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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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my number one "new york times" best seller, "liars, leakers, and liberals: the case against the new drum conspiracy." i will be back your hosting on friday night. have a great day tomorrow. happy thanksgiving. lisa boothe is in next for laur laura. ♪ >> lisa: think you, laura. i'm lisa boothe in for laura ingraham. this is a special thanksgiving eve edition of "ingraham angle." coming up, politics is not taking a break for the holidays. republicans going up to the clinton foundation before they lose control of the house. u.s. troops are spending things giving protecting our border from reports of a human stampede by caravan migrants. details coming up. shocking new videos reveal what college students really think about thanksgiving. spoiler alert: they say it's racist. plus raymond arroyo and laura breakdown thanksgiving dos and don'ts. they also talk to a real live turkey expert.
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but first, a subcommittee chairman of the powerful house oversight committee telling fox news there may be no evidence that the clinton foundation is engaged in illegal activity. congressman mark meadows setting a decembers have it on my fifth hearing on the hill to see where they stand for the play to play allegations and say there may be some whistle-blowers willing to testify as well. fox treatment allergens reporter catherine herridge is here and has the story. >> tonight house republicans are trying to finish up their investigative work before they lose control of house committees, including the clinton center controversial charity. >> why don't you give back the money? i think it would be a great gesture. >> on the campaign trail, candidate trump had harsh words for the cleanser. foundation. >> it's a criminal enterprise, saudi arabia giving $25 million, qatar, all of these countries. >> writing to congress last burn, then attorney general jeff
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suppressions tapped john hebert to probe the foundation, which took tens of million dollars from foreign interests while clinton was secretary of state under president obama. the foundation set up by clinton and her husband has consistentl, house republicans are now calling for john huber to testify about his findings. in a phone interview, congressman mark meadows said the hearing will be public. >> under fifth, the subcommittee on government operations will be holding a hearing where we will request mr. john huber or his designee to testify along with a couple of whistle-blowers based on previous conversations with the department of justice weeks ago. they indicated that mr. huber was making progress. >> meadows, chairman of the freedom caucus, said congressional investigators also had new records about the foundation's work. >> there is a question of impropriety as it relates to the content foundation, whether it is quid pro quo, whether it is improper use or of charitable
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giving. >> along with the foundation, huber is investigating allegations of surveilling foreign abuses, carter page, the justice department inspector general is also investigating alleged surveillance abuses, as well as media leaks by the doj and fbi to include former fbi director james comey and has memos about his meetings with the president. fox news reached out to the u.s. attorney's office in utah and the clinton foundation but there was no immediate response. with less than six weeks before the democratic over the house, the huber the huber testimony may be the last chance for republicans to get foundation evidence into the congressional record. lisa? >> lisa: thank you, catherine. joining me now, corey lewandowski, trump's 2016 campaign manager and coauthor of the new book, "trump i'm a" out next tuesday. and former senior advisor to the hillary clinton campaign and the ceo of blue of blueprint strategy. thank you both for being with me tonight.
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>> hello, lisa. >> lisa: i want to start with you, antoine. if there is potentially new information, it is the oversight committee's job to investigate. why wouldn't they look into those? lisa, this is a prime example why the republicans lost control of the congress, just a few weeks ago. they have investigated themselves into the minority. here we are once again wasting taxpayers dollars on something that does not exist. they spent so much time focusing on hillary clinton that they have not spent time putting forth a policy agenda that would move this country forward and the voters responded the way they did on tuesday night. >> lisa: cory, what do you make it would antoine drozd said? >> it's the truth! >> is in at the oversight committee's job to conduct oversight? >> of course, laura. if new information is available, mark meadows and his committee have an obligation to the american taxpayers and positive you to do their job, to investigate whatever that may
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lead. we all know the clinton foundation was not on the up and up. my only disappointment was of the congress has taken this long to continue the investigation, that it wasn't done for the justice department prior to now. there is no way that the individuals or those countries who from overseas that gave tens of million dollars to access to the clinton foundation, whether as secretary of state or after, doing so out of their good well. what you have seen now, the growth of foundation is not receiving those types of donations anymore. clearly, it was a pay to play scam and now there should be a much larger investigation to bring it to light because the clintons have always operated, it's one set of rules for them, them, -- >> lisa: i want to ask you that. i want to follow up on what's bho said. if we have seen a drop off on donations, if donations weren't meant to give access to hillary clinton, why the drop off? >> maybe people have moved on,
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and maybe the clintons have moved on. corey just swallow the biggest bull of hypocrisy ever seen. here we have the republican majority in the president trying to strike fear in the american people about investigations, after investigations, if the democratic over the congress, and now you are sitting here tonight, corey. it's okay, congress has a responsibility to investigate. which when i said? you can't have your cake and eat it, too, my friend. this is the last straw by the republicans to drive a wedge into the real issues in this country and separate democrats from republicans and that is where this is all about. >> lisa: antjuan, i'm pretty sure -- >> congress has an obligation to investigate and they should investigate clinton and james comey and andrew mccabe -- >> lisa: hold on, antjuan. >> let's go into the emails! >> lisa: antjuan, hold on! >> ivanka trump did not bleach but 33,000 emails on a private server or have classified emails on her own server and
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say, whoops, i didn't know that as a secretary of state or former u.s. senator that i can to score classified information on my private server. she never did that. let's investigate hillary clinton for putting on classified information onto huma abedin's server, of which her ex-husband had access to, the fbi knew about it, and did not prosecute any of them, but actually gave them leniency because they claimed they had attorney-client privilege, cheryl miles, huma abedin, and hillary clinton. >> lisa: antjuan, because none of this concern you? one of the things that we know that the doj's looking into, potential pay to play. "the associated press" recorded about clinton donors getting access to hillary clinton's with meetings. you know, a prince went to to e clinton foundation to try to get access to hillary clinton. when he couldn't get to her via the state department. you look at things like the international business times reporting that arms sales increased to going to foundation donors. how does none of this concern
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you? >> lisa, what do you and corey and i both know, all three of us now, is that if there was a wrongdoing by the clintons, it would have been headlined, front and center, all the way through every news outlet -- >> lisa: for the doj is looking into it. >> the investigation would have been the top front and center of his network and every other right-wing network you can imagine. you and i both know that. there is no there there. i think we are going to find this out. this is the last straw by the republicans will make their way through the majority and they try to raise an issue where there is no issue. >> lisa: corey, we don't know that he had, do we? the doj is looking into this. we -- >> they would have settled it by now. >> lisa: they are looking into it, antjuan. corey? >> we don't know at the bottom line is but we do know that the inspector general is still looking at the crooked members of the fbi, whether that is james comey or mccabe -- >> here we go. [laughs] >> that's a fact. the ig is looking into those people. the deputy director of the fbi has been referred to a criminal
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referral for lying under oath on three separate occasions. we know there is a part of the clinton team, bruce ohr and nellie ohr, part of fusion gps, all tied to the clinton cabal, and we are going to find out once and for all what they did to try to subvert the will of the american people and if they were involved in any way, shape, or form, falsifying a fisa application just by american citizens because of if donald trump wasn't elected, we would not know any of those things. >> corey, bless your heart. you've done a good job of repeating -- >> lisa: antjuan, -- >> you've done a good job of repeating talking points but you know and i know that is a different type of reality. that is fiction, not fact. >> lisa: all right, we are going to end -- >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. >> lisa: happy thanksgiving, gentlemen. i appreciate you joining me tonight. we are also learning more tonight about what special counsel robert mueller asked in that list of questions to president trump on what they could indicate about the status
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of the rapture investigation. kevin corke us with the president tonight in palm beach with the story. kevin corke kevin? >> now we wait. that that is the white house is feeling as they await the special counsel's next move and the ongoing russia probe, hoping obviously that sooner than later, this will all come to a head. as you know, the president submitted answers to a number of questions issued by the mueller team yesterday. among them, we have learned according to axios, questions about his knowledge of the infamous trump tower meeting involving donald trump jr. a classic what did he know and when did he know what scenario that obviously can trip you up. you have to play that went straight down the middle. there was also at least one question, by the way, we are told, lisa, but russian hacking. after the president made -- we'll just call it a quip about getting the russians to look for secretary hillary clinton's missing emails during the campaign. also, we have learned that
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white house canceled donald mcgahn implored the president do not pressure the department of justice to investigate secretary clinton and james comey because it might be seen as obstructing justice during the ongoing russia probe, which the president says quite forcefully he did not do, nor did he collude with the kremlin about which rudy giuliani told axios, i don't think they -- speaking of the mueller team -- of any evidence of collusion at any time. i think their obstruction case, as a legal matter, doesn't his goodness. clearly, a very strong opinion and a very strong argument made by the former mayor of new york city, but clearly his opinion, lisa, is not the one that matters the most. that distinction belongs, of course, to the special counsel himself, robert mueller. lisa? >> lisa: thank you, kevin. joining me right now, wisconsin republican and former prosecutor for the doj.
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jim, i will start with you. do you believe that the questions are a win for president trump and show there is not a serious threat with the president? why do you say that? >> i've been involved in criminal prosecution or criminal defense for a long time and if your client is told that i have a take-home exam, that is a great moment for you to ask any college kid, would you rather have a take-home exam or the one of the class, they will usually want to take home. this is one where you can cuddle up with the lawyers, come up with answers, not worry too much about her. i can't imagine anyone we'll let that piece of paper go back to mueller with any sort of glaring confessions on it. basically be done, being the gun, no follow up pretty simple test. >> lisa: congressman, let's talk about that. what do you make of these mueller questions. apparently the two main focuses that kevin laid out are the dnc hacking as well as the trump tower meeting. do you see any legal liability for president trump with those?
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>> the president has been clear he has not colluded with russia. i always had, president trump had a hard enough time colluded with the republican party, let alone russia. i wonder why we are going through an investigation right now on donald trump with russia -- you and i both know this, lisa, and the viewers know this -- this investigation started on the dirty hillary goodson dossier where she colluded through fusion gps with none other than russians that started this whole investigation. i think donald trump ran a great campaign. he campaigned in places like wisconsin or pennsylvania and won them. the remnants of the dirty dossier in the hillary clinton campaign are coming by way of the mueller investigation. donald trump is not going to set himself a perjury trap and is going to answer the questions truthfully in regards to the questions that were submitted to them by the mueller team. >> lisa: jim, speaking of hillary clinton, so michael flynn's sentencing is coming up in prayer. use the inconsistencies in the way that michael flynn has been treated and the way that the
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hillary clinton team work? >> it's broader than flynn. if you remember from the inspector general report and some of the information that came out about the hillary clinton probe, it became very clear that james comey was overtly describing this investigation as one where they were not going to use false statement charges against any of the potential witnesses or targets. they scored off and said, and front of a number of fbi personnel, he made the comment about, we won't waste our time with these low-hanging fruit prosecutions for false statements. what has happened in the trump investigation is the polar opposite of that. i find that really kind of intriguing, like, who makes these decisions about how to enforce 1,001, the false statement statute? the trump investigation, there has been false statement prosecutions left and right. it seems to be the point of the realm. so the inconsistencies in the approach is one that i think that has to get some scrutiny from semi. >> lisa: what does that tell you by the mueller investigation? >> it tells me the mueller investigation is taking the trump aspect incredibly seriously, that they would use
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every tool at their disposal to try to get out of the bottom line. the abstract, there's nothing wrong with that concept of really investigating hard and using your legal tools but the comparison is one where i think people can have fair questions. >> lisa: congressman, rudy giuliani laid out all the information that they have given to the me too. something like 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of documents. also submitting these written questions. there's been talk about tying a mueller protection built with a spending bill. this is get rid of the idea that president trump has been a full participant in this? >> first of all, i don't think that is going to be necessary because as republicans, we understand that president trump did and actually collude with russia, he's innocent of the allegations that hillary clinton has made against him. if you impede this be 21 investigation, there will be a d over the investigation, it will effect in 2020 prospects. you want them to be exonerated. he's got to let the investigation roll forward.
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to james' point, lisa, if you look at prosecutors, the doj, they have partisan positions. they are not unbiased individuals. everyone has a view on donald trump. their position on hillary clinton was, we don't really want to investigate her. we favor her over donald trump. you take the donald trump investigation and they are putting the screws to him, not just to find out what role russia had in the american election, but they are trying to prosecute donald trump himself, which is a far cry from the original charge that the mueller investigation had, what did russia do, what interest is attached, and who do they partner with? this is an attack group that will try to take on the president had on do the will of the american people from the 2016 election. >> lisa: is the scope to beg for robert mueller? >> i don't totally accept what was just said. there's a lot of room for questions about how these investigations got handled, agent peter strzok's role, some communications were devastating in terms of being politically oriented. at the end of the day, i don't have a complete loss of faith in
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mueller, in terms of his integrity. i think he's her investigation has been monitored closely by rod rosenstein. i think is an honorable guy. at this point, we have to wait for the finish line to see what comes out before we announce it's an attack dog. >> hold on. i think it's important to note is if you want to have a fair and impartial investigation, you shouldn't build a team of hillary clinton and dnc donors. there's a lot of investigators, prosecutors who don't give money to republican's are democrats. mr. mueller put a team together of left-wingers who have given money to democrats, there is no doubt an air of partisanship in this investigation, where mueller could have taken a different track where there is great prosecutors, great investigators, who don't give any money to either party and if he had done that, we would have far more faith in the investigation. some say mueller is a republican, the heir of this seems to be left-leaning and anti-trump. >> lisa: real quick, is this winding down anytime soon, the mueller investigation? >> i think so. i think the whole situation with
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the president feels a little bit like checking a box, let's get this information, get them committed, not cross-examine him, move on. never change their status as a subject rather than a target. the fact that they are going to sentencing on a couple of weeks on flynn tells me they are basically done with any cop drama cooperation from mma bloods they let some people attract out of the tea party that to some thing where we are finally at an end game. >> lisa: a lot of people have their fingers crossed. [laughs] think you both so much for joining me tonight and happy thanksgiving. up next, if they did it in guatemala and now we are hearind caravans may be planning to stampede our southern border. thanks to the ninth circuit court, they will get asylum if they make it. that hard to debate coming up after the break. stay with us.
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♪ >> lisa: welcome back. well, many of us are spending thing sitting with our families, nearly 6,000 members of our arme meeting the migrant caravan down at the u.s.-mexico border. this, as we learn new dangerous details about a report that human stampede. fox's kristin fisher is here with all the latest. kristin, what is going on? what do we need to know? lisa, defense secretary jim mattis says the white house has just given explicit authority to use military troops to protect customer and border protection with force, legal for this if necessary. they won't have firearms, only batons and cashiers a direct quote of how they explained it. if someone is bidding on a border patrol men and if we were in a position to do something about it, we could stop them from beating on them and taking him over and deliver him to a patrolman who with them arrest him for it." secretary mattis is going to
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great lengths to say that the u.s. military still does not have arrest authority, nor are they doing any law enforcement. so far the missions have been 6,000 active-duty troops, mainly been putting up barbed wire and other barriers along the border and to transport border patrol personnel sizes caravan of migrants continues to head north. the founder of the aid group angels without borders is telling the telemundo station in san diego that he believes thousands could try to make the jump off the border and a councilman and tijuana told telemundo that would be an immediate provocation to the united states. meanwhile president trump is continuing to claim that "there are a lot of criminals in the caravan, we will stop, catch, and detained," judicial activism by people that are nothing about the safety of our citizen is putting our country in danger, no good." as of now, more than 3,000 migrants have reached to the border city of tijuana and mexico. >> lisa: thank you, i appreciate it. joining me now with reaction,
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and culture, conservative commentator and author of "resistance is futile. also, allen orr, immigration and civil rights attorney. i want to start with you. what recourse does the trump administration have in dealing with the migrants that are illegally crossing the border while trying to seek asylum? >> well, i think may be having firearms would be helpful. that was hilarious. what? they are british cops, they don't have guns? do their troops on they have firearms? this is a little more important in protecting south korea, as important as that is. it's our country. there are a lot of things trump could do if he has to, if he's not going to build a wall, which apparently he isn't. he could go a few yards into mexico, have an emergency military action there. but i don't think it's going to help with billy clubs. [laughs] >> lisa: allen -- so secretary christy nielsen said yesterday
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that there are 500 criminal -- in the mix of the migrants as well as gang members. i want to play some sound for you, former i.c.e. director tom homan and get your thoughts on it. take a listen. >> i was called a fear mongerrer. fortunately i was right. we will talk about more caravans entering illegally, putting their hands in criminal organizations, bankrolling drug cartels who control the corridor was heading to the border. these people are put at risk. women will be raped, people will die, children all drown, people will be misused, as we have seen over and over, how many people have died at the heads of these criminals. >> lisa: allen, to mr. tom homan's board, as well as with secretary nielsen laid out, aren't they are real national security concerns and defense concerns at this on the border right now? >> i don't think there are any more concerns than any other border. every day, hundreds of thousands of individuals of white edge of this country. specifically at the tijuana
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port, at least 100,000 individuals apply every day. an extra 2,004,000 united stater entry, should not be a problem for the united states. therefore, this whole thing is basically theater, political theater -- >> lisa: how so? >> the caravan has been coming for years. ann has had that. this is the first time i have deployed actually -- the national guard and the troops of the border, -- >> lisa: not the first president to send troops to the border. president obama did that, president george w. bush, president h.w. bush, certainly not the first president to do that. >> not to send to the border at this level and this number and of this magnitude to address individuals who are coming here and which i don't even call them a caravan, i called them survivors because they are fleeing for their lives. to me people who are fleeing for their lives with guns instead welcoming them and using the american laws that we've agreed on from congress to let them to apply for asylum, that is not very american. >> lisa: is not just president trump and republicans who have concerns about is going on.
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we have the tijuana mayor wearing a hat saying, "make tijuana made don't migrate again, mexican protesters saying this is our country , what you make of what allen just said? >> that is the proof positive that they are not fleeing for their lives, which is why, for asylum, you either have to apply in your home country or you apply in the first country you come to. all the mexican protesters -- by the way, i guess it's fun needling the mexicans for being hypocrites on illegal immigration, but i really care what mexico's policy is. this is our country. our policy should be what donald trump ran on. we are trying to run the country here. it isn't an international lounge at jfk. you have to apply either in the country you are in or the first country you come to brights because that is factually not correct. please stop saying that.
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>> lisa: allen, why aren't these migrants doing at the right way? why aren't they going to parts of authority? why do you see some of them breaking the law and illegally crossing the border if they truly have a credible fear threshold that is being met, why don't they do with the right way? >> let's correct the record. you can't apply for asylum in your home country. it does not work that way. there is a rule that you can apply to their first country, which we mexico -- >> lisa: they are illegally crossing the border. >> in mexico, over the course of the last couple of the month, they have accepted more immigrants than the last couple of months. more than the united states has. so all those things combined, people fleeing for their lives, coming thousands of miles, they don't over the port of entry is. if you've never been to a city before, you don't know where the port is. prayed continually, come of this administration has made it hard for individuals who do appear at the port. as you've seen on tuesday, the president closed down the port for no reason other than fear and then only allowing a couple families at a time. therefore, this concept of them crossing the border illegally or them being illegal or them being illegal aliens where they are
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not even in a country really, what we stop the law allows, the constitution allows, through the administration, it does not matter how they enter the country, between courts, which we heard from the ninth circuit, they are allowed to apply for asylum. if we want to change that, we should change congress. >> lisa: the laws are being exploited, we know that is a fact. 8% of these individuals passing their initial threshold with immigration officials and then only 20% are actually granted asylum and immigration court. that is also a fact. i want to get your take, ann, on what chief justice roberts recently said, criticizing president trump, going after the ninth circuit, saying we do not have obama judges are trumped judges, bush judges or clinton . we have extraordinary group of dedicated judges. your thoughts on that? >> i warned the country about justice roberts. i thought he was a mistake. the one thing i will definitely give president trump credit for,
7:30 pm
appointing justices like kavanaugh and not harriet miers and justice roberts. i don't know why -- i have a lot of complaints with trump. i'm glad he's appointing judges that are enforcing the law and yes, the law is you seek asylum in the first country you get to. you are by definition not fleeing for your life when you are trekking through thousands of miles of other countries, and oh, well, welfare isn't good enough here in mexico, i think i'll keep going. the reason we keep going to the u.s. of the reason it makes a difference where we set up the troops, they should be, as i said, a few yards into mexico, once a nonmexican steps on u.s. soil, we can't turn them away. the idea was to stop human smuggling, when in fact it's done exactly the opposite. it's creating human smuggling. mexicans, we can turn away at the border. if we catch them. that is why we wanted a wall. anyone who is a nonmexican, who just walks through this enormous
7:31 pm
country, not fleeing for their lives, looking for better welfare, once they step on u.s. soil, we can't just send them home, we have to give them hearings. the hearings go on and on, they just escape into the country in the air you are. >> lisa: thank you, ann, allen, i appreciate it. coming up, shocking admissions from college student telling heading for the holidays. take a look at this. >> there's definitely a racial history, a racist history to thanksgiving. >> lisa: in a panel is here to respond to that, plus, a campus crusade against aaa after the break. stay tuned. a lifetime of outdoor memories from bass pro shops' and cabela's black friday sale. like hobbs creek men's flannel shirts for only $10. back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle.
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all day strong. all day long.
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♪ >> lisa: we've heard about the war on christmas. now college students are declaring a war on thanksgiving. a shocking new video from campus reform shows students from the university of oregon saying that the holiday is a racist celebration of ongoing. take a look.
7:34 pm
>> there is definitely a racial history -- a racist history to thanksgiving. >> we are celebrating taking away land from the natives. >> okay, okay -- >> pretty racist. >> lisa: that is not the only school speaking out. daily color went to university university in years with the students at does it. >> is a genoicdal holiday. >> if you think about it, it kind of is because we are celebrating taking over people's lands. >> i think there is elements of that in the holiday. >> i would say yes. >> lisa: here to react to this is charlie carter, founder of turning point usa, horace coopey areu, the publisher of calorie "catalina magazine." kathy, do you agree with those students? is thanksgiving racist? >> i agree they believe it's racist and there are groups of native americans -- >> lisa: why? >> a movie came out, "the addams family movie," it made a point
7:35 pm
that this is a holiday that celebrates the genocide of the native american people. every year since the '70s, there has been a red power movement on alcatraz with native americans fighting thanksgiving, calling it unthanksgiving day. i see a lot of people who say it is a racist holiday. >> lisa: i see you shaking your head, charlie. >> it there's a lot of intellectual effort to believe that's true. people are not gathering around the dinner table tomorrow thinking and celebrating genocide. thanksgiving is uniquely american holiday because we take pause and we say thank you, god, for the amazing abundance in this country, thanks to their freedoms and liberties that only the system that we enjoy today has made possible. it's a day of gratitude, day of reflection, and this is what i fight every single day on these college campuses, lisa. you have these group of progressive elites that teach
7:36 pm
the dream interpretation of american history. they don't eat the founding ideas are history. you have the most luxurious generation in american history that has a high standard of living imaginable, thinking that thanksgiving is now a racist celebration holiday. complete misrepresentation of reality and it's too bad because we have a whole generation of which, i'm a member of, that does not understand that we do live in the greatest country. >> lisa: horace, what you make of this? i always look at thanksgiving at the day to give thanks, be of my family, i have a new baby knees, looking forward to spend time with her. what do you make of this? >> it's really sad when you hear people that live in a country where they are blessed in so many special ways and at the time that we would normally think of as exactly as you said, let's see family, let see our loved ones, let's say take some time and be thankful for the great things that are going on.
7:37 pm
in fact, it's even a time to reach out to those, who are not doing so well. but it's not a time to do is to -- which is weird -- this idea that people are sitting around gloating in some way, that people are wondering about what happened 250, 350 years ago, to which group, and that kind of thing. this is uniquely a time where our country acknowledges how appreciative we are with the things that have been accomplished in our lives and in our country. this is what thanksgiving is about. >> lisa: i want to get to another topic about chick-fil-a. i think we can all agree that chick-fil-a has some pretty amazing sandwiches. i'm sure you guys agree with that. the students at new jersey's rider university think so, too. they voted to bring the chain to
7:38 pm
campus, to their school. the school quickly shot down that idea and they said in an email to students that they wanted to promote inclusion for all. chick-fil-a's corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of rider. horace, is excluding chick-fil-a really the best way to bring inclusion? >> absolutely not. in fact, what we are seeing at a university when it has something like this, as it's no longer teaching young people that they need to understand and be tolerant of different perspectives, and they are also saying, if you are a young person, or even a faculty member who happens, as i do, to enjoy chick-fil-a and the services and the great products that they provide, that those people shouldn't get any boys? they shouldn't get any expression of the positive feelings that they have about it? it is really, really a narrow
7:39 pm
minded active intolerance to say no, we can't have chick-fil-a coming out at this university university, all because of a few people, most of them on the faculty, just don't like the particular political views of it for you members of the executive board over at chick-fil-a. if america is going to be run like that, then you are going to have to stop shopping at the malls, driving cars, all kinds of things. once we start digging into what the executive board of a given corporation thinks about an issue. >> lisa: kathy, this is what the students want. the school is essentially denying them their wishes with chick-fil-a. isn't it sort of intolerant to exclude people who share the opinion of chick-fil-a, perhaps? >> but i think they are trying to keep the peace on their campus and maybe if the lgbt community on their campus is aware that chick-fil-a is on our campus, and chick-fil-a has been
7:40 pm
quite vocal. the executives there have been quite vocal against the lgbt community, against same-sex marriages. so if they are going to cause protest on the campus, maybe it's best to let chick-fil-a not join their campus, bring another restaurant that is less controversial, and keep the peace, and it will be forgotten and about a month or so and people can enjoy another food from another fast food place. >> lisa: i want to get charlie in here. isn't inclusion including all? >> the most intolerant people in the world are liberals that preach tolerance. you can see this in this exampl example. they are upset that chick-fil-a is intolerant, therefore they must be intolerant of chick-fil-a. the real issue here is that the university structure, they hate anything that is rooted in the judeo-christian fabric or tradition that defense western civilization. even beyond that, chick-fil-a, if you are really worried about tasty sandwiches, waffle fries, being greeted warmly when you
7:41 pm
walk in, besides that, i don't understand what is so dangerous about chick-fil-a. to the point that cathy made, they are pandering to the activists. they are pandering to a small group of activist students. >> activists or people? >> lisa: sorry, cathy. we are running out of time. we've got to go. thank you all for joining me tonight. when we come back, did you know that butterball has a turkey hotline for your thanksgiving emergencies? laura and raymond talk with one of those turkey hotline experts coming up next.
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♪ you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
7:44 pm
♪ >> lisa: the turkey challenge is scaring parents all across the country. kids are asking how to cook a 2e microwave. we tested it out, asking one of our producer's mother is what she would do. she said, you can't do that! your grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave. wow. way to take it to the next level. we have got news for you, though, denise. butterball says you can microwave a turkey, albeit a very small one. and they should know that they have an entire hotline dedicated to helping frantic scholars fix their turkey troubles. for decades, laura spoke earlier with one of those turkey experts and raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. take a listen. speak to janice, are you at the official turkey headquarters? >> i'm at the official turkey talk line headquarters. >> laura: okay, so what is the
7:45 pm
craziest thing someone has tried to get you to fix for them on thanksgiving? >> when people call in here, for them, it is go time. they are trying to make this turkey, and they are trying to either avoid a disaster or they already see a disaster coming down the line. our goal here at butterball is to really make it cook like a boss, make you all met turkey. this is going to be fun and good and one of my favorite calls that i took -- oh, gosh, maybe three or four years ago. she was a new bride and i could barely hear her. i said, can you talk up a little bit? i can hear you. she said, i have a turkey in the oven but i don't know if it's done. she said, i'm calling from the hallway closet. i am like, okay. all right. i get this. my mother-in-law, she owns a catering business. oh, wow. i get it. >> laura: giving a little pressure on people. new brides -- the first turkey
7:46 pm
ever made, i remember when i made my first turkey. it was dry as a bone. i wish i had knew you, janice. it looked brown on the outside so that was good. >> janice, i have a question. are you supposed to put the stuffing inside the turkey before you cook it? a doctor told me, this could be a fast pass to give uncle ted salmonella at the table. is that true? >> laura: wad? that's ridiculous. >> you can absolutely stop your turkey. i stuffed mind. he comes down to a family tradition, my mom stops or is it so i stuffed mine. you want to make sure you get a temperature rating on the stopping of 165 degrees. >> make sure the bacteria burns off. >> [laughs] to make sure it's good to eat. >> laura: janice, my mother always made the giblet stuffing. she had the organ grinder, literally. i think it was from the depression, her mother had it. it survived a flood in connecticut. she would grind those giblets, i was like -- all you had to see when you are seven or eight is
7:47 pm
to see the kidney and the heart and they are grinding. i'm telling you, that was good. that tasted really good. >> sweeney todd at the thanksgiving table. >> laura: does anyone call and about a different type of animal they are cooking? >> absolutely. >> laura: a goose or duck or hen or pigeon or single? >> absolutely. we get those calls all the time. i am making a chicken but we here you will are here, so i goa call and how to make meringue. so yeah, i got all kinds of -- mooring for a lemon pie. [laughs] >> laura: don't you agree that a goose is not easy to cook? they say the goose is cooked -- but a goose is not easy to cook braid is always greasy. my brother wanted it once a year, the charles dickens christmas, we were cursing him out by the end of the year. that goose was a grease ball. not a butterball, a grease ball. >> not very tasty and the end. let's stick with a butterball turkey. [laughs] >> janice, when should you cut
7:48 pm
the bird? it continues to cook up to take it out of the oven, correct? when is the ideal time to cut the turkey? >> good question. that is one of the questions that comes in on our phone lines a lot. if you let it rest for about 20 minutes, and of the bigger target, you can let it rest 30, 40 minutes. all the juices will come back together. and then it will easily carve. if you've ever carved too soon, they need to shreds. let it sit there 20, 30 minutes. you can make your side dishes then >> lisa: we are out of time >> laura: we are out of time but don't you agree to fried turkey, everyone thinks ty should fry the turkey, fry the turkey, bury it in the ground. they are all coming up with it, but the fried turkey does taste really good. like, everything fried white >> fried turkey is the best. i could not agree more. if you have any more questions, you can ask alexa now. you can ask alexa, asked butterball how to fry my turkey. >> laura: no, we want to talk to you. we want to talk to you, janice.
7:49 pm
>> lisa: if anyone has any trouble tomorrow night, you know who to call. stay with us, laura and raymond are back with their thanksgiving dos and don'ts next. jackets for the whole family only $10 each. and these vortex 10x42 diamondback binoculars for under $130.
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♪ >> lisa: whether you are cooking the turkey tomorrow are just simply showing up, raymond and laura have got you covered with thanksgiving dos and don'ts. take a listen to this. >> i can tell you everything you need to need to know. >> laura: okay. >> i've studied this, research dead, and i've lived through the drama of thanksgivings. >> laura: raymond of all trades. what is the biggest don't for thanksgiving? >> here is one thing, don't create a family-wide fast where you deprive the people in the family of food all day long until you are ready. i'm just telling you, ladies, i
7:53 pm
love you all, men do not like to go all day without eating. if they get angry -- >> laura: you do. >> i do, i admit it. that causes all kinds of problems of the table. if you want a sullen, quiet meal because everyone is carving on the food, do that. my advice, put finger sandwiches out, let them eat around 1:00, 2:00, so they are not angry bears. >> laura: i have a question, who makes finger sandwiches still? that is something my grandmother made. what are we talking about? >> when you are cooking six or seven courses, buying finger sandwiches is easy. >> laura: my mother left notes and stuff out, eminem sprayed >> a family of squirrels? [laughter] >> laura: the big old fashion cracker, cracking the nuts. we would get into a fight -- >> what i think giving you much have had. "break out the nutcracker, kids." >> laura: my mother would start playing the polish christmas carols. now i actually love them, but as
7:54 pm
a kid, we would be rocking around -- >> no brenda lee at your house. [laughter] >> laura: i am so sorry. she was so great. it would be like -- [laughs] >> like a polish funeral. those hymns are a little dreary, i admit. we got to get our -- don't cook a turkey if you don't know how to cook a turkey. disaster can ensue and you had a quick don't. >> laura: don't try a recipe on thanksgiving for the first time. [laughs] is a terrible thing to do. >> is a terrible idea. >> laura: i had the bright idea of making an apple cranberry pie for thanksgiving. my mother was -- she was an unbelievable cook but especially of five. >> she was like marie calendar >> laura: no way to replicate what my mother did. i made this thing, i was rolling it out, rolling it out --
7:55 pm
>> the thing you don't want to do, you never want to overcook anything, particularly the bird. watch. ♪ >> look at that. [laughter] >> it is like the puff of smoke at the end. >> laura: so dry. i didn't get to finish my story. >> you can finish that in the book. the other thing you don't want to do is to create moisture. people think, put more grease or all of oil in the pan that you are cooking the burden. it never works. >> [laughs] ♪ [laughter] >> laura: oh, my god. >> i've never seen anything quite that bad. but some of these just go up in flames. >> laura: my mother used to say -- i always think of her
7:56 pm
this time of year, i miss her a lot -- people eat fast and then they just leave the table. i slaved all day with my crippled hands -- [laughter] >> the other thing i would recommend people do before we get to this next clip, make sure you spread the pain at your holiday table. that means, separate the disgruntled member of the family who might divide. put them far away from one another. >> laura: how about across the country? >> even better, to separate them. you are thinking way ahead. even if you happen to be a volunteer at the macy's thanksgiving day parade, make sure that you have a workout routine or where heavyweight or otherwise this can lead to catastrophe.
7:57 pm
>> laura: i never was a fan of barney. if one balloon had to go away, that is the one. >> he slammed into a light pole because the women couldn't hold him down. across seventh avenue. >> laura: it is a lot of work for people to put on a thanksgiving dinner. there are a lot of people who are just like, you know, i'm exhausted because -- and they just -- i would rather have someone else do the cooking. a lot of people do go out for out. >> lisa: we'll be right back.
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>> lisa: sadly that is all the time we have tonight. i am lisa boothe in for laura ingraham. have a happy thanksgiving, everyone. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are going to take it from here. >> shannon: thank you. we begin. fox news alert. breaking news on the southern border. the white house giving defense secretary general mattis authority for the troops there to use lethal force if necessary. in order to protect customs and border patrol agents. white house chief of staff general john kelly spelled out what he says is new evidence of real threats. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan is going to be here to break it down. first, story captivating the nation tonight. in an unprecedented move, supreme court justice john roberts, the chief, defending the judicial branch after comments by the president. the controversy stemming from an obama appointed judges ruling to block the president's plan to crack down on migrants who enter the u.s. illegally and then asked for asylum.


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