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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 19, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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will the republicans follow through? the bigger question, equal justice and application of our laws. we will get into that. see if the mueller questions are answered and much more. thanks for being with us. always fair, balanced, not the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is in our nation's capital. >> laura: i have a question for you. when you make your turkey, do you stuff the bird ahead of time or do you just do the stove top deal on the stove? >> sean: no. no. personally i cook the turkey every thanksgiving. master belt has come out with a butterball turkey fryer. >> laura: we heard this. we heard this before. >> sean: you can take a 25-pound turkey and it's done in two hours. it's the best turkey. >> laura: what about stuffing? i got the turkey part. what about the stuffing?
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>> sean: you make the stuffing separately. >> laura: what do you put an ad? apples, giblets. >> sean: you want to spend the next hour going over the hannity family -- >> laura: i think people are more interested in this. they are sick of politics may want to talk about hannity's stuffing recipe. >> sean: turkey is dry but when you deep fry the turkey, it's the best thing you've ever eaten. >> laura: send me some fedex because i'm going to a buffet. >> sean: i will mail it. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. trump, the uniter in chief? my angle is going to explain how this could happen and how this could be the path forward for this president. have democrats completely abandon the white vote? we are going to bring you a debate over a new piece that sheds light on how the party has further embraced identity politics ahead of 2020. hollywood is calling for a
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boycott of the entire state of georgia. plus, new type of pants that solves an angel problem. these smells and bells are in a special monday night edition of "seen and unseen." time for the uniter in chief. that is two nights angle. over the weekend, president trump visited fire ravaged california accompanied by democratic governor jerry brown and governor-elect gavin newsom. the president was clearly moved by the extent of the devastatio devastation. >> nobody would've ever thought this could have happened. the federal government is behind you. we are all behind each other. i think we can say truly, jerry, right? gary and i have been speaking and gavin and i have gotten to know each other and were all going to work together and we will do a real job.
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this is very sad to see. as far as the lights are concerned, nobody knows quite yet. they are up to a certain number. we have a lot of people that are unaccounted for. i think we are all in the same path. >> laura: it was unexpected was how governor brown and governor-elect newsom responded to their day with the president. of course his personal interest in the tragedy. >> i appreciate the president being here and putting the focus on spotlight on probably the worst tragedy california has ever seen. >> there is no politics being played here. the expectation going forward the federal government is not going to just be here today with all of you but tomorrow and over the course of the next few years as we rebuild. >> laura: cynics are going to say it's a show because brown and newsom know that they are going to need the federal government's help to recover from the worst fires in the state's history but still, it was nice to see.
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in the last few weeks, notwithstanding some ill-advised tweets about adam schiff's name and retired navy admiral william mcraven, trump seems to be projecting a different dimension. understanding he has the democrat house that he has to contend with, might president trump be trying a new approach to governing? should he? with this change minds are grow support for his economic agenda? it's clearly working. but beyond all that, wouldn't it be good for the country? i get the sense may be you do to that americans have undoubtedly grown weary of how politics has infected so much of our daily lives. not that it's not important. obviously he is or i wouldn't be doing this every night. but it's not everything. and it shouldn't be a blood sport every single day. the president doesn't need to swing at every pitch. nor does he need to respond to every unfair criticism, no matter how vile it is. even from self absorbed media
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figures. this thursday is supposed to be a time when we all gather around the table to give thanks. not to get stuffing thrown at us by cousin helen or uncle joe who is in a white rage about the president's views on climate change or something. maybe, just may be that president has decided to modestly recalibrate his approach to his job and find places where both parties can agree. even as the critics persist. believe me, i am not saying he should change his goals on core issues like trade or immigration. he is doing great on both. but he could be changing how he pursues them. i think the president needs more happy, not more anxious voters going into 2020. a recent poll showed 64% of voters believe the media have divided the country while 56%, not insignificant, blame the
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president. it's not surprising that nearly two-thirds of americans blame the press, given how biased and how completely unbalanced most of them are and they have been towards this president since the beginning. >> president trump is ratcheting up his anti-immigration rhetoric using the white house podium to stoke fears. >> i don't know whether this president is anti-semite or not. i get asked that a lot. >> he goes on television and pronounces himself a nationalis nationalist. nationalist, that word has been used in many ways. it was used by the american nazi party. >> laura: the vitriol from the hard left in the media and yeah there is some overlap, is spewed even as president trump has attempted bipartisan outreach on issues such as immigration reform. remember the democrats rejected it last february. others might have responded to o the political stonewalling by the democrats with a "two -
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trump is undeterred, trying to find common ground, announcing his support of an issue democrats once heartily clamored for. criminal justice reform. >> americans from across the political spectrum can unite around prison reform legislation that will reduce crime while giving our fellow citizens a chance at redemption, so if something happens and they make a mistake, they get a second chance at life. >> laura: this got about as much coverage as his visit to california. not that much. not once an democrat attended the white house announcement which i found to be a disgrace. this political slight was not lost on senator cory booker's
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home paper. the star-ledger wrote "volker, who has made a huge issue about justice reform, should have gone to the white house and showed bipartisanship. democrats can engage with the white house and show independence at the same time." apparently not. the left's new strategy is to complete lead and i trump has accomplished anything positive and deny him any cooperation eve they agree. how sick is that? only a few fair-minded liberals like cnn's van jones who worked with the white house, including jared kushner, on this bill, actually celebrated the accomplishment. >> president trump said if this is going to make streets safer, a fair chance, some of these forgotten men and women, let's do something. i think you've got to give him some credit. i will give him a salute and
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applause. >> laura: for that statement of support, jones was lacerated. professor crystal marie fleming tweeted "give the white supremacist misogynist his due, van jones says." michael harriet saying no, van jones, i do not have to give the racist in chief his due. so much for common cause. by the way, for all you looking to the obama presidency to these rose-colored glasses today, this is what the country felt about the state of america six years into obama's presidency. 55% said obama had done more to divide then unite the country. well, now this is something the president at the time said he had to admit when he gave his final state of the union address. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency. that the rancor, the suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better.
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>> laura: are things today worse? maybe. folks from both parties, they could do better, including the president. including me, all of us, i guess. we should celebrate the president because he is trying to reach across the aisle. criminal justice reform is just one of the examples. just because haters on the left are going to ridicule him or belittle the president's efforts, it's no reason for the president to back off. his trip to california, prison reform, his work to lift the standard of living of minority communities, it's all positive signs. there are those who will work overtime to deflect and demean any efforts by this president to broaden his appeal. most importantly, to broaden the appeal of his policies that, again, are working. i say let the critics do what the critics are going to do. this will make them look petty and just pure partisan. reagan appealed to women and minorities by smiling through
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the storm. always keeping the focus on the lives of everyday americans. trump calls them the forgotten people. their families, their jobs, their neighborhoods, their fait faith. by taking the focus off himself and keeping it on the horizon of possibility, the president will unmask the real dividers and give voters more of what they are hungering for: unity through strength. and that's the angle. here now, matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union. candace owens, communications director for turning points usa. chris khan, former aide to senator chuck schumer. matt schlapp, let's start with you. i think the president has shown frankly often times enormous restraint, given how radical the left has become and how much they resist giving any credit or
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any pretense even of wanting to work with him on issues, even an issue as powerful as criminal justice reform. >> that's right in the american conservative union has been taking the lead on that important issue. it must be tough to be the president because money turn tn his television set at night, except for the show and a few other shows, and when he reads the paper the morning, 90% of it is an indictment and attack on everything he is and everything it stands for. you are right, i think he has to understand the american people loves his agenda. they want him to push hard. he would do the country a lot of good if his leadership could -- nancy pelosi or another democrat will be leading the democrats in the house. they are going to be the majority party. let's work on infrastructure. let's work on china as a national security photo and let's get criminal justice reform passed. it would show the country that on some matters, partisanship and what party you are in, it's not as important as getting
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something done to the country. >> laura: chris, in june, there was a piece i came across today from "the atlanta journal-constitution." a column written. here was the title: "why trump can never unite the u.s.." while the political divide between republicans and democrats has been going for many years, trumps entrance on the political stage has raised the intensity of the division to a level that would've been impossible to predict just a few short years ago. i've got to say, we had obamacare ran through without a single republican vote. seminal pieces of legislation had virtually no republican support. totally offended a seventh of our economy. that was pretty divisive stuff from obama, was it not? >> i don't think so. i think most americans understand that was the right thing, which is why they sent democrats to congress this year. i think that the president should do more to reach across the aisle.
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i met the president before he was president. i found him very engaging and very charming and i think if he engaged more intimate, like you say, swing and every pitch thrown at him, i think he could do better. i think he would do better as president. i think he could get more accomplished. this criminal justice reform measure, i will be one of the progressives who says it's a great thing. great for our country. >> laura: where were the democrats? the fact that cory booker, chris, i'm not ranting at you. it's just frustrating because i knew cory booker, candace, when he was the third way kind of democrat. he was a third wave democrat. interesting, innovative, moderate on a lot of issues. he could work with republicans. candace, he doesn't even show up for this. couldn't be bothered. candace. >> i mean, that's what we are seeing. i am under the impression that i believe very much that trump is a wartime president.
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he is like winston churchill, harry s. truman. people say he shouldn't attack. he shouldn't go on the offense so much but he showed because he's exposing to people that have in fact been at the helm of all this divisive rhetoric in this country. in many ways, i think history will favor the president. they will show the reasons he won his because he was serving a united message, a message that the politicians perhaps don't understand, that the swamp does not understand, perhaps the hollywood elite does not understand. but the american people understand exec and what he's doing and that's why we support him and that's why he is in the white house. >> laura: my view is that being tough is great, we all love it. tough, strong president. you don't have to ridicule adam schiff's name. there is plenty of you you cane issue with substantive. it's an unforced error. there's no reason to do that. i'm not going to harp on it but it detracts from all the
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progress, economic progress. the stuff he's doing that is good stuff. there's no reason for it. saying that we get in that mode and i have done it too. he's not advancing his own cause into the areas of the country, among women and minorities, in my view, on that. >> i think when it comes to the investigation that has gone on basically's entire presidency, i think the entire nation has had enough. it's interesting, laura, democrats didn't run 30-second ads on russian collusion or robert miller. we are done with it. when the president is the commander-in-chief, our leader and he goes to california and consoled people having devastation, everyone in america is rooting him on and when the president stands up for things that criminal justice reform, i think you going to get more americans to route him on. so much more bandwidth on issue issues. >> laura, democrats ran on
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health care. republicans ran the democrats are evil. i think candace had it right for the president is a wartime president. we are at war in afghanistan. he is not at war with people of the opposing party. we might sometimes disagree. the election is over and it's time for us now to try to move the country forward and find common ground. every good president that has faced a defeat like this president has in a midterm has moderated their positions, moved to the center, found common ground. >> laura: watch? whoa, whoa, whoa. obama lost seats. how did he moderate his positio position? i don't think obama moderated at all. i don't see an example of how he moderated. >> if he hadn't moderated, he wouldn't of gotten reelected. >> laura: i don't think so. >> that's ridiculous. >> laura: candace, last word. candace. >> i do believe he can unite and
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i believe we are at war. the war is ideological. we are up against cultural marxism in this country and that's what the president is fighting against. people like to say he should not be tweeting. that's why he won. he won because he understands and is harnessing the power of social media in the same way that fdr harnessed the power of the radio. in the same way that jfk harnessed the power of tv. he understands what he's doing. i think that's the reason he's going to win again in 2020. >> laura: thank you. you've got to expand the vase, keep expanding and focus on the american people. that's my old boss and that's what he did and i'm sticking to it. the president was touring the neighborhoods of california with democratic leaders, the far left was engaged in violent protest just north of him in portland, oregon. take a look at these shocking videos from this past weekend. >> don't touch me. don't touch me. >> get out of my walkway. i am trying to walk. >> go ahead.
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>> how about you get the [bleep] out of here. >> you are an anti-islamic fascist. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> laura: the man who shot those wild scenes will join us next.
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>> second avenue is closed. get back to any other place that is not closed. >> laura: the man who shot those wild scenes, andy ngo joins us to tell us what he saw.
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andy, these folks have began to target you for just filming this in portland. you have this men too protest and some antifa fools showed up. >> hundreds of people affiliated with antifa and other far left movements descended on downtown portland, protesting events meant to bring attention to men who have been falsely accused of sex crimes. for your viewers who might be wondering why events like that would've gone to such a vicious backlash in portland, to set the context, portland is a progressive monoculture here. the resistance is mainstream. the so-called resistance is mainstream. so used as a rallying cry and people actually think that they are in a cosmic battle with so-called fascists. >> laura: andy, andy, they are
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most -- andy, andy, andy. they don't tolerate any dissent. i think you're being there filming this, you are the resistance. you are resisting, as you called it, the monoculture in portland, oregon, and when they were descending upon you, did the police stepped into the kind of separate people? were you there by yourself? >> antifa, media and broadcast media. they have done lemon on cnn. here they have the local left-wing press. i've dedicated two years on shining a light on their ideologies. when they saw me, they encircled me. they tried to intimidate me. they pushed me around then when they saw i wasn't having any of it, they eventually sprayed me and my camera equipment with silly string. dozens and dozens of police
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officers were around me and they didn't do anything because the policy in place. they are not allowed to escalate the situation. that type of policy is my last month you saw the viral footage coming out of portland of people commandeering our streets and assaulting people basically with impunity. >> laura: of course they are. what is it about portland that is so wild now? there's no real resistance except for a pocket of people. why portland? >> it's important to say it's an ideological monoculture. people here have little to no experience interfacing with conservatives. when they hear that somebody who was putting on the event and that person happens to be pro donald trump, in their ears and their eyes, they are hearing it's a fascist event. coming out with weapons, bottles of urines, ready to fights
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because they think they are in a cosmic battle on the streets. >> laura: they are up against hitler, stalin, pol pot, the kkk all wrapped into one and one moment it is trump. the next moment it is you for filming it. it's craziness. it's got to stop. andy, stay safe out there. thank you for joining us tonight and i want to return to the democrats new plan for 2020. abandon and demonize half the country. an illuminating piece in "politico" today points out how identity politics have come to dominate the party's new power structure, writing "whites and nonwhite democratic hopefuls are shrugging off warnings that embracing so-called identity politics could distract from the parties economic message and push white voters further into donald trump's arms. quickly joining us now, dr. carol swain, former professor of political science at vanderbilt university law school and civil rights attorney leo terrel. let's start with you. is this a direction that you
7:27 pm
want to see your party go? >> i want to see it go like you've been trying to tell mr. president trump throughout the entire program. trump place identity politics. he has sent out coded messages and democrats welcome his identity politics and they are intersecting race, identity and social issues such as criminal justice. they are challenging whites to join up because trump has alienated every face in the country. i've been watching your show. you see it. you have been trying to send trump a message. he plays identity politics and the democrats are seizing on it. orange county, also known as reagan country, is now all blue. orange county, california, . >> laura: i am aware that it turned all blue. there are a lot of reasons for that. democrats also lost the south
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over a period of time. that had to be slowly, slowly worked on by the democratic party. politics is not a zero-sum game. it changes over time, leo. you know that as well as i do. carol, you've been very vocal especially on social media discussing why you think african-americans need to maybe in some cases look a second time at donald trump because of what he's done just on the issue of the economy, black people, helping minorities have a better standard of living. >> yes, i am an enthusiastic supporter of president trump. we already see movement of blacks, especially black men supporting the president. as far as identity politics, the political left has been playing that for the last two decades on
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university campuses and they have taken it to the electorate. i think it polarizes. it's tribalism. it doesn't serve the interests of americans. it's not donald trump. it's the political left, and they are destroying america in the process. >> laura: leo, leo, leo i want you to respond. hold on. i want you to respond to carol. she was referencing what's happening on college campuses, whether it is berkeley, what's happening at some of the ivy league schools. people are literally afraid to speak out. they are afraid, if they are conservative on a college campus, maybe you are a christian conservative. some evangelical kid, you are afraid to say anything. you are afraid to speak. that can't be literal. >> laura, i saw the same numbers you saw in the midterms. white college students voted democrat. white males with college degrees and females they voted democrat.
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>> because they have been shamed and intimidated. >> come on. they are not ashamed. you are saying white college people are being brainwashed on national tv. you don't believe that. >> laura: leo, wanted both hillary clinton and we have a segment coming up where we are going to talk about a christian power set about white women, that they are too stupid or too naive and the fact that they voted for trump, they must be racist. i mean, who is playing identity politics? saying that a black person can't support from, your self-loathing. or a white woman can't support trump. you are racist. you're saying donald trump is the problem? you've got to be kidding. >> what i am saying, laura ingraham laura ingraham. >> laura: you can just call me laura. there's no other laura onset. >> okay, laura, pal, friend, in
7:31 pm
2018, they left trump. you are talking about moving towards drum, when he does criminal justice reform. >> blacks are waking up to the fact. the party has used them as pawns. >> that same monolithic analyses. criminal justice reform, i will vote for trump. >> laura: all right, . >> actavis like you are helping destroy america. >> laura: one of you was going to have to stop talking. let me say, leo, i'm going to take you out to dinner. when you come to d.c., i am taking you out to dinner. we are all going to have a meal
7:32 pm
together. leo, you will vote for trump. i'm telling you he is going to get this criminal justice reform. i believe he's going to get it passed and he will get get some democrats. >> i am recording this program. >> laura: all right, good. great to have you on. you are wonderful guests. coming up, a special monday night edition of "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo. up next. don't go away. it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today.
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>> laura: it is time for a special monday edition of "seen and unseen" where we talk about the big cultural stories of the day. ben carson's name may be coming off a school in detroit. hollywood is calling for a boycott of georgia and some new jeans could make thanksgiving more pleasant. for all the details, we are joined by raymond arroyo.
7:35 pm
raymond, why is detroit planning to remove ben carson's name from a local school? what? >> of all the people, nice ben carson, the neurosurgeon, now hud secretary, the the detroit education board voted 61 to remove his name from a school that's been on since 2011. it's the ben carson high school of science and medicine. you would think that would be okay. well, they feel the people of detroit are out of sync with the trump administration and therefore ben carson must go. all the cabinet members, who could be more mild and inspirational than ben carson? here is a little bit of his talk about the mind and the importance of initiative. >> the human brain, if you have an average brain, you are capable of almost anything. because of the complexity of our brains. billions and billions of neurons, hundreds of billions of interconnections. with something like that sitting
7:36 pm
up here, why would you ever alter the words "i can't." >> he is a detroit native, laura. a man who came up from poverty. he became head of pediatric neurology at johns hopkins. he separated siamese twins. why wouldn't you leave his name? you know what it shows. political assassins willing to take a strike people's memory, names, images because they disagree political. the other day it was robert e. lee. today not even ben carson is safe. i don't like this idea of targeting political opponents this way. >> laura: ben carson [laughs] we haven't seen much of ben carson. i want to see more of ben carson. where is he by the way? i like him but i don't see enough of him. raymond, before stacey abrams defeat in the georgia governor's race, frank rich tweeted "if kemp wins georgia, hollywood should put its money where its mouth is and pull all production
7:37 pm
out of the state." i thought frank rich was such a great reviewer. such a great writer but this is so sad to me. this is getting completely out of hand. what's going on? >> they started a bandwagon effect. now a lot of hollywood stars. alyssa milano m and others. alyssa milano tweeted "there are 20 productions shooting in georgia. is the entertainment industry willing to defer the economy of a totally corrupt state that suppresses democracy?" where the winner isn't the best choice for the people but the best schemer or creek?" imagine if the people of the united states look to california and said this is a corrupt state. these people disagree with me. therefore we shouldn't help them in the wake of these fires. it's an outrage. you have to give diversity and allow states to vote their own way. unlike their own representatives. >> laura: this whole show
7:38 pm
tonight. we didn't even plan it this way but the show is just revealing what the left is doing to shut down diversity of thought and it has to be resisted we are going to live in a free society. raymond, tell me about these new british, can we call them dungarees? is that allowed? dungarees. >> this is a u.k. company and they are releasing something called the flatulence filtering jeans. they have a charcoal lining. they erase the aroma that comes when one passes gas. according this company, a healthy person passes gas 14 times a day. i bet during things giving that's multiplied by 12. imagine the health advantages. i have to read the instructions. this is the instruction. sit or stand with your legs together and let your wind out
7:39 pm
slowly. that's the way these jeans works best. these are going to sell a lot better than salon dion's demonic children's apparel. >> laura: my kids can watch a segment on my show and laugh. great to see you. full story on the caravan you are not hearing of course. a dual mexican-american citizen down in tijuana and a border agent who just met with president trump today join us next. stay right there.
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>> the caravan was a complete ruse, joe, about fear and loathing. >> stupid caravan conspiracy. >> the solution to the caravan, it was apparently just getting past the midterm elections. >> laura: we have long said it's easy to want to welcome everyone into this country from your tv studios in manhattan. that's a far different reality when they are now living among you. just ask the people of tijuana. >> joining us now is a dual mexican-american citizen documenting what's been going on in tijuana. and the vice president of the border patrol unit and who met the president today.
7:43 pm
tell us a little bit of what you have seen just over the past few days. >> i have seen mexico being serious, furious at this caravan invading. they are calling it an invasion of mexico, an invasion of tijuana. people are out on the streets demanding, begging our government to send these people back to their countries. because we should take care of our mexican people before we take care of anybody else. which is a very similar sentiment as the americans are having. >> laura: are you scared that you are going to be called a racist yourself as a dual mexican-american citizen for basically wanting mexico to have its own sovereign space? >> i already get called a racist. >> laura: that's great. wow. [laughs] all all right, this affects the
7:44 pm
border patrol once they cross into the country. the story today that there is spillover coming to yuma in arizona. last time i saw you in arizona. you talked to the president today. what did he say? >> it was a great meeting talking to him. what's truly great is we have a president that cares. we just do. it was refreshing to talk to him. he understand what's going on. look what he did down there to the fence in san diego. he put the concertina wire. i know people are criticizing. >> laura: they are ridiculing the wire. they are saying it is chicken wire. we need a wall. >> whoever thinks it's chicken wire, they are welcome to go rub their hand on the wire. he did a great thing. we are happy for it. finally people are noticing. watching the people in mexico, they are understanding the frustrations we have had. >> laura: the media have told us on this is why trump calls them the fake news, that's fake news to say it wasn't a problem,
7:45 pm
paloma. they are saying it's not going to be here for another month or maybe christmas. they wanted this to be a massive crush of humanity and our border because they thought trump was going to back off and let them all just rush the border. today they shut the border down at one crossing which was really gutsy of the president to do. he made the call. it was the right call, probably save lives. paloma, i want to say for our -r audience and interview you did with an individual. let's watch. >> 95% of all the residents of tijuana are very concerned. they are very afraid of what could happen. control of the crowd. tijuana people are scared. i can tell you people are against the caravan. even at a larger rate then in
7:46 pm
california. >> laura: dhs today said 500 criminals at least are embedded in this caravan. i don't know how they came up with that number. we will look into that. but it doesn't surprise me. mostly working age men or late teenagers, not overwhelmingly women and children, as again the fake news would have us believe. >> it's definitely not just women and children. there are men coming in. we don't know who they are. they have no ids. they claim they left everything behind. they invaded mexico without ids. tijuana people are terrified. i know that tijuana's future will forever change if this caravan happens to stay in our city. we have worked so hard to make the city safe and clean. we have a very american mentality in tijuana. i've been in tijuana since 2008 and i can tell you tijuana will
7:47 pm
never be the same again until these people leave and they are definitely not -- >> laura: they are going to have to deport them. mexico is going to have to deport them. i've been hearing there's unprecedented -- it's kind of quiet for political reasons -- cooperation with mexican authorities, the new administration. holding the tide of humanity back. >> that would be something i wouldn't be involved in obviously. it would be operational. but i can tell you it's going to take a lot more than just the president. we are going to need congress to get on board. >> laura: they are putting the word "lame" into lame duck. really lame if they don't give the funding for the wall and paloma it would help the people in tijuana and the safety of the people in the caravan. >> we had a meeting with the president earlier today.
7:48 pm
i think it was a very good meeting. i think we have a president was on board. we need to get everything else on board. >> laura: paul ryan, do the right thing before you leave this town and actually do something to help this country when it comes to this immigration crush. it's outrageous that this has not been solved by the republicans who have the house and senate ended literally almost nothing on this huge asylum problem. it's a major problem and the media were lying when they said it wasn't a problem. >> we need leadership to get on board. >> laura: kirstjen nielsen is a nice person but where the heck is she? you need to get tom homan and they there although i would miss him on the show. we've got to go. listen up, women. cnn commentator says you are racist if you support the president. oh, that is nifty. monica crowley and richelle ritchie take on that debate.
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
>> it is one thing to be intolerant and have your own views and sam not interested in what other people think. i think it's a problem and it's bad but it's an extra step to say people cannot say or express things that you disagree with. that's what this book is about. not only did they not want to hear it. they don't want anyone else to hear it. >> laura: that was kirsten powers. she felt very strongly about it at the time. she wrote it in the book title. how things have changed. three years. now kirsten powers is doing her own silencing and berating white women who voted for trump. >> they will say i'm not racist. i voted for him because i didn't like hillary clinton.
7:53 pm
i just want to say that that's -- that doesn't make you not racist. it actually makes you racist. >> laura: okay, you follow that logic? we didn't get to the patriarchy part. joining me, monica crowley. and michelle ritchie. kiersten isn't the only pundit making this claim. she might be the most surprising given some of her past work. your thoughts. >> i have known kirsten for years and i like and respect her very much. but i'm incredibly disappointed in her remarks here. she seems to have dutifully submitted to cnn and it's insane dishonest agenda. there are two things that are ludicrous. her remarks about if you voted for donald trump, particularly if you are a white woman, that somehow makes you a racist. the first is it's the presumption donald trump himself is a racist which clearly he is not. that it's all part of this massive defamation effort launched against this president
7:54 pm
from day one. only fools believe that. the second part is if you voted for him, you are a racist. by that logic, larra, if you voted for mrs. clinton, you are a liar. if you voted for donald trump, you are a racist. it's patently absurd. doesn't follow any logic whatsoever. i'm very disappointed. >> laura: i am beyond disappointed because what she is doing is generalizing and stereotyping, which is what the left says conservatives routinely do. i think you can be a woman and be liberal, conservative, black conservative, white liberal. it's about what you believe. michelle, i want to go to you on this. to say that women who voted for trump are racist.
7:55 pm
she also said they are oppressed. because they are part of a patriarchy. then she said they would benefit from the patriarchy. we don't have time to play that part. that didn't even make sense to me. they are oppressed but they benefit from it. which is it? >> i'm not going to sit here and say all white women that voted for trump are racist. i don't believe that, so that's not going to come out of my mouth. but i will say those women who voted for trump where he's been accused of racism, i think they don't care if he is because it does not impact their everyday lives. taking race out of it, not talking about white women but talking about women in general that voted for trump, it surprises me not because of their race, it surprises me because of the misogynistic comments that have come from trump and yet he has still been able to have some sort of support from white women or women in general. that's the big thing to me. i'm not really sure why kirsten made these comments because quite frankly this is a system she has benefited from as a white woman. >> laura: liberals didn't care about any of this after bill clinton, right?
7:56 pm
he became a global brand after being impeached. just watch the a any special on the clintons. it was like a flashback for all of us covering it at the time. that wasn't a concern fact and that women can't support bill clinton because look what he did. women disagree and they disagree on the issues. monica, close it out. >> feminism was supposed to be about women having the ability to do what they wanted and think the way they wanted. i voted for donald trump. i am not a racist. i voted for trump because of economic issues, trade, exiting the iran deal, renegotiating nafta and so on. a pro-israel stance. that's why i voted for him. >> laura: think so much. one of we will have a longer segment next time. the craziest high school football finish. the last bite next.
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
>> laura: it's time for the last bite. this might have been the craziest high school football game of all time in washington, d.c. last night, gonzaga and another school facing off for the crown. gonzaga was down early on and fought all the way back to take the lead with 30 seconds left. so it was over, right? a touchdown with 15 seconds left. watch what happens.
8:00 pm
>> the ball is in the air and it's going to get there. did somebody catch it? touchdown gonzaga! a last-second touchdown pass. >> laura: the good kids are saying the hour father in the stands. i like that video. they needed to do the hail mary. congrats to the purple eagles. that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: i love a last-minute football finish. that's fantastic. laura, thank you so much. we begin with the fox news alert. the department of homeland security ups the number of criminals it says are traveling within the migrant caravan. thousands are now at a san diego border crossing. thousands more expected within days. we are going to take you there. just as the midterm elections come to a close, the 2020


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