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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you three will tell you about some seafood. >> dana: our other people enjoying watching a seed? >> greg: never miss an episode of "the five." hey, bret baier. >> bret: i enjoy watching you eat. this is the fox news alert. we have breaking news on the florida election recount. unofficial results indicate that the governor's race seems settled. but the u.s. senate race is heading to the manual recounts all coming as one copy misses today's deadline and the federal judge says the state has become a laughing stock over its election -- where they did actually meet the deadline today. good evening, peter. good evening >> good evening, bret. andrew gillum just gained one vote on the republican ron
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desantis. that race appears out of reach for gillum per the senate race till coup felt like too close to revealing that machines will noe overtaking elections anytime soon. a substantial amount of ballots were not counted in palm beach county's recount because the machines can keep up. those officials are explaining why they didn't buy new equipment when they didn't have a chance. >> i can't responsibly spend $11 million and a compliance. >> they were denied because officials there had not said whether they needed a few more hours or a few more weeks, which republican rick scott's campaign sees as a red flag. >> judge rich walker said he would not make decisions in darkness, palm beach county has not kept them in the loop, no one is in the loop in their progress. >> democratic senators bill nelson's lawyer going to court
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anyway saying, breaking, we've sued palm beach county to require a hand count of old ballots in the county due to systematic machine failure during the recount. nelson sits in second place right now, but he is leading with lawsuits filed. his campaign has filed eight, rick scott has filed six. they want him to follow up on reports that some democrats tried to encourage voters to send in ballots for two days after the election. the rubble can campaign manager says in a statement, bill nelson can stay silent and or do the right thing and -- they mostly watched county since last tuesday, broward, managed to submit results of their recount in 15 minutes ahead of the deadline. but the embattled election supervisor brenda snipes didn't have much to say. >> we are excited to close this.
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>> despite what brenda snipes told us the hours before the deadline, 3 minutes ago we got word that broward county actually submitted their results 2 minutes late and they were rejected by the florida secretary of state. that means the official results of the elections are going to be what stands. that said, rick scott's team telling me that they think he will be certified the winner on tuesday, but they did just lose in court. 11 circuit court of appeals in atlanta denied their appeal to a nelson motion which is leading people send in ballots for two more days if there was an issue with the signatures. that is a loss tonight for the scott team. >> bret: timeout. broward says they made the deadline here they are all happy they finally made the deadline. then they submitted 2 minutes late past the deadline? >> that is exactly what happened in the last three hours and
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15 minutes, yes. >> bret: a while back. peter, thank you. there are serious questions if nancy pelosi back in d.c. will be speaker of the house when democrats take over the chamber next year. pelosi does not yet have a visible challenger. most expect her to get the global were good. she has a group of democrats firmly against her return to the top spot. chief correspondent mike emanuel looks at both sides to that from capitol hill. >> i intend to win make the speakership with democratic votes. >> there are signs it will be easy. fox has confirmed that 70 democrats, some incumbents, some newly elected, signed all the letter that they will not accept pelosi. she noted that 14 were men. >> we got support from -- and the women who are new members in our caucus, so i get the upside, i think, of being a woman. you have to ask them.
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if, in fact, there is any of my subsidy in it, it's their problem. not mine. >> marcia fudge was openly said she's running for speaker too. >> she's the kind of new leader we need in this party. she's incredible. that's the kind of leader i want to see. >> new york republican tom reed considering backing pelosi if she endorses changes in rules that -- if pelosi finds a way to round up the votes, colleagues notes she has the challenge of leading a spirited group of freshmen. >> we've got to make sure we have practices in place in the caucus that their voices are heard. >> they are vocal. congressman elect alexandra because her court has pelosi's office on her first day of orientation. she's pushing for a green new deal and was to work towards the goal of 100% renewable energy. other democrats are pushing for medicare for all, which could
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cause 34 over $.6 trillion of years according to a george mason university study. there are those, including a likely chair who calls for impeaching president trump. a new member of the house g.o.p. leadership says keeping democrats mccright is not going to be easy. >> i'm sure minority leader pelosi likes the new energy that's coming in. the problem is most of that most of those incoming democrats are socialist. that's not a recipe for success. >> the >> some african-american members are taking offense, noting that no one has officially stepped up the challenge pelosi or with steny hoyer. some democrats predict it's going to get ugly. >> bret: mike, thanks. two distinct messages tonight from president trump. his administration is doing a great job, and the special counsel investigation is not.
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this comes as the president seeks to clarify his support for a key constituency. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us tonight from the north lawn. >> with all the talks swirling what about possible staff changes at the white house and who will stay and who will go, president trump today insisted that the white house is running smoothly. he pushed back against recent media reports that his support for the military is lacking. at the marine barracks and later at the white house, president trump reinforcing his support for veterans and the military. the president criticized for canceling their visit to an american world war i cemetery last week and because his helicopter was grounded. president trump has insisted he's gone to great lengths to back the military. >> i've done a lot. goodbye, everybody! >> while praising the military, president trump took new aim at the mueller investigation at a series of particularly vitriolic
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tweets this morning. the inner workings are a total mess, the president wrote. they have found no collusion and have gone absolutely nuts. they are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening with them to come up with the questions they want. they are a disgrace to our nation and don't care how many lives they ruin. the president also tweeting, universities will sometimes study what his gang of democrat thugs have done to people. the president's attacks to the mueller investigation including his appointment of matt whitaker as interim general stoked reactions today. >> wirelessly and basically ranted about the special counsel's investigation. doesn't matter to him that his claims have no basis. doesn't matter to him that his words may degrade faith in our independent law enforcement agencies and the rule of law. he perceives only according to
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self-insurance interest >> after whitaker met with lindsey graham today, lindsey graham saw no reason to do that. >> he has not a reason to recuse himself legally or factually. nothing i've seen would require him to be recused. i think he's got the background and judgment to for fill this job. >> grandma shot down republican senator jeff flake's threat to -- unless the senate picks up legislation to protect the mueller investigation. graham insisting he has no need. >> after having talked to mr. whitaker and the president, i have zero concern that mr. mueller's job is in jeopardy. >> president trump and his attorneys are still weighing whether to give robert mueller written answers to questions about the russian investigation.
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there is no sense of urgency here at the white house to find a permanent replacement for attorney general self sessions. white house officials say that matt whitaker can stay there as the interim attorney general for at least 200 days. it appears, bret, they like i'm just exactly where he is. >> bret: john roberts live in the north lawn. a federal judge has ruled that hillary clinton must answer more questions under oath about her confidential email set up during her time as secretary of state. the judge says clinton has 30 days to elaborate on the creation of that system and her past comments about it. clinton's use of an unauthorized private email system has been the subject of investigations and accusations since she left her job. top executives at facebook were slow to take action when they became aware of a russian campaign to use the social media platform to disrupt the 2016 election. that is the contention of a
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"new york times" story today. it says ceo mark zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg sought to conceal it from public view. the story details how he launched a campaign of damage control, distraction, and heavy-handed lobbying to avoid federal regulation. facebook's board said it pushed zuckerberg and sandberg faster on russian in the russian interference on the platform. the board at said they tried to -- in a conference call with reporters today, zuckerberg said he he was not interested in pursuing the truth is truth. outlaw flavors in all cigars and tighten rules governing the sale of most levered versions of flavored cigarettes. he will not allow a generation of children to become addicted
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to nicotine through the cigarettes. half of teens choose menthols and flavored e-cigarettes have been blamed for rising rates. the dow gained 209, the s&p 5000 finished ahead nine. the nasdaq jumped 123 today. already, a situation is becoming particular toxins tonight for british prime minister theresa may. she thought she had a deal for brexit. but tonight she faces major dissension and a challenge to her leadership. greg palkot is in london tonigh tonight. >> political chaos in the center of one of america's most important and economic allies, two years after the british people voted in a referendum to exit the european union, a move called brexit, along with a lot
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of negotiations. prime minister theresa may presented to the u.k. parliament her plan to leave the e.u. >> weakened rick >> weakened risk no >> almost no one in the house of commons seemed pleased. >> parliament cannot, and i believe will not, except a false choice between this bad deal and no deal. >> this anger has led to resignations in theresa may's cabinet including the secretary in charge of brexit. there is talk that the deal has to be changed again to get the deal passed parliament and even some efforts in her conservative party to get rid of may. >> we can't go on with a prime minister who is prepared to sign us up indefinitely to having taxation without representation. >> according to the prime minister, the deal does take back control from the e.u. bureaucracy, a major complaint of prose
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pro brexit defenders. the u.k. will have to accept many regulations from the e.u. very complicated by northern ireland, the only bit of the u.k. that borders a e.u. country, ireland, plus some yearning to stay in the e.u. >> i also feel sorry for her because we've actually given her an impossible task. we know, increasingly in this country and in this house, there is no deal better than staying in the european union. >> prime minister may said today that there would be no second referendum on brexit. the danger is they would be no deal either. the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. march 29th next year one way or another. bret? >> bret: greg palkot in london. back here in the u.s., president trump will visit victims in california saturday. the death toll in the southern part of that state has climbed to three as concerns grow about mudslides now.
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up in the northern part of california, hundreds of people are combing through charred remains looking for bodies. at least 56 people have been killed so far. many more still missing. officials feel more, fear more that people are buried beneath the ashes. course body and claudia count has more tonight from the devastated town of paradise. >> it was one week ago today that paradise, california, has become hell on earth. >> we tried to get back up to see our houses yesterday. it's going to be a four months. paradise is gone. >> totally flattened. all that's left is ashes. it's just heartbreaking because we really thought we were going to go back. >> and grimacing for search teams looking for those who didn't make it. nearly 500 people and the 200 cadaver dogs coming through the ashes.
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says dozens are still unaccounted for and the death toll keeps rising. >> during the course of our search, an additional eight human remains were uncovered. that brings the total up to 56. >> adding to the misery, and outbreak of the contagion normal >> i thought it was just the food. i don't know, it's hitting me really hard. >> health care workers saying they are doing a lot to prevent a spread. >> wiping down a lot of services having contact with food and certainly educating our people in the shelter too often wash their hands and pay a lot of attention to hygiene. >> federal and state officials assess the damage from nearly the 100,000-acre woolsey fire, the secretary of the interior promising the federal government will work hand-in-hand with california. >> there is no silver bullet to
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these fires. the seasons have gotten longer. the temperatures are hotter. we are in the midst of a historic drought. the solution is working togethe together. >> call their wins helping fire crews help the upper hand. they are hoping to get full containment on both of these fires by the end of the month, but smoke is making the air quality is so bad, classes are being canceled in the san francisco bay area. 170 miles away. >> bret: smoke all across the west. up next, saudi arabia says it will seek the death penalty for the murderers of the saudi journalist. why that might not satisfy the u.s. and other nations. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 4 in dallas say a serial killer is linked to -- 78-year-old samuel riddle has cooperated in providing
3:18 pm
information on killing going back to the 1980s. currently serving life sentences for murders of three women. box 7 in austin, texas, where six women are suing the catholic diocese of austin, the bishop, one priest for sexual abuse they say was swept under the rug. victims say they reported the abuse to the diocese, but instead of firing the priest, he was moved to another parish. the diocese has the priest has been put on leave twice and remains on leave at this time. this is live look at orlando from our fox affiliate there, box 35. the big story there, a federal judge dismisses two lawsuits brought by survivors and victims families of a deadly mic club massacre in florida. the lawsuit alleged that the city over lender, police officers, and an off-duty police officer working security at the nightclub did not do enough to stop the shooter and protect patrons. 2016 massacre at the polls nightclub left 49 people dead and 53 others injured. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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>> bret: saudi arabia's top prosecutor says he'll seek the death penalty for five suspects accused in the merger of journalist jamaal khashoggi at
3:23 pm
the kingdoms consulate in turkey. the trump administration is exerting even even more economic pressure against the saudis. correspondent benjamin hall tells us where things stand right now. >> six long weeks after he was murdered, his killers are being charged and the u.s. is responding. during a rare press conference. the saudi prosecute indicted 11 saudis for his murder and called for the death penalty of five. hours later, the u.s. treasury department announced actions on the seven saudis on their case, prohibiting americans from doing business with them saying, "i'll action today is an important step in responding to khashoggi's killing." the state department will continue to seek all relevant facts and hold accountable those involved in the killing of jamaal khashoggi. the move comes four weeks after secretary pompeo traveled to saudi arabia to demand answers. and today, the saudi foreign minister reiterated that the
3:24 pm
royal family had nothing to do with it. >> nothing to do with this issue. in fact, the national security advisor in the u.s. said this was a rogue operation. >> today turkey said the saudi expedition fell way short of their expectations. >> we think that these steps are positive but insufficient for those ordering this murder need to be uncovered. >> the saudis have accused general al-siri of giving the order, believing he had been working with foreign countries. the saudis say the team had planned to bring him home, but it went wrong after a fight. they continued to claim his dismembered body was given to a local collaborator and they have no idea where it is. these sanctions are the first tangible steps by the u.s., but many people feel that the real culprit, those at the top,
3:25 pm
remain unpunished. bret? >> bret: benjamin hall, thank you. up next, why celebrity attorney says why michael avenatti says he's the victim in charges of domestic violence allegations. south korea exploded in front my guard post today. the move is part of an agreement signed in september with north korea to reduce animosity that sparked last year's fears of war. south korea says the north is demolishing its guard post as well. also today, north korean military reports that kim jong un has inspected a test of a newly developed and unidentified high-tech weapon. afghan officials say 30 policemen were killed in a blistering overnight attack by the taliban on an act began police outpost in western farah province. the latest in brutal and daily taliban assaults on the police forces, government, and other installations throughout afghanistan. the pentagon says it will reduce
3:26 pm
its forces in africa by 10% over the next several years. there are about 7200 defense department personnel operating on the continent. the stated reason is to shift the military's attention toward security threats from russia and china. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ applebee's bigger bolder grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. a town where almost half the population is self-employed. this is stonington, maine, lobster fisherman is the lifeblood of this town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington,
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>> bret: celebrity attorney, trump critic, and possible presidential candidate michael avenatti says tonight he is the victim after his arrest on the domestic violence charge can achieve correspondent jonathan hunt has more on the allegations and what avenatti is saying. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> a sharp statement known from the lawyer -- released from police custody last night on $50,000 bail and heading straight to weighting tv cameras to dismiss the allegations against him as untrue and as a attempt to besmirch his reputation. >> i am not going to be intimidated from stopping what i am doing. >> the incident allegedly happened at avenatti's los angeles apartment and police say there were injuries to the
3:31 pm
victim. avenatti's estranged wife said she was not involved, and his first wife defended him in a tweet saying, has never been abusive and is "a good man." became famous representing stormy daniels, the porn actress who alleges she had an affair with donald trump in 2006. daniels issued a statement today saying she will reserve judgment judgment, adding "i do not condone violence against women and if these allegations prove true, i will be seeking new representation." avenatti also represents julia swetnick who accused now justice brett kavanaugh of abusing wome women. -- tweeting today to complain about "bogus facts" and saying
3:32 pm
"there is a lot of inaccurate reporting out there." avenatti has openly talked about mounting a 2020 presidential bed, and complicated by these allegation allegations. >> bret: thank you. to the border. hundreds of central american migrants, the first wave of people from several caravans traveling through mexico are at the tijuana border tonight. national correspondent william la jeunesse is in tijuana tonight. >> hundreds of migrants rolled into tijuana thursday, seeing u.s. soil for the first time. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: we expect to find an army, people said they are waiting. >> contractors welded rail razor wire to the fence. >> translator: we came to this
3:33 pm
place so children can see the beach. >> these migrants raced ahead, leaving behind thousands more waiting for transportation. >> especially the women with children, you know, with the babies, they need those. >> back in tijuana, uncertainty. >> translator: waiting to look for a job. >> most do, but people say ambition is irrelevant. >> mexico has already offered asylum to these individuals. your asylum claim here, unless it's fear from mexico, is not probably going to go well. he will be arrested, you will ultimately be returned to your country. >> border officials say they apprehended a dozen caravan migrants last night, some near the beach, some near the mountains east of san diego. they believe they got the bad advice coming up north. >> somebody has to inform them. let them know, hey, it's not going to be easy.
3:34 pm
>> the border is not closed, officials stressed, but caravan migrants are expected to get in line like everyone else. >> we will not deny access to part of entry, but we will ask undocumented migrants to wait until we have the capacity to process. >> the city opened the sports park for the immigrants. we are told u.s. officials that the asylum services at the port of entry, those are also at capacity. a six week wait for an interview. what does that mean for the caravan? that could mean a long time here as they compete for food and shelter space. u.s. officials fear many will go impatient, bret, and simply rush and tried to go to the border illegally in large groups in vulnerable areas. >> william la jeunesse live with parts of the caravan in mexico. william, thank you. country music singer roy clark has died. clark best known for hosting the comedy program "hee haw" for
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>> bret: i have overwhelming support in my caucus to be speaf the house and we have many people in our caucus who could serve in this capacity. i happen to think at this point i am the best person for that. >> reporter: [interesting question] vehicle i just might >> there are a number of people. >> bret: marcia fudge from
3:40 pm
ohio saying she just might stand for a candidate for speaker against nancy pelosi. if you take a look at the 70 democrats who wrote a letter who wrote -- five are incoming members. nancy pelosi hinting at sexism hinting 14 of them are men, but is she in trouble? a poll recently out says her job performance at 17% of those polled. the question, should democrats select policy as house speaker, big 17%, , -- what about this power struggle? is it a split? byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner," amy's daughter , and katie babbage. there is dissension that she, pelosi, is usually good at
3:41 pm
cracking the whip and getting people to come to line. is that the case this time? >> well, there is more than 17 people. at one point, there were 37 pelosi reserve users review users there is more defense that is conditional. it doesn't amount too much that marcia fudge has said that she is considering doing it, but she doesn't have a juggernaut behind her. there are people who would jump if they knew they would not be punished and there was an alternative. that makes a potential problem for speaker pelosi. but she is very, very good at cracking that with. she made sure that people out on the campaign trail saying i'm not going to support her didn't use the word vote so they knew she help them get through their primary, she got the riffraff out of the way, she helped them win their general. she's going to be handing out a
3:42 pm
lot of candy. the people who think it's worth it are like republicans a decade ago who would say of tom delay, nobody has to like him but he gets the job done. i think it's a mistake to go with pelosi but in the end they will because they do not have much of a force. >> bret: here is kathleen rice on how opponents would defeat pelosi. >> the first thing is we have to show that the leader cannot get to 80, i'm glad the sea marcia is thinking about it and once we show the leader cannot get to 218, you'll see other people throw their hat in the ring too. >> bret: the phrase we've been hearing around capitol hill for a while, you can't beat somebody with nobody. >> i think that's still the case. perhaps marcia fudge or someone else will throw their hat in, what you just heard from kathleen rice, is really kind of a hail mary.
3:43 pm
if they simply can prove that pelosi doesn't have the votes somebody will come in and unite us all. i think this is a scenario that is very, very unlikely. >> bret: this is what happened from republicans when kevin mccarthy didn't have the votes, paul ryan are likely at first, then he ended up being speaker. >> there is a lot of talk about paul ryan being speaker of the house before that happened. who is being talked about as speaker of the house here? just me. >> bret: the other thing here as democrats looking, balance of power here so far, new balance of power, democrats picking up a net game of 35 so far, but there are a number of seats yet to be called. they could end up at 36, 37, may be even 39. that's starting to get in blue wave territory. >> as we wait for the official end results of this election that seems to continue to drag
3:44 pm
on, but i want to go back to nancy pelosi. even with the new numbers, if she does get the speakership, which she probably will based on the never pelosi movement probably dying out once they realize she is the only choice, when it comes to her future and working in that coalition, we have to question whether she still has the magic touch. is she still able to keep her coalition together. will she spend more time wrinkling democrats with this new incoming freshman class of alexandria ocasio-cortez participating in the protest against her. a number of people on the left elected in that you freshman class who have that far left-wing perspective and an they want thing like elective for all, they want socialist policies to be governed on. if nancy pelosi will allow those things on the floor will be a big problem. whether she'll be fighting democrats more than fighting the white house will be a serious question if she gets the
3:45 pm
speakership. >> that's why the final vote count is so important. we were hearing that democrats picked up 27 which put them right over the 218, 222? that's really hard to get to 218 of your own party together on any given vote. if they do get to 238, 239, there is some pad. they can lose some of their members on the fringes and still get soft past. the final vot really big. >> bret: at the same time nancy pelosi will pick up this story, at least in decades, win. chuck schumer is going to lose seats -- we don't know yet how many. he's going to. even kyrsten sinema didn't object. >> when you want controversial and unify the caucus more than you divide them and you have a good special touch, people don't come up and challenge you. they don't even challenge but
3:46 pm
the fact they are out in the open saying, we really need to give her the heave hole, is very significant. that's the difference. but his membership believe they can move forward without him. a whole bunch of democrats, including the new socialist, need to move forward without he her. the one next up, the president goes off on the special counsel investigation and the latest from the recounts. capability meets power. in the first suv from the ford performance team. the new 2019 ford edge st. jushis local miracle ear t at helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. we just brought you the recount updates from florida. breaking news now. the scott campaign, this is heading to a manual recount to the senate race in florida. they are alleging that the broward county supervisor brenda snipes as we told you at the top of the show missed the deadline by 2 minutes to submit broward county's recount a number because, the scott campaign is saying, that it would invalidate those numbers. because in that count, they say rick scott picked up 779 votes. in other words, he lost less than nelson didn't fit with the late submission blamed on an official who didn't know how to use the website to send them to the state, broward's results expect to the unofficial prerecount total which would put nelson back 779 closer.
3:51 pm
that's where we are. that's where we are tonight. waiting for the latest out of the nelson campaign and from mrs. snipes who walked out of the room soon after that deadline was missed. we are back with the panel. byron, this is kind of nuts. this thing is nuts. >> it is nuts. we do not know the truth of what the campaign is saying, but the fact is this machine recount has not really helped democrats. the whole idea was it would help democrats. in the case of the senate race, it would go on to a hand recount. the governor's race is over now. it didn't make a big difference and ron desantis is going to be the governor of florida. the thing is in the senate race, scott's lead is about 12,500 votes. we've all heard there had been 26 statewide recount since the year 2003, three of them changed and those change within hundreds of votes, not thousands of vote votes.
3:52 pm
there is no practical sense in which somehow bill nelson picks up more than 12,500 votes in this. >> bret: ab, all day long broward saying we are going to make the deadline and they miss it by 2 minutes and turns out there was a net gain for scott? >> if you look back at brenda snipe's career, she was brought in by the former governor jeb bush because the person before her was a disaster. >> bret: she's a democrat, though -- >> i hold him fully accountable for the state of the voting system in lord of today. it's on him. ron desantis better clean it up in the next few years. brenda snipes has had a very spotty record. she finally gets it in with 2 minutes to spare? rick scott is ahead. he's going to win this but i think he's been incredibly petty. there is no evidence to --
3:53 pm
to be one who has been petty? >> rick scott has! let this courts decide -- >> bret: you have to concede this counting and snipe turning it in 2 minutes late, isn't that kind of crazy? >> i think brenda snipes shouldn't be in this entire thing and i put that on brenda rick scott. jeb bush hired her and her spotty record went all the way -- he could've replaced her with someone else. i'm exasperated with this. i put it on rick scott. he's the governor of florida. >> bret: this is on the georgia race. this is hillary clinton and sherrod brown. >> i know stacy well. she's one of my strong surrogates in the campaign. if she had a fair election, she already would've won.
3:54 pm
>> if stacy abrams doesn't win in georgia, they stole it. it's clear. i say that publicly. it's clear. >> bret: they say it's clear for the race in georgia for governor, the separation is 54,966 votes. when anyone mentions any irregularities, anything possibly considering possible fraud or any problems, it is suddenly, you are undermining the system. yet when these two high-profile democrats say it about georgia, it's somehow okay? >> as we've seen with headlines about people talking about the florida issues and broward county history, there is no evidence to prove there is any fraud going on in georgia. there is a load of evidence to show that the law has not been followed -- >> bret: or at least irregularities. >> but that's a breach of florida election law. they have not been following the deadlines they are required to by law including tonight.
3:55 pm
if brenda snipes and her officials are going to argue that they had problems as election officials with submitting results to the secretary of state website because they didn't know how to use the website, they deserve to all be fired. i agree with you that ron desantis has an obligation to go in and look at a full accounting to whether these rules, laws, regulations being followed out in florida. >> bret: 2020 is around the corner. when we come back, consistently consistency pays off really bigly. ♪ when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums
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>> bret: and finally tonight, retail poster worker robert bailey 1,300,000,000 in powerball playing the same numbers for 25 years. >> i believe in god and you know all the power came from him. but i asked a family member to give me six numbers and pick them out. they gave me eight, 12, 19, 27, and 40.
4:00 pm
so the first five numbers on the powerball, i changed the 42 for >> 42 for 4240, 24. ed henry is hosting tonight. breaking tonight -- >> come on in, the water is warm. >> ted: to bring it on says nancy pelosi. pelosi issuing a warning to fellow democrats, if you want that speaker's gavel, you have to come take it. i'm ed henry, and for martha maccallum. senator kamala harris one of the many democrats eyeing a potential white house run and raising eyebrows on the hill by comparing law enforcement agents and i.c.e. to