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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 27, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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attention on the race. >> peter doocy, great reporting. we'll get the final tally and call coming up soon. unfortunately, this is terrible. all the time we have left. i can't stay here any more. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is from washington d.c. not the swamp or sewer. >> laura: you think of mike espy, this is like the old home team. these names are floating out there. >> this is a big win. think about this, trump goes, he helps marsha blackburn and helped desantis and scott and helped claire mccaskill with hawley and he helped heidi heitkamp. it will help him big time.
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>> laura: you might have pointed this out, mia love, poor mia love, she didn't really wasn't on board with trump on immigration. >> i liked mia love.she brings a lot to the republican party. i hope she comes back. that was a tough loss. i wanted her to win. >> laura: great show tonight as always. mississippi is going to be big. we wait for the final call. great show. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. as you just heard, we were talking about, we're still awaiting the final results in the mississippi senate race. at this moment, cindy hyde-smith has a fairly comfortable lead over mike espy. victory by hyde-smith would expand the gop lead in the
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senate. we'll have a live report from the ground as soon as we get the final call. also between the mueller investigation and the ongoing crisis at the border, my angle will come in the b-block, he'll explain why the president must pick a new attorney general like yesterday. plus, the "the ingraham angle" will take you behind the caravan headline for a shocking investigation into the tens of thousands of migrant teens being housed inside our country. the astronomical costs associated with their care. you're paying for it. it's becoming a tradition. the criticism of melania trump's christmas decorations. they did this last year and we were at the white house. we loved the decoration. this year, the critics are back. they have nothing better to do than to go after melania trump. but first, a war of words among
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two reported targets of the mueller probe. earlier today, the daily caller reported of an early copy of book written by author jerome corsi. in this book, corsi claimed that he testified to mueller's grand jury that just one month before the 2016 election, roger stone, asked limb to contact julian assange about releasing podesta's e-mail. corsi claims that was because stone had advanced knowledge of the release of those access hollywood tape and advance knowledge of the e-mails themselves. corsi was asked about this earlier tonight on our own tucker carlson. >> this is a political witch hunt. i did not have a contact with assange. i have figured out that assange had podesta's e-mail. i told roger stone and told many people in august.
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i did figure it out and i connected the dots. this time i happen to be right. you won't believe that i figured it out. >> laura: roger stone is dispewing some of corsi's other claims and he has a lot to stay. he join us now in an exclusive interview. it's good to see you tonight. i know you watched what mr. corsi said on tucker carlson show. lot of folks watching and they think of the mueller probe. they hear assange name and they don't know who jerome corsi is. simplify this for us is our listeners know what they need know to understand the current state affairs in this investigation. >> first of all, thank you for having me. my own show is so heavily censored to deny me a forum to defend myself.
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i'm grateful for the chance to be here. this is very simple. quite clearly, i made it very clear that on august 21st, i posted a tweet that said, the podesta's time in the barrel will come. i meant that public scrutiny of podesta's business interest as i have been briefed about will be in the media. now jerry corsi has been browbeat into claiming that was a cover story. because history taking heat for that tweet. that's not even logical. my tweet wasn't controversial until six weeks later when julian assange published john podesta's e-mails. then the secondary claim that i knew about the billy bush nbc tape in advance and i asked
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jerry corsi to contact julian assange to ask assange to move up or move back his data dump to distract the attention from that, that's a fairytale. i learned about it at 4:00 in the afternoon like every other american. i was on the street in manhattan. >> laura: there's no text evidence or e-mail evidence regarding the billy bush claim. nothing definitive about the other claim about advance knowledge. there's just one e-mail from you to corsi from july 25, 2016. then this is from the draft court papers. get to at the ecuadorian embassy and get the pending wick leaks
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e-mail. >> hours before that, i was forwarded a e-mail by james roadsen of -- rosen of fox that was sent to me one of the best researchers in the country. rosen had gotten a tip that the disclosures were about the clinton foundation. like every political reporter in america i was curious about what assange had. the bottom line is is clear. nothing we learned shows there was any collusion between the russian state and donald trump's campaign. $20 million and two years in, there's still no evidence of any such russian collusion. >> laura: not according to david from today on cnn who made a
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contrary claim >> this is evidence of ongoing conspiracy or collusion between high-ranking trump campaign officials and wikileaks and julian assange and the stolen e-mails. you can see that he's not only directing jerome corsi to get copy of the e-mails about them. he reports back to roger stone on august 2nd. >> laura: your response to him. >> when did political gossip become criminalized. everyone in the america wanted to see after assange teased e-mails in june what it was he had. there's no flow of information pip received no e-mails and i passed no e-mails on to donald trump or the trump campaign. that's just a fairytale. let's face it. the entire russian collusion delusion. it's meant to distracts from the
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fact that the obama administration the obama n.s.a. and obama nib using unconstitutional fisa wanters to spy on donald trump's campaign. there's a great need to distract from all of those things. we point to donald trump and the phony russian collusion. which just doesn't exist. >> laura: have you been offered a deal bethe special counsel? >> most certainly not. there's no circumstance under what so ever that i will bear false witness against the president. i supported donald trump for president and because i helped defeat hillary clinton and for no other reason. >> laura: roger stone, thank you so much for joining us tonight. joining us now with reaction, attorney john sale who is a special prosecutor during watergate and mark penn. there's a lot about special
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counsel investigation. john, what do you make of mueller's investigation. he's most -- these are players on the periphery of the trump campaign gulf to look at the end game. it goes from wikileaks to corsi to stone. but that does not establish what they're after. what they trying to do is flip people. i think the manafort story is really a tragedy. this man has been no solitary confinement. he so called lied. he will serve life in prison. people saying, why is he lying? is anybody saying he's just not going to say what they want. he's not giving up the president. doesn't the president deserve the same presumption of innocence that everybody else has. sometimes i think i'm on another planet. you hear mr. corsi and stone going on television saying they
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will be indicted, actually explaining their defense, i would think as their lawyers, i'll, tearing their hair out. >> laura: they both in their own description, speaking of defense attorney, very suspicious most prosecutors. no offense to prosecutors. the racket they play. they have an enormous amount of power and someone is looking at life in prison versus, we -- you got to be truthful. you know what being truthful means. you want to see your wife for the next five years and the birth of your first grandchild. most people just crack. that's what happened to the former national security advisor, i don't think he lied. as a political matter, here we are again. >> it does. it seem likes the special counsel don't want to end an investigation and not come back with some scalps and really what
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you see here, it seems like this investigation is over. they looked at the campaign and looked at every e-mail. they got it from the gsa. this thing was done. stone's e-mails here with jerome corsi happened after the july 22nd dnc dumped which wikileaks announced they had more e-mail. all they're doing is speculating back and forth. which would -- i would have been surprised if roger -- >> laura: everybody was talking about, have you heard anything and what you got. >> it shouldn't believing the -- it shouldn't be contents of an investigation that's just about over. >> laura: we had corsi tonight respond to this claim that he had met assange. let's watch. >> have you ever had contact with julian assange? >> no, i never met julian assange. i never spoken with him. i never e-mailed him. i've had no contact with julian
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assange. >> laura: why would he lie about that? there would be some type of record of some type of meeting. seems like assange and wikileaks laying out lot of money saying these meeting they claim occurred didn't occur. >> special counsel will pass on a lie they say if he now changes his story. they will not oppose probation for him. i've been through it so many times where the prosecutor if you say certain things it's the key to the jailhouse. i remember as a young lawyer in watergate when archibald cox said, we're not here to get the president. we're here to do a thorough investigation. that's what i would hope the american people deserve for the mueller investigation. >> laura: how many people believe that andrew weizmann who a staunch hillary clinton supporter and others who are in this special counsel's office
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mark penn, they are -- there's getting the information. that's all they want is the information. it seems highly unlikely. that's people like derschowitz are out there. let's play what alan derschowitz said. >> he's going to produce what he believes is a devastating attack. he will put together everything. he's going to use information from manafort and others without necessarily disclosing that they are liars. >> i think that andrew weizmann has a questionable reputation for having taken witnesses and taken legal process too far. most important thing i found was in the exit polls. donald trump only had a 44% job approval. 54% believe the mueller investigation is political in nature. this investigation has been discredited. they don't want to end it in a
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fair way. derschowitz is right. they will issue a report and they will make it a damming as possible just like ken starr did. >> laura: when corsi was interviewed he was asked about have you knowingly after subverted the interest of our country to help russia. did you ever have contact with regulation intelligence. he said not, i'm a loyal american. i have no business interest in russia. i've never been to russia. that's kind of a key sound bite of that interview. >> roger stone said, when you asked him about the deal, he said i would not bear false witness. doesn't that tell it all? i think this investigation needs supervision. it needs supervision by a permanent attorney general, not to cut it off but to say, let's bring this to a reasonable
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conclusion. >> laura: john, you gave the interview to my next introduction to my next segment about why the president needs to select an attorney general now. thank you for that. great segment guys. wikileaks has once again found themselves at the center of this latest battle. not just the stone and corsi but with paul manafort. after it was suggested by the guardian, manafort met three times with wikileaks founder julian assange, both man tort -- manafort and assange have sued the paper for libel. peter wikileaks seems to be intersecting with all the mueller targets here. what is actually going on here? i think most people trying to unpack this. it's very confusing. it seems very remote from this idea of russian meddling in the elections and colluding with the
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trump person. >> i know. you're exactly right. look, when the fbi issueds its initial finding on the 2016 election, they talked about the russians wanted to sow dissension in the united states. that was the basic theme. the clinton campaign and the democrats did not want to accept the 2016 election results. they quickly pushed this narrative that really what the russians were doing was helping donald trump win. they now are hoping that mueller will come up with evidence of that fact. they simply haven't. if you look at what happened in 2016, you look at all the things that play that steele dossier you find russian fingerprints everywhere and not designed to help donald trump. wikileaks has long time been a crossroads for information. it provides information reporters. it gets used by news source us. the notion that it is part of a
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master plan that they collaborated with the trump campaign and the russians is laughable. i think the pushback that you're getting on these claims by the guardian and our evidence that there's a lot of falseness information. >> laura: at some point, an attorney general, we had attorney general who wasn't acting, didn't have any kind of cloud hanging over his head. at what point can the special counsel's office be sanctioned? this is the problem. they're kind of running wild with the veneer of supervision. if the whole game here is to turn the screws like 72-year-old noon stay, okay, you're going to gasp for your last breath in prison unless you fess up to
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spooning with julian assange. the whole thing is a barf. some point the special counsel office, i don't understand why there wouldn't be sanctioned files against these lawyers making these outrageous moves. that's where i am tonight >> the narrative and goal posts keeps shifting. what these e-mails show is roger stone didn't have contact with julian assange. he's asking jerome corsi to reach out to julian assange. he's not involved in the trump campaign. >> laura: le has a book out. this is a new story today in the "new york times."
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i got to put up this headline real quick. manafort's attorney has been briefing trump's attorneys on what he told mueller. for what? welcome to the world of information sharing among lawyers. big deal. >> that's right. defense clients do this all the time. criminal cases they do it in investigations. this is what's done. this is it's come. to the larger point that i was making, to your point about the attorney general, these issues, you look at the steel dossier, christopher steel, you look at the gentlemen at the state department, winier who is pushing it. you look at adam walderman who is also pushing it.
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i don't think the mueller investigation is going to look at. if we had an attorney general, they could certainly make sure that that was subject of a serious investigation. as long as you don't have someone making a priority it's not going to happen. >> laura: all right. interesting information all around. great conversations. up next, my angle on the next ag, stay there. >> cartel was on his way to a drop.
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>> laura: justice delayed, justifjustice denied. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> i have attorney general that never took control of the justice department, jeff sessions. it's sort an incredible thing. >> i'm disappointed in the attorney general for many reasons. >> laura: well it happens in relationships. the president and jeff sessions started off strong. they were tight. but then they basically ended up height closure. it's been three weeks. we haven't heard much about his filling this critical position of the attorney general. >> i have very good people. there's no rush. it has to go through senate process which takes long time. we'll pick somebody that's
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great. >> laura: well, the fact that we still have no a.g. nominee has senate judiciary chairman cluck grass -- chuck grassily in arms. how long does it take for to you make up your minds for who you want to be the attorney general. grassily takes a good point. this is no time for united states to be out a attorney general. we need a permanent top law enforcement in place. now, for own part, democrats and their sponsors have had a field day since the president selection of former sessions chief of staff matthew whitaker. he was named as acting ag. lawsuits have been filed by senate democrats to remove whitaker claiming the pick was unconstitutional.
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>> he very simply cannot install a person like matt whitaker who is his lap dog when the office requires qualification. matt whitaker lacks the key qualification which is approval by the senate. >> laura: state of maryland has filed an absurd lawsuit to block whitaker for his involvement in the existing obamacare lawsuit. >> my friends, this is all an unnecessary distraction. trump's d.o.j. should be devoting its manpower and resources to defending his policies against the relentless attacks by groups such like the aclu. does the president need the appearance of seeming to be worried about the pending mueller report.
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notwithstanding bad blood between the president and jeff sessions after his recusal in that russia probe. sessions was tough and he was in sync with trump on border enforcement. now more than ever, we need a strong, smart, well respected ag who it liked by the president to do the following. number one, lead the fight against nationwide injunctions enacted by district court judges from illegal immigration and healthcare. these are thwarting the rule of law, the will of the american people and the president. number two, the new ag needs to launch an investigation of open borders groups such pu -- -- puo that have organized this at the border. these organizations are criminal conspirators. right now, there are laws on the
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books that a smart leader at d.o.j. could utilize to stop this caravan madness. what are these laws? section 274 of the immigration act, any person who knowingly brings or just attempts to bring an alien into the united states illegally, has committed a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. anyone who encourages or induce an alien to come can be jailed up to five years. someone who aids or abet people can be jailed up to five years. it gets better, even invokes possibility of the death penalty for those who's actions result in the death of any person while violating the governing immigration law. jeff sessions dropped the ball on this issue.
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new ag must not. number three, before pelosi takes the gavel and investigations hit the trump white house, a whip smart, strong experienced ag is needed to correspondent legal strategy and defend the president's policies and decisions. that means correspondent with the white house. this requires he or she be confident and competent enough to appear on fair media outlets to advance the white house's position. we need to see the attorney general. force, let's face it. we fleed a new ag to help restore public trust and the department of justice and the fbi. after the reputational harm that comey, mccabe, lisa page, peter strzok and others caused, it's time for the president to turn the page and nominate someone with experience and
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credibility. weeks ago i suggested chris christie, he will be fantastics. so will our next guest. that's the angle. first, breaks moment ago, gop u.s. senate -- gop for the u.s. senate, senator cindy hyde-smith wins that runoff in mississippi. keeping the seat in republican hands and giving the gop senate a 53-47 advantage. we're all going to have a live report right before hyde-smith's remarks later in the hour after little marvel removal from my mouth. here to react is andrew mccarthy. a former chief assistant and u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. the fox news alert, very important of course, it got in the way that great intro to you. i have two picks, christy and
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you. >> i thought the alert was that you nominated me. >> laura: this is how we roll. andy, what do you make of -- you know, what i think about you. you will be phenomenal. setting you aside for a moment, what about this need to have an attorney general in place given all of these critical issues that i outlined facing this administration. >> laura, when you were giving that synopsis, which was terrific and really hit exactly what we need to have right now which is very strong hand at the justice department and it's been lacking for a long time. i'm jeff sessions fan but if you don't have the president's confidence, then you can't be effective in that position. we really had a void at the
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justice department for a while. i was just getting that 2007 feeling and thinking about what uproar we were in at that time between the u.s. attorney's crises and things we're going on in iraq and the enemy combatants how they were handled. it seem hiker in -- it seem like we were in uproar. then you had a figure who was strong, who had the respect of the court who had the respect of both sides of the aisle even people who disagreed with him politically, could not argue with the fact that judge mucasi was dedication to the enforce. of the law. everything changed overnight. for 18 months there was lot of
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other problems in the bush administration but the justice department was not one of them. we really need that now. >> laura: alberto gonzalez, god bless him, he was not a strong attorney general. specifically on whitaker, i've met him. i like him a lot. i think he's dedicated person a. i think he is a smart guy. that's an unnecessary distraction. the president doesn't need another thing to deal with. except the main thing which are the problem at the border, injunctions that are recking his policies and thwarting rule of law. imagine having a strong attorney general on television saying, you know why these are bad, one unelected person shouldn't change u.s. policy overnight. we don't have that now. >> no. it makes a difference. even if you making a point
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that's unimpeachable. it makes a difference. that goes not only for somebody who can be a presence in the media, which is obviously important nowadays but something who will look eye-to-eye at the u.s. courts. that's a lot of where this these take place. you talked about in terms of stepped up border enforcement and the thing we could do now if we exploited the american laws that we have on the books now, that's a position that can be forged by somebody that the courts know as a force to be reckoned with. it's going to be tough for somebody who's very presence there in the job right now is controversial. like you, this is not a wrap on matt whitaker. i don't know him. lot of people who do know and think he's a terrific guy, he comes in with a problem in terms
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he doesn't have that experience and backgrounds. he needs a wartime -- >> laura: everything goes back to the godfather. all of life lessons. godfather one and two. you don't have to go further. adam schiff said they'll bring whitaker before congress. first thing they do when they get the gavel back. why do you think your constitutional deployment. you have no authority. it's going to be another side show. the president has so much on his plate. can't do it when you don't have attorney general. >> i don't know why he hasn't picked somebody now. as you point out as far as the testimony is concerned, that's the job. if you have somebody who can be a presence in the room, that's
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not somebody they want to bring down there every couple of weeks or couple of months. the reason they're trying it get their mitts on whitaker, they think the department is on its heels. >> laura: andy, would you do it if you were asked? would you do it? >> laura, i'll tell you what i tell everyone else. on those indictments i don't need to be on the signature line. >> laura: thanks so much. we want to go live now to peter doocy in mississippi with big senate result just came down. peter, what can you tell us? this is a big flight for the republican party. a big night for president trump who went all in over the weekend. >> reporter: laura, we understand, i got this few seconds ago. mike espy has conceded. he was scheduled to call cindy hyde-smith.
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with the race called sooner than his campaign was expecting, over at the espy headquarters about five minutes away, they turned off the projector screens. he went ahead and called cindy hyde-smith. she and her family will come down any minute here. it was unclear exactly what kind of numbers they might have had when she became the first person, the first candidate to ever get president trump to come and campaign twice in one day for her but her campaign was sitting back there looking at projections based on trends and turnouts they saw. special elections are lot harder to predict turnout than a general election. things unfolded almost exactly like they thought. an early night here in mississippi where mike espy, he was trying to become the first african-american elected since
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reconstruction has lost to cindy hyde-smith who will become the first woman ever elected senator out of mississippi. >> laura: what they also did, they worked overtime to do this, they were trying to make this out to be another disaster, confederate flag, she's basically a segregationist up against some of the first african-american senator from mississippi. i think in the end, lot of these charges are falling on deaf ears. people think it's too much. if everything is a racism, nothing is racism after a while. i think it didn't work. it doesn't a horse race contrary to what these media people were drumming up. it never was a horse race. >> reporter: i had somebody from the espy campaign tell me, they were not -- i will turn around with this music to make sure
7:40 pm
she's not coming out. they thought that this was going to be just like the alabama special election. strange time on the calendar and there's all this controversy and democrat can sneak to a victory. what wound up being different. roy moore was candidate in alabama, the president never did a rally for him. rest folks in d.c. kept him at arms lengths. the gop sent a full calvary here to mississippi. two trump rallies in the day and other senator was here and lindsey graham was here. they had a full show of force to help cindy hyde-smith. >> laura: funny thing, when they all unite together and fight for
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something, they win. peter, thank you so much. we'll take you to the hyde-smith speak if if happens within the hour. which i imagine it will. the first can van -- caravan is one of the issue taking our country. it is this next story that's shocking. right now, 2324 american teens are being held at just one facility in texas. more than 1300 of those teens have arrived just since the end of october alone. what's the cost to the american taxpayer? well, $1200 per child per day. the plans to close this facility, of course, are being scuttled. this facility could remain in operation into 2020. this one facility can cost you
7:42 pm
as taxpayer more than $430 million. for a frame of reference, there are at least 100 of these facilities in 15 states. we wanted to look into who profits from these open borders nightmares that we're seeing infolding. we took a look at the latest hhs disbursements. these groups gots the most money. the united states conference of catholic bipartisan. they -- bishop. they got over $80 million in contracts and grants. the most recent numbers are only 2015. something called the church world service, got over $68 million in both u.s. and state grants and contracts to deal with this influx of all these migrants.
7:43 pm
the lutheran immigration and refugee services, got over $45 million from the government in 2017. it is no wonder that pueblo, the big backer we talked about, they helped organize the caravan, referred to the mass of migrants in press release today as the exodus. it's a obvious quote to the bible. joining us now to debate whether this caring for taking them in, $430 million later if these numbers hold, why it's all required of us as christians and people of faith, to spend this money and take it all in. jonathan, let's start with you. do you see how some people might
7:44 pm
consider this sort of activism a misuse of religion? can religious people disagree how to welcome stranger and how to help others in need versus essentially throwing open our borders. >> absolutely. we can disagree on how to do it. i think that what you're reading in this press release is recognition that the christian story is really a migrant's tale. this is not the first ministry to use that kind of language. the u.s. conference of catholic bishop have done this. the world relief have done this. the ethics and religious commission of the southern baptist convention with 15 million evangelical members across the nation has used that language. it's not controversial thing if you really look at the groups that are using it.
7:45 pm
it's not a left-right thing. lot of christian groups on the political right have used this language. >> laura: i understand what you're saying. however, if you take money off the table for the u.s. conference of catholic bishops, they get about $100 million. lutherans about $50 million, other groups tens of millions of dollars. you take that federal money off the table, and i love to see all the great work of all the organizations. >> it's slightly offensive if you spent time with social workers in america. these are not people driving cadillacs and making it rain with money. >> laura: i don't care what they are driving. >> the people who are resettling refugees, if you spend some time with the catholic charities for example, these people are not in it for the money. even i in --
7:46 pm
>> laura: i will say what's offensive to me is someone kerry picking verses out the bible like matthew 25 -- >> you're not cherry picking out of the bible. now you're in my arena. i'm the guy here between the two of us who went to the seminary. almost every biblical character in the bible was an immigrant at one time. >> laura: does the admonition to care for others apply to individuals or to government? >> listen, thanks laura for having me. jonathan, seems to choose whatever he wants to choose. he doesn't represent an orthodox view of anything that's biblical
7:47 pm
whether it is on this issue orb same sex marriage issue. the bible is constructed of a group of laws. if you happen to believe in christianity, again, i know that laura you have lot of viewers that don't, if you were to choose to be a christ follower, christ said, i quote, i'm the door. do not come to the father any other way other than through me. the door. if you don't come that way, you won't be welcome. jonathan's views are not keeping anything that's orthodox. he's out of order and he's been out of order. this is where y he grand stands. >> laura: everyone has to come to terms with, if there are borders and if there are things like called countries, we must respect other country's laws.
7:48 pm
that is also in the bible. jesus and mary traveled freely within roman empire because they lived in roman occupied land. we can have a borderless society and we'll be better people. i guess we can do that. >> we cannot open our borders. >> we're not talking about anybody breaking law. >> they are breaking laws. >> laura: i have a question. i have a question both of you. same question. jonathan, if someone walks through your front door uninvited and set up shop, maybe had couple of other people with them and they broke down a fence
7:49 pm
to get to your house or they broke in through the front door, they say, i feel oppressed and you need to help me. you call the police or do you say, the bible compels me to help you because you say you have a claim. when you take it out of this current situation -- >> no. first of all, we're not talking about somebody break into houses. we're talking about people seeking asylum. that's the difference. when i frame things that way it sounds like that. there were people who were fleeing violence. if there was a mother with her children who was fleeing violence and came to my doorstep, i would help that person. jesus would want me too. >> laura: you'll be calling 911. someone kicked down your front door and they claimed they needed help. you'll say who are you. why are you here.
7:50 pm
you would call 911 it's a violation of your border. we're out of time. i'm grand standing now. guys, we'll have you back. i love having you both of you on. another holiday season, another disgusting attack on the first lady. we have that coming up. it's a feeling that's hard to describe... ♪ ...and even harder to forget. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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>> laura: left is freaking out over the white house christmas decorations. much of the white house is decorated in a typical christmas fashion. melania trump added a hallway of red trees. slate called them the red christmas trees of death. joining me now washington times opinion editor. sorry ladies breaking news. we have to be quick tonight. kathy, now what's wrong with red trees? >> actually no, michelle obama tried blue theme for christmas. they was criticized for that whole thing. no blue. she thought outside the box and unfortunately, melania trump just did not score points with
7:55 pm
these trees. they're calling it the shining. they're putting her down for it. >> laura: monica, i've heard a lot of really goofy criticisms of melania trump. this has to be the dumbest thing i ever heard. i kind of like traditional white pip like -- i like the big old that cause a fire bulk. the colored one. those are my favorites. they're going crazy here. >> we are now-in into year two of the absurd attacks on the first lady and the white house christmas decorations, which by the way are beautiful. just as our first lady. she has impeccable taste. the white house looks gorgeous. it doesn't matter what she would
7:56 pm
do. she could what they think are the perfect decorations and they would still rip her apart. >> laura: they are hanging planned parenthood onments on the tree. they would criticize that. this is now the lowest of the low. the most pathetic. >> absolutely. we went to the white house christmas party last year, it was gorgeous with the white trees and the red trees are beautiful. whatever tree she has there, the left will be attacking her and being malicious and nasty. very proud of our first lady. >> laura: i think it's diversity of colors, white, red and maybe kathy will be happy, we'll do blue. guys, sorry about the short
7:57 pm
segment. cindy hyde-smith gave the gop another victory tonight. final thoughts next. different school. different job. different dreams. different problems. in america, the zip code you're born in can determine your future. the y works to change that with programs and services that help everyone thrive- no matter who you are or where you're from. for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> laura: with now 53-47 advantage in the stat more republicans. all i want for christmas is more judges and new ag. shannon bream take it from here. much more in that big mississippi senate win for cindy hyde-smith. shannon. >> shannon: you have to talk to senator flake about those judges. thanks. fox news alerts. republican score another midterm win. critical senate seat in gop column. straight ahead, new developments tonight in the high stake show down with gm. the president now talking about tariffs. tonight the plot


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