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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 13, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> sean: great points as usual. that's all the time we have left this evening. we give rush the last word. we'll always be fair and balanced. we're not the destroy-trump media. yeah, we're different and thank you for always being with us. nd let not your heart be troubled, because standing by in the swamp, laura ingraham. >> laura: i have my boots on. i can always stand in the swamp, those big waders, that you wear when you are fishing. they come up. >> sean: fly-fishing? do you do that? >> laura: yeah, i am doing that every weekend. hannity, with three kids, flying to wyoming every weekend. >> sean: way too much work. >> laura: i can't believe brenda snipes didn't come on with you tonight. she was on another network. >> sean: i'm shocked. you know, amazing. >> laura: you're very charming. i don't know. >> sean: she says she's never had any controversy. she does know how it happened. 75, 80,000 ballots magically appear. no problems.
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no laws obeyed. >> laura: unfair for you to bring that up but i loved your show tonight. [laughs] >> sean: bad host. >> laura: all right, great show, hannity. i will talk to you later. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from an extremely busy washington tonight of course. fresh-faced congressional members descended on the capital for orientation today. in moments, my angle tells you why the democrats should be wary of some of these new kids. plus, what does a former cnn contributor think of the number's lawsuit against the white house? jeffrey lord is here to tell us. ' and a "the ingraham angle" exclusive, after teasing a potential third run for the presidency, what do new hampshire voters think about another hillary clinton candidacy? frank lunts with a can't miss focus group later in the show. it is hilarious. first, the freshman insurrection. that's the focus of tonight's angle.
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today was orientation day on capitol hill for new members of congress. but for nancy pelosi and the democratic leadership, the new class is turning out to be more than they bargained for. checkout newly elected congresswoman alexandria cortez. i think she may find her transition from rock star activist to just another member of congress, a difficult one. someone should tell her that if you want to be taken seriously even as the youngest member of the house, protesting outside the former speaker's office isn't a genius move. she appeared with 200 young climate change activists and it was inside pelosi's office. >> we should tell her. that we've got her back in pursuing the most aggressive energy agenda this country has ever seen. >> laura: these whippersnappers don't care about your seniority.
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they want action, specifically trump impeachment, kavanaugh impeachment, et cetera. well, the juvenile display and ended with arrests and ocasio-cortez high tailed it out of there before the mob hat the cuffs put on them. to appear magnanimous as she faces election for speaker, pelosi begged the capitol police to show mercy to the young protesters so they can "continue to organize and participate in our democracy." she is trying to thread the needle here, she's attempting to placate the far left in her ranks while balancing the interests of members from districts that run more red. i found this in "the new york times" online. i think it accurately describes the current dynamic in pelosi's house. stay with me because it's good. the democratic party won but the blue party is not a solid, strong, united front. they are a bunch very different
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groups that don't see eye to eye on most anything but were united under the banner of "fire trump." trump." good luck to them now. their infighting will keep them busy arguing with each other before they can even mount an attack on red. something is good for the economy will not be good for the socialist led by ocasio-cortez. any immigration reform will be rejected by the same cadre unless it abolishes i.c.e. any cooperation with red will be forbidden. nancy pelosi has inherited a load of unruly children. good luck to her getting anything passed by her own people. it's not even a guarantee as to who will be the next speaker at this point. there is seditious talk in the democratic caucus finding an alternative to speaker pelosi. to save her gavel, though, nancy is playing the female card. in other words, she is trying to convince her caucus you can't maintain a majority without a woman running the show.
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>> you cannot have the four leaders of congress, the president of the united states, these five people and not have the voice of women especially since women were the majority of the voters, the workers in campaigns and now part of this glorious victory. >> laura: is there a dark pink cloud gathering on the horizon of this glorious victory? the newly elected crop of women on capitol hill see things differently than speaker grand nan. they do not represent the majority of democratic freshmen but they have all the juice, and the excitement. the political gender card pelosi perfected has been employed in a new way by these new gals. congressman elect rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, ayanna presley and ocasio-cortez tweeting out this picture of themselves at a
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progressive caucus orientation the other day. respectively the first muslim-american woman, black woman from massachusetts and the youngest woman ever elected to congress. they caption the picture "squad." and another photo with the hashtag #changecan'twait. pelosi might have had "help." these women represent some of the most radical views in congress. they might as well be the four horsemen of the apocalypse. free college for all, free health care for all, the abolishment of i.c.e., a green new deal where the u.s. depends entirely on renewable energy. have fun on those planes. on the foreign policy front, they are even wackier. the anti-israeli bias of some of these junior congresswoman-elect is downright disturbing. ocasio-cortez in july called israel an occupier of palestine.
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i guess she found that on wikipedia. when pressed to explain her views, well, you know, it was like not pretty. >> you used the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, um... i think what i mean is, like, um, the settlements that are increasing in some of these places in places where palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes. >> do you think you can expand on that? >> i think i am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue. >> laura: the two new muslim members of congress go even further than this. endorsing a one-state solution where jews have no right to their southern state. tlaib said in an interview citing her palestinian heritage, "separate but equal does not work."
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in 2014, ilhan omar tweeted "israel has hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel." she recently called israel one of her closest allies, an apartheid regime. may not be more people had in mind when they voted for these female candidates. ayanna pressley from massachusetts, a leftist on the warpath against white men. she hailed from the boston city council before walloping the incumbent democratic representative. pressley doesn't sound like she's going to be singing "love me tender" to nancy pelosi anytime soon. >> it's not just good enough to see the democrats back in power, but it matters who those democrats are. >> laura: pressley vows that she's going to shake up what she calls "the corridors of power
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and most decision-making tables that are dominated by white men." >> when it comes to women of color candidates, folks don't just talk about a glass ceiling. what they describe is a concrete one. but you know what breaks through concrete? seismic shifts, drastic change, activist leadership, a movement builds and the citizen activist rises and a force, they are a force to be reckoned with. >> laura: a force to be reckoned with, we will see. if her tenure on the boston city council is any guide, she's going to make maxine waters' approach seem more like joe manchin's. you can be certain these far left newbies are going to make governing all but impossible for the democrats and leadership, especially considering that they
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are going to have progressive support though for one of their top agenda items. trump's impeachment. >> is impeachment your top priority if you get elected? >> i think it's certainly something that needs to be on the agenda. i absolutely do. >> we don't want to be in a situation where the president is deranged and we have nothing we can do about it. >> they say maxine, please don't say impeachment anymore. when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [cheers and applause] >> laura: fraternities across the united states are going to have drinking games all next year with the "i" word. democrats have to be careful. impeaching donald trump, brett kavanaugh, wilbur ross, whoever they are going after, it places them in severe political party. -- jeopardy. according to a new politico poll, 51% of all voters are opposed to democrats moving articles of impeachment against the president next year. only 33% support impeachment. among democratic voters, 61% want their party to start impeachment proceedings, while
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just 22% are opposed. expect pelosi or whoever the -- whomever the dems elect as their speaker to delicately approach impeachment proceedings, despite the cries from the left. that doesn't mean they won't harass the president and the administration to satiate their base. axios reporting that the dems are loading the subpoena cannon with 85 plus trump targets. the president's tax returns, real estate deals, russia involvement, interaction with the fbi, even the space force will be targets of democratic investigation. but one gets the sense, as they often do, that the democrats are about to overplay their hand big time. because if the kavanaugh circus proves anything, it's that women don't like to see people unfairly tried in a public setting. particularly when the charges are politically motivated. while wrangling with the
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left-wing of her party, pelosi should not mistake her slim house majority for a sweeping political mandate or a license to make war on the president. voters, female and male, will not stand for it. and that's the angle. joining me for reaction, attorney and rnc committee woman for california harmeet dhillon and dnc reform commissioner and former bernie sanders surrogate nomiki konst. who is friends with ocasio-cortez. does her stunt today demonstrate how divided house democrats are? >> i don't think house democrats are necessarily divided. i think we are going through a very natural transition. what she did in nancy pelosi's office was actually a sign of a strong party. we have a new generation. >> laura: [laughs] >> i'm sorry who just got their
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butts kicked? the republicans. i'm sorry, you're laughing. this is how democracy works. this is how democracy works. our party likes debate and believes in free speech. >> laura: how many pro-life senators? name the pro-life senators. >> that's a republican issue. we believe in -- >> laura: it's a human rights issue, thank you very much. the babies don't count, we know that in your party. but i have a question. >> human beings don't count in your party. you forget about them. >> laura: you are saying that it's a sign of unity when the biggest rock star, youthful congresswoman helps take over pelosi's office. that's a sign of unity? i think it's interesting but to say it's a sign of unity, harmeet dhillon. >> it's american. the republicans don't like debate internally, we do. >> laura: i get it, i get it. you cannot sell sand in the desert, okay? you can't sell this to me. that this is a sign of unity
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when you see 200 climate change activists and ocasio-cortez gesticulating the people get arrested. >> wacky and alarming i'm sure, particularly for nancy pelosi and other senior leaders of the democratic party. they won the election already, it's time for them to coalesce if they want to get things done. done but there's been signs beyond what we saw in the spectacle in your video today, laura, that they want to change the rules to increase the threshold and the democratic caucus to 218. in other words, they want virtual unanimity. among the caucus. so what the democrats -- they're overplaying their hand, like you said. i think we're in for a lot of fissures and discord as well nd undermining their ability to move forward with their agenda. >> laura: just so you understand where i'm coming from, the republicans had plenty of dissent in their ranks. i mean, the freedom caucus versus the paul ryan contingent. i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing but it's not a sign of unity. it is a sign that the party is
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changing. one side jockeying for power. >> same thing with us. >> laura: but i'm saying it's not unity. maybe it's farcical to think a party is ever going to be completely unified. the republicans weren't when they came in in 2010. we had a big fissure in the party. >> absolutely we did. and we're continuing to see that. >> everyone is on the same page now that the tax cuts are there. >> laura: i don't think so. i wish. >> i wish the republicans were unified. i don't think they are unified at all. >> i wish they had been more unified in the last two years and we would have potentially held on to more seats. >> laura: let's play this. these are some of the democrats who have stood now against pelosi as speaker. let's take a look. >> i won't be voting for nancy pelosi. >> i am not voting for her. no ifs, ands, or buts under any
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circumstances. >> i will be voting for someone who represents the values i am working to achieve for our district. >> laura: where is it going, nomiki? given the excitement behind congresswoman-elect presley and ocasio-cortez versus the old guard. >> i think it's not necessarily a generational issue here. the bottom line here is we won congress. the democrats won back congress. it's important to have somebody who understands how congress functions. how to work with the first caucus. do we have issues with nancy pelosi being in every single republican attack ad, absolutely. that's going to happen no matter what. you are still complaining about hillary clinton. hillary clinton is off in retirement now but you are still leading episodes about hillary clinton. they are going to do that no matter what. what nancy pelosi brings his knowledge, she's likable when it comes to some progressive issues. she's very strong. when it comes to corporate issues, she's not. progressives of my generation would like to see someone more independent of the corporate class that does not reflect a new generation -- >> laura: that's what we want in the republican party.
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that's where the republicans and democrats can maybe on some issues come together. i want my party to be less captive to the corporate class, too especially on human rights in places like china and our trade relationship. let's put up a list of some of the issues that are uniting a lot of democrats today. we mentioned some in the angle. free college for all, free health care for all, abolishing i.c.e., a green new deal which would include not permitting any money coming into campaigns from any industries attached in any way to fossil fuels. >> and rolling back tax cuts. that is one that's really motivating to them. i don't think they are going to have unity on that. the same money they got these people elected, the corporate interests that want to see democrats controlling the agenda, they aren't going to let those radical far left things happen. so i think that ultimately they're going to be hobbled getting this done.
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but it's going to cause a lot of acrimony and discord. the real battleground is not going to be for the speaker chair but for all the seats below it. nancy might get the speakership but the leadership roles below her may be going to some of these new radicals, that's really -- >> laura: nomiki, to some of the anti-israel sentiment, it's not so much a substantive debate about u.s. aid to israel or yemen or saudi arabia but there seems to be among some of the newer more exciting candidates a visceral hatred of israel. >> i would not agree at all. >> laura: you didn't get that? we just laid it out in the angle. did you listen to the angle? >> i listened to many of these candidates. i've seen them and spoken to several. i looked at their platforms and i think when it comes to some of these candidates, they are talking about the free-speech when it comes to it. that is something that should be debated. that's what the aclu takes a
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position on. >> laura: it's apartheid? >> others are misinterpreting their stances but it is something we should be able to debate and a democracy. >> laura: saying that israel is an apartheid regime? it's our strongest ally in the middle east and a democracy. it's not an apartheid. that's just ignorance. i am all for debate but that's inrance. complete ignorance, and it's bordering on anti-semitic. fascinating conversation and i think it's an exciting time for the democrats. if you are a democrat, it's exciting. it's exciting to challenge the old guard. >> it's an exciting tomb for women. over 100 women were elected to congress. ' say what you want about kavanaugh, they did turn out. >> laura: it's exciting to see what happens. republicans have their challenges and the majority will see where the democrats go. fantastic conversation. for more on why trump won and how the g.o.p. could do it again, grab a copy of my new paperback. "busting the barricades"
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next, cnn sues the white house. doesn't it play into the president's hands? we are going to examine it next. >> i think jim acosta is a very unprofessional man. he does this with everybody. he gets paid to do that. he gets paid to burst in. he's a very unprofessional guy. he gets paid to burst in.
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[ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas?
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no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> president trump: i think you should let me run the country. you run cnn. if you did it well, your ratings would be much higher. that's enough. peter, go ahead. that's enough. that's enough. that's enough. that's enough. >> pardon me. >> president trump: excuse me. that's enough. >> laura: i still love that intern. do we know who that is? i want to take her to lunch. cnn filed a lawsuit today demanding that the trump administration reinstate reporter jim acosta's press credentials.
11:24 pm
a move that press secretary sarah sanders said was "more grandstanding from cnn." now the white house, you'll recall revoked his credentials over that theatrical display last week. cnn's lawsuit is claiming that banning acosta runs afoul of the first amendment's freedom of the press as well as cnn's fifth amendment right to due process. joining me to react, senior fellow at the hoover institution, victor david hanson. howie kurtz. host of media buzz. jeffrey lord, former cnn contributor and author of the book "swamp wars." jeffrey, let me start with you. you claim that cnn only cares about certain types of free-speech. as a cnn alum, explain. >> two things. first, on the first amendment, it's great that they care about the first amendment. as i have written, they are selective about it. when people are out there trying
11:25 pm
to attack fox news advertisers or get fox destroyed, when they are going after conservative contributors or commentators, whether it's on fox news or in conservative media, they are silent on all of this. so too is the white house correspondents' association. last year, i wrote a column about this after i went to the dinner they were all about the first amendment. i asked rush limbaugh and sean hannity if in their various troubles with people trying to take them off the air, the correspondents association had ever defended them. the answer was no. this is the problem. it's sort of, first amendment for me but not for thee. the second thing is, i know jim acosta. i liked him. i was on panels with him. the sort of off-duty hours as we were running around america. i spent time with him. i remember one night being in the same room with jim acosta and sarah sanders. things were fine.
11:26 pm
thz i can't understand what he's doing. cnn's own video shows him touching this girl and then he goes on cnn then said that didn't happen. i don't know. >> laura: i don't care if he is like the humanitarian of the year, okay. i'm now -- i think we should ban anyone saying someone's a nice person. i'm glad they are a nice person. >> just apologize. >> laura: it's a stunt. this is "look at me" time in the white house press room. howie kurtz, i always forget you worked for cnn. eons ago. a different era. this is what cnn said today. among other things, the fifth amendment rights to due process, that's the funniest of all, first amendment rights, freedom of the press. if left unchallenged the actions of the white house would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials. has donald trump not availed
11:27 pm
reporters himself in tough questions over the last year? >> zillions of questions especially lately. with this lawsuit, cnn is signaling to trump supporters that it does not only journalistically oppose the president, it is legally opposing the president. jeff zucker said today the first amendment guarantees reporters the right to ask tough questions. nobody is disputing that. it's not about the questions. he tends to lecture the president rather than asking the questions. he's flaunting the rules, interrupting other reporters, interrupting the president and refusing to give up the mic. that's been lost in this battle over credentials. >> laura: the public view of the press, as you pointed out many times, has been declining fairly precipitously over the years. how does this affect that? >> it's in a larger context. a conservative outlet said 93% of cnn's first 100 days was anti-trump.
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and then we had christian amanpour, a luminary that cnn said she could no longer be neutral when it came to trump. have to keep the drama in context. it's not like trump is surveilling the associated press or james rosen at fox. he hasn't -- >> that happened during the obama administration. >> yes, it did. the other thing to remember, when trump says "fake news," what comes to mind is they said that comey would refute the testimony and they said that donald trump jr. had advance knowledge of the wikileaks. no. they said scaramucci had a hedge fund connection. not. you put that context and then you have anderson cooper. you had the religion editor saying trump is a piece of, i can't repeat what he said. kathy griffin. >> laura: ana navarro last week. does she work for cnn.
11:29 pm
>> the joke about the hot mic. >> laura: ana navarro called the president of the united states a racist pig last week. >> with the former head of the cia, the holocaust, nazi imagery. >> it's fake. that's a lie and they're perpetuating the lie. >> cnn is part of the resistance and i think acosta knows it and he's virtue signaling to his audience, his peers, and his bosses. >> laura: i also have heard jeffrey, from, well, now, three members of the white house media circles, that they don't like this. again, i'm not going to get into personalities, some people are liked. that's not important. but it does take away from substantive questioning on what's going to happen with the meeting with president xi. what's going to go on with the attacks on the president's trade policy from the globalists at goldman sachs and morgan stanley all these hedge funders that are
11:30 pm
trying to affect the president's policy? those are interesting questions. what are you going to do with the caravan? you can't ask those because jim acosta has to throw a hissy fit as a grown man and pull a microphone away from a 22-year-old young woman. i mean, that's classy. i'm sorry, but it's just embarrassing. it's embarrassing for cnn. i am glad ted turner said what he said recently. ted turner or larry king said cnn has long since gone. larry king said it's all about trump and long since been a news network. it's not a news network anymore. jeffrey. >> you've got all of those peers of his in the room and you have to believe that at a certain point they're saying, for heaven's sakes, jim, sit down and shut up. >> laura: why aren't they saying anything? >> i think what we have is a serious case of groupthink and i think some of them are afraid to because it's peer pressure. they are all supposed to be anti-trump.
11:31 pm
i think that's why they don't speak out. >> strategic misstep for the white house to take away the credentials. because, it makes him into a journalistic martyr. >> laura: he's not a reporter. he's a opinion guy. what about trump standing there. instead of revoking credentials. standing there and saying i'm happy to answer questions. when you want to have a press conference, let me know. tell sarah. i will be back. and just leave. >> that might be wise but it's sort of like revoking the security clearance for brennan. brennan called trump treasonous. so it was the same idea. if you hijack your show and don't announce or opinionate and you start ranting or if i -- if i took a class over and i started doing that, i don't have first amendment rights. my bosses or the dean would come in and say you're done. you're unprofessional and the
11:32 pm
idea that he has a go-given right to sermonize'm sorry. that itself is a disgrace. you don't have our first amendment right to enter the white house compound. it's preposterous. thank you. up next, an exclusive. would voters support a third hillary clinton presidential run? frank luntz asked that question to a new hampshire focus group. the can't-miss answers are next. >> how many of you by show of hands, how many of you want hillary clinton to run for president in 2020? want hillary clinton t
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>> do you want to run again? >> no. >> there was a pause. >> well, i would like to be president.
11:35 pm
[laughs] >> laura: well, she has tried before and now there are rumors she may make a third run. it's a charm. what do actual voters think? in an exclusive, frank luntz conducted a focus group of new hampshire voters and ask them if they had the stomach for another hillary run. their answers, they were quite revealing. here's the exclusive footage. >> how many of you by show of hands, shoot them up, how many of you want hillary clinton to run for president in 2020? go. [laughter] why not? >> been there, done that. >> hillary's day is done. hillary was the most qualified person that ever ran for president but the least electable candidate that ever ran for president. although she will always have those credentials, she is not well-liked and she's not popular enough to be able to get the
11:36 pm
voters to vote for her. >> they don't want the same old thing. >> the same old thing. >> yeah. i don't mean old as she is old. i mean the same old thing meaning we already had a clinton in there. we don't need another clinton in there. we need somebody that's going to change. >> i think the democrats really need to do some research and coming up with some other candidates. i mean, hillary's name comes up a lot and she's got the experience and so forth but just as you were saying, that's in the past. we really -- the democrats really do have to find other candidates that can win the election. >> she's been rejected twice now by the electorate. and i just think if she runs again there's not much of a chance. i think it would be a waste if she ran again. >> the third time is not going to be a charm for her. she's been rejected. >> even though she's a female, you know, you can't run because you are female or black or whatever. she's old. she is old news, i should say. not old.
11:37 pm
>> she gave us donald trump. that should be enough. >> she was the only person that could lose to donald trump -- i mean that donald trump could -- >> do you agree? >> no, i think anyone would've lost to donald trump because he said what a lot of people wanted to hear, unfortunately. >> laura: joining me now, the man you just saw lead that discussion. pollster frank luntz. you are a professional pollster. what would you advise hillary after hearing those answers? [laughs] >> write another book. go do more speeches. she will be embarrassed if she does it. and if i were as close to her as mark penn who is on the show, i would tell her, no, you had a shot. you had a good shot but the time has passed. >> laura: the one woman that says [laughs] the third time is not a charm. [laughs] the new hampshire accent and the other says she gave us donald trump. i think where they might get it wrong if she's the only person who could've lost to trump.
11:38 pm
the wisdom at the end, the woman said no, i think he was saying what people wanted to hear. she said unfortunately. it's interesting to hear that group of people. was there anyone else? >> to my surprise, they complained she was older. they didn't really mean her age but they did a little bit. what they really wanted someone who they think can beat trump and they picked joe biden. >> laura: so they didn't like hillary. who do they like? we get some of the folks on what they say about who might have the right stuff to take on president trump, as frank said, let's watch. >> the democrats don't come up with somebody, nonpolitician. >> who? who? >> hillary is oatmeal in the democratic party. maybe good for you and say the right things but the democratic party needs somebody with some
11:39 pm
charisma and some pizzazz, like the gentleman from texas. >> beto o'rourke. you think he's good. >> he seems to be able to maybe ignite the party again which was something president obama could do. >> bloomberg. he was mayor. [laughter] i think he could take on trump. he has talked about becoming a democrat now. i think he's actually represented all parties. he knows that he's got to go to the democratic side if he really seriously wants to run. his business background. he's very outspoken. >> joe biden running for president with a vice presidential young candidate that can go hand-in-hand with him. >> laura: wait a second. joe biden? they were saying hillary was old. isn't joe older than hillary? or is it because he rides amtrak that makes him an interesting candidate? >> it's interesting that they
11:40 pm
are naming people who have been around for a while but they reject hillary clinton. a lot of those people there, they are independents and they can vote in democratic primary, half of them don't want someone who can beat donald trump. half of them want trump as their president. the battle in new hampshire isn't just on the left and on the right. if you capture the center, it's 20%, additional votes you can get another state primaries. >> laura: the hilarious thing is when people say that guy in texas. he has charisma. that guy. beto. it's like the name. i think beto o'rourke, barack obama. you know, the names are the same. charisma. people are looking for charisma because they know that trump had it. >> these are supposed to be the most educated voters, the most informed. what is clear they're now choosing people not based on
11:41 pm
policy but on personality and that's changed. >> laura: and trump's personality, contrary to the jim acostas of the world, people like that rough-and-tumble thing. he was our bully, he a lot of people thought. >> that's the point, it has to be for them. if just for donald trump, he will fall short but if he is fighting for me inviting for us, he will be successful. >> laura: if you could advise trump, keep the focus on america, away from your personal squabbles. >> and i am your voice in washington. >> laura: the forgotten people, that line from his inaugural in the convention speech, that drove it home. frank, loved this. thank you so much for doing it. much to the glee of the trump world, former clinton advisor wrote an op-ed saying that hillary will in fact be the democratic nominee. mark penn is here to react to the focus group you just on next. react to the focus group you just on who is your dream person to run against in 2020? you have raised $100 million. dream candidate. >> president trump: so far i like them all. i don't see anybody.
11:42 pm
>> laura: hillary, apparently she is not down and out. >> i like her too. i'd be very happy with hillary. when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums
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>> there is not much of a chance. i think it would be a waste if she ran again. >> laura: answers like that might come as a surprise to one of our next guest. mark penn wrote an op-ed in which he claimed "reinventing yourself as a liberal firebrand, mrs. clinton will easily capture the 2020 nomination."
11:45 pm
joining me now democratic pollster, former clinton insider mark penn along with former clinton pollster doug schoen. mark, you heard those new hampshire voters, do you stand behind your piece? >> those were new hampshire independent voters. hillary has a 75% favorable among the democratic base. 77% in the gallup poll. if you look at it, is she going to run? i don't really know for sure, but will she look for an opportunity to undo the wrongs that occurred? will she come back? she stayed very, very close to the democratic base. she is fighting now in florida. she's out there on the stump. you look at the possible opponents, the kavanaugh hearings, they make fools of themselves, no one has emerged as a strong candidate on the democratic field. i say it's a real possibility that she will run, and if she does, she will have an opportunity to have a second chance at defeating donald trump. >> laura: words like old and oatmeal were used to describe
11:46 pm
hillary clinton. [laughs] when i start hearing that, it's time to go. i don't know what. sell reverse mortgages or something. that can't be feeling all that good. independent voters are important in new hampshire. are they not? >> if we ran a focus group on donald trump, he wouldn't fare so well either. the truth is both trump and her have almost the same image. 40% favorable and 55% unfavorable. >> laura: fair point. [laughs] doug, this is what mrs. clinton said tonight in austin, texas. let's watch. >> i was kind of criticized and made fun of in the 2016 campaign because i really did give it a lot of thought about what we could do and what would work. and i kept thinking that that would matter. it kind of didn't in the end. >> laura: she's kind of saying that voters don't really know what matters.
11:47 pm
is that a winning message? >> i must tell you i agree with mark's basic premise. she will run if she can run. she will say whatever she needs to say to win and what i took from that, laura, is she trying to figure out what would get her elected. it didn't work. so now she is sort of blaming the electorate and doing what she has never done, which is to blame herself. frankly, when you lose an election, you've got to be introspective. so far, i haven't seen that from her. >> laura: mark, one of the other things i think some folks thought after they read your piece which was a fascinating piece was that back in 2007, your strategy memo, you said obama was unelectable. except against attila the hun. back in march 19, 2017. i can't imagine america electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally american in his
11:48 pm
thinking and his values. i could have written that. [laughs] he actually ends up winning because he runs against mccain who was carrying on the bush tradition which people rejected, were they not? i've made some bad predictions too. >> i think that prediction was off but the point, it's taken out of context. the point was that hillary was actually born in the midwest and people really have lost the notion that she really had deep connections to the midwest because they thought of her as a new york liberal. in fact, the day before i wrote that, obama had got to kansas and they said he was truly a midwestern american. so, it was taken out of context but fair enough. he did win against mccain who turned out to be a far weaker candidate. >> laura: god rest his soul, american patriot but he was a terrible candidate for the presidency. doug, close it out for us. biden or hillary?
11:49 pm
if you had to pick right now the candidate was going to beat donald trump which one? >> i would pick biden over hillary. hillary will run if she can, but there will be a fresh face because the democrats always want somebody new and different. mark my words. >> laura: new coke, new tide, new, new, new. thanks so much. we have warned you the democrats are going to seek to extend the florida recount by any means necessary they might be getting some help. we are going to take you live to ground zero in broward county next for details. you live to ground zero in broward county next for details . >> trump and scott are attempting to bully the election officials in florida out of doing their jobs. in an attempt to win this election. it's just plain wrong. it's un-american. election. it's just plain wrong. it's i am a family man.
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11:53 pm
>> in this position, i've been very focused on party because i want to treat all of the voters in broward county the same. and i think if you ask the voters, you'd find i have that reputation. i don't have a reason to hold anything back except i don't want to give out information that is incomplete or incorrect at that particular time. >> laura: no problem. that was brenda snipes, the broward county supervisor of elections. registered democrat denying the politics is playing any part in the recount mess unfolding right now in florida. it comes as we are learning of some new democratic efforts to extend looming deadlines. why not? by any means necessary. senator marco rubio is not buying it. >> this is an election office this incompetent and this law breaking it creates enormous
11:54 pm
opportunity for those arguments to be made. suddenly the election is decided by a judge or lawyers, not by voters. >> laura: phil keating's live from broward county tonight with the late-breaking details. phil? >> just to the south of us in miami-dade county, florida's largest, that one with the most ballots to recount, they are done. finished the recounting process tonight to a room full of applause, meanwhile the lawsuits in florida continue, and the extension of recounting hours by days just may still happen. looking live inside broward operations, sorting of ballots continues around-the-clock but they have now completed recounting all early votes. that's 300,000. they are ahead of schedule from the thursday afternoon official recount deadline. democratic senator bill nelson, joined by minority leader chuck schumer, is now suing in federal court to kill the deadline, period. so that every county can finish.
11:55 pm
>> this process is about one thing, making sure that every legal ballot is counted and protecting the right of every floridian. >> nelson is behind governor rick scott by 12,000 votes in his recount battle with the governor rick scott and as the legally required recounting has now gone three days plus, president trump keeps up criticism. when will bill nelson concede in florida? the characters running voting will not be able to "find enough votes. too much spotlight on them now. an hour ago, the broward county supervisor elections brenda snipes unexpectedly face that media cameras and said she might resign after all of this. >> all the emphasis, the focus is on me. but i have a great staff who
11:56 pm
takes on any task and their job is to get it done. regardless to whether i'm here or someone else's here, there is an excellent foundation to this office and it really won't matter. >> tonight in palm beach county, just to the north of us, reports that two of their recounting machines, they are old and overrun, malfunctioned. mechanics are on the way but reportedly a day's worth of recounting work has been erased, and that's a county that was struggling to meet the deadline thursday. in fact, a judge this afternoon extended them for five more days so they can recount all their races, a decision that will likely be appealed. >> laura: thank you. 21st century in palm beach county. still can't count the votes. oh, my goodness. thanks for that great report. when we come back, monica lewinsky opens up about bill clinton in a new interview. tonight's last bite next. up abt bill clinton in a new interview. bill clinton in a new interview. tonight's i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin.
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>> time for the last bite. monica lewinsky speaking out for the first time about why she filled them up with then-president bill clinton. >> it didn't register with me the a was the president. obviously did but in one way the moment we were in the back office for the first time the truth is i think it meant more
12:00 am
to me that other people desired me. however misguided for who i was in that very moment at 22 years old that was how it felt. >> heartbreaking to hear that. he told the magazine she recoiled whenever bill gave an interview in the years following because she knew he would never react about his affair. and indictment on all our media. that is the time we have to night. shannon bream and the fox news at night teen take it from here. >> recounts continue in florida with new court filings and rulings in florida and georgia. live to the scene where developments continue but minute by minute. and hysterectomy wildfires out west, grim indications the death toll will continue to


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