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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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jillian: it is november 14th and this is "fox and friends first". having at 4:00 am on the east coast of fox news alert. top brass on the border, defense secretary jim mattis is headed to texas as a migrant caravan closes in. major step soldiers are taking to harden the border with barbed wire and barriers. >> the focus is on me but i have a great staff. regardless whether i am here or somebody else is here there's an excellent foundation to this.
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heather: is brenda snipes ready to resign? the stunning admission from the supervisor as the florida recount goes off the rails. making the holidays great again. they may look like legos but these building blocks are little different. the toys for tots just in time for christmas complete with a miniature of donald trump. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we are back home ♪ heather: good morning to you, waking up on "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, actually one in new york city and they say we may get snow tomorrow. i think texas already did. thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin in florida where
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that ballot drama is heating up. voting machines in palm beach county overheating forcing the restart of 175,000 early votes. a judge giving them an extra 5 days to tally the ballots. griff jenkins at the broward county office of elections where they say they will meet tomorrow's recount deadline. do you think they will make it? >> reporter: i think they will make it and let me tell you, broward county elections staff is and giving up. they are still at it. let me show you the scene. they counted 199,70015,000 total ballots, separating some mail ins, a little complicated but they believe they will get it done yesterday. the supervisor doctor brenda snipes said as much when she
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took to the mike's. listen. >> we won't miss the deadline. we won't miss it. all the emphasis, all the focus is on me but i have a great staff that takes on any task and their job is to get it done. regardless whether i'm here or someone else is here there's an excellent foundation to this office. >> reporter: the question about whether she may remain here came from a question i asked about jeb bush telling her to step down. nonetheless questions remain out here and that is why pam bondi went on hannity demanding an investigation by the department of law enforcement. take a listen. >> we are doing an investigation. we made no conclusions but this is about the integrity of our election process. wherever it leads we wants to be sure voters know the process is going to be fair and legal. >> reporter: in washington the
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candidates trade barbers. senator nelson with chuck schumer taking to the microphones. here's what nelson had to say. >> sadly it has become clear that my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. >> reporter: governor scott tweeting it looks like senator nelson is cutting out the middleman and letting chuck schumer speak for him. we won't let dc lawyers in new york senators steal this from the people of florida. finally, as far as the timeline goes, the deadline is 3:00 pm tomorrow and we will be watching to see if they make it and if doctor snipes is correct. from there we expect possibly the manual hand recount. it is far from over.
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heather: appreciate your coverage. new overnight, one pilot is dead after a crash at mclaughlin air force base in texas. officials say ot 38 training just went down at 7:40 last night. it is unclear why a second pilot was rushed to the hospital, their names have not been released. the second deadly crash at the base in less then a year. mclaughlin is one of four training basis for new pilots. another fox news alert. a fast-moving brushfire erupts overnight threatening homes in san bernardino, california. the national guard searching for hundreds missing in the region wildfire throughout the state, 50 people killed total. 48 of those deaths coming from the camp fire in the north. claudia cowan has the story from paradise. >> reporter: search team spent another day going through the
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smoky wreckage of what used to be bustling, scenic california towns, looking for victims of the camp fire. the death toll rising as flames continue to spread through the county, despite the strong windss firefighters are gradually gaining control of the blaze. wary, sleep deprived grews a the increasing containment is keeping them alert and on their feet. authorities are hoping to reopen evacuated areas with many shelters filled to capacity. some evacuees are building tent cities wherever they can find space like this parking lot. >> it has been hard adapting to not living in my own house, not coming home every day to my house to do my homework, sitting here. >> reporter: even more people are under evacuation orders in southern california because of the rules the and hill fires, some areas have opened but other neighborhoods are too close to the flames. >> if you are being held back it is because your life and the lives of your family and neighbors are potentially in
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danger. >> reporter: arguments reinforced by a flareup tuesday. crews a previously unburned piece of land went up in flames, another reminder of the fire's unpredictability. those strong windss to taper off soon but there's concern about rain in the forecast which could trigger mudslides heather: critics slamming outgoing governor jerry brown as investigators look at whether faulty powerlines are to blame for the wildfires, the democrat vetoed a bipartisan bill in 2016 aimed at lessening the risk of wildfires from utilities and power lines. key leadership roles in other news up for grabs. on capitol hill all eyes on the house public and leadership race where kevin mccarthy is the favorite to stay on as minority leader despite a challenge from jim jordan. the house speaker vote will not come until later this month.
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nancy pelosi fighting to hold off a rebellion from the left incoming lawmakers hoping for a fresh face and commitment to end bipartisan gridlock. the 78-year-old nancy pelosi was speaker of the house from 2007-2011. the senate votes today but major changes are not expected. much more on all that coming up. the race for house minority leader comes down to a very legitimate bid from conservative jim jordan but here is why fox news politics editor chris stierwald says kevin mccarthy will transfer into the role. >> mccarthy is in a position where he will benefit from the same cycle that brought paul ryan to the speakership which is this. there will be a magic window. i have every expectation mccarthy wins and he wins probably shouldn't be that close. if it is close that is a
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problem. the fight will start over the fiscal cliff and the border wall and the shutdown and the same stuff in jordan and company will take paul ryan who will still be the speaker until 3 january, take them, you must fund the wall completely. ryan will do for mccarthy what john weiner did for ryan, to clean the stables. cut a deal with democrats and spend a quadrille you and dollars and get it all done so for the next year mccarthy doesn't have to worry about having the same fight again. heather: jim jordan will make his case during the 7:00 hour of "fox and friends". donald trump makes a surprising announcement while celebrating the indian holiday at the white house. a naomi row, filling a powerful vacancy. >> i won't say today that i just nominated naomi to be on the dc
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circuit court of appeals, the seat of justice brett kavanaugh. >> thank you for the confidence you have shown me. i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: the daughter of indian immigrants, she is an administrator with the office of information, regulatory affairs, served in the george w. bush administration and work for the senate judiciary committee. a formal nomination is expected today. the president's legal team could answer questions in the russia probe by the end of this we, sources telling fox news lawyers have been finalizing answers to robert mueller's written questions. the special counsel has been investigating the trump campaign for possible ties to russian officials. the president has repeatedly denied collusion. the british prime minister teresa may holding an emergency brexit meeting after you can eu officials agree on a draft agreement. lawmakers have to vote on the deal which faces heavy opposition. critics say it keeps the uk too
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closely tied to the european union and limits britain's opportunities to strike new trade deals. back at home, taurus at the white house totally shocked when the first lady shows up. milania trump sharing photos from her surprise visit with guests tweeting on world kindness day i had fun surprising visitors to the white house, thank you for coming through and visiting this magnificent home, hash tag be best. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, all eyes on the house were democrats ready to take the reins. what can we expect with lawmakers like nancy pelosi and maxine waters in power? we will talk about it. he risked his life and his truck driving in and out of the deadliest wildfire in california history to save as many people as possible. the nurse being rewarded for his heroic efforts. your typical bank.
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20 in just a matter of hours house republicans will elect their new leaders with the closely watched matchup for minority leader. with two weeks before democrats the side, nancy pelosi is setting the stage for speakership despite rumors of a rebellion. how does this shakeup? former political director for the republican party of texas, ash white. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's jump into the situation with nancy pelosi. this gallup poll, democrats saying 56% saying they should replace nancy pelosi, 39% saying they should keep nancy pelosi as house speaker. what do you think will happen? >> the issue is there is nobody else to turn to. a lot of democrats operative say they have the votes to defeat nancy pelosi. the problem is there's no other
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candidate in the race to defeat nancy pelosi. at the end of the day i believe she will be the next speaker of the house because there are no other options. heather: will that benefit the 2020 elections? >> this is positive for the president. they will spend their time investigating the president, attacking him and that will help the voters who swept them into congress return to the president in 2020. heather: let's talk about that. in terms of investigating the president, some key democrats taking over key committees. maxine waters taking over the house financial services committee. adam schiff taking over, jerry nadler. >> these are powerful positions
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with subpoena ability, the campaign team to testify in front of their committees. i would warn them against being too aggressive against the president. if they come across as a party only interested in destroying donald trump and not producing a positive legislative agenda. heather: is it going that direction or is it going anti-president? we had maxine waters already saying she will go after two huge banks, like deutsche bank and wells fargo. adam schiff intends to use this to aid them mueller investigation. >> all of that plays into attacking the agenda as a whole. they need to stop as a party and push key legislative infrastructure and not concern themselves with constant investigations which will benefit the president.
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>> the house judiciary committee calling matthew whitaker as his first witness. he hasn't backed off on the brett kavanaugh issue which will go down that road. >> brett kavanaugh polled highly and had a big effect on the midterm elections. they will press on with matt whitaker and continue. heather: republicans are set to elect a similar team of leaders today, not expecting any huge changes. >> some sort of coalition, not enough votes to defeat kevin mccarthy who will be minority leader. >> house republicans heather: a lot to get through.
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18 after the top of the hour and republicans are uneducated, that comment from a newly elected lawmaker caught on camera. >> most of those who voted republican are uneducated. heather: growing outrage online. ♪ i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. heather: apparently republicans are uneducated, that from a newly elected democrat in tennessee. >> most tennesseans who voted republican are uneducated. they don't even know they showed
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up up polls to vote against their own interests. heather: greatest and uneducated. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with how congresswoman lamar is trying to walk back that comment. >> the newly elected tennessee statehouse representative, she's in the spotlight and that is now addressing the fallout from those controversial comments but she says she was just providing the facts, quote, what was called a rant is a statistical analysis of the midterm elections based on political experience. i made one mistake, that was overgeneralization of white people and for that i sincerely apologize. critics are now blasting her remark on social media. take a look at this reaction.
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melissa, voters uneducated, racist while holding that seat, is unconscionable. it saddens me to know somebody who feels that way about her constituents should have such a trusted position. another twitter user saying i love being called a racist because i voted republican. leslie matthew on twitter says i will just say this, she should resign her position as state representative because that isn't representing the values of this state. she did apologize for overgeneralizing a group of people but also said she was just providing statistical analysis. she appears to be sticking to her guns. shannon: she should use the statistics if they exist. let's talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez, she has been accused of things that time or two but she was protesting climate change. >> she made a lot of noise on capitol hill blaming a group of climate change activists who
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protest right outside nancy pelosi's office. >> this is an encouragement to show we are here to back up those actions. she said should be supportive in that. >> you think she would be protesting outside republicans office but not so much although she does say she wasn't protesting nancy pelosi but trying to support her in a way. the house minority leader addressing the protesters saying deeply inspired by the young advocates, activists and advocates leading the way of confronting climate change, the climate crisis threatens the future of communities nationwide and i strongly support reinstating the select committee to address the crisis. alexandria ocasio-cortez will get criticized by republicans no matter what she does and this is no different. when twitter user says shouldn't she be in orientation meetings to learn about the job she has just started? a lot of her supporters say she's on the right track and are encouraged by her enthusiasm.
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heather: conservative gift company producing m hgh toys. >> got the christmas toys. kit and bear, they released a building block set encouraging children to build the wall. it includes a miniature trump with a make america great again hardhat is the description of the toy includes reasons stricter border policies should be implemented. if you want to causing controversy under the christmas tree get this gift. heather: not if you're a trump fan in favor of the border wall. >> a lot of people give it to adults as a joke. heather: the caravan closing in on the us border with secretary of defense jim mattis headed to texas today.
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>> violate the border, no change. >> reporter: the brand-new step soldiers are taking to beef up border security. overnight voting machines overheating in palm beach county forcing another recount. our next guest experienced the 2000 recount firsthand and said we can only expect more madness. ♪
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>> we are back with the fox news alert. jim mattis meeting with troops on the southern border as the first wave of the migrant caravan reaches us soil. how the pentagon is preparing. >> hours from now james mattis will head to texas for a firsthand look at how thousands of troops are securing the border. those servicemembers providing
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support border patrol in california, arizona and texas and reinforcing with barbed wire. they are prepared. >> no change to that mission at this time. coordinate amongst us, to violate the border. >> reporter: mattis's is a comes as 350 migrants traveling in the caravan arrive in tijuana, mexico, at the same procedure at ports of entry south of san diego. customs and border patrol already closing lanes of traffic to prepare some people seen as scaling the border fence and sitting on top of it. the largest portion of the caravan with 3500 people, 1000 miles away in guadalajara. the group choosing what is considered to be a safer yet longer route. us troops are expecting to
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remain at our border until the summer 15, donald trump said he would add 15,000 troops if needed. heather: thank you so much. donald trump is considering former ice director tom homan to head the department of homeland security. sources tell politico the president likes his tough talk on immigration and his fight for border protection. there are reports current dhs chief kirstjen neilsen could be asked to resign by the end of the month if not earlier. the white house is not commented. tom homan will join "fox and friends" live at 6:30 eastern. rumors about a lot of changes that could take place. the cia, a drug that acted like a truth serum on terror suspects after 9/11 is a newly released report reveals the agency looked at drugs at interrogations to get information about potential
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attacks. the idea to use sedatives was part of a research program w project medication. the cia did not use it citing ethical concerns. the senate judiciary committee is not backing down, it is moving forward with donald trump's judicial nominees despite democrats disagreeing with the picks, the president nominating chris christie, former lawyer to the third circuit court of appeals and the senate hopes to confirm more than 40 judicial nominees before the new congress starts in january. hillary clinton will no longer be erased from the history books in texas, the state education board overturning a previous vote to cut her out of the curriculum. officials originally argued for her removal saying it would free up educational confrontation for teachers. the board voting to keep helen keller in his lessons. a final decision will be made friday. more chaos in the florida ballot recount. a judge gives palm beach county
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5 extra days to tally their ballots and our next guest saw firsthand the madness that happened in the 2000 florida recount. stephen meyer was attorney for the democratic party at the time and joins us to talk about this. thank you for joining us so early. >> thank you for having me. heather: lots of people awake in florida, a lot of counting going on but not a big surprise to you. >> it is not. over 8 million people cast ballots in this race. in the 2000 presidential race, 5.9 million people, the population has grown so much, a huge turnout takes a long time to count the ballots because people vote in many ways, absentee ballot, early voting on election day, provisional ballots. heather: we are looking at some video coming in of all the
1:35 am
recounts that are happening. take us through the actual process. when you hear about a hand recount, that amount of votes. how in the world could that be legitimized? >> the hand recount, first they do a machine recount and run all the ballots through a machine a second time. typically the vote total doesn't change very much from the vote total you have on election day. you have two other categories called over of votes and under votes, over of votes are ballots in which the machine says the person more than once in an election so it presidential election they go for two different counts. those, the machine will not count those. then under votes the machine does not read any vote for any candidate. this is the key in recounts. the value lies in the under votes.
1:36 am
you have to look at those ballot by ballot. it is like taking an sat test, you fill in the bubble and if you don't use the right number 2 pencil, don't make a dark enough mark, color outside the bubble or have a stray mark the machine will not count it but in a hand recount the canvassing board can look at that and see that a vote was cast. many of the votes that are the under votes should be counted. heather: when we hear about new ballots being found you say that is not the case. >> that is not the case at all. heather: what about -- go ahead. >> there are still some ballots coming in. the overseas ballots in a federal election, voters who live outside the state have ten days from election day, friday this week, to return their ballots. the ballots have to be postmarked on or before election day but they can be received 10 days later.
1:37 am
this includes member of the military, students, people working overseas and don't know what the total will be but those ballots are still coming in and there should be several thousand in the state. heather: why does it always seem when we get to this point the party that benefits tends to be the democratic party? >> i don't think they are benefiting. i think the republicans have benefited. for example in broward county you have this ballot, in 2000 we had two different ballots, one in palm beach county, the butterfly ballot, one in jacksonville, duvall county, called the caterpillar ballot. those together took tens of thousands of votes away from al gore. in broward county, you have a different ballot this time that appears to thrown the election to rick scott, cost bill nelson probably 10,000 votes in broward county because people didn't see the race the way was placed on
1:38 am
the ballot and skipped it. a total anomaly. our county has under 10% of the population of florida but 74% of people who skipped voting in the senate race are in broward county. heather: we will see if they meet these deadlines coming up quickly. stephen meyer, appreciate it. the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. from the roads disguise if you are heading home for the holidays, pack your patience, millions more traveling this year than last year. we will tell you what the secret is to meeting the holiday hustle up next. good news, millions of free sandwiches from chick-fil-a but that is not even the best part. even better news straight ahead. ♪ i want some hot stuff ♪ helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". you better buckle up, millions more people expected to hit the road and skies this year than in years past. laura blanchard takes a closer look. >> reporter: it will be the busiest thanksgiving for travel in a long time, record number of people predicted to take the roads, rails and skies in more than a dozen years. the transportation security administration says between the friday before thanksgiving until the sunday after, some 25 million people will pass through an airport security checkpoint. >> we have additional staff at all the checkpoints. >> reporter: that is an increase of nearly 5% over last year with the worst airline travel they expected to be the sunday everyone returns home after the
1:43 am
long weekend meeting -- >> give yourself a little extra time. pack a little extra patience and serenity. >> reporter: not just the airlines that will be backed up. aaa estimating 54 million people will travel 50 miles or more to celebrate, most of them by car. the worst cities for drivers will be san francisco, new york city and boston. that congestion starting by this monday. expert say increased travel is likely because people have more disposable income and if you are wondering the best day for travel is thanksgiving day. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. heather: no idea that was coming up next week already. amazon's decision to split its new headquarters between new york and northern virginia is generating a lot of buzz.
1:44 am
tracy carrasco from foxbusiness news here with mixed reaction. >> reporter: the new announcement comes as amazon expected to create thousands of jobs in both of these cities, also the new headquarters expected to generate millions in tax revenue but a lot of people questioning the incentives given to amazon to get long island city in new york and crystal city in virginia. amazon, new york state throwing $1.5 billion in taxpayer-funded incentives getting that headquarters. that is equal to you break it down over ten years, breaks down to $48,000 per job coming to new york state. compare that to 22,000 in virginia. the incentives are triple in new york state rather than virginia. governor andrew cuomo said this
1:45 am
is one of the largest economic development investments in us history. here's what new york city council speaker corey johnson had to say. amazon is one of the richest companies in the world, don't understand why a company is rich as amazon would need to billion dollars in public money. a lot of people wondering that as well. heather: cost taxpayers a lot of money. let's talk about not costing money, chick-fil-a in a new deal. >> reporter: chick-fil-a will be delivering to your home. you can order chick-fil-a from 1100 restaurants around the country within a 10 minute radius of where you live to celebrate this new deal with jordache it will be partnering with them on the delivery. you will be able to get a free chick-fil-a sandwich, you just have to place your order by next tuesday. on orders of $5 or more.
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heather: delivery trouble. thank you so much. free welfare, free healthcare, free education and driver's licenses. new york could allow more illegal immigrants to get behind the wheel. gop councilman joe borelli says robaxin more rules would raise the security risk. he is here live. ♪ i am a family man.
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1:50 am
bloomberg spend millions of dollars democrats in the midterms. another 2020 democratic presidential hopeful taking shots at the party's leadership. >> schumer and waters and pelosi, they are not in line with what the democratic party is supposed to be. the democrat party is supposed to be the party that looks out for the working class citizens. >> reporter: he is either presidency after losing a house racing west virginia in the midterms. the west virginia democrat voted for donald trump in 2016. new york could soon offer drivers licenses to illegal immigrants thanks to a controversial bill that governor cuomo promises to sign if it comes across his desk. it is not the first time the state floated the idea but if voters wanted then do they want it now? joe borelli, thanks for joining
1:51 am
us appreciate it. new york joining 12 states, to allow illegals to apply for drivers licenses. do you think new york will go down this route? they consider going down this route before. >> we are starting to see implications of what happens when democrats take over legislative bodies around the country, direct result of the midterms, something that was bandied about since 2007, they were not able to do it because republicans controlled state senate. that changed and with that it changes the direction of the state. there are security issues, the idea these people are not citizens of the us nevermind citizens of new york state but for the bigger picture this is a direct result of the political consequences of the midterm elections we just saw. heather: are two arguments both for and against and some of the states report from california, hit and run accidents dropped
1:52 am
approximately in colorado and insurance premiums, new mexico, traffic fatalities have fallen. >> one of the highest rates for this again. there are merits, at the end of the day, rule of law issue and this could be a third rail. when the same idea was on the ballot oregon hasn't voted for a republican since 1988. when they put this on the ballot whether their citizens want it or not, 2 thirds of people voted against it despite advocates spending 10 times as much money. heather: not only does it legitimize those breaking the law illegally. >> the state issued more bs are the most important documents anyone possesses in the united
1:53 am
states. states that have not complied with the federal id act have put markers on their ids to say they are not able to be used in airplanes to access federal benefits and we are to the point it is unsure whether if we go forward with this. heather: thank you so much, let us know what happens, appreciate it. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and first christmas, now thanksgiving, the college under fire for returning to the holiday as a day of mourning and a nurse putting his life on the line driving through fierce flames to save patients as the outside of his truck melted. the reward he just got for his bravery. ♪ i know it ♪ i need it ♪ i can count on you ♪ 432 ♪ because that
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♪ beautiful morning ♪ i think i will go outside ♪ heather: live shot from washington dc where a lot of activity, house republicans will elect their new leaders with a closely watched matchup for minority leader who will be all over that as it continues to
1:58 am
unfold. two more weeks for house democrats to decide the fate of nancy pelosi. we will follow that as well. one company think the perfect christmas gift is a gun. been shot which sells glassware with bullets, 16 full-time employees choose what kind of revolver they want. the wisconsin company's owner said the gift is a way to promote safety and team building, require the employees to take a gun safety course by the way. a massachusetts college wants to gobble up tradition. promoting so-called resources on, quote, decolonizing thanks on facebook calling it a day of mourning. the school posting reading lists for children including a racial justice guide. others include teaching the holiday in a socially responsible way and letters about problematic room activity. part of a supposedly for it to reject stereotypes about native americans.
1:59 am
finally this time, the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. toyota giving a nurse a brand-new truck after he sacrifices his tundra to evacuate people from california's devastating camp fire. alan pierce's truck burned, melted, all that happened from driving through the flames twice. and a triage center outside the hospital to help those fire victims. the bad, a dramatic shootout between police and suspect was caught on camera. >> shots fired! heather: bad stuff but no officers were injured and that suspect is behind bars. finally the ugly. a pilot loses his wings for three years after failing two breathalyzer tests. the air india captain grounded right before he was scheduled to
2:00 am
fly from delhi to london. not the first time he has been in trouble, his license was temporarily suspended last year for a similar complaint. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". hope you have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: a fox news alert, top brass at the border, jim mattis headed to texas as the migrant caravan closes in. jillian: 7000 strong caravan took a major detour as soldiers harden the border with barbed wire and barriers. >> this is about the integrity very much and process. we want to be sure voters know that our process will be fair and legal. jillian: machines overheating overnight causing another recount in florida. rob: a judge extending the deadline to retaliate the votes. will some of these counties make the cut? we shall see.


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