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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 16, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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thanksgiving, get the happy cookbook today. >> great job. >> good job, steve. >> buy the cookbook. >> sandra: the situation in california get pg more dire as we're learning 66 people are confirmed dead. more than 600 others still missing. good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. authorities warning there could be more grim discoveries to come as they comb through neighborhoods that have been reduced to ash and rubble. the fires displacing tens of thousands of people, many uncertain when or if they will be able to return home. >> considering i'm an old lady, i'm hoping to go back. i had government housing.
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and i'm hoping that the government replaces so that we can live back up there. it was a beautiful place to live. >> i feel very fortunate to have a van. i look at other people with a car and kids and feel like i'm driving around in a hotel. >> i had one morning where i broke down and cried, yesterday morning. but for the most part i'm keeping a smile on my face. >> sandra: jeff paul as an update from malibu. what's the latest on the fire in northern california? >> sandra, authorities releasing a staggering and sobering number last night. 631. that's the number of unaccounted for people as a result of the camp fire that has burned in northern california. volunteers are now helping in the efforts to sift through the wreckage looking for any remains. the situation so bad investigators are using mobile dna lives to help identify victims. the death toll stands at 63 in this fire.
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that number likely to rise with so many missing. >> you feel terrible for these people. it has been devastating for them. i couldn't imagine coming back here if this was my home. your hope is that if there are missing people we can find them and bring some closure to people that need that. >> 10,000 structures destroyed in the camp fire in northern california. it is burning about 80 miles north of sacramento, many of which are homes, 52,000 people at the moment are displaced. so a lot of people looking for shelter. looking for a place to stay. sandra. >> sandra: complete devastation in so many of these areas. the update in the north. what's going on with the fires in southern california. >> here in southern california where we are in malibu conditions here have improved greatly. the winds have died down. there is some humidity in the air. it is not so dry. they're lifting some of the evacuation orders for some
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neighborhoods. many neighborhoods, especially the ones we've been at in malibu, they aren't letting people back in and it all comes down to safety. the firefighters we spoke with said there are a couple of things at work. a lot of downed power lines and gas lines that could be considered dangerous. there is also the point of traffic. if they allow all these people to return back with the areas greatly impacted by the fires it won't allow crews to move freely and get this area restored. there are some spot fires popping back up. the thing they want to stress to some of those people. they understand they're frustrated but give us some time. we have to make it safe before we let you back in. >> sandra: all those involved in the search and rescue efforts, so many still unaccounted for. thank you. >> jon: president trump is scheduled to visit california tomorrow. the white house says he will be meeting with people affected by the wildfires. interior secretary ryan zinke and brock long have already
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toured the situation. he said it's worse than anything he saw in iraq. we know that maybe the 631 people are living in tents or they just can't get ahold of all of them yet. that's what authorities hope. >> sandra: some of the before and after pictures of the area it is hard to believe what's happening there. the search and rescue efforts 631 still accounted for and mention. it is a horrible situation. in florida. the senate race there going through a hand recount. a live look now as the recount there gets underway in broward county, florida. the county officially missing the machine recount deadline by two minutes causing the results to be voided. that news sparking anger from the rick scott campaign as well as calls for bill nelson to concede. >> we've had an election in florida, we've counted all the
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votes. we've recounted all the votes. governor scott is ahead of senator nelson. today is the day bill nelson has to look in the mirror and ask himself if he would like to end his career dragging the entire state of florida through the courts for more time. >> sandra: peter doocy is live in florida. why didn't broward county submit their results on time? >> because a top official said he wasn't familiar with the website to submit results. so they were not input in time and broward county had their recount results reject epidemiology. that's even though officials came forward ahead of time before 3:00 yesterday to say everything was going to be in. so i had a chance to ask brenda snipes, the supervisor of elections here, what was the point of saying everything was going to be okay when it wasn't? >> well, the results were in progress when i came out and made the statement. the result would be uploaded as i came out to speak to you.
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according to what we were told from the division of elections, our completion was 3:02 and should have been 3:00. >> broward county's recount results are irrelevant. the state is going with their initial unofficial tally instead and that's why scott's campaign is accusing the county of missing the deadline on purpose. if the recount results stand here rick scott gains a few hundred votes on bill nelson in the heavily democratic county. if the results don't stand, which they don't, rick scott doesn't extend his lead at all. >> sandra: how long is the hand recount expected to take? >> officials are going to try to have 30,000 ballots counted by 7:00 tonight. these are just the ballots where people either picked too many candidates or not enough candidates. there are 100 tables inside with six people at each. county officials and republicans and democrats. they think that they can review
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one ballot every 30 seconds but that's just if nobody at the table out of the six decides to challenge a voter's intent, which will be tough. sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy. thank you. >> jon: for more on this let's bring in hugo gurdon, from "the washington examiner". what is the meaning of those two or three minutes by which broward county missed the deadline yesterday? >> you know, jon, when you have every mistake you make tends towards a particular result people start to see a pattern. when it is you returning your tax returns to the i.r.s. and everything is going in your favor and pay less they start to wonder about fraud. what it's an election supervisor and mistake, after mistake and incompetence and incompetence it is not surprising that rick scott would see some deliberate action here. as peter doocy was reporting, if the machine count had gone
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-- the results had been confirmed. been allowed and valid he would have gained 779 votes extending his lead on bill nelson, the democrat. by being two minutes late it forces the whole state into a hand recount. of course, when you get a hand recount it introduces the possibility of human error or the possibility of further malfeasance. i think that rick scott's campaign is probably right to feel that this is at least suspicious. >> jon: scott's campaign lost out on 780 votes because of the administrator missing the deadline yesterday but there are about 12,600 votes between the two campaigns. does anybody think this recount in broward is going to make that kind of a difference that the election results could be overturned? >> that's a crucial point, jon. even though the percentages
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that triggered these counts are tiny. you look at half a percentage point will trigger a machine recount, a quarter percentage point will trigger a hand recount. in a state as big as florida, these are huge numbers of votes. ron desantis has 33,000 votes more than andrew gillum for the governor's race and as peter was just saying, there are 12,600 votes more for governor scott than there are for his democratic opponent bill nelson. now, that 779 votes would have extended rick scott's lead by just 6 1/2%. these are very small amounts of change. i don't think that -- i think it's very -- it would be appropriate for people to think wait a second, you really expect to overturn 12,600 votes? if that were to happen i think more suspicions would be raised. >> jon: so they're supposed to have this hand recount finished by sunday, isn't that correct? >> sunday at noon.
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>> jon: in the meantime florida voters are left twisting in the wind and the longer this goes, it seems like the less trust there will be in the process for the next election and the one after that and the one after that. >> right. broward county was at the heart of the 2000 recount. then just after the 2016 election, the same beautifully named brenda snipes, the broward county election supervisor was found by the court to have illegally destroyed ballots relating to the 2016 election. she was -- court ruled last week she illegally concealed information relating to the ballots. the mistrust of elections in florida is absolutely justified. there has been either culpable incompetence and negligence or perhaps there has been fraud. i don't want to characterize it as one or the other but it has been one or the other. >> jon: hugo gurdon "washington examiner". thanks. >> sandra: we'll have a lot
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more on this coming up later in the show. we'll speak with former house speaker newt gingrich and florida attorney general pam bondi, as well as former white house press secretary sean spicer. as you very clearly laid out in this discussion, still a lot of questions about where this all goes next. >> jon: it isn't over until it's over and florida is not over yet. >> sandra: we have this breaking news. new evidence that kim jong-un is continuing the work on his ballistic missiles program. we're going to have the new report on that plus there is this. >> do you believe he did not have a reason to recuse himself. nothing i've seen would require him to be recused. he has the background and judgment to be -- to fulfill this job. >> sandra: lindsey graham couldn'ting confident on matthew whitaker. do his republican colleagues feel the same way? plus the white house calling on
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congress to act when it comes to border security. iowa senator jodi ernst will join us on all of that next. >> the president has made very clear you can immigrate to this country legally and go through one of the 26 ports of entry and present your claim. the president wants borders and border security.
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>> when it comes to the mueller investigation i'm confident he will handle it professionally. there is a chain of command and how you oversee things like that. i have every confidence that regular order will be followed and he will make sure that mr. mueller has the ability to complete his job in a professional manner. >> sandra: that was senator lindsey graham putting his faith in new acting attorney general matthew whitt kier despite reports some republican lawmakers are concerned about how president trump's pick to
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replace jeff sessions. jodi ernst is the new vice chairwoman of the senate gop conference. congratulations on that by the way, senator, good to have you on the program this morning. so first off you just heard from a very confident lindsey graham after meeting with him, he says he has the assurance that he will not fire robert mueller. do you share in that confidence? >> well, i certainly do. i have known mr. matt whitaker for a very long time. he is from iowa and i know him to be a man of integrity. he does uphold the law. i feel confident that whatever he shared with senator graham yesterday was truthful and i know lindsey, of course, very well and if he has confidence, certainly i have confidence as well. >> sandra: what about this idea and political report that some members of your party are pushing the president to nominate a new attorney general quickly here to sort of quell
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the firestorm. could that go a long way? >> well, we do know that this -- the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the president and it is up to the president to determine who serves on his cabinet. so i would love to see him make a nomination and whoever that nomination is we will provide advice and consent for the president. but we do want someone that does have integrity and will uphold the law. >> sandra: it all happens ahead of government funding talks. how is that starting to shape up and what that might look like? >> we do know that we need to get our budget -- appropriations bill done and we need to do that in short order before funding runs out and we want to make sure we're working towards the president's goal as well as making sure that we're securing the border. certainly i would love to see us proceed without a government shutdown. so that means we need to be communicating quite clearly with the white house and doing the absolute best we can to
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achieve both goals. >> sandra: what about the white house? there are reports now that the president is not committing to avoiding a partial government shutdown. he wants funding for the border wall to be included in this. what are you hearing? >> well, the president has made that commitment to the american people. he has stated that he will build a wall and secure our borders and so we need to be working with the administration to make sure he is able to achieve that for the american people. so i hope that we are able to avoid a government shutdown. i don't support shutting down our government. i think we have a lot of programs that are absolutely necessary to keep up and going. but certainly we want to work with the president. i would love to see a secure border myself. >> sandra: that being said, we're now looking at a divided split congress and democrats controlling the house. and there seems to be division
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within the democrat party over who is going to lead things. nancy pelosi says come on in, the water is warm. there is a lot of talk of needing new, younger fresh blood to lead the democratic party. nancy pelosi is very confident she will be the next speaker. what do you know about that? >> well, it is happening over in the house chambers and i'm very excited to see how that turns out. i felt exactly the same way here in the senate in a republican conference as well. we need to share our enthusiasm with the american people and make sure we clearly communicate our wonderful successes. we just need to connect with our voters. so good luck to them in the house. we'll see how that shakes out. >> sandra: still you have a big job to do and continuing to push through the white house agenda. do you see and what does that look like? do democrats end up working with republicans to get something done? >> well, we can work together, i know that for certain.
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we've done a number of very large bipartisan bills that have passed and been signed into law by president trump. now, it will need to be a concerted effort to make sure that we are working with the house as it switches to a democratic majority. there is a lot that we can get done and i do hope the democrats over there instead of stalling and trying to divide america, that they will decide they need to work with the republican-held senate and achieve the goals of the president. >> sandra: if i could just conclude by asking you, you say there is a lot that you can get done bipartisan efforts. just what would be your priority there. >> of course, we have our appropriations bills that need to get done. we'll need to start working on a budget and the next year's appropriationss bills right away. that is a priority for congress and that's what we need to do. we have the power of the purse. we need to focus on those efforts and need to maintain a strong military and of course always work for our veterans. >> sandra: senator, great to have you on the program this morning.
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come back. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: well, an early winter storm taking the northeast by surprise. the big apple and its suburbs covered in snow and slush making conditions on the roads and bridges dangerous for drivers and creating a nightmare for commuters. >> i think this is crazy we have snow already before thanksgiving. >> i didn't think it would be this heavy. >> when you hit an exit there were traffic trailers stopped everywhere. make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna®. everyday progress. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can...
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6:25 am
still. a massive crowd filling the port authority bus terminal. the mess inspired the "new york post" covered. snow joke. city takes heat over storm chaos. city has not seen november snow like this since the 1800s. >> sandra: so many people who have commutes that are minutes turned into hours. it was not a joke about those cars all along the highway this morning. there were cars that were still sidelined, buses even. it got messy. >> jon: seven hour commute home from one woman that is normally an hour or less. >> sandra: people running out of gas. >> jon: it was ugly. >> sandra: we wake up to a new morning. north korea claiming it has tested a new hi-tech tactical weapon. state media released the photo of kim jong-un suspecting the alleged test site at the same moment vice president mike pence is meeting with asian
6:26 am
allies overseas. good morning. >> worrying news and maybe some positive news relating to north korea today. first to the worrying stuff. kim jong-un taking a look at what seems to be a sophisticated artillery unit in that state media report. tactical implies a more localized combat. probably not a missile or nuclear weapon he is looking at but the first time since last november that k*im has observed any kind of military testing. then it was the launch of an icbm missile capable of hitting the united states. this could be a response to the marine drills and exercises happening now. both actions not quite in the spirit of june's singapore summit. vice president pence had a stop in singapore said yesterday that he felt there could be another summit coming next month -- next year. another positive pyongyang doesn't seem to be hanging on to americans as long as it used
6:27 am
to. after the release of three americans held for a long time it announced it will be deporting an american citizen who crossed into north korea illegally from china a month ago. more details to come on that and finally, south korea this week blew up a military post in the dnc in an effort to ease tensions involving these two countries on the korean peninsula. no one said it would be easy. >> sandra: greg palkot in london. thank you. >> jon: more than 600 people now reported missing in california. 66 others confirmed dead as the situation in that state goes from bad to worse. latest details on the wildfires ahead plus there is this. >> the one thing he made clear for 3 1/2 years and helped him win the presidency is that we are a sovereign nation in need of physical borders. >> sandra: the white house making it clear president trump wants the wall and wants congress to take action. but is he willing to shut down the government over it?
6:28 am
>> jon: outrage over the president's pick for acting attorney general. arizona congressman andy biggs is here to talk about it. prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> jon: fox news alert on california's wildfires. at least 66 people are now dead. the number of missing spiking to more than 600 as wildfires ravage both ends of that state. the camp fire in the north leveling the town of paradise forcing more than 50,000 people out of their homes. that fire now ranks as the state's deadliest and most destructive ever. ryan zinke visited the state on wednesday. >> there is no silver bullet to these fires. the seasons have gotten longer, the temperatures are hotter. we're in the midst of an historic drought. we have to work together as a team to make sure that we prevent this from happening again. >> jon: president trump plans
6:32 am
to travel to the fire zone this weekend to meet with survivors and fire crews. >> sandra: something to get on the ground and actually see the devastation. >> jon: unbelievable. zinke has seen war zones in iraq and he said this is worse than anything he saw over there. >> sandra: horrible. we still learn more and still many still missing. >> the president is keeping all options open. he made that clear. the one thing he made clear for 3 1/2 years now and helped him to win the presidency indeed is that we're a sovereign nation in need of physical borders and i don't know if there is anything he has been more explicit and consistent on in the last 3 1/2 years. conscious need to act. >> sandra: that is kellyann conway on "fox & friends" this morning. she says the president wants that border wall and is keeping all options open. rich edson is live at the white house. could this lead to a government shutdown? >> good morning, sandra.
6:33 am
president trump says he may very well be willing to shut down the government or allow this to lapse if congress refuses to provide the funding for a wall that he is looking for according to an interview he conducted with the daily caller. the white house is looking for $5 billion for this fiscal year. democrats have agreed to a billion and a half dollars for border security. >> republican and democratic congresss have failed to meet the president's very modest demands on ending the visa lottery system and ending chain migration. he was willing to do a deal on daca, the dreamers, and of course i think one of the centerpieces, the wall funding. we see day in and day out that people are pouring over the borders, the drugs that are coming through our southern border is unbelievable. fentanyl, heroin, cocaine. 1.6 billion is a modest down payment for the security of this nation. >> of the funding and the debate around it mitch
6:34 am
mcconnell said we had a good discussion about funding the government and the year end items. we're optimistic we can get it done and get the farm bill done and move towards the conclusion of the session. we talked about border security and how to we resolve all this. we're optimistic we have a way forward. much of the government scheduled to shut down december 7 if congress and the white house fail to agree to fund the government on a package that does so. >> sandra: it continues cooperating with the mueller appropriate according to the white house. >> kellyann conway spoke to us and said the white house is cooperating and the president is cooperating. stressed the president maintains his position there was no collusion during the 2016 election after the president said this week that bob mueller and his gang of democrat thugs have destroyed people as the president is working through written answers to the special counsel's questions. that also continues down here in d.c. >> sandra: thank you, rich. >> jon: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are still raising
6:35 am
concerns over new acting attorney general matthew whitaker. let's bring in arizona congressman andy biggs, a member of the house judiciary committee. congressman, good morning and thanks for being with us. are you one of those who has concerns about matthew whitaker? >> i am not. i don't have concerns. i think d.o.j. has cleared him. he has a stellar record, a great leader. even one of my adversaries rod rosenstein approves of him. i think he will do a fine job. >> jon: a number of democrats have suggested that he should be pushed out and that the president should pick somebody else. there are even some republicans who are saying that. >> that's true. and i would disagree with them. mr. whitaker has a stellar reputation and done great things even on religious liberty. little sisters of the poor was his case. the i.r.s. abuse case was his case. he is a great lawyer. and he has been very active.
6:36 am
he has done tremendous things. he disagrees with the mueller investigation but no one indicated that will be pulled. that investigation will continue. >> jon: the voting public at large seems to express skepticism about the mueller investigation. cnn found 54% of those who voted in the last election said they thought it was politically motivated. >> it is, there is no doubt about that. but mr. whitaker won't get in the way and we'll let it play out is my understanding. i believe that's what's going to happen. i believe it is politically motivated and i don't think there is a conflict of interest that would force him out. >> jon: when do you expect to see results from the mueller investigation? >> about a year ago is when i expected to see results. it should happen any day actually. he is winding it down. the president is cooperating with answering some questions.
6:37 am
my understanding is he is pairing down his staff and sending people back to d.o.j. i would imagine we're on the last legs of this investigation and i think it will show what we've said all along. there was no collusion there. >> jon: let's turn our attention to internal politics in the house of representatives and nancy pelosi's bid to become speaker once again. will she make it do you think? >> i personally think she is going to make it. i think it's tight for her now. but i think let's just -- i pay due respect to her. i disagree with her on 99% of things but she is a pretty good tactician within her own conference. democrats who are friends of mine i've talked to about it, they indicate that they think she will get it and get across the line. people are holding out. i think she drags them across the line actually. >> jon: it has been sort of an open secret and now marcia fudge, congresswoman from ohio is considering a run. she said that publicly now. that she would challenge nancy
6:38 am
pelosi for house speaker. would you welcome that kind of a challenge? >> well, i think it's fun for us to watch the democrats having this little struggle to pick nancy pelosi or ms. fudge or anybody else. the thing that's interesting about it is ms. fudge is the first person to openly say she would challenge nancy pelosi. i don't know what that means for her future. but the reality is i think it's fun for us to be able to watch that discord on that side of the aisle for a change. >> jon: here is what nancy pelosi said about her bid to regain the speaker's chair, listen. >> i intend to win the speakership with democratic votes. if that was your question. i have overwhelming support in my caucus to be speaker of the house. and certainly we have many, many people in our caucus who could serve in this capacity. i happen to think that at this
6:39 am
point i'm the best person for that. >> jon: but she has a lot of opposition even within her own caucus. >> that's true, she does. and it is kind of strident opposition as well. she is expressing what you expect anybody who is running for speaker. there is always ego there, jon, she is expressing how wonderful she thinks she is. quite frankly, i would like to see her there. because i think the democrats are really overplaying their hands in the next couple of years and i think she will let them go. this discord you are seeing there i think is the foundation for this overreaching that you are going to see on behalf of the other party in the coming years. >> jon: in the divided congress we are bow to see. democrats in control of the house, will the country be able to get anything done? >> well, you are going to see a lot of the smaller things that we all agree on get -- will take place. but i think you are going to
6:40 am
see a lot of gridlock, too. everybody who complains about it but we have the foundations of gridlock when you have the divided congress. i think the senate will put the breaks on a lot of ideas. the democrats have every leverage point in the house in the first part of january but it will be tough sledding to get anything meaningful done. things that both sides should care about like balancing the budget and reducing the national debt. those types of things are going to be very difficult going forward. >> jon: congressman andy biggs from arizona, good to have you on. >> sandra: brand-new. report coming in showing the u.s. is planning to bring charges against julian assange. >> jon: we'll talk to one of the reporters behind the bombshell report on facebook.
6:41 am
did the social media giant mislead the public how it responded to the russian propaganda campaign on its platform? >> one of my greatest regrets in running the company is that they were slow in identifying the russian information operation. >> when did you identify new operations? >> it was right around the time of the 2016 election itself. m. m. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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>> i've said many times before that we were too slow to spot russian interference. too slow to get on top of it and end it. we stumbled along the way. but to suggest we weren't interested in knowing the truth or that we wanted to hide what we knew or what we tried to prevent investigations is simply untrue. >> sandra: facebook ceo defending his company from new fallout. a conference call for reporters yesterday. this after a bombshell "new york times" report claiming facebook sought to mislead the
6:45 am
public about its response to the russian misinformation campaign. joining us now is one of the authors of that piece "new york times" tech reporter cecilia kang. you worked on it for over six months and for many people they saw more problems for facebook or another corporate scandal. what new light does this piece shed? >> what we tried to uncover and what we tried to answer was one basic question, what was happening within facebook and at the top management sheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer and mark zuckerberg, what was their role in these series of crisis? what our story revealed is that when there was evidence of russian interference and it was mounting over months, that the company's top executives were
6:46 am
aware of these findings and they did -- what they did was -- they took efforts to disclose as little as possible to minimize disclosure and tried to deflect big decisions on their findings. also related to cambridge analytica. what this story sheds light on is what was happening behind the scenes. one of the most impenetrable companies we've had to deal with. it is a company that promises transparency and openness and to connect the world. >> sandra: they've always been incredibly private. you don't see mark zuckerberg offer many interviews. we don't even hear from him that much. you heard from him there and they are pushing back against this piece. sheryl sandberg, as you noted on your twitter account, took her 30 hours to respond but she
6:47 am
is suggesting that the fact that you are stating she wasn't interested in the truth or the executives weren't interested in the truth and trying to hide what they knew is not true. how does "the new york times" respond to facebook and the executives pushing back on this piece? >> we stand by our reporting. the anecdotes we presented. there are so many more. they're strong and mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg are threading a needle in the sense they don't address a specific assertions in our story when it comes to the decision from the very top to exclude the word russia in a cybersecurity report and to minimize the disclosure of how many people were affected by russian accounts by the internet research agency as well as cambridge analytica, every step along the way the inclination from them was to reveal as little as possible. to hope that the situation and
6:48 am
the crises go away. once they can address the specific anecdotes. we stand by our reporting. >> sandra: in washington allies of facebook including chuck schumer the democratic senate leader intervened on its behalf and ms. sandberg ka joeld hostile lawmakers while trying to dispel facebook's reputation as a bash of liberalism. a strong accusation and schumer responded. the senator has worked aggressively to push facebook to do more to purge fake accounts and bots used by the right wing and russians to interfere with our elections. according to your piece, you go further to make the claim that schumer was urging mark warner,
6:49 am
the senator from virginia, the top democrat on the senate intel committee, to go easy on facebook. we remember those hours of hearings. and the hawaii senator reacted to that as well. >> i don't know if mark warner did take it easy but chuck schumer certainly doesn't say anything to me about facebook. i was at the hearing where zuckerberg came to testify. at that point it wasn't clear to me anyway what kind of appropriate regulation there should be. >> sandra: these are really strong claims they are being forced to respond to. >> yes, certainly. one of the sort of conceptual themes of our story is the political connections that top leaders at facebook have in washington particularly with the democratic party and specifically sheryl sandberg's connections to some of the establishment and some of the more leading democrats in
6:50 am
washington like chuck schumer. he receives the most funding from the facebook pact of any democrat and this particular assertion you will note that senator warner has not refuted. that chuck schumer did lean on him and pressure him. so we stand by our reporting absolutely. it is the way -- cynical look at this. this is the way a lot of companies operate. they have lobbying forces. they use connections on the hill. we wanted to shed light on what that actually looks like and particularly for a company that is espoused on something different. >> sandra: thank you for joining us on the program. morale is an issue at that company as well. the shares are down 34% and they continue to get hit as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants already reaching the u.s. border with mexico with many more still coming in this latest wave. how u.s. border agents are responding. we'll take you live to tijuana,
6:51 am
mexico next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> jon: nearly 2,000 migrants have already arrived at the u.s. border with mexico as part of this latest wave with more arriving right now on buses. the city of tijuana, mexico says its shelters are overflowing. william la jeunesse is live in tijuana with the latest there. william. >> jon, this was supposed to be the pot at the end of the rainbow. as you are about to see and many migrants found out it isn't. tijuana is nice but not shang ra la. they have 700 private shelter beds. those are already full. the city opened this kind of rec center or ymca. i'll take you inside right now where 1,000 migrants are sleeping, staying and now
6:55 am
remember, we're expecting 5,000. right now there are 1,000 people here. there is one bathroom. this is what it looks like inside. not ideal conditions for anyone. now, you know, for people arriving today who want to enter legally and claim asylum just to see a u.s. official for that initial interview is a six week to five-month wait. i've been asking people for four weeks what are you going to say when you get to the border? i'll figure out when i get there. i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. well, last night i heard people arguing about what they would do next. now many realize they could be here for a very long time. >> they say right now that 50 people can cross every day and that's about 10,000 people coming right now. that's impossible. >> my dreams to go for the united states for working. i fix my life. i need money for my family in
6:56 am
honduras. >> the options are to go home. wait in line, stay here in mexico, work here, hire a coyote or try to cross illegally. >> jon: thanks for that report. wow. >> sandra: nancy pelosi encouraging potential challengers in her bid to become the next speaker of the house. former house speaker newt gingrich is our headliner this morning and will join us in moments. >> jon: also a worsening disaster in california. the death toll from two massive wildfires continues to climb there. a live report from the decimated town of paradise ahead. >> trying to replace a little bit of what i used to have. i don't have nothing now. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday.
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7:00 am
which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> jon: fox news alert and more post election drama unfolding in the sunshine state as the ballots in the hotly-contested florida senate race are officially being recounted by hand. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. broward county missing the machine recount deadline by two minutes. it did not make the rick scott campaign happy and that brings us to this morning's newsroom news feed. >> breaking news out of florida. time is up for the battleground state to finish their election results. >> unofficial results seem to indicate the governor's race seems settled by the senate race is headed to a recount.
7:01 am
>> two counties had election problems. >> i believe strongly it wasn't not a human effort. it was mechanical. >> officials say a substantial number of ballots were not counted. >> because of that breakdown of the machines senator nelson suing for a hand recount of all ballots in palm beach county. >> bill nelson has to look in the mirror and ask himself if he would like to end his career dragging the entire state of florida through the courts for more time. >> the election disaster in florida just got worse with broward county missing the deadline to turn in their recount total by just two minutes. >> they were rejected by the florida secretary of state. that means the official results from the election, unofficial results are going to be what stand. >> time-out. broward says they make the deadline. they are all happy that they finally made the deadline and then they submit it two minutes late past the deadline? >> that's exactly what happened.
7:02 am
>> all day long broward was saying we'll make the deadline and they miss it by two minutes and turns out there was a net gain for scott? this is kind of nuts. the whole thing is nuts. >> a federal judge calling the florida recount, quote, the laughingstock of the nation for not anticipating these election problems. >> sandra: republican rick scott crying foul as the accusations and lawsuits continue to fly. griff jenkins is live in florida. what is the latest there, griff? >> sandra, good morning. you won't believe what i'll tell you, our producer inside sarah, tells us they could actually be well underway to finishing the hand recount of over 30,000 over/under ballots. they had to sort them in either decidedly republican or democrat. look inside at this picture.
7:03 am
they set up was 100 tables, six people at each table. two election officials at each one. four lawyers representing lawyers two republican, two democrat. earlier this morning ronna mcdaniel the chairwoman for the rnc was in there and her concerns being in broward county. >> there have been so much egregious acts. we've had to bring in tons of attorneys and be here to make sure that we could oversee this process that it was done fairly. >> we'll see if it is an eventful day. one race, the governor's race appears to certainly be coming to an end. that's ron desantis leading andrew gillum by more than 33,000 votes in the recount. that's a .41% difference and we expect by tuesday the state of florida will certify governor ron desantis. sandra. >> sandra: griff jenkins. thank you.
7:04 am
for more on this let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. thank you for joining us this morning. what is going on in florida? >> you know, you almost couldn't make it up if you were writing a novel. this is the second time that broward county has been a total disaster and every time you turn around there is something weird going on. how do you -- i almost feel sad for them. how do you miss a deadline by two minutes? you missed it by two hours or five hours, but two minutes? the whole thing is a fiasco. i think rick scott will be the senator. the numbers are much bigger than have ever been changed in a recount in american history. so i think in the end he will be the senator. but it really makes the whole process of elections in florida in need of significant overhaul and in three counties in
7:05 am
particular. most of the state seems to get it. most of the state seems to do their job calmly, efficiently. but in those three counties there is consistently a mess. i hope that the new governor, the new attorney general will take steps along with the secretary of state to clean it up before the presidential election in 2020. >> jon: if broward had met that deadline yesterday rick scott would have gained a machine-certified vote count of nearly 800 votes. he doesn't automatically get that because they missed the deadline. does that surprise you? >> well, the whole thing is a mess. that's the county where you figure if there was something going on, that he would have been losing ground. instead they do the recount and he gains 800 votes, which i certainly couldn't have predicted. and i was with karl rove who was deeply involved in 2000 and i don't think karl would have imagined that you have a
7:06 am
recount in that county where the republican gains 800 votes. but it further indicates that scott is going to be the next senator and that in that sense we're now going to go through some mechanical stuff but the underlying reality is that governor scott will become senator scott. >> sandra: meanwhile a job you know well, speaker of the house. will nancy pelosi get the support she wants and needs to win her bid? >> if i were betting i would say yes. speaker pelosi is very smart. she have is very tough. she has raised an immense amount of money. she has crisscrossed the country helping candidates and will probably have to go through negotiating. for example, i know that the more radical members want to reestablish a committee on global warming. well, that may be part of getting their votes for her for speaker. but if you are the potential
7:07 am
speaker, you have a lot of tools, a lot of assets you can bring to bear. and my guess is in the end that she will be the speaker. but it's also an indication that caucus is going to be very hard to manage. she will have a very challenging time trying to lead the opposition to president trump. >> jon: that's what i was going to ask you about. you know that it's a case of herding cats but in her case she will have some extremely liberal members of her caucus that she is going to have to try to wrangle votes from. >> having some wildcats as well as regular cats. you have left wing cats and common sense cats and then you have older cats who wonder why the younger cats are making so much noise, which is apparently a conversation yesterday. but i think kevin mccarthy, the new republican leader, said it pretty well. the country ultimately is going to want them to find a way to
7:08 am
work together. i think the president is going to come out with positive things, whether it's criminal justice reform, the opioid bill that just passed overwhelmingly or intrastructure. and i think that there will be a real effort to put the democrats in a position where unless they really want to go into the election in 2020 as the party of obstruction you are going to see some things pass and it may turn out to be more productive than people think. if that happens, you will see the democrats split into two wings and there will be a hard line don't do anything positive group who have as their only goal beating trump and then there will be a more moderate group saying no, we ought to try to get some things passed. it could be a very interesting house to watch. >> sandra: meanwhile nancy pelosi is using the opportunity to have the spotlight on her to take sort of a victory lap, if you will. talking about all the negative
7:09 am
ads that were run against her during the mid-term process and how it turned out so well for them. >> i had 137,000 ads against me in the campaign. that put some shall we say pressure on our candidates because i've never run for national office and most people don't know who i am. it makes it hard on the candidate and they're running for the first time many of them and they really need to focus on their why and it is not about me, it's about them and their opponent and obviously those ads didn't work. we had the biggest victory since 1974. >> sandra: an awfully confident sounding nancy pelosi there. >> well, let me say first of all i had the same experience. we had not won reelection since 1928 and so in 1995, president clinton and the democrats began running wave after wave of ads
7:10 am
attacking me but the experience we had which maybe what she had, it actually took the pressure off my colleagues because they weren't given the edge to run against them. they were running against me and i wasn't on the ballot except in georgia and we did end up winning reelection despite the advertising. in that sense i think she can make a case. the real test here is going to be what can they get done? do they become purely the party of investigation? or do they reach out? remember when we took over even though we were the opposition party, we reformed welfare, medicare, cut the capital gains tax, balanced the federal budget for four straight years. the reason we were able to establish a long-term republican majority is we were actually doing things even though we were doing them with bill clinton. it was genuinely bipartisan. she will face the same challenge. does she really want to just be negative or will she have to be creative and find some way to
7:11 am
bring her caucus with her and get some positive things done? i think that's really the biggest decision she will have to make in the next 30 or 40 days. >> jon: members of her caucus like maxine waters and jerrold nadler who head up important committees in the house under the democrat regime, they are saying they intend to subpoena the white house and begin investigative procedures. you don't think that will help them with the american people? >> well, it didn't help us. we went through a big investigation of bill clinton and ended up losing five seats in 1998. ultimately the american people want to see you get something done. now again look, i'm very much for congressional oversight. i believe in the balance between the different branches and i think it's totally legitimate to do serious oversight. but, for example, if they try to subpoena all of the president's personal tax records, that will just lead to
7:12 am
the supreme court. that will get tied up in court so fast that nothing will be happening. the real question is i expect them to do some investigating. they should do some investigating but does that become the brand that they carry into the election? if all that is obstructionist investigating democratic party, that's a weak brand to take into the presidential campaign and as i said, when we were in charge, very first time in 40 years, our first instinct was what can we get done? i think that the president will be open to significant -- on infrastructure bipartisanship. >> sandra: he said he is. we'll see where that goes. former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> jon: next hour we'll talk to representative matt cart --
7:13 am
cartwright and talk about who he wants to lead the house. >> sandra: horrific scene in california as firefighters try to get the fire situation under control. 63 people confirmed dead statewide. more than 600 still missing. in a moment we'll speak to the butte county sheriff on the recovery efforts in one of the hardest-hit towns. >> jon: also a crisis unfolding at the southern border as 2,000 migrants already have reached the border as part of this latest caravan wave. the white house calling on congress to act later this hour we'll speak with the border patrol. are our agents getting the support they need from washington >> the president has made clear he wants people to come here legally. there is a process in place. 26 ports of entry, enter them. 1.6 billion is a modest down payment for the security of this nation. for strength and energy!
7:14 am
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[ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> sandra: fox news alert on fires raging up and down california claiming at least 66 lives so far. the list of missing people spiking to more than 600. the northern california camp fire now becoming the worst u.s. fire in more than 100 years. joining us on the phone now is
7:18 am
the butte county sheriff. paradise is in this county. of course, one of the hardest-hit areas. you came on with us several days ago to give us an update. where do things stand at this moment in your county? >> well, from the briefings that i'm receiving from fire they're making good progress on the fire. good news for us. in addition to that there has been a lot of great work done by the utility companies and other folks who are working to get the place safe so that we can start the process of getting people back into the area to assess the damage and see what is going on with their homes. i'm still actively engaged in the aspect of trying to recover human remains and that's something we have a lot of resources in to help us do as thoroughly as possible under the circumstances but as quickly as possible because we know we need to get people back
7:19 am
to the area. >> jon: you have a staggering number of missing people, more than 600. is there any possibility that most or all of those people are somewhere in the rubble? >> well, first i want to clarify the list we put out we're characterizing as unaccounted for. what we have found is in the chaos of all of this, people lost connection with their friends and family and they were scattered to different areas of the community. we're now at the point where they are starting to try to locate those people. but the normal methods of keeping in contact with everyone have been disrupted. what we're finding is someone may have been reported as unaccounted for and then we get information back that they're safe. we continue to investigate if we don't get that information. the answer to your question is i'm -- i refuse to speculate on the number of casualties.
7:20 am
i don't think it's appropriate. we'll continue to do our absolute best to locate people and reunite them with their friends and family. but at the same time search the area for people who perished in the fire. >> sandra: sheriff, do you have an update on the number of people unaccounted for? is it less than 600 now? >> i don't have an update from last night. what i do is get one update per day from my staff because the number fluctuates as more information comes in. some people are accounted for and taken off the list and others might be reported as unaccounted for and i'm cognizant about bothering my staff with those kinds of requests. i want them to keep doing the work. i limit it to one time a day. >> jon: the challenges of communication. you talk about people unaccounted for. they had to leave sometimes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. sometimes they don't have a place to go to, right? and it's just hard at this moment for people to be in
7:21 am
touch with one another. >> it is. you can imagine all the things you take for granted. the land line phone, your email, your cell phone. all those kinds of things in many cases that has been disrupted and anecdotally i heard a story about a person speaking with an elderly parent trying to communicate with the parent and she said well, i'll just email you and we can log onto your email because you lost his computer in the fire, he said i've lost my email. and he -- we're trying to get him access to his email through another computer and how disrupting and con foountion it is for people if they're used to one method of communication and it's lost. >> sandra: can you give us an idea some of the video we're looking at of rescue efforts and those searching through the
7:22 am
rubble. what the process is like right now? >> yeah. so we've actually mobilized a significant number of resources where we've brought in a coroner and medical examiner, investigative teams as well as urban search and rescue teams and california national guardsmen to go through those areas. we first look at those areas where we have some information to believe that remains might be. we target areas where they think there is a higher probability and last we utilize the vast number of resources we have to generally check the area to determine whether or not we can find somebody away from their home or outside of the area. >> jon: if americans are looking for a way to help and americans are big-hearted people, what would you suggest? >> you broke up.
7:23 am
>> jon: what would you suggest, how can our viewers help the people of your county? >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. i will say this americans are a big-hearted people and resilient people and i see that in my own community constantly amazed at how many people having suffered significant tragedy are thankful that they're still alive. i'm so proud of them. there are a lot of opportunities for people to send financial resources. it is harder to send actual items. hard to get them deployed. i would ask that people investigate thoroughly who they are sending the money to to make sure it gets to the people who need it. i'll leave that to the viewers to make that selection. >> sandra: butte county sheriff, thank you for your time this morning. a huge task at hand. our best to the people of your community as the search and rescue efforts continue and the rebuilding efforts will begin.
7:24 am
thank you very much, sir. >> thank you all very much. i appreciate you helping us tell this story. >> jon: thank you. the long arm of the law might finally be catching up with wikileaks founder julian assange. new reports the u.s. justice department might be charging him. we'll take you live with the latest. >> sandra: plus nancy pelosi could be facing an uphill climb in her bid to be house speaker as the democrats joust for power in the house. our a-team is fired up and on deck and they join us next. >> i intend to win the speakership with democratic votes. if that was your question. that was your question. the -- i have overwhelming support in my caucus. i'd like to take a moment
7:25 am
to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
7:26 am
if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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7:28 am
>> sandra: we're just now getting breaking news on the ruling on that cnn lawsuit against white house reporter
7:29 am
jim acosta from cnn. the white house revoked his press pass you'll remember. a judge is ruling in favor of jim acosta and cnn, and the judge there is saying that the fact that cnn has other pass holders does not make the harm to acosta any less irreparable. the judge is saying the whole thing about acosta placing the hands on the intern was of questionable accuracy and went on to criticize the government's defense of its procedures in revoking acosta's press pass. i'm looking now. this is just coming into our newsroom here. the federal judge, timothy kelly, in this case says i will grant the application for the temporary restraining order. i order the government reinstate jim acosta's press pass. the hearing is still ongoing but that is just coming down and we wanted to make sure we brought it to you.
7:30 am
>> jon: fox news joined cnn in protesting the administration's action on freedom of the press grounds. now the judge is saying that he will grant the application for a temporary restraining order forcing the white house in effect to give jim acosta his press pass back. the hearing is still ongoing as sandra mentioned. saying that the harm to freedom of the press outweighs the government's need for an orderly press conference. so that seems to be the judge's main thinking as to why he is granting jim acosta and cnn his white house pass back. >> sandra: the judge ordered the white house return the press pass of jim acosta coming into our newsroom. as we get more we'll bring it to you. meanwhile hand recount getting underway. a live look at broward county where officials failed to meet a 3:00 p.m. deadline yesterday and that caused the result of a
7:31 am
machine recount to be voided. republican rick scott leading democratic incumbent bill nelson. more on this with florida attorney general pam bondi. >> jon: first let's bring in america's a-team. shelby holliday is video reporter for the "wall street journal." david asman co-anchor of bulls and bears on the fox business network and doug shown. democratic pollster and fox news contributor as well. >> sandra: is this your first time on the a-team? >> it is. i'm pleased to be here. >> sandra: happy friday. this has been really something to watch play out. we were all talking about this deadline yesterday. 3:00 p.m. and then two minutes late? >> well, where i sort of start from it's about take 12,000 vote lead. to overturn that the chance is limited. the larger goal of the
7:32 am
credibility of our elections is to me really at stake yet again. i hope that the hand count goes expeditiously. i suspect it will confirm rick scott. i would like us to move on and maybe even look to try to get some systematic overhaul of palm beach county and broward counties accounting process. >> amen on that. first of all i'm not a big believer in coincidences anyway. when all the coincidences add up to one conclusion you have to be kind of suspicious. the fact that brenda snipes, the woman who was responsible for the electronic recount just said okay, we're going to make it but then it turns out in fact scott, the republican, had 779 more votes as a result of the recount than before and then she managed to be two minutes late so the electronic recount didn't count and he lost those 779 votes that they picked up, i mean, it's just -- even if it's all just
7:33 am
incompetence it would be a tremendous coincidence. it also shows how badly the government does -- this is a woman who was in the private sector would have been fired years ago. imagine if the government gets hold of more of what we do. >> jon: ronna mcdaniel the chairwoman of the republican party is down there sort of looking over the shoulders of those doing the counting. she says that it is very important that they get this right and changes need to be made. listen. >> changes need to be made not just in broward but in palm beach. this is not good for our country, not good for our democracy to not have these totals put forward and not have county supervisors abiding by the law. >> the one thing uniting democrats and republicans. both sides are embarrassed and say it needs to be better. it is not recounting every ballot. you have exhausted election officials counting ballots 24 hours on end. they'll look at the over votes
7:34 am
and under votes. they'll be judging intent. you guys showed that ballot earlier. one fully circled and one kind of circled. now officials have to look at that and decide what the vote means. not an easy task. >> sandra: an op-ed on this. the headline florida has chance to redeem itself. florida officials must examine impartially the intent of voters on each ballot rejected in the machine count. republicans should embrace such intense scrutiny of voter intent. >> i'm fine for that. both shelby and david are saying what i was really trying to underscore. we need a transparent count. i think if you do this honestly and with integrity as it was done in every other county and miami-dade did it pretty fast, i think we will all win. what ronna mcdaniel was saying reflects all of our views. >> it's such a disservice what happened yesterday. such a disservice to all the
7:35 am
people who have been working, but the election officials that were there day and night over the past 10 days trying to do this electoral recount and all of that work was for nothing because she was two minutes late because i suspect she was worried about scott picking up more votes. >> jon: speaking much votes and vote counting nancy pelosi wants to become speaker of the house once again. listen to what she had to say about her prospects. >> everybody come on in, the water is warm. i have overwhelming support in my caucus to be speaker of the house. and certainly we had many, many people in our caucus who could serve in this capacity. i happen to think that at this point i'm the best person. >> jon: i guess of course she thinks she is the best person. >> sandra: will she be the next speaker or won't she be? >> it's not a done deal yet. "wall street journal" has been
7:36 am
reporting representative marcia fudge might have support. 17 democrats say they won't vote for her. it doesn't necessarily count against her. i don't think it's a done deal. >> sandra: do you want her to be? >> the answer is a no, i don't. i worked for bill clinton. he was elected in 1996 in large part because of the unpopularity of newt gingrich. donald trump's best outcome here is her reelection. i'm for marcia fudge. i think it would be great to have her as speaker. it enhances the party and frankly do what needs to be done, pull the party together, do a reassessment of our message and get rid of the old guard of which nancy pelosi is the most prominent representative. >> i agree she is old guard and definitely old school but she works very hard for her party
7:37 am
and let's give her credit. she helped them win back the house. so i think she makes -- as long as she is clear about term limiting herself when she really gets it back into that position, she says i'm only here for a year, two years, whatever it happens to be, i think she makes it. >> sandra: i want to stay with you on this one, david. breaking news in. the judge ruled the white house must immediately return the press credentials of cnn's jim acosta. want to get your thoughts as we continue to learn more out of that courtroom. >> i think it's not at all a done deal. this will probably go to the supreme court. this is a key issue of separation of powers whether the judiciary has the right to tell the executive how to run its own press office. it may -- if it rises -- if there is some interpretation of the first amendment that would transcend any kind of individual rights that the executive has to decide who gets in and who gets out, i do
7:38 am
think it will go to a higher court. >> jon: there are a limited number of seats in the white house press room. 44 seats i think, something like that. the white house does have an argument that they get to limit who is in there. but do you get to limit somebody just because -- >> sandra: >> jon: hang on a second. >> a great day for the first amendment and journalism. we're excited to have mr. acosta be able to go back and get his hard pass and report the news about the white house. i'll turn it over to jim. >> everybody, thanks for coming. i just want to say something very briefly and that is i want to thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week and i want to thank the judge for the decision he made today. and let's go back to work. thank you. >> jon: if you are a little befuddled what this is all about, there was a white house
7:39 am
press conference right after the election during which the president was speaking, jim acosta from cnn got in a heated exchange with him. a white house intern tried to take away the microphone and there was a little bit of an altercation. the white house said he actually placed his hands on the intern. that's open to interpretation. some saw it as such, some say it was overblown. but the white house pulled his press pass. now he is getting it back according to this ruling from a federal judge. >> sandra: you will remember that fox news came out in support of cnn, passes for working white house journalists should never be weaponized. a little more about what we're learning about the judge. he ordered the government to return the press pass of jim acosta. our reporter jake gibson telling us both sides will submit a written status report by monday and we may see this in court again next week.
7:40 am
if the government wants to continue the fight. but for now the temporary restraining order has been granted and ordered to government to return acosta's hard pass. >> it is a question of how much the white house wants to push this. i think it would make a very interesting supreme court case to see whether the first amendment goes far enough so they can order -- the white house can decide who gets a press pass and who doesn't. they may say we made our point. the world has seen what acosta did and we'll give him back the press pass. let's hope it doesn't go on much longer. i don't think america has stomach for one side or the other in this issue. >> this is a trump-appointed judge. emergency stay. it is far from over. not the end of it. but i do think what could be problematic for the administration if they choose to fight it is the aftermath of taking acosta's press pass away.
7:41 am
some of the comments the president made he took the press pass away he didn't like the questions and coverage. originally the white house said it was about the thing with the microphone. >> my attitude is looking above this let's move onto the real issues facing our country. i think he ought to go back to work. >> sandra: the press covering the president has real issues. >> it is a real issue. what happened with him, the intern, what trump said, frankly that's inside baseball to me as the only non-journalist here. i'm more concerned we address the trade embargo, the debt, the deficit, healthcare, immigration. rather talk about those than jim acosta, frankly. >> jon: our a-team today. doug schoen, first-timer. david asman and shelby holliday. thank you to each of you. >> sandra: a lot of breaking news this hour and senator lindsey graham as acting attorney general matthew
7:42 am
whitaker personally assured him that robert mueller's job is not in jeopardy. is that enough to appease democrats? we'll talk to sean spicer and talk about that next hour. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> jon: right now about 2,000 central american migrants arriving in the mexican border city of tijuana. the shelters there dealing with overcrowding while u.s. border agents work to process 100 asylum claims a day. this as the white house renews its call for a border wall. >> 3 1/2 years now it helped him to win the presidency is that we're a sovereign nation in need of physical borders and i don't know if there is anything he has been more explicit and consistent on in the last 3 1/2 years. congress needs to act. >> jon: art del cueto is vice president of the national border patrol council.
7:47 am
not your sector, tijuana, i guess, 2,000 people waiting to get into this country? how does the border patrol handle that? >> well, the sector would be san diego. and the problem is they are on stand by just waiting to see what these individuals will do. there has been a lot of video we've seen that has been put out on certain segments of social media where it shows these individuals have climbed into the united states. they've mocked border patrol agents. they've been saying some derogatory things toward the united states, towards border patrol agents and our president. this is not migrants coming into the country. this is nothing short of an invasion. >> sandra: so there are many who will push back on that and that these are people who are making this trek what is seen as a dangerous, long trek to look for a better life. what do you know about the people? you are obviously talking about
7:48 am
them as a group. what more can you tell us you are seeing as far as their activity and the way they have been acting along the way? >> you know, a lot of things that haven't been pushed out to certain areas of the media. you can see them on social media. there are individuals filming themselves down in mexico. the mexican people themselves, the majority of them said they don't want them down there in their country and they've showed the disasters that they have left behind, trash that they have left behind. it is just -- they aren't asking for asylum in all the interviews i've seen. they want to come and get a job. what are they running away from? if you're running away from persecution i fully understand that. we're not a nation that will turn away people that are persecuted and need help. i am just saying that these individuals are entering our country by force and the videos that i have seen they are mocking our agency, they're mocking our country and it does
7:49 am
not seem like they are asylum seekers. it looks a lot more like invaders to me. >> jon: fox did a story on what's going on in arizona in your sector in the yuma sector. it says agents there say they detained 654 people, family units or uncode minors from guatemala. apprehensions in the yuma sector are up more than 150% compared to the last fiscal year at this time. more than 3600 people were apprehended in the month of october. it does seem like there is a wave trying to get into the country. >> there definitely is a wave. honestly we can attribute it to we're still doing the catch and release. we're not giving these people true consequences for entering our country illegally. i believe there are ways it can be done a lot better. we can have fema trailers down at the border and look at see which are true asylum cases and
7:50 am
which are not. at the same time we can fast track some of these people that are being deported. you have to remember the law is specific. on a deportation you can't detain them longer than a certain period of time. you have to pretty much release them and wait and hope they show up to their court appearance. >> sandra: the very little information that we do have on these migrants is why you have that pushback on calling this an invasion. we still have a lot more to learn as this caravan continues to make its way to the border. we're all watching it and the president continues to push for funding for his border wall potentially facing a shutdown or partial government shutdown. we have to let you go. art, thank you. brand-new reports coming in showing that the u.s. is planning to bring charges against julian assange. could the wikileaks founder be extradited?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: wikileaks founder julian assange is facing possible prosecution by the u.s. justice department. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with this story. >> the disclosure by the head of wikileaks is in a case filed in the eastern district of virginia in august.
7:55 am
they stumbled across two references to him about the need to keep an indictment under seal. due to the sophistication of the defendant and publicity surrounding the case no other procedure is likely to keep secret he has been charged. it would remain sealed until assange is arrested. he remains at the ecuadorian embassy in london. more recently he released dnc and clinton campaign emails during the 2016 election. after the election mike pompeo accused wikileaks of high crimes including espionage. >> they walk like a hostile intelligence service and talks like one and encourages its followers to find jobs at the c.i.a. to obtain intelligence. it is time to call out
7:56 am
wikileaks, a non-state hostile company. >> the attorney said we have heard nothing from authorities about the case is imminent. it would set a terrible and dangerous precedent. we know that the obama administration considered charges but was cautious whether assange and wikileaks amounted to a news organization. the trump administration has taken a more aggressive tone. >> sandra: thank you, kathryn. >> hand recount underway now as ballot chaos once again hits the sunshine state and the lawsuits are piling up. florida attorney general pam bondi joins us at the top of the hour. sitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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to get great advice. call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: fox news alert. a federal judge just ordered the white house to return cnn correspondent jim acosta's press credentials the administration revoked them after a contentious exchange with president trump you'll remember last week. we are awaiting for white house reaction to that and our own bret baier will join us to weigh in on that ruling shortly. another fox news alert. broward county wraps up a hand recount in the bitter battle for a florida senate seat. the process goes on in other counties after new tallies from a machine recount show the race still too close to call. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." friday morning, good morning,
8:01 am
everybody, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. florida election officials have until sunday to submit results from a manual recount in the senate race nelson and scott. initial review shows scott still in the need. his campaign says it's time now for nelson to bow out. >> he has to look in the mirror and ask himself if he would like to wreck his career dragging the entire state of florida through the courts. he has been in office since i was two years old. a long time. he has done a lot of things he is proud of. he doesn't need to end his career on something he is not proud of. >> jon: peter doocy live in florida now. >> right now the canvassing board in broward county is trying to figure out what people meant when they filled out ballots like this one popping them up onto the projector. you can see somebody filled in
8:02 am
the bubble for rick scott and bill nelson. the voting machines spit out ballots like this one because of all the extra ink and these are the only kind that are being manually recounted today by hand in broward county where the machine recount may as well have never happened. broward county missed the deadline to upload them to the state by two minutes. even though broward county had a press conference earlier declaring everything was on time. something i asked the elections supervisor brenda snipes about late last night. >> well, the results were in progress when i came out and made a statement. the result would be uploaded as i came out to speak to you. according to what we were told from the division of elections our completion was 3:02 and should have been 3:00 on the button. >> if the results of the recount don't stand, then rick scott doesn't extend his lead over bill nelson in broward
8:03 am
county, which has the campaign alleging the deadline must have been missed on purpose. now a lawyer for the scott campaign wants the two-minute late results to stand writing to the secretary of state a few minutes ago the law is clear, when a canvassing board completes a recount by the statutory deadline those results are valid. officials here have been guessing that they would be done with the manual recount today by about 7:00 p.m. if there aren't a ton of challenges. so far they have gone through 31,000 ballots today and the net gain has been nelson plus four. >> jon: wow. all right. let's hope they get a real number at the end of all this. one that everybody can trust. peter doocy, thank you. >> sandra: for more on all this let's bring in florida attorney general pam bondi. she joins us now. good morning to you. can you weigh in on everything that our viewers and listeners just heard as the latest in
8:04 am
florida? >> sure. i think i can give you some breaking news in dade county and broward county. they have finished the manual recount. i don't know if you reported that before i got on but those manual recounts have been completed as well as many smaller counties throughout our state. larger counties are still counting. the deadline is sunday at noon. that is a hard deadline. they filed countless civil suits and as to what peter was just saying and his guest, this has gone on and on and on. bill nelson has effectively shut down his campaign office. we've heard very little from him. these lawsuits are being brought by the dnc and all these civil suits -- there is criminal ongoing, but all the civil suits could have been brought prior to this election. why did they wait? because bill nelson lost.
8:05 am
why are they continuing? because bill nelson lost. and you know, bill nelson has been in office for countless numbers of years. over 40 years. he served our state and i really think it's time for him to preserve his dignity and step down and not be known -- i don't want his legacy to be a pawn for the dnc and that's what i feel like is happening for the democratic party. and, you know, governor scott is going to win. we feel very confident. >> sandra: let's hear the latest words coming from rick scott himself. >> lucky for us florida has a statutory remedy. for counties that do not complete their machine recount the number reverts back to the number they submitted on saturday. the law anticipated the possibility that the recount might not be completed. >> sandra: that wasn't rick scott but it was his campaign. senior advisor brad todd there. i want to get your response to what you heard there.
8:06 am
>> sure. and that is completely accurate what he said. again, we're confident that governor scott will remain senator elect scott. he won. to make this clear, too. rick scott won this mid-term race with the largest margin for a senator in a mid-term in florida. so 12,000 votes doesn't sound like a whole lot but it is in a mid-term for u.s. senate. so i feel confident it will continue but i want all your voters to know on the criminal end, which i can't discuss the details, we are fully investigating it hand in hand with our law enforcement partners. and we will continue to do so. >> sandra: what do you say to the american people when they see this playing out in florida and think how could this happen? how did we get here, pam? >> well, try being a fourth generation floridian. saying that to myself.
8:07 am
it's why we're looking at this in great detail. and again, if people have any concerns, if they've seen any evidence of fraud, report it to the department of state. they've set up a hotline. we hope folks call in if they've seen any evidence of fraud. that is all being investigated. on the civil end how we got here, again, ron desantis is our governor and rick scott is our united states elect senator. i'm very proud of both of them and very proud to know both of them. but the right thing is going to happen here and we are going to continue defending lawsuits. all the lawsuits that have been filed by the scott campaign are defending our existing laws on the books. the lawsuits on the other side are trying to throw all of those laws out. why? because they lost. >> sandra: i want to get this in here. andrew gillum in a campaign
8:08 am
letter complaining about voter suppression saying voters need to know their decision to participate in every election matters. laws that restrict our fellow floridians -- arrive before polls close need to take their rightful place alongside the literacy test, grandfather clauses of days past. let me get your final thoughts on that before we let you go, pam. >> well, our election laws have been upheld by the court. you have to have a deadline. in every state. it would continue on and on. do you want to keep counting votes and adding votes until he wins? i agree our elections process must be integrity despite who the winner is in any election. but we have to have deadlines and the way to prevent fraud is to have signature verification as we do in florida. what if we didn't? you could go to the polls and somebody could sign mickey mouse and it would count as a vote. that to me is a joke on the
8:09 am
integrity of our system and that's the way that they would have our system work. it just doesn't. on both sides. >> sandra: the update in dade county and broward county is what? >> don't have the final numbers but they have finished their manual recount. it's a good sign. they are all due sunday at noon. so those two counties, of course, are huge counties, have finished well a day ahead. well over a day ahead. several smaller counties have also finished their manual recount. so i feel fairly confident -- unless there is some other crazy glitch. that we will know sunday at noon. this will all be completed. >> sandra: hard to rule out anything at this point. pam bondi, thank you. florida attorney general. >> jon: nancy pelosi says she has overwhelming support in her bid to become speaker of the house once again. not all house democrats are on board and former speaker newt
8:10 am
gingrich had this to say last hour. >> if you are the potential speaker, you have a lot of tools, a lot of assets. you can bring to bear and my guess is in the end that she will be the speaker. but it's also an indication that caucus is going to be very hard to manage. she will have a very challenging time trying to lead the opposition to president trump. >> jon: we're learning that right now nancy pelosi is meeting with marcia fudge, a woman who talked publicly about possibly challenging the speaker. an interesting meeting to sit in on. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill now. >> to be a fly on the wall. fudge flirted with the idea of running against nancy pelosi for house speaker. fudge spoke with reporters this morning. if she jumps into this race it could further divide democrats. >> there comes a time when people sometimes need to hear a different voice. i also feel very strongly about
8:11 am
the fact that a caucus as diverse as ours needs diversity at the top of the caucus. >> pelosi thinks she will have the votes to be the next speaker and asked about the possibility of marcia fudge jumping into the race. here is what she said today. >> come on in, the water is warm. i have overwhelming support in my caucus to be speaker of the house and certainly we have many, many people in our caucus who could serve in this capacity. i happen to think that at this point i'm the best person for that. >> nancy pelosi has hinted it's been anti-woman. marcia fudge neutralizes that argument. >> sandra: thank you, mike. breaking news we're following. a federal judge ordering the white house to return jim acosta's press pass.
8:12 am
>> jon: recounting still underway in florida after a dramatic night in the senate race. sean spicer stops by and we'll get his reaction to the chaos in florida. >> we've had an election in florida, counted all the votes. recounted all the votes. governor scott is ahead of senator nelson. defeated senator nelson by 13,407 votes, give or take a vote. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. many plans provide broad coverage and still may
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8:16 am
temporary restraining order requested by cnn saying the white house must immediately restore jim acosta press credentials, the white house reporter for cnn who has clashed repeatedly with the president. let's bring in bret baier the anchor of special report. a lot of people might be interested to know the judge who made the ruling is appointed by president donald trump. >> judge kelly appointed by president trump making the ruling today. the first step, though, jon. this is a temporary restraining order that gives jim acosta back his white house hard pass. this is expected to last for 14 days. but the case continues. we don't know the white house response yet. we're told that a statement is upcoming from the white house. we may actually hear from president trump in his interview with chris wallace about this very issue. the issue on the judge's side was saying that the white house
8:17 am
was infringing on the ability of potentially fifth amendment and potentially first amendment rights once the reporters were welcomed onto the white house property. no, he said, it is not a first amendment blockage to have reporters not come into the white house by any president. but he said once there, that's where the question arises. cnn had argued that this was the first person to be pulled from a hard pass and the white house argued well listen, you have 50 hard passes, white house hard passes. it could be somebody besides jim acosta. the other news organizations including fox news stood by the issue of access and the issue of whether to -- a white house can target and pull a white house press credential specifically and right now the judge has made a temporary restraining order but the case goes on and the question is whether the white house is going to continue to fight the
8:18 am
case. >> jon: what is your sense on that? does the white house have the stomach or the will to continue to fight this battle? do they see this as useful for them given the fact that other organizations, including fox news, joined in to rally behind cnn? >> listen, this white house has not been afraid to fight either in court or verbally and this president is a counter puncher. the president has the right obviously to call on whomever he wants to call on. he could not call on jim acosta forever. but when you get into the pulling of credentials that's where the news organization stepped in and made an argument for access. i don't know what is going to happen. i would venture a guess it will continue and that we are not done. this could be a number of months before this is all adjudicated. >> jon: our colleague made the point this could be a potentially supreme court kind
8:19 am
of case. can a judge, the judicial branch, can it order the white house to let somebody into their white house administrative branch press conferences? i suppose it is an interesting question. >> one thing to point out, jon, in the statement from jay wallace, the president of fox news division, he said we are not a proponent of the antagonistic tone in the white house press conferences from reporters, from the president. we are not supporting that. we as a news organization believe it is the job of reporters to ask questions. they can be pointed. but do so in a decorum sort of way. but the issue for us in supporting this was about access and about the white house press pass that had been a negotiated thing with the white house correspondents association for decades. >> jon: president trump did call jim acosta a rude, terrible person at that news
8:20 am
conference that got so heated. we have a statement from cnn. want to read for you. cnn writes we are gratified with this result and look forward to a full restlation in the coming days. our sincere thanks to all who have supported not just cnn but a free, strong and independent american press. and that latter is something that we all want to see and all benefit from. >> listen, to jim acosta's credit he said let's get back to work and thanked the people who supported cnn and thanked the judge. that's the key is if this all kind of blows over and the white house decides not to go forward, whether it changes the tone or the issues, the perspective in the interaction, one hopes that's the case. but if not, this could be a
8:21 am
long process in which possibly all the way up to the supreme court. >> jon: it will be interesting to watch and we'll see what happens whether the white house appeals this judge's decision. bret baier, we'll see you tonight on special report at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> sandra: north korea says it is testing a mysterious new weapon. could kim jong-un be sending a message to the united states? we'll have a live report. plus revolt against nancy pelosi from her own party could be brewing in the battle for house speaker. will the long-time democratic leader take back the gavel? >> i think you're seeing a growing opposition to nancy pelosi within her own democrat ranks. they'll be some important votes that come up to tell whether or not they will keep their word. a lot of people will be watching. i am a family man.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> sandra: fox news alert state media reporting north korea is testing a new hi-tech weapon. it's unclear what exactly it may be. greg palkot is live in london with more. what do we know about all this? >> well, sandra, we know what the state media in north korea is saying. what they are saying is that kim jong-un went to a test range not far from pyongyang and observed the testing of what they called a newly-developed ultramodern tactical weapon. some references to it being an artillery piece. probably not a missile or even a nuclear weapon but the first time since last november that kim observed any kind of military testing. then it was the launch of an icbm missile. it could be a response by pyongyang. not quite in the spirit of the
8:26 am
summit involving kim and president trump. they could be just frustrated with the pace of negotiations as many people are, sandra. >> sandra: vice president pence is in the region. what has he been saying? >> it's been interesting. he is stopping in singapore for a regional summit of leaders there and he is hinting that yes, there could be yet another summit involving president trump and kim jong-un in his words that could happen after the first of the year. he is lowering the bar a little bit. not a full explanation of the nuclear weaponry needed to get kim jong-un to sit down at the table but intention to explain that. also saying that north korea has got to stick with the sanctions. there are some signs that those are weakening. one last note, interesting note, sandra, the demilitarized zone got a little less militarized. south korea blowing up one of their military observation posts. part of a north korea, south
8:27 am
korea relationship and decision made at the last summit to try to calm things down at that tense border. a couple steps forward and a couple steps back. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: lawmakers responding after senator lindsey graham meets with acting attorney general matthew whitaker. >> i know him to be a man of integrity and he does uphold the law. so i feel confident that whatever he shared with senator graham yesterday was truthful. >> jon: the mueller investigation coming up in their discussion and senator graham says he is satisfied with whitaker's response. we'll hear from former white house press secretary sean spicer next. >> sandra: plus wildfires ripping through california leaving scores of people dead. while hundreds more are still unaccounted for. a live report on the ground next. >> the new normal, the new
8:28 am
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>> jon: wildfires raging in california now blamed for at least 66 deaths. most of them in the northern butte county where the camp fire wiped out entire communities. more than 600 people are listed as unaccounted for. meanwhile the woolsey fire near los angeles has left three people dead. ryan zinke visiting california yesterday. >> there is no silver bullet to these fires. the seasons have gotten longer, temperatures are hotter, we're in the midst of an historic drought. the tree density has become greater, the amount of underbrush is great. the fuel load. we all have to work together as a team to make sure that we
8:32 am
prevent this from happening again. >> jon: jeff paul is live for us from malibu, california. jeff. >> there is relief right now amongst firefighters that they are starting to get better control of the actual fires statewide here in california. but there are still so many unaccounted people in northern california where the camp fire has burned down. authorities are trying to locate up to 631 people considered unaccounted for. the butte county sheriff says they're using that word unaccounted for because communication has been tough and sometimes family can't get in touch with each other. 63 people dead right now. that number could go up. but authorities are spending a lot of time sifting through the ashes using mobile dna labs to identify some of these victims. in some cases using pros --
8:33 am
pros thetic legs or arms. >> my colleagues and i are hopeful that in the cases where identification is possible, that that will provide some kind of meaningful closure for the families of those unfortunate individuals. >> more than 10,000 structures destroyed up there in northern california in the camp fire. around 52,000 people displaced as a result. there are a lot of people looking for places to stay or any shelters. here in southern california in los angeles and ventura county allowing people to return back to some of those areas that we've evacuated. other areas like this one right now here in malibu as you see from this home that's been burned right to the ground they aren't letting people back in just yet. if you look off into the distance you can see a lot of white trucks that are staging. they're trying to bring in electric companies to get some
8:34 am
of these services restored and the gas companies have been in here and firefighters also say that they have to keep people away because some of these fires could respark and that would only create more danger, jon. >> jon: jeff paul, what a burdensome of those people have ahead. thank you. >> when it comes to the mueller investigation, i am very confident he will handle it professionally. there is a sort of chain of command, regular order, how you oversee things like this. i have every confidence that regular order will be followed and he will make sure that mr. mueller has the ability to complete his job in a professional manner. >> sandra: that's senator lindsey graham after meeting with acting attorney general matthew whitaker. whitaker said there are no plans to fire special counsel robert mueller. sean spicer is a senior advisor for american first action pac. good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me.
8:35 am
>> sandra: what did you make of a confident lindsey graham there? >> i think lindsey graham is basing his comments on the facts. what you've seen is political speculation by the democrats what mr. whitaker might or might not do. anyone who took the time like senator graham to ask him has gotten the answer that we probably knew was the case to begin with. that mr. whitaker isn't going to do anything to impede the wrap-up of this investigation. democrats understand politically this is all they can talk about so that they will continue to focus on speculation rather than fact. >> sandra: still you are getting the sense there is an eagerness within the president's own party to confirm an a.g. because of everything going on. it really being a big distraction. we talked to senator joni ernst earlier and she said this. >> we do know the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the president and it is up to the president to determine who serves on his cabinet.
8:36 am
so i would love to see him make a nomination and whoever that nomination is, we will provide advice and consent for the president. but we do want someone that does have integrity and will uphold the law. >> sandra: what do you see happening next, sean? >> well, i think the president has got several months that mr. whitaker could stay in an acting position. my guess within the next month or so he will continue to meet with some folks that mr. whitaker probably included in that group that he thinks will make a long-term candidate. he has the right to have someone in the acting capacity for 260 days. but my guess is that knowing the importance of that job he will want to put forward a nominee that can continue to lead the department on a more permanent basis through the remainder of his first term. >> sandra: a lot of questions about what happens next with the mueller probe and the extent of the cooperation from the white house. kellyann conway was on fox news earlier and said this. >> i can tell you this
8:37 am
president and everyone around him has been nothing but 100% compliant for a year and a half now. millions and millions of dollars later, months and months later, 1.4 million pieces of paper. 33 plus people have met with or complied with requests from the mueller team including the president of the united states. >> sandra: we still are waiting to hear more about how this proceeds and what exactly is happening behind closed doors with the president on this probe. >> yeah. i think people have to remember there are two aspects to this. one is this fundamental piece of meddling. you've seen the mueller team go afterward of 20 russian individuals who tried to interfere with our election. i think every american can agree that anyone, any foreigner or outside act or, state actor who attempts to meddle in our election should be prosecuted and stopped. that's what's continuing to happen. the second piece is the
8:38 am
collusion. to kellyann's point you've seen a historic level of cooperation with the team over there to provide them both access to personnel and documents and so far we've seen nothing. i think there is a general consensus by all folks that it's time the cards get laid on the table. that this gets wrapped up and that if mr. mueller has other things that need to happen with respect to outside state or non-state actors that have interfered that's fine but the cloud that is hanging over the administration needs to come to an end. mueller has had access to all the people and documents and it's time we continue how to figure how to find a resolution so the administration can focus on doing the american people's business. >> sandra: i want to get to the news breaking in the laws hour on this judge handing cnn a victory in the bid to restore jim acosta white house press pass. we're just now getting a bit of a statement here from the white house. i want to first get your
8:39 am
reaction and take a look at this. but get your reaction first to judge timothy kelly ruling that acosta's first amendment rights overruled the white house's right to have orderly press conferences. >> look, i'm no lawyer but i'm shocked in the sense there is nothing that prohibited mr. acosta from writing on the white house's actions. he was free to continue to write. cnn had multiple reporters with access to the white house. but i think there is a line between saying that the first amendment guarantees you to go anywhere and do anything you want and to have reasonable expectations as the white house has asked for with respect to his level of professionalism and behavior. that's what this is about. whether he has access or not he like so many other journalists can write about the white house or any subject they deem necessary or of interest. so i think there is a difference -- we're getting lost in grouping every single discussion into the first amendment. the first amendment doesn't give you free access to go
8:40 am
wherever you please. it gives you the ability to express yourself for a free press to write things uninhibited and congress not to abridge the ability of the press to conduct itself. >> sandra: some of the argument here. we'll run out of time and it is important to get this in here. the judge i want to point out was a trump appointee, appointed last year bipartisan support in the senate. he also agreed with cnn's argument the white house did not provide due process. he said that the white house decision making was so shrouded i'm quoting him. shrouded in mystery that the government could not tell me who made the decision. and before i move on i want to get in a statement from the press secretary sarah sanders at the house now responding. today the court made clear there is no absolute first amendment right to access the white house. in response to the court we will temporarily reinstate the reporter's hard pass and develop rules and processes to
8:41 am
ensure. there must be decorum at the white house. do you have any idea what changes they might have in store? >> here is the answer. i actually believe -- as press secretary i was very liberal with handing out passes to the white house. i believe in a fair and free robust press. i think there should be some level of agreed upon professionalism and decorum. something that bo*eds well for journalism and civil discourse. i don't think that has anything to do with being able to act tough questions. a difference between asking what you want and behavior that's overthe line disrespect ful to the office of the president. >> sandra: was that ever discussed when you were at the white house further develop rules and processes to insure fair and orderly press conferences in the future? >> i think it may go to the judge's point which is that there has to be some way of saying if you violate this then this is how it will be dealt with. if we all need to agree to a certain protocols that will
8:42 am
exist in terms of handing off the microphone, etc. i think that it behooves all of us at this point, sad to say, to get some of this down if writing as far as how things will be dealt with if there are concerns and agreed-upon set of behavior that journalists will agree to abide by. it doesn't mean their questions can get sensored or anything but there is a level of decorum that is afforded to the office of the presidency that maybe they can sit down and work with the white house correspondents to come to an agreement as to what it would look like and agreed upon resolution dispute system. >> sandra: did you agree with the white house's decision to revoke the pass in the first place? >> i think that it would have been better to sit down with the white house correspondents association to point out why this behavior is not only disrespectful to the president of the united states but also to fellow journalists and see if there could have been some
8:43 am
resolution to how to address it specifically with mr. acosta and generally going forward. i would have thought that would have been a better way to keep things -- to keep the temperature from getting as high as it did. but again it's hard to make that decision from where i sit and not having been in the day-to-day as sarah and some of the others were. i just -- it is easy to say these things without having the context of what had happened before, after or preceding days. mr. acosta's behavior is disrespectful to the white house and his colleagues. it is not about him having his own show when he is at the press conference. it is about all the reporters having the opportunity. >> sandra: sean spicer, thank you for coming on the program. >> jon: will democrats reelect nancy pelosi to be speaker of the house? one congresswoman says she is considering challenging pelosi for the job as pelosi says she is confident she has the votes.
8:44 am
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>> jon: democratic congresswoman marcia fudge says she may run for speaker of the house and pelosi is confident she will be elected. matt cartwright, also a democrat, joins us now. there is a possibility that nancy pelosi could face a challenger. have you made a choice? >> i'm not committed and i'm watching this whole thing play out with a lot of interest. it's interesting how it's shaping up. you know, i'm from pennsylvania where we elect judges and, you know, judges don't have to run for reelection, they run for something we call retention after 10 years of service it's a yes or no vote on these judges. well, in very much the same way, it seems like nancy pelosi's position is running for retention because we have
8:48 am
nobody declared against her. i understand representative fudge is making noise about it but she hasn't declared. it is very much in the posture of a vote of confidence for or against leader pelosi. >> jon: here is what representative fudge had to say. we don't have that, i'm sorry, i thought we did. she said she thinks there comes a time when people need to hear a different voice. she said nancy pelosi has been a great leader for us, meaning the democrats. been a wonderful speaker, minority leader. i just think we need some change. that's the direct quote from marcia fudge who is also on screen next to you. do you think your party needs some change in the house? >> well, change is always good but one thing we hear a lot is well, leader pelosi is a lightning rod and not the right person to be the face of the party in 2020. things like that.
8:49 am
but jon, people are forgetting the voice of the democratic party in 2020 will not be the house speaker, it will be the democratic nominee for the president of the united states. that's where all the attention will be on. that's where all the criticism will be leveled at. that's upon whom all the praise will be heaped and so people are kind of overblowing this in some respects. i will say this i'm not making my mind up until i hear everybody give speeches on november 28th. >> jon: 17 democrats have written a letter saying they do not support nancy pelosi. she's are some of their faces. let me play for you what nancy pelosi had to say about that letter. >> i think of the 17 it's mostly like 14 mean who -- men are on that letter. i enjoy tremendous amount of women in our caucus. i get the up side of being a
8:50 am
woman. you would have to ask them. if, in fact, there is any misogyny involved, it is their problem, not mine. >> jon: is there misogyny involved? >> well, not on my part, i'll tell you that. >> jon: i'm not accusing you of that but some of the democrats who do not plan to vote for pelosi for speaker. >> you know, i'm not going to comment on that. what i want to say is this. leader pelosi has been an effective voice of moderation. you may be surprised to hear me say that but there are voices calling for impeachment, for example, of president trump. and leader pelosi has been counseling restraint and reservation on that. she has said out loud that we aren't going to impeach president trump over campaign finance violations. that's the way i feel about it, too. i voted to table that.
8:51 am
>> jon: congressman matt cartwright, we have to say goodbye. breaking news earlier. we appreciate you coming on with us today. >> sandra: the defense department undergoes its first ever audit. there are stunning results. we'll be live at the pentagon. i am a family man.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
defense secretary shanahan say that's beside the point. we failed the audit but never expected to pass it. we never thought we were going to pass an audit. everyone was betting against us that we wouldn't even do the audit. it found inventory discrepancies the pentagon thought it owned certain buildings and installations it no longer owns and military i.t. systems needed better cybersecurity. the audit cost $413 million conducted by 1200 auditors who visited 900 military sites. examined 2.7 trillion in assets. the problems will cost an estimated $559 million to fix according to the pentagon. the chairman of the house armed services committee thornberry said the audit should be excuse for defense budget cuts. >> no finding or fraud or that sort of thing. mainly the problem is that one
8:56 am
set of financial or accounting systems cannot talk to another. >> this audit is a good start, sandra. >> sandra: jennifer griffin from the pentagon. thank you. >> jon: it will be a working weekend for election officials in florida ahead of a sunday deadline now to report results of a hand recount. where does the process stand now?
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> you are going to be taking your kids? >> yeah, they are at a good age now. it was fun having you. >> big interview on wednesday. chris sits down for an interview on sunday. you don't want to miss it. >> we will all be watching that. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> a hand recount and the high stakes vote underway. determining that republican incumbent bill scott is leading by fewer than they a13,000 vote. i'm melissa francis. joining us on


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