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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 28, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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hopefully he will take this opportunity to stand up and be transparent. >> neil: thank you very much. quick peek at the dow. this is not a typo. we were up 617 points. the federal reserve indicated the rate hikes, slowing down, which had buyers running through the roof. "the five" is next. ♪ >> greg: i am gg with jedediah bila, juan williams, jesse watters, and dana perino. "the five" ." we are a divided country, we are told. people blame the media, others politicians. to quote former president obama, don't blame me. instead put it on identity politics. >> when i hear people say they don't like identity politics. they don't like -- i think it's important to remember that
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identity politics doesn't just apply when it's black people or gay people or women. the folks who really originated identity politics were the person you said 3/5 clause no less. that's identity politics. that is still out there. >> greg: he is dead right. the past was super racist. just ask democrats going to war to defend slavery. that was then. obama seems to be arguing around our current problem, kind of like when faced with islamic terror, you say this. >> lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crusades, the inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. >> greg: i don't blame obama's what about-ism. an excuse is the one flaw that if fixed could unify his party in this country. that flaw is identity politics
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which prefers disunity and differences over mutual understanding. political power based on grievance requires an endless supply of oppressors. without them, there is no power. no wonder young healthy individuals with endless opportunities feel and seem hopeless. it's because the anger ruins them. identity politics as you're never going to win until you are the oppressor. that means embracing a vengeance based dogma. it says that others, no matter their age, are still guilty of a huge historical crime against blacks, women, gays, you name it. ultimately each group will turn on itself since one group suppressor is another's victim. it removes commonality, replacing it with grievances that leaves you better. until the democrats discard the obstacle to unity, it's only going to get worse. it's not often that i give advice. earnest advice to democrats. what the hell am i thinking?
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>> dana: snap out of it. >> greg: juan, you have to believe i believe that if the democrats let go, it could be a magnificent thing for both parties. it will make the republicans better as well if you have a really strong message, unifying message from democrats. everybody becomes better because it's about unification. >> juan: i am all for unification and i think it's important to emphasize the idea we are all americans. but i do think, contrary to what you said, you left donald trump out of there and i think he is a guy who's found it politically advantageous to divide us as americans. and that identity politics my mind, especially the politics of today, a lot of it begins with things like the birther movement. or the black football players. i could go on.
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you know the story. my mind, what i'm seeing is the emphasis trump has placed on white identity politics and it has involved and people i think in the past were biting their tongues about it. i think this is part of the shifting demographics for the country, especially among young people. more people of color, more immigrants coming to the country. i think it challenges the idea of white majority, white control. but we need to get away from it. that's where i agree with you. focus on things that bring us together. i don't think trump is that guy. >> greg: maybe he isn't, but identity politics stresses the differences, the idea of intersection-ality. we can't come together if we are focusing on who is more aggrieved. >> dana: even more important i think to go back and remain people and teach younger people about civics education and why the founders founded our country. it's based on an idea.
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diversity is a strength, it's the democrats message. okay, may be. you can see how far you can get that way but what would bring all of us together as a reminder that the focus america based on an idea that all men are created equal. it's not about our heritage. it's not about a certain people. that's why when macron brought up nationalism of the speech in franch and everyone -- in france and everyone thought it was a knock at trump. nationalism in france, absolutely. it was bad. look what happened. he talked about nationalism in america, it's not based on an identity in terms of the people. it's based on that we all agree on this ideal that brought us together. that's the way to keep the country strong. it's not just diversity is a strength. it's that the founding fathers set us up for success and we should take them up on it. >> jesse: on juan's comment, you saying that they were still bes for kneeling.
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i didn't see it as racial i sighed as patriotism. trump wanted everyone to be united. when obama was talking about identity politics, he was brilliant at playing that game and he was very effective at it. it worked for him personally but it didn't work for his party. his party got shredded for eight years. takes a very gifted and special politician to pull that off though he did. the democratic primary, because identity politics, it's useful against republicans but against each other, i think they are going to cannibalize themselves. they are so diverse and there's going to be so many candidates. you're going to have whites, blacks, hispanics, men, women, middle-class, millionaires. >> greg: native americans. >> jesse: billionaires in there. i think people are going to try to weaponize their unity and say that you are a straight white male in the democratic party and other candidates are subtly taking the exit you coming or going to feel a little bit of
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resentment. if you criticize a black or hispanic or female in the democratic primary, they're going to try to deflect. maybe they will play the gender card or race card and they won't argue their points on substance and it's going to do them a disservice in the general. i think what happened with hillary, she didn't play the gender card when she was attacked by trump on policy. she was pretty sharp on policy and i have to give her some respect for that. obama didn't always play the victim. even on the attack, he was pretty tough. i think the culture of the country, they are going to see 40 democrats playing the victim and whining. they don't see winners. i think they're going to see losers. >> dana: hillary's slogan wasn't make america great again. it's "i am with her." that was the ultimate. >> jesse: i am saying that when trump goes after her on immigration or health care, she didn't say you are attacking me because i'm a woman. she came back hard on policy.
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>> greg: jesse brought up the possibility of 40 candidates. i'm going to throw to some sound on tape of julian castro on msnbc discussing the immense number of candidates. >> what's it going to be like to have 40 people running for president? >> i think we need it. i think it's going to be good for the party. what happened in 2016, whichever camp you are in, there is a good amount of bitterness after the campaign. i think it's going to be cathartic for the democratic party to go through this process where, as you say, a lot of talented people and great ideas are going to run. there's probably going to be a lot of debates this time. >> greg: jedediah, do you agree it could be cathartic? >> jedidiah: i like to see a lot of candidates but i think it's great to be challenging for them because you're going to have people who completely disagree with each other running for the same position. the democratic party is so split right now and i'm curious to see how they're going to make arguments like they like to make. against the 1%. when they have a lot of people
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in that lineup who could potentially be billionaires. you are looking at mark cuban, bloomberg. the kind of messaging they often do. i will say on the identity politics, i agree few, juan. both sides do it. there is a profound lack of self-awareness on both sides when they do it. i think they do it because it does work. i think with young voters, i think when they went after mitt romney on the binders full of women, it took him out. i think a lot of people are receptive to it because when you compartmentalize the country, that a way that democrats in particular i think made people feel like they were being heard. like okay, you are a woman. these are your issues particular to you. we are going to solve those issues for you. republicans are anti-contraception. they don't want to protect your right to choose. it makes people feel for a moment that they are being heard and that that person is fighting for them. it really takes a second of sitting back and actually
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thinking about how divisive and how divide and conquer it is to be mad about it. >> greg: that's true. if there was a party for short people, i would probably be like, i am ready to listen. >> dana: you could be the leader. >> greg: i could be the leader. >> dana: we will follow. >> greg: you could be my vp. wait, that is sexist. i would be the vp. >> jedidiah: imagine you standing on pedestals at the podium. >> juan: i think we could get dana high heels. >> dana: the problem is that i am wearing high heels. >> greg: you want to talk about the 40? >> juan: the 40 doesn't bother me. i agree with julian castro and he said it would be cathartic. let 1,000 flowers bloom. i don't think it's going to include hillary clinton. >> jedidiah: you don't think so? >> juan: i don't but i do think the event last night where obama made the statement was in houston at the baker center at rice university. jim baker, secretary of state, reagan, what's the matter?
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>> dana: baker, you know that guy. >> juan: it's a long time ago. jim baker says the responsible center in the country's politics is disappearing. obama comes back and says the internet plays to division in society, makes a -- division sells. i can sell you division on the internet. >> greg: i agree. >> dana: one other point, the democratic national committee is going to have a pretty strict way of figuring out how to get out of this problem. if you are tom steyer and your main issues impeaching donald trump and that's what you want to run on, i guarantee you you're not going to make it to the adult debate. you're not going to make it a super tuesday. they are going to figure out a way to weed those people out. >> greg: do you want to say anything, jesse? >> jesse: no, we have to sell some ads. >> greg: democrats in the media ramping up their russia probe. hysteria, the latest example next.
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>> jesse: christmas comes early for democrats in the media. they are back to attacking president trump and wildly speculating about the russia probe and what new developments with paul manafort and roger stone could mean. >> i think what it's also
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suggesting is that manafort may have committed treason when all is said and done. >> do you believe a pardon of manafort by the president would be an admission of guilt by the president, considering manafort's role in the campaign? >> yes, i would. >> why did that person lie? because they are a, stupid. b, arrogant. c, shopping for a pardon so they don't have to worry about what the judge is going to sentence him. >> it's either an extraordinary coincidence or intellect collusion looks like, and this may be why the president so adamantly tries denying collusion because these facts are pretty damning. >> jesse: jedediah, breaking news. we have information about paul manafort's passport. no indication on the passport he was ever in the u.k. or enter the u.k. are left the u.k. around the time this apparent meeting with julian assange of the ecuadorian embassy ever happened. >> jedidiah: no proof of it.
2:17 pm
anonymously sourced article came out. wikileaks said were going to sue you for libel because it didn't happen. there's two things going on. first, there is an effort by democrats too -- they can't help themselves. they have to try to delegitimize trump's win. they were looking for collusion with russia. they didn't find what we they e looking for. now they are looking for a different angle to make it delegitimize. the other thing driving me crazy is the desire to paint trump constantly is a tyrant that wants to fire mueller. i don't see any evidence that he wants to fire mueller. he's following through with the investigation. he is submitting the answers to questions, following protocol. i think if you pair those things together, the desire to delegitimize his win and paint him as a tyrant, you see that they realize there are no grounds here for impeachment.
2:18 pm
they are already thinking about 2020 and how to undermine this guy's chance to win reelection. they are beyond impeachment and they are thinking what can we do to further damage him so that whoever we put up, one of these 40 people that probably doesn't have a single idea how to fund medicare for all but they're going to try to tell us about it, how do we put someone up who will battle it. >> jesse: he doesn't want to fire mueller. he wants to punch him in the face. i would imagine he's pretty angry with robert mueller. >> juan: i think he said it is mccarthyism. >> jesse: and he resigned from trump's golf club. no more insulting thing. >> juan: is that what it's about? >> jesse: yeah. [laughter] >> juan: you don't want to offend greg because that's identity politics. >> greg: jenny mccarthyism. >> jesse: that's eight mccarthyism went home agree with. >> juan: jetted eyes on to something because one of the interesting things about the interviews trump has done in the
2:19 pm
last half hour whatever is i'm not going to talk about a pardon for paul manafort. could be. i don't know. but i'm not talking about it. wait a second. that means it's possible that all we've gone through with criminal prosecution, plea deals, plea deals that were broken, really don't matter because trump might pardon him. guess what. manafort's lawyers were talking to trump's lawyer so trump could answer the question in just the right way and then angered mueller. oh, my gosh. what is going on, jesse? is this the mafia? >> jesse: nothing illegal about that. i find it interesting that jerome corsi and roger stone are now the center of this mueller investigation. these two people, not even members of the campaign. unpaid. allies. they are kind of known for being a little bit out there. even beyond "watters' world." [laughter]
2:20 pm
does that tell you anything about the status and the nature of the probe? >> dana: no, not really. i'm not surprised they are involved. they've been saying for months that they were being questioned about it. we know that there are emails to go back and forth between the two. >> jesse: are they serious players? >> dana: i don't know. i don't know. we will see. but the time, did people think roger stone was a close associate of president trump? yeah, at the time. in the president says you're not with me anymore and he gets cast aside. i don't know what happened beforehand. these have come from people, they are targets. so corsi releases his documents. mueller's team hasn't said anything. i'm content to wait. >> jesse: we are going to wait it out. greg, looks like the president, i think we are hearing he said to robert mueller when he wrote this down that he had no knowledge of this trump, jr. russia meeting at trump tower. and that seems to line up with
2:21 pm
his public -- >> greg: [grumbling] america is great. the world's great. animals are great. the media needs this story to keep themselves occupied. because there are too many good things going on. imagine donald trump for a supermarket and every aisle but one or two socks. everyone has -- everything has delicious stuff. jobs, peace, prosperity, wages, optimism. il-6 has north korea. you have the mueller probe and they are stuffing their gobs with hate. >> dana: that's what clinton said in 1993. >> jesse: we are waiting for the lighting of the national christmas tree live from washington, d.c. we will bring it to you.
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ivanka trump firing back against comparisons to crooked hillary's email scandal. hear what she has to say next. oh!
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>> juan: president trump and the first lady outside the warehouse for the national christmas tree lighting ceremony. let's enjoy. [applause] >> president trump: merry christmas, everybody. we have to say it altogether. merry, merry christmas. great to be with you. let's light the tree. the first lady will do the honors. we will do it ten in reverse. are you ready? altogether. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [cheers and applause] merry christmas. thank you.
2:27 pm
♪ >> juan: what a delight. back to the news. ivanka trump defending her use of private email and pushing against comparisons to hillary clinton's server scandal. >> in my case, all the emails are on the white house server. there is no intent to circumven circumvent. there were mass deletions. my emails have not been deleted. nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential within them. there's no connection between the two things. >> juan: jesse, let me go to you. i don't get it. how can she make this claim after her dad just relentlessly
2:28 pm
beat up hillary clinton for her use of private email instead of using government email. >> jesse: because it's not the same thing and you know it, juan. you are trying to scandalize something that's a microcosm of what hillary did. what happens is the only thing similar between these two people is the phrase personal email is involved. everything else is different. the media won't tell you all the things that are different, so i will. classified information. >> juan: how do you know? >> jesse: i am talking about with hillary. >> juan: i am talking about with the ivanka. >> jesse: these emails have been reviewed. >> juan: her personal lawyer. >> jesse: >> jesse: maybe that't hillary did. hillary's lawyer reviewed those. and then they deleted and bleached them all. they reviewed them and then they are archived in the presidential archive system. there's no hiding. there is no deceit. no one played the fifth, no one
2:29 pm
smashed a blackberry with a hammer. everything is good lately different. it's kind of like when you say you know, trump is so vicious on the border and then you tell the media weight, obama used tear gas on migrants. obama at one point supported a wall. obama sent troops to the border. obama put kids in cages. the media doesn't tell you that part of the story. it's only a scandal when they tell you one little thing. >> juan: context really troubles. >> jesse: i am a context guy. >> juan: you take everything out of context so you can make this case. >> jedidiah: do you really think there's a comparison here? >> juan: i do and i think democrats do and democrats are saying that once they are in charge of the house, they're going to investigate this to see exactly what was involved. >> jedidiah: let them investigated. the good news is thousands of emails haven't been deleted and no one took a jackhammer to the server which they did when it was hillary. it's true. you laugh. and almost reads like comedy theatre bleaching servers and she decided to have a server set
2:30 pm
up in our home and she signed documents at the state department saying that i am fully aware of what's classified, even if it's marked classified or not and then got in front of everyone and lied repeatedly. she did ivanka have used a personal email? no. >> juan: that's the whole point. >> jedidiah: i don't think she should have. the point is it's not the same. when you investigated, you will have the information there to look at. you won't -- head ivanka deleted 30,000 emails and bleached the hard drive then you can make a fair comparison. you have to be able to say maybe it wasn't the best way to go about it without making a false comparison to something. there has to be a distinction drawn. >> juan: dana, what's puzzling me is that abby lowell has said there were at least 100 of these emails related to government business, hundreds related to
2:31 pm
her schedule. of course there's a federal records act that says you can't do this. everyone else at the table is saying i'm wrong. >> dana: look. i don't think -- ivanka is not saying i never should've done it. she is saying the emails are preserved. i do think it's not proportional. i think democrats would be much better off just admitting once and for all that her setting up a private email server, hillary clinton, was wrong. they would be able to stop having to defend it. they don't defend that stuff anymore. just move on. the thing about hillary clinton, she's been in government for decades. she became secretary of state and immediately she had a plan for her emails that they would never see the light of day. she could keep them secret because she had plans to run for the presidency. we know that that's not true with ivanka trump. she's new to government. she's transitioning in. >> jesse: wait, ivanka is not
2:32 pm
running? >> dana: you might know something i don't know. i don't think it's the same but of course i think now everyone heard the lesson. even if you're transitioning in government, you have to follow the rules. >> greg: i said this before. 100 emails is basically a day in busy people's lives. i don't think she should push back on this comparison. here's why. every time they bring up this comparison, you have to bring up everything hillary did, which is the problem for the media and democrats. all of a sudden, you have to immediately be reminded of hillary's 30,000 emails, how she tried to destroy evidence. and the server in the bathroom which by the way is different for hillary than for bill. just want to make it clear. you can't come -- can't compar.
2:33 pm
please continue the comparison so we can talk about what a crook hillary is. it's fun. >> juan: i can tell you are having a delightful time. i think it's better than the christmas tree for you. the fbi looked at this. hillary was not charged with anything and you say -- >> jedidiah: that was ridiculous. >> juan: now you want to relitigate what happened with hillary. the obvious thing is hypocrisy. her dad said this is wrong. then she goes and does that and you say forget about it. >> jedidiah: it's not the same thing. she was using private email, not the same as using your own server. >> dana: i don't know how you would even find the white house server and go and demolish it. >> juan: we have to go. you know that we love to argue. the clintons returned to attack president trump and will hillary run again in 2020? jesse hopes so. find out next on "the five" ."
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♪ >> jedidiah: just when you have had enough, bill and hillary keep coming back for more. the clintons covering a variety of topics while kicking off their tour in canada last night. hillary laughing off a question about a possible 2020 round and of course taking a shot at president trump. >> actually i am thinking about standing for parliament here in canada. we have a president who is part of the cover-up as to what happened in that consulate or embassy when mr. khashoggi was murdered. we have a president and those closest to him who have their own personal commercial interests. >> jedidiah: jesse, i can't do it. i feel like we have all suffered
2:39 pm
enough. this is like inflicting torture on people. do you fathom why people would want -- she is terrible at this, right? she's terrible at running for office. objectively not good at it. in the height of the me too movement, no one wants to listen to bill clinton. why would anyone want to go listen to this? >> jesse: they are having trouble selling. they are playing to about 3,000 venues. deep, steep discount for tickets. when i was on tour with o'reilly and miller, we were doing healthy tickets. no appetite for these people. look at the democratic party, there's two undercurrents. the me too movement and the progressive wing of the democratic party. a lot of democrats think about these people, they are moderate has-beens that reek of sexual harassment and the loss to a trump. the grassroots doesn't feel them anymore.
2:40 pm
they don't have the clinton foundation. all of that money has dried up. the private jets, the global throne kissing. it's not happening anymore. they are downsizing to these north american kind of standard tours and i just think this is their last act. >> jedidiah: juan, you said you didn't think she was going to run. if she's not going to run, why do it? is it just to make money? >> greg: what! how dare you? >> jedidiah: doing this otherwise. if you're not trying to launch a political career. it's not like she is stumping for candidates. >> juan: i don't think it's about money because i think they have a ton of money. i think it's about the fact that she's an elder statesman in the democratic party and despite the kind of caricature and blame game that goes on in republican circles about hillary, she is pretty popular in democratic
2:41 pm
circles. >> jedidiah: is it a misconception when we say democrats probably want her to be quiet. >> juan: i don't think that's true at all played i think she is a player going into 2020, so as to who gets the nomination, relationships with women, i know you are saying bill clinton have trouble. but you know a lot of people still view hillary clinton as a long-suffering wife who kept her marriage together and has been true to her husband. if he hasn't been true to her, that's a different topic. you can't blame her for the sins of her husband. i think she's a very interesting character to lots of people. and contrary to our jesse was thinking of these are people, as a couple i think i saw the notes, they have sold nearly $30 million in books this year, 2018. they are on a tour. it's not like it's being put on by their neighbors. this is live nation putting it on. it's a multicity tour that began in vegas. in toronto, in montreal. >> jesse: i could do bigger
2:42 pm
numbers so low. >> jedidiah: what do you think, dana? >> dana: the long-suffering wife bit is too much for me to take. this is a woman who after the election, she was not alone. barbra streisand, they basically said the same thing. white women went out and voted for trump because their husbands told them to. as far as the long-suffering wives out there -- i don't buy it. i think the best show in town is called "the clinton affair." it's a documentary about monica lewinsky in which she opens up. she and her parents talk about it. about wanting to commit suicide. talking about him asking for one last trip, asking her to lie on his behalf. i don't think this is a good idea for the clintons. >> jesse: is it showtime? >> dana: i don't know where it is. >> jesse: i'm confused.
2:43 pm
>> greg: you are long suffering wife. >> dana: long-suffering cohost. >> greg: i'm going to go to this and watch the hell out of it. this tour is going to provide us with three weeks of segments. hillary is like, i'm going to use an analogy i won't have to apologize for. hillary is like a potato. you can make a lot of meals out of a potato. the same way with trump. you could have trump casserole, trump stew. hillary is kind of like that for fox. she says something and you have a segment. you put it altogether, she's kind of like trump in the sense that you can constantly create something new. i think they should make it more exciting. they should have t-shirts, fun t-shirts, they should have an opening act. they should do songs and face painting. >> jesse: anthony weiner. get him out of jail and put him
2:44 pm
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>> dana: it's time for wild card wednesday. this is where we each pick a topic and put them in the hat. first up, let's go with this one. who knows what it is. a long list of extreme roommate requirements blows up online. very specific rules to send to a potential roommate. everything from cooking to laughing commonly times the new roommate is allowed to use the bathroom. the current tenant to insist that a couple bad flatmates earlier this year but they are quite easy-going. flatmates, they must be british. >> juan: it's like a 12-point list. you saw on the screen how long it is. greg, i want to point out to yo you. let me say you can't cook. one of the rules. no cooking. before 8:30 or after 11:00. i don't like people spending a lot of time cooking in general. she says if you don't know how
2:49 pm
to make a sandwich, if you have to cook food, that's your problem. greg, this is for you. look at this rule. it has to do with bathrooms. >> greg: what was it? >> juan: if you have to run to the bathroom 15 times a day every 15 minutes, definitely this isn't the place for you. >> greg: this is where wars are. the only reason if you are young, you are millennial, the only reason to make money is so you can live alone. there's nothing -- once you get away from having a roommate, he feels much better. it's always about the bathroom because it's always someone else's hair that clogs the drain. they never fricking clean the toilets. that's important. you don't want to live at a public toilet. >> juan: what about your wife? >> greg: my wife is so clean that's ridiculous. she thinks i'm disgusting. by her standards cuyama a filthy, disgusting creature.
2:50 pm
>> dana: a good topic, juan. >> jesse: all men are pretty disgusting, not just you. >> jedidiah: you live with someone and they have people over all the time. the last roommate i had in grad school. people were over all the time, all hours of the night and they were loud and annoying. then you are in the awkward situation where you have to scold guests that aren't yours. >> greg: and they are allowed. >> dana: i had the worst roommate for three months when i lived in washington, d.c. i was renting a room on capitol hill. it wasn't legal. the water heater was in my room. these two girls were so rude. democrats. [laughter] okay, video released a -- the gender reveal that cost a wildfire. sparking a fast-moving blaze. the fire ultimately burned more than 45,000 acres. more than $8 million worth of damage in the april 2017.
2:51 pm
>> greg: why did i choose this? when i read the headline it didn't i didn't understand what it meant. gender reveal causes a forest fire. i read it, it's about a baby. i am going people are going out of their way to create attention for stupid crap. like prom invitations. people spend this money to get a sky writer. stop it. do it the simple way. you caused all this damage. nobody cares what gender your baby is. >> jesse: the reveal is the you take a ball and toss it to the guy and he swings the bat and it explodes pink or blue. no one catches on fire. >> dana: what if you don't hit it? that would be embarrassing. >> jesse: then it is on the internet and you look like an idiot. >> juan: what is with the guns? >> greg: juan. >> dana: in arizona, its drive
2:52 pm
it's dangerous. >> jedidiah: people have too much time on their hands. when i was a kid, there was no time for this stuff. maybe the economy is good and they have money to spend. >> jesse: if you have a designer baby, you know what gender is going to be. >> dana: we didn't get to this one. this was mine. study finds women sleep better next to dog versus people or cats. >> jedidiah: totally what -- 100%. >> greg: you can do this. >> dana: "one more thing" is up next. >> jedidiah: take a nice nap. ♪ the united states postal service
2:53 pm
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♪ speak out dana. >> you are going to want to hear about this guy. he is channeling his inner bob ross with his style. he is only six years old, he was a super fan and he dressed up as it is idle for halloween. he wakes up early to paint before school, takes lessons from "the bob ross method" every day. and a new podcast, i will tell you what, all brand-new for your listening pleasure. was that fast enough or you? >> that was fast. and now, go faster. >> for all your parents out there, you know the embarrassment when one of your kids friends often gets into
2:57 pm
mischief right in front of you. well take a look at this video. the kid was at the vatican, the 6-year-old ran away from mom and onto the stage. he starts talking one of the uniforms, a little girl then runs on stage to try to get him off the stage. finally mom comes offstage and tells the pope of the boy mute. the pope laughs and told his private secretary, the kid made me think of myself. am i also so free in front of god? >> very nice. jesse. >> my friend visited the site, visited fox a few times. he just got back from the hospital, and he is with als, a very debilitating disease but he has a big heart and an amazing charity organization, so if you want to check that out you can go there to donate. also, if you think my hair is
2:58 pm
too long, i'm thinking about getting it cut by an indian barber. if they have a new technique. check out this. >> [laughs] >> oh, my god. that's not real. >> this isn't real. they cover their hair with flammable powder, then they set it on fire and comb the hair and trim at the same time. then the fire goes out and it lights back up. >> what is the benefit of doing it that way? >> fights split ends. >> yes, jedediah! it takes care of split ends, which can be a problem for some people. >> tickets are still available, much like hillary clinton's, at my grand rapids show which is this sunday, december 2nd. there are like 50 seats left, i think, and then there is a san antonio, texas, which is almost sold out. that is december 8th. you know what it's time for? >> oh, no. >> animals are great!
2:59 pm
animals are great! you know what animal is really great? how about the little ducks. you know what's interesting about these docs? they love to have fun. some animals don't look for fun. but this duck says i can go down the slide. you know what i think about these docs? it makes me think that -- >> animals are great? >> animals are great! >> my sister likes that the cat in the animation looks like her. >> one of the most iconic music videos of my lifetime, probably everybody's, turned 20. see if you remember this one. ♪ give me a sign ♪ hit me baby one more time >> what's amazing about this,
3:00 pm
she was 16 years old. this song went to number one in 18 countries. this monster into superstardom. and the whole theme of the school girl, that was a halloween costume everywhere. it makes me nostalgic. >> that's it for "the five," up next, bret baier. >> bret: [laughs] thanks. animals are great. welcome to washington, i am bret baier. president trump is leaving the door open for a pardon for his former campaign chairman. the president has openly decried the treatment of some witnesses by the special counsel, and most pointedly about the paul manafort case. it did not take long after the president pardon possibility comments were published for alarm bells to sound on capitol hill and for the pushback to begin. let's get the latest tonight from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> thank you, as before. tonight a reaction


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