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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 3, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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except hawaii and parts of arizona, they do not conserve daylight -- observe daylight-saving time. >> we'll be in washington for special coverage tomorrow, we get an extra hour of sleep. >> with control of capitol hill hanging in balance, president trump criss-crossing the nation, in a push for midterms, i am john scott, this is the "fox report." >> president about to rally supporters in pensacola, florida, hours after holding an event in montana, republicans there going on the offensive in an attempt to flip a senate seat, latest fox news power rankings show montana leaning democrat. and florida one of 5 senate races, highlighted in yellow, they are all toss ups, they hope to turn them to blue, lawmakers
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say it is all about who shows up. >> the turn out surge we're seeing this determination to participate, i think is driven by people who want to change the direction of the country, when turn out is shy, democrats win. >> turn out it important thing, republicans and conservatives and independents, some democrats who agree, they have to get themselves into the voting booth. it is important that we get everyone last person to come out to vote, this is true across the country. >> we have fox team coverage, jeff paul in los angeles, mollie line in iowa, alicia in phoenix. and phil keating in florida, alison barber in boseman, montana. reporter: president trump was in montana for less than two hours,
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incumbent democrat this the state is 4 points ahead of the mat rosen dale, the president hopes his visit moves poll in favor of rosen dale. and all other republicans running for office in the state, rallygoers say, by and large they showed up to see president trump, not necessarily the candidates he is stumping for. >> he gives me a message of hope for the country, for you know our borders. immigration. keeping our taxes low. you know smaller government. >> came to visit my dad, but i said to come to this. >> i have already votedded, yeah, yeah, i voted red. >> reading and researching. reporter: president hit a lot of topics at rally, focusing on immigration, his rhetoric on
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that topic has come you were fire of late, the crude here liking what -- crowd here liking what president said about embreak, and the border wall. and talking about veteran issues, a big issue here, here is president trump. >> vote for mass rosen dale, who is a worker. -- matt rosendale is a vote for low taxes, low unemployment. strong borders and montana values, real montana values, john tester. , by the way who'll never vote for us, he might be a nice guy, except he tried to destroyed on mirror admiral johnny jackson. reporter: tester had a rally of his own in boseman.
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>> because they -- point out to folks today. it might be a different narrative tomorrow, we have a damn good secretary. he is going to fight too. the bottom line is there is a lot on the ballot this year. reporter: big name republicans have campaigned with rosendale, tester keeping it more local, with mostly campaigned with the governor of state also actor jeff bridges. >> alison thank you. >> and president getting ready to take stage for second time today, leaving montana to rally supporters in pensacola, florida, stumping for ron desantos, and senate candidate rick scott. president to speak next hour, phil keating with live in
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pensacola now. reporter: president trump returning to the sunshine state, second visit, second make america great again rally in 4 days, he was in fort myers area on wednesday night, stumping for governor scott and former congressman desantos. he will be in front of the crowd in less than a half hour. looks like a couple thousand people in the airport hangar. on the pensacola airport property. the big signs are up. that will be blanking -- flanking the u.s. flag, the theme, the president said in montana, republicans mean more jobs and less crime. as he hammered democrats and their more liberal policies, this is a very expensive state, third largest state in the country, of. a lot of that money being spent on television campaign ads, which have floodded the
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airwaves, so many big expensive market in flood, tampa, orlando, miami-fort lauderdale, who 50 20 million spent. much on senate race between senator nelson, the democrat finishing up his third term, and governor scott, looking at break down in money, about 100 million. on senate race. scott spent more than 50 million of his own money on this race, not to mention 20 million from outside of the state, 66 million on campaign. senator nelson no bol dollars os own, 22 from outside of the state, still a toss up. political expert say, in politics money matters. >> that level of spending, if it does not cancel itself out it
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just basically most vates your party -- motivates your party voters to vote and other party voters to vote. reporter: while president trump is up here in pensacola with rick is on the, and ron desantos, jimmy buffet. the big parrot head in west palm beach this afternoon for senator nelson, and tallahassee democratic mayor andrew gillum. both races in florida, toss ups. at this point, it will becoming down to turn out as we head to election day tomorrow, for most of the state. last day of early voting. >> bil phil keating in florida. >> plenty other contests to look at. arizona will make history by
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electing first female senator, but what from party, democrat -- in a statist call dead heat, alicia is reporting from phoenix. republicans are pulling out all of the stops in final days? >> absolutely, this u.s. senate seat has been in g.o.p. control since 1996, and president trump won arizona, but democrat in this race congressman kirsten cinema is in the fight to blip thflipthe seat from. cinema heard saying disparaging things about arizona. right now it is about turn out. >> communicate with voters who either not turned in early ballot or plan to vote early or election day, our message will be the same, i will be a votes for all arizona in senate. >> they count ballots on
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election night, i know the important of getting over last voter who may be sitting on sidelines. and make sure we get across the finish line. reporter: mcsally had big names campaigning for her, including president, and vice president, and in the governor race, incumbent, middle of road, doug ducey is leading garcia by a wide margin. the senate race in arizona is so tight, we've been hearing we may not know who the winner is anonymous -- until wednesday. >> what did early voting? >> participation has been very high, and at miracopa county elects was on the where emergency vote centers are open, they have been readying for bigger turn out next week.
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>> we have a little over 60 percent of the state right here in this country, we're one of the biggest voting jurisdiction in the u.s. reporter: republicans are known for showing up tuesday, expect a big push. >> thank you. >> and with midterms just days away, several states feature nail-biting races that could go down to the wire, as in iowa, our mollie is barnstorming across the state to conservative two toss up congres congressionl contests. reporter: iowa first and third that are nail-biters in the state. working seat republican congressman david young, he caught up with cindy today as a can vase kickoff event with the pro choice group that is backing
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her, congressman young spent the day across the district on a whistle-stop train tour, saying thatta iowa is on the right track, and talked about the state's low unemployment rate. >> keeping the economy going. frayed is a big part, 2.5% unemployment rate, a lot of small businesses, agriculture, manufacturing, financial service, whatever, we need workers. >> we have low unemployment because someone is working 3 jobs to make ends meet, that does not indicate that people are doing well, it indicates people have two or three jobs to make ends meet, we have stagnant wages across the country. reporter: in first congressional district republican representative rob blum is battling to hold his seat against abby. this district is a true battle ground, this was app area that
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president obama run before president trump won in 2016. john. >> in 4 district there controversial comments made by republican congressman king are trickling in to other races? >> absolutely, democrats hope for unlikely upset in that particular district, they are working very hard to defeat congressman king. the former baseball player who is challenging that long time incumbent has seen a fresh influx of cash. the side bar here is that democrats are using converse to strike in. republican hand renalds. as a campaign co-chair because of her statements. >> well, strongly disagree with comments, i do not agree, he is one of thousands of chairs and
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co-chairs on my campaign, a lot of elected officials that have endorsed me, that is what it is. reporter: there is a lot to watch in iowa with just days before voters hit the poll. >> mollie in iowa thank you. >> early voting ahead of next week midterm is skyrocketing more than 30 million americans have cast ballot in some states early voting turn out nearing presidential election levels, jeff paul is live in los angeles, jeff, break down the numbers. reporter: according to those latest numbers 28 states and district of columbia have surpassed 2014 early voting numbers, a little bit contributor is younger voters, in states like florida ages 18-29 are casting ballot, and tennessee, nevada, and georgia and texas, competitive senate and governor races create increase interest in those
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states. and elections officials in states like min machin minnesott almost feels like a presidential elect year. >> in a year like this, we would compare to a mid term that was 4 years ago, because we have so many people voting absentee we're comparing it to presidential. >> we're on pace to match or exceed the pace in a presidential elect for an early vote. vote. reporter: in georgia candidates are tracking votes who did not vote last midterm, 36% of state early voters from new voters. john. >> what does this mean for tuesday? reporter: elect analyst say that record breaking early voting numbers might translate to a bigger turn out on elected day, last midterm, 2015 saw a 36% turn out that was low for midterm compare to last
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presidential in 2016, we saw about 60% turn out. posters are not forecasting turn out to be that strong, some say it could be as high as 50%. >> great almost always the line is long, it shows a lot of people care. >> the line does not bother me, i don't have anything else to do today now. reporter: democrat appear to have higher numbers in turn out in early voting, party affiliation does not always indicate how folks will vote. >> jeff paul, thank you. >> voting early and often, measure north carolina might take to try to prevent it from happening. >> we want everyone to be able to vote one time, best way to show a picture of yourself. >> not everyone in tar heel state agrees. >> and a live report on stroop s
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john: much more than candidates to vote owe have been looking at crucial ballot measures like this in north carolina. an attempt to require voter show a picture i.d., failed. and now, issue is a ballot measure if passed would make photi.d. a constitutional requirement. >> the ability to commit fraud is so easy. >> north carolina representative david louis said he wants votes to have faith in the voting system. which is why he said he is backing a ballot measure that
3:21 pm
would require residents to show photo i.d. before voting. >> this would put voter i.d. in state constitution. why e enshrine this constitutionally? >> we'll let the people decide, if they believe that voter i.d. is important. >> in 2013 in this building state passed a similar voter i.d. law, three years later it of overturned, in a rebuke. by 4 circuit court of appeals, saying it among other voting violations discriminated again the state's black residents. attorney alison rigs of southern coalition for social justice argued that case. this ballot measure has potential to be more discriminatory. >> it gives a blank check to a legislature already found guilty
3:22 pm
of abusings did power. >> only two require it constitutionally, they believe that state republicans are pushing a constitutional amendment for one reason. you believe they fear a future where democrats takeover, and overturn anything not in the constitution? >> that is right, that is because there is no basis for imposing a voter photo fo i.d. requirement. since 2000 there have been 4 alleged incidents of in person vote or fraud. >> they say it is minuscule, they are doing it for another reason? >> we want everyone to be able to vote one time, best way to ensure that, show a picture of yourself. reporter: rigs said any idea require am would disenfranchize hundreds of mostly poor and black north carolina voters. >> one of women who accused supreme court judge ibrahim bra-
3:23 pm
judge brett cafe a cough kavanas allegedly said she lied. >> chuck grassley is going after another woman who he claims falsely accused brett kavanaugh of rape. judy to justice department for investigation of potentially criminal false statements and she now faces serious legal trouble, she claimed to be author of a anonymous allegation zone add jane doe letter -- jane doe letter sent to kamala harris, but she later admitted shy of not author and never met justice brett kavanaugh, the president not shying away, he wrote, a vicious accuser of justice brett kavanaugh has admitted she was lying, her story of made up, or fake. can you imagine if he didn't become a justice of the supreme court, because of her disgusting
3:24 pm
false statement, what about the others? where are the dems on this. >> chairman of judiciaryy committee putting out a statement that reading in part, under questioning by committee investigators, she admitted contrary to prior claims she had not bee sexual assaultd by juste brett kavanaugh. and accuse the brett kavanaugh and a friend of raping "her," several times each in the backseat of a car, she admitted to use claim as a tactic to bring attention of issue of sexual assault. and grassley made a similar referral regarding swetnick and her lawyer av ed thaty. >> thank you. john: u.s. military is mobilizing at u.s. and mexico border to help handle so-called my gran migrant care caravan.
3:25 pm
rick leventhal is in hidalgo. we're outside of mcallen, texas, out side of hidalgo crossing. between mexico and the u.s., also where u.s. military has laid out first coils of wire, the early stages of mission to offer logistical support to customs and border protection agency. at request of department of homeland security. it includes reinforcing force of entry by building temporary building and fencing where it is needed most there, are thousands of troops on the way or already here, 3500 sets of boots on group now, along southern border, they have been coming from bases across u.s.,
3:26 pm
including 372nd inland cargo transport company that brought in heavy equipment and april materials. >> a great opportunity for myself, and soldiers in my company to see deployment operations in action, that is a primary duty of cargo transfer company, we're doing it all day long. reporter: arm public apair fares released photos of soldiers and doing flyovers, surveying territory in texas alen that could be tested by that caravan, in coming days or weeks. authorities suggest this caravan with several groups totaling thousands of migrant to u.s. accounting more dangerous than caravans of the past, there are reports of some members of the caravans engaging in violence confrontations with mexican police, and military is fanning out across 4 states from south of san diego, california to here
3:27 pm
in southeast, texas. it is unclear which route the migrant caravan will take, this part of rio grande valley is closest. closest. it is busiest for borde bored ad who made 21,000 arrests in south texas in october, over 800 on halloween, they haveb hands full, they welcome the help they can get. john: wow, rick leventhal thank you. >> president trump putting immigration front and center, ahead of midterms, but is the economy more of a winning issue for republicans, as both sides make their closing arguments. >> don't , boo, vote, vote. they can't hear you boo. they don't care about your boo. street nam
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in two great flavors. john: president trump making immigration a signature issue, i am john scott, this is the "fox report," bottom of the hour, if you are just joining us president bligin pledgingen to birth-right citizenship. in final week leading to the midterms, garrett tenney with more from washington. >> president wants to make this elect about issue of immigration, in addition to deploying perhaps he talked about ending birth right citizenship and rolling out a new policy on family separation, white house said details and timings of plans won't be revealed yet. maybe next week or later down the road. what that talk has done is allowed president to keep the issue of immigration and border security in the headlines, and
3:33 pm
on minds of voters just ahead of the midterms, in at nearly every rally including one this afternoon in montana, president use mi migrant care vab as cara. >> democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood to your community, rebleating our resources and overwhelming our nation. what do they really want? the right to vote, they figure, that is the way they stay in offers forever. -- office forever. reporter:rest in democratic candidates avoid that issue of immigration and are focusing on healthcare, not case for former president barack obama, at a rally last night in georgia, obama said sending $5,000 troops to bore border is nothing more a
3:34 pm
political stunt. >> they are telling that you the biggest threat to america the biggest threat is some imabover- imporcimpoverished refugees a td miles away on foot. got no money. reporter: the midterms are about turn out, which party can get their voters to poll, white house believes that immigration and border security will do, that a lot of g.o.p. candidates follow suit. >> garrett thank you. john: so will immigration be the issue that decides the midterm elections or will democrats focus on healthcare end up paying off. joining us susan congressional correspondent for washington examiners is an overriding theme for this upcoming elected?
3:35 pm
>> well, when you look at polls, number one issue remains the economy. and then taxes, then health care, immigration is not at top of the list, but it something that president is talking about. he is combining it, when he goes on cometain trail, look republicans are about a strong economy. and keeping you safe. national security, he combines the two, for republicans it is a big over arching theme, for democrat a way counter the republican argument. if you heard president obama yesterday talks about it being a political stunt. and president it cruels cruel, and republican agenda is not something that resonates with americans. but you say it is about which side is able to rally the base.
3:36 pm
they will became to repy healthcare law and end preexisting condition protecttions, they are stressing that. there is a duel them. john: "new york times" with a slap at president in a front page head, trump's theme is out shining election gold. the folks that you president is putting on immigration eclipses a very good job news in this country, is he missing an opportunity there? is the paper just taking a dig. >> i hear a lot saying that, republicans of touting the economy no question. the president also talking about the economy. you cannot ignore what is
3:37 pm
happening south of the border, the caravans are dominating the news, it is the media reporting on it as well, newspaper, "new york times," television news we're talking about what is happening with the caravans as they head north toward the south of the border, president is not just stan there and do nothing. he campaigned on building a wall, he has to look tough on illegaill border crossing, he td about the economy in florida, i talked to voters people coming to see the president speak, they told me reason why they want to vote for republican party they felt that economy is doing so well, they want to keep it going, i don't think that republicans are missing on that opportunity, i think they are talking about other stuff too. john: play a couple piece of of sound back-to-back. current president then former president, and listen to the
3:38 pm
arguments that donald trump and barack obama are making. >> america is booming. republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10% fa tax cut for the middle chats. class. >> america is at a cross-roads. the health care of millions is on the bal on the, making sure working family get a fair shake is on the ballot. but maybe most of all character of our country is on the ballot. john: for the sitting president, all about the economy for former president all about healthcare? >> they don't have much to campaign on. democrat, look, the economy is
3:39 pm
moving along at such a stellar pace, the workforce, everyone is back working. jobs are up. the economy is doing well. you know, republicans have so much to talk about in their favor. and democrats really, they don't have anything to criticize other than, the threat of health care law going away. if republicans stay in power. what other thing they can talk about other thing a weak spot for republicans they think that is donald trump's personal teening the way that president's rhetoric turns people off, in the democrat feel they can capitalize on that, by saying the character of the country at we have to you know, put a check on president trump. by voting for a republican. and when you listen to president's speak. ex-president he did not talk about trump by name, he was the talking about the president, that is what midterms are boff
3:40 pm
owoften the current president or you top put a check on him. john: susan thank you. >> thank you. john: more than 200,000 florida voters struggling in aftermath of hurricane michael, what it could mean for the midterms. >> if there is a huge drop off in turn out in this area it could mean difference between winning and losing. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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3:45 pm
disaster. reporter: tom has been through many storms. >> these hurricane that i boarded up for. 30 something years worth. reporter: none could have prepared for for michael. >> over here, gone. disappeared. reporter: barrier rode out category 4 in calla way. >> shingles gone. reporter: what is not gone is a civic duty. >> i'm still going to vote, i'm not passing it up because of a hurricane. reporter: hurricane mick michael devastating the area, it is not keeping bay county super vie sur of electses up at night. 9 sites down from 44 originally attended. >> if you want to vote, we'll have a method. >> state officialsize voting
3:46 pm
rules in hardest hit counties allowing them to extend and add sites, and allow absentee voters to have their ballot mailed to a activity locatio -- different ln than home address. >> midterms are in my mind, i want to vote, i may people have bigger things to their mind right now, survival. reporter: in a state famous for razor thin margins, the voter turn out could make or break the election. >> panhandle leans republican heavily, if there is a huge drop off in turn out, in this area it could severely be difference between winning and losing. >> dade county voters are still going to show up, they may have to do more than average camper but they are patriotic, they will participate. >> first thing i put out was my flag.
3:47 pm
reporter: with scenes like this, it remains unclear how many will get out the on vote. mexico beach, florida, fox news. john: allegation of you a unseen danger facing those exposed to military burn pits in iraq and afghanistan. >> a widower speaks out. >> high ranking officers that express concern. highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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john: north korea stepped up its attack on u.s. led sanctions threatening to resume nuclear programs. just hours after foreign ministry issued that threat, watch dog group said is saw satellite imagery, suggesting that country is still mining uranium. this before a planned meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo and his north korean counterpart. >> tonight we have latest in our series on allegation of danger results from u.s. military burn pits in iraq and afghanistan.
3:52 pm
amy fuller died. her widowed husband sat down with fox news warning there was a danger facing those exposed to the burn pits. >> right in between. she was stationed there. brian muller's wife, amy was a member of minnesota national guard she served at airport base in 2005 and 2007. >> the burn pit quoted at being worst environmental she has visited, i don't understand why they didn't do something. john: a decade later she passed away from pankey yeah panary --. >> cancer. >> these are people that volunteerd, to serve the
3:53 pm
country. just disgusts me to see memos like that. high ranking officers that express concern. >> they are documents that fox news obtained. >> warned environmental hazard. delaying it so that, they would not have t to deal with as many claims, most will die before they do anything about it. >> memo, written by commanding and medical officers, they warned use of burn pit was a great risk to those on the base. the precautions were never emptied. >> she talked about the burn
3:54 pm
pits. the fact they would change filters on these systems. and every time they would change it, it would be a black so thick that you would think you would have to change it every hour. muller start amy muller foundation that helps other veterans diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> she knew she was dying. she didn't have much time, she was trying to find peace with that. how do you deal with that? how do you manage those emotions. >> there is disagreement about whether burn pits caughted illnesses. muller is convinced. >> it had to be something
3:55 pm
related to burn pit, now we know the symptoms, she had all six. that all lead to the different types of disease, including cancer. i think there really is no explanation for why she got cancer at such a young page. that is a cancer typical for a 73-year-old. john: brian continues to raise awareness by sharing amy's story, he worked with minnesota senator to getting helping veterans expected to burn pits passed in washington. president trump signed the bill, but they could still face a delay, we'll be right back. make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar...
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bob dylan like a rolling stone went for 2 million. there is is our "fox report," turn your clocks back an hour, life, liberty and levin starts now. ♪ mark: i am mark levin, this is life, liberty and levin, we is a great n guest, speaker newt gingrich, a whole hour. how often do you get that. >> not very. mark: everyone knows who you are. i wantth to talk first before we get to election, i think it is crucial, there are certain issues to talk bcandidates, to talk about. and media, before we do, a little background. you are a


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