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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 30, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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at noon eastern on monday and now here's harris. >> harris: we are waiting for any kind of pictures to come in. we don't know how long that will take but there has been a large earthquake in anchorage, alaska. the usgs geological society is saying they estimated a 6.6 magnitude and when it hit, at least one ap associated press reporter was where he or she could stand and see some cracks and buildings. we do know that lampposts and trees were swaying, prompting people to run out of their offices and seek shelter those who couldn't make it out of the office reportedly hiding under the desk of the epicenter is said to have happened about 7 miles away from or north of alaska's largest city and again, 6.6 magnitude would be very large and it has now triggered a secondary situation, and that is is an tsunami warning along the
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coast. as we get more information and possibly video and pictures to show you, we will bring them to you as long as all live report we are working on as well from later in the hours of stay tuned for that. also this. fox news alert, as president trump has scored a big political win of the g20 summit signing a revamped version of nafta. remember, he is all about trade and getting those deals done as he can in argentina where that sum is happening. you are watching out numbered over time. i am harris faulkner. we can continue to following developments at that summit in buenos aires. it signing that new trade agreement today. the president says it will benefit american workers and revolutionize trade between our neighboring countries. watch. >> with her signatures today, we will formally declare the attention of our three countries to replace nafta with the usmca,
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a truly groundbreaking achievement. the usmca is the largest, most significant modern and balanced trade agreement in history. all of our countries will benefit greatly. it is probably the largest trade deal ever made also. >> harris: president trump also met with the prime ministers of japan and india. we showed you that on a number just a few minutes ago when it was happening. it's the head of a high-stakes meeting with the chinese president tomorrow. where they are expected to discuss trade. kevin corke live in argentina along with the president. >> good afternoon. it continues to lead the agenda here at the g20 and while all eyes are made on the upcoming meeting on saturday between the president and president xi jinping in china today was a bit of history for the president as well as the leaders of japan and canada. if you and i were talking about the usmca, the president also
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today engaged his japanese counterpart in a wide-ranging bilateral covering the massive trade gap between our countries and burgeoning u.s. military aircraft sales but the big story so far is the usmca, the president joined by his mexican and canadian counterparts and signing that trade deal that as you pointed out effectively replaces nafta. >> we were taught on this agreement, it's been long and hard. we've taken a lot of barbs in a little abuse and we got there, great for all of our countries. i look forward to working with members of congress and the usmca partners, and i have to say it's been so well reviewed, i don't expect to have very much of a problem. >> also this morning, vladimir putin arrived here at the g20. as for the possibility of a sit down between president and putin, to be candid, doesn't look so good at this moment.
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>> we don't like what happen, we are not happy about it, nobody is. willfully they'll be able to settle that because we look forward to meeting residents be nigh but the basis of what took place with respect to the ships and the sailors, that was the sole reason. >> of course, the president talking about the interaction between the russians and the ukrainians out in the sea of as off. meanwhile, there was the annual family photo which frankly you can learn a lot from from just a couple of minutes of interaction between the leaders. he may notice on the right side of your screen, crown prince mohammad bin salman seemed a little shunt to the corner, very little interaction with him. same as between president macron and prime minister abe, very interesting. more meetings of course you have to come as well as a cultural event tonight here we are looking forward to coming we will continue our coverage from here in beautiful bonus areas but for now, back to you.
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>> harris: thank you very much. i am now joined by the public and congressman chris stewart of the house intelligence committee. good to see you. let's talk about the g20 and the presidents already had a trade agreement that he has signed. first, the significance of that and now secondarily what does that tell china? >> i think this is good news on several fronts. if this has been a trademark policy of the president that he's been pursuing. there were flaws in nafta that needed to be addressed and he has successfully done this. reluctantly by the canadians, much more enthusiastically by the mexicans and i think this is going to be good for all three of us. >> harris: how is our relationship with canada with the whole world watching and you see justin trudeau say that america is treating less can enemy rather than an ally? >> i think it's a vast overstatement. if you could talk to him, he would regret that he said that. and very clearly, we are
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partner, we are a friend of theirs, trade is incredibly important between the two of us. i'm afraid if it's an unfortunate example of how sometimes our language may be exceeds the reality, but they are a friend and a partner and if i could talk about china that you mention because i think that is really the key to this. i don't think many people doubted we were going to be able to successfully negotiate with our partners to the north and south of us. but china is something that if we are not willing to confront them, our children are going to pay an incredible price and they're going to have to confront them at some point and i know that the president considers trade one of the arrows in his quiver to bring china to the table on a global scale, not just about trade but really about their ambitions globally over the next generation, and our willingness to work with them but at the same time, not seated them global leadership as they clearly desire. >> harris: i would imagine regionally too because they would love to roll that region of the south china in all that
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area. can i just speak about the realities of it? 's of the president this negotiation deal, it has to go through all of you on capitol hill. what are some of the sticking areas you think congress will pass as usmca? >> i think so. we need to look at it and look at the details but i don't know of any real stumbling block and i haven't seen or heard rumblings of any real sticking points that would make it so congress. >> harris: some democrats that they might stand in the way although i don't know how they could since they say they feel like big chunks of it are just like nafta. >> exactly. i have to give president obama credit because he was willing to take on an issue which is generally a republican issue and that is free-trade. he did try to negotiate agreements with some of our agents and others and he brought along some of his republican -- democratic colleagues in thinking that free-trade really has been beneficial to both nations, let's go ahead and move
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forward on that. i think that puts him in a different place than they might've several years ago. >> harris: before let you go, i do want to touch on the president putin of russia. the president today very clearly said my decision not to meet with him formally which you can tell us how significant that is was my decision alone, it's based on what's happening between or regard russia to ukraine. >> it was the right decision and i promise you, vladimir putin wants is meeting for more than president trump does. he wants to be a player on the world stage and he has limited tools and limited access to do that. but vladimir putin is a kgb thug. and he's acting like a kgb thug. crimea, ukraine, blocking waterways that are essential to the military, to their economic well-being. and shows no reluctance or no remorse about this.
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not going to do it under the circumstances. >> harris: i'm going to step in for a second, you and i often handle breaking news on is our together and here is some. that is the prime minister of australia and the president of the united states. let's watch. >> i congratulate you, it's an honor to meet with australia. >> thank you very much. even economically in relationships. >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. appreciate you. we are going to be talking. thank you.
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>> harris: we cannot control the cameras they are obviously, i was trying to strain to hear what that question was, mr. president are you going to be meeting with. did you hear what the question was? he said not just yet. if we can get a better be on who he was asked about. but you see the australian prime minister morris in there and the president saying we are with australia, talking more as a summit goes along. we want to bring you these things as they happen and it's sometimes hard to jump in and jump out, but it's definitely worth trying to get there at the g20 because we've already seen a lot this morning. i went to first of all thank congressman stewart of utah for joining me off the top here, thank you very much and now we want to bring in a democrat congressman of the house
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oversight committee. going to get the flip side on some of the developments today. i'm sorry for pausing, i'm watching out of the corner of my monitor here to see if we need to go back. great to see you, congressman. >> great to see you, harris. >> harris: is on the president today signed and i was just asking the congressman from utah whether the agreement, the usmca will get through congress. but there be any reason why democrats would block that? >> first of all, want to give them credit for going to the table. >> harris: the president, you mean. >> going to the table and trying to improve nafta. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle find is a flawed agreement. but there are some questions that kind of a loom of the agreement, one is what happens to all the retaliatory terrorists directed at american exporters including american farmers. secondly, some provisions that may increase prescription drug prices, something that is a big
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concern for both democrats and republicans this congress. the third issue is, some welcome steps on environmental and labor provisions. what are the enforcement mechanisms for this cumin because of the questions people have. >> harris: what i hear you saying, that would not be a reason to reopen a text on this because you know what happens when you start to renegotiate deals with other countries. everybody gets farther and farther away from the table. so could these issues then be handled in five pages because that's how you go forth? i don't hear anything that would stop you from keeping trade in place between mexico and canada. i just want to get a close point on this and then move forward. >> absolutely have to keep trade flowing between the three countries. >> harris: 's of this likely would pass with some side pages on those three issues you just enumerated. >> possibly, but again, i haven't seen the text of the agreement. i think a lot of my colleagues are trying to keep an open mind on this and i certainly am. i like to see more details.
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>> harris: this is one of those meetings where -- one of those instances where the president really can talk a lot of trade and tariff and you bring that up. what do you think china is contemplating after seeing that agreement get signed today? they are already feeling the punch to their economy the tariffs have levied against the them. >> thanks for bringing china up because i think that the other big issue that a lot of people are wondering aloud about witches the chinese are putting a lot of retaliatory tariffs are farmers, our soybean farmers, pork farmers and so forth. so this particular deal is not going to do anything about those mentors are going to do anything about mexico's tariffs on our pork producers and so forth. so the question going forward is how is this going to translate into progress with regard to the trainees as well as dealing with
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those tariffs. >> harris: congressman, thank you very much for your time, appreciate it. we will bring you back. we now have more breaking news fillets bring the sin. i promise things come in. so let's just set this, still waiting for any video, have a live report coming up a little bit later this hour, and asked that we are trying to get into place there with the correspondence not in anchorage obviously but it is nearby as we can. so a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit about 7 miles outside just north of alaska's largest city. people were said to be running to take cover, some of them leaving buildings, at least one report of a visual crack and some buildings. this is a huge magnitude. there has already been at least one aftershock that has been reported as being rather large as well. we are on the story, stay close.
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10:19 am
posted be on the southern coast. that may go away and we will let you know forth with if that happens. let's go to dan springer who is in seattle, washington. it we have already had a journey with how strong this was. tell us about it. >> we have it at 6.7 or 6.6, also been as high as seven or 7.1. sometimes these things take a few minutes to figure it out. the depth of this thing, i talked to the pacific northwest pacific northwest seismic management folks in seattle and they have equipment that goes all the way up the coast there and they said that this was so deep at 25 to 30 miles but apparently it's more like 19 to 20 miles deep, but it's so deep that they didn't think it would trigger a tsunami warning, but as you said one has been issued but it's not the type of tsunami warning that they are too worried about here in seattle. we talked to some folks in
10:20 am
hotels, the marriott there, stay there many times. one of the taller buildings, one of the newer tall buildings in alaska, 12 stories high. and talk to a woman there who said they definitely felt it but there was no damage yet at the hotel. talk to some other folks who texted me a picture of minnesota drive which is one of the main north-south roads that goes just south of downtown anchorage and it was pretty damaged. you could see the pavement crack. so definitely reports of some damage. i couldn't get through to the emergency management folks, phone not being picked up there so obviously being swamped by a lot of phone calls right now. >> harris: i'm going to cut in because we are getting some new pictures. this is what we've been waiting for now, people inside their offices in anchorage, alaska. we've been told the epicenter which hit with about 7 miles away from that highly populated city of very little video but we want to show people. when you can come as a me that
10:21 am
picture that was texted to use it we can get a full screen of it. anchorage, alaska, populated 298,000 people last count since 2017, the tsunami warning center has issued that for coastal areas of southern alaska after the earthquake. and we don't want to over blow that. what they were expecting our large waves that would be coming in. tsunami-like. so we will fill people in and sometimes those will expire. i just want to talk with you, you mention that area of that road, tell me more. >> minnesota drive is probably a six lane road and it is heavily traveled in anchorage and it has damage, i saw a car that was passed the damage point and there's no passing that road right now, so we talk to the fire department and we are not getting through.
10:22 am
this point mckenzie is just across cook inlet. done some stories on the bridge to nowhere. one of those bridges to nowhere was supposed to cross over that area of the cook inlet, to point mckenzie's there was a heavily populated area just north of anchorage, but you mentioned about the tsunami warnings, its interest interesting because you're talking about smaller waves in the inlet but those tsunami warnings have not been issued further down the coast into seattle so i talked to the seismology folks in seattle and not a quake that they worry about that the big one happening out here, this was north of that subduction zone and those tsunami warnings have not been triggered for the people down south of anchorage. >> harris: the u.s. geological survey, talking about what it first came in at has reduced the number 26.6. i'm going to bring in now a professor and expert on this,
10:23 am
dan springer, standby, we will come back to you as a news warrants. professor of physics and geology at the university of california at davis and director of the california institute for hazard research of the university of california joins me now by phon phone. 6.6, what does that mean? >> that is a pretty violent earthquake. it's probably on something like 30 or 40 kilometers, so about the same distance as it was deep. about 40 kilometers deep and as you said earlier, it was a pretty much right under anchorage. the problem that one is going to see in anchorage is similar to the earthquake of 1964. the ground in that area, a lot of permafrost, very loose, very able to flow, there's a problem with liquefaction and what that
10:24 am
means is under violent shaking, the ground turns into a liquid and kind of flows. essentially, what you're seeing there in the street is the effect of that. roads are buckled and cracked and it destroys foundations. if you remember, the earthquake, magnitude 6.1 in the february february 2011 basically destroy the city of christchurch because it appeared right under the city and much of the ground liquefied. there was much liquefaction going on there. >> harris: it is very interesting. if you mention the word permafrost. i lived in minnesota and whenever we would go north, we would see areas that never thought of. is that what you mean by that? >> yes, unfortunately because of global warming, it is starting to fall in fact not only do you get situations like this but you're also getting a lot of methane produced.
10:25 am
and methane is a much more active global warming gas than carbon dioxide. so there's a lot of problems associated with the permafrost. be when you're talking about melting that has occurred. i have an update here and i'm glad you're on the phone with me. the associated press now has revived what it was being told that is now reporting a 7.0 earthquake. >> that is not too surprising. they are often low and they go up with time. >> harris: does 6.6 to 7.0 much of a jump in terms of damage or injury is that might see? >> that is fairly large so to speak. we can see a factor just going to say offhand, a factor of 78 hiring energy and seismic wave amplitudes and so forth less actually significant. >> harris: so we do have some pictures that we've been showing people in their office buildings in anchorage.
10:26 am
i mentioned the epicenter was estimated 7 miles away but what the professor was saying is that's almost underneath the city because of the permafrost situation, that liquefaction that goes on in that part of the world. as we go back to the pictures, how they are reacting to this. this went on according to what we can see for a little bit longer for them to register and then find a place to jump under. i lived in northern california when the big one hit someone and so forth. i remember the time and how long people had to move around and get other things. we saw one person on the stairs there. your thoughts? >> basically, when an earthquake is that close, there are two kinds of waves. a primary wave and a secondary wave. it often doesn't do the damage come as a secondary wave.
10:27 am
what is that close, the difference has in alaska, the difference in time between the two is only a second or two. ten seconds to reactivate. when the shaking starts, a lot of times it will start counting in seconds and they can basically tell from that when the violent shaking starts how far away the earthquake was rated. >> harris: we are going to continue to cover this. and he mentions and whether elements they are in some disagreement on how we can get to different places scientifically but i want to make it clear that an earthquake is not meteorological emma is geological and what you're saying is sometimes things like water can have an effect in an earthquake because of where this is located. thank you. we will be right back as we continue to cover this breaking news. revised now to a 7.0 magnitude
10:28 am
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10:33 am
to us of the book buckled roads and we are starting to hear some pretty scary stories from people who were stuck inside places are choosing to be in five places. >> the picture that i saw was sent to me by a contact that i have up there with lisa murkowski's office and it was actually tweeted by somebody who is trying to pass on minnesota drive which is just south of downtown anchorage and it's a major road, a four lane road that goes through anchorage and it was buckled, you could see a car on the other side of that pavement, but it's completely torn up and again, that was an impassable road now. it was a spoken with people at a hotel, the merry out there who say it shook. they definitely felt at all but that there was no damage at that hotel. clearly going to be differing reports of damage throughout the city with this major earthquake at 7.0. a tsunami report is for cook inlet only.
10:34 am
the tsunami warning was not triggered for that widespread warning that would see often rated speed when you are absolutely right about that. it was not a widespread warning the police now in alaska's kodiak island community are telling people to head to ground amid seem new tsunami threat so that actual official warning didn't go out but alaska's kodiak island community being told by police that the higher ground. >> is a depth of the earthquake that determines whether or not the tsunami is student dumb ask of you are not usually my folks in seattle were monitoring this but say it was a depth of 25 to 30 miles and now they revise that to more like 19 miles deep so it is a relatively deep earthquake that's why we're not seeing tsunami warnings triggered further down from alaska. >> harris: it's interesting because when you when i first started reporting this just a few minutes ago and it's been now about 49 minutes this thing
10:35 am
hit but the time difference there, local time 9:30 four in the morning and anchorage, alaska, when we first started talking, was a 6.6 and you say your connections and resources that it was much deeper. now it's a bit shallow world at 20 is still deep. his much more powerful. >> that's what happens with earthquakes. the initial readings aren't always correct and as you heard from that expert, they often go up over time. so that's what we are seeing with this. i can tell you there have been reports of all planes being stopped for landing at anchorage airport, but then sit in the report that some planes are being cleared to land there. the local tv station is having all of their personnel outside of the building and they are trying to broadcast with their cell phones. it is a is too be inside the building there.
10:36 am
so is definitely shaking the people of anchorage and we are going to try to get more information on what's happening on the ground there but all of the emergency management folks are picking up their lines and the police department and fire department scrambling right now to respond all the calls of their getting. >> harris: i am seeing in their social media, sending thing from the ted stevens airport there, on their web site and checking to see our team can possibly give the airport manager a call. that is right in the front page of the anchorage international airport. we can do our own reporting and figure out whether or not that airport is in a ground stop or anything more or less than that. 920 in the morning, so for of minutes ago local, people started giving the reports of what happened. one attorney in anchorage who said he grabbed onto the door frame in the hallway of his office had a door slammed on his hand, scraping his fingers in one hand and said grab onto that
10:37 am
doorframe but this thing was so powerful, it sent things swinging. the lawyer here and this is being relayed by the associated press, this attorney says it's the worst he's seen in the eight years he's lived in anchorage. i know you're getting some reports he mentioned, that employee of senator lisa murkowski's office, what else did you learn? 's demand that nerves are rattled a bit, one thing i can tell you is the pacific northwest seismic network again with major operation here monitors says it's happened north of the subduction zone. a lot of people back east, big one is going to happen with the subduction zone. you know exactly what fault this was on. this was the tectonic plates that go from the west coast out into the pacific ocean, that subduction zones apparently did not happen on that.
10:38 am
this is not the big one does not even the biggest one in alaska. we had that 9.1 back in 1964 that was just decimated alaska though this is not the same type of earthquake, this is much smaller by a large degree but again, much more populated up there. a lot of growth, 280,000 people live in anchorage because is happened so close to anchorage, everybody there obviously felt it was just across the cook inlet at a place called point mckenzie underneath about 20 miles. >> harris: lots of people up there the latest census putting it close to what 297 plus, you've given me some great things to talk with an expert about. i am going to it again ask you to stand, scoop up more information from your reporting and we will come back as the news warrants. i want to bring in a geophysicist with the u.s.
10:39 am
geological survey. and those the people giving us the magnitude information. if you are with me by phone right now the moment can you tell me? >> just north of anchorage, alaska, there has been a 7.0 earthquake just a little over an hour ago. obviously very strongly in the area, several aftershocks reported so far. >> harris: is a lot of the information that we know already. why does it get revise like tha that? what is an indication that this was bigger than a 6.6? >> when the data first comes in, you try to get out the quickest and most accurate location and magnitude as soon as possible, as more of the data gets and especially from these large earthquakes, the magnitude can sometimes go up and that's where we are without bureau. >> harris: is consistent with
10:40 am
buckled roads and people having to jump under objects, this went on long enough to make those types of decisions. >> that is definitely a typical pattern of shaking and damage with the earthquake of the size. >> harris: how does this compare in terms of what's happening with the water? they didn't send out a widespread tsunami warning according to our reporter dan springer, it just hit cookson late. telling people to head to higher ground because of the synonymy threat with the earthquake. >> for magnitude 7.0, this is fairly typical as well. you generally don't see very huge tsunamis but you can see a tsunami that can cause some damage and it definitely is to get to higher ground for a multiple story building if possible if there has been a
10:41 am
tsunami warning. >> harris: what can you tell me about the structural building codes and things in that part of the country? if you're already hearing about these cracks and you're not all impressed with a 7.0 because of where this happened, talk to me about how prepared structures are. if >> anchorage and alaska in general is a size of the active region and they do get lots of large earthquakes. the structures and that region are fairly well prepared to weathering earthquake. >> harris: and the people themselves, diving under things, hearing one report that we can share with viewers. we are all told to get in that doorway. sometimes what they forget together is don't put your hands on the sides because it starts swinging. what does that tell you about the force of this particular
10:42 am
quake? >> but does tell me it was a strong fairly major earthquake and people are trying to protect themselves. and in the days and weeks to come, there's also the possibility of large aftershocks for there should be so prepared for them as well. >> harris: anything in particular that you would say about the aftershock situation based on the heavy activity of earthquakes in that region that you're telling us about? >> 7.0, frequent aftershocks on and off throughout the next few days. that will taper off inside the magnitude over the week and months to come. they will feel numerous aftershocks in those next few. >> harris: with the usgs and those of the people who are watching the magnitude of all of this, we appreciate your time, thank you very much. i want to tell everybody, the pictures that you've been seeing
10:43 am
are of people inside their offices and places where they were making decisions while this is going on. there's some detail that i'm looking to learn and that is how long this earthquake lasted and how far away from the epicenter there is damage. so that will tell us a lot those details. we will have much more on this breaking news story. i will talk with one man rode out the quake from anchorage, getting him on the floor the microphone right now. stay close.
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to the smartphone. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. i'm martyn briggs for bank of america merrill lynch. >> harris: breaking news, we continue to watch the situation and hopefully get more pictures to show you and any reporting that we can bring you for how long this earthquake happened in anchorage, alaska. we can bring it to you immediately, important information because it was a magnitude 7.0. that is a large earthquake. we were talking moments ago with an expert with the usgs and he seemed very calm. that is actually an interesting
10:48 am
development because they have seen so much geological activity that goes on in that part of the world. we are now learning from police and alaska's kodiak island community, which is 200 miles south of anchorage. at some 2 miles south of what would've been the nearby epicenter of this. we are hearing is that they need to get to higher ground because of a threat of tsunami waves from the earthquake. the building was rocked, trees swaying, damage to roads, some heavy damage. we heard from a reporter dan springer who was talking with the senator lisa murkowski's staff, they took pictures of that one road, that minnesota road he talked about that with six lanes wide. think about that. buckling and having major damage. office workers running into the street from their offices. interior video that was captured
10:49 am
of people diving under desks and people saying they were trying to get to doorways. now we know what it was like because we are going to bring in an english, who rode out the quake near anchorage. he was actually on the tenth floor of the building, here with me by phone. >> yes, i am. >> harris: i understand you told my team here that that made it worse because you were so high up. talk to me about writing this out. >> the higher you are, the more use ways of the shaking is magnified. to the top of the buildings weighs more than the ground does. he was pretty extreme, basically the durations them to be pretty long. i would guess over a minute at least of continual shaking and there's been some of the major aftershocks afterwards. >> harris: was this a business, a commercial visiting or was this >> this is the frontier building on 36th, so i was on the tenth floor. i am home now, got home, close
10:50 am
to work. a lot of people are really stuck on the road, infrastructure problems and everybody is trying to get out at once in school actually texted out all the parents to come pick up their kids, so there's just a major gridlock right now. >> harris: these are helpful details as we try to understand the last that i had from the usgs was very calm, would be a lot of damage because 7.0 is big but that you live do this activity all the time. heavy refill anything like this? >> i experience when i first moved up here from new york, i felt a 7.6 in 2002. that was a couple hundred miles away, so it was much less intense than this one was even though this was a 7.0 and i would assume that's because the location and how close it was to anchorage itself. >> harris: 7 miles outside. got that first tsunami warning, other places didn't necessarily
10:51 am
get that official warning but we know as far away as the kodiak island community, they are being told to seek higher ground. that is a big show of force from nature. we will be right back. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. thousands of veterans get the money they need for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've earned with their service. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead.
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>> harris: we are getting reports in anchorage, alaska, now from local television there that people are being told to shelter and first pictures, fresh pictures coming in from the damage from a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has hit alaska's largest city. some 298,000 people in this area. if the magnitude again, 7.0 was upgraded from a 6.6 not long ag ago. initially, they had said 7.0. the usgs revised down and now it has revised back up. also a shallower earthquake than we had first been told. putting in about 19 to 20 miles. we are seeing some pretty interesting damage reports of a lot of damage outside, they want people to shelter in place. >> i'm receiving pictures from friends and stuff, roads that are completely buckled and torn
10:56 am
up and overpasses have collapsed at least partially and there's definitely infrastructure damage around town. >> harris: we were trying to get to get information on whether or not the international airport has shut down. we were told there was a ground stop at first, every team working on that right now as well. i know that you said in 2002, you experience to 7.6. he said this is worse. we are glad that you are safe, thank you for joining me. we will be right back.
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>> harris: major damage. anchorage alaska took a 7.0 magnitude earthquake about an hour ago. stay with fox news for breaking coverage. >> dana: fox news alert on a major earthquake happening minutes ago and a tsunami warning now in effect. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." a 7.0 magnitude quake rocking the city of anchorage five to ten miles north of anchorage. it happened huge cracks in the roads and caused people to run for shelter. dan springer is live in seattle. he has been with us trying to explain all that he knows so far. tell us what you have. >> reporter: dana, we just got our first news out of the anchorage police department. they have been scrambling to try to get all the calls they are taking in and responding. we got the first report


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