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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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attention the last couple of days. >> sean: that's peter doocy reporting. we'll get the follow up soon. unfortunately this is terrible. that's all the time we have left. i can't stay here anymore. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is from washington, d.c., not the swamp or sewer. >> laura: candidate. you think of mike espy, this is like the old home team; right? these fames are -- names are floating out there in the ether. >> sean: this is a big win. he helped defeat claire mccaskill, joe donnelly, hiedy, and he couldn't help in all 34 districts, but he helped in the senate.
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>> laura: i think it is. sean, you might have pointed it out. poor mia love. >> sean: i like her. i wish she would have held her seat. >> laura: the president probably shouldn't have said the no love thing. she shouldn't have criticized him. >> sean: i think she'll be back. she brings a lot to the republican party. that was a tough loss. i wanted her to win. >> laura: hannity, great night. we wait for the final call. thanks so much. have a great show. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. as you just heard us talking about, we're still awaiting the final results in the mississippi senate race. at this time cindy hyde-smith has a lead over mike espy. victory by hyde-smith would expand the gop lead in the senate 53-47.
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we're going to have a live report from the ground as soon as we get the final cha. also between the mueller investigation and ongoing crisis at the border, my angle is going to explain why the president must pick a new attorney general -- like yesterday to quote one of my favorite senators. plus "the ingraham angle" will take you behind the caravan headline for a shocking investigation into the tens of thousands of migrant teens currently being housed inside our country and the astronomical cost associated with their care. you are paying for it, my friends. it is becoming a tradition. the criticism of melania trump's christmas decorations. they did it last year. this year the critics are back. they have nothing better to do than to go after melania trump.
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first two targets of the mueller probe. earlier today "the daily caller" reported of an earlier copy of a book written by jerome corsi. he testified that just one month before the 2016 election, trump con confidant, robert stone, asked him to contact julian assange to release the e-mail. he claims this was because stone had advanced knowledge of the relief of the "infamous access" hollywood tapes. corsi was asked about this earlier tonight on our own "tucker carlson." >> i did not have contact with assange. assange had the e-mails. i figured it out and told roger stone and many people in august.
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i just happened i was right. i did figure it out and connect the dots. this time i happen to be right. you just won't believe i figured it out. >> laura: roger stone is disputing. he has a lot to say. he joins us now in an exclusive interview to tell us what is going on here. roger, it is good to see you tonight. i know you watched what mr. corsi said on tucker carlson's show. a lot of folks watching, they think of the mueller probe and the nefarious russian plots. they hear assange and they don't know who jerome corsi is. simplify this for us so our listeners know what they need to know to understand the current state of affairs in the investigation as it pertains to you. >> first of all, laura, thank you for having me. my own show is so heavily censors denying me a forum to have a chance to defend myself. i'm grateful to be here.
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this is simple. it shows what happens when you hot box a 72-year-old man for 40 hours as the mueller interrogators did. quite clearly i made it very clear on august 21st i posted a tweet that said poe desta's time will come. i meant the russian business interest would be in the media. now jerry corsi has been browbeat to claiming that was a cover story. because i was taking heat for the tweet. that's not even logical. my tweet wasn't controversial until six weeks later when julian assange published joe poe -- podesta's e-mail. and the secretary claim i knew about the case in advance and i
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asked jerry corsi to contact julian assange to ask him to move up or move back his data jump to distract from that, that's a fairy tale. that's just whole clothe. i learned about it at 4:00 in the afternoon like other american. i was on the street in manhattan. >> laura: roger, there's no text evidence or e-mail evidence regarding the billy bush claim. and nothing definitive about the other claim. about advanced knowledge. there's just one e-mail from you to corsi from july 25th of 2016. we'll put it up on the screen. this is from the draft papers. get to i guess assange in london and get the pending wiki wikileak e-mails. that's what you've referenced several times.
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once again why doesn't that report back? >> there's an important back story. hours before that i was forwarded an e-mail by james rosen of fox and was sent by charles, one of the best investigators in the country. rosen had gotten the tip that the disclosures were going to be about the clinton foundation. like every political reporter in america, i was serious about what assange had. the bottom line is very clear. nothing we learned in the last 72 hours shows there was any collusion between the russian state and donald trump's campaign. $2 million -- pardon me $20 million in and there's no evidence of the collusion. >> laura: not according to today on cnn david made a contrary claim. let's watch. >> i think again this is more
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evidence of an ongoing conspiracy and conclusion between the trump officials and wikileaks and the stolen e-mails. she's not only directing corsi to get information, he e reports back to roger stone on august 2nd. >> laura: your response to him. some of it you've covered it. >> when did political gossip become criminalized. everybody in america wanted to know after assange teased the e-mails in june and on fox in august what exactly it was that he had. there's no flow of information. i received no e-mail and passed no e-mails on to donald trump or the trump campaign. that's just a fairy tale. but let's face it. the entire russian collusion
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delusion is to distract the obama and the fbi were using unconstitutional warrants to spy on the campaign and were using the fbi to infiltrate the campaign. that plus uranium and we point to donald trump and the phony russian collusion, which just doesn't exist. >> has he been offered a deal by the special counsel? >> no. there's no circumstances i was bear false witness against the president. i am being persecuted because i helped donald trump as president and helped defeat hillary clinton. >> laura: thank you. joining us now is attorney john sail and mark. john, let me start first with
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you. what do you make of mueller's investigation? it seems to be landing on -- mostly the bid players who at best were on the periphery of the trump campaign. >> you have to look at their end game. from wikileaks to corsi to stone. that does not establish what they are after. they are trying to flip people. i think the manafort story is a tragedy. this man has been in solitary confinement, because he so-called lies. he's going to serve life in prison. people saying why is he lying? who is he protecting? is anybody saying he's just not going to say what they want? he's just not giving up the president? doesn't the president deserve the same presumption of innocence that everybody else has? sometimes i think i'm living on another planet. when you hear mr. corsi and mr. stone going on television and saying they are going to be
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indicted and actually explaining their defense i would think as their lawyers are tearing their hair out. >> laura: it sounds -- they both in their own prescriptions -- i'm speaking of the defense attorney. i'm very suspicious of most prosecutors. no offense to the prosecutors out there who are doing a good job. i know the racket they play. they have an enormous amount of power. someone is looking at life in prison. we've got to be truthful. you want to see your wife for the next five years. you want to see the birth of your first grandchild. most people just crack. i think that's what happens to the former national security advisor when -- i don't think he lied and mark i got to go to you on this. as a political matter, here we are again. it seems like this is deja vu all over again with the special council. >> it seems like the special counsel doesn't want to end the investigation and not come back with some scalps.
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it seems like the investigation is over. they looked at the campaign and every e-mail. they interviewed 40 witnesses. this thing was done. stone's e-mail here happened after the july 22nd dnc dump in which they announced they had more e-mails. all they were doing was speculating back and forth. what's going on? i wouldn't be surprised if roger stone hadn't written a bunch of e-mails? >> laura: do you know anything? it certainly shouldn't be the context of the investigation that's just about over. >> laura: we had corsi, tonight, john, respond to the claim that he had met assange. let's watch. >> have you ever had contact with julian assange? >> to. i've never met julian assange, i've never spoken with him, i've
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had no contact with julian assange whatsoever. >> laura: why would he lie about that? there would be some type of record of some type of meeting. seems like assange and wikileaks is laying out a lot of money saying the meetings they say occurred didn't occur. million-dollar bet on that. >> the special counsel will task on a lie if he changes his story. they will not impose probation for him. i've been through it so many times. the prosecutor you say certain things, it is the key to the jailhouse. i remember as the young lawyer in watergate when they said to a few of us, we are not here to get the president. we're here to do a thorough investigation. that's what i would hope the american people deserve from the mueller investigation. >> laura: how many people believe that andrew wiseman who is a staunch hillary clinton supporter and others in the
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special counsel office, they are getting the information. that's all they want is the information. they are going to put it out there. it seems highly unlikely. that's why people like dirshwitz is out for. >> he's going to put together and use information from manafort and others without necessarily disclosing that they're liars. >> i think he might have taken the legal process too much. i found in the exit polls donald trump had a 44% job approval but 54% believe the mueller investigation is political in nature. it has been discredited. they don't want to end it in a fair way. i think dershwitz is right.
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they are going to issue a reporter and make it as damning as possible like ken star did. >> laura: he was asking have you ever subverted the interest of our country to help another country like russia. have you ever had contact with russian intelligence. absolutely not. i'm a loyal american. i have no business interest in russia. i've never been to russia. that's the keeper sound bite of the interview. i guess he had a white russian once at a bar. that's enough. >> he wasn't being vague about that. i think he said i would not bear false witness. doesn't that tell it it all? i think the investigation needs supervision. i think it needs supervision by a permanent attorney general not to cut it off and cut off the oxygen. but to say let's bring this to a reasonable conclusion.
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>> laura: you gave the interview to my next -- the introduction to my next segment about why the president needs to select an attorney general now. thank you for that. great segment. thanks so much. wikileaks has found themselves at the center of the latest battle. not just with stone and corsi, but paul manafort as well. it was suggested by "the guardian" that manafort met with julian assange three times. they have threatened legal action in the uk for libel. peter is joining us now. wikileaks seems to be intersecting with all of the mueller targets here. what is going on here? i think most people are trying to unpack this. it seems very confusing and very remote from the idea of russian meddling in the election and
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colluding. >> no. i think you are exactly right. when the fbi issued the initial finding on the election, they talked about the fact that the russians wanted dissension in the united states. that was the basic theme. the clinton campaign and the democrat didn't want to accept the 2016 election results. they quickly pushed the narrative that what the russians were doing was helping donald trump win. they are now hoping that mueller is going to come up with evidence of that fact. they simply haven't. in fact, if you look at what happened in 2016, you look all of the things that play and the dossier, you find russian fingerprints everywhere and not designed to help donald trump, but designed to cause dissension. wikileaks has been a cross roads. it gets used by reporters and news sources. but the notion that somehow it is part of some master plan that
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they collaborated with the trump campaign and the russians is just laughable. i think the pushback that you are getting on the claims by "the guardian" is evidence. there's a lot of information about what went on. >> laura: at some point if we had an attorney general that wasn't acting and didn't have any kind of cloud hanging over his head would say -- okay. at what point can the special counsels office be sanctioned? this is the problem with the special counsel and independent counsel. they are running wild with the veneer of supervision. it is the whole game here to turn the screws on the 72-year-old man to say, okay, you are going to gasp your last breath in prison unless you fess up to spooning with julian assange. the whole thing is a farce.
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at some point the special counsel's office -- if it keeps going the way it is going, i don't understand why there wouldn't be sanctioned files against some of the lawyers making the outrageous moves in the judicial system. that's where i am. let something else happen. that's where i am tonight. >> i think you are right. the narrative in the post keeps shifting. the original narrative was the meeting at trump tower and the russians. then it is roger stone is working with julian assange. what the e-mails show is roger stone didn't have contact with julian assange. she's asking jerome corsi to reach out to julian assange. now the focus is on the author, jerome corsi, who is 72, not involved in the trump campaign -- >> laura: but they have a book out. >> -- they put the squeeze on him. >> laura: he has a new book out. this is a new story.
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i'm going to put up the headline. this is a new story that manafort's attorneys have been briefing trump's attorneys on what he told mueller. >> yeah. >> laura: so what? welcome to the world of information sharing among lawyers. big deal. >> that's exactly right. defense clients do this all the time in criminal cases, they do it in investigations, this is what's done. this is where it is calm. to the larger point that i was making to your point about the attorney general. you look at the steele dossier and the gentleman at the state department legitimizing it. all of them were tied to the guard. it would be interesting to find out what role, if any, the russian official might have
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played. i don't think the mueller investigation is going to look at it. if we had an attorney general, they could make sure that was subject of a series investigation. as long as you don't have someone making a priority, it is not going to happen. >> laura: all right. all right. interesting information all together. great conversations. up next my angle on the next ag.
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>> laura: justice delayed, justifjustice >> laura: justice delayed, justice denied. that's the focus on tonight's angle. >> i put in an attorney general that never took control of the justice department, jeff sessions. he never took control of the justice department. it is an incredible thing. >> i'm disappointed in the attorney general for many reasons. and you understand that. >> laura: well, it happens in a relationship. the president and jeff sessions started off strong. they were tight. they ended up hating each other. there's been three weeks since trump canned sessions. we haven't heard much about his critical position of the attorney general since this. >> i have some very, very good people. there's no rush. it has to go through a senate process. we're going to pick somebody
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that's great or very good. >> laura: thanks. the fact that it had no ag, he would be wise to get somebody appointed, like yesterday. how long does it take for you to make up your mind for attorney general. this is no time for the administration or the united states to be without an attorney general. we need a permanent, top law enforcement officer in place particularly at a time when our border is under assault. for its own part, the democrats and sponsors have had a field day. here's matthew whitaker, who was named as acting ag. lawsuits have been filed claiming the pick is unconstitutional since whitaker hasn't been confirmed by the senate. >> he very simply cannot install
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a person like matt whitaker who is his lap dog when his office requires qualification. matt whitaker lacks the key qualification, which is approval by the senate. >> laura: the state state of maryland has filed a lawsuit to protect people with preexisting health conditions. my friends, this is all an unnecessary distraction. trump doj should be devoting its manpower and resources to defending his policies against the relentless attacks by groups such as the aclu. there's no point in fighting unnecessary battles launched by vicious opponents or by delaying the nomination of the new ag. does the president need the appearance of seeming to be worried about pretending the mueller reports.
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notwithstanding the bad blood between the president and jeff sessions, sessions was tough. and he was in sync with trump on border enforcement. now more than ever we need a strong, smart, well-respected ag who is liked by the president to immediately do the following. number one, lead the fight against judges on issues from illegal immigration to health care the injunction are thwarting the rule of law, american people, and the president. number two, the new ag needs to launch an investigation of open borders groups that have organized and choreographed the migrant crisis at the border. they are criminal conspirators. they are mas car raiding.
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there are laws on the books that a smart leader at doj could utilize to stop the caravan mod -- madness. what are the laws? any person who knowingly brings or just attempted to bring in an alien has committed a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison. anyone who encourages or induces an alien to come or enter and reside in the united states illegally can be jailed for up to five years. and someone who aids or abets people committing either of the above acting can be jailed for five years. by the way, it gets better. 18usc section 1325 even invokes the possibility of the death penalty for those whose actions result in the death of any person while violating the governing immigration law. jeff sessions dropped the ball on this issue. a new ag must not.
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number three, before pelosi takes the gavel in a deluge of democratic investigations hit the white house, a whip-smart, strong ag is kneed to coordinate legal strategy to defend the president's policies and decision. that means coordinate with the white house. this requires that he or she be confidence and confident to appear on media outlets to advance the white house's position. we need to see the attorney general. face it, we need a new ag to help restore public trust. after the reputational harm that comey, mcgabe leaked the page, and a bag the of others have caused, it is time for the president to turn the page and nominate someone with experience and credibility to head the
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doj. weeks ago i suggested former new jersey governor, chris christie, as a possible ag pick. he would be fantastic. so would our next guest. and that's the angle. all right. first breaking moments ago, the gop for the u.s. senate and senator cindy hyde-smith wins the run-off in mississippi keeping the seat and giving the gop senate a 53-47 advantage. we're going to have a live report right before hyde-smith's remarks later in the hour after a little marble removal from my mouth. now to react to my angle is andrew mccarthy, a former assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. fox news alert, very important alert. it got in the way of the great intro to you. i have two picks. christie and you.
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come on. >> i thought the alert. you nominated me. >> laura: i was like wait a second. the alert coming out of that. this is how we roll. it is live news. andy, what do you make -- look, you know what i think about you. you would be phenomenal. i don't know if you would do it or not. setting you aside for a moment, what about the need to have an attorney general in place given all of the critical issues that i outlined facing this administration? >> you know, laura, when you were giving that synopsis, which i think was terrific and really hit exactly what we need to have right now which is a very strong hand at the justice department. it's been lacking for a long time. i'm a jeff sessions fan. you know, if you don't have the president's confidence, then you can't be effective in that position. we really had a void at the justice department for a while.
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and i was just getting that 2007 feeling. and i was thinking about what uproar we were in at the time between the -- you know, the u.s. attorneys crisis and the things going on in iraq and, you know, the enemy combatant and how they were being handled and interrogated. it seems like we were just in complete uproar at the justice department. all of the sudden president trump brought in judge bucasey. you had an eminent figure that was strong and respect both sides of the aisle. they couldn't argue with the fact that as far as the law is concerned of great rectitude and dedication to the enforcement of the law. it was like everything changed overnight. for 18 months there was a lot of other problems in the bush
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administration. but the justice department was not one of them. i think that we really need that now. >> laura: alberto gonzales was not a strong attorney general. specifically on whitaker. again i've met him. i like him a lot. i think he's a dedicated person. i think he is a smart guy. but that's an unnecessary distraction. the president doesn't need another thing to deal with. except the main things which are the problem at the border and the conjunctions which are wrecking his policies and thwarting the law. an attorney general said you know why they are bad? one person shouldn't change u.s. policy. just something as simple as that. we don't have that now. >> no. and it makes a difference, laura, even if you are making a
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point that unimpeachable, it makes a difference what the gravitas of the person making the point is. and that goes not only for someone who can be a presence in the media which is obviously important nowadays, but somebody who is going to look eye to eye at the u.s. court. because that's a lot of where this has to take place. what you talked about in terms of stepped up border enforcement and the things that we could do now if we exploited the american laws that we have on the books now? that's a position that can be forged by somebody that the courts know as a force to be reckoned with. it is going to be tough for somebody who is very present there in the job right now is controversial. and like you, this is not a wrap on matt whitaker. i don't know him. but a lot of people who i do know and respect think he's a terrific guy. he comes in with the problem, in terms of not being somebody who
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not only confirm, but he doesn't have the experience and background. i think he needs what we said the last time. he needs a wartime hearing. >> laura: everything goes back to the "godfather." all of life's blessings. i and ii. they are going to bring whitaker before congress and put him through the paces. i mean the first thing they do when they get the gavel back is they are going to have whitaker up there going why do you think you are a constitutional appointment, you have no authority, and it is going to be another side show. the president has so much on his plate. he has to start picking off the agenda items. can't do it if you don't have an attorney general. do you think he'll pick someone before the end of the year? >> i hope so. i don't know why he hasn't picked somebody now. as far as the testimony is concerned, that's the job. if you have somebody who can be a presence in the room, they are
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not -- that's not somebody they want to bring down there every, you know, couple of weeks or couple of months. the reason they are trying to get their mitts on whitaker is because they think the president is on its heels. we need to get it off its heels. >> would you do it if you asked? if the president said i need you, would you do it? >> i'll tell you what i tell everyone else. on the indict, i don't need to be on the significant line, i just need to stay out of the caption. >> laura: all right. the big senate result in mississippi just came down. it is a big night for the republican party and a big night for president trump who went all in over the weekend. >> for the first time, i just got this a few seconds ago. mike espy has conceded. with the rates being announced and called sooner than his
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campaign was expecting over at the headquarters, they turned off the projector screens, and he called cindy hyde-smith. she and her family are going to come down any minute here after what her campaign says was not a very suspensionful night. it was unclear exactly what kind of numbers they might have had when she become the first person, the first candidate to ever get president trump to come and campaign twice in one day for her. but her campaign was sitting back there looking at projections that they had based on trends they were seeing and turnouts they thought special elections are a lot harder to predict than a general election. they say that things unfolded almost exactly like they thought. again an early night here in mississippi where mike espy is a democrat who was trying to become the first african-american elected since re-construction has law to cindy
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hyde-smith who will now become the first woman ever elected senate out of mississippi. >> that's a first. what they did -- they worked overtime to do this over the last week, week and a half is this was -- they were trying to make this out to be another, you know, disaster, confederate flag. she's basically a segregationist against the first african-american senate from mississippi. a lot of the charges are falling on deaf ears. it is just too much. if everything is racism, then nothing is race much after a while. i think it didn't work. it wasn't a horse race contrary to what all of the media people were drumming up as a horse race. it never was a horse race. >> i had somebody associated with the espy campaign. i'm going to turn around with the music.
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there's too many signs. i can't see. somebody with the espy campaign said they thought this was going to be just like the alabama special election. what wound up being different is the president never did a rally for him. and the rest of the big wigs kept him completely at arm's length. the gop sent the full calvary. lindsey graham was here. they had a full show of positioner to come and help cindy hyde-smith. she's about to accept the rest of the conference term right across from the courthouse.
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>> it is a funny thing. check this out. right now 2,345 mostly central american teams are being held. more than 1,300 of the teens have arrived since the end of october alone. it is a cost to you the american taxpayer? nothing. the plans to close the facility is being subtle. they show the plans for the facility could remain in operation until 2020. in the end, the one facility
11:42 pm
could cost more than $430 million. there are 100 facilities. we wanted to look at who profits from the open borders and nightmares. we look a look. we found that these groups got the most money. ready? the united states conference got over $80 billion in contracts and grants. now something called the church world service. it got over 68 million in u.s. and grants to deal with the influx of all of the migrants.
11:43 pm
the ruth gap immigration and refugee services got over $45 million from the government in 2017. it is no wonder that the big backer that we talked about in the angle behind the migrant caravans helped organize the caravan referred to the mass of migrants in a press release today as quote the exodus. it was an obvious reference to the bible, of course. they use the same term the exodus 17 times. joining us now to debate whether this caring for and taking the man $430 million later and why it is all required of us as christians to spend the money. jonathan, let's start with you. do you see how some people might
11:44 pm
consider this activism a misuse of religion? can't religion people disagree on how to help a stranger rather than opening up the borders and once they cross the border illegally. >> absolutely. we can disagree on how to do it. i think what you are reading in the press release that the christian story is really a migrant's tale. this is not the first ministry to use that kind of language. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops, the world relief which works at the national association of evangelicals has done this with $15 million evangelical members across the nation have also drawn in the language. use of the language is not a controversial thing if you really look at the groups that are using it. and it is not a left/right
11:45 pm
thing. you are finding that a lot of christian groups on the political right have used the language. >> laura: i understand what you are saying. however if you take money off of the table for the u.s. conference of catholic bishops, they get about $100 million. gut rans and other groups. you take that money off of the table, and i would love to see. >> it is slightly offensive if you've ever spent time with social workers in america. these aren't people driving cadillacs and making it rain with money. the people who are resettling refugees, if you go out and spend some time with catholic charities, for example, these people are not it for the money.
11:46 pm
>> laura: i will say what's offensive to me is someone cherry picking bible verses and the admonish -- >> you are not cherry picking out of the bible. now you are in my arena. >> laura: take a breath. actually who translated the bible. >> you are not cherry picking out of the bible. >> laura: we're cherry picking. >> every biblical character in the bible was an immigrant at one time or the other. >> laura: is it in the bible not to let the other guest speak. i don't think so. does the admonish to care for others apply to individuals or to governments? >> first of all, thank you. he certainly doesn't represent an orthodox view of anything that's biblical. whether it is on the issue or
11:47 pm
same-sex marriage issue. he just doesn't. the bible is constructed of a group of laws. and if you happen to believe in christianity, and again i know that, laura, you have a lot of viewers that don't. if you were to choose to be a followers, he says i am a door. do not come to the father any other way other than through me. if you don't some that way, you won't be welcomed. any subject matter as it relates to what the president is doing. he's out of order, and he has been out of order. this is why he grand stands every time he has an opportunity to speak. >> laura: i think everybody has to come to terms with if there are borders and things called countries, then we must respect other country's laws.
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that's also in the bible, render under caesar what is caesar's. jesus and mary traveled freely within the roman empire because they lived in roman-occupied land. we can have an open-borderless society, we'll all be better people. we can do that. >> we cannot open our borders no more. >> we're not talking about -- >> stop grand standing. >> we're not talking about anybody breaking law. >> they are breaking the law if they come here. >> laura: okay. i have a question. guys, both, the same question. jonathan, if someone walks through your front door uninvited and set up shop, maybe had a couple of other people with them, and maybe they broke down a fence to get to your
11:49 pm
house or maybe they broke in through the front door or came through the window. you know something? i feel oppressed, and you need to help me. do you call the police or do you say the bible compelled me to help you. when you take it out of the current situation. >> we're not talking about somebody breaking into houses. it sounds like that. there were people who were fleeing violence. there was a mother with her children. there was a mother with her children who was fleeing violence, i think i would help them. >> laura: really? they kicked in your front door. you would calling 911. someone kicked down your floor and claimed they need help. who are youian are you here?
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aubrey, i probably have the answer to the question. you would call 911. it is a violation of your border. i'm grand standing now. that's what i can do. it is my show. i love having both of you on. it is all good. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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>> laura: left is freaking out over the white house christmas >> laura: all right. talk about the white house christmas decorations. much was deck -- decorated in typical fashion. she added a hallway of red trees. they called them the red christmas trees of death. joining me now the washington times of opinion editor. sorry, breaking news, we have to be quick tonight. cathy, what's wrong with red trees? would it be happier if they were blue trees? >> no. michelle obama tried the blue theme. she was criticized for that whole thing her last christmas in the white house. no blue. yes. she thought outside of the box. melania trump just did not fore
11:55 pm
point with the trees. they are calling it the shining. they are putting her down for it. pat sajak said if she was married to someone else, maybe she couldn't be criticized for being outside of the box. >> i've heard a lot of goofy criticisms of melania trump. this has to be the dumbest thing i've heard. >> yeah. >> laura: i mean i don't really care what color the trees are. i like white. i like the big ones that basically call a fire ball. the colored ones from the 70's. that would be funny. a retro christmas with real candles on the tree. they are going crazy here. >> we're now into year two of the absurd tasks. she's spectacular and impeccable. the white house looks gorgeous. it doesn't matter what she could
11:56 pm
do. she could do what are the perfect decorations. they could still rip her apart by virture of who she was married to. >> i think even hanging planned parenthood they would criticize that. this is now the lowest of the low, the most pathetic. i think most americans hear this and go la la la. they don't care. >> absolutely, laura. many people don't do the christmas trees. it was gorgeous with the white trees. the red trees are beautiful as well. whatever color trees are decorations, the left would be attacking her and being malicious and nasty. i'm very proud of the first lady. she has impeccable taste. >> right. diversity of colors. white, red, maybe we'll be happy and do blue and get the old fashion retro bulbs. cindy hyde-smith gave the gop
11:57 pm
another senate victory tonight. final thoughts next. ..
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> laura: with now 53-47 advantage i >>n an advantage in the senate for republicans. all i want for christmas is more judges in the new ag. much more in the big mississippi senate win for cindy hyde smith. >> you might have to talk to senator flake about those judges. republicans score another midterm win, critical senate seat in gop column, the latest from mississippi straight ahead. the high-stakes showdown with gm after taxpayers foot the bill for $51 billion bailout.


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