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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 30, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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upon him struggling. one firefighter jumped into the water, broke through the ice. and reached the dog. >> that is it for us, we will see you on monday, emily will be on "fox & friends." "special report" is up next, i cannot talk as fast as her, hey, bret. >> bret: you have a dog? president trump signed a trade deal, avoiding vladimir putin and face-to-face with the saudi prince at the g20 summit, rocked by a seven-point earthquake this afternoon, and your recent hotel stay could be one of the largest data breaches in history. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i am bret baier, coming from the residential roosevelt library where i am taking part in the reform this weekend, bringing together some
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top brass including james mattis to address the health of our national defense. more on that and just a bit. but first, president trump is abroad tonight at the g20 summit in argentina where our standing in the world is in the spotlight as the president meets with several world leaders even as he avoids others. but while he praised a new trade deal with canada and mexico today, the russian investigation was not far from his mind as his administration place the blame for sour relations with russia on the special counsel. chief white house correspondent john roberts is in buenos aires tonight with a look at today's events. good evening, john. >> good evening to you, the g20 summit's are structured to highlight global cooperation. but for president trump and his america first policy it is really the individual relationships between nations that matter. >> president trump began his day with a historic signing from the mexico-canada agreement, putting
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a final nail in nafta. >> it is the most modern trade agreement in history. all of our countries will benefit greatly. it is probably the largest trade deal ever made, also. >> the president still has some heavy lifting. he needs to get the agreement through congress and passage is not assured. president trump also has a challenge tomorrow when he meets with china's president xi. the white house is hoping for a breakthrough to end the escalating trade war, feel you could submit worries that send the stock markets into convulsions over the past few weeks. even as he focused on trade, president trump had an eye on the mueller investigation and the michael cohen plea today, starting with a tweet that read "lightly looked at doing the building somewhere in russia, putting up zero money, zero guarantees coming did not do the project." russian officials added to the intrigue saying that president trump canceled his
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meeting with vladimir putin not because of the situation in ukraine, but political heat back home. >> it is a provocation created in this region the real reason for canceling the meeting? officially we heard that, but is this a reality? i think we have to search for answers in the political situation in the united states. >> sarah sanders fired back at the russia witch hunt hoax which is near anand is doing very well. undermine our relationship with russia. the reason for the canceled meeting is ukraine, hopefully that will be resolved so that the productive conversations can begin. president trump avoided a controversial moment speaking only briefly with the saudi crown prince today. the white house says that to the new leaders exchanged pleasantries, but did not have a substantive conversation. president trump has sided with him in the killing of saudi journalist jamaal khashoggi
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feeling that i.c.e. could mean fat contracts for american companies and drive saudi arabia into the hands of russia. that was confirmed when vladimir putin who does not give a lick about optics warmly high-fived a saudi leader. plenty of his critics ended up dead and the two seemed genuinely happy to see each other. >> the president was able -- >> there is an opportunity for president trump to speak albeit briefly with vladimir putin out of the cameras tonight when he joins the rest of the g20 leaders for dinner, bret. >> bret: thanks. as we said the russian investigation is not far from the president's mind while he is in argentina and back in washington, there have been new developments in the case against the president's former campaign chairman. to the intelligence of correspondent catherine herridge joins us with more. >> thank you, and good evening. the special counsel has until next week to explain why the
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plea fell apart as more legal action is threatened. paul manafort's legal team arrived in washington for the short hearing were special prosecutor andrew weissmann indicated more criminal charges are under consideration including offenses that paul manafort admitted to but was never charged with pit his lawyers say that the special counsel is using pressure tactics and the plea deal broke down because mueller's team once information that the client cannot provide, a tentative sentencing is now scheduled for march. >> mr. cohen has cooperated. >> after pleading guilty, the 2017 senate testimony about the moscow real estate proposal is underscored in t. michael cohen briefed the family, the president's son said that he knew "very little about the deal, adding that it faded away at the end of 14." that timeline appears to conflict with michael cohen who said that discussions continued until june 2016. in a russian foreign real estate
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developer broached the idea of the brush and penthouse for vladimir putin, he did not come into a fox on the penthouse proposal, but said "no matter which capital you build this caliber of a project income you would need cooperation of local government." the justice official is reserving judgment. >> the big question is whether it crosses the line to cover up wrongdoing on the president, or those close to them. politically damaging, yes, but what are the legal consequences? to be determined. >> fox news has learned that the president's legal team is revisiting the 2017 request, rod rosenstein to investigate former fbi james comey over the accuracy of his sworn congressional testimony. his lawyers were also in court today battling a congressional subpoena for closed or interview under oath. accusing former director of using the same legal tactics as though form behind the anti-trump dossier. >> he is trying to run the clock on us, that's why he has quashed
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fusion gps who also tried that, they were knocked down and instead, coming in and took the fifth pair to >> the judge said that he made rule on the comey subpoena as early as monday coming once a public hearing because he accuses some of the committee members of selective leaks coming even though 16 witnesses have agreed to a closed-door interview including fbi leadership, bret. >> bret: catherine herridge live in washington. ukraine is now stopping many russian men from traveling to the country as it fears a takeover by russia. similar to that in crimea, trade yanks with the latest on increasing tensions from the mideast bureau. >> russian men ages 16-60 are now banned from traveling to ukraine amid growing fears of the ground invasion from russia. reports indicate the main focus will be the land border between
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the two countries even though it applies to all ports of entry. the policy announced by ukrainian president petro poroshenko on twitter is an attempt by his government to prevent a further land graphed by russia. >> it is an opportunity for private armies by the russian federation. we are in fact the representative of the russian federation russian federation's armed forces. >> the new travel ban comes as a report indicates that the 24 ukrainian sailors who were captured during sunday's flash off of the coast of crimea have been moved to a detention facility in moscow, raising tensions between the two countries. ukraine's parliament voted in favor of petro poroshenko's proposal to limit the law, they can impose curfews and easily mobilize military units. the new restrictions are already being felt all along the ukraine-russia border, they are feeling the escalation of the
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conflict. >> i am a ukraine citizen, i arrived at the checkpoint to meet my brother who is family, mother and children, my brother is 48 years old. he was not allowed to enter. >> a spokesperson for the russian foreign ministry indicated friday that moscow has no plans to retaliate with similar travel restrictions for ukrainian citizens. >> daily life and ukraine following the clash off of the coast of crimea is gradually approaching a state of war as diplomatic efforts are trying to avoid a full-scale military confrontation. bret. >> bret: thinks. in 2014 when russia took over crimea, our late colleague charles krauthammer had this to say about this moment. >> it has taken over the crimean peninsula. he is in position to take other parts of ukraine if he wants. this is russia's attempt to grab ukraine as a way to reconstitute
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a mini soviet empire. when hitler went into the land, he claimed that it was in response to a desire on the part of the population. this is exactly what all dictators do. >> bret: so what is vladimir putin's desire now? for more analysis we turn to two of my fox news colleagues joining me here at the defense foreman, chris wallace, anchor of ""fox news sunday"" gorgeous setting, right? >> for the second year in a row, having covered reagan for six years whenever i come here, i think of his sunny disposition in a sense that he is the sun is rising not setting on american. >> bret: what about the stunning ukraine, what about the tense moment there as russia is clearly doing something? >> absolutely, they have issued the provocation by basically claiming control over the street. on the one hand you can argue
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that donald trump has been a lot more proactive than barack obama when it comes to russia and ukraine, he has sent to lethal weapons and advanced artillery to the ukrainians, president obama refused to do that. on the other hand he has made it very clear that he understands russia has much more direct interest then in crimea, i would be curious to hear what jennifer has to say, but i do not think that he will get much more deeply involved. >> and canceling that meeting and the g20, saying that it was ukrainian action, people speculated whether there was more to the cancellation or not. what you think? how big of an issue will it be here at the defense forum? >> i think it will be one of many flash points that they will be discussing. if you look at where we were a year ago, november 29th, 2017 and they had just fired their third intercontinental ballistic missile. all of the content at the forum was how did it deter
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north korea, now it is going to center around defense budget. that's where you will see a lot of flash points, because you have a new defense strategy that articulates that we are going to have to focus on and to deter russia and china, but it comes at a time when you just have the $716 billion budget of one of the largest of all time, and already the president is talking about having the defense department cut by 5% when they just start to deal with the readiness issues. you have a new democrat coming in as the head of the house armed services committee, adam smith wants to cut the defense budget, so the tension will be how do you do more with less budget? >> bret: there was are some amazing stories about the state of the u.s. military right now, charles is on my mind, here he is in 1986 talking about the reagan doctrine. >> i think it has now come to mean this policy of support for
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guerrilla movements, it is our leaf in liberation, and it amounts to a very significant shift in our history of containment. it is a new way to contain the soviet union, it is containment aimed at the latest acquisitions of the soviet empire. >> and he kind of explain that, chris, you are covering the white house during that time, is there a trump doctrine? >> let me also say that the reagan doctrine when it came to the russians was we win, they lose. and i think that president trump has a very different view of the world. first of all, america first, and we have alliances and adversaries, but we have a very narrow focus on what helps our country, and we see this with our enemies and our adversaries, for instance, nato. ronald reagan talked in a mormon enormous amount about it,
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president trump has much more of a tropical transactional sense of what our relationship is with nato certainly then ronald reagan did, it is america first, very narrow, take a look at saudi arabia, obviously we are horrified by the murder of jamaal khashoggi, but we have national security so we will put up with a lot of stuff. >> did you see the moments where the crown prince gave a high five to vladimir putin before one of those meetings today? i think we have that tape, it was quite interesting, there it is. almost saying i have your back, i don't know what that message was? >> i remember my interview with putin, and i said how come it is so many people that oppose you end up dead, and i wondered if they were thinking the same thing. >> this will be a lot of fun this weekend. >> it will be interesting, the one thing that reagan did not do as he did not cut the defense budget, so to cut 5% out of this defense budget is $30 million, what will that do to readiness
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and deterrence, that's what the discussion will focus on. >> bret: thank you very much, i will be interviewing the defense secretary tomorrow, you can see that on the fox news channel, the reason why charles krauthammer is on my mind is because his son will join us for his new book "the point of it all." he has completed the book, he edited it, but it was his father's book that he finished as he passed, the first time he is talking about it 6:00 monday. two earthquakes measuring 7.0 and 5.7 rocking anchorage today, incredible pictures and video at the damage done, still coming in from alaska as a neighbors to the north of me in california captured these images of the quake. no injuries have been reported, but dan springer joining us live from the northwest bureau with a look at the aftermath. good evening. >> good evening, still assessing the damage in and around
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anchorage, but we know that it is major and will cause problems getting around for many months, the earthquake was centered in point mckenzie, 5 miles down from downtown anchorage, the ground shook for over a minute causing severe damage to roads, bridges, breaking water mains, and knocking out power to tens of thousands the synonymy warning that was later canceled, and the 800-mile oil pipeline has been shut down as a precaution and there are no reports of damage to the pipeline. the airport was shut down for a while, but planes are allowed to take off and land. the regional head of fema is on his way to anchorage, and the congressional delegation held a news conference. >> it has impacted the arterial in and around anchorage, and that is a concern. >> the video you see is dramatic, this was on the sixth floor of the courthouse in
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downtown anchorage, you can see things banging against the walls and people taking cover, there are reports of widespread damage to the house is in area, while sarah palin former vice presidential candidate put out that her family is intact, but her house is not, alaska is the most seismically active state in the country with 10,000 earthquakes per year and 45 that range and strength from magnitude 6 and 7, but rare to see a quake this strong and anchorage, no deaths or injuries, but there was plenty of drama, we have a picture taken by the guy who was driving the truck when the earthquake started it was dark outside and he stopped the truck, when he got outcome of the road had collapsed around him. he is okay. but like so many alaskans today, nerves have been shaken and it is too early to tell the extent of the damage. >> bret: in our northwest bureau, thanks. the number of active-duty troops
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around the border with mexico will go down, but the department of homeland security is requesting civilian law enforcement from several other law departments to fill the void. submitting a formal request for the civilian support today. this as we know that the active-duty troops around the border will drop from 5600 over took 4,000, but will be extended through january, up next, your recent hotel stay could've open you up to one of the biggest acts in history. first with some of the other affiliates around the country, fox 40 in sacramento where a body camera footage shows what people have called the closest thing to hell. showing him nearly overrun by flames as he helped evacuate people from the deadly campfire in paradise. incredibly he and a group of stranded nurses survived all of this by finding a bulldozer that helped them escape. fox 35 in richmond where the court and james field's murder
3:19 pm
trial will allow two instagram posts showing a car running into protesters with the caption "if you have a right to protest, but i am late to work" into evidence, shows premeditation and debunks the argument that he was acting in self-defense when he drove his car into the crowd of counter protesters at a white nationalist rally last august. and this is a live look at las vegas from fox 5 out there. the big story of some financial health for survivors at that concert, the department of justice announcing that it will grant $16.7 million in funding, aid funding to the survivors of the shooting. the money will will be used to assist in things like therapy not just two-step survivors, but anyone who help that night. that is it from the beltway, we will be back with "special report" in california after this.
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to the valley in california and, if you are one of the 500 million people that have stayed at a marriott owned hotel, your personal information could be at risk, the company says its guest reservation system was breached
3:24 pm
and what is now the second largest private sector hack in the past decade. gillian turner with what information could now be expose exposed. >> marriott international, the world's largest hotel chain confirmed today that it has been hacked and that information on up to 500 million of its customers potentially compromised. that information includes customer names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, emails, passport numbers, and for some even credit card info. >> it is a really big deal because it gives people the keys to the kingdom when it comes to your identity. >> this now ranks as the number 2 largest data breach of the past ten years, only different to the yahoo attack that involved 3 million people. launching an investigation that found unauthorized access had been ongoing since 2014. nearly four years. on november 19th the company located the breach within its
3:25 pm
store would guest reservation database, but public confirmation came only this morning. marriott telling fox news we deeply regret this incident happened, we fall short of what our guests deserve and what we expect of ourselves. we are doing everything we can to support our guests and using lessons learned to be better moving forward. the company insists only customers registered on the starwood hotel were impacted. in looking at criminality and lawmakers are calling for new information to provide stronger data protection. the international parent company including dozens of recognized brands, w hotels, the st. regis, the sheridan, and weston, they will face intense scrutiny to you from the sec and e.u. regulators. marriott says that the company begun emailing every individual impacted by the breach, and they have also set up a website and call hotlines for the victims. offering one year of free identity theft monitoring through web watcher. bret.
3:26 pm
>> bret: thank you. ♪ the marriott breach is one of several large packs that have happened in recent years, but whatever happened to one of the biggest breaches last year to equifax, that breach expose the financial information of more than 145 million americans. the tonight correspondent bryan llenas looks at what has happened in the days since that attack. >> the echo effects data breach excess social security numbers, birthdays, and in some cases credit card numbers. the breach was not public until more than a month it was discovered and that prompted anger and calls for reform. >> this was exposing them of sensitive details, you cannot get this back. >> so what has been done since? congress holding hearings and congressional investigators along with the federal trade commission have been looking into it, but so far no
3:27 pm
enforcement actions have been announced. mark warner has proposed legislation that he hopes to introduce during the next session that would better protect consumers information in the modern world. >> most of the crime going forward is not going to be somebody going in and robbing a bank, the smart criminals in 2019 are going to violate and penetrate and echo facts or break into a company's computer and steal that data and then manipulate that data and he was perfect purchases or steal your personal information and sell it on the dark web. >> since the breach it has been $275 in data security and in a statement to fox says "over the past year we have undertaken a host of security operational and technological improvements including hardening our data security to look at response rate and securing the control." there are steps you can take to protect their information, a copy of your credit report every
3:28 pm
year, look for any unauthorized accounts open or loans taken coming you should consider freezing your credit which would stop someone from opening an account in your name. in new york, brian ennis, fox news. >> bret: california's blue wave and whether the g.o.p. can gain back any ground out here. ♪ you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar
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>> bret: welcome back to the ronald reagan presidential library, microsoft's surpassing apple as a publicly traded company, and if it holds to the end of the year it will be the first year that it closes out in the top position since 2002, finishing in the green, the dow was up 200, the s&p 500 closing up 22, the nasdaq ahead 57, the dow was up 5%, the s&p 500 had its largest one-week percentage gain since december 2011, almos5 this week. a good week on wall street, elected officials are still not ready to certify the house race in the ninth congressional district there. hearing distance on alleged action t ballot allegra laird is before deciding whether to finalize the race result. and leading dan mccready by 900 votes.
3:33 pm
for the first time is more than 70 years, republicans will hold just seven of california's 53 house seats. following this month's midterm elections. chief correspondent jonathan hunt takes a look at what some say led to the big blue wave here in california. >> the blue synonymy. >> democrats rode a large wave in california usually reliably republican orange county for instance went from mostly red to completely blue. in 2016 republicans held 14 of california's 53 king -- congressional districts, facing a bleak future and according to political consultant bob strohm. >> republicans are now the third party in the state. after democrats and declining the state of independence. >> how did it happen? for one congressman dana rohrabacher, the answer is simple. >> this was bought and paid for
3:34 pm
by outside billionaires. >> tom steyer, and potential democratic candidate michael bloomberg who put more than $4 million into the fight to beat dana rohrabacher. >> i've never seen a better example of money corrupting our political system. of the republican party are concerned about so-called ballot harvesting. party workers going door-to-door and offering to deliver voters to mail in ballots on their behalf. >> it is illegal in most every state of the union in texas and in new york state and pennsylvania, they arrest people and put them in jail for a ballot harvesting. in california they made it legal to years ago. >> the real reason the blue wave washed over so many republicans as the parties moved to the right. >> if you have a schwarzenegger republican party that was fiscally conservative and socially moderate or liberal, it would be very competitive in the state. >> for now california republicans will claim to the
3:35 pm
hope that all politics is biblical and the pendulum will swing back. but already emboldened democrats are looking ahead to 2020, eyeing the handful of still held republican seats and dreaming of another blue wave. >> dana: thank you. more trouble for the nfl as tmz sports reveals video of kansas city chiefs star running back kicking a woman in a cleveland hotel back in february. no arrests were made and kareem has not missed a single game this season despite it happening months before the season kicked off. the panel weighs in on the presidents were a when 40 hour trip to the g20 so far, keep it here, we will be back at the reagan library. ♪
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>> with hearth signatures today we will declare the intention of our three countries to replace nafta. with the usmca, a truly groundbreaking achievement. modern-day agreement. the new agreement to lifts the risk of serious economic uncertainty that lingers throughout a trade renegotiation process. uncertainty that would have only gotten worse and more damaging had we not reached a new nafta. >> this day is the culmination of a long process based on dialogue and negotiations that allow us to overcome differences and to conciliate our visions. spilling mexican president, president trump, and the prime minister of canada signing the trade agreement, the president calling it the biggest most important, largest great deal in the u.s. and world history, we are here at the reagan library, when he traveled around the world it was the g8, now it is the g20, and the president not everyone back in
3:41 pm
washington is fully behind the new trade deal. >> what is not and it is enough enforcement reassurance regarding workers, provisions that relate to workers and the environment. there also has not been a law passed in mexico in terms of wages and working conditions in mexico, so when all of that happens people make a judgment about whether they are supporting it. >> bret: we will start there about the president's trip to the g20, we will bring in the panel from washington, morgan ortagus, leslie marshall, and david brody, chief analyst for the christian broadcasting network, your thoughts on the trade deal and the g20 abroad. >> i think that the president is right that it is a very historic trade agreement, trade is one of the most arcane things that any administration has to deal with. and getting this through in the
3:42 pm
mexicans and the canadians that held in on a few sticking points regarding dairy is an accomplishment, but it is a little bit too early to measure, because he will have tougher negotiators in that canadians and the mexicans, that is the democrats in congress as we just saw, i'm looking towards sheriff brown, he is a democrat who may likely run for president, he has the most integrity and reputation as a relates to workers rights and trade, and he will figure out if we can get true democrats to pass it in the house and the senate. >> not just democrats, if you republicans have piped up, marco rubio, tweeting is currently drafting this deal will put florida seasonal vegetable growers out of business, allowing them to dump produce on the u.s. market, going forward america will depend on mexico for the winter vegetables, unacceptable. a few others who have weighed in as well. >> is another.
3:43 pm
if more jobs go to mexico, which is a big concern, not just by democrats and the unions, but on the right as well, will there be more outsourcing? will there be protection for investors and protection if jobs go to mexico or other places overseas to nancy pelosi's point and providing environment for workers, the president has a win, but are we going to see a win in congress, i'm not sure, because there is a lot of pushback on both sides to marco rubio's point, agriculture is being affected by this, and a political win for the president but i'm not sure what is going to happen especially when you have democrats taking over the house coming up in january. >> bret: a different environment come january, in the meantime, david, big issues at the g20, the president canceling the meeting with vladimir putin, but the biggest meeting to come tomorrow night with the chinese president xi. >> that's right, all eyes will be on that meaning for sure,
3:44 pm
bret, i have to tell you there is allowed to not just at stake, but going on, he is not at a moment where he can bluff, it is time to pony up, he cannot back away. there is no way, so what does that mean? economically we know that america is doing well, that is a strong hand to go into all of this with but the bottom line if he can come away with something on intellectual property theft and all of this forced technology transfer in terms of what the chinese are doing, that will be a big victory for this administration but having said that we have a long road ahead of us. the one that i will point out is that over 250 billion more in tariffs come january, and that is another issue that donald trump can raise. >> bret: i plan to ask defense secretary madison about a number of hot spots around the world including china, here's some president talking about the
3:45 pm
meeting you have to come with pt xi. >> we can make a deal, that will be good, i think that they want to and we would like to and we will see. we will be meeting with president xi for a while, the most part tomorrow would be the big meeting. in the meantime the staff is working, a lot of very talented people are working, larry kudlow's representatives are dealing with them on a constant basis. >> bret: laying the groundwork, art at the deal. >> that is true, i do not expect a full-fledged deal tomorrow, the problem and the challenge here that is different for the president then say what he faced in north korea is that we really have two competing factions, clearly the economic and business interests, that's why his administration would like to get it deal sooner than later, they are worried about the effect on the economy, but if you look at it from a national security perspective, the chinese are not going to come out and admit that they have done on ip, the taft, or how
3:46 pm
they have operated in society, nor planning for the future, his vision on how china is going to lead the world, and i cannot wait to hear your interview, but i do not think to be hyperbolic, but we are at a moment where we are in a generational struggle with china and the president, one of the most brilliant things that he has done in the administration is for he and his team to keep the heat on the chinese. and i hope that they continue to do it. there is no need to come out of this weekend with some magic deal to settle up. >> bret: quickly a lot of the leaders know how president trump operates, the japanese prime minister came with news of potentially two new factories of automakers to the u.s. and it seems perhaps that the chinese president will come with some deliverables, but if it is not even in a big deal. >> one of the things that i think both china and the united states is seeing is that
3:47 pm
the tariffs had not had the impact of that they want, i agree, many democrats agree on fair trade practices by china, but the trade deficit continues to grow, and we are not seen factories picked up and move out of china into other locations in asia, in addition to that, what do we want long term? one of the things that the president said in the 2016 campaign, a promised that he has not kept was that he was going to come after china before their currency manipulation, that will not come up tomorrow. i think what will happen as both parties are going to agree, this is not working out the way we wanted, we can come to a deal, but i think that they are going to stop going forward with more tariffs, because it is not working up her other side the way that they thought it would. >> standby, next up a true friday lightning rod. ♪ going anytime. rewarded!
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♪ >> bret: looking live at capitol hill, the possibility for a part-time government shutdown next week, back with a panel, the lightning round, what about the seven spending balls balls -- bills left, but the border wall is a sticking point. >> this would be the time, it is not a presidential election
3:52 pm
year, and local, democrats are coming in in january, if you do it now, you might as well do it and i think that there is a real possibility. >> bret: all right, leslie. >> i disagree coming any of the democrats, the democrats are not going to do it for three reasons, they do not want the wall or agree with the president on this and many other things, and third, what is in it for the democrats? they need them, they will not get it, republicans should go halfway and agree to 1.6 billion instead of five so that they get the original deal. >> bret: there are other questions as well whether the protection of mueller, but a one to turn to one of the biggest data breaches we have seen in a long time, that is of the brand of hotels that includes marriott, marriott's releasing a statement saying that we've deeply regret that this happen, fell short of what our guests deserve, we are doing whatever we can to support our guests and using lessons learned to be better moving forward, if you look at this, this is one of the
3:53 pm
worst cyber attacks we have ever seen. >> it is a disaster for marriot marriott, bret, you are looking at half a million customers who information and privacy has been put at risk. also looking at what is astounding to me is that these actors have been inside marriott for four years before they discovered it. so what you're saying is your corporation you have a 30% chance of getting hacked in 90% of the time that is human error, so clearly there is a lot of education that corporations want to do with their workers and we need to know where their russian or chinese, or other sponsors behind this, that's what i want to know. >> bret: ten seconds each, winner and loser. >> winner for elizabeth dole, loser of the week gm, i am sorry for those workers paid a terrible way to go into christmas. >> bret: leslie. >> winner's, all of the people
3:54 pm
that have adopted children like myself to give those kids a forever family, it is national adoption month on the last day in november, and loser southwest airlines for not firing the employee that laughed at a 5-year-old child and posted their boarding pass online. >> bret: that was 12, david. >> steph curry responding to the 9-year-old girl who won a basketball shoes of his and under armour, he was able to change the policy basically about making sure that girls have those shoes, and loser, alexandria, comparing obviously those migrants coming over across the border to fleeing nazi germany. don't go there. just don't. >> i'm pretty close, thank you very much pretty good weekend. when the, notable quotas. philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream
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3:59 pm
what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. >> i did not know that robert mueller needed protection. >> paul manafort is putting all of his eggs in the trump part in basket. >> i doubt he will see a light of day until he is very, very old. >> everybody says listen to the tape, unless you speak arabic, what will you get from it? >> i asked to be here, here i am. >> yesterday general mueller was announced laying off 15,000 workers. >> brutal, brutal. >> and the build -- and for that the votes will come in. >> no matter who you voted for today, i'm going to always represent every mississippian. >> just because people are quick to criticize you does not mean you are doing the wrong thing to do take it from me. >> we are in the majority. the majority, majority, majority pair to >> the republicans are in control of the presidency, the house, and the senate.
4:00 pm
the shutdown is on their back. >> this is the type of thing, the pepper spray, you can actually put it on your nachos and eat it. >> know as well as anyone that it can be a real downer. >> touchdown confirmed! [cheers and applause] >> bret: fair, balanced, and unafraid, here is martha i. >> martha: you very much, bret bret. so tonight at dinner is now underway, the g20, capping off a day that included a bizarre moment between putin and the crown prince of saudi arabia, and one of those juicy hot microphone moments as well, that when including the french president, and president trump's dinner tomorrow night with president xi that is front and center, but the anticipation of that meeting, there is a another story that is gaining traction tonight in china, this photojournalist known for capturing the darker side of communist