudi arabia. based on u.s. national interest. that meant security of the american people. but, it is a breakdown of trust and values. that false narrative that they have put out, a fistfight leading to his death. absolving themselves completely of any culpability in this operation. despite the fact that it was done by high security officials under the authority of the
4:42 pm
intelligence director. deploy to a foreign country to silence a critic of the administration. those people who were on that operation, they believe firmly that they were doing that in concert with saudi policy and in concert with saudi culture and handling this. to think that they could walk away from that and say, we have no culpability is absurd. that is what is so frustrating. >> martha: about the dynamic in the middle east, some were saying that turkey is sort of using this as much as they can to their advantage. today, while the saudis were holding this big financial conference that not as many people showed up to, everyone was praising and a standing ovation for the crowned prince. at the same time, turkey is putting out all of these new details. body parts found. what are they trying to get at? >> they are competitors in the
4:43 pm
region. erdogan has certainly become a much more challenging ally of ours. given his policies that he has taken and moving it to an islamic state. they obviously have an authoritarian rule. a conflict we have over them with syria. he is actually using this as leverage against the saudis. what is fact and what is fiction? that is why the administration sent the director of the cia to turkey. we don't know when they are long and telling the truth. >> martha: as you say, there was all this talk about an audiotape. mike pompeo said, we never saw an audiotape. >> if there was an audiotape, it would be out. it would be so damaging. that would have been out in the full public view. >> martha: yet to be very careful. thank you very much. good to see you. nancy pelosi picks up the gavel in november, what are her plans
4:44 pm
for the results of the muller investigation? would she pick up that investigation as well? jim jordan come up next. >> i am a great legislator. one of the reasons i am is because i recognize the contributions of others. committee chairs and all the rest. ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter when you retire, ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed. see how lincoln can help.
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♪ >> that is interesting. to use it or not to use it. in terms of negotiating with others. getting back to what we will do. we will exercise oversight to the responsibility of the congress of the united states. >> martha: nancy pelosi had to get her plans should voters give her that gavel in a couple of weeks. eyeing democrats and elijah cummings perhaps would probably be the leadership and judiciary on oversight respectively. joining me now is house republican at jim jordan, a member of the committee. but debbie with us. thank you for being here. first of all, what is your reaction to what she said there? you've often wielded subpoena power and wanted to use that. i guess we have to expect that if the she was on the other
4:49 pm
foot, the opposite will have that as well. >> i am sure they are going do it. i think it's power we know from a policy standpoint what they will try to do. they will try to raise your taxes. they will try to abolish i.c.e and socialized medicine. from an investigative standpoint, they will try to impeach the president. they will try to get his tax return, investigate all of his business dealings. in my mind, more important in the investigation that democrats will start if they get control of congress is doing that they will stop. that is the fbi investigation. they did what they did come as wrong as that was. dressing in our love, making it look like it was legitimate intelligence and taking it to a circuit court to get a warrant. he that is as wrong as it gets. i think they will stop that. to me that is what is at stake
4:50 pm
here. the bottom line, i don't think they will win. i think we will keep the majority and continue to investigate. >> martha: we will see. here's a fox news poll that shows what issues are important for this vote. for the people who were surveyed in this poll. you can see, it's a at the verm is the molar investigation. we understand that he is likely to wrap this up or likely to come forward as perhaps with his report after the midterm election. if he has done with it, is there any doubt in your mind that it will be picked up by the oversight committee and continued probably throughout the rest of the course of the term presidency? >> probably sell. they will investigate all kinds of things if they get power. they have taken some of the most extreme positions i've ever seen the democrat party taken american history. yes, they will continue the investigation. that underscores why it is so
4:51 pm
important that in 14 days republicans keep the majority. they applaud kaepernick when he disrespects the flag, they embrace maxine waters when she says go out and harass anyone who supports the president. that is the vision they offer the country? and oh by the way, two years of investigations if they win. first is the amazing record of 21 months of leadership by the president, taxes are caught, the economy is going at 4.2%. lowest unemployment. hopefully will be able to win. we will continue the investigation to the fbi. >> martha: we will see. congressman, thank you. good to see you. coming up next, what might be the second most controversial issue of the week as a trump administration transported definition on gender. ♪
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>> martha: white coats taking some heat this week, not just on immigration, but also on official policy on gender. a series of decisions under the obama administration loosened the legal definition of gender, and that, of course, sparked nationwide debate, as you remember, over bathrooms, college dorms, sports leagues, it all boils down to a demand for quality. a fight in which my next guest says, activists are approaching it all wrong. here now, author of the new book "provocations," which is a sensational collection of so much of her work, she is provocative from the beginning. good happy with us tonight, thanks for being here. talk to me about your reaction to this, because the administration really hasn't laid out exactly what they mean by this change, but basically, they are saying they could go to a position where they consider a person's sex to be the gender
4:57 pm
they were born with. >> there are a lot of fantasy around the notion of gender right now. i identify as transgender, but i totally acknowledge that there are two biological sexes, and you cannot change -- sex is coded in the dna in every single cell of your body. >> martha: do you see any problems with this concept of going back to the initial recognition of that? what impact do you think it might have on things like bathrooms and sports? >> i think it is quite unfair, actually, as a feminist that girls are being deprived of first prizes and athletic competitions across the world because you have either a male to female transgender person, or a girl who was in the process of changing gender, who is taking testosterone for medical
4:58 pm
reasons, and permitted to do that after many athletic guidelines. >> martha: you take a look, obviously, at the #metoo movement that has been going on, watch what happened with brett kavanaugh. you say astonished after the victory of the swing that we are back to feminist puritanism. you talk about women not being victimized in this, and that feels like what a lot of this conversation goes. >> my pro-sex feminism, came in the 90s thanks to madonna, we basically won against the insanity of the catharine mackinnon period of the 1970s, which was really a resurgent of the salem witch -- puritanism, as far as i'm concerned. now we're back to victims of feminism, i think this is not helping women to define them as
4:59 pm
weak and vulnerable. >> martha: how do you describe victim feminism? >> well, i am an equity feminist. i demand equality of opportunities in the professional and political realms. but, unfortunately, victim feminism is all about the defining women as eternally vulnerable, requiring special protections, and this kind of feminism isn't shot through with antimale bias and even hatred. i think it is neurotic, bordering on psychotic, sometimes. my feminism is based on admiring men, requiring of them honorable behavior, of course, but i can acknowledge all the tremendous achievements of men in history. there is no such thing as patriarchy, except in certain key periods in history, such as the victorian period or rome. >> martha: thank you very much, camille polley, very good to have you with us tonight.
5:00 pm
that is our story for tonight, thanks for being with us. tomorrow, as well, we will be in arizona, thursday live on the border with second christian nielsen for an exclusive interview, and we will see first-hand the situation there as the massive migrant caravan inches closer to our southern border. good night, everyone, thanks for being with us, tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." four days, we have watched as a growing caravan of honduran nationals has snakes northward to our border to claim asylum here. the spectacle has been televised from the very start and has sparked an explosive political debate. another caravan of asylum-seekers


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