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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 6, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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us. don't turn your tvs off. watch all day long. the results will start coming in later today. >> we'll have the best coverage here with the most fun and greatest crowds and best-looking crowd. >> over to bill and sandra. >> bill: thank you, guys, fox news alert all the rallies, campaigning, tv ads come down to this. polls are open. millions are voting at this hour right now as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. got a great three hours coming up. >> sandra: we're here. we made it. today is the day. i'm sandra smith. today voters decide whether republicans hold onto the house and senate or if democrats gain control. in the house dems need to flip 23 seats to win the majority. in the senate they need a net gain of two seats. president trump making his closing argument yesterday. >> president trump: in less than two years' time we have accomplished more than anyone could have ever imagined.
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we've got to stop crying chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. from erasing everything that we've gained. if you want more caravans, if you want more crime, vote democrat. if you want strong borders and safe communities, no drugs, no caravans, vote republican. [cheering and applause] we're putting america first. it's very simple. putting america first. [cheering and applause] america first. >> bill: cleveland, indiana, missouri, complete coverage begins now. kristin fisher is live in missouri, chris stirewalt is in new york city and how candidates in new york are trying to win over last-minute voters.
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>> part of the three-term democrat incumbent bill nelson's strategy involves standing by the side of the road. >> a little country boy coming to the big city. and i thought this is too corny. the minute on got on this corner 40 years ago, people started going nuts just like you heard them here. >> nelson is running as an independent democrat and defender of obamacare but trying to channel progressive crowds turning out to see the democrat for governor andrew gillum. the current governor rick scott is greeting volunteers and helping his campaign all over florida. i had a chance to ask him what a person from florida should say if they drove by bill nelson. >> it is time to go home. he has quit being an effective
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senator and quit representing our state. when you voted against kavanaugh, when you voted for the iran deal, when you vote against the tax cuts, you don't represent florida. >> a huge part of governor scott's final pitch to voters here is make sure they saw that president trump said bill nelson hasn't called him in two years. >> bill: what are you hearing about turnout, early voting in florida. the vote so far today, peter? >> so far, bill, they're talking about it like it is presidential level turnout. i asked an official at the collier county gop. the first report they got was 2100 people voting in collier county in the first 30 minutes. they say that is very unusual for a mid-term and governor scott told me a few minutes ago he doesn't think there are necessarily a whole lot of people who are undecided in florida right now. it is all about just getting people who usually vote out to the polling places by tonight.
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>> bill: need big numbers in florida. thank you, sir. >> sandra: in missouri the senate race between claire mccaskill and republican challenger josh hawley looks like it will be a fight to the finish there. kristin fisher is live in kirkwood, missouri with the latest there. >> sandra, to give you an idea of just how important this race is, president trump was just about two hours away from here last night in cape gerardo before the polls opened. i could not have campaigned any harder for republican candidates in this race, josh hawley. he came to this state twice in four days and last night at this rally in cape gerardo the two were in lock stop on issues like immigration, caravan, taxes, healthcare. hawley, the state's attorney general got the crowd to chant lock her up when he compared her to hillary clinton. >> mccaskill has spent a lifetime in politics just like
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hillary. she has made a boat load in federal money just like ill re. senator mccaskill voted for amnesty just like hillary. senator mccaskill is for open borders just like hillary. senator mccaskill is for activity liberal judges. >> senator mccaskill is trying to distance herself from some democrats, the crazy democrats as she called them. she makes the case that in a state that trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016 she is the kind of democrat that is not part of the resistance. >> i don't really care what happens nationwide. it is not how i look at elections. i care about what happens in this state. i care about whether or not the people of this state have a representative that is willing to work in the middle. >> sandra, the real clear politics average of polls has hawley ahead by half a
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percentage point. this is going to be an incredibly close race and one to watch as the polls close. >> sandra: thank you. by the way, kristin, what are we seeing so far at the polls? >> well, at this polling location where senator mccaskill will be voting in two hours. i don't have a long line for you here. polls have only been open for two hours. we're being told they're expecting long lines across the state of missouri. missouri is one of those states there is no early voting. it is going to be very difficult to tell exactly how this race is going to go until the polls actually close, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sure you'll watch it all for us. thank you. >> bill: over here at the board we asked our friend chris stirewalt to my right, stage left. welcome back to new york city. here is what we asked you to do. pick a race that may determine something early on in the night and then if it's a late night what happens later, okay?
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you chose a house district that not a lot of people talk about. this is back in your home state. you claim a lot of home states. >> i'm a west virginia guy. >> bill: mountaineers then. miller is the republican. why would you point to this race? >> this is a district that donald trump won by 50 points but proven to be competitive in this contest. if the republicans can put away ricky ojeda early in the night that's a sign they're doing what they need to do. if it's close. if ojeda is in there, that's a sign that a lot of other house races will break bad. >> bill: if we go late in the night you pick two other races that not a lot of people talk about. a governor's race in south dakota. the other state you picked is the state of oklahoma at the governor's level. why would you point to these two as indicators through the
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night? >> we talk with the firewall. what the republicans need in these red states to build a firewall we're reverting to essentially the base composition of the electorate. this is who we are and what we'll do and they hold. these governor races are both competitive. they shouldn't be in very republican states. but the democrats have good candidates in both states and it is proofing difficult for republicans. this is where we look to see if the gop firewall in the center of the country holds. >> bill: for the senate. let's have a walk over here and welcome you officially here. the early voting is extraordinary. we will pass all records. some of this has been made easier and the energy that's put into the contest on behalf of both campaigns. when you study early voting, are you able to figure out or understand when the numbers are this high how they fit into your matrix to make predictions?
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>> we're talking about more than 100 million votes cast. we're talking about 11 or 12 million more votes than we saw four years ago in the last mid-term election. this is a huge turnout. it is not everywhere. places like nevada where we're looking. they had more votes cast in early voting than they did all together in 2014. this is a big deal. now, for pollsters and now for us as we have to make forecasts on election night turnout of that size can scramble a lot of eggs. that can change a lot of your permutations. there are a few scenarios available tonight. we'll see which of the three of them really starts to pan out. where it lands on the spectrum and starting at about 7 and 7:30 we'll start to find out which way that omelet is getting cooked. >> bill: i would also throw in arizona and texas in that same as nevada. what we don't know is what they're voting for and what
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they're voting against. >> we have an interesting moment. you say the map starts out 49-51. we are really starting out 48-52. north dakota is pretty much gone. democrats have to run the table. they have to have -- for the democrats to take the senate. it's within reach and like it's within reach for the republicans to hold the house. as the evening goes, if one of those two things is going to happen that team has to kill it. they have to get them all. >> bill: i think it will be a lot of fun. >> i'm so excited. we have the best guy in the business to talk about this stuff. >> bill: we'll take you through it as we go. chris stirewalt. there he is. >> sandra: keep it right here throughout the day for breaking election coverage and then bret and martha pick things up at 6:00 p.m. with results and expert live analysis. if you're in the area here is a live look at fox square. come on down. this is our outdoor set. spent weeks building it.
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there is a lot of excitement down there and a lot of fox news personalities will be there. an exciting day into an exciting evening. that will all continue as we continue to get results in throughout the night. bill, there it is, fox square. have you made a stop there yet? >> bill: i have. >> sandra: we started out there last week. >> bill: we had wind from the north yesterday which made things breezy. today is a better day. check it out, fox square, come on down. vice president mike pence confident republicans will hold onto power not just in the senate, he is saying in the house as well. watch. >> i really believe that republicans will expand our majority in the senate and hold our majority in the house of the representatives. >> bill: is he right? great question for the chairman of the congressional committee. steve stivers will tell us what it's all about. >> sandra: the russia investigation taking a back seat to the mid-terms.
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the mueller probe is chugging along behind the scenes. could it wrap soon? darrell issa will join us later this hour for his take. >> bill: what role does immigration play? what about the migrant caravan making its way through mexico. we'll check in on the issues before americans coming up. >> president trump: if you want more caravans, if you want more crime, vote democrat. alright, i brought in ensure max protein...
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6:16 am
steve stivers is my guest out of columbus today. back in your home state stumping today. thank you for your time. our viewers may not be aware but you are pretty much responsible for the reelection of the republican majority in the house. you have a big job today. here is one observation on behalf of your opponents in the democratic party. they've recruited some strong resumes. many men and women with military records in iraq and afghanistan and many who worked for the obama administration and moved back home to their home district. how big is the challenge for you and the republican party tonight, sir? >> well, we have a challenge but we also have an opportunity. the choice is really clear between results that our republican congress delivered and the rhetoric of divisiveness the other side has. they want to raise every american's taxes, take away our economic success and basically put us in danger by eliminating
6:17 am
ice and not defending us at the border. so i think the choice is really clear. i hope that americans will choose the path of prosperity as opposed to the path of despair. >> bill: you make that same point in a fox news opinion piece. the headline from it. mid-term elections offer america a simple choice is what you write. more progress or return to pain. in your second line you go right to the economy. should the message about the economy have been more at the forefront? i heard mike huckabee earlier today are you better off now than you were two years ago? a lot of americans would answer yes. would that not have been a more simple national campaign strategy? >> i think it has been part of our campaign strategy and i think if you look at the closing messages, a lot of our candidates have that as their closing message. but i think we have to be able to do more than one thing. we have to be able to protect america and make america
6:18 am
prosperous and we're working to do both. >> bill: the district just north of you, ohio district 12. balderson and o'connor. it got national attention a few months ago. what happens in that district that involves so many suburban voters in northeast columbus, ohio. >> the result today will be the same we have in august. balderson will win. it will be close. he will win it and hold it. he is doing a great job, a great congressman and making a difference and he will make a difference for the future of a lot of people. he represents their values and troy balderson will win that race. it is one of those races that will determine the fate of the majority. wealth -- we'll hold the majority. >> bill: you are making the case that republicans are coming home. i don't just mention that district in ohio. countless districts like it in virginia, illinois, georgia, northeast of atlanta.
6:19 am
what do you think those voters are looking for in this election? >> i think our voters are looking for opportunity, hope, growth and opportunity. that's what we've given them through our tax cuts and regulatory reform and they want to keep america safe. it is those two things that our voters want and that all americans want. they want opportunity for their kids. they want opportunity for themselves. there have been so many people left behind in the stagnant economy of the last eight years. it is time to turn it around. we have done that and i think voters will give us credit for that and why we'll win the majority and again, bill, the choice is clear. a choice between prosperity and higher taxes. i think americans will choose prosperity. >> bill: interesting story line tomorrow. all over the country. we'll see where these voters are right now? red, blue or purple? one last question for you. do you believe this is a referendum on the west wing of the white house?
6:20 am
do you believe voters are voting on the national level or the local level in a race like this? >> i think most of these elections come down to local choices and local candidates, bill. and again the choice is clear, though, nationally between opportunity and pain. and i think americans are going to choose hope, growth and opportunity. and if people are looking tonight and trying to figure out gee, how will it go? one of the early races they can take a look at -- i think west virginia is a great example, too, but kentucky's sixth district. andy barr is locked in a tough competition and we'll hold our majority. candidates like andy barr, troy balderson will win their races and we'll hold the majority in congress. >> bill: the election in kentucky. kentucky 6. we'll see how it goes. steve stivers live in columbus, ohio. thank you. >> sandra: a handful of races could change the balance of
6:21 am
power in congress as we know it today. our headliner karl rove will give us the lay of the land next hour. what key indicators he will be watching and what we should be looking for tonight. president trump on the trail in indiana yesterday stumping for senate candidate mike braun. can republicans flip a blue seat red there? we're live in indianapolis next. >> president trump: joe donnelly was rated the least effective democrat in the entire united states senate. that's why they call him sleeping joe. here ya go, hon. hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. whoa. hey look, it's huge.
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oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back.
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>> bill: somber day and ceremony no utah. the body of a may or killed in afghanistan returns to american soil. six u.s. soldiers carrying the flag draped casket with the remains of brent taylor, the
6:25 am
mayor in the town of north ogden and a member of the utah national guard. 39 years old. soft and killed by an afghan commando he was training. taylor had one final wish apparently before his death. in his final facebook post he urged americans to exercise their right to vote. >> sandra: a fierce senate race in indiana. republican candidate mike braun up against incumbent democrat joe donnelly. jeff flock is live in indianapolis. how important was the rally with the president there last night? >> the donnelly campaign tried to downplay it this morning. they put out a statement this morning. there are thousands of people at that rally with the president. it was huge enthusiasm.
6:26 am
donnelly campaign says thank you, mr. president, for coming in and getting all those braun supporters not to be on the phones last night. not to be working the doors knocking on doors last night so you helped us is the political spin for you. we talked to mike braun, though, himself this morning who was at this polling place about what he thought of that explanation. take a listen. >> i was the last one to leave the coliseum last night and there were so many people wanting to talk to you, get a picture and get an autograph. and they had all mostly voted already. you talk about fired up individuals where i said hey, make sure family and friends are out there doing it. they are doing that as well. >> indeed, sandra, a lot of early voting in this state this year. >> sandra: jeff, any indication what those early vote numbers are telling us or what they mean in indiana? >> we just got some of those numbers to us and this is not a scientific analysis by any means. analyzing and looking at blue
6:27 am
counties versus red counties, this being a red county, hamilton county. it appears the early vote turnout seems to be favoring the blue counties now. a larger share of the vote in the blue counties indicating a little more enthusiasm there. if you look at this polling place behind me here, huge day of voting the old-fashioned way. show up at the polling place. >> sandra: awesome. jeff flock, great images there for us in indianapolis. what a night last night. jeff flock, thank you. >> bill: i voted this morning. i go to the same place every time. i got my sticker. marginal turnout. longer lines for presidential election two years ago. longer lines in 2014 i thought. it's 6:02 in the morning. the city that never sleeps is still sleeping around that time. >> sandra: depends on where you are. it will tell us a lot throughout the day. >> bill: tennessee president trump throwing his support
6:28 am
behind marsha blackburn. she wants to be the next senator. republicans fighting to keep that seat red. we'll take you live to the volunteer state and check out the orange in tennessee. >> sandra: tonight, will it be a blue wave or a red tide or either? up next we'll talk to a top democratic fundraiser who met with a dozen swing state democrats. what does he think is going to happen tonight? >> president trump: if the radical democrats take power, they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country. ♪ hi. i'm misha. and my favorite bar is crunch. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love. hi dad. no. edon't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver.
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>> bill: 9:31. the big board, what is it? sharply unchanged. >> sandra: sharply unchanged. >> bill: there are a lot of people considering divided government. if democrats were to take a branch of government in congress, if that's the case or republicans hold on to both
6:32 am
majorities. how do the markets react? we get a measure of that with charles payne coming up next hour. >> sandra: that's really something. robert wolf is here. he could talk about that, too. democrats are looking to pull off a blue wave this election day with hopes of flipping the house and senate. at least a couple of seats in the senate at least. can they get it done? our next guest has been meeting with democrats in key swing states over the past through months. robert wolf, former advisor to president obama and a top democratic fundraiser. you know the economy and business. you were the chairman and cbo of ubs for six years, first off, is this going to be a good night for your party, for democrats? >> i think the one thing we know is we don't know. 2016 pollsters got it wrong. pollsters continually get it wrong. we have never seen, sandra, a situation in a mid-term with this much money spent and these many people are going to vote with one or two percent being
6:33 am
the difference. that being said, i think it's an incredibly tough lane for democrats to take the senate. i think it also is an incredibly good night possibly for them to take the house. there are over 40 republican seats that are coming up because of just retirement. that makes it very difficult, i think, for republicans to hold the house. i'm not one of these i like to tweet about the blue wave but i don't think it's coming. my view would be if the dems take the house it is probably under 10 seats. there is just too many -- there are too many areas where, you know, there will be 1 or 2% one way or the other. >> sandra: in the weeks leading up today you were meeting with key swing state democrats. >> i've met with tennessee's bredesen, tester in montana, donnelly in indiana, sinema in arizona. i think i met with 10 of the 12 major swing states. they are all good candidates. politics is local when it comes
6:34 am
to the mid-terms. whereas president trump there is a big national agenda he is talking about. the truth is the democrats, this is not just an anti-trump election. when you talk locally they talk about protecting healthcare, talking about gun rights, gun reform. so i think that it's much more local than what we all talk about. >> sandra: it's really interesting because you could divide this up so many ways and you specifically look at the money coming in from the business community into some of these races. what are you seeing there? >> this is the first time that i can remember at least over a decade that the businesses have backed democrats more than republicans in a mid-term. i think that goes to my point about democrats are local. there is no question the business community likes the tax changes especially with corporate america. i think when it comes to a mid-term, they are usually pro-immigration, pro-gun reform. i think this whole idea. >> sandra: pro-stock market record after record. the stats today.
6:35 am
you were obama's economic advisor for a long period of time. and here is the dow since election day up 39%, robert. you can't ignore that. up more than 7,000 points. 27 out of the dow 30 names are up since president trump was elected to office. you talk about the business community wanting more of that. why would you assume the average american doesn't want more of that? >> a few things. people don't vote on the stock market. the stock market can go up and down. >> sandra: they vote on jobs. >> let's talk jobs. during the last 21 months of president obama he had 4.4 million jobs. these 21 months for president trump we had 4 million jobs. i know we know math. 4.4 is greater than 4. i could give you great stats with obama as well. >> sandra: you want credit for that, right? >> there has been a continuation of what president obama did with respect to the stock market. look at the graph.
6:36 am
it has gone one direction. the point is with this, if i was president trump, i would have spoken a lot more about the economy. they have not talked about it. the economy is usually one of the big -- >> sandra: what is the democrats' message on the economy. >> one, healthcare is their main message. you have to protect pre-existing conditions. number two, i think this tax reform, which you call is really a tax cut did not benefit the middle class. it is just starting to trickle down. i could argue that trickle down economics hasn't worked since reagan omics. >> sandra: key races that you are going to be watching as this day and this evening move on. >> for me it starts with the governorships that no one is talking about. i think the democrats could pick up six, possibly as high as 10 governorships which could actually swing going into 2020 redistricting dramatically. currently the republicans have
6:37 am
33 seats. democrats are have 17 governorships. if you get six to eight swinging you talk about a whole different 2020. key races for me are everyone is talking florida and georgia. that's not the focus for me. it's what happens in pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, and michigan. kind of the blue wall. can we get it back as democrats? >> sandra: as far as the blue wave coming you said that's not the case. >> i don't think so. if you look at the senate, which we chatted briefly about. i think of 10 of the 12 swing states, the big senate elections, president trump won by over 25%. the idea that we can make that up is incredibly tough. with the swing states, listen, this afternoon we'll find out from indiana early. that's between braun and donnelly. that's within 1%. then florida closes i think after that. we'll find out between nelson and scott. and i think we'll find out early whether there is any type of wave one way or the other. >> sandra: as far as money that
6:38 am
you have seen leading up to this pouring in to these house races. >> the amount of money we're seeing is absurd. to me it's been an incredible turn-off. i think it's absurd. i like what beto o'rourke has done. he is not taking pac money. it would be great if we all did it through grassroots. it would save me a lot of money. i look forward to seeing the maps. thanks for having me on. >> sandra: good to see you, bill. >> bill: turning now to tennessee. watch this senate race. blackburn trying to hold off bredesen battling for bob corker's senate seat. steve harrigan live in tennessee at a polling station. how is this one shaping up, steve? >> it has been a battle for weeks here in tennessee. enough so that president trump has made three trips to tennessee to back the republican marsha blackburn running against a different kind of democrat here. former governor phil bredesen. he is popular and the man who
6:39 am
brought professional sports teams to nashville. a low-key guy who has taken odds with the democratic leadership calling them elite and some of their ideas stupid saying he is willing to work with president trump and may be why trump has come down here so often despite the fact he carried the state by 26 points in 2016 and it's been 28 years since tennessee has sent a democrat to the senate, bill. >> bill: an idea of the strategy on each side. how does it look to you? >> we're seeing two very different stieltion. bredesen is an old school, low key deal maker guy. marsha blackburn calls herself a hard core conservative proud to be politically incorrect and both candidates are trying to shape the race according to their own issues. >> marsha blackburn wants it to be a national referendum on trump and bredesen wants to
6:40 am
deal with local tennessee issues and solving problems. >> this has been the most expensive senate race in tennessee history. $50 million in outside money. groups from around the country trying to shape this race to determine who controls the senate. >> bill: thank you, sir. franklin, tennessee. >> sandra: from politics to another contact sport. football. the tennessee titans handing the dallas could wboys handing the cowboys their first loss. the titans record now 4-4 in the afc south still in their sights. the cowboys falling to 3-5. >> bill: if you're a cowboys fan you don't want to lose at
6:41 am
home. not a cool sight for them. >> sandra: you weren't watching football. you were preparing for election day. >> bill: more than 40 republican members of the house will retire at the end of this term. the big question for the party is clear, how many seats can they hold onto tonight. we'll take a close look at. that >> sandra: the russia investigation expected to pick up the pace after election day. could we see major moves from the special counsel? congressman darrell issa will be here next. now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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6:45 am
first of all on a personal level, what do you think about today? >> if you don't believe in term limits after 18 years, when do you? it was time. it was time maybe two years, three years, four years earlier but i've enjoyed what i've done. there comes a point at which you are reauthorizing legislation you passed a decade earlier. i'm looking forward to life after congress and this administration continuing to grow the economy. it's a good time to leave in that sense. >> bill: what is your sense about today? you are one of the districts that could flip toward hillary clinton. 23 house districts republicans are defending where she won at the presidential level but a republican held onto the seat like you did in 49. what gives at the end of the night do you think? >> to a certain extent you have to write off some of california. my district was never in play, the cycle. so it was never funded and quite frankly we know the results already and there will
6:46 am
be a democrat representing la jolla for the first time in a number of years. but i have to remind people i took that part of the district from a democrat and someday it will be taken back. for now california is leaning very hard to the left. >> bill: but there are, i think, seven other districts in california where they split the vote. what do you think comes in the end? what's the net gain for democrats? >> i think the net gain is one. there has only been one seat that wasn't defended. all the other seats have been vigorously defended. we've been outspent two or three to one. but there is enough money to get the message out that the growth in job and economy has to do with policies not from california, but from washington that are making a difference in our economy and the proof is in everyone's paycheck. >> bill: here is the president. there will be changes is what he is saying on the tarmac yesterday.
6:47 am
watch and listen. >> president trump: administrations make changes usually after mid-terms. and probably will be right in that category, too. i think it's very customary. no timeline. i -- for the most part i love my cabinet. we have some really talented people. >> bill: how much consideration have you given to that after this? >> well, i think that there is no question that the senate has not been willing to fill enough positions for the president. so he will both have to reshuffle people to meet the needs and push harder on the new senate to get the kind of confirmations he needs. throughout government at all levels there are vacancies, career vacancies because the democrats in the senate are forcing 30 hours of debate for most confirmations. >> bill: bob mueller may get back to work after this vote. there are some rumors, these rumors have been out there for two years that he will make a move after election day. >> he has been quiet but he
6:48 am
hasn't been without constant work. this is somebody who has been looking for a crime and hasn't found one in two years. and that's the reality of his investigation. not one person has been charged connected to the administration with a violation, any collusion with the russians related to this campaign. but he is still looking for it. i suspect he will continue. what i hope is he starts realizing that since the fake dossier paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc is what started his investigation, he ought to at some point get the authority, if he doesn't vit, to really go after that kind of misconduct that led to millions -- tens of millions of investigations of something that didn't happen. >> bill: last question back to the mid-term voting. 105 million is the prediction. that's a lot for a mid-term. great for democracy but a lot for a mid-term. what do you think those voters are trying to say? are they voting local or national? voting for something or against something? >> in some cases these races
6:49 am
have been nationalized. some are localized. in west virginia we're looking at senator manchin who voted with the president on more than a few occasions who is wildly popular and a local referendum whether to keep him as a split vote. the same thing in tennessee. those are areas where it is not about president trump, it is really about your local favorite. in other areas it is, in fact, a referendum on do we, in fact, support the impeachment of the president which is what the democrats vowed to do. will we stalemate the administration's effort to improve our economy further in the house? that in some of these races is absolutely the case. i will tell you, bill, the one thing you'll see in one district they will be campaigning about this person is like trump. move over one district and it
6:50 am
is not about trump at all. it's when they can use him against a candidate or for him because of the administration's success. >> bill: thank you so much. i think you just got a text message. darrell issa in washington, d.c. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: president trump looking back at his presidency so far. what he is now saying about the tone he has used. our a-team is here to discuss all of that, plus a milestone for that central american migrant caravan making its way to the u.s. border. we are live from mexico with the caravan next. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> sandra: the migrant caravan making its way to the u.s. arriving in mexico city to rest and regroup. it marks another milestone on its journey toward the southern border where the u.s. military
6:54 am
has been preparing for its arrival. william la jeunesse is in mexico city for us this morning. william. >> sandra, we're at a sports park. in the stadium behind me 4,000 migrants from that caravan slept in tents on bleachers and under tarps. they're telling us that about 4,000 are here officially. they are expecting another 1,000 later. they were not able to make that 178 mile trip yesterday from cordoba. long lines yesterday and today as you can see for donated clothing, shoes and blankets. we're at 7,000 feet. much colder than it was before. they'll stay here for a few days before heading north. embassy official efs from all the central american countries to help them with documents. medical care and legal advice which is vital to their future. we spoke to one man yesterday who wanted to go to the united states. after hearing his story the lawyer said your chances for asylum are slim. you are probably better off staying in mexico. the first time they're getting
6:55 am
straight information so they can make an informed decision about their future. also today they will speak to mexican federal officials about maybe transportation north and the clarification on residency documents and work permits. there are jobs along the border as well as monterey for skilled labor. why is that important? it affects how many people stay in mexico versus those who show up at the border. how many ask for asylum and how many cross illegally. of course, right now in tijuana the resources there, sandra, are already overwhelmed. 2500 immigrants in tijuana waiting six weeks for an appointment with asylum. if you have another 2,000 people heading to tijuana it could be overwhelming the resources they have there. all of this is important because of border security and how we respond at the port of entry. >> sandra: thank you for the update. >> bill: tonight is the night. by evening's end we may know who is in control of the house
6:56 am
and senate. karl rove is breaking down the early numbers and he will be our headliner in a moment coming up. we're live from polling places across america including fox square in new york city. who has the advantages, 2018 rolls on. today is the day, come on back, top of the hour. re awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement. whoooo. tripadvisor makes finding your perfect hotel... relaxing! just enter your destination and dates. tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to find the hotel you want for the lowest price. dates. deals. done!
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so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> sandra: fox news alert, decision day 2018 is here and the balance of power in congress is up for grabs.
7:00 am
welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. happy voting day to you. polls are open, 48 of 50 states across the country. america's choice and america's voice to be heard in today's newsroom news feed. >> president trump: something is happening. there is a lot of electricity in the air. >> today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day. it is mid-term election day. >> in this high stakes election it could come down to a few key races. >> most of tuesday night is focused on the balance of power. >> this is the story as republicans and democrats forge ahead as the american people prepare to make their voices heard. where does america really stand today? here is the final push. >> president trump: this is one of the most important elections of our time. >> your vote could make things a little bit better. >> the blue wave will hit a red wall right here in the volunteer state. >> we have to stick together. we have to move together.
7:01 am
this is the united states of america. there is nothing we cannot do. >> you need to all get on the phone tonight and call everybody you know. that's how close it is. >> for the future of our country and the cause of liberty, this is the time and this is the hour. >> to change the government, to make sure that it reflects our values, our aspirations, our ambitions. >> we defend liberty. we defend the constitution. come and take it. >> do not complain. >> president trump: we will never give in, or back down. >> do not get anxious. don't get freaked out. >> president trump: we are going to work. we are going to fight and we are going to win, win, win. >> vote. >> bill: wow, the president is back at the white house today after wrapping up a busy stretch of rallies yesterday. you saw a lot of it there. kevin corke leads this hour from the north lawn. how are you doing, kevin, good
7:02 am
morning. >> what a crazy few weeks it has been. now for the folks at home we should tell you this, we expect a relatively quiet day and evening here at the white house after what can best be described, bill, as a barnstorming tour of america over the last several weeks as the president has crisscrossed the country hoping to bolster the gop effort in the mid-terms. we had a chance to hear from sarah sanders as she is talking about what the president is expected to be doing throughout the day and evening. a bit of her statement. she said this after 11 rallies in eight states and weeks of campaigning for republican candidates, the president will spend today making phone calls, monitoring congressional, senate and governor races across the country and meeting with his political team for realtime updates. later this evening, the president and first lady have invited family and friends to join them in the residence as they watch election returns. now, bill, the final hours of the campaign were unprecedented because by the tens of
7:03 am
thousands red capped trump backers came out to listen to the president yesterday including a star-studded affair in the show-me state of missouri where one of the hottest and most closely-contested senate races is getting a great deal of attention. it is hawley versus mccaskill. we've talked about it a great deal. this is a huge opportunity for the republicans or if you're a democrat, if mccaskill can hang on as the incumbent that would be a boon. the president said she wouldn't back him when it mattered most. >> president trump: and wednesday she will no longer agree with me on border security. no longer. a vote for claire mccaskill is a vote for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi -- [booing] >> and the legendary maxine
7:04 am
waters. >> former president obama said this, when we've been at such crossroads before, americans have made the right choice. not because we sat back and waited for history to happen, but because we marched and mobilized and voted. we made history happen. which is something that can be said for both ends of the political spectrum. today you can make history happen if you get out there and do your duty and vote, bill. >> bill: thank you, kevin corke leading our coverage. >> sandra: to florida. a tight race for governor there. ron desantis facing off against andrew gillum. phil keating is live in tallahassee. >> this has garnered a lot of attention and throughout the country. it has brought in big names. sanders happens to endorse tallahassee mayor andrew gillum.
7:05 am
he just pulled up onto the scene here. he is about to go inside the precinct and cast his ballot. we expect him with his wife as well as their children to go in there in about 15 minutes later he will come out and talk to us. i can tell you mayor gillum is running on not all that much sleep. that's because at midnight and into the morning hours today, a big bring it home concert rally held for him which he attended on the florida a & m campus with 9,000 people singing and dancing at what was tallahassee's biggest concert of the year. gillum right now is walking back inside across the way. all the cameras are following him. then he said history is being set. if gillum can turn out the florida minority vote as president obama did two times, gillum thinks he has a shot at winning. ron desantis is the candidate on the other side.
7:06 am
he marched across the state yesterday hitting five campaign rallies and appearing with senator marco rubio, lara trump and attorney general pam bondi. the race is a toss-up desantis is being have you had as the underdog and why president trump added saturday's night's rally on saturday night. desantis and his wife are expected to vote this hour as well south of jacksonville. they were out early this morning around 7:30 a.m. doing some sign waving to attract cars going to work or heading to polling stations to vote. five million plus floridians voted early. this precinct is already looking pretty busy on election day proper as well. >> sandra: a lot of folks watching that race. >> bill: let's bring in america's a-team. richard fowler, mark thiessen,
7:07 am
and steve hilton. good day to you. how come the president lost his voice? i need to know rally after rally. across the table how are you feeling about today? >> i think i'm optimistic but also as nervous as a church mouse on extermination day for my party because this is a big election. >> sandra: all right, marc. >> bill: i'm humbled by the experience of 2016. i don't do predictions anymore. [laughter] >> bill: hough -- how are you feeling? >> there is clearly a blue wave but also a red wall. it's like a hurricane hitting. will the blue wave overcome the red wall? we don't know the answer to that. >> i hope i'm wrong. i'm feeling bad. i'm feeling like what we might see is the revenge of the elites, the revenge of the comfortable not caring whether the jobs are going well.
7:08 am
they're comfort. they just want to send a message. >> bill: all who they despise. >> all the rhetoric we've heard against donald trump is coming together. that's what i feel. i hope that substance wins out over that and people vote for what is going to actually benefit them in their lives. i don't know. i have a bad feeling. >> here is the thing. steve's economic message and how he message and sadly the president made a far right turn a couple of weeks ago we're not talking about the economy. is it about racism, fear, the caravan? >> i want to challenge the idea, bill. talking about enforcing our borders is far right. >> i believe enforcing the border. it is how you talk about. when you want to add it. i'm talking about the ad run by the republican party.
7:09 am
>> you think enforcing the border is a far right position, that's crazy. you said far right. >> when you run an ad that is factually inaccurate and racist pulled from every network and facebook and twitter, that is problematic and that's what people are voting today. >> the president has made the reality with the economy going the way it is right now, the republicans should be cruising to a huge electoral victory. the president made a strategic decision. his tax cut and regulatory pushback, economy is booming for everybody across the board under trump. he made it about the caravan than the economy. that's a big gamble. i don't know whether it will work or not. if it works, he is a political genius. if it doesn't work it is a huge lost opportunity because he had the ad they were supposed to be running was the morning in america, economy is booming again ad and he pulled it in exchange for the caravan. >> bill: we'll talk about all this tomorrow.
7:10 am
>> sandra: you asked them how they were feeling. the president in this final push last night with sean hannity made the case vote republican to keep his agenda going. watch. >> president trump: frankly, if their agenda kept going forward, meaning if the other side had won, we would have been down 4.2 or six or seven. if we didn't open it up and cut regulations the whole obama thing would have collapsed and been a disaster. >> he is 100% right. that's not what he is campaigning on. that was his closing message with sean last night but not his closing message in the advertising or the rallies. so i wish we were hearing much more of that message because what does a successful president do when win reelection. you get your base fired up and expand your base when you are in the white house. are you better off now than you
7:11 am
were two years ago? >> bill: claire mccaskill made the headlines. watch. >> i don't really care what happens nationwide. it's not how i look at elections. i care about what happens in this state. i don't really see a huge difference in terms of the work of the senate, whether it's 51-49 democrats or 51-49 republicans. i've been there both ways. >> you don't care if your party has the majority. >> it's not that big a deal. i've been able to get a lot done both ways. >> bill: good spin, huh? [laughter] >> claire mccaskill is in a very tough race against the current attorney general in the state of missouri, city of st. louis. i think she is really doing what she has to do to talk to the voters of that state and convince them that she is the right person to give her another six years. we'll have to see what happens later this evening. but i do feel that she has been
7:12 am
in tough races before and she might squeak this one out. there is something to be said about the economic message. if you talk to voters in milwaukee, wisconsin, they'll tell you after the harley davidson plant closed they're feeling economic pain. i saw the lines this morning and checked in. those lines are long in milwaukee because they understand what is at stake and they understand what is economically effecting that city and why they're voting. >> the economic point is even more serious than anyone is really recognized. let's look at what happened. the economic boom, the revival, the jobs, incomes, all that started before the tax bill. before the dewrecklation. it started election day. business confidence that led to investment decisions. that's what leads to the growth that we're seeing. the confidence comes from the knowledge that you have a pro-enterprise, pro-business president in the white house and a pro-enterprise, pro-business congress. even if the democrats only take
7:13 am
the house, people say it doesn't matter. what can they do if they don't have the senate? they can do a huge amount of damage to business confidence. that translates into real harm for real people. that's why it is so much at stake. >> sandra: the message from democrats on the economy. >> take for example what's happening in georgia. all across the state of georgia, rural hospitals are closing down. stacey abrams is running on a campaign saying how do we make sure that every person in georgia has good healthcare. pecan prices have gone up and they're voting for abrams because they care about hospitals, families and pecans. >> the facts, household income up 3.1%. economic growth 4.2%. manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in 23 years.
7:14 am
african-american, hispanic unemployment, lowest ever recorded. women's unemployment lowest in 65 years. youth unemployment lowest in 50 years. americans without a high school diploma lowest ever recorded. these are facts. richard. and so for me i just look at it from the perspective not campaigning on that we could look back tonight that was malpractice. >> bill: why do you think the calculation was made to go in a different direction? >> sometimes people take economic progress for granted. the president saw there was a huge blue wave. kavanaugh came along and the smear campaign happened and republicans got energized. and so he started seeing that these kinds of issues and the caravan happened. he started seeing momentum on the republican side to go into the elections and he is trying
7:15 am
to play what seems to be working. and the fact is you can do both of those things. you can campaign on border security, you can campaign against the democrats treatment of brett kavanaugh. >> i don't except the characterization that they just completely dropped one and only focused on immigration and borders. all the way along they've been -- the president touts the economy every rally. i think that the message that i've seen, the ads i've seen has talked about economic progress. immigration is a big issue and an economic issue. uncontrolled imgrai, it's a big reason why the forgotten man and woman lost out over the last few decades. we have low skilled, low wage immigrants coming in and depressing wages. that's a fact, too. >> the reality is they did make a choice because he had an ad up that was going to be his closing ad all about the
7:16 am
economic progress and he said he hated it and switched it to an immigration ad and that's the legitimate choice. if he wins, he is a genius. >> this is a local election and people voting for their congress person and governors. we look at some of the states where president trump won michigan. it is clear the democrats will take that governor's mansion. everything to do with the fact in flint, michigan there isn't clean drinking water. >> bill: a great panel. cool your jets and come back in a moment. >> sandra: president trump urges republicans to get out and vote. how will he and his agenda move forward if democrats take over the house? we're going to be talking to his daughter-in-law, lara trump will join us next hour. >> bill: talking about the economy. a lot of money on the line as investors wait the results of the mid-terms. what happens tomorrow. charles payne joins us coming up. a city with one of the highest increases
7:17 am
of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. ato be there... for the good. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say "i am here." that's why, we created aimovig.. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. one dose, once a month. aimovig is proven to reduce the number of
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7:20 am
>> bill: 20 past the hour. ron desantis is in line. there he goes with his baby in his arms. >> sandra: he has a new baby. we don't know if that's his baby. likely. he has his whole family there. there they are. wife and children all there. live pictures. >> bill: near jacksonville.
7:21 am
screen right is andrew gillum in florida. really good governor's race. we're watchingist from tallahassee on the west side to pont verd on east side. >> sandra: one of the most closely watched in the country. meanwhile. ♪ just makes you want to get up, hello, charles payne. stocks are it's fair to say a little bit on the move. positive movement this morning, up 41 points. investors await the final results of today's mid-term elections. charles payne host of making money with charles payne on the fox business network is here. the "wall street journal" called it when we kicked off this week the markets are in a wait and see move. >> they've been drifting up. yesterday up 190 points.
7:22 am
very quiet despite. the market is almost relieved this whole thing is over. also i think the market probably senses that there won't be a democrat sweep of both so at the very least republicans keep the senate and the white house. i think what we'll see, though, is this election is if the dems win the house, start setting up 2020 which i think will be an onslaught -- full on war against capitalism. we heard comments yesterday by mark warner. we know the younger folks in the democratic party are against it and i think that will be one of the central issues that corporate america and wall street will have to deal with over the next few years if the dems win the house. >> bill: winners no matter the outcome. you talk about structure.
7:23 am
>> maier yeta is up. these stocks are acting pretty good last week. they talked about the drivers for all of this and they mentioned the fast act. it was passed under president obama. the senate 83-16. $300 million infrastructure spending bill. the dems win the house you get infrastructure pending. i think they'll come to the table. if you look for areas in the market. this is the stock that already told us this morning the company going into next year we'll do pretty good not just because of fast act but there might be a whole lot more money coming in. >> sandra: you have to love the way larry kudlow puts his final argument on the economy heading into election day. listen to this. >> it's the economy, stupid. we are growing 3.5%, 4.2%, 3% overall. my friends on the other side of
7:24 am
the aisle said you couldn't beat 2. we are beating 3. this is the single biggest story of 2018 and not going away. >> bill: a drop the mic moment. >> if you drop the mic in the forest with no media covering it doesn't make a noise. what was the october report? the media went crazy, 114,000 jobs. the unemployment rate was 7.8% but we got another 8%, president obama is doing an amazing job. all over the papers, jack welsh last his mind. fast forward to our october surprise. from the media -- >> sandra: obama has been out on the campaign trail taking credit. >> he has been taking credit. i find it's amazing the media before those mid-terms every headline was positive about
7:25 am
114,000 jobs. right now 250,000 jobs, ho-hum, big day. >> bill: in a moment millions of americans are casting ballots now on what could be a pivotal mid-terms. what are the key indicators to watch tonight and the one race that karl rove has his mind on more than any other. he will tell us in a moment. >> sandra: president trump not officially on the ticket but is this election really a referendum on him and his record? karl rove will give us the lay of the land and his take on all of that next.
7:26 am
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7:30 am
>> sandra: we have a look now at the democratic candidate for governor in the state of florida. andrew gillum was speaking a few moments ago after casting his ballot. >> extremely excited to have cast a vote for myself. [cheering and applause] i tried to look over and see what she was doing but -- >> i voted for you. >> my wife also voted for me. we're extremely excited. >> sandra: we saw live pictures of congressman ron desantis a few moments ago casting his vote. it has all begun. election day morning. >> bill: she gave the right answer, too. early voting giving us clues. who better than to give us the
7:31 am
lay of the land than our headliner karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff for president bush and how are you doing? nice to see you. what do you think? >> it will be a wild night. >> bill: you said so many interesting things at 6:00 a.m. one of the things you said the golden age of polling has gone out the window. nobody answers their phone anymore. how difficult a job does that make for you and maybe the others? >> tough in a campaign. not only do people not have land lines and not answer them, but when people who have cell phones a lot of people don't answer a number they don't recognize. so if you're not in the address book. not only that but there is a quirky federal law that says you can use an auto dialer to dial up a land line. if you have a machine dialing up all the land lines in america. as soon as somebody picks it up it connects them to an interviewer who is in front of a screen. but the law says you can't use an auto dialer on cell phone numbers.
7:32 am
you have to have somebody who dials up the numbers and hopefully gets somebody on the phone which drives up the cost of polling dramatically and why people are trying to do polls online and creating online samples. >> bill: the reason we changed our system this year, too. >> sandra: we're all hungry for more data. what will you be watching tonight for your first indication of how things are going to turn out? >> i'll be watching the counties in eastern indiana and kentucky 6. that's around lexington, kentucky, the state capitol. second most democratic congressional district in the state occupied by randy barr being challenged by a star recruit of the democrats. a combat veteran amy mcgrath. if barr comes out really strong it will be a great night for republicans. if it's narrow barr win or narrow mcgrath win the sign of a long night.
7:33 am
a big mcgrath win it will be a blow-out for the democrats. >> bill: you stay right there. >> i can't get too close? >> bill: come on over here. what's interesting about this, stand over here, karl, right here. he is taller than hemmer. what i think is interesting about this, what you point out here, where is it on the map here? sorry, mid-south, sorry, clicked the wrong one. this is lexington, suburbs of lexington. why he is not running away with the race? >> it's the population center, college town, state capitol. pretty liberal and dominant force in this. the further you get out into the rural counties the better off he is. lexington itself is more democrat. >> bill: do me a favor here in the senate race in arizona.
7:34 am
why do you think mcsally is the big arbiter? >> if the republicans win this they stand the likelihood of gaining seats in the senate. if they lose it, they don't. an indicator. it will be -- they've already started voting there. they vote early. bust it will close a little bit later in the evening. the big county is right here, maricopa county, most of the state's population. sinema has represented it for a number of terms in congress. she started as a ralph nader supporter in 2000. ran as a green party candidate for the state legislature and lost. was a pretty liberal member of the legislature when she got elected as a democrat. after going to congress she tried to stay to the business community in phoenix i'm a business-friendly democrat. so mcsally, who is a combat pilot, air force veteran from tucson, the population is not -- she started out with and came from the smaller part of the staift but it turned into a
7:35 am
hot race. >> bill: she sang the national anthem and the home team won. sinema had the coin cost. >> she went to arizona state. she belittled arizona state students when she was a teacher there and while she may have sung the national anthem she said on a radio program with a 9/11 truther she said she didn't care if people went to join the taliban in afghanistan. >> sandra: the president was asked whether it was a referendum on him and his presidency. i believe this is with sean hannity last night. >> president trump: it's really about the candidate but if they want to give me the credit or the liability, i'll be willing to take it. >> sandra: there is that. >> like it or not every president in a mid-term election is on the ballot. a referendum on the party in party and why in almost every mid-term election the party in power, the party that holds the
7:36 am
white house loses ground in the congress and in the house since the civil war it's only happened three times that the party in power has gained seats in the house in a mid-term election. it was smart for him to get it out of the way. if there is a split decision tonight, it will be because the senate map is in states he is popular. >> sandra: i want to get this sound in here. the one he is saying that he is in a sense on the ticket. >> president trump: i mean, whoever even heard of mid-terms? i've had a lot of people say i don't know what mid-term is but now i'm watching every single minute and i'm going out to vote. but the key is you have to go out to vote. in a sense i am on the ticket. you have to go out to vote. >> he has acknowledged it and saying that line. he has honed it, it has gotten crisper and better and he is on the ballot. better to acknowledge it and get it done with. i love the hats, that was one of my favorite hats.
7:37 am
did you notice the guy in the suit wearing a fireman's hat to the left of the president? the great hat but i would hate to be the guy stuck behind him. >> bill: early voting what does it tell you? record numbers, easier to vote. it seems like both sides are energized. ultimately the question is which side has more energy. >> both sides are energized. we'll have the biggest turnout percentage wise since 1966 in a mid-term election. in florida the early vote is 77% of what it was in 2016. that's enormous. so one thing we're learning is lots of enthusiasm. probably likely to be reflected in today's turnout at the polls on election day. >> bill: i remember two years ago we go into our exit polling meeting and the indications are that hillary clinton is winning florida. we walk out of the room. you make a phone call. you get off the phone and you said republicans are up 100,000 votes. are we able to gauge something like this?
7:38 am
you don't know what the early vote is all about. for or against something. >> two things. context matters. let's take a look. that was early voting and absentee voting. -- it was early voting, not early and absentee. if you combine them, this time around republicans have 40.1% of the early and absentee votes in florida. the democrats have 40.6%. half a point. but that's only 24,000 votes. two years ago the democrats combined out of the two had a 96,000 vote margin. this time around if they were doing the same percentage that they had last time around they would have a 72,000 vote margin coming in out of absentee and early voteings. the republicans are overperforming by 1.8%. democrats are over performing by .8%. republicans won by 1.2%.
7:39 am
if election day is the same as two years ago the republicans should do 2.2% rather than 1.2%. here is the other thing. 18.6% of the electorate are independents. how did the parties do with independents compared to two years ago. that could be the difference. >> sandra: put this mid-term election in historical perspective of what is at stake. >> look, it's unique to this president in a way. the democrats, when they took the house before they haven't necessarily had somebody who is a juicy target like this. they made it clear they'll spend the next two years investigating him. in 2006 when republicans lost the house we doubled the size of the white house general counsel's office because of all the threats of investigations. some that involved yours truly. we didn't hire enough lawyers. it turned out to be worse than we expected. that's nothing compared to the
7:40 am
attitude of democrats today. you have committee chairs like the chairman of judiciary jerry nadler, chairman of the house financial services maxine waters. the chairman of the oversight committee he elijah yeah cummings and have a dozen others saying they'll investigate the administration top to bottom. every federal agency will be drawn into some kind of ugly oversight investigation and the white house -- >> bill: if that's the case democrats have to figure out what they run on two years down the road. >> that's right. it could be the worst thing for the president over the next two years and the best thing for him in 2020. it will paint the democrats as obstructionists without anything except animus towards him. >> sandra: the president says there is one thing he does regret about his first two years in office. >> bill: nancy pelosi will run for speaker if democrats win
7:41 am
the house. what do other members of her party say about that? the a-team takes that on next. come on back. we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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7:45 am
>> as you look back at your first two years that you regret and that you wish on you that you could take back and redo? >> president trump: well, there would be certain things. i'm not sure i want to reveal all of them. i would say tone. i would like to have a much softer tone. i feel to a certain extent i have no choice but maybe i do. and maybe i could have been softer. >> sandra: well, a moment of reflection from president trump. we're back with our a-team. you hear them richard fowler, marc thiessen and steve hilton. marc, i go to your first. you saw the president make an acknowledgement that a lot of people thought he maybe wouldn't make. >> he is wrong. he does have a choice. maybe he does as he said. he does have a choice about the tone. earlier in the show we were
7:46 am
talking about the economic progress and statistics. the economy is booming. every segment of the economy is doing better under donald trump yet his approval rating going into the election is 40%. the lowest of any president going into a mid-term election since eisenhower. what i'll suggest he hasn't made a decision to try and win over persuadeable voters. the forgotten americans people are the people in the middle. this election, a crime on both sides, has been all about throwing red meat to the base. successful presidents who win reelection what they do is take their base and consolidate it and expand their base. donald trump should be with the economy going the way it is he should be 50% approval. he have is not because he made a strategic decision the way he wins election is by energizing his base, getting his people to
7:47 am
the polls and forcing the people in the middle to look at two bad options. >> sandra: are you better off today than you were two years ago? >> of course, the substance is very strong. i hope it wins out. honestly to this tone point i think the best thing about the president is his tone. i don't think he should have changed it. the whole point of donald trump was to come in and be different and speak differently and behave differently. why? people for decades have had politicians with great tone who delivered terrible results. republicans and democrats. they had an elitist policy agenda that benefited the rich and screwed working americans. the point of donald trump was to come in and tell them they're wrong, they're a disaster and support evidence by the useless mainstream media. the tone was absolutely central to his populist appeal. >> i guess. i agree with marc on this one. i think the president's tone has been problematic if he wanted to celek i can gains and
7:48 am
expand the voter base and gain african-american voters he had an opportunity to do all these things when he was first elected. slowly but surely he squandered those things away. in charlottesville he could have said nazis are bad people and african-americans would have applauded him. i actually think there are groups of voters that would have applauded him. where we are now on the day before the election he gives an interview and said i could work on my tone. that's a little too late. >> bill: american launched itself into a great democratic experiment two years ago. two years after that we'll find out again. tomorrow we'll talk about different topics including this one. nancy pelosi, what is her future and what does she do? what do fellow democrats do if she has the opportunity? if? hang on. here is what she said.
7:49 am
i know the territory, i'm really good at what i do. that's a suggestion to all the democrats who have been on the fence about her leadership that she is staying and it won't be this transitional speaker. >> that's right. she is good at the one aspect, she is raw power, raising money and using that to solidify and entrench her power. i think she is really -- she is showing see -- she is a fighter and knows how to make things work in congress in the behind the scenes deals. it doesn't mean she is good delivering anything of real substance for the american people. the real problem for her is this tension between the desire for her, i think as speaker, if that's what she ends up being, to try to deliver some real results. versus the real pressure from the base of the party to do everything they can to destroy president trump. >> let me say this. i belong to this party. nancy pelosi is my grandmother
7:50 am
-- she ain't no fool. she understands how to count. the democratic leadership to get into the weeds will look a lot different than it currently looks. more diverse, younger. will nancy pelosi be the head of it? we have to win the house first. >> there are 50 democratic candidates running for office who said they will under no circumstances will not vote for nancy pelosi. running in the gop districts they have to win in order to take back the house and so if they do take back the house there are a lot of people committed not to voting for nancy pelosi. >> sandra: we don't have time for this whole thing but she said i for a long time tried to create a path for other people to take over. they have to get out there and get a following and show their legislative chops. any number of people could do that. >> there's a lot. >> bill: thank you, great panel. red wave, blue wall or blue
7:51 am
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>> bill: a battle in wisconsin. scott walker in a fierce fight to fend off the challenger tony
7:55 am
evers. matt finn is watching that race outside milwaukee today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. in the final moments governor scott walker says this is the tightest race of his life. he is seeking his third term here in wisconsin. democratic opponent tony evers is wisconsin school superintendent. what has amounted to the most controversial issue in the race is healthcare and pre-existing conditions. evers accuses walker of flip-flopping on the issue and denying the hurting people of wisconsin a billion dollars under obamacare. walker says his wife is diabetic, mother survived cancer and that he has always supported pre-existing conditions. >> pre-existing conditions were protected before obamacare. we'll protect people as we always have in the state of wisconsin. >> on the one hand he is saying those pre-existing conditions, the protections for them, i'm one of those 2.4 million people. i'm a cancer survivor and i can
7:56 am
beat scott walker, i beat cancer, i can beat him. >> the state of wisconsin tells us a record high in early voting 547,000 votes already cast as of yesterday. >> bill: we're watching. matt finn in milwaukee. >> sandra: president trump making his final pitch for republicans last night with a three-state campaign blitz. will it make the difference for his party today? trump's daughter-in-law and senior advisor to trump for president lara trump will join us live next hour. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the rallies are over. the closing arguments have been made. now it's time to vote. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. i'm feeling good. >> bill: i feel like it's game day. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, everybody. polls are open, millions of americans casting their ballots. election day 2018. voters in 36 states will choose a governor, control the house and senate also on the line to be decided. and there is one senate seat from arizona where the democrat kyrsten sinema and republican martha mcsally in a race that could go down to the wire. >> we're neck-and-neck now. it seems ridiculous to a lot of people but goes to show you with tens of millions of dollars poured into the campaign. they know how important this is for the country. >> they have to vote. your vote is actually your
8:01 am
voice. and if you choose not to vote, then you are letting someone else make decisions about your life and your future. >> sandra: alicia is in mesa, arizona. >> this is the busiest polling place in maricopa county, one of the largest voting jurisdictions in the entire country. the secretary of state's office says 80% of voters turned in their ballots early. these last few hours have been about the last 20% of voters. republican congresswoman martha mcsally determined not to let democrats turn this red seat blue. >> get the vote out there. we have to make sure that each of you go home, make some phone calls tonight. wake people up tomorrow morning. send out some emails. use facebook posts. whatever else you can do, take people to the polls because it will come down to turnout right now. it will come down to that. every last vote really does
8:02 am
matter. >> the democrat sinema has been tweeting photos of campaign stops. she did a run at the university of arizona campus and yesterday giving out donuts at arizona state university reminding students of polling locations. she'll need the younger voter to pull off a win. we're so close to winning this election and getting everyday people in arizona a voice in the u.s. senate. who everyone who has knocked on a door or chipped in a contribution to our campaign, thank you. let's go win. here are the early ballot return thembers. 1.59 million ballots in. 42% are by republicans. democrats are 34%. unaffiliated 24. the last number is what democrats say it gives them reason to have hope. it will be a very busy day here in arizona, sandra. early voting has already surpassed all voting from 2014. and i've been told by one of
8:03 am
the officials at the arizona secretary of state's office they're on trend to meet or surpass 2016 if you can believe it. sandra. >> sandra: 9:00 a.m. there. thank you. >> bill: from one end of the country to the other. from florida. bill nelson locked in a close reelection battle being challenged by the governor rick scott in florida. both candidates heading into election day confident the voters are on their side. >> momentum is with us and the good lord willing and the people willing i think tomorrow night is going to be a very happy night. >> we will all get out to vote. no blue wave. a red wave right now. we all have to continue voting. a clear choice in my race. >> bill: good morning, peter doocy in naples. >> the candidates both voted before today. one of the 5 million plus early
8:04 am
voters in florida. the democrats have a few thousand votes advantage in the early balloting. the governor trying to become senator scott is making a big part of his final pitch is something about the president revealed about bill nelson, that nelson never calls. >> he said trump abolished. criticized me for talking to the president. i'm the governor and have two hurricanes. he called me pretty much every day. >> i asked the two-term governor scott if he has election day superstitions. he said get a good night's sleep. his opponent nelson has a tradition waving a campaign sign on the side of the road. >> i'm tired of the flip-flops that go on. they're tired of people doing one thing and saying another
8:05 am
like they were going to erase what they had done. they want somebody that is consistent. >> nelson running as a moderate democrat but he has had access to very energetic big progressive crowds because of excitement at the top of the ticket for the candidate andrew gillum. but gillum posted a warning on his social media accounts. we don't know what it's about. he wrote this. we're hearing that dirty tricks are already beginning. don't be fooled. don't fall for the okay-doke, you know my record and vision, go and vote. here in naples at this polling place plenty of people are doing that. the parking lot is packed and a republican party official told me this polling place in the first 30 minutes at 2016 level turnout. >> bill: thank you, peter doocy. >> sandra: for more on all this let's bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday". as i mentioned, nice to have
8:06 am
you in studio, chris. a big day and night about to happen. how are you feeling this morning? that's a big question. you said you don't want to go off the polls after 2016. what are you thinking and feeling this morning? >> well, in terms of how we'll cover the story, cover the story. don't go in with any preconceptions. we saw where that stood us in 2016. go in and just follow what the vote is. and we'll take a look at our new fancy dancy system voter analysis but also counting votes. it will become clear whether there is a blue wave, whether there is a red wall, whether we'll have to count vote by vote by vote. don't get ahead of yourselves, just cover the story. >> sandra: what specific races will you be watching? >> there are a bunch. all the senate races are important. but to me the house, i think that's most likely in play because i suspect the republicans are going to hold onto the senate. i don't know if they'll expand
8:07 am
their majority but i think they'll hold on. the house up for grabs. i'm looking at virginia 7, which is a race down around the rich edmonton area of virginia. you have to pick an early state. hopefully you'll have the results early. dave bratt what beat eric cantor in 2014. cantor the house majority leader and bratt has been in there since then and running against abigail spanberger, who is a former undercover c.i.a. operative. interesting thing that democrats have done running a lot of women and a lot of women with military or intelligence credentials. it will be an interesting race. in bratt holds on maybe more of a red wall. if spanberger takes it in a district the republicans have held for a while maybe not a blue wave but a blue trickle. >> sandra: as far as the president is concerned and his influence on all these races across the country sean spicer was on hannity last night basically making the case that we have seen in recent days and
8:08 am
weeks president trump going all out to make sure he can help republicans maintain control. watch. >> he is out there flipping the blue states red. i think josh hawley will do it and mike braun from indiana. patrick morrissey from west virginia. >> sandra: care to take on those races? >> i don't think indiana or missouri is a particularly blue states. they're red state and significant. if you're able to flip in indiana, that would be a loss of one for the democrats. the democrats, because they only -- they are defending 26 seats and republicans only 9. they lose a seat. talk about new jersey potential in indiana, almost a certainty in north dakota. if the democrats lose any they really have to pick up. it will be hard for them. missouri is claire mccaskill is a red state. she is a democrat and what's interesting is the degree to which she has flipped.
8:09 am
she now talks about crazy democrats. she has echoed the president in his hard line on immigration. and yesterday she said she doesn't really care who controls the senate whether it's 51-49 democrat or 51-4 republican. she is running afar away from her party as she can. if she wins she will be voting for chuck schumer to be the majority leader if the democrats take the senate. >> sandra: want to make any forecasts? >> as much as i have enjoyed being with you and bill here in new york, tomorrow i go home to lorraine and washington and in most parts of the country, maybe not georgia or mississippi, all of these political commercials will be off the air. >> sandra: what a night it will be. we look forward to seeing you tonight, chris wallace. thank you very much. say hi to lorraine for us. >> bill: you are fancy dancy yourself, you know. >> sandra: care to respond? >> i don't understand what that means. >> bill: at the top of the
8:10 am
segment you said fancy dancy studio. >> sandra: he approves. >> this is gorgeous. >> bill: chris said what happens in missouri, democrats hoping claire mccaskill can keep it blue as jeff hawley takes her on. a state president trump won by double digits. >> sandra: nancy pelosi has plenty to say about her party's chances of taking back the house. president trump says the economy is at stake. >> president trump: when you enter the voting booth on tuesday, you will be making a simple choice. a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. a vote for democrats is a vote to bring this economic boom crashing to a sudden halt. >> sandra: we hear from the head of the democratic congressional campaign committee on what he thinks of his party's chances tonight.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> this is the time, the hour that we have been waiting for, we have been working for and planning for and sweating for, for all of these many months. it's here now. it is the time to take back missouri senate's seat for the people of missouri and fire claire mccaskill. >> i don't really care what happens nationwide. it's not how i look at elections. i care about what happens in the state. i care whether or not the
8:15 am
people of the state have a representative that is willing to work in the middle. >> bill: we're watching missouri show-me state. senator claire mccaskill. she is trying to win a third time challenged by josh hawley the republican in the closing days mccaskill calling out fellow democrats as crazy and talking tough on immigration. hawley has been enthusiastic supporting the president. campaigned twice for him in the final days in the campaign. the president won the state by 20 points two years ago. rush limbaugh on stage making the case for the gop. >> the people in washington haven't taken the time to understand why you voted for trump. they think you're stupid for doing so and there is so much to learn about why you have. there is so much to learn about the potential greatness for america to learn why you are here and why you support trump. donald trump wants america to be great again. it is not a slogan, it is on
8:16 am
objective. >> bill: a rare appearance for limbaugh on the campaign trail. that's his hometown and home county and home state, missouri. >> sandra: all right. now this. >> up until today, i would have said if the election were held today, we would win. now i'm saying is we will win. >> sandra: nancy pelosi sounding kflt -- confident on "the late show" with stephen colbert. joining to gauge his party's chances is congressional campaign committee chair ben ray lujan of new mexico. nancy pelosi, if she could answer this question today, is the blue wave coming? >> thanks for having me first off. i'm confident that democrats will win back the majority in the u.s. house of
8:17 am
representatives. we built a strategy that looks at the largest battlefield we've seen in a decade built around our candidates. many that have records of service, served in our military, now veterans. former c.i.a. officers, f.b.i. agents. but they are connecting with their personal stories across america and as long as this early vote surge continues to occur, the long lines that we're seeing across america, voting increase in african-american communities by over 136% within the latino community by 180%, the asian-american community 300% and millennials over 250% i'm confident our candidates will do well today. >> sandra: how about the senate? >> there is a narrow path. i agree with chris van hollen that people across the country are energized. all our candidates across america are having a conversation with the american people about healthcare, the difference between us and our republican colleagues. republican colleagues who voted to take away protections from people with pre-existing
8:18 am
conditions and how democrats are fighting to lower the cost of healthcare and lower the cost of prescription drug prices. >> sandra: steve stivers the chairman of the national republican committee was with us earlier this morning talking about the chances and the message of their party. watch. >> the choice is really clear between results that our republican congress has delivered and the rhetoric of divisiveness that the other side has. they want to raise every american's taxes, take away our economic success, and basically put us in danger by eliminating ice and not defending us at the border. >> sandra: he is clearly laying out the record and the achievements of the president that he has been touting the past couple of weeks on the campaign trail. how do you respond? >> i respect steve stivers much and a good person, i completely disagree with his assessment. if we're fortunate to be in charge. i believe we will. democrats lead with a strong agenda. i laid out our goals.
8:19 am
lowering the cost of prescription drug prices and healthcare. working across the aisle to build and pass a strong investment package in america when it comes to infrastructure and looking to see what we can do to clean up washington, d.c. i think that these are all bipartisan initiatives and the american people want us working together reaching across the aisle. so i'm confident that we can lead by example, democrats and republicans. i just believe that we'll be under a democratic majority in the u.s. house of representatives. >> sandra: part of the president's final argument to democrats. this is him slamming democrats on their immigration policies. this is the missouri rally yesterday. watch. >> president trump: democrats' immigration policies are extreme, dangerous, reckless and insane. they support catch and release. they want to free criminal aliens. they want no protections for american workers and taxpayers, and they want totally open
8:20 am
borders which means crime will pour into our country. >> sandra: could that be a winning message for republicans? >> look, the president is saying a lot of things these days are tha* are completely untrue and his attacks on democratic candidates and democratic colleagues are completely false. democrats want to work with our republican colleagues to pass comprehensive immigration reform in a bipartisan way, one that includes investment in border security that are tough, fair and smart. along the way, look, i think the american people want us to be working together. they want us to be reaching across the aisle and find a way to come together for the greater good of america. and that's what we're running on. i'm confident that under a democratic majority in the u.s. house of representatives we'll be able to achieve every one of these goals and look to stronger days in front of us. >> sandra: i only have a few seconds left. reports you're gearing up to run should things change for assistant majority leader, the number four spot in leadership. is that the case? >> i was elected to win back the majority of the u.s. house
8:21 am
of representatives by my colleagues to chair the congressional campaign committee. we have hours to go until the polls close in alaska and hawaii tonight and we'll do everything we can to make sure people are out and voting. there is plenty of time to talk about everything else after we get through today. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning and we'll be watching all of this together today. thank you. >> bill: in a moment lara trump has been campaigning across the country and here to tell us about it. what did she learn and what is america thinking? we'll talk to her coming up next. >> sandra: a closer than expected senate battle in a deep blue state ends today. we'll head live to new jersey. >> this is about going into the future. this is about having a new day. one day for victory. with your help we'll make it happen. >> we'll get better. we get the vote out. we're going to win. (chime)
8:22 am
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hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> bill: new jersey voters decide today on a closer than expected race between senator bob menendez, the democrat, and his republican challenger bob hugin. >> we're excited and encouraged. everything we're seeing on the ground leads to victory. >> i don't know about you, but when i want to move into the future, i put my car into d for democrat and i drive into the future. >> david lee miller is live in union city, new jersey with more on that race today. david lee. >> good morning. we're at a high school gymnasium turned polling center in union city, new jersey. interestingly, union city is the hometown of both the two
8:26 am
candidates, each of whom are named bob. that's where most folks say any similarities end. this has been a hard fought battle on both sides with some negative political commercials. the democrat here senator bob menendez is fighting for a third term. even though he is the democrat in a blue state and he is considered the frontrunner, some analysts say this contest is still surprisingly close. hurting menendez is a recent corruption trial last year. although it ended with a hung jury and charges dropped menendez was admonished by the senate ethics committee for accepting gifts. after casting his ballot this morning he reminded voters that he is the anti-trump candidate. >> the stakes are too high. it never mattered more. if we want to put a check and balance on the trump administration the only way to do it by changing the congress. this is everybody's opportunity to do that. take their country back.
8:27 am
>> menendez's opponent hugin is a retired pharmaceutical executive and political novice. a former trump delegate who contributed $200,000 to trump's presidential campaign. he is calling himself a different type of republican. in an effort to distance himself from the president. this morning on "fox & friends" hugin talked about his relationship with president trump. >> people in new jersey want an independent leader who will fight for them and support the president when the president is doing good things for new jersey and our country. >> lastly, new jersey's department of state is warning today about false information regarding polling, locations, as well as tie.s it is important to keep in mind in the garden state, bill, the polls will remain open until 8:00 this evening. back to you. >> bill: thank you, union city, new jersey. >> sandra: an historic
8:28 am
governor's race in georgia between stacey abrams and brian kemp. the close contest may not be decided tonight. republicans pushing the president to tout the economy hoping to avoid the blue wave. >> president trump: republicans have created the best economy in the history of our country and the hottest jobs market. this is the hottest place economically anywhere in the world right now. >> sandra: just ahead, wisconsin congressman sean duffy joins us on his message to voters. only half the story?
8:29 am
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8:32 am
>> the main reason i'm here is to make sure that we send joe donnelly back to the u.s. senate. [cheering and applause] and in two days, in two days, indiana, you get to vote in what i believe will be the most important election of our lifetime. >> president trump: we have a great, great group of candidates. mike braun right at the top. he has run a brilliant campaign. >> bill: that's from indiana.
8:33 am
the senate race drawing big names. mike tow bin is in indiana. how is it going so far? >> by the shot you may think it is a slow location because it's windy and cold. a peek through the magic door and reveal that the joint is jumping here. the inspector for johnson county says it's been like this all through early voting. he expects the voting numbers to shatter the records this time around and if you are wondering about johnson county the makeup, a deep red county, 42 points in favor of president trump in 2016. president trump focused a lot of attention on indiana. two visits during this barnstorming tour in the final days. last night he used the job numbers to motivate the base to get out and vote. >> president trump: if the radical democrats take power, they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country.
8:34 am
when you enter the voting booth on tuesday, you will be making a simple choice, a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. >> indiana senate race is so close because the two candidates aren't that much different. mike braun is the republican, donnelly is the incumbent democrat. he had to run to the middle. indiana went 19 points in favor of the president. the voters have a choice between someone who will vote with the president almost all the time and someone who will vote with the president most of the time. it is very busy at this polling location. we've seen three people leave saying they have to get to work and one said they'll vote later. when asking people what are the water cooler conversations about, braun and donnelly or about the president? the conversations are about the
8:35 am
president. >> bill: amazing look inside. thank you so much. 20 miles south of downtown indianapolis. mike tobin, thanks. >> sandra: we head to georgia where democrat stacey ab ra hams and democrat brian kemp are facing off in a governor's race. if abrams wins she will become the first female african-american governor. >> i'm the only candidate with a real plan to how to create good paying jobs and put money back in the pockets of people in georgia. >> the leadership of governor dill, taxes were cut in georgia last year and with your help i'll do it again next year. >> sandra: jonathan serrie is live in atlanta for us. jonathan. >> it's been raining on and off in atlanta but not keeping people away from the polls. in this polling site some people have waited in line for as long as an hour to cast their ballots, turnout is heavy throughout metro atlanta. some polling places people are
8:36 am
waiting as long as two to three hours. what we're seeing in georgia is unprecedented. more than two million people have already cast ballots in the days preceding election day. more than doubling the previous record for early voting in a mid-term election set back in 2014. people are engaged but this election has not been without controversy as georgia's secretary of state brian kemp, the republican running for governor oversees elections and his office requested a criminal investigation of georgia democrats after it received an email chain in which party officials and volunteers discussed possible security weaknesses in the secretary of state's online voter website. democratic party officials are outraged. >> he have has yet to provide evidence of any hack by the democratic party. the reason is it does not exist. he is just hoping this is another way to suppress the vote. >> in this race democrats are
8:37 am
expressing concerns of voter suppression an brought out big names including oprah winfrey and former president obama to campaign with abrams. republicans are concerned for election security and they've brought out big names including president trump and vice president mike pence who rallied with kemp in the days leading up to today's big race. but the prize of the day are these i'm a georgia voter stickers that poll workers have been handing out for decades. kids like to wear them but today at this polling sight it seems the grown-ups are equally enthusiastic and wearing these on their lapels. >> president trump: elect a republican congress. we have to do it. we have to stop crying chuck
8:38 am
schumer and nancy pelosi. from erasing everything that we've gained. our economy is setting records on a daily basis. >> bill: president trump touting the economy his closing days as voters are at the polls. republicans hope that message holds the house and senate majorities. with me now is wisconsin republican congressman sean duffy. welcome to election 2018. thanks for being here. you have your wisconsin shirt on, i see, fired up ready to go, to borrow a phrase. what happens today, sir? >> central and northern wisconsin plaid i have it on. campaign day and voting day. as i look at central and northern wisconsin we're key to the state of wisconsin. we're rural, we make up a lot of votes. we can swing back and forth. i see a lot of republican energy right now because republicans have unleashed the rohr of the american economy. democrats can't take any credit
8:39 am
for it. we've offered tax cuts, regulatory reform and as democrats try to message the american people they can't talk about our great successes wage increases, opportunity for everybody, doesn't matter who you are, where you live this economy is roaring. we have to run on tone, bill. i think most americans and especially in wisconsin care less about tone and care more about results. so i think we will have a great night tonight in wisconsin and around the country. i will tell you a lot of folks i talked to who are conservative, the polling doesn't stop. every single day people are getting called. republicans are raising their families and going to work and they don't answer those calls. i think there is a movement afoot that the pollsters haven't picked up and it will be a good night for us. >> bill: scott walker learned how to jump through some hoops in wisconsin. the turnout is amazing. record voting already in texas, nevada, arizona, maybe florida as well. you could have 105 million votes cast in the end. here is the speaker, paul ryan,
8:40 am
outgoing speaker with bret last night. >> people do care about national security. we want to secure border. that's clear. democrats want to abolish ice, it's ridiculous and we do think we should be talking about our strong economy because it's been spectacular. the democrats are talking about rolling back and raising taxes. more spending. they are proposing to undo all the good progress we've been having. i would simply ask people do you feel better today than you did two years ago? >> bill: how do you think the american people answer that today? >> they feel way better off today than they did two years ago. what i find interesting in our state we have tammy baldwin, a madison liberal. that's really liberal. bernie sanders socialist and she runs ads trying to tell the wisconsin voter she is a tax cutter and wants to cut regulation and an everyday farm girl from wisconsin. the voting record is something else. democrats across the country are trying to run as moderate republicans or blue dog
8:41 am
democrats when in reality they're far left. they want to raise taxes and want more regulation. all the things that crush economies. i think i watched the interview last night with the speaker. tension between the speaker and the president. i would say no one messages better than donald trump. he has been great on the economy and great about the caravan and border security and making sure we keep our country safe and we get to say who comes in and who doesn't. we don't get stormed by 5,000 people who demand entry. i think for the president to talk about those things really energizes and motivates our base to say we want law and order and want republicans who believe in borders as opposed to democrats with the open borders. >> bill: you can't read something about the suburban vote. let's see how it goes. if you lose the house, bill mcgurn writes this. losing the house may not be the end of the world for the president. mr. trump may regard speaker nancy pelosi as a gift in the
8:42 am
run-up to 2020. it will mean an end to the big legislative achievements like those we've seen the past two years. reflect on that quickly. >> i tell you, donald trump might be better off running for reelection in 20 if nancy pelosi is the speaker but donald trump doesn't care about his reelection. he cares about americans and knows if he continues the agenda it will be with a republican house and he doesn't care about 2020. he cares about today. american families and businesses and workers. ist is blue collar recovery and why he is pushing to make sure we keep the house. not about donald. that's about america. >> bill: sean duffy, thank you, sir, wisconsin republican there. thank you. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: tight race for florida governor president trump sent in his a-team. his daughter-in-law, lara trump, was in florida stumping for republican ron desantis. she joins us live here next. >> i don't want anybody here resting, folks. if i'm not sleeping, nobody
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> get out there, knock doors, make calls, tweet, post on facebook, tell people why they have to go vote tomorrow and vote for republicans. >> sandra: that was the message from lara trump, the president's daughter-in-law campaigning in florida yesterday to support republican congressman ron desantis. in his race with democrat andrew gillum for florida governor. lara trump joins us now live in studio. great to have you. i know you cut across manhattan. a crazy day today and lots of rain. thank you for being here. just watching that clip i sense your enthusiasm and your commitment to your father-in-law's campaign. >> sandra: absolutely. yeah. this is a family ordeal. we all got into this in 2015 when he announced as a family and been supportive of him and everything that will insure this country heads in the right direction. the most important thing we
8:47 am
could all do as a family is get out on the campaign trail for the mid-term elections and make sure people understand what the president has been saying at all of his rallies. if you voted for me in 2016, if you're happy with the country under president donald trump, you have to get out and vote for republicans because that's the only way we are going to see progress continue in this country. >> sandra: interesting some, though, have even republicans in recent days have said to the president you are off message. stick to the economy. stick to that question are you better off today than you were two years ago? but he did in the final days and weeks make the big push on immigration. >> i do think that's something that is really important to people in this country and i actually give the president a lot of credit with bringing things up that i think otherwise would get lost. you do have a caravan of people that i actually would refer to more as an invasion than a caravan. it is very scary. for friends of ours on border states, they really are taking
8:48 am
this very, very seriously. you have thousands of people saying we'll bust through your borders and not obey your laws or do anything the proper way. that should be a threat to everyone in this country. the president has shed light on it and made people more aware i think of what is going on. >> sandra: we have had several democrats on the program this morning on fox news channel and you hear their enthusiasm. you hear warnings of a blue wave coming. we saw the president, your father-in-law, the last couple days, yesterday alone three stops, campaign blitz. he has been out there. is this going to make a difference for republicans? >> in my mind there is no way that thousands and thousands of people wait in line for 12, 16 hours at a time to go see the president to hear a message from him and then don't follow his instructions to get out and vote. i do think it is making an impact. >> sandra: let's talk specifically. a tight race for florida governor. what do you know about what is happening there? you went down to florida and
8:49 am
campaigning for ron desantis. >> ron is a great guy and very supportive of the president and i think he would do an incredible job as governor of florida. so i went down yesterday to try and encourage people to get out and vote for him. i think the people of florida are taking very seriously the fact his opponent is running as a socialist. that is incredibly scary to people in this country. if you want to know what socialism looks like, look at venezuela. that's not something we want to have happen in the united states of america. andrew gillum has been clear what he wants to do with florida and it will drive people away from florida. the reason people love the state of florida, he wants to take all those away. so i really wanted to go down and support ron. i tell you, we had almost 1,000 people at the last rally we had yesterday. they were so excited getting out and voting today. so we'll see what happens. >> sandra: i want to ask you about this. the cook report says that fired up female college graduates will be the group to watch in this election. on election day, if that's the
8:50 am
case, what does that mean for republicans and what does it mean for democrats? >> i am a female college graduate myself. i have a 13-month-old son and from what i can gather from so many women out there, they may not tell anyone, they may not tell their friends or posting on social media, when it is just them in the voting booth and they think about where we are in the country, the future looks better for them and their children and they are safer in this country, i really think a lot of women are voting for donald trump. i said it in 2016. i remember people asking me saying the polls don't look good for women. i still don't believe polls, i think that women are voting for donald trump and for republicans. >> sandra: very interesting stuff. lara trump, great to have you on the program. please come back. >> bill: in a moment the hot debate from 2016 was election meddling. how is homeland security stepping up its game? we'll tell you about that coming up next. al it only took 5 minutes.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> americans across the country heading to the polls. we're watching it all as the big questions will be answered on the balance of power in the house and the senate. we have correspondents all over the country with the latest on the hottest races and the president saying that he does indeed have some regrets about his presidency as it approaches the two-year mark. we'll tell you what he said and debate its impact. all that at the top of the hour. >> bill: thanks, see you in six minutes. homeland security taking no chances watching the vote nationwide after reports of meddling two years ago. catherine herridge is on that live in d.c. what's up? >> good morning. homeland security officials are holding conference calls every three hours through midnight with updates on election security. this morning officials told reporters they haven't seen a coordinated campaign on the
8:55 am
scale of 2016 but said they're prepping as if there will be an incident not. not a reflection of recent intelligence but as a level of their preparedness. the framework began a year ago with information sharing networks going live in the last week. fox news went inside the national cybersecurity command center in virginia. one of the situation rooms on election night whose job is to flag incidents, identify trends and develop responses. speaking to fox the homeland security secretary said the voting system is more secure today than two years ago but the intelligence is fluid. >> we know today right this moment but as we continue to watch the system, we continue to get reporting from state and locals, for example. that picture could continue to change. >> officials confirm that facebook reached out as they blocked 115 accounts on facebook and instagram that may
8:56 am
be foreign and linked to election interference. they're concerned about misinformation, false claims hacking into systems in order to sew confusion and undermine confidence in the process. >> bill: we'll watch it. >> sandra: we're just getting started at the fox news channel. decision day 2018. will there be a blue wave or red wall? lots of different scenarios could play out and maybe even a few surprises. we're covering the elections all day and all night on the fox news channel. what you hear and what you see are two different things. you hear about how "we're a nation divided." yet, from where we sit, we see no such thing. we see half a million people - today alone - stitching together some supposedly very divided states.
8:57 am
red states. blue states. and every shade of purple in between. we see people working across party lines. state lines. yes, even airlines. all looking for for that uncommon, common ground. a nice reminder: that if you really want to see what this country is made of. maybe it's best to go see it for yourself. we bour purpose is notsa wejust closing a loan.e. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service-person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people, and they and their families. we're the ones there to help them. people are doing hard, arduous, difficult, dangerous things. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country.
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9:00 am
night tonight. >> sandra: we love in real time getting a response is on twitter. the responses to the conversation we have had continued support in. that's it for us. we will see you tonight. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> harris: the excitement is building now as voters head to the polls across the nation in today's high-stakes midterm elections. we are covering it from all angleses, people. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. cohost of benson and harp on fox news radio, marie harf. joining us for the first time together -- [laughter] anchor of special report, bret baier. anchor of the story with martha maccallum, martha maccallum is here! great to have you!


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