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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 16, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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playing. they made the switch and did the best they could do, which is not good enough in new york. cavuto is next. hang on. he's the best. >> neil: all right. forget about florida. did you hear about georgia? we're just getting word that the democratic gubernatorial nominee stacey abrams will be delivering brief remarks sometime this hour, maybe in the next hour, 5:00 p.m. eastern time. her first that she's not going down without a fight. he will highlight how much her campaign has done. hard to tell what this will be about. steve harrigan in atlanta with the latest. >> neil, wore likely to find out something in the next couple hours here in atlanta. it's not clear. stacey abrams the democrat, that
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trails by 50,000 votes is scheduled in speak in an hour. will it be a concession speech, doesn't sound like it or an extreme legal challenge to this entire vote? will the abrams campaign as they'd have discussed issue a legal challenge saying this vote in georgia was so corrupt and so irregular that it affecting an outcome and asking the judge to overthrow the vote and have a recount. it would be a high bar. they talked about it. as it stands right now, the republican brian kemp in the next few hours, he could be certified as the winner of this election. he stands at 50.2% of the vote. that would have to go below 50% for a run-off vote in december. abrams would need 17,000 votes. the tone here is changing. it's getting worse each day. the latest from kemp saying that abrams' behavior, not conceding,
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is a ridiculous temper tantrum. we could see news in the coming hours and tempers growing shorter. back to you. >> thanks very much. and then there's florida. did you see this today? all right. what was interesting is they're going back and forth, busy at work, a hand recount is on. let's say it's not going smoothly. peter doocy in lauder hill with more. hi, peter. >> neil, workers are spent most of the day looking at a projector trying to decipher what is on ballots that got spit out by machines because they have to much ink on them. in some cases, somebody voted nor both the senate candidates and in some cases it's because people drew their own bubbles or squiggles on a ballot. most of them, people left the senate side blank. that means nobody gets the credit. that is making it tough for bill
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nelson to catch up to rick scott. he's nearly 13,000 votes behind. even if he got all of the contested ones today here in broward, nelson would only add 500 to his total, this is the place where his lawyers have been hoping to find thousands of fresh votes. they're not giving up. his team asking for cash to keep up with the deep pocketed scott campaign. rick scott is now accusing nelson, the democrat, of just battling this out in court to alter election laws. nelson and the democrat, andrew gillum are banking on have about 5,000 people turn out by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. those are the ones that may have been notified late that signature mismatch on their ballots would invalidate their votes if not fixed. they would need a lot more ballots on their side, next to their name to make up the difference, neil. >> neil: peter, thank you.
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peter doocy. let's get the read from joni ernst. she's watching this closely, the iowa senator just chosen by her colleagues to be the gop vice chair. a little more than a few years ago, she made it to the senate. senator, very good to have you. >> thank you so much. great to be with you, neil. >> neil: same here. congratulations. >> i appreciate it. >> neil: what do you make of what's going on in florida? what we know, it won't change the fact that the republicans will still control the senate but it's a reminder, especially with a couple of seats that flip the other way, that it might be roughly by the same numbers. does that concern you, bother you or you just move on? >> i think we are well-situated in florida. i think that senator nelson has served his country very well in the united states senate. however, the folks of florida have spoken. i believe that rick scott will make a wonderful new senator for
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the state of florida. i think they should move on. >> neil: are you worried for 2020 that we might run into this again in florida? surprisingly as this sounds, they have not corrected problems that were in place 18 years ago? >> well, i served as a of elections in the state of iowa when i served as county auditor. of course, we know that you need to have people of integrity that are running elections. certainly if we see that there are problems, then either the problems need to be corrected or the person in charge of those elections needs to go. >> neil: any advice for senator nelson? >> i'd say senator nelson, leave a great legacy and leave a positive reflection of your time in the united states senate.
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it's time to say good-bye and thank you to the great folks of florida. >> neil: senator, it's interesting now the mid-terms are being recalibrated and rethought of a week after the fact. it's possible when all is said and done, democrats could pick up about 36, maybe as many as 38 seats. does that constitute a blue wave to you? >> that is not a blue wave. that is a blue trickle at most. if you look back at the presidents clinton and obama during their mid-terms, they lost far more seats than president trump has. he's much closer to president reagan in seats that were lost in the house. so no, it is not a blue wave. the fact that we're picking up seats in the united states senate speaks very highly not only of our senate members and the quality candidates that we put forward, but also of the trump administration and understanding that the policies that we have in place are
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working for the american people. >> neil: you know what is so weird, i know you used the reagan analogy. you're right, reagan lost more seats. we were on the depth of a recession. i think people on the left and right would agree the economy is substantially better now. one of the more dramatic recovers we've seen in history. yet not a tangible benefit in the house to the degree you would think. what do you think limited republican gains? >> i do think that our messaging is very important. we shouldn't just talk at the voters. we shouldn't just talk at our constituents. we need to connect with them. we need to understand what their concerns and their issues are. and then how do we reflect our public policy based on their concerns? do it in a conservative manner. we need to message that and we need to make sure that that connection exists. that's why it's very important
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for 2020. >> neil: the rap about your party and maybe your leadership position will change the approach, but suburban women are a problem for republicans especially in key states where seats on the house side flipped. does it concern you? >> well, it does concern me. but again, the policies that we're putting in place that will help suburban women, we need to make sure that we're communicating those clearly. i don't feel we did that adequately in this last election cycle. my home state of iowa, for example, we did lose two of our republican congressional seats. >> we saw those flip. we a tribute that considerably to those suburban women. so when it comes to healthcare and actual advances that we've made, whether it is working on pharmaceutical costs, whether it's doubling the child tax credits, whatever that might be, we need to make sure that women
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know about those initiatives, know that we're working for them. and really making sure we're hearing their concerns. they want to know they've been heard. i feel ready to at least put in motion something that will indicate more constructed talks when he meets with xi jinping next week. if there is no formal construct of a deal, i have one wall street pro tell me, all bets are off for the markets and our economy and this could drag on a year or more. what do you think? >> i think we do need to have a very carefully constructed outline of what we would like to see and accomplish moving forward with the chinese.
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i am very glad that the president will be meeting with president xi jinping and moving forward. we need them to move forward. my folks back home, my farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, they all understand why the president is doing what he's doing. but of course, i had one farmer that stated it, i understand why the president is doing it, i just don't understand why previous presidents didn't do it sooner. >> very good catching up with you, senator. congratulations again. we'll be watching very closely. have a wonderful weekend. >> happy thanksgiving. >> neil: to you as weld. by the way, just the talk of that idea that we could put sort of the hatchet down between ourselves and the chinese and maybe start the beginnings of progress on the trade front let alone no deal was enough to lift stocks today. still an awful week. continuing this concern here that, you know, we're still not out of the woods, not for
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technology and not for most of the sectors that make up the s&p 500. there's that. more after this.
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>> neil: all right. not exactly closure, but let's shall we say raised eyebrows that saying president trump has answered one questions from special counsel robert mueller. rich edson with more. hi, rich. >> good afternoon. the president speaking about this in the oval office bill signing this afternoon. he says that he believes that robert mueller's investigation will soon conclude. he's finished answering his questions and he did so himself. >> didn'ts take very long to do them. they were my answers. i don't need lawyers to do that. the lawyers can go over some of the answers. >> yesterday the president tweeted that mueller and his gang of democrat thugs have destroyed people and a disgrace to the nation. he was asked what prompted that
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twitter outburst. he said nothing specifically. only the continuation of this investigation, which the president says should have never happened. the white house has temporarily reinstated the white house pass of cnn correspondent jim acosta. it was revoked after he refused to give up the microphone in a presidential press conference last week. the white house will develop new rules for press conferences focusing on decorum. cnn's sued to get the pass back. >> neil: thanks, rich. so what's going on here with robert mueller's office and is it a sign that the investigation could be wrapping up? robert wray with more. what do you think? >> i think it's right. i don't think the president would be speaking the way he's speaking unless he has had some indication through his lawyers that we're getting to the end. >> neil: part of that, answering these questions, which are in
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written form. >> which you would expect to be the last significant thing that could occur before you wrap up. >> neil: as a prosecutor, does the written form mean anything to you? >> it's still under oath. in orderly as a criminal defense order, i would counsel a client nothing under oath if you avoid it. i suspect in the background is if you don't submit at least written answers under oath, then you'll face a subpoena and there's probably been some negotiations behind the scenes about working that out. otherwise, the president could save his answers and use them to respond to whatever report bob mueller has to the justice department and to congress. >> neil: how do you think he answered -- first of all, the questions alone would tell you where mueller would be going, right? >> i suppose that's right. the other way is it's just a wrap-up and there's no intention
1:17 pm
to pursue things further once the president's answers are included as a part of the report. >> neil: but if the questions have very little to do with russian collusion and more to do with business dealings, wouldn't that begin to raise issues at the white house, oh, this is off track? >> he may not have agreed to respond to those kinds of questions. i don't know what the questions are. i suspect they don't have anything to do with obstruction of justice. he indicated early on he had no intention to respond. he said he doesn't have any responses to questions regarding the trump organization and his activities prior to the campaign. i suspect they're probably limited to, you know, what would be the heart of the mandate, the origins of the russia invest combination and matters related to the campaign and whether or not there were any meetings with
1:18 pm
russian officials and whether or not he knew about certain things. i would think all of those things would be fair game and would be within the mandate set by the deputy attorney general. >> neil: so let's say the president were your client. he was giving these written responses. how would you coach, advise, aid him? >> the president said he wrote the responses. the first piece of advice you give any client is make sure that you understand that the responses that you are giving are just as if you are in a grand jury proceeding sworn under oath. so whatever you say, make sure what you say is the truth. >> neil: short, concise and to the point? >> right. there's room there to be artfully and usefully vague. you know, it's not -- >> neil: artfully and usefully vague. >> it's not the same things as being pressed in a proceeding with a prosecutor before a grand jury. >> neil: what do you think about
1:19 pm
this? as much as you and i chat about this, you think about the indictment, the guilty pleas and all. must have involved have nothing to do with russia and everything to do with businesses, transactions, some going back many years. is it your feeling that this could go the same way? whatever mueller comes up with might have in the end very little to do with russia? >> i think it will have very little to do with russia collusion, which is to say there will be a lot of democrats that will be sorely disappointed that there was be the holy grail at the end of this. there will be a report, a fair amount of great public pressure to see that that report is released to congress. i expect much more will be discussed about what the president's efforts were in trying to orchestrate the investigation, whether it's the firing of james comey and -- >> neil: or jeff sessions. would that come up? >> sure it would. but at the end of the day, does anybody really think that that amounts to obstruction of
1:20 pm
justice that would be a prosecutable case? i don't. i don't believe that any responsible prosecutor would come to that conclusion. >> neil: while i have with you, what do you think about the acting a.g.? >> i think his appointment was correct. the office has a great reputation. only recently because it ininvolved the trump administration democratic critics are suggesting there's something wrong about the president's own office of legal counsel opining on the legality of the president's actions. it's an issue that the constitution doesn't answer. the congress attempted to fill that void with the vacancies act. the president acted pursuant to the vacancy's act. he sought the opinion as he should by the white house counsel to the office of legal counsel. he did all the things you'd expect a responsible president to do and filled it temporarily pending a permanent appointment with the advice and consent of
1:21 pm
the senate. i don't think there's any problem with that or any legal problem with that. >> neil: robert wray, the former whitewater independent counsel. more coming up, including stocks. they ended up on the day, down on the week. a horrific week but everything sealed to be pegged to promising china talks. i keep repeating myself maybe at the risk of overdoing it. this whole issue of trade and whether we get things back on track with china will dominate the picture. the better they look, the better for stocks. the worse they look, the worse for stocks. could it change everything if these two strike a deal next week? after this. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> we will have a great relationship with china,
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hopefully we'll make a deal. >> neil: all right. the president being low key about these rumors that were swirling that when he meets with xi jinping next week in argentina, that they might have the makings of a deal or at least a truce. that reverts what had been a 200 point slide reverting to a 200-point gain. the behind of that reinforced today, lifted stocks again. let's go to jonas and dan. it's a reminder that the prospects for a deal with china are market-moving events. >> absolutely. it's really important for us to get a deal. based upon jamie dimond's comment -- >> neil: the j.p. morgan chase head. >> yes. he's indicates that if there's global growth, there has to be a
1:26 pm
deal between the united states and china. that's where we're going. they have to make a deal. trump has 2020 on his mind. he has to make a deal to continue to rely on the economy to be his calling card for re-election. >> neil: what do you think? >> i don't think he minds dragging out the deal part of this. could go for months and months. >> neil: you think the mid-terms changed his perspective? >> i don't think he was playing it for the mid-terms. i think he likes being in the deal mode. he has a lot of control with it, like 200 point swings with the market. it's not a lot. it's not a 20,000 point swing event. it's more down side for foreign markets than ours. maybe a little more upside for our market. >> neil: let's say we score a deal or even the construct of a deal. what would the market dough with that? >> it has more upside than down side this deal. ultimately interest rates and tech stocks, the bigger drivers, the 1,000 point moves.
1:27 pm
if he pulls something off next week and looks better in our favor, could be a few hundred points. i don't think it's like super big. >> neil: what is interesting, all the businesses and sectors that would benefit, not only those that are multinational, do business like caterpillar and et cetera, chip makers, everyone, hormel, it's cuts a broad swath. if we get something that looks like we're on the way to a deal, what does the market do? >> i agree with jonas. it's not super upside. you want to know why? the market has a short attention span. seems like the market is chasing the shiny object. we get news on brexit, not so positive. bang. the market is done. bang, president makes a comment about china, market swings up. so it's a little bit
1:28 pm
disconcerting that it would have a short attention span on major issues. >> a good point. one of the things, too, this is where the mid-terms could make a difference, we've seen congressman pasquel of new jersey will have a key role on trade who has said that deal you scored with mexico and canada, it has to go by us, by me and i'm not a fan and i'm wondering how that plays into the whole china deal stuff. >> neil, with all the deals, they might get pinched to what they want the deal to be. there's a risk of this sounding crazy but it going too well. there's too much winning by america. the bottom line is our interest rates started to get too high, our dollar got too strong and that's one of the big hurts on the stocks. it's as much that as any tariff problem. >> neil: you can put the two together. >> if we come out and winner and
1:29 pm
everybody is losing, too much money coming in and hard for the exporters. you want to have trade but you don't want to beat them down. that's not great for anybody. we want everybody to have a fair trade situation. >> neil: saving face in the end -- >> the tricky part, neil, with china is this. the real sticking point is the theft of intellectual property and technology. how do we get along china to save face, not admit they're doing it and still make a deal and still have something in place to stop them from doing it going forward. that to me is where it gets tricky. >> neil: understood. dan, jonas, thanks very much. have a good read on things. take a break, guys. no, we're going to kristina partsinevelos here. i thought i had gone over there. we're always doing things that i can't share with you, america. this could turn to turkeys that
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is limited but does seems to be spreading. >> it's time to check our freezers. >> your meat may be tainted. there's salmonella outbreaks going on for a year. that's the jenny o turkey company. 91,000 pounds of ground turkey beef. this is an ongoing problem. consumer advocacy groups are saying you're not telling us who the brands are, where this tainted salmonella turkey is coming from. the department has rebutted and say we don't know where the source is so it would be reckless for us to bring up other brands. in this year, 2018, 164 people that have been sick because of salmonella across the country. 63 hospitalized and including one death as well. overall in the past year and on
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an annual basis, the cdc is saying there's 1.2 million cases of salmonella outbreak. so it's affecting a lot of americans around the holiday team. if you're concerned about the symptoms, what are they? diarrhea, fever, cramps that you'll receive roughly 12 to 72 hours when you come in contact. last but not least, how to avoid it. thaw your turkey in the fridge, not the counter. don't put the stuffing -- don't stuff the turkey. try to cook your stuffing in another pan and make sure to reheat your leftovers, neil. >> neil: good reminders all. christina, thanks very much. in the meantime, we have the latest on the caravan. forget about the legal crashes. it's an upping of the ante. we'll explore. when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum...
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> neil: all right. the caravan has arrived in tijuana. but all is not going down that well. william la jeunesse with more. >> neil, that is the bridge into the united states. that's where migrants want to go. problem is, reality is setting
1:36 pm
if for those that arrived. they're in between a rock and a hard spot. the doors in the united states are closing. the border here in san diego substantially secured. the idea that you can cross anywhere on the border and still a claim asylum, no longer the case. if you do, you have five weeks, up to four months. also, a lot don't have any money left to go home. they're stuck in a city that is not prepared to give them food and shelters. the shelter that was provided for them is inadequate. >> it's difficult. we don't have bathrooms. the kitchen is small. >> so remember when the caravan left honduras? the policy of the administration then was catch and release. that is no longer the case. also, they're only taking a limited number of asylum cases a day. today that's 30.
1:37 pm
the list is 1,050 people. maybe a five month wait if everybody claims asylum. the sign is for these people, get in line with everyone else. >> the person, he need to sign your name and what you coming from. he need to wait for the numbers. one number, that's ten persons. >> i want to get my number. if they let me in, i wait i don't know how long on my wife for. >> yes. the idea, neil, some of these guys are getting inpatient. also because they're not going to qualify for asylum. they said they're going to jump the fence. as for the violent incident the other day, they were rained down with rocks. people didn't want them there. the longer this goes on, there's more tension, incidents like that one. neil? >> william, thank you.
1:38 pm
when you hear about asylum and who is seeking asylum and what covers asylum, who would know better than thomas homan. director, very good to have you. >> good to see you, neil. >> neil: can you help me? what is asylum? what grants you asylum? >> i'm glad you asked so the american people can understand. you can claim political asylum if you're in fear of persecution of your home country for political beliefs, race or religion. poverty, wanting a better life in the united states, it doesn't qualify. that's why right now the latest numbers on central americans claiming asylum, 90% lose their case, if they showed up. it's people that are in dire straits taking advantage of to
1:39 pm
get their foot in the door. the enter interview is by asylum officer from the cis. the threshold is so low because they want to make sure that they don't send anybody back to be persecuted. that's what we asked congress to fix. raise the threshold. once it gets to a judge, 90% lose. we have to close that gap. but again, 90% of these people based on the current data will lose their case and order to go home. >> here's the question. many escaping from honduras are escaping gang violence. another group from nicaragua says they're targeted and they want to escape that. so it has to be a life and death provable issue, right? >> gang violence, the attorney changed that. under the obama administration he added those two things to asylum criteria. attorney general sessions stuck with the rule of law the way the law was written and said no, that was an abuse of the system.
1:40 pm
we're going back to the way the law was written. >> neil: i want to be clear. asylum is a broad -- just escaping poverty in the case of mexico where it grants up to 2,000 to 3,000 caravan participants residents in mechanic -- mexico -- mexico already offered this to you. why are you here? >> bingo. if they're really escaping fear and persecution, they're two countries away. mexico has offered asylum. 2,000 have accepted. the first question that asylum people should ask, if you're escaping fear in honduras, why didn't you take the offer in mexico? i said this nor weeks. this isn't so much about escaping real true fear and persecution. this is about getting to the united states to join a fall ply member here or get a job. your own video clips on fox
1:41 pm
showing the honduran caravan carrying honduran flags. i've never seen that before. it's ridiculous. >> it does raise eyebrows. i wanted you to react. the first time i've talked to you since california senate erika -- senator kamala harris referred to ice as the ku klux klan. she said they use fire and intimidation to target people based on their racial or ethnic background. what do you through? >> i think her comment was disgusting. for her to vilify the 20,000 men and women that strap a gun to their hip every day to secure their home, enforce a law that congress enacted. she's a member of congress. she doesn't like what isodose, change the law. strap a gun on your help and put a vest on and be something that doesn't want to be arrested that is a criminal alien that you let out of your sanctuary jail in
1:42 pm
california that you support the sanctuary policies. the men and women of ice are not making this up. they're enforcing laws that congress enacted. to call them names is ridiculous. she ought to go walk the wall of the national law enforcement memorial of the hundreds of ice agents that lost their lives and apologize to them and the families of the men and women that died serving their country. >> neil: tom, i know you've addressed the rumors. add my name to the list. the president is thinking of firing his homeland secretary, kirstjen nielsen. i've heard you're on top of it. are you interested in it if that came the pass? >> i don't want to speculate. kirstjen nielsen is working hard. she's -- i've worked with her for months.
1:43 pm
i want to get the loop holes changed. when someone steps up, they have given their life up. she's working 24/7, 365. >> neil: the president is frustrated so many people are getting in. he sees somebody like you that could slow or stop that process. could you? >> i'd rather speculate what the president can and cannot do. as a guy that has done 34 years being committed to this country and this job, i want to support the secretary in place currently. >> neil: i tried. seriously, very good having you again. i hope you have a wonderful thanks giving. >> thanks for what you do, getting the story out to the american people. >> neil: thank you. what exactly are we going to hear from the democratic georgia gubernatorial candidate after this? ll here?
1:44 pm
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>> neil: we're waiting for stacey abrams. she's going to say something at the top of the hour. we're waiting on this ongoing recount in florida. stephen mulroy on all of this. stephen, in the georgia situation, she's behind enough that it would be difficult for her to catch up to or get the votes under 50% for kemp that would require a run off. so what do you suspect? what will she say? >> well, either one of two things. i think either she will concede or she will indicate that she will be filing a lawsuit to suggest that there were ill legalities and problems with the election that the election could be challenges and make a difference in the outcome. in this particular case as you pointed out, the votes are still yet to be counted, wouldn't be enough to bring it down to a
1:48 pm
traditional run-off. she would have to file a litigation, focusing on the controversies that we've seen with brian kemp, changing registration, not allowing people to be registered because their signatures didn't match that kind of thing. >> neil: so in florida if i can switch to there where there's 4,000 ballots that have to be checked because they were thrown out, the signatures didn't match. let's say that do to senator nelson's way, it wouldn't make up the difference. how do you rectify that? >> well, what the judge did in that case is to give people until saturday to cure the deficiency, but showing up and showing that their signature does match, redoing the signature, confirming they're in fact the person in question. that's how you cure that. you're right that the 4,000 wouldn't be enough to make up the difference for bill nelson. what might make up the difference, there's a lot of
1:49 pm
so-called undervotes where the machine didn't pick up a vote or overvotes. it's the case that there's enough of those that didn't make the difference for bill nelson once they do that manuel ballot couldn't. >> neil: can it be done by the 20th? >> that's what supposed to happen. but this is florida. we'll see. >> neil: thanks, professor. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. pondering that georgia race and the race to see who will lead the democrats in the house. it's not a give-me. nancy pelosi after this. (avo) come with us... a new world. deeper than the ocean. as unfathomable as the universe. a world that doesn't exist outside you... ...but within you. where breakthrough science is replacing chemotherapy with immunotherapy. where we can now attack the causes of disease,
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not just the symptoms. where medicines once produced for all, are now designed to fit you. today 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers go bodly to discover treatments and cures unimaginable ten years ago... ...and are on the verge of more tomorrow.
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1:52 pm
>> talked about the growing support that i have and why i'm
1:53 pm
considering a bid to run for speaker. she was -- to her credit, she wanted to know what my concerns were. we discussed them. we had an open and frank conversation. >> neil: that's marsha fudge that could be running to challenge nancy pelosi for speaker of the house. let's get a read on this from brie peyton. if she were to run, sounds like she is, what are her chances? >> her chances -- results are mixed. huffington post released what they are reporting as soon-to-be a letter that was signed by 17 different democratic congressmen that say that they would support fudge over pelosi in a potential speaker bid. that letter has yesterday to be released as of this moment. we don't know how it will stack up and if and when that letter is released. it's been interesting to see the congressional black caucus say they're going to endorse pelosi
1:54 pm
over fudge even though fudge used to be the chair. that doesn't bode well for fudge's chances in this ultimate face-off. so we'll have to see how this shakes out. i think the meeting today between the two shows that democrats are trying to close rank and close opposition and get their ducks in a row behind nancy pelosi. so we'll have to see what happens. >> neil: a lot would depend whoever gets it on the first vote, right? you need 218 votes to do it, right? >> yeah. we'll have to see what happens going forward. ultimately if temper is kind of able to win over a couple of those individuals to her side, she would secure that on the first vote. so we'll just have to see how strong her support is. it has been interesting after november to see these young democrats like alexandria ocasio cortez juxtapose with nancy
1:55 pm
pelosi. it's an interesting weird conglomerate going forward. interesting to see if democrats can push down dissent and keep everybody in line. >> neil: we'll know very soon. >> the latest on the california wild fires after this. .
1:56 pm
♪ know kneel all right. the palm beach county supervisor is talking right now about these tabulating votes that's going on right now in her county. let's listen. >> might have been interesting. we never had any kind of difficulty. i'm proud of palm beach county and we will continue to count our votes as we're supposed to. >> do you have any preliminary numbers? >> we're going to run those -- we can't -- the canvassing board, as you know, wants to go home. so we are going to add those vote totals when they are all here in the morning. we don't have those numbers
1:57 pm
yet. but we have them. >> what's going on right here? >> right now they are duplicating ballots w4-6789 we run ballots through the machine they get damaged so these are still the -- the machine recount ballots we deem the over and under. some of the ballots were damaged. they are required to be duplicated. we are running back through the machines and add them back to our vote totals they don't have the overs and unders for the happened recount we will include that as well. >> can you explain how you continue to do the recount even though the deadline is past you are still obligated to do the recount. >> we are still obligated to each one of the recounts by florida statute irregardless of the deadline. >> how long do you think it will take to you do the recount? >> a very long time. we have to run all of the ballots through our scanner. i mean, our taboo later. it's 871. it took us almost five days initially to run the ballots through. we do not envision working 24/7. so here's the good news. y'all can clear out tonight
1:58 pm
because we're going to close. and we're going to go home. we're going to start working reasonable business hours. we worked 24/7 to try and make the machine recount. as you know, we unfortunately didn't make it we gave it everything we h i am proud of the team that i assembled. workers and county workers and i think we did the very best we could under the circumstances. we can't operate them 24/7 because it doesn't work out well. we look very much to assembling new equipment for
1:59 pm
our next election cycle. >> documents that were -- you were thinking of bringing in machines from the precincts? >> we discussed that if we have any difficulty with our high speed taboo laters that there would be consideration to set up our precinct scanners and our precinct scanners actually have the ability to connect separate elections. as you know our high speed taboo later can only conduct one election at a time. we got a little bit of push back from the secretary. so i think we would hear very strongly if we made that determination. >> [inaudible] >> we'll turn in the very. >> neil: no sense of urgency there. you are listening to palm beach county. work regular hours no. rush to get this counted up. forget about the urgency to get a senator in place in washington all of that what she is saying is that the count is goingen with these machines but they are a long
2:00 pm
way from pg getting that done. the state proceeded with a hand recount of all ballots, including of palm beach county. but the mess goes on it would seem to be very difficult for mr. nelson to reverse that gap. "the five" is next. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, along with tammy bruce, marie harf and greg gutfeld and jesse watters. it's 5:00 in new york city and this "the five." the immigration battle front and center as the first wave of the caravan is met with violence in tee yuanna, mexico. local residents clashing with the migrants and chanting this. [chanting] [mexico] >> dana: potential 2020 hopeful kamala harris facing backlash after this exchange


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