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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> julie: so sweet. they have a record number of adoptions, by the way. which is so incredible. if you're going to get a pet -- not to preach -- go to a shelter. >> rick: i did that once. >> julie: i did come too. go enjoy the gym while i sat on the couch. it is to be 25 "outnumbered" starts now. >> dagen: president trump serving up opinions on several big issues over the thanksgiving holiday. the president continuing his war of words with supreme court justice john roberts, warning that federal judges are getting in the way of protecting the border. president trump also disputed reports linking the saudi crown prince to the death of columnist jamaal khashoggi. the main focus now, the president threatening to close the entire southern border with mexico amid the show down over migrant caravans and security. this is "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell. here today, fox news anchor
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arthel neville, rachel campos-duffy, fox news contributor at dr. nicole saphier, joining us on the couch today, cohost of "fox & friends," steve doocy. also, coauthor of a fabulous cookbook with his wife kathy, "happy cookbook." you, sir, are outnumbered! >> steve: you think i'm outnumbered because this is the busy shopping day of the! by the end of this program i will have convinced you all to buy the happy cookbook as a christmas gift for everybody on your list! [laughter] >> dagen: no problem, i've been already. [laughter] you're going to make us pay for it! that's good p.r. [laughter] >> steve: you know what? i've got a 10% off coupon. does that help? >> only because it's black friday. [laughter] >> dagen: we've got a lot to cover. let's get right to it. present from speaking to reporters while in south florida for the holiday. describing an increasingly chaotic situation in the southern part of mexico. just days after a federal judge put the administration's new
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asylum policy on hold. now, the president is stepping up calls on mexico to act to secure its side of the border. watch this. >> if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control, or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. >> dagen: the president this morning also ramping up pressure on congress to get funding for a border wall. kevin corke joins us live from west palm beach, florida, not far from the president's home at mar-a-lago. hey there, kevin. >> good to be with you, and pete happy black friday for all the folks out there shopping and watching fox news today. we certainly appreciate that. on this story, from reinforcing the border with razor wire to shutting down a port of entry over in san isidro, to sending in the military to support the border patrol as well as giving them authorization to use lethal force if necessary. it is clear that the president means business. he wants to shut down this
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border to this migrant caravan, and yet, that doesn't mean, dagen, that he's not asking lawmakers for help. in fact, let me take it to twitter. he sing already today that he wants her republicans and democrats to come together. in fact, he said "they must it come to give a come up for the border security package which will include funding for the wall. it's finally time for action. fix the border for once and for all." and common all caps, "and now!" because of that migrant caravan, they have clearly increased since the policies began to take effect. in trying to rush the border, the president says the u.s. military will be ready. >> they have to. if they have to, they will use lethal force. i hope they don't have to. but i have given the okay. you are dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals. i'm not going to let the military be taken advantage of. i have no choice.
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>> this, as the hours-long shutdown of that part of entry over san isidro monday sent a crystal clear message to mexico. "secure your side of the border, or face very serious economic and travel consequences." i want to be fair, the white house has said repeatedly "we want immigrants here, we are a nation of immigrants. we just want them to come in an orderly fashion, legally, and we don't want them to rush the border." that is in part why you are seeing all the security measures taking place right now. a dagen? >> dagen: thank you for that, kevin. kevin corke, down in florida for us. this kind of flies in the face of accusations by the democrats that the president's concern about the caravan and our border with some sort of election ploy or an election stand on his part, steve. he ran on this. and it has continued to be a point of emphasis for him. despite the fact that republicans haven't really gotten anything done in the last
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two years, either. >> steve: you're right. when kamala harris said yesterday, it was a stunt, an election stand to send the troops to the southern border -- which election? a member, it was two years ago after donald trump came down the golden escalator when he was talking about how we are a nation of laws and we are going have do something about it. apparently, on monday, according to politico, there is a very heated meeting in the oval office with a lot of the cabinet. people were screaming at each other. it was john f. kelly, kristen nielsen, versus the rest of the room. they were telling the president, you can't really cracked down you can't use -- he can't change the use of force on the southern border. the president, by the end of the conversation, have them on his side. clearly this is one of his signature issues. if you can't essentially get some money from some republicans during this lame duck session of congress to build the wall, how many of them during the campaign said "i'm with you, mr. president! i'm with you! we need to build that wall!"
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until the lame duck session. then "i'm kind of busy!" >> dagen: rachel, a gigantic spending bill earlier this year. not fully funding the wall. basically attack attaching restrictions. which is the power of congress, the power. they didn't do it. i think you see frustration with the caravan approaching our southern border, but also the frustration by the president with her republicans. he saw that in that tweet. >> rachel: he's frustrated, it is putting it back on the agenda to put pressure on them. the truth is, the base really agrees with him on this. it's why he was elected. it's why they won the house. it's why the senate is still in play. the senate was the one blocking everything for a long time, but they need both of them to come together. he is trying to keep the pressure on. you said this was kamala harris who said it was a stunt. the democrats also said that there was no danger, and that the whole thing was a hoax and
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just all done for the benefit of the midterm elections. but then we see a protest by mexicans in tijuana, saying "this is dangerous, we don't want this." another pressure isn't just on the house. the pressure is now going to be on mexico to do something, because if you shuts that border, this becomes a mexico problem. by the way, economically, it becomes a problem for both -- about $512 billion of trade happens with mexico. so, this is a big issue and it's going to force -- i think what he's doing is putting it back on the table to force people to take a position on it. >> dagen: arthel, how does it play out given the decision by that judge in the ninth circuit putting restrictions on what president trump is trying to do about asylum-seekers entering at points of entry? there's no funding for a full border wall. you have a lot of issues at play. how do out between now and two years from now? >> arthel: clearly there has to be order at the border. i think that something everyone
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will agree on. obviously, with the president is doing is try to take advantage f this window that is closing while he has full control of congress. so he can get something done, as steve pointed out, that it was his promise to his base. i believe that, perhaps, there might be now some opportunity for clear thinking for both sides to come together. after all, i think everyone agrees that we don't want people just flowing into the border. we want them to come in legally. we invite everyone to this country, if you follow the rule rules. that is the nucleus of where we can start, in terms of getting something done to secure the borders in a sane way -- >> do we really all agree on that, though? >> arthel: i think so. i can only speak for myself right now. and for people i've spoken to in social settings. i don't know anyone who was saying "let them all come and! let anybody commit!" >> steve: that would be crazy. >> even if you come in as criminals or not, they are
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committing crimes. they are allowed to stay there. >> arthel: i'm telling you my opinion. that i think people should be welcome to this country, but they should do it by the letter. the letter of the law. >> absolutely. >> dagen: i do want to point out, because you were raising the issue of the government in mexico, officials in mexico are worried about what's going on down at the border because it was the closing on monday of that entry point in tijuana and san diego. it is in part because the there reports, including intelligence reports from the mexican government, that migrants from the caravan plan to rush the border through automotive lanes per this is according to the senior department of homeland security official. mexico was worried about all of the people. there are 2500 names on a list of people who are seeking asylum in that region, while these
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additional people are approaching the southern border. so there is -- there is a crisis in the making. >> steve: absolutely. apparently, some of the intel that you are talking about -- apparently the u.s. government has gone paid informants in with the caravan. so they know exactly what the plan is. that's why, suddenly, essentially overnight, sunday into monday, those concertina-wired temporary barriers when went up and san o paid if you notice, they are all mobile. if a whole bunch of people -- and the thought was, it could be thousands of people running down the car lanes -- if that's the case, they are just going to move them into the place and nobody will be able to get across. >> arthel: really quickly, do think president trump can put pressure and work with mexico to nip it in the bud and stop at their quest to mark >> steve: at great question. because mexico has a new present coming in very shortly. he has made overtures to this president, kind of like -- i think we are close to being on the same page.
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>> dagen: i will give you a final word, but we have a new nafta. a new trade deal that was negotiated between the naysayers of the united states, mexico, canada. it has to be ratified coming is the new year by the new congress, potentially, the comes in. that also speaks to our relationship with mexico and how healthy it is. >> absolute, we have a healthy relationship. i agree that in the future we will have a healthy one. it's easier to sound like a bad guy when it comes immigration. president trump, with his asylum ban, wasn't saying "no one else to go into the united states." he said "come into legal point of entry and you could be granted asylum. that silly thing. follow the law, and we will look at your asylum claim." that's not what this is prayer they want to rush. we already have about a million migrants coming in legally across the border pray that his name and account for those illegally crossing the border. it does put a strain on our economy. health, financial, judicial paid we need to have some law and order down with the border. >> dagen: we search for solutions as we continue here on
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the sofa. meantime, house republicans issuing subpoenas to james comey and loretta lynch. the department of justice action leading up to the 2016 presidential election. could that bring them any closer to getting the answers they sought for more than a year? and can he dodge a closer deposition as he has vowed to do? president trump appears to dispute cia comments about jamal khashoggi dominic. while defending the ally ship with saudi arabia. what should the position toward it be, as the it administration walks a double meditate request in our ♪ hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost
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they want answers to questions about decisions made and not made by the justice department and the fbi leading up to the 2016 presidential election. mr. comey tweeting yesterday, "happy thanksgiving! got a subpoena from house republicans. i'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions, but i will resist a closed-door thing because i have seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see." peter doocy come alive in washington with more. hey, peter! >> arthel, james comey says his big worry is there might be selective leaks out of a closed or hearing. that's also a big worry of the inspector general, which launched a review into wide comey's were classified information about meeting sue president trump wound up leaked it to media outlet. he says a closed hearing was a no-go, expending that while the authority is broad it does not cover the right to misuse closed hearings of the political stunt
9:18 am
with political as opposed to legislative agendas. mr. comey embraces and welcomes a hearing open to the public, but the subpoena issued yesterday represents an abuse of process, house rules, and resumption transparency. he will resist in court this abuse of process. democrats in congress are taking his side. >> i think, on some level, jim comey is right. any question that is not about classified information, that is not about something we don't want out to the public. let's ask it. let's ask in an open hearing with cameras running so americans can see both the questions and answers. >> the other submitted by the chairman bob goodlatte was chewed loretta lynch, the former attorney general who famously met on the tarmac with bill clinton as her dessa support been waived alleged against his wife. the watchdog "judicial watch" is cheering the subpoenas. the president of that group just
9:19 am
wrote "maybe they can ask comey and lynch about their shady immunity deals with the clinton gang." donald trump should also ask fbi and doj why they still protect clinton, comey, et cetera." when republicans lose control they lose a subpoena power. the judicial committee is trying to get coming and lynch under oath before democrats might not be so eager to subpoena obama officials takes controls. >> arthel: peter doocy, thank you very much. steve, you know -- >> steve: by the way, that reporter was really good. just saying. >> arthel: i'm not sure who his mother's, but she must be some good looking woman. >> steve: he's got her hair! [laughter] >> arthel: 15 days left on the counter. in the house, 12. it's kind of doubtful that anything will happen. on this. also, let me just finish -- do you think comey has at all a point to saying "there's a leaky
9:20 am
faucet happening in d.c., so i wanted out in the open if i am to talk." >> steve: when everybody sees that, he will have the ability to say you saw it with your own two eyes. whereas the republicans, if they do like it -- just like democrats. everybody weeks in washington. i was talking some in the washing too about why this is coming so late. one of my sources say it's because of paul ryan. he was against the investigation from the get-go. he didn't want this to happen. kevin mccarthy didn't want it to happen. until recently. so, now, unless congress is willing to hold mr. comey with the threat of contempt, he's not going to show up. >> dagen: one reason, let's be clear, he wanted to be out in public it open. because he is norma desmond prayed he's ready for his close that. he's looking for the spotlight, 24/7. [laughter] i'm joking. i'm joking! >> there is some of that.
9:21 am
>> dagen: the issues with him, number one -- talking about anything that is classified in a public setting. that would be the argument, for doing it behind closed doors. bob goodlatte of the judiciary committee wrote an editorial in the richmond times dispatch in august of this year, outlining what does it play? he writes the first sentence, "our investigation is about assuring our justice system treats everyone equally under the law. a goal that those on both sides of the political spectrum should support." i think that kind of lays it out. equal application of the law. >> steve: they are trying to figure out what went into the decision making at the department of justice, and the fbi, which mr. comey ran during cross by hurricane which is the investigation of the term campaign. >> what is the end game, steve cust and mark >> steve: i don't know. i think the inspector general is probably the best that we all have to getting at what actually happened. when you deal with politicians, you wind up with nothing
9:22 am
political. >> behind closed doors, you will get -- they get more information and they will also have more time during the cross-examination. the interrogation, which isn't really questioning. with the 5 minutes, again, james comey is somebody who likes to grandstand a little bit. thank you mrs. congressman, blah, blah, blah. you have 30 seconds answer it, and then he finished. you have 30 minutes, you can actually talk to the classwide information. he said a while ago about loretta lynch that classified information could cast doubt on lynch's ability to investigate clinton. we know their stuff behind the scenes that is classified and has not come out in this open door. >> arthel: rachel, let me ask you -- why do you think kevin mccarthy or paul ryan didn't want this? >> rachel: i've no idea and i don't know who his sources that said that. it's a great question. why so late? and, what comey is trained to do when i was obviously run out the clock. he's got his lawyer responding, saying "we don't want to do it behind closed doors, we want a
9:23 am
hearing." of course he does want to go back and close doors per then he's under subpoena, he has to tell the truth, there is no information off limits because he can say classified information. >> arthel: why wouldn't he tell the truth? >> rachel: i think their shady business. there were shady immunity deals prove there was not any classification of the law pair they use the dirty dossier to sartre's investigation. they don't want anyone looking under the lid which was a conspiracy, in my pinning him to take down trend. i believe that he is not going to go behind closed doors. he's going to stall install and install because all he has to do is run at that clock. this week we have the situation with ivanka and her emails. immediate become republicans came forward, many of them -- trey gowdy himself said of the code we have to look into this." the democrats do not operate like that. when they are in power they protect their own. they will never want to look at this issue ever again. there is not the same kind of evenhanded --
9:24 am
the republican side, there are people who want to look into closing the investigation. there are others who want to look into the investigation. >> steve: but they are going to -- they went to the last second. the democrats are about to -- >> rachel: obviously, leadership. >> steve: well, the public and stop the majority. wait until the 11th hour to do it. it just seems a little -- >> dagen: joe nadler, who is taking over judiciary is a democrats move in. he's ready for this -- whether the client, the subpoena canyon? they are firing the subpoena canon. as long as he got an hour after your new colleague of the subpoena coming after you. >> you're right. why did they win till last minute? there's lot of people in the base asking the question. they are mad as heck about it. it's obviously a leadership issue. their motivations, only you can guess. >> dagen: well, we will leave out there. >> arthel: we will move on. president trump, with new comments over the holiday on the
9:25 am
murder of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi, seemingly going against the cia's reported findings and paying the saudi crown prince denies knowledge of the murder. what his comments could mean for the future of the u.s. relationship with a pivotal ally in the mid east. ♪ >> we have a very strong ally in saudi arabia. we have an ally that said they did not commit, at the top level, the crown prince, the king, they did not commit this atrocity. and it's an atrocity. ♪ that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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9:30 am
has "feelings" on the case, that the saudi crown prince has "vehemently denied having anything to do with the death." >> i hate the crime, i hate what is done. i hit the cover up. i will tell you this. the crown prince hates it more than i do. they have the humanly denied it. the cia pointed both ways, it's a very important alley. if you go buy a certain standard we will be able to have allies with almost any country. >> dagen: just following up on some thing in the statement, may be heated, maybe he didn't, referring to the crown prince. what do you make of his recent comments? >> steve: the present right there just said it's a cover up. we know so far is that the first round of excuses by the saudis were "we killed him accidentally." or, "it was going to be a kidnapping and i went haywire." they took a bone sought to
9:31 am
particular gathering with this . when the president of the united states says what he does, we are reminded that he used to be a businessman. how many times have you heard businessmen say "look, it's nothing personal. it's just business." as the president of the united states, he's looking out for our best interest economically, which is the foundation of his entire administration and everything he is run on. it is not distinctly economy by ignoring somebody who has been part of an important alliance for decades. essentially it's like "all righ "all right, they say a certain thing, so i guess we've got to believe them." >> dagen: i just want to point out, the washington was has a scathing editorial today on that statement that the president put out saying "we are aware of no president, not even such ruthless pragmatists as richard nixon or lbj, lyndon johnson, who would have written a public statement like this without so much as a grace note about america's abiding values and principles."
9:32 am
from mr. trump's point of view, it can be reduced. it's crass. no other word supplies this." >> the killing aside, this sort of frank, honest talk, no diplomatic cover for what is really behind his words, this is what people like about donald trump. he is actually saying what has always been the case. this was a brutal killing. guess what? people in saudi arabia brooded kelpie of all the time. they stone women, they cut off the arms of kids who steal bread. they behead people. this is a brutal part of the world. we have to make some really difficult choices. i think, right now, with the democrats are trying to do -- and they are using this killing is a way to do it -- is to reorient our foreign policy in the middle east back toward iran. something that donald trump shifted away from, they are, he removed the iran deal and focus on -- >> dagen:
9:33 am
"the wall street journal" editorial page is conservative. they point out that the left is trying to on this, but they say that the danger is that the crown prince will feel like he can do anything and suffer no -- >> rachel: you can say that it's wrong, but to up an end reorient toward a country, iran, which essentially this will do r move away from saudi arabia. we move toward iran, which is country this is they want death to america. >> dagen: arthel? >> arthel: first of all, i don't think you can say "this killing aside." their human rights crises at play in that country. but we are talking about someone who lived in this country. somebody who worked for a u.s. company. a u.s. resident. it's valid. i'm done. >> and putting in reverse, backing out of this one. [laughter] >> the point is, the u.s. deals with these theocratic monarchs we should have shared interests
9:34 am
with. we have many presidents posturing when it comes to human rights at activism. not a lot of action has been made by president trump. he was good since of under the microscope because he is on twitter. lyndon b. johnson was not on twitter. he isn't the most eloquent at some of the things he says, but he's transparent. he is telling people "i don't agree with this." he saying "maybe they did, maybe they didn't." not necessarily the words i would've chosen. >> arthel: what is it, does he disagree or approve of it? >> nicole: i'm curious what they? >> nicole: i'm curious what they will do. are they going to come back to president trump saying "all right, well --" >> dagen: to paraphrase the editorial, that the crown prince has been reckless in his prosecution of the war in yemen, among other problems in the middle east. and it's not just your foreign allies. you need to worry about your
9:35 am
domestic allies in pushing forward your foreign policy agenda. with that statement, did the president alienate even in a small way a lindsey graham or even the incoming senator met romney? >> steve: that remains to be seen. ultimately, what we have heard from the president is that they don't really have 100% accurate proof. so, i'm done. this is it. the killing of a u.s. resident? who is a journalist customer graphic will have a problem with it. is that all he's going to do? stay tuned. see you and me time, the midterm elections that registered voter turnout. now there is some information on people who did not show up to cast ballots. so, how can both parties make a play for these nonvoters? and what impacts they might have in 2020? plus, democrats preparing for their house leadership elections just days from now. nancy pelosi looking like she could be the next speaker, the speaker again?
9:36 am
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to the smartphone. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. i'm martyn briggs for bank of america merrill lynch. >> we are getting a new read on who did not show up to vote in the midterm elections. even though americans overall turned out in historic numbers, tens of millions did not cast ballots. a nonpartisan research group at the university of chicago analyzed more than 23,000 interviews on and before election day with some of those nonvoters. they found that a whopping 37% of them are ages 18 to 29. of that subgroup responded, they said that if they did vote they would have supported democratic
9:41 am
candidates for the 9% to 28%. compare that to those in the same age group who didn't show up at the polls. i'm sorry, who did show up on november 6th. they backed democratic candidates by a margin of 62 to 34%. with the rest unsure of how they would vote, the poll also found that nonvoters tend to have lower incomes and those who showed up to vote. one of the big takeaways is that both parties have a big block of people that they can try to entice the head of 2020. what could get them to the polls? arthel, i found this really fascinating. we have a lot of nonpartisan minorities who are kind of up for grabs. what could either republican party do to get them engaged? >> arthel: i feel that across the board candidates have to be sincere, honest, and speak directly to those constituents in terms of what it is that they need in their lives. it's not some big mystery.
9:42 am
i think that some people make the mistake in thinking that the particular sector of the voting pool only wants free handouts. that's not true. at the end of the day, when we get down to the basics that we are all americans, we want the same thing. we want opportunities, equal opportunities, to succeed in life. to provide for our family so that our kids can get a good education. that's all that everybody wants. when you boil it down to that essence, i think that will be the way that any candidate can speak to those people. >> rachel: is she right, dr. safire customer gets read, not written down my glue but green? >> nicole: i agree with arthel. america is like to work, and work hard. if you want to give these voters, they have to figure out how to make the situation better for them. not just increasing jobs, allows them a list of thousand dollars. with increased wages, give them opportunities, give them access to education and make sure that they are having equal opportunities.
9:43 am
they shouldn't say "more jobs come more jobs paid close with a few prove those jobs if they want to speak to them. >> rachel: one of the things that minorities in particular -- talk about this demographic -- they complained that especially on the republicans are they just sort of show up right before an election and say "we are here, we have all these great ideas!" democrats might be a little better than staying in liquidity and being there during the off years. >> steve: when you look at the numbers come a larger margin of democrats stayed home. i think part of that is that for the last year we have heard "there will be a blue wave! it will flow across america!" you know what question are quite a rainy devote? it already had the blue wave! i've been hearing about for weird. we are talking about majority but which doesn't -- but i do want to say, while he said of the candidates need to speak to that particular sector in particular if the mother support, i feel that particular sector we are speaking about has
9:44 am
to get engaged, too. we were not taking for grant of any party. if stick up for yourself. finally, this is why we can't have such confusion when it comes to our polling places. this discourages everybody. "if my votes not going to count, if they stick it in a box somewhere in somebody's going to lose it --" >> dagen: which has happen to be in new york city, by the way. they don't care. not taking her voters for granted, liquid look what rickt could do in the state of florida. he got 45% of the latino vote. he did lose the latino vote to bill nelson by nine percentage points, but when this is overall they lost it by 70 points, you know why? rick scott had a spanish-language website, had ads in spanish. bill nelson had neither. talking about taking for granted the latino vote in florida and ultimately when you've got a
9:45 am
margin so close. that's why you -- >> rachel: this is an area also of interest to me. i think the message matters but so does the messenger. if republicans want to win over hispanics they have to start doing some good candidate recruitment we can really speak in those communities. two, school choice. i, for the life and become, can't understand -- that must be by the way why rick scott did so well in florida where school choice is a big issue. i don't know why republicans don't about this and make it very clear who is in the sight of your kids an opportunity and access to equal education and who is not. in the case of the party, is only one party that is very clearly taking a clear stand on school choice. >> arthel: we have to move on. i'm not speaking for all minorities because i can't. just for the records. house democrats preparing to hold a leadership elections next year. nancy pelosi will likely command the majority of democrats for house speaker. she is running.
9:46 am
james clyburn also facing no competition his race. while nancy pelosi's manage to switch some potential opponents, the process is demonstrated. cracks within the party. is that the case, steve doocy? is that what we are talking about a previous segments in terms of getting folks -- the republican party, democratic party, getting folks galvanize customer perhaps they are tired of hearing from the same voices. >> steve: member, when the democrats lost the majority in 2010, nancy pelosi said "i wouldn't stay here until we get it back." if she is on the verge of getting the gavel, which she is, she's not going to back down. what's going to happen is the cracks within the democratic party are like this -- how many young freshman incoming democrats for the house told their constituents when asked, "will you vote for nancy pelosi?" and they said "absolute not, i
9:47 am
will vote against her." fast forward, when she suddenly the speaker, what's going to happen? >> arthel: maybe the timing is right paid the worst thing they can do is get in there, regain control of the house, start fighting over the place, perhaps ms. pelosi will take this time to start grooming someone. she can pass up a time. >> steve: really think so? [laughter] i think she wants to keep it! >> arthel: i didn't say it's going to happen. this is perhaps what could happen! i'm offering possible solutions. >> nicole: i'm curious, myself, steve. a congresswoman-elect for my district, she said she was going to vote for nancy pelosi. she keeps repeating herself so partly she's serious about it. is this going to cause a divide? you have two -- when they have this strong messaging that they are wanting to accomplish all of this, are they going to have difficulty like the republicans just did for the last few years? of really accomplishing a lot a lot customer especially in health care, when they have such a divide. i will be interested -- >> steve: think about that congresswoman at new jersey.
9:48 am
she said she wouldn't support nancy pelosi, and the that she supports her. in reelection, and the others that say they are going to do it. is it going to be a reverse blue wave? >> dagen: she might be so out of touch that she thinks it's like a football -- she knows democrats and knows what's important to them. it is money. money talks. >> arthel: across all party lines. >> dagen: and she is one of the greatest fund-raisers. >> rachel: that's why they won the house, they outspent the republicans by almost a hundred million dollars. that's why they won. they have the money and resources to do it. >> arthel: had nothing to do with everything else going on in the world? >> rachel: there's a lot going on, but it's really hard -- and i know this because i'm a political spouse -- it is really hard to win an election when you are out-spent. >> dagen: let me sum it up by saying, this is a southern complement about nancy pelosi.
9:49 am
"she'll getcha." [laughter] >> arthel: as long as he didn't say "bless her heart!" that's not a component! [laughter] >> dagen: i've said that before, fisa. >> arthel: don't ever let a southerner tell you "bless your heart!" [laughter] it's black friday, which means holiday shopping season is now officially in full swing. if you're one of those people who just isn't sure what to get your friends, your family member this year, our #oneluckyguy, steve steve doocy, has ideas for you. looking at this recipe become i love it. >> steve: you get a book, you get a book! ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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♪ >> dagen: you know it today as? shoppers hitting the stores across the country in full force. black friday officially launching the holiday shopping season, into high gear. if you are still not sure what to buy that one person on your list, we have an idea for you that anybody would love. it's called "the happy cookbook!" we are a ship flipping through
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it in the commercial break, salvation of the food that makes america -- written by our #oneluckyguy, steve doocy. it's worth the price just to see the photos of your family, including a very young peter doocy. right? b6 absolutely. if you were watching fox and friends this morning, you know that a couple years ago my wife, kathy, was diagnosed with eye cancer. they caught it soon enough and she was treated effectively, but one night she was laying in bed while she was getting the radiation treatment and she was thinking "what if this doesn't work out? who is going to take care of my kids?" and then she was thinking about the holiday traditions of making christmas cookies, which -- she has a unique recipe. once upon a time she measured the ginger wrong and has a great taste. she said "you know what? i need to write on my recipes for my kids." that started our odyssey. now that we are doing the book tour all across the country, people come up and say "you know what? i wish i had more of my mom's
9:55 am
recipes." for the people who don't have the recipes, we've got 100 for some very famous people who shared the recipes. the ears of the kinds of things we all grew up on. and they are delicious. >> arthel: it looks making. i went straight in for grandma joanne's pot roast. b6 on my birthday every year by my full say "you want your mom's pot roast?" there are certain foods that trigger the nostalgia in your brain. when i walk into the house in new jersey on the birthday and isolate pot roast, it just takes me back. suddenly. 50 years in reverse. i'm in that little house on market street and russell, kansas. my mom is making it. >> rachel: user of in mostly recipe! you said it was the pot roast. >> steve: and my wife's lasagna! >> rachel: he has to go home tonight. >> nicole: i see dr. oz's, but are not seeing dr. rachel safire anywhere! [laughter] i love your story because my grandmother died from advanced breast cancer and i sat down
9:56 am
with her at her kitchen table and had her write out her recipes for me, so i have all of them handwritten. this is wonderful. i love this book, it's amazing. >> dagen: people can buy it and pass these recipes onto their kids. >> steve: it's black friday, good thing to do. >> dagen: big doocy love! more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ surance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪
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>> three words, breakfast bun cake. frozen tater tots and canned biscuits. great to see you. thank you so much for being her here. we'll be back on monday, take it away. >> we begin with a fox news alert. president trump threatening to shut down our southern border with mexico if the migrated crisis becomes uncontrollable. let's go out numbered over time. i marcel novels and for harris faulkner. the president over calling on mexico to get a handle on security just days after white house memos declaring the pentagon has the authority to allow troops to use force to protect border agents if needed. this as migrant caravans continued to arrive at the border traveling from central america. here's the president.


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