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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 14, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi. but you can believe this esurance employee, nancy abraham. seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself. no emails... no emails. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the imaginary central american migrant caravan, the one you've been told over and over doesn't exist, if you don't believe it, you are immoral. turns out, it does exist. it is a physical reality, and in fact, it is here. it is at the u.s. border. a breakaway group from the caravan has made its way to tijuana. they didn't walk, as you were told they were doing, they were driven. and now members are climbing over the border fence there. the migrants were able to reach this country thanks to the assistance of organizations whose explicit purpose is getting people into this country legally or not. trace gallagher has more details on what is going on.
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trace? >> tucker, right now there are primary caravans making their way north, including anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 people. the first of the major caravans is expected to arrive at the u.s. border sometime late next week, but as you say, some 350 migrants have now arrived at the border in tijuana. dozens of them scaled of the fence and taunted border patrol officers, others stood at the offense or hung out onof the beach, but they want their presence known to both border patrol and media. watch this. >> [speaking spanish] >> that is a slang for "honduran." there are reports they broke from the main caravan about four or five days ago and took buses north. it is impossible to tell how many are from the caravannd because border patrol tells us central american migrants sometimes arrive in droves every single day at the u.s. border. we certainly know that many of these migrants are being coached
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by groups like pueblos sin fronteras, or people withoutoa borders, a chicago-based immigration advocacy group, even left-leaning news organizations like the "los angeles times" and "washington post" have reported that members of pueblos sin fronteras, are embedded with the group. our sourcesue tell us these typs of groups are guiding the migrants. for example, mexico has offered most of these people both asylum and jobs and yet they continue heading north. also, y they could move to the u.s. border in texas, but instead, they go the long way,ov hundreds of miles out of their way, to tijuana, and that is because the goal is to get to california and take advantage of the state's sanctuary laws and the benefits that go along with that. of course, thousands begin arriving the next few weeks, sympathetic groups will be at the border to greet them. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks for the update. appreciate it. the images you just saw are embarrassing and awkward for the liars you've been watching on
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television for the past month. the ones who have been lecturing you that the caravan doesn't exist and telling you thatp everything is just fine at the border. >> the president, along with his favorite tv network, repeating the drama on the looming so-called invasion, as they put it. >> the programming on the caravan was propaganda. it was political, campaign motivated propaganda. >> trump is like a racist paul revere, "the migrants are coming." he keeps calling it an invasion. yes, an invasion of strollers. >> he made news by rocketing up the caravan, scare talk, and the troop numbers he believes are needed to meet this alleged >> tucker: the so-called invasion, so people are streaming to the border, what would you call it? i don't know, you're not allowed to call it anything, actually. this is a recurring theme on the left.'r don't believe your own eyes, you are too dumb to trust your own senses. listen to the smart kids, they know best. there is no crisis on the border.
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even as hundreds of thousands of people stream into this country over the year illegally, there h is no illegal immigration crisis. yes, there are 22 million people living here illegally, but that is not a crisis. it is not real. they will tell you that on a loop, endlessly, until the day they retake power. at which point they will say the crisis is real, in fact, it is so enormous, we can only solveat it by granting blanket amnesty to all the people here illegally. 22 million, after all, what else can we do? this is a metaphor, really, for the left's entire program, which is built entirely on denying reality, they deny the reality of illegal immigration, terrorism, biological gender, and woe to the person who raises their hand and tries to assert reality into the conversation. they don't want that. when you have a program built and deception, it is not surprising they are also against free speech. you can't afford to have an honest conversation. we would like to have an honest conversation. that is why we are speaking to bryan dean wright, former cia
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officer, and joins us on site. i think there are arguments in favor of letting these people in, that is a real position. and maybe you can make the case, it is good for america, good for the economy, maybe you think it is bad and you wanted anyway.he all kinds of arguments. but what is not an argument is telling me i am a racist for acknowledging the reality of what is happening. and that is the position i am seeing on television. >> you are correct. here's what we should be starting with this conversation. the facts. which we typically don't. so the facts tell us that first-generation immigrants are a drain on our economy. the second, eventually and third generation become contributors. that is the fact. secondarily. we know that the folks coming across the border, 1,000 to 2,000 people each day, again, having kids a year oratorical years down the road, talking about hundreds of thousands of people, all told. those folks -- initially, anyway -- a burden to our economy. whether or not they contribute
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down the road is a different conversation. we should be able to have this conversation irregardless of oua political affiliation. we need to have a strong border, prevent some of these folks are coming across, and if we don't, shame on us as a country. >> tucker: i agree with that. i do think, as you just said, in many ways, this is an economic question. i don't understand how you can look at the projections for what automation is about to do to our economy, eliminating a huge percentage of low skilled labor in this country, and say we need more low skilled labor. how can you make that argument? >> you can't. the top ten jobs we see that immigrants take, jobs less than $20 an hour. even the obama administration i said those are going to be automated. the argument for an increasing number of unqualified folks who don't speak english, don't have a skill set we need for the coming economy, or frankly, the
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one that is already here, thatat is a silly argument. it doesn't hold water. >> tucker: i was want to believe the best of all people, that they have honorable motives and i think most people do have honorable motives, but if you can even martial and economic argument in favor of her immigration policy, i'm less maybe it's only about getting more votes for your party. >> how cynical. >> tucker: i don't want to be cynical. i just don't see any other rational. >> you may be correct. there may be parts of the party -- make no mistake about it, they want open borders. just the other day -- yesterday, in fact, senator gillibrand from new york was a buddy buddy with the guy who wants to remove the border between the united states in mexico. there is an element within this country, not just an activist community but within the left of this nation, my own party, i hate to say, who want open borders. that of course then feeds into this issue, not only how do we take care of them, but ultimately, who are they going to vote for?
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there is a play there that i think one could argue, this is a political play, this is abouty votes. i think it is there to have the concern and that fear. >> tucker: if i hear one more moron on cable news cry racism when somebody tries to have an honest conversation, i'm getting rid of my television. i mean that. ing can't handle it. bryan dean wright, thank you very much.uc great to see you. the florida recount continues tonight. democrats are battling to change the results by any meansec necessary. that will not surprise you. the details might, though. we will have them after the break. ♪ . we just upload our logo, and if we have any questions, customer service is there to help. - [male] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. get started today at
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continues tonight in this country's least competent vote counting state. the upside of all of this sort of recount stuff, by the way, ig a man named craig patrick. the third night in a row without him on. always great to see him, political editor, chief investigator for fox and tampa bay, joins us for the recount. what is happening? >> we have more dueling gaps, once again, focusing on the south florida, particularly democrats that i will start with the good news for senator bill nelson. we now know that the democratic party did, in fact,t, rally his supporters. to make sure they get the mail in ballots fixed, ballots finalized before the deadline. the bad news for bill nelson is, they got the dates mixed up, and they gave the wrong deadline, telling people that you have until thursday, november 8th, when the election was tuesday, november 6th. the evidence for this is leading to the democratic party of florida sending out these government forms, the wrongrt date, effectively confusing
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people, leaving maybe a lot of democrats to say, "oh, gilligan." this is something that seems to of affected voters, specifically, in broward county and three other counties. stop and think about that for a moment.if the democratic party, apparently one, sabotaging conceivably, bill nelson, two, franchising their blunders in this, three, shooting themselves in the foot, four, not knowing what the deadline was, and five, conceivably, breaking election law all in one fell swoop. each this is something that the state has sent over to the feds to investigate. we will see how that works out. one other blunder that stands out that has risen to the surface, you have continuingt woes in palm beach county in southeast florida, where you have a faulty voting machines. apparently, when they get stressed, they are old, they are ancient, to the point that they spit out erroneous results, which is causing election managers they are too recount votes that had already been
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recounted, recalling the monty python machines, because you feed them through, it is okay, one, two, five, no, three, and with this, you have palm beach county now racing the clock, along with broward county. in other news, governor rick scott under pressure to recuse himself from certifying the results of his own disputed race. he has done that. he is moving on to washington, now, and mitch mcconnell introduced him as the new senator from florida, which is premature, it is presumptuous, but it also increasing likely, as well, because bill nelson has filed all of the challenges, time is running out. if you look at the math, even aa nelson prevails on every single one, which seems to be a reach, there does not appear to be enough ballots to get him where he needs to be. unless there is some kind of big machine malfunction, which based on the things we have seen is not inconceivable, but we will find out one way or another about that, most likely by thee deadline of the machine recount.
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>> tucker: unbelievable. it has been 18 years, you think they would be running like a swiss canton right now. but it is florida. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: rubio has been raising alarm over the state of florida irregularities for quite some time to thank you very much for coming on. i know you are a senate representative for the state of florida, and you are from florida, but objectively as you can, what is the core problem with elections in florida? >> there isn't. 65 of 67 counties did it right. miami dane county is right on border with broward, they got all the votes and on time. and then they did the recount on time. it is largely focused on two counties, one in particular, broward county, where you have an election director, who isun done this in the past. when someone -- a perfect example of the provisional ballots, right, the people that show up and vote, you don't show up in the system, they let you vote, but they put your vote in an envelope, and then actually
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verify you. she decided to take 205 and count them on her own without committing them the right way to the provisional -- to the canvassing board. when that was discovered, she said all right, i will give it to the canvassing board, but she had already separated the ballots from the envelopes. they found 20 to be invalid, but there is no way to match of the ballots to the envelope when you separate them, so she submitted 205 vote to the state out of that batch, 20 of them, at least 20 of them, or invalid votes. now she claims are not part of the count, which contradicts what her lawyer said a few days ago.w when someone that incompetent is sitting on thousands of ballots, we don't how many there are, she is not regularly reporting themb of course we're going to be concerned about that, and of course we are going to be concerned that the reporting -- it is no lawyer time. lawyers are arguing to the state, to the judge, trying to get a federal judge to do two things. one, throughout state law when it comes to voter intent. they are going to do a manual recount of the senate race for all of the ballots that either didn't vote in the senate race
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or double voted. and there is a very specific law for what voter intent is. a if you circle rick scott or bill nelson, that is fine, but you have to have done it throughout the ballot. the machine won't read it. they want to throughout that standard and just let it be -- i don't know what. >> tucker: can you change the standard after the voters? >> that's my concern. you say there's a problem with the lawsuit, the legislator is there. but have a judge coming and i and also florida law after the election, we're going to change the rules, in hopes of influencing the outcome, that, to me, is stealing the electionh they also want to force them to count every mail ballot, even the one on which the signature didn't match the signature on file for the voter. these are the two fundamental arguments. >> tucker: that is the requirement, that the signature has to match. that is the existing requirement, how can they argue it is no longer the requirement? >> they say is arbitrary standard. >> tucker: but that was the standard on election day? >> correct. i'm hoping a reasonable judge will argue, that is a good point, you should have raised it before the election.ha we are not going to change the rules of the election after the
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election to influence the outcome, because if you do, that is stealing an election. >> tucker: amazing. so, i want to ask you about the question of nationalism. s the president described himself as a nationalist, recently, talk by the leader of france for doing that, he recently published a "wall street journal" op-ed defending the idea of a nationalism. why is nationalism a necessary concept in modern america? >> american nationalism. what is our identity?od if not a common race, ethnicity, america is a de facto rejection of that. it is fundamental he promised on this notion, we are all children of god, we are all born -- all created equal by our creator,is and given equal rights, life, liberty, and pursuing happiness. it is deeply rooted in morals and values. in fact, and explain everything this nation has done, internationally and domestically. we should be proud of that identity. we should defend that. number two, i think most of the viewers watching this program would be shocked to think that w
9:19 pm
my job is to represent belgium, or my job is to represent -- i have nothing against belgium. i always pick on belgium or luxembourg, they have their own system of government. that doesn't mean i need to be hostile toward them. it may be in our nationalwn interest to work with them. i think nato is in our national interest. i think a lot of our alliances are built on that.. in fact, our national identity as a nation that believes in equality of all people, it is what is caused to defend democracy all over the world. we should be proud of that. but as a government leader, my fundamental obligation first and foremost is to work on behalf of the american people.en most of the time, if not all of the time, we can do that without hurting other people around the world. >> tucker: it is hard to know the argument against what you just said might be. why would people object --ar sincerely, it is important to understand what the objections are. >> they ascribe to nationalism, sort of the nationalism of the nazis, or somebody else. t that is ethnic, racial nationalism.od i'm not talking about ethnic
9:20 pm
nationalism, i'm talking about a national identity that actually is completely relevant to your ethnicity. in fact, you don't even have to be born here, you come here legally, you can be a citizen. one of the great things about america. some of the people who lovey, america the most are the people who are americans by choice beer they know what life is like another country there there is another school of thought that no, we are citizens of the international community. and we have obligations to the rest of the world. which, i would agree, within the confines of our national interests. in fact, i've always argued that the best thing for the world is a strong and prosperous americaf because our values infuse our decision-making.g. and so much of what we do. so there are people -- i think that is what macron is arguing. that france's obligation, under him, anyways, not just to the french people, but to the amorphous international community. which i'm not against, i defend the national organization, so long as they are in the national interest of the united states. >> tucker: because that is theat country represent. >> i swore my allegiance, the oath, i swore an oath to the
9:21 pm
constitution of the united states. i work for the american people. and i believe i can do so while still being strong allies of japan, strong allies a of great britain, strong allies of countries all around the world. especially when our interests intersect. >> tucker: i think this is a vital conversation, and i'm glad we're having this. i'm glad you articulate it so quick, clearly. thank you, senator. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: there is a battle over free speech going on in t washington right now. good. we are for free speech. the question is, are the people who work claiming they are defending free speech actuallyly defenders of speech? whatever that means. we will investigate the assault on free speech after the break. he'd be proud of us. protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you. see how lincoln can help.
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>> tucker: in the past couple of days, you have heard a lot of pumping and puffing about free speech and freedom of the press, and how those freedoms are part number currently imperiled by the white house. to be clear, we are for free speech. unfettered, absolute free speech. the kind of speech guaranteed by the first amendment and ratifief consistent me by the supreme court. we defended that kind of free speech almost every night here for the last two years. many others, mostly on the left, have attacked speech. so we know who is it for free speech and who is against it, and we cannot help but notice that some of free speech's greatest enemies are now posing as its defenders, all of a sudden. take cnn, for example. it was a cnn that almost single-handedly led the campaign to have a broadcaster alex jones
9:26 pm
banned from the internet, bases that they didn't like what he had to say. ultimately, cnn succeeded in doing that. every major tech platform banned alex jones and his program, info wars. you don't have to see that as a terrifying loss for free speech, because it was exactly that. but cnn was not done trying to silence its critics.h, last year, they threatened a reddit user for creating an anti-cnn meme. cnn is claiming to defend free cnn is claiming to defend free speech, only when it is their speech. you will notice, by the way, cnn did not object when the government threatened to imprison employees of the cable channel rt if they didn't register as foreign agents. it is owned by a formant government, so is the bbc. until last year, much of "the new york times" was owned by a foreign national. this is true of other t organization, none of which has ever registered as a foreign
9:27 pm
agent. but because rt is owned by russia, which the left believes that donald trump elected, it is fine with cnn if they are bullied and silenced. so, call cnn what you will, but don't pretend they are defenders of the first amendment. they are not. victor davis hanson is a close watch her of all of this, he joins us i just want to be clear, we are always for free speech. especially speech that is offensive, even by obnoxious white house but to see a channel that has lobbied against the right of others to say what they think is true, to all of a sudden emerge as a defender of the first amendment is nauseating.t >> i think when people saw -- they asked themselves was there anything the past that jim acosta said negatively that got them kicked out? the answer was no. anybody at msnbc that got kicked out, the answer is no purity to other cnn reporters get kicked out? no, they have passes.ot it was a particular type of behavior. if you are arguing the case before the supreme court, you can't go in there and take
9:28 pm
pictures or interrupt the justices, they will kick you out, you do it another time, they will say they don't want you pleading a case before the supreme court. jim acosta can't go in there barefooted and say i want to express there are certain protocols and norms of behavior, and he has violated them. that is one issue. it is not the service -- tucker, they monitored reporters and fox's own james worland dominic rosen, nobody filed the suit on behalf of james rosen from cnn. we only learned in 2013 at three years ago the man was being surveilled by the attorney general. this is a violation of press freedom. we didn't hear that. >> tucker: you are not hearing cnn say anything about theve o h voices being silenced now online, by the big tech companies. because they have unfashionable views. can you, as a philosophical matter, support free speech in some cases but not others? >> i don't think you can. we get to another -- we want to talk about ethics and the protocols of the white house. cnn, 93 percent of their
9:29 pm
coverage, according to sean steen, his bias. and trump had no problem with that. he has no problem with kathy griffin holding a facsimile of his head, no problem when anderson cooper uses obscenity or he said he is a piece of crap, panelist is saying he is a russian asset or agent, or invoke the holocaust for comparison. or people say that he has radicalized more people than isis, remember that, and they have the stories that they keep running, anthony scaramucci involved with the russian hedge fund, that is before knew in advance of the russian meeting that donald trump jr. had access to the wikileaks. i remember when cnn was just m explaining to us, as a matter of fact, that james comey, as a matter of hours, was going to swear that donald trump had mischaracterized the private meeting about whether they were subject -- it was all false.
9:30 pm
>> tucker: cnn has argued that others should lose their voice, be silenced, because they are "conspiracy theorist," but conspiracy theories that they have propagated on their air. >> they are also arguing that there type of behavior" should not be subject to pride to know my public scrutiny.e the only protocol, manners, politeness, and that is what trump's argument. it is not the content, not the prejudice, not the unprofessionalism, it is this particular time, he went over the edge, and you disrupted, you were rude, he took over anpae optional press conference. nothing in the constitution says he has to have a press conference. i can a member president reagan saying "i can't hear you." when somebody runs to donald trump, he runs over and talks. it is not only hypocritical, but it is a journalistic organization, violated the ethos of reporting in general, calling the kettle black and saying you can't do this against white house protocol. >> tucker: it is a shame to see a buffoon elevated to martyr status.
9:31 pm
now that cnn is on the side of free speech, i'm sure they will be advocating for all people. >> they could have sued in 2013 on behalf of fox. >> tucker: victor davis hanson, a man with a long memory. we appreciate it. thank you. there used to be dozens of pro-second amendment democrats in congress. there aren't anymore, now that the party is increasinglyse calling for disarming the public. do the public want that? that is next. ♪ in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. ♪ >> tucker: many of the democrats entering congress, of course, one of the top interest, one of the top public policies, disarming the population. just a decade ago about a quarter of candidates backed by the nra were in fact democrats. now the number of nra-backed democrats is 3. meanwhile, a new poll says theif
9:36 pm
top issue after single-payer health care is repealing the second amendment in order to bae guns. richard goodstein is a lawyer, former advisor to hillary clinton and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> sure. >> tucker: is this really the time as the country is becoming more chaotic to disarm the population? >> i can't speak for these people responding to the poll, i can tell you what nancy pelosi and house democrats are talkingi about, which is background checks. which 90% plus of the public supports, which had 54 votes in the senate when it was putting a >> tucker: we've said this a million times, democrats polled in a legitimate poll, their number two issue is repealing the second amendment, practically disarming the population, there are going to be calls for that. voters want their representatives to call for it. is this the time, and should it make the rest of us nervous, america getting crazier, obviously, to disarm all people?
9:37 pm
>> i don't buy the notion that that was a legit poll, a quarter of democrats think repealing the second amendment -- what ioc think, democrats are staying, what justice scalia said in the famous heller decision. the one case that much of the supreme court, where he said, a person has a right to a handgun to protect their home, period, and legitimate regulation in terms of guns and places that they can't be taken, schools, places, conditions on their sale -- >> tucker: we have all of those laws already. >> no one is talking about repealing that. >> tucker: let's stop lying, just for a second. you are not going to stop mass shootings, really, unless you take all of the guns away, that is the truth, and everybody knows that, honestly. so that is kind of the goal, and everyone really knows that, and i'm just wondering, what is the argument here? if you are arguing simultaneously that the police are racist and can't be trusted, which beto and other candidates have argued, and population a can't be trusted to defend itself and can't have firearms,
9:38 pm
what are you really saying? >> i think what democrats aren' saying -- and frankly, it republicans wish they had been saying it, because the ones backed by the nra, they lost toe democrats saying "we want back on check laws" and so forth. what they are saying, is things have gotten out of whack. the united states is unique in the world, it is not a mental health problem, their mentalue health problems everywhere else in the world, but we have this horrible gun problem here. >> tucker: we don't, because most americans are not a threat to anybody. this is what makes me nervous, a small percentage of people commit the overwhelming majority of shootings. but we are not thinking clearly about how to disarm them. all of these laws apply to i pose no threat to anyone. i really want to be able to defend myself, i know you do too. so why not leave me and normal people out of it, who pose no conceivable threat, and focus on the potential threats. no one ever is up for doing that. we all have to be disarmed. why? >> no one is talking about disarming anybody.
9:39 pm
elected officials are saying, we should have background checks so lunatics don't have the access to guns. >> tucker: the most recent shooting -- many of these shootings -- have been by people who had back on checks. the latest shooter, obviously, you just on california come with three back on track. the truth is, it is not just back on checks, which nobody really opposes. it is limiting the kind of firearms you can buy, limiting the size of the magazines you can use, limiting the kind of ammunition you can use and purchase. these are laws, restrictions, that affect normal people who should be able to defend themselves. why is that? >> when you say nobody really opposes -- when you have republican leaders to affirm the fact -- >> tucker: let's be serious. background checks, i buy gun, so i know, they are in place. b you go through it when you buy a gun. why would a magazine restriction, an ammo restriction, or an assault rifle restriction, apply to me? why am i not trusted to buy any
9:40 pm
kind of gun i want? i'm confused, honestly? >> the analogy ion would use ths the ways we basically made cars safer. there used to be a lot more fatalities on the road and we institute things like seat belts and airbags and other things. vehicles that could basically crush without crushing the passenger. and background checks is the first way to go. >> tucker: then why -- sincere question -- the assault rifle ban, a gun that looks scary should be banned, okay, that is the position, and a lot of candidates say they should be confiscated. why should my right to buy that gun be infringed? no, it is, though. why shouldn't i be able to buy that gun? i'm an american citizen, i don't pose a threat to anybody. why can't i have that gun? >> i think the concern is people get their hands on assault weapons who commit these crimes -- if you want to use your assault weapon on a range, go to a range, keep the gun they are, and he was that they are. >> tucker: maybe i want it in my house. >> you want an assault weapon to defend your house? >> tucker: what you are saying
9:41 pm
is we don't trust of the population of the country. we don't think you are autonomous, we don't think you ought to be able to make these decisions for yourself. we just don't trustt you. and i'm saying, why would i ever vote for someone who didn't trust me to have an ar-15 atst home, honestly? >> we didn't trust people totot drive without seat belts or airbags or so forth, we instituted things are going to make people safer.ou what we are saying -- >> tucker: you don't use a car to defend yourself. and you do use a firearm to defend yourself.wh no, why wouldn't you trust, 330 million people in the country, hundreds of millions of them pose no conceivable threat to anybody. so why can't we think of a law that spares them these regulations. is anyone even trying to think of that? >> of course they are. >> tucker: really, who? >> we are taking it step-by-step. ask any suburban mother, that is the problem, politically, these people that care -- they are going ve -- >> tucker: at the left is making this country chaotic andg myself.
9:42 pm
>> the voters don't have to buy what you just said. >> tucker: i don't care. we will see. richard, thankat you. amazon is getting billions of taxpayer dollars to expand into richest cities in america.on it's corporate welfare. the democratic party is all on board, and anybody who questions it could be investigated by an incoming committee chairman. what is going on? we will get to that in just a ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ >> tucker: florida isn't the only state with high-stakes recount in progress. just to the north, inda georgia, democrat stacey abrams has refused to concede in the governor's race. legal challenges of flying everywhere. democratic senator sherrod brown says if abrams is not declared a winner, almost by definition,
9:47 pm
the republic is "stole" the race. joining us now with an update, hey, lisa. >> hillary clinton is also saying that if abrams -- it is not a fair race if stacey abrams doesn't win. somehow, the race is not fair. mind you, brian kemp is up by 55,000 votes. stacey abrams would need 18,000 for a runoff. 16,000 to force a recount. there is only one county that has not certified the results of the election, that is ais gwinnett county, 158 out of the 159 counties have certified the results of the election. she is not going to find those numbers. she is not going to be governor of georgia.o yet, she refuses to concede, now have democrats like sherrod brown and hillary clinton making up excuses and saying that if somehow there is voter suppression, or something is awry, if stacey abrams does not win the selection. >> tucker: presumably, the
9:48 pm
goal is to infuriate democrats in the state of florida, sufficient that they come out to vote in 2020. they have to be thinking long term, right? >> i think stacey abrams is actually looking ahead at 2020, a possible run against senator purdue, i think that is why she is trying to hang in there. it is sort of ridiculous type hillary clinton be saying this, because you essentially have two losers being sore losers, withto hillary clinton and stacey we know hillary clinton still refuses to accept the results of the 2016 election, that votersil just weren't that into her, didn't want her comment and a delight to her, it is russia's bold come everybody else's fault, she literally wrote a book blaming everybody else but herself for the election loss. it looks like the democrats are the sore losers, refusing to accept the results of the election. >> tucker: amazing.ef a substantive case they are making. lisa, thank you for the update. >> thank you, tucker. appreciate it. >> tucker: elements of the
9:49 pm
right on the left have finally found something they can agree on, at least for the moment.r: opposing corporate welfare for amazon. jeff bezos getting billions in taxpayer subsidies to open a new headquarters in new york, and that is not all. part of a deal for amazon, the commonwealth of virginia is promising to form a company about any freedom of information requests it receives about amazon. the republican in the assembly, sent a letter to the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, questioning the wisdom. he joins us tonight. so, this is a little bit confusing, considering that a new york city has a lot of infrastructure needs, for example. you would think that amazon, run by the richest guy in the world, would be bringing something to the table. but instead, the taxpayers of new york are paying him to come. how does this work? >> it is incredible. it is guaranteed to be a boondoggle. what we are seeing is the most powerful, richest person in the world, going to be subsidized by
9:50 pm
regular people. wewe know that amazon in some cases destroys of the companies that compete. destroys jobs. it is one thing if that happens in the free enterprise system, but it is another thing to subsidize that. some of the very people whose jobs and businesses are going to be destroyed it to subsidize this monster, amazon. >> tucker: amazon is a monopoly. by definition, i think it is the enemy of the free market. who cut this deal for the state of new york? >> what is fascinating, governor cuomo is giving $1.7 billion -- with a b -- giving another billion dollars in new york city money. it is interesting, if this was a good deal, governor cuomo for election eight days ago, why didn't he announce it before the election? if this was a good deal, he certainly would have done it. he knows it is a bad deal. you have liberals, and what they are doing, introducing a bizarr. form of supply-side economics. lower taxes and business cost create jobs, but we're not going
9:51 pm
to do real supply-sidef economis where everyone gets a tax cut and everyone gets to compete, we are going to pick one winner and let everybody else wait while everybody elseg gets the rise. >> tucker: it is weird to see self-described liberals acting as the servants of the richest man in the world. >> it is, it is very strange. a little bit of credit, we live in a divided time in the united states, they have unified the left and the right, "the new york times" is against this, the conservative new york post editorial pages against it. the darling of the left, y alexandria ocasio-cortez, a new york city liberal, is against it. upstate conservatives like me are against it. unions are against them. business organizations are against it. the only one who seemsms to be r it are amazon, cuomo, and de blasio. >> tucker: as bad as every thing you just described is, the democratic state of virginia, run by liberals, they have agreed to warn amazon if news organizations file freedom of information requests to learn
9:52 pm
about amazon. i don't think i've ever seen anything that corrupt. >> that reminds me of the gilded age, where some of the companies became more powerful in the united states government there that is scary stuff right there. i will give virginia one thing,t they are getting the same number of promised jobs, and paying r one-third of the price. we are paying over $1.5 billion for 25,000 jobs from new yorke- state. virginia has paying half a billion, getting the same number of jobs for that was one of my questions for governor cuomo in my letter today, i would love tk see thebi answer for that. >> tucker: what can you do about it? you are a lawmaker in the statel he is not a king, can you undo this deal? >> we have had a long string of horrible economic develop meant deals in new york state and the six years i've been in legislator, and it is very difficult to get job creationno numbers. they can say, oh, we are going to this number of jobs, but when you ask them, how many of you created from what is the benchmark, where are we, one year, two years, three years in? if the file request, newspaper have to file, and it is very difficult to get information, he is here to cut the ribbon paid
9:53 pm
when this boondoggle fails, he will be out of politics and running for something else. he won't be here to pick up the pieces. but regular new yorkers will. >> tucker: you have to wonder, too, about the location of this deal. people in new york think it is a very rich place because new york city is the financial capital of the world. but upstate new york, parts of it have a lot of poverty, real poverty. americans suffering no jobs, high drug abuse, you are very aware of it. dying, exactly right, beautiful place for great people and it is dying. but amazon did not choose to help revitalize that part of the state, they moved to the richest part of the state. what does that tell you? >> i don't want to say $25,000 or whatever it is a drop in the bucket, but new york city, the metropolis of new york city, is a drop in the bucket. if you situated this facility in the middle of central new york, you would save an entire region. he would revitalize an entire region. and save what was once a thriving part of the manufacturing. but to put it in new york city -- here is a point. i would also like governor cuomo
9:54 pm
to answer. how do you know they weren't coming anyway? it is the median financial capital, one of the mostcu educated, dynamic workforces. wouldn't they be coming here anyway? they're not going to go to peoria. they're going to come to new york city. it did we just get played? another thing, the headquarters was supposed to be one secondo headquarters, then 22nded headquarters, one in virginia -- i would like to know, did cuomo reduce his bid when they got split in two? >> tucker: you find out the answer to that, come back and tell me, because we want to know. >> i will. >> tucker: new york should be proud to have you. the anniversary for our show, we are sentimental, we celebrate all of our anniversaries. we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪
9:55 pm
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>> tucker: tonight marks the second anniversary of the show. since we can't take the show out to dinner to celebrate, instead we'll show you a clip of what it first looked like when itwe launched at 7:00 eastern two years ago tonight. >> that's it. the first episode of "tucker carlson tonight."
9:59 pm
we'll be back every week night. what is the show going to be about? you can judge yourself.n here's the basic theme of it. people in power to until i, not because they want to buy, but because they can't help themselves. that is human nature. the more power they have, the bigger the temptation to use it. the press is supposed to be the watchdog of all of those, and it worked fine for a couple of decades, h then it all fall dominic fell apart. get back to basics here, hold the powerful accountable. pierce pomposity, translate doublespeak, mock smugness, barbecue nonsense every night. uehope you watch. >> tucker: they made me make a haircut -- t totally forgot until i just saw it. [laughs] people in power tend to lie. that was the theme then, that's the theme. that's always true. whether the show is at 7:00, 9:00, now at 8:00, we intend to stick to those promises and tell the truth regardless.
10:00 pm
thank you, by the way, for making the show pretty successful, more than we thought it would be. your loyalty has meant it makes all the difference. we appreciate it.e we will be back tomorrow. they show that is the swornen enemy of lying pomposity, smugness, groupthink. good night from washington. sean hannity live from tyignew york city. >> sean: first, congratulation on two years. you deserve all of it. you are right. we don't have this job without this great audience. one thing i got to add, this is your second year anniversary. whenis you get in your 23rd yea, a little bit of this white stuff is going to start sneaking in. >> tucker: oh, no, no. grecian formula, that is where i am going. >> sean: tucker, thank you. great show as always. welcome to "hannity." so much breaking tonight for the first members of that migrantem caravan, they have arrived in our southern border. some are actually seen scaling the fence between tijuana, san diego. we have the video.


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