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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: usually at the end of the show i'm by myself. but my power panel is still here. i'll see you tomorrow. here's dana. >> dana: growing drama in the mueller investigation. the president's former attorney making a surprise appearance in federal court, pleading guilty to a new charge. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." michael cohen admitting he lied to congress about what he did on a trump real estate deal in russia. the president reacting to the news before leaving for the g-20 summit calling cohen a liar. on twitter the president also cancelled his planned meeting with vladamir putin, citing the crisis in ukraine. we have fox news coverage. we begin with katherine herridge with more on the case. >> reporter: earlier today we
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obtained a draft that was prepared by cohen's attorney for congress in 2017. that draft is at the heart of cohen's guilty plea today, lying to congress about the moscow real estate proposal. based on the new timeline provided by cohen, negotiations with moscow continued well into the presidential campaign and during the same month as the controversial june 2016 trump power meeting with russian officials. cohen told congress, quote, the proposal was under consideration at the trump organization on september 2015 until the end of january 2016. they told the new york court this morning that it lasted another five months. cohen also told congress, quote, i never considered asking mr. trump to travel to russia in connection with this proposal. to the best of my knowledge, mr. trump was never in contact with anyone about the proposal other than me on two occasions. cohen told the court earlier today the discussions were more extensive. today the chairman and ranking
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democrat of the senate intelligence committee who really mattered here because it was their committee that got the original testimony from cohen responded to the plea. >> there seems to be a trend here amongst so many of the president's closest allies, that they don't tell the truth. >> i haven't seen the specific indictment or the plea. but this is a reason people shouldn't lie when they're in front of a congressional investigation. >> reporter: critics of the mueller probe say the cohen plea is another example of what they call a process crime and it's not evidence of coordination with russian officials. but congressional democrats are already saying they're going to renew their investigation of cohen in light of the new revelations. dana? >> dana: thank you. now to the white house and doug mcelway with reaction from president trump. doug? >> reporter: good afternoon. we expected a relatively slow day at the white house, with the president leaving for the g-20 summit but it turned out to be
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anything but that with the michael cohen plea deal. when the president came out, he didn't even bother to wait for any questions. he said he launched into an explanation that it was his right to negotiate a hotel deal in moscow because there was no guarantee he would win the election. he called his former trusted lawyer cohen weak, a liar and not very smart. when asked then why was he your lawyer, mr. trump said that cohen had done him a favor many years ago and he said this about the cohen plea deal -- >> even if he was right, it doesn't matter because i was allowed to do whatever i wanted during the campaign. i was running my business, a lot of different things during the campaign. so very simply, michael cohen is lying and he's trying to get a reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with me. >> reporter: the president also told reporters that he would be briefed aboard air force one about the latest with the
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russian/ukrainian conflict in the eastern part of europe, which has raised tensions in that part of the world so much. no sooner had air force one been air borne and president trump tweeted. the fact that the sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia, i feel it best to cancel my previously scheduled meeting with president putin. i look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as this situation is involved. the white house press office said there were more cancellations in store. announcing meetings with turkey and south korea were all cancelled. trump, they said, would speak infor naturally with leaders at g-20. what's left among the high level meetings is the saturday night dinner meeting with president xi of china. now we have also learned that peter navarro, the hard line trade adviser who is the author
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of the book "death my china" will be in the delegation attending the dinner with president xi. bottom line is the chinese simply do not like mr. navarro and what he stands for. that coupled with a new reuters report that said the u.s. government plans to more closely free chinese students for the potential for spying is casting a pal on the prospects for any kind of trade deal with china. doesn't mean it's dead, but casting a bit of a dark shadow on the prospect. >> dana: we have ianbrenner. let's bring in james trusty. you need to explain what a false conviction means. >> it's a serious federal crime. makes sense that you don't want people to lie to federal officials that are interviewing them about material, important
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things. it is a felony. it has the potential for jail. i think it's five years, if i remember correctly. it is fair to call it a process crime. it's a situation where witnesses are not giving up the substance of what the investigation is actually focusing on, but instead tripping up on dishonesty. it's not a great moment for the mueller investigation to keep racking up false statement charges or maybe even convictions because it's getting further away from the core mission. >> dana: true, but what do you think -- there seems to be a lot of lying going on. >> right. look, i think it's interesting to figure out when there's discretion to charge this takes place. the bottom line is, if you accept that these are provable instances, which in mr. flinn's case he's plead, mr. cohen plead to a false statement charge. then you get into a situation where you say, even if it's not conspiracy, man, got a lot of people having a real hard time telling the truth.
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that certainly stokes the investigative engine in a way as well. >> dana: let me read to you from "the washington post" today. it said cohen's new plea deal may be only the tip of the iceberg. then paul waldman writes cohen is saying he lied to congress. but the really important part isn't what's in the documents that have been released today. it's what isn't in them. is he right about that? >> i'm not sure what he's referring to exactly. let me put it to you this way. if you have a cooperating witness who is an attorney who originally said i'm gonna take a bullet for my client, has now betrayed the client, will admit to various felonies including a false statement charge, which tkpwoe directly to his credibility, this is not a guy you can build a case around. you can maybe build a report around him but you better have an awful lot of corroboration if you think about putting mr. cohen on a witness stand. any defense attorney will have an hay day with him. >> dana: can we all talk about
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paul manafort. what happened in the situation like that? >> it's an interesting process. we hear there's a breach by the government saying he's broken the contract. it's like a contract. he's agreed to certain things like cooperating fully and honestly, and they've agreed to certain things. when you breach it, if you are proven to have breached the contract to a judge by a pro-pond repbs of the >> eddievidence, he can't go back to square one but the government no longer has any obligation to do anything. they can try to bury him and mack him out on his charges because he's in breach. but they have to prove it to a judge by not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. that makes for interesting hearings to see what the substance of those false statements are. >> dana: can you explain also the joint defense agreement and how that should have supposedly ended when manafort entered his
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plea? >> yeah. typically, that's another kind of contract. these are all unique. typically a joint defense agreement basically means a whole bunch of attorneys representing a bunch of clients in the same investigative probe has the protection of attorney/client privilege so they can speak freely. they want to say what's the investigator saying to your guy? if you find that your client's interests have become adverse to the rest of the team, normally you have to withdraw from the joint defense agreement because you're now on team america r not on team defense. it's a little unusual to hear about continued conversation between manafort's attorneys and other people in the joint defense agreement because they have adverse interest now. >> dana: as a former prosecutor, i would imagine if you were in those shoes, you wouldn't be happy about that? >> no, i would be thinking what in the world is going on here. from my experience, they shouldn't be chit-chatting. if it's a very notorious
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conspicuous case where everything is getting reported, maybe they feel like they can still have some conversation without implicating privilege, but it's a dicey area. >> dana: james trusty, thank for being here. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: president trump's meeting with russian president putin is off. more details on what to expect at the g-20 summit. plus, as of this moment, trump plans to meet with china's president. will there be a truce in the trade war? >> i think we're very close to doing something with china, but i don't know that i want to do it because what we have right now is billions and billions of dollars coming into the united states in the form of tariffs or taxes.
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>> dana: earlier today president trump cancelled his planned meeting with president putin. on twitter he blamed the cancel on the crisis in ukraine. this coming only hour after his former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress. joining me now the ian bremmer. so much to get to. we have a lot to talk about. first let me play you some sound from the defense secretary about the crisis in ukraine with russi
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russia. >> i think the cavalier was forced to enter. it was contempt, it just shows that russia cannot be counted on right now to keep its word. >> dana: so the meeting was on, then it was off. now it was going to be on again. now it is definitely going to be off. the president is not going to meet with putin. is that good news for ukraine? >> not really. ukraine's in a tough position right now. there will be talk of support and probably additional directed sanctions against individuals and maybe companies, but nothing that's really going to force the russians off of the dime here. the real problem that ukraine's president has 8% approval ratings and there are presidential elections coming up, which he will lose. so he is under much more pressure to escalate himself
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toward the end of his tenure in ukraine. >> dana: the russians said the ukrainians provoked the situation because of the low approval ratings. is there any merit to that? >> no one buys that. secretary mattis doesn't buy that. donald trump said this is an unacceptable situation. the russians are engaging in a power play to squeeze the ukrainians from the sea where 50% of their exports go out. this is enormously problematic for ukraine. we saw when russia took crimea and a piece of southeast ukraine, the west -- ukraine is not a nato member. the west doesn't have a lot of interest in promoting these guys. >> dana: will anything happen at the g-20 in regards to ukraine? >> i would be very surprised if trump and putin don't meet, at least informally. you and i discussed the g-20 in hamburg. they spent almost an hour together at the dinner. they do get along.
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trump gets along with a number of leaders at the g-20. it will be by far the friendliest international summit to him, in part because of where the world has been going. lot more national leaders. >> dana: that included with china. we have a chart from your group about the enormous amount of trade china and the united states do around the world. china there in red, united states in blue. the president both saying that he's going to be tough on them, but he might be willing to deal. is it important for china to try to get a deal with the president? who needs this more? >> more important to the chinese than the americans. china will be hurt more if the tariffs continue. chinese are coming to this meeting with an intent to try to get some kind of deal done. something that would be a statement of principles. nothing specific, but close to what the americans and north koreans signed in singapore that would allow everyone to take a collective breath and step back
11:18 am
from continued escalation. >> dana: you have clear control from the leadership. and they can work to get to a deal. >> certainly a possibility of that happening. the meeting has been set up with a long dinner. it's been set up to be successful. as you know peter navarro is a hard liner on china. just been reinvited to that meeting. the chinese aren't going to like that. vice president has when he was in new guinea sent there for bad behavior. couple weeks ago, very strong statement against china. trump is the kind of guy that will want to pull a rabbit out of his hat, want to show he and xi are the only adults that can get something done. as you know, he's just gotten maximum distracted by a lot of investigations related news. >> dana: this is expanded. saudi arabia, the crown prince will be there. is he is pariah everyone has to
11:19 am
walk around? what about the turkish president? >> that's a geo political issue. the turks are very good at killing journalists as well. saudis don't have a monopoly on that. >> dana: that's true. >> the issue of the khashoggi murder, one that no one should find remotely acceptable has been radically outplayed because it's about the media and about someone in particular that folks in the media really have an attachment to. so it's about them. there are lots of reasons to have problems with saudi arabia in terms of what they're doing in the region, like yemen, like qatar, lebanon. there are all reasons to like salman because of what he was trying to accomplish domestically. >> dana: my last question for you, are you pro g-20 or not? is this a meeting that's relatively new in geo political
11:20 am
circles. ten years old or something. do you like it or do you think it's too big? >> as someone who coined the term g-0 where i'm forbidden from saying i like the g-20. any time you get leaders together in the world, you want them to engage, that's good. keep in mind that this group of leaders has extremely little in common. and that is increasingly true over time. >> dana: that's what you mean by the g-0 world. everyone can follow you on twitter. check out g-0 world signal, the news letter. i love it. how will the trump administration handle the michael cohen news here in the united states from argentina and the g-20 summit in karl rove will tell us next. and what was michael cohen's demeanor from inside the courtroom this morning? we'll have a live report from downtown manhattan. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash?
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> dana: so here's my rule of thumb as a former white house press secretary. every time a president goes oversea, a crisis breaks out back home.
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let's bring in karl rove. he's no stranger to my rule of thumb. it seems to happen all the time. but that's what busy white houses have to deal with. today michael cohen pleads guilty, the president calling him a liar before he got on air force one. how do you think the white house can best keep the trains moving on time for all the different things that a white house has to deal with? >> well, have the president focus his public comments on the g-20 and the issues surrounding it, and let somebody else be the voice of the president on this investigation. i think this should have been started a long time ago. i think the president would have been better served by it. trey gowdy had it right. if your client is innocent, let him act innocent. that means keep him out of the conversation here. >> dana: take a listen to alan dershowitz. he said something i wanted to get your take on about the white house being prepared to issue a
11:26 am
counter narrative after mueller wraps up. watch. >> it's a prosecutorial report. anybody who expects balance, fairness, nuance, is looking at the wrong kind of document. you can't have balance when you haven't heard the other side of the story. when you've only tried to get together prosecution debt. >> dana: what do you think about that idea, karl? >> i think it's absolutely right. the president ought to be able to make his case at the same time and to do so in a thoughtful constructive fullsome way, if you will. what i worry about is right now the white house counsel don mcgann has left. his temporary replacement is emmitt flood, who you and i both
11:27 am
know from our time at the white house. very smart. very top flight lawyer. the problem is that the white house counsel's office is about half the size it ought to be, about 20 some people, when it should be 40 or 50 people. and preparing that kind of report, and emmitt's a very able guy, capable of very tense work. but that requires some assistance. lots of things now will be pulling that. as you and i both know the white house counsel's office plays a role most people don't understand. it is one of the most power packed and demanding inside the west wing. >> dana: can you just expand on that for the last question? it's not just that there's a mueller investigation, it's just that the democrats have said they're going to investigate a lot of different things. so that's another reason -- i think the bush white house we doubled the size of the counsel's office. >> after the democrats took control in 2006 the size of the white house counsel's office
11:28 am
doubled. then we found out we hadn't hired enough lawyers. my suspicion is with 20 some today and about ready to get a new general counsel, it's going to be very problematic for them to be ready on january 3rd to handle the onslaught that's coming their way. again, i have the greatest respect for emmitt flood. he's terrific. but you need to have a lot of really smart people in that office. numbers matter when they face the onslaught they'll be facing in january from the democrats. >> dana: karl rove, we love having you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> this is not a good development. >> dana: lawmakers reacting to today's guilty plea from michael cohen. we are live on capitol hill with more from both parties. how does this man fit into this entangled web? hear what he said to say about the whole wikileaks e-mail dump. your mornings were made for better things
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>> dana: bombshell development in the russia investigation. former trump attorney michael cohen making a surprise appearance in federal court, entering a new plea deal with robert mueller, admitting he lied to congress. rick levinthal outside the courthouse. but first mike emanuel with reaction on capitol hill. mike? >> reporter: good afternoon. some democrats say this is a sign that robert mueller's investigation is heating up. >> yeah, it certainly does because of cohen's relationship with the president. but exactly what the lies were, i guess that will come out when the plea is made. but it definitely feels like there's an accelerated pace. >> reporter: a key intelligence committee republican said this proves the value of the work being done by robert mueller and his team. >> that's obviously of great concern to me. i'm very glad that the special counsel is pursuing those who
11:34 am
mislead members of congress. the intelligence committee has conducted numerous interviews of witnesses and made referrals where appropriate. >> reporter: some democrats have pounced on the president's former personal lawyer, michael cohen, admitting he lied and are drawing their own conclusions. >> this cohen guilty plea is another piece of the mosaic that could really provide a deeper insight into the full picture of the president's liability here. criminal culpability and conspiracy involving michael cohen have always been front and center. >> reporter: this comes as the number of lawmakers from both parties want to pass a bill making sure special counsel mueller can complete his work. >> our job here should be to protect robert mueller so that he can do his job. he can do his job not for him, but for the american people. >> reporter: no surprise members
11:35 am
of both parties say there must be consequences if you lie to congress. dana? >> dana: thank you. michael cohen pleaded guilty to other charges. rick levanthal has more on that from the u.s. district court in new york city where cohen made his appearance earlier today. rick, you are back at the courthouse this morning. >> reporter: yeah. dana, our producer was in the courtroom and said cohen looked relaxed. smiling and waving at people that he recognized, including our producer who was sitting in the jury box because the room was packed. we also saw him back in august when he plead guilty to bank and tax fraud charges related to a taxi business he owned. also campaign finance violations for his help in orchestrating payments to stormi daniels and carrie mcdougal who alleged they had affairs with then businessman trump and could have caused problems during the campaign. cohen testified back in august those payments were made, quote,
11:36 am
in coordination with and candidate for the principle purpose of influencing the election. cohen thinks the sentencing on those charges two weeks from now today's plea is separate and based on charges stemming from 70 hours of interviews with members of mueller's team special counsel's office and this morning, dana, we were tipped off, being told that it was simply usa versus john doe. well, john doe ended up being michael cohen. he said he lied to protect his former boss. quote, i continued to follow the political messaging of individual one, who was donald trump and his adviser. i asserted all efforts ceased in january 16 when they kept going until june of 2016. he said i never spoke to individual one, that's referring to president trump regarding travel but i did.
11:37 am
cohen did not answer questions on his way out of the court this morn. his attorney said cohen had cooperated and will continue to cooperate. his sentencing on this charge today, dana, could be wrapped into the sentencing for those other charges a couple weeks from now. we're told he faces several years in prison on all of the charge. he could do some serious stuff. >> dana: thank you very much. >> everybody in the world after july 22nd when asange2016, dumped all these e-mails on waserman-schultz, everybody knew what they were. >> dana: he tried to get in touch in hopes of using it again the clinton campaign. andrew napolatano saying robert
11:38 am
mueller's theory on collusion is starting to come into focus. >> the road map appears to run through jared corey and perhaps through roger stone and through julian asange and perhaps through the president of ecuador. perhaps paul manafort in an effort to -- this is bob mueller's theory, not mine, show a secure route of communication between russian hackers getting into the dnc and the hillary campaign computers and delivering that information. >> dana: i'm joined by doug burns a former federal prosecutor. so good to have you here for your expertise. one other character that i want to bring into this. this quote is coming back from a new york times report in august 2017 where felix sader sending an e-mail which it says our boy, meaning president trump, can become president of the usa and we can engineer it. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. i will manage this process.
11:39 am
but tell me a little bit about felix sader. >> he got a little bit of a checkered past. he's had some legal problems. was insighted and so forth. again, working off what the judge was saying i look at this one of two ways.
11:40 am
e-mails that were hacked. stone and corsi possibly linked to them. then a link to the trump campaign. starting to get luke warm, so to speak. >> dana: then you the report by the guardian that has not been corroborated. i think maybe we can take skepticism about manafort going to visit asange. >> one thing i have learned in 32 years of doing this, been in a lot of witness interviews. the denials were very clear talking about how we never met with asange, we had nothing to do with him. those seemed quite credible. i think it lanes slightly toward mueller trying to finalize,
11:41 am
finalize this. >> dana: could bit that mueller finalizes. what he finalizes is that there were people involved in this that lied but we're not coming up with collusion that ties the president to it so there's our report. >> that's a very good crystal ball prediction. i have said this before. you're going to see the reliance on look there are two doj e-mails that says you can't indict the president. but there are a lot of things that went on that did appear to be somewhat shady and this connection, that connection. >> dana: my last question. >> sure. >> dana: it is a crime to lie to the fbi. to lie to congress. there should be consequences to that. don't do that. awful lot of money to defend yourself. >> absolutely. >> dana: doug burns, loved having you. thank you. michael cohen admits he lied to a congressional committee. be sure to check out my podcast
11:42 am
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>> shepherd smith on the fox newsdesk. much more ahead on michael cohen and russia.
11:46 am
the president's former lawyer admitted today that he lied to congress over the russia investigation. but the president said michael cohen is lying about lying. we'll hear from a former federal prosecutor about the possible political and legal problems from all of this when our reporting begins top of the hour. >> dana: sharp reaction on capitol hill as michael cohen tells a federal judge that he lied to congress. this marks the first time he's been charged in connection to the russia investigation. the president defending himself, saying he did nothing wrong. >> go back and look at the paper that michael cohen wrote before he testified in the house and/or senate. it talked about his position. what he's trying to do, because he's a weak person and not a very smart person. >> dana: louisiana senator john kennedy is a republican on the judiciary committee which invited cohen to testify back in august. i just wanted to get your opinion about how you feel about
11:47 am
people, witnesses to the committee or to congress and then admitting later that they lied about it. >> well, you shouldn't lie to congress. especially when you're under oath. it's a crime. people do it, yes. why do they continue to do it? because they're not prosecuted. i don't have any sympathy for mr. cohen. i don't know the gentle man. i have watched him operate. he's always impressed me as the sort of person who would do the right thing only when constantly supervised and cornered like a rat. he's been cornered. he admitted to doing it. he ought to be prosecuted or at least punished. >> dana: the white house and lot of republicans would love to see this manafort investigation wrap up. do you think they've prolonged the report from getting done? >> well, of course.
11:48 am
i don't know what mr. cohen's plea means in the grand scheme of things. i have listened to a lot of commentators talk about it. frankly, it's just rank speculation. this is one more log on the fire of speculation. i wish mr. mueller would wrap this thing up. it's been, what, 17 months. i hope he makes his report public. if he doesn't, i'm gonna raise all manner of hell. the american people need to know what the facts are. if somebody did something wrong, prosecute them, but let's get this behind us. >> dana: it might not be up to him, right? mr. mueller has to turn in report to the department of justice. are you calling on the justice department to release that report publicly when it is available? >> yes, ma'am. >> dana: let me ask you about something we just found out about. lindsey graham saying just moments ago that he will be briefed by the cia on the khashoggi murder likely next week. graham went on to say it is up
11:49 am
to other senators to ask for a briefing if they want one. he was frustrated yesterday that he thought the cia needed to be there. general jack keane said you might not want the cia to brief 100 members of the senate all at once, but individual briefings might be important. will you be asking for one? >> i will. and i think part of the concern, of course, as it always is, is leaks. this is classified information. >> dana: right. >> but, look. here's what we need to do, in my opinion. congress needs to figure out a way to condemn in the strongest possible terms, what saudi arabia did without blowing up the middle east. and if we're not smart enough to do that, then congress isn't as smart as it thinks it is. what the saudis did was unconscionable. they butchered this man like a hog, for god's sakes. we need to condemn it.
11:50 am
but we don't need the blow up the middle east doing it. >> dana: right. >> that, to me, is the issue. who knew what, when? we'll never know. i have assumed all along that prince muhammad knew about it, gave the order and probably the king did, too. but do i know that for a fact? no. but i made the assumption. and we've got to condemn it. but the middle east is fragile. we have no relationship with iran. we don't have much of a relation with turkey. before we go blow up our entire relationship with saudi arabia, we ought to think it through. >> dana: one last question for you. as the president heads to the g-20, there's a lot on the agenda. one of those things is whether there can be an agreement made with china or an agreement in principle to try to end the trade war. what would you like to see happen? >> course i'd like to see us end the trade war. let's face the facts. number one, the only way to win a trade war is don't fight the thing.
11:51 am
but to the extent that we are, anyone krbg i think we're winning this trade war. i wish we could wrap it up. but the problem is this. we let china become a member of the world trade organization on january 1, 2000. on january 2, china started cheating. they've got to stop cheating. that's in part what this is all about. >> dana: senator kennedy, always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: life expectancy of the average person here in the u.s. is dropping. we're gonna tell you why. plus, outgoing speaker of the house paul ryan sharing his biggest regret from his time in washington, and what one person is doing to help students in a california community levelled by recent fires. taking care of the family. moving. paying the rent. trtoday is that up to buy your own home someday. because, by using your spouse's va home loan benefit, you could buy a home with no down payment.
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11:55 am give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. >> federal authorities are searching the offices of a chicago alderman. the windows of the office of ed burke have been papered over to
11:56 am
prevent anyone from seeing inside while agents complete their work. officials have not commented on the nature of the race or what they're seeking. burke is an attorney that handled property tax cases for the president in the past. u.s. life expectancy dropped for babies born in 2017. it's not 78.6 years old. that's slightly down from 2016. jonathan serrie is live to explain why this is changing and dropping. >> yeah, hi dana. drug overdoses and suicide are driving this disturbing trend. the cdc issued a statement saying -- >> in 2017, drug overdoses
11:57 am
claims lives. george washington university public health professor williams dietz says the two trends stem from similar causes. >> i think in many parts of the country, there's a sense of hopelessness. that people are unemployed, they're not sure of their future. there's divisive politics and the income gap is widening. >> the cdc looked at the highest suicide rates. that is for men in construction and extraction. for women, arts and entertainment, protective services top the list. why are these lists important? targeting suicide prevention efforts to high risk occupations can save lives. mental health screenings and
11:58 am
education can help. americans are being reminded to use the suicide life line. 800-273-8255 or 800-273-talk. dana, back to you. >> dana: if i could ask you, is the cdc asking anything from the trump administration for more help or resources? >> many public health advocates are likely to ask for help and many organizations that target suicide and drug prevention will likely to get public and private assistance. >> dana: thank you for the report. now the daily three. u.s. marshalls arresting aaron brown. he's accused of opening fire in the alabama mall thanksgiving night. next, china ordering doctors to
11:59 am
stop working on the first gene-edited babies. paul ryan sharing his biggest regrets in congress. he says he regrets not paying off the national debt and failing to pass an immigration overhaul. one generous san diego businessman traveled to northern california with two suitcases full of $1 million for members of the paradise high school community. the school survived the camp fire unscathed. but many students homes were impacted. students expressed shock and gratitude for the gift that came with no strings attached. >> shocking, this guy hasn't been here before and so kind of him to do it. people don't realize how much it helps. >> really just helping us all at this point. anybody can use it for anything. it's great for us to have it. >> the good news is, 980 students and 105 teachers and staff each received checks worth
12:00 pm
$1,000. 90-year-old bob wilson said his fond memories of high school inspired him to give to the school. we thank him for that. thank you for joining us today. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york where president trump's former personal lawyer and fixer has pleaded guilty again. michael cohen admits he lied to congress about plans saying he was trying to stick to the candidate's political message. the president calls him a liar and weak. the president calling off his meeting with vladimir putin. and stormy daniels said she never wanted to sue president trump but her lawyer did it anyway. reporting begins now.


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