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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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wouldn't? that wraps up this hour, "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye bye. jillian: jill good morning, october 29th, killed in cold blood, suspect due in court today. rob: disturbing details revealed about his past as we get a first look at the victims. jillian: turn around message from from the white house to the migrants as reinforcements are sent to the border. >> there's a right and legal way to come to the country and no other ways will be tolerated. rob: live again from méxico right in the mist of that caravan. jillian: is that prince harry, joke have been going on for a while, royal resemblance. rob: "fox & friends first" begins right now.
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♪ ♪ rob: good morning to you, you are watching "fox &&friends fir. jillian: we are getting a first look at the pittsburgh synagogue shooting, accused killer due in court today as we learn more about the twisted plot. rob: david lee miller live in pittsburgh after just a terrible weekend and the community trying to pull together, david lee. >> good morning. the u.s. attorney here in pittsburgh started the process to seek the death penalty for alleged synagogue bomber robert
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bowers the ultimate decision will be made by the u.s. attorney general sessions. as for the criminal charges bowers is charged with a number of different crimes among them we are told free exercise of beliefs resulting in death and also 11 state counts of hock side. according to affidavit filed by fbi, bowers during gunshot with police called i just want to kill jews. the affidavit says he repeated that phrase more than once. later this afternoon about 1:30 he's going to have his initial appearance in court before a federal magistrate. meanwhile the city of pittsburgh continues to grieve and to recover from this tragedy, last night thousands turned out for an interfaith prayer vigil and for now the survivors themselves
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are peaking out for the first time, bare webber only feet away from the shooter inside the synagogue miraculously went unnoticed. >> he didn't see us thank god. the only thing i had in my hand was a cell phone and dumb phone so doesn't light up when i'm talking. i could see he looked around because there was shaft of light. he stepped over body, stepped out and walked out. >> authorities release identity of all 11 victims, their next akin have been notified. according to jewish tradition, a funeral is to take place as soon as possible after death, that process has been delayed because of work by the medical examiner but we can expect the first funerals to take place very shortly.
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back to you in new york. rob: our hearts to those families, what a terrible story from saturday. david lee miller, thank you so much. jillian: the passenger plane that plunged into the sea was clear to return back to indonesian airport just 3 minutes after takeoff all 189 people brand-new lion air jet are believed to be dead. officials say it lost contact 13 minutes after takeoff, the seam plane experienced technical problem in last night, personal items cell phone and luggage being recovered from the sea, heartbroken families gather at the airport, tragic crash comes 2 years after the u.s. lifted almost decade's long ban in indonesian airlines. rob: police say brandon acuña opened fire in san diego interstate, adams had just pulled over to try and help
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acuña who we thought was stranded on the side of the road, the men did not know each other, acuña is also accused in another shooting and attempted burglary. jillian: trump administration doubling down at the border, military moving down barriers as dhs makes clear the migrant caravan will not get into the u.s. rob: this as one migrant dies in guatemala while hundreds more force their way into méxico to try and join up with the initial caravan, griff jenkins live in southern méxico where he's been traveling with the first caravan, griff, good morning to you. griff: good morning, rob and jillian, they are just waking up in san pedro, we are hearing now, we can hear the organizers just rallying people, they are about to start their march, they had a day of rest yesterday and that, of course, led to sort of policing each other and trying to figure out how to get more
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organized and figure out their march which would ultimately take them to méxico city. i want to take 2 seconds to bring in lucina who is our mexican city producer, lucina what are they saying to the group? >> he's calling for hunger strike, to protest about the people in guatemala that can't go through and have been clashing with the police. griff: that's what you're hearing, that, of course, being smaller people trying to get to guatemalan border there where one reported to be dead, news to them, yesterday we spoke to one of the individuals here in the caravan that speaks english, his name is ronald, he believes this group already is too big, take a listen. >> too many people now, so when in the beginning there were 2,500, now more than 8,000 people. now we have to follow some rules, you know, because if we don't keep following the rules, so this -- this caravan they
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don't go nowhere. griff: you can look now, one of the things they've been doing is putting women and children in vehicles trying to prioritize that because, of course, it's going to be a long march, another day, expected to go to city about 30 miles away and they want to do it in night before the heat of the day, but one thing is for sure in larger picture when they hear dhs secretary nielsen or president trump say don't come, you will not be let in, they are not deterred and keep marching, the scene any moment they'll begin moving and we will move with them, rob, jillian. jillian: thank you for good reporting, keep us updated. thousands flood the streets in brazil overnight to celebrate the nation's new president elect, winning a runoff election weeks after he was stabbed on campaign trail, the far-right candidate seriously wounded at rally in early september, often compared to president trump, promised to crack down on
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corruption and crime, the white house says the president called to congratulate him. rob: vice president mike pence heading to michigan today, he's getting back on campaign trail until week until midterms, 8 days actually for congressman mike bishop and republican candidate in oakland, later on the vice president will head to grand rapids for rally for republican senate candidate john james. president trump in full campaign mode just a little over a week until midterms, of course, florida on wednesday and on saturday rallying for son desantis and rick scott for senate, the president then campaigning for senate hopeful josh in tight race in missouri, the rally voters in west virginia for senate candidate patrick morci on friday. jillian: boston red sox making history winning their fourth world series since 2004.
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>> the red sox win the world series, 5-1 the final tonight. jillian: sox finishing off la dodgers 5-1 in game 5, pierce world series mvp after hammering home 3-run home run, red sox finished the year with 119 wins including playoffs, we are live in la with overnight celebration in 30 minutes. i think that's torture when you win in the away city and they are all like, really. come on. rob: they spent a lot of money on tickets too. 9 minutes after the hour and just a terrible story from over the weekend, that pittsburgh shooting and it appears to be further dividing this country, so how as a country do we recover from something like this, scholar says it starts with bringing the fight against hate to washington.
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cleaning on a whole new level. (bright percussive music) ♪ ♪ overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. >> antisemitism cannot be ignored and cannot be tolerated and cannot be allowed to continue. must be confronted and condemned everywhere, it rears its very ugly head. rob: all right, president trump condemning saturday's massacre at pittsburgh synagogue calling for americans to unit against
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hate. jillian: so what needs to happen now and how do we work on bringing america together, uniting all of us, here to weigh in muslim scholar, thank you for your time this morning, what do you think is the first priority? >> i think the first priority to follow the president's lead, antisemitism is to be condemned bru also outlaw it in the united states. we would like to president to make clear it's time every school in this nation has one day in teaching holocaust and genocide. i think the other thing there's legal precedent, we know when somebody writes all jews must die that that can lead to act where somebody enters a place of worship and jews are killed. if we do not outlaw that speech, without closing down free speech in america where people can say
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hurtful things and offensive things but they cannot say lethal things which we know there's so much precedent to that. to rewandan genocide they did criminalize and imprisoned song priors who incited genocide. international courts have outlawed this and no matter we condemn all hatreds against any minority in the country, antisemitism leads to genocide. rob: we have seen hints over and over again. we see the killers leave a trail sometimes on social media that that kind of indicate where they are headed and there are the hints. >> we know from the nazis they were masses of rhetoric. they lead to murder. we can help our president. i'm a muslim, i'm with the foundation, the shoah foundation, the director is christian. people of all faiths are coming
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together to teach about genocide, we have the materials, we can bring to president and put in schools and catch people early so we can educate and prevent this hatred. jillian: no matter what channel you turn on you get a lot of criticism, a lot of people say the president's rhetoric isn't helping, what do you say to that? >> i think that this issue antisemitism is enormous it's bigger than any one presidency, it's bigger than any political party or any nation, i think the president is in a unique if there are those who make that argument, he is a father of jewish woman and grandfather of jewish children. rob: proisrael. >> this maybe an opportunity for him to clarify those who have doubts about him. i think while the questions you're raising are valid, the problem is so big, i want to include everybody in it, people that are supporters of the
2:17 am
president as an american he is my president and people are opponents, we all need to come together to combat this and all of us can improve our speech. rob: a problem on the rise antisemitism. >> it's very much so in the country, increased by 60% last year antisemitic attacks in this country which is home to as many jewish people as the state of israel. unacceptable. rob: thank you for your time, we do appreciate it. jillian: 17 minutes after the hour in just hours the man charged in bombscare targeting democrats will face judge as family speaks out. >> he was a make america great rally, used young blacks as props. rob: tough words there, al sharpton ripping the president's black conservative summit despite progress that the administration has made for the black community, giano caldwell
2:18 am
says why some african americans are leaving the democratic party. he will come up live to give us his perspective, that's coming up next ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. rob: welcome back, man accused of sending more than a dozen suspicious packages to prominent democrats is due in court as the fbi continues to search for potential accomplices, steve joins us live from miami florida with what we can expect as the suspect's family speaks out about his troubled past. good morning, steve. >> good morning, rob, cesar sayo, 56-year-old accused mass pipe bomber will make initial court appearance today in federal courthouse here in
2:22 am
southern district of florida. he's not likely to plead one way or the other, the whole process itself could last just 15 minutes, the judge will likely ask whether he has attorney or not and then talk about the charges he faces, he faces at least 5 federal charges, he could spend up to 48 years in jail, but they could add charges also including the charge of the use of weapons of mass destruction, that could carry a life sentence, sayoc likely to be shackled by the arms, by the legs and by the waist, we are learning little more about him as well both from family members and coworkers, his sister said she hopes he gets the mental health help he needs and he got weirder as the years went on. sayoc has, of course, long arrest record here in southern florida including fraud and drug charges. his sister said that he would show up occasionally for reunions and seemed stranger and stranger, he went through bankruptcy and lost his house
2:23 am
and was living in white van where he may have constructed the 4 pipe bombs. jillian: president trump making history but reverend to call attendees props. >> this was among the lowest things that he could ever do. talking about cnn, they are talking about build a wall, why do you need a young black summit to do because it was not a summit, it was a make america great rally, they used young blacks as props which really is insult to them. jillian: giano, fox news political analyst joins us to react, giano, your thoughts when you heard that? >> you know what, al sharpton also said that the event was shameful but i will tell you what's shameful, since 1957lbj
2:24 am
said, 1957 rights bill was the n word bill or allegedly said that i will have those in words voting democrats for the next 200 years, the democrats have had stronghold on black vote and what's disenfranchising for the african-american community the party that have not made difference in lives of african americans, what i can appreciate by president trump in 2016 election, this was an individual, listen, i want to come and help the black community, democratic party has used an abused the black community, you've gotten nothing for your support of them and now we are seeing what candace is doing and fully support and endorse campaign in terms of african americans leaving the democrat party, they've turned on the narrative on its head. you are getting two options, we need democrats and republicans making legitimate and authentic effort ifs for black vote and
2:25 am
i'm very excited to see this on the republican side. jillian: you mentioned what the president said during the election, let's take a look at the a poll right now from the black community support for trump during the election versus now and during the election as you can see 5% approval but right now it's 11%, gianno, your conversations with community, family and friends does everyone agree on that that it's going going up right now? >> you can see a difference in african americans, there's been things that president trump said that a lot of folks haven't liked myself included, but for the most part when we talk about economic indicators, we are seeing uptick in that, in 2016 president trump won 8% of the black vote overall, double-digits when it came to black men, now we are seeing the fact that he's working on prison reform which you know really impact it is black community the largest, we are seeing the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of our country for
2:26 am
african americans, we continue to see upward trajectory when it comes to blacker americans' progress in the country. when we look at those things i can do nothing but say, listen, we've done great work and more to do but the truth of the matter is him and his administration is at the table looking to do that more work so democrats, of course, are pissed off because they never seen a republican president go after african american support as president trump has and this is something that's truly something that we can look forward to seeing from the administration. jillian: work not done any time soon. al sharpton said that it seems like a staged rally, he said that why are we not talking about chicago and other issues but gianno, you know, i know chicago has been a point of conversation for a long time now? do we need to be doing more? >> it has been, it has been and president trump has been discussing it. i have been talking to the administration about resources
2:27 am
being deployed into chicago and i know that there are things they are interested in doing with the opportunity zones throughout the entire country where you know there's about 8 -- i believe thousands of opportunities throughout the country which we are talking about people who are unemployed, the lowest -- highest unemployment rate communities of poverty, we know it's great impact when it comes to black community and otherwise. certainly the president has been talking about these issues and again strategic steps in terms of addressing these issues and something that we are expecting to see more of. this isn't a conversation that's ended, this is one that's started and one that will continue. jillian: glad to have it with you, thank you. rob: along same topic, another violent weekend grips chicago with 5 people dead, the windy city continues to struggle with gun violence, details on that coming up. jillian: champagne flowing on both coast after red sox win world series, live in los angeles with thousand they are
2:28 am
celebrating next.
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♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back, at least 5 people dead and 32 hurt in halloween weekend gun violence in chicago. police say 3 men and 16-year-old boy were shot and killed in drive-by attacks, another man shot and killed during ambush attack in car, no suspects are in custody. nearly 2500 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. well, how about this story, he fell downed mine shaft and breaking both legs fighting trio of rattlesnake, now two weeks later sharing story of survival. >> my rigging just broke, it was like a free-fall, first thing i noticed my leg was broke, i cinched it up and start moving
2:32 am
around a little bit and i see a third rattlesnake, i was able to kill it, i started hollering and i broke down and started crying because i knew that, you know, i'm going get out of here. jillian: unbelievable. a friend found after missing for 2 days, rescue crews pulled him out of arizona mine. the steelers holding a moment of silence to honor victims of the tree of life synagogue shooting, on the field steelers scoring 33 to 18 win over the cleveland browns. new orleans saints timely turnover to take care of minnesota vikings late in the game 30 to 20 win and rams still undefeated team in the league after holding off green bay packers 29-27 and philadelphia eagles betting jaguars 24-18 in
2:33 am
london during trip, four jaguars were arrested on walking out on 64,000-dollar bar tab and they were let go and the team will handle discipline. boston red sox winning fourth world series since 2004, the team clinching victory with 5-1 win over la dodgers in game 5, ray live in los angeles with how boston secured the big win and the party that somewhere it's still going on, right? >> hey, jillian, good morning, the dodgers were hoping to win last night and to bring the series back to fenway park but the red sox proved to be too much. there were a whole lot of red sox fans in the stadium last night, check out this reaction from boston, the streets and bars were packed with fans celebrating their ninth world series win, game 5 was all about the long ball, got off to hot start with steve pierce, two-run home run on top of first,
2:34 am
dodgers david responded with home run of his own making 2-1, but from then on it was all red sox. added a solo homer in sixth, martínez in seventh, steve hit another in the eighth, making the final score 5-1. pierce was the series mvp with 3 home runs and 8 rbi's. >> best feeling of my life. this is what you grow up wishing that you could be a part of something like this but that special group of guys out there to celebrate with them, that was awesome. >> now, this wraps up extraordinary season for red sox who won 108 games in regular season and had dominating performances in the playoffses, they're already being called one of the best teams in franchise history, now they are going to head on back to boston, we are expecting the championship parade will be coming up here soon. the team wanted it to be
2:35 am
wednesday morning but we are still waiting for official confirmation from the city of boston. jillian, back to you. jillian: all right, thanks, ray, they're had so many parades it's not fair. rob. rob: boston has been solid. all right, we are just 8 days away from the highly-anticipated midterm elections, but putting aside the rhetoric and the rallies, what are the issues that most voters are focused on and what is going to lead to a win here i guess for which party, here to debate that democratic strategists and ceo of golden state consultants ashley, good morning, ladies, thank you for coming on today. >> good morning. rob: we will pull up a graphic that shows top issues people will be voting on next tuesday and they are as follows 13% and at the top there is health care which might surprise a lot of people, 10% voters want to rein in the president, 9% are looking at the economy which is very strong right now, 8% want democrats to win the house,
2:36 am
probably more than that but that's the biggest topic for 8% of people polled and 7% of people focusing in on immigration. ashley, start with you, health care at the top of the list, does that surprise you at all? >> not really, i think it's been an issue that's come up but i think what is most relevant here and what we are going to see people responding to is how well our country is doing moving forward. it's going to come down to voter turnout and voter intensity and what issues inspires people. right now we have a president who has delivered on everything that he said he's going to deliver on from lowest unemployment rates among african americans and hispanic and women for 60 years and you have the democrat party who has literally offered nothing, what's the alternative, the republicans are doing something and moving country forward and democrats offered nothing except to crazy
2:37 am
rhetoric. rob: obama has been gaining in popularity which i think has shocked a lot of people on the republican side why do you think that is? >> well, let's just -- think about it, everyone in this country is concerned about access to affordable health care and so what's funny to me is watching the republicans now use obamacare talking points to try to energize their base. many people now concerned about preexisting conditions, we are concerned about health care, we knew when this bill first passed that it was going to be a winner because people genuinely care about the health care, they really do, i can see it being at the top of the issue. rob: ashley, you talked to a lot of republicans, rick scott in florida made comment last week, he said, you know, he likes some parts of obamacare, he wants to keep protections with people of preexisting conditions but he says everything else he doesn't like, the republicans have moved left on health care, maybe out of necessity, what do you think? >> you know -- >> they have to do that it's -- it's important.
2:38 am
rob: ashley, go ahead. >> health care was one of the top issues when president trump was running and there was a lot of people who were unhappy with the costs that obamacare put on -- put on people and so adjusting the preexisting conditions was a major part of this and it's something that republicans have said that they are going to stick to, however, it's still not solved because health care were -- if obamacare did correct the situation our health care crisis we would not be having the conversation again. >> i totally disagree with that. let me go back to health care, one of the main problems when many states did no t accept medicaid expansion it cost insurance prices to go up because many of them had engaged in the exchange the prices would have gone down for the american people, so the republicans have to take the onus and they did not do what they needed to do making sure medicaid expansion was accepted all across the country.
2:39 am
>> i'm pretty sure that after president trump was elected that republicans wanted to have the healthcare conversation but democrats wouldn't come to the table. rob: we can do health care all day long, dee, let me ask you one more question, i want to get to economy and immigration. what do you think the democrats stance on immigration and sounds like they don't want to talk about caravan, how do you think will play next tuesday? >> i think right now people are more concerned about borders within the united states and domestic terrorism, but let me say this, republicans are in charge of the white house, they are in charge of the senate and the house and they have failed to put together any type of comprehensive immigration bill but the republicans need to look within themselves why they are not handling the immigration situation. >> i tell you why they weren't able to handle immigration situation, earlier this spring when the president -- rob: we have to cut it right there, i'm so sorry, we could talk about it all day, highly-anticipated election coming next tuesday.
2:40 am
>> thank you. rob: political war of words brewing between democratic donor between tom steyer and president trump. >> what we are seeing terrible behavior, consistent violence from republicans. rob: now the president firing back to that and royal resemblance is that eagles quarterback on the field in london or is it prince harry? i don't really see it but carley shimkus will be here with both stories, hi, carley. carley: hi
2:41 am
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super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin. we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin and out cleans the other free and clear detergent. dermatologist recommended. it's got to be tide. jillian: good monday morning to you, democratic mega donor taking the republican party head on, blaming gop for recent violence. >> what we are seeing terrible behavior, consistent systematic
2:44 am
behavior, complete difference between supporting injustice, creating injustice and opposing injustice. rob: all right, carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here with what the president had to say about this, hey, carley. carley: that's right, tom steyer has been major critic for some time and now on the president's radar, the president took to twitter, just watched wacky tom steyer who i have never seen action before being interviewed by jake tapper and should be running money pretty soon as bad as field is, the dems will eat him alive, steyer responded on twitter saying president trump tweeted at me in typical insulting style after watching cnn, this is unthinkable that in the midst of political violence our president would resort to name calling instead of repairing the damage to the
2:45 am
fabric of our country. well, steyer spent millions of dollars advocating for president trump's impeachment leading to speculation that he might be interested in running for president. some folks on social media chiming in, one twitter user says steyer is blamer, trump should ignore him and another twitter uses nice way to keep it civil tom, typical. steyer was intended victim of one of the explosive devices sent to democrats last week so president trump also seeing criticism for attacking him while calling for unity at the same time. jillian: do we think eagles playing in london can we stop debate -- carley: that's right, jillian, eagles they were in the uk, they played in london this weekend, so everybody is comparing carson wens to another
2:46 am
famous red head prince harry, photo shopped a picture and look closely to see if prince harry tries to get under center a lot of other folks on social media say the two should meet and take a picture. jillian: that would be funny, reddish hair. carley: the prince of philadelphia. jillian: he is. [laughter] rob: carley, thank you very much. jillian: giants fans going blah. republicans could pull a rabbit out of a hat next week, political analyst ron meyer where and how they can upset democrats. rob: hey, steve, you've got the tan back, did you go to florida this weekend? >> i was in the sun, yes, indeed, played a little golf,
2:47 am
i'm not good at it. just saying. silly sport. you can't win. jillian: you can have fun. >> you can, we had a lot of fun because they have beer. coming up on "fox & friends" 13 minutes from right now, kellyanne conway will join us from the white house, the fact that midterms are one week and one day away and how they see races shaking out, congressman mcsally, andrew mccartney and tom bongino, busy 3 hours that kicks off in about 12 minutes in the channel the people trust for golf report. rob: you're the only one. jillian: so much fun. [laughter] steve: it's hard. thank you, rob. we will be right back. ne. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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rob: midterms 8 days away and the alaska governor's race just broke wide open giving republicans decent chance to gain a governor seat there. jillian: republicans easing chance after democratic candidate incumbent governor walker abruptly dropped out last week. rob: here to break down the ballot ron meyer, the republicans had a great chance at this seat, the incumbent dropping out was bad news for the republican candidate here, tell us why? >> well, so the interesting thing is you had incumbent who was actually an independent who governed like a democrat. he ran with democrat in 2014 and he ended up winning and he basically was getting crushed in the polls, he was losing, there's the democrat in the race as well, he decided to drop out and throw his support towards the democrat, but here is the
2:52 am
thing, i think republicans we don't have a -- there's a lot of places where republicans have a chance to pick up a governor seat in a year like this, in off-year election, first midterm of presidency, i think that they will because -- because what's happened is incredibly unpopular governor, what happened his state hit financial crisis when oil prices went down and instead of shrink budget, he tried to raise taxes and upped the spending and what's worst for alaskans, he cut in check that they get from oil revenues, pfd's and this guy endorsed the democrats, i don't think that's good news for the democrats because the governor is unpopular. i think that the republican who is a former state senator mike has a great shot at winning this next week. jillian: ron, what else is resinating with voters there? >> well, i think the biggest thing is actually trying to get the salmon fisheries back, alaska is a unique state and trying to protect the oil
2:53 am
payments, incumbent governor cut them in half and so for a lot of alaskans in rural alaska they don't have a lot of opportunity for jobs and so they rely on oil revenues to offset seasonal income and so when you have a democrat basically, basically democrat incumbent governor which walker was slash those, i mean, it's essentially like a tax increase and so that's what the republicans are running on. he's saying he wants to keep taxes down, he wants to keep the payments in place from the oil revenues and govern the state in a way that is sustainable and i think that it's resinating and mark who is democrat got voted out because he was 60th vote for affordable care act, i don't think he would have return. i think it's close, the polls that we have seen have him 4 to 5 points but, you know, honestly republicans got to take any pick-up opportunities they can get in a year like this. rob: let's take a look at the poll here, alaska governor race, you can see the republican if we
2:54 am
pull that up at 48%, so it's pretty tight, let's broaden this out. not a lot of chances for the republicans to win many governors' races in the country in midterm with a republican president, tell us why that's a tough fight, we are watching one, the most popular the florida with desantis and he doesn't have -- he's about 4 or 5% behind at this point. >> i think the most interesting thing is that you have two republican governors in deepest blue states, larry hogan in maryland and charlie baker in massachusetts, they are just coasting the victory and you had a democrat-leaning incumbent in alaska who had to step out of the race because he's doing poorly, governing styles do matter, when republicans actually turn things around and make things thrive in blue states they win reelection and so i think it shows basically how republicans can win the future if desantis took hogin
2:55 am
and baker model it wouldn't be close race but desantis has to finish strong here, it's going to be close, come down to the wire and as impacting the senate race there with rick scott and incumbent senator bill nelson, so i think we are learning a lot from governing styles and how people run and does matter, republicans can win in blue states but it's the strategy and how you govern that matters. jillian: all right, ron, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> we will see you. jillian: we are coming right back. . .
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♪ rob: finally the good, the bad, and the ugly. actor matthew mcconaughey honoring some of our country's finest for the texas native surprising the houston police and fire departments are with free speech lunch. national first responders day. he met with 911 dispatchers to thank them for their service. the actor and his team from wild turkey bourbon donated $10,000 to our team rubicon helps first responders. jillian: san francisco squanders over $300,000 trying to register a non-citizen to vote but only 49 people signing up to cast ballots in local elections next tuesday. illegal immigrants can only vote in school board elections. rob: finally the ugly. can you spot what's wrong with game five in l.a.? look at that? the internet going a bit wild over the milk guy here on the left on the left seen holding a half gallon of
3:00 am
milk. a baseball fan, trying to milk the last game of the season for all its worth. why you would want to drink a half gallon of milk at a at a baseball game. jillian: whether you have perfectly beer right there. >> have a good day. >> getting first look at some of the pictures of the victims of the pittsburgh shooting. >> get through this darkest day of pittsburgh's history by working together. >> the president's mode of on pemode ofon eperandi. >> this caravan is not getting. in there is a right way to immigrate to the united states and this is not it. >> but they are not listening. they are going to start marching here in a matter of minutes. and we will be with them. >> thousands flood the st


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