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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 17, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> democrat stacey abrams ended her campaign and said she cannot win but, still, wouldn't call it a concession speech. >> i acknowledge that former secretary of state brian kemp will be certified as at victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election. this is not a speech of concession. >> senate race in florida is still dragging on though. hand counts of some ballots continuing across the state. >> answered questions from special counsel robert mueller. >> i answered them. you have to be careful when you answer questions from people who probably have bad intentions. >> nancy pelosi keeping her close and enemies closer. >> there is a great deal of excitement about the fact there could be new
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leadership. >> believes this caravan could be followed by more. more are expected tomorrow. potentially up to 5,000 people. >> we will have rules of decorum. >> he wants to speak directly to the american people, at the same time, those individuals can't be disruptive. >> we honor the recipients of our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> the king of rock and roll elvis allen presley. ♪ ♪ we built this city on rock and roll ♪ we built this city. >> what a great song. lisa: great song. i come in dancing. ed: we built this show on rock and roll. the king of rock and roll honored yesterday medal of freedom. pete: i'm drinking tea this morning.
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i have the crud that rest of america have. it's not coffee it's tea. ed: i will be sad if you have to leave the show early. jedediah: i'm not going anywhere. ed: we haven't seen you since we went skydiving. jedediah: i know. i'm a little disappointed. i thought you were going to zip line me in something fun but that's all right. ed: wait until tomorrow's show. pete: thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. my absolute favorite holiday. i got a package from peta has been tofurky day. ain't going to happen. no chance. jedediah: i have made a great turkey i did the adopt a turkey program. jedediah: just talked to a chef john mac elmore is here. we will trying for you. jedediah: extra for pete. i will eat his tofurky.
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ed: i keep hear these candidates not conceding. isn't it over? i thought it was over two weeks ago. overnight breaking stacy abrams you see it trite the democratic nominee for governor in georgia, she holds an event where she is giving a quote, unquote, concession speech. but then, pete, she said i'm not conceding. pete: concession speech without a concession. listen to stacey abrams yesterday. >> to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people's democratic right to vote has been truly appalling. so let's be clear, this is not a speech of concession. because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. more than a million citizens found their names stripped from the roles by the secretary of state. we will be filing a major federal lawsuit against the stay of georgia. jedediah: this is the new
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mantra of the democrats, it seems that when they lose an election it's they cheated. they, they, they you know, they stole it this has been going on. who set the precedent for that hillary clinton. ed: has she conceded really? jedediah: not quite yet. every time she says she lost the election it was it was stolen. i will go back and talk about hillary. i don't have time to get to stacey abrams. ed: that's brian kemp on the right the republican nominee all but certain to be the next governor of georgia. he has a news conference this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. jedediah: because he won. he won. pete: i feel that voice is of someone who is angry but also feels entitled to that seat. when you have oprah, michael b. jordan. rapper. jones and a bunch of other celebrities come to your state and campaign four and you think the wave is going to take new and it doesn't happen,. ed: you are saying the
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celebrity didn't convince people to vote for someone? pete: shockingly. she is as shocked as anyone else by that fact. jedediah: so are the celebrities who are you a powerful. pete: it's a real problem. ed: way back at the 2016 in the end then there when then candidate trump was asked will you accept the results and he didn't quite answer it the way the mainstream media wanted. he said this is dangerous stuff. here you have candidates refusing to concede, newt gingrich said this is dangerous business. watch. >> you have a whole series of democrats who just said bluntly if our candidate doesn't win they stole the election. now, they have no proof of it, but they have a whole model now whether it's yelling racist or whatever it is, where if they smear you enough, this is the kavanaugh model repeated over and over again. so, georgia, they want to set up stacey abrams so she will be the person who had the election stolen from her. so for the next four years she can run for governor as
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the person who should have been governor except it was stolen from her. if you don't let the democrat winning, then you are cheating and it's been stolen because you're not allowed to win. they're supposed to win. pete: not enough recount to happen so the democrat wins so it's a stolen election. this is not the only place. you know, would we pointed out this was supposed to be a big blue wave. they picked up additional seats since election day. when it came to the big stars, the big races, the places where they were going to plant their flag they didn't actually win. have you stacey abrams in georgia. andrew gillum who also has yet to concede by the way, as everyone. ed: lost. pete: beto o'rourke lost the texas senate race. he has been taking a run around the mall and everyone wants to read into that still finding ways to hold these people up as the future of the democratic party. you can't ignore the relate of the election day that they all lost.
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ed: stacey abrams lost the gubernatorial race. o'rourke maybe he will run for president in two years. look at stacey abrams she lost by my count in the "new york times" this morning 58,000 votes, gillum losing right now by 33,000 votes. guess who lost by 33,000 votes. scott walker the republican governor of wisconsin on election night he lost by a smaller margin than those two democrats in wisconsin the sitting governor, if anyone was going to try to rig something he could have done it as a sitting governor he said i lost. he moved on. jedediah: such disrespect to the democratic process and all those voters who did go out and vote. democrats if you want to win elections get out there and make the case bring in all the celebrities you want, great. if you win, fine. the responsibility of republicans to respect your win. but if you lose, it's your responsibility to gracefully exit the stage, concede and move on. this is not -- you can't just run, you know, for election and lose and blame the other party all the
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time. it's ridiculous. pete: she just did. her vote count slipped against her and she conceded. i like your point about when trump they went crazy preemptively. they are not doing the same thing to democrats who have lost in this cycle. jedediah: now to florida where the manuel recount enters second day. ed: holding on to his seat. rick scott continues to secure his lead. griff jenkins is live in broward county where hand count of vote has been completed. griff: bill nelson has a serious math problem in broward county. you see volunteers behind me. setting into a second day of recounting. here is the camera. heading inside for the recount. the recount for the senate race is over. ended in almost two hours. very quickly. of the 31,000 over and under votes. meaning they either marked too much or too little. only 447 of them were even
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considered by the canvassing board. meaning the margin that nelson stood to gain was less than 500 and in a 12,500 margin deficit that is a serious problem for senator nelson in the area of broward county where nelson's attorneys admitted was their last best hope to turn this race around. now, i also should point out the agricultural race here which is only of interest of florida voters is going to happen here in a few hours. we will find out what that is. we may get more on the actual numbers of the nelson/scott race later today. the election supervisor here brenda snipes is of course getting a lot of accusations still under a lot of scriewt scrutiny. i asked her how things were going and here is what she had to say. >> things are going as we planned it we have all these people here and they are willing to stay until we get it all done. >> are you pleased that the got the land count souterred early. >> yeah, yeah. absolutely. griff: we'll find out those official numbers the deadline is 12 noon on
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sunday for reporting. we think we'll get a better idea in a few hours. let you know how scott-nelson numbers summed up. pete: i will sum it up. nelson is going to lose and lawyers are getting paid. jedediah: brenda snipes should not have a job right now. how she has a job is a miracle. ed: with scott looks like 53 vote. win for the president. he lost the house as we noted. what do the democrats want to do they ran on we're told the economy and healthcare. all these important kitchen table issues. the first thing they talked about after winning the house is investigating the president, some 85 subpoenas. the second thing look at "the washington post." they want to raise your taxes. democrats face early division over rules for tax hikes. here is what the story says a g.o.p. rule that requires three fifth super majority in the house. democratic leaders would replace it with a rule requiring a super majority vote to approve tax hikes for most taxpayers but only a simple majority vote to raise taxes for the
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wealthiest 20% or for corporations. so here they are, guys, in a rush. what do they want to do right away? investigate the president and get some more of your money. jedediah: are you surprised? listen, because all of those other things that they talk about like healthcare and there is rainbows and unicorns for everyone and a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you have to pay for that somehow. who are going to pay for that you are. pete: they're also split though. the new progressives that got elected like ed's favorite socialist in the bronx. they are angry at the leadership they are saying it shouldn't be a super majority to raising taxes. simple majority for any tax rate not justth 28% and not just the corporation. they want to raise your taxes. that is their platform. ed: the president washed this was going to happen. put the democrats in charge they will raise your taxes. guess what, folks? pete: they have a new left wing rabid base that's coming in that's going to drag them further left and they are going to keep
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getting radical. ed: are you surprised the democrats want to raise your taxes immediately? let us know. jedediah: we're turning now to your headlines. president trump is heading to california today to visit victims of the devastating wildfires. at least 74 people are dead. 71 alone in the north camp fire. more than 1,000 others are still missing. residents are now facing a new threat as hazardous smoke is smothering the state. millions of people are forced to wear masks amid the dirtiest air quality levels in the road. in southern california, more evacuees are returning home. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is now allowed to live on his own. a federal judge granting john hinckley jr. the most freedom he has had since shooting president reagan and three others in 1981. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. he has been living with his elderly mother in williamsburg, virginia. hinckley will be able to live alone in the area with restrictions. and president trump awards seven people with america's highest honor. one of those honorees
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minnesota supreme court justice alan page. he was recognized for his nfl careerenned a lifetime of public service. other honorableees included elvis presley, babe ruth. ed: yeah. jedediah: and the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. ed: president trump said to his widow you guys had a lot of kids. you were busy. jedediah: classic trump. pete: viking supreme court member well deserves. ed: president trump reacted to latest migrant caravan in a tweevment remember we were told it's not a real story? there is a reason for our most recent immigration. that the media is not telling you about. we will discuss coming up. pete: one school has a plan to crack down on bullying. ban designer coats apparently. we'll explain. ♪
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♪ jedediah: president trump tweeting about the incoming migrant caravan saying quote it's is ironic that large caravans of people are marching to our border wanting u.s.a. asylum because they are fearful of being in their country, yet they are proudly waving their country's flag? can this be possible? yes because it is all a big con and the american taxpayer is paying for it. pete: adopting a new strategy to gain asylum bringing their families. here with more jessica vaughn director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies. jessica, thanks for joining us this morning. if you would, speak to the irony the president is pointing out. you want to come to america yet yo you are holding up the flag of your country. what does that say to you about their intentions? >> -- oppression that they
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are opportunists. they have heard they will be able to get into the united states, especially if they bring a child and they want to take advantage of that opportunity and that's what this caravan is all about. now, the caravan organizers want to make a point about open borders. but the people who are coming here have been told that they will be allowed in and that's what they want to do. they know that they don't even have to file their asylum claim if they are let. in they don't have to show up for their court hearing. they just want to get into the country and settle and make a new life here and just abandon their home country. jedediah: in october the number of apprehended families hit a monthly high of 23,000, actually. what is your response to that? are you surprised by it and what actually, i mean, in terms of solutions, what can be done here to actually address this issue? >> no, it's not surprising and even the obama
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administration told the judge who had imposed restrictions on dhs on how they handle families who arrive saying that no kids can be detained for longer than 20 days even if they come with their parents they can't be detained with their parents. the obama administration even said this is going to cause a huge increase in the number of people coming here with kids using kids as a deportation shield. and that's exactly what has happened. as long as we keep this catch and release policy in place, based on even a bogus claim of asylum, people are going to keep coming. what we need to do is simply not accept people in when we know that their claims for asylum are likely to be bogus. we want to help real asylum seekers. we have to do something different, perhaps process them before they get to the border in mexico or we will have to emphasize that they have come through a safe country, mexico, which has offered them asylum and jobs
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and help, that they should seek asylum there, that we have no obligation to just let in people who show up on our doorstep and the president needs to hold the line on this. but, ultimately, congress is going to have to change our law to clarify how we handle cases like this and make it possible for the federal agencies to say no. pete: jessica, the word is out though, coming with a family, coming with kids is clearly the way migrants have determined is most effective. look at these statistics between 2013 and this year so 114,000 migrant families came in 2013. over 100,000 -- excuse me, 14,000 in 2013. over 100,000 in 2018. so you talk about congress. if congress won't act, what can be done to dissuade this approach from being used? >> well, the first thing is that we need to harden off the border as has happened. that's a good silver lining for this because people are
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going to find it much tougher to enter illegally. because, you know, with this caravan, they are not going to be happy waiting for months in mexico for us to take a trickle of asylum seekers. they are going to try to get in illegally. but, in the meantime, what we need to do is say it's not enough to simply express a fear of return; however bogus that may be. that's not enough to get into the united states. we will have to find another way to process people immediately and start sending people home who don't qualify because that's the only thing that's going to dissuade people is if others are not successful. pete: you are right. jessica vaughn, thank you for your time this morning. jedediah: thank you jessica. >> thank you. pete: if james comey thought he was in the clear over his handling of the hillary clinton email case. why he could be headed back to capitol hill. jedediah: stacey abrams and andrew gillum two democrats refusing to accept their
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losses. what if these were republicans that wouldn't bow out? we will debate that next ♪ never going to make you cry ♪ never going to say goodbye ♪ never going to tell a lie ♪ ♪ ♪ oh yeah. it's back. applebee's bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> welcome back. a couple of quick headlines for you. james comey is challenging house republicans to hold a public hearing if they subpoena him. the house judiciary committee wants him to testify before democrats take control of the house. according to the hill. they want to question the fired fbi director on his decision-making during the 2016 campaign. we will see what happens there. and, in a second story, congresswoman mia love may end up back in washington. the utah republican taking a lead in her house race with votes still being counted. love now leading her democratic challenger by a very thin margin of 400 and 19 votes. more news to come there.
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ed: what a come back that would be. we will see. multiple democratic candidates refusing to accept the midterm election results like georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams who says she is not conceding to the g.o.p. winner. you see him there on the right. brian kemp. and in florida, democrat andrew gillum refusing to concede the governor's race there to ron desantis who is ahead by over 30,000 votes. so what if these were republicans refusing to concede? here for a debate republican strategist holly turner and democratic strategist robin. good morning both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, ed. ed: let me put that question to you there, holly. if republicans in key races were rifing to concede, what do you think the mainstream media would be saying this morning. >> we already know what they would be saying because they speculated that donald trump would do just that in 2016. and they were outraged at the possibility of him not accepting the election results. so we know that they would be very upset and it would be quite the spectacle.
3:26 am
they already gave us a preview of this. and, you know, the thing that upsets me about this situation is that the sense of entitlement that these candidates have. these seats belong to the american people and the voters have spoken and i think, you know, maybe that blue wave that we were all promised they thought they had already won before the election even happened and now they feel like something was taken from them. the reality is that we can't predict what's going to happen in these races and we have to wait until election day. once the people have spoken it's done. ed: robin, what about that? you will remember late in the 2016 campaign as holly mentions when donald trump as a candidate says we will see what happens. he didn't say he wouldn't accept the results or would. i recall him saying we will see what happens. the mainstream media went crazy. here we are more than a week after the election and some key democrats in georgia and florida still not accepting reality. >> ed, you know, i understand your point. and if the roles were reversed and there were a
3:27 am
democratic secretary of state who literally tried to throw out and purge 180,000 voters from conservative districts i would expect for republicans to be up in arms and saying basically the same thing that leader abrams did that hey, i'm going to pray that he has a successful governorship but this is tantamount to voter suppression. i get it. this is very unusual territory that we are in in florida when the republicans sued to not count 30,000 provisional ballots from heavy demmed districts i understanding their outrage. and if the roles were reversed i would expect the same outrage from republicans it would be deserved. ed: tight on time. i want to give you 30 seconds. voter suppression. at least allegations of it is very serious in georgia democrats have said there were really long lines, names were taken off voter
3:28 am
roles. answer that please. >> that is not voter suppression. there is nowhere in the constitution that says that there has to be a certain time limit that people can only wait a certain length of time before they vote. and, listen, cleaning the roles, that's the secretary of state's job. every state does that it's to help election day and to make sure that there is integrity in our election. ed: robin, last point here, i heard democrats in the mantra in the last week or. so count all the votes. now that they have been counted in these key states, time to move on? >> it is time to move on and leader abrams has vowed that she will make sure that she will fight voter suppression. 30 seconds, real quick, i was a poll watcher for all the precincts in fulton county and i definitely saw like in african-american districts where there were only three voting machines and in the heavy conservative districts there were 20 machines with only three voters. >> that's the county's job. ed: all right, robin and holly we appreciate you both coming. in we appreciate you volunteering there robin.
3:29 am
everybody who wants to vote should be able to vote democratic, republican and independent. >> absolutely. ed: nancy pelosi is confident she will be speaker of the house. members of her own party are calling for change. >> sometimes you just need a different voice. sometimes you just need a different kind of a vision. ed: well, this morning the list of democrats opposing pelosi, it's growing. so is change in the air? we'll ask tomi lahren next. and check out this incredible video. it's going to inspire you, i hope. this morning as a basketball coach is going viral for pep talk without saying a single word ♪ remember the hero ♪ no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut. no one can totally satisfy a craving,
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all the tools you need for every step of the way. make it, squarespace i'm a master legislator. i am a strategic, politically astute leader. >> what is your level of confidence that you will be the speaker of the house? >> total. >> 100 percent. >> 100 percent, yeah. i feel very confident about what i am and i feel very encouraged and overwhelming support of my caucus that will go to the floor. jedediah: wow, that is nancy pelosi sounding very confident. some democrats may disagree. lots of potential challenges coming up. we have tomi lahren here fox nation host ready to talk to us about it tomi, what do you think about that? should she be as confident as she is right now? >> i think she should. because i think at the end of the day the democrats are
3:34 am
going to fall in line just as they always do. she talks about being a chief legislator. what she is a chief fundraiser to the democratic party. those talking about challenging her that want to get the headlines by challenging the almighty nancy pelosi at the end of the day money talks. i'm pretty confident that she is going to be the next speaker. do you know what? guess what? that's good for us on the republican side. the more nancy talks, the more we're excited about 2020. ed: tomi, that may be why president trump tweeted he will help deliver the votes to make sure she is speaker. don't know a lot about marcia fudge an african-american woman from ohio. she has been in the congress for a bit. prominent member of the black caucus. and here is how she put it in terms of putting a new face on the leadership. watch. >> there's a great deal of hope and excitement about the fact that there could be new leadership. i'm a big football fan even though i'm from cleveland and people laugh and tease me because i'm a brown's fan. but the brown's have the same team today that they
3:35 am
had three weeks ago. we changed coaches and they started to win. same people. sometimes you just need a different voice. sometimes you just need a different kind of a vision. ed: i don't know if you are a. the browns of cleveland did get a new coach. sings then their record is 1-1. it's mixed. the point is over the last three years they have lost 95% of their games. is that the best analogy for democrats right now. >> i don't know about that. but i do know that they talk about having a new voice. they don't have a new voice or a new vision. yes, they have others in the democratic party that would like to gain a leadership role that would like to be in a leadership position, but what is their vision because i still haven't heard it all it is anti-trump and raise your taxes. that's not really a vision. so they can talk with trying to come up and challenge nancy pelosi all they want. i certainly don't think nancy pelosi is going to be a great leader for the democratic party. honestly they have nothing else.
3:36 am
what else do they have? alexandria ocasio-cortez? is that the new face of the democratic party? either way you shake it up, still looks bad for the democrats. pete: yeah. same deck of cards. tomi, i have got to ask you this morning though because fox nation launches in 10 days, something you are excited about, i'm excited about and folks still have an opportunity in those 10 days to become a founding member to sign up for a one-year subscription or three-year subscription, part of that is a very cool tactical watch for fox nation. jedediah: i may get one of those. pete: i wore one once. i don't own one. tomi you got a chance to check out and go behind the scenes where those watches are made. we are going to toss to it and then have you react. watch. >> this i'm here at watches in california where they make our foundation founder's watches so let's go check it out. ♪ hey, tomi. >> hello, nice to meet you and you are. >> nice to meet you and i'm jason. >> here in los angeles, california this is where you make our fox nation founder's watches.
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out. >> ready to send out to our fox nation founders. pete: cool stuff. jedediah: the case is pretty cool too. i need one of those. >> it was a great time. right here in los angeles, california so a lot of people that are looking to sign up for this and wondering where these are from, right here in los angeles. we visited these people. not only are they really high quality but they are one of a kind and made right here in the united states of america in california and they are great people. pete: good stuff. jedediah: thank you, tomi. pete: still sign up. great opinion done right. tomi, you have been a huge part of it. jedediah: and the watch. >> it's very nice. jedediah: we are turning now to your headlines, the supreme court is agreeing to hear whether or not a citizenship question should be added to the 2020 census. they will listen to arguments on february 19th from more than two dozen states, cities, and activist groups who are suing to get
3:39 am
it removed. they believe immigrants will be too scared to answer the questions which will assume numbers and amount of money they get. nearly 4,000 ford and lincoln suvs are recalled because of safety issues. they include select 2018 ford explorers 1018 expeditions and 1018 navigators. 2019 ford super duties and 201 lincoln nautilus vehicles. fuel leaks, transmission issues and faulty airbags. ford says they are aren't aware of any injuries from the recall. high school students at one school are forbidden from wearing designer winter coats. the london school banned canada goose, monclaire and other high end brands from campus. the move is to poverty proof the school so disadvantaged students don't feel pressured to keep up. blacklisted coats can cost thousands of dollars. those are your headlines. thousands of dollars? wow i don't have a coat that cost thousands of dollars.
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it looks it, i will tell you that. rick: i think we are all wearing the same suit. ed: pretty much. pete: that's what they call a uniform. rick: the "fox & friends" uniform. i missed the red tie. it is really cold across the far northern plains. we had incredible fire conditions which are getting better the in california the next couple of days. we have rain coming by the time we get towards wednesday which is going to be great news. we had the storm across the east. a lot of that is melting because temps are certainly above average across the east coast looking good for this weekend. in fact probably the next four to five days if you are think pg traveling things are going to be good. apologize for quick move didn't put a pause there sorry about that. a little bit of snow moving. i will fix that for later on. here is your temps today really cold across the northern plains. 16 for a high. warm up for tomorrow. quick look ahead to wednesday. this is wednesday. i don't think we have any travel problems. maybe houston airport with a little bit of rain there and
3:41 am
that really beneficial rain coming in across parts of the west coast. overall, wednesday, big travel day. looking good. i see you jedediah. rick: leaning in. pete: rick said no travel problems for nibble. rick: if you are a bad traveler i can't control that. jedediah: that is true. pete: thanks, brother, appreciate it. jedediah: thank you. pete: president trump has a new warning for the press. >> act with respect. you are in the white house. we always have the option of just leaving. people aren't being treated properly. we always have the right to leave. pete: sounds good to me. corey lewandowski here to react next hour. ed: how would you like a guaranteed job? a handful of 2020 democratic hopefuls now backing a program that does that. is it realistic? brian brenberg is here to break down how it could cost the country billions of dollars. great another federal program. jedediah: just what we need ♪ that's what i want ♪ that's what i want ♪
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♪ >> careful folks, this segment may trigger you. some 2020 hopefuls are backing a plan that would guarantee all-american jobs. jedediah: plan would pay a minimum nearly $12 an hour. is this a realistic option or might like a dangerous fantasy? ed: here to react business and finance chair at the king's college brian brenberg. >> good to be here. ed: how would this work? >> on demand jobs program. if you don't have a job, you can go to your state or local government and say i want a job 12 to $15 an hour, plus benefits and it's their role, their job to create it for you. whether or not one exists which is a really interesting question. how is it that mayors are going to create 5,000 jobs in their cities just like that? ed: is that how capitalism works? pete: who pays for this though? >> that's also a good question. by the way all the people promoting this thing have no
3:46 am
answer to that question. it's going to cost you. jedediah: shocking. >> roll this out across the country minimum $500 billion. probably closer to three quarter trillion. that's as big as a department defense. we are talking about a massive entitlement program here and nobody wants to talk about how to pay for it but you know how it's going to happen because you know the answer for medicare for all. know the answer free tuition, it's tax the rich, the rich. who are the rich? to be determined. jedediah: they are saying about 11 million people will join this. in my opinion it would be significantly higher than that. why are they placing this so low. >> minimum 11 million people. 10 million people probably. this is the kind of people pull people out of the private sector which means it's going to cost more which means your taxes have to go up which means you get less private sector job creation. you see the vicious cycle here? it grows of its own weight and. pete: sounds like insane idea except it's backed by
3:47 am
spartacus, kamala harris and kristin gillibrand. you can have a job with your tax dollars. >> this is how far left the democratic party has gone on economics. it has great headline value but you always have to read the fine print and there is no fine prints on how to pay for it what it's going to cost. and this is the problem. if we continue to move in this direction, look, we have already got .7% unemployment. we have 7 million open jobs now. nobody is paying attention to that on the left. they are simply saying we want the federal government to create new jobs for you. wait a second. let's talk about how the market is working right now. what the real problems are and the real issues have to do with skilling up and job training. let's talk about those questions so we can get people into work. ed: companies looking for people right now. >> let's talk about the real problem. not a big boondoggle that's going to cost half a trillion dollars. jedediah: also how this is not the job of the program government at all. >> that's the biggest point
3:48 am
why in the world would the federal government. they can't do it well. results in cronyism. this is the imagination of the left. pay attention to it. this is where they're headed. pete: i told you might be triggered. jedediah: and i was. you are right. pete: always good to see you. another 2020 hopeful eric swalwell they can all run. stirring up latest message for gun owners. government has nukes. give us your guns that warning not going over so well with dan bongino as you might expect. here to respond coming up next hour. jedediah: thanksgiving is just days away. we are showing you how to free up your oven by trying your turkey up next. ♪ heat of the moment ♪ [crunching footsteps]
3:49 am
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♪ ed: a high school basketball coach going viral for giving passionate pep talk to his players using sign language wage. seek co-white is the coach for the mississippi school for the deaf. the spectator who took this video said it was the best coaching he had ever seen. that's cool. listen to this. millennials are pranking their moms ahead of thanksgiving texting the question how long does it take to cook a turkey in the microwave? these responses are
3:53 am
hilarious. one mom writing is this a joke? don't ever get married. christian's mother blaming herself saying i should have never let you move out. and justin's mom writing it takes three years to microwave it. jedediah, i think we can actually answer that question. jedediah: here to show us how to deep fry a turkey john mcelmore chef and author of dadgum -- i don't want to mess that up. i thought i might. >> proof that master built has figured this out, folks, i have been married for 30 years. we are going to save marriages all over america and show folks how to safely fry their turkey this year. we are going to free up the oven. the number one meal of the year is next thursday. it's all about having amazing thanksgiving turkey free up the oven and perfect that turkey we are doing in the new butter ball electric fryer by master built. ed: this is different this year. >> we have it injected and
3:54 am
seasoned. rick: what did you do to inject it? >> doing doo it beforehand. >> we have injected this so that people like rick can actually see how i plunged it up and that juice coming out. rick: that is that? incorporate jection. >> buttery creole. you want to slowly lower it in. rick: this is how safe it is they are letting me do it. >> we are going to put that lid on. pete: that was too easy. so for a couple of decades, master built has manufactured safe electric fryers. we have never one time had an oil fire. [knocking] with the bone in turkey breast seven minutes per pound so 49 minutes. we have whole turkeys -- you can go to master
3:55 am
to get all of your favorite injectable marinades, recipes from us. pete: can you tell us it's good but we have to show you. >> this is how we do it on gvc. there is the money shot, folks. ed: on "fox & friends." >> never heard it on other networks. >> ladies first. ed: this is jedediah's first time. >> that's the safe way to fry your turkey we are doing it in the plaza. but, this is. jedediah: wow, this is delicious. >> only way to fry your turkey inside your home. ed: is this the tofu version? >> this is far from tofu. the butter ball fryer by master built is sold all over the country.
3:56 am
or can you go to master for great recipes. ed: can you still get it by thursday? >> go to the store definitely get it by thursday. pete: the skin is good and the turkey is amazing. >> going to show you how to smoke your turkey. you are frying it right now we will show you how to smoke it. pete: dadgum that's good. sean spicer, corey lewandowski, dan bongino all good dudes are coming up live. ♪ as a matter of fact ♪ it was here.
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>> bret: democrat stacey abrams ended her campaign and said she not win. >> i acknowledge that former secretary of state brian kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election. this is not a speech of concession. >> democratic senator bill nelson's chances of holding on to his seat slipping away. >> the administration believes this caravan will be followed by many more. more are expected here tomorrow, potentially up to 5,000 people. >> the people who are coming here have been told that they will be allowed in. >> president trump says he has answered those questions from special counsel robert mueller. >> i have answered them very easily, you have to always be careful when you answer people who ask questions with probably bad
4:01 am
intentions. >> there is a great deal of hope and excitement about the fact that there could be new leadership. >> we will have rules of decorum. nobody believes in the first amendment more than i do. >> he loves to be able to speak directly to the american people at the same time, those individuals can't be disruptive. >> we honor the recipients of our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. >> the king of rock and roll elvis aaron presley ♪ it's my life ♪ it's now or never ♪ i ain't going to live forever. ed: old glory right there in the shot. jedediah: that is true. ed: good morning. pete: that was ed's college theme song. i just made it up. ed: it would be a good one though. jedediah: it could be. ed: welcome. jedediah: thank you so much. we have already had some turkey it's a good start. pete: we just had fried
4:02 am
turkey with dadgum that's good. jed jet it was amazing. ed: set the bar so high last time jumping out of planes. jedediah: fried turkey is pretty good but i expected a zip line. pete: we are going to today and tomorrow. that's why i'm so offended by the pete flier i got in my office. they asked about to tofurky day. turkeys are intelligent and playful birds. every year 45 million are slaughtered. they forgot to say they are yummy. ed: we may have a surprise for you, pal. jedediah: don't tempt us. ed: some on the left saying stop talking about politics next thursday but now. you have to basically stop for the rest of the year. don't talk about it at the holidays. they want everyone to calm down. go get your pillow. trump is still president. blue wave wasn't as big as i thought. ed: pete is excited. he is pumped for the show.
4:03 am
the president has been beaten up a little bit by the mainstream media on the ideas that he stopped talking about the caravan, allegedly, after the midterms. he went on a bit of a tweet storm saying nope, still talking about it and it is still a critical issue. pete: that's right. this is a tweet he sent out yesterday. he said from the president, isn't it ironic, that iron large caravans of people are marching to our border wanting u.s.a. asylum because they are fearful of being in their country yet they are waving their own country's flag. can this be possible? yes. because it's all a big con and the american taxpayer is paying for it. ed: jedediah, the context the mayor in tijuana is asking for help from the mexican government because he says part of the caravan is getting close to his city and it's getting violent. he needs help to push back. he is worried about security it's interesting. i was watching a little bit of tucker last night. he was saying when the president here says i'm worried about the caravan, everyone says you are stirring up things. you are exaggerating the
4:04 am
problem. you are a racist. when the mayor of tijuana says hey, it's getting violent. this is a problem. i need help. it's fine. oh, okay, is he not a racist. jedediah: is he not stirring up anything. this is has been a problem existing for a really long time. donald trump should be talking about it more. the fact that this border is not secure. how many republicans now for how many years have been saying border security, better secured and nobody does anything about it? this is an important issue, immigration is one of the leading issues that drives people to the polls to vote. we saw that again with the midterms. they have to do something about it one thing i will say though, don't just talk about it prior to an election. keep the conversation going and actually do something to effectuate exchange where people in this country feel that the laws of the country are respected and they are in many countries around the world. pete: so ridiculous the media has been trying to point out, this is a guy talking women congratulation before anyone was talking about it and making it a centerpiece of his campaign. jedediah: one of the reasons he won because he made immigration a centerpiece. pete: they said the caravan isn't real. they say estimated up to
4:05 am
10,000 possibly massing there maybe come in legally, some have said they want to bum rush the border. we don't really know. the president is prepared for it. ed: i want to bet if the president spent a week talking about the caravan after the election many in the media would say why is he still talking about the caravan he? stops talking about it a little bit to talk about other issues, national security, talked a little bit about mueller, now is he not talking about the caravan, either way is he going to get criticized as you saw in the tweet he is saying it's a serious issue. as pete said he talked about it way in the campaign before some of his fellow republicans were talking about it forget about the democrats. pete: way they were talking about it comprehensive immigration reform which is effectively ham necessity. jedediah: which effectively means you don't get the border security. you wind up giving and giving and giving in and then the border security arguably the most important measure never happens. so, you know, listen, donald trump did make this issue front and center. as i said many times, this is one of the reasons he won. he shouldn't forget that border security matters to people all over this country. and frankly border security matters to people across party lines, too.
4:06 am
i know at love democrats who care deeply about this issue because they care about the security and safety of the country and making sure who is coming in here has been verified and checked out. that is an important support of a secure democracy. pete: when you say things like can stan tee constantino we can be beautiful. ed: chuck schumer used to talk about cracking down on illegal immigration. not so much anymore. they don't want to talk about that. they also don't want to talk about big losses they have had in big states like georgia and florida in the gubernatorial battles. stacey abrams the democratic candidate has been claiming for days now that there was voter suppression and that may be why she was behind. she was trying to drag this out and try and force either a recounted on some sort of a legal challenge she was preparing. yesterday she finally came out and said okay, brian kemp the republican is going to win. this i'm not going to win this. is a concession speech but i'm not really conceding. >> to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this
4:07 am
state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the democratic people's right to vote has been truly appalling. so let's be clear. this is not a speech of concession. because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. more than a million citizens found their names stripped from the roles by the secretary. we will be filing a major federal lawsuit against the state of georgia. pete: oftentimes our producers get it right see it on the banner. abrams concedes a governor's race, sort of. i'm really angry, i thought i was going to. oprah, will pharao fair farrelld john legend. accuse my being racist and voter suppression. ed: she is gathering evidence, we should point out, that there were super long lines in counties, cities, areas where there were more black voter, she
4:08 am
claims that people were waiting in line for several hours compared to areas where there were more white voters. this is her allegation. pete: i have read the allegations. ed: that there was voter suppression and a lot of people were taken off the rolls all together because of signature problems. maybe that is legitimate. maybe there were people trying to vote. pete: i would rather have that than brenda snipes have people who have been dead for 20 years. ed: you should be able to vote. jedediah: abrams lost by a very large margin. pete: do you think i don't want people to vote? ed: i didn't say that. jedediah: point out this is a pattern now. this would be one thing if you were having a conversation about voter suppression and georgia was an isolated incident. this is the new, as i said before, the mantra of the democratic party. every time there is an election now and they lose they card out oh they cheated, they didn't play fair. sometimes you just lose. you put up a good fight and you just lose. pete: once just stacey
4:09 am
abrams. other high profile races gillum. who also has not conceded and too far behind to come back. did he concede he macon seed after losing fo. ed: went from georgia and florida big gubernatorial battle. the republican clearly has won there the democratic gillum has not conceded. the senate battle still rolling on as well. the manual recount is entering its second day. jedediah: democratic senator bill nelson's chances of holding on to his seat is slipping away as republican challenger rick scott continues to secure his lead. pete: our own griff jenkins live in broward county where hand counted votes have been completed. griff, update us? >> that's right, guys. the hand recount is over and so, too are any chances of senator bill nelson making a come back. let me take you inside here at broward county where they are getting ready to recount some other races. but the journalists inside of florida. the florida journalists who have covered senator
4:10 am
nelson's political career for years, they are virtually writing his political obituary at this very moment because here in broward county it was the best chances of nelson having a come back. we were told there were 25,000 votes for nelson that were not counted because the machines missed them. turns out that's not true. and yesterday out of 31,000 over and under votes. only 400 and 47 could possibly go nelson's way now. the only real question left here in broward is whether or not the election supervisor, dr. brenda snipes, who has had a series of errors and a lot of accusations about it whether she will even keep her job after this weekend and into next week. i asked her yesterday how things were going. here's what she had to say. >> things are going as we planned it we have all these people here. and they are willing to stay until we get it all done. >> are you pleased that you got the hand count at least sorted early? >> yeah, yeah. absolutely. griff: now the recount is statewide, all 67 counties. but broward has the best
4:11 am
chance and nelson's math doesn't match up. we should have some numbers here this morning. the official numbers for the recount will come out tomorrow at 12 noon deadline. guys? ed: all right. griff jenkins. we will be back as news warrants. how about that from brenda snipes is that truth serum. things are going as we planned. pete: things are going as we planned it mistakes, votes? where are the votes? i'm just saying. jedediah: what's really interesting to me, too, how exciting it is to vote in florida all the time. i vote in new york where the person i vote for usually loses instantaneously. florida so much excitement and going on it's got to be a thrill out there and get to vote in these elections. pete: a lot of excitement on the show today and a lot in the headlines as well. jedediah: we're turning now to your headlines, president trump is heading to california today to visit victims of the devastating wildfires. at least 74 people are dead. 71 alone in the north camp fire. more than 1,000 others are still missing. residents are now facing a
4:12 am
new threat of hazardous smoke is smothering the state. millions of people are forced to wear masks ahead the dirtiest air quality levels in the world. in southern california, more evacuees are returning home. vice president mike pence is vowing that the u.s. will hold khashoggi's murderers accountable. determined that the saudi crown prince ordered the journalist assassination. mohammed bin salman has denied having any role in khashoggi's death. announced sanctions on 17 saudi officials over the incident. senator mitch mcconnell believes the clock will run out on passing criminal justice reform this term. the majority leader telling the president that the first step act is unlikely to come up for a vote before session ends in december according to the "new york times." mcconnell reportedly blamed crucial funding issues that need to be discussed first. pete: the president's advisors not happy. jedediah: and those are your headlines. ed: we got word that the president is prepared to leave for california. is he going to leave in the next few minutes. if we get some live video or
4:13 am
any tape from him we will get to that quickly. meanwhile, the president has a new warning for the press. >> you have to act with respect. you are in the house. we always have the option of just leaving. people aren't being treated properly. we always have the right to leave. ed: the president's former campaign manager corey lewandowski here to react next. pete: this school may be home to the patriots but one teacher he lost his job because of his patriotism. we will explain the story next ♪ moving my hips like, yeah ♪ got my hands up ♪ they're playing my song ♪ i know i'm going to be okay ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ it's a party in the u.s.a. ♪ i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. that skills like teamwork,
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vof hundreds of families, he'se hmost proud of the one the heads and customer service are critical to business success. he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you. ♪ >> we always have the option of just leaving, you know.
4:17 am
we feel that things aren't being treated properly. that people aren't being treated properly. we always have the right to leave. i have instructed my people, when they're not treated properly, you have the right to just leave any time you want. pete: that was the president yesterday in the oval office and president trump sitting down for exclusive interview with our own chris wallace and warning the media he and his staff will leave press conferences if they are disrespected and promising new rules for the press to ensure good decorum. ed: this after last week's sparring match you might say between the president and some members of the media. jedediah: here to weigh in former trump campaign manager and author of the newup coming book how the deep state is undermining the presidency, corey lewandowski is with us. corey, welcome to the show. what do you think about this idea of creating new rules? what do you think these new rules could look like? >> well, i think the rules are very important because we have seen unfortunately there are people in the press who don't want to report the stories. they want to be the stories. so i think what the president's team is going to
4:18 am
do is they are going to say something simple like you can only ask a question when called on. there will be a limited number of questions that each member of the press can ask. guy back to the individuals like chris wallace who has covered the president for a long time who has talked about how crazy it has become inside that pressroom. i look at major garrett who said he was handed the microphone one day the president said not you give it to somebody else and he did because that's the decorum that should take place inside the white house. and those rules, unfortunately, have to be put in place because some people just won't follow them. pete: why by the so-called mainstream press then is it confused they are first amendment. they accuse the white house of shutting down free speech. talk to our viewers about the difference between what the white house is doing and that idea. >> well, and look, to be clear, the judge yesterday in d.c. ruled nothing on the relationship of free speech. the only reason a press pass was reissued to the cnn individual was because they said he wasn't given due
4:19 am
process. but there is no free speech for individuals to cover the white house. let's be very clear about that. there is the freedom of the press to publish anything that they want to. but that doesn't mean they have the unabridged ability to ask any question they want in a derogatory manner or in a manner that isn't appropriate. so what this president and his team are doing is saying we're going to lay out a series of rules that everybody understands what those rules are. and if you don't follow the rules, you won't be given the privilege and opportunity to come here and continue to ask questions. someone else from your network will have to do it. i think that's a very fair thing. look, if this was a different president and a conservative media outlet treated barack obama the same way the liberal media outlets treated this president there would be outcry across the spectrum. it's different because this president is a conservative. ed: corey how do you react to folks in the mainstream media who are chuckling at the idea that this president is going to create rules of quote, unquote, decorum? >> look, it's so simple.
4:20 am
this president has made himself available to the media more so than any other president in modern history. he does 90 minute long press conferences. ed: i got that but what about decorum? >> decorum is. this the president calls people out when they need to be called out. the american people elected a counter puncher. and when he is attacked he responds in kind. when you start a question with i'm going to challenge you, mr. president, and then inject your own thought process and not ask a thoughtful question, he has the right to fight back. so he is a counter puncher. he isn't someone who starts. this. pete: and oh by the way he is the president and they are not. that comes with something, too. ed: he gets to say whatever he wants. >> some of these members of the media think they are the president. >> that's exactly right. ed: corey lewandowski thanks for coming on. pete: appreciate it. ed: democratic hopeful in 2020 eric swalwell stirred up controversy on social media for this message for gun owners, the government has nukes. he was talking about maybe taking away guns?
4:21 am
is that really what he was talking about? that warning not going over so well with dan bongino. he is here to respond next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
4:22 am
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. this comes just days after the attorney for stormy daniels was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. he has denied the charge. the attorney for the woman charged with laundering a go fund me campaign for a homeless vet, meanwhile, is claiming his client is a victim. kate mcclure's lawyer admitting she was in on the initial plan to make up a story about the vet spending his last 20 bucks on gas for her but that she only did so to help him get more donations and was duped by her boyfriend and the veto
4:25 am
cash in on the $400,000 that was ultimately collected. sounds like a whole lot of explaining. not a good story. pete: eric swalwell a potential so they say 2020 candidate facing scrutiny over an old op-ed surfaces of him calling for a ban on certain guns. ed: social media erupted. swalwell wants a war because that's what you would get. jedediah: congressman responding with a tweet saying it would a be a short war the government has nukes, too many of them but they are legit. i'm sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities. here to react is dan bank, nra-tv host former secret service agent and author of spy gate. dan, what do you make of this tweeting? i don't understand for the life of me why people tweet stuff like this out? what do you make of the tweet and reaction of people at home who want their second amendment rights protected and are a little fearful of a government that
4:26 am
could potentially get too powerful? >> oh my gosh. what do i think? this may be the single dumbest tweet in the history of the twitters. i mean, who tweets this stuff? no less than the united states congressman, just some background on this though jedediah. congressman swalwell months ago regulation to confiscate firearms from legal gun owners to take away weapons. so there is actual background to this story. so the story came up again and that's how he got in this back and forth. but, i mean, he want to run for president in 2020? what's his slogan going to be like swalwell 2020 we got the nukes? this is the liberal mind set that we should genu flect power in united states government. no one believes swalwell wants to nuke americans. still, it was really dumb to say it that way. and it does need into the fears of a lot of gun owners that a lot of these government officials are just, you know, they are just out of control.
4:27 am
ed: as dan suggested for the record the congressman later said he was being sarcastic but raised a lot of eyebrows. tee yuanna, the mayor there, asking for the mexico wants $4 million as the migrant caravan overwhelms his city. you know, dan, when president trump says i'm worried about the caravan, the mainstream media democrats say he is exaggerating the problem. the mayor of tijuana all of a sudden sees it come and says i need help, give me $4 million. is he a racist? >> it's incredible, right? i mean, you know, the media has been telling us the caravan doesn't exist. it's a figment of our imagination. yet, we keep seeing video. it's not doctored. it's not like some adobe creative shop video where people just made it up. the caravan is real. it's actually happening. there is a legitimate debate to be had on both sides about how this should work out when they get to the border. obviously they should enter via ports of entry. saying it doesn't exist is absurd. guys, listen. chaos is not a brand. the democrats really need to
4:28 am
get their arms around. this this is a serious issue to a lot of americans. my wife is a legal immigrant to this country. so is her family. they did it the right way. showing up outside of a port of entry and demanding united states citizenship as if it's some kind of a global right in a chaotic manner, climbing the fence as we have seen some videos of. this is not the way to ingratiate yourself to a country you want to become a citizen of or say you are. pete: seems like an odd disposition if you want to come in for the right reasons. let's go back to capitol hill for a second. house republicans are saying they want to subpoena james comey get more information about his actions around 2016. james comey tweeting this in response. he said house republicans can ask me anything they want but i want the american people to watch. so let's have a public hearing truth is best served by transparency. let me know when is convenient. so, what do you make of his response and republicans' attempt to get him to talk? >> oh, gosh. i am so frustrated by this guy. he wants transparency. pete, you realize in july of
4:29 am
2016 when the investigation into the trump team started, right? he was obligated to notify congress quarterly about sensitive investigations. just a question for your audience. do you think an investigation into a major party presidential candidate was sensitive? i'm just going to throw that you guys can all discuss, okay? i would say the answer is yes. that's not what comey did. he waited 8 months past the deadline to notify congress. hid the investigation from them until march 2017 the next year. it is laughable, comical for jim to start talking about transparency now. remember, the case is based on the dossier that he called salacious and unverified. ed: yet, they still used it for a fisa warrant. dan bongino. pete: thanks, man, appreciate it. >> dan: you got it, guys. pete: president trump facing criticism for not spending veterans day at arlington national cemetery. this morning is he responding to that.
4:30 am
jedediah: what do democrats really want for christmas? you have got the answer coming up next. ed: more pete. pete: more-socialism ♪ feel like christmas ♪
4:31 am
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♪ more than you could ever know ♪ make my wish come true ♪ all i want for christmas is you
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♪ ed: it's starting to look at least a little bit bike christmas on sixth avenue. pete: i have already lodged my formal complaint. we shouldn't be skipping thanksgiving and going straight to christmas easy people. thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. quintessential american holiday. [turkey gobble] [laughter] jedediah: i love it. pete: the lights are up. jedediah: it snowed this week. snow, very christmassy. winter wonderland. ed: should we also skip politics all together for the holidays? jedediah: i used to be that person in my house that said no politics. my dad is very political. and he likes to sit down at the dinner table and like that's his moment to talk about the free market. i was like dad, no. i think for him he used to say you get to do this on television. this is my stage. so he can't tell people to shut it down. you don't want people going at each other's throat.
4:35 am
>> ed: whoopi goldberg. i want everybody to take a break from politics and enjoy their families regardless of what your politics are just put it all away for three weeks and let's just make life good. interesting idea except that's not what she does every single day trashing the president. jedediah: that's what i'm saying she has a platform a microphone like we do. people at home wait a minute, thanksgiving, give me my mic i want to talk about the frequent. pete: friend on the left bill maher said pretty much the same thing. listen. >> let's stop talking politics to each other. [applause] everyone these days say that the way to bridge our frightful partisan divide is to talk to the other side so we can hear each other's point of view. no. that's exactly what you shouldn't do. it never works. no one ever flips to your side. thanksgiving is in a few days. and that means spending time with family and in-law's. some of whom we may not agree with politically. just don't go there. how do we bridge the
4:36 am
partisan divide? i will tell you how, shut the [bleep] up. [laughter] ed: that's one way to approach it. pete: i like your approach that these family gatherings are a moment to talk. the viewpoint of a whoopi here and bill maher is, no, we do the talking about politics. you guys, you rabble out there, you stop talking about it because the temperature is a little high. us elites do it right. ed: so happens they are all anti-trump. pete: stop talking. i thought the midterm was supposed to make them feel better. jedediah: maybe they should mix the shows up and bill maher talk less about politics on air. he says my show is my forum. maybe he needs a break because is he so tired of talking about politics. not everybody is sitting on a tv show. they want to chat with their family about the things that matter with them. ed: thanksgiving table. jedediah: my dad will for sure. ed: or put a pause button. pete: i'm emailing i believe the left is tired of winning so they can't handle it.
4:37 am
ed: we could just talk about the weather. rick: i think about we talk about some politics and get more weather in the show. jedediah: not a bad idea. rick: a block, b block the way the good old days were. i'm just like begging to hang ton a job right now. jedediah: i love it. rick: let's talk about weather out there. we had big weather this week with the big snow storm across the northeast. the fires that have turned so devastating and sad across california. here is your temps as you are waking up. really cold across the far northern plains. behind the storm that brought all that overachieving snow across parts of the northeast. we are looking pretty good. we have a little bit of snow going across parts of the central plains. out across the west still dry in california right now. by around wednesday we have got a really good shot at rain. this would be our first batch of rain coming in across northern california and for that camp fire that the fatality number is over 70 now. this would certainly be some
4:38 am
great news. as far as travel goes also on wednesday, guys, the only problem will be out across the west. we will just be thankful to get that rain. the rest of the country looking good. all right. guys, back to you inside. jedediah: thanks so much. we are turning now to your headlines, the search is intensify for a veteran who disappeared from a san francisco 49ers game. ian powres got up in the fourth quarter to go to the bathroom and never returned. >> he is the kindest, sweetest, most caring person that you could have ever met. and he always thinks of everybody first. he would never leave his girlfriend and his kids. >> they were trying to meets up. his phone died and powers hasn't been heard from since. president trump says he regrets not visiting arlington on veterans day. the president telling "fox news sunday" host chris wallace he should have made time to visit the cemetery. president trump says he was busy taking international calls and had just returned from a trip to france where he paid tribute to the u.s.
4:39 am
soldiers killed in world war 1. the president vowing to visit arlington every year now from now. the president's full interview airs tomorrow morning. a substitute teacher claims is he banned from school just for recognizing patriotism. >> pa announcer says please rise for the pledge of allegiance. let's go. i say thank you very much. participated, i appreciate that i'm sure all those families that lost loved ones so that we could have the freedoms that we have today would appreciate that too. jedediah: the missouri school district denies the claim and says prior incidents. student complained felt like they be being called out for not standing up. people collecting 10,000 christmas cards to send to troops overseas. i love it one vet says it means a lot to got holiday cheer away from home. >> everybody has their lives back home. it was really nice to know that they were thinking about us. and took time out of their day to let us know how they felt that they supported us
4:40 am
and took care of us. jedediah: the phoenix arizona american legion post has about 2,000 cards ready to send. those are your headlines. pete: not okay to tell some punk kid to stand for the pledge of allegiance? sounds ridiculous to me. ed: talking about the last story. pete: stuck on the second to last story. sorry. there may have been other things that's what they say. jedediah: when i was in school i had to stand for the pledge of allegiance. no doubt about it. pete: pretty basic stuff. stacey abrams bowing out of the governor's race reluctantly. jedediah: sort of. pete: she won't admit that she lost. >> let's be clear, this is not a speech of concession. pete: he won but i didn't lose. why our next guest says democrats like abrams are staging the battlefield for future elections. ed: plus, believe it or not, black friday almost here. kurt, the cyberguy, is here to break down the best tech deals of the season. you can't miss that coming up ♪ my momma
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♪ >> under the watch of the now former secretary of state democracy failed georgia. let's be clear. this is not a speech of concession. because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. 8 years of systemic disenfranchisement. disinvestment and incompetence has its desired effect on the electoral process in georgia. jedediah: democrat stacey abrams ending her run for georgia governor without actually conceding to republican brian kemp. ed: the candidate who got fewer votes says democracy failed. here to react the national spokesperson of congress of racial equality niger innis. good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: i remember back to the end of 2016 campaign we will see what happens about the results and hillary clinton
4:45 am
decided to tweet out donald trump refused to say he would respect the results of this election. that is, she said, a direct threat to our democracy. what's changed? >> what has changed is that democrats lost and are not conceding and somehow that is parlayed as a badge of courage and honor when what is really going on here is democrats are setting the stage not so much for 2018 where clearly abrams and georgia gillum in florida beto o'rourke in texas lost but they are trying to intimidate republican lawmakers to change voting restrictions or lack thereof in these states, in these critical battleground states not for 2018 but for 2020. jedediah: i'm not seeing evidence that there were any voters that kemp actually went out and disenfranchised. i'm not seeing. that is now the precedent be set for democrats that when
4:46 am
they lose elections they get to say the other side cheat, they stole it you now have leaders in the movement. you have center sherrod brown, have you hillary clinton coming out and saying in this particular race in georgia you know what? if she loses it's because they stole the election. it's unfair. is that a precedent being set forever now and are voters -- how are voters going to take that if that's the new message from the democratic party. >> i hope voters are not fooled. look, i represent an organization, racial equality that has fought for voting rights for decades. and has to come across real voter suppression. and voter suppression is not asking for a picture identification. that's that promotes voter integrity. voter suppression that we dealt with is murder. is the shotgun. it is a noose. a threat that's really over 100 years old. that type of voter suppression. that knowledge noe longer takes place in our country. and for abrams and gillum
4:47 am
and hillary clinton and sherrod brown and these types to talk about voter suppression that, you know, somehow you can't clean the voter roles, somehow you can't ask for voter identification. my god, if i want to go get a bottle of wine and use my credit card, i have to show i.d. why should not the franchisement which is the most important exercise of power in our republic using a democratic process, why should we not do the same? but, again, democrats are trying to intimidate republican legislators into caving. and they need to pull up their big boy pants and big girl pants and stand um for voter integrity. ed: niger innis thank you for bringing the perspective how far the country has come. thank you. appreciate that. >> thank you. ed: democrats are set to take over the house. they already know what they are going to do first. they talked about investigating the president. now they are going to raise your taxes. your plan.
4:48 am
jedediah: kurt the cyberguy is here to break down the best deals of the season coming up next. ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. the geico app makes it easy to manage my policy. i can pay my bill, add a new driver, or even file a claim.
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ed: a fox news alert. this was the president headed to joint base andrews before heading to california. >> they have been incredible. the firefighters have been unbelievably brave. a number of the stories i have read last night unbelievably brave. >> mr. president [inaudible] >> we haven't been briefed yet. the cia is going to be speaking to me today. we have not been briefed yet. as of this moment, we were told that he did not play a role.
4:52 am
we are going to find out what they have to say. [inaudible] >> have you submitted your answers to the special counsel? >> no. we do that next week. they are all done. [inaudible] >> we are taking a look at it we also have a great ally in saudi arabia. they give us a lot of jobs. they give us a lot of business. a lot of economic development. they are -- they have been a truly spectacular ally in terms of jobs and economic development, and i also take -- i'm president, i have to take a lot of things into consideration. so we will be talking with the cia later and lots of others. i will be doing that while i'm on the plane. i will speaking also with secretary of state mike pompeo. [inaudible] >> we have not been talking, no. [inaudible] >> we have been talking
4:53 am
about it we will see. [inaudible] >> no, it's not under consideration. we are looking -- always looking and whatever we can do for turkey and frankly countries that we get along with very well, we are having a very good moment with turkey as you know, he [inaudible] last week and we appreciate that. we are doing very well with turkey. i get along very, very well with the president. he is a friend of mine. he is a strong man. he is a tough man and is he a smart man but is he a friend of mine and whatever we can do we will do. but that is something that we're always looking at. but, at this point, no. >> mr. president are you [inaudible] >> what? >> [inaudible] >> we haven't even talked about it. >> [inaudible] southern border? >> yeah, we have a
4:54 am
tremendous military force on the border on the southern border we have large numbers of people trying to get into our country. i must say the reason it's increased so much because we are do so well as opposed to the rest of the world. and if you look at south of our border it's s. not doing so well. but regardless, we have millions of people online to get into our country legally. and those people have preference. they have to have preference. they have been waiting for a long time. they have done it legally. we have a lot of things happening but we have a great military force on the southern border. we're not letting people in to our country illegally. and we're not doing a release. we will do a catch. but we are not doing releases. so if they think they are going to be released into our country like in the old days, like for years and years they catch and release. we are not releasing. they don't get released. [inaudible] how long going to stay there. >> as long as necessary.
4:55 am
they built great fencing. they built a very powerful fence, a different kind of a fence. very powerful. the fence is fully manned. nobody gets through. and when they are caught, they are not released. and it's very interesting. i said it this morning, they come up and they are talking about all their great fear, all their problems with their country, but they are all waving their country's flag. what is that all about? if they have such fear and such problems and they hated their country, why do we see all the flags being waived? guatemala, for honduras, for el salvador? we are seeing flags all over the place? why are they waiving flags? this has nothing to do with asylum. this has to do with getting into our country illegally. and we have to know who wants to come into our country. okay? [inaudible] mike pence
4:56 am
question his loyalty. >> i don't question his loyalty at all. he is 100 percent loyal. it's a phony story. i doubt they had any sources. a typical "new york times" phony story. mike pence is 100 percent, not even a doubt about it in my mind. he has been a trooper. he has been with me from as soon as i won the primary he was the one i chose and i could not be happier and i don't question his loyalty at all. he has already been tested in many ways. mike pence is a terrific person. that was a phony story written by the "new york times" who, by the way, never calls me for a comment. how do you do a story like that. he is fake news. and that's what breaks up a country. fake news. how do you do a story like that and you don't call the principle? i would give them a quote. i would say it's not true. and that's the end of their story. but they don't do that. they write and then they make up stories. they may speak to one person but they make up phony
4:57 am
sources. like you write a novel. have you ever written a novel? that's the way a lot of news stories are written. that's why it's called fake news. it's fake and it's a very bad thing for our country. very dangerous. mike pence is 100 percent. she should retract that story. you can't do that story without calling me for a quote or you can call sarah huckabee and say can i get a quote and here she is. could i get a quote from the president? i would be happy to give a quote. i would be happy. and do you know what the quote would be? mike pence is 100 percent. now you can't do your story. that's why they don't like calling me for a quote. ♪ pelosi. >> i would help nancy pelosi if she needs some votes. i will perform a wonderful service for her. i like her. can you believe it? i like nancy pelosi. she is tough and she is smart. but she deserves to be
4:58 am
speaker and now they are playing games with her. just like they will be playing with me it's called presidential harassment. the president of your country is doing a great job but he is being harassed. president presidential harassment. well, in a way her own party is harassing her. there is nobody else who should be speaker. that doesn't mean for 100 years certainly they should start off as nancy pelosi as speaker. i already have a lot of votes. if she needs any votes, if she asks me, i will give her the votes to put her over the top. >> i saw tom reid as an example a fine man. a congressman. i would call him a moderate. i'm not saying super conservative side maybe i even get them from there. but i don't imagine she would need too many. whatever number of votes she needs, if it's 50 or 10 or 2 or 1 she has got them from me automatic. so tell her opposition they're wasting their time.
4:59 am
[inaudible] step down not get funding for border wall. >> we are talking about the border wall. we are talking about quite bill big sum of money. $5 million. i think ever if i was going to do a shut down over border security, when you look at the caravan. when you look at the mess when you look at the people coming in this should be a good time to do a shut down. i don't think it's going to be necessary because i think the democrats will come to their senses and if they don't come to their senses, we will continue to win elections. you know, we won the senate. you do recognize, right? that means all the judges that are getting approved will now be easier because we actually picked up, which is historic, we picked up two seats in the senate. we element from 51-4 to 53-47. that's a difference. these are senators i really like. that's also a difference.
5:00 am
thank you all very much. [inaudible] pete: that was president trump answering questions from the press before boarding and here is live pictures of air force one as it heads out to california. we didn't know what time he would be taking off today. ed: what a beautiful shot that is. > pete: here is the president still talking to the press. >> are you going to pam bondi [inaudible] >> i would consider pam bondi for anything. right now i know her very well. in the meantime she has a very good job. she did doing a good. she has always done a good job. in some form i would love to have her in the administration. but, we have great people. we have tremendous people. our cabinet. i'm very happy. will i make an adjustment? yes. we have a great cabinet. take a look at what we are doing with the military. very happy with secretary of defense by the way. jim mattis is doing a great
5:01 am
job. mike pompeo is doing a great job. we have a truly great cabinet. i could go through every one of them. but then you might be able to figure out the one or two that i'm a little bit less happy with. that wouldn't be good. okay. thank you. i will see you in california. thank you. [[inaudible]] >> we're going to be looking at everything. thank you. pete: in true trump form we thought he was done and he wasn't. in moments he will be taking off. ed: two stops in california. governor jerry brown. out coming and incoming governor gavin newsom. both democrats sharply critical of this president. they didn't like his tweets a few days ago blaming forest management in part for the wildfires. that's something the president addresses in big interview with chris wallace. you will see tomorrow on "fox news sunday." let's not forget the president has an important role as commander-in-chief to go out there and as he stressed, despite the attacks from democrats about some of this.
5:02 am
he wants to go thank the first responders who are putting their lives on the line we have always seen dozens killed by wildfires in california both in northern and southern california. there are over 1,000 people missing right now at this hour. this is a desperate situation. this president trying to go lend his support, number one and number two he covered a bunch of important issues. special counsel robert mueller he said he did finish the answers with his legal team from mueller's questions he said they are all done and they will be submitted next week. there had been reports he might submit them. yesterday he says they will be submitted next week. and, pete, interesting, he talked about the caravan. there have been these critics out there saying he was election issue. he stopped talking about it after the midterms. but, no, actually the president was tweeting about it yesterday saying this is still an important issue. and jedediah, he was also saying, look, if there are honduran flags in the
5:03 am
caravan. these are people coming here and we mid need to make sure go through the right process. jedediah: he talked about the catch and release. the catch part may happen but the release part is not going to happen. he repeated that over and over and over again. one of the things that struck me most about this was his willingness and eagerness to help nancy pelosi out. he is quite a good samaritan. he went out of his way to say that wouldn't that be amaze going trump was really the reason that she retained her seat? pete: he will find her the votes. he said i will perform a wonderful service for her whether she needs 50 votes or 10 or one or two, i will help deliver them. interesting political play against. >> i can't imagine why, pete. pete: i can't imagine why she wouldn't want to have trump votes in her election. ed: this is why democrats saying she should not be speaker because president trump wants her to be speaker so bad. republican leaders want her leading the party being front and center. they put her in all the campaign ads and now she could be a big target for republicans moving forward.
5:04 am
jedediah: good fundraising tool for democrats and also republicans. pete: watching air force one taking off right now. land next in california for a high stakes visit. he has a couple of political rivals there managing a terrible situation with those fires. so far they have said they want to get there surveil it and work together. we will see what happens with the president. ed: other thing nancy pelosi just put a button on that. she a couple days ago at a news conference said she is going to become speaker with democratic votes. she realizes if republicans put her over the top she will immediately come back in as speaker for a second time wounded because she will be seen as a trump backed democratic speaker which will kill her with the democratic base. we see more and more socialists elected, the democrats being pulled to the left. i don't want to forget as well that the president pushed back on this "new york times" story suggesting that the president is privately asking advisors do you think vice president mike pence is loyal or not? the president says he is not doing that. and that the "new york times" should have checked with him. i'm sure the "new york
5:05 am
times" is going to respond as to whether they reached out for comment or not. interesting political intrigue there important to put on the table, this story that we have been talking about a little bit this morning. about the cia now having a new assessment suggesting that the crown prince in saudi arabia was behind the assassination of that saudi "the washington post" columnist. the saudi government denying it but, remember, they have denied a lot of pieces of this story that have turned out to not be true in terms of their account and the president saying, look, they are an important ally, still. very controversial, but let's not forget as the president points out, a lot of arms deals that bring american jobs and also that saudi arabia, despite all of these other problems, is an ally in the war on terror in terms of fighting terrorists in iran and elsewhere. pete: he also talked about our relationship with turkey saying we found a new moment. anna: opportunity to work together. but those who follow those two countries closely realize the relationships they are precarious, there may be some shared mutual interest. but ultimately saudi arabia and the growing islamist
5:06 am
tendency of erdogan in turkey have a lot of concern for a lot of people. as the commander-in-chief, as the chief diplomat for this country, build relationships and find areas of common ground. he emphasized they are still looking into what may or may not happened. ed: he said aboard air force one a little bit of new information talking to world leaders. we will see if he is talking to the saudi king. i couldn't make out if he said he would be talking to the king or the crown prince but also he clearly said he will be speaking on air force one by phone with mike pompeo the secretary of state. to deal with that no doubt to deal with north korea as well. jedediah: he also talked about republicans picking up senate seats. we have that sound bite. let's take a listen. >> we won the senate. do you recognize, right? that means all the judges that are getting approved will now be easier because we actually picked up, which is historic, we'll picked up two seats in the senate we went from 51-49 to 53-47. that's a tremendous difference. these are senators i really like. that's also a difference.
5:07 am
pete: he has been tweeting about that recently as well a frustration saying all the coverage is breathless about the house. no mention of the senate. and two seat pickups and with the focus on the courts being such a big part of what they have done. and he is going to have some new spots with confirmation battles coming before the senate as well. that's increasingly -- ed: he said by the way next change. he close to naming ambassador to the u.n. heather nauert a former fox anchor has been talked about and now a state department official as the likely pick there. he said that's coming soon. he said he is not close to picking a permanent attorney general. obviously matt whitaker is the acting attorney general, very controversial. democrats attacking him. >> pete: i thought the first amendment was done. i didn't know reports still got to ask questions. are they still allowed on the white house grounds? pete i detect a little bit of sarcasm here. pete: just a little bit. jedediah: he considers himself a fact checker. where he comes out and says it's not that he is trying to limit freedom of the press. it's that he gets tired of the way things are reported sometimes. the fact that they, you
5:08 am
know, run a story on him. noble asks him for comment as he claims. he compared interestingly enough, some news stories written like novels he said. i think a lot of people at home hear that he said that's true for me. oftentimes guy and i read something that's supposed to be hard news and it's not. it's editorial. pete: transportit's true. staying true to the point you want to get rid of divisiveness in our country, we could use more of actual fair reporting and journalism that sticks to the facts as opposed to editorializing. he is forced to push back from his view, clarify as you said be a fact checker. jedediah: he considers himself that often. pete: media claims is he calling them out and he is being the decisive one and he feels like -- ed: you are right about something there. big fight about the first amendment. in all seriousness, i have never seen, covered a lot of presidents, never seen a president more accessible. democrats can attack him all day. he takes more question than any president i have seen democrat or republican. they might not like the answers or exchange. he is more accessible than anyone. we said the president talked a lot about nancy pelosi, the future of the democratic
5:09 am
party. democrats took the house. he talked about how republicans increase their majority in the senate. but, what are the democrats going to do? is it going to backfire in the first thing we heard after they gained power, they haven't even been sworn in yet. they have 85 subpoenas lined up to investigate the president that may boomerang on them. pete: resist is still on the agenda. here is something even bigger that might boomerang on them as well. which is taxes. pete: "the washington post" headline caught our eye said democrats face early division over rules for tax hikes. it goes on to say this: for some context. the g.o.p. rule that currently exists requires a three fifth super majority vote in the house to any income tax increase. need a lot of votes to increase taxes. democratic leaders would replace it requiring a rule same super majority vote to approve tax written increases tore most taxpayers. only a simple majority vote to raise taxes for the wealthiest 20% or for corporations. jedi a they are saying well, why want to raise taxes. easier to dual so. jedediah: they are wearily
5:10 am
even in there yet. ed: they are not in. jedediah: one toe in the door by the way your taxes are going up. i can't imagine, they have a hard time messaging as is democrats, people are talking about struggling with messaging. a positive message. the first thing you come out with how to make job creators lives harder. ed: voted against tax cuts. the flip side of this. number two, nancy pelosi we were talking about her she called them crumbs after they passed. now to your point they haven't even been sworn in yet and they are saying we want to take it away and raise taxes. jedediah: of course, it's to help pay for all these pramsz that we say are very difficult to fund. you talk about everything from healthcare. everybody has this a right to everything now and everything is oh, you know, this should be freely and college tuition should be free. nothing is freeze. somebody pays for that and those people are called us. pete: you are exactly right. it's who they're. they can't resist it. jedediah: i know. there is no other message. pete: can't resist things and raising your taxes. jedediah: if you don't love
5:11 am
the free market. have you got to raise people's taxes. there is no other way. turning now to your headlines. a serial raper is confessing he involved in about 90 murders nationwide. samuel little say the killings date back to 1970, investigators say so far he has told the truth for more than 30 cases. if more match up, little will be one of the most dangerous killers in the u.s. history. topping the infamous ted bunsdy's 30 homicides u wow. a bill creating some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country ohio house of representatives. heart beat bill would ban abortions once a fetal heart beat could be detected as early as six weeks into pregnancy. it now moves into the senate. outgoing ohio governor john kasich vetoed a similar bill in 2016. and president trump awards seven people with 34erbg's highest civilian honor. one of those honorees minnesota supreme court justice allen page. he was recognized for his nfl career and lifetime of
5:12 am
public service. other honorees including elvis presley, the great babe ruth and the late supreme court justice one of of my favorites antonin scalia, those are our headlines. ed: orrin hatch as well. former acting ice director tom homan. sean spicer, alan dershowitz all here all live come up. pete: the nimentsz, which the president calls the failing "new york times" is banner year for women from politics dot not include republicans. jedediah: shocking. pete: forgetting big like florida's lieutenant governor not on the list. ed: she is on the show. pete: some women ♪ it's time for sleep number's veterans day sale
5:13 am
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jedediah: florida's manual recount heading to a second day. in governor race ron desantis clinching victory his opponent andrew gillum refusing to concede. joining us for reaction nunez first latina lieutenant governor in the state of florida. congratulations. that's fantastic. i want to get your insight what's going on in florida with all these recounts. how do you think so it's going to land or wind up. >> first of all, thank you for having me. it's a pleasure to be on this morning. we are just really excited about the opportunity to lead florida. ron desantis and i are hard at work making sure that when we take that oath and swear to uphold and defend the constitution that we're going to be making sure that floridians are going to see the wonderful progress that we're looking forward to bring to the state of florida. as it relates to the recount, we're certainly -- we have been just focused on the hard work of transition
5:17 am
and making sure our administration is ready to lead. and honestly, i think it's sad that our opponent refused to concede. but, at the end of the day, we are focused on floridians. and that's been our focus throughout the campaign and that's going to be our focus as we lead into the administration. >> i have got to ask you about something that's been driving me crazy as reality to the "new york times." they declared a banner of the year for women in politics. they omitted republican women's accomplishments. you are not in there. there are so many other republican women not in there. the quote from the "new york times" reads it's the year the world all right but only for democrats? this seems really crazy to me. how does it strike you as someone to just accomplished a huge success and not to acknowledge other republican women at all? >> it's disappointing but not surprising. i know there were several women throughout the country that had banner years and certainly were in positions of importance from governor
5:18 am
to senators to congresswomen. and so i think it's disappointing that a news article would leave out important republican women just because of their party affiliation. but, we're not focused on that. we are focused on leading. and we are focused on making sure that florida in my case is going to continue to grow. we're going to continue to address the challenges that we face. i'm excited about that opportunity to lead. jedediah: i mean, some of the people that weren't recognize just to name them martha blackburn, so many women across the country. this is a tough issue for republicans. republicans generally don't like identity politics and don't like to talk about first woman, first man. they say let people run and let the best person win the job. is this a point oftentimes that democrats win on and they say well, look at the numbers. have you tons of democratic women boosted and you don't have enough republicans, does the republican party have a problem with women or outreach to women? is that a point that they win on if republicans don't do something about this or should they step back and just focus on running their districts, their country and not worry about that stuff?
5:19 am
>> well, having served for the past 8 years prior to this post and the legislature, i can tell you there is many republican women that have paved the way, that have led the way in ensuring great conservative policy making. and so i really think that we have an opportunity certainly to address what may be perceived as a lack of women recruitment and retention. but i think that we really are focused on good quality people and if you look at florida, we had a newly elected representative josie in her early 20's along with representative mary and jennifer, young republican women taking the baton and leading the way for next generation of women. jedediah: thank you very much for coming on. i wish you great luck in what do you i do think the world is a better place when men and women are out there fighting to restore sanity and integrity in this country. thank you and have a great day. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. jedediah: usually math and
5:20 am
science mandatory. one school is requiring diversity and inclusion. really? plus, president trump now taking on a new report questioning vice president mike pence's loyalty. former white house press secretary sean spicer is here to weigh in coming up next. ♪ going down ♪ a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner.
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[ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. pete: welcome back. a couple headlines for you. president trump names andrew wheeler the head of the environmental protection agency. the president making the announcement during the medal of freedom ceremony. wheeler has been overseeing the agency after scott pruitt resigned amid allegations of ethical misconduct. ed may or may not have done an interview. and, south carolina senator lindsey graham is in line to
5:24 am
become the next senate judiciary committee chairman. based on his seniority. current chairman chuck grassley announced friday is he stepping down so he can lead the senate finance committee next year. up next it looks like lindsey graham. ed: finance is where the money is. "new york times." pete: in a piece the "new york times" questions whether loyal and the possibility of replacing him on the 2020 ticket. the president just addressed the report calling it fake news. listen. >> no, i don't question his loyalty at all. he is 100 percent loyal it was a phony story. i doubt they had any sources. a typical "new york times" phony story. mike pence is 100 percent. not even a doubt about it in my mind. jedediah: here to react is sean spicer. is he a former white house press secretary and author of the briefing. >> good morning. jedediah: good morning, sean. what do you make of that
5:25 am
response to the president trump's response to that "new york times" story and in general of mike pence being replaced. >> the president, i'm glad he addressed it this morning. mike pension is hands down the most committed, loyal and effective vice president that any administration, any country would want to have. and i'm glad the president put this to rest. i don't know why it needed to be put to rest. he had addressed it at the press conference the other day when he very publicly asked mike pence to be his vice president when he seeks re-election and vice president pence was very clear that he was honored to do. so so, i'm not entirely sure why this is a question. but the president, the administration, and this country are lucky that we have someone as talented, committed loyal and effective as mike pence as president. pete: nothing to see here. you never saw anything behind the scenes that would lead to you believe differently? >> no. quite the opposite. i think the president really values mike pence's council and as i mentioned you can't say it enough, but mike pence is a tremendous partner. i have known vice president pence since he was first
5:26 am
elected to congress. and he is the kind of person that anybody would want by their side as a partner. he had sewed trump-surpriser n-spicer nochance of that. >> no. not just trump-spicer no yard sign ever that says spicer on it to an elected office. ed: we will see. you used to be the press secretary. jedediah: you never know. ed: what's happening in that pressroom a lot of chatter about it recently including a lawsuit. the president sat down with chris wallace from "fox news sunday." here's what he said and we will get your reaction on the other side. >> nobody believes in the first amendment more than i do. and if i think somebody is acting out of sorts, i will leave. i will say thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate your coming and i will leave. and those reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is that is acting up. sean spicer sean spicer
5:27 am
there is a first amendment interview. a lot of the president's critics don't want to admit decorum issue there is a respect and as of the presidency. there is push and pull. standing behind the podium being fair to the press when he they're not always fair to you. how do you come up with reasonable rules of decorum without people saying you are trampling all over the first amendment? >> that's a great question, ed. you know. this you have been in the briefing room on, you know, countless occasions for multiple outlets. the reality is this. i think that there is two issues at hand that are going conflated. the first amendment gives every reporter the ability and freedom to write whatever they want and to ask whatever they want. and we have got to be crystal clear that in no way, shape, or form should the white house or any government entity ever prevent anyone from the media from asking whatever they want or writing about whatever they want. but i think that bigger and broader pointed is behavior and decorum. and i think that there should be some reasonable
5:28 am
rules in place. and i think frankly it's unfortunate and sad that we have come to this because a couple bad apples have tried to make this about themselves and is disrespectful to their colleagues. i think to sit down and say look, here's the funny thing, you know, this ed, in particular having been in there that there are certain unwritten rules and tradition about how things work that get explained to every incoming administration about the traditions that go on and how things are supposed to work. i think it's unfortunate but i think we need to codify those in some kind of in writing and say okay, well, here's what we will agree to. we will never allow ourselves to stop a reporter from asking a question they want. but, reporters will now have to agree to certain decorum standards and professional standards in terms of how they engage with the president, in particular at public events. it's sad, it's unfortunate at what we have come to this. but i think that because publicly these other members of the media who privately will tell you they are very
5:29 am
disappointed with mr. acosta and others' behavior need to come forward and be part of the solution now. ed: sean spicer is tanned, rested, not ready to run for anything just to be clear. >> i just don't want to be as hard working as ed henry i turn the tv on at night and he is on every show and wake up in the morning. pete: i see him in my dreams. jedediah: that's not good, pete. thank you, sean. ed: president calling out the migrant caravan. >> they have such fear and such problems and they hate their country, why do we see all the flags being waved? ed: the media claiming no longer talking about it you just heard him talk about the caravan. former acting ice director tom homan here next. pete: according to new op-ed in democratic circles antisemitism is becoming normal. alan dershowitz a lifelong democrat agrees. what's going on in his party coming up soon. coobidoo doobido♪
5:30 am
[ goose honking ] ♪ [ laughing ] a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. ♪ progressive helps keep you out there.
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>> come up and talk about their great fear and waving their country's flags. what's that all about. if they have such fear and problems and they hate their country, why do we see all the flags being waved for guatemala, honduras, el salvador see all the flags waving all over the place. why are they waving flags? this has nothing to do with asylum. ed: moments ago the
5:34 am
president slamming members of the migrant caravan and slamming critics who say it's not a big deal while at the same time these migrants are waving their own country's flag. certainly not american flags. pete: here to react is tom homan former ice director. the president has made that point a couple of times now. isn't is ironic a fleeing a country too violent doesn't provide for them but yet carrying that country's flag as they come toward our border. what does it say about the motivation of migrants? >> i have said that just about every day this past week when i watched the videotape that fox was playing. in my 34 years i never watched a group of people who are supposedly escaping fear and persecution from their home governments carrying the flag of their oppressors. so, as i have constantly said for several weeks, this isn't so much about escaping fear and persecution because of race, religion and political affiliation, this is about coming to the united states for a better life. i get it i get it doesn't mean political asylum.
5:35 am
you don't qualify, so most of them will be turned around and sent home. pete: you are saying flag or no flag. you better have a valid reason and ultimately you peel like it's part of a pr effort to make it appear more elm pa thick? what's the motivation. >> absolutely. you can only claim political asylum escaping fear because of your race, religion, social affiliation, political affiliation. poverty and seeking a job and reuniting with somebody who is already in this country i will lylely doesn't qualify. because of the past administration, what's happened in the past, they know all they have got to do say few key phrases that they are coached on by attorneys and groups and they gets that first interview and they get released and many don't show up in court. once they show up in court they don't leave. i think less than 5% of the family units that came in last several years have been removed even though most of them have been ordered removed. ed: what about this? the critics of the president were also saying well, there is only women and children.
5:36 am
mostly, and these are calm, peaceful folks, they don't want a problem. and then you see the mayor in tijuana now asking the mexico canal government for $4 million as the migrant caravan starts to overwhelm his city and saying i need that $4 million, what? for security to deal with the caravan. if it's all women and children, why does he need $4 million? >> well, look, i think mexico could have done more on the southern border. >> they wouldn't be in this position. they could have stepped up and worked a little harder on southern border to prevent these people from coming through. i appreciate mexico offering these folks asylum. over 2,000 accepted asylum. the same people who said these are family groups are the same people who says there wasn't even a caravan. there are thousands of miles away. you look at video and most of these are single adult males looking to come to get a job. i want to make something clear. i get called a lot of names. i'm -- i have said many times every speech i have ever given i certainly feel bad for the plight of these
5:37 am
people. i do. political asylum isn't the way to go. you want to be part of the greatest country on earth have you got to do it the right way. respect our laws. because you are poor and looking for a job doesn't mean you get to sphwher country illegally which is a crime and take advantage of our laws. bottom line is we have a country of laws. have a right to be a sovereign country and protect our borders. this is what we are doing. we have a president who takes us seriously and i have said it many times. i'm grateful that president trump is our president during times like this. no one has done more for border security, public safety and rule of law than president trump. jedediah: thank you much, tom. pete: folks on the left said the migrant caravan wasn't coming here well here it is. >> appreciate you. jedediah: turning now to your headlines, a suspect leads a dramatic high speed chase in a police officer's stolen car. the lapd used a pit maneuver to end 45 minute pursuit in los angeles. the driver was taken into custody. the stolen white lexus had the officer's gun inside. it's unclear if the service
5:38 am
weapon was recovered. congresswoman mia love may end up back in washington. the utah republican takes the lead in her house race. voters arvotes are still being counted this morning. leading by razor thin margin 419 votes. final marginal quarter of a percentage point. the school is forcing students to complete acceptance training. georgia southern university will mandate all students to take diversity and inclusion classes according to the student newspaper. the school student government association reportedly recommended the move a cultural disconnect at the university. and a world war i veteran's family finally receives his purple heart award. u.s. army private michael walsh's relatives taking possession of his military honor 100 years after his death. the irish immigrant was killed in france in 1918, seven years after imgrating to the united states in search of the american dream. an american organization
5:39 am
that returns lost medals helped arrange the special ceremony in ireland. that's beautiful. that's really amazing. pete: a trip they didn't. ed: president said mia love didn't give him any love maybe she will get eelected. rick: trying to corral everybody. what's your name? >> brey. rick: you just saw your face on camera. i could see it in your eye, oh, whoa, i'm on tv. nicely done that was your moment. now it's all over. take a look at the weather map. show you what's going on. really a nice day almost everywhere across the country. we will see a few snow flurries were flying up around the great lakes. overall looking pretty good. down across the south, tons of sunshine everywhere. temperatures very nice especially across parts of florida, cooling down though across parts of oklahoma. moving on through very cold temperatures today across parts of the dakotas and you see that little snow that's going to -- finally out
5:40 am
across the west. air conditions really bad across california from the fires going on. we have rain coming in on wednesday. it's going to help the fires. going to finally bring relief for the air quality there as well. and here's what wednesday looks like. this is the total precipitation on wednesday. a little bit of rain across parts of texas and out across the west. aside from that, a great travel day. all right, guys, back inside. jedediah: thanks, rick. pete: maybe rick will let me do the thanksgiving forecast tomorrow. jedediah: i don't know about that. ed: he doesn't like to give it up. [turkey gobbling] ed: according to new op-ed in democratic circles anti-semitism is becoming normal. alan dershowitz with what's going on in his party and what needs to change next. pete: on this saturday edition of "fox & friends" geraldo rivera and gregg jarrett two smart dudes both here live ♪ ♪
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5:44 am
ed: this is the pete walk edition of your headlines, trying to get over the hump in blistering snow storm they get inspiration from run away camel. motorists chasing it down a busy pennsylvania highway. he was okay after the broken down ride jewish of greater philly. beginning hog warts next school year. this pig is blowing up the internet dressed like the famous wiz in harry potter. posing out the building in canada that looks just like the fictional school. pete? pete: ed, you make the walk look so cool. coming under fire for not denouncing louis farrakhan's hateful rhetoric about israel. omar making a 180 on what
5:45 am
used to be the support of israel. take a listen to her at august debate at a synagogue. listen. >> i support the two state solution. i think it's going to be important for us to recognize israel's place in the middle east. i believe right now [inaudible] it's helpful in getting the two-state solution. pete: then the bds movement was not helpful. since winning the election her campaign now says she supports the boycott divestment and sanctions bds movement against israel. she is not alone. some now say anti-semitism is becoming normal in democratic circles. here to react is lifelong democrat and law professor and author. i know this is an issue you are very passionate about. i'm going to play another -- i'm going to use another tweet that omar put out in 2012 where she said israel has hip mow advertised the world, may allah awaken the people and see the evil
5:46 am
doing of israel: she covered it up to run for office. now full out for the bds movement. what does that say about her and the modern democrat party? >> well, the democratic party is not anti-semitic. but they are tolerating anti-semitism on the hard left part of their base because they don't want to alienate that part of their base and so you get keith ellison gets elected deputy chairman of the democratic national party. he had close associations with farrakhan and falsely denied them. bill clinton, ohio like very much, who is a friend, goes to a memorial service, sees farrakhan there and doesn't leave. imagine if he had seen david duke he would get up in a minute and leave many members of the black caucus have had associations with farrakhan. and now we have this newly elected member of congress. look, i support of
5:47 am
diversity. i think it's a great thing to have muslim and muslim women in congress, but this woman has gone over the line to anti-semitism. she talked about israel hypnotizing the world, i mean, that's kind of an old anti-semitic trope. so my concern is not that the democrats are becoming anti-semitic. it's that they are unwilling to attack anti-semites on the extreme left of their base because they don't want to lose votes. pete: you think it's -- you are acknowledging there is tolerance of intolerance and it's ultimately a political calculation. but, yet, it used to be support for israel was very bipartisan in washington. are you saying israel is becoming effectively a partisan issue? >> i hope not. i think israel still is bipartisan among the mainstream democrats. but, when you elect people to congress, who have very strong anti-israel views, it begins to raise questions
5:48 am
about whether bipartisanism will remain in the future. remember, these are young people. some people are saying they are the future face of the democratic party and they are not only anti-israel but often that anti-zionism morphs into anti-semitism. look, the republicans had a problem as well with anti-semitism on the hard right. and they have been justly criticized sometimes for an unwillingness to attack the extreme right on. pete: you would acknowledge that's a much larger problem inside modern left of the democratic party. >> there is no. pete: you agree. >> no question. pete: bds movement break it down why it's so dangerous. >> it's not a movement. it's only directed against one country. the democratic nation state of the jewish people. and it basically says you can't have anything to do -- any cultural exchanges, any scientific exchanges with only one country and that is the only democratic country in the middle east. it's an anti semitic movement to its core. i wrote a book a few months
5:49 am
ago called the case against bds showing anti-peace and it's anti-semitic. and anybody who supports the boycott movement solely against israel, without condemning hamas, without condemning saudi arabia, without condemning some of the most repressive regimes in that part of the country, there is only one excuse or justification for focusing on the only nation state of the jewish people. and that's anti-semitism. the democratic party has to do a better job, the republican party has done a better job in riding it and condemning the an at this semites on the hard right. now the democratic party must do a better job in condemning anti-semites on the hard left. pete: we will see if they can. there is a lot of young men and women who see the world differently than old world democrats might. >> they have to be condemned. pete: miami, looks good there. >> thank you. pete: president trump completed written answers for special counsel mueller's probe. so what's next? we will ask gregg jarrett that.
5:50 am
he would know. he is with us next hour. plus, believe it or not, black friday is almost here. kurt the cyber guy here to break down the best tech deals of the season. selfishly i have a few questions of my own coming up next. ♪ from l.a. to tokyo ♪ i'm so fancy ♪
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jedediah: get ready, get set. pete: next friday is black friday. ed: anytime a forest over here. pete: you are in a holiday wonder of miracles of savings. today is the day black friday hits. it's actually been all week. ed: already started. >> make a list of what you are getting and go for things that actually are cheaper right now and avoid the things that aren't. kitchen appliances not on the list. outdoor gear not on the
5:54 am
list. but gaming stuff, tv stuff, home electronics, home gear, that is on the list today. >> what makes that laptop stand out? there are so many on the market. that one looks really thin. >> make x pro-this thing is a rah ward winning notebook great for entertainment. great on the go. 14 hour battery life and today $150 off its price. you are seeing the best deals on what we have here today 1350 for the top of the line. pete: black friday is now like a week. >> it is. >> otherwise it goes -- this is the x box 1 x this is the top. this is the one that everybody wants. it's got 40% more power than any other gaming console on the market right now. lowest price we have ever seen. it is dialing in today a 399.99. microsoft website. also they have dollar deal for their game pass. it's the x box one x game
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pass $1 deal just for black friday access to 100 plus games. this is amazing. this is my favorite tvr. plug it in your cable and record six things and watch all kinds of stuff. and get access to stream stuff and they have another version that is for people that want to cut the cord. this is i just love this dvr. and today it is much, much cheaper. we have got it 20% off the cable one and then the one that is for cord cutters is down to 159.99. this, anybody here recognize the swedish technology? jedediah: i use it twice a day it saved my skin. i love it. >> you sold it to me. some of the cheapest cheapescheapprices we have ever. a luna 2. facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system. i have to read it because it's such a long name. black friday 139 off of their 199 price for that and all the rest of the stuff
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that they have the great technology that goes with the app. and stuff. that's also between 20 and 30% off today for black friday. and finally, lowest price i have seen on this. cut it in half. dragon quest 11. echos of an allusive age. this is arguably the newest critically acclaimed game and also really great family fun. and it is $30 off. 5.99 regularly. today 29.99. you will find all of these at my website and also "fox & friends." [laughter] jedediah: it's really good ladies i'm telling you. ed: black friday already started i'm telling you. president trump speaking out on the news of the day from the caravan to nancy pelosi to rumors or problems with his vice president. is he shooting that down. we will have it all top of the hour. jedediah: geraldo rivera and gregg jarrett both here live coming up. ♪
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6:00 am
president trump: they come up and they're talking about all their great fear, all their problems with their countries but they're all waving their country's flags. what is that all about? ed: moments ago the president slamming members of the migrant caravan and the migrants are waving their own country's flags >> you want to be a part of the greatest country on earth you got to do it in a right way. pete: democrat stacey abrams ended her campaign and said she can not win. >> i acknowledge that former secretary of state brian kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election. ed: democratic senator bill nelson's chances of holding on to his seat slipping away. nancy pelosi keeping her friends close and her potential enemies a bit closer. >> there is a great deal of hope and excitement about the fact there could be new leadership. >> president president trump taking on a new report questioning vice president mike
6:01 am
pence's loyalty. president trump: i don't question his loyalty at all. >> i'm glad the president put this to rest. i don't know why it needed to be put to rest: president trump: we honor the recipients of our nations highest civilian honor. the presidential metal of freedom. the king of rock and roll, elvis aaron pressly. >> ♪ ♪ ed: that is a smoked turkey. pete: that is the author of that's good too and it looks good. ed: i think there's bacon on top of that. >> pete is salivating at that. pete: we had the fried turkey. ed: wait but is it vegan? pete: better be real bacon. ed: because we have the alternative to turkey, pete. just for you.
6:02 am
pete: i had a package arrive in my office from peta wishing me a happy tofurkey day. ed: i wonder if they rolled you. pete: i wonder if they were trolling me. >> if they did you gave them a ton of publicity. pete: i know they brought it in. >> package already open. oh, yes! the moment i've been waiting for ed: it doesn't look good. >> just a little bite. ed: he did it. good sport. >> props for doing it. what do you think? >> it can be delicious. ed: he's going in. well we are going to be enjoying this. >> no one loves meat more than this guy. ed: we're enjoying smoked turkey pete: this is horrific. ed: thanksgiving came a little early. the president meanwhile heading out to california to deal with the wildfires obviously but before heading out there he's at the white house and talked
6:03 am
turkey a little bit of his own if you will the politics of the day talking about nancy pelosi, talking about saudi arabia and talking about the caravan. he had these critics saying in recent days it was an election p loy, not true. he's tweeting about it after the election and today he's lashing out and making clear that he's not happy about it. pete: i can't talk. ed: well let's hear from the president. president trump: we're not letting people into our country illegally and we're not doing a release. we'll do a catch but we're not doing releases. they come up and they're talking about all their great fear and all their problems with their country but they're all waving their country's flags. what is that all about? if they have such fear and such problems and they hate their country, why do we see all of the flags being waived? were honduras, for el salvador we're seeing flags all over the place. why are they waving flags? this has nothing to do with asylum. this has to do with getting into
6:04 am
our country illegally and we have to know who wants to come into our country. ed: i was trying to be a good teammate, i didn't realize he had his mouth full. but the president really lashing out saying enough is enough. jedediah: yeah that's one of the common sense points that someone like donald trump makes which reminds me why he got elected because you're sitting there watching these people that are suppose idly hungry to come to the united states, fleeing places that are horrific, fleeing crime and unliveable conditions and they are holding up flags of those countries and you sit here and it's almost, it's an easy point, but at the same time you say wait a second that really does make a lot of sense. pete: i don't know if we could put those images up especially the one with the long banner young men carrying a banner and flag of their country. all i could think of is last time as a young man i wore a flag of my country and it wasn't because i hated what's in front of me. it's because i loved what was behind me. i loved my country so much, i would wear the flag and go out and fight and die for it, so presidents make a very important point here. if you love your country so much , then go to your country
6:05 am
and fix it, or be a part of the solution. don't carry a flag to our country and then stand on top of a fence and mock us in our border patrol agents saying we're coming no matter what or that one individual we heard from a couple days ago saying we want to bum rush the border it's us against trump. that is the absolute wrong mind set instead of coming saying we hear there's this great place called america. jedediah: i really want to be there. pete: we welcome that. ed: when they're waving the flag of their home country it turns on its head the idea they want to seek asylum here and run away from that country they're celebrating the former i.c.e. director last hour pointing out this irony. >> in my 34 years i never watched a group of people who were supposedly escaping fear and prosecution from their home governments, carrying the flag of their oppressors. the facts are you can only claim political asylum because of your race, religion, social affiliation, political
6:06 am
affiliation, poverty and seeking a job and reuniting with somebody already in this country legally doesn't qualify. pete: yeah, you know and a lot of you pointed out a number of times on this program, ed that critics are saying well he talked about it during the election. hasn't talked about it since. you have to be a cynic to believe this is something he's only raised or been passionate about from the beginning of his candidacy in multiple iterations and now there's a showdown. jedediah: that's a great word, because you have to remember these people that are carrying these flags of hose home countries they're not just fleeing lack of economic opportunity. that wouldn't warrant asylum. these are people fleeing unlive able conditions where they feel their lives, the lives of their families are threatened. it is very bizarre you'd want to celebrate a place where you don't feel safe enough for you or your family to live. that does warrant question as to what's happening. ed: well the other narrative the president is pushing back on ever since the mid-terms say boy , the president took it on the chin, because democrats took
6:07 am
that. well the president says that may be true, but he also increased his majority in the senate something the media spent a lot less time on and also, the media not wanting to talk quite as much about the fact that nancy pelosi is having trouble within her own caucus and the fact is she wants to be speaker of the house, now she has marsha fudge looking at another democrat looking at running against her for speaker. they met behind closed doors yesterday, fudge came out of there saying i'm going to think about this a little longer. let pelosi twist in the wind as about 20 lawmakers say they're signing a letter saying they will never support her as being speaker of the president, maybe by telling reporters i want her to be speaker, watch. president trump: i would help nancy pelosi if she needs it, i like nancy pelosi, i mean she's tough and she's smart, but she deserves to be speaker and now they're playing games with her, just like they will be playing with me with the presidential harassment. the president of your country is doing a great job, but he's
6:08 am
being harassed in a way her own party is harassing her, there's nobody else should be speaker if she needs any vote if she asks me, i will give her the vote to put her over over the job. pete: robert mueller 20 democrat s came out and said they are a part of the never nancy approach for speaker of the house and the reason that number is important, ed, the majority for democrats in the house is at , it's still fluctuating but at around 15, 16, 17 votes so if you lose 17, 18, 19 members of the democratic caucus -- ed: you don't have the votes. pete: unless you have republican votes. ed: the latest democrat-elect i believe she took out dave brat she's now saying she's not likely to support you see her there former cia official, she's not saying she's not likely to support pelosi so it's around 20 or so democrats saying they won't support her that's more than the opposition needs to block that. pete: why do i feel like she doesn't want president trump's support? jedediah: i know but i love it. i love him out there it's like trump is going to lead the campaign she's sitting at home like stop it!
6:09 am
please, and he's like no, pelosi i love it. pete: do you know how many republicans would eagerly cast that vote? jedediah: i know. they need her in those campaign ads. pete: they deserve nancy. jedediah: they want to keep her there front and center. pete: a lot of people assumed it would be her. if you get enough it's like the freedom caucus with bills and republicans. if you get enough remembers that say we're ready to turn the page and you just don't have the votes you have a really tough decision to make does she have to declare she will be a one- term speaker which some people think would allow her to get that role? ed: because you had alexandria cortez in a sit-in in pelosi's office this week on climate change and other issues saying the left is not happy with their leadership. jedediah: the hard left the democratic party is going to emerge. ed: i know what i'm doing in my first week in congress, a sit-in jedediah: well you know though it is her way to kind of say i got elected and i'm here and i'm going to start working day one and the bernie sanders and they are very passionate about what they want to do. ed: right and the other problem democrats have right now is they
6:10 am
won't admit defeat in places like georgia. we've been talking about this morning and florida as well. 11 days after the mid-terms, democrat stacey abe raps ends her bid for georgia governor but she isn't going down without a fight. pete: and in florida she also won't concede. the manual recount enters its second day and it's not looking good for incumbent democrat senator bill nelson. jedediah: that's whetherrer we find griff jenkins live in broward county. griff what's the latest? griff: senator nelson's political career being in 1972 about two hours north of here and it will likely end here in broward county because the votes simply aren't here. let me take you inside right now , where they're counting other races but broward was nelson's best shot at flipping the senate race we were told there were 25,000 votes here, it's not the case, now the 31,000 over under votes counted yesterday only 447 could go nelson's way. that's just not enough. we'll see if nelson concedes tomorrow at noon when official results come in but you
6:11 am
mentioned georgia. democrat stacey abrams ended her race for governor against republican brian kemp without actually conceding. take a listen. >> this is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. we will be filing a major federal lawsuit against the state of georgia for the gross mismanagement of this election. griff: and abrams announced plans to file a federal lawsuit over how georgia runs their elections. jedediah: thanks, griff. he has a tough job. ed: he showers. jedediah: you took it to a next level. turning now to your headlines, president trump left for california this morning where he will visit victims of the devastating wildfires. at least 74 people are dead, 71 alone in the north campfire more than 1,000 others still missing. residents are now facing a new threat as hazardous smoke is smothering the state. millions of people are forced to
6:12 am
wear masks in the dirty air quality levels in the world, in southern california more evacuees are returning home. moments before leaving the white house, president reacted to new cia reports that the saudi crown prince ordered jamal khashoggi's murder. president trump: the cia is going to be speaking to me today we have not been briefed yet. as of this moment, we were told that he did not play a role, we're going to have to find out what they have to say. jedediah: the saudi crown prince has denied having any role in the journalist's brutal death. the supreme court is agreeing to hear whether or not a citizenship question should be added to the 2020 census. they will listen to arguments on february 19 from more than two dozen states, cities and activist groups suing to get it removed. they believe immigrants will be too scared to answer the question, which will skew number s and could effect the amount of federal money they get and those are your headlines. pete: that one is really interesting to me. sincerely because you feel like a country should be able to ask
6:13 am
whether or not you're a citizen of that country. it make sense but man the left hates it. we'll see what the supreme court does. all right, well he was facing the rest of his life in prison, but now a selfie is clearing him of the crime. i don't even know what this story is. jedediah: we don't know yet. pete: we'll bring it to you coming up. ed: the president speaking out about those questions for special counsel robert mueller. president trump: always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions. they're not very difficult questions. ed: it's a hoax, he's been saying, and that can mean only one thing. greg jaret is here to weigh in next.
6:14 am
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president trump: we do that next week, they're all done.
6:17 am
we haven't even talked about it. pete: that was president trump earlier this morning telling reporters he has completed his written answers for mueller, but has not yet submitted them. ed: here to react fox news legal analyst and author of the russia hoax, greg jarret, good morning sir. >> good morning, everybody. ed: what does this all mean where are we in the mueller investigation? is it finally winding down? >> oh, i think it is probably in the next couple of months there will be a report and i suspect that mueller will throw some red meat to the hungry democrats in some sort of criticism of the president, but look, the president said he answered the questions very easily, well it should have taken about five minutes the first question was probably, did you ever coordinator collude with russians during the election, answer is no. do you know anybody else who did answer is no. beyond that, there's not much to ask, obstruction was off the table, correctly so, but never underestimate a loyal like mueller who asks the irrelevant unnecessary questions. jedediah: if you look at the exit polling on this, people are
6:18 am
now saying that they consider this to be vastly political what's gone on. you have looking up there 41% say it's politically motivated 54% say it's politically motivated sorry, and i'm just wondering where if you think that's accurate. what do you think the public at this point is saying when they look at this? >> americans are smart. they can smell a rotten investigation a mile away. there's no reason to believe there was ever any evidence of collusion, and the best evidence of that, by the way, is the testimony the deposition testimony of the top fbi lawyer, a couple of months ago, lisa page, when she confessed that during the entire time the fbi had the case they never discovered a wiff of collusion and that's important because it means that when they handed it off to a special counsel, they were violating the law, because the regulations say in order to appoint a special counsel, you have to have some evidence of a
6:19 am
crime, and here is an admission, they never had it. pete: speaking of violations, the gop may subpoena james comey in its final days in power during the lame duck session of the house. why are they doing so and what would they ask? >> a lot of questions. i mean it would take me about two days to question comey, but at the top of my list is what legal justification did you ever have for launching the trump russia investigation? isn't it true, mr. comey, that your fbi was meeting with the author of the phony dossier on the very day you cleared hillary clinton, and isn't it true you deceived and concealed vital evidence from the fisa court to spy on an american citizen and trump campaign associate? there's a lot to ask. ed: real quick james comey tweet ed this out yesterday his side of it. he says house republicans can ask me anything they want, but i want the american people to watch, so let's have a public hearing. truth, he says, is best served
6:20 am
by transparency. so he's saying a lot of people have been brought in for questioning behind closed doors i want to do it in public is that because he wants to grandstand? >> comey is being glorious and in love with himself he loves the television cameras and the attention. you don't get to negotiate your testimony before congress, and the reason they want to do it in a closed session is because they know in public comey would say oh, that's privileged that's confidential, that's classified, and he grandstands in front of the television cameras. they want meaningful information from comey and the only way to get that is in a deposition closed session. ed: all right pete: good stuff greg jarrett, thank you for your time. president trump calling out the kara caravan saying this has nothing to do with a seem you'll and the migrants holding their nations flags must be political ly organized geraldo rivera here to react to that live. jedediah: all the left wants for christmas is no politics how about you your e-mails coming up
6:21 am
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see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. ed: welcome back. quick headlines for you vice president mike pence is heading to australia today, the vp is leaving new guinea where he just announced a new partnership, u.s. is joining australia to develop a naval base, on that island. and, federal prosecutors are negotiating the possible plea deal for alleged russian agent maria butina, accused of infiltrating american political organizations, and the court date has been pushed back so that negotiations can continue, and in a third story, president trump is beefing up our country 's defense, on cyberattacks. a new bill signed into law creates the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, that's a mouthful, to protect critical infrastructure like elections systems.
6:25 am
interesting. you heard the president a short time ago slamming members of the migrant peri- van for seeking asylum in america while at the same time he said they were wav ing their own country's flags president trump: they come up and they're talking about all their great fear, all their problems with their country, but they're all waving their country 's flags. what is that all about? if they have such fear and such problems and they hate their country, why do we see all of the flags being waived for honduras, for el salvador we're seeing flags all over the place. why are they waving flags? this has nothing to do with asylum. ed: well here to tell the president what that's all about is fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. good to see you. geraldo: you too, ed. jedediah: how you doing? ed: i see you tweeting about this subject right before you came on and pete hegseth wants to have at you but at first i want to give you a chance to give your position to react to the president. geraldo: thank you. i don't like to unncesssarily
6:26 am
criticize my friend, the president. i think that he's got a hostile press and doing much better than he's generally credited for but also a native new yorker as am i , and we have grown up watching the various components of the big city come together for their ethnic and religious and national parades every single day in new york there's the dominican, the greek, the italian, the irish, the israeli, you name it, people can love where they are in the united states and to love where they came from, this is a group and i wish that the president would focus on this, this is a group generally speaking who are improve rushed who want a job. we have 7 million unfilled jobs particularly in the agricultural sector, i wish our businessman president was figuring out how to bring those workers to fill those necessary jobs in an orderly and regulated
6:27 am
way. pete: so geraldo we're talking about parades of the american citizens being proud of their country which i totally understand but the disposition of someone to say i'm going to carry my flag to your country, demand that i be let in or come in illegally, and when i'm on the top of the border wall, i'm going to taunt your border patrol agents. i just think if i had to leave god forbid america for some reason and go to another country you'd want people to go to say listen i'm coming here, will august offer me the opportunity to be a part of the fabric of your country? it looks like the exact opposite the optics are terrible, and you got young men, you got gang members a part of it as we've seen reported. is he not right to understandably point out that disposition as a problem? geraldo: i think you're being way too harsh, with all due respect. i think these are very unsophisticated people. they are generally speaking an under educated or uneducated group. they cling to some symbols of
6:28 am
stability in their lives. all they want to do is feed their children. you have the poorest people. jedediah: that's not why they're coming though. geraldo: you have the richest country on earth that has a labor demand and a tradition of welcoming these people, however under the table, to fill these jobs and to pick the apricots and wash the dishes and take care of the babies and mow the lawns and deliver the pizzas and so forth. we've had this irregular relationship, what i would like to see, even as the president gets the wall that he has earned he's earned the wall. i grew strong on my criticism of the wall. now give the dreamers their path to citizenship and why not reopen, here is something logical, reopen the old program, where we welcome hundreds of thousands of these workers on a temporary seasonal basis. they come in and do the harvest and then we send them home.
6:29 am
jedediah: geraldo let me just interrupt you for one second though because people seeking asylum, this is not about economic opportunity for when it comes to asylum. these are people who are claiming that there is credible threats of violence that they cannot live in these communities because of gangs, because of rape, because of extreme violence. that's why, i think, president trump is coming out and saying why are you carrying flags, representing a place that you're saying we should deem unliveable for you and a reason for you to want to come to the united states? if we were just talking about economic opportunity, i think women would see it a little bit differently but these are places that are unliveable supposedly. you wouldn't want to holdup that flag. especially if you're fleeing. geraldo: jedediah, with great wisdom as usual, you go right to the point. the whole asylum stuff and the exaggeration of the peril that awaits them in their home
6:30 am
country is just because asylum is the only way they really get the due process hearing once they cross the border otherwise they are just illegal, just detained and they are ultimately deported. if they claim asylum once they set foot in a port of entry on u.s. soil, u.s. law requires that they have a due process hearing. just like jim acosta when he gets his press pass pulled, he gets a due process hearing. i don't mean to confuse people there but that's why they claim asylum in the vast majority of cases. they do it because that's an angle that they can play. the vast majority and everybody gets it, it's everybody knows it ed: all right, justice kavanaugh wanted due process as well that's for another day, geraldo we appreciate you coming in. jedediah: thanks, geraldo good to see you. ed: one teacher thanks students for standing for the national anthem and then he says he lost his job for doing it, details
6:31 am
coming up. pete: plus all the left wants for christmas, they don't even want to see christmas. they prefer to say holiday, but if they do they want politics in or out, how about you? your e-mails have been flowing in. jedediah: we are getting into the holiday spirit, how you can smoke your turkey this thanksgiving. wow look at that! yum. >> ♪ ♪ i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at let's do the thing that you do.
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let's stop talking politics to each other. everyone these days says the way to bridge our frightful partisan divide is to talk to the other side, so we can hear each other 's point of view. no, that's exactly what you shouldn't do. it never works, no one ever flips to your side. thanksgiving is in a few days and that means spending time with family and in-laws some of whom we may not agree with politically. just don't go there. how do we bridge the party san divide? i'll tell you how. shut the [bleep] up. ed: so much christmas cheer. pete: whoopie goldberg got into the mix too telling page 6 of the new york post i want everybody to take a break from politics and enjoy their families regardless of what your politics are just put it all away for three weeks and let's just make life good. well i just can't way to see whether bill maher and whoopie
6:36 am
will start talking politics. jedediah: i was at the table. i was. ed: her opinion on us every day. jedediah: that table gets very political as we know, as does bill mahr, and when you work in this industry and i've said this a lot of time even to my own parents when i come home for the holidays no politics because we're so used to talking about it that you want that break so from their perspective i feel like they're saying this is my job every day i want to sit and enjoy my turkey or tofurkey. ed: meanwhile, we asked you for your comments. peter strzok we said it before too. regular folks stop talking about politics the rhetoric is too heated. jedediah: my dad gets mad at me he says wait a minute you get to talk politics with whoopie goldberg and i can't talk about it with you at the dinner table? ed: here is an e-mail. my family remains very divided when it comes to politics. new rule established in 2016. no politics periods at family gatherings and all is good.
6:37 am
jedediah: from mark, my best friend is a democrat i am a hard right conservative so why are we friends? because we never ever talk politics that's a great point. pete: we love to talk politics on holidays we are so happy to be winning. listen, i love talking politics with anybody. jedediah: you don't say, pete. i'm shocked! pete: but with liberals anybody of good nature, like i love talking about it so the idea that you've got to sit there and not talk about it? jedediah: i think that's a thing if you can do it in a way that doesn't ruin the thanksgiving dinner that's great. people are trying to say let's not make it a big fight, because there's so many fights that don't go on. ed: marsha, not tired of winning jedediah: we're turning now to your headlines. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is now allowed to live on his own. a federal judge granted john hin kley jr. the most freedom he's had since 1981. he has been living with his elderly mother in virginia. he will be able to live alone.
6:38 am
thanks to this selfie, christopher percopia, was accused of breaking into his ex- girlfriends home and attacking her by carving an x into her chest but thankfully his mother remembered about post ing a photo on facebook which is at the same time of the alleged 2017 attack. >> by the grace of god this, you know, she said it happened on the day that i can totally 100% say where he was at. jedediah: well the 21 year old class has been cleared of all charges and listen to this millennials are pranking their moms ahead of thanksgiving text ing the question, how long does it take to cook a turkey in the microwave? [laughter] that's great. these responses are hilarious. one mom writing, is this a joke? don't ever get married. christian's mother blaming herself saying i should have never let you move out and just in's mom writing, it takes three years and those are your
6:39 am
headlines. now, to the boys, who are hanging out outside. rick: jededian, we are outside so we showed you how to deep fry your thanksgiving turkey and now we're here to figure out how to smoke turkey. john is back. >> so everybody we're going to show you folks how to free up your oven this year and smoke your turkey breast. we're going to show you how to do an apple cider vinegar and honey and injectable marinade you blend eight ounces of apple cider vinegar, three ounces of honey on a medium heat and add a little cayenne pepper and blend that togethernd a inject about one ounce per pound in all sides of your turkey breast. it looks like botox. then we're going to take a bacon everything tastes better with bacon. there you go and wrap that on to
6:40 am
our, see how easy that is? pete: i like that. >> you'll put that on the smoker at 275 degrees for about two and a half to three hours. this is the smoker and we're going to show you how to take that off super quick. when you take a look, we've got some smoked mac and cheese, we've got bacon wrapped smoke. >> bacon! pete: we've got to get the food out. >> [applause] >> what up! there you go. >> bring it, slice it. we want to eat it. pete: yes! >> john thank you very much. >> everybody go to masterbuilt .com for amazing recipes and we have to go to commercial. >> let's get back to jedediah. jedediah: thanks guys looks delicious out there. well panic is erupting on a school bus after the driver tells kids, they pes renot going home, because they were being too noisy.
6:41 am
>> they won't let us go. >> get my son off the bus now! jedediah: shocking video is am coming up next and stacey abrams bowing out of the race for governor in georgia but won't admit she's lost so why will democrats give up the fight we'll debate that coming up next ♪
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ed: you should see the plate of food that pete just put together anyway quick headlines a substitute teacher claims he's banned for school because he thanked students for standing up during the pledge of allegiance. >> i say thank you very much all of you that participated i appreciate that and i'm sure all of those families that lost loved ones so we could have the freedoms we have today would appreciate that too. ed: a student who stayed seated complained because they were offended for being called out and the missouri school district said the teacher could work at other schools just not that one. and parents are outraged after a school bus driver refuses to let their kids off the bus.
6:45 am
>> they won't let us go. >> get my son off the bus now! ed: elementary students in kansas crying and screaming for help after they were allegedly told they would not be going home because they were being too noisy. the district said the driver followed policy, which instructs the drivers to pull over if the students get out of control. jed? jedediah: well stacey abrams the democrat in georgia's governor race acknowledged friday she can not defeat her republican opponent brian kemp but would not officially concede the race. >> i acknowledge that former secretary of state brian kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election, but to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people's democratic right to vote has been truly appalling, so let's be clear. this is not a speech of
6:46 am
concession. jedediah: so as republican candidates in both florida and georgia are set to win governor ships, why won't democrats give up the fight? here to debate rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. kayleigh i want to start with you. what is this pattern now that i seem to be seeing of democrats lose elections, they refuse to concede, and then they say, well i lost because you stole it or you cheated. that seems to be a pattern that's developing in more places than one. or two. >> oh, no doubt about it. we see it in florida senate race , we see it in georgia's governor race. democrats are being sore losers, and they refuse to acknowledge they lost the elections so what do they do? they cry wrongdoing, fraud, and the real irony of this is is you just heard stacey abrams talking about kemp engaging in voter suppression on the contrary. back in two years ago, seven of nine precincts were going to be closed in randolph county a majority african american county brian kemp voted to keep those
6:47 am
or rather publicly said let's keep those precincts open ironically five of those kept open went on to vote for president trump and meanwhile the only real evidence of fraud, we have, is here in migrate state of florida where the democratic party altered official forms that is a criminal act being investigated and it was reported by usa today so the fraud was by the democrat s but nevertheless they're crying it outloud. jedediah: jessica is it justified in your opinion what the democrats are doing? you see stacey abrams talking about disenfranchised voters and what you see going on. do you see it as being justified that them not conceding these elections? >> oh, well she is conceding the election. she said brian kemp won it. jedediah: but she won't concede or call concession. >> you're hinging on this one word there, i think stacey abrams has been very clear that brian kemp will be the next governor of georgia. the results are being certified and that will go on, but to not use this moment where she has national attention to make sure that the american public knows that in georgia, 214 polling places were closed, 53,000
6:48 am
georgia are still waiting to get registered when he won by a margin of 55,000 that some people waited over four hours to exercise their constitutional rights to vote, and these are mostly in black and brown communities, and there were voting machines that didn't have power cords and that the candidate himself was overseeing it. i think that would be a mistake and i'm sure if this was going on, in the reverse, and this was a democrat that was doing it, kayleigh and i would be having a very different discussion here, and to say that we're the ones with voter fraud the president of the united states of america alleged voter fraud when there was not, rick scott has done it and look what happened in 2016 with the voter fraud that was nothing nothing. jedediah: your response to what jessica said about georgia, are those things responsibility of kemp? was he responsible for voter suppression in that state? >> no, so there is some key facts left out. first those 214 polling locations that closed, brian kemp was not responsible for that that was counties that decided to close those locations, many
6:49 am
of them were rural precincts where folks were not showing up they were underutilized or they were not compliant with the americans with disabilities act so they were in violation of the law. that is why those polling locations were closed. brian kemp as i noted have stood against voter suppression outloud and when rick scott talks about fraud, when president trump talks about fraud, it's because it exists. usa today reported the democratic party of florida altered official voting forms. that happened, that existed that is fraud, and i understand that it's inconvenient for democrats to talk about but it exists and it's true and it's real and it's the democratic party of florida. jedediah: thank you both kayleigh and jessica for being here and guys at home let us know what you think. 17 years after the september 11 attacks, cancer has taken the lives of some of our first responders including this 9/11 firefighter that passed away last year. his daughter has now made it her mission to raise awareness and save the lives of others, and you at home have even helped. her inspiring story is am coming up next.
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pete: welcome back this thanksgiving week we take a look back at the great causes our fox & friends viewers have supported this past year. ed: last year 9/11 firefighter william gormley unfortunately died of illnesses related from responding to that attack he was helping other people, his daughter bridgette joined us in september to discuss a documentary she made to raise awareness. >> the documentary is just mostly my own experience but as i was making it i'm realizing there's a lot more going on than meets the eye and a lot of people don't realize it so my father first died people asked me how he died and i said cancer and they said was he a smoker and i said no he's a responder pete: now with your generosity
6:54 am
bridgette has raised nearly $13,000 for her documentary to raise awareness about 9/11- related issues and she joins us with an update bridgette thanks for being here. thanks for having me. pete: thank you for your father 's service and highlight ing this. first of alex plain the document article it what you're raising awareness about. >> yes of course so in short the documentary just highlights that first responders, residents and workers are still getting sick from the 9/11, 17 years later so i just want people to realize the serve a it of it. ed: you want to raise $25,000, so you're getting closer? >> getting there. ed: thanks to the generosity of fox & friends viewers, i'm active to the tunnel to towers charity. >> we do it every year. ed: and you do the run through the tunnel, because i wonder, but we hear about steven's story what do you want people to know about your father? >> well my father like most people was a responder, he was a fireman he went down there when he was called, but over the years, 9/11 has become known as
6:55 am
one day, but it's not one day. my father responded as did other people, but also people were told to go back to work and now they're all getting sick. ed: there's an aftermath. >> yes i want people to know about that. ed: does the documentary go through his life or many people? >> it goes through people that have passed away, people getting sick and people that are sick, and also the legal battles in washington. pete: our numbers show an over 9,000 have been diagnosed with 9/11-related cancer that number could be higher. what needs to be done? >> well what needs to be done, the vcf, is set to expire in 2020. the log of people working on it, john steele trying to get it extended but i would like to tell people to get registered with the world trade center health program and then enroll in the compensation fund. ed: so we always remember and can never forget the over 3,000 people who were killed on that day but you make a really important point about 9,000 you say who have died since then in the aftermath.
6:56 am
you came on it was very emotional when you came on this year. what do you want people to do now to help make sure we never forget your father and all those first respond epidemics and others who got sick after the fact? >> i just want people to know because that's half the battle. a lot of people outside of the 9/11 community in new york are unaware this is an issue. pete: so the documentary is called dust. you need to raise more money folks go to fox & to donate more. let's help bridgette get it across the finish line so many generous viewers out there we're grateful for that. thank you for your story and your father. thank you very much. ed: we'll be thinking about your family this thanksgiving and thank you for your fathers service. pete: more fox & friends just moments away don't go anywhere.
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jedediah: a little staten island , if you saw one brooklyn girl was a lot to handle my mom
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is coming tomorrow. pete: don't worry mom, it'll be fun. jedediah: she's amazing. pete: and it's sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, five days to thanksgiving. ed: that's counting it out like sesame street. rest that voice pete, we'll see you tomorrow. jedediah: see you tomorrow. neil: welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto you are looking live at the atlanta state capitol secretary of state brian kemp outlining his plans as the duly- recognized incoming governor of the state of georgia , after stacey abrams conceded the race yesterday. she did so doing a little bit of political kicking and screaming on that, saying that it wasn't a concession speech on her part. said there was a lot of states election and the governor-elect is no doubt addressing that right now. let's listen in. >> it will be a state that puts hard work at first no matter what their zip code or where they live. thank you and i look forward to taking your


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