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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  December 2, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> wonderful by delta airlines and we think of president bush and his family today and what he meant to our country and thank you for spending time with us. tonight i scared the dog, i was on the couch with the dog, i sort of -- this is what i do in my time off, sort of checked the court docket, saw the filing. i yelped, scared the dog in a way that stuck. he jumped off the couch. he wouldn't talk with me until breakfast time this morning. greg: that's no way to talk about charism chris matthews. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] greg: it's like i'm crying but i'm not. talk about a vicious cycle. i call it the trump 360. trump says or tweets something outrageous, the media freaks out, filling their depends with compost. it's the end of the world. i mean, just look at their hair.
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♪ greg: then a month later, they realize, damn, the loud, crazy orange guy had a point and they try to forget it ever happened. look at isis, how they laughed when trump said he wouldn't tell the media his secret plan. then not spilling the beans worked. isis was like whoa, there goes my legs. didn't see that coming. don't worry, neither did cnn. remember when trump lectured nato allies on defense spending. we laughed. i laughed. until they agreed to his demands. i was wrong. trump railed against trade imbalances. then we started learning about trade imbalances and now we have a new deal. people dragged him for his tweet about the wildfires. a week later, experts admitted mismanagement made the fires worse. trump said puerto rico was plagued with corruption. that was mean and cold.
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then city council offices were raided by the fbi and hurricane donations were found rotting in a parking lot. remember when trump said all judges have political leanings. chuck schumer tweeted that trump was wrong. even as chuck then labeled john roberts a partisan and a republican. wasn't that trump's point, you preening hair plug. [ laughter ] greg: you thought you were right and he was wrong but whoops, i think chris sums it up best. >> i remember someone teaching me, jim, when it comes to these kinds of deals, it is worse when it happens in reverse, he used to say to me. [ laughter ] greg: something's wrong with that man. [ laughter ] greg: there's the trend, the period between a trump tweet and that realization that it might be correct, it keeps getting smaller as small as a chipmum's
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underpants it's not trump's critics have a problem with the truth n. have a problem with trump saying it. that's what outrages the media most. even with trump's sloppiness, he's often right. he's a cross between einstein and a drunk. i mean -- [ laughter ] greg: i i. greg: i mean, who here doesn't like their children? >> who here does not like their children? there's nobody? got to be somebody. [ laughter ] greg: there's got to be somebody who doesn't like their children. [ laughter ] greg: he's not lying. there's a lot of people who hate their kids. [ laughter ] greg: i hate my kids and i don't even have any. [ laughter ] greg: now, take the caravan. who kept warning everyone this was not going to end well? >> we are sending a simple message to the lawless caravans and the illegal trespassers marching toward our border. it's very simple.
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turn back now, go back home, we will not let you in. greg: how did the media react in they called the caravan a make believe right wing dream. >> this idea unfounded of an invasion of immigrants -- >> the president falsely described the caravan as an invasion. >> for everybody out there that was telling me know, it's a real story, we're worried about the caravan, they're coming, i go back to what i said about martians coming to my backyard. they're not coming. greg: boy, does he look stupid. [ laughter ] greg: more so than usual. that's quite an achievement. because he's kind of stupid every day. as for the horror over pepper spray, the media missed all the times the border patrol dispensed tear gas under obama. if obama did it they'd call it disbursement drizzle. i bet trump used the stuff less. when trump p says don't come,
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you don't have to spray anyone. the media is outraged they happened to be right. the caravan arrived and they were assaulted, just doing their jobs. the mayor of tijuana is pissed about the caravan and he's the mayor of tijuana. almost anything goes there. [ laughter ] greg: i burned all of that film, i think, a long time ago, back when you could burn film. tell me again who are the bad guys in this equation? a mob throws bottles and hits us. when we respond, we get blamed. it feels like a setup egged on by a media drooling for a photo. the people talking compassion may care less than the white house trying to maintain order. trump said it wouldn't end well, and they laughed. when it didn't end well, they blamed. if they could listen to him without seeing him, they would
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probably feel differently. >> we're not letting people into our country unless they come in legally. we want people to come in through merit. >> i can't stand this guy. he says terrible things. none of which are correct, by the way. >> about the immigrants, obama made the same point in 2005. >> really? it sounds so much worse coming from him. >> having trouble admitting trump's right sometimes? >> yes, i am, even when he has point. i hate it when he says it. >> sounds like you need trump blockers. >> what are those? >> trump blockers are the hottest thing that makes you think a politician you like says something instead of trump. you will instantly hear the trump from who you want to hear from. >> i built a great company. you don't build companies like that unless have you the right temper meant. republicanning want to -- republicans want to protect medicare for the seniors who are earned it and paid for it all
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their lives. >> wow, that makes sense. >> women's unemployment has just fallen to 3.6% which is only the lowest rate in 65 years. i'm sorry. >> wow, that's a good point. >> the elite, the elite, why are they elite? i have a much better apartment than they do. [ laughter ] >> i'm smarter than they are. i'm richer than they are. >> how does obama come up with this stuff? >> get your trump blockers today. >> i love my trump blockers. even when i'm not wearing them, there's one side effect. you hey, jimmy, how was your weekend? >> the end of the week i meet with china, i meet with a lot of other countries that have not treated us too well but we're doing extremely well. >> see what i mean? hey, cat, looking good. >> other than the blonde hair when i was growing up, they said i look like elvis. do you see that? >> totally. thanks donal trump blockers.
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[ cheering and applause ] greg: all right. let's welcome tonight's guest. his tattoo's could beat your your tattoo's. master sergeant terry shepherd. greg: he's mole with no soul, former cia operative, mike baker. [ cheering and applause ] greg: her glasses are as thick as molasses, cat tipp. and every step he takes creates a new pool for the kids, former wwe superstar, massive side kick, tyrus. [ cheering and applause ] >> that was fantastic. greg: i think that's the solution. you take everything trump says and filter it through the body of obama and you get -- have you the perfect thing.
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>> you just solved everything in the country right there. greg: i like to do that. i could solve also your shoe choices. >> it's not going to happen. greg: it's interesting. >> where did you get these from? off of james brown. >> they say nothing back stage and they come out here and give me a bunch of -- by the way, well done. greg: thank you. >> remember that movie, stop touching me. they live. greg: that was the idea. i stole it from "they live." >> one of my favorite sci-fi movies, it's worth seeing it. he puts on glasses and then he sees basically all the authority figures are aliens running the show and there's subliminal messages and he figures it out. you've got to give credit to trump for this, whether you like him or hate him. he's gotten us talking about -- who knew anything about -- i do, because i'm smart and i'm a special forces guy but who knew anything about nato or nafta. remember, trump looks at america
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as the new trump corporation. i'm serious. greg: you're right. >> he's sitting there going buddy, what is this nato thing, we're doing this, not getting this, no, no, no, fix that. i'm not saying that's always the best way to go but it's working. he's looking at everything with a hard line, going i know it's been 30 years, we're getting screwed on this. greg: it's like he's like a guy that takes over a business and asks really dumb questions that no one else will ask, like can we get rid of this or can we do that, i don't know, and then you end up with a national polysci class. i don't know crap about nato, i don't know crap about trade. >> now you do g i wa. greg: i was forced to. because trump asks dumb questions, the questions go in a certain path that lead to interesting answers. >> when was the last time anybody was interested in watching the g-20 summit, right? [ laughter ] greg: we can't show the audience, mike. >> one person raised their hand.
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>> anybody over here on this side? >> so you're right, it's like in the old school days, right, when nobody wanted to ask the question. when you finally got that one kid who just i don't get it, he would ask the question, everybody was like thank god he said that. nobody knew what was going on. that's the stuff that gets fixed. greg: you know what, we're going to have this for the next four years or the next two more years many people keep talking about when is the resistance going away, when are they going to wind this down. they're not is the answer. just like the mueller investigation is not going away. it will keep ticking along. we'll be talking about this, because it's the world we live in. >> it is the world we live in. that's one of the statements you can say to wrap things. greg: we're always happy when mike does wrap things up. he tends to ramble and 80 to 90% of what he says we don't know. >> i don't do my research. carley.greg: cat, you always dr research. this is why trump kept asking if
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he could fire people. he was like could i fire the police. he doesn't -- he somehow stumbles to an answer and he ends up being right. >> it doesn't matter what he does, people who are liberal will hate him because the election broke their hearts. the way they feel about trump is the way i feel about my ex-boyfriend. greg: of course. >> no matter what he does, it doesn't matter. my ex-boyfriend could invent a cure for the common cold, and would i get him credit for him? i would create a cult that teaches that sneezing and coughing are the way into heaven. [ cheering and applause ] >> it's weird they're so emotionally affected. they don't even know the guy. it controls all their emotions. it's quite sad. greg: i think in a way we all know trump because we have someone like him in our lives. i always call him the rich obnoxious uncle who knows everything. when he comes over, i think i'm
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that guy. [ laughter ] greg: i go sit in the garage and get drunk because that's what i do. >> sure. absolutely. [ laughter ] >> i've seen him do it. he gets drunk in the garage all the time. great, now let's go to commercial. do you have a question? >.greg: no, i assumed in your mind you have a way to wrap this all together. >> i'm very proud of you that you solved the division in this country. greg: yes. >> barack obama and -- greg: trump. >> trump's voice. they cheered for barack obama. this works. [ laughter ] greg: the audience cheered. >> two things you can count on on this show, you being weird and you saying obama or you say hillary, you're going to get boos. even if you took hillary with trump's voice, you would still get a couple oh, no, i don't know. so it's an amazing moment. greg: yes. >> i'm glad -- this is like watching somebody walk on the moon for the first time. [ laughter ] >> it's a good step forward.
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>> we could walk into the next town hall, people yelling at each other, i'll set up the projector, watch this, y'all. greg: i think i could retire now. i'm going to leave. see you guys later. no, no, -- speaking of which, hillary -- up next, that's called a transition. i'm a pro. bill and hillary launched their speaking tour as we launch our lunch. there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. greg: have you not had your fill of hillary and bill? the two-headed carnival show known as the clintons kick off their speaking tour in canada. [ laughter ] greg: where they have nothing but great things to say about the country and its leadership, i'm kidding, they rip trump a lot. and they sat in these weird box seat chairs, those chairs don't look comfortable at all. the same time, obama was at an event in houston where he's sitting in a huge chair. look at those comfy texas chairs, nice high back, good for the posture. but the clintons, they get chairs with no back.
2:19 pm
[ laughter ] greg: no posture. that's got to piss the clintons off. also, hardly anybody was there to see the clintons. the venues could seat 19,000. they sold only 3300 tickets. so i don't know what's worse, that they only sold 3300 tickets aout of 19,000 or that they actually sold 3300 tickets. >> it's upside. greg: why the weak turnout, perhaps they aren't selling the thing hard enough. i think with a few marketing tweaks they would fill the house. take a look. >> e-mail, e-mail, e-mail, the king and queen of khapakwa, present the we promise we're not doing this because we're broke ex travel begaextravaganza. we have hillary and the iron rod and bill the honk hound dog
2:20 pm
clinton. we've got nonstop -- secret service agents smash black berries with sledgehammers. don't miss the world's only evil master tutorial. [ laughter ] >> and the first 100 to a live receive an authentic -- arrive receive an authentic -- it's a we promise we're not doing this because we're broke tour ex traveextravaganza. greg: inc. it' i think it's ge good to see bill up on stage because then all the husbands in the audience knows where he is. >> two headed carnival show, you can shut the show down right now. we're not topping that. but it flys in the face of the fact that -- >> before you read that, children in the audience --
2:21 pm
>> ear muchs. >> muffs.>>s this is an actual m hillary during the course of the presentation in canada. she's in canada, a foreign country, she says -- she's talking about saudi arabia. she's talking about the crown prince. we have a president, she says, meaning trump, who is part of the coverup as to what happened in that consolate or embassy when mr. khashoggi was murdered. greg: >> what do you think about this? someone got to the point there. think about how the lack of self awareness and she's up there and she is basically accusing our president in a foreign country of a coverup of a horrible murder. that's what i wanted to read and now i'm done. [ laughter ] greg: well -- >> do you have anything to read, terry? >> nothing to read. i have a very visceral dislike of hil hillary clinton.
2:22 pm
she should be in jail because -- [ cheering and applause ] >> you went for that line. you went for that applause. >> it wa low-hanging fruit. if i did what she had done i would lose my security clearance. greg: lose your leather pants. >> never lose the leather pants. i have to say this. when i see this, this is the first time -- really the first time i've by at thissed them. -- i've pitied them. they're really doing a tour? >> i don't. >> my mom loves greg more than me. this is your christmas present, a unicorn pen. >> thank you. >> this is from my mom. >> that's sweet. >> greg: we're operating under a budget. what are you going to read now? >> i'm going to try an experiment. she should be in jail. [ cheering and applause ] greg: thanks, mike.
2:23 pm
tyrus, i think what they need, what bill and hillary need is an opening band which is what bill calls the belt around his pants. [ laughter ] greg >> hey, greg? greg: yes. >> remember when you brought everybody together? [ laughter ] >> it's over. [ laughter ] >> it's back. greg: i know, i'm sorry. >> you know what, listen, wrestling is kind of like what they're going through. greg: right. >> you wrest he'll in th wrestl, 75,000 people are chanting your name. you leave and they go with the winner and you're wrestling in indiana with 60 people going do that one trick. sir, i'm trying to work. when it's over, it's over. greg: right. >> i think this is probably the
2:24 pm
best video the democratic party has to offer. the next time she goes i'm thinking about running, run the tape. greg: yeah. >> you have 1,000 cousin ins in there. [ laughter ] >> literally eight people showed up for the event. it shows what happens when you don't have influence anymore. it used to be, what was it half a mill to hear bill. now you can't get 70, 80 people to stay in the show. that was in the beginning, right after the pyro. [ laughter ] >> they were dumping tickets on stub hub. carley.greg: is there any entertainment value to this? >> i don't think so. personally, i find disgusting that bill clinton is able to make any money at all giving speeches, given the fact that more than a dozen women -- [ cheering and applause ] >> more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault or misconduct and we're leaving in a me to era and he's able to go
2:25 pm
out there and speak. and some of these democrats will go out and support bill clinton with all these allegations against him. he should be a pariaya, not a personality and a speaker. he needs to go away forever. [ cheering and applause ] greg: i think for the applause line fishing, she beats you, mike baker. >> she kicked me right in the pants. greg: she had a real point too. unlike you. >> i've got to get my shoe out of there. greg: are super babies the wave of the future? maybe, maybe not. what's a super baby? give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. ensure max protein. but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices
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trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at live from america's news headquarters, i'm jon scott. the nation continues to mourn the death of george h.w. bush, our 41st president passing away at the age of 94 in home in houston, texas late friday. tomorrow memorial services begin. president bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol from monday evening to wednesday morning. he will have a state funeral in washington before the body of our 41st president returns to texas for a second memorial service. he'll be laid to rest on thursday at his presidential library in college station, texas. his wife barbara and daughter robin who died as a child are also buried there. president trump declared wednesday a national day of mourning and ordered all american flags be flown at half staff for 30 days in honor of
2:30 pm
the late president. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more on how president bush is being remembered, plus our other top stories on the fox report. now back to the greg gutfeld show. ♪ greg: first ever of greg gutfeld apology. i'm going to apologize to terry's mom for making the crack about being on a budget. i love your mother, she's the greatest. >great. >greatest. >> my 3407 mom loves you. greg: what if we altered babies so they never get measles. this is the first time this has happened to humans other than the experiments i did in myself in the '80s. china says the scientist's work is unethical but the scientists say the dna was edited to make them resistant to hiv.
2:31 pm
we have no way to confirm any of this. it raises the usual ethical crud. if you edit genes, where does it stop? today it's to prevent a deadly virus, tomorrow who knows, do we need to prevent pimples, overbrows or some horrendous fashion sense. terry? greg: leather pants, terry, leather pants! all right. >> that hurt. >> don't fo don't forget the pie shirt. greg: are you okay with again ethically editing -- genetic 'olediting-geneticallye? >> there's no way you can edit them so they don't suck. you can't edit them to make sure
2:32 pm
they don't grow up to be one of the people that is excited that maroon 5 is playing the super bowl. you can't edit them to make sure they don't grow up to be a 45-year-old living in your basement and commenting on internet that 9/11 is an inside job. it's part of the reason i don't have children, other than the fact that my current live-in partner is a cat and i'm not attracted to cats. [ laughter ] >> i'm worried they might grow up to suck. you never know. greg: i am -- tyrus, you have kids. >> yes, we've established that. [ laughte.greg: i think it wouf you could edit a baby so it doesn't ruin your life. >> that is not possible, greg. greg: you build up -- >> china wants -- he's in the wrong place. if he goes to beverly hills, california, this dude is going to be rich.
2:33 pm
like you can go in, design your baby, you can get the bootie job ahead of time, you can get the lips done. i myself might want a son who likes the water so maybe put a fin on his back. you're not looking at this -- listen, the cosmetic stuff will pay for the research. greg: that's how it works. >> that's how it works. you go in and you cross that yorkie with yourself and get your -- you see people lining up to do it. i always thought a child looked good with leopard spots. greg: help arreste.greg: that. >> this puts me one step closer to cloning myself, i could raise myself in my own image. take her stuff out and add more of me. greg.[ laughter ] >> i want to raise me the way i feel i should. greg: wow. >> and a fail safe, if cat's hypothesis comes through, i would be like you're going to go to maroon 5, excuse me, and he
2:34 pm
just melts. greg: wow. >> fail safe. >> that was well thought out. >> it was well thought out. >> i thought about cloning a lot. greg: would you like to add to this conversation or say anything? >> you want to read from your diary some more. >> i've got notes here. greg: is this a good idea or bad idea? >> one reason tyr us was so well thought out, it's because when we were at the gym today. >> you mean yesterday? >> we were talking about this subject. i'm queasy about the whole thing. research to cure illnesses, i'm for that. this is not going to happen. you would end up with people design shopping for their babies and that is -- we're descending into hell at that point. >> i think it's more like heaven. i would put in a no crying gene, no pooping around the house
2:35 pm
gene, i would code for pol politeness. i don't want a rude kid. >> you asked if it's a good idea. the question is immaterial. it's happening. we saw it coming decades ago. it's going to happen. now we're going to have rep mri replicans. greg: you know what we have to code for is delayed gratification. >> you okay over there? >> he's out. everybody get down. greg: i'm going to shut up. >> you had something good. greg: if you code for delayed gratification you create successful people. >> that's good. greg: thank you very much. [ cheering and applause ] greg: donald trump, did he discriminate against short people. he hasn't called me in weeks, so the answer is yes. ♪
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greg: did he not want her around because she was too low to the ground? a report this week suggested that president trump was concerned that former fed chair janet yellen was too short to run the federal reserve. [ laughter ] greg: the washington post claims trump was initially impressed with yellen but, quote, the president also appeared hung up on yellen's height. he told aides that the 5'3" economist wasn't tall enough to lead the central bank. [ laughter ] greg: which is sad. being short, i see this kind of discrimination every day. but it makes me wonder, what ever happened to yellen. is she home watching ellen with ian mckellen, enjoying honey dew melon. i will say she is one of many short people that have been
2:41 pm
short-shrifted through people. >> anthony scaramucci, barny ffe, sean spicer, trolls, martin short, anyone who lost to willie schumacher, rita pearlman, tom cruise, corgies that don't belong the queen, brainy smrf. beethoven, continue kel tinker f course, greg gutfeld. [ cheering and applause ] greg: tyrus -- >> i don't have a dog in this race. greg: that's my point. you don't care. there are no civil rights movements for the height challenged. >> we would have to set the bar too low. greg: greg: ba-boom. >> i'm no not small minded.
2:42 pm
every one of those people had a job and were successful. greg: except for tinker bell. >> what are you talking about. greg: she's not real. >> what? >> you don't know that. greg: that's true. >> she got to fly. greg: that's true. >> she made everybody happy. she sprinkled dust on you. greg: she ruined disneyland. we'll goat that later. >> i think you guys get a pretty good deal. the reason why i'm so unique -- greg: why? >> because none of my other brethren get a job. all the short people get it. they don't design chairs for us, hence my special chairs. have you seen me in airplanes, being harassed by short guys with a camera. i think you've got it pretty good. p.i think before you start cry, you guys are doing pretty good to be short. i mean, i felt like walking
2:43 pm
around on my knee, i would try it. greg: you know what -- >> bringing us back to the beginning of the show, which was brilliant, what if trump is right? what if being short -- what if you are unable to lead the fed? it's possible. we're all laughing about it. what if later he gets all this p crop and we've got -- all this crap and we've got this data from the lab and it says clearly that short people cannot do this. [ laughter ] >> what can't she do at the bank? >> it doesn't matter. >> am i missing something? >> she can't see over the -- >> get her a highchair. problem solved. i'll put her on my shoulders and we'll walk around, lead the bank. >> be open to the possibility that short people can't do it. >> we're the master class. greg: what we saw was discrimination. i want to tell you, today -- or was it yesterday -- to show you
2:44 pm
how revialed being short is, we had a meeting, coming up with the lis list of the short peopl, and cat is always on the phone -- >> that's not true. greg: let me finish. we're sitting there, we come up with who should be on the list and cat is on her phone, she never pays attention, and then ligi, one of the staffers, he goes cat, and she's impose i'm t short. >> sounds like someone was paying attention. greg: the one time she contribute toss the meeting is to make sure -- if i said she browndrownsbunnies she wouldn't. [ laughter ] >> you guys actually have meetings? you guys have meetings? >> greg: yes, we do. this whole thing is planned. >> at least i go to the meetings, tyrus. >> i didn't know there was a meeting. nobody tells me about these meetings. i wing everything from this chair.
2:45 pm
i come in here, i talk to these guys more outside than you guys. [ laughter ] >> i do emphasize the fact that trump is so transparent and honest. greg: he probably sat there and said -- >> she's really short. greg: he asked the question, so he's sitting there and she walks out of the room and he goes she's really short, are you sure hshe can do this. that woul would be something hed say. everybody's going what. a and then maybe he's got a point. next thing you know, they're firing all the short people. no wonder he doesn't call me. he calls jessie. hey, jessie, love the show, love the show. >> a number of short people over the years have been deck day tores. -- been dictators. you haven't been doing that bad, if you consider being a dictator not that bad. greg: up next, stormy and aften
2:46 pm
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greg: he was her lawyer. now, her destroyer. avenatti, more like ava-nazi. that's a red eye throwback.
2:50 pm
should have thrown it back. stormy daniels says her lawyer, michael avenatti, went against her wishes when he filed a defamation lawsuit against president trump and now she says she wants a full accounting of two crowd funding pages he started. one to pay for her legal defense and safety, another page she claims attributes words to her that she never said. avenatti told nbc news that a number of things she said were, quote, not accurate. he didn't say exactly which things. that's kind of uncool. remember, he deserves due process. right, sven? >> yeah! [ laughter ] greg: god, i love sven. oh, i haven't seen him in a while. we don't talk much. i'm going to tell you, terry, if she had listened to me this never would have happened. by the way, they call me the porn star whisperer. i can speak to them in a secret language.
2:51 pm
>> children in the audience. >> that was okay. >> again, this is a big eye roll. oh, shocker. we know who he is. we've always known who he is. i actually kind of felt bad for her too. i think we talked about this. i think she got played by all these different people. she will be left out in the cold like the rest of them. he's a really, really unsavory character. [ cheering and applause ] greg: when a woman doesn't have many options or has hit rough times, some of them will turn to the adult film industry. but stormy has been there already. >> you just -- ladies, i've never said anything about turn to porn when things don't work out. go back to school and we'll support you. porn is bad. school is good. i was right, you know what, it takes a lot for a porn star to admit when they're wrong. we just assume life is a bowl of bad choices. but for her to come out and say
2:52 pm
he ruined my life, that's pretty profound. there's literally at least 100 or quite possibly 1,000 other gentlemen who would fit that bill in a porn star's life. greg: that's a good point. >> for him to come -- his comeback was well, i mean it's not all true. that just goes to show how bad this dude really is. >> oh, yeah. >> here's the best part. he's going to give her a bill again. greg: yes, he is. >> speculating, she is going to have to go back to work. greg: yes. >> to pay off the jerk. greg: he yes, exactly. >> you're rhyming a today. >> a lot of rhymes. >> how bad is that? she was a director. greg: she was a director. >> she ruined other people's dreams. what, do you think it's fun in there? i'm guessing it's not. greg: i doubt it. >> do this, do that.
2:53 pm
[ laughter ] >> or whatever. now she's got to go back to work going hi, guys. greg: yeah, yeah. >> anybody got a -- greg: stop there. stop there. [ laughter ] greg: any advice for her? none? >> i feel like it's a little bit late. [ laughter ] >> i really think it's a little bitly. i also have a theory. i think that avenatti and trump are secretly best friends. greg: that's a theory. >> because think of how much often naavenatti's helped trump. kavanaugh, he basically got kavanaugh on the supreme court. greg: that's true. >> turning the whole thing into a circus. now he's getting trump paid. i wouldn't be surprised if i soon saw them picnicking together. greg: yes. [ laughter ] greg: that would be fun, actually. i don't go picnicking enough, mike. i'd go with you. i hope he runs for president. you know why? because it would be great.
2:54 pm
i don't entirely blame avenatti. i think he started believing his own press which was given to him by cnn and msnbc. they had him on. he loved the spotlight and he just like -- he kicked her to the curb when he got the spotlight. he probably was too busy to answer the phone calls. >> we can all completely agree, he's a [bleep]. that's right up front. then we can move on. with my time, i'd like to say this should be a public service announcement for people being careful with gofundme and crowd sourcing, you should be careful. always be charitable but good god, people, pay attention. and they get wrapped up. they're actually forensically accounting on these crowd sourcing things that he did. so i think he'll be in jail by the time the 2020 rolls around. greg: lock him up. >> lock him up. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's interesting. greg: that's how you work the crowd. >> i predict that michael avenatti is going to be in jail
2:55 pm
by 2019. yeah, no-brainer. [ laughter ] greg: all right. more stuff next. stick around. [ cheering and applause ] george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. so he took aleve this morning. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill.
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>> finally before we go -- ♪ >> cats like to chase birds. let's check in with these two. look at this. owls kind of creep me out. staring is weird, even if you are a bird. look at that cat, what's going to happen? this could get ugly. what happens next? i don't know. i'm running out of things to say. there we go. under the car. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great
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[laughter] >> what? >> thanks to terry, mike, kat, tyrus, studio audience. i love you, america. the nation remembers the 41st president of the united states, george h. w. bush. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. president bush passed away last friday, at the age of 94. survived by his five children, including the 43rd president, george w. bush and former florida governor jeb bush. mourners are at the george bush presidential library and museum in college station. and president trump ordering all american flags be flown at half-staff for 30 days to honor president bush. this morning, on sunday morning futures, his former vice president dan quail recalled an important conversation they had. >> what he said to me on the steps of the capitol as we said


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