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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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us. unfortunately our hour is done. what a great time that was. we will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. this is the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink and hopefully, a cheerful enemy. at night, and we will be back tomorrow. now sean hannity live from new mexico. >> sean: great show as always, welcome to "hannity." the chaos continues in south florida. tonight, a criminal investigation is now underway as republicans ron desantis, rick scott now look poised for victory. we will bring you the very latest updates from florida. plus, get this. jim acosta, fake news cnn, they are now suing the president in a complaint that is chock-full of abject lies and distortions. acosta and his employers at cnn claim that the white house is stripping his constitutional rights by not allowing him
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inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. jim must really be crying himself to sleep at night. coming up, we will break down the bogus lawsuit and we will show you how jim's hyperpartisan unprofessional behavior is on befitting to the industry that he claims to be serving. also tonight, we will preview a looming feud inside the democratic party between the far left and at the far, far extreme radical left. speaking of which believe it or not, hillary clinton clearly may be gearing up for yet another presidential run. also tonight, monica lewinsky speaking out about her infamous a affair in the oval office. she wants an apology and i think she deserves one. we will show you the tape. that's a lot to get to, time for breaking news we begin in
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florida where the recount is moving forward and barring any kind of disaster, ron desantis and rick scott will rightfully be florida's next governor and senator. with that said, what we have seen out of liberal broward and palm beach counties has been an absolute national disgrace. and they randomly located 75,000 new ballots days and days after the election. a box containing provisional ballots was actually found by an employee at a rental car company, left behind at an airport in fort lauderdale. multiple state election laws, we now know they were broken, disregarded altogether. the court ruled snipes acted inappropriately and now the attorney general and the florida department of law enforcement are investigating claims of criminal voter fraud. we have embattled election
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supervisor brenda snipes who might be out of a job soon. take a look. >> it is time to move on, and let someone else handle the election business. >> sean: tonight, losing her high-paying job may be the least of her worries. the florida attorney general pam bondi and florida senator marco rubio will be with us tonight. but first, jim acosta desperately trying to get back into the white house, 1600 pennsylvania avenue. last week, as white house pass was revoked after what was clearly unprofessional conduct, an incident where he just refused to give up a shared microphone. shared, keyword. literally he wanted to debate
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their race. >> that's enough. speak to it that's enough. >> pardon me. >> mr. president, i have one other question. >> president trump: that's enough, put down the microphone. >> mr. president, are you worried about indictments -- speak to i tell you what, cnn should be ashamed of themselves having you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person and you should be working for cnn. >> cnn by the way is it affecte affected. how many times does the president of the united states need to tell someone a fame seeking reporter, that's enough, that's enough.
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now cnn still has access to the white house. acosta is still free to spew his anti-trump hatred anywhere he wants, just not inside the walls of the white house, 1600 pennsylvania avenue. now acosta and a cnn are suing president trump and other officials in the administration. the lawsuit a laughably claims that acosta's constitutional rights have been violated. the complaint also goes on to list the following lies as facts. they state that are customarily asked a question during the press conference. he tried to grandstand and gave his commentary, and he wanted to debate the president. next, the suit suggests that acosta can't put his hand on the white house intern. while you can see right there on your screen, the intern tried to get the microphone back, and there was contact. i'm not saying anything bad about that, but it also complains that acosta has been a
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journalist for more than two decades and that's the biggest lie. jim acosta is a lot of things but he's not affair, independent, balanced journalist. he is a far left grandstanding left wing are capitalizing blatant antitrust bias. that has frankly been a lot of times anything but professional, take a look. >> i'm not sure this press conference was ever on the rails. as you heard numerous times during this news conference, the president was not in touch with reality. >> the people who work at this white house all the way up to the president evidently believe -- literally the enemy of the people. i will say that the press is not the enemy of the people, and i think maybe we should make some bumper stickers or buttons.
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>> and that's part of the negotiation . >> democrats are saying that they may not be in favor of this kind of deal. they may say thanks or no thanks for the wall. >> jim, i'm not negotiating with you and i will let congress of taking care of that. >> what we are experiencing is erosion of our freedoms from the president of the united states. there are moments where this president is sensitive to criticism. all the questions for the american news media have been handled by conservative press and i think, there is no other way to describe it but the fix is in. >> do you believe i appreciate
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your speech. >> sean: not sure if they are red, white and blue? true colors. jim acosta's coverage of president obama was actually a little different. take for example this glowing coverage of obama at his 2012 and inauguration. >> obviously this is the moment that everybody is waiting for. and the first lady and president are walking down pennsylvania avenue. i feel like i should pinch myself right now. and, they are very, very close. >> acosta's overwhelming bias, it's not shocking. pretty much toeing the company
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line at fake news cnn. for eight long years, they just worshiped barack obama, they love the clintons. that claims to be facts first, but in reality they put their hatred before donald trump before anything else, every second, every hour, every day, pretty much. take a look. >> is this president trying to impersonate hugo chavez? vladimir putin? >> what a a great case officer of vladimir putin is. he knows how to handle an asset and that's what he's doing with the president. >> went to bc almost a shadow government come out and say we cannot side with the government. >> why was sympathy not shown for white nationalists and other hate groups? >> why is it that one generation calls you sleep? >> we can truly say that his words have absolutely emboldened white supremacists.
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he has given oxygen to racists and has clearly tried to ignite a civil war in this country. >> there is a sign that has been hung out outside of the white house saying, if you are not white, you are not especially welcome. >> at the president gets two scoops and everyone else around the table gets one, and no word if there were sprinkles. >> check out what is in the ears of a beagle in britain, named chief. >> if i took a dump on his desk, you would defend that. >> these were the messages from a person who was not well, from a leader who is not fit for office. >> everyone said, they are mean to me, they don't like me and i just don't understand it, it's not fair. >> this is a white lash against a black president in part. >> that's a lot of opinion, but people who claimed that they are
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journalists. left-wing opinion. was anyone really surprised that the network that you just saw had their chief white house correspondent kicked out for professional conduct? the white house is classifying the acosta suit as more "grandstanding" from cnn. this website could trash the complaint and bob woodward rebuked the lawsuit and called out the media becoming emotionally unhinged over trump. the great one, mark lavinia, he ripped and slammed the suit over the so-called constitutional suit. take a listen. >> you understand there is nothing in the constitution that compels the president to hold a presidential press conference. there's nothing in the constitution that compels the president to call on anyone from cnn, let alone jim acosta.
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and acosta is in a constitutional right. >> cnn is all bark and no facts. we will keep you updated on this ridiculous lawsuit. you might have noticed that fake news cnn, other far left outlets, they seem to be avoiding any post-term election coverage. democrats had a historically very poor performance in last tuesday's election and that's why they don't want to talk about it. republicans lost the house, but they made gains in the senate. something that has only happened three times in 100 years of midterm elections. 1994, let's look at the tape. bill clinton's first midterm election, they got shellacked, they lost 52 house seats and eight senate seats. he set a record.
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2010 was his first midterm and democrats set a whopping 63 house seats and six senate seats. now the democrats are in disarray. serious battle brewing on capitol hill between far left democrats like nancy pelosi and even further left-wing democrats like the socialists, alexandria ocasio-cortez. she actually joined a climate change protest, get this. outside of pelosi's office. take a look. [cheers and applause] >> it's not about a person, a personality, but to show whoever is a speaker. and we need to tell her that we have her back in pursuing the most progressive energy agenda
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that this country has ever seen. >> sean: no moderates exist in today's democratic party. this is the same incoming congresswoman who recently filmed her presidential aspirations on instagram won't live while making macaroni and cheese. the same incoming congresswoman who -- he came out against nancy pelosi taking the gavel as speaker of the house. and they are pulling out one of the democrats favorite political tactics in order to ensure her leadership. >> it's very important that you cannot have the four leaders of the president come of these five
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people, and not have the voice of women. and that's now part of this history. now we have close to 90. >> sean: whether or not nancy pelosi becomes a speaker, let me be very clear and warn you once again that the democratic agenda does not include making the lives of the american people better. we now know that what they had during the election was that they plan to hide that, and while house democrats are just revenge, and hillary clinton, apparently they were thinking about running again.
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it's interesting to just watch all of this unfold in action here, because you know what, it's a good thing that the president campaigned hard and broke the trend that neither obama nor clinton could. three new senate seats, republicans keep control of the senate. and now more clinton news out there as well and their old baggage, 20 years after monica lewinsky became a household name, after president bill clinton engaged in sexual misconduct with the white house intern, lewinsky is speaking out about the clothes in air on the horrible damage that it did to her life. she talked about why they participated in the documentary and she said if he she saw hillary clinton in person, she said i know i would summon up whatever force i needed to again acknowledge to her how sincerely sorry i am. by the way, good for her.
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it was extraordinarily brave, gracious and honorable. here's a clip from the documentary. >> i just, i felt terrible. i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. you know, i felt really responsible. >> sean: in the op-ed lewinsky said she was disappointing dist bill clinton said he didn't owe her an apology when he spoke with nbc news back in june. >> but you didn't apologize to her, at least according to folks we talk to? >> i have not talked to her. >> do you feel you owe her an apology? >> noel. >> there is one standard of conduct for the clintons and
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another for everyone else. for years, the biggest clinton apologist, they were members of hollywood and today they are continuing to ramp up their vile, daily, hatred against president trump and his supporters. robert did did nero continue to spew rhetoric using profanity's and to urge the overthrow of the government. of course this type of sick behavior is nothing new, advocating violence using the comic vulgar language is all part of a pattern from the hollywood left. i think an awful lot about blowing up the white house. they have been melting down since the day donald trump was elected before our very eyes. common sense americans know better than to buy into the high heat that they are spreading because that is exactly what it is. we will have a lot more on all of this throughout the hour. but for us joining us, we go back to our top stories and that is the shenanigans, what's going
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on in florida. joining us now is pam bondi. good to see you and thank you for joining us. let's talk now about the investigation. what can you tell us about that? >> eye of course will not go into any details about the investigation but i felt very strongly in my independent authority as chief legal officer and law enforcement officer for the state of florida that we had to get the florida law enforcement involved in this, do interviews. there been so many allegations allegations -- and right now that's all they are. they are allegations. and the florida department of law enforcement has also opened a tip hotline for folks to call. i can go on their website and get it and give it out. if you see evidence of fraud, call that in. we are clearly doing an investigation and have made no conclusions. this is about the integrity of our election process and
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wherever it leads, we want to be sure that voters know that our process is going to be fair and legal, sean. >> sean: we had a judge friday say the florida constitution was violated. the canvassing board -- this is florida law. they shall report all early voting and all tabulated vote by mail results to the department of state within 30 minutes after the polls closing. that didn't happen. the canvassing board shall report with the exception of the provisional ballot results and update in the office every 45 minutes. the 37 of those counties are 35 of them, they were ravaged after the hurricane. they all got the job done. how is it that this keeps happening in broward county.
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>> what you said was clearly laid out in a letter that i sent to the florida department of law enforcement saying why we need to open a criminal investigation that has now been done. there is an active criminal investigation and at the same time, you know there are countless, at least seven civil lawsuits filed by the dnc, by the aclu, i believe, and all these civil lawsuits. they are basically trying to as you know throughout deadlines so it would be the wild, wild west. they also don't want to require signatures for provisional and a vote by mail ballots. and it let me make this very clear. florida law -- florida law expressly and unambiguously
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states, they want to change the law after the ballots have all been cast. they go back retroactively and change our law, which is ridiculous. and bill nelson needs to take a breath and concede gracefully and walk away from this. >> sean: let me run down the list if i may. so in august, in 2017 and a ruled that judge illegally destroyed ballots. poll results were reported before the polls closed. it goes back to 2012, it's every year. >> and sean, that's why i directed the florida department of law enforcement to open an
6:23 pm
investigation and not wait until this is over. they have open an investigation at my direction and that is ongoing and actives criminally. and they are on firm constitutional ground as well. >> we will follow this criminal investigation closely. when we come back, senator marco rubio is a first person to realize what was going on. the trump legal team is finalizing their answers to mueller's answers. questions. will this legal witch hunt finally come to an end? all day strong. all day long.
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>> sean: as a florida recount is underway, broward county has come into focus for its history of incompetence and controversy. especially under the leadership of election supervisor. brenda snipes, talking to former doj official jane christian adams. that includes prematurely destroying ballots after the 2016 primary race. reporting more registered voters and citizens, doctoring reports about cleaning voter rolls and losing the manual on removing dead voters. florida senator marco rubio has been very vocal with his concerns about the election and all these era galaxies. he joins us right now. senator, honestly you were the first that really brought this to my attention, thank you. 57 vote lead, now dwindling down to 12,000. now, they are going to have even more time and i'm concerned. you used the word to steal, do
6:29 pm
you believe there has been an effort here, corruption here to steal the election? >> the last time both were cast for the sunday before election. and that was done by 7:30 p.m. on the night of the election. and they come in monday or tuesday, those should be shortly thereafter and they didn't follow any of that. it is also additional votes added to every county, people are voting for overseas. just update them every 45 minutes. that's part of the broward county vote count and we don't know how many others that has happened in. that didn't start the recount
6:30 pm
until this morning. everybody all started saturday or sunday in miami-dade is almost done. so it's irregularity after irregularity, and as far as stealing is concerned, this is -- those are the election lawyers. and as many votes as possible for their opponents were disqualified. in this election office, and in this lawbreaking, all sorts of arguments are to be made. suddenly elections are decided by judges or lawyers, not by voters the way they are supposed to be. >> sean: snipes mixed in rejected provisional ballots with a number of valid votes. what that means is the entire town is irreversible irreversi,
6:31 pm
and now it is happening again. for the life of me, especially after all we went through, dimpled, pebbled, scattered, smothered, covered, and everything else in 2,000, this keeps happening. this keeps happening and a 65 of them got it right. especially the panhandle. >> you talked about a case, they were in an envelope. what supposed to happen is you present those by the canvassing board to decide whether or not they are allowed to vote. they submitted to the canvassing board and said 21 of them shouldn't count. there's no way to match one with the other. that's part of what's been going on over there including some of
6:32 pm
the history. it's deeply concerning that they are not following the law. we have every legal vote that was cast in a timely fashion to vote. and here's one more vote, what will happen after the machine recount is any race in the state that was less than a quarter of one point which will be the senate race and the agriculture race, and that will be over votes and under votes. the canvassing board, if the accounting teams don't do it, i have to down and determine if the voter did or not. the mark here and cross here and circle here was voter intent. the statute is pretty clear, but that doesn't mean anyone is going to follow it or or that they are going to follow it. it's important that they had scrutiny and transparency and watch it every step of the way.
6:33 pm
>> sean: are you now confident that you have this -- we know the attorney general pam body that we just spoke with, are you confident that this will be done right, do we know this example the attorneys for mayor gillam and soon-to-be ex senator nelson that they even wanted an illegal immigrants vote, they objected. they want to that counted. then of course they are finding ballots in the back of a rental car. from that county. are you confident when they do over/under votes, if there is a mark so far away that they are going to try to argue that those are true votes and that they were intended to vote when you miss the entire oval? >> there is no doubt that the lawyers will argue with intent. the statute is pretty clear. the law says if you are for example going to circle names as opposed to filling in the bubble that you do that consistently throughout the ballot. i'm confident that lawyers will try to get everything counted but i don't know what the
6:34 pm
canvassing board will try to decide. but that's the point. that gives you know confidence about anything with regards to that office and that's what you have to keep paying attention to what's happening there. >> sean: senator, you called everyone's attention to this and you are ahead of the curve. thank you for standing up for a legitimate, fair, legal process. the fact that so many laws were broken has to disturb every american. thank you sir for being with us. when we come back, multiple reports that the president's legal team is almost finished with written answers to mueller's question. and we get analysis, gregg jarrett and monica crowley. then later tonight, jesse and jessica are back. his world is it going to
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>> sean: in other news tonight, there were reports that trump's legal team has been preparing to hand over written answers to mueller's team.
6:39 pm
joining us now live from washington on this and much more, fox news chief intelligence correspondent, our own catherine herridge. that sounds like we might be getting to the end. two sources familiar with the discussions told fox tonight that the written answers are being finalized and could be submitted to the special counsel robert moeller and his team. they reported the president's legal team was preparing written response about alleged coordination with russia during the 2016 campaign account and not obstruction of justice over the president's may 2017 firing of fbi director james comey. and reporting to capitol hill, democrats also ramped up attacks on matthew whitaker. with the senate judiciary committee's ranking democrat dianne feinstein calling for
6:40 pm
emergency hearings with whitaker and attorney general jeff sessions. and that was according to ethics reviews. >> that's going to answer that question. >> as long as he made them a private citizen, no. the legal counsel plans to issue an opinion defending the whitaker appointment and pushing back strongly against a legal analysis and the appointment is constitutional. the opinion is coming in the day is as as tomorrow. the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton
6:41 pm
framed donald trump. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with washington times columnist monica crowley is with us. if it's now what written answers, that would suggest that the whole issue that we had discussed in the past about the potential subpoena and the president, would not be happening. at the fact that it seems exclusively to focus on the original mandate, if you will, which is russia collusion we have no evidence of collusion up to this point, none whatsoever, except hillary clinton. and they didn't seem to go into that too deeply paying for the phony russian dossier. that influence the american people before the 2016 election and undermined of the president post his victory. >> so the lawyers for donald trump were very smart and refusing an in person interview, because even if the president tells the truth, mueller is so unscrupulous and on principle he
6:42 pm
would charge the president and accuse him of lying. he's also limited the scope and no obstruction of justice. so these answers to questions will only be about collusion and the answer is, quite frankly, will be prepared for the lawyers to ensure the president isn't in legal jeopardy will be very brief. i don't know anything about collusion, i didn't talk to russians about the election. the next question, the answer will be the same answer as before. so it's going to be very brief, it will not put the president in legal jeopardy. it is a win for the president and his team, and a loss as it should have been for the guy on his screen. >> it has never been to me the appearance of the people he selected to me.
6:43 pm
and the two fbi agents claimed he never lied to. and maybe papadopoulos. but if that is a it, and roger stoner is who they want to go after, i'm not sure what that would all be about but it doesn't seem connected to donald trump in a way. what we have seen are essentially process crimes. nothing that goes to the core of the original assignment for robert mueller which was to investigate so-called russia collusion which our friend gregg jarrett has called aptly the russian hoax. they did their best during the campaign to block trump from becoming president and once he became president and moved to a different phase, which was trying to undermine and ultimately destroy his presidency.
6:44 pm
and presumably they are doing everything they can to protect the president and defend against any kind of legal exposure here is by making sure that if answers are properly done and in writing. >> we have spoken a lot on this program on the conflict of interest with rod rosenstein. number one he recommended the firing of comey, which would make him an interest. witness. and he signed the fourth and final buys a warrant fisa warre appointment of matthew whitaker to replace jeff sessions in the interim because he had said that he thought the mandate was exceeded by robert mueller, and a few other things. people on other networks -- lawyers are making the case that it's not a valid legal
6:45 pm
appointment. i called you, and use cited the federal vacancies act. it is a five usc 40 5:30 five, i can read it or you can tell everybody, which ever you prefe prefer. someone who is an official or an employee that has been there for 90 days, whitaker satisfies that legal standard. >> it says, the president is going to point -- or an officer, employee of such an executive agency who served in a position in such agency for not less than 90 days, who meets the criteria, and these fake attorneys almost, are wrong again. but the double standard is obvious. thank you both, we appreciate it. when we come back, here we go again. this is getting more insane.
6:46 pm
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>> sean: i'm hearing today that hillary clinton may be gearing up for a 2,020 run. "the wall street journal" said hillary will run again. michelle obama said it's a good idea. not one shows, but two shows. and of course waters world, jesse watters. fox news contributor, and, i
6:51 pm
actually think if i'm donald trump, i'm saying run, run. i don't think she's going to win. they ran a terrible campaign the last time, and now they are also saying, she's going to reinvent herself. she will be a radical hillary clinton again. it didn't work out for bill clinton in 1994, dated? >> if she runs, even democrats, sean, will chant "lock her up, lock her up." what's her slogan going to be, still crooked? >> sean: is still crooked hillary. >> she has high negative, her husband lost his fastball. but the donors are getting alligator arms and she's got that losing standstill. the media is in love with beto o'rourke and i don't see where she's going here at all. >> jessica, if that's who -- tell me who you think. your top three or four people that would be able to challenge
6:52 pm
chump trump and do well. >> might dream ticket is kamala harris. that sounds like a nightmare, and i think al franken would have been if he hadn't been pushed out of the senate. some of these new faces are exciting and i think there is an argument to be made for someone someone -- some gubernatorial experience, it may be john hickenlooper. i know you guys are getting excited just hearing about all this. >> what about pocahontas and spartacus? i like that ticket. >> i don't really need that this evening. this coming from mark penn who lost the 2008 election for hillary clinton in the persona not persona non grata -- it's unbelievable. >> sean: i played this tape in my opening monologue of monica
6:53 pm
lewinsky doing this documentary. she gave this interview and she said, if i saw hillary clinton, i would find the strength to go up and apologize again to her. that is stunning grace. that was amazing. she was the intern here. in her life has been turned upside down. we saw her crying in this documentary. bill clinton said when asked, i don't need to apologize for her. how does between that and all the other clinton women, democrats let him get away with it? why? why can't he just say, if you want an apology, you deserve one and i will give you one? >> i don't know, i think he absolutely should have apologized to her. i think hillary clinton also should have said it was a mistake, a fundamental abuse of power. >> sean: she said she never got it. >> sean: >> i'm saying she shoue apologized.
6:54 pm
>> they never apologized and remember hillary -- the bimbo eruptions. they called her floozy, psycho, and a cleaner. so that boomerang on the clinton's and they should own up to that. >> sean: jessica, last word? >> my last word is maybe donald trump could apologize to all the women he has taken advantage of. >> you mean miss usa? you gave those women lots of opportunities jessica, come on. >> he does not cherish women. >> sean: i tell you what. it's been a while since we had you on. for the first time ever, it's a tie. >> it's a tie? >> it's nobody's world. >> i want to recap. >> sean: [laughs] when we come back, rush limbaugh, an amazing take. what is really the motivating factor behind the recount in florida? that's straight ahead.
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>> sean: earlier today, roche posed an interesting theory today about the florida recount. >> which party is it that will not accept the results of elections? which party is it? trying to undermine our faith. in elections. by the way, do you think what's going on in florida is really all about these two races here, the governor and the senate? it is, but there's something much bigger at stake as well, that's 2020. i think there is, i think if we stick at this long enough and dig deep enough to find out what they are actually doing, i think they are trying, the democrats, are trying to set the stage for some kind of election law change or adjustment. whether they think they're going
7:00 pm
to need in 2020. >> sean: great points as usual. that's all the time we have left this evening. we give rush the last word. we are always fair and balanced, we are not the destroy-trump media. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, because standing by in the swamp, laura ingraham. >> laura: i have my boots on. i can always stand in the swamp, those big waiters, that you wear when you are fishing. >> sean: fly-fishing? >> laura: yeah, i am doing that every weekend. >> sean: way too much work. >> laura: i can't believe brenda snipes student come on with you tonight. she was on another network. you are very charming, so i don't know. >> sean: she says she's never had any controversy. she does know how it happened.