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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> laura: no time for the last bite, but i will put on twitter. it has something to do with parents revolting against left-wing school boards. it is a story we will dive into big time next week. until then, have a great weekend paired everyone, shannon bream, "fox news @ night" ." ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. after arm twisting mexico and canada into a new trade deal, president trump looking ahead it to an even greater challenge tonight, winning contestants from chinese leader president xi jinping. is he shaking up the global world order like he promised to do on the campaign trail? plus, watching alaska, the state reeling after two earthquake hit its biggest city, anchorage. a report on the widespread damage but hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" come on shannon bream in new york paired with billions of tariffs on the table, the meeting between presidents trump and xi could be a tie between the two nations. john roberts joins us from
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pointless errors, where things -- where they stand tonight? good evening, john. >> good evening to you. good morning, actually, shannon. obvious they come in tomorrow night -- or tonight -- is going to be a big night with that dinner with xi. the president started off the g20 today with a bank i'm a big trade victory early this morning with henrique pena nato, the president of mexico, only the president of mexico until tomorrow, and along with justin trudeau, the prime minister of canada, signing the usmca, the united states-mexico-canada act, which they hope will be the final nail in the coffin of the nafta agreement paired a lot of skepticism whether this deal is any better than nafta was beer the president insisting today that it is beardless in here. >> president trump: this landmark agreement includes intellectual property protections that will be the envy of nations all around the world. the usmca also contains robust and new provisions on digital trade and financial services,
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and the most ambitious environmental and labor protections ever placed into a major trade agreement. anywhere, at any time. >> it is not a done deal just yet, even though the leaders have signed it, the president still needs to get it through congress, and there is a lot of skepticism, shannon, among many democrats, as to whether the labor protections in the new usmca are, in fact, strong enough. shannon. >> shannon: this high-stakes dinner coming up between president trump and xi, what can you tell us about what is on the line there? >> first of all, it is obvious lee safe to say this is the premier event of the g20 for the president. i think it is also safe to say that this is potentially the most important meeting he has had with a world leader all yea year. because what happens tomorrow night could well define with the u.s. and china trade relationship is going to be like four months, if not years to come. there is some optimism among u.s. officials that there could
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be some sort of a breakthrough. the president recently restarting talks with xi after the u.s. and china hit an impasse. u.s. officials have been using the word "profound disappointment" to describe how they feel that where china is in terms of trying to level the playing field with the united states. the big issues they have to get through, intellectual property theft, technology transfer, protection of tariffs on the part of china, a lot of other items paired the white house said there has been promising sy will not know whether they will move forward until tomorrow night's meeting peer listen to what the president said earlier today. >> president trump: we will be meeting tomorrow, and we have already spoken. we are working very hard, and we should make a deal that will be good. we will be reading meeting with president xi in a little while. in the meantime, people are working, our staff is working, a lot of very talented people working, larry kudlow's representatives working on a
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constant basis. there are some good signs. thank you. >> one interesting thing to note, the infamous china trade hawk peter navarro is going to be in tomorrow's meeting. earlier this year, the treasury secretary steven mnuchin boxed navarro out of talks with china, so the fact the president wants him there, obviously to send a single to china that the president wants to hold a hard line in terms of trying to level that trade playing field. one of the incentives the white house is considering, shannon, is to delay the implementation of increased tariffs on some $215 billion of chinese goods. 10% now, scheduled to go up to 25 percent on january 1st beer the white house playing with the idea of delaying that increase to april 1st to give both sides more time to work out an agreement. again, whether or not they do implement that delay really depends on how things go tonight. here in windows are as.
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shannon? >> shannon: john roberts traveling with the president, thank you very much. time now for tonight's power panel, cohost of "the five," juan williams. fox news conservator daniel hoffman, and chair of the program business and finance at kings college new york, brian blumberg. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. >> good to see be here. >> shannon: i want to start where john ended there, part of the dinner and conversation with president xi. i want to read something from "the wall street journal," they say there are tough economic signs right now for china, the headline "china's manufacturing engine starts to stutter," goes on to say it adds to the picture of a chinese economy that is growing broadly. something that puts the u.s. in a stronger position to negotiate in the trade battle. how do you see the u.s. going into this dinner? >> i think that day is really important, the president feels like he is in a strong position here. he is not willing to give up a lot. he wants to keep things moving forward, he wants the path
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forward. i think you're going to get something like that here, probably a cessation to the increases in tariffs so they can work out a deal. the president does feel like he is in a strong position paired peter navarro is there to signal that. he is going to ask a lot from the chinese, and if they don't give a lot here, don't expect a breakthrough, but do expect of the process to continue. again, into the spring, so there is time to get something meaningful done. >> shannon: down, there are so many other things to talk about with china, intellectual property, needing their help on north korea, not cooperating with shank sins, that being one of the top counterintelligence. >> there is a bipartisan support for the president trump's strong stance on trade. they are militarizing the south china sea, mounting espionage against us, and they have not
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been helpful on north korea, allowing them to bust through the sanctions. i think it is portends for strong negotiation, which will only help us. >> shannon: i want to talk about the fact, a lot of trade to talk about across a number of things. we will talk about the agreement with mexico and canada. he also had this to say about his talks with japan's leader, said there is more good news on that front. >> he needs people in this country. we have companies moving in. prime minister robbie of japan just called me they are moving s opening up, two mass of plants. don't hear that often, but a lot of that is happening. >> shannon: that sounds like good news, you know this president is all about making a deal. >> it is good news. it comes at a time when the american economy is in a strange place. we have seen a lot of the stock market gains of 2018 gone,
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shannon. we saw come of course, this week that general motors announced they were cutting 14,000 jobs in this country, and we know harley-davidson and carrier and others have sent jobs overseas, in part because of the trade wars, and some people pointing at the trade tariffs on steel and aluminum as driving up the cost of automobiles. i think what the president just pointed out is good news, it would help to alleviate that. the problem, of course, going forward is that when you engage in trade wards -- especially with china, which is the largest holder of u.s. debt -- you have to have something to say to the american people at this moment, because the markets are not going to react positively, even if there is a delay, as we heard from john roberts, but takes us to april. they want good news. if they want to hear there is something of a deal that ends all of this talk of tariffs and trade wars. >> shannon: for good
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announcements today, talking about this new deal that he has been tough with mexico and canada, and he says tough talks, tough actions, that is what brought them to the table for this new deal. it has to get approval from congress. here is what one of the dash probably opponents -- at least a skeptic at this point, democratic senator elizabeth warren. >> as it is currently written, trump's a deal won't stop the serious and ongoing harms nafta causes american workers. it won't stop outsourcing, it won't raise wages, and it won't create jobs. it is nafta 2.0. your >> shannon: norte? >> it is laughable you have democrats coming out and criticizing the president for the usmca not being tough enough. first of all, they were never proposing anything as an alternative to nafta. now that he has done something, their critique is "it is not tough enough." this new deal has a lot of things that a lot of democrats
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have called for for a very long time. you can like it or not like it, but the president took the initiative to put something together, and he has shown he can get a deal done. it is very important when you're talking with china, because now it puts a china in the spot of saying, look, if you want the deal done, the president is ready, but you have to step up to the plate. i think a lot of criticism from democrats is really disingenuous. they just weren't honest this issue to begin with, not something is gotten done, they are saying it is not enough. where do you fall? you have to pick a side here. >> shannon: i want to bowl something else, a lot of headlines today, that is very cozy greeting between the crown prince of saudi arabia and russian president vladimir putin, a lot of people looked at that and said, while not, they see very comfortable together. quick reaction. >> it is difficult to read all that body language, beyond saying they are apparently very comfortable with each other, to the point of high fives amongst
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two bodies, two bros. >> shannon: a little bit of a bromance. >> what we have seen from the saudi arabian leaders recently, everybody is well aware of the murder of jamaal khashoggi, "the washington post" writer, done in a be steel way, the idea that he is even there, welcome in the company of other world leaders, is troubling. why wouldn't they speak harshly to him about that kind of behavior? >> shannon: let's bring in dan for his comment. >> i would say this is vladimir putin, kgb operative and the kremlin, trying to drive a wedge between us. remember mohammad bin salman's father visited moscow, the first saudi king to do for. i think vladimir putin sees the opportunity for a photo op. that is been a strategy of his for some time. >> shannon: dan, juan, brian,
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thank you very much. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: on the sidelines of the g20 summit, a private conversation heard between president emmanuel macron and the saudi prince. macron is lavishly not happy. leland vittert has details for us. >> we have heard recently that the body language in unscripted moments of world leaders at these summit tell us far more. today, you do not need a microphone to tell who was friends. >> crown prince mohammad bin salman received a high five from a grinning russian president vladimir putin. contrast that with the earful the prints received from french president emmanuel macron. lip readers might try to interpret what made putin so happy, and the camera cut away quickly, but macron made no
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secret of his displeasure. >> translator: there is the case of khashoggi. >> they say the video shows a contrast between emmett b.s.'s face and the french president's face, we are not going to play hide and seek for 48 hours. the 33-year-old prince is accused of ordering the murder of a journal must jamal khashoggi. secretary of state mike pompeo gave the prince a lifeline. >> i believe i have read every piece of intelligence in the last few hours, i think i read it all, there is no direct reporting connecting the crown prince to the order to murder it jamal khashoggi, that is all i can say in an unclassified setting. >> missing from the video greeting to the prince is that of president trump, the caption of one photo showing the two of them together, described the scene as "trump glances at and
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walks past the saudi." white house officials say they exchanged pleasantries at the leader session, he, meaning the president, as he did with nearly any every other leader and attention. >> shannon: that is what they do. leland vittert, thank you very much. this is a fox news alert, to, residents of anchorage picking up their city after back-to-back earthquakes rocked the state pay locals describing the scene is what they call pure anarchy. correspondent with an update. >> they are still assessing the damage in anchorage, and will be for at least the next couple of days. this was a powerful, magnitude t 10 miles north of anchorage. the shaking began at 8:30 in the morning, lasted for over a minute. when it was over, several roads were severely damaged, bridges crumbled, water mains burst, sending water to the frozen streets. gas lines broke, starting house
8:15 pm
fires, there were rock slides, a tsunami warning issued but later canceled, the airport was shut down for a time due to a power outage. it is now fully open. some 40,000 people are still without power. it is a big concern with temperatures in the 20s. the 800-mile long trans alaska was shut down for seven hours, but checked out with no damage, and the oil is flowing again. the video is dramatic, check out the scene on the six floor of the courthouse in downtown anchorage, lawyers ducking for cover as the building sways. there are no reports of deaths, and the most serious injury recorded is a man who suffered burns fighting a fire in his home. schools are shut down and won't reopen until the middle of next week, so the buildings can be examined. kids were stranded on buses, and some were sheltering at fire stations. this was the most devastating earthquake to hit anchorage since the 9.2 catastrophic quake in 1964. there were harrowing moments for
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those on the road. one was in his truck when the earth started shaking pretty bailed out, and the road he was on collapse. >> the whole ground opening up in front of you, is this time? is this the day? i got out of the truck, started running the other direction, looking to make sure there were other places on the ground opening up. >> he told me he feels lucky to be alive, the governor declared a disaster, president trump promised aid. rebuilding will take monsters some of the roads will not be repaired for months because they have to thaw first. >> shannon: a tough situation there tonight. dan, thank you very much. james comey fighting back, asking aiden judge to toss a congressional subpoena ordering him to show up and testify next week. comey says it is about transparency, but not everyone is buying that explanation. ♪ >> there try to run the clock, that is why they filed a motion. >> shannon: chief
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correspondent catherine herridge examines that and the latest development in the rush investigation, what they mean for one member of the trump family. plus, a san francisco judge is added again, ruling on the trump administration's new asylum policy. plus, shocking video of an nfl player goes viral appeared when did the league know, and didn't move fast enough on the latest claims of violence involving one of its stars? stay tuned. ♪ hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. ♪
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you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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♪ >> shannon: new developments tonight in the case against the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort. here is catherine herridge. >> shannon, special counsel has until next week to explain why the plea deal fell apart, as more legal action is threatened. they arrived in washington for the short hearing with special counsel prosecutor andrew weissmann indicated more criminal charges were under consideration, including offenses metaphor admitted to come of it was never charged with. his lawyer say this special counsel is using tactics, and the plea deal broke down because of mueller's teams want information that he cannot provide. sentencing is scheduled for march. a day after the president's former personal attorney pled guilty to lying to congress,
8:22 pm
donald trump juniors senate tested testimony is under scrutiny. the president sons that he knew "very little about the deal." a russian foreign real estate developer had the idea for a penthouse for russian president vladimir putin. did not comment on the proposal, but said "no matter how you build this caliber of a project, you need cooperation of local government." a former just a deferment official is reserving judgment. >> the question is whether it crosses the line to criminal wrongdoing on the part of the president. i think that is the big question. politically damaging, yes, but legal consequences to be determined. >> fox news has learned the president's legal team is revisiting the 2017 request to mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to investigate former fbi director james comey over the accuracy of his sworn congressional testimony. comey is lawyers were in court
8:23 pm
today arguing for a subpoena for a closed-door interview under oath. accused of using the same legal tactics as the firm behind the anti-trump dossier. >> he is trying to run the clock on us, and that is why we think he filed this motion to quash -- fusion gps also tried that. they were knock down, and instead, he came in, glenn simpson came in and took the fifth. >> late today, the judge said he might rule on the comey coming subpoena as early as monday. he is accusing some committee members of selective leaks, even though 16 other witnesses agree to a closed-door interview, including former senior fbi leadership, shannon. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. as catherine said, a ruling tonight unfired fbi director james comey's subpoena. we should have word on monday, . let's turn to former clinton pollster doug schon, and erica taxis, best selling author.
8:24 pm
i want to start with something -- catherine covered the waterfront. i want to start with some of the cohen issues. this is what rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york, and a part of the legal team for the president, said hysterical coverage of it misses that leaked documents demonstrate that mueller's crew have no evidence of collusion. along the way, he is keeping america face safe from false statement makers or faulty memories. >> the former mayor's right, there is no showing, no assertion of collusion involving president trump. what there is a showing of is the real estate deal, or the proposed deal, which supposedly ended in january 2016, carried on to june of 2016, while trump was running for president. the problem there, shannon, is the president was negotiating with an adversarial power to do
8:25 pm
a business deal -- >> shannon: according to cohen peered he has told a different story before. >> that is all true, but it is something that bears further study, scrutiny, and, frankly, questions. >> shannon: not so surprising "the new york times" would see this differently pair this is what they say. the guilty plea demonstrate the crimes are real. what is more, already numerous cases filed in districts that will likely bear others. it is only a matter of time before even mr. trump won't be able to treat them away. >> isn't that poetic? if only it were true. here is the issue, i happen to have written a book with a very simple title "donald drains the swamp." it is no coincident get what we are talking about, ultimately, the big picture, we can get down of these weeds, the big picture is there has been collusion, collusion by people who so hated this president and so thought him utterly unthinkable in the role of president, before he became president, when he became president, and since he has
8:26 pm
become president, they have been doing everything they can to get rid of him. when you hear about a fisa warrant gotten under false pretenses, that they didn't reveal what needed to be revealed, you hear things like this almost every day, another piece of the puzzle. when you think about the team that mueller assembled, he didn't even try to make it look fair. as far as i'm concerned, it is horrific, it is the definition of the swamp. it is the enemy of free self government. when have that going on, it needs to be drained. i think the president is strong enough to withstand this, and i think, in the end, you are going to see it -- finally, there will be a boomerang effect, and we will shining light on the snake pit called the clinton foundation, and you are going to see things that will make everything we are talking about today -- no one will talk about it anymore because it is so small. that is my theory. you can check in with me in six months. >> shannon: we will, because we have been hearing so much about the clinton foundation, i
8:27 pm
can't imagine democrats will want anything to do with investigating vapid when they take control of the house in january. >> they're not. i'm a democrat. i think, in fairness, while there were a lot of talking points and rhetoric in what eric said, what i take for it and what i believe is built to look at the clinton foundation, look at uranium one, look at the fund-raising, less air things out. also, robert mueller, i think we have a lot of issues that bear further investigation and further airing. let the sunshine and let jim comey testify. if i could finish -- if you let me finish. thank you. what i would say is comey, who leaked himself, is now saying he doesn't want to testify in private because he is afraid of leaks. there is an irony there. >> shannon: he will testify publicly, in the open, we can all watch it on tv. >> it is so dirty. i'm convinced that all of them are deathly afraid of what is
8:28 pm
going to come out. we don't talk about the fact that hillary clinton was the one that got the dossier, that was presented -- all of that stuff, you want to air things out, all of that stuff -- >> air both out is what i'm saying. >> the media is not being -- "the new york times" yesterday printed a headline that i even realize was a lie. they said trump raises the issue of a pardon for manaforte, that is a lie in a headline. any president, anyone would've said they wouldn't take it on the table. they translate that to "he raise the issue." >> the difference between not liking the media and wanting to be fair and balanced. >> shannon: we have to leave it there, we are fair and balanced here. have a great weekend. interior second-rate ryan zinke, he saw him last night on the show, today lashing out on mine after democratic congress mccall for his resignation fair last night, i asked zinke about the long list of
8:29 pm
investigations against him and his department. >> shannon: there've been investigations. >> absently, i'm 10 for 10. ♪ big australia is back, and your favorites are even bigger. with the big, juicy 18oz center-cut sirloin. and the ultimate great barrier combo. food this big is only here for a limited time. and now, get a $10 gift with every $50 in gift cards.
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...fearless... ...and there's no looking back, because i am cured. talk to your doctor about mavyret. ♪ >> shannon: nfl star running back kareem hunt the kansas city chiefs caught on video obtained by tmz kicking, pushing, shoving to the ground a 19-year-old young woman. she told the police he was angry that she wouldn't have sex with his friend. the incident happened back in february. prosecutors, the nfl, and the kansas city chiefs, all reportedly knew about that hotel surveillance video. yet kareem hunt has been allowed to play all year long. at the nfl says it has been investigating this for eight months, the league not saying wy it took a video to prompt the public respond, but what it want public, the league suspended hunt and the kansas city chiefs released him. tonight, hunt is apologizing for his actions.
8:34 pm
a scathing tweet from secretary ryan zinke, after the lawmaker calls for his resignation. correspondent kristin fisher kristin fisher is digging in. >> this feud has been simmering for some time. top democrats have been questioning the interior secretary 's ethics and policies for months. now, the congressman is likely just weeks away from becoming the committee's chairman, and today, he threatened to intensify come january. >> a and a scathing op-ed, the congressman said interior secretary ryan zinke must resign. the multiple scandals show he is unfit to serve. zinke has faced at least 17 investigations into his conduct since taking office, and several are still ongoing. from holt reports he used taxpayer funds private flights,
8:35 pm
to a probe in montana referred to the justice department. >> i'm 10 for 10. i've been investigated on my socks, investigated taking jets, which i don't. ten investigations completed, and you know they all say? ryan zinke follows all the rules, all the regulations, all the procedures. this is politically-motivated -- in montana we call it -- b.s. >> saying in the op-ed that zinke is embroiled in disasters, the least he can do a step down here the secretary responded by attacking the congressman's well-known troubles with alcohol, tweeting "it is hard for him to think straight from the bottom of the bottle." this is coming from a man who used nearly $50,000 in tax dollars as hush money to cover up his drunken and hostile behavior. he should resign, and pay back the taxpayers for the tens of thousands of dollars he forced my department to spend investigating unfounded
8:36 pm
allegations." zinke was referring to reports that in 2015 he paid a female aide nearly $50,000 in taxpayer-funded settlements after she complained about his drinking and creating a hostile work environment. the congressman says the allegations against secretary zinke are incredible and serious, instead of addressing the substantive issues raised in the op-ed, he is resorting to personal attacks. and all of this is happening on the same day that the trump administration took a major step toward allowing offshore oil testing in the atlantic, a move the congressman says it will prompt a series of checks and balances. his committee on day one is the new congressman. shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you very much. homeland security calls for the u.s. military to stay at the southern border longer than originally expected. tijuana's mayor vows to stop funding the migrant spirit and calls for the organizers. >> they are coming in violently
8:37 pm
come on respectfully, not rule and law-abiding citizens. >> shannon: we are joined live next. ♪ when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. but you can believe this, real esurance employee nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless.
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8:41 pm
asked to move out of her apartment because of her legally owned guns. there is a lot more to the story, correspondent trace gallagher is on on the c. trace? >> leila perrone, who legally owns firearms and is trained in gun safety recently came back from a weekend trip to find her six roommate had searched her closet, bad, and drawers, to find her guns. when she asked them why, she claims they said "we saw you had a maga hat, and we assumed you had something." they also emailed the landlord saying they were uncomfortable with having firearms in the house, adding "their presence causes anxiety and deprives us of the quiet enjoyment of the premise to which we are entitled." the landlord contacted local police to make sure the guns were legal, and she allowed the police to check out the weapons. despite find in the legal and she was compliant, she got an email from her landlord saying "since it is clear she wants to keep her firearms, it would be best for all parties if she finds another place to live. she rejected the request to move out and was told that if she didn't leave, she would be
8:42 pm
forced to pay her roommates rent, a lofty $6,000 a month. i demand she says it is reasonable, quoting "either i leave and incur moving expenses, or my roommates move and i incur their rent expenses." not only is this a blatant violation of my privacy, but also a violation of my rights." we should note, the reason she says she owns guns in the first place is because she had been in a physically abusive relationship, quoting again, i had a real and legitimate reason as to why i want to protect myself. for now, pirnie says she wants to focus on studying for her upcoming finals. channing. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. as their legal case here for layla bernie? let's talk about it, it is time for night court. tonight's attorneys are at david bruno and bob bianchi. thank you both for being in today. if you got the gist of the story, she talks about being
8:43 pm
gone for the weekend, and while she was gone, the roommates went through her room, essentially ransacking the place, going through every drawer, the closet, everything else, they found guns and were worried. when they asked why in the room to begin with, they each came up with completely contradicting stories, none of which made sense, but one comment struck me in particular. "we saw that you had a maga hat, and you are from alabama, we assumed you had something." david? >> the ability of the landlord to prevent guns from being in a home is very different than a town or a state prohibiting it. this is a private citizen. she does have the right, believe it or not, there is no federal statute, no case law that prohibits it. it really comes down to the state. does the state prohibited, does it allow it? massachusetts is silent, so it allows -- he can say to the tenants, "no guns" bear the problem for the landlord here is going to be with the lease. if he didn't put her on notice,
8:44 pm
he may have a problem on that point. but if he did, or if the lease expires, he has the right to say, "no guns in my house. >> shannon: on, one attorney says it only protects the them from intrusio. they receive state or federal funding, the second amendment is unlikely to apply. >> she has a right under the second amendment to possess the weapons, so it is not governmental action, this is a contract case. she has a valid lease, it does not prohibit these weapons. the landlord called the police, the police came and said they are lawfully in her possession. they are safe and secure. there is nothing we can do. who committed a crime here are these people who go ransacking
8:45 pm
her room and trespassed and invade her privacy. if you don't like it when the lease is over, get out. the landlord made a big mistake here. the land lord basically said -- there is a good snow my disagreement between yu two, so he decided in his wisdom on nonsolomon, if you will, you who is trespassed upon, your privacy invaded, you should be the one to go, not as a problem for the landlord. >> shannon: it sounds like there were several roommate, and then her. to your point, the police officer who came over, and ask him to come. the gun owner welcome tim, said come over. everything was legal, that is not the issue. >> the landlord has said is easier to get rid of one and then five. little did he know that we would be talking about this case on fox news right now. now he has a problem, because if he starts litigation -- he can't
8:46 pm
just remove her immediately. this is going to be an eviction proceeding. he doesn't know how it is going to come out. then the five can leave, and now he could be in problems with both. so the landlord has problems, but if the lease is an issue, but if it is not in the lease, he does have a legal right to prohibit it under the federal -- >> the fact of the matter is, if he kicks her out, she has a legal action against the roommate and him, and those other ones leave, she is going to sue them for the excess rent. i would bring the landlord in, saying you cause this to happen. >> shannon: part of the email from the roommates -- or they didn't copy her on it, they want to be transparent about this, sent it to the management, landlord guy. they said this, or having guns, legally or not, "this makes all the rest of us very uncomfortable and feeling unsafe. their presence causes anxiety and deprives us of the quiet
8:47 pm
enjoyment of the premises to wh we are entitled." >> it is the last word that is most important, "are entitled." you are entitled to nothing, you are entitled to make sure someone is not violating the law, i got that. but because your feelings are hurt over something doesn't mean you have the legal recourse to tell someone who is following her constitutional rights and in lawful possession of a weapon -- grow up. it is a problem with too much entitlement. you need to be able to deal with the situation, and after the lease is over, if you don't like it, get out, or get out ahead of time and pay the cost of the lease you are leaving early. >> those girls, they did trespassed. when they went into her room -- >> shannon: we all think that is a problem. >> it is. if anyone has records, i think it is the one who says "i have the right to have my gun." >> shannon: great to see both of you. you at home are our jury, so treat us. stick around on the latest of
8:48 pm
the caravan. we have our guest from the border patrol council come a lot to say about what is happening down there. and new demands of the braggarts are making. ♪ if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make-or-break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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>> shannon: we have breaking news for you tonight. sad news, we just learned that president george h.w. bush has died. he was 94, the oldest president in history. bush 41, you will remember, spent his summer at his home in maine, he returned in october back to texas, where his spokesman said the president was really looking forward to some proper tex-mex. a day after the funeral of his wife, barbara bush, in april, the former president checked into a hospital in houston with an infection. he went home about two weeks later, bush 41 had a form of parkinson's disease. doctors had also treated him for pneumonia and other infections over the years. george herbert walker bush was born on june 12th, 1924, in milton massachusetts, just south of boston. he was a decorated u.s. navy
8:53 pm
pilot, flue torpedo bombers, he survived being shot down in world war ii. he was an amazing hero. he met barbara pierce at a christmas dance, when they were just teenagers. they got married in 1945 when he was home on leave from the war. their letters back and forth are amazing, if you've read some of those beard he later graduated from yale university, moved with barbara to texas to work in the oil business. that is where he eventually got into politics, became a congressman, ran for president in 1980. remember, he lost the republican nomination to ronald reagan, but became his vice president. finally, eight years later, he took the oath of office himself as commander in chief. remember this, a lot of foreign policy achievements on his watch, the berlin wall came down, the soviet union collapse collapsed. when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, president bush led an international coalition that defeated the iraqi forces. he also started the points of light foundation to promote community service across the country, really around the
8:54 pm
world. after leaving the white house, former first lady barbara bush started her own charity to help more people learn to read, all about literacy. they were married 73 years, longer than any other first couple in history. they had six children, including a daughter, who died of leukemia when she was just three years old. they talked about how heartbreaking and difficult that was for their family. their eldest son, george w. bush, became the 43rd president of the united states. in total, they had 17 grandchildren, a eight great grandchildren pit after barbara bush died, her husband said she would want mike to go on. also said, "across the bushes off your worry list." tonight, they are together agai again. george h.w. bush, the 41st president of the states, where just getting a statement and from his son, president george w. bush, he said jab, neil, marvin, dora, and i are all saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear
8:55 pm
dad has died. george h.w. bush was a man of the highest character, and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. the entire bush family is deeply grateful for 41's life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens." again, president george hw bush, our 41st president, dead tonight at the age of 94. as we think back on all he accomplished, i mention the foreign policy, a lot of folks will follow the bush 41 presidency and written about it and thought about it since his years in the time of the white house, that will be what . important meetings, tearing down important barriers on the international stage here he was a statement, a diplomat, the head of the cia at one point, worked across the board -- around the globe, trying to build alliances, make changes
8:56 pm
that have lasted for a generation on. we will always remember his contributions to this country, and he, again, from 1924 to 2018, a war hero, we talked about his time as a navy pilot, if you ever read into the stories of what he survived after being shot down, it reminds us of what a real hero is, someone who is tough, and somebody who battled on. of course, the great love affair with his wife, barbara bush, who died earlier this year. it is one that takes your breath away when you read their letters back and forth, you look at the origins of their start and what they went through as a family, what they suffered in losing a child, ended going through many, many ups and downs, difficult campaigns that didn't always go their way. there were many times that they had each other's backs anyway nobody else could have. they were fierce defenders of each other and of their families, their children, their grandchildren. earlier this summer, you may remember one of his
8:57 pm
granddaughters was married, barbara bush, and she said, it was very important for her to be there, have him there with her on her special day. brad blakeman on the phone with us tonight. brad, this is sad news. i'm sure you have many, many memories -- fond once -- of our 41st president. >> absolutely. he was a statesman, a gentleman, serve our country in so many capacities over so many years. he leaves a legacy that would be honorable for anyone to follow in his footsteps. the youngest fire pilot in world war ii, elected to congress, served as our rnc chair, first envoy to china, his life is full of giving back in service. i have the honor of working with vice president bush -- president bush, and of course, his son, the entire family, an
8:58 pm
amazing family. they are so close and tight and loving, and the president loved america. he loved his family, and he lived a life for this country. >> shannon: he did. a lot of folks, there are so many different things about him, when we look back, a lot of people forget he had tough campaigns he didn't win, and he has talked about those and how they prepared and for the next step. he also had a very amazing chapter at the cia that was critical, really paid dividends now the mine, where he served further on in the government. >> i don't think we've ever had a president that was more qualified to serve. he had so many critical roles at critical times in our history, bringing our country together after watergate, as you pointed out, critical time in the cia, intelligence community, serving as vice president for ronald reagan, took on the soviet union, the wall came
8:59 pm
down, george hw george h.w. bus president. an entire relationship that has now blossomed into a china that is not only a competitor of the united states, but also a friend of the united states. this family has done so much -- of course, barbara bush, every bit the partner of president bush. they were inseparable. we mourn her loss this year, as well. we are just so saddened, but we are also glad end by the fact we got to know him, got to work for him, the honor of serving him and our country, knowing, first and foremost, he was decent. republican or democrat, he cared about service and honor, and that is the first legacy.
9:00 pm
>> shannon: if you will stand by with us, brad, want to talk more about his life and legacy. thank you for joining us. if you will stand by. >> shannon: this is breaking news. i'm shannon bream at wagner's world headquarters in new york. president george h.w. bush has died. he was 94, the oldest president in history. bush 41 spent the summer at his home in maine, which he loved so much, he talked about how happy was to be there but returned in october to texas, where his spokesman said the president was looking forward to some "proper tex-mex," the day after his stomach the funeral of his wife, barbara bush, he checked into a hospital with and infection. he went home a couple of days later. he had a former parkinson's disease. doctors treated him for pneumonia and other infections in recent years. george herbert walker bush was


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