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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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question mark's piece of it it was a rocking three hours. california has got a lot of issues were. we will stay on that, too. i don't know what comes out of florida, but we will see. >> sandra: we will continue watch the wildfires. the news continues. keep right here. to be 25 starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, nearly one week since election day and the midterm drama reaches on in florida. a statewide recount is now underway for three close races. with a focus on the senate and gubernatorial contests. the lawsuits are flying, too. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. former director of strategic medications for the hillary clinton campaign, adrienne elrod. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. in the center seat, conservative radio talk show host larry elder's here. we say he is outnumbered. we observe veterans day on this day, and we think our veterans. we are glad you are with us.
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>> thank you for having missed. >> harris: florida counties are rushing to meet a deadline to count all of their votes. palm beach county election officials are calling it impossible. meanwhile, there are allegations of misconduct and incompetence with a lot of attention on broward county. here's a look at the broward county supervisor of elections office. we get a lead look at us every day, now. they are still counting. the app. president trump today tweeted "the florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis, and that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere. many ballots are missing or forged. an honest vote count is no longer possible. ballots and massively infected. must go with election night." governor rick scott accuses opponent, incumbent democrat senator bill nelson, of committing electoral fraud. watch it. >> we won. ron desantis won. we need to go forward and start
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thinking about our agendas. bill nelson is clearly a sore loser. he can't stand the fact that he's not going to be elected for, what, the first time in decades? and he won't -- he's just here to steal the selection. that's what he's doing. his lawyer came down and said "i'm here to win the election." i'm not here to get a free or for election to make sure they are counted. he wants to win the election pray that's his only purpose. >> harris: a nelson campaign attorney accusing scott's campaign of trying to spiral tt lawful votes. nancy pelosi responded to the presidents allegations of possible voter fraud in the sunshine state. >> my expenses at the president accuses, he is protecting something he is guilty of himself. those kinds of issues are, i think, wrong and not in honor of our sacred right to vote. no, there is no election fraud. this is an honest count
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>> harris: chris jenkins life of the broward county board of elections. boy, on friday it was electric, and it looks like time has not moved. >> harris, the deadline is thursday for the recount. all 67 counties in florida. here in broward county, they haven't even gotten started. let me show you what's happening here at the headquarters. you are looking at ballots embedded into the machines, but that's actually just the first step of separating page one of over 700,000 ballots. we spent most of the day dealing with the calibration of two new machines brought out from tallahassee at 4:00 a.m. when i was here, yet they still haven't started the actual counting of the ballots. they've got a long way still to go. this is due much in part to governor scott's lawsuit that is accusing, among other things, the supervisor of elections here -- dr. brenda snipes -- a failing to account for the total number of ballots. she has been here, she was asked about whether or not she thought
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she would not make that deadline. she said she is confident she will. as you can see, things are moving slowly. the democratic attorneys here told me that they have no doubt that snipes' attacks are unwarranted. they are calling for calm and patients trying to get this underway. however, it's anything but calm and patient between the campaigns and the candidates themselves. you've got senator nelson's attorney tweeting just a little while ago about the "miami herald," telling them that he is been the winner in recounts in "two of the recounts, where the outcome changes. we were the winners." you have a scott campion firing back at them in an email, saying that governor scott won by a margin. mathematically impossible to close in the recount, without fraud. sparks are certainly flying. in fact, in that email they accuse him of not having his name in the paper in a wild. none of that is helpful as they tried to get the process
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underway, harris. when they separate this page one -- and i know it's technical -- it has happened before they begin the full recount. it's nothing but a clock ticking as they go 24/7 to try and get this done. i should point out, as well, the palm beach county supervisor of elections, susan booker, just north of us -- things she believes it will be impossible to meet that deadline. meanwhile, if you look at the expected margin of the outcome of this recount, we expect this likely to actually get to a hand-manual recount. that is to say, briefly, it's going to be a very, very long and complicated week. we have a lot of things today, as well, they are arguing over the security of the ballads and where they are kept here. harris? >> harris: i just wonder what happens when and if they miss that deadline, if they will start counting by hand. chris jenkins, thank you very much. bring it to the couch.
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larry, what you make of it all? >> larry: is a hot mess, isn't it? the broward county election supervisor has a track record of being accused of shenanigans. look, it's not surprising that both sides are going to make accusations of fraud and deceit and corruption. both sides dislike each other. it's not uncommon. for people who are accusing the republicans of engaging in conspiracy theories, i have a couple things i want to say -- this is the party, the democratic party, a majority of whom has members believe that george bush lied to us about the iraq war. this is the party the majority of whom believe that the russians out of the metal, but changed voting tallies. even though jay johnson, the home unsecured he director under obama, and james clapper, the national intelligence director, both said that the russians meddled but no evidence whatsoever of changing voting tallies. yet, the majority of democrats believe that's what happened. from people saying there is no evidence of fraud, this, or that, make sure you will play the same standard to your side, as well. >> harris: did everybody get hit by that dropped mic?
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>> adrienne: as a democrat, i disagree with a lot of what he said prayed especially saying that a majority of the democrats feel that way. >> larry: the poll show that -- >> adrienne: the polls show in? okay. >> larry: the majority believe that they believe they lied about the war, and that not only the russians meddled, but they changed voting tally. there's no evidence of either. of them was saying that the republicans focus on smoke that come engaging in the conspiracy theories, democrats do it too. we all ought to be calm and wait for the evidence. >> harris: adrienne, your rebuttal? >> adrienne: i want to focus on the topic at hand, which is what happening in sort of. here's the bottom line. there's not an egg recount that happens when a race is this close. right? the nelson-scott race goes into an automatic hand recount because it is so close. i think it's .25% of the margin. that's state law, it mandates that go into an automatic hand recount. that's what happening down here. for one, the broward county board of elections -- there has
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always been issues there. but we aren't talking about fraud. we are talking about being too slow to count the ballots. something we are also dealing with -- something else i want to point out -- >> harris: that's an excellent point. >> adrienne: a lot of the absentee ballots are coming in late, they are postmarked by november 6. they should all be counted pray that's what they are trained to achieve. >> melissa: essentially we were sitting there, you're talking about the law. that's what we have to file, here. you can't have a one-way and not the other. brenda snipes is violating state law on how elections are supposed to be done. that law is in place to discourage fraud. whether or not it's happened, we are either following the law and every county or were not. she has broken the law we repeatedly by not providing the total when she was supposed to. she didn't do that. we talk about an honest count, and an honest count -- the laws are in place for a reason a reason. >> harris: why didn't the governor take care of this before with her? this also touched the democratic primary, and debbie wasserman
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schultz. this hasn't just been about a split ticket. as we are seeing it here. it's been a hot mess, as larry says. down in broward county. >> kennedy: in florida, as many of us ate. it goes county by county. they are allowed to have whatever system they want. there's a lot of discretion left up to the county. i understand why bill nelson and rick scott are both so upset. because we have seen what can happen in florida. we also know -- and this, i think, is the most fickle thing. we know these elections are so close. we know they are razor-thin, and all of the polling shows that coming into these two races. so has history. if that's the case, make sure that you've got systems in place that are functioning. that is not a big ask. you know it's going to come to this. make sure you've got voting machines that work. make sure you got ballot counting machines that work. make sure you have people in place that no how to
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>> harris: i went to the i want to point to the screen, there comea cavity. the vote count is going on. even if they got all of that right, how do you find 80,000 votes? i just -- how do you find any votes? i know there have been reports that there was a box in the back of -- i'm not saying human error isn't always in play and just about everything we do. they are going to hand cap these by thursday customer event doesn't seem possible. >> melissa: that's why the law dictates the time and guidelines. as time goes by, even ballots that show up and are completely valid, you don't know the chain of custody. you don't know way they have been. they may or may not be completely valid. it undermines the whole system. the point where making a great one, that a court ruled against brenda snipes for having destroyed ballots after she was ordered not to. that was a democrat versus democrat race. this isn't about party.
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it's about believing in our system, and, by the way, i think the process around the male-invalid male-mail-in ballots is terrible. i don't trust the postal system. >> harris: i thought it might become a kid and complicating, and i don't know. i've never had to do a vote count or a recount. if you have that midterm from you hope what happens on the back and is historic, it's going to be handled better. they didn't even have to deal with 100% of the votes. lock it up. exactly per lock it down, lock it up. make sure your game is strong. even so -- and what melissa is saying is so true. outside of some guidelines and some laws and some rules, will he be counting votes in february? where will it end? there has to be some kind of rule. >> kennedy: and these mailing ballots, they are very explicit. your signature has to match the signature at the registrar's office. and if they don't match, your
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ballot doesn't count. that's not counting every vote when they have been improperly executed by the person who is voting. speed when i see what she sang. >> kennedy: if you can't follow the rules, don't do it that way. democrats are saying our voters are so incompetent, they can't follow basic instructions. therefore their votes should be counted. that's just insulting. a >> larry: to your point about why this elections official still there, the republican governor could've replaced replaced or. >> harris: that was my question. >> larry: and looking at allegations of racism, because she happens to be black. >> harris: wait a minute, you're saying he didn't replace her? >> larry: here the power to replace her after she was convicted of violating the law. he didn't. in my opinion, one of the reasons is because he feared that if he did so he would be accused of racism. i'm looking at charges right now that brenda snipes -- she has already brought the race card. "we can't do this because most of our voters are black? "and the a governor didn't want to touch it.
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>> harris: there are race cars because these are senate and gubernatorial races. those the ones that count, the once people voted in. we don't want americans to lose faith in the voting process. >> adrienne: we also had an overwhelming turnout in this midterm election. that's one of the reasons why this is taking so long. speech you only there? >> adrienne: look, you can certainly agree -- a very legitimate argument, maybe they should not be part of the offices who are overseeing the electoral count. >> harris: i did make a difference when she was adjudicating the vote for democrats. >> adrienne: what truly matters -- exactly -- but what truly matters at the end of the day is that every single vote -- >> harris: how long is that process? do we go forever? or do we just stop it thursday? >> adrienne: i think it needs to go on as long as every single vote that was cast by november 6 -- >> melissa: so, change the law. >> harris: >> kennedy: they cane
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shenanigans, as larry said. >> adrienne: if it some sort of strong, ongoing -- be free but the voters are incompetent, they don't fill out things properly, they don't follow -- after 2000, florida should have figured all this out. broward county should have figured out all of this. so it doesn't come to this. >> adrienne: why should they be punished for it? because the broward county -- >> kennedy: fill out a ballot properly? why should the vote be counted when they can't follow basic instructions? the issue of the day is -- >> adrienne: sometimes you have to follow rules. when you don't, you don't give a thing you want. it's part of active citizenship. >> harris: were going to move on, we're going in circles. [laughter] 5 billion, with a b, dolly spent. >> melissa: we are this fired up.
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>> harris: somebody should spend some of that money on shoring up that this doesn't happen in the future. we could spare a billion dollars, probably. a desperate situation on california. crews are fighting this wild fire raging both ends of the state. one of those fires has now tied the record for the deadliest single fire in california's history. hundreds of people missing, thousands displaced. hundreds of homes damaged, destroyed preand thousands of buildings burned to the ground. we are live there just ahead. democrats are pushing their push for matt whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the and mueller probe. they are being accused of a double standard. we will talk about it. stay close. larry elder is a mouse! at >> he will create a constitutional crisis by inhibiting mueller or firing mueller, even -- so congress has to act. ♪
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> melissa: fox news alert, 31 people have been killed by wildfires raging across california. in the southern part of the state, the woolsey fired killing at least two people and torturing over 91,000 acres. for mobile homes to malibu mansions. officials in northern california
9:20 am
save a camp fire has killed six more people, bringing the death toll from the fire alone to 29. that matches the states records for death in a single fire. look at this stunning video, shot by a driver evacuating through heavy smoke and flames as the camp fire closed in on the town of paradise. the town has been largely destroyed. president trump, a short time ago, tweeting a book of the california firefighters, female, and first responders are amazing and very brave. thank you and god bless you all. we are live and what is left of paradise california. claudia?" >> along the main drag in paradise, almost every single building has burned to the ground. now a grim recovery effort is underway. five days later, more than 200 people are still unaccounted for. authorities say that death toll is now at 29 and could very well
9:21 am
rise. the county sheriff who also serves as the county coroner as acting ages families to be patient while the remains are identified. >> i know to the community karma single of one's are anxious, and i know that the news of us recovering bodies has to be disconcerting. we are working to identify those remains and make contact with the next of kin so that we can return the remains to the famil family. >> when you see was left in some neighborhoods, you get a better idea of why the identification process is so difficult to read some bodies are burned beyond recognition. authorities have called in a mobile dna lab, and a team of anthropologists. in some cases, the only remains our bones and bone fragments. authorities say they may be asking relatives of the missing to provide a dna sample to help identify the dead. a massive firefight now being waged by more than 4,000 cruise
9:22 am
battling the flames from the air and on the ground, at 113,000 acres. the camp fire is roughly the same size as san jose, california. 176 square miles. that massive air assault is helping. the fire only grew 2,000 acres overnight and is now 25% contained. a red flag warning has been lifted, but officials say that strong winds are expected to return to this area later today. they say people who have not yet been evacuated, melissa, really do need to be ready to go. because they say extreme fire behavior is still ready to pos. >> melissa: devastating, claudia. thank you. democratic leaders are ramping up pressure on newly-named acting attorney general, matthew whitaker. to step aside from overseeing robert mueller's investigation. a letter to the doj's chief ethics officer, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and other top democrats ask if any ethics
9:23 am
attorney have advised whitaker to recuse himself. they also have details on any ethics guidance whitaker has received. since his apartment last wednesday, dents have accused president trump of trying to undermine mueller by installing a trump loyalist and critter of the critic of the probe to oversee it. here's chuck schumer. >> i'm sending a letter along with leader pelosi to the chief ethics officer of the justice department. asking him to issue guidelines, should whitaker recuse himself from anything involving mueller. he issued guidelines like that with jeff sessions, and jeff sessions recused himself. whitaker should. >> melissa: counsel to the president, kellyanne conway, telling fox news sunday that the criticism of mueller is a thing of the past. giving this answer when asked if the president has probably the probe with the acting attorney general. >> he hasn't discussed it with
9:24 am
whitaker brady made a a clear view of a day. somebody asked him a question paid i've never witnessed him discussing it, and i will go a little bit father. it would be a mistake to try and shutdown investigation and the way you describe it. we have been so compliant. >> melissa: larry, i would ask you. his cable and op-ed opinions, and appearances, democrats say, show bias. is that fair? >> larry: shockingly, democrats are accusing the republicans are trying to undermine the mueller investigation. no, it's not fair. the man that democrats believe should have been left in charge of this investigation is rod rosenstein. rod rosenstein, the deputy ag has just said that matt whitaker is a superb choice to succeed him. oversee the investigation. that he was confident, and the loyalty of the members of the doj. this is a guy that the left is pointing to, rod rosenstein, as the guy they feel is the firewall. he is the one that is going to make sure that the mueller investigation goes forward.
9:25 am
he has called whitaker "superb." >> melissa: what you think of that? >> adrienne: i completely agree with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi come here. there letter simply says, issued to the ethics officer at the department of justice, please issue guidelines. we are looking for your objective opinion on this. that's the least i think -- >> melissa: but with the guidelines they come at the should recuse yourself? what are you looking for in the guidelines? make sure you separate this and that? what would they say? >> adrienne: i would assume it would be in the same lines. matthew whitaker has made some biased statements about the mueller investigation. this shouldn't be that hard to do, right? there are other people who can oversee the investigation might not have the same bias. i think simply asking the ethics chief, essentially, the justice department, to make this determination -- it's not like nancy and chuck are saying "we are making this determination." they don't have that authority. they simply asking the department of justice to make that decision. >> melissa: doesn't mean
9:26 am
anything that rod rosenstein thinks it's okay to have him in charge, when rod rosenstein is somebody -- he is pretty tangled up in it. he seems like he would be on the opposite side. >> harris: doesn't mean anything? >> melissa: doesn't make anyone feel any better that he things whitaker is okay, if rod rosenstein is the one that -- >> harris: i need somebody to educate me on the line, adrienne, whereby where bias id where it's not. at the fbi, when you have that that -- >> larry: page and peter strzok. >> harris: nodded mutely, that's not true. they had access as far as we been able to ascertain to their clearances, even. they were not immediately fired. a >> larry: and, harris, the idea -- >> harris: they were moved around like chess pieces. where is the land bias? wisner my comfort with that the idea that bruce ohr 'his wife works for the anti-trump opposition research firm, and they might have shared some
9:27 am
things with one another? they were married. i'm just wondering, where is the line on bias? >> adrienne: the line is not for me to determine. it's to be determined by the ethics officer. >> harris: but you are calling it out -- >> adrienne: like we were's income he was all over table down like a cable television making his point very clear. his bias, that he doesn't think he was warranted and that it should stop. and now he is literally -- >> kennedy: this purity test lead to such hypocrisy. i understand there may be some issues with what matthew whitaker has written and what he has said. as a basis for recusal? i don't think it has been proven that it is. if we are so concerned about the conflict of, at least be on us about the ones rod rosenstein had. they are legion. you are talking about someone who not only launched the mueller investigation and picked bob mueller, but was also signing fisa warrants which were
9:28 am
critical to the investigation itself. he's also the one overseeing the entire thing. if those questionable elements aren't grounds for recusal, i don't know what is. to say that somehow, what matthew whitaker has said and written is somehow a greater violation than rod rosenstein, i think that we are done with rules and everything is completely subjective. we just go to a form of crude tribalism and you have one giant loser, and one ultimate winner. that flip-flops and exacerbates the political and happiness that already exists in this country. >> harris: i shouldn't say it's just an op ed, right? he's an interim player. you know this. >> adrienne: it's all over cable news, i think he had a contract with cnn. he's been talking a lot about his feelings toward the mueller investigation for quite a while. i just don't think he should be the one -- speak out so is john bolton, does that mean you should be national security advisor, because he had opinion? >> melissa: we have to leave it there. new questions, about expectations when democrats take over the house committee report
9:29 am
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♪ >> harris: a little warm on this monday on the couch today! [laughter] growing questions now over democrats plans, once they take control of the house in january. top house oversight democrat, elijah cummings, says this party will act responsibly. >> i'm not going to be handing out subpoenas like somebody is handing out candy on halloween. i take this as a lawyer and as an officer of a court. i take subpoenas very seriously. i plan to -- if i have to use them, they will be used in a methodical way. it must be the public interest. >> harris: but the democrats poised to be the chairwoman of the powerful appropriations committee has big plans. >> should the majority look into these issues related to president trump that has come up, the space force?
9:34 am
>> yes. >> james comey's fire and mark >> yes. to speak of a travel ban? >> yes. >> the family separation policy? steege absolutely. >> hurricane support inquiry go? >> it was absolute inadequate. >> personal emails question mike >> sure. >> the president's dealings a broad? >> absolutely. and i want to see his tax returns. >> harris: nancy pelosi told the atlantic that he could still be impeached, even if special counsel robert mueller does not find anything to indict him for. while matt, elijah cummings and nancy pelosi could not be on more opposite ends of the spectrum. so it would seem. >> larry: so it would seem. this will be two years of battle royale. there will be subpoenas all over the bait place. i even heard of the democrats want to investigate trump's attack on cnn. my goodness. how are they going to restrain people like alexandria a class you cortez but how will they
9:35 am
restrain maxine waters. >> harris: i don't think they will try come adrienne. i think they will try barriers section. i had maloney on leslie, and representatives -- very close residentially nancy pelosi. she said "we will be able to control or contain those that side of the party prayed" it is a problem. >> adrienne: democrats can walk or chew gum at the same time. [laughter] >> harris: we don't chew a lot of gum on the couch! i don't know why that keeps coming up! >> adrienne: theorists don't make a misconception that all they can do is focus on impeachment. >> harris: what will they do? chewing gum come and go on about? >> kennedy: the answer with what they really want to talk about. if you want to have a great economic message, have -- let's not talk about that or not, let's plan that will help at the middle class. is this fantastic? let's take this economic growth we had and capitalize on it in a way that only we can. i'm not a democrat, but i do a
9:36 am
much better job coming up with talking points and you grasp it all use all you do is "walk and chew gum at the same time." you have these disparate messages about nancy puglisi "we all work together, no investigations!" and then she says "it doesn't have to be an indictment to be an indictment to be in impeachment!" she thinks two things but what she really wants to do is have a 2016 campaign, against president pence. good job, nance. >> adrienne: well, all that being said, look -- nancy, if you looking dominic at her interview yesterday, elijah cummings, they all made the sunday show round. they made it really clear. i'm going to focus on what the american people voted democrats into do, which is to fix health care, address the opa crisis, to raise wages. we work with republicans because we have to come across the aisle. they can still control the senate. >> harris: why do you start with a structural unity can be the middle? if you really want to work with
9:37 am
republicans, why don't you -- >> adrienne: there is also -- >> harris: it breaks my brains. >> adrienne: there are people who want to see the president -- >> harris: you know who they want to see? a congress that can get some thing done. >> melissa: i don't know about that. they like mixed government a little bit. i think adrienne is very good sport because ellie don't like everybody else at her at the same time. >> harris: we love her! we all do! to speak it might be frustrated for democrats as they do this, because they are excited about going in and finding the answers and transparency. we are going to litigate the past wrongs, and they are usually right about whatever past wrong, whatever party does. but there's never any satisfaction paid there's never any satisfaction. they don't get to the end of the investigation, everybody ignores the subpoenas. no one is ever held accountable. it's just very frustrating. >> harris: lindsey graham and others, they say "you can impeach but it only makes a person's numbers go up."
9:38 am
>> especially this president. >> harris: that was exactly the experience. incoming house democrats may be forced to back away from the promise of change amid a new report the nancy pelosi's critics are struggling to find leaders to challenge her for house speaker. whether pelosi is now even closer to taking back the gavel, and what it means for democrats moving forward. one word -- inevitability?
9:39 am
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>> we need the strongest general that we have. we need the best tactician, the best organizer. >> and you believe that's her? >> that's her. there's no one else, honestly, that comes close. >> kennedy: he doesn't mean that. he's throwing his support behind nancy pelosi for specie. this is a small group of house democrats plotting against her for the speakership role. another supporter, jamie raskin, says no one is stepping up to challenge her. "in politics, nobody's perfect, including nancy pelosi. but the basic rule is that you
9:43 am
can't beat somebody with nobody. that's the problem with nancy's skeptics." one of the leaders, ed perlmutter, he disagrees. saying "we have a lot of great diverse candidates from all across. they would be fantastic as the next speaker. they need the opportunity to wise up and step forward." elijah cummings points to chair house oversight also backed pelosi, partly because of her gender. >> now that we have all of these women coming into the congress, it would be a shame you didn't replace this fearless leader with a man. it's her time, and, again, she is battle-tested. i'm looking for two looking with her as my speaker. >> she is battle ever tested, like one of them world war i ships. how about that. let's talk about this. there really isn't anyone bold enough who can get the votes to step forward and unseat her.
9:44 am
why's that? >> adrienne: i think if joe crowley had been elected and won the primary come i think he would be in this strong challenge. she is a force. all this talk, we heard in 2008. when democrats gained more seats in the house. she was a speaker in 2006. "we might win." nobody ever does. she has a huge force in the caucus. very well respected, frankly, as a democrat has been working in politics long time, i like to see somebody as the experience she has coming in to really work with these leaders. i'd like to see her a speaker. what i do want her to see is give this next generation of new leaders in congress more of a voice. >> kennedy: it's interesting, because the president has said that if there are democrats or defect in the voting process, the house speaker ballot, that he will throw some republicans -- obviously, the president wants nancy pelosi to be house speaker. why is she so polarizing, and why do republicans want her back in the top so badly?
9:45 am
>> larry: she's polarizing because she's from san francisco pages got left-wing views, views that are perceived to be left-wing on their part of the publican party. she wants to compare, lower minimum wage, and she epitomizes those. donald trump wants her to stay in that position britt i agree with adrienne, she has earned i. she is savvy. she had a really good night on tuesday paige helped engineer that. i don't see anybody coming up to beat her. we are opposed to single-payer quest darkly opposed to higher minimum wage? we are opposed to the president separation policy on the board? we now like that was mark with the message, what will they say? >> kennedy: she has been a gas machine lately. >> larry: she has a lot of money, too. >> harris: a lot of politicians have a problem with foot and mouth. she has a situation. i go back to you come adrienne come on the socialist wing of your party. your argument is that she should be speaker because the one guy who could have challenged or got beaten by alexandria ocasio-cortez?
9:46 am
>> adrienne: i'm not saying that's why, i'm saying he's the one person you could have defeated her. >> harris: but what is the irony in that? he couldn't beat somebody who had never been a politics in the bronx? how is he going to take on nancy pelosi and all of that money? >> kennedy: does he help her win that election question marks be when it's an interesting question. congressman maloney said that cortez does not support pelosi. what is going to happen in your party? isn't there somebody who can bridge the gap? >> adrienne: again, i worked with the democratic congressional committee in 2006. we have a lot of candidates that cycle who said "i'm not going to sport leader pelosi as speaker. blah, blah, blah." they got in, and they did. they will vote against or if they think it's the right thing they need to do for their home in local district politics. >> harris: that she is inevitable? a >> adrienne: that she's in evitable. >> melissa: it would be very tough for me, where i democrat, trying to figure it out. on the one hand, she is so good at whipping the votes and leaving that party. she was admitted to give your
9:47 am
pages good at fund-raising. i would want her to be in charge of the party. at the same time, how do you get somebody new who would start to give a face and get ready? to be a great candidate? do you still give people the runway to get out there and develop -- >> adrienne: that's very important. i'm glad he raised that, melissa, because it's important. not just leader pelosi, but the entire slate of democratic leaders in the house help to groom this. >> kennedy: she's older than dirt. it's tougher nancy pelosi because in the past she has been the pack master. the lead dog at the series of sled dogs to get in line behind her to do the job. now they just elected a bunch of cats. how is she going to herd them? >> harris: clyburn out of south carolina. >> kennedy: who would you pick n against each other? >> adrienne: i left and vote. fortunately, i don't have to vote in this. >> harris: you don't know, he could pop up! let's see what happens.
9:48 am
b3 i think clyburn should really post that flag and make a run for it. >> harris: we will run for tely cover it. >> kennedy: democrats across the country catching beto fever, calling for beto o'rourke to throw his hat in the ring for 2020 even though he lost to incumbent senator ted cruz. what this says about the democrats when it comes to that 2020 candidate. we will debate. next. ♪ make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna®. everyday progress. glucerna®. ito address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as
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>> melissa: more outnumbered and just momentary let's check in with harris and see what's coming up on "outnumbered overtime" in just a few moments. >> harris: the news is developing, melissa. i'm about to talk with a sheriff in northern california. he will give me the latest on the battle with a raging wildfire that is now tied for the deadliest in california state history. 29 people killed there, and counting. two in southern california in a separate fire. the one up north keeps growing. plus, the likely incoming head of the house judiciary committee has threatened to subpoena the man president trump just named acting attorney general. why is he doing that? would that be a good move, or can it backfire? more at the top of the r. outnumbered over time. melissa? >> melissa: harris, thank you. >> i was inspired. i'm as hopeful as i have ever
9:53 am
been. in my life. tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way that i feel about texas or this country. [cheers and applause] >> melissa: texas congressman beto o'rourke last week after ted cruz defeated him in the texas senate race. could he win by losing? democrats across the country say the former texas senate candidate has the potential to take the 2020 presidential primary by storm. what do you think? >> adrienne: looked at it might be unusual for somebody to have lost the senate race to run for president, but he actually come in my view, didn't lose this race. because he only lost by a couple points in texas. against ted cruz, in a state that a solidly red. which is obviously turning more blue now, at this point. if you wants to run, as far as i'm concerned, anybody wants to run in the democratic primary shed. i think he does because he is such a national name, huge recognition. he's a very inspirational figure. i think a lot of people are really looking for somebody to inspire them.
9:54 am
i also think it's not bad when you don't have a huge voting record. he only served in congress for a one term, maybe two terms. he's got -- he is still -- >> less baggage. >> adrienne: yes, and he's got this huge force of supporters throughout the country who are with him. >> kennedy: had a lot of money. it is >> larry: no less crazy than a businessman who never held elective office name donald trump to run and win. part of it as being a fresh face, part of it is a boatload of money. more than any senate candidate and had joe mckinstry. >> $38 million in q3. >> larry: in 2000, and the republicans went to texas to get george w. bush to run, he had become a two-term governor in a state with a heavy hispanic population. that's why they wanted to run. this guy lost. bush won. we will see. >> melissa: candidate, what do you think? >> kennedy: i don't think you bests kamala harris. i think she is the best strategy of all. the democrats, right now. she has a more impressive
9:55 am
resume. we have to look at for 2020 is a candidate was going to swing in the absolute absolute ration down market direction president trump. if the democrats don't get somebody elected in 2020, they will in 2024. it will be an opposite person, opposite intemperate dominic in temperament. certainly, policywise. i don't think he's as electric as people think. i think this he was important for democrats and they were hoping they could do that -- it was a must have been wind racet win. there are no sure things and i don't think he has enough of an internal column to withstand a presidential campaign. the >> larry: a lot of people will run and they won't stand aside for him. joe biden's not going to stand aside. and cory booker won't, kamala harris won't hear their whole bunch of people who won't stand aside for some but he ran and lost a race. >> melissa: i don't think
9:56 am
anyone will stand aside. it will be a big fight. >> kennedy: it that way they could take all that money at the beginning. >> melissa: more "outnumbered" in a moment. we will be right back. man: the first account that we opened was with bank of america. since then, we've grown exponentially. woman 2: to me, food is love, and i think food brings people together. woman: everything in life is about giving back. you're only as good as what you leave behind when you leave this world. ( ♪ )
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your doctor is part of the humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one medicare advantage plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. >> melissa: thank you tulare elders, do you have a final thought for us today? >> larry: when the democrats ran this time, their unifying factor was donald trump.
10:00 am
>> adrienne: we've got policies, we just have to get them in action. >> larry: hating trump is not a policy. >> harris: fox news alert, multiple lawsuits in florida as officials race against the clock to recount ballots, bringing back memories of the year 2,000 all over again. let's go "outnumbered overtime"" i'm harris faulkner. all of florida's counties are facing a thursday deadline to complete recounts. much of the drama is focusing on broward county and palm beach county, home to large concentrations of democrat voters in particular. palm beaches election chief says it's possible to meet thursday's deadline there. all this as governor rick scott and senator bill nelson are


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