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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 6, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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date, 2016, november. >> the choice could not be more clear. the left has gone completely crazy. >> what it does mean, things start getting better. >> if the radical democrats take power they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and the future of our country. >> i'm doing this to help somebody who has shake up washington. >> take back missouri app senate seat for the people of missouri and fire claire mccaskill. >> he will be over on the right marching to the orders of whatever the president says. >> we will make america great again. thank you, missouri, thank you.
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♪ america ♪ american ♪ cry ♪ rob: kind of a big day today, not the best weather for an election. we will see how it turns out. there is our headquarters outside our studios on sixth avenue in new york city, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this election day morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us and we begin with donald trump going one on one with sean hannity after his rally in missouri. rob: pushing for republican wins, getting thoughts on key races beginning with martha mc sally in arizona. >> she is a hero, one of the best fighter pilots, don't know how she could lose. martha will do better and north dakota will do well. florida is a very close race.
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bill nelson is a terrible senator. never once called and asked for something for the people of florida, rex forgot, all he does is call. look at the great job he did with the hurricane. i have to say ron desantis has to be governor. there's an electricity that feels like 2016. there is something going on. reminds me of two years ago. i know something is going on. i love what we are doing for the country. jillian: polls will begin to open on the east coast in an hour. the turnout is expected to be historic. rob: as for what is at stake, control of congress, democrats need to flip 24 seats to take the house but in the senate it appears republicans could actually add to their slim 51 seat majority. jillian: fox news team coverage and we begin with griff jenkins in florida where the sunshine state will soon pick its next
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governor and senator. >> reporter: good morning. remember what they said in 2016, florida florida florida. buckle up because we are about to get this going. already 5 million floridians have cast their votes in early voting. we have two races among the most closely watched in the nation. tallahassee mayor andrew gillam looking to be the first african-american governor of the state, the northern part of the state at a rally, making an appearance. making closing arguments, here is what he had to say. >> it straightens your shoulders, the task of what it means to build the kind of thing where all of us are seen. all of us are heard. all of us are respected. if you believe we deserve that kind of state i need you to vote. >> reporter: we are in central florida, the most number of
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swing voters where congressman ron desantis looking to beat mayor gillam. emea case the hispanic vote may help him. here is what he had to say. >> we will definitely do very well in dade county with hispanics down there. all in all we are going to be very competitive, we have a good shot to win it but we will been in next 8 wide. >> reporter: the other race, senate race, rick scott trying to unseat bill nelson, among the most expensive senate races in the nation. here are their closing arguments. >> so much energy which is why we're going to win, no blue wave, there's a red wave right now. we are going to change the direction of the country by folks. >> seeing a lot of response on both sides but especially the democrats come out for someone they trust.
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>> we are outside in lakeland, florida, trying to talk to these voters before they go to the polls. we will find out what is driving a historic day in florida. rob: florida is a big state today. jillian: in texas, could appreciate the state. ted cruz fighting to keep his seat in the historically red state against hollywood back democrat beto o rourke. a contentious house race in texas. >> reporter: a couple big races, we are at the old south pancake house in fort worth, we will talk to voters all morning long. if you are in the dallas-fort worth area come on out and share your opinion with us, two big races, the senate race as
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mentioned, beto o'rourke against ted cruz, the composition of the texas electorate. what you guys are covering we will be covering, the house of representatives hangs in the balance and there's a race we are watching closely, if it flips would foretell a bad light for republicans. 30-2nd commercial district held by 11 term incumbent pete sessions fighting a challenge for democrat colin allred, the race is a tossup within the margin of error. the district was won by mitt romney in 2012 but clinton in 2016. a bellwether nationally and worth watching. back to the texas statewide race where conservative credentials will be put to the test. in the aforementioned senate race ted cruz hold the lead in the polls, closer than many people thought it should read. beto o'rourke raising more than any senate candidate in history. if he wins that seat, the first democrat to win statewide since
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1994. a lot see him as the future of the party. both men making closing arguments to voters focusing on appealing to the more conservative nature of the texas electorate. here they are. >> the people of texas coming together regardless of party affiliation, don't care who you voted for for president last time, now the chance to do something great and positive for the united states of america. >> the far left liberal. if you look on immigration he supports open borders, sanctuary cities, kate's law. i'm the author of kate's law. the people of texas ones, if you represent texas we went the border secured the caravan stopped. >> reporter: tons of money spent in the senate race, record numbers and ultimately early voting more folks have voted early in texas this midterms in voted altogether in 2020, 2014. enthusiasm is real. a couple hours before the polls
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open, the pancake house in south texas, we are talking to people getting their voice before these polls open. jillian: you will get a lot of energized people before they hit the polls. >> reporter: i want to thank gary from wichita who bought me breakfast. jillian: what about us? rob: the balance of power at stake in today's crucial election. jillian: donald trump making closing argument in 3 back-to-back rallies as he tries to help the gop keep control of congress. rob: garrett tenney with more on what to watch today. >> reporter: there is a lot riding on today's election. for democrats, today is about retaking the majority in the house, they only need to make up 23 seats to do that and even some republicans say they expect to see that happen. and the senate the gop is hoping to expand its majority by at
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least one if not more. there are a handful of races that are no in that. florida, nevada, indiana, arizona, missouri is one to keep an eye on tonight, donald trump keeping his eye on those for much of the last week holding rallies in those states and he spent 12 hours on the campaign trail hitting up missouri, ohio, indiana making his final pitch to voters. >> the radical democrats take power they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country. you will be making a simple choice. a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. >> reporter: from there the president headed to cleveland, ohio where he told supporters the selection is a referendum on his administration and the future of what america looks like. >> you have to go out to vote. in a sense i am on the ticket.
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you have to protect your rights and your freedoms. >> he a busy day in missouri, gop senate candidate josh holly over the finish line in his race against claire mccaskill. >> reporter: for every family in every city and town all across our land we are going to work, we are going to fight and we are going to win win win and not stop winning. >> reporter: in the house and senate it is about majorities but also how large those majorities will be. we have seen over the last year even a few seats can make all the difference when it comes to passing bills and getting votes confirmed. rob: certainly does, three rallies in a day. can't imagine how exhausting, thank you so much. jillian: donald trump's closing arguments to voters promises made, promises kept.
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>> kept more promises. when you hear that. rob: will the president's track record fill candidate in tight races to victory? republican national committee says it will, she's live to tell us why. ♪ ♪ the whole wide world is raining down on you ♪ ♪
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still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables rob: welcome back. donald trump reminding voters he followed through with promises he made on the campaign trail in 2016. >> every day promises made promises kept. kept more promises that i made.
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jillian: will that message get voters to the polls today? here to weigh in his are in the spokeswoman kaylee mcinerney, today is the day. what do you think? >> we are good in the senate, no doubt about that. we get to 55 if not greater. the house, a lot of these races are in the margin of error, the sample size polling is small, 500 voters meaning the margin of error is 5% to 6%. the houses anyone's guess. 88% chance democrats, no what he is talking about because simply we don't know because of the margin of error. rob: 55 is the senate in your prediction. >> it is accurate with north dakota, indiana, we will swing our way, florida in play, michigan, hidden trump voters, john james within two points in recent poll, new jersey, a lot in play and it could spin our way.
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rob: let's talk accomplishments the president can use to sway these voters, the economy, 4.2% growth in the second quarter of 2018, a lot of jobs created, the incumbent 61,000 ticked up, the former president going around telling people he kind of led the pack to success. the president is arguing he gave us the slowest recovery since the great depression. >> that is spot on. look at the numbers, the white house put these out, literally every economic indicator shifted when donald trump came into office, small business investment, small business application, optimism among business owners. all these had a definitive shift, not to mention under president obama gdp started to decline from the second quarter to the third to the fourth, donald trump got in and as you noted we hit 4% economic growth, no doubt this is the trump economy, not obama. rob: hard to argue what he string to do for immigration.
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healthcare as you know is a big thing democrats have been getting messaging out, especially the last couple weeks. what are republicans doing about that? >> great question because you are right, it topped the polling, the top issue. our internal polling shows when you explain medicare for all, medicare for all means medicare for none. then all of a sudden voters take a negative view of the democratic healthcare plan. consider the fact 56 million beneficiaries in medicare jump in 260 million new ones, what happens to our seniors? they lose healthcare. when explained. rob: obama's first midterm was a slot, he lost 60 seats in the house, maybe more. today there's a reasonable chance the republicans lose the house but there still could be success. what you think, 30 seats would be considered a success and still lose the house? >> especially when you consider
2:18 am
only 4 times has the party holding the white house gained seats in the senate during the president's first midterm, we are going to gain seats, donald trump is made history should we gain seats in the senate. you are right to say should we lose the house narrowly a few seats is a victory. the average loss is 32 seats when you go to 1832. if we lose marginally and game in the senate that is history and that is donald trump. jillian: thank you very much for being here. 18 minutes after the hour, just under an hour polls will open across the country in a battle that could change the course of our nation. rob: we breakdown the top races to watch in this fight to the finish. jillian: good morning. ♪ liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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rob: both parties in several battleground races will decide who controls congress. you to break down the most critical decision-making contests is jim mclaughlin. a lot of races are tight in this country. this is a small sample, we started the important state of florida. bill nelson, rick scott trying to take the seat. >> in the purple of purple states, president obama down there, donald trump down there and, a race of career politician for 40 years versus rick scott. and one thing being shortchanged.
2:23 am
>> >> very supportive there. let's go to the governor's race. interesting to see what happens. ron desantis once the job. >> andrew gillam got a lot of momentum out of the primary but ron desantis is closing strongly looking at the governor incinerating over the past decade your average contested statewide race was decided by 1%. that is how close it will be. all about turnout. rob: florida will be exciting to watch, we will move to the house for big races. let's go to the mid south and the state of kentucky. a very tight race. the democrat is a female fighter pilot like martha mccalley accept the party. >> it is interesting because she tried the best she can to
2:24 am
distance herself, everybody is saying donald trump has been focusing on the senate race but he has campaigned for andy barr, he is conservative and fits the values of the district. >> let's like to the northeast, a couple races are interesting, we start with new york 19 which is close to massachusetts, connecticut, eastern new york and this went obama 2012 and trump 2016. >> obama won in 2008 and 2012 and donald from won in the last election, central new york district, he has been around a long time. real fiscal conservative, strong on the economy and delgado has come under fire because he said israel wasn't a democracy. somebody that has been one of
2:25 am
those races, delgado doesn't necessarily fit the profile. rob: see what the water is doing today. new jersey, philadelphia, another interesting one, obama to trump. >> interesting and expensive district, burlington county portion in the philadelphia market and ocean county portion, you have to deal with two of the most expensive in the country. john mclaughlin, andy kim, one of the first democrat to parachuted in from dc. rob: we will look at one governors race, connecticut, look at the governor, he wasn't a very good governor, not very popular and -- >> definitely could turn red even though hillary clinton won connecticut by 15 points as you just said dan malloy has a 70% disapproval rating. lamont is running in his shadow
2:26 am
and bob stefan our ski could be the upset of the day. rob: what has happened to our state? i have heard that a lot. what happened? appreciate your time. a lot more we got to check up. nancy pelosi dreaming of a blue wave today. >> if the election were held today, we would win. rob: our next guest is the liberal lawmaker shouldn't decorate her office just yet. jason chaffetz is here to talk about that next. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and (new) sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away a twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. you know what?
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jillian: donald from going one on one with sean hannity after his final midterm rally in missouri, the president pushing for republican whens giving his final thoughts on key races starting with martha mccalley in arizona. >> martha is going to do well
2:30 am
and florida is a very close race. bill nelson is a terrible senator. he never once called me saying can i have something for the people of florida. rick scott all he does is call. look at the great job he did with hurricanes. i have to say ron desantis, electricity feels like 2016. jillian: the president predicting success to keep his agenda on track. rob: the president's right-hand man with election reduction, mike pence doubling down saying the gop comes out on top tonight. >> i believe republicans will grow our majority in the senate and the house of representatives because working with this president republican majority delivered exactly the results we promised the american people.
2:31 am
rob: the vice president speaking moment after his montana rally for the republican in the senate race, matt rosendale in a battle to unseat john. >> an 11th hour claim ahead of the midterms. accusing democrats hacking the voter registration. and the secretary of state making the election official. the accusations are made up hopes. >> there was never a hack. there was never a problem on the side of the democratic party. >> this is a criminal investigation. and another investigation. >> as yet to publish any evidence to the public and insists the voting system is safe as no candidate gets a majority of votes, that will be a runoff election.
2:32 am
a winter coat, umbrella, anything you got when you head the polls because stormy weather is expected to hit every state east of the mississippi river. rob: tornado risk in the southeast, a twister touched down in louisiana, tornadoes in tennessee, some areas up north could see snow this afternoon. janice dean, where is the snow? >> northern rockies in northern plains, and the tornadoes, a couple tornado reports in louisiana, alabama and tennessee, and thunderstorms moving across the southeast. tornado watch is in effect in alabama towards georgia, tennessee and the border of north carolina south carolina. that means tornado conditions are happening right now.
2:33 am
let's advance the maps. across portions of the same areas that received tornado watches and warnings as well as potential for strong winds and snow across portions of the northern plains and northern rockies but this line of thunderstorms pushing across the east coast we watch for the potential of voter turnout that could cause a problem if you are not prepared. listen to your local weather forecasts. that line of thunderstorms, snow across the midwest and northern plains in northern rockies, keep up-to-date on this election day. rob: democratic confidence that they are going to win back the house today, nancy pelosi eager to regain control. jillian: jason chaffetz says she shouldn't decorate her office just yet. he joins us to explain.
2:34 am
>> she wants the power back and democrats across the country have been trying to distance themselves from her saying i wouldn't vote for her. she will be speaker of the house of democrats take control, she will wrestle control from those people, she has raised more money in the history of the united states congress than anybody else out there. she is a money machine and she may pull it off but it is up to the voters today. rob: indications are democrats will win the house, that is what most people are thinking at this point. that would make nancy pelosi speaker of the house, that would make maxine waters the chair of the financial services committee. >> you thought how to wean was scary? that scares a lot of people. >> what puts her in this position? >> the way they elect their chairman is different from how republicans do it, they do it based on seniority but we know
2:35 am
maxine waters, jerry nadler, pretty radical person at the judiciary committee, and adam schiff, we see house until committee, the gavel, the chairman of the house intelligence. >> the president i assume. >> some committees where a chairman has unilateral subpoena authority, some committees have to have votes but there are three committees in the house where a chairman, you could unilaterally issue a subpoena. >> a list of likely investigations of democrats when the house and there are a number of them including potential impeachment, brett kavanaugh's confirmation testimony, tax returns, the firing of federal officials and russian collusion, do you think the public wants to revisit these things? >> what you don't hear going into these days is anything about russia because in two
2:36 am
years of this investigation has been no evidence of anything and democrats. the only one out there saying this but it doesn't poll well. even democrats are tired of talking about the so-called collusion, the only collusion we see is what hillary clinton was doing in dnc money going overseas. >> let's talk about one of the things on their, the brett cavanagh confirmation hearings. we have this 400 page report that came back from the republicans but the senate report that said there was no there there in the brett cavanagh investigation and it was released last night. will they change any minds? >> the courts of time we will see there were people who fake their stories according to senator grassley who says we should prosecute these and make
2:37 am
the referral to the department of justice the two people in particular said they never met him. so wanted to be part of the game supposedly. that is what grassley's allegation is the democrats can do what they want but it is up to voters whether they get the gavel, 23 seat and if they can flip 23 seats democrats will rankle control from the republicans. jillian: people are frustrated right now. you hear the message of unity, we need unity, people want that. if democrats take control of the house will this bring us closer? >> i don't think so. >> will bring us further in a negative way? what will this do really? people are frustrated. >> america will see the contrast even more so between democrats
2:38 am
and republicans but remember when paul ryan and mitch mcconnell went to the white house to talk about the budget with the president? nancy pelosi and chuck schumer didn't even show up. remember when the president offered a deal on immigration? going further than i thought he would. we never heard a response from democrats. all the gyrations about immigration, name a bill the democrats would stand behind? they don't have a bill they are suggesting. scorched earth, resistance movement, i hate to think they get political play out of that but that is what democrats have, they don't have policy to stand on because the economy in the world is going so well. rob: they when the house nothing happens in the next two years. >> a lot of crashing and butting heads. jillian: the president versus his predecessor. >> radical democrats take a giant wrecking ball to our economy. >> republicans, look how good
2:39 am
the economy is. where do you think that started? jillian: voters actually voting on the race we never had, donald trump versus president obama. our political panel on deck to debate that next. rob: given the green light, getting rid of sanctuary status and should felons be allowed to vote? key issues taking center stage in ballots across the country. stay tuned. ♪ and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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you may have gum disease and could be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. >> voters taking aim at safe havens for illegal immigrants, ballot measure could repeal the state's sanctuary law. and deportation and other immigration laws. california, colorado, illinois,
2:43 am
massachusetts and vermont have sanctuary state status. voters could puff puff past illegal marijuana in four states, michigan, north dakota weighing in on recreational pot, will decide whether to approve medicinal weed. more than 30 states allow the drug for medical purposes. recreational marijuana is legal in tween 9 states and washington dc. voting rights for convicted felons, floridians deciding on the controversial issue, the aclu restoring voting eligibility for 1.5 million felons as long as they finish sentences. people convicted of murder and sexual assault would never -- never be eligible. jillian: donald trump and former president barack obama hoping to get an edge. >> radical democrats take a
2:44 am
giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. >> republicans bragging about look how good the economy is. where do you think that started? >> republicans produce jobs, democrats produce mobs. >> the character of our country is on the ballot. jillian: will be midterms come down to donald trump versus former president obama? here to debate is political science professor doctor jeannie bain on holly turner, thank you for being here this morning. we were talking in the break about two different presidents, something we haven't seen. >> we don't the two presidents as big -- is different as these two are in every way. i do think to a certain extent they are fighting for something that goes back at least 22008 if not 2009. president obama was hit very
2:45 am
hard by the loss of the white house in 2016 which he felt impacted his legacy and he's doing something a lot of presidents don't do, he has gotten right back into the mix of politics. he is still the leading voice of the democratic party and they badly need his base to get out the vote. >> reporter: a lot of presidents don't do that as quickly as he has done. do you think former president obama can win the battle he's trying to fight if he's trying to make up for 2016? >> i agree he is trying to further his legacy but he always had trouble trying to translate his personal popularity so i don't know it is going to bring the blue wave we have been promised. it will be interesting to see. donald trump's base is energized.
2:46 am
we have seen the momentum increase day by day. don't know if it will be enough to have the former president out for former democrats. >> no one else in the democratic party to do this, correct? >> that's right. he is still the most popular democratic figure we have seen, former president clinton's popularity waned in the me too movement. president obama has the important issue of race, something as the first black president entered into this race in a very frustrating waiver president obama and so many democrats so he does feel strongly about these issues. this president, donald trump has been incredibly polarizing, many people feel he has used race for political gain. even fox news not running the latest commercial they put out. president obama, these are issues he cares about, he's out there to energize the democratic base in a way no other democrat can. >> the only thing race has to do
2:47 am
with it is lowest unemployment for african-americans in history, lowest unemployment rate for hispanics, rasmussen had a poll out, presidential approval rating and african americans have 40% approval rating of donald trump. democrats relying on identity politics to sustain their party they should be worried because the prosperity this country is seeing right now may undermine at a little bit moving forward. jillian: i want to look at obama's legacy points that were reversed in the trump europe starting with the individual mandate repeal, the iran nuclear deal, paris climate agreement rejected and regulations rolled back, the military has been rebuilt. when you look at that list what do you think? >> i do think donald trump came into office focused very much on rolling back as you mentioned many of president obama's successes i chuckled to hear the idea that democrats are playing racial identity politics, nobody
2:48 am
has played that more than the president from the moment he came down an escalator. even his supporters know that. if he wanted to talk about the economy should, the numbers are strong, he hasn't wanted to do that, he wants to talk about others coming over the border and making people insecure and played the race card and it is a problem for republicans going down the stretch. jillian: 10 seconds, final word. >> tonight we will know the answer tonight. what a privilege for us to live in a country where the people's voice will be heard tonight. it is an honor and privilege to live here. i'm excited about the result no matter what the result will be good for america. jillian: we will end on a positive note, thank you for your time. it is a tossup, is deep blue new jersey about to go read? the garden state, polls open in minutes but let's check in with steve doocy live on fox square for special election coverage.
2:49 am
>> reporter: polls open in 6 states as midterm 2018 start, all kinds of guests lined up to paint a picture of what will happen across america. mike braun would like to be the senator from indiana. rick scott would like to be the next senator from florida. marsha blackburn is the next senator from tennessee. we have eric trump trying to put it into perspective. the day we vote, midterm coverage starts in 11 minutes with "fox and friends" on the channel everybody trusts for their morning news.
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rob: democratic senator bob menendez making a last-ditch plea to voters as his republican opponent bob hugin rallies to the finish. jillian: todd pyro live in new jersey, big upset could be brewing in the garden state. >> reporter: that is right. the through jersey guy to a true jersey diner but this is not your standard jersey race. this race was not supposed to be a race at all, it was supposed to be a wipeout. democrat bob menendez seeking a third term was expected to cruise to reelection in a state with close to 1 million more democrats than republicans. but along came republican bob hugin, former pharmaceutical executive and marine with $37 million of his own money he put into the race it all comes down to the story the candidates sell to the voters. in their final day of campaigning the candidate stuck to the messaging that got them
2:54 am
to this point. this is all about painting his opponent as corrupt. >> convicted 67 felonies, he talks about immigration reform, talks a good game. the leaving he has achieved an immigration is expedited visas for girlfriends from ukraine, dominican republic and brazil. it is time for change. we can do better. >> reporter: for menendez it is tying hugin to donald trump. >> donald trump and my opponent bob hugin share the same morally bankrupt ideas. that shouldn't be a surprise, trump is famous for getting rich by ripping off contractors and even waiting taxes. bob hugin is famous for price gouging patients and price gouging from overseas. that may work for a company but it is no way to run a city and certainly no way to run a country. >> reporter: the last time the
2:55 am
state of new jersey elected a republican senator two crazy jersey kids, mom and pop pyro were not even together, this guy wasn't a glimmer in mom and pop pyro's eyes in 1972, almost 50 years ago republicans elected a senator here. polls open in less then 5 minutes. we will talk to voters all day long, a spinning wheel diner. rob: the same story flipped in texas, crazy interesting races. jillian: i'm sure ma and pa pyro are very happy. >> reporter: they are happy with my brother scott. whatever. rob: thank you so much. jillian: more election day coverage when we come back.
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. it is a big day. it was a big day yesterday. it has been a big day for 11 days now. president trump on seven rallies in 11 days has three rallies n one day. the big rally in texas, the one to watch. the senate race, will beto o'rourke and ted cruz. deep red state. we will see how that turns out. florida, a couple big races to watch the senate and the gubernatorial. and between bill nelson and rick scott, it is going to be finished down to the wire. rob: that's when they close the governor's race there as well. ron desantis and an dry gillum.
3:00 am
gillum has a slight advantage. purple state in the country is florida. jillian: thank you for watching today. we have it all broken down for you tomorrow morning. rob: she is going outside right now for "fox & friends." jillian: i am. bye. rob: we will see you later. ♪ ♪ muc >> it is election day. >> president trump sprinting to the finish line. >> we have to elect every republican. >> if the radical democrats take power, they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country. president trump. is securing our border. lower your taxes. i'm doing this to help somebody that is shaking up washington. [inaudible] >> they are envious. this isn't supposed to happen. donald trump wants


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