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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 29, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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everybody in this country has been misled to believe for the past two years. >> sean: bingo. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump media. check out my radio show on let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. i didn't get my announcement and there's a reason but it's all coming. >> laura: this is the longest tease ever. you are the master of the never ending tease. >> sean: it is not on purpose. honestly. >> laura: it's tomorrow. it's like christmas. oh, no, we couldn't get to it tonight. monday. >> sean: i am so nice to you. larry being so mean to me? >> laura: i have known you for 20 years and i know your tricks and teases. >> sean: i am excited about the announcement. it has to do with fox nation in my part in it. i am excited.
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>> laura: i think it's great you are going in costume on fox nation. we have all been waiting for the big reveal. >> sean: good grief. >> laura: great show as always. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a fox news alert. the president is speaking out about his former lawyer, michael cohen. >> he was convicted with a fairly long term sentence on things totally unrelated to the trump organization having to do with mortgages and having to do with cheating the irs perhaps, a lot of different things. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person and by being weak, unlike other people you watch, he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence, so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> laura: i hate the fact that
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he has to shout over marine one, screaming overage. president trump landed moments ago ahead of the g20 summit. he will have a live report on the ground with the latest reaction from the white house on all of the michael tobin news. also ahead, the liberal media slamming the president over suppose it anti-semitic ties. what about the real anti-israel hate coming from the left. you will not want to miss my angle later on. an admitted ms-13 gang member caught trying to sneak into the country with the caravan. what a shock. new details about the dangerous diseases that migrants are bringing with them. the experts will weigh in. first, the top story tonight, a liar caught lying. today president trump's former lawyer michael cohen pled guilty to special counsel bob mueller steam admitting he lied to congress about his involvement in efforts to build the trump tower complex in moscow.
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he claims his original story to the senate intel committee that those efforts ended in january 2016 wasn't true and that they extended into even june of 2016. given cohen's history of mistruths, the question is, was he lying to congress then or is he lying to mueller now. some have already made up their minds. >> this is not the first guilty plea for cohen but this is the difference. this is the first plea deal with mueller's prosecutors. >> we've been asking about whether or not the special counsel would believe michael cohen, whether he would have credibility with the special counsel. now we know he does. >> i believe michael cohen only lied in the service of donald trump. i think that otherwise in his life, he was a fairly up front guy, pretty reputable. >> laura: putting cohen's credibility aside, there's the
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other issue. what transgressions have been proven to be committed by the president at all? what does the white house think of all this. for answers, we go to fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts. john, did you just fly in? did you just land. you look fresh as a daisy. you look great. >> we landed about 12 hours ago after an overnight flight, so whatever sleep we got on the plane is whatever sleep we've had. we are in buenos aires, argentina, and everyone is feeling good. one thing we know about the michael cohen plea deal is that it did not catch the president by surprise, laura. unlike the rest of the world that was taken by surprise, because the president was informed of the pending guilty plea last night by one of his outside councils. she was told about it by the department of justice. she mutely telephoned the president to talk about it. she told rudy giuliani who talked with the president last night and again this morning.
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by the time the president came out of the white house to go to the noisy helicopter that you alluded to, he had plenty of time to digest the cohen guilty plea and prepared to answer questions about the trump tower project in moscow. listen. >> i decided ultimately not to do it. there would've been nothing wrong if i did do it. if i did do it, there would've been nothing wrong. he is lying very simply to get a reduced sentence. >> we also found out today that the president did answer a question that robert mueller had about the trump tower moscow project but the president knew about and who else he talked about it. fox news' told the president did not put a date on one communications regarding the project ended for the simple reason that mueller didn't ask him about it. the president's outside legal team says there's no evidence of wrongdoing by the president. they also took aim at the special counsel for the timing of the announcement of the cohen
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guilty plea. rudy giuliani sang "documents these special counsel's office is using to show that cohen lied to congress were voluntarily disclosed by the trump organization. it's hardly coincidental that the special counsel once again files a charge just as the president is leaving for a meeting with world leaders." you might remember he indicted 11 russians on conspiracy to try to throw the election just before the president went to meet with putin, who you see there, in helsinki. buzzfeed also has an interesting story that the plan with trump tower was for putin to be given a $50 million penthouse in trump tower moscow as an enticement to sell the other apartments to russian oligarchs. the idea of, live where vladimir putin lives. i've contacted a source close to the presidents. the president thinks the story is nuts, that be a stupid idea to give a $59 penthouse apartment to vladimir putin and
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that the president never heard about that idea. laura, a little secret. you alluded to the helicopter. that is the auxiliary power unit which the white house could ask the military to turn off but it also serves as a convenient foil for the president who says i can't hear the question. there is a noisy helicopter behind me. >> laura: i remember when president reagan, we were on the lawn watching him leave. he would wave. always the wave. >> that was usually when sam donaldson asked a question when reagan would go "what?" >> laura: can't hear you. blades moving. john, do think at this point, much of what we are hearing from the mueller team is all that surprising to the trump legal team? people forget they have been dealing with these issues for months and months and months. they have been going around and round with mueller. >> don't forget that the president's legal team had a joint defense agreement with michael cohen's team before he
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entered the first guilty plea deal. that was canceled. they also have a joint defense agreement with paul manafort, still is in existence to this day. they are getting information about what mueller has been asking michael cohen and what they've been asking manafort. they've been getting information about what mueller has been asking jerome corsi. i don't think any of this is surprising to them. but i think perhaps the second guilty plea might have been a little bit of a surprise yesterday when it was relayed to jane raskin by the department of justice. the president was fully prepared this morning. >> laura: he seemed ready. he didn't seem fazed at all by it. john, thanks so much. great reporting. get some sleep. what shouldn't be lost on you is, any of the viewers, that the special counsel's original mandate was to find out what russia do to influence the 2016 election. today there is stuff and no evidence presented by the mueller team that any criminal collusion occurred between trump
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folks and the russian government. so perhaps we can breathe a little bit before you make any grand declarations about where the investigation is going. for more insight, we put together experts who can provide you with the answers. sol wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel during whitewater. jame trustee, former doj attorney. here with me in studio, house intel member michael turner and john solomon, investigative reporter and contributor on the hill. congressman, where we are right now seems like leaps and bounds beyond what we were led to believe when this entire thing kicked off when jeff sessions refuses, rosenstein stepped in. seems to have a real meltdown, decides got to appoint a special counsel, and here we all all this time later with a 72-year-old guy, looks like he might get charged with something. roger stone kicking around.
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now we have this deal with michael cohen. >> you have an excellent point about what the original mandate was for the special counsel. when the news first broke, looked like he was an exciting story about michael cohen anand coming forward with a guilty plea about lying. upon further investigation, what's notable is that in the written statement he gave to the senate, he made a statement that he was not involved in collusion with russia, the russian federation. not involved in any way in any hacking. this is not a statement he pled guilty to today or that the mueller team alleged was false. you have a statement that relates to the mandate of the investigation that's not the subject matter of an alleged lie at this point. you have the investigation and the marching of the guilty plea over a failed real estate deal, not the same thing. not what we're looking for. if the special counsel and information that this was a false statement from michael cohen, you would've expected
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that would've been part of the guilty plea today. >> laura: saul, the false statement, it's a classic go to charge in these types of cases. don't tell lies to a prosecutor. you get big trouble when you do. but it's also a tool, the cynics would say, people don't want to be in jail for the next 60 years and you get your sentence reduced if may be, i guess it wasn't completely forthcoming. how do you see it today fitting into the overall narrative? >> if you actually look at the plea agreement and that the criminal information, there is absolutely nothing that implicates president trump in a crime. there's absolutely nothing in there that says where michael cohen says president trump talked with me about the lie i was going to delta congress. we conspired. we talked about it.
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there is nothing whatsoever. we confine ourselves to the actual law and not a bunch of babble you here all day on television. let's just look at the actual documents. it doesn't implicate president trump in any way which brings up the question of why he was so angry if he had been told about this and why he came out and said cohen is nothing but a liar. he's lying. all cohen said was i lied to congress. he didn't say president trump helped me live. there could be all kinds of things that mueller is keeping quiet from us that we don't know about. that cohen has told him. that's possible. but that's the realm of speculation. let's talk about reality, and reality is this is a nothing burger. >> laura: john solomon, to listen to congressman on the other side of the aisle today, eric swalwell, one of our favorites come i want you to listen to what he said about where this is all going. >> i believe they are
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obstructing the collision and again this is where donald trump will say they are trying to ring him up on lies. only guilty people lie in what they are trying to protect is that the president, his family, businesses and campaign sought dirt on hillary clinton from the russians and sought to do a big deal in moscow at the time of the campaign. when they were confronted about it, they lied. where i come from, that's collusion. >> laura: john. >> i don't know where he comes from but it isn't collusion. today the president's attorney admitted to lying about a business deal that would've been perfectly legal, may be stupid but perfectly legal if it went through. he doesn't implicate the president at all. and i think more broadly, people are missing the significance of why this happened today. bob mueller waited in wait to see with the president would say it is answers to see if he could catch him in a perjury trap. the president answered consistent with the evidence, so now he's cleaning up the cohen investigation. >> laura: james, how would you as a prosecutor in the criminal
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division treat a witness like cohen who's obviously -- he was trading on the president's name. he strikes me as someone who loved being close to power and he knew trump, obviously. helped him, as the president said, on a a big favor years a. how do you treat him given his admitted slipperiness with the truth and facts? >> look, you have to go into it knowing your kind of engaging in snake wrestling. as the defense attorney, i would relish the idea of cross-examining this guy. he's a lawyer who betrayed his client. said he would took a bullet, didn't believe it. he admits his own culpability and now he's trying to get a break from the judge. there's a million things you could cross-examine on but i have to say some of the prosecutors on that team know their way around the courthouse. greg would put mobsters on the stand when a lot of baggage. they are not blind to the fact
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that this guy is kind of a horrible character are not instantly likable by many outside his family. >> laura: we have forgotten his tape recordings. he has tape recordings apparently. >> that's the thing. if he has documents, emails, some powerful cooperation committee might actually be able to overcome the initial dislike and more importantly disbelief of michael cohen that you are going to have as a juror. >> laura: collusion with the president? it's interesting but we don't know completely what they have. we don't know. congressman, i want to talk for a moment about what happened today with comey. he doesn't like this idea of coming in and talking to you guys in closed session. he sent out tweets. "today my legal team filed court papers to try to get transparency from house republicans. let the american people watch." he said he was nauseous, makes
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me nauseous. that made me nauseous to see. you are the wants of our problem with transparency, that's rich, coming from comey. >> it's not about transparency. it's about stall tactics. the incoming democratic chairman of the committee said, according to bloomberg today that this is about trying to pond it over so that perhaps the subpoena can b. the reality is that comey is free to say whatever statement he wants to make. he doesn't get to choose under which forum congress called him forward. >> laura: what's going to happen next? >> hopefully the court process will work quickly. >> laura: 5 minutes left. >> there will not be an impediment to this subpoena, from congress should be a subpoena that stands in asian testify. >> laura: sol, incoming house judiciary chair nadler said anyone who still believes this is a witch hunt must now face the reality that the investigation appears to be closing in on the president.
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sol, given what we know now, what about that statement? >> well, number one, i never thought it was a witch hunt. there is certainly nothing in the official papers that have been released that we look at which is how mueller explains things to people, that would indicate that they are closing in on the president. i would like to make another point about cohen. cohen's case has already been -- the mueller case has already been reassigned to the new york judge who handled his original case. the sentencing range in this case in new york was with the southern district, 46 to 57 months. could be as high as 63 months. by consolidating these for sentencing, he has the potential to get probation. mueller is giving him a 5k1 for cooperation. they are consolidated for sentencing.
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the judge in the new york case in the southern district case will sentence together, there's a whole grouping concept in the guidelines at the end of the day can say your cooperation with mueller was so great, you are going all the way down to probation. his attorneys could argue for that anyway but when you have a 5k1 from the government, it's a huge thing. keep your eye on that. >> laura: we are working on booking him. we would prefer to interview him in studio or not jail. thank you. the left is quick to take the president as being anti-semitic. the most ridiculous thing ever, no evidence at all. but they have blinders on when it comes to some of the most violent elements of anti-israel hate in their own party. my angle and reaction from michelle malkin next. ♪
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understand the people and facts behind critical challenges facing you, your family, and our country. tonight we examined the pernicious influence in american politics of this woman, linda sarsour. i woman described by "the new york times" affectionately asked a home girl in a hijab. >> i am a palestinian muslim-american activist born and raised in brooklyn and every islamophobic's worst nightmare. >> laura: sponsored by mercedes. she is a nightmare, period. a relentless self promoter, she represents how much that is hideous. check out this attack on the trump administration where linda starts or invokes jihad. >> i hope when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that -- a form of jihad that we are
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struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the middle east are in the other side of the world but here in these united states of america were you have white supremacists and islamaphobic reining in the white house. >> laura: rating in the white house. she is extremely subtle. as a cofounder of the anti-trump woman's margin to january 2017, sarsour became a near constant fixture in the media, spewing hate and lies. wherever there is a camera, you will find her trying to hog it as she did in the kavanaugh confirmation hearings. >> [chanting] >> we need everyone to pay attention! >> laura: and a bad chanter. she was arrested during the hearings themselves but so were a lot of other leftist agitators. she wore it as a badge of honor.
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yet sarsour who claims to stand for the suppressed people all over the world and has done fund-raising for anti-jewish violence is really an anti-semite herself hiding in plain sight. sarsour and two other founders of the women's march, tamika malory and carmen perez, have all appeared at events sponsored by the anti-semitic organization the nation of islam, including one where farrakhan himself said the jews are my enemy. any association whatsoever with farrakhan is the ultimate towel regarding someone's true motive. >> when they talk about farrakhan, call me a hater, you know what they do, call me an anti-semite. stop it. i am anti-termite.
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the jews don't like farrakhan, so they call me hitler. that's a great name. hitler was a very great man. farrakhan has pulled the cover off of the satanic. >> laura: of course a perfunctory condemnation of anti-semitism or other forms of bigotry was issued by sarsour and her cohorts but they have yet to condemn farrakhan himself. last spring, the women's march organization cited the difficult and often painful work of intersectional movement building, hence why they had to work with him. instead of a unequivocal condemnation of the nation of islam founder, they wrote "minister farrakhan's statements about the jewish, queer, and trans people are not aligned with the women's march
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principles." to quote another well-known anti-semite, the chickens are coming home to roost. the main founder of a woman's march, teresa shook, wants the sarsour, mallory, perez trio to step aside. even the nasty trump hater alyssa milano was less than charmed. she is threatening to boycott the next women's march coming up in just a couple months unless sarsour and company leave the organization. my question is, what took them so long? sarsour of course feigned an apology but she is not backing down from her harsh attacks on jews. just a few weeks ago on facebook, she slammed folks who masquerade as progressives but always choose their allegiance to israel over their commitment to democracy and free speech. the phrase "allegiance to israel" is a favorite among the anti-semitic set. to his credit, cnn's jake tapper at was all over sarsour last
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spring after they women's march wished a cop killer fugitive who fled to cuba happy birthday. the venomous sarsour responded with "jake tabbert joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online." aside from the twitter takedown, media outlets including cnn were responsible for elevating sarsour to cult like status. so desperate to smash all things trump, the left was only too happy to offer this incendiary figure in a platform organize. >> were coming back out and announcing to the american people to join us around the country and in washington, d.c., on january 19, 2019. we are outraged that we are talking about and putting victims on trial and talking about dr. ford in the way in which she was treated at the hearing. >> laura: unreal. today some good news. cnn dumped marc lamont hill
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after he delivered a speech at the u.n. that seem to call for wiping the state of israel off the map. his association with the network was especially ironic given the network's new series at cnn about the rise of anti-semitism here and abroad. sarsour owes her public profile to a press that has gone out of its way to cover for her rather than actually cover her true motives and allegiances. they made excuses for sarsour because she's a woman. she's muslim. and she's a harsh critic of the president. now they are paying the price with further erosion in their own credibility. and that's the angle. joining me now with reaction, conservative commentator michelle malkin and code pink's national codirector arielle gold. you say linda sarsour is an ally of the jewish people. why would jewish americans like jonathan greenblatt, head of the
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anti-defamation league, have a real problem with your statements? >> it is so disgraceful that jonathan greenblatt is spending his time going after people who are real allies come after the attack on jewish cemeteries, linda sarsour raised over $100,000. after the pittsburgh massacre, she raised over $200,000. why are people trying to drive wedges between muslim and jewish partnerships? we have no greater ally in the jewish community in this time where anti-semitism is dangerously on the rise that linda sarsour. >> laura: so the antidefamation league does know what anti-semitism is? >> the anti-defamation league is completely out of line in this case and they are on the wrong track. they are on a witch hunt against linda sarsour for being a strong palestinian muslim woman rather than dealing with the fact that we have white nationalism in the
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senate, in the house and in the white house. >> laura: wait a second. we have white nationalism in the senate? name three white nationalist senators. >> what about chongqing? >> laura: why is he a white nationalist? in the u.s. senate? shawn king? >> in the house. >> laura: he is an activist for black lives matter. >> sorry, i might be referring to -- >> laura: it's all right. >> let me rescue her. >> laura: let's talk about this. when we have these very emotional appeals by people like linda sarsour, she's an interesting figure, very captivating in many ways, she's a leftist. she hates trump. woman, muslim. i think a lot of people will give her a a lot of slack for that reason and yet conservatives say one thing out
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of line, they have people in their underwear in the basement writing boycott, boycott. linda sarsour has mercedes sponsoring her interviews. >> she has bamboozled a lot of people and she's a master at using the islamic technique of lying to promote the islamic caliphate and sharia law. i want to give credit to all of the outspoken critics of sharia who have been squelched by social media and marginalized by the elites in the mainstream media, like laura bloomer who is responsible for confronting the women's march organizers who marched in to one of these conferences in l.a. and was the one who disrupted it to call alyssa milano to the carpet. it wasn't until that happened that these women's march leaders
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finally acknowledge the toxic anti-semitism that lies at the intersection of the extreme left and radical islam. there is a type of sharia, an american sharia, a silicon valley sharia that seeks to silence those voices. aerial gold and code pink itself has been so much responsible for the kind of toxic anti-semitism and hatred of israel we are seeing. in fact, ariel gold has uttered the same phrase that marc lamont hill got fired for. from the river to the sea, it's not just a dog whistle, it's a blatant call. >> laura: let's let her respond. >> i meant to say steve king in the house who is supporting -- supports white nationalist. from the river to the sea, marc lamont hill was clear that what he was discussing -- pauly's
11:34 pm
italians deserve freedom, equality, and justice. justice is really stupid -- palestinians, he said palestinians inside israel. >> laura: wisely hanging out with farrakhan? >> military occupation. >> laura: he called jews termites. ariel, arielle, ariel. it doesn't make you any more credible. >> writes that israelis -- >> laura: here is your problem. you have an avowed, an avowed anti-semite in farrakhan. do you disagree? sica i have no love for farrakhan. >> laura: why is the head of the women's march posing with him and why is the trio of fools showing up at his nation of islam conferences? >> linda sarsour shows up for jews. >> laura: why is she going to
11:35 pm
farrakhan's conference? you have no answer for this, ariel. fox viewers are watching. you look like a wonderful person. if donald trump showed up at hi his -- then don't go to his conference. >> anti-lgbtq hatred and anti-semitism. >> laura: he wants to wipe israel off the face of the map and you've got these people standing side-by-side with him. that is shameful. the man is an old guy now but he's a shameful anti-semite. he's been that his whole life, and he ridicules all of these groups you are in favor of. he goes after the lgbt community. he ridicules women. farrakhan does that. i want to go back to michelle because the rise of anti-semitism. alan dershowitz talked about this today on my radio show, specifically cnn -- what's that? we don't have time. unfortunately. i'm sorry. we could do this for an hour and both of you are great guests. i didn't mean to get too hot on
11:36 pm
this but you are both great to come on pizza very important topic. coming up, what's lurking inside the caravan at our southern border? you are going to want to hear what homeland security and
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>> [speaking spanish] >> laura: a hunt honduran migrt raising flags of other very caravan he's part of. this is the t1 health department and they are telling fox news exclusively that more than a third, nearly 2300 of the migrants who set up camp in the border town are being treated for health issues ranging from respiratory infections to tb. a few even with hiv. joining me is a doctor,
11:40 pm
executive director of the association for american physicians and surgeons. doctor, you say that despite claims to the contrary, the medical screening is not even close to being sufficient. explain. >> oh, i think that they are not. i think one of the most serious problems is tuberculosis. almost all of the tuberculosis we have in the u.s. now occurs in foreign-born citizens, and the threat of this multiple drug resistance to td or extreme drug-resistant tb is very great. there's not really a simple way of ruling it out. we need to do chest x-rays and even if a person has latent tb now, he can break down and become active at any point. this could be transmitted on the bus. it can be transmitted very easily. and it can be externally difficult to control.
11:41 pm
>> laura: who ends up picking up the bill? the american taxpayers and i got an email today from a very dear friend of mine who said that one of his relatives is a public school teacher in the washington, d.c., area. she says kids are showing up every day in class with no proof of birth, no proof of shots, immunization, or anything. they are coming in with all sorts of maladies. each time one of them sneezes, half the class goes sick for a week. that might be a slight exaggeration. i've heard this time and again, doctor, from teachers who are reporting that the kids, and it's not the kids fault. your heart breaks for them. but the kids are coming in with either diseases or serious respiratory infections that are horrifically contagious. i mean, this has just got to change. it's not fair to the american people. it is not fair to the tijuana folks either. what's your one suggestion that has to be implemented for this
11:42 pm
all to stop? >> i think that we need to go back to the policies we had when we had immigration, great waves of immigration from europe where people went to ellis island. they were quarantined for a time to make sure they weren't incubating a serious disease, and they had medical examinations, and they had a good medical history and testing for things that could be a threat. otherwise we could have diseases spread throughout the country that could be killing our children and possibly the outbreak of respiratory diseases in 2014, perhaps not coincidentally when we are resettling central american children all over the u.s. >> laura: yeah, well, and i think again we have hepatitis outbreaks that are being feared knowing all the people who want to keep bringing people into the country who have camped out in places like tijuana, maybe they should all just come and live in their houses for a while. but that would never happen. doctor, thanks so much.
11:43 pm
more alarming news about just who was inside the caravan. the president has warned that members of the violent ms-13 gang are illegally crossing our borders, and now we have proof. border patrol just arrested this man. he's a self-proclaimed member of ms-13 and told agency was traveling with a large group from central america and he plans to claim asylum. strength in numbers. here is the executive director of the northern virginia regional gang task force. you are part of a task force that deals with gang activity. as any of this surprise you? >> not a bit. gang members are continuously trying to cross the border. what better way to get across the border than to intermingle yourself with a large group like this caravan. just try to come across the border. unnoticed. >> laura: a lot of them have been already deported and then they make their way back into a large group of people and again, the emotion of all of it is being played on the left in the
11:44 pm
united states. it's a very emotional -- you have teargas and women and children and the hello kitty backpacks. anyway, that's a perfect place for someone who wants to elude the border patrol just walking across the border illegally. then being part of this large group, it's a much better deal for them. >> absolutely. we encounter many people who have come here and been deported. so i find it very shortsighted and naive by individuals to think that they there are not g members intermingled in the caravan. the gangs need numbers to become the alpha dog in the area and that's how they get their numbers. they bring them from central america. >> laura: this is a dhs statement of fox news. >> as president trump and secretary nielsen one, we have identified over 600 known criminals and the caravan and we are predictably seen members of
11:45 pm
the caravan including criminal stroke of the border claiming asylum. these threats are not only going to increase in light of legitimate judicial injunctions and loopholes. by congress." congress has got to do something. >> absolutely. anyone coming across the border has to be thoroughly vetted to see if they are criminals are in gangs. a lot of them are going to come across the border undiscovered because records don't exist. you can't bet someone when you have no records or background on them. so if congress doesn't come up with a way to stop these individuals from coming across the border, were going to continue to have gang members in our community. to me, one gang member who comes here wanting to commit murder and violence is one gang member to many. >> laura: people think gangs, they are in places like chicago or maybe baltimore, maybe some really bad areas in l.a. but that's not the case with ms-13. >> now, in fact, if you look at the northern virginia area, this
11:46 pm
is the largest el salvador and population in the united states. where does ms -- 13 come from? el salvador. >> laura: apparently some of them are coming from honduras as well. they brought the countries together in gang activity. >> absolutely, all of central america. >> laura: thank you for the insight. coming up, tromped touching down buenos aires a few moments ago. a high stakes meeting with china's xi still on the books but trump is canceling his meeting with putin. a former cia moscow station chief in the manual is the president's ear on china are here to tell you how this might play out. >> i think we are very close to doing something with china but i don't know that i want to do it. because what we have right now is billions and billions of dollars coming into the united states in the form of tariffs or taxes, so i don't really when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world.
11:47 pm
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>> laura: president trump arriving in buenos aires, argentina, ahead of tomorrow's high stakes g20 summit. trump shocking the kremlin earlier today after abruptly nixing a meeting with russian president vladimir putin over russia's seizure of ukrainian ships. tensions running high between the u.s. and china as the trade
11:51 pm
war rages on. trump's all-important meeting with president she could impact the balance of the relationship for many years to come. >> i have been preparing for it all my life. it's not like oh, gee, i'm going to sit down and study. i know every ingredient. i know every stat. i know it better than anyone knows it in my gut has always been right we are doing very well and i will tell you china very wants march wants to make. >> laura: joining me now, mike tells barry, he served in the reagan and bush 41 administrations that is the author of the phenomenal book "the 100 year marathon." joining me, former cia moscow station chief daniel hoffman. let's start with you, mike. take us inside her meeting with president trump yesterday. you spent about an hour with the president. if you can share any thoughts of where the dynamic is. >> i think the president has very strong views on china. he laid out a very detailed plan
11:52 pm
18 years ago in eight pages of a book where he talked about that the steps america should take to stop what he calls the fleecing of our country by china. he doesn't need advice for me are frankly anybody else. he's laid it out 18 years ago. he's added to it during the transition and since he became president. the problem we face i think really is of the chinese side. they think they can use the same old tricks that worked against previous presidents against president trump. and it's not working. there is a chance they are going to offend him, so i don't expect a big breakthrough saturday night. >> laura: you've got steve mnuchin, larry kudlow, who is in my view not as bad as steve minasian on the trade issues. who is? bob lighthizer, peter navarro, people like you, myself, people have been dealing with the china stuff and print and on radio and
11:53 pm
television for many years. the chinese have now turned to their boosters against them. this group yesterday coming out with a report. phenomenal reports. winston lord. it's a report about how china has influenced america from the universities, research, forest technology transfers. across the board. we are going to go in and say you're going to behave better on opening markets we will take away the tariffs. china is going to be a lack let's go party. the elites got it wrong for how long? >> they basically go back 40 years when dr. kissinger opened the door. >> laura: wto, permanent trade status. >> these are left-wing china experts. they are not conservatives. it's all the more refreshing, sort of a source of delight for people like me and laura. >> laura: you've got to keep the pressure on because it's
11:54 pm
working. the putin deal is the big one. the president not meeting with vladimir putin. i'm sorry. i'm thinking of dan. >> mike can probably answer that pretty well. >> laura: hi, dan tells barry. let's talk about what this means and how significant russians movement in the ukraine are. >> to fire upon and sees ukrainian vessels and sailors and violate international law and a bilateral treaty with ukraine and then blame it on pereshenko's government. we need to draw a line which the obama administration failed to do on ukraine. >> laura: i canceled the meeting? why not confront putin? >> i will tell you that i said the president should confront him publicly. it doesn't mean he can't do it
11:55 pm
without meeting putin. it would've been pretty good optics if he'd been in a meeting with vladimir putin and called him out for russia's aggression against ukraine which is under siege. land air sea, cyberspace. we need to stand up for ukraine's sovereignty i think. >> laura: so right now, the russian psyche, i know you lived there. i live there. they are very proud people. this in a way helps putin, doesn't not, the nationalist spirit? taking on the americans again. protecting the motherland. back to the old days. >> you got it right. vladimir putin wants to portray russia as a besieged fortress which only he can defend. when he portrays the west as russia's enemy, it's not my nothing more than our values and democracy which is what threatens him the most. that's why ukraine is such a threat. it's a country in the border with a sizable russian population and commitment to democracy.
11:56 pm
>> laura: what's going to happen tomorrow? >> there's going to be a private one-on-one session with just the translators where there is some flexibility perhaps for xi to say something to president trump. then there is a canned meeting, there's less than an hour for each leader to speak. probably the other six, including peter navarro, have to hold her silence. then there's going to be the spin on sunday for what happened. >> laura: was so we are waiting for sunday. it's like the super bowl for us. we are very excited.
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> time for the last bite. outgoing house speaker paul ryan on a farewell tour. his portrait was unveiled on the hill.
12:00 am
his reaction was so ryan. >> they say a picture is worth 1000 words. here's a pretty good reading, my friends. i hadn't seen it yet. it looks like me. >> it cost $25,000 but private funding paid for it all. can we have a magic marker? that is all-time we have today. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: i recognize the little hunting beard thing, it is that time of year for the fellows and anyone with a beard. thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump and the first lady touching down in argentina a short time ago. ukraine trade tariffs all topology 20 agenda but negotiations over possible


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