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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 8, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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experienced, knew how to handle a gun, reload a gun, and is thought to have taken his own life. he was 29 years old. we still don't know -- >> 11 victims were killed, and they saw the suspect out on the ground, and on the sergeant died at the hospital. continue to watch fox news for the latest. >> bill: thank you, guys. breaking news. our coverage continues. 12 people gunned down, including the first officer on the scene. we are awaiting more information from california to learn the motive behind yet another national tragedy. welcome on this thursday. bill hemmer live in new york city. we will go through it together. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. a gunfire erupting just inside the borderline bar and grill in 1,000 oaks. the shooter fired at people, many of them college students.
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we are just now getting video of some of those chaotic moments. [gunfire] >> bill: we have heard from numerous witnesses, some on camera with a study. they describe a horrific scene in sight, people trying to escape inside and outside. >> i heard the shot, i turned around, and i saw him shoot. everyone yelled "get down." so i ran to the left of the dance floor, where the back door is, and everyone pretty much dog piled on top of one another. speak out they were holding my hands, saying it's going to be okay. that is kind of what i took away is that even though there is a lot of bad in this world, there is also a lot of good. >> sandra: police say officers
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arrived on the scene within moments, but one of the first responders was killed. sergeant ron healis, who was first through the front door. >> sergeant passed away at the hospital about an hour ago. i have nothing to lead me to believe or the fbi that there is any terrorism link here, but we certainly will look at that option. there are some initial reports that a smoke bomb might have been used. we have not done anything yet. we have called in our bomb team, and we are the area. but no confirmation that there was a small device. >> sandra: jonathan hunt is live in thousand oaks for us now this morning. jonathan, what's the latest? >> sandra, good morning. i have been speaking with two witnesses who were inside the borderline bar and grill.
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they came from what was a horrific shooting. one of them, john hatch, i talked to, he was in the lobby of the building when the shooting came in. he came face to face with that shooter. he was around 30 years of age by his estimation, he was dressed all in black. he had a beard, was wearing glasses. he said he first shot the security guard. that security guard we believe was unarmed. and then this witness told me that the shooter just kept firing at whomever was closest to him. it did not appear that he was targeting anybody in particular. a little more now from that witness. >> i was going to run to the bathroom to go hide and i saw that he had left the front door area, and there was maybe one or two people who ran out, so i just ran as as fast as i could,
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and thank god i made it out oka okay. >> now is in 3 minutes of the first 911 calls coming in, sergeant ron helus with the ventura county sheriff's department was on scene. he apparently did not hesitate. he heard the shooting still going on, he walked straight through the front door of the borderline girl, and that is where he came face to face with the shooter who fired at him several times, and as we reported, sergeant helus died from his wounds later in the hospital. his body will be removed in about four hours we believe from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. that will be done with full honor, and it will obviously be a very somber procession as his body is moved. this is a terrible day obviousl obviously. it was packed with young people. it was college night.
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there are several colleges in this area, and it's a very popular place. we believe that some 200 or so people were in there. many of the impact on the dance floor. i spoke to another. heard a popping signed behind her. there he was. the gunmen. we were talking before about the possibility of some sort of smoke grenade being set off. we just heard from there, he also told me that absolutely the gunmen came in, throwing at least one smoke grenade. the sheriff talked talked to tt earlier, not confirming whether or not smoke grenades were used. if they were, that would speak to this being a much more planned attack it, rather than a spur of the moment one. sandra. >> sandra: we will likely learn all lots more. we are with all the victims and their families this morning. >> bill: the sun is just coming up in california.
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the white house monitoring things in california. here's a tweet from the west wing earlier. "i've been fully briefed on the terrible shooting in california. law enforcement and first responders together with the fbi are unseen. 13 people this time have been reported dead. likewise, the shooter is dead, along with the first police officer to enter the bar. great bravery shown. california patrol was on the scene, the sergeant died in the hospital. god bless all the victims and families. thank you to law enforcement." ended to eat. tough day here. what more can you add about what he has been told about this? >> the president has put it perfectly, expressing his condolences, saying that the fbi is working on the ground with those in california. you know how this goes. you've got loved ones.
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you have first responders and emergency room personnel treating the wounded. i know the president will stand behind law enforcement we won't interfere. we will support their work. we know that families woke up this morning to tremendous loss. >> bill: is there anything planned at the white house that would put him on camera? >> i don't have that statement. obviously for the president, he and the first lady will be going to the supreme court for justice brett kavanaugh. that is the first thing that he will be doing publicly, so he may or may not make a comment. i will leave that to the president. >> bill: attender subject here in california, but there is lots going on in washington as well,t was a rough moment during that briefing yesterday. where is this thing with cnn, kelly and?
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>> it was a rough moment for the young aide as well. just trying to get the microphone back after the president had entertained a question from the reporter and was moving on. the reporter from nbc was already standing, ready to ask his question, she was just doing her job, which was to reclaim the microphone that belongs to the federal government, and obviously i don't think anybody should have any young woman particularly should have us wiping away, grabbing the microphone back. that's very unfortunate. i have talked to that young woman. she is very brave and it just doing her job, but i think overall, for any outlets you save this president, that he did not respect the first amendment. the most accessible, transparent, open administration. always this president has been getting so much press availability whenever he is on the press lawn.
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you know just yesterday, bill, president trump answered 68 questions from 35 different reporters. that is transparency. that's accountability. after he lost double the numbers come after president obama lost double the numbers, he faced the press, but he took 22 questions from ten reporters. at 68 from 35 for president trump yesterday. >> bill: i am not here to pick a fight today, especially in light of what happened in california. put out the statement yesterday. the white house correspondents association strongly objects to the trump administration's decision to use secret service credentials as tools to punish a reporter with whom he has a difficult relationship, revoking access to the white house. it is unacceptable. he pulled his pass last night. what does that ultimately accomplish? >> look, there are journalists here at the white house who
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every single day try to do their job by getting the story. others try to get the president. they shall remain nameless right now. and i think that some people like to grandstand and be part of the story. there is no question about that. we hear that from other journalist. maybe they will not come forward and say that, but they say that. they think that some people, not to name names, but make everybody look a little less authoritative and less biased. so that is a decision that was made, and i would not expect the white house press association to see anything differently. but again, you have to go back to everything we said yesterday. his administration is constantly being berated by members of the press, and i'm one of the most pro-press people here. i am on tv. >> bill: i get it. i appreciate you coming out today. here's the question. there is a national town that is running red-hot right now. how do you counsel the president
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to try to bring that tone down? >> while, the president said that he would like to have this opportunity. he has had no choice because he has to defend himself. he has to defend his agenda, members of his administration, members of his family. well, you want to talk about the red-hot tone, what about the woman who lost in 2016, can't seem to get over it, what about maxine waters? get up in their faces. now she is said to me the chairman of an important committee. jerry nadler just said yesterday on a train ride down from new york to washington was called by a reporter saying that he's going to work to impeach president trump and justice kavanaugh. you want to talk about red-hot tones, there it is. it is dangerous. i have been physically touched by people. i have been yelled at, my kids have been threatened. tucker carlson, he had a mob show up at his house last night. let's talk about red-hot rhetoric. i will stand here all day long in my heels and talk about it,
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but i will not let it be made to be the president's fault. >> bill: just one more topic here. when was the decision to fire jeff sessions made? >> while, the president obviously asked for his resignation yesterday. he tendered it. it has been a topic that you have covered for many months if not the better part of a year and a half, and it has been a long time coming. but many people including the president yesterday commended general sessions for his years of service. he's been a public servant for 40 years. and as attorney general, but i think it is very commendable and notable that the president is offering for a continuum by having the chief of staff give the attorney general -- she has been there for over a year on the job, until a permanent replacement can be nominated, and keeping his debt and do my, rod rosenstein. the abc polling that came out
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yesterday, 42% say that they approve, 46% disapprove, and 41% say that the investigation is justified, and 54% think that it is a politically motivated. that's abc news data. >> bill: we have some more breaking news, believe it or not. i hope you come back. thank you so much. >> sandra: this just coming into our newsroom. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. we are getting word that she has not been hospitalized. she is 85 years old. she has fallen. she fractured three ribs. she fell at court, so we are just getting word of this, and she has been admitted to the hospital. she is 85 years old. were going to get more on this, and as we get more, we will bring it to you. we'll be right back. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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>> bill: ruth bader ginsburg has now been hospitalized after fracturing three ribs and a fall
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at court. we are looking for more information at this. we don't have a whole lot, it just crossed a few moments ago. we brought you into talk about a lot of other matters, but we will shift this for the moment. he argued in front of ruth bader ginsburg just really are what happened? >> she is mentally as sharp and quick as ever. i was sorry to hear the news this morning. we know that she has been battling health issues. she seems to have surmounted a lot of them, but actuarially, a lot of the justices are older, and things like this can happen. we will obviously stay tuned to this. as far as we know, she will be able to serve on the court, but we will have to watch. >> bill: i think she has pretty much committed herself. it's because she's a tough lady. >> bill: when her husband passed, she made that commitment quite clear to the american public. >> absolutely. she has not lost a step. she is quick and sharp as ever. >> bill: okay.
6:18 am
when this comes better into focus, meanwhile, trace gallagher was on last night. this has to do with jeff sessions. don't know when a successor will be named, but we do know when -- this was the worst-kept secret in washington. speak out it was going to happen. i knew it was going to happen after the election. i did not think it would be happen before all the votes had been counted, but he's a better proverbial dead man walking for several months now. >> bill: i imagine that you are not surprised. >> not surprised at all. probably the least surprising personnel change in the history of the republic. this had been broken relationship virtually sends sessions came into office. i'm surprised that it lasted as long as it did, but i don't think it should surprise anyone. >> bill: it has been a pretty
6:19 am
real relationship. matthew whitaker, acting ag, what do you know about it? >> he clearly has a strong law enforcement background. more recently, he's been serving as the justice department chief of staff. how the department should be run. i think he will be a very capable, presumably interim chief, until the new successor is named. >> bill: could he ultimately be the attorney general? >> there is some bureaucratic moving is that they will have to do. my guess is probably not, there has been a short list that has been floated. the president looking at a number of people, but anyone is going to have to get confirmed by the united state senate. >> bill: which is more republican now than ever before. >> it is, and that has got to give the white house some comfort, that they have greater
6:20 am
margin of error. >> bill: what you think about the commentary that he gave to cnn, suggesting that if bought me mueller goes outside of the bounce are rob rosenstein set for him, that would be bad? >> i am surprised that there is so much brouhaha about that. he is saying that mueller needs to confine himself to his lawfully approved jurisdiction, which seems like the most noncontroversial point in the world. if he has been assigned the task of investigating the russian investigation, he should confined himself to investigating the russia situation, he should. >> you go through history, a president has to have a good foundation for the relationship with his or her own attorney general's. you don't disagree with that. >> i agree with that point completely. i served under michael mckay c. i think one thing that comes through is acting with the support of the present, that gives the attorney general massive authority to run the department as they want, whereas once you start doubting that the president is backing the attorney general, it makes it that much harder for him to do his job. >> bill: nice to see you in
6:21 am
person. a lot of breaking news today. >> for sure. >> sandra: police and the president praising first responders at the shooting in california, as emergency workers hail the brave workers inside the borderline bar and grill. >> we did receive reports of pulling people through windows, so a very horrific situation. >> sandra: next, we are going to hear from a witness who was inside that bar when gunfire erupted. we will have that for you next. girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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>> sandra: back to our top story this morning, another tragic shooting, this time at a california bar, packed with
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hundreds of people, many of them college students. the killer opening fire. 12 people dead, including a police sergeant. joining us now on the phone is holding hera, one of the survivors. we are understanding that you have not slept. this has been a horrible night for you and for your friends and all of those who were in the bar. how are you doing? >> i'm in complete shock right now. basically in the county, we consider like our state haven. it's a really good area. nothing like this ever happens. just from what i saw, really just blew my mind away. i am in shock. >> sandra: could you walk us through what you saw. >> just where i was looking at
6:26 am
the time was directly by the entrance. saw a man walk in and basically start shooting right out the front desk. the girl that was working at the front desk, he was the first to shoot at her. and as all of that was going on, just drop down to the floor to cover up with. just basically what i was trying to do and that circumstance. start crawling out. just to get out and run heard more gunshots. sounded closer to me. directly behind me. didn't hesitate. i just kept running, finally got to my car. to stop people from running in the streets and start piling everyone. getting as much people in the car as i could, just to be safe.
6:27 am
then i went to the gas station. i was hiding in the gas station for a little bit while it was still going on. got back to my car. some more people near the gas station. one of the girls that got into my car ended up taking her to the hospital, then drop them all off there. after that, i went back to my house and got home safely with my family. >> sandra: holden, it is so tragic for you to say that this was your safe haven. sounds like you frequented it. you knew the girl working at the front desk, he saw the gunman walk in. what did he look like? >> he had a black hat, he had a black shirt or a black jacket o on.
6:28 am
the girl -- i mean i wasn't good friends with the girl at the front desk, but i've been going to board a six months. she's the first girl that you see when walking in, you pay to get in. we became really familiar with each other. always had some quick small talk. nice to see you. i hope everything's okay and all the stuff. she had her life taken tonight. >> sandra: incredibly sad. was this gunman shooting randomly inside the bar? >> so i guess he threw off some smoke grenades inside the building, but i wasn't in the building when that happened. but he started shooting. he shot off probably 30 rounds of, and smoke grenades were going. safely out of the building at the time. but he was on a rampage.
6:29 am
>> sandra: we are seeing some of the images here. we now know this was a country dance bar. this was a weekly college night in southern california. sounds like you have been frequenting this for three months or so. i can't imagine that you ever thought that you would see anything so tragic as this. >> no, this never happens. you could walk the streets at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and not have to worry about anything. >> sandra: well, holden harrah, we thank you for dialing in this morning. you have been through a lot. our thoughts and prayers are with you. especially with that sergeant who sacrificed his life. holden, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: 9:30, fox news alert, now waiting for the president. we may get more from him after
6:30 am
the horrific shooting in california. they are heading for an event at the supreme court to honor justice kavanaugh, so we will watch that. if there are comments, we will certainly bring them to you. >> sandra: plus marsha blackburn keeping the senate seat read, but democrats have taken control of the house. they have already laid out how they plan to use that power. marsha blackburn joins us next. atlantic city? the deep south. this thanksgiving... in the deep south, there's gonna be problems. when you see me worried... tony. you'll know if i'm worried. how about some quiet time. it's amazing you said that, my wife used to say that all the time. their journey inspired an unexpected friendship. i don't think i ever met anyone with your appetite. [ laughing ]
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man: when the steel mill shut down, it left behind an environmental issue. man 2: it was environmentally contaminated.
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one of the biggest successes we had early on was entering agreements with the epa on cleaning up the property. man 3: we're recycling over 98% of the products on site. man 4: the impact that this project will have on the community will be enormous. ( ♪ ) >> sandra: all right, wall street opening 3 minutes ago, and here we go. off to the downside, but what a day it was yesterday with stocks urging all the way into the end of trading. the dow finished up more than 500 points in a post-midterm rally, so naturally here we come thursday morning. now we are down. >> bill: that's all right. >> sandra: know it was a heck of a day yesterday. charles payne talking about market reaction to the midterms. it was sort of the midterms, the
6:34 am
worst-case scenario for the markets with -- therefore there was relief going on. we will see if that sustains today. 3 minutes into trading. you never know. >> bill: will go back to corporate earnings. >> sandra: we'll see. >> bill: that was agreeing with yesterday for the dow. now going to arizona, the senator risch still undecided. martha mcsally running a slim lead. states election officials say that they might not have a winner until next week. he is live in phoenix. dan, what gives now? hello. >> yeah, hey, bill. they are just so many votes he had to be. 60,000 votes that they have to go over, make sure that the signatures match and also make sure that those same people did not vote on election day. it could take a long time, this
6:35 am
process is going on under the watchful eye of representatives from both parties and independents, who want to make sure that this is an accurate count. especially if the final gap is under 300 votes. that's because republicans have already challenged these emergency votes. saturday and monday before election day. currently there are just under 16,000 votes separating them. there are still 18% of the vote he had to be because of the tally for the turnout, it was 65% here in arizona. >> bill: amazing. what are you hearing from the candidates? >> well, they are both keeping a low profile. neither one of them did an interview. they both put out tweets. we have one from martha mcsally, in which she said "gaining ground and feeling good.
6:36 am
thanks to everyone for the well wishes and kind words. we couldn't do this without our wingmen and wing women. we will keep you updated. the race is about you, and we will make sure that your vote is counted. a lot of outstanding balance, especially those mailed in. we are doing the work and will keep you updated. thanks for being at team sinema. she is counting on the fact that nearly all of the uncounted votes are from counties where she is on the lead. so we will get their next update. it is 5:00 today. >> bill: thank you. dan and phoenix. >> sandra: meanwhile, marsha blackburn succeeds in keeping senate seat red there. the first woman elected to the senate and the volunteer state. congrats on your victory this week. how does that feel a couple of days later? >> well, it feels really good. we are busy, busy, busy, doing our best to begin the
6:37 am
transition, and looking forward to orientation next week. getting ready for tennesseans. >> sandra: what's your priority? >> the priority is to take the tennessee values to washington and put them to work on the issues that they talked about repeatedly. making certain that we keep the tax cuts. regulation low. securing our communities, and sandra, i will tell you today, as we hear about the shooting at borderline, those college students that were there, you realize the security of our communities is vitally important to moms and her two families. to all of us. >> sandra: you bring up the shooting. he was 29 years old, he drove his mother's car to this bar, before he opened fire, killing 12, including the sergeant, who tried to protect those college students. many of them young people. as a senator election now, what can we do?
6:38 am
this was the deadliest shooting that we have seen in this country since parkland. what do we do? >> what we do is say how do we make certain that we protect the second amendment second amendment and protect our citizens. we have always done that in this country. mental health issues need to be addressed. and of course, sandra, as you know, that house has voted for putting in place of a red flag system that would deal with mental health for law enforcement. a couple of weeks ago, i was sitting down with some of our law enforcement. we talked about some of these issues, how as juveniles, some individuals have issues and then that needs to become transparent when they go away. there needs to be a way for them to get the help that they need. no one wants an individual who is a danger to themselves or others to have a firearm.
6:39 am
what you do want to see make certain that they are receiving the help they need. this is absolutely heartbreaking. as with being a country bar, the minute i got up and turned on the tv this morning, we were hearing things about this shooting. for these parents, for the victims, my heart and my thoughts, my prayers are with each and every one of them, and with all of these citizens affected, you look at how they are going to be able to handle the survivors. >> sandra: we hope to learn a lot more in the coming minutes and hours on this story, including more on the gunman and his motivation to carry out this horrific act. meanwhile, it's hard to believe, it was just a couple of days ago, that we saw a change in power in this country. a split government. democrats now control the house, and there's big questions over
6:40 am
what they will make priority now that they have control there. mitch mcconnell came on fox news channel yesterday. he sort of issued a warning to democrats as to how to proceed. wash. >> what i was talking about in my press conference, in the late '90s, we had control to impeach bill clinton. his approval rating went up and hours went down. my suggestion to the new democratic majority in the houses the business of presidential harassment might not work out too well for you politically. >> sandra: he was following up from a news conference that he had earlier in the day, morning democrats against harassment of the president. what did you think? >> i think that what he is really getting to you was kind of the heart of the matter from the campaign. people want to see us address the issues that affect them. sandra, i will tell you over and over, we heard them say this election cycle is about them, the people.
6:41 am
and they areic of having elected leaders who kick the can down the road on to the problems that affect them. they want this nation to be on the path to prosperity and security. they want this nation to address those big issues, and they're looking for leaders to do that. i tell you what, i'm going to be that leader who says let's tackle these big issues. >> sandra: will you have a big job to do. we wish you the best. the senator elect from the great state of tennessee, marsha blackburn. thank you for coming on. >> bill: gunshots ringing out, turning a nightclub scene into tragedy. [gunfire] another horrendous shooting, so what we are learning out of california coming up in a moment here. >> sandra: also reaction comes to come in after the news on jeff sessions. as his replacement being
6:42 am
anything for the mueller probe? ari fleischer will join us at the top of the next hour to react. >> bill: nancy pelosi setting her sights on the speaker's gavel again, but can she get enough democrats to back her on-the-job? >> democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve, and not have it be a rubber stamp.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
but that's the latest on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. as we get more, will bring it to you. >> it actually hurts you. the country wants to see things work. the country doesn't want to have the house democrats spend all day every day on investigations and open warfare against the president. >> bill: newt gingrich is very interesting conversation this morning on "fox & friends" ." chris stirewalt is still in new york city. >> i'm getting ready to go. i like you, but i need to go home. put on a clean shirt. >> bill: i got you. this is what bill clinton did in 1996, very smart. drew the attention back to the issues all the time. when all of this turmoil was going on around him. >> unfortunately, we live in an even more nakedly partisan error than we did then, and the truth
6:47 am
is they use negotiations as absolute political bargaining chips. and nancy pelosi said it out loud. we will negotiate around these investigations, and is on the president sat at his press conference if you investigate us, we will investigate you, so they are being very transparent about the whole thing. i have a low expectation of cooperation, very low, but if the president were to steal a march on them, if he were to follow bill clinton's model, it could be smashing. >> bill: that is how i took the line of that conversation. he has given the white house a blueprint for a strategy for the next few years. >> if you follow bill clinton's very successful political model, you steal the other sides issue issues. we used to call it triangulation. you steal the other sides issue, you figure out what it is that they have, and a trump already
6:48 am
did that with immigration. now you figure out what is it that the democrats are talking about that you can take away from them? we have had a lot of infrastructure wastes. there is not the appetite to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure. if they really want to follow the successful clinton model, they need to figure out what is the other issue? >> bill: i'm waiting for the nancy pelosi meeting at the white house, if that will happen before the first week of the year. this is what she said. my vision is to restore the role that it should have, maximize the ability to be around our entire caucus. how serious it is her fight for
6:49 am
this job? >> serious. she is selling herself -- she should have quit. you get to try one more time to take the house back if you lose the speaker, and if you don't, then you're supposed to go away. that is what the president said. she could have gone in 11 or 13, or 15, but she did not, and now. so it would be a weird time to quit, but what she is essentially selling herself as it is a transitional figure. what angela merkel is doing in germany. one more time we will figure out the succession here. we will figure out how we are going to do this, but i promise i won't say again. it's a weird argument to make. >> bill: i am recognized remina clint eastwood line. "cold, dead hands." [laughs] >> thank you, my friend. >> bill: thank you and your team. a lot of breaking news. >> sandra: was shooting
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> sandra: back now to this horrific mass shooting in california. 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire. the police sergeant first on the scene among those killed. the horrific sound happening
6:54 am
inside the borderline bar and grill inside thousand oaks california. the shooter was also found dead inside that far. his cause of death has not yet been released. survivors involved to describe the terrifying moments inside the bar, saying that shooter was dressed in all black, seemingly firing at random. >> it was really, really shocking. i never thought something like this would happen. >> that gunshots were very loud. it was very clear what it was. definitely not the music. there were people dancing, hanging out, having a good time. it was very loud. >> sandra: policing officers did arrive on scene within moments of getting calls of shots fired at that bar, but unfortunately, one of those men was killed. a sergeant ron helus.
6:55 am
other responding officers pulled from the bar, but helus later died at the hospital. >> he was totally committed. he gave his all, and tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero. he went in to save lives, to save other people. >> sandra: he is survived by his wife and child and plan to retire soon. they have set up a family assistance center for him. more information can be found by calling the number on your screen. just a few moments from now. we are told that there will be an update from authorities on the ground there at the top of the hour, so any moment now, we will know more. >> bill: 's no name given for the gunman, but he apparently drove his mother's car to the bar. he had a glock 45.
6:56 am
some sort of smoke device. for ron helus and the others -- >> sandra: hero. >> bill: tough morning. so we are back on the story. the latest on justice ruth bader ginsburg that we are hearing in the last hour. she is now hospitalized in washington, d.c., and apparently fractured three ribs. while this is happening, there is a ceremony underway for justice kavanaugh at the u.s. supreme court. the president and the first lady are there. we will bring you details. that is happening. also this is happening, sandra. >> sandra: jeff sessions, he is out. we are going to talk about his resignation and his replacement. ari fleischer is with us next. we will be right back.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. we are now awaiting a news conference or the latest on the shooting in california. 12 dead including the sheriff. among the first responders to respond to the scene there. the shooter also dead. we hope to get some more details into the motive of the shooter. anything else that we can learn will be helpful from this news conference as we make our way through the morning, after a tragedy unfolded at a college bar overnight in thousand oaks. welcome to our brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: and i'm bill hemmer.
7:01 am
up several hours ago. he gave a heart-wrenching statement about his colleague, who went inside first and was gone down immediately. that press conference will begin momentarily. this is the news that we all woke up to this morning. >> sandra: and of the first press conference, the one which you are referencing, it was a horrific scene, he said. he intimately knew the sergeant who was killed. he barged through that door when he first responded to the reports of a shooting. he said he use to work out with him. tragic scene. let's hear the latest from authorities. >> first of all, regarding the victims, we are still working to identify them and make notifications, so we will not be releasing any victims names at this time. we have identified the suspect. approximately an hour ago, the suspect was identified as ian david long.
7:02 am
at first day of march 27th 1990. he was 28 years old. we have had several contacts with mr. long over the years, minor offenses. in april of this year, deputies were called to his house. they went to the house, they talked to him. he was somewhat irate. acting irrationally. today called out the crisis intervention team. mental health specialist met with him, talk to him. did not feel that he was qualified to be taken under, and he was left out that scene last april. they have secured the residence, and they are going to do a thorough search of the house. the weapon used in this horrific shooting was a glock 21 21 calr
7:03 am
handgun. designed to hold the ten rounds and one in the chamber. this weapon did have an extended magazine on edge. we do not know at this time how many rounds were actually in the weapon and how many rounds in a magazine could actually hold because it is still being processed as part of the evidence. i would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. we believe that that is the only weapon that wasn't used, was that handgun. we don't know -- we don't know if he reloaded his weapon or not, we are still interviewing witnesses.
7:04 am
not necessarily an indication that that happened. it appears he walked up to the scene. he stepped inside it. it appears that he turned to the right and shot several of the other security employees there, then began opening fire inside the nightclub. we cannot confirm the exact chronology of what happened, we will provide that to you as a way bring all of our witness statements together and we feel comfortable talking about that. we have no idea what the motive was at this point. >> the incident as april -- >> was he living alone? >> of the hold was never placed
7:05 am
on him. the mental health experts out there clear to him that they. >> can you elaborate on the interactions that deputies have had with him? >> one, he received a traffic citation, and another one, he was involved in a traffic collision. so pretty minor. he is a veteran, he was in the united states marine corps. >> did he have ptsd? >> i understand that was part of the discussion when the deputies went out to the call with the crisis team, that thought he might be suffering from ptsd, the fact that he was a veteran and had been in the corps. >> when sergeant helus and the high patrol officer went in, they immediately exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and that's when the sergeant helus was shot several times.
7:06 am
i have no idea about his service record. >> we believe he shot himself. when the officers went in and made reentry, they found him already deceased. >> how long before -- >> he was found inside an office just adjacent to the entry to the bar. >> we were told that sergeant helus was able to call his wife. >> sergeant helus was having a conversation with his wife several times during the shift and said hey, i've got to go handle a call. i have to go. i will talk to you later. not as far as we know at this point, he could have, but we don't know. >> any establishment of? >> there is no indication that he targeted the employees. we haven't found any correlation. we will probably know more after we execute the search warrant,
7:07 am
but we have no information leading to that at all. >> we have accounts from different witnesses, can you tell is based on what you already know what he was wearin wearing? >> all i know about his direction of travel was he went in and he turned right and fired at the employees that were standing there. he was -- my best recollection from seven hours ago, he was wearing a black sweater, and i don't remember what color pants he was wearing. i apologize. not when we went inside. [indistinct question] >> two and a half minutes. >> did he use a smoke bomb? >> we haven't confirmed the use of smoke bomb, but we have a
7:08 am
couple of witnesses that have alluded to that. >> there was no reason to believe that there was anything wrong with this person. >> you can say there is no reason to believe that, but obviously, he had some sort of issues. >> the security guard, where they armed? >> no. >> was anybody armed? >> not that we know of. >> why this particular location? >> there is no connection as of yet. >> we don't know. we know that once sergeant helus and the patrol officer engaged him, we don't know if he then went back into the office and shot himself or how that really
7:09 am
transpired. he lives in newberry park. >> why do you think -- >> that's a pretty challenging question. i think we see unfortunate horrific actions happen all over the world, and i don't know if it happens more in the united states or if it doesn't, i'd have to read this that's. >> it does. >> well, i don't know. if i knew the answer to that, i would do something to stop it. >> and an active shooter situation, just like this, how soon do they arrive on on the ? >> as we talked about in the wee hours of the morning, post-columbine shooting, how we approach active shooters changed. instead of waiting and surrounding, the officers are to immediately engage and to try to stop the target and stop the
7:10 am
killing, and that's exactly what happened here. >> do you believe -- >> there is no doubt that they saved lives by going in there and engaging with the suspect. who knows? i have heard anywhere from 150-200 people in there. not by any means that the loss of 13 lives is good, but it could have been much worse. >> how many were people that were in the bar? >> i don't know. i don't think it was random. he is a resident of this area. common sense would speculate that there is some reason he went here. he probably knew about it, but it's not like he was driving down the freeway and decided i'm going to get off here. >> did he target specific victims? >> there is nothing to lead us to believe that that actually
7:11 am
happen. [indistinct question] >> it's just amazing. there were probably six off-duty police officers in there from a couple of different agencies, and i've already talked to parents that came up and said they stood in front of my daughter. it was amazing. it was amazing. [indistinct question] >> you know, i went and spoke at a jewish synagogue after the tragedy on the east coast, and when i talked to the parishioners there, followed up on the rabbi. we've got to do something about the hate, and we've got to do something to just spread the love. reach out and help people and be
7:12 am
patient with them and understand them because this has touched us so many lives around the community. >> any indication of social media? >> there is nothing to indicate that, but we are looking at his social media sites. i am am sure that all of you are also. none of them were armed. >> when you get information about the law officer that passed away? >> it's out there, sergeant ron he helus, 29 year veteran. married with a 29-year-old son, and as i said several times, he went in there to save people. made the ultimate sacrifice. >> is there anything about age or gender or other demographic
7:13 am
that he targeted? >> no, i don't believe so. once they get inside, they use the word "random." it appears to be random inside. i don't think he was targeting people. we could do a further investigation, but it doesn't appear to be that way at this point. [indistinct question] >> do we know when and where he purchased the gun? >> our partners are currently in the process of investigating that for us. now, i don't know exactly. i believe there might have been four or five that i saw. but i'm not sure how many were in there. >> what is the plan to honor sergeant helus? >> at 10:00, we will be moving his body from the hospital to the mental examiners office.
7:14 am
we will be codifying him over. we have lost a hero. we have lost a great human being. it is part of the loss again of the 11 other victims that are in there. it is all part of the suffering that we are all going to go through. his family members and parents and brothers and sisters on this tragic, senseless loss of life. he was within a couple of years of retiring, he asked. >> can you talk about any training that these deputies may have been in through recently? >> with our firefighters also. we take them with us. it is an ongoing training that we have been doing for years. >> how badly are they injured? >> it's my understanding, and
7:15 am
again, don't hold me to this. there is one other minor gunshot injury. somewhere between 8-15 other injured. mostly it cuts from jumping out of windows, diving under tables. they are relatively minor compared to everything else. [indistinct question] >> we don't know that yet. >> how many exits does the bar and grill have? >> several. the patrons exited out of all of those. they ran out of backdoors, they broke windows. they hated up in the attic, they went into the bathroom. unfortunately, these young people have learned that this may happen. they think about that. fortunately, it probably saved a lot of lives. they fled the scene so rapidly. [indistinct question]
7:16 am
>> he was the victim -- he was a victim of battery in january of 2015. it wasn't here. it wasn't at this bar. >> what bar was that? >> not this far. >> do you know what bar? >> it was in thousand oaks, but i don't know what bar it was. i'm not sure whose car it is. he drove to the bar in a car. i'm not sure who it is registered to. >> have you found any other evidence within the car? >> we are still obtaining a search warrant. >> do you know how long it lasted from when he first open gunfire? >> no, we don't. >> are there any concerns with the car? >> no, we feel comfortable. i was just standing by it. we are good. we will be here for 15 or 20 hours at least.
7:17 am
we still have to go through and identify. our fbi partners did a great job. they brought in their expert teams to do the scene, so we will be here a long, long time. >> can you tell us the of the victims. the race. >> no, we don't have those things identified yet. we have the house secured. we went in, secured the house, make sure everything is safe in there. then we go ask the judge for a search warrant. so we feel safe that it is secured right now. >> was there anyone else in the house? >> have you made contact? >> we've had some conversations with some family members. it would be premature to talk about that so far.
7:18 am
it is an ongoing investigation. no, i am no longer the sheriff. as of tomorrow at midnight. but i will certainly be with the family. [indistinct question] >> i am. >> what is your message to the families who still have loved ones? >> we have a family center set up. they can call, we are expediting as quickly as we can. my heart goes out to those who don't know. so contact our family help center, and we will coordinate with you as soon as we have any information, it will be going straight to the families. >> for this to be one of your last days on the job, what is that like? what is going through your mind? >> it can't be any worse.
7:19 am
they are morning, they are sad. ron was a great guy, he was close to everybody. he was a hard worker. hearts are broken all over. >> he was also nearing retirement. what do you say to the fact that he didn't get there? >> i just say a prayer for him and his family. i don't know if it will be me, but i think the next thing will be when we can release victims names, we will do that as soon as we can. if we can do it incrementally, then we will. i imagine that some of this will take longer. candidly, that is going to be at least a couple of hours. yeah. >> one more time, can you tell what was recovered? >> the weapon was a glock 21,
7:20 am
.45 caliber, and again, the weapon was designed in california to hold a magazine of ten rounds, but he had an extended magazine on edge. we have no way to know how many he actually had in there. the extended magazine. yes. correct. the gun was legally purchased. at least, the atf is looking into the details for us. they don't have that for us yet. they are the experts. we have no idea. we have no idea. we don't know that. now, we have no idea. don't know that. thank you, everyone. >> sandra: you've been listening to ventura county sheriff, geoff dean. what we know about and david
7:21 am
long. he has been identified as a 28-year-old male. at march 27th 1990 birthday. we are still waiting on victims names. they said they will have that on a couple of hours. the weapon that was used, he confirmed as a glock 21 .45 caliber handgun. very popular, highly sold or gone in this country. he also confirmed that there was an extended magazine on that hand gun, so he has no idea the number of rounds that were in there. 12 people are dead because of that shooter walking into that bar. and thousand oaks, california. it was college night in southern california. we await to hear the names of the victims involved. further details on the shooter, a veteran u.s. marine corps, possible ptsd. he was known to authorities. >> bill: a few things too about the questioning there. it sounded like reporter said "what is it like in there?" and he said "it's like hell."
7:22 am
apparently the sheriff is going to retire tomorrow. what a series of events for him personally. he was asked about that. he said it can't get any worse. even stomach and david long, he lived in newbury park californi california. police had a minor contact with him. he was acting erratically, checked him out and cleared him that day, but he was investigated for mental capacity. he is a u.s. marine, but with regards to his service here at home or overseas, not a lot of information. at the time they thought he was acting erratically, we don't have much more information. >> sandra: we are going to bring in the chief of the boston police department. daniel, i know you have been listening to this news conference being held in california. a name that i want to continue to say is sergeant ron the
7:23 am
helus. what a hero he was, among the first to respond there. he knew the sheriff well. he spoke personally about him earlier today. this man was killed. at the sergeant, he responded to the scene. there were multiple phone calls coming from the bar. they found him on the floor. he was a hero. the sheriff they are just detailing how he stood in front of some of the daughters. he stood in front of them to block them from gunfire. your thoughts? >> it's a tragic loss for our country, for our law enforcement families. i feel so bad for sheriff dean to end his career with a loss of a friend. you know, the sergeant died of doing what he raised his right hand to do. he did what the four officers in pittsburgh did in the temple shooting. law enforcement goes into harm's way, stands between victims and evil. i feel bad as a united states
7:24 am
marine. there will be a look into what happened there. was there a challenge or problem? could services have been provided that were missed? in any event, he took innocent lives and destroyed families. >> bill: and with intent too. he describes the security guards is being targeted first. he knew what he was doing. >> he's a united states marine, he knows how to shoot. i have seen up to 40 rounds extended mag. he is a very talented shooter if he is a marine. close range can do some significant damage unfortunatel unfortunately. >> sandra: also further details that he was known to authorities over the years. they suggested -- suggested that he had some traffic stops. there were some calls on battery and disturbance at his home where when police arrived at the scene, he appeared irate. when asked about his status as a
7:25 am
veteran, they suggested that they were not ruling out that he had some level of ptsd. >> yeah, we are going to have to look at that. we saw that in the shooter who was released in the texas student, that he should have never been allowed access to firearms. something was missed. finding out exactly what is going on with him. obviously, they determined that they needed to bring a crisis center in. the professionals came in and made an evaluation and felt that it wasn't something that needed to be taken care of at that time with a mandatory commitment. those are razor-thin decision sometimes. emotions, alcohol, other issues can play a role, and sometimes people act out and they are fine the next day. the pressure continues to build until something like this comes out in the end. >> bill: that sheriff mentioned that shooting in pittsburgh go weekend a half ago. you think about these american communities. thousand oaks, the population is
7:26 am
140,000. very rare for any sort of shooting there. this is southern california, about 40 minutes west of l.a. it's mark in the history of that town that will likely change this community forever. >> absolutely. we are fortunate that some people went in, realize where the exits were, thoughts about plans probably beforehand where they broke windows, got other people out of harm's way. they were prepared for this. unfortunately, our citizens need to prepare for these types of events and know what to do in a crisis like this. it seems like some people's responses may have prevented them from getting harmed further. >> bill: sandra, you remarked on moments ago when we were talking how many of the victims, they knew how to react and respond. you know, you with two kids at home, very young, but you wonder
7:27 am
how this generation of american americans, having parents who respond and react themselves -- >> sandra: to active shooters. they are trained in the schools now, starting very, very young. we spoke to someone earlier. a young man who was inside of that bar. he said i did what i was trying to do, and i looked for the nearest exit. got down low, look for the nearest exit, and ran. it was fascinating to hear that because that is something that the newest generation is coming up learning and training for. >> bill: when he speaks again, we will bring you back their life your numerous other headlines today. we're going to get to other news as well. jeff sessions, what we know about the timeline to replace them, what we are learning from the white house today. we talked to kellyanne conway last hour. talking to john kennedy, the senator from louisiana. former white house press secretary ari fleischer will weigh in on that as well. so a lot more coming up.
7:28 am
>> sandra: democrats take control of the house. can president trump still fulfill his agenda? >> they can look at us. we can look at them. it will go back and forth. it will probably be very good for me politically. i can see it being extremely good politically because i think i'm better at that game than they are actually. is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call 1-877-423-5732. if you're a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family, call newday usa to use your valuable va home loan benefit. thank you, admiral. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value.
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7:32 am
>> bill: another alert now. jeff sessions and new democrats demanding that he recuse himself from the russian matter. don't know if that is going to happen. sarah, good morning, senator. thank you for your time. i want to get your reaction to the news of yesterday. what next? >> what next in terms of midterms are in terms of justic justice? >> bill: jeff sessions, sir. >> jeff sessions. well, number one, i'm a big fan
7:33 am
of former general sessions. i thought he did a good job. number two, the president has the right to surround himself with advisors of his choice. jeff knew that going in. number three, i don't think our new acting attorney general needs to recuse himself. number four, i don't think that wheeler ought to be fired, but i do think he ought to hurry up. it has been long enough. if he hasn't figured out what went on, if anything in the election in 2016 by now, my guess is he is not going to figure it out, and he needs to report to the american people. let's get this behind us. >> sandra: a lot of people are trying to figure out, senator kennedy, and thanks for coming on, what it means for the meal or pro, and how this changes things, now having jeff sessions out. >> i just hope, i can tell you what i hope changes.
7:34 am
i hope that mr. mueller decides to wrap this thing up. i know he's been working hard, but he needs to saddle up and write harder. let's get this behind us. what has it been? two years? if he hasn't figured it out by now, he is not going to figure it out. i think we all know what he is going to conclude. the russians try to interfere in the election, like they have been 50 years, and did they influence the result in the election? no. now, if he finds out that somebody broke the law, then he needs to indict them and prosecute them. let's have some justice, but whatever he does, he needs to wrap it up. >> bill: do you know whitaker, sir? >> i do not. i have not met him. i've heard good things about him. i thought it was a little disingenuous of our democratic friends to start pounding on him before he even has a chance to find the men's room, but that's
7:35 am
just the way politics is right now. i was hoping they had learned something from the election. but we'll see. >> sandra: senator, how are things going? there is so much news on all of our plates this morning. we are still reeling from this tragic shooting in california overnight. midterm elections were just a couple of days ago. >> yes. >> sandra: what is the talk in washington? what are people thinking here now as we wake up each morning now to a split congress? >> well, sandra, i can just give you my perspective. a couple of points. number one, we all heard about the blue ways. i think it's pretty clear that the blue wave was blue dribble. pretty much, it was a draw. i think president trump and the kavanaugh hearings had a huge impact on the election, at least on the republican side. number three, we need to do
7:36 am
something about the cost of health insurance. we among ourselves as republicans tried. we got no democratic support. i hope now that democrats will come aboard. let's figure something out because this is not meant to impugn anybody, but obamacare didn't work. i wish it hadn't worked. it didn't work. we've got to try something new. number four, i love willie nelson and taylor swift. i have their music on my phone. but they must have been smoking some of willy's dope when they decided to get involved in politics. i think hollywood needs to stay out of politics. i think the american people are smart enough to figure it out for themselves. and number five, i hope that our democratic friends in the house will work with us. my just use their majority to harass the administration. i hope they will honestly work
7:37 am
with us to try to solve some of the problems that key mom and dad's up at night. >> sandra: it's a busy morning and a busy week. >> bill: it would not be an interview without you dropping another classic line. >> i don't know what i said wrong, but i deny everything. >> sandra: no, no, we appreciate having you on. for more on this, let's bring on ari ari fleischer. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: where do we begin? you've been listening to the show, following the news this morning. it's a tough moment right now. >> yeah, there's just so much going on in washington. the horrible turmoil after the midterm. people trying to figure out what comes next. let me start with the department of justice. i think the acting attorney general, there is a process in place for people to recuse. jeff sessions followed it, and for democrats to say that he needs to recuse without even
7:38 am
leaving stomach -- he has no reason to recuse unless the ethics experts say that he should. i think that this is all part of the normal trumpet delirium, where anything that he does, the democrats oppose. given his opinions as a pond and the mueller probe, that doesn't mean that he will take action as the attorney general. i hope no action is taken against bob mueller. he should be able to finish this report. >> bill: the exchange that is getting a lot of attention. we asked kellyanne conway about that. she said the following about that. you as a former white house press secretary, you are very keen on this topic, so we will get your reaction after we hear from kellyanne. >> there are journalists here
7:39 am
who every single day try to do their job by getting the story. others try to get the president. they shall remain nameless right now. i think that some people like to grandstand and be part of the story. there is no question about that. we hear that from other journalist. >> bill: it went on from there. what are your feelings about this as you hear? >> while, there was no physical contact that was anything bothersome. incidental contact. i think that was false. second, jim acosta has had a long history of being an editorial writer, not fair and neutral questioner. that is the job of white house reporters, but when he starts using that podium as a place to give his opinion, it's wrong. that's why the white house did that. i support that. i cannot defended jim acosta. he said to the president in front of a news conference it's not an invasion. that's his opinion. if he wants to be an editorial writer, that's his prerogative. if he wants to have a nighttime
7:40 am
tv show, more power to him. that is not the job of white house reporters. i think they finally got fed up with him using his perch at the white house for that. >> sandra: the white house put out this statement. revoking access is a reaction out of line to the reported offense and is unacceptable. i'm sorry, this is the white house correspondents association. journalists may use a range of approaches to carry out their jobs. the whd a does not police the tone or frequency of those. the present, such interactions, how uncomfortable they may appear to be define the strength of our national institutions. before all of this, looking at broadly speaking out the presence news conference yesterday, he spoke a lot about the candidates who did not embrace him. and he really went out there to say look what happened, ari.
7:41 am
>> i thought that was unwise by the president. he needs to recognize that not all of america is trump country. there are a lot of good congressmen and women who come from suburban areas, parts of new york where it is harder to toe the line. so they want to be supportive wherever they can, but there are instances where they can. for him to go the way that he sometimes has, that is not the way that you build a broad coalition. that is how you keep a narrow base. and what they need to do, especially going into a presidential year is grow the support, not just maintain it. that is the case with a lot of his suburban congressmen and women who did lose. i wish the president was more helpful to them, accommodating to them. >> bill: we have two years to talk about this, and we shall again. ari fleischer. >> sandra: thank you, ari. >> bill: seismic power shift. at nancy pelosi end of the
7:42 am
democrats will take back power there. what it means for the president's agenda, coming up in a matter of moments. >> sandra: ruth bader ginsburg is in the hospital this hour after a fall at her office at the supreme court last night. what we are now learning about her condition. hey there people eligible for medicare.
7:43 am
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it allows you to choose any doctor, who accepts medicare patients... and these are the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. whew! call or go online and find out more. >> sandra: the shuffle in washington, and it is not clear how things will shake. let's bring in america's 18. guy benson, political editor at, and "wall street journal" editor, dan hendrick is here. thank you to all of you. how does this play out? >> it plays out in the house of representatives, i think, where democrats have taken control. they now have this as far as investigations go. nancy pelosi is not the speaker yet. she has to be elected speaker, so there is a lot of tension
7:47 am
internally inside the democratic party. the fight will be over nancy pelosi's speakership. so many have been elected to the house, and nancy pelosi's generation should concede control to the incoming generations. all of these investigations are going to be very difficult to control. >> sandra: suggested something very similar, this is not a she went for a nancy pelosi. >> i don't believe it is a shaman at all. it will be a battle, but she does have an excellent case. she let people go out there and a trash on the campaign trail. her ego was not involved. she said get it done. however you need to. there was a big near times piece out today about this explicitly, so it will be interesting especially with health care is the number one issue. >> bill: these people who campaigned against her and 2018,
7:48 am
then in future races, if ultimately she is the speaker of the house again, they are going to have to grapple with that. she can say look, we won it, i'm the leader, i deserve this, that is definitely true, but the democrats really performed above average historically for the first midterm election of a new president in the first time. so i think it is a shaky situation for her, and for the democrats because there are plenty of people in the party who would love her not to be the speaker, but they don't know who the possible alternative actually is. >> bill: great discussion from you two. how do you write about that? >> easily. cut to the chase too. the press conference if you can call it that, he said democrats and nancy pelosi can either go to war with me or do deals with me, and i think if they decide if they want to do some deals over policy, they can simply go to work. >> and pelosi was clear that she wanted to do the deal.
7:49 am
>> sandra: do you take her at her word? >> i haven't known her to be a liar, so yeah. >> just sitting there quietly and smiling, mitch mcconnell who has an expanded majority. and he's just going to keep confirming judges. >> sandra: he is not sitting silently. he gave a press conference yesterday. >> bill: i think your headline is "presidential harassment: what about it? ">> we are going to see a lot of harassment over the next year. >> bill: thank you. >> i wouldn't call it that, but you knew that. >> bill: great to have you. >> sandra: all right, that story is on the ground. the mass shooting in california overnight. police identifying a suspect was still trying to determine what his motive was. >> bill: also ruth bader ginsburg recovering this morning in the hospital. she fractured several ribs late last night, so the latest on what we're learning about her condition coming out momentarily. come on back.
7:50 am
ignition sequence starts. 10... 9... guidance is internal. 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ♪
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7:53 am
>> bill: another alert now. watching the breaking news that happened about an hour ago when we got the information. justice ruth bader ginsburg, 85 years old, suffering from a fall. she is in the hospital today. turner is live outside the
7:54 am
supreme court. there is a lot of news there today. >> we can hardly keep up with it, bill. justice ginsburg did suffer a fall. she reportedly went home afterwards, but after suffering from pain and discomfort well into the night, she checked herself into george washington university hospital. that is in downtown d.c. first thing this morning. she was found to have three fractured ribs on her left side, and as of now, she remains in the hospital under observation. now administration officials are starting to weigh in. >> we are praying for her. we know how tough she is. got to see her just a few weeks ago here at the swearing in of justice kavanaugh. so she is in our prayers. i hope she has a full and speedy recovery. >> justice ginsburg was slated to attend the hearing it this morning. that is the ceremonial event where kavanaugh is welcome to the bench by his peers. president trump did attend the ceremony, as did the new acting
7:55 am
attorney general, who just yesterday replaced jeff sessions. ginsburg hasn't suffered ill health in recent years. she had a couple of bouts with colon cancer, both of which he recovered from very quickly and went back to work within weeks. despite her age, now 85 years, she is known for being a very active exerciser. she has a well-known personal trainer who works out with her. she also has two children, one son and one daughter, her close her closest remaining relatives after her husband passed away a few years ago. >> bill: gillian turner, watching all of that. the president and the first lady there. >> sandra: meanwhile, details on jeff sessions' resignation as ag. and that meant taking his place. bret baier joins us at the top of the hour, and police identifying the suspect in the california mass shooting overnight. what police are now saying and learning about his possible motive.
7:56 am
>> music was playing, and i heard a few gunshots. turned towards him. he was just shooting in my general direction. i could hear the whistling of the bullets. he turned and just started shooting at the crowd i was in. he was justne trying to -- by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now. call 1-855-510-4063. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out,
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7:59 am
>> sandra: fox news alert alert out of california. news coming in about the man
8:00 am
who -- this is a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." welcome everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: and i'm bill hemmer. identifying the shooter as ian david long. he then went inside and kept firing. when it was over, 12 debt, including a ventura county officer, who responded to the chaos at the scene. >> sandra: alive in thousand oaks, california, would also be learning about the gunmen? >> well, we know that he lived nearby to the borderline bar and grill in the newberry park area. that is just a couple of miles from where we are sending right now. the borderline bar and grill, by the way, is behind my shoulder a couple of hundred yards. still surrounded by and inundated with, as you can imagine, law enforcement officials.
8:01 am
over at the gunmen's house, law enforcement is there right now. they are getting a search warrant. obviously want to go through everything in that house. we have a life picture of everything outside of the home, where ian long lived. they want to go through all of his computers, and he notes that they may find there. anything that may give them a feeling for motive. that is what they do not have at this point. they have an i.d. they do not have a motive. he served in the u.s. marine corps. we have seen some pictures which appear to show him deployed. we are waiting to get his official records from the pentagon. we do know as well that he was on law enforcement's radar for minor things. he was the victim of a battery at one point at a different bar. and it just this past april, police were called to his home for what the sheriff described
8:02 am
as a disturbance. listen here to the sheriff described that day. >> we have had several contacts with mr. long over the years, minor events, such as a traffic collision. he was a victim of battery at a local bar in 2015. in april of this year, deputies were called to his house for subject to disturbing. they talk to him, he was somewhat irate. acting irrationally. >> now, the sheriff said there were some questions at that point as to whether ian long suffered from ptsd. as a result of his time in the marine corps. but nothing definitive on that at this point, sandra and bill. >> sandra: the bar was packed with young students when the shooting began. the sheriff earlier can confirm exactly how many were in there,
8:03 am
but this was a young crowd. >> yeah, very young crowd. actually on wednesday nights, it is college night. there are several colleges in this area. and as we understand it, from eyewitnesses, there was something like a couple of hundred in the borderline bar and grill at the time when the shooter came in, he apparently took out according to one of the witnesses we spoke to first, one of the security guards at the front door, and a witness that i talk to you this morning hedged that he just walked in, throwing smoke grenades and then just firing randomly. it was according to them, it didn't appear to be targeted shooting. he was just shooting anybody that he could find within his range. he was using a glock 21 .45 caliber with an extended magazine apparently.
8:04 am
now the gun was legally bought here, but that extended magazine would be illegal. listen now to that eyewitness, john hedged, about how he got out. listen here. >> i was going to run to the bathroom to go hide it. and i saw that he had a left to the front door area. there were maybe one or two you, couple people who ran out, so i just ran as fast as i could to the front door. thank god i made it out okay. >> john hatch, one of the lucky ones. 12 people killed. among them, sergeant ron helus. >> bill: from one breaking news story to another, the fallout from jeff sessions resignation as the attorney general. now the chief of staff, matthew
8:05 am
whitaker, will take over. catherine herridge has more on that story from washington. what are we learning? >> matt whitaker is on the job. now overseeing is the special counsel of the russian investigation. earlier on fox, emphasizing continuity, not disruption. >> it's been a long time coming. but look, i think many people commended him for his years of service. he has been here in the united states and dumb accented. i think it is very commendable and very notable. >> you can see him here wearing a red tie. as he left the justice department last night. the administration says that there is whitaker in the red tie right there. it not seen as an fbi or justice
8:06 am
department insider who came up through the ranks with robert mueller. and rod rosenstein and others. until yesterday, this video is from this morning. oversaw the russian special counsel probe. contact with the russian ambassador during the presidential campaign. whitaker is already under fire for tweets and an op-ed that he wrote last year, investigating the trump family businesses. it is a redline that he should not cross because he argues it is beyond the scope of the 2016 campaign. jerry nadler, who is expected to be the next chairman of the house judiciary committee tweeted americans must have answers immediately. why is the president making this change, and who has authority over his investigation? we will be holding people accountable. senior democrats went further. >> protecting mueller and his investigation is paramount.
8:07 am
it would create a constitutional crisis that this would prelude to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation. >> rod rosenstein is at the white house white house again today for what was described to us as i previously scheduled meeting, bill. >> bill: catherine herridge, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report. good morning to you. sessions is out, whitaker is in. what does it mean to you? >> well, it is not a surprise, right? everyone in this town around the country knew that he was out at some point. the question was one? and the fact that the president was asked about it at the news conference, came as a surprise about an hour later that it came down. the whitaker part of the equation is the new part. the assumption in the town was
8:08 am
that rod rosenstein might assume that position in the interim before another person is named. matt whitaker has said and it talked about ways for the mueller investigation to come to an end, both financially and with what is authorized. so that is raising a lot of issues on capitol hill. with democrats especially. >> sandra: interesting. as far as the chatter about what this means and what the implications are for the probe, where does that stand? >> we don't know yet. we haven't heard from the acting attorney general. we haven't heard from the president on this specifically. we have heard yesterday, he said "i let it go. i am letting it go. that is how he has answered the question so far. there are some reports out there that mueller and his team are on their final report. they have started writing the final -- you know, final report that would be handed up the chain. if that is true, you could be
8:09 am
seeing the end of that process coming soon. >> sandra: kellyanne conway was on the program earlier. here is how the white house is responding to you whitaker taking over as the acting ag. listen. >> it is very commendable and notable that the president has offered the continuum by having the chief of staff. he has been there for over a year, be the acting attorney general until a permanent replacement can be nominated, and mr. rosenstein. so this is a continuum. at that mueller investigation will continue. >> sandra: the investigation will continue, says the white house. we move on to ruth bader ginsburg. the latest that we heard is that she had a fall in her office last night. she had some discomfort overnight, went to the hospital. three broken ribs. what more we learning? >> we are learning that she is recovering. and is doing well. you heard kellyanne conway saying that prayers are with her from the white house. and everything we are hearing is
8:10 am
that she is okay. but this does go to the frailty of someone who at that moment in life, anything can happen. and in the wake of the selection, we just saw every time you hear something about a supreme court justice, considering retiring or otherwise, it raises the prospect of what that means in the big picture down the road. it sounds like ruth bader ginsburg is going to do fine, which is great. >> sandra: she is the court's oldest justice. 85 years old. she was admitted to the hospital for treatment and observation after tests showed that she had fractured those three ribs, so we are waiting on a further update on her condition at this time, but we all hope for the bus. bret baier, you have had a busy week. thank you very much for giving us your time this morning on "america's newsroom." >> bill: great job the other night, you and martha. midterm shake-up.
8:11 am
the fight begins now for house and leadership. on the republican side. talking with the head of the r in d.c. coming back as we preview where the republican party goes here, and perhaps some message from tuesday. >> sandra: plus, the mississippi senate race. we are going to talk to cindy hyde-smith as she gears up for another vote just weeks from no now. >> we knew every stop we made, we said more than likely there will be a runoff, but we are prepared for it. we have already got our plan in action for that. just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, mississippi senate race heading to a runoff. cindy hyde-smith and her democratic challenger, mike sp, both vying to fill senator cochran's term, but neither candidate got 50% of the vote on tuesday. senator cindy hyde-smith joins us now. thank you for coming on the program this morning. what happens next? >> i tell you, we are hitting the road right now. we've got three weeks to continue to get our message out, we just look forward to making sure that everybody goes back to the polls. a difficult time, the tuesday after thanksgiving during the holidays. >> sandra: what's your message? >> error messages that we are just here to promote the conservative values that we
8:16 am
share in mississippi. i have had the opportunity since being appointed to do that for the last six months. and i am here for to two reason. i am just wanted to be able to get out here on the ticket, but to continue on because the three certainly is not over. we are a red state, but voter turnout is so critical. it is so crucial, and the selection, we are having to get out there and encourage people to go back to the polls, now how important it is to keep the country moving in this direction under president donald j. trumpet. >> sandra: that is your message. what is the message that you received from tuesday of. >> there are a lot of people out there that have a lot of confidence in me, and you know, it is the process that you go through. a lot of democrats turning out
8:17 am
to vote, and we are going to obviously just do the best that we can have messaging, to get that out there, but encourage our voters to return back to the polls. like i said, it is a difficult time. the tuesday after thanksgiving. it takes a lot of hard work for people to get to know you, to get to visit with everybody, to crisscross the state, to get out and listen to the people and let them know that you are the one who can carry their message to d.c. i have a long track record. i was the state senator for three terms, and i have been elected statewide choice. i have a lot of connections out there. these people are also out there helping me do that, but we are running on our record that we have the conservative values that mississippi wants to see in washington. >> sandra: here is your opponents message. >> are you going to stand with me to continue to confirm? to settle all of the division end of cynicism?
8:18 am
the mean-spirited tweets, i will be a strong voice for mississippi. not some weak echo. i am going to stand for health care. >> sandra: very serious opponent. he beat the states first a black senator sends he would likely receive an outpouring of national democratic support in the next three weeks. what is your strategy? because this is coming down to the wire. three weeks is going to go by fast for you. >> yes, it really will. again, we are really proud of the campaign we have ran so far. we have run a clean campaign, we stayed away from being negative, and we're going to continue to do that, but we all share the common need of the state. we do you want good health care, we want affordable health care. we want access to health care. we want good education for our children. we want to go to economy, and that is what we are running out. i learned a long time ago you've got to be a friend to have a
8:19 am
friend, and to reach across the aisle, standing very firm on your conservative principles, that is exactly what we plan to do. and right now, we are headed in that direction. we started off with a really strong start, and i think we will have a very strong finish. >> sandra: we will see how it goes. you have the backing of the present. one might mississippi by nearly 20 percentage points. we will watch this. three weeks away. you've got a lot of work to do, and we will be watching. thank you very much for coming on the program this morning. >> thank you for giving me this opportunity. >> bill: back in california, fox news alert now. what we are learning about the deadly mass shooting in the southern california bar. it was packed with college students last night. >> we have lost a hero. a great human being. it is part of the loss again of the 11 other victims that are in there, and it's all part of the suffering that we are all going to go through us family members,
8:20 am
parents, brothers, and sisters on this tragic, senseless loss of life. >> bill: police losing one of their own, we are also getting new details on the government. here 28 years old, marine war veteran. lived by, killed 12 people before turning that gun on himself. >> which was really, really shocking. with my dad being in the military for so long, he has kind of in no way prepared me, but i never thought that something like this would happe happen. best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents.
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8:24 am
he made a specific point to point out that that is the change, likely. how law enforcement response to these things. >> there is no doubt about it that we have lost a hero this morning.
8:25 am
our viewers need to understand that a law enforcement officers, they run towards danger and not away. and what we found in this hero, sergeant ron helus, 29 year veteran of the sheriff's department, he ran in there. he had just been on the phone with his wife. ran in there to try to serve and protect the members of that community. >> bill: we also heard about some mental issues that were being addressed. what did you take away from tha that? >> well, he's marine. they are now trying to find out about his history. the investigation is really ongoing. and what they are trying to do is to find out if he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. they are trying to find out the motives behind this. and it is a result of that they have gotten warrants for his automobile, his house, they are looking at a social media site, and talking to relatives.
8:26 am
>> bill: okay. apparently they cleared him that day. and he was question for mental capacity. what are the parameters now? with which these interviews occur? >> you know, what happens is that medical personnel will go on the scene, and they will evaluate a person, and in some states, you can hold a person on a 24-hour hold. other states, you just have to let them go, so they did in fact question him. one of the things that stood out to me, bill, he had been a victim of a battery, from what we have been told, at another club. i am wondering if that was some kind of a trigger mechanism for what has taken place here unfortunately. >> bill: i don't know, but may be motive becomes a little clearer as we go on. the sheriff said he targeted security officers when he arrived.
8:27 am
he shot one, and spend looking for others, in all likelihood. he knew the facility, he was living in the next town over, he was familiar with that property. >> yes, he definitely appeared to be familiar with the propert property. it will be determined if he has been to the borderline club there before, but it appears that he definitely knew the layout of the land. >> bill: the sheriff was asked why that bar? it was not clear. ted williams with reaction as we try to piece this together. thank you, sir. >> sandra: some powerful jobs open on capitol hill as house republicans look for some new leadership. coming up, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will join us. high-profile candidates put their hats into the ring. >> he is that shaking it up, doing what he told the american people he was going to do. if i am given the opportunity to
8:28 am
lead our conference, i will do that.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. no word yet who arizona's next senator will be. they are still counting votes in the grand canyon state. holding a slim lead over kyrsten sinema. to live in phoenix. how long could this take? >> well, we are being told that the accounting will go into next week, but we should have a much better idea which way this is going later today. we are expecting a big boat drop at 5:00 this afternoon. if they are still around 617,000 votes to count, which makes up over 16% of the total from the election. these are all early votes that were either mailed in, dropped off at the polls on election day. signatures have to be verified. they have to confirm that the voters did not also vote on tuesday. this whole process is being
8:32 am
watched very closely by lawyers for both parties. the vast majority of the outstanding votes are coming from the state's three biggest accountings. has about two-thirds of all registered voters in arizona. still has 475,000 votes to count. there are 77,000 left in fema county and 32,000. additionally, 33,000 left in nine smaller counties, six of which have martha mcsally leading. kyrsten sinema has a vote leads into of the three left to count. she is up by just over 8,000 votes into the other counties. by the way includes tucson and the congressional district. she leads. in the statewide total by 15,000 votes. the big question, will that hold up but 5:00 today when we get a whole lot more information? >> sandra: dan springer,
8:33 am
thank you. >> president trump was elected to come to this town and shake it up. he is doing just that. where he goes, good results. we have to match his intensity, and i will do that. if it is in a different role, if it is in breaking one of these committees, i will do that. >> bill: jim jordan, he went on to be the future for the party. both kevin mccarthy out of california and a jim jordan in the running to become the next minority leader. ronna mcdaniel, the rnc chair, how are you doing? good morning to you, and thank you for coming back here with us today. >> thanks for having me. always good to be with you, bill. >> bill: we've got a lot to talk about. i will try to get in as many as i can. first up, the leadership, what is the best thing right now? >> welcome of the rnc doesn't get involved in the leadership race, but i can tell you i would be looking for a leader that is going to get involved in candidate recruitment early.
8:34 am
is going to recognize that most of our candidates were outspent. many of them 2-1 and some of these key districts. they need to be able to fund raise and put a plan together on that so that we can take back the house in 2020. >> bill: we follow that to gather, okay. impressive finish in the senate. what do you think that the results will be? >> the difference was that donald trump. going to the states, i was with him in missouri. there was no way we are going to lose missouri. i saw the intensity, the energy. when you feel it on the ground, you see how the state is going. president trump was our best campaigner. he closed a lot of these tight races. probably helped ensure four seeds. >> bill: what are we not hearing in the suburbs? dallas, houston, chicago, outside of washington, d.c.? kansas city. what are you missing there?
8:35 am
>> we've got to work on the suburbs. we've got to talk more to them. what it means to have 4 million new jobs. i think having this contrast of nancy pelosi being in the house, seeing how ineffective they are, if they take the investigation route, they choose not to legislate, i think we will have a really good way to go to these voters and say see what we deliver? see how they are obstructing again. >> bill: financially and economically, those people haven't done very well under the trumbull economy. a lot of them turn their back on the republican party. how come? >> voters don't always vote because things are going well. things are going to -- they have to have the contrast. when they see that those things may go away and that democrats aren't pushing for the things that are going to help jobs come back to this country, help wages go up, trying to disrupt the trump agenda, i think that's well make a difference. prison reform, paid leave, those are going to be things that those voters are going to be
8:36 am
looking out as those policies go forward. >> bill: in the suburbs of chicago, and they have been so red for so long. even further out, most of chicago. what do you think those traditionally republican conservative voters are trying to tell the party? >> i think they were looking at candidates as well. you've got to look at that too. some of that comes out of the candidates. we've got to listen. we are going to go back to those districts. we've got to fine tune our message so that we can win those districts back. the economy is good, and their jobs are good. their wages are going up. everything is going well for those voters. we want to make sure that they vote republican in 2,024th president trump and other candidates, so we will be looking at that. we have one might districts that we haven't always won. we have to bring them back into the fold. we are very happy with what happens. not allowing this blue wave to take over the house to such a
8:37 am
degree that we have no voice in the house, so i feel good about where we are, but we want to win it back. we want to reelect president trump. >> bill: i think newt gingrich has an interesting perspective on that, based on his history from 20-25 years ago. during other, democrat from new york, talking about possibly going after brett kavanaugh for impeachment. also going all in. and that is a quote that has been used in some articles. what is your sense about that in the house? >> well, i heard news this morning. i agree with him, if the democrats take this investigation route, all they want to do is obstruct government from working, i think that's a bad formula for them. i don't think voters want to see that. you have already seen the president tsai i will work with nancy pelosi. there are things that we can work on together, like infrastructure. we want to keep the economy booming. there are a lot of things that we can come together on. democrats are going to have to
8:38 am
make a choice. are you going to work with this president or spend the next two years trying to thwart him with subpoenas and investigations? i think the voters will want them to legislate. that is the best thing for the american people. >> bill: ronna mcdaniel, thank you. we appreciate you coming today. please come back soon. >> sandra: meanwhile, newest reaction to the latest clash between jim acosta and the president. how the white house is responding, as critics on both sides away and on the heated exchange. how we curse will join us next. >> jim acosta has had a history, a long history of being an editorial writer in that room, not a fair questionnaire. tough questions are the jobs of white house reporters, but when he starts using that podium as the place to do it, it is wrong. welcome to the place where people go
8:39 am
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>> bill: we are waiting for more information on this gunman
8:42 am
in california. ian long is his name. we know that he is 28. he was in the marines as a corporal. listed as machine gunner for his job title. he was given several awards. global terrorism service medal. november of 2010 to june of 2011. so about seven months in afghanistan. just trying to piece the story together as we get more information out of southern california. waiting on another briefing as well. we do not have the time on that, but we will bring it to you liv live. >> the caravan was not an invasion. it is a group of migrants moving up from central america towards the border with the u.s. >> why did you characterize it as such? >> because i consider it an invasion. you and i have a difference of
8:43 am
opinion. >> pardon me, ma'am. >> mr. president, that is enough. >> sandra: after that angry exchange between it jim acosta and the president, the administration decided to suspend his white house press pass. just the latest clash between the president and the press to cover him. joining me now, fox news media analyst and a host of "media buzz," how we kurtz joins us. >> as the audience just saw, debating the present, questioning him about the caravan, but then what he did after, i have never seen. he just kept talking after having several questions. refusing to give up the mic. yanking his credentials, it is kind of turning jim acosta into our journalistic murder. standing behind him, it has shifted the spotlight from what he did to you whether the trump team overreacted.
8:44 am
>> sandra: sarah sanders put out this tweet in response to revoking his press pass. they stand by that decision. she has most recently tweeted "president trump it believes in a free press and welcomes tough questions. we will never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job." the white house correspondents association making it clear that they do not accept this decision. "strongly objects to the trump administration's decision to use the u.s. secret service security credentials as a tool to punish a reporter with him it has a difficult relationship. revoking access to the white house complex is a reaction out of line to the purported offense and is unacceptable. how we. >> yeah, i think it's a misstep on the part of the white house to claim that he was laying his hands on this young intern, try to take the microwave. the contact was very incidental. i also think it was a misstep for her to tweet out a doctor to
8:45 am
video put out by info wars. kind of made it look more aggressive than it was. his real offense there was being rude, as the president said. i don't know, maybe he wanted some kind of confrontation. if so, jim acosta played into his hands. now you have cnn, putting out a statement saying that the president's attacks are un-american. bouts are really strong word. so another setback for the relationship, the very tense relationship, as we saw throughout the 90 minute news conference between the president and some of his questioners. >> sandra: meanwhile, i want to go now to a colleague of ours, tucker carlson. something that happened outside of his washington, d.c., home last night. howie. on mob chanting threats outside of his family's home, at which time his wife was home. what more do we know about this? >> first of all, i think this is reprehensible.
8:46 am
i would say that whether it was tucker carlson or jim acosta, whether you agree with tucker or not, this was an organized effort to harass and threaten tucker carlson and his family. his address was published, other things like this. i don't understand why people don't get arrested for things like this. i think it's incumbent on those on the left to denounce this sort of conduct. we saw the beginnings of this when the trump administration officials were refused service in various restaurants. this is not okay. somebody's going to get hurt, and i think whatever your political opinions are, we can't condone this kind of thing. no matter who the target is. left, red, or center. >> sandra: tucker carlson gave an interview to "the washington post." he was at work at the time. his wife was home. he says he is used to being confronted in public and has no interest in playing the role of the victim, but he said his wife and his four children should not have to be exposed to this
8:47 am
aggression while they are in the privacy of their own home. the final thoughts? >> bill: don't drag families or children into this. many, many ways to register your dissent. going to somebody's house and attacking the door and screaming and scaring the family, that just should be considered completely and totally unacceptable. i am really starting to get worried about this. i would say the same thing no matter what the political persuasion of the target, this is not what should go on in america. >> sandra: horrible thing for anyone to feel unsafe in their own home. >> bill: melissa francis is coming up next and "outnumbered "outnumbered." melissa, how are you? >> what a day. new reaction after the resignation of jeff sessions. democrats accusing president trump of trying to interfere with the meal or investigation. the white house saying the former attorney general have had a fraught relationship for a while now. this was a long time coming. we are going to debate that.
8:48 am
and the democrats appear to be gearing up to launch a host of investigations into the president and white house officials. the president thing he will defend himself. how ugly that might get and whom it all helps or hurts. all that with our #1luckyguy. >> bill: more news out of washington. ruth bader ginsburg, age 85 in the hospital today. we will have the latest on her condition in a moment next. presenting the internet!
8:49 am
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>> sandra: we are learning a lot more about the gunman in this horrific shooting rampage in california. the u.s. marine corps has decided to release his service record.
8:52 am
what we are now learning about them are war veteran, and david long. he served from august 4th 2008 to march 2nd 2013. he served in afghanistan. he received a combat action ribbon from his one deployment, which means he did see combat. he had one seven-month combat deployment. that was from 2010-2011. that was in afghanistan. that was over his roughly four and a half year career in the marine corps. he was not highly decorated. his awards were all very basic. this according to some information that we are getting from officials this morning as we go through his service record while in the marine corps. all law that we are still learning, a lot that we still don't know about his motive, when he decided to walk into that california bar, where
8:53 am
college kids were celebrating an evening out and killed 12 people, including a sheriff. >> bill: more on that, and more on this too. ruth bader ginsburg hospitalized this morning. she's saying deming to mike officials say that she fractured her three ribs. she was admitted to the hospital this morning. we have more on this. she is 85, she has had a series of health problems. how do you read this case? >> she also had a fall in 2012. she has a history of a cardiac stent. she has overcome cancer twice, including pancreatic cancer. she survived that several years ago, so she is tough. there's a couple of issues here, bill. why is she falling? could be tripping, could be that your day gets more difficult as you get older. could be an underlying health issue. when you fall as you are older, you are more likely prone to rib
8:54 am
fractures. so what might be a bruise becomes a rib fracture when you're older. you've got to wonder about that. again, ribs themselves are more frail when you get older. >> bill: apparently she went home first, that's pretty tough. then she was admitted to the hospital. what does that tell you? >> though i don't know the actual details, i would guess that they are probably in place. he wouldn't be able to go home if they worked what we call flailed ribs. probably her recovery will be faster as a result of that. she works out with a personal trainer. that is also good for recovery. she seems to be pretty spry. >> bill: generally in your 80s, an injury similar to this, what is the recovery. my? >> it several weeks. even months before she will be back fully to herself. which doesn't mean that she won't go back to work, she has on that before. 2012, a couple of weeks. >> bill: she has talked about
8:55 am
bipartisan collegiality recently. >> yes, she has come out and said look, this is the time for collegiality, bipartisanship. she is a very bipartisan presence in that court, and i think a lot of people wish her well on both sides of the aisle. again, a lot of people wish her well. >> bill: 's 1992. thank you, mark. good to see you. >> sandra: more on the gunmen who opened fire on a bar crowded with college students last night, killing 12 people before taking his own life. what investigators are now revealing about the shooter as they continue to search for a motive.
8:56 am
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>> sandra: horrific news to wake up to this morning, 12 people shot and killed at a bar in southern california, a bar that was filled with college students celebrating with an evening out, country music. >> bill: college night and
8:59 am
country to step lessons are what is on the website. thousand oaks, california, a community of about 130,000 that is shaken to the court today. the sheriff geoff dean has given a couple update so far. he is expecting to retire tomorrow and he stop mike talked about sheriff's sergeant ron helus who was driving by and was given the 911 call and responded immediately. as ron helus entered the building, he was shot and killed. he himself had talked about retiring in the next several months. >> sandra: and then learning the story about some of the off duty police officers that were present that through themselves in front of people to try to protect them, they were heroes themselves. we are learning more about the shooter, a former marine who saw combat. possible ptsd and officials on the ground did not rule out that that was part of his life. he was known to authorities on several occasions including disturbance and battery. police have been called to his
9:00 am
home. in david long, 28 years old. >> bill: at the moment they have no motive and when they update again, we will bring that to you. tough news to wake up to here and at home. >> sandra: thoughts and prayers to all of those families affected by that. thank you for joining us today, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert. a gunman opened fire at a popular southern california night spot killing a dozen people, including a veteran officer who was being hailed as a hero today. all lives that we mourn. authorities say a man dressed in black without saying a word started shooting at people in a bar in thousand oaks, california. it was packed with college students who were celebrating country night. at least 11 of those patrons and of that veteran sheriff sergeant, who rushed to the scene to help them, or killed. officers found the gunman dead as well. onef


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