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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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home. in david long, 28 years old. >> bill: at the moment they have no motive and when they update again, we will bring that to you. tough news to wake up to here and at home. >> sandra: thoughts and prayers to all of those families affected by that. thank you for joining us today, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert. a gunman opened fire at a popular southern california night spot killing a dozen people, including a veteran officer who was being hailed as a hero today. all lives that we mourn. authorities say a man dressed in black without saying a word started shooting at people in a bar in thousand oaks, california. it was packed with college students who were celebrating country night. at least 11 of those patrons and of that veteran sheriff sergeant, who rushed to the scene to help them, or killed. officers found the gunman dead as well. one of the witnesses described
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it. >> i heard the gunshot and i turned around and i saw him shoot a couple more times, and within a split second, everyone yelled, "get down!" so i ran to the left of the dance floor where the exit is in everyone pretty much dog piled on top of each other. >> harris: that young girl also shared that her dad was military and had kind of prepared her but she said nothing prepared her for that. the white house is lowering flags to have staff out of respect for those 12 people who died. jonathan hunt, live in thousand oaks, california. jonathan? >> harris, good afternoon to you. the gunman according to law enforcement officials was 28-year-old and that david long. we do not at this point know his motive, but right now officials from the fbi and from the
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ventura county sheriff's department are at his home. that's just about 3 miles from where we are standing right now. the bar and grill is behind us here and that obviously is the scene of an intense investigation at this point. officials more importantly are searching the home because what they want to find is a motive for why ian david long did this, murdering 12 people including that sheriff sergeant and 11 innocent young people, we believe, who were simply there to dance and enjoy a wednesday evening. we do know that he served, ian david long, in afghanistan with the u.s. marine corps and spent seven and a half months there. there has been some question about his mental state. police were called to his home in newberry park back in april of this year for a disturbance. he was apparently screaming and throwing things around inside
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his house. a mental evaluation team went out but they decided that they did not need at that point to take any further action. and then of course we come to 11:20 p.m. last night when ian david long, according to officials, dressed all in black entered the borderline bar and grill shooting a security guard at the front door and turning his gun on the other staff and patrons inside. many of them as i say were very young college students from colleges in this area. the first law enforcement official to get there after those 911 calls was sheriff sheriff sergeant ron helus. he arrived within 3 minutes, he heard the shooting, went straight in and came face-to-face with the shooter who shot him several times. sergeant ron helus died from those wounds, and the sheriff here in ventura county pay tribute to him earlier today.
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listen here. >> it has lost a great human being. it's part of the loss again of the 11 other victims that are in there, and it's all part of the suffering that we are all going to go through as family members and parents, brothers and sisters on this tragic, senseless loss of life. >> tragic and senseless, very apt words indeed. at the moment, the bodies of those other 11 victims, harris, are inside the borderline bar and grill which is just a couple hundred yards behind us now. obviously, fbi sheriff's deputy teams are going through the building now trying to find any clues that they can, trying to decide what drove ian david long to do this despicable act. harris? >> harris: such important information you are giving us on the mental health component of all of this.
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we know some states, florida in particular has the baker law where the initiation of a closer examination and longer period of time is instituted. i'm wondering if there is anything like that where you are, and how it all played a role that he was released and let go. the details on that are very interesting. >> reporter: he was never taken away from his home at that point in april. they got a call because according to neighbors, he was screaming and throwing things around. the mental evaluation team was sent out and they evaluated him then but there was no reason they say to take him into custody at that point. there was no criminal activity because he was simply shouting and destroying items in his own house. that does not in itself give police any reason to take him into custody. he's perfectly free as anybody is to destroy their own property, if they are not deemed
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to be a danger to themselves or other. others. he was not deemed by the mental evaluation team to be a danger to himself, or anybody else at that point. harris? >> harris: so incredibly sad and of course he is dead along with 12 other people today. we will continue to follow the story, jonathan hunt, thank you very much. >> melissa: another fox news alert, new attorney general jeff sessions resigned yesterday at president trump's request. this is "outnumbered." here today is harris faulkner, and trish regan. kennedy, and also joining us today, radio talk show host and fox news contributor, richard fowler. lots of news today, a somber day. lots of ground to cover so let's get to it. the president's relationship with now former attorney general
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jeff sessions has been strained for some time. the president has been very vocal in criticizing sessions' decision from recusing himself to the investigation into russian meddling. session's one-time chief of matthew whitaker is taking over an active attorney general. immediately after that announcement, media and critics pointed out that whitaker had argued in an op-ed last year that the mueller probe would cross the line if it looked into the finances of the president and his family. and mueller has handed most, if not all such financial investigations to the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. shortly before news of his house yesterday, the president again took aim at the mueller probe. >> president trump: it should have never been started because there was no crime. everyone has conflicts, they all have conflicts over there that
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are beyond anyone what anyone r seen in terms of conflicts but, it's a disgrace frankly and an embarrassment to our country. it's an embarrassment to the people of our country and it's really too bad. >> melissa: democrats are accusing the president of trying to metal with the mueller probe dl whitaker. >> this is clearly a way to put his guy, whitaker, in charge of the investigation. that's a very scary thing and there will be of course an investigation here about whether the president deliberately did this to obstruct the investigation, and so the world and history will be watching every move that the acting attorney general takes from here on out. >> melissa: white house counselor kelly m conway said sessions was not forced out to stop the mueller probe. >> the president obviously asked for his resignation yesterday.
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i think it's commendable and notable that the president is arguing for a continuum by having the chief of staff to the attorney general who has been there over a year on the job to be the acting attorney general until one can be nominated and keeping the deputy attorney general, mr. rosenstei mr. rosenstein. >> melissa: i will start with you richard, he is the chief of staff and it is a temporary job, mike whitaker. so -- pardon me, matt whitaker. so you have democrats taking aim at that. >> richard: he's had a number of interviews talking about the mueller probe, number one. number two, mr. whitaker is not senate confirmed. this is an appointed position by the president, not senate confirmed so the american people haven't had their say. every other attorney general, america has had their say. in this case is an appointment that i think to me says the
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american people haven't had their say -- >> harris: can i ask you why that's an issue though because we already knew that jeff sessions quit six weeks ago, when he resigned that open up the window for the president to make it temporary, as melissa is pointing out, appointments. that would be the case with any president in any situation. so to color it with, it's not like anything else, in fact it isn't because when was the last time a guy quit on the job and you had to fill that and then you go through the process of an appointment? sometimes the interim guy or woman makes it and sometimes they don't. >> richard: i hear you, but there were other people he could have picked. there were a number of people -- >> but what difference does it make? >> the american people would have had their say. >> but not for that job. >> they haven't had their say at all in this particular case. >> it doesn't match up anyway.
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and this could clearly happen, kennedy is going to become president some day and if someone wanted to appoint her in the interim, it would make a difference, but when she rounds we as voters get a say in that. >> richard: i agree and i think kennedy would say that in cabinet level positions goes to the congress were people have their say. but i think what's more problematic is the op-ed he wrote for cnn disparaging the mueller investigation. >> melissa: let me address that. because i was in response to james comey, was it not? that was the other side, it doesn't mean that's what he's going to do. >> kennedy: that's what an op-ed is, he was expressing his opinion. and you can make the differencee because john bolton has talked on my show at least about invading iran and lots of fantastical invasions and even though he is the national security advisor, is not doing any of those things and you
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shift into a completely different role and you don't necessarily lord over the department of justice wielding your opinion like a light saber. although someone argued that when jeff sessions wasn't completely recuse he was actively violating civil liberties at every turn. but yes, it is a temporary position and i think of the senate were to confirm every temporary person who engaged in their new employment opportunity, they wouldn't have time to do anything else. >> they haven't done any work on the hundred plus openings they already have. >> and they will when there is a new attorney general who is appointed. jeff sessions wasn't going to last the week let alone the end of yesterday. >> richard: the other thing we have to worry about in this particular case is what will happen when the ethics officer reviews him and says are you eligible to look over the mueller investigation. when they reviewed jeff sessions they said mr. attorney general, we think you should recuse yourself based on previous
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statements. >> how do you think they will respond? >> what they haven't ruled yet. >> but having an opinion isn't unethical. >> it's not about having an opinion, it's about having your judgment -- >> i don't think democrats like anyone in that position that is not going to go hard charging after somehow discovering this link between donald trump and that the russians. but here you are picking on a temporary employee. in other words we may get another person whose name is floated a couple of days next week, the american people via their representatives will have an opportunity to decide on that. so why are you harping on a temporary person? >> richard: because he will have a lot of power, he is the highest law enforcement officer in the country. >> are you trying to rewrite how we do everything? >> >> richard: after this is
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also an end of done -- i'm going to answer the question. >> i'm going to give myself a little pat on the side. >> once we look at all this i think there clearly needs to be summary reform at the fbi, and maybe some high level fbi are approved by congress. >> but what you are talking about is how we fill the position. >> this is about accountability and transparency. and i think donald trump said he's willing to cooperate so let mueller do his job unobstructed. i think what democrats are saying is having somebody who has already made an opinion about this particular case who has not been senate confirmed, that is indeed problematic for the american people. he is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the country. >> he there is a potentially make or break moment coming for the push to build a border wall, whether the republicans will be able to get funding in the lame duck session or whether the issue could lead to to a govert
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shutdown. plus, president trump's warning to house democrats who are hinting at new investigations once they take power. what all that could mean for both sides politically. ♪ >> president trump: if they do that, then all of this is just a posture. ♪ make a smart choice.
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>> harris: a president trump yesterday issued a warning to house democrats who have been hinting they may launch multiple investigations at the white house now that they will be taking control of the house. watch. and >> president trump: they can play that game, but we can play it better because we have a thing called the united states senate, and a lot of very questionable things were done between leaks of classified information and many other elements that should not have taken place. and all you are going to do is end up in back and forth, and back and forth, and two years will go up and we won't have done a thing. they do that and all of this is a warlike posture. >> harris: and top house democrat nancy pelosi suggested that democrats, at least for now, we'll take a measured approach but will hold the president to account. >> i don't think we will have
9:20 am
any scattershot freelancing in terms of this. we will have the responsibility to honor our oversight responsibilities and that is the path that we will go down. again, trying to unify our country. >> harris: while eric swalwell gave an idea of what democrats could go after. >> when it comes to investigations, no longer look the other way or give a free pass up especially when it comes to russia and assured, we protect mueller and see the president's tax returns and no longer allow him to cash in on access to the oval office as he has been doing for the first two years. >> harris: so that was most recently and in a second i want to show you something nancy pelosi said last month. but first, your thoughts. >> richard: if you look at how the democrat stayed over this election, suburban districts all across the country and those voters didn't vote for an investigation. they voted because it wants to protect pre-existing condition so i think what democrats have to do in the next two years, i
9:21 am
like to call it a legislative wall. everything we promised the americans when we ran, we just passed it. >> harris: do you think they will do that though? >> richard: there is meaningful legislation already crafted. >> you don't think they will try to impeach? >> richard: i hope the first bill the democrats passes a bill that will put money into school infrastructure and raise wages for teachers because we saw it earlier this year all across the country, teachers walked out of the classroom because conditions were deplorable and students were suffering. >> harris: here is why i ask how genuine that could be. watch nancy pelosi from last month. >> power is interesting, to use it or not to use it. it's a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects. >> to trish, was not a threat? >> trish: it sounded like she was trying to take a page out of
9:22 am
donald trump's book. i think it was a bit of a threat, but that is the environment we are now seeing ourselves in and i think the president's right. we will see a lot of gridlock and a lot of back-and-forth and the republicans can play that game, too, and that's what is most disappointing about all this because the american people are the ones that suffer in the end. >> i totally understand the back and forth and that's politics and all but democrats have said all along, no, they can walk and chew gum. we've had jessica tarlov and marie harf on and they say they can truly do it all but there's not that much time especially talking about health care. we have a new enrollment. this week. >> richard: absolutely, and i'm on obamacare so i have to re-enroll today. >> it seems like -- there is an opportunity here and it's a chance for democrats to have a
9:23 am
seat at the table to be stakeholders. they could compromise and come together but they can't achieve anything on their own because even if it passes the house it can just die there. republican certainly learned that in the last session. this was a chance for people to come together instead of at the table especially when you look at immigration, do something that every sidewalks and every site hates and that's a perfect environment for a deal. >> but do you think that's realistic? >> i absolutely think democrats can walk and chew gum. >> there is another democrat saying that. >> the republicans when they have the speaker's gavel, they held them accountable. we plan to do the same thing. >> those loud democratic socialists, they plan to do the same thing. the cacophony is deafening and i think both choices are kind of wrong because if you just pass
9:24 am
your legislative wall and a bunch of empty bills that are going nowhere, it's a fruitless, pointless exercise. but at the same time if all you have our subpoenas and investigations and those don't go anywhere, you guys will lose power in 2,020. >> what do they though? >> it's unfortunately the middle way because you have big spending, two parties right now controlling everything and unfortunately it will be the centralized infrastructure spending and it's going to jack up the deficit and ultimately had the stomach hurt the middle class and middle class people. >> richard: i agree with you, kennedy. the only thing i would say is i think this is less about gridlock and for the american people and how they voted, the number one issue all across the country was health care. >> that was the one weakness that democrats were able to expose. there is no doubt about that but you still don't know what kind of party you are going to have. are you going to be a party where you are led by moderate members of the military who were elected in some of those areas
9:25 am
that we were talking about? or are you going to be led by people like alexandria ocasio-cortez who can't answer a simple question, how do you pay for medical for all? you just pay for it. >> richard: her district is right here in new york and it's a very liberal district. lauren underwood, who has a pre-existing condition from illinois, there are real things that you can get done. you can fix our infrastructure and fix our leaky pipes. >> can i ask you a question? all due respect to laura underwood, but who had the bigger voice in this election cycle in your party? who did people trot out in summer months to be the face of your party? alexandria or alexandria ocasio.
9:26 am
we can't talk about her and say make the straight, estate read. kennedy is asking the right question because you can walk and chew gum, you can legislatively move and you can deal with investigations. but can you deal with what's happening in your own party? >> our party is full of real problem solvers. you can talk to people like the newest governor of michigan, gretchen wittner, who is an educator and has been elected. >> is she going to deal with the more left-leaning members of your party? >> absolutely. she's also going to make sure that the people get clean water. >> melissa: i've been waiting for that. nancy pelosi has made her bid for >> official so if you are planning on running against her, but i could be tough. but dozens of democrats in congress have been calling for new leadership, whether there is anyone who would step up and run
9:27 am
against nancy pelosi. remember tim ryan the representative? plus a battle brewing over money for the hewitt border wall. with lawmakers facing less than a month to fund parts of the government and president trump refusing to rule out a government shutdown over this. will it get ugly? we will talk about it. ♪ r carpooling... ...mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> melissa: nancy pelosi officially announcing her bid to become speaker, sending a letter to newly elected and incumbent democrats asking for their support just one day after the party regain control of the house. dozens of democrats in congress have said they would not support her. here is what pelosi in a experienced vote counter's had to say when asked how many in her car because she had corner. >> right now i have 87% of the vote in my district.
9:32 am
isn't that wonderful? >> and what percentage of the democratic caucus do you have a question mark >> oh, i'm okay. >> melissa: earlier today congressman tim ryan, an ohio democrat who challenged her in 2016 said democrats need new leadership and that pelosi was as unpopular in exit polls as president trump. >> the exit polls are showing 55% negatives for our top leader in the democratic party. i think asking new members who just campaigned for new leadership to come in and cast the vote for the status quo, that's not why they got elected and i think that jeopardizes the future of our majority. >> melissa: richard, is right and wrong? >> richard: are not getting my foot into this race. i think what's more interesting -- >> pick a side, richard. >> i'm a reasonable guy,
9:33 am
kennedy. what's also happening, hakeem jeffries just put his name into b caucus chair, and i think nancy pelosi understands that it's very important that we have new blood in the party, new blood running the caucus, new blood running the chair -- >> does she know the meaning of the term, "new blood?" she doesn't represent that at all. >> richard: just like donald trump was very unfavorable with the american people, nancy pelosi is a good fund-raiser like the president is. >> melissa: >> she's not managis because dozens of people have come out and got elected saying, we don't like her. we don't vote for her and we won't support her. that's problematic and you have to admit that on some level. >> of course, that's the same thing that happened to paul ryan when he ran, he lost a lot of votes because the entire freedom caucus voted against him. >> and paul ryan stepped aside.
9:34 am
richard, what are some other names of democrats in there that you think are up and coming that could come in behind her? there has been talk where maybe this is a transition period for her, that she takes the gavel one more time, but that she brings along behind her some other names like, who? >> richard: the names i'm looking at our marcia fudge out of ohio. hakeem jeffries out of new york. >> what about clybourn? >> there are some interesting names who are definitely vying to be leaders in the party and who the caucus sees as leaders and i would be remiss if i didn't mention the one and only barbara lee. >> trish: i think they have to reinvent themselves. unfortunately for nancy pelosi she represents the party of -- how do i say this. i'm afraid to use the term liberalism nowadays because of samantha bee, but that kind of global elite.
9:35 am
and that was what hillary clinton symbolized and i think that pelosi is so aligned with that -- i would say you should take a stand on this and the stand should be to have nancy pelosi go gracefully off into the sunset and move some new blood and new people into that position of leadership. >> only if they want future. i think that's why the president came out and endorsed nancy pelosi because she is the perfect foil for him. and if it goes south, and it will end it will happen quickly, she's the perfect person for him to pin all of this blame on. >> richard: i hear you but you have to give nancy pelosi lots of credit. what she did on tuesday night with leading the democratic caucus and fund-raising for tons of members is going to change the arc of history. and here's why. >> but you could still have her in the background doing fund-raising. >> you're going to treat her like hillary clinton. >> i think -- nancy pelosi, or
9:36 am
history on her track record are remarkable. we elected the first native american woman in american history to be in the united states congress. >> oh, boy. >> i'm listening to -- i'm trying to figure out where nancy pelosi fits in. is she the firewall against the alexandria ocasio-cortez likes? is she only a fund-raiser? the woman -- with a two-minute warning that i'm coming up next and 120 seconds and i'm not kidding, but the woman that we saw made her case for bipartisanship is tied to the vision of our founding's forefathers and so forth, and, and i'm looking at all of this and i'm thinking, she is campaigning for a job right now. which is not what -- that's not
9:37 am
what anyone was hired to do. and remember in the words of barack obama, new car smell. the party has not changed, it goes right back to where it was with the exception of some diversity hiring because it goes right back to having her in the home. >> richard: i think if you remember, the last time nancy pelosi was speaker under george w. bush, she got a lot done. she fixed lots of issues. >> justice brett kavanaugh is celebrating a ceremonial swearing-in at the supreme court earlier today. just days after the midterms taught democrats a very costly lesson about the nomination. how big of a misstep that was and what it could mean moving forward, next.
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physical >> republicans for the core voters and states that were critical to us were highly offended by the questioning of the presumption of innocence and of the tactics and i think it was like an adrenaline shot. we were worried about lack of intensity on our side and i think the and kavanaugh certainly provided that and was extremely helpful. it's noteworthy that the side that survived voted for joe manchin. >> mcconnell voted on the impact that brett kavanaugh had on the midterms. kavanaugh getting a ceremonial swearing in at the court this
9:43 am
morning. his bruising confirmation process did indeed motivate voters in the midterms. a majority of voters, 74% nationally saying kavanaugh impacted their decision and in red states where incumbent democrats lost those key senate races, voters broke for republicans. heidi heitkamp, joe donnelly and claire mccaskill all went down to defeat. and all voted against kavanaugh. richard, did you expect he would have this kind of impact on the race? >> richard: i thought he would have support on both sides. i thought he ginned up support among women and also republican support. i think the midterms is larger than just the united states senate. i also would say democrats expanded the map. in january we will have a democratic governor in the state of kansas and we also picked up a seat in kansas.
9:44 am
kansas is as ruby red as they come. places where donald trump one. congressional seats in pennsylvania, and we defeated long term republicans, longtime republicans like pete sessions in texas and barbara comstock in virginia. so what we will do moving forward as being a party of not only urban america but also suburban america. and the results on tuesday show that. >> is there any surprise in the outcome of some of the senate races? >> the senate was -- we saw can tell mike a contest where we think we would see contests. and the law allows for that. but as you kind of look at the landscape of the country, kavanaugh, the battle made a big difference. the deciding factor in that is the senate. there were places where there were angry women in this country
9:45 am
because they didn't like the way things rolled out on both sides of the political aisle but, there was an awakening among those on the conservative side because they didn't want their voices diminished as women. they just wanted to be women who didn't want to be the script that everyone was writing. so i'm not surprised that republicans are picking up's seats. i'm not surprised they are picking up strength within some of the female core. >> you know, women are married to men, generally. not always. we have sons, we have brothers, and we have fathers. when you ask them, they don't want to live in a world where automatically society only believed one side. so in the kavanaugh situation, it could not be substantiated in the way, shape or form. they look at that and say this
9:46 am
could be my husband, my son, my father or my brother. when the pendulum starts to swing so hard in one direction where women are saying, as a society, this is not the direction we want to go in. and by the way, i think a lot of women, me for one, did not like seeing what that woman was put through. i mean, the accuser, right? it was horrible to see what she went through and i think a lot of us felt that they should have been figured out behind the scenes, if you would. these accusations should have come behind the scenes. >> if you have such a close vote with the kavanaugh hearing, and regardless of who was in power, a 90 plus senate vote, that's no longer the case. it's a bigger issue now, though supreme court picks, than it was before kavanaugh. >> it is a bigger issue, and obviously he did, he is looking
9:47 am
like a win leader. and it was always the fact that, if someone gets a cold, we don't have a majority any longer and that was the stopping point for him. it's dangerous for him to bring these big conclusions from any events. it looked like all politics were local and the two candidates in that district, we love to draw those big themes out of it. >> that's what we are paid to do. >> yes. candidates and issues are really appealing to a live. the clock is ticking on the funding for the president border wall before democrats officially take over the house. whether this could lead to another government shut down and with the president saying about it. >> president trump: so we need
9:48 am
the wall, many democrats know we need the wall. their whole agenda has been to try to not give me anything for the wall. ♪ for a nasty cold, take new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. whoa! and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhh! new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine. here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain
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9:52 am
but first let's check in with harris. >> harris: we are pulling it together, thanks. reaction now after attorney general jeff sessions resigns of the president's request. i will speak with a justice official who worked with jeff sessions until recently about what all this means. and it nancy pelosi is making her move to reclaim her time as speaker of the house. i will talk with the house democrat who is there the last time pelosi was a speaker. do they need something new? congresswoman carol maloney will join me at the top of the hour of "overtime." >> the battle over funding for the president border wall is looming in the lame duck congress. he would not commit to avoiding a shutdown if congress refuses to provide all the funding he wants for the wall. >> president trump: i speak to democrats all the time and they agree the wall is necessary. the wall is necessary, and as you know we are building the wall, we started, but we should build it all at one time, not
9:53 am
chunks. we need money to build a whole wall, not pieces of it all over. >> mitch mcconnell is saying, maybe you don't want to shut down so he's cautioning against that. meanwhile "the wall street journal" is saying the president will sign an executive order as early as tomorrow that will revamp policy on asylum-seekers while requiring them to go to ports of entry for asylum. richard, do you think we will see a shutdown over the wall? >> richard: we were talking about this over the break and during a press conference, the president attacked some republicans that are on the route of the united states of representatives. he will need those votes if he indeed plans to get full funding for his wall. and let's be clear. the democrats, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer a few months back said they would give funding for the wall but, how the government works is you allocate for those fundings. next year we will give you the second year funding and that's how government appropriations work. >> but that's not what he wants.
9:54 am
he wants to do the whole thing in one shot. >> or opening a negotiating position. it could be that he always throws out the impossible and then invite somebody to meet him in the middle. i sincerely believe there is a real opportunity for both parties to come together here because, now, the democrats are stakeholders and they have an opportunity to take some serious credit if parts of what they want to get done. i mean come this way when something passes, everyone can say, here's what i brought to the table, here's what i argued for. we have to be included for this to work out and you can come to some sort of conclusion. >> and yet i don't know as democrats want to be part of that solution for a while, kennedy. >> everybody has -- here's what democrats should do. and they won't do. they should absolutely say, you can have your wall. all we want is a path to citizenship and permanent residency for dreamers. it's essentially what the president offered before.
9:55 am
democrats should take that deal because once they start handling all neck hammering the wall into parts of texas on private land, you are going to have quite an issue with that government taking of land and there will be so many lawsuits that it will shut down construction for a long time. my question is, if the building of the wall is delayed for a long period of time, what happens to that money? >> good question, it may be entering's interest? >> it should. but if they could invest it until all of that is settled and you have not only a path to citizenship but a path to the wall then that money should be making money. >> what does the democratic base feel kind of down if they said, we will go along with this? >> no because there would be no wall and they would have a bunch of voters but they will never do it. >> richard: to some extent we offer that to the president, and the president's problem was not with the democrats, it was with the freedom caucus who is on willing to move on a pathway to
9:56 am
citizenship. these members still sit in congress today but we don't have the gavel right now. it's a republican gavel and the president has a lot of upset republicans in the house of representatives who probably have an ax to grind. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment, stay here. ♪ the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile.
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>> melissa: thank you to richard fowler, do you have any
10:00 am
final thoughts? >> richard: i do. there are going to be 100 women in congress, the most in american history. big shout out to houston, i have this on my instagram page, i'm really excited about it. >> melissa: we will see, thank you for that. here's harris. >> harris: police have identified the gunman suspect who massacred 12 people at a country music bar that was packed with college students. among those who died, a veteran officer who is now being hailed as a hero in his department. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the 23-year-old suspected gunmen was known to local authorities. he had prior run-ins with the law. officials also say he may have thrown smoke bombs before firing into the ground of crowd of coe students.


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