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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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♪ >> harris: president trump delivering a thanksgiving message to the troops around the world. criticism of a court ruling against his asylum policy. welcome to a special thanksgiving addition. i am eboni williams. >> we've got a lot of news. make sure that you still check on the turkey, though. that's the important part. i am leland vittert. rare public reviewed from john roberts, which prompted a flurry of tweets from the
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president this thanksgiving, who then double down on his comments just a few hours ago. >> so we are doing very well in the southern border. a lot of bad court decisions from the ninth circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side of. you lose, then you lose again and again, then you hopefully when i got the supreme court, which we have done. it's a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services when they tell you how to protect your borders. >> leland: so that was the president talking to the troops earlier today. live fox covers. alisa cuneo covering for us on the southern border. we begin with kevin corke it, who is traveling with the president. even on thanksgiving, kevin, no rest for the politics, red? >> yeah, no doubt about that. happy thanksgiving to you and of any and to the entire fox family and all of our viewers watching at home. let me just sort of give you the backdrop for all of this. going back to the president's
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comments, you may have heard him talk about john tiger. he made the decision to have a nationwide injunction to slow down the administration and their idea of altering the asylum policy. the president thought that was merely political, and of course, he was talking about that. let me share just a bit of where we are. as you mention, it has been a very busy day. we have actually seen this before, where a lower-level world stomach federal judge makes a ruling to effectively sp administration, forcing it to go through the courts before having the policy take effect. he called him an obama judge. and that is why chief justice john roberts weighed in. he said this. "we do not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges, clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal rights to those appearing before
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them." he added this. "independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for." given frankly they are reputation for it let's just say progressive, they have also been overturned fairly frequently by the supreme court, the president says listen, now is the time to finally call them out. >> hopefully we have shown some light on the ninth circuit. i know that chief justice roberts, john roberts, has been speaking a little bit about it. and i think i have a lot of respect for him. i like him and i respect him, but i think we have to use some common sense. in the ninth circuit, everybody knows it, it is totally out of control. >> he calls them out of control. he also mentioned that rate at which they have been overturned. it is still the highest among the circuit courts, according to
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the president, the real issue is obviously are they actively targeting trump administration policies? i think that is a debate right now. leland. >> leland: the president pointed out a number of times what they did with his travel ban. pushing policies aside for a second, kevin, what is the president stay like this? we have the call with the u.s. service members, then a visit, now what is he doing? >> well, you are right. i'm glad you mentioned the visit because fairly often especially for those who don't live in the northeast or maybe in a coastal part of the country, the coast guard frankly can be unheralded. they are heroes, and the president wants to make sure that the american people know that he certainly feels that way. he did have a little visit with some of the folks from the coast guard. as we like to call them, coskis, which is a very good thing. making known the appreciation of the american people for the hard work that they and all of our
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u.s. service personnel deal, sacrificing time with their families for our safety and security. >> we are honored to be joined here by patriots. each branch of the american armed services. melania and i want to express our profound gratitude. >> okay, so you are probably wondering that's great, kevin. what is the president having four thanksgiving dinner? we don't know yet. i keep checking my phone, looking for a menu, and i promise as soon as i get it, i won't pass it along. of >> leland: hopefully you get some thanksgiving dinner too. you all down there. thanks, my friends. good to see you. >> thank you. >> ebony: now to the showdown bring out our southern border. more migrants arrive, president trump issuing a directive this week it, allowing troops to use force if necessary to protect border patrol agents. alicia is live in denver with
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the very latest. alicia. >> hi, avenue. the president did address up this morning, that active duty servicemen and women could use force if necessary. >> do i want that to happen? absolutely not, but you are dealing with rough people. you ask the people in tijuana, mexico. they opened up with wide arms. come in, come in. let us take care of you, and within two days, now they are going crazy to get them out. >> on monday, the usda to close the northbound lane, and one of the pedestrian bridge is coming to the country from mexico. they did this for a number of hours to allow for new security reasons. arriving in their city. secretary of defense talk to reporters off-camera on wednesday, addressing the president's order, saying "we received late tuesday night and
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additional instruction authorizing additional measures. we are sizing up what those are. i have already talked to folks over there, and i would just tell you we will keep you posted on any new missions and any new numbers of troops as those decisions are made. he is quick to point out that almost none of the nearly 5800 active troops are carrying guns. meanwhile, doctors working at the tijuana-u.s. border say health conditions are worsening. reports of babies born on the side of the road and respiratory problems. >> we potentially got a real humanitarian crisis brewing here because they've been marching, walking very long ways. but they have come to the end of the road. so now we are in a situation where we are going to be very overcrowded. so public health issues come into concern. >> ebony: back to that truth deployment, they say that some m
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could be home by christmas. >> ebony: that is certainly good news. happy thanksgiving to you. >> leland: back to our top story with kevin corker. it continues today on thanksgiving. we bring in the commentary writer for the "washington examiner." good to see you. anybody surprised by this? >> not at all. you know, first of all, when you have the white house and the administration going back and forth, it definitely is a little alarming, but it's not the end of the world, and on the issue, i am with robert on this one. i am with john marshall. the founders made at the job of the judiciary to interpret the constitution and to read the law. now they are activist judges -- >> leland: when you say that you are with roberts, you are with roberts that you don't like the president talking about it or you are with him that the supreme court has the right to
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interpret the law? >> i think i am with him when he is setting precedents and sending a message at a moment when we have both the left and the right calling on judges to fall in line. he is telling every lower-level judge that their job is to interpret the law and to not get involved in all of the parts that is taking over the rest of the country. let's remember, roberts has pushed back, but in 2010, one president obama snubs the supreme court during the state of the union, it was roberts who said that that was very troubling. >> leland: to that point, chuck grassley here, chief justice john roberts rebuked him for a comment that he made about a judges decision on asylum. i don't recall him attacking obama when that president rebuked him it during the state of the union. >> first of all, these are independent judges. they are a coequal branch of government. it is not their job necessarily
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to get involved in the day-to-day back and forth partisan bickering. it is their job to read the law. and i think when you look at the sort of friction that you have between the white house and the administration, it is easy to think that this is unprecedented. but it's not. if you look at the 2010 example of obama attacking the supreme court, that was a problem then. if you look at fdr -- >> leland: is the issue that president attacking the supreme court and effectively trying to push and partisan debate into the court, or is the problem the beginning of it, which is the court at trying to act in a partisan way. you bring up fdr and some of these decisions made it during the new deal. >> the first is that the president should not be criticizing a coequal branch of government, and to the second is -- >> leland: he is criticizing congress all the time. >> that's right. >> leland: what makes the judiciary so special in your minds that they deserve to live
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in a crystal house and shouldn't be criticized? >> the answer here, leland, is not to go on a tweets room, the answer is for it to continue to do what he does best, which is nominated excellent judges, like he did with cavanaugh and neil gorsuch. they have purview over the judicial branch by being able to nominate and also advised on some of these judges. >> leland: okay, but you still haven't answered the question. what is wrong and handily in your mind with the president going after the chief justice on twitter? we know that he has complained about them. i do you want me to do or i'm going to ask more judges to the supreme court. what's wrong with doing that in public? as the president is doing now. >> like i was trying to tell you a second ago, you have two unequal branches who are often at odds with one another.
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there are lots of historical precedents. that this is counterproductive. at a moment when you have people trying to politicize every institution of government, this is counterproductive for him and for his agenda. it would be better for him to focus on how he would be able to be successful and how he has been able to put in judges who actually do their job. >> leland: he certainly has never shied away from a fight, whether any commentators thought it was productive or not. it gives us something to talk about. we appreciate it. happy thanksgiving to you you and yours. evan a. >> ebony: this is a fox news alert. james comey taking to twitter after receiving a subpoena from the house judiciary committee. also subpoenaed, loretta lynch. we are live in washington with the latest. democrats and james comey have been issued a private hearing,
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which is what this has been calling for. what is the reaction? >> what we are learning is the house judiciary committee has reportedly asked them to testify at a deposition. james comey tweeting this morning "happy thanksgiving. got a subpoena from house republicans. i'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all the questions, but i will resist a closed-door thing because i have seen enough of their distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see, "while a lawyer for comey saying he embraces and welcomes a hearing open to the public, but the subpoena issued yesterday represents a divergence from house rules and a presumption of transparency. accordingly, mr. comey will room resist in court this abuse of process. democrats want this to be in full view. only as long as it was open, but republicans, including the chairman of the committee, they have insisted on closed doors.
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>> it is simply not appropriate for mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a public performance on his part. may be to sell more books. i'm not sure what exactly his motivation is. >> confirmed that the former fbi director has been asked to appear on december 3rd, while the courts show that lynch has been asked to appear later. >> ebony: do we have any indication of this particular time in? they have been trying to get loretta lynch and james comey to testify for a long time now. >> the chairman is retiring, and democrats will soon control it. these subpoenas would be his final act as chairman to make them appear in this closed-door session. jerry nadler says last week he thought it was unfortunate that the outgoing majority was resorting to these tactics.
10:15 am
goodlatte says he wants to question them on the presidential race and how they handled the trump and russia collusion case and the emails. >> ebony: take us into the the w new year. >> leland: all right. as if they needed more problems in california, a new setback for rescue crews there, trying to find hundreds that are still missing after the deadly wildfires in california. it now rain is on the way. to the fire zone. plus a critic of nancy pelosi. in stunning interview. we have seen a few of those. her bid to become speaker appears to be falling apart. what is the impact as we head into 2020? that when we come back. clear sk. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're
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>> ebony: and a remarkable turnaround, one of the 16 house democrats who signed a letter opposing nancy pelosi's bid to become the speaker of the house reverses course. now he is storing his support behind pelosi. one of her potential challengers also backs down, and alexandria
10:20 am
ocasio-cortez announces that even she is supporting pelosi for speaker now. this all just days before a high-stakes road. we are going to bring in our political panel. john thomas, a republican strategist. first of all, happy thanksgiving to both of you gentlemen. >> same to you. >> i will start with you. now i want to say life comes at you fast. it seems like just a week ago, all of this opposition was against ms. pelosi, there was a lot of new blood. they were going to challenge her. but now that it has come to the come down, everybody seems onboard. let me ask you, as we look at this newly elected congress, there are more women, it is younger than most of our congress and then the past. do they have a mandate to also reflect new leadership? >> any of us who have been paying attention knew that this day was coming. it is the most diverse congress in terms of gender diversity that we have ever seen.
10:21 am
but also in many other ways. in the year of the woman after monumental gains were democrats, it would be very difficult for democrats to look away from of female candidates who has led this party through ups and downs for the last 16 years. she absolutely has two more years, and we will see what happens after the presidential race whether she sees another term. i expect that she certainly will be elected speaker once again. >> ebony: okay, john, i'm going to ask you the same question. putting on your opposite isle hat, you are a democrat, you see the types of leaders they have elected as a local level, so to speak. does pelosi reflect that type of freshness, the newness of what a new democratic party should look like? >> no, not at all. what is interesting is the hypocrisy of many of these new freshman democratic members. remember, they campaigned against pelosi. they wanted a change.
10:22 am
a further left vision then even pelosi offered, but pelosi is like the drug problem you can quit. you keep saying you're going to do it, but you go back to it each time. there is one reason why. it comes down to the money. pelosi is a great fund-raiser, and these freshman members know that a lot of the air support cash that she brought to them, they are going to need that cash again in 2020. it is hypocrisy at its worst, but i will warn democrats thus, nancy pelosi is the romain of the lattice world. she is so toxic. so poisonous, she may cost them the majority. >> ebony: john, let me ask you a follow-up about the toxicity of nancy pelosi. many republicans ran with her as a bogeyman type of figure. taking a whole bunch of seats, so what does that say about the political effectiveness you know, for better or worse
10:23 am
surrounding -- when you put her out there like that. >> well, that challenge was she wasn't in power. she wasn't the leader of the house. >> ebony: i saw those ads, i am sure that you saw them too. this is what is coming if you let them get in there. >> well, look. i think that we took back the majority in 2010 and held on, partly because of barack obama, but also because of nancy pelosi. the fact that she is in power, a lot of the so-called moderate democrats, they are going to vote in line with nancy pelosi, and republicans will bludgeon them over the head. it is one thing, saying you may be a check to pelosi, but when you actually vote for her, her
10:24 am
approval rating is in the high 20s. that is terrible, okay. >> ebony: let me ask you this, howard, one supporter of her bid to be speaker is president donald trump. let me ask you, do you think that that should be met with some type of skepticism, or what is your reaction to the president support of nancy pelosi? >> you know, i thought that was really interesting. i also noted that president obama gave an interview yesterday where he also had some very kind words for the soon to be speaker. so it is the one thing that president trump and obama agree upon. >> ebony: gentlemen, last question before we leave. is nancy pelosi the great unifier of washington? i mean, is this the thanksgiving miracle? >> yeah, i think the president wants her in power because he knows better than anybody that she will be the villain.
10:25 am
>> ebony: fair enough. final word, howard. >> i would agree with having a foil for certain. i will tell you this, i didn't get a vote as to the leader of the house republican or senate republicans, and i think republican voters stay out of the leadership fight for democrats in the house. >> ebony: okay, well we did ask today because it is thanksgiving. thank you guys were joining. have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. to be too a civil thanksgiving discussion. talking about politics, these guys made it look easy. go check your turkey right now. it is your half of in our reminder appeared black friday also hours away. check your email for the deals. these guys are already lining up. all trying to capitalize on toys 'r' us, the first year out of business. what that means for your pocketbook. plus new developments shock and upscale new jersey town. we are going to tell you who investigators arrested in a quadruple homicide.
10:26 am
>> hi, currently deployed inchoate. i just want to say happy thanksgiving to all of my family and friends back home in mississippi them. especially my children, zachary and lily feared my mama, dad, and mimi. i love you all, and i will see you soon. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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>> ebony: the search and recovery effort continues in california this thanksgiving day. the deadly campfires left thousands displaced, and the death toll is still rising. we are live in chico california. jeff. >> yeah, it is incredible to see. there are thousands of people who were not impacted who are forgoing thanksgiving dinner too, to places like this and
10:31 am
show to volunteer to cook a thanksgiving dinner for the folks who have lost so much because of the fire. they are out here cutting out meat. this is the outside smoker area where they are cooking up some of the food that they will be serving here around 11:00 for all of the folks that are displaced. you might recognize him. his name is guy fieri. what are you doing out here today? why show up here? >> you've got a lot of people that need help. thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays that we have in the year. so many thousands of people displaced. this is the community coming together. folks coming from all over the country to help out and show love and support. >> any message that you would send to people at home? >> anybody can help. some can help financially, some
10:32 am
can help physically, mentally, spiritually. just reach out and to take care of your neighbors. show support. for the greatest country in the world, we need to act like it and show one another. >> thank you so much for what you are doing today. up in paradise california, where most of the damage from the fires is, that is where all of the firefighters are still working around-the-clock. over 800 search and recover cruise. bringing closure to some family members who still do not know where their families are. everyone is pitching in to try to give some folks out here some sense of thanksgiving. >> ebony: it is ebony here. thank you so much. i hope you're having a wonderful thanksgiving. thank you. leland. >> leland: good food, he needs to send some back here. this marks a historic holiday shopping season. it is the first one in decades without toys 'r' us.
10:33 am
the company closed its doors after 70 years earlier this year, but that has been good news for other big-box retailers like walmart, costco, target, who now have one less competitor to contend with. marco, good to see you. one less competitor, does that mean prices are going out for everybody? >> no. in fact, toys 'r' us is not going to be around anymore, it is a good time for everyone else to jump in. >> not a lot of people went there because they are out of business. who picks up the slack it? is it amazon? costco? >> walmart, target, footlocker even. a lot of the big companies are just making space for toys now. their revenues have gone up in comparison to what last year was. >> are toys different than the rest of consumer goods because kids want to see them and then ask for them, or are that you retailers equally able to grab
10:34 am
at it? >> it depends. all year round, you can buy toys. but when it comes to the holidays, there are trends to buy what they want, looking for the best deals. if you plan ahead and buy that toy before christmas time, you will probably get a better deal anyway. >> leland: there was a lot of reporting out there that sort of because of the tariffs and the supply changing right now, there are going to be real shortages on most of the popular toys out there. and of the week before christmas or two weeks before, they are not going to be available anywhere. >> what toys are we talking about? everything is trending with the movies, comics. marvel and all of this. if you are talking that, there will not be a shortage. >> no issue there. put this in perspective for us as we go into black friday. how many retailers truly offer their best deals on my credit, versus hey maybe i will wait a little while until i get the
10:35 am
next email that has a higher number? >> i think the e-commerce space that all retailers are today implementing is the best way for them to sell my. we are looking at black friday, if you are looking to drive people into your stores, then perhaps, but the day before, today, even cyber monday, it is huge. the types of software is that people are buying. >> so much of it is how people feel about their own economic situation. bloomberg it just had this graph that they put up. the s&p down. we put up the graph. the sell-off over the last couple of weeks here has been really astonishing. people have really gotten hammered. is that going to affect holiday shopping season that so many retailers are counting on? >> i don't think it is going to change. we are living in a society where
10:36 am
we have commercialized every single aspect. >> leland: people are going to spend the same amount, no matter what their 401(k) is doing. >> yes. >> leland: great to see you. >> ebony: and upscale new jersey town in shock after a family of four is found murdered. police say a ceo, their two young children were killed. then they set a fire. then officers made another chilling discovery just miles away. we are alive in our new york newsroom with more. brian. >> hi, this is now quadruple homicide investigation. this murdered family of four was targeted, though no motive has been announced. keith can narrow down, his wife, and their children were found dead in their new jersey mansion, which was burning when they first arrived, he was found shot dead on his front lawn.
10:37 am
his wife, jennifer, and their 8-year-old daughter sophia, and jesse were found dead inside, badly burned. >> unfortunately, sadly, these individuals were the victims of homicidal violence. >> so here is the thing, around 5:00 a.m., there was a fire reported at keith's brothers home in ocean township new jersey about 11 miles away. he was arrested for aggravated arson on wednesday morning. he is suspected of starting a fire at his own home hours before his brother's family was found dead in their burning home. investors believe that paul use gasoline to set his home on fire while his two daughters and wife were at home. no one was hurt there. both brothers were partners in a tech firm, now all eyes are on
10:38 am
paul, though he hasn't been suspect yet. two arsons at two homes, owned by two brothers. now there are many questions left. >> ebony: oh, my goodness. how heartbreaking and devastating. prayers for that entire family this thanksgiving. leland. >> leland: all right, facebook p.r. scrambling through the holiday weekend. why the company's second in command appears to be changing her story on that controversial p.r. firm, and it is unprecedented, or business as usual? the supreme court's chief justice. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. in baltimore, a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all. >> president trump's criticism of a federal judge's ruling blocking his asylum band
10:43 am
sparking war of words between the president and the chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts. we are going to bring in stephen greenberg for reaction. happy thanksgiving to you, and thanks for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you. >> ebony: so many are calling this war between the president and justice roberts unprecedented. i want to get your take on this. we are not far off the heels off of what many are calling the most partisan supreme court nomination process and clarence thomas. many are still reeling from that. do you think but for the timing of the cabinet hearing, justice roberts would have felt compelled to comment on this from president trump? >> it is unprecedented for a chief justice to comment, but we have seen a lot of that. justice ginsburg has given speeches, sonia sotomayor, has
10:44 am
spoken. we have a checks and balances process. president trump doesn't seem to respect that. if he doesn't like the courts following along, that's all that the courts are doing is following the laws as they are written. he should be going to congress and ask asking them to change e law. judges are supposed to be impersonal, and most are. >> ebony: let me ask you this real quick. we have heard from ruth bader ginsburg it, we have heard from other justices, but we never hear from justice roberts. he has a rather quiet justice. so for him, i think many are in all that it is him this time coming out and speaking not so subtly around what many view as the protection of the political nature of the court, and what you are speaking about right now. i am asking do you think the timing of the cabin i hearings and what many across the country saw as a very partisan divide,
10:45 am
when it comes to the court, and i know that is all land to know justices want to go to, do you think that played a part? >> absolutely. i think he is saying he is like the coach of the team. think of all the judges. he is coming out, defending his team. we are going to do what is right. you just had this nasty confirmation process. that is not going to affect how we are going to look at the law. that is not how we do things in the federal courts. >> ebony: but does the president have a point? i am a member of the bar as well. i know that we all want to think of the courts, particularly the highest, above the partisan divide, a political in nature. however, there have been studies that show that depending on which president from which party appoints these judges to this division, their ideological positions can show. so although we may not like the public notice of what he is saying, is he factually correct
10:46 am
here? >> he is factually incorrect because as justice roberts said, there are not obama judges, trumped judges, there are people who have different philosophies. that's what makes the court system -- >> ebony: there are people who are appointed by president trump, obama, clinton. let's just say that you are a layperson watching this. explain to me how someone appointed by a particular president that represents a particular party is somehow able to extract their ideology? i'm not saying it's impossible. i am asking you to explain how these men and women who sit on our courts are able to do this. >> absolutely. they are constrained by prior court decisions, so the way a court works is if they look at the law as it is written, the constitution, than they have to interpret these things, so their own philosophies, their own political beliefs and value systems will help them to interpret how the law is written, but there is still a constrained by how other courts
10:47 am
have interpreted this, how the laws are written, and the past. and they have to -- they take an oath to follow the existing law and to honor what's gone on in the past. and to honor the statutes. while they have a particular philosophy, a particular value system, they still have to act within the bounds of the law. it is a check and balance syste system. >> ebony: speaking of history, not the most desirable history between the president and a chief justice roberts. we all remember president trump, then citizen trumpet being very critical of justice roberts and his support of the obamacare mandate. at the same time, to your point of the statutes really being the guiding forces here, it was roberts who did support president trump's travel ban just at the end of last term. can you speak a little bit about how justice is, though they may be appointed by democrats or republicans, they can still look to the statutes, can look to the
10:48 am
constitution itself, look to the president of law to make their decisions. not there party or not even their particular relationship with the executive leadership. >> well, that's what they have to do. they have to follow the law. roberts is a perfect example of that because he has come down 4, and he has come down against trump. for republicans, he has come down against republicans. he is clearly -- neil gorsuch is the same way. he has not been 100% with republican thought process, with republican philosophy. the same could be said about justice ginsberg and a sonia sotomayor. justice scalia, who president trump holds in great regard, when it came to criminal rights, he had a very liberal view. a much more democratic fields than the republicans. >> ebony: might even say a constitutional view. we thank you for being with us this thanksgiving day.
10:49 am
happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >> thank you. >> leland: turmoil at facebook through the thanksgiving holiday, putting sheryl sandberg on the hot seat. not everybody is giving her a thumbs up. growing speculation about her future announced at the social media giant, plus a young american missionary murdered on a remote island. why he was killed, why it's going to be almost impossible for authorities to recover his remains. >> hi it, i am a minister specialist, currently stationed aboard the uss iwo jima. i would like to wish my family a happy thanksgiving back in georgia. miss you. love you. ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. after a scratch so small rocket
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>> ebony: facebook cll sheryl sandberg walking back the comment. she denies knowledge of hiring the washington p.r. firm. accusing facebook of trying to cover up its slow response to russian election meddling. sandberg is saying "when i read the story in "the new york times" last week, i didn't remember the firm. i asked them to look into what they did for us and to double
10:54 am
check what came across my desk. some of their work was incorporated into materials, and i received a small number of emails where it was referenced." >> leland: we haven't heard the end of that. and a fox news alert now, as an american missionary has been killed off of the coast of indi india. they believed 26-year-old was murdered by members of a tribe on a remote island he had visited. they say the tribe has been known to shoot outsiders with bows and arrows, and now the indians are struggling to figure out how to recover his body. senior foreign affairs correspondent live from milan with more. hi, amy. >> hi, lee lynch. it not only is it dangerous to approach this tribe, but it's really complicated. so much that regional police have employed some specialist anthropologists to help get to these people. they have got to conduct a
10:55 am
murder investigation, after all, with this totally remote tribe. try to get that body. some fishermen years back approached the island inadvertently. they were killed, and then these tribes then shot at helicopters back in 2004 that were coming to rescue them after the indian ocean tsunami. now the reuters news agency quoted a source who was familiar with notes that john allen had written. "don't blame the natives if i am killed. he had long been bound and determined to reach them, which sits at the intersection of that they have been gal -- goes back to the stone age. india is fiercely protective of it. it is generally forbidden to approach it, taking pictures, videos of them is punishable by three years in prison. he apparently approach them, saying "my name is john. i love you. loves you." he was taken by some fishermen
10:56 am
and then approach the island by kayak. they shot at him with arrows when he got near to them. he turned back and tried again the next day. that is when he was said to have been killed. the fishermen who helped him ou out, said that they saw from a distance some of the tribesmen dragging his body away. if they issued a statement today saying that they actually do forgive whoever killed chau. lee lynn, back to you. >> leland: amy kellogg in milan. amy, thank you. we will be right back. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes.
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>> leland: president trump standing firm in his fight to crackdown on immigration. now threatening to shut down the entire border as central american migrants seeking asylum continue to pour into the mexican border town of tijuana. brand-new our of america's news headquarters on thanksgiving. this is a friendly reminder, go check your turkey. it is important. >> ebony: lee linda's does not want anyone's turkeys to burn. reportedly considering a


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