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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 1, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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of every political stripe to discuss the issue. we will talk with senate candidate martha mcsally as she looks to close the deal versus kyrsten sinema. be sure to tune in. it will be an important "the ingraham angle" tomorrow. that's all we have here. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team is in washington. >> shannon: we have a brand-new lawsuit hot off the presses filed by a number of migrants part of the caravan. they are suing president trump. thank you so much. with the end of the fox news alert. the all-out effort to hold the senate lands in missouri. president trump rallying support for republican candidate josh hawley in a day filled with brand-new developments in the presidents immigration message. what he has planned for the border straight ahead. republicans are staking tuesday on trump tower wall democrats are pinning key races on star power. who will win? brazils ambassador, some are
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calling the trump of the tropics. the president-elect their valley to crack down on crime and correction -- corruption. i'm shannon bream in washington. we began with kristin fisher on the latest talk on the border from the president. >> with five days to go into the midterms, president trump is using his bully pulpit at the white house to threaten the thousands of migrants making their way to the u.s. border. >> they want to throw rocks in our military, our military fights back. i told them consider it a rifle. >> president trump issuing an executive order next week that would fundamentally change the u.s. asylum policy. >> the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass in our country by launching meritless claims seeking asylum. instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully in a port of entry.
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>> said of catching and releasing asylum seekers, the president says they will be held in tents, possibly for years as they make their way through the asylum process. >> we putting up massive cities of tents. we have thousands of tents, a lot of tents, a lot of everything. we're going to hold them there. >> democrats hitting the campaign trail. former president barack obama saying these are scare tactics intended to rally the base. >> they are trying to convince everybody to be afraid of a bunch of impoverished, malnourished refugees 1,000 miles away. that's the thing that's the most important thing in this election. not health care, not whether or not folks are able to retire. don't fall for that kind of fearmongering. >> not fearmongering. immigration is a very important subject. >> is so important that the president's reelection campaign made a make america safe again
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ad tying democrats and the caravan to replace departed cop killing mexican immigrant. the chairman of the dnc called the ad the dog whistle of all dog whistles. criticism like that hasn't stopped the president from doubling down on his claim that the caravan is comprised of some some dangerous people. >> it isn't in this group of people. large number of people that are tough. >> president trump insists that his forthcoming executive order on asylum would be totally legal and well within his powers. but there are many legal scholars who say that the changes he's proposing might be unconstitutional. >> shannon: all right, we will see. some already challenging it even though we don't have an order yet. kristin fisher, thank you very much. immigration is the focus of president trump's closing argument heading into the midterms, and tonight the first wave of active-duty troops has arrived on our southern border in texas and arizona. migrant caravans push towards the u.s. border. senior correspondent
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rick leventhal's in el paso tonight. >> at the current pace, the migrant caravan won't get into e u.s. border until sometime in december which gives the military plenty of time to gear up for the mission. some deployed soldiers have arrived here at fort bliss, one of several military installations in texas, arizona and california serving as support and logistics hubs for the thousands of troops and those troops are coming from bases across america. including fort knox and fort campbell, kentucky, fort bragg, north carolina, and other bases in georgia, illinois, colorado, even washington state. the assets being sent include helicopter battalions, cargo planes, medical companies, military police, and numerous engineering specialists. bringing materials including concertina wire and containers. they will be reinforcing points of entry with vehicle barriers and fencing, building temporary housing not for migrants. but for border agents and troops. they will be doing missions and
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ferrying cargo supplies. setting up medical units to triage, treat and transport patients. the head of northern command, general o'shaughnessy said earlier this week border security is national security. other officials of war this group of migrants may be more dangerous than past groups already involved in violent confrontations with mexican police. critics include jack reed, top democrat on the senate armed services committee who says the decision to rush thousands of troops to the border at this time seems politically motivated and fails to address the true nature of the problem. shannon, this is a support mission, not a combat mission. some of these trips will be armed. they could use those weapons if their lives or the lives of others are threatened. shannon. >> shannon: rick leventhal, thank you so much. president trump planning to sign in order next week that could lead to the large-scale detention of migrants crossing the southern border and bar anyone crossing illegally from claiming asylum. the orders aren't signed yet, we
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don't know what they're going to say but we've already gotten a federal case. the plaintiffs appeared to be migrants currently traveling on foot from honduras to the u.s. pick let's talk about it with the panel. former spokesperson for hillary clinton's campaign, josh. manhattan institute senior fellow jason riley and contributed to the washington examiner, kristen salters anderson. thank you for being with us. i haven't read through the whole thing. it's filed in federal court here in d.c. and it's got more than a dozen people identified as honduran immigrants, citizens were currently traveling on foot so they can't seek asylum. jason, we knew there would be legal challenges. but does this force us to actually go through the court system, potentially to the supreme court, some folks may not have wanted but it's been triggered. >> will have to see what's in the order that they are responding to first. it's very hard to file a suit before the order has been issued
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just on rhetoric with the threat of a suit taking place. shannon, we have thousands of people headed to the u.s. border to flout our asylum laws. you have activists on both sides of the border egging it on. it's not develop spontaneously organically. we've had our activists rounding up people and sending them north. u.s. attorneys going south to counsel people or i would say coach them on what to say when they get to the border to apply. i think the president has a duty to -- we are a sovereign nation and borders matter. i support illegal immigration, as fox they were as well. i do believe there's a proper process for changing loss if we want more generous immigration policies. that's not what these folks are doing. they are intent on making a scene at the u.s. border and i think the president is within his rights and has a duty to intervene. >> shannon: i want to play something the president said today talking about immigration and kind of the president that
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would be set if these caravans are allowed to move across the u.s. border. here's what he said. >> president trump: if these caravans are allowed into our country, only bigger and more emboldened caravans will follow. you see what's happening now. >> shannon: josh, is it fair to say? until congress gets it together, gets a handle on cleaning up the will balls and other problems in immigration system, is it inviting more of the same if the president doesn't crackdown? >> no, it's just a political maneuver for the president days before the election. there is no imminent threat. they are 800 miles away and walking him slowly. it's a lot of women and children. it's not an imminent threat and it's ridiculous to send the military and we have a professional border patrol at the border who know how to handle it. it's illegal -- a legal process. are there changes we could make? absolutely. we should have secure borders and with the right way.
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but a month away is not as imminent as the election four days away and that's why trump is doing it. it's not about the policy. >> shannon: the aclu says president trump lied about the asylum system, the family separation policy and is largely unfunded while. was clear from the timing and big nature of today's remarks is that remarks is adhesively trying to inflame his base in the final and up to the midterm. kristin. >> i think there are certainly political calculations going on here. the immigration issue is one that's long been of great concern especially to political conservatives. that's not new, but sort of making immigration in the forefront when as was mentioned, the caravan is not likely to arrive in the u.s. for quite a number of weeks. it does seem like there is a tinge of politics going on. i think it's a potentially dangerous political gamble, setting anything aside about immigration policy. republican voters were already very fired up. at the president's supporters were engaged. they were excited about the economy. they are ready to turn out to vote. i think this raises the question
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by putting this issue at the center, doesn't have the potential to activate democratic voters, especially latino voter voters. this is a group democrats are relying on to build their majority in the midterm. data points tell different stories about whether they were going to be really engaged and enthused to turn out. there is a risk that this is politically going to not energize the presidents voters anymore than they already were because they were already excited. but it may in fact do more to energize the other side. >> shannon: polling shows health care and immigration are the top two issues depending on which party you are talking about. for most voters, that's the top two. i want to make sure i get to all of you to get a comment on the on going back between the president and the media. here is something he told axios about going full throttle. >> president trump: my only form of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i did tha that. i did this before i won. >> shannon: he said this is how i got to the white house
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he's not going to back down. >> he is the president of the united states. he should be able to take some bad coverage. the way america works, it's founded on a free press and it's important. just because he doesn't like the coverage doesn't mean it's fake. cnn had a bomb in their newsroom, two bombs in the last week. is dangerous and he should be a bigger guy than this. he's the president of the united states, the most powerful person in the world. he should be able to brush it off. >> shannon: there's a new poll that shows 64% of registered voters said the press has done more to divide the country then unite it since trump took office compared with 56% who said the same was true of the president. jason, more people think that the media is to blame. >> [laughs] i think they are right. they are onto something. i don't think the press is the enemy of the people. obviously i am a member of the press, as are you, shannon. we do know that the press has behaved extremely irresponsibly. particularly since the trump presidency.
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that's why he was working with social media. he does not trust the media to get his message out there and treat them fairly. i think why he will continue to use social media. >> criticizing president trump is more of a partisan thing whereas i find democrats and republicans have different complaints about the media. you don't always agree but there are certainly folks on both sides of the aisle that have criticisms. i think that's why you're seeing that number be higher for saying that the media is a divisive version of donald trump. >> shannon: thank you for being with us on tonight's power panel. incumbent democratic senator claire mccaskill locked in a nail-biter of a race she tries to hold on to receipt. tonight president trump takes his tour to missouri to rally for her opponent, josh hawley. we will take you there alive. karl rove is here to talk about the latest odds of a blue wave and white arizona democrat kyrsten sinema is seeing green tonight and the debt everything i buy.
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>> shannon: the president's rally campaign schedule makes a stop in missouri. incumbent democratic senator claire mccaskill represents the state. he is determined to try to flip mccaskill seat to red. claudia cowan is live in
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missouri. good evening. >> good evening. in a very important state ahead of the midterms, president trump came here. he fired up this crowd of several thousand people for over an hour, touting the achievements he's made since he took office two years ago. he talked about the booming economy, the low unemployment rate, the return of manufacturing jobs, ongoing trade talks with china and he said "now we are getting along with north korea." he warned those victories and more could vanish of democrats take back congress. >> president trump: the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they have gone crazy, folks. they have gone totally loco. republicans are the party of all americans. >> trump was here tonight to drum up votes for republican u.s. senate candidate josh hawley, missouri's attorney general hopes to unseat
8:18 pm
two-term democrat claire mccaskill and one of the most closely watched races in the country. some say the outcome could decide who controls the senate and right now it's a dead heat. the latest fox news poll showing the candidates tied at 43%, but hawley has been gaining momentum and mccaskill is fighting for her political life. mccaskill has been saying she supports trump on some key issues. for instance, his efforts to stop the migrant caravan, and she says she opposes sanctuary laws. the president didn't buy it. he pointed out that she voted to block the confirmations of brett kavanaugh i neil gorsuch and he says she did not represent the people of missouri. the president's approval rating at 54%, republican see an opportunity to flip the seat from blue to red, perhaps expand their majority in the u.s. senate u.s. senate and to underscore just how important this race is and to make sure that nothing goes awry on tuesday, as the president put
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it, he was returning here to missouri on monday night to hold one final campaign rally just hours before the polls open on tuesday. >> shannon: claudia cowan with the president in missouri. thank you very much. democrats calling in political heavyweights and star power as they head into the home stretch. trace gallagher has a story of oprah and obama in georgia. >> oprah got a big warm welcome in georgia. she fired up the crowd and gave a rousing speech. oprah winfrey had something she wanted to settle. >> i don't want to run. i am not trying to test any waters. >> campaign push for georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams was trying to become the first black woman governor in u.s. history. oprah winfrey praised adverbs.
8:20 pm
she talked about the power of the polls. for anyone here was an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring your family. >> georgia g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate brian kemp brought in his own form of star power, vice president mike pence who reminded stacey abrams and her liberal friends that "this ain't hollywood. this is georgia." president trump also had a method for georgia. >> president trump: oprah is good but the woman she's supporting is not qualified to be the governor of georgia by any stretch of the imagination. >> former president obama will beg to differ when it comes to georgia tomorrow to campaign for stacey abrams. the list of other southern democrats. this weekend, the former president will head back to his adopted hometown of chicago to
8:21 pm
help rally support for illinois democratic gubernatorial candidate j.b. pritzker. former vice president joe biden is also back on the trail. he was in north dakota trying to give a much needed lift to the campaign of democratic senator heidi heitkamp. >> she has remarkable courage and a fierce independence. no better example of character in public life and public office then your united states senator, heidi heitkamp. >> the latest fox news poll has heitkamp running nine points behind republican challenger kevin cramer. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you so much. house editor for the cook political report updating his outlook for the balance of power after the midterms. predicting democrats will gain 30 to 40 seats in the house. they only need 23 to be the majority. cautioning that things could change before tuesday.
8:22 pm
let's bring in karl rove to help break it down. let's start with the numbers. if the cook report is right, it's over for the g.o.p. on the house side. >> last week they were estimating between 25 and 30 democrat pickup. now it's 30 to 40. it could happen but i want to put things in perspective. there is a power of incumbency. over, in 9 of 10 midterm election since 1974, more than 90% of the incumbents have been reelected. in 2016, it was 97%. in 2014, it was 96% of incumbents were reelected. for the cook report to hit the number of 30 to 40 democrats, you'd have to assume all open republican seats they count as likely democrat, leaning democrat, toss-up, all those go to the democrats. that gets you to 14. to get to the other 16, to get
8:23 pm
to 30 to 40 democrats eats, you have to have between 8% and 13% of the 197 g.o.p. incumbents be defeated. 8% might be doable but 13% is getting above there and even the 8% is cutting the edge compared to what we've had in recent elections. it could happen but if it is, it's an unusual, it will be an unusual night. >> shannon: the woman who was formerly the speaker and would again like to be the speaker, nancy pelosi, sounding very confident. here's what she said. >> we will win. >> do you want to say that on hillary's fireworks barge? please don't say that. >> we will win. we own the ground. we are not yielding one grain of sand. >> shannon: if she's right, let's talk about the committee chairmanships that will change. >> they have sort of a seniority system, and so we will have a
8:24 pm
lot of near octogenarian chairman if the democrats take over the house. there will be some rambunctious ones. jerry nadler of new york is the likely judiciary committee chairman. he signaled he will be using the power of the ways and means committee to get at the president's tax returns. we have elijah cummings of maryland who will be chairman of the oversight committee. he is talking about issuing subpoenas. maxine waters, chairman of the financial services committee. we'll have a number of democrats out there as chairman of these committees who are going to be rather rambunctious. let me suggest one of the thing. if the democrats do to control, i'm not certain nancy pelosi is speaker of the house. there are 46 democratic congressional candidates, nominees and the democratic party who've said i'm not for her. i will not vote for her. there are 11 incumbent democrats in the house who are returning, likely to return, who say i'm not for her. let's assume that the cook
8:25 pm
report is right and they picked up 30 seats. or 40 seats. that gets them, 23 to get to 218. let's get them all the way to 40. that is 17 more seats. what happens? how many of those 46 democrats is that i'm not voting for her in the 11 11 incumbent scumbagm not voting for her. she could win inside the democratic caucus but on the floor of the house, you have to have 218 people voting for you. there's another 30 that during the campaign said i'm not saying where i'm going to be. it's too premature. i'm not committing. how many democrats are having committed to oppose her are going to make their first vote in the congress to make nancy pelosi speaker of the house? we have a lot -- it's and if. if the democrats take control, will she be the speaker? these are open questions, particularly the second one. >> shannon: folks standing up
8:26 pm
to say they are a "no" ." >> i've never seen this big a list of public opponents to the likely, to a former speaker who wants to be speaker again. >> shannon: come back soon. bring your whiteboard. three countries courted by president obama now being called out as the troika of tierney. leland vittert examines the substance. thousands of google employees worldwide walking out of their jobs in protest of sexual harassment and misconduct. the organization has a list of demands. is facebook censoring pro-life local ads? the social media giant response. will give you both sides and you can decide.
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8:31 pm
tough policies against three latin american countries he called a triangle of terror and that's not all. leland vittert has details. >> president obama to begin a baseball game with cuba's leader. >> we have at times been disengaged. at times we have sought to dictate our terms. >> he got chummy with the venezuelan strongman and talked of new beginnings with nicaragua's dictator. valley three countries face a new sheriff. >> the troika of tierney in this hemisphere. cuba, venezuela, nicaragua. it's met hits match. >> john bolton outline the trump administration pivot in latin america. getting closer with allies like mexico, colombia, and brazil while slamming the three dictators with tough sanctions. >> these tyrants fancied themselves strong men and revolutionaries, icons and luminaries. in reality, they are clownish
8:32 pm
pitiful figures more akin to larry, curly, and moe. >> during his last year in office, president obama arrived in cuba to thaw relations only to have president trump put off much of the new diplomatic relationship. speaking at the u.n., the cuban foreign minister's complaints underscored the squeeze of u.s. sanctions. >> translator: the definitive sign of the bilateral relationship continues to be the economic, commercial and financial embargo which is punishing the entire people of cuba. >> bolton's message to venezuela and nicaragua, get ready for the same treatment. >> bolton went on to say america would stand with the freedom fighters in these countries, whether that's a clear threat to actively undermine the regimes is unclear but you might remember, shannon, a couple months ago bolton had to deny venezuela's accusations that the united states was behind the assassination attempt on their
8:33 pm
president. >> shannon: thank you. thousands of google employees worldwide walked out from a work situation today. sexual misconduct controversy at the tech giants. we have the story from los angeles. >> from asia to europe to north america, each time zone, hundreds of google employees got up from their desks and more than 20 offices and headed outside at as the clock struck 11:10. demonstrators hoping to persuade the tech company that trickled to change how it handles claims of sexual misconduct. the walk outcomes after "new york times" investigation told that google paid multi-million-dollar severance packages to executives who were accused of sexual misconduct. >> i don't think google has been an outlier and i don't think it's a good thing. people should strive to be an outlier, letting accused executives quietly walk away with buckets full of cash is standard and it really should
8:34 pm
not be. >> in one case, the creator of the android software was reportedly paid $90 million to leave despite google finding the misconduct claims credible. among the demands, protesting employees wanted and end to forced arbitration in cases of harassment and discrimination. they also wanted to pay equity and they want google to publicly post a sexual-harassment transparency report. >> we have the eyes of many companies looking at us. if we don't lead the way, no one else will. >> googles ceo apologized to employees and released a statement supporting the walk out. he says employees have raised constructive ideas that the company is hoping to put into action and the company says it fired 48 employees over sexual harassment allegations in the past two years without providing them with payouts. >> shannon: jeff paul, thank you.
8:35 pm
one of our most important trading partners come up brazil, has elected new leadership. we will take a look at the figure raising eyebrows and how he got elected. the brazilian ambassador to the u.s. joins me after the break to talk about the so-called trump of the tropics. ts or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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>> shannon: brazil's new president-elect, the so-called trump of the tropics, won over millions of voters in part because of his very tough stance on fighting the nation's crime
8:39 pm
and corruption. bryan llenas has more on the polarizing figure set to lead one of our most important trading partners. >> brazil, latin america's largest country in fourth-largest democracy in the world has been in turmoil for years. field by record high crime, its worst recession in history, and corruption scandals. it's a recipe that's led to the election of its newest president, jair bolsonaro. the far right former congressman won 55% of the vote this week, positioning himself as an outsider who will crackdown on corruption and violence. bolsonaro was himself a victim of brazil's surging violence when he was stabbed during a campaign rally in september. an instant that analysts say likely lead to a surprise victory. the former army captain famous for making this gun gesture with his hands is in favor of torture, wants to empower the military to fight crime in the streets, and pledges to make it easier for brazilians to buy guns. >> translator: we are in a war.
8:40 pm
everyone says it, you in the media say it. >> bolsonaro is brash and controversial. his election, polarizing. during the campaign, he made openly racist and homophobic statements comparing blacks to cattle, refugees to the of the earth and saying he would rather have a son die in an accident and be gay. he also told a congresswoman she was too ugly to rape. human rights organizations are sounding the alarm, world about -- worried about brazil's democracy. he has said he would purge the nation of his political rivals, forcing them overseas or imprisoning them. the days after his victory, bolsonaro says he wants to unite the country. >> the opposition is always welcome. it helps us. >> bolsonaro's style and nationalist agenda has earned him the nickname the trump of
8:41 pm
the tropics. president trump congratulated bolsonaro on his victory and they spoke about a strong commitment to work side-by-side. >> called the trump of south america. >> brazil has treated us very tough because they charge a very big. brazil has been very big tough so we will be able to straighten it out. >> bolsonaro admires president trump and like the president, he has vowed to drain the swamp, get up with china on trade and/environmental regulations like privatizing the amazon rainforest. >> shannon: bryan llenas, thank you very much. staggering levels of violence in rio de janeiro has led the military taking over the security of the city and bolsonaro is poised to give the military and even bigger role in brazil's government. let's talk about all this and more with brazil's ambassador to the u.s., sergio amaral. your president-elect is getting much the same reaction that our current president god. people say he's boisterous, says
8:42 pm
controversial, unkind things. has big plans and some are not good for his political enemies. how is it being received in brazil? >> some similarities. i think people understood that you have to take into account what the president-elect will do, he does, his policies, the people for going to be in his cabinet. since the second round of the elections, the president-elect was very moderate and what he is saying, and what's he's indicated he would do. he committed to comply with the constitution and brazilian laws. we have strong institutions. people think about what he might do the people don't realize that the institutions are strong. they have been working hard against corruption. the judiciary has taken to jail more than 15 political leaders,
8:43 pm
more than 50 business leaders. institutions are working, and they are resilient. >> shannon: he was praised and brazil was praised by our former u.n. ambassador, now national security advisor john bolton. he said. >> the recent elections of like-minded leaders in key countries including colombia and last weekend, jair bolsonaro in brazil. they are positive signs for the future of the region. demonstrate a growing regional commitment to free-market principles and open, transparent, and accountable governance. >> shannon: that speech was about cracking down on what he called the troika of tyranny. venezuela, cuba, nicaragua. you share a large border with venezuela. >> we are very concerned because this is a humanitarian crisis. 2,000 kilometers of frontier with us. we are concerned.
8:44 pm
we have been working with the u.s. for instance in the contacts. we are open to the extent we can to bring about a peaceful transition for a democratic regime in venezuela. >> shannon: okay. in the meantime, this is what the miami new times had to say about your president-elect. campaigned quite literally on spilling brazilian blood, bolsonaro has promised to mobilize police and paramilitary squads to shoot dissidents on-site. he has promised to purge left-wing outlaws. is that a fair assessment or has he moderated his views? >> the more recent declarations are on the contrary. they are in the opposite direction. but he has insisted is the missed advantage police in brazil have vis-a-vis organized crime. organized crime has stronger weapons than the police and the police are indicted if there is a conflict against organized
8:45 pm
crime. the police is indicted and may go to jail if for instance, in the context of this conflict, . >> shannon: to the issue of china, our president has said that you have very high tariffs and he wants to work on trade with you. you say that you are running a deficit so you want to work on trade as well. the issue of china is big in the region because the u.s. has competing interests with china. in a piece, headline radical plans and risks in foreign policy of brazil's bolsonaro as bolsonaro will be starting his administration among friction with china which has invested billions of dollars in energy, infrastructure, oil projects in brazil. he campaigned, he complained the chinese are buying brazil itself. >> not many indications now concerning foreign policy.
8:46 pm
the relationship with china is one of important issues because china has a lot of investments in brazil and it has become our most important trading partner. but the difference between the china-brazil relationships and the relationship china has with other countries is whenever we say something, they accept. we told the chinese. you're not going to buy land. they don't. we have to decide on the kind of policy we want to have with china, and that's a reason why they will not continue complying. >> shannon: the world will watch and see how this new admission comes in. much to learn about their foreign policy. in the meantime, thank you for coming in. breaking news from dhs on alleged criminals in the
8:47 pm
caravan, plus facebook responded to claims it censored a number of pro-life campaign ads by the susan b. anthony list. the group is not buying that explanation. chris stirewalt is here to talk about the controversy and just how much you should rely on midterm polling. he is also on my podcast this week. the final details heading into the midterms. you don't want to miss it. no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. dhs releasing a fact sheet on the migrant caravan. it claims at least 270 individuals out of several thousand within the caravan have criminal histories. dhs also says it continues to see people for more than 20 20 countries including somalia, haiti, afghanistan and bangladesh. facebook is apologizing to a pro-life group for taking down an ad. facebook says this ad does not violate policies and shouldn't have been rejected. we are sorry for the mistake in the ad has been restored and it's now running on facebook pick it and that it does not have policies that prohibit pro-life speech. but this is an b anthony list running these blood glasses our pro-life message is constantly under threat by facebook. talk about the controversy with
8:52 pm
chris stirewalt. welcome. let me tell you tonight we are hearing, and they are running pro-life ads. places like montana, tennessee and other big races. they say they are up to six of their ads in six different races that have been pulled by facebook and they are kind of not buying the explanation that it was a mistake. adding a lot of attention. >> that's it. if you buy a relatively cheap online ad or an ad for social media, if you can get a multiplier effect, if you haven't controversy surrounding it. you want to reflect this, on the left and the right, push the envelope. they want to take it someplace where there may be going to get viral sharing going on. in this case, if they can say we were censored. we were taken advantage of by facebook. they are doing the wrong thing. then i'll put it this way. otherwise we wouldn't be talking
8:53 pm
about it. this would be one of a jillion relatively low dollar ads running on facebook but because facebook took it down, it creates controversy and it's a force multiplier for them. >> shannon: this group, the susan b. anthony list, they support pro-life candidates. they say they are wondering whether planned parenthood or other groups have gotten the same treatment from facebook. there are lots of polls out there and you took a look back at how poles are done over the last few years and you say they're not as bad as people want to argue they are. what did you find? >> the poles are predictive. being predictive doesn't mean being right. i look back today at the last three midterm election cycles. i looked at senate races. 31 senate races. out of these 31 senate races,
8:54 pm
there were only four times that the average in the real clear politics average of poles in the last three cycles do not predict the winner. two of those cases, we can discount, one wasn't crazy three way race and no one could have polled it. at the other was so close it wasn't really a miss. the incumbent was up by half point and andy challenger one by a point. there were only two real misses. you can be confident that the polls are predictive. they are predictive but it doesn't mean they are right. there will be error and it, we found in previous years sometimes you miss a wave, sometimes you overstate a wave. they will be wrong and they will mostly be wrong in the same direction. this year because of the democratic year, he did the democrats are going to be understated where they're going to be overstated. in the past, it's been by as much as four points but there's going to be some direction that
8:55 pm
these polls are going to break one way or another. if anyone tells you they know which way they are going to break, they are lying or crazy or kidding themselves. >> shannon: or they should buy a lottery ticket. in 2016, pollsters told most people wouldn't talk to them. they knew that there would be unknowns. all right, we will see you in new york city for coverage of all of this next week. >> come on up, sister. we need you. >> shannon: thank you. jeffrey myers, the rabbi of the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh where 11 congregants were killed and six others were injured as our midnight hero. rabbi myers says many have called and asked to help and pray. >> there is much good in america. americans don't see enough of it. >> shannon: rabbi, we agree. it's been a heartbreaking week for the tree of life family and the squirrel hill community.
8:56 pm
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